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 Sliding Divos Chapter 13 updated

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Sliding Divos Chapter 13 updated Empty
PostSubject: Sliding Divos Chapter 13 updated   Sliding Divos Chapter 13 updated EmptyMon Jul 06, 2009 5:17 am

Chapters 1-5

Sliding Divos

Disclaimer: No offence/misinterpretation is meant in the writing of this fanfic- all purely fictional. Apologies for any offence caused (hopefully not)
Cheers, Jodie

Chapter 1

The room had dimmed as the afternoon turned slowly into early evening. Only a shimmer of light flickered through the half closed curtains. He sat stiffly on the edge of the chair, looking ahead of him, watching the drama unfold beneath his eyes. It couldn’t be happening, Not now……

As the sinking feeling engulfed him, the sadness began to overpower him. The warmth of tears stung his eyes. He could hold them in no longer. Silently he began to sob. It was all to painful, raw. It was all too much…..

‘What the hell?’ Sebastien Izambard blinked heavily, refocusing his blurred/tear stained vision . The screen ahead of him had turned black. Had the power gone? Quickly he stood, turning towards the direction of the electrics cupboard. He jumped, seeing a figure stand ahead of him.
‘I didn’t see you there’ Sebastian spoke softly, wiping the remaining tears from his eyes .
‘Obviously not’
David Miller, a close friend humoured him, a smile forming across his mouth. ‘I didn’t realise E.T. the extra terrestrial had such an effect on you’.
Quickly Sebastien laughed lightly, feeling slightly idiotic.
‘The power has gone’ he tried to change the subject ‘the television went dead’.
‘Actually Seb..I confess…It was me…’
David raised an outstretched hand, complete with remote control
‘…..I switched it off, I’ve been calling you from across the hall for ages- obviously you didn’t hear me, or even see me come up behind you and steal the remote’.
‘I was miles away’ Seb declared foolishly

David raised an arm, ushering Seb back to his seat. At just over 6 ft tall, Seb and he were the same height, only David’s mousy brown/blond hair spiked in style made him appear taller.
Moving himself to a more comfortable aside Seb, he smiled.
Seb lowered his eyes nervously. He had a feeling he knew what David was here to say.
‘My phone has been ringing for most of the afternoon Seb, I can only ignore Simons’ calls for so long’
David came straight to the point, knowing his forthrightness may offend his good friend, but - David had no choice but to urge Seb to make a decision, his livelihood depended on it.
‘Have you made your decision….Seb?’
Seb began to play with his jacket zip. How much longer could he hold off this conversation? His eyes found David’s and immediately after afterwards the floor as he saw the stern look on his friends face. He knew he held the key. To his own possible success or failure.

‘David…’ Seb gulped, ‘I’m sorry I’ve made you wait so long for a decision. I’m sorry Simon has even asked you to drive all the way here and ask for my answer. The truth is….well the truth is for the last week since Simon asked me I’ve been all over the place. I cant really think straight- from one minute to the next. I cant seem to focus on anything’.
‘Except E.T the extra terrestrial’
Seb smiled ‘Except films and mindless TV shows. I suppose to take my off the subject’.
‘Seb look at me’
Seb obliged, relieved, as David’s face was softer in approach, more understanding this time.
‘Now listen. it’s a huge decision. It has been for everyone involved too. For some, an easier choice to make. But you’re the last. The only one not to give your final answer. Like I said to you before I’m afraid Simon wont wait forever. I don’t want to sound harsh but this is business to him. He likes you, really likes you, or he wouldn’t have asked. He wants to get this venture underway. At the moment your stopping him from doing that my French friend’.
‘When you put it like that…’
‘I’m sorry’
‘No don’t be’ Seb put an outstretched hand on David’s shoulder.
‘Your right, I’ve let this lie too long’.

David smiled ahead ‘Have you made your decision Seb?’
‘I have’
‘And? Don’t keep me in suspense any longer!’ The wide smile fell from the corners of his mouth when he saw Seb was no longer looking towards him.
Slowly he turned his face to David, gulping and taking a deep heavy breath. ‘I’m so sorry David’ he shook his head slowly
‘No Seb….’
I’m sorry. I’ve made my choice. I’ve known it all along. I’ve just been to afraid to say it. I’m going to say no to Simon. I wont be joining Il Divo’.

Chapter 2

‘But why?’ David Exclaimed, his eyes wide with shock ‘Seb, you owe me an explanation at least!’
‘I cant do it!’
‘What- give me an explanation or join the group?’
‘Join Il Divo’
‘Why not? What’s made you reach your decision?’

Seb turned his face away, ashamed. ’It doesn’t matter’ he spoke quietly
‘It does, and Id like to know whatever the reason. Please tell me’.
Seb swallowed the lump rising in his throat. ‘I’m not good enough’
‘What?’ David exclaimed, his voice rising. ‘Your fantastic! You have a wonderfully powerful voice. You have charm, wit, sophistication. Simon chose you for all those reasons and much more’.
‘Compared with you, Urs and Carlos, I don’t amount to much’
‘What makes you say that?’
‘I’m not operatically trained as the 3 of you are. One of the main elements of this group, Simons’ idea, a opera group with a pop twist that can be brought into the mainstream music scene. I don’t fit the picture’
‘Oh you do. I don’t know why you cant see that, please reconsider’
‘I’m sorry’
‘Seb, I asking, please if I have to beg, I will. I know we haven’t known each other that long, but I know with time you’ll become more confident than your feeling right now. You have more experience of music recording than any of us- surely that should help you. Please don’t turn down what could be the best decision of your life’.

Seb sighed heavily, tears welling in his eyes.
‘I’m sorry David. Really I am. I’ve thought of nothing else. I cant do it’.

David and Seb sat in silence for a few minutes, though it felt like hours. The distant wall clock could be heard ticking each second. It was the only sound. Eventually David broke the silence, rising to his feet.
‘Would you like me to tell Simon and the others for you?’ David asked, looking down on Seb
‘No thank you, its ok, it is something I have to do myself’.
‘ I see. Well as you have made your decision I’ll go now. I’ll see myself out’.
Seb rose quickly to his feet ‘David don’t hate me please. I’m so sorry’.
‘Seb, I don’t hate you’ David lowered his eyes ‘It’s a shame though. I had this vision. You, me, Carlos and Urs. As Il Divo. Don’t ask me why, but when the 4 of us were together it felt really special, like it was meant to be. I really believed it. I believed we could make it’.
‘You still can, you, Carlos and Urs. Just with someone else’
‘Oh Seb’ David looked up, smiling sadly. ‘It could never be Il Divo without you’

Silently David reached an outstretched hand to Seb, who shook it, and within a moment, Seb was alone, watching the door close on a friendship, and a career……

Chapter 3

‘Its Ok, yes I know. I’m not sure how to get around it myself, I mean, I practically promised the line up on a plate. But he said he doesn’t want in. What?…no, he didn’t sign anything so there’s doing more can be done. David tried to persuade him. He’s apologised a hundred and one times of course. Huh?….. you’ve got to go? Ok, call me back later, there’s still a few more things we need to discuss. Ok, bye’.
Simon Cowell rubbed his head, the tips of his fingers extending to the sides of his temples, which he could feel throbbing.

This pain wouldn’t shift, the aching feeling in his head, all due to pressure. Pressure of finding a replacement for Sebastien Izambard, the self taught French singer who’d turned down a place in Il Divo.
He’d been impressed by all the applicants for the group, it had been especially hard at times to reject some of them. Some he certainly hoped he‘d be able to work with in the future. If no one else came along and snapped them up first. He’d made that mistake in the past.

There was something unique about the final line up he had chosen for Il Divo.

Carlos Marin- A Spaniard, Baritone, Excellent voice, years of experience in theatre and musical productions.
David Miller- American, Tenor, wonderful vocal range, again no stranger to the musicals and theatre.
Urs Buhler- Swiss, Tenor, a truly beautiful sound escaped his lips each time Simon heard him sing. A varied musical career.
And Sebastien Izambard- Frenchman. Self taught singer/songwriter. His voice was powerful and strong, yet soft, it would bring a pop element to the group.
Simons focus, his vision, to bring pop and opera classics to the mainstream, with operatic voices.

How had he got it wrong with Seb? He seemed so enthusiastic? Urs seemed initially reluctant, as did Carlos, but they’d agreed. Seb hadn’t said yes, but he didn’t say no either. And if Simon had read Sebs’ signal correctly, he was sure he’d sign like the others had.

A lump rose in his throat. He looked at the four profile pictures staring ahead of him from the individual files. Sadly, he looked towards Sebastien’s colour photo and gave a deep sigh. Shaking his head, he reached for the picture. Placing it into his desk drawer, and locking it.

After a few blank moments he rose steadily to his feet, towards the filing cabinet containing profiles of all the men who had auditioned for Il Divo, his pop-opera group. It was time to find a fourth member…again….

Chapter 4

6 months on…..

Sebastian Izambard rose with a heavy head. Looking towards the nearby clock the time displayed 11.30am. He’d overslept. Focusing his thoughts he realised he didn’t have to be anywhere today. Same as yesterday, and the day before….

He shook his head rigorously, as if to push away the thoughts that had clouded his head for weeks now.
Rising steadily to his feet, he still managed as he did, every morning to hit his bare foot against the bedside dresser. ‘Damn it!’ he hissed under his breath, as he walked towards the en-suite bathroom.

A couple of hours later, showered, dressed, clean shaven and a lot more awake Seb sat on his sofa strumming a guitar playing with a melody he’d tried to develop since yesterday. Ah the creative process of song writing! He loved making his own music, it was all he’d wanted to do as long as he could remember.
His mind flashed to the offer of joining Il Divo. He smile inwardly to himself. He would never have had the same creative input to music as he did with his own work. Not that there was anything wrong with reworking classics to a new style, that too would have been creative.
But he’d made the right decision.
The phone rang, stirring him from his thoughts.

‘Hello?’ Seb answered
‘Honey its me’
‘Fran- hey how are you?’
‘I’m ok- look, I cant talk long, the battery on this phone is dying. I thought id bring some things over for lunch, if your free?’
‘Mmm yes, I didn’t realise I was hungry until you mentioned food’
‘Good, well I’ll be there within the hour, and pour me a glass of red’
‘Your starting early!’ Seb quipped
‘Well apart from the fact I haven’t seen you in a few days, and I think a glass of red would go nice with what I’ve got planned…’
‘Honey I’m just teasing…’
‘I know, I’ve also got some news for you’
‘Yes, I’ll tell you when I arrive’
‘But what is it you have to…’
‘Not now, my battery is dying Seb…’
‘Oh ok but…’
‘I’ll see you in an hour’

She hung up. Seb stared blankly at the phone receiver, hearing the pips. His girlfriend Francine of 3 years, a fellow Parisian always seemed to have surprises up her sleeve. What this time?
Seb put down his guitar, heading towards the wine rack in the kitchen, to choose a bottle of red….

Chapter 5

Fran and Seb mulled over the remnants of freshly made cheese and herb filled ravioli, served with crusty bread. Not the most French of dishes, but enjoyable anyhow.
2 glasses of wine later, Seb had noticed a change in Fran. It could be the effects of alcohol on this unusually warm January afternoon, or it could have been something else. Maybe the news she had to tell him.
And yet she had failed to raise the subject, and Seb hadn’t pushed her for it. He looked her up and down as he had done so many times as she dreamily looked out of the window from the dining table, wine glass in hand.

At moments like this he realised how truly beautiful she was. Her long auburn hair cascaded along the contours of her shoulders, revealing he neckline, complimented by a pearl necklace- which Seb had bought her for their 3rd year anniversary.
Her eyes sparkled their brownest in the light. A lump rose in his throat.
As well as a professional decision to reject his place in Il Divo it was personal choice too. Travelling, promotion, recording studios. He couldn’t bear to be apart from her for too long. Even these last few days had been pretty miserable alone.

Eventually she turned and caught his stare. Her heart skipped. She loved him more than ever. She watched as he ran a hand through his short cropped dark hair, never moving his eyes from hers.
She swallowed hard, no longer sure if she had the courage to finally tell him what she had put off for so long now.

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Sliding Divos Chapter 13 updated Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 6-7   Sliding Divos Chapter 13 updated EmptyThu Jul 16, 2009 4:31 am

Chapter 6-7

Chapter 6

‘Seb please, I never meant it to come out exactly like that, I’m sorry’.
Seb stared blankly at the floor.
‘Id like some time to think’ he calmly spoke, his eyes falling to the door
‘You want me to leave or something?’ Fran stammered ‘In all the time we’ve been together we’ve had disagreements and such- but you’ve never wanted me to leave!’
‘I never asked you to leave. I said I needed to think. Its a lot to get my head around. you’ve never dropped such a bombshell before!’ he returned, coldly.
‘I don’t want to go anywhere Seb until we get this sorted out. Please let me explain properly, the words didn’t come out right. Please?’
Dutifully Seb nodded, raising his eyes to meet her gaze. She could see the nervous look in her eyes. He could read her too well.

‘So’ Seb began ‘What exactly is this post you’ve been accepted for then?’
‘Its more a scholarship, but work experience thrown in. I’ll be working but studying in intervals too. I’ll have a few exams, should I get that far. And If I do- I’m fully qualified’.
‘And this scholarship lasts what, a year?’
‘No’ she paused ’3 years’
‘3 years!’ Seb exclaimed, jumping to his feet ‘3 years!’
‘Seb, I know I should have told you that part straight away’ Fran stood rising towards him, trying in vain to calm Seb down, his eyes rounded with shock. He was very rarely angry, and it hurt her knowing she was the cause.
‘Please understand Seb, this means so much to me. Its what I want’
‘What you want? I have never stood in the way of you wanting anything- I’ve always encouraged you. But you’ve only mentioned a vague interest in developing your arts degree. I thought you were happy working for the gallery?’
‘I am. I love it there, but a scholarship is a dream opportunity for anyone. My bosses obviously believe in me enough to give me this chance. They are paying for it. They have friends in well informed circles who can get me far they say. I can turn away now. I could end up owing my own gallery one day!’
Fran placed a hand on Sebs arm ‘I’m sure you can understand what a chance like this means’
Seb sighed, feeling silly for overreacting ‘I do, but 3 years, it’s a long time to be away from work’ he paused momentarily ‘of course I’ll help you financially if you want’
Seb spoke softly. ‘Listen, this is fast and everything, we’ve talked about it on and off, but since you’ve made a life changing decision, why don’t I make one. Why don’t you move in with me?’
He ushered her back to their seats. ‘It’s a perfect solution! It will save you money on the rent you pay for the apartment, it could go towards your scholarship’
Frans eyes narrowed ‘Is that the only reason your asking me to live with you?’
‘No’ Seb laughed ‘Its about time, maybe this is the push our relationship needs’
Fran swallowed hard ‘Seb wait please. This is all happening to fast. I need….’
‘Time to think? Sure- I’ll make us some coffee’ Seb rose to his feet.
‘No!’ Fran shouted. ‘I mean, I need to tell you something else’
Seb froze mid motion, afraid of what else would fall from her lips. Normally her words were full of surprise and revelation. But after today….Seb nodded for her to continue.

‘There’s something else’ he heard her voice quiver. ‘I should have said immediately when I told you of the scholarship. Its…its in London. I’ll be moving to London to study’
‘London, England?’
There was a stunned silence.

‘Hold on a minute’ Seb began, reading into what she had said ‘You said you’ll be moving to London- not ‘it would mean moving to London’’ Seb walked back to Fran, locking his eyes with hers. ‘You’ve accepted haven’t you? haven’t you?’
‘You let me talk about us moving in together before you told me?’
‘Seb I didn’t know you was going to ask!’
‘Nor did I- it was a spur of the moment- I was exited for us!’ Seb could feel the humiliation burning his olive coloured skin a bright shade.
‘You received an offer, and made a life changing decision that effects us both before actually talking to me!’
‘We can work around it honey’
‘I don’t want to work around it!’ he replied sarcastically, ‘I don’t want a long distance relationship- I just want you here with me, is that too much to ask?’
‘Seb please’ Frans eyes filled with tears ‘I love you, but please, don’t make me choose between you and a career’
‘I made a choice. 6 months ago. I could have chosen Il Divo. I chose you over my career’
Silently her tears fell ‘I want my career’ she whispered.

Seb felt as thought he had been stung on the cheek , a slap in the face- the ultimate humiliation made his hands tremble. Quickly he threw his hands into his pockets, not wanting her to see him like this.

‘I see you’ve made your choice then’ he began quietly, lowering his eyes. ‘And now Id like you to go’
‘No Seb’ her tears continued to fall
‘Please just go’
‘I don’t want to leave it like this’
He did not move. Realising she was breaking his heart, she moved towards the table to collect her things. She hadn’t meant it to turn out this way, or blurt it out the way she did. Surely he would calm down, after thinking things through?
She turned to see Seb, standing right behind her. He looked deep into her eyes, smiling sadly. He raised a hand, his fingers twisting strands of loose fallen hairs from her ears. Then he let go, stepping back.
‘Good luck with everything. I hope it all works out for you’. Fran could hear the shaking in his voice.
‘What do you mean, why are you saying this?’
He breathed heavily, trying to control his composure, her eyes searching his
‘Goodbye’ he concluded ‘Have a nice life’

He turned quickly- he would not let her see the tears immediately stinging his eyes.
Within a moment, and without a word he heard the door close quietly.
Why didn’t she change her mind? But no, she didn’t. He had tried to call her bluff, and it failed.
She was gone.

Chapter 7

David Miller sat cross-legged, cramped, in the busy Parisian café. After coming here only 2 or 3 times before. He chose this venue as the service had always been exquisite, and he had his eye on the very charming café supervisor, Leah.
A couple of times since he’d arrived he caught her looking towards him, then turning away hurriedly, as if she did not want him to see he watching him. He smiled back each time, seeing her glance a little shade of red before turning away completely. Maybe today he would summon the courage to ask her out on a date. Though it would have to be quick, as he was only here in the city for 3 days.

He watched again as Leah drew closer to him, carrying a tray of drinks. She stopped at his table, smiling down on him.
‘Here you are Mr Miller, a complimentary drink whilst you wait for your friend’
David’s eyes rounded in surprise. ‘Thankyou’ he almost whispered, in his soothing north American accent. he smiled deeply. Taking a sip of the iced drink he added
‘Would you care to join me for a little while?’
Leah smiled, feeling her cheeks burn red again ‘As much as id like to say yes, I’m afraid I cant…’ Her eyes wandered the room ‘….were very busy in here today, as you can see’
‘Yes it is busy isn’t it?’ David smiled again ‘Well maybe some other time?’
‘Yes Id like that very much’
‘Till some other time then’
Leah smiled sweetly, and left, after hearing someone call her name. David smiled to himself, thinking of the next time he would be free to make an acquaintance with Leah.
His phone buzzed loudly, interrupting his thoughts. It was a message from the friend he was here to meet. Sebastien Izambard.

‘Ill be with you in a moment- turning the corner now’ the message read,. Quickly David waved, gaining the attention of the nearest waitress (unfortunately) not Leah, and ordered 2 coffees.
Within a moment Sebastien entered the main door. Noticing David he waved, and made his way, excusing himself through the hubbub of busy conversationalists. David rose to his feet, feeling a sudden flutter of nerves. It wasn’t the first time he had felt them today. Yesterday too, since arranging the lunch date.

David reached an outstretched hand, but Seb embraced him instead. Pushing him at arms length, Seb smiled.
‘Mr American!’
‘Mr Frenchie!’
‘So good to see you!’
‘Its been too long!’
‘Your so busy!’
‘We both are!’
They took their seats. David had dressed casually, in dark grey jeans, and black roll neck sweater, with black shoes. Seb had adopted a similar attire, deep blue jeans, khaki coloured v-neck sweater and black boots.

‘I ordered you coffee’ David began, ‘I remembered you drank it, I hope that ok’
‘Coffee is fine thank you’ Seb smiled, ‘how have you been since we spoke last?’
‘Oh fine, fine, the usual level of hustle and bustle but all fine’.
David took a sip of his coffee. ‘And how are you?’
‘Oh fine’ Seb smiled ‘I’m writing some new material for my next album, that’s keeping me busy these days’.
‘Oh good, I’m pleased to hear things are going well for you’
‘Look’ David spoke quietly, passing a quick glance around the table, to make sure no one was listening
‘I know we’ve talked over the phone about it, but I’m sorry again about what happened between you and Fran’
Seb lowered his eyes, placing his hands around the hot cup
‘How is she these days?’ David whispered
‘She was fine the last time we spoke, seems to have settled into London life really well. Every so often she finds bits and pieces within her things that she sends back to me. that’s mainly when we keep up to date’
‘Does she call you much?’
‘In the beginning she did, pretty much everyday, scared she’d made the wrong decision professionally, and because of me too. It was frosty between us at first, but now we are civil’
‘Don’t you feel bitter?’
‘I should, but I don’t, I wish her well, she was part of my life for over 3 years, and all I ever wanted was what was best for her, I guess her plans didn’t include me’
Seb took a long drink of his coffee. David smiled sadly towards his friend.
‘I’m sorry Seb, I never meant to drag it up’
‘No I’m fine really, I’ve moved on, had to, its been 3 months, it feels strange at times not having her around, not calling her when I want to’
‘You can call me anytime Seb, were friends remember!’
‘I know, but your still busy with Il Divo. How are things in the studio?’
‘Long hours…long long hours, recording vocals and harmonies over and over, you could have warned me what it would be like!’
‘Hey I’ve never recorded in a group before!’ Seb quipped, ‘but it’s a great feeling when you hear a finished track being played back to you’
‘Mmm your right there, we heard a playback last week of a track called “Passera” well to cut a long story short it blew me away, I still cant believe sometimes its me on the recordings!’
‘I’m so pleased for you, and Carlos, Urs and Luca. I’ll meet him one day no doubt, if you’ll introduce us’
‘Of course, that’s it you want to’
‘Sure it would be nice’
‘Look Seb, apart from us catching up as we haven’t seen each other for months, I have an ulterior motive for being here. I’m not on a break as I said, I’m here with the guys, and Simon. Well they wanted to know if you would join us for a Gala evening. We’ve been booked to play tomorrow night, its our first live performance outside of London. They want us to play a few of the tracks we’ve recorded. There will be a dinner/dance/drinks party afterwards. Simon really wants you to be there, as do Urs and Carlos. And me of course. Please say you’ll come?’
‘Well’ Seb hesitated, David smiled weakly, half expecting his friend to turn down Simon and the others again.
‘Is it a suit and tie affair, or something more casual?’ Seb replied moments later
David threw his napkin at Seb ‘You had me going there my French friend!’
They both laughed
David raised a hand, and almost immediately, Leah was at his side, ready to take their lunch order, and discreetly place her phone number written on a scrap of paper underneath David’s coffee cup…….
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Sliding Divos Chapter 13 updated Empty
PostSubject: Chapters 8-9   Sliding Divos Chapter 13 updated EmptyTue Aug 11, 2009 9:00 pm

Chapter 8

Seb arrived at the Gala performance for 7pm as requested to do so by David the day before. On giving his name to the event organiser (though he was recognised), he received a laminated pass. ‘VIP’ it stated.
Seb felt a shiver down his spine. He’d never attended anything as formal as this before. Dressed in a black trouser suit, white shirt and tie, Seb’s outfit matched the grandeur of the setting. The long entrance hall of the theatre was decorated in magnificent drapery in an array of gold’s, creams and burgundy. 2-3 feet pillar candles lined the entrance through to the seating area. Seb was ushered to his seat. Reserved, front row centre.

Seb looked to the stage ahead of him. The drapery from the entrance hall followed through to the semi-circular stage. The lighting in the theatre and stage illustrated the setting of a romantic evening.
Seb winced slightly. If only he had someone to share this with.
The organiser advised he would tell Simon and the others that he had arrived. Immediately rising to his feet, straightening his garments Seb felt a rush of nerves.
It had been 9 months since he had turned down the offer of a place in Il Divo. Although they were not fully known yet in the music market and with fans, their presence had been felt under the guidance of Simon Cowell, the groups creator.
He was about to meet the group, the new line up, the new member.
Luca Maldini- ‘the Italian one’. Operatically trained tenor, many years experience in theatre and opera productions in his native city of Rome and surrounding areas.
He couldn’t help but feel slightly envious- but no, it was too late now. He had made his choice. And at moments like this, he told himself, he’d done the right thing. He was sure of it. Completely. Definitely. Yes, most definitely.

Chapter 9

Luca Maldini, never one for following official protocol, left his dressing room quietly, making his way across the corridors into the side entrance of the performance hall. Sebastien Izambard (who stood about 100 metres away from him) smiled at the stranger. Luca smiled back feeling a little star struck. He was a fan of Sebastien’s early work . It was pleasure to meet him- under the circumstances. Luca placed an outstretched hand to Sebastien on approach.
‘Hi, Sebastien?’
Seb nodded
‘Hi’ Luca continued, ‘We haven’t met. I’m Luca, Luca Maldini’
Seb smiled graciously, shaking hands, feeling a touch of nerves return.
‘Its great to meet you’ Seb replied ‘I’ve heard a lot about you’
‘All good I hope!’ Luca joked
‘All good’ added Seb
‘Please, lets sit’ Luca continued. ‘I’ve just seen Harry the organiser, who was off to find Simon to let him know that you’d arrived. I thought I would sneak out before I was officially invited to come and meet you. I guessed it might have been a little awkward, us meeting for the first time, so I decided to come out now and say hello. I hope your not offended’.
Seb smiled ‘I’m not offended at all. I was nervous about seeing Simon, its been a long time. But I was nervous about meeting you more. I’m glad you’re here now’.
‘Good. Look I dare not stay any longer than I must, but I just wanted to say, good luck with everything you do in your career in the future. You’ve given me mine. I want to thank you for that.’
‘Nothing to thank me for’ Seb replied ‘All things happen for a reason. I’m very happy for you, and the group, and Simon. I’m looking forward to the performance’
‘Thankyou’. Luca reached and outstretched hand once more. ‘I really must go. Here, why don’t you take a drink before Simon and the others arrive?’
Luca nodded ahead, pointing across Seb’s shoulder. Seb turned.

Seeing a well-dressed woman, a few metres away waling towards the two of them with a tray of Red and White wine, Champagne and Orange juice. Seb smiled brightly to the flame haired beauty.
She smiled back, and then stopped a few yards from them as if not to interrupt their conversation.
‘Sebastien?’ Luca bought him back to earth, and to his friendly smile. ‘Maybe we could talk again later at the party afterwards?’
‘I would like that very much’ Seb added, rigorously shaking Luca’s hand again. ‘Good luck’.
Luca smiled, then turned and walked away, out of the performance hall.

‘Mr Izambard?’ Sebastien heard a sweet English voice coming from behind. He turned. The wine waitress, was still there, and she know his name.
‘Please, its Sebastien’ he replied generously.
‘Mr Izambard’ she continued. ‘Can I offer you a drink- a nice Red perhaps?’
He moved towards her, studying here frame.
‘Its Sebastien, or Seb’ he laughed ‘and yes, a glass of Red would be lovely’.
‘Sorry Mr Izambard, I mean Sebastien, I mean Mr Izambard’ she spluttered ‘Its more than my job is worth not to be professional. And professional I am, Mr Izambard’.
‘I see that’ he reached forward, taking a glass of Red. Her stature froze as he moved to within inches of her. She seemed afraid, yet he was sure there was a little smile creeping across her face, and her green eyes sparkled.
‘I tell you what, we’ll keep a secret’ Seb began ‘You can call me Sebastien, and in return you tell me your name. That way we can call each other by first name terms. I think that’s only fair, don’t you?’
‘Mr Izambard I….’
‘Seb please’ he smiled deeply, his eyes never parting from hers. He know he was making her nervous, and in truth, he enjoyed it. This person he had known no more than a few minutes had feeling made him feel alive.
She lowered her eyes momentarily, feeling the burning sensation in her cheeks, knowing full well he would have seen the colour rise of her face.

‘Mr Izambard’ she spoke to the floor. A gentle finger raised her chin, locking her yes with his again. He was still smiling at her. She felt a strong shiver rive down her spine, like a bolt of electricity.
‘Yes?’ he whispered
‘I have to go’ she added sadly, knowing he would have heard the disappointment in her voice. She coughed to correct herself. ‘Other people may be wanting drinks’
Sebastien sighed ‘Thankyou for the Red, and suggesting it. I’ll be sure to find you later for another glass’ Seb winked (making her nearly drop the tray!)
‘Yes Sir’ she nodded quickly. Turning sharply, she did not want to leave.
‘Miss?’ she heard him speak behind her ‘will you tell me your name- please?’
She turned, smiling, knowing again he would see a bright red face, matching the colour of her hair.
‘Its Eadie’ she spoke. The she turned, leaving him gazing in her direction, until she was completely out of view.
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Chapter 10

‘Eadie’ he repeated to himself, a few times over. She’d been out of view for about a minute now but he continued to stare in the direction she had walked away from him.
His mind felt alive with thoughts of her. This could indeed be a night to remember.

‘Sebastien!’ Seb turned around quickly, recognising the deep voice of the one and only Simon Cowell. Seb, (whose nerves were all over the place this evening) felt butterflies resurface in the pit of his stomach. The feeling died quickly as Simon embraced him, very tight indeed.
‘Simon!’ Seb managed in breaths between the tight squeeze.
‘I’m sorry!’ Simon laughed, pushing Seb at arms length. ‘Look at you, don’t you look the handsome devil this evening. Very dapper!’
‘And you yourself Simon. A suit and tie suits you. I never thought id ever see you in anything but jeans and jumpers!’
‘I can look classy’ Simon joked, flicking his hair ‘Anyway, its been too long. How are you?’
‘I’m well Simon, and yourself?’
‘Oh OK, busy as ever, but not one to complain….’
‘Because no-one listens?’
‘…you got it in one Sebastien..’
The both laughed. Simon continued.
‘Girlfriend here with you this evening?’
‘No’ Sebs eyes fell to his side ‘we broke up about 3 months ago.’
‘Oh Seb, I’m sorry. Me and my big mouth’
Seb looked back. ‘No its OK, I’m fine, it was a very amicable split’ (he lied)
‘Does David know? He talks about you all the time with the others, he never mentioned it’
‘Yes he knew, I didn’t ask him to keep it a secret, but well, you guys didn’t really know anything about her anyway’
‘It’s a pity Seb, I should have made the effort to keep in touch more. I’ve just been so busy with things. The band especially’
‘How are things with the guys?’
‘Oh you know, 4 people, 4 backgrounds, 4 different counties, 4 different personalities to contend with. In other words I’m learning more and more about each of them every day’
‘And how is Luca?’
‘Ah Luca. Yes, he’s a very talented singer. A pleasure to have on board. Though between you and I…’ (Simon’s eyes circled the room) ‘… know you were of course my first choice between you and Luca’
‘Simon I want to apologise about….’
Simon raised a hand, ushering Seb to stop ‘Seb, if your going to say sorry, please don’t. You made your choice. It was difficult for me to accept, I wont deny it, but its done. Id like it very much if maybe we could work together sometime soon. Maybe even record with the guys- a duet or something’
‘I’m very flattered’ Seb smiled
‘Don’t be’ Simon pressed a hand on Seb’s arm. ‘Now come say hi to the guys before the others arrive in here. You can meet the famous Luca too!’
‘Mmm I’d like that’ Seb added, smiling inwardly to himself……

‘Carlito Bambino!’
‘Sebby Frog Frog!’
Seb and Carlos Marin exchanged extra-manly hugs in the very small, narrow dressing room. Seb had burst in on Carlos warming up his deep voice. Seb had just left Luca with Simon. Only after seeing Carlos for the first time in 9 months did he realise that someone could be more Mediterranean than him!
Luca- jet black spiky hair, dark olive skinned, immaculate dress and irresistible sideways smile. Carlos no doubt would have a run for his money as ladies man!
‘Carlos, we have to have a drink after the show!’
‘Oh yes my friend!’ Carlos replied ‘we have much to discuss!’
Seb spun round immediately. David Miller and Urs Buhler stood in Carlos’ open doorway peering in, both realising that Seb had arrived after the mention of ‘Frog’ and ‘Bambino!’
‘Davey- Urs- its so good to see you!’ Seb embraced them both. Seb spoke truthfully ‘Guys I’ve missed you’
‘And we’ve missed you’ David replied, dressed in a full black suit, white shirt, loose black tie, breast pocket dressed with red handkerchief.
‘We’ll have to make more of an effort to see each other’ Urs Buhler the Swiss Tenor added, pushing strands of loosely fallen near shoulder length dark hair behind his ears. His outfit perfectly matched that’s of David’s, and Carlos’- except David carried a little extra height, whilst Carlos was slightly smaller than the others.
‘Telephones aren’t the same’ David began
‘Or Email’ Carlos added
‘Nor texting/paging’ Urs concluded
‘Call me sentimental- but this is the first time I’ve seen you since, well we hung out after auditions. Yet it feels like we’ve never been apart’
‘Told you we were meant to be’ David whispered in Seb’s ear, forcing Seb to give a sideways smile
‘What did you say?’ Carlos looked intrigued.
‘David said you need to fix your hair- you’ll never catch the ladies by looking like that tonight!’ Seb humoured
Carlos immediately turned to his mirror twisting the short black curls on his head
‘What!…what’s wrong with my hair, is there something wrong guys…guys?’
Immediately all 3 except Carlos burst into laughter. Realising he was on the brunt of the joke- even during 4 way calls and emails they still managed to pick on him most.
‘Oh ha ha very funny’
Carlos threw a hairbrush at Seb
‘Oh Carlos, your too easy to wind up!’

‘Curtain call- 10 minutes- repeat, Curtain call- 10 minutes’
David, Carlos, and Urs looked at each other, the laughter on their faces turned to a mix of panic and fear.
‘This is it!’ Urs stated
‘Guys, you’ll be fine’ Seb intervened ‘Look, I better leave you, let you finish warming up here. I’d say good luck, but you wont need it’
The 3 smiled towards Seb as he exited- ready to go back to his seat. Stopping mid-step, he could have sworn he heard David say that he wished Seb was out there with them tonight, but it was probably just his imagination.
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I just read this
I so want to read more
o please bounce Very Happy

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Thanks for your reply!!!! Surprised

Chapter 11

The Gala Performance was headlined by a variety of acts, the finale staged by Il Divo.. A 5 song strong performance opened with a rendition of ‘Nella Fantasia’ and closed with an amazing version of the Toni Braxton hit ‘Unbreak my heart’, sung in Spanish, with operatic male voices, a real twist of a beautiful sad-love song. One definitely for the ladies, and music lovers everywhere.
Seb sat alongside Simon during the evening. Every so often Simon would catch his eye line and would smile to Seb, as if to remind him he was still there. It felt almost like, Simon wished to show him what he could have had.

An hour after the performance, the drinks party was well underway. Seb, Carlos and Urs mingled in the seated area of the lounge whilst David and Luca chatted with Simon , and a few other guests.

‘So how do you get on with Luca?’ Seb began to the others
‘He’s a nice guy, very professional, very funny at times’ Urs replied.
‘I like him’ Carlos summarised, staring at his glass of Red in hand.
‘Tell us more of this lady you have your eye on Seb!’
Seb, who wished now he’d never mentioned Eadie, began to retell (for the 3rd time) the events of earlier, and how it’d be nice to meet Eadie again. Seb didn’t admit however he now felt slightly foolish, as it looked as though she’d finished on duty for the evening , so possibly Seb would not see her again.
‘What did you say she looked like?’ Urs replied, looking off into the distance
‘Long reddish/burnt coloured straight hair, fairly tall, curvaceous….’
‘Ooh mama!’ Carlos interrupted
Seb laughed, nearly spilling his drink ‘….and green eyes…and she wore a black suit with white blouse. That’s all I can remember’.
‘Is that not her over there?’ Urs added, pointing towards an array of male/female dancers moving to soft Jazz music.
‘Where!’ Seb gasped, this time, splashing Carlos’ leg with drink. ‘Sorry, sorry…where Urs- I cant see no-one!’
‘There!’ he stood, rising to his feet, Seb and Carlos following suit ‘over there by the white pillar’.
There was Eadie, chatting to a man. Seb felt a pang of jealousy, but why? He didn’t even know this woman. What was happening to him?
He watched for a few moments seeing her smile and laugh a few times. And eventually, she turned and caught his stare. He waved quickly, she smiled back hesitantly.
Urs ran a hand across Seb’s face, returning him back to earth. ‘I take it that’s her then?’
‘Uh huh’ Seb nodded
‘You should go and talk to her’ Carlos added ‘she looks like she’s off duty’
‘I don’t think so’ Seb replied coyly
‘Go on’ Carlos urged ‘go now, you might not see her again’
‘You think I should?’ He looked to Urs and Carlos, as if for approval. They both nodded. Seb handed his glass to Urs, smiled quickly, and walked towards Eadie across the room.
Urs and Carlos watched his movements.
‘Pity he didn’t join the band’ Carlos began
‘Mmmm…’ Urs added ‘…he’d have seen her all the time then’
‘You think we should tell him Urs?’
‘No I’m sure she’ll tell him’
‘Which bit? That Simon Cowell is her boss? That she is not a wine waitress but a PA? Which bit do you think he’ll find out first?’
‘I think she’ll tell him eventually. She’s obviously told him nothing. After all, he thinks she’s just a wine waitress’
‘It could work to Simon’s advantage having Seb interested in his PA’
‘Even if she only began working for Simon tonight…..’
‘Its obvious he wants Seb involved musically somewhere’
‘I don’t think he would have any qualms about him getting involved with his staff, unless it got messy…’
‘Hey Urs, don’t look too far ahead, lets see where tonight ends for Seb and Eadie first….’

Chapter 12

Seb stood a few yards back, waiting for Eadie and ‘friend’ to finish their conversation. A couple of times he’d attempted to move forward on the belief that the conversation had stopped. But no, it had begun again, and Seb stood alone, starting to feel a little foolish. Coughing accidentally, roused the attention of Eadie to her onlooker. She smiled sweetly. ‘Is he waiting for me?’ she thought to herself, knowing realistically that the suave, dark haired gentleman could not possibly want to speak to her. Because he asked her to call him by his first name? Of course not, he was just being gentlemanly of course. He asked for her name, he said he would speak to her again.
Eadie’s cheeks flushed red, she had been gazing at Seb for a few moments now and he did not turn away. It was almost like a staring competition. Eadie realising that she hadn’t heard a word of her colleague Andrews’ chatter, she cut him short, begrudgingly tearing her eyes away from Mr Izambards.
‘Sorry Andrew’ she interrupted him mid-flow ‘there’s a guest I have to speak to. I’ll be back shortly’
‘Ok’ he nodded ‘we’ll pick up where we left off later’
‘Sure’ she smiled, tapping him on the shoulder. Turning swiftly, butterflies twisted her insides. He was still there! watching her! Wanting to scream inside, she had the attentions of an extremely gorgeous man! No idea who he was, why he was here, her only knowledge he was a ’VIP’ guest of her boss Simon Cowell. And tonight (her first full day of working for him) she was to look after all his VIP guests, attend to all their needs, make sure they were comfortable, and having an enjoyable time.
‘A pity,’ she thought to herself ‘that this is business and not pleasure’. She knew she would carry out all of her duties to the highest level!

‘Mr Izambard’ she spoke, as they walked towards each other, her eyes flickered off to the distance behind him, She though she saw someone waving, could it possibly be Carlos Marin from Il Divo? She ignored it, and attended to her duties.
‘Please Eadie, I know your first name. Please call me by mine. I insist’ Seb whispered, as if it was their secret.
Eadie laughed ‘Ah Mr Izambard, I told you earlier I am a professional woman, I do my duty and serve my employer well. How are you this evening. Are you having a lovely time?’
‘It has been a most interesting evening so far’ Seb began
‘Oh?’ Eadie was intrigued
‘I’ve reacquainted with some very good friends who I haven’t seen in almost a year. It has made me very happy. And I’ve met a beautiful woman too’
Eadie felt an immediate stab of jealousy. How could he tell her! She had let herself believe that he had eyes for her, by the way he watched her those moments ago. But now…..
‘I see’ she know she sounded disappointed, wishing immediately she could correct herself.
Seb read her mind well. So far he had picked up on signals that she liked him as much as he did her. He could hear in her voice possible sadness. He had to put her out of her misery.
‘Eadie’ he breathed ‘That woman is you’
‘Me!’ Eadie gasped ‘but I though that….’
‘I had my eye on some other lady? No I only have eyes for you this evening.’
‘Only this evening?’ Eadie ventured, knowing she was flirting with her guest.
‘Not only this evening. I’m sorry that sounded blasé. Actually’ Seb leaned in a little closer ‘it’s a little presumptuous I know but id like very much for my eyes to gaze over you maybe over dinner?’
Eadie melted into his words, charm and soft luscious Parisian accent. Why did she have to be at work? How she wished she had somewhere soft to fall as her legs were giving way beneath her.
‘Well’ she coughed ‘excuse me, dry throat.’
Seb winked ‘Sorry did I startle you?’
‘No, well yes I mean’ Eadie stumbled ‘how could any lady refuse an offer of dinner?’
‘Do I take that as a yes?’
‘Yes’ she accepted, smiling deeply.
‘Wonderful’ Seb added. ‘How about I pick you up from your home tomorrow night. Say about 7.30? I’ll need directions.’
‘I don’t live here in Paris. I’m staying in a hotel nearby’
‘So you don’t work here full time?’
‘No, I’m representing my employer’
‘Well, I guess your off duty now, so come have a drink with me. I recommend the Red’ Seb joked ‘though I’m sure you know better than me about the drinks’
‘Oh?’ Eadie was confused
‘With you being a wine waitress’ Seb continued
‘Waitress?…’ Eadie from startled, realising the confusion ( serving him a drink before the performance). He wouldn’t have know what she did for a living, she had never formally introduced herself. She’d never really had a opportunity.
Personal Assistant to Simon Cowell, Creator of Il Divo.
Not that he would have heard of Il Divo before tonight.
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Chapter 13

“There was something in your eyes the night we first met
Alive and full of Intensity
Standing beside you, I wanted to hold you
I could feel the electricity

I don’t believe in Love at first sight
But I believe in love
Now that I’ve found you”

Sebastien had developed the melody on his guitar for the opening verse, but had not been able to assemble verse 2, or a chorus. Unfortunately he didn’t have time to work on it now. He had a date to ready for.
30 minutes later, suited and booted, he collected his car keys from the bedside dresser, and finally added a dash of cologne to either side of his neck.
It took 15 minutes to drive across the city to the heart of the capital. Pulling up outside the 5 star ‘Marignan Champs-eylsees’, Seb began to wonder what kind of employer Eadie worked for, one that would put her up in a hotel of this star rating, just for a few days work in the city. This was something Seb would like to find out, and a lot more- given the opportunity.
Am member of the Valet service opened the driver door.
‘Its OK. I’m not staying, I’m actually just here to pick up a dinner date’
‘Oui Monsieur’ the Valet nodded, before turning away, leaving the door open.
Seb exited, deciding to go into the hotel and wait for Eadie. He was a few minutes early after all.
He didn’t have to wait at all as within a second, Eadie turned the corner from the lounge into the lobby.
She was astounded to see him standing waiting for here. Dressed immaculately as he was last night. He certainly was taller that her, and when he flashed that seductive smile her way, he made her feel as though he towered over her.
Sebastien stood amazed. Red was the colour she wore. An embroidered strapless Basque top, with knee length flared skirt. Red heels complimented her height and frame.
He moved forward to her. Gently he lifted her hands, dropping a kiss on each. A little presumptuous also, he kissed her on both cheeks. She could smell his cologne.
‘May I take you to Dinner?’ he invited
‘Gladly’ she smiled.
She could see the members of the Reception staff staring in her direction watching their movements. Hopefully the butterflies in her stomach would subside.

A few minutes after the silent car journey, they arrived at the ‘Le domaine de lintillac’ restaurant. Extremely exclusive, usually an extended waiting list. However Sebastien was a good friend of the owners, and didn’t call in favours much.
After being shown to their table, Eadie and Sebastien began to pour over their menus, and exchanging little glances and nervous smiles in between. A few moments later, the maitre’d recommended an excellent choice of Red wine. Eadie nodded, so Seb ordered 2 bottles.
A waiter arrived also to take their orders for food. 2 chicken and avocado salads for starters, Duck for Seb, and Pheasant for the lady.
Seb raised a toast after the wine had been poured.
‘To us’ he smiled
‘To us’ Eadie replied. Biting her bottom lip, she could see his eyes sparkle.
‘Its sounds like a bit of a cliché’ Seb began ‘But tell me about yourself- I’d like to get to know you’
The butterflies returned. ‘What would you like to know?’ Eadie gazed
‘Well you know, where you come from, what you do for a living, a little about your family, your likes, dislikes’
‘My life story’ Eadie quipped
‘Well maybe..’ Seb winked ‘Okay, I’ll make it easier. I don’t know your last name’
‘Very nice’
‘Anything else?’ she teased
‘You tell me’ Seb added, taking a sip of his wine
‘Okay, I’m based in London, living and working.’
‘Are you from London?’
‘No. I’m from a small town you would have never heard of’
‘Any brothers, sisters?’
‘2 brothers, no sisters’
‘Yes, both very much ongoing and strong. Into their 35th year of married bliss. Well marriage anyhow…’
Seb laughed ‘I like your sense of humour. What about hobbies, pastimes?’
‘I’m a keen reader when I have the time. I love music and theatre’
‘Mmmm yes, me too’
‘Well there you go, that’s my life story’
‘That cant be it already…’ Seb and Eadie were interrupted by the starter being presented ‘….I’m sure there are many more things I can find out about you’
‘Why don’t you tell me about yourself?.. Oh thank you’ Eadie smiled to the waiter
‘Thankyou’ Seb added ‘Oh me? Well you may have gathered I’m French’
‘Really?’ Eadie added humorously
‘Yes’ he winked again ‘I enjoy music and theatre like you. I’m 32 years old’
‘What do you do for a living Mr Izambard?’
Seb almost spluttered his mouthful of food
‘Your still calling me Mr Izambard! Your not working now. This is a dinner date isn’t it?’
‘Of course, I’m sorry, bad habit’
‘Please’ he placed a free hand on top of hers ‘Call me Sebastien..or Seb’
‘Okay..Seb’ she smiled
It felt surreal, but by her uttering his name for the first time it was almost like they had crossed a barrier.
‘Tell me’ Eadie added ‘You were going to tell me about your profession’
‘Ah yes. I am in the music business. I am a songwriter’
‘Oh? I guess that’s why you were there at the Gala last night’
‘Well sort of’ Sebastien did not indulge, Eadie did not press for any more details.
‘Will I have heard of your music?’
‘I’ve had success here in France’
‘Oh I see. Id like to hear your work sometime’
He smiled ‘I could arrange that’

Conversation flowed, during the starters and the main course. Both declined dessert. There were periods of silence after, with glances and smiles.
Seb waited for the right moment to ask if he could see her again. He really felt something strong for this woman, even after only knowing her for less than 24 hours! As well as being naturally beautiful, she had an independent nature, a strong will, and yet, a vulnerable weakness for him. He know it, and he could expose it. In the beginning she used her position to hide it, but this evening she had let down her guard.
Eadie couldn’t believe someone as handsome, funny, intellectual, and creative as he be interested in her! He wasn’t like anyone she had ever met before, and only wished now she had more time to get to know him. What she wouldn’t give to have more time here in Paris. But tomorrow was home time- and she would no doubt lose him forever.
‘Coffee Sir, Madam?’ The waiter presented himself to their table. Seb looked deeply into Eadie’s eyes, returning her brooding gaze.
‘No thank you’ he answered for the both of them ‘can we have the bill please?’
Seb leaned forward, Eadie following suit. Their faces were only inches away from each other. His fingers ran up and down her bare arm, sending a shiver down her spine.
‘Will you have coffee at my apartment?’ he breathed
‘I’m a tea girl’ she whispered
‘I don’t drink tea’ Seb winked
‘We’ll have to go without then’ Eadie added, biting her bottom lip ‘but only tea though’ she added, as Seb leaned in for their first electric kiss……
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Very Happy
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