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"We Came Here To Love".

"Timeless" New Il Divo CD released in August 2018.

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 Il Divo on Herman

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PostSubject: Il Divo on Herman   Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:49 am

The guys have been on Herman. Here is the link for the full presentation:

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PostSubject: Re: Il Divo on Herman   Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:35 pm


I translated the parts in Portuguese, Spanish, French and German, the lines are in order. I apologize for any mistake that may arise. I had no time to make it better. I think you’ll be able understand the meaning of the conversation, although there are expressions of our own language that I can translate faithfully. I had no opportunity to join the translation to the video, sorry! Enjoy!


««Herman: Sébastien, do you remember how old were you when we met in other studio? 32 years old ... How old are you now?

Sébastien: 33 years old.

Herman: Tell me the truth man, don’t be liar! How old are you now?

Sébastien: 38 and a half…

Herman: We had been together there are five years, he was 32… I was 31...

Sébastien: I got it!
Herman: Carlos, what do you say about this?

Carlos: about this?

Herman: Nothing has changed?

Carlos: Nothing has changed ...

Herman: But a little more money, right?

Carlos: Yes, a little ... but don’t think that much more! A little bit...

Herman: How many records have you sold?

Carlos: About ... well, more than 26 million. About 27 million…

Herman: Do you want to help fill the gap of the Portuguese Economic?

Carlos: Yes, right now! I make a bank transfer...
Herman: Let me translate this. I asked him what he thought of my work and he says I'm the most interesting person he saw on television and feels sorry I'm not working outside of Portugal ... If I was working at his country I would be an important person today. And he’s amazed with my talent as a singer. He thinks I'm magnificent.
Herman: Urs! How are you?

Urs: I’m fine, thank you.

Herman. We’ll not speak German because people don’t understand us.

Urs: Of course.

Herman: We are almost allergic because of Angela Merkel. We do everything that Angela Merkel wants.

Herman to Margarida: Just a little bit…

Can you tell us in Portuguese what mean this album “Wicked Game”? What brings of new? Can you explain in Portuguese what you think of this album?

Urs: No.

Herman: I tell you and you repeat.

Urs: This album is the best we have done, It's a hell of a record.

Herman to Margarida: Have you chosen or not?

Margarida: No, not yet.

Herman: Are you still watching? “Inês” chose the four? (Referring to a character in the book that Margarida published).

Margarida. Inês chose Carlos.

Herman: Why?

Margarida: Because is the Latin.

Herman: This Inês is a Portuguese Juliet… It’s very interesting, fascinating history…

Margarida: She was Galician, not Portuguese.

Herman: No so crazy as the Spaniards but almost.

Carlos: Almost.


Herman: Little Sébastien! He’s already a father of twins, isn’t right?

Sébastien: A boy and a girl.

Herman: Rose and Luca.

Sébastien: They have already 3 years old.

Herman: 3 years old?

Sébastien: You're very well informed.

Herman: Very well, very well. And now you have a little boy.

Sébastien: Yes, the little Jude, has six months now.

Herman: He was father, have twins ... His wife had, not him. And now had one more.

Do you know Maria Callas?

Do you know the “Alentejana” song? (Alentejo is an area inside the border of Portugal, which has that typical music).

(the music: I heard a little bird at four in the morning, with his little lady bird ...)

Herman to Margarida: Now anything that rhymes with dawn…

Margarida: It was a big mess.

(They sing:… it was a big mess!).

Herman: Carlos, you are a very strange citizen of Madrid because you were born in Germany.

Carlos: Yes.

Herman: A great place that have a name like an anti-inflammatory, isn’t it?

Carlos: Russelsheim.

Herman: Do you speak German?

Carlos: A little.

Herman: You have two mother tongues?

Carlos: I have two mother tongues, yes.

Herman: Very nice! I have two testicles, that's what he told me!

Sébastien: I got that!

Herman: You understand this?

Sébastien: Yes.

Sébastien to Urs: I have two testicles.

Sébastien: He probably have three, actually.

Herman: What can you say about this album? What's the big difference between this and the previous one, for example?

Carlos: This album took us about 18 months of recording. So...

Herman: 18 months?

Carlos: 18 months.

Herman: And you recorded between performances?

Carlos: Yeah, well ... We were on vacation about 18 months after the last world tour. So we took the time to do a mature album. We recorded 40 songs of which we chose 10 and I believe it's the most complete album ever made. Including the voices because we are also more mature, naturally. With much more cinematic arrangements. I think it's the best of all albums.

Herman: When you say, cinematic arrangements, with many instruments and strings?

Carlos: Yes, they are all very dramatic.

Herman: With electronics and...

Carlos: Yes, all. It's a full orchestra with 60 musicians.

Herman: You’ll be in Portugal on April 28. Do you know the Atlantic Pavilion? What can we see on April 28th? We will also see an orchestra?

Carlos: Yes we act with 35 musicians this time.

Herman: 35 musicians? That’s what I call value for money. Buy a ticket and then ... It is very expensive! I have four and I have to sell private things to pay them.
35 musicians ... This repertoire is another successes...

Carlos: Yes. It will be songs of this album and a mixture of all the others. It will be a show of 90 minutes, maybe a little more. And it will be a more intimate show, with great background videos. The Creative Director is Brian Burke, who directed the shows of Celine Dion.

Herman: It was exciting work with Barbra Streisand?

Sébastien: Fantastic. Each night was unpredictable.

Herman: Why she thought you? It was because of the voice or because of sexual impulse?

Sébastien: I ask her all the time but she never answers me. I don’t know. I hope that through our voice. When we sing with her on stage is explosive, is incredible. Actually we shared the stage with Barbara.

Herman: After see that I was very proud because you came here (to the other tv show) and then I told my friends: "These four guys, I know them! I interviewed them." And my friends said: "yes, of course! And we know Marie Antoinette and Napoleon."
Because it was really high light…

Urs likes birds, one of his pleasures are the birds, including hawks. Maybe Urs could be friend of a friend that cut his nails and stands in the pool like a hawk. You know that joke (Herman to Margarida)?

And I'll ask him precisely how was born that passion for birds.

Carlos, do you have the same opinion? "Wicked Game" is your favorite song?

Carlos: I would choose "Time to Say Goodbye," is my favorite.
Herman: You were a poor little one in Paris when you were young, didn’t have much money… did you?

Sébastien: A little like the "Gavroche".

Herman: Do you think about it every day? That's why you work to help the needy?

Sébastien: I think that's important in life, never forget where we came from. When we have good friends we remember that every day. "Guys!! Attention!! We need to have the feet on earth." And it is true that with Il Divo traveled all over the place. When we go to Jakarta in Indonesia or other countries of the world we see things that awaken us too. We remember where we came from.

Herman: And you are a self-taught, aren’t you?

Sébastien: Yes.

Herman: They are all royalty, all learned music ... two tenors and a baritone… Unbearable when they are warming up...
How do you do the warming of the voices?

- David cough.

Herman: It’s a lie!

- After the scene glasses Herman adds: I saw very well until the forty-odd years old but the age is relentless.

- After all this and before they sing “Time to Say Goodbye”, Herman said: "Go to work rogues" (this is an humoristic expression that we use frequently). »»

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PostSubject: Sound Check for TIME TO SAY GOODBYE BY: Catarina    Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:56 pm

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PostSubject: Sonud Check for MELANCONIA (Wicked Game) By: Catarina    Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Il Divo on Herman   

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Il Divo on Herman
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