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 *New Beginnings* By: Jan (Maybe2)

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PostSubject: Re: *New Beginnings* By: Jan (Maybe2)   *New  Beginnings*   By: Jan  (Maybe2) - Page 2 EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 3:22 pm

Part 41

It had been a long and distressing day for Jessica who, with a heavy heart waved goodbye to Joanne and sat silently in the car on the journey home, wrapped in her thoughts, brought painfully into focus for the first time.

After Jessica had recovered, she and Carlos walked down to the other yard to see some of her Clients. Everyone was happy to see her and more than one woman stood open mouthed, as they watched Carlos wandering along the stables, so at home with the horses, but looking like a male model.

Usually he would have been very happy to spend time talking to attractive women in tight breeches and boots, but he was concerned only for Jessica, who appeared to be in control as she chatted to them, but whom he realised, was holding on by a thread.

Carlos held her hand gently as he drove, lending silent support to her and waiting for her to break the silence.

Eventually, Jess turned to him and said quietly

“Thank you Carlos, for taking me there today. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

He squeezed her hand and smiled at her

“I know how hard it was for you today Jess, and I was very proud of you.”

Jess looked surprised and smiled

“Proud! How come? I did faint. For the first time in my life, I may add?”

“Yes proud!” he answered stoutly. “You pulled yourself together and went to see everyone; no matter that it was torture for you. A lesser woman would have run away, so yes my Jess, I am very proud of you!”

Jess raised his hand to her cheek and gently kissed the back of it, tears spilled down her cheeks, as she looked at Carlos, evidence that she was emotionally exhausted.

Arriving back at the apartments, Jess was feeling much better; she had slept in the car, giving Carlos the perfect opportunity to study her as she dozed.

His heart ached for her, for the pain she had endured today, and he wished he had been able to spare her the distress. It had surprised him how determined she had been to see it through though, no matter what it cost her personally. Making Carlos realise how strong she could be and not the shy, gentle girl he had originally though her to be.

This pleased him greatly, for if she was going to have any kind of relationship with him, she would have to be strong enough to bear the long separations involved.

Not long after they arrived in Carlos’s apartment, the telephone rang and Carlos was thrilled to speak to Sebastien, Urs and David at length, about the progress they were making on the new album. In fact, they were going to be home early, as they needed to have Carlos’s parts before they could get any further, and so they were pleased to get an extended weekend until they could be in the London studio on Monday. All were relieved to hear Carlos sounding so much better and promised to call in to see him as soon as they got back tonight.

Jess sat opposite Carlos as he was chatting, fascinated by the animation in his face as he discussed the new album, wanting to hear all the details which, doubtless, he would want again later!

She was so happy he was well again. His eyes sparkled happily as he talked; making Jess aware of how important the music is to him. It is his whole life and Jess wondered if there was ever going to be room in his life for a woman in the long term.

Now he was well again, Jess wondered if she should now move back to Peter’s apartment, after all, she had only come to look after him for a short while! Her heart sank at the prospect but she didn’t want to outstay her welcome!

After the telephone call, Carlos was buzzing and he threw himself down on the sofa beside Jess, enveloping her in a hug.

“Oh Jess! I cannot wait to get back to work! Is seems so long since I last sang!”

Smiling at him Jess replied

“I am so happy for you sweetheart, I know what this means to you!”

Carlos looked at her seriously and asked

“What about you Jess? Have you thought about what you are going to do?”

Jess grimaced and replied,

“Well I have pretty much decided I don’t want to go back home again. I can sell for a good price and start again somewhere else, although there is no hurry. Peter said I could stay at his place as long as I like so I have somewhere to live………………”

“Peters place! Don’t you want to stay here with me Jess?” Exclaimed Carlos indignantly.

Laughing at the outrage on his face, Jess explained,

“Darling Carlos, I moved in here to look after you because you were ill. Of course I would love to stay with you, but I don’t want you to feel you are stuck with me!”

“What if I wish to be stuck with you!” he smiled, hugging her.

“Then I would say, be careful what you wish for!” she laughed and kissed his nose before jumping up and adding, “Do you realise we have hardly eaten today? I am starving! Do you have anything in the kitchen or are we going to be forced to order in?”
Despite her light-hearted response to his question, Jess’s heart was racing. What a weird day it had been, two huge decisions to make, changing the whole course of her life. Jess couldn’t help but wonder, how serious was Carlos?

Following her into the kitchen, Carlos watched her looking in the cupboards and avoiding looking at him, until he cornered her, and putting his arms around her said

“You cannot avoid the question Jess!”

“You haven’t asked me a question” she countered.

Shaking her gently, Carlos looked into her face and saw so many conflicting emotions going on there. It had been a tough day for her, was it fair to pressure her further?

Taking a deep breath he said,

“Jess, I know we haven’t known each other very long, but I want you to stay here with me. I want to know much more about you, I want to wake up with you everyday I can, and I want to know you will be here, when I come home. Will you stay?”

Jess’s eyes shone with excitement as she hugged him tightly.

“Do you know what you are letting yourself in for Carlos?” she laughed.

Smiling at her, he nodded.

“Yes I know! Womens magazines everywhere, craving for chocolate, underwear hanging in my shower, Monthly Madness, totally unreasonable behaviour …… …….need I go on? But no shopping Jess!”

“Yes shopping Carlitos!” looking at his mutinous face, she chuckled, “but only now and again!”

“Well? What do you say?”

“Mmm. This needs thinking about! Can I put up with your snoring at night and singing in the shower in the morning? Could be pretty tough! But Hey! You aren’t here all the time!”

“Come on woman! Give me an answer!” he shook her gently.

Jess gazed into his handsome face, the rich brown eyes, twinkling with mischief, and something else, just a hint of anxiety. Her heart melted and she answered,

“Well as you asked so nicely, I would love to move in with you!”

With a delighted yell, Carlos picked her up and swung her around before dropping her back on her feet and kissing her soundly.

Part 42

Having raided the cupboards and found them woefully empty, Carlos and Jess had ordered pizza, which they were about to eat when the doorbell began to ring, several times!

“This can only be Miller!” laughed Carlos, dashing to the door and flinging it open.

Standing on the landing were Urs, David and Sebastien with beaming smiles on their faces as they all hugged, laughed, and clapped each other on the back, glad to be together again.

“Wow! I can smell pizza!” said David “ I am starving!”

“Me too!” said Urs

“Me three!” added Seb, grinning hopefully.

“Come in guys, I am sure we can order some more in, see if the girls want to join us. They may of course have other plans!” warned Jess laughing.

Each man dashed back to their respective apartments and was back within minutes, partner in tow, perhaps a little less enthusiastic, but smiling just the same.

The evening turned into a happy, noisy affair and it made Jess realise, they really were like brothers with their good natured teasing of Seb and Carlos.

“OK Frenchy, take the last piece, after all, it is garlic, just don’t stand next to me tomorrow. Poor Celeste, sleeping with that tonight!” teased David.

“Oh I think I will cope!” laughed Celeste winking at Seb who grinned back at her.

“Well I am surprised that the Spanish guy doesn’t pop when he sings with all that gas in his diet coke!” countered Seb. “I suppose it has to come out somewhere!” they all giggled like schoolboys and blew loud raspberry noises.

The evening wore on and conversation turned to the recording and so Jess, Celeste and Abbey went into the kitchen to clear up and catch up with each others news.

“Well Carlos seems much better now Jess, you must have looked after him very well!” said Abbey teasingly.

“I did my best!” said Jess blushing.

“Come on Jess, we want details girl!”

“Nothing really to tell, and anyway, not when the guys are just next door!” Jess laughed.

“Holding out on us.” said Celeste to Abbey.

“Looks like it1” grinned Abbey, “I can feel a girly lunch coming on!”

Back in the lounge, David, Seb and Urs had filled in Carlos on what they had done and were teasing him about Jess.

“Well Carlitos, I see the lovely Jess is still here, care to share anything with us? chuckled Sebastien..

Carlos blushed, causing much amusement to the other guys who hooted and clapped loudly.

“OH MY GOD! I didn’t know you could do that! “snorted David slipping off the sofa laughing.

“Wow!” said Urs “ That is really a first , Carlos!”

At the sound of all the noise, the girls wandered back into the lounge, curious as to what was going on.

Carlos smiled up at Jess as she appeared and stood next to him.

“Shall we tell them Jess?” he asked, pulling her down onto his lap.

Blushing, Jess nodded. A hush descended on the group as they all listened, enthrawled, to what Carlos was about to say.

“I have asked Jess to move in with me!”

After the initial surprise, everyone exchanged hugs and kisses, with David laughing,

“Jess, are you sure you know what you are doing woman! Run, run while you can!, save yourself!”

Jess hugged Carlos, smiling and said “Ok,Ok, it’s no big deal! We just wanted you to know.”

Urs, sitting on the floor, looked at Carlos and Jess and chuckled,

“Trust me Jess, if you can make Carlos blush……… IS a big deal!”

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PostSubject: Re: *New Beginnings* By: Jan (Maybe2)   *New  Beginnings*   By: Jan  (Maybe2) - Page 2 EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 3:23 pm

Part 43

Later, after everyone had gone, Carlos was still excited by the talk of the new album and so decided on a soak in the large spa bath to unwind.

Jess was exhausted and was quickly ready for bed in her pink stripe pyjamas and yawning, wandered to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

“Come in Jess, do you fancy joining me? He asked hopefully, smiling wolfishly at her, from the depths of the hot steaming water.

Jess shook her head, smiling, “Not tonight sweetheart, but would you like me to scrub your back for you?”

“Mm, that would be nice if you’re offering Jess.” and he handed her a large natural sponge and a bottle of body wash.

Jess rolled up her sleeves and knelt at the end of the freestanding bath. She dipped the sponge into the steaming water and slowly trickled the hot water down Carlos’s back as he leaned forward and moaned with delight. Squeezing the body wash onto the sponge, Jess gently began to wash along his neck and shoulders using light circular movements, gradually increasing the pressure as she felt Carlos relax. The foam gave off the same delicious scent of his aftershave and Jess watched fascinated as the bubbles cascaded down the muscular contours of his back.

Despite her tiredness, Jess was aware that her mind was turning away from all thought of sleep as she smoothed her hands over his tanned skin, making Carlos squirm with pleasure as she worked back, towards his shoulders. He leant back, his arms resting on the sides of the bath with his head tilted backwards and eyes closed and said,

“You have wonderful hands Jess, don’t stop!” he groaned.

Smiling to herself, she began to rub the soapy sponge over his shoulders and down his front to his chest, making lazy circles in the hair of his chest with the lather from the soap with one hand, and once again squeezing the hot water over him with the other.

“You aren’t very dirty!” she said lightly, her hands moving over his chest.

Carlos chuckled and opening his eyes gave her his best leer, and said huskily, “How dirty do you want me to be Jess!”

Blushing, she splashed him with water and went back to her task.

Carlos stretched his head backwards, closing his eyes again and moaned with pleasure.Jess could no longer resist the urge to begin nibbling his exposed neck,.

His eyes opened in surprise and he smiled and said hoarsely,

“Careful Jess! That could get you into serious trouble!”

Jess giggled as her mouth continued its journey slowly, along his shoulder, Carlos’s sharp intake of breath, causing her to thrill at her ability to arouse him so easily.
She continued her trail back up his shoulder to the nape of his neck, until she moved on to his earlobes, gently sucking and chewing them until Carlos could stand it no more.

He rolled onto his side, surprising Jess, and captured her mouth hungrily, holding her still with his dripping arm behind her head, making escape almost impossible.

Smiling against her lips, he said triumphantly, “I did warn you Jess!”

“Ohh I am so scared!” she replied, as he released his hold slightly and Carlos was able to study her flushed face. Her eyes were dark with the passion, he himself was feeling and he ached to have her in his arms in the steaming water with him.

Jess stood up and Carlos caught hold of her hand,

“Come on in Jess” he urged, tugging her hand and Jess felt her mouth go dry with lust.

“Wait!” she said quietly, as she reached to turn out the lights and the bathroom was plunged into semi darkness. Only the light from the hall came through the partially open door, as Jess returned to stand beside the bath, her gaze finding Carlos’s eyes bright with passion as his hand began to move up the outside of her pyjama trouser leg and under her jacket to the waistband.

Jess stood completely still, holding her breath, as his warm damp fingers ran along the waistband until they found the tie, which with a swift tug was released and they began to gently slide to the floor.

Carlos knelt up in the bath, the water swirling around as he gently put his hands, burning with the heat of the water, under her jacket, and began to caress the soft unresisting flesh beneath.

Watching her face in the shadows, he smiled as she gasped at the bold exploration of his hands over her bottom, thighs and hips, until he mischievously switched to wander slowly up beneath the front of her jacket.

Jess jumped as Carlos found what he was searching for, his fingers lazily playing with her, and she began to tremble with anticipation, as wave after wave of excitement swept up and down her body.

Not pausing to undo her buttons, Jess, to Carlos’s delight, pulled her jacket over her head and stepped into the water and knelt down. She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck, moaning aloud as she encountered the warm, wet roughness of his chest and the very obvious evidence of his arousal as she moulded to him.

Gasping, Carlos found her lips with his and quickly teased her unresisting mouth open, their tongues duelling passionately as they began to slide into the water. Carlos pulled Jess on top of him as they continued their heated embrace, and the water began to slop over the sides of the bath.

Jess broke the kiss to exclaim,

“Carlos, the water!”

“It’s OK Jess” he murmured distractedly against her neck “It’s a wet room!”

Looking down into Carlos flushed face, Jess smiled and answered huskily,

“Good job too!” as their passion sent wave after wave spilling, unnoticed ,over the side, until they lay exhausted, together in the rapidly cooling water.


A little while later, Jess lay, curled comfortably around Carlos , her head on his chest as she gently stroked his stomach.

“I wish it could always be like this.” she whispered softly, her eyes closing sleepily as she yawned.

“Me too” answered Carlos, pulling her closer, “But you know, I will be away much of the time little one. Do you think you can do this?”

He looked down into her sleepy face, his heart flipping over as he watched her beginning to drift off to sleep.

Getting no response, Carlos smiled in the darkness, kissed the top of her head softly and whispered,

“I hope so Jess, I really do!”

The next morning, Jess awoke to hear Carlos singing in the bathroom as he shaved, smiling to her self, she wondered if life got any better than this!

Jumping out of bed, she realised she was wearing one of Carlos’s T shirts and remembered that her pyjamas had got very wet last night! She wandered to the bathroom which was ajar, and watched as Carlos expertly shaved, splashing water everywhere and she giggled.

Seeing her watching him, Carlos smiled broadly and said,

“Good morning Jess, and how are you this beautiful morning!”

“I am just fine, a little tired, but OK.”

Carlos grinned suggestively, making her laugh as he pulled her into a warm embrace.

“I can see why you have a wet room!. She giggled, looking at the water surrounding his washbasin and over the mirror. “It looks like a dog has been shaking its wet coat in here!”

“So now I am a dog!” he laughed.

“No, more like a wolf!” she replied as Carlos made a dive for her and she rushed out to the kitchen.

A few minutes later, Carlos and Jess were sitting in the kitchen nursing cups of coffee and deciding what to do with their day.

“I have to spend some time with the guys today, going over the new music and listening to some of what has already been done. I am sorry if you had other plans Jess.” He said apologetically.

“No, I understand, things have been difficult this week and you have to be prepared for Monday, so do what you have to do Carlos. Are they coming here? If so, I will make myself scarce, I am sure I can find something to do, like getting some food in so we don’t have to starve!” she laughed.

Carlos put his arms around her and hugged her,

“Thanks Jess, that would be great. Are you always this understanding?” he asked smiling down at her, his warm brown eyes twinkling in the morning sunshine..

“No! You caught me on a good day!” she grinned, “Seriously, I realise that for now, your music is the most important thing to you so I have to take a back seat. I guess that come as part of loving you, being second sometimes.”

As the word slipped out, Jess cringed and quickly tried to cover her slip up,

“I mean, being with you and things………..” trailing off as Carlos gently took her chin between his fingers and tilted her head up to look him in the eyes.

Jess didn’t know what to do; she was mortified at what Carlos might think. After all they had not known each other more that a few weeks, the last thing she wanted to do was scare him!

“It’s OK Jess, I know what you mean.” he said kindly, letting her off the hook but feeling thrilled inside, as he hugged her closely, and she sighed with relief.

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PostSubject: Re: *New Beginnings* By: Jan (Maybe2)   *New  Beginnings*   By: Jan  (Maybe2) - Page 2 EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 3:25 pm

Part 44

David, Urs and Sebastien all arrived as Jess was leaving and she wished them luck with their work, as she made her way to the lift. She was just about to get in, when she heard a voice say,

“Not so fast Jessica!” as Celeste appeared beside her, smiling. “Fancy a catch up Jess? I can give Abbey a shout if you fancy a coffee!”

“Go on then, I can see I will get no peace until I confess all!” Jess laughed and followed Celeste into her apartment, where, after Abbey arrived, she had told them almost everything.

“Well I have to say, I have never seen Carlos so smitten with anyone before, well not since …………”

“Since who?” asked Jess.

Celeste looked at Abbey, who shrugged her shoulders.

“Since he broke up with Vanessa, his fiancée.”

Jess eyes widened in surprise. It was perfectly reasonable that perhaps Carlos had been engaged or perhaps even married at some time, but to hear it from Celeste made Jess uncomfortable.

“Well, we haven’t really talked that much about our pasts, “said Jess calmly, and trying to ignore the anxiety beginning to gnaw at her insides.

“Come on girls, you can’t leave it there!” Jess said brightly.

Looking a little doubtful, Celeste began to tell Jess about the mysterious Vanessa.
“We have only known Carlos for about 18months, but when we first met, he had this girlfriend Vanessa. She was very beautiful, quite tall and dark, striking in fact, but very volatile, which with Carlos’s temperament, did not make for a harmonious relationship!”

“You could say that!” laughed Abbey. “The times they argued and made up again was incredible. She was very jealous and kept accusing Carlos of being unfaithful, although there was no evidence that he was! He seemed to adore her, despite the tantrums.”

Jess’s heart began to sink as Celeste continued.

“She then began to follow him and check up on him, by ringing his mobile all the time until Carlos had to tell her to stop as it was interfering with his work, as Il Divo had only just been formed, and Carlos needed all his energy for the group.”

“One day, the guys had an important meeting with Simon and a few Sony BMG Executives and somehow, Vanessa burst in and had a complete fit, in front of everyone, accusing Carlos of all sorts, and throwing things, until he could take her outside and calm her down.”

“Are you OK Jess?” asked Abbey, noticing her pale face as she listened.

“Yes, I am fine, I just want to know the worst.” She answered. “What happened next?”

Celeste continued, “After the meeting, Simon apparently took Carlos on one side and told him to sort Vanessa out, as he was not prepared to have her around in the future, causing embarrassment to everyone.”

“Poor Carlos, he must have been mortified!” said Jess sympathetically.

“Well David said he had never seen him so angry.” added Abbey “It must have been so humiliating for him. Anyway, the upshot was, Carlos finished with Vanessa, even though he appeared to be in love with her, the chance of her messing up this opportunity for him, was too great a risk.”

“Was that it then?” asked Jess hopefully.

“Well, she wasn’t very happy and so she went to his apartment and trashed it completely, tearing all his clothes and furniture, but Carlos wouldn’t press charges, he just changed the locks and got on with business.”

“Poor Carlos! It must have been awful for him, if he loved her? How long ago did this happen?” asked Jess.

“About a year ago I think.” said Celeste, and Abbey nodded in agreement.

“Has he ever mentioned her again?”

“Not since he told the guys what she had done, I think he was embarrassed, and to be honest, Abbey, Francine and I always thought her a little odd and so we weren’t sorry to see her go.”

“So you don’t know what happened to her after that?”

“The last I heard, she had moved to Spain with her work and that was months ago.”

Celeste put her arm around Jess’s shoulder and said,

“Don’t worry Jess, I don’t think Carlos was ever really happy with her. She was exciting perhaps for a while, but he seems truly at ease when he is with you, so please don’t give her a thought!”

Jess thanked the girls for their kindness and made her way to the supermarket, all the while, her mind turned over what they had said until she reminded herself the Carlos was a mature man and was bound to have had other serious relationships before she came along and not to be so sensitive!


Carlos was in high spirits when Jess got back. The new songs sounded wonderful and just needed the Carlos magic to be added, to transform them into the Il Divo trademark sound.

David, Urs and Sebastien had just left when Jess arrived, and so she and Carlos sat eating lunch until Jess almost choked on her sandwich, when Carlos announced,

“I think we should go shopping this afternoon Jess!”

“But you hate shopping!” she laughed.

“I know.” He replied slowly “But sometimes it cannot be avoided and this is one of those times.”

Jess frowned as she looked at him, wondering what on earth was going on.

“What is it you want to buy Carlos? You are starting to worry me; you’re not having a relapse are you?”

Carlos chuckled as he began to clear away the lunch things, but refused to reveal what he had planned and before long, they were both downstairs and out on the pavement, heading towards Kensington High Street.

Jess was amazed how hardly anyone, gave them a second glance, as they walked along hand in hand in the bright sunshine. He actually stopped to window shop, until they came to Starbucks, where Carlos surprised her, by sitting her down with a huge coffee, and disappearing, only to reappear 30 minutes later, grinning like a small boy and carrying a small bag.
Jess was mystified, but Carlos refused to say where he had been until they got home and so Jess had to be patient.

Later that afternoon, having exhausted Carlos’s limited patience with shopping, they arrived back at the apartment and Jess was eaten up with curiosity as to what Carlos had bought.

“Ok! I give up. What did you buy Carlos?” she asked.

Grinning at her, Carlos waggled his eyebrows and swung the small bag on his fingers.

“Typical woman! Can’t stand secrets!” he said chuckling as Jess tried to keep an air of indifference to his words.

Smiling, Jess replied “Well Carlitos, I have to warn you, I am not your typical woman!” and she pretended to stalk off into the kitchen to put on the kettle.

Laughing, Carlos followed, and put his arms around her as she stood at the sink, turning her gently towards him and looking tenderly into her eyes.

“I am aware of that everyday I spend with you, little one.” He answered quietly kissing her softly.

His lips were so warm and gentle, that Jess felt herself begin to melt slowly against him, until Carlos broke the kiss, once again gazing deeply into Jess’s eyes, before smiling slightly and giving the bag to her.

“Especially for you!” he said mysteriously, smiling broadly.

Jess’s heart began to thump, wondering what it could be. Inside were two parcels, a slim, long parcel and a smaller, square box, both beautifully wrapped in thick cream and gold embossed paper.

Carlos watched her as she opened the first box, the smaller of the two, which revealed an exquisite fine gold chain necklace with stunning single diamond in a simple setting hanging on it.

Jess gasped, “Oh Carlos, it’s just beautiful! But it isn’t my birthday!” she smiled at him.

Taking the necklace from the box, Carlos stood behind her and fastened it around her neck. As it fell into place, he whispered,

“Perhaps not, but I think it was mine, the day you came into my life Jess.”

Turning around, Jess wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, her eyes filling with tears as she hugged him.

“What a lovely thing to say Carlos!” she murmured and kissed him softly.

Picking up the other parcel, Carlos looked at Jess seriously and said,

“This is for you Jess, something I have never given to another woman.”

Jess frowned and began to carefully open the wrappings. Inside laid a beautiful gold key ring, in the shape of a lover’s knot, with a single key attached.


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Part 45

That night as Jess and Carlos lay in bed, they discussed the practicalities of her moving into the apartment.

“Now Jess, please don’t let me come home and find you have thrown out all my furniture and put up flowery curtains!” he laughed.

Jess turned and looked at him and answered seriously,

“Just what is wrong with flowery curtains?”

Carlos’s face fell until he caught the teasing glint in her eyes and gave a huge sigh of relief.

He explained how busy he was going to be with recording, for most of the week, and Il Divo, were due to go on a 2 week promotional tour to include Japan amongst other places.

This obviously meant Jess would have to do most of her moving on her own, although she was sure Abbey and Celeste would lend her a hand if needs be. She was excited at the prospect but a little daunted that she and Carlos would be apart for so long, so soon.

Carlos, hugged her gently,

“Don’t worry little one, the time will soon go, just wait and see! You will hardly have time to miss me!” he chuckled.

“I know, I will be so busy painting this room pink and getting some lacy bed linen……”

She giggled at the outrage on his face until he silenced her laughing, with a passionate kiss, ending any further discussion on decorating.


The following day as usual, Carlos was up early, itching to get started on the new songs and was sitting in the kitchen, surrounded by music and lyrics in assorted languages, when Jess wandered in yawning.

Smiling, Carlos looked up at her. She looked so young with her rumpled hair and oversize dressing gown, her face pink and eyes hardly open.

Jess stood behind him and sleepily wrapped her arms around his waist, and laid her head against his back, closing her eyes and groaning.

Carlos turned gently guided her to a seat and made her a cup of coffee in an effort to help wake her up.

Picking up a page of music, Jess was surprised to see the song was written in French.

“Do you speak French Carlos?” she asked in surprise.

Laughing, Carlos replied,

“A few words only Jess, but it is not necessary, as we learn only the correct pronunciation and intonation in order to sing the song. Obviously, if one of us can speak the language, then he can correct any mistakes and so we go on.”

“It must still be very difficult though, just the same.” she answered. “How many languages do you speak fluently?

“Well. German, as I lived there until I was about 14 years old, Spanish, obviously, English, which is getting much better and I can get by with Italian if I need to.”

“You put me to shame; I only speak English with a few words of school girl French!”

“Perhaps some of my Spanish will rub off on you! I would certainly love to see you as a French schoolgirl!” he murmured suggestively.

Jess giggled and replied “You are definitely a pervert! That said, you can rub some Spanish on me anytime!”

Carlos laughed and hugged her, kissing her cheek and said,

“Well I have to be going Jess, but how you expect me to concentrate after that…………!” Carlos put his arms around Jess and they stood holding each other, neither one of them wanting to break the closeness. Eventually, Carlos kissed the top of her head and said,

“Have a good day little one, I will call you later to see what you are up to!” And smiling, he opened the door and left.


After Carlos had left, Jess tidied up and was heading for the shower, when the telephone rang. Jess picked it up but nobody answered her greeting and so assuming it was a wrong number, Jess replaced the receiver and carried on into the bathroom.

Her morning was spent sorting out her things form Peters apartment and finding space in Carlos’s wardrobes for her things. Celeste and Abbey called around and Jess was grateful for the excuse for a coffee and a chat until once again, the telephone rang.

Laughing at a remark from Celeste, Jess picked up the telephone, but once again, there was no answer. Frowning, Jess replaced the receiver and said,

“That is the second one of those today!”

“No problem, do 1471” said Abbey, taking the phone, but finding that the call had been withheld.

“Probably block calling.” said Celeste and they carried their on chatting.

After giving Jess a hand, Abbey and Celeste left and Jess carried on sorting out her things, when the phone ring again. Sighing, Jess picked it up but didn’t speak until a cheerful Spanish voice said,

“Jess! Are you there?”

“Oh Carlos, it’s you!” she laughed.

“Were you expecting anyone else?” he chuckled.

“No of course not!” she replied, “It’s just that I have had a couple of calls when no one is there. Probably wrong numbers.” She finished. “Anyway, how is it going?”

“Just great Jess, I can’t wait for you to hear some of it. Perhaps if you would like, you could come down to the studio and listen to it! By the way, I have some news. When we come back from Japan, we are going to Spain to check out a site for the shoot of our next video and I thought it would be good if you would come!”

“That sound lovely Carlos, you can tell me all about it later, over dinner!” smiling, Jess replaced the receiver and began wondering what they had in the cupboards.


That evening, Carlos was bubbling with excitement about the new music. David, Urs and Seb had gone down in the afternoon and they had been able to rearrange some of the songs, and Carlos, who was obviously fully recovered, was eventually satisfied with what they had achieved that day.

“So what did you do today little one?” asked Carlos as they were clearing away.

“Well you may notice, I have brought most of my things over from next door, but I really could do with getting some more clothes, as most of my wardrobe is still back at the house, and I am not sure when I will be able to go back again to get them. I hope I haven’t taken up too much room in your wardrobe Carlos.”

“Jess, this is our home now, I want you to take up room in my life!” he laughed.

“Well that’s good because I have taken a drawer too!” she laughed. “Also, have you seen the Medicine cabinet in the bathroom? I am afraid I don’t travel light when it comes to girly stuff!”

Hugging her, Carlos smiled it felt good to have Jess here, even with all the clutter; he finally felt it was home. He looked tenderly into her beautiful green eyes and said softly,

“I am so glad you are here Jess.” And gently kissed her lips before adding,

“Now come on woman!” Carlos said sternly, “bed!” and began to steer Jess towards the bedroom.

Giggling, Jess replied, “You are such a smooth talker! With an offer like that, how could a girl possibly resist?”


Part 46

The following day Carlos once again left early, as all the guys were due in to the studio in case of any final adjustments to the tracks.

Carlos opened the door to leave and Jess, still in her pyjamas was swept into a long slow kiss. Unfortunately, neither realised that, David, Urs and Seb were on the landing watching!

“OH Dad!” cried David in mock horror. “Not in front of the Kids!”

“Please! It’s too early to watch you two play tonsil hockey on the doorstep!” laughed Urs.

Sebastien just grinned at them as Jess, blushing, replied,

“Then don’t watch! Jealousy is just so unattractive!” she laughed. Turning to Carlos who was enjoying the exchange, Jess kissed his cheek and pushed him out of the door.

“Off you go now, and play nice with the other kids!” she giggled.

Carlos turned and quickly kissed her smiling lips and whispered “see you later,” and dashed to join the others who smiled and waved before the lift doors closed.


Jess decided to go shopping before she went to the Recording Studios and by the time she arrived there, had managed quite a few purchases to supplement her limited wardrobe, plus some wickedly expensive, beautiful matching underwear, after all, she mused, both she and Carlos could enjoy it!

Carlos had left word a t the desk that Jess would be arriving and so she was soon shown through to where she could hear, for the first time, Carlos singing alone, as he recorded his part for Si Tu Me Amas.

Jess crept in unnoticed by anyone, and sat watching Carlos in a soundproof booth, wearing headphones, completely unaware of anything but the music. Listening to him, Jess’s heart swelled with pride and her whole body, tingled with the emotion of the beautiful sound.

When the music finished, Carlos looked up to David, Urs and Seb who were sitting at the mixing desk with a sound engineer. Each began to clap and gave the thumb up sign to him, causing his face to break into a huge smile which got bigger, as he spotted Jessica, sitting alone at the back.

Coming out of the booth, each of the guys clapped him on the back murmuring “Good job Carlos!”

“Hi Jess!” he said, “What did you think?”

“It was….. um … it….I…” Jess blushed, struggling to put into words, the emotion she experienced.

Turning and spotting her, David laughed and said” That bad huh?”

“No! It was just……. breathtaking! I have never heard anything that gave me Goosebumps like that before.”

“In a good way I hope? Said Carlos anxiously.

“Oh Yes!” she replied hugging him tightly.

A few minutes later, Derek, the sound engineer, announced he could play the song back with all the voices added and so everyone stopped speaking, to listen for the first time to Si Tu Me Amas.

When the music faded, everyone looked at each other, trying to gauge their reactions until they all turned to Jess, who had tears gently trickling down her cheeks although she was smiling.

Feeling foolish, Jess frantically tried to wipe her eyes as she said,

“Beautiful! Just beautiful! Don’t change a thing! God! I feel such an idiot!” she sniffed, smiling through her tears.

“Well I don’t think we should play her Isabel, in case we get washed away!” laughed Sebastien, winking at Jess kindly.

“I wasn’t prepared to find it so overwhelming.” Jess explained to Carlos as they ate sandwiches during a break. “I know how the other album sounded but this is different again!”

Sure enough, Isabel had reduced her to more tears, much to the amusement of everyone.

Later that evening Jess and Carlos were stretched out together on one of the sofas, Jess with her head resting on Carlos’s chest, listening to some classical music and began to talk about the new album.

“I think, if possible, it is going to be even better than the first album.” declared Jess. “Even if it does reduce all your fans, to sobbing heaps!” she laughed.

“That is what is so great about music” said Carlos seriously “It can touch people in so many ways, and that is what we are trying to do. Obviously you don’t want to depress people, but it can be uplifting and exciting too!”

“Well I think all your music is ”Music to Make Love to” don’t you?” she asked, idly playing with the buttons of his shirt.

Carlos chuckled and waggled his eyebrows at Jess, causing her to giggle as he said,

“Personally I wouldn’t want to make love to you with us, singing in the background!”

“Why not!” Jess asked, startled.

“Well I think it would feel like David, Urs and Seb were in bed with us!” he laughed.

“Well you always say you love an audience….!” She giggled, slipping her fingers between the shirt buttons and tickling his stomach.

Carlos, squirmed at her touch as she slowly began to undo them, playing with the soft hair across his enviably flat belly until Carlos suddenly twisted, pulling Jess underneath him, trapping her with his leg.

“So you want to play do you?” he murmured hoarsely as he began to kiss her fiercely, pressing her into the cushions with his weight until suddenly, the telephone rang.

Groaning, Carlos reached over Jess who was trying to stifle her giggling as Carlos said gruffly.


Instantly, his face froze as Jess heard someone on the other end, although she could not distinguish who it was, and Carlos began to sit up. He began to speaking rapidly in Spanish, his face, although still, had gone pale and his eyes blazed with anger. After a moment, he finished speaking and banged down the receiver and stood up, beginning to pace around the lounge.

Jess was horrified. What on earth was that all about?

She sat up, watching and waiting for some sort of explanation which did not seem to be forthcoming. Carlos had stopped pacing and now stood with his back to her, his hands on the window sill staring out at the night sky.

Jess quietly got up and stood behind him. His shoulders were tense and his knuckles looked white as he gripped the edge of the sill, his forehead now resting on the glass.

Gently, Jess put her hand on his shoulder and he jumped as if he hadn’t heard her approach and span around. He looked down into her worried eyes and wordlessly pulled her roughly to him, crushing her against his chest and kissing the top of her head.

They stood like this for some minutes before Jess plucked up the courage to ask,

“Carlos, what is it? Please tell me, you’re beginning to scare me!”

With a sigh, Carlos released her and said,

“I think we need to talk, there is something you should know.”

Jess’s heart sank and her legs began to shake as he led her to the sofa to sit down and asked,


Jess nodded.

Carlos went into the kitchen to open some wine but Jess couldn’t wait and followed him, her heart pounding with fear as she watched him opening and pouring the wine.

“What is it?” she pleaded.

“Those calls you mentioned, when no one answers?”

“Yes.” Jess replied warily, her stomach contracting painfully..

“They were from an ex girlfriend, she has been trying to speak to me.” Carlos’s eyes were watching her as the colour drained from her face. He hated to do this to her but he had no option.

He gently took her hand and led her back into the lounge and sat down, pulling her tightly beside him as he began to tell Jess about Vanessa.

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Part 47

Carlos explained hat they had had a very tempestuous relationship over a period of
about 6 months, part of which was during the early days of Il Divo, all of which Jess already knew, but there were some things Jess just had to know.

Carlos looked haunted as he told her of the fights and jealousy that had been involved over that time, but some vital details he had not included.

Jess turned to look into Carlos’s face, and struggling to appear calm, asked,

“Did you love her?”

Sighing, Carlos answered honestly,

“I thought I did, but looking back, I think it was more physical than anything else, she was so fiery and exciting, but then she became demanding and difficult. I could not let her spoil the opportunity that had come my way with Il Divo. In the end, it was not a difficult choice, so I guess I could not have loved the as much as I thought.

“I thought you were engaged to her!” said Jess “Celeste told me she was your Fiancée so it must have been serious!”

Carlos frowned, “I never proposed marriage to her! Sure, we talked about children etc but never seriously and if she told anyone we were engaged, she was deluded! Well, I found that out when she trashed my apartment, you have never seen such a mess”

Jess stood up and looked down at Carlos, still on the sofa,

“How did she get in Carlos?” asked Jess quietly, her heart hammering in dread.

Realisation dawned on Carlos’s face as he looked at Jess, anxiously biting her lip.

“No!, No! Jess. Don’t look like that! I didn’t give her a key, I wouldn’t lie to you little one!” Carlos jumped up and pulled her into his arms, rocking her gently as relief began to spread over her body.

“But how…..?” Jess mumbled against his chest as he held her.

Relaxing his hold, Carlos rested his head on the top of her hair and said, slowly,

“When I got back and found what had happened, I rang Reception and Security and it appeared that, as Vanessa had been seen regularly with me, when she claimed to be locked out, they thought it was OK to let her back in, which gave her all the time she needed to create as much mess as she could. I didn’t know she was a Rabbit Cook!”

Jess frowned and then began to chuckle,

“I think you mean, Bunny Boiler!” she giggled, looking into his confused face, which broke out into a smile as he shrugged his shoulders. “Hey! What can I say? I am Spanish!”

“That, you are!” answered Jess, reaching up to kiss him gently.

Carlos took her by surprise by pulling her to him, crushing her mouth with his, hungrily tasting her, his hand cupping her face as he explored every contour of her mouth, her tongue answering his, boldly, as she stretched her body against his. Surrendering to the demands of her senses, screaming for his touch, Jess wound her arms tightly around his neck.

Carlos spun her around, pressing her against the wall as he ran his hands, feverishly over her body. He wrenched his mouth from hers and grasping her bottom, lifted her, allowing her legs to wrap around him as they leaned against the wall, as he began to her kiss her neck, his tongue working in tiny wet circles causing Jess to gasp at the rush of passion that swept over her. He crushed her slight frame against him, leaving her in no doubt of his need for her and together they stumbled breathlessly towards the bedroom.

Collapsing on the bed, Carlos fumbled with Jess’s shirt buttons, passion making him clumsy as he finally undid the last button and peeled the shirt off her shoulders and began to trail fierce kisses downwards to the valley of her breasts.

Moaning, Jess tore frantically at Carlos’s clothing, finally managing to release his shirt from his jeans and dragging it over his head, before pulling his face back to her, her green eyes heavy with passion, as she pulled him down on top of her, kissing him fiercely, the heat of his body against her bare skin, almost becoming too much.

Having eventually removed Jess’s bra, Carlos was taking full advantage of his unhindered access to her, sending Jess’s senses spinning with unsatisfied lust until neither could stand it any longer and in a final, if comical, struggle, each were divested of the remains of their clothing. Finally, with a single fluid movement, they were catapulted into a giant swirl of sensation, each moaning as wave after wave of toe curling pleasure, engulfed their bodies, rocking, tossing and rolling them until, after some minutes, they once again became conscious of their ragged breathing as they lay entangled among the bedclothes.

Pulling himself up onto his elbow, Carlos gently brushed Jess’s hair from her face as he looked down into her beautiful eyes. His expression was serious and for a second, fear again twisted in Jess’s stomach until she heard him whisper softly,

“Te quiero. I love you Jess.”

His eyes scanned her face, trying to read her reaction. Jess was stunned, it was the last thing she expected to hear from him, especially today, but a warm bubble of happiness welled up inside her, causing happy tears to spill from the corners of her eyes, as she lay looking up at a bemused Carlos.

“Don’t cry Jess, I never want to make you cry!” and he gently wiped her tears with a finger.

Smiling, Jess hugged him fiercely and took a deep breath, and looking into his sparkling brown eyes said,

“It’s OK Carlos, these are happy tears because I love you too, I love you so much!”

Carlos swept her into his arms again, his heart hammering with relief and his own happiness and he sent up a silent prayer, that they would always be as happy as they were in that moment.

Part 48

The following morning, Carlos had to force himself to get out of bed. Usually he was raring to get on with the day but the emotional events of the night before, left him reluctant to leave Jess, wanting to hold on to the wonderful feeling of togetherness they had for a little longer.

Sighing, he slipped out of bed and into the shower, the warm water sliding over his tired body as his mind wandered back to Vanessa. He had hardly given her a thought after finding the mess she had left for him, and he counted himself fortunate that he had escaped relatively unscathed, save for a large bill for new furnishings and a substantial dent in his pride.

The last he had heard was that she had moved to Spain so why she should want to see him? Carlos had no idea and had no intention of finding out!

Banishing his thoughts of Vanessa, Carlos began to sing the first few lines of En Aranjuez Con tu Amor, his voice soaring as he washed away his tiredness until he was aware of a figure standing in the bathroom.

“Do you do requests?” asked Jess smiling at him.

“Anything you want my Jess.” He smiled, turning off the water.

“Good! Please could you tell me again, that you love me?”

“With the greatest of pleasure little one!” he chuckled catching her to him, the water dripping from his hair onto her upturned face as he kissed her, saying over and over,

“Te quiero Jess, I love you, Te Amo”

Glowing with happiness, Jess teased him, “I guess I am going to have to learn Spanish!”


Once again, Carlos and the guys spent much of the day at the recording studio, with Jess calling in towards the end of the day for what Sebastien had laughingly called, “the Tears Test”.

When Jess arrived, the Receptionist was obviously having difficulty with a beautiful dark haired woman who was angrily demanding to be allowed inside. The long red nails drummed impatiently on the counter as the hassled receptionist re checked her list.

“I am sorry Miss Sanchez but I do not have your name down here and so I cannot allow you inside, I am very sorry.” She finished firmly.

Glancing at Jessica, she smiled and said, “Good afternoon Miss Carter, please go through, I have you on my list.” She looked meaningfully at the other woman who sighed dramatically and flopped into a chair announcing,

“Well I will wait here then!”

Jess smiled sympathetically at the receptionist and hurried through to the studio where everyone was preparing to listen to the next song to be finished, which was Heroe.

Looking around, Jess saw that Carlos and Sebastien were talking together, and David and Urs seemed engrossed with the sound engineer and so, not wanting to disturb them, Jess found an empty seat and made herself comfortable.

Suddenly, the song began and Jess immediately had the feeling of the hairs on her neck tingling as the music washed over her, until the now familiar climax of the song, dying away to Sebastiens final words.

As it finished, everyone looked at each other and a general thumbs up was given and an audible sigh of relief passed through the room. Suddenly Carlos spotted Jess and hurried over to her, smiling and kissed her lightly as Sebastien called over, laughing

“Hey Jess! Any tears today?”

Jess grinned back at him and answered “No! Just as well, you don’t want to have to supply a box of tissues with each album do you?”

Carlos laughed then asked seriously, “Well did you like it?”

“Well I am no expert, but it sounded wonderful to me, but then I could listen to you guys sing the yellow pages and I think I would love it. Lets face it, I am hardly impartial!” she laughed.

The next couple of hour passed with noisy discussion of the other tracks until everyone agreed to call it a night and began to leave, spilling out into the foyer,

“Who fancies Chinese tonight?” asked Sebastien, glancing around at the others.

“Sounds good to me!” answered David, “I’ll ring Abbey and ask her, Chung Yings I presume?”

“Definitely! Count me in!” added Urs happily.

“What do you think Jess?” asked Carlos. “Chinese Ok for you?”

“Sounds great! I am starving!” Jess replied, smiling and hugged him as he teased,

“I love a girl with a good appetite!”

Suddenly the conversation stopped as everyone stared at the woman standing in the doorway. She spoke

“Hello David, Urs, Sebastien, you are all looking well.” she said

“Oh No!” said David under his breath and quickly turned to look at Carlos. Urs glanced towards Sebastien who looked very uncomfortable and shoved his hands in his pockets.

The woman was very striking, with thick dark wavy hair around a pale face with huge dark eyes, which were fixed on Carlos.

“Hello Carlos.” She said softly, “I have been waiting to see you.”

“Well you have wasted your time Vanessa, as I told you before, I have nothing to say to you!” said Carlos harshly.

Jessica studied the woman opposite her, her heart pounding as she struggled not to show her anxiety. She was very beautiful, everything Jess had feared she would be, but not the monster she had expected.

“Please Carlos, I really need to talk to you, to explain, I don’t want to cause any trouble.” she pleaded.

Suddenly, David turned to Carlos and said, “Look buddy, if you want to talk, we will look after Jess and you can catch us up.”

Carlos looked down at Jess who nodded and tried to smile reassuringly at him, that this was OK with her, although every nerve was screaming No!

He pulled her close to him and whispered softly into her ear,

“Don’t worry little one, I won’t be long. Remember, I love you!” He kissed her cheek and gently steered her towards Sebastien, who smiled at Jess and winked, as he put his arm around her, ignoring Vanessa, they walked outside to the waiting taxi.

Davids natural good manners, made him look towards Vanessa and say coldly,

“Goodbye Vanessa.”

But Urs simply glanced at her and raised his hand, before following the others, leaving Carlos alone with her.

Sighing, Carlos said, “OK Vanessa, what do you want to say?” and flopped down into a nearby armchair.

“I was hoping we could go for a drink. I think they are waiting to lock up” she said, indicating a Security Guard and the Receptionist. Looking at his watch, Carlos realised it was almost 7.30pm and so wearily, he nodded and stood up.

“Look Vanessa, I just want this over with, one drink and then I am going.” He said firmly, heading out onto the street.

Fortunately, there was a Wine Bar within a few yards of the studio where they found a corner table and sat down. Vanessa took a large sip from her wine glass as Carlos sat studying her silently. She was still very beautiful, her dark hair shone under the lights, and her eyes anxiously watched him, as her long fingers played nervously with the glass.

Taking a deep breath, she began,

“I want to apologise to you for what happened when we were together. I must have been a nightmare to be with!” she laughed nervously.

Carlos raised his eyebrows in agreement but remained silent, sipping his diet coke, his face impassive.

“What you don’t know, in fact, I didn’t know, is that I was ill. After an accident, where I ended up in hospital, they found I had a serious hormone imbalance, which caused terrible mood swings and resulted in my very irrational behaviour. Remember how you used to dread the Monthly Madness?” she laughed, “Well think every day, times 5!”

Carlos frowned as he listened. Thinking back on that time was painful, behaviour like that was never normal, he could actually believe she was telling the truth, even when they were together, she had never been a liar.

“I know I cannot change what happened back then, I just want you to forgive me, let me repay you for the damage I caused to your apartment. I have had treatment and can now carry on with my life, I have a wonderful partner now who knows everything, but I really wanted to apologise for what I did to you and ask for your forgiveness.”

Carlos shook his head wearily.

“I don’t want your money Vanessa, I am glad things have worked out for you and I am sorry I did not know you were ill at that time, but things have changed.”

Smiling, Vanessa said, “I know, quite the success story I hear! But I always knew you would be!

Finishing her drink, to Carlos’s surprise, Vanessa stood up.

“Well I have done what I wanted to do, faced you again!” she smiled, “So, I will leave you to catch up with the others. Please give them my very best wishes for the future and say how sorry I am for everything.”

Carlos stood up and before Vanessa walked away, he put his arms around her and hugged her gently. For a split second, he remembered how it had felt all those months before until he released her, kissed her cheek and said,

“Goodbye and good luck Vanessa.”

Rubbing his arm, she smiled softly at him, picked up her bag and walked slowly towards the door, not looking back, so that he wouldn’t see the tears begin to spill down her cheeks.

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Part 49

Jess was waiting anxiously in the restaurant although Sebastien and David were trying to keep her mind off what was happening by playing with their chopsticks and telling Urs he needed to practice before the weekend or he would be going hungry! Abbey had arrived and was also trying to distract Jess with talk of what they could do whilst the guys were in Japan.

Jess kept watching the door until suddenly, she saw Carlos arrive, scanning the restaurant until he spotted them all sitting in the corner.

To everyone’s relief, he was smiling, as he sat next to Jess and put his arm around her comfortingly, leaning over and saying softly,

“Don’t look so worried little one, it’s all over now!”

Jess heaved a sigh of relief and together they began to study the menu.

With only two more days before he was due to leave for Japan, David, Urs, Sebastien and Carlos were busy with the final recordings and details of their appearances and promotions, leaving little time to plan for a last evening with their respective partners. It was an unspoken agreement between them, that when they were to be away for longer than a couple of days, the girls had their undivided attention, as a group, they would see more than enough of each other as they travelled.

Carlos had persuaded Jess to go out for dinner as he didn’t want to waste a precious moment, having to clear away after dinner!

He had booked a table for them, at a small Italian Restaurant, a short taxi ride from their apartment, and had been seated in a small private area towards the back of the place, giving them much wanted privacy.

Carlos looked exceptionally handsome to Jess, in a dark blue suit and white shirt, his dark hair curling above his collar, and enough buttons undone, to hint at the delights beneath his shirt! His handsome face was illuminated by the candles on the table, his dark eyes shining, making him look almost menacing, and Jess ached with lust as she looked at him, sitting across from her.

As if reading her mind, Carlos‘s expression mirrored her own, as he admired his companion. Jess was looking irresistible in an outrageous new dress with a daringly low neckline in deep turquoise, her hair was caught up in loose curls to one side and her face glowed softly in the candlelight

“I don’t know how I am going to concentrate on choosing anything to eat Jess, all I want to do is whisk you back to the apartment and…………….”

“Are you ready to order sir?”

Looking at Jess, Carlos laughed and said, “We are in a bit of a hurry, so could we have…..”

After little more than an hour and a half, Jess and Carlos had eaten and were hurrying back in the taxi, scarcely able to contain themselves. Jess could feel Carlos’s leg trembling against hers as they sat, holding hands, trying to look composed during the journey, unwilling to give the taxi driver a free show, until they arrived at the apartment block, where Carlos virtually dragged Jess out of the taxi and over to the waiting lift.

Standing in the lift, as it made its way to their floor; Jess couldn’t help but begin to giggle with nervous tension.

“I don’t think I have ever eaten so quickly in my entire life!” she giggled, causing Carlos to grin and say,

“I hope you didn’t mind Jess, I wanted you to myself, it was a mistake going there, we should have ordered in!” he murmured, touching her cheek lightly with his hand, his eyes roaming over her face hungrily, though he steeled himself not to take her into his arms, conscious of the cameras inside the lift!

Once on their landing, Carlos’s hand shook as he tried to open the door, finally succeeding and dragging Jess inside with him.

Closing the door, they barely had time to draw breath before they were kissing, each feverishly tasting the other, tongues teasing and probing whist their bodies ached as hands explored, tugging, stroking, tantalising, as their blood pounded and each ached for release.

Gasping for breath, Carlos murmured,

“Oh God Jess! I want you so much!”

Jess laughed huskily as he pulled her hips to him, forcing her to realise her obvious effect on him and she groaned as her own body leapt in response, causing her to press against him more boldly, aching to feel his hands on her.

Carlos lips were once again on hers, draining any ability to think straight until finally, coming up for air, Jess whispered,

“If you don’t make love to me right now, I think I am going to die!” she panted, wrapping her arms around his neck.

With a swift motion, Carlos picked her up and carried her through to the bedroom, groaning as Jess’s tongue teased against his ear and neck, until setting her down on her feet again. Carlos hurriedly shrugged off his jacket and began to unbutton his own shirt; his eyes never leaving Jess’s flushed face, which was visible under the tiny bedroom lights.

Jess reached behind her to undo the zip on her dress, letting the shoulders drop and the dress slide silently onto the floor leaving Carlos to gasp as he looked at her. At some time during the meal, he had registered that it would be impossible for Jess to have worn a bra with the dress she was wearing, but the reality of her standing; near naked in front of him, drove him to distraction.

Carlos’s hands reached out to gently cup each breast, his thumbs brushing across her nipples caused Jess to gasp with pleasure, her body screaming for more as Carlos teased and stroked her soft skin, savouring her pleasure.

Jess smiled at his rapt expression, until she stepped closer to him and linked her hands behind his head, pressing her breasts against the rough hair of his chest. She could feel the electric thrill of sensation, reaching every part of her rapidly overheating body as he grabbed her to him. Their kisses became more frantic until Jess suddenly pushed Carlos down onto the bed, pinning him down with her body as she began to kiss his chest and stomach, as her hands, slowly caressed his legs and buttocks until finally reaching for his zipper, causing Carlos to cry out involuntarily as she touched him lightly, before finally removing his trousers.

With a sudden twist, Carlos flipped Jess onto her back, pinning her hands above her head, the weight of his body holding her still until she began to writhe with expectation, moaning and rolling beneath him until finally his own control snapped and he entered her as, together, they plunged and rocked in a world of unimaginable heat and pleasure, touching, holding, sliding until, in a last surge of sensation, they each cried out as they spun out of control, the blood in their veins running like liquid fire until eventually, they both became conscious again and lay, spent but happy in the afterglow of their passion.

“I love you Carlos!” said Jess hoarsely, her body felt barely able to move, but her heart ached at the prospect of the coming separation.

“I love you too little one.” Carlos murmured, pulling her to him, unwilling to let her be apart from him, for even a moment.


“So what are you going to do these next 2 weeks Jess?” asked Carlos quietly, as they lay in the dark cuddled together, beneath the duvet.

Jess took a deep breath and said,

“I have decided to go home!”

“What do you mean?” asked Carlos sharply, “You didn’t say anything about this before. I thought you were happy here!”

Jess laughed, “I am Sweetheart, I mean, I am going home to collect some more of my things and arrange to put the house on the market!”

Sighing with relief, Carlos relaxed and said,

“Will you be ok doing that alone? I will come with you after this trip if you want to wait.” His voice was full of concern for her.

Jess’s heart melted as she said,

“I am much stronger now; I have to do this and what better time than while you are away? I will miss you so much, but this will help to take my mind off it and I know I will have a lot to sort out.”

Carlos hugged her and wished she would wait for him, but did not voice his concerns, perhaps it would be good for her to do it alone.

The morning came too early for Jess, and when she awoke, she lay just watching Carlos breathing, trying to imprint the image of his face, so angelic in sleep, onto her tired brain, to be recalled during the coming weeks apart. Her chest contracted painfully when she thought of it, but she was determined that Carlos would have no cause to be concerned about her, when they finally said their goodbyes later.

As if he knew she was watching him, Carlos’s eyes sprang open and immediately, his face creased into a soft smile as he gazed into Jess’s face and he murmured,

“Good morning little one, did you sleep well?”

Blushing, Jess nodded and answered, ,

“Yes I did! I was exhausted, I wonder why?”

Chuckling, Carlos closed his eyes and pulled her to him, his body, deliciously warm from his sleep as he wrapped himself around her.

“What time is it Jess?” he mumbled, nuzzling her neck.

“Almost 8.30” she replied, reluctantly “Time you were making a move Senor!”

Suddenly, Jess squealed as Carlos started to tickle her, making her wriggle franticly to escape until he began to kiss her and her desire to escape suddenly evaporated!,

“That was not the sort of move I meant!” she said gazing at him reprovingly as Carlos grinned down at her, reluctant to get up, although he knew he was in danger of running late.

Fortunately, all his packing had been done and so when the telephone rang just before 11 o’clock to tell him to be down in the foyer in 10 minutes, Carlos and Jess were both ready.

Standing with the others, Jess found it easier to keep her mind off the coming farewells. David, Urs, and Sebastien all looked excited as they dumped their bags beside the waiting taxis, Celeste and Abbey seemed very relaxed as they all chatted together until finally, Steve announced,

“OK Guys, time to go!”

Jess hugged each of the guys goodbye, and was heartened when Seb whispered to her,

”Don’t worry Jess, we will look after him!” before giving her a wink and returning to kiss Celeste a passionate goodbye.

David was his usual jokey self and picked Jess up in a huge brotherly hug assuring her he would keep an eye on the “Old Guy!”

Urs was more subdued as Francine was at home but he too recognised that things were different for Jess this time and hugged her warmly, saying that the time would soon pass.

Desperate to put on a brave face, Jess turned to Carlos. She smiled, fighting to keep her bottom lip from trembling and willed her tears not to fall, until he was safely out of sight.

Carlos gazed down at her small pale face and for the first time ever, wished he did not have to leave. Smiling he hugged her tightly to him, for once, unable to make a flippant remark. Then he bent to kiss her softly, whispering against her mouth,

“I love you little one, take care. I will ring you as soon as I can, te quiero!”

With a last hug, he jumped into the taxi amid calls of “Ahhhh!!” and raucous laughter, causing Carlos to grin as he sat down. As the taxi pulled away, heads poked out of windows, calls of goodbye and a sea of hands waved to the waiting girls until the taxi was out of site and an air gloom hung over those left behind.

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Part 50

Jess returned to the apartment, which suddenly seemed so quiet and empty. Walking into the kitchen, she was surprised to see a small flat parcel sitting on the breakfast bar. She picked it up and read the label,

To My Darling Jess,
To help you remember, with all my love. Carlitos xx

Tearing off the paper, Jess found a beautiful fine silver photograph frame and within it was a picture of the two of them at Simon’s barbeque some weeks before. Jess had forgotten was ever taken, and had never seen it.

Looking at the picture of Carlos, smiling, his arms loosely around her waist, Jess smiled, he had signed it, Love Always, Carlos.

Taking a deep breath, Jess smiled and placed the photograph onto the fireplace where she could see it from the kitchen as she prepared lunch for herself while she made plans for the next two weeks.

The first few days passed by easily as Abbey and Celeste insisted on taking her out to lunch, shopping and to the cinema, all the things Carlos hated! They were becoming very close friends and one evening, sitting in her lounge, drinking, they finally made Jess confess her feelings for Carlos.

“Come on Jess, you know how besotted we are about our guys, we have no secrets from you, apart from David liking to wear a dress! Ouch!!!”

Celeste ducked as Abbey swiped her with a cushion.

“That is nothing to Sebastiens Frogs legs!” Abbey countered, “But that’s just the way he walks!” she giggled.

Jess smiled at her friends,

“OK!,OK! I give in! I am in love with him! Satisfied?” she laughed.

“I don’t think I heard correctly.” said Celeste. “In love with whom?”

Slowly and deliberately, Jess repeated, “I am in love with CARLOS MARIN!”

Abbey and Celeste whooped and clapped, much to Jess’s embarrassment and then they asked, “And?”

“And what?” asked Jess, blushing.

“And how does he feel?”

“Oh come on girls! This is not fair!” Jess laughed, adding “ But suffice to say, my handsome Senor has left me his car keys for when I go back home on Sunday!”

“WOW!” exclaimed Celeste, “He must really love you to do that!”

Jess just smiled and filled up their wine glasses once more.


Over the next few days, Jess and Carlos spoke at very odd times due to the time differences, but it never made any difference to how long they would spend talking.

Just hearing his voice made Jessica ache with longing, but she told herself it was only a few more days before they would be together again and tried to concentrate on hearing his news.

“Japan has been a real experience!” laughed Carlos, “The women here are so shy, it is very disconcerting. They tend to just stand and stare at us and burst out giggling!”

“David is the biggest curiosity over there being so tall, everyone is much smaller than us, for a change!” he chuckled.

“Well as long as you are enjoying yourselves.” answered Jess.

“Got to go Jess, the guys are back and you know what they are like!” he chuckled, before whispering, “I love you Jess, see you in a few days!”

“Love you too!” Jess answered quickly before they were cut off by the sound of good natured cheering in the background indicating that the others had arrived!.

David, Urs and Sebastien teased Carlos mercilessly every time he was found on his mobile to Jess, crowding around and shouting greetings to her at every possible opportunity, which made Jess giggle, much to Carlos annoyance. This forced him to try to hide whenever he needed to speak to her, which often proved difficult as they usually shared rooms.

Jess replaced the receiver and went to finish the list of things she wanted to remember to bring back with her, from the house when she went back tomorrow.

The day dawned bright and sunny as Jess nervously drove Carlos’s car through the busy streets of London until she could relax as she hit the motorway. She had the roof down and played Il Divo as loud as she dared, all the way back to Stratford until she pulled up to the front of her house.

She jumped out of the car and taking her small case from the boot, let herself in before making her way to the stables to locate Joanna.

Jess felt much stronger this time, even without Carlos’s support. Having made the decision to sell up, Jess was letting go of what had happened to her, and was ready to begin her new life, whatever that meant.

Joanna was thrilled to see her and she quickly filled Jess in on all the news and by the evening, Jess felt as if she had never been away! Later that evening, Jess accompanied Joanna to check on the horse which was usually done at around 10.30 pm before going to bed. It was amazing how often horses either ran out of food or water or even worse, got “cast”, stuck against the wall, in their boxes at night, meaning that often extra help would need to be summoned to get them up!

However, this evening, all was well and the girls were able to get an early night.

The following day, Jess went out riding with Joanna who wanted to ask a favour of Jess. She had taken all the responsibility of running the yard for Jess since the accident, and so wanted to take a few days off, whilst Jess was around.

Jess hadn’t the heart to refuse, but was glad that Celeste had offered to come down later in the week to be with Jess for moral support, spending a couple of days at the house before they returned on Friday in time for the guys return on Saturday.

On Tuesday afternoon, Jess picked Celeste up from the station in Carlos’s car and they headed back home. Celeste was stunned by the house as it was much larger than she had imagined and very beautiful, she felt very sad for Jess that she felt she could no longer live there.

That evening, Jess’s friends, who, had heard she was back, arranged to meet up at the local pub where they had a lovely happy evening, eating and reminiscing until it was time to go back home.

Arriving back at the house, Jess was surprised to see lights on in the stable yard.

“I wonder who is here at this time of night.” She said to Celeste.

Jumping out of the car, they both hurried down to the yard and were surprised to find no one there. The horse’s heads poked over the doors, wondering if there was any possibility of tit bits and so the girls quickly checked them all and wondered back to the house.

The next morning Jess was up early, leaving Celeste to sleep as she walked down to the yard to start the morning round of feeds, before the other staff arrived. It was a beautiful sunny morning and Jess smiled to herself, remembering that she only had a couple of days before Carlos would be home again.

Turning into the yard, she was shocked to see it was completely flooded!

The hose pipe had been left running and water gushed over the concrete and had collected in large pools around the yard, flowing out and into the field gateway.

Quickly, Jess turned off the tap, and surveyed the mess. Thinking back to the night before, Jess was sure she had turned the tap off, but she shrugged and began to sweep the water away from the stables, berating herself for being so lax. Before long, her staff, Sarah and Ann arrived to take over and Jess returned to the kitchen.

Celeste was up and dressed.

“Morning Jess, I wondered where you had got too!” she said brightly. “Is everything OK?”

Jess smiled her face red from her exertion as she sat down heavily on a kitchen chair.

“Oh Fine! I must have left the tap running last night. The whole yard was underwater this morning, I am so stupid!”

“Oh No! Poor you!. Why didn’t you give me a shout, I could have given you a hand.”

“That wasn’t part of the deal Celeste! I don’t want to press gang you into working in the yard! I am so grateful to have you here as it is. The thought of being here alone gives me the creeps, which is a shame, when I should just remember the good times.” She finished sadly.

“Well, I am sure you will have no trouble selling Jess, it is a beautiful place, just not for you anymore.” said Celeste, putting her hand on Jess shoulder. “What will you do when it is sold?”

“I don’t know. There is no hurry. Carlos wants me to live with him and so I think I will wait to see how that goes. I cannot wait until we go back on Friday, just a few hours until he is back!”

Celeste smiled, “I know what you mean, I hate being without Sebastien, but I try to think, it isn’t forever, one day he will be able to stay at home and so I do a day at a time!”


The girls spent the day, sorting through the house, boxing up some things and throwing out others. Jess felt a sense of relief that now she could move on, the sooner the better!

That afternoon. Jess decided they needed a break and so she and Celeste spent a couple of hours shopping in Stratford. It was very busy with tourists visiting all things Shakespeare and Celeste thought about how much David, being American, would have enjoyed the town.

Both girls enjoyed the visit which was only marred by Jess bumping in to Justin’s sister Marie. She and Jess had been quite close and so to see each other so unexpectedly was a surprise. It had been a little awkward but after a brief exchange on how Jess was now, they parted amicably but Jess suddenly felt she needed to go home.

Later that evening, Jess was able to ring Carlos as the guys had now moved on to Sydney, making the time early Friday morning for them.

“Hi Sweetheart!” said Jess as Carlos answered his mobile.

“Jess! How are you? What time is it there?” he asked.

“9 pm here. Which makes it what where you are?” she asked

“About 7.30am. I am still in bed!” he laughed and then whispered “But it’s no fun without you in it!”

Jess giggled, “Well it won’t be long now before you are home, I have missed you so much! What time is your flight today?”

“Not until around Midnight which should get us home by about mid day on Saturday. I cannot wait, are you coming to the airport Jess?”

“Try stopping me!” she laughed. They went on to chat about how things were going at the house until Jess realised they had been talking for an hour and so Jess reluctantly Jess said,

“I have to go Carlos, it’s getting late and I am feeling really tired, all this fresh air!” she laughed.

“I can’t wait to see you on Saturday, I love you!”

“I love you too little one, see you soon.” He replied and then was gone.

Smiling, Jess wandered back into the lounge where Celeste was fast asleep on the sofa! Shaking her gently, Jess said,

“Why don’t you go and get ready for bed? I will do the horses and bring you a cup of tea when I get in!”

Celeste yawned and nodded, struggling to her feet and staggering towards the stairs.

Jess put on the kettle and walked down to the yard, humming to herself until she discovered, three horses wandering around the yard, their stable doors hanging open and the three animals causing mayhem by sticking their heads into other boxes where the occupants where not impressed.

Jess frowned, tying to work out how this could have happened and was suddenly very anxious being there on her own. She quickly had the horses safely returned to their stables and after checking all the others, Jess hurried back to the house, locking the door with a sigh of relief.

She was certainly glad she was going back to London tomorrow!

Jess was fast asleep when she suddenly became aware that the alarm on Carlos’s car was going off!

Looking out of her bedroom window, she could see the security lights were on and the car was fully illuminated. Jess struggles out of bed, pulled on her dressing gown and made her way downstairs. Celeste met her on the landing, but Jess told he to go back to sleep as she would only be a moment. Grabbing the keys, Jess opened the front door and still in her slippers, went down the steps to the car.

She went to unlock the car when suddenly a hand was put over her mouth and a familiar voice said,

“Hello Jessica!”


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Part 51

Jess’s heart almost stopped as she instantly recognised it was Justin.

She struggled as he held her from behind, kicking at his legs but her slippers could not hurt him and so she resorted to biting him, causing him to curse and remove his hand which gave Jess a chance to scream as loud as she could!

In her mind, she desperately hoped Celeste had not gone back to sleep, and she continued to struggle, but Justin grabbed at her flailing arms and once again covered her mouth, dragging her toward the bushes in the front garden.

The alarm had stopped and the security lights switched off, plunging the garden into total darkness. Jess heart was hammering with fear, wondering what on earth Justin was going to do.

“If I take my hand off your mouth, will you promise not to scream Jess, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Jess stopped struggling and nodded.

Slowly, he removed his hand and slackened his grip in her, putting her back on her feet.

“Now be nice Jess and we can work something out.”

Jess glared at him in the dark. How could she have been taken in by such a creature?

“What do you want Justin?” she asked calmly.

In the dark, Justin smiled.

“What you owe me Jess, Oh by the way, like the car. That would do for starters.”

“It’s not mine.” She said angrily, “Now let me go!”

As if she hadn’t spoken, Justin continued,

“We had it all until you spoiled it. I was going to make this place something special but suddenly little Miss Perfect doesn’t want me any more. What did you expect? That I would simply disappear?”

Fury flooded her body and she spat angrily at him.

“So I deserve you killing my animals and scarring me for life do I?” her fury gave her strength as she slapped him across his smirking face.

Taken by surprise, Justin grabbed Jess by the lapels of her dressing gown, pulling her close to him, the stench of whisky on his breath turning Jess’s stomach.

Without warning, Justin’s mouth descended on hers, making Jess want to heave with disgust. She twisted her head away and redoubled her effort to get away as his hands began to tear at her clothes. With a last effort, she managed to free herself and began running blindly out of the bushes and across the lawn, not quite sure, in the pitch dark, where she was, until she found tarmac under her feet and began to run faster.

Her breath came in gasps, until she felt a hand grab her arm and she was once again, held tightly before she could scream. For a second, she thought she would faint until a car zoomed around the bend, it’s headlights blinding her, and in a split second, Jess realised, they were standing in the middle of the road!

Unable to stop, it ploughed into the two figures sending them both hurtling through the air to land with a sickening thud at the side of the road.


Celeste was woken by the sound of a siren wailing and lights flashing outside. Suddenly, she jumped as she hear a loud male voice calling,

“Hello! Is anyone there?”

Quickly grabbing her dressing gown, Celeste appeared on the landing and was shocked to see a Policeman at the top of the stairs.

“What on earth is going on?” she asked, her heart thumping uncomfortably as the Policeman snatched off his hat and asked,

“Is this your house madam?”

Celeste shook her head, “No it belongs to my friend Jess Carter.” And with that, she turned to go into Jess’s room.

Finding the room empty, she called out but there was no reply. The police man indicated that she should come downstairs and answer some questions.

By this time, Celeste was getting very concerned that she couldn’t find Jess but as she sat at the table, the Policeman’s expression became very serious.

“I am sorry to have to tell you but there has been an incident outside this house on the road. A couple have been hit by a car, one is dead, the other is seriously injured and has been taken to Warwick Hospital. I found the front door open when I arrived and so I presumed that the victims came from here.”

Celeste began to tremble, unwilling to think that this could be Jessica, but unable to find her, had to admit it was a possibility.

“What happened?” she asked quietly.

“Well the driver saw them struggling in the middle of the road but was unable to stop. It is a very sharp corner and at this time of night, you wouldn’t really expect to see anyone.”

“You said someone was dead, do you know if it is a woman?” Celeste asked, holding her breath.

“I am sorry, I don’t know, just that one has been taken to hospital, the other is waiting for Forensics to do the necessary. It would help if you could take a look, in case it is your friend.”

Celeste nodded, she felt as if she were in a nightmare as she went upstairs to get dressed. Slowly she returned to the Policeman and he led her outside to the scene of the accident.

Lying on one side of the road was a body covered in a white sheet. The dark prevented Celeste from seeing from a distance and so, with trepidation, she waited as the sheet was removed from the face.

Gazing down, Celeste was quickly able to ascertain that it was a man. The relief which flooded over her almost made her legs give way as the Policeman put a kindly arm around her, and motioned to a policewoman, who had just arrived, to take her back to the house.

A short while later, Celeste was sitting in the kitchen, drinking a hot cup of tea before going to the hospital, and wondering who to call.

Should she call Steve? But why worry them all when there was nothing they could do?

Then Celeste decided, she would call Abbey,as soon as she had more news from the hospital and then, together, they would decide what to do for the best.

The police whisked Celeste to the hospital, where they waited in the emergency rooms for over an hour before a Doctor came the speak to Celeste.

“My name is Doctor James, are you Jessica’s next of kin?”

“No. I am her friend, her brother is abroad and her partner is travelling back from Australia today and cannot be contacted.” Celeste’s legs began to shake as she looked at the doctor’s grave expression.

“How is she?” asked Celeste, as the doctor steered her to a chair.

“Well she is very poorly I am afraid. She has a broken arm, broken ankle and we are concerned there may be internal bleeding. However, our main concern is that she has had a severe blow to her head and is unconscious.”

Celeste sat with silent tears running down her cheeks, the enormity of what the doctor had said, sinking in.

“Is she going to die?” she whispered.

Patting her shoulder, the doctor tried to comfort her and said,

“It is far too early to tell at this stage, but the next 24 hours will be critical. I am sorry I cannot tell you any more.”

After a few minutes, Jess asked if she could use a telephone and decided to ring Abbey.

It was now around 6am and so Abbey sounded very sleepy on the other end of the phone until Celeste burst into tears and told her the grim news.

Abbey quickly assessed the situation and agreed, that to tell the guys would serve no purpose than to distress them when there was nothing that they could do. Carlos in particular, would need all the rest he could get before having to face what was ahead.

Ever the practical one, Abbey offered to go to the airport to let them know what had happened, so that Celeste could stay and keep Jess company in case she should wake.
After speaking to Celeste, Abbey rang Francine who was horrified at what had happened and arranged to take an earlier flight to go with Abbey to meet the plane, a job Abbey was already dreading.

What on earth was she going to say?


Part 52

Celeste spent the morning sitting waiting for news and trying to give a statement to the police who had been especially kind to her.

She had not yet been able to see Jessica as she had been taken into surgery in order to pin her ankle which was badly damaged although the Doctors had been able to rule out internal bleeding.

Celeste had gone outside to ring Abbey but instead, Sebastien had rung her.

“Celeste cherie! I have been trying to ring you. We are at the airport and about to get on the plane, just a few hours and I shall see you! I have missed you so much!”

Celeste fought to keep her voice normal as tears rained down her cheeks at the sound of his voice.

“I know Seb, we are all excited, just a few hours. How is everyone?”

This was the cue for Seb to launch into a series of tales about their trip so he did not notice how quiet Celeste was.

Suddenly, he said, “I have to go cherie, they are calling our flight, I love you, see you soon!”

“I love you too Sebastien!” she answered before they were cut off again.


Sitting in the comfort of Business Class, David and Urs were dozing, it had been a very busy schedule, although they had all enjoyed it immensely, and both had learned the benefits of sleeping on the long flights.

Carlos and Sebastien had sat through the in flight entertainment, but try as they might, neither could settle to sleep. All Carlos could think about was, that in a couple of hours, he would see Jess. He had been disappointed that he had been unable to contact her before the flight and smiled to himself, he felt like a teenager, desperate for the flight to be over so they would be together again.

Sebastien glanced over to his friend and chuckled at his expression,

“No prizes for guessing who you are thinking about, Mon Ami!”

Grinning back at him, Carlos nodded, “I feel like a kid! Jess just makes me feel good whenever I am with her, you know?”

“Yes I know! Celeste always makes me feel that way too, although we have been together a while, it always feels good coming home.” Sebastien lightly punched Carlos’s arm.

“I am glad for you! It is good to see you so happy.”

“As we have a few days off, before we go to Merida , I thought I would ask Jess if she would like to go to Madrid and we could see some of my family.”

Trying not to show his surprise, Seb nodded, this was progress!

The rest of the flight passed uneventfully and before long, everyone was awake again and they were coming in to land, all looking forward to the coming reunions .

On the ground, Abbey and Francine waited anxiously in the arrivals lounge, where a private room had been made available, thanks to Simon. He also had his private jet on standby, to take Carlos to Birmingham, which was about 20 minutes from the hospital.

There had been no more news from Celeste and the girls were relieved when they saw that the flight had landed, knowing that the guys would soon be out.

David, Carlos, Sebastien, and Urs were the first into the terminal, leaving Steve to locate their luggage as they stroke happily towards Customs where they where surprised when two Policemen approached them and directed them into a side room.

“OK Carlos. What have you done!” laughed David

“No David, it’s you they want for crimes against fashion!” He replied.

Walking into the room, they instantly saw Abbey and Francine who flew over to David and Urs, wrapping their arms around each man.

“What a great surprise!” said Urs hugging Francine, “I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow?” putting her back on her feet.

“Wow! I am glad to see you too Hun!” said David laughing as Abbey clung to him until she reluctantly let him go and stood with Francine, uncertain what to say next.

Sebastien looked around expectantly and laughed,

“Ok, what have you done with Celeste and Jessica? Shopping are they?”

Abbey and Francine looked at each other before Abbey said quietly,

“They aren’t here.”

Carlos and Sebastien looked confused until she blurted out,

“Carlos,I am so sorry, Jess has been involved in an accident! She is in hospital!” turning to Seb, she added, “Celeste is with her at the hospital.”

“What do you mean Abbey? An accident? How? How bad? Where…………” Carlos looked ashen faced as he struggled to comprehend what was happening.

David wrapped his arms around Abbey as she began to cry, mumbling,

“She is really ill. She was hit by a car, I don’t know the details.”

Urs held tightly on to Francine’s hand as she explained that there was a plane ready to fly Carlos, and anyone else, straight to Birmingham. Within minutes, Carlos and Sebastien were on board the private jet and were on their way.


When they arrived at the Hospital, Celeste threw herself into Sebastiens arms, tears of relief streaming down her pale face. She looked exhausted as she turned and hugged Carlos.

“Where is she Celeste? I have to see her!”

Taking his hand, Celeste led him through to the Intensive Care unit, explaining what she knew as they walked, until they reached the nurses station, where, after booking in, a nurse took Carlos to see Jessica.

Taking a deep breath, he followed her, his legs feeling like lead and his heart, pounding unsteadily. The room was very warm and eerily quite except for the sound of the monitors bleeping occasionally.

Carlos looked down at the figure on the bed and gasped. Jess looked so small lying there, her face grazed, and two black eyes livid against the ghastly pallor of her face. Her head was swathed in white bandages and strands of dark red hair sprouting from the top of the. Her left arm and leg where both in plaster and she lay deathly still.

The nurse smiled gently at Carlos and indicated a chair at the side of Jess’s bed.

“You can talk to her, we believe, even when someone is unconscious, they may be able to hear, it may help her to come around.” And with that, she quietly left Carlos alone.

He sat down heavily, not taking his eyes from Jess’s battered face, as he took her small hand in both of his, raising it to his lips and kissing her fingers, clutching them tightly and resting his forehead on their joined hands.

“Jess! I am here, open your eyes little one, please!” he pleaded, raising his head to look at her, willing her to hear him.

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Part 53

Carlos sat with Jess for the rest of the day with Sebastien, Celeste and Abbey all taking turns to be with him. Eventually David arranged rooms for them, at a local hotel, but Carlos refused to leave Jess apart from when Sebastien, practically dragged him out for some fresh air and something to eat.

“It is no good mon ami if you make yourself ill, Jess will be very angry with you when she wakes up, if you don’t look after yourself!”

Carlos looked at his friend sadly,

“Do you think she will wake up Sebastien?” he asked.

“Of course she will! She is a strong woman, she has to be to put up with you!” he chuckled, causing a ghost of a smile to flicker on Carlos’s face.

“I am going to take Celeste to the hotel; she has had a rough couple of days and is exhausted. If you need us at any time, just ring and we can be here for you.” Sebastien’s worried eyes studied Carlos’s face. He looked haggard under his tan and Sebastiens heart went out to him.

Slowly, they wandered back to Jess’s room, where miraculously, a fold up bed had appeared. Looking at David in surprise, Carlos said” Where…how?”

Laughing, David said modestly,

“It really is amazing where you can find our fans! I met one of the nurses when she asked for an autograph and “hey presto!” she pulled some strings so that Carlos can stay here over night!”

Speechless for once, Carlos hugged David, who patted him awkwardly on the back before saying,

“Carlos, it’s getting late, you have had a long day too, try to get some rest tonight buddy. We are going to leave now but you know if you want anything……”

Carlos nodded and hugged both the girls, thanking them for everything and managed a weak smile as they left him alone with Jess.

The evening dragged on, punctuated only by the visits of the night staff who regularly checked Jess’s vital signs for any change.

Carlos somehow kept up a stream of one-sided conversation about their recent trip, about going to Spain, about their friends, about the new album, the concert tour, until finally, the effort to keep talking became too much and the tears, which had threatened all day, suddenly began to pour down his face.

Holding her hand to his cheek, Carlos began speaking in rapid Spanish, the words tumbling out as his shoulders shook with the force of his grief.

Some time later, a night nurse brought Carlos a warm drink and managed to persuade him to get some sleep, promising to wake him, should anything change.

Kissing Jess gently on her forehead, he whispered,

“I love you Jess, come back to me.” And he lay down on the narrow bed beside her and was asleep in minutes.


The next day, David, Abbey and Sebastien arrived at the hospital early, with Sebastien insisting that Carlos went back with him to the hotel, for a shower and change of clothes and perhaps some breakfast.

Although reluctant, Carlos had to admit that his night on the small bed had left him very stiff and he could certainly use a shave and shower!

Whilst Carlos was washing, Sebastien rang Urs and Francine to let them know what was happening, and they both insisted that they wanted to come up, to in order to support Carlos.

“How is he doing?” asked Urs anxiously.

“Well, I have seen him looking better.” Replied Sebastien, “He was tired before this happened but you know Carlos, he is good at covering his feelings.”

“How is Jess, is she any better?”

“No change so far, it is just a waiting game at the moment.”

“Well give him our best and tell him we will be there soon. Thanks Seb, see you later.”

After a shower and change of clothes, Carlos was feeling much better and after a good breakfast was anxious to go back to the hospital.

All day, the friends took turns to sit with Jess and Carlos, each trying to keep conversations going in the hope Jess could hear them. Later when Urs arrived, he gave Carlos his I pod so that Jess could listen to music, causing everyone to laugh.

“Call that music! Poor girl is already ill, we don’t want to make her worse!” said Sebastien.

“Actually, wise guy! I have downloaded our music and some of the new tracks for her to listen to, it might just do something.” Replied Urs testily.

Carlos was touched by the gesture and smiled gratefully at Urs as he gently put the earphone on Jess.

Word had gone around the hospital that they had famous visitors, and a constant stream of staff seemed to be coming in to check on Jess until Carlos began to get annoyed, asking if it was all necessary.

Later that evening, after everyone had gone back to the hotel, Carlos, sat holding Jess’s hand and began to stroke her face softly, desperate for any sign that she knew he was there, but Jess gave no response.

Hour after hour, he talked, sometimes in English, sometimes Spanish, singing softly to her until eventually he fell into an exhausted sleep, his head resting on Jess’s bed.


It was so warm and comfortable, the sun shining through the leaves on the branches overhead as Carlos lay with his head resting on Jess’s stomach as she talked about her horses, laughing as she recalled how many times she had been bitten or fallen off!

Carlos was saying how she should take more care, she could hurt herself and a sense of fear gripped him as she laughed, stroking his hair softly and telling him not to worry, but suddenly he began crying, great shuddering sobs, as he became aware that he was dreaming, tears streaming down onto the duvet as he realised where he was. But someone was stroking his hair.

Sitting up abruptly, Carlos could not believe it; Jess was looking at him, her hand stretched out to touch his face as she tried to speak.

Wiping his eyes, Carlos gasped,

“Jess! Oh God Jess you’re awake!” springing to his feet, he went to hug her but stopped not wanting to hurt her, delight and relief spread across his face.

Jess smiled lopsidedly, her bruised eyes barely able to open and she winced in pain as she became more conscious.

Carlos rushed out to find a nurse, who quickly arrived to check on her, helping her to drink some water so that she was able to speak haltingly to Carlos.

“Hello handsome.” She whispered, “I’ve missed you so much.”

Gently taking her hand, Carlos sat down beside her, kissing her fingers as he said,

“I am so glad you are awake, I have been so worried about you my Jess, we all have. Everyone has been here, David and Abbey, Urs and Francine and Sebastien and Celeste. Even Simon has kept in touch and sends you his love!”

Jess frowned “How long have I been here?”

“You have been unconscious for three days. Do you remember what happened?” asked Carlos gently.

Thinking for a moment, Jess nodded,

“It was Justin, he was at the house and I remember him saying he liked your car, and running away from him into the road but then the car came…..” she began to cry at the memory.

Carlos wrapped his arms around her, cradling her as she wept, softly kissing her forehead and rocking her until she calmed down and mumbled,

“I love you so much Carlos, don’t leave me.”

“I am right here little one, I won’t leave you, I promise.” He whispered kissing her lips gently as she slipped once more into sleep.

Reluctantly, Carlos lay Jess back down on her pillows and stood watching her, conscious of the overwhelming feeling of love he felt for her, and sending a silent prayer of thanks, for bringing her back into his life again. .

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Part 54

Two days later, Jessica was released from hospital with strict instructions to rest and not to take part in any strenuous activity for at least a month, which caused Carlos to react with horror, much to Jess’s amusement!

Sitting together, holding hands on the journey home, Jess said,

“Well it’s a good job you are going to Merida next weekend. At least work will take your mind off what you are missing!” she giggled. “Mind you, the way I look at the moment, you would probably have to put a bag on my head before coming near me!”

Carlos had hired the people carrier and driver to collect Jess as Sebastien had driven Carlos Mercedes back to London, knowing Jess would have difficulty getting in and out with her leg and arm in plaster.

Sebastien had teased Carlos when he agreed to take the car back.

“Now remind me, which side of the road I should be! Oh and what is the speed limit over here, 90, 100mph!”

Carlos smiled and shrugged, “It is just a lump of metal Mon Ami, I already have the most precious thing to me, here!”

Seb was surprised and said “Wow! Carlos, I never thought you would say such a thing.”

“Having said that,” continued Carlos, “Just one scratch on her Frenchie……………!” with that, he clapped Sebastien on the back, winked and wished him a safe journey.

When Carlos finally wheeled Jess into their apartment, she was thrilled to find that there were the most beautiful flowers everywhere.

Smiling up at Carlos, she said,

“Oh sweetheart, this is just beautiful. Thank you so much, you shouldn’t have.”

Kneeling down in front of her, Carlos said softly,

“I just wanted to show you how happy I am to have you home again Jess and I want to spend as much time as I can with you. In fact, I am going to let the others go to Merida to check out the site for the concert recording at the weekend, so that I can look after you.”

Carlos helped Jess to sit down comfortably on a sofa, fussing over her until she suddenly, she took his hand and pulled him to sit down beside her.

“Sweetheart, I know all this has been very hard on you and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all your support, but I don’t want you to stop living your life because of me!”

Snuggling up to lay her head on his chest and wrap her good arm around him, she continued,

“It is really important that you go with the others, this is a huge decision and you should be there. I promise I will be OK. Celeste and Abbey will be around and I have spoken to Peter and he may be back too, so my wonderful Spanish man, I really will be fine. It is only for a couple of days after all!”

Looking down at Jess’s still bruised face; Carlos felt his heart contract with love for her. She understood how important it really was and although she needed him, she was prepared to tell him to go.

He wrapped his arms tightly around her and whispered,

“Have I told you today, how much I love you Jess?”

Smiling against his chest, Jess replied,

“Yes, but you can always tell me again!”


That night, Carlos and Jess finally managed to get comfortable in bed, after struggling with the plaster casts, swapping sides and wrestling with the duvet!

Panting, they lay side by side holding hands, Jess began to giggle,

“I suppose a quickie is out of the question!”

Carlos roared with laughter, the strain of the last few days falling away.

“Jess! You are a very wicked woman!”

“I know, it’s all talk!” she giggled. “No horizontal jogging for 4 weeks!”

“Horizontal jogging?” asked a puzzled Carlos.

“Your favourite pastime next to singing and before Diet Coke?” prompted Jess.

Realisation dawned on Carlo’s face and grinning he said

“Oh no Jess, that is my favourite pastime, before singing, but only with you!”

Leaning over her, Carlos looked down into her eyes, his expression suddenly serious,

“However long it takes Jess, only with you.”

He kissed her softly, brushing her hair from her face and stroking her cheek and whispered

“I am so glad you are her with me again, little one, now sleep!” And with a final tender kiss he rolled onto his side away from Jess, though sleep was some time in coming!


The next few days, Jess got much stronger and so Carlos had been happier about leaving her, although he rang her constantly, telling her how beautiful the place was and how much he missed her.

The filming was scheduled for 4 weeks time and so if everything went well, Jess would be out of plaster and able to go with them this time.

“That means we will be away for my birthday.” Said Jess as they sat together watching television, huddled on the sofa.

“Really?” said Carlos. Pretending, to be engrossed in the programme.

Celeste had already told him which day was Jess’s birthday and so he had planned a very special surprise. Everyone would be there and David, Urs and Sebastien were in on it. They had been amazingly supportive to Carlos and Jess over the weeks, and if possible, they had become even closer.

At last, the day arrived for Jess to have her plaster removed. Celeste had offered to take her to the hospital as Carlos was flying to Dublin on that day, although he would be back by the evening and so Jess had formulated a plan!

Carlos was getting a little concerned. He had been trying to ring Jess to let her know when he would be back, but had not been able to speak to her. Putting the key in the lock and opening the apartment door, he was struck by a delicious smell of cooking coming from the kitchen.

“Jess?” he called, dropping his keys onto the table and shrugging out of his jacket.

The lounge lights were turned down low, and the table was laid with candles, not yet lit.

“Are you looking for me?” answered Jess and Carlos spun around.

Jess stood waving her arm and shook her leg,

“Look! Good as new, well almost, just some physio!” she laughed, wrapping her arms around Carlos’s neck and drinking the musky warm scent of his skin as he pulled her closer to him.

It felt so good to hold her properly again. They had managed over the last weeks, but it had been difficult for both of them at times.

Carlos looked at her, his face wreathed in smiles, she looked wonderful.

Jess had had her hair cut shorter to disguise the hair that had been cut after the accident, and it fell in shiny wavy layers above her shoulders, giving her a very feminine look and the flirty, short pink dress she was wearing, clung to every curve so that Carlos felt his mouth suddenly go dry.

Gazing steadily into Carlos’s eyes, Jess said softly, caressing the side of his face, and moulding her body close to his,

“Are you hungry?”

Pulling her roughly to him, Carlos murmured against her lips, “Starving!”

His mouth claimed hers almost savagely, his raw need for her banishing all his usual gentleness.

Jess was only too ready to answer him, her tongue tasting and teasing him, and her teeth softly nibbling his lower lip. Each groaned with pent up frustration, as Jess frantically tugged at Carlos’s shirt buttons, her fingers feverishly stroking his chest and easing his shirt down over his shoulders.

Taking charge, Jess guided an unresisting Carlos to a sofa, gently pushing him down before straddling him and looking down at his flushed face. His tortured expression indicated that he was hanging on by a thread as his hands slowly progressed up her thighs, to the silken flesh of her bottom. His eyes widened with surprise as he realised Jess was not wearing underwear and he groaned aloud, pushing against her as she sat above him, enjoying the element of surprise and watching Carlos squirm!

Reaching up, Carlos pulled Jess down to him for a searing, slow kiss and his other hand found the soft mound of her breast, again unrestricted by underwear. Her nipple instantly hardened at his touch, through the flimsy soft material, and it was Jess’s turn to moan softly against his insistent mouth.

“You are a bad girl!” he chuckled hoarsely, pulling the dress up and over Jess’s head, exposing her to his heated gaze, as she once again sat above him. Sitting up suddenly, Carlos captured a rosy, tipped breast with his hot mouth, greedily teasing with his tongue as his warm hands guided Jess’s hips in closer contact with him. Jess let her head drop back, consumed by the exquisite pleasure of the moment and hungry for what was to come.

Kneeling up once more, Jess tore at the leather belt of his trousers, unzipping him as quickly as she could before finally releasing him from the constrictions of his clothing.

Knowing that Carlos was getting closer to the edge, and with a gasp of relief, Jess sank onto him, taking him inside her in one fluid movement, causing Carlos to cry out with pleasure, as her silken heat surrounded him. Grasping her hips, he bucked and and plunged with her, as together they rode the roller coaster of their passion. Wave after shuddering wave of heat, consuming them until, with a last cry, Jess collapsed onto Carlos heaving chest, the sweat darkened hair, tickling her damp face.

“Oh Carlos, I love you. I love you!” she panted as Carlos wrapped her in his arms as he tried to regain his breath.

“I love you too little one, always!” he replied, kissing her softly and reaching for his discarded shirt to put over her as she cooled down.

A short while later, Jess raised her head and looked at Carlos who was smiling to himself.

“What is so funny Senor?” she asked playfully.

“I always wondered what it would be like to be ravished!”

Jess blushed scarlet, and giggled, “Did you enjoy it?”

Looking into her face, Carlos grinned cheekily and said,

“You can ravish me anytime you want Jess!”

Catching the look on her face, he quickly added, “Just give me a few minutes!”

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Part 55

The flight to Spain was smooth, and in next to no time, everyone was on their way to the hotel close to Merida,. The Grand Plaza.

All were in high spirits as it was to be a live performance in front of a large audience in a vast ancient arena, where gladiators had fought many centuries ago. This performance was due to be recorded the following day, once it had got dark as the lighting of the scene was to be very dramatic.

Jess and Carlos wandered around the ancient site, the afternoon sunshine was beginning to fade and long shadows fell over the worn stone steps and columns.

For the first time, Jess really felt she could relax and was grateful she had been able to come with Carlos on this trip. He was especially happy as he wanted to show Jess some of his home country, and if time allowed, take Jess to meet his family in Madrid.

That evening was spent in a local restaurant where everyone and the film crew ate and danced until the early hours of the morning, although Jessica and Carlos had cried off early, as Jess was still easily tired after the accident.

Jessica was quickly in bed and asleep, leaving Carlos sitting on the balcony of their hotel bedroom, gazing out at the vast landscape, and listening to the crickets chirping in the darkness. It felt good to be home.

The following day was to be a whirl of activity. Even early in the morning, as Jess and Carlos sat on their balcony eating breakfast, it was clear it would be a scorching hot day.

Jessica looked across the table at Carlos, tanned and handsome in his white towelling robe, his hair still damp in dark curls after his shower, and watched as he tucked into a large fruit salad, topped with strawberries. Looking up and catching her studying him.
Carlos leaned over to Jess, his eyes shining mischievously, as he placed a strawberry between his teeth and approached her mouth and offered it to her.

Smiling, Jess gently bit through her half, the juice beginning to trickle down her chin as she giggled, but before she could wipe it off, Carlos gently followed its trail with his tongue before returning to her mouth and kissing her languorously.

A knock at the door brought them back to earth and Jess jumped up to answer it.

“Hi Jess!” it was Celeste, “Just wondered if you fancy going shopping while the guys do their stuff today?”

Jess glanced over to Carlos, who smiled and waved, saying “Sure, you go, I don’t want you to be bored, go have fun with the girls!”

“That would be lovely, what time?” she asked,

“Half an hour?”

“Fine, I will see you downstairs then” said Jess happily, and waved, then closed the door.

“Women!” said Carlos, smiling and shaking his head, “How can you stand shopping? How many clothes can one woman want?”

“Well” said Jess walking over to him slowly, “We don’t all have the luxury of being dressed by Armani, now do we, Mr Metro sexual! Lets face it, you like me to look good, don’t you?”

Jumping up, Carlos grabbed her and murmured into her ear,

“You always look good to me, with or without clothes!” and he began tugging at the belt of her robe.

Squirming out of his embrace, Jess laughed and said,

“Sorry my love, no time for that this morning, just hold that thought until siesta!”

“But we won’t get a siesta today!” Carlos pouted.

“Later then!” Jess called over her shoulder as she began to get dressed.

Sulking, Carlos pushed the remainder of his breakfast around his bowl, before deciding he had lost his appetite.

As expected, the day was chaotic, with last minute sound problems, a slight panic when the wardrobe department couldn’t locate their suits and a minor incident, when Sebastien spilled coffee down his white silk tie, just before recording part of a documentary!

Everyone returned to the hotel in the late afternoon as the concert was not due to begin until around 9pm when the lighting would be more dramatic. This gave everyone time to relax and perhaps swim, before getting ready.

When Carlos returned to his hotel room, it was obvious from all the bags on the bed, that Jess had had a successful shopping trip! She left a note for him saying she had gone to the pool with the girls and to join them if he felt like it.
Carlos grabbed a Diet Coke from the small fridge and went onto the balcony which overlooked the swimming pool. He immediately spotted Jess climbing out of the pool in a new swimsuit of Ice blue, which showed off her light tan to perfection. Watching her, his heart ached for her, that she was still so self conscious about her scars, and would not even consider a bikini.

Almost as if she sensed him watching her, Jess looked straight up to their balcony, her face breaking into a smile as she spotted Carlos there and she waved and blew him a kiss.

Carlos smiled and waved back, a warm feeling of happiness steeling over him.

Was this it? Was this how it should be? He thought to himself, this contentment, this feeling of being complete, the last piece of the jigsaw?

Shaking himself, Carlos couldn’t believe he was daydreaming, when they had such an important evening ahead and resolutely pushed such thoughts to the back of his mind and went to join the others.


The evening was a fantastic success!

A huge crowd packed the auditorium, an air of excited anticipation spread over everyone as the lights went out. Jess, Abbey, Celeste and Francine, sat right in front of the stage, each woman, clammy handed with nerves,as the music began. The lights blazed over the astonishing backdrop, and with little fuss, Carlos, David, Sebastien and Urs, strolled out onto the stage to huge applause and sat down on their high stools, each surveying the crowd, until they spotted where the girls were seated.

Jessica felt a surge of love and pride as she looked at Carlos, so handsome, calm and confident in what he was about to do. Together, they made a formidable sight.

The first song was Si Tu Me Amas, a hauntingly beautiful new song which Celeste whispered was a favourite of Sebastiens. This was followed by Isabe,l which moved Jess to tears causing Carlos, who had spotted her in the crowd to smile knowingly at her.

Urs introduced Oh Holy Night, which seemed strange, considering that it was nowhere near Christmas and the temperature was in the low 80s!

The crowd obviously approved, clapping enthusiastically after each song, giving Heroe, a particularly good reception. The final song was All By Myself which, when all the men began to sing full out, brought the crowd onto their feet and Jess to feel goose bumps at the sheer beauty of the sound.

All too soon, it was over and the girls were quickly shown to the dressing rooms, whilst all the guys went to meet some of the audience and sign photographs. They were soon back and after a quick change, everyone decided to go to a small local bar near the hotel for a night cap.

Sitting in a corner booth later, Jess watched as Celeste and Sebastien, with David and Abbey danced on the tiny dance floor, their movements perfectly in tune with each other as they swayed to the beautiful Spanish guitar music.

“Come on! You know you want to really!” said Francine,

Trying to coax Urs onto the dance floor. She tugged him to his feet, the very picture of reluctance until he put his arms around her and began to relax. He closed his eyes as he rested his cheek against Francines head and within a few moments, had shed his self consciousness and was lost in the music as they danced.

Jess smiled to herself, prompting Carlos to whisper

“What are you smiling at?” putting his arm around her waist and pulling her closer to him on the seat.

“I was just thinking how happy I am, and wishing I could just freeze this time, so that I could play it back when I am old and grey. This has been such a wonderful trip, I don’t want to forget a thing.”

“I will always be able to remind you little one.” Said Carlos softly, kissing her temple tenderly.

Sighing, Jess closed her eyes and wished again.


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Part 56

Jess’s birthday arrived very early the next morning. Carlos gently kissed her neck insistently, as she lay on her side away from him. Smiling, Carlos drank in her natural warm scent, as she twitched at his touch and sighed softly.

“Come on Jess, wake up, it’s your birthday!”

Jess struggled to open her eyes and rolled onto her back groaning,

“What time is it?”

“Time to get up Jess, it’s 5am.”

“Ho, ho! Nice try sweetheart, now let me go back to sleep!” she tried to roll back on her side but was prevented by Carlos beginning to kiss her, gathering her sleep drugged body into his arms, her warmth instantly arousing him.

Pulling his thoughts away form the carnal, he gently shook her.

“Seriously Jess, we need to get up or we will be late!”

Jess took a deep breath and wrapped her arms sleepily around Carlos’s neck, pressing herself against him and wrapping a leg around him, as she murmured,

“Wouldn’t you rather stay here a little longer sweetheart?”

Groaning, Carlos kissed her again and with a supreme effort, peeled her from him and sat up, dragging the duvet off a protesting Jess. Swatting her bottom, Carlos finally succeeded in waking Jess enough to be indignant as she pulled herself upright against the pillows.

“Ok, Ok, I am awake, but why do we have to be up this early?”

“Just, because!” said Carlos laughing and jumping out of bed and dashing into the bathroom to shave.

“And don’t even consider going back to sleep my Jess!. Oh and dress warm!”

Jess dragged herself out of bed and mechanically got dressed in slim fitting jeans, and t shirt, rummaging she managed to find a sweat shirt, but had not thought to bring a jacket as the weather had been so warm. She lethargically dragged a comb though her hair just as Carlos came back into the bedroom, Jess asked,

“Are you going to tell me what is going on? Why do I need to dress warm? I didn’t bring warm things!”

She was beginning to get a little annoyed. Jess was tired as they had been late back after going to the bar, and by the time they had settled down to sleep it had been after 2am!

Carlos was quickly ready and appeared with a beautifully wrapped parcel in his arms.

Beaming at her, he said,

“Happy Birthday, little one! I hope you like it!”

Jess grinned, despite her tiredness and pounced on the parcel, to unwrapped it with almost indecent haste.

Inside was the most beautiful soft sheepskin short jacket in a lovely burnt sugar colour with pale cream fluffy inside. Jess gasped

“Oh it’s beautiful Carlos, thank you so much!”

She quickly pulled it on, zipping it up and twirling around as Carlos nodded; satisfied that she looked every bit as good in it as he knew she would.

“Now, come on, we have to go now or we really will be late!” said Carlos, grabbing her hand in his and picking up his own jacket before running out of the door.

A car was waiting for them down in reception and before long; they were travelling in the dim early morning light, out of the town and towards the surrounding hillside.

“Where are we going Carlos?” Jess asked.

But all Carlos would do was to smile and kiss her hand which was clasped in his.

After 15 minutes, they came around a sharp bend in the road and pulled into a large field where a giant red and white hot air balloon was being inflated.

Jess climbed out of the car, her mouth hanging open in amazement! Carlos merely smiled and said,

“Happy birthday, my darling! I hope you don’t mind heights!”

Flinging her arms around his neck, Jess cried,

“Oh Carlos! This is the best surprise I have ever had!” and began kissing him fiercely all over his face as he laughed.

The men who were inflating the balloon gestured to Jess to climb into the large basket, which was easier said than done, whilst Carlos chatted to them in Spanish although Jess had not the faintest idea about what!

Before too long, with the loud roaring of the burners, the balloon gently rose into the early morning sky. Jess stood looking over the edge of the basket, with Carlos standing with his arms around her, steadying her as they rose higher and higher in the still chilly air.

Jess smiled over her shoulder, her cheeks pink in the cool air and her eyes sparkling with excitement.

“This is just magical Carlos, thank you so much for doing this. I had no idea at all.”

Carlos laughed and said, “Well that was the general idea Jess! I wanted to do something you would never forget, so here we are!”

The balloon carried them slowly across the hill below as the sun began to rise behind it and a rosy glow suddenly spread over everything below them.

Turning in his arms, Jess took Carlos’s face in her hands and said,

“You are just an amazing man Carlos Marin. How did I get to be this lucky, to love you as much as I do?” and she gently kissed his cool lips as the world passed by beneath them.

After a moment, Carlos looked over the side, they were approaching the ruins of Teatro Romano where they had performed the night before and without warning, Carlos covered Jess’s eyes.
Taking a deep breath, Carlos turned her around again to face outside the basket and said,

“I have another surprise for you little one!”

“What, are you going to push me over the side?” Jess giggled.

“Look down Jess!” he said quietly.

Peering over the top, Jess wasn’t sure what to look at, until they were right over the stage, where she saw, marked out on the stage in big letters,


Jess gulped and gasping, turned around to look into a very anxious Carlos’s face.

“Oh yes! yes! yes! I will!” she cried, flinging her arms around him, tears streaming down her cheeks as he hugged her fiercely, his heart thumping with a mixture of joy and relief.

Putting her down, he brushed her tears away with a thumb and asked,

“Happy tears Jess?”

“Oh yes! Very happy Senor!”

Turning to the balloon pilot, Carlos laughed, and shook his hand, evidently, he realised that it had been a success!


Back on the ground once more, Jess and Carlos could not stop smiling. They sat close together in the back of the car huddled together, both wanting to burst with happiness as they approached the hotel.

“Do the guys know about this?” asked Jess

“No, but they will soon if you want to tell them!” replied Carlos, secretly hoping she would want to, as he was desperate to share his happiness with everyone.

“Shall we go and wake them up!” giggled Jess but looking at the watch realised they would probably already be up for breakfast.

Carlos quickly called Sebastien who said they were just coming down with the others and would see them in the dining room.

Jess and Carlos could hardly wait, but tried and failed to look composed as everyone arrived.

“Happy Birthday Jess!” They chorused, each hugging her as they began to sit down.

Suddenly David noticed how they were dressed in unusually warm clothes for the tme of year and said,

“Hey guys, what is with the heavy coats and windswept look?”

Carlos grinned widely and said,

“We have been on a little trip, we watched the sun rise over Merida in a hot air balloon this morning and I arranged a special surprise for Jess.”

Turning to Jess, he smiled and said, “You carry on Jess”

Putting her arms around a beaming Carlos, Jess could hardly speak for excitement.

“We flew over the Teatro Romano and written on the stage in huge letters was “Jess will you Marry Me!” ……………….I, of course, said Yes!”

For a split second there was a shocked silence then, everyone leapt to their feet, laughing and hugging; David grabbed Carlos’s hand and said

“Way to go Carlos! I didn’t see this coming!”

Sebastien hugged Jess and said, “Congratulations cherie, I know you will be very happy together, you are very good for the old guy!”

“No so much of the old!” laughed Carlos, shaking a delighted Urs by the hand.

Abbey, Francine and Celeste hugged Jess, they had all come to love her very much, even more since the accident, and were thrilled for her.

“I can’t believe none of us knew about it.” Said Francine, “Not even a hint!”

“Mmm, that is something I will have to watch! Sneaky tendencies!” laughed Jess before being swept into a huge hug by Carlos.

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Part 57

Carlos and Jess enjoyed a noisy, laughter filled, breakfast with their friends. No one could quite believe how quickly this had all happened but were thrilled for them, never the less.

After breakfast, they returned to their room as they both had calls they needed to make, Jess to her brother and Carlos to his parents and sister.

Stepping out onto the balcony, Jess smiled, as she gazed at the beautiful blue sky, a bubble of happiness welling up inside her, making her laugh out loud. Carlos stepped behind her, his arms slipping around her waist as he rested his head on her shoulder and whispered,

“Are you happy Jess?”

Turning her head towards him, she smiled and said,

“I have never been happier Carlos, thank you so much this morning, for making today so special.”

She turned in his arms, and her breath caught in her throat as she saw the love he felt for her, written in his face. There was no trace of the usual cheeky expression, just his beautiful brown eyes, studying her face as they tried to look into her very soul, and just a hint of uncharacteristic uncertainty, as he said,

“So you don’t want to change your mind?”

Taking his face gently in her hands, Jess looked steadily into his eyes and said quietly,

“Carlos Marin, if you are waiting for me to change my mind about marrying you, you will have a very, very long wait my love!” and softly touched his lips with hers as he pulled her closer to him, his body relaxing with relief.

Breaking the kiss, Carlos whispered against her mouth,

“As soon as we get back to London, we will go and choose a ring together, then little one, the deal is sealed!” and he began to trail warm kisses down her neck as he pulled her tightly against him once more.

Groaning, Jess muttered distractedly,

“I think…I. can think of ….another way …to………seal the deal…..”

With that, she began to steer Carlos, unresisting, inside, quickly pulling the curtains, to filter the bright sunshine pouring through into the bedroom.

Slowly and tenderly, they began to undress each other. Jess began to undo Carlos’s shirt buttons as he stood quietly, not touching her, but looking into her eyes until she gently ran her hands lightly, over his exposed chest and pushed the shirt from his shoulders.

Stepping forward slightly, Jess went to the base of his throat where she softly kissed and sucked the soft skin there, causing Carlos to moan slightly, and go to pull her to him.

“Uh huh!” she whispered as she looked back into his flushed face.

This time, it was Carlos turn, as he slid his hand under the sweatshirt Jess was wearing, allowing it to caress the silky warm skin beneath, causing Jess to breathe sharply, in anticipation of his touch. With a sudden move, the sweatshirt was pulled over her head, exposing her breasts, encased in a beautiful delicate white lace bra, to his heated gaze.

This time, Carlos drew her head towards him, and began to explore her mouth, his tongue, gently teasing her for a response, which was building with each passing second. Stepping in to his deepening embrace, Jess boldly ran her hands over his buttocks, moaning as she pulled him against her, recognising the tell tale bulge of his arousal against her.

Carlos gasped as he felt the warmth of her hands through his clothing and fought the desire to hurry to the inevitable conclusion of their lovemaking. Taking his lead from Jess, he slowly undid the back of her bra, allowing the straps to drop down her arms, where she quickly let it drop to the floor. This was almost Carlos’s undoing as he took each breast in his hands, revelling in the feeling, as the small nipples tightened at his touch and Jess pushed more insistently against him.

Jess stretched up and put her arms around Carlos neck, loving the feeling of the soft hair of his chest rubbing against her now, super sensitive nipples. Still they continued their long slow, deliberate kiss as heat continued to grow in them both, until Jess finally began to undo Carlos jeans which, to Carlos’s relief, slid from his hips, to a heap on the floor.

Before Jess could reach to hold him, it was Carlos’s turn to whisper,

“Not yet!” as he began stroking Jess bottom and ran his fingers, lightly down her spine, making her shiver and tremble, her mind screaming for him to take off the rest of her clothes. She felt him shift slightly, to reach for the front of her jeans. To her surprise, he didn’t undo the zip, but began to slowly stroke her between her legs, through the material, causing Jess to groan and push against his hand, aching for more intimate contact.

Jess became more frantic, until Carlos eventually undid her jeans, pushing them down with her panties so that finally they were both naked. Sinking down onto the bed, Carlos allowed Jess to take him in her hand, groaning at the sudden warmth and pressure, as she gently stroked, feeling him harden more, and his breath come more rapidly.

Their lovemaking this time had none of the heated rush of previous encounters, this time it was a gentle, slow exploration of each others bodies as they lay together on the bed. Carlos’s hands, expertly traced across Jess’s ribcage and down to her hip as she slowly hooked her leg across him, pulling him closer to her, aching to feel him against her.

Carlos was struggling to hold back, the silken touch of Jess’s skin against him was driving him to distraction, until finally, he was able to slide slowly and gently into her heated core, hearing her gasp and strain against him, as wave upon wave of exquisite pleasure, rolled over them, with each achingly slow stroke of his hips, until they shuddered together, exhausted, but satisfied, unwilling to part until both had regained their breath and Carlos gathered Jess back into his arms.

“I love you so much Jess.” He whispered, kissing her forehead, “I cannot wait to make you my wife.”

Jess snuggled against his chest and sighed contentedly,

“What made you suddenly decide to propose Carlos?” She asked quietly, raising her head to look into his face.

Carlos smiled gently, his fingers tenderly pushing the sweat dampened hair from her face.

“When I sat beside you in the hospital and realised that nothing mattered more to me, than having you with me. Not my career, music or Il Divo, nothing seemed important to me at that moment.”

Jess held him tightly and said,

“Well I am here now and nothing is going to take me away from you, so no more worrying OK?”

“OK!” he replied.

Carlos squeezed her tightly and then said,

“Tonight, we are going out for dinner with the guys, Simon and Sandra are arriving this afternoon, they were staying about an hour away and wanted to join us and some of the usual sound crew too. I hope that is ok with you Jess?”

Smiling, Jess answered,

“The way I feel right now, I would do anything for you!”

Carlos quickly rolled over onto her, pinning her to the mattress, and with his best leer, laughed,

“Did you say anything?”

Jess giggled and pushed him off her, saying,

“You are insatiable! Come on Marin and get that beautiful butt in gear or they will send out a search party!”

Car;los grinned, and said hopefully, “Well if they did, we could always pretend we are not here!”

Jess tried to look stern and said,

“Shower! Now! And if you are good, I will join you!” and she began squealing as Carlos hurtled off the bed and chased her into the bathroom.


That evening everyone arrived at the beautiful Rendezvous Restaurant a short drive from the hotel.

Jessica, dressed in a simple black sleeveless dress, positively glowed with happiness as she and Carlos, handsome in a black suit and pale silver open necked shirt, walked inside, to the applause of those gathered to greet them. Carlos grinned widely, his arm possessively around Jess’s waist as Simon came to congratulate them both.

“I have to say Jess, Carlos is a lucky man and I wish you both all the luck in the world and many, many happy years together.”

Kissing Jess’s cheek, he turned to Carlos and shook his hand, asking,

“Have you decided when you are going to tie the knot?”

Before Jess could say anything, Carlos answered,

“I hope we can do it before Christmas, of course if Jess agrees!” he added hastily, looking at Jess who was open mouthed in amazement.

Everyone laughed and David called,

“Did he forget to mention that Jess!”

Jess shrugged happily and nodded. Taking his hand, she said,

“I think it is something we should at least discuss!” causing much amusement to the rest of the onlookers.

The restaurant, though small, serve excellent food and conversation flowed, punctuated by several toast of Happy Birthday and congratulations.

After the meal, at a signal given by Carlos, David, Urs, and Sebastien left the table and disappeared and just as suddenly, reappeared on the tiny dance floor, carrying microphones.

The restaurant had been filled with their party and so everyone began to applaud as it became evident that the men were going to sing.

Carlos began,

“Today is a very special day. As you know it is the birthday of very special lady, my lady, Jessica!” everyone clapped loudly and Jess blushed deeply.

“I hope you will not mind, but with the help of my three very good friends, I want to dedicate these few songs to her.”

The music began and Jess instantly recognised All by Myself. Jess was mesmerised as the four men sang, although she had heard it in the studio, the sound in the restaurant had a far more intimate quality, and Jess began to tingle as she listened.

The second song Carlos had chosen was Feelings, another of Jess favourites, though she also knew that this was Francines favourite too.

Next, Carlos announced,

“This next song has not been released as yet, but I wanted to record it especially for Jessica, I know you will recognise it, even if it is in Spanish!”

As the music began, it soon became clear, Without You, her all time favourite song, which given the Il Divo sound was simply stunning, reducing Jess to tears as it ended.

Smiling across at her, Carlos winked and said,

“I just want to thank, David, Sebastien and Urs for their help with this little performance and would like to finish with a song, that I think, sums up my feelings for my beautiful fiancée!”

To Jess’s delight, he launched into The Man You Love. She was almost speechless as, towards the end of the song, Carlos came over to her, took her hand and led her to the dance floor, as the last words, “Just to be the man you love” hung in the air, he gently took her in his arms and kissed her.

Flinging her arms around his neck, Jess whispered,” I love you Carlos!” as the applause rang out around them .

The End

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