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 Swiss Radio Interview with Urs

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PostSubject: Swiss Radio Interview with Urs   Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:46 am

On Friday evening, Urs appeared on a Swiss radio programme and they played three tracks from the new album. If you live in Switzerland, you can hear it at:

Presenter: This evening we introduce you to a very different man – an incredibly successful one: Urs Bühler, a member of Il Divo. The new album is out, called “Wicked Game” - and we’re going to hear the title track – “Wicked Game”.

And after the song we’ll hear the world star Urs Bühler – oh dear, he doesn’t like it when I say that. You’ll find out why in a few minutes.

(Wicked Game plays)

P: A black limousine with chauffeur – that’s how he arrived at our radio studio – Urs Bühler, one of the Il Divo four. And if anyone’s now thinking,”That’s arrogant,” I have to say “No, not at all.” A very relaxed and congenial Urs Bühler is sitting there with us in the studio and when I asked him about his schedule and the dates at the moment, I then realized why he hadn’t driven himself and why the chauffeur is there.

Urs: On Sunday we go to NY, then barely a week later back to London, from there to Australia and then Japan and then to LA and then back to .... and so on.

P: Since you represent Switzerland generally for us to the whole world, I was wondering – while in Switzerland, what is Switzerland is like? What would you say – what is Switzerland is like? Why should someone come to Switzerland?

U: Because Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world.

P: Everyone says that about their country, the one they live in.

U: No, that’s not true. If you speak to foreigners, those who’ve been to Switzerland, they’ll all agree straight away and say, “Yes, Switzerland is really hugely beautiful.”

P: But your colleague from Spain, Carlos, would perhaps say that Spain is the most beautiful country.

U: But perhaps there are other reasons for that. Carlos knows of course what he likes, for example … he comes from Madrid, which is a big city. He likes the night life and God knows what else. But I find Switzerland, as a country, with the Alps and the Lakes and the Jura, is simply a wonderfully beautiful country. And everyone who’s visited Switzerland as a tourist would agree. I’ve never heard anything different.

P: You have gigs for next year 2012 – you have very many appearances, at least it seems so from my perspective as a radio presenter and not as a singer. 20 performances within 30 days – you said this is ‘normal’.

U: Yes, well that has financial aspects of course. Because, of course when you go on tour you have the whole crew, you have to pay everyone, and the more free days you have, the more days you have when you must pay out but not be making any income.

P: Fine, but basically it’s about the four of you on the stage, you must also feel comfortable. You have to stay healthy, you have to take care of your voice, that’s also important.

U: Yes, but that’s no problem, that’s easy. You know, we have a free choice, so we can generally say what we want to do, if we’ve sung 2 concerts one after another, then we’d like to have the third day free… so we don’t want to sing on the third day. And occasionally you do have three in a row, but…

P: Isn’t that a bit too difficult vocally, three in a row - and would four then be a real problem?

U: Yes, I have to say it would. So, three in a row is possible but four would be a bit hard. But it would depend on how much travelling there was between them, whether you’re driving for two hours in a car, or whether you’re got a three hour flight, or whatever. And the whole day simply goes with travelling. And air conditioning and the hotel and God knows what. It all very much depends.

P. How do you see to it that you get some rest? That you care for your health?

U: Er, yes. We keep hearing that we’re so boring and we aren’t great party-goers after a concert. But unfortunately that’s just the way it has to be – it must, because if you have to sing like we do on the concert tour, then you just have to go to bed and sleep after the concert. And you just can’t drift around all night and God knows what and be self-indulgent. Because then you just can’t sing the next day.

P: You speak English mostly. Has English now become your main language?

U: Yes, there are many reasons for that, of course. First of all, our management and record company are based in England. Il Divo was created in England, we’re from four different countries, English is the only language we all speak. I can talk to Sebastien in French, but I don’t really know Spanish. English is the only language that all four of us can really speak to each other in. My wife is also English.

P: Does she come with you on tour? Where you do live mainly?

U: We are now living back in London. And that’s especially – I come from the Lucerne hinterland, from Willisau. But I live in the city because that’s simply the most practical professionally.

P: Do the four of you live in London then, so you can see each other as much as possible – I don’t know, for rehearsals, to talk about targets – or does each come over from his own country?

U: No, it just happens that three of us live in London, there’s just David who lives in America. Because he’s from America and he just prefers being in NY. But the other three live in London, but it’s just coincidence really that we’ve stayed on here.

P: We’re talking a lot about you and your private life, but we would like to know even more about you. In Part Two we’ll be talking about what you’re afraid of, for example, or whether you’d even like to have yourself as a friend?
First, though, we’re going to hear another track from the new album, “Come what May” . That’s a title from the Nicole Kidman film, Moulin Rouge. Why have you taken that one?

U: That’s very much connected with Craig Armstrong, who arranged the Moulin Rouge film soundtrack. And he has made the arrangement for the song for us and there was a demo tape which we went into the studio with and recorded the song. And again that’s such an interesting story.... because I didn’t like the song at all. I think it was because the demo singer had tried to imitate a classical voice but wasn’t really a classical singer, and so I didn’t like it at all.
But we went into the studio, we arranged this for our four voices, we recorded that and last August when we first performed material from our new album at the Coliseum in London – we sang this on stage and used it as the opening piece for the whole evening and it’s so great to sing. I really enjoy it and yes, I hope you like it too.

(Come What May plays)

P: Our guest in the studio is the world famous Swiss tenor and member of Il Divo, Urs Bühler. Now you’re laughing – is it embarrassing when I say that? Is that it?

U: Yes indeed, that’s definitely it! It just sounds so funny somehow! And especially to be in Switzerland and here that somehow: “world famous”. Because yes, just … a journalist said to me quite recently, there aren’t very many world famous Swiss singers! And that’s … for me it’s weird of course that I’m well known internationally, but no longer living in Switzerland. In London of course you get famous people walking down the street – Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin standing around on a street corner, and suchlike. But it’s just – yes, somehow when I’m back here in Switzerland, the expression “world famous” somehow has a totally different meaning, as I’m not considered like that at all in daily life even if I am in my international work.

P: So does Jimmy Page say to you, “Hey Urs, how are you?”

U: No, he doesn’t know me! [Laughs out loud]

P: Do people know you in London now?

U: Well, no. We’re relatively anonymous. I think, people would recognize us now if the four of us were walking down the street in suits – yes. But on our own, and in everyday clothes, no.

P: You’re four men, you see each other quite a lot – before the concert, after the concert, you have a lot to do with each other – there must be emotional moments. How do you actually deal with criticism between yourselves? Say, if for example, after a concert when someone had forgotten the words or if something else had happened. Do you get angry with each other? How do you solve it?

U: I wouldn’t say to anyone that he’d sung the wrong words or whatever.

P: Has that ever happened?

U: Yes! Yes, of course. It happens, that someone forgets a line, or something – it depends. And of course we all have our own ways of dealing with it, you know? One will just laugh it off, another sings “la la la” and the third just makes something up instead!

P: What do you do?

U: Me? I’m lucky that actually I hardly ever forget anything. No, honestly. And I say that really without any kind of arrogance. I really am lucky and I have nothing to do with it – somehow it’s just a talent of mine that was given me in the cradle. Now, when I have to learn the text, the lyrics of a song, for example, normally once I’ve been in the studio and sung it a couple of times, the words just sit in my head. And I have to say really, I never sit and home and learn the lyrics. They just go in and they stay there, thank you very much!

P: That’s really awesome. Urs Bühler! I’d just quickly like to find out a few more personal things about you. What are you afraid of in life?

U: Er … [long pause, sigh!] I’m not particularly afraid of anything. I think, I worry about finances – in general. And really, not that I have any financial problems now, but I sometimes think I’ve been really lucky, that my finances are in good order. And sometimes I worry, I just think … I’d have to face up to the fact that one day I might have financial problems again, if I have to admit it, that I didn’t handle this good fortune well, that I was given in the womb.

P: One more personal question. Would you like to have yourself as a friend?

U: Yes, I think I’m a very honest and loyal person. For example, I still have friends in Switzerland that I telephone maybe twice a year. I’ve never had a circle of friends where we spend an hour on the phone three times a week or where we arrange something at the weekend to chat or go out together – I’ve never had that. I’ve always been a bit of a loner. And yes, I have myself, I have my family and I’m actually content with that. I think I wouldn’t be a bad friend to myself … just not a very close one.

P: [Laughs] Urs Bühler, very many thanks. To finish, we’ll hear another song from the new album, Time To Say Goodbye.

(TTSG plays)

P: Urs Bühler, thanks again, and all the best for the future.

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Swiss Radio Interview with Urs
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