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***** CHAPTER 201 *****

When Kristina woke the following morning, Urs was still asleep and snoring lightly. She yawned and stretched, feeling good for the first time in a long time. As she propped herself up on one elbow, she couldn’t help watching Urs as he slept. He was so captivating, even asleep, with his lean body, his long eye lashes and his scent was better than any cologne. His hair was as curly as ever; he hadn’t bothered straightening it since they’d left his apartment in London yesterday. She couldn’t resist running her fingers through his soft thick silky curls.

“Can I help you?” Urs mumbled sleepily.

Kristina lovingly ruffled his hair and then laid her head back on the pillow.

“Just admiring the view.”

“Oh? You like what you see?”

“Most definitely.”

“So what are you doing over there?” Urs asked, reaching across for her and pulling her close to him and gathering her in his arms. He kissed her lightly on the nose. “Good morning, beautiful.”

“Good morning to you too, handsome.” She whispered, before resting her head on his shoulder.

“Sleep well?” He asked, in that smooth velvet voice of his, that made Kristina melt everytime.

“What little sleep I got, yes.” She chuckled.

“I didn’t hear you complaining last night.”

“I’m not complaining now, just an innocent comment.”

“Nothing about you is innocent, young lady.”

“Hey, watch it.” She said, giving him a light-hearted slap on the arm. “I didn’t hear ‘you’ complaining last night.”

“You won’t ever here me complaining.” Urs said, his hand gently stroking her cheek, as they now lay staring in to one another’s eyes, their noses tip to tip. “Now can I have a proper good morning kiss?”

Kristina started giggling as he playfully left kisses all over her face and gently ran a hand up her thigh.

“Aren’t you tired after yesterday and last night?” she asked, still giggling as he gently rolled on top of her.

“No. I’m renowned for my energy levels; the benefits of working out in the gym. You should try it.”

“Hmm, I think I prefer a different kind of work out.” Kristina murmured, running her hands down his back and over his bum.

“Me too.” As he nuzzled his lips in the crook of her neck.

Then it came, the inevitable loud banging on the front door, interrupting them; Urs groaned in frustration.

“That reminds me; I must look in to buying a house up in mountains and conveniently forget to tell anyone.” Urs then looked across at the clock on the bedside table. “Mein Gott! Is that the time? I forgot to set the alarm. I told my mother I would be there around 11 o’clock. It’s almost noon. We’d better get changed.”

“I still don’t think this is a good idea, Urs. Perhaps I should stay here. They’re not expecting me.” Kristina replied, suddenly feeling nervous. “It’s a family celebration, they won’t want me there.”

“This party is for family and friends. You’re going to be my wife soon, so I think you pass as family.” Urs said, running his thumb lightly over her lips. “And I want you there. My family know a little bit about you.”

“Oh? What have you told them?” she asked. “That I‘ve treated you badly, I‘ve messed with your heart?”

“No, of course not.” Urs said, softly as he pulled her into his arms. “I told them that I‘d met a wonderful woman who I really cared for and that one day we would be together.”

“Really?” Kristina asked, not quite sure if he was serious.

“Really.” Urs told her. “Would I lie to you?”

Kristina shook her head and cupped his face in her hands before claiming his mouth in a passionate kiss. “Have I ever told you how much I love you?” she whispered.

“Yes, but don’t ever stop.” He murmured against her mouth. “Now come on, get dressed. There’s no way I‘m going to let you stay here on your own.”

Urs quickly slipped on a clean pair of jeans from the dresser and went downstairs to answer the door. It was only seconds after Urs had left the room that she suddenly realised that her and Urs’s bags with all her belongings were still down in the hall. She quickly grabbed one of Urs t-shirt from the dresser and chased after Urs.

“Urs wait a minute; I don’t have anything to wear.”

Kristina froze as she got halfway down the stairs. Looking up at her was Urs and someone who looked alot like him. She could only assume he was his brother.

“What you have on looks fine to me.” The man said, grinning.

“Shut up you fool.” Urs said, lightly slapping him on the back of the head.

Kristina gingerly made her way down the stairs, tugging on the bottom of the t-shirt.

“I’m Gabriel, Urs’ brother.” He said, holding his hand out to her.

“It’s nice to meet you, Gabriel.” She said, quietly as she shook his hand.

“You too.” He smiled. “And please, call me Gabe. The only people that insist on calling me Gabriel is Urs and our mother.”

Kristina smiled nervously.

“I’m judging from the accent that you’re the infamous Kristina Sanders that we’ve heard so much about over the years.” Gabe said, glancing at Urs.

“Yes, that would be me.” Kristina said, taking another couple of steps so that she was now standing next to Urs, who protectively slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her in to his side.

“Well, it’s nice to finally meet you.” Gabe smiled. “I was beginning to wonder if you actually existed or if you were merely a figment of my brothers imagination. And I’m glad to see you’re ok after your accident. We were all very worried about you.”

Kristina continued to smile. She was feeling embarrassed, standing there with only Urs’ t-shirt on which wasn’t as long as she’d hoped. She glanced at Urs, hoping he would get the message; and he did.

“Look, tell mutti there will be one more joining us and I’m running late. But don’t mention Kristina.” Urs said, ushering his brother to the door. “We’ll be there as soon as we can.”

“It’s not like you to be late.” Gabe said, grinning cheekily at his brother. “But then I guess you’ve had other things on your mind, huh?” he added, nodding in Kristina’s direction.

“Will you get out of here?” Urs said, opening the door and trying to push his brother outside.

“Hey, what’s the hurry?” Gabe laughed. “Am I keeping you from something?”

“See you later.” Urs said, giving his brother a firm push out the front door before closing it. “Don’t mind him.” Urs said, wrapping his arms around her waist. “Believe it or not he’s older than me and supposed to be the sensible one.”

“I quite liked him.” Kristina giggled. “He’s funny.”

“Hey watch it miss!” Urs said, mischievously. “I hope you haven’t got your eyes on my brother.”

“There’s only one Buhler that I’m interested in right now.” Kristina murmured, as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Oh? Care to prove it?” he mumbled against her cheek, as he picked her up effortlessly in his arms.

“Again?” Kristina said, smirking. “Aren’t you in the least bit tired?”

“Do I look tired?” Urs said, as his eyes darkened.

“Do we have time?” Kristina giggled.

“Oh we definitely have time.” Urs murmured.

“Urs! Put that woman down.” Gabe yelled through the letter box. “I’ll tell mutti that you’ve got a woman in there and then you’ll be in big trouble.”

“Excuse me a moment.” Urs said, carefully placing Kristina back down on the floor as he made a dash for the door. He yanked it open, taking Gabe by surprise; who shot up from his crouching position and started running down the path, laughing loudly.

“See you later bro! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” he yelled over his shoulder and jumping in to his car, locking the doors.

“I can’t believe that I’m related to that man.” Urs said, shaking his head and laughing to himself as he closed the door. He turned to look for Kristina but she had gone; she was now standing at the top of the stairs.

“So... do you still want me to prove you’re the only Buhler for me?” Kristina said, biting her bottom lip seductively.

Urs didn’t say a word; instead he ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time. As soon as Kristina saw the look on his face, she hurried back down the landing, screaming and giggling as he chased after her. Soon the only sounds that could be heard coming from the bedroom were those of soft moans and sighs of pleasure.

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PostSubject: Re: ~ LOVE IS BLIND ~    ~ LOVE IS BLIND ~  - Page 10 EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 6:04 pm

***** CHAPTER 202 *****

It was coming up to one thirty when Kristina and Urs finally arrived at the Buhler family home.

“Well, this is it. The Buhler family home.” Urs said, leaning across Kristina and looking at the house.

Kristina looked at the large house. There were at least fifteen or twenty cars already parked in the drive way and along the kerb outside and Kristina could feel the nerves settling in at the prospect of meeting Urs’ family. She was a little apprehensive of their reaction to her, wondering what they would think of her, wondering what Julianna had told them, if anything. Did they know how badly she had treated Urs in the past? Urs must’ve seen the worried look on her face, because he reached for her hand and gently squeezed it.

“I said don’t worry. They’re going to love you.”

“No they’re not.” Kristina frowned. “What exactly have you told them about me?”

“The only person I’ve told about you and I getting engaged is my mother. All she knows is that we met five years ago and that we’re now together. She doesn’t need to know about our past. That’s private, that’s just between you and me. So please, stop worrying and try and enjoy yourself. Okay?”

Kristina let out a heavy sigh.


Kristina let Urs lead the way, as they slowly walked up the driveway to the house. Music could be heard as they approached the front door, as well as laughing and loud chatter. Urs wasn’t sure anyone would hear him if he rang the doorbell, so seeing as he had his own key, he let himself in. As soon as he closed the front door, Gabe appeared in the hall.

“Hey bro, you two finally fell out of bed, huh?”

“Gabriel, will you shut up!” Urs said, slapping his brother on the arm.

“Yes, shut up Gabe.” Julianna said, slapping him on the back of the head, appearing in the doorway. “You’re embarrassing Kristina.”

Kristina smiled nervously at Julianna who then surprised her by hugging her tightly.

“It’s good to see you.”

“Thanks.” Kristina smiled, feeling a little more relaxed.

“Sorry.” Gabe apologised, turning to Kristina. “It’s just that he used to tease me constantly about my girlfriends and it’s been ages since he’s brought a woman home. I guess I’m just making up for lost time.”

“It’s okay.” Kristina replied, still smiling.

“Gabriel, where’s mutti?” Urs asked.

“Last time I saw her, she was in the kitchen. We’re being eaten out of house and home. At least that’s what mutti said, but there’s enough food out there to feed the five thousand.”

Urs headed off in the direction of the kitchen, with Kristina following closely behind and along the way she caught the eyes of a few people from rooms off the main hall.


“Urs? Oh my goodness, I wondered where you were.” His mother hugged him tightly. “You said you would be here at eleven. It’s not like you to be running late.”

“No, I’m sorry about that. It’s just that I had a few things to take care of. But Mutti, there’s someone I want you to meet.”

“Oh yes. Who is it? Gabriel said there was one more joining us but he refused to tell me who it was.” She said excitedly.

Urs then stood to one side and took Kristina’s hand pulling her forward and drew her next to him, placing an arm around her waist.

“Mutti, I would like you to meet Kristina.”

“Kristina?” She said slowly, glancing at her and then Urs.

“Yes you remember.”

“Oh of course I remember but... but you never told me that... ” Urs’ mother then looked at Kristina and could see how nervous the young woman looked. “I’m sorry, where are my manners? Oh come here, Kristina.” His mother held her arms out to her. “It’s just such a shock! Urs should’ve have told me you were coming. Well aren’t you a pretty young thing! Let me tell you, I was so upset when Urs told me about the accident. Urs was beside himself with worry. Are you ok now? It’s so nice to finally meet you.”

Kristina nodded, unsure what to say at the barrage of comments and a little surprised by her warmth towards her.

“Yes, I’m getting better thank you. And it’s nice to finally meet you too, Mrs Buhler.”

“Oh please, don’t call me that, you make me feel old. And after everything Urs has told me about you, I feel like you’re practically family already. Please call me Ursula. Now let me take your coat.”

While Kristina took off her jacket, Ursula called out to Gabe who appeared in the doorway of the kitchen along with Julianna.

“Can you please take Kristina’s coat and hang it up? I want to introduce her to the family.”

“Of course.” Gabe said, taking Kristina’s coat from her, but as he did so, Julianna spotted something.

“Oh my God!”

Everyone suddenly turned to look at Julianna to see what was wrong. As Kristina handed Gabe her coat Julianna had spotted the ring on her finger and took hold of her hand.

“Is that an engagement ring?” she asked, looking at Kristina and then Urs.

“It sure is.” Urs smiled back proudly at his sister.

“But you said you would never...” Gabe stopped and looked at Kristina and then Urs. “You know...”

“I know what I said.” Urs wrapped an arm around Kristina’s waist. “But there’s no rule to say I can’t change my mind.”

“Wow...” Gabe let out a low whistle.

“Of course. How could I forget? Congratulations.” Ursula said, hugging her son and then Kristina. “Let’s see the ring then.”

Kristina held out her left hand so that Ursula could see the ring.

“Oh it’s a perfect fit.” She smiled broadly. “Almost as if it was made for you. It was my mothers ring, did Urs tell you?”

“Yes, he did.” She smiled at Urs. “It’s a beautiful ring.”

“Oh now that you’re both here, we must tell everyone the good news.” Ursula said suddenly. “Gabriel, can you get everyone together in the back garden?”

“Mother, please. We don’t want to make a big scene. This is your birthday. I don’t want to ruin it.”

“Don’t be silly, Urs. How could you possibly ruin it? You’re getting married! It’s the best birthday present I could ask for.”

“Oh geez! I’m sorry mutti. We were in such a hurry to come over that I forgot to bring your present.” Urs apologised.

“Oh don’t worry about that.” She patted his arm reassuringly. “It’s not important.” Ursula then disappeared, gathering all the family and friends and ushering them in to the back garden, so that everyone could be in one place.

“See, I told you that you’d be fine.” Urs said reassuringly as he gently squeezed her hand.

“I’m so nervous.” Kristina whispered. “I didn’t expect there to be so many people. And I certainly didn’t expect to be announcing our engagement this way.”

“It’ll be fine.” Urs pulled her close to his side and kissed the top of her head. “And don’t worry about a thing.”

“Everyone, quiet please!” Ursula said, clapping her hands to get everyone’s attention when they were all gathered outside a few minutes later. “Urs has an important announcement to make.”

Everyone fell quiet and stared at Urs and then Kristina, who stood beside him. She could tell they were all curious as to what Urs was going to say but even more curious as to who she was. Urs cleared his throat and then took Kristina’s hand in his.

“Most of you won’t know of this lovely lady by my side.” He said, looking at her with such tenderness. “But this is Kristina Sanders. We met five years ago and… well, I guess all you need to know is that we’re engaged. Krissy and I are getting married.”

At first there were only a few people clapping but as the news sank in, the claps soon became louder and before they knew it, there were loud cheers and wolf whistles from people. Suddenly they were swamped by his friends and family, congratulating them, asking them if they’d chosen a date, where would they be getting married, what colour were the bridesmaid dresses, all the usual questions. It was a little bewildering for Kristina but she already felt at home, being so welcomed and accepted into Urs’ family.

“See, I told you; nothing to worry about.” He whispered.

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***** CHAPTER 203 *****

After being introduced personally to every one of Urs’ family and friends, Kristina finally managed to break away from the crowd. At some point, Urs had been dragged away by his mother, insisting that she need to talk to him urgently and Leighanne, one of Urs’ three sisters took Urs’s place. Kristina eventually found Urs in the kitchen still with his mother and they were talking to each other in Swiss-German. They immediately stopped talking when they saw Kristina appear in the doorway.

“I’m sorry. Am I interrupting something?”

“No of course not.” Ursula insisted, gesturing for her to come in. “Sit down, take the weight off your feet. You should be taking it easy in your condition.”

Kristina looked accusingly at Urs, wondering exactly what he and his mother had been talking about.

“Mutti know’s your pregnant.” Urs told her when he saw the look on her face.

Kristina must’ve looked a little irritated that Urs had told her, without Kristina being present because Ursula patted her on the shoulder.

“Don’t be mad with him, it’s not his fault, Kristina. I kind of guessed when I saw you but I couldn’t be sure. You’ve just got this… look about you.”

“But I’m not even showing yet. I’m only a couple of months gone.”

“Believe me, when you’ve had five children, you get to know the look of a pregnant woman.”

“I guess so.” Kristina smiled.

Ursula sat down opposite Kristina and Urs went to stand behind Kristina, and gently placed his hands on her shoulders.

“So when are you due?” Ursula asked.

“The date they’ve given me is November 8th. But it might be sooner than that.”

“Yes, Urs told me that there might be complications.” Ursula continued, reaching for her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“A few but we’ve got a great team looking after me.” Kristina looked up at Urs. “And I have Urs too.”

“Well, congratulations; to both of you.” Ursula then got up from her seat and hugged Kristina and then Urs. “I’m sure everything will be fine. I’m already looking forward to having another grandchild to dote on.”

Gabe then came bursting in to the kitchen, looking absolutely furious.

“Mutti, have you seen Martine?”

“The last time I saw her, she was upstairs changing Emily. Why? What’s wrong?”

“This!” Gabe replied, holding his hand up; with a dinner plate glued to it. “If that son of hers does it again, I swear I’ll…I’ll f…”

“Ah! Ah!” Ursula waved a finger at him. “There will be no swearing in this house; thank you. Have a look in my bedroom; there should be some nail polish remover up there. That seemed to work last time.”

Gabe stormed off mumbling to himself and as soon as he was out of sight, they all burst in to laughter.

“Kids. Just see what you have to look forward to.” Ursula laughed, holding her stomach.

“Does that sort of thing happen a lot?” Kristina asked, also laughing.

“Oh you wouldn’t believe some of the things they’ve done. I daren’t tell you because it might put you off children for life. But last Christmas, Gabriel brought himself a new laptop. I complained that he was glued to it all over Christmas and that we hardly saw him. Next thing we know, little Josef had put glue on his keyboard. You can guess the rest. That’s how little Josef loves playing the glue trick on his Uncle.”

“Mutii!” Gabe called out. “I can’t find it.”

Ursula gave a sigh and headed for the hallway.

“Typical man; can’t find anything unless it’s right infront of him and even then it has to jump out and bite him on the nose. Oh Urs, could you get the roast out of the oven before it burns?”

“Of course, mutti.” Urs replied, as she disappeared down the hall.

Kristina giggled as Urs picked up the apron from the hook on the wall and slipped it on and then put on the oven gloves.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, opening the oven door and taking out the roast and carefully placing it on the cooker top.

“Don’t you think you’re a little over dressed?”

“Pervert.” Urs chuckled, taking off the oven gloves. “Be quiet and eat this.”

Urs reached over to a plate of assorted confectionary and then popped a chocolate in her mouth.

“Oh my God, this is good.” Kristina sighed as it melted in her mouth. “Everything they say about Swiss chocolate is true.”

“And what do they say?” Urs asked.

“It’s orgasmic.”

“Well you do know that it’s not just the Swiss chocolate that’s orgasmic.” Urs muttered, pulling her close to him.

“Believe me, I know.” Kristina gave him a cheeky grin. “How else do you think I ended up like this?” she added, looking down at her tummy.

“So you don’t need me to remind you then?” Urs said, taking her hand and leading her to the hallway.

“Now?” Kristina now looked both worried and surprised.

“Why not?” he arched an eyerbrow.

“But… won’t people wonder where we are?”

“Come on, everyone’s too busy enjoying themselves to be worried about where we are.”

Urs led Kristina down the hallway still wearing the apron and they quietly made their way upstairs, making sure they weren’t spotted by anyone. No one was around, so they quickly slipped in to the bathroom, and Urs locked the door.


Kristina woke early the next morning. She had expected to be tired after the last couple of days but for some reason she had woken early and hadn’t been able to get back to sleep. So Kristina had found a spare blanket in the cupboard and had quietly made her way out in to the garden to watch the sun come up. Kristina had noticed that everything seemed so laid back here, there was no hurry. And she couldn’t understand why the Swiss had a reputation for being punctual when they were in no hurry. Everywhere she looked, it was like something from a travel brochure and the people were so friendly. As Kristina sat facing the back of the house, waiting for the new dawn, she saw Urs making his way towards her.

“Everything ok?” Urs asked as he joined her on the swingseat at the end of the garden, wearing a pair of boxers and with a blanket around his shoulders.

“Fine. I just woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to watch the sunrise.”

“It’s a beautiful sight.” Urs smiled, as he put an arm around her shoulder. “I’ve often done the same thing. There’s something quite humbling about watching the sun rise.”

Both of them let out a small sigh, as the sun started to peak over the horizon, turning the sky a bright orange.

~ LOVE IS BLIND ~  - Page 10 Sunrisevaudswissland

“Urs, I’ve been thinking….” Kristina broke the silence, a few minutes later.


“I don’t want to get married in the Spring anymore.”

“You’re having second thoughts?” Urs said taken aback.

“No, of course not. I still want to get married but I want to get married now.”


“Well, obviously not right this moment but as soon as possible.”

“But what about your spring wedding that you dreamt of? And your wedding dress; it hasn’t even been made yet?”

Kristina turned to face him properly.

“I don’t care about that. I don’t care about any of it anymore. I could get married in a sack for all I care. I just want us to get married as soon as we can.”

“What’s brought all this on?” Urs frowned. “Has something happened?”

“No, I… I was thinking though… when the baby’s born I want it to have your name.”

“Even if we’re not married, that’s easily sorted. It doesn’t mean you have to bring the wedding forward.”

“Yes, it does. I want everything to be done properly, just incase… just incase something happens to me.”

“Something ‘has’ happened, hasn’t it?”

“No, I’m just being practical. We all know that there are risks involved with the pregnancy and that it could be born premature and that it could mean complications. Even if the pregnancy is successful, my kidneys could fail and even if they opt for a transplant, there’s no guarantees I could find a donor in time. I just want to marry you before it’s too late.”

“Krissy…” Urs took her in his arms and pulled her closer to him. “Nothing’s going to go wrong but just incase… while you were in a coma, and Dr Mills told us about your dialysis, I asked him about being a donor.”

“You did what?” she asked in amazement.

“I’m still waiting to have a test but if it comes to it and you need a donor and I’m a match…”

“No, Urs. I won’t let you.” Kristina interrupted him. “I nearly lost my sister last time. I’m not going to risk losing you too.”

“Okay, look, there’s no need for us to talk about this now.” Urs hugged her. “I just wanted you to know that the option is always there, so that you don’t worry.”

“Thank you. I don’t know how I got so lucky with you.” Kristina smiled and kiss him softly. She then turned to look back at the sunrise. “You’re so lucky to live here. I wish we could stay forever.” She whispered, as she leant back in to him. “It’s so beautiful and quiet. It’s like another world.”

“Do you really like it?”

“I love it.” Kristina sighed. “It’s like heaven on earth.”

“Well, we’ll have to make sure we come back here more often. I must admit I haven’t been home in a long time since the group started. But now that we’re together and have a baby on the way, all of that will change.”

Kristina snuggled closer to Urs.

“About the wedding…” Urs said, a short while later. “How about we get married right here, in Switzerland?

“Really? Kristina said, her eyes wide with shock. “Is that possible?”

“Well, there’s probably a lot of paperwork to fill out with you not being a resident of Switzerland but I’m sure we could sort something out. And we do things a little differently over here, so it would only be a civil ceremony in a registry office, but you could always have the real thing afterwards.”

“Oh I don’t care Urs. I just want to marry you, to be able to call you my husband, for our baby to have your name and for us to be together.”

“Okay, I’ll make a few calls and see what needs to be done. But do you think your sister would be alright to travel? She might not want to leave Eliana with her being so young.”

Kristina laughed.

“You just try stopping her. Do you know how long she’s been waiting for us two to get married? Since the year dot.”

“Yeah me too.” Urs said softly.

“I didn’t think you ever wanted to get married.”

“I didn’t.” Urs answered honestly. “But it was Natty that put the idea in my head.”

“Natty? I didn’t realize you two were still in touch.”

“To be honest, I haven’t spoken to her in a while. But it was the morning you left for New York with Tyler. She came to see me.”

“Oh.” Kristina said quietly, suddenly feeling guilty all over again, for hurting Urs.

“I’d never thought about marriage until then. I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you but marriage… it was such a big step.”

“And now?” Kristina asked.

“Now… I wish I’d thought about asking you months ago.”

Kristina closed her eyes and grinned to herself.

“And what are you looking so pleased about, madam?”

“I’m finally going to get my happy ending.” Kristina replied. “Just like Anna and William.”

“Notting Hill?”

“You remembered?” Kristina turned and looked round at him.

“Of course…” Urs smiled. “How could I forget after our conversation about men with big shoes?”

“And we all know what they say about men with big shoes. Men with big shoes have big...”

Urs quickly put a finger to her lips, silencing her.

“Someone might be listening.” Urs whispered, looking down at her tummy.

Kristina wrapped her hand around his, removing it from her lips as she giggled.

“Don’t worry. Your big secret it safe with me.” Kristina whispered, before giggling again.

“You talk too much.” Urs commented.

“Oh? Is that so?” Kristina said now innocently tracing a finger down his chest and along his thigh. “Well if you don’t want to talk, what else can we do?”

“How about you show me how much you love me?”

“Didn’t I show you enough last night?”

“I think you’d better refresh my memory.” Urs said, standing up and lifting her effortlessly in to his arms. “Last night was a long time ago.”

“You must be getting forgetful in your old age.” Kristina replied, trying not to smirk as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

As they entered the house, Urs turned and pushed the back door shut with his bare foot.

“Enough cheek and enough talk. In case you’ve forgotten, as my Genie you still owe me two wishes.”

“I do, don’t I.” Kristina smiled.

“What I want to know is what happens when I’ve used up all three wishes?”

“I’ll have to give you another three wishes but only if you be good. Now what did you have in mind for your second wish?”

When Urs reached the bedroom door he stopped, lowered his head and whispered against her ear his second wish.

“And that’s just for starters.” He added softly, as his wife to be blushed.

“Granted.” She whispered dreamily against his mouth.

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***** EPILOGUE *****

Urs watched Kristina sleep like he had done so many times before. Sometimes he had stayed up just so he could be awake in the morning, to see her eyes flicker open and a warm, sleepy smile spread across her face when she sensed he was watching her. Sometimes he watched just to make sure she would wake. The memory of her unmoving frame when she was in her coma still haunted him. It was only for a few weeks but Urs knew he could never go back to that life, to just watching her, wondering if he would ever see her look at him with that look of love that she held for only him. Urs cherished every day that they had together, knowing that anything could happen at any time.

Urs looked at the gold band on his finger, thinking back to when Kristina had changed her mind about the spring wedding and wanting to marry earlier. Urs had made the calls to find out what was required of them to marry in Switzerland. Two months after returning to London, Kristina and Urs had returned to Switzerland, for a civil ceremony in the local registry office, with close family and friends in attendance.

Even though Urs always said he would never marry, there were two people that he had always considered close friends that he would expect to be here on his big day but weren’t; Stephanie and Marius. Stephanie had called Urs the day before the wedding apologising profusely for her behaviour, asking for their forgiveness and sending her genuine best wishes for him and Kristina. Urs had never been one to hold a grudge, so he had accepted her apology. After speaking to Kristina, they had agreed to invite her to the wedding reception and put the past behind them but she had kindly declined, not wanting to intrude on their special day.

As for Marius, he had pleaded guilty to assaulting Urs and for the assault and attempted rape of Kristina. He had been released on bail, pending trial but had picked a fight with someone in a club and had ended up in a cell overnight at a police station. He then had some sort of mental breakdown and they had called a doctor who had ordered a mental evaluation. The last Urs heard he was in a secure unit at a psychiatric hospital and they didn’t know when or if he would ever be released.

There was one person that definitely wasn’t missed by anyone; Tyler. On the morning of the wedding, Julianna had shown Urs a newspaper article from the morning paper. It seems that Anna Cavendish was having financial problems with her hotel chain so when Cavendish was approached with a takeover bid, she and the other shareholders had a majority and agreed to the sale. Tyler was left with a small fortune but after several unwise investments, he was now officially bankrupt. Apparently Simon had offered him Kristina’s old job but for some reason he’d declined.

Carlos and Abigail were still madly in love with one another and their family had a new addition. They now had a son, who was a year old called Carlos Junior, CJ for short, and was the spitting image of his dad at that age. Abigail loved being a full time mum but she still managed to make time for her singing which after much persuasion from Carlos, she had taken up again. A few months after Eliana had been born, they had followed Kristina and Urs’s lead and bought a house of their own. It was a tudor style building, with a swimming pool and a huge kitchen diner, which Abigail loved as it was great for entertaining. It also had five bedrooms and Abigail planned on having atleast two more children to fill those empty rooms; Carlos just didn’t know it yet.

When Kristina had thrown her wedding bouquet, Laura had caught it. Sebastien had surprised everyone by immediately getting down on one knee, and proposing to her. Apparently he’d been thinking about it for a few weeks and had never found the right moment to ask her. Sebastien and Laura had now been married eighteen months and everyone had been teasing them about hearing the patter of tiny feet, but as yet there was no sign of a baby Izambard. Laura was still young and wanted to continue with her dancing career for a couple of more years before becoming a mother, and Sebastien was more than willing to wait until she was ready. Laura knew how much he wanted a family and would never deny him that. Who knows, perhaps she would change her mind.

As for David and Angie, they were still totally devoted to another. Anyone could see how in love they were and couldn’t understand why they hadn’t got engaged. They both agreed they were happy as they were and there was plenty of time to think about marriage and kids. For now they were quite happy living together. After the takeover at Cavendish, there had been a lot of changes at the company and Angie had found herself without a job. Simon had stepped in and created a job for her with his own company, Syco which suited everyone just fine.

Julianna was still enjoying her life as a make up artist but she’d moved on from working for fashion shows and movie sets. She had settled for something more permanent with a guaranteed income. She now had a contract with a major television channel in America and was meeting all sorts of famous people in the studios. Urs and Kristina loved it when Julianna visited, hearing all the Hollywood gossip and all about the parties she’d been invited to and the people she had met.

Natty was still following her dream of being a singer. Her first album had been well received and was offered a record deal with a major record company and was now working on her third album. Her love life was also doing well. Despite her claims that she and Luke were nothing more than friends, they were now officially a couple and Kristina still teased her about the whip that she had at the Masquerade Ball.

A year or so after Saskia and Urs had Split, Saskia had finally been offered a partnership in the law firm in London. Most people could expect to wait atleast ten years to get to where Saskia had got career wise but her hard work had finally paid off and her talent was noticed by all the right people. But before her promotion, Saskia still worked for Sony, so occasionally she would bump in to Urs. They had managed to remain friends and when Urs had told her that he and Kristina were getting married, she was genuinely pleased for them. When Urs had invited her to their wedding, she had surprised Urs by asking if she could bring a date. Urs guessed it was inevitable that she would find someone else, she was a wonderful woman and it had been a long time since they split.

It was wonderful to have all their friends and family together in once place. But the real party began later that same day after the civil ceremony, when even more friends and family had joined them for their religious ceremony in a small church in Willisau. They then had a huge reception which was held at the Buhler family home and Ursula had outdone herself with arranging everything, including the decorations, flowers, marquees, seating, entertainment and catering. She’d even arranged lighting for when it started to get dark in the evening. The marquee ceiling had been covered with tiny white star lights which sparkled gently all night.

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Ursula was in her element, organising it all and the week before the wedding, Jenny and Michael had come over to spend some time with their soon to be family and helped Ursula set everything up. Kristina and Urs were more than happy to let them help finalise details, as they had enough on their plate coping with her pregnancy while in London.

The day had gone smoothly, without a single problem; unless you included the time when Josef, Urs’s nephew, caught out Gabe yet again with super glue. This time he had a knife and fork glued to his hands for five hours, as someone had hidden the nail polish remover.

At the time of their wedding, Kristina had been sixteen weeks pregnant. She looked like an angel, dressed in a strapless ivory empire gown, with pearls and delicate lace detailing on the bottom.

~ LOVE IS BLIND ~  - Page 10 Ashten-dress

It wasn’t her first choice of dress, but as the day grew closer it was soon becoming clear that she wouldn’t be able to get away with the wedding dress that she had originally planned on; her bump was very pronounced. Of course, Urs’s mother was convinced that Kristina was having twins, but then what do mothers know? Obviously more than they did, because when they went for their twelve week scan, the doctors picked up two heartbeats. The pregnancy had been very difficult for Kristina and she had been confined to her bed for the last 4 months of her pregnancy. The birth itself had gone relatively smoothly, despite the twins being born a month early. After a few weeks in the special baby unit, the twins were strong enough to go home with their parents. Kristina had an excellent group of people looking after her and advising her before and after the twins were born. Kristina had to take things slowly but after a couple of months, she was almost back to full strength and her kidneys were just fine; no need for a transplant and no more dialysis. That was three years ago.

Urs looked back at his sleeping wife; it had been a busy and exhausting day for all of them. Christmas for the Buhlers was very much a family celebration as with most Swiss. The whole family gathered for Christmas dinner. The house had never been so crowded, with Urs, Kristina, the twins, her parents, Urs’s brother Gabe, and their three sisters with their husbands and five children, and not forgetting Carlos, Abigail, Eliana and CJ.

On Christmas Eve, traditionally in Switzerland the tree is cut and decorated. So after dinner, the children are sent upstairs to play, while the grown ups light all the candles on the tree and bring out all the presents from their hiding places and place them under the tree, along with a plate of cookies on the coffee table. When everything is ready, a bell is rung and the children come racing in to the room, devouring the cookies. The presents are generally opened once the candles are lit, much to Kristina’s delight. But over the years, they had come to the agreement that they would only open half of them and save the rest for Christmas Day. Before opening the gifts, the family would always sing carols which Kristina loved, and sometimes forgot to sing, as she was so enthralled listening to Urs, as were the rest of the family. It was one of the traditions that Kristina enjoyed the most but didn’t understand all the words. So Urs had gone out and bought her a book, “My First Words” in Swiss.

Urs was glad to be back home in Switzerland with his family; it was the one thing he valued most in his life. For the first year of the twins life, things had been good. Kristina and the twins had travelled with him while the group was on tour, and thankfully they were too young to understand what was going on. The same with the following year when they went on tour; they loved all the attention from the tour crew but were still too young to understand their fathers busy lifestyle. Luckily they’d had this year off from touring. It still meant travelling for interviews, one-off concerts, tv performances and recording the new album but his family went everywhere with him. And when he was wasn’t working, he was able to spend more time with his daughters and have days out as a proper family. Kristina and Urs made it a regular thing travelling to Switzerland and went atleast every five or six weeks, spending time in their house nestled in the mountains and every now and then they would get up early and watch the sun come up. From what he could tell, the twins, Charlotte and Hannah, seemed to be fine with the travelling between the two countries were picking up both the languages fast and were both loved dearly and spoilt rotten by their grandparents.

Kristina was now curled up on the sofa, infront of the fire, it’s orange glow casting a gentle light on her face. She had been watching Peppa Pig with Charlotte. Both Hannah and Charlotte had gone to bed earlier but Charlotte had woken up and refused to go back to bed, wanting to watch one of her DVD’s that she was given for Christmas. Unable to say no and knowing that Charlotte could be as stubborn as her, Kristina made her promise to go to bed when it had finished; but now both were fast asleep.

Urs went to the DVD player and as he put the DVD back in it’s case and snapped it shut, Kristina stirred in her sleep. Her left arm was wrapped protectively around her slightly swollen stomach, while her right arm held Charlotte close to her chest. She was nestled in as close as she could get, her tiny arms wrapped around her mothers neck. Their blonde wavy hair melded into one, he couldn’t tell whose was whose. Both Hannah and Charlotte were every bit their mothers daughter. They had the same hair, the same eyes and the same sweet giggle that he adored. Urs could still remember the day that Dr Mills had suggested a termination and Kristina’s determination to go through with the pregnancy. Stubborn as ever but look at the result. He had a beautiful family, with a third child on the way. This time it was a planned pregnancy so although there were still certain risks involved, they were able to plan in advance and make sure Kristina was strong and healthy.

Smiling to himself, Urs moved quietly toward the pair. He carefully unwrapped Charlotte’s arms from around her mother’s neck and picked her up.

“Daddy?” Charlotte mumbled sleepily, as she wrapped her arms around Urs’ neck.

“Shh, you’ll wake mummy.” Urs whispered, putting a finger to his lips. “Mummy’s very tired.”

“But I need to ask you something.” Charlotte whispered. “It’s reaaaaally important.”

“Can’t it wait until tomorrow?” Urs whispered.

“How did the baby get inside mummys tummy?”

Urs froze, blushing at his daughters question, unsure of how to answer her.

"Well um...daddy put the baby inside mummy's tummy." He answered, trying to be as truthful as possible but without giving The Talk to his three year old daughter.

"How'd you put the baby inside mummy's tummy, daddy?" Charlotte asked innocently. Urs nervously scratched the back of his neck.

"Umm...well...uh..." Urs was desperately trying to think of what to tell his daughter. “Ask your mother in the morning. She can explain it better than me. Now it’s time you went to sleep. It’s another big day tomorrow.”

Charlotte seemed happy with his answer for now.

“Is Santa Claus coming tonight daddy?” She giggled excitedly, now wide awake.

“Only if you go to sleep.” Urs replied.

“Is he going to bring more presents?”

“That depends if you’ve been a good girl.”

By now Kristina was awake and sitting up, watching her husband and daughter.

“So does that mean you’ve got to be a good boy too?” Charlotte asked. “Because I heard mummy say that you were very bad.”

Urs had noticed that Kristina was awake and was trying to stifle her giggle at Charlotte’s comment. Charlotte must’ve overheard them during one of their more intimate moments. They would have to be more careful in futrure.

“But I’ve been thinking, if you start being good now he might bring you one too.” She added thoughtfully. “If he doesn’t, I’ll let you have one of mine.”

“Well, thank you shorty.” Urs kissed his daughters head. “Now say goodnight to mummy and then it’s bed.”

Kristina kissed Charlotte goodnight. When Urs had tucked his daughter in and checked on Hannah, he made his way back downstairs to join Kristina.

“Thank you for giving me the task of explaining where this little one came from.” Kristina patted her stomach.

“Don’t worry. She’ll have forgotten all about it tomorrow morning.”

“I hope so, for your sake. Because if not, then I just hope this is a boy, because you’re giving him The Talk.”

Urs sat down on the sofa with Kristina and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, pulling her close to him.

“I’d be happy with either, but in all honesty I would love a boy. I don’t think I could handle a fourth woman in the house. I’m already feeling a little outnumbered. And when you, mutti and my three sisters get together, well I’d rather be in another country.

Kristina couldn’t help laughing.

“We’re not that bad.”

“You think?” Urs arched an eyebrow.

“Oh I’ve just had a thought!” Kristina said suddenly. “What if it’s twins?”

“Twins?” Urs said; eyes wide open. “Again?”

“Twins boys!” Kristina sighed.

“Or twin girls.” Urs said; his face now paling at the thought. “I definitely can’t handle five of you. No, I think one is enough thank you.”

“Oh, but think what it would do for your image.” Kristina teased him.

Urs couldn’t help chuckling at her comment and pulled her even closer to him.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” he whispered. “I loved you yesterday, love you still…”

Kristina put a finger to his lips to silence him, remembering the message he’d left for her when she returned from New York, and finished the sentence for him.

“Always have, always will.”

The End

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