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 **I Can't Believe That I Was Letting Go** By: Nathalie

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**I Can't Believe That  I Was Letting Go**  By: Nathalie - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: **I Can't Believe That I Was Letting Go** By: Nathalie   **I Can't Believe That  I Was Letting Go**  By: Nathalie - Page 3 EmptyTue Sep 21, 2010 9:04 am


For the next three weeks, the guys traveled nonstop through America and Canada, performing almost every night.
In the daytime, they were attending different shows for television and radio or various magazines were interviewing them. Their schedule was grueling but none of them really complained. It took care of the fact that there wasn’t much time left for the four of them together.
The rare moments that they were together were never long. Simon had left specific instructions for Steve that he or Karen would always be present when they were together. Steve soon discovered that the boys reacted best to Karen so he made sure she was there whenever needed.

She did her job exquisitely, and everyone was fond of her including de crewmembers, which annoyed David terribly. He knew he had no rights were Karen was concerned but he never missed a change by telling them to back off whenever Karen could not hear.

The few free hours Karen had, she explored the town or city where they were at the moment. Carlos often joined her and on some occasions, Sebastien did as well.
David kept respectfully his distance from her but mostly from Sebastien who on his turn avoided him as well. Danique kept calling him continuously which drove Sebastien but most of all everyone around him crazy. She even managed to call during shows and demanded that someone would get him off stage because she was, as his wife, more important than the show.

Karen answered his phone one time during a show and as usual Danique was very rude but most of unreasonable. She told Karen she would make sure she would be fired if she didn’t get Sebastien on the phone right away. When Karen refused, she started calling her names. Karen stayed calm and polite and finally ended the call. Afterwards when she told Sebastien that she had called he’d asked her worried if she had acted civilized towards her. Karen didn’t say anything, she just smiled comforting and told him not to worry.

Urs was counting the days that Angela would join him with his daughter and spend every free minute on the phone.

Carlos was also on the phone a lot but Karen noticed it mostly wasn’t Geraldine who he was talking to. Karen knew that Geraldine would fly in next week and she worried if, whatever the matter was between them, would clear up.

David was rarely on the phone, but retreated himself with a computer game instead whenever he had the time. He did however always try to phone Lisa but she was hard to reach. Karen had a feeling that she was avoiding him. David had begged her to come over but until now, she had refused because of Sebastien. On the few occasions, David and she were in the same the room together they both tried hard to act normal. Karen would mostly turn quiet while David kept talking about the strangest things. Last time he talked about the difference in elevators in all the hotels they visited. It all sounded a bit strange and it did not make any sense.
When they were all together, she thought she caught him staring at her on a few occasions but she told herself time on time again that it was just her imagination. Last night, when she was watching the show in Calgary with Steve from the side of the stage, he suddenly turned to her when he sang his lines from Regresa mi, her all time favorite song. His blue eyes locked in hers and for a moment, it felt like they were the only one there. When she noticed Steve staring at her she swiftly turned and walked away. Afterwards she told herself again that it was all in her mind. She was seeing things that were not there, which was typical for her she thought. They were through and even though a part of her would always love him, she gradually had accepted that they had gone separate ways.

It was late in the evening when they arrived at the hotel in Vancouver. Steve checked everyone in and Urs went immediately up to his room. Angela had phoned him in the car and told him that Sara had light fever. She had called a doctor and he had assured her that it was just a cold but that it wouldn’t be wise to travel at this time. Urs was visibly worried and disappointed that they were not able to fly over for at least another week.
Everyone knew that he missed his daughter terribly and felt truly sorry for him.
But at times like these they also knew it was best to leave him alone.

Sebastien was talking to Steve when his phone started to ring. He looked at the display, it was his mother, and he excused himself to Steve and walked to a quiet part of the lobby before he answered. “Mon Cherie, how are you?”His mother asked. Sebastien heard that her voice was trembling. “I’m okay what happened?”
“Danique gave birth to a baby boy Seb…” She almost whispered and he heard the tears in her voice. He froze for a moment. “D”-did you see him?”He eventually asked.”No. I wanted to but she told me she wanted to spend some time alone with him first.”
Sebastien frowned. “Why didn’t she call me?”
“I don’t know Cherie; she just called me and told me to break the news to you.”
“Was he born today?”
“I don’t know, she didn’t tell me much. She just said that my grandson was born and that I should call you.”
“Oh mon Dieu…”Sebastien gasped and covered his face.
“Call her Cherie”Marie said.
Sebastien couldn’t speak anymore…
He nodded vaguely as he slowly lowered the phone from his ear.

He lowered himself in a seat and stared in front of him.
Everyone else stared at him from across the lobby.
Finally, Karen was the one who walked towards him.
She got through her knees and placed her hand carefully on his knee.
“Seb?” Her voice was soft. “Are you okay?”
Sebastien looked at her” My mother called…the b”-baby is born…” He said quietly. Karen stared at him and noticed he looked absent. Then a smile appeared on her face. “That’s wonderful news Seb!”She said quietly excited. “Congratulations!”
Seb still looked at her and a vague smile appeared on his face. Karen noticed he didnlt know whether to be happy or not.
“You are a father now Seb!” Karen’s smile got bigger. “Is it a boy or a girl?”
“A boy…”
“I’ll bet he’s wonderful!”She grabbed his hand and squeezed it gently.
Sebastien lowered his head and nodded vaguely.
Karen’s smile slowly disappeared and placed her hand on his face. “I know this must be hard for you Seb, being here while your wife and son are in France. But you’ll get to see him soon!”Sebastien looked up and Karen noticed his eyes moistened.
“Did you call your wife yet?”She asked while arching her eyebrows. Sebastien slowly shook his head; it was obvious he was in shock.
“I’ll take you to your room and you can call her from there okay, that gives you some privacy…”
Sebastien nodded again and they both rose.

The others watched from a distance when Karen accompanied him to the elevator.
Steve sighed and turned to Carlos and David. “I guess we have new dad in the group...”

Carlos and David just stared at him but kept silent…


Back in London, Lisa followed Inga towards Simon’s office at Sony BMG. He was waiting for her down the hall and smiled when he saw her coming.
“God it’s been so long “He smiled when he hugged her tight. “How have you been sweetheart?”He asked when he let her go.
“I’m good…”She smiled.
“I’m glad to hear that “He smiled back and led her into his office and closed the door.
He pointed at a chair and sat opposite of her.
“I was wondering what I had done wrong since you cancelled every appointment with me so far."
Lisa smiled. “I' m sorry, I was just busy..”She apologized.
“its okay “He whispered and smiled again. “ I thought you’d be off to join Dave?”
Lisa shook her head: “I don’t think that would be a good idea.”
Simon stared at her: Because of Seb...?”
Lisa nodded and briefly looked away...
"How are things between you and David?”
“Fine !“ she said and Simon knew she didn’t want to discuss it.
“I talked to your mother by the way and she tells me that she can’t seem to get in touch with you.”
Lisa stared at her hands for a moment. “I can’t face her just yet,,,, I need a little more time …”
“She is your mother Lisa; she’s the only family you have left…”
“I have Carmen, she’s family to me “She responded without hesitation.
“I know but still…”
“Why did you pay off the tax claim?”She suddenly changed the subject.
Simon was obviously overwhelmed and seemed a bit off track.

A silence followed and Lisa frowned...

“Because I wanted to help you…”He finally said.
“Why?”Simon raised his eyebrows when he repeated the word. “...Because I couldn’t stand by and watch you lose everything...”
“You didn’t have to do that.”Lisa quietly said.
Simon stared at her. “But I did…”
“Yes you did and I ‘m here to set an arrangement"
“For what?”
“For paying you back!”
Simon lowered his eyes and rubbed his chin. “I don’t want you money Lisa.”
She frowned again” You pay two million for someone, and then you don’t want it back?“
Simon sighed and leaned forward: “First off all you not just someone. You are my best friend’s daughter and I love you. Secondly, you do not have the money to pay me back Lisa and that is okay. “
She shook her head:" It’s not okay, and I’m paying you back somehow.”

Simon stared at her he knew she was determent
“I’m selling the house Simon,” She added quietly.
“Where will you and Thomas live?” He asked calmly.
“In my grandmother’s cottage “She answered.
Simon raised his hands. “You can’t live there by yourself let alone with Thomas, there’s no electricity and it’s in the middle of nowhere for Christ sake!”
“We will manage, besides it’s already done!”
Simon’s mouth dropped. “What are you saying?”

“I’ve put the house up for sale last week and once it sold the money will be transferred immediately to you“
Simon jumped up “Damn Lisa! “He shouted “Why can’t you just accept the payment, Why are you always so damn stubborn!!!.”.
“Because I don’t want to rely on you or on anyone else for that matter, “Lisa rose” I’m paying you back and that’s final,!!!” she shouted back.

Simon clenched his teeth. He stared at Lisa who looked at him furiously.
He felt completely cornered and stared to pace to floor in order to think.
Lisa closed her eyes and shook her head.
After a moment, when Simon calmed down he turned to her.

“Does David know you are selling the house?”
She looked at him and shook her head.
“What about Carmen?”
“I want her to go back to her family in Spain...”
“Does she know ?”
Lisa shook her head vaguely.
“It will break her heart Lisa…”
“I know…”Lisa softly said and briefly glanced away, “The truth is that I can’t afford her anymore”
“She will stay with you for free, you know that. “
Lisa nodded: “I know, but I also know she misses her sister very much…”
Simon watched her as she tried to smile. She was so gorgeous as she looked at him with those penetrating brown eyes…

“Why won’t you let me help you?”He whispered.
" I just can’t, please Simon let me do this... I want to do this…”
“What about your business?”
“I can work from home; I don’t really need the office Simon,”
“…And Mark and Brenda”
“They will find new jobs…”
“You can work for me Lisa, you now that, I have enough....”

Lisa stopped him by shaking her head.

Simon sighed deeply….
“You have been planning this for a while haven’t you?”
She nodded silently…

“Where does David fit in Lisa?”
Lisa looked away “To tell you the thruth I..I'm not sure he does…” She whispered while looking back at him.
Simon studied her face in silence for a moment...
“Sebastien got married, did you know?”
She froze as kept her eyes on him, gradually they moistened, and he knew his words hit her hard,

A moment of silence followed and Lisa dropped her head.

“I’m sorry…I thought you had heard by now…” He regretfully said.

Lisa looked back at him and shook her head: “its okay…. I just hope …”She paused as she swallowed hard “I just hope that he and Danique will be happy… “She smiled vaguely and Simon’s heart went out to her.
“He will never be happy with her, especially since he still loves you…”

She lowered her eyebrows and shook her head while looking down. She walked a few steps and then stopped and turned back to him. “He doesn’t love me Simon, he despises me…”She softly said. “And I can’t blame him, after what I did to him…”
“You are wrong…”He said walking slowly towards her.
He stopped in front of her: “There’s something I need to tell you…” he softly said.
She looked into his eyes.
“I intended to pay your debt, but he wouldn’t let me…”
“What do you mean?” Lisa stared at him confused.
Simon hesitated for a moment and Lisa’s look turned to shock.

“He made me promise never to tell you Lisa, but Sebastien paid off the entire amount ….”

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**I Can't Believe That  I Was Letting Go**  By: Nathalie - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: **I Can't Believe That I Was Letting Go** By: Nathalie   **I Can't Believe That  I Was Letting Go**  By: Nathalie - Page 3 EmptyTue Sep 21, 2010 9:12 am


Sebastien lowered the phone from his ear and closed his eyes.

He had talked to Danique just now. She sounded ecstatic and she told him that the baby was born four days after he had left Paris. She had been in the hospital the entire time due to complications. Sebastien asked her what complications there were but she didn’t want to give him details and assured him she was doing better now and to his question why she had not told him when he had called her the past weeks she had answered that she did not want to worry him. Again, she had told him that everything was fine now and the baby was healthy.

She had named their baby Paddy, after her Irish Grandfather because she figured that since she had done all the work, she had every right to choose the name. Sebastien didn’t really care what name the baby carried as long as he was healthy.

Danique told him that she had been seeing this house on Foch Avenue and that she wanted him to buy it for them. According to her, this house would fit their lifestyle and she was certain all her friends would be green with jealousy, which obviously was a very important point to her.
He had been quiet and listened with his eyes closed as she’d talked on.
The price was just over 3 million euro’s and since the house was situated in the “better part of Paris” it was actually a bargain, she’d said.

He felt devastated and crushed at the same time.

Danique at some point noticed and asked him why he was not happy?
He told her that he was but that he just wished she had told him earlier.
She didn’t comment on his answer but mentioned that she felt very disappointed he didn’t appreciate her efforts especially since she had the baby on her own. Sebastien apologized and said that they would talk about it when he got there. She had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks as a precaution to be sure that everything stayed fine. Sebastien had asked in what hospital she was staying and she told him she forgot the name but that it was a private hospital. Sebastien knew that the medical expenses for private hospitals in France are extremely high and he briefly wondered how he would pay for it. He hadn’t that much money left anymore and had to wait till the tour was over before the money would flow back in. Danique knew nothing about his financial situation and he didn’t intend to tell her. He knew she would go mad if he told her he paid of Lisa’s debt.
Nonetheless, he worried how he would explain to her that the house she had in mind was not something he could afford now. Danique asked him when he was planning coming over and he told her that he would fly to her as soon as possible. When Sebastien heard a men’s voice through the phone in the background, she quickly told him that she had to feed to baby and swiftly ended the call.

Sebastien took a deep breath placed the phone next to him on the bed. He rose when he heard a knock on the door. When he opened the door, he saw Carlos.
“I Heard the baby was born and I didn’t mean to bother you buddy, but just wanted to see if you were okay..” He looked worried.
Sebastien nodded briefly and stepped back.
Carlos entered and watched as Sebastien closed the door.
He turned and slowly walked towards him: “The baby was born almost three weeks ago” He softly said.
Carlos’s mouth dropped.”You’ve got to be kidding!”

Sebastien kept quiet and Carlos noticed he was telling the truth.

“Why didn’t she say anything?”
“She told me that there were complications and that she didn’t want to worry me.”
Carlos sighed and shook his head in disbelieve. “ I can’t believe she kept this from you Seb…”He softly said.
Sebastien nodded as he agreed and leaned against the desk.

A moment of silence followed and Carlos watched as he frowned deeply and gazed in front of him into nothing.

“She wants me to buy her a 3 million euro house…” He suddenly said and looked back at Carlos with a disappointed smile.
“I’ll lend you the money Seb, don’t worry about that.”
Sebastien shook his head and fiddled the wristband of his watch. “I will figure out a way. I guess I could sell the apartments in London and Paris… and the car…” He added softly.
“Please tell me you got a prenuptial before you got married…”Carlos said and looked at him hopefully.

Sebastien’s look froze.

After a moment, he vaguely shook his head. “There wasn’t time…”
“Then she has got you right where she wants you Seb …”
Sebastien lowered his eyes in shame.
“Oh Dios…”Carlos mumbled and briefly closed his eyes and Sebastien knew what he was thinking…

Danique wouldn’t just ruin him mentally but financially as well, sooner or later.

“I wanted to say this before and I’m not sure why I didn’t but can’t help thinking that something is off Seb…”Carlos said after a pause. Sebastien looked back at him and lowered his eyebrows. “What are you saying?” He followed him with his eyes when Carlos shrugged his shoulders and started to pace the floor while rubbing his chin. After a moment he stopped and turned back to him: “Doesn’t this at all seems strange to you?”

Sebastien looked puzzled.

“You sleep with her once and she gets pregnant! “Carlos started to sum up “Remember when I told you when you and Danique were together before and your relationship with her went downhill that Gerald told me she was trying to get pregnant in order to keep you?”
Sebastien nodded while listening intently.
“You then discovered that she had not taken her birth control pills for over four months and… she didn’t get pregnant. “ Carlos looked at him with a conclusive look trying hard to make him think.
“She was pregnant this time Carlos, “ Sebastien mentioned.
“Maybe she was” Carlos said, “The question is: did she get pregnant that particular night Seb?”
“What do you think? I have a son as a result of that particular night. Carlos”
Carlos stared at him in despair it dawned on him that he didn’t get his point and finally sighed. He wanted to go further on the subject but noticed by the hurtful look that Sebastien gave him it probably would be wiser not to.

He finally apologized, rubbed his face and slowly walked towards the door. He then stopped and looked back at him.

“I talked to Simon by the way, and he agreed to postpone the South America tour.” Carlos softly said.
Sebastien arched his eyebrows “Agreed?’ Who suggested it?”
“Urs, Dave and myself…”
Sebastien just stared at him. “We all have personal issues to work out Seb, especially you. Urs wants to move to the house he’d bought Angelica after all and David …well he…”

Carlos stopped talking when Sebastien forcefully closed his eyes by the sound of David’s name.

“In short we could all use a break…”Carlos added swiftly en continued: “So all we have to do is finish up here. Five more shows and that’s it.”

Sebastien glanced back at him and nodded quietly…

After Lisa left Simon, she went by the office and called everyone together. It was excruciatingly hard on her when she told them that she was closing down her business and had to let go everyone. Brenda cried the entire time and Cydalia, who only just worked for her understood her point but was nonetheless very disappointed. Marc hardly said anything and just listened to her. Lisa hardly stood her ground when she noticed the devastation on everyone’s face but promised to write positive recommendations for each and everyone them. She thanked them for their input, loyalty and hard work before she left the conference room.

When she walked towards her office, she felt completely drained.

She closed the door, turned around and leaned back. She‘d managed to control her emotions in front of everyone but she was on the verge of tears now. She heard a silent knock on the door and Marc’s voice who asked her if everything was okay. She briefly closed her eyes before she stepped away from the door. Marc entered and stared at her. He looked shocked and Lisa knew that she had let him down.
“I’m sorry…”Lisa softly said while a tear left her eyes.
Marc didn’t say anything. He slowly walked towards her and took her in his arms.
Lisa quietly sobbed on his shoulder and Marc gently stroked her hair.
After she had calmed down, she wiped her face and looked up at him. “What will you do now?”She asked. Marc smiled weak “I’ll be fine, don’t you worry about me…”
“Maybe I can call around for you; I know Danillo would gladly offer you a Job…” She looked hopefully at him but Marc shook his head. “You are the best photographer I know and even though I like Danillo as a person I know it won’t be the same…” Marc paused for a moment and knew she was disappointed he didn’t take her offer. He knew she felt awful and really wanted to help him, every way possible.
“Besides, I think it’s time to do something completely different “He hurried to say and smiled comforting. “You know how I always said that I wanted to open my own restaurant one day?“Lisa nodded vaguely “I think the time has come, and if you like you can work for me.”He added and smiled and Lisa smiled back at his offer. Then her smile slowly disappeared and she lowered her eyes “He got married …,”She whispered with tears in her voice. “He married Danique…”
Marc sighed and gently rubbed her arm. “I know sweetie… I didn’t know if I should have told you or if you wanted to know .., I’m so sorry…”
Lisa wiped a tear from her face and nodded briefly. “Did you also know that he paid of the claim instead of Simon? Marc stared into her brown eyes and finally nodded slowly.
Lisa sniffed her nose and turned away from him. She walked to her desk and sat on the edge. “I can’t accept his payment Marc; it just doesn’t feel right…”
“He did it because he wanted to Lisa, because he cares for you and Thom…”
Lisa shrugged her shoulders, she opened her mouth to speak but couldn’t and Marc noticed het lower lip trembling. “
“What are your plans Lisa?”
She brushed her face and looked away for a moment. “First I need to clear things up, .Pay off Sebastien and after that, I hope to be able to start a new life for Thomas and me…”
Marc nodded quietly. Seeing her like, this hurt him deeply.
“I wish there was something I could do Lisa…”
“You can’t ….”She softly said and smiled vaguely. “I need to take care of myself now…”
Marc walked to her, hugged her tight, and kissed her hair. “I love you princess...”He whispered. “I love you too Muffin…”She said and they both looked at each other and smiled vaguely.

Ingrid parked the car in front of their house in Gothenburg and Bjorn got out of the car first. Just as Ingrid stepped out, she noticed Bjorn running towards the house. Her heart started to race when she noticed Ron standing in the doorway. He hugged his son and lifted him in his arms. Bjorn had not seen in a few months and was deliriously happy to see him. Ingrid hesitated before she walked towards them. As soon as Ron noticed her, he lowered Bjorn on the ground and got through his knees.
“I’m taking you to Mac Donald’s in a minute Okay? “
“Yes! Yes! Bjorn cheered and jumped from happiness.
Ron laughed “But first, Daddy needs to speak to mummy for a moment. “
“Okay Bjorn smiled “I’ll wait inside.”
“Wait in your room okay? I will come and get you in a moment. “Bjorn frowned.
“Daddy has surprise for mummy and I’ve put it downstairs. “He whispered swiftly and smiled.
“Okay “Bjorn smiled back and ran inside the house.

Ron looked obviously relieved and looked at Ingrid.
“What brought you here?”She asked looking suspicious.
“Let’s go inside!”He said. His smile was gone.

Ingrid sighed and as she followed him, she prepared for another lecture. She had told him over the phone that she was selling the house and he had argued with her, telling her that would be a stupid thing to do. When she told him, she wanted to move to London he got furious and told her that she had no one there and if she thought Lisa would turn around that she couldn’t be more wrong. She had cut him off by telling him that Lisa had offered to help her look for a house and left him speechless.

“In here. “He said and opened the door to the living room. “
Ingrid looked at his stern face and entered the living room. Ron closed the door and turned to her. “The house is sold Ron; we are leaving in two days “Ingrid said. Ron looked at her. “I know the house is sold, that’s not why I’m here.” He said. Ingrid lowered her eyebrows. “How did you know?”
Ron stared at her” You should know by now that I know everything you do Ingrid…”He calmly said.

The look in his eyes unnerved her.

“Are you trying to scare me Ron?” She said, trying hard to sound steady.
Ron didn’t answer her. “.I am taking Bjorn out for a moment; there is someone here to see you.“
Ingrid looked at him puzzled, “Who is here?”
Ron again didn’t answer her. He slowly turned away from her and left the room.

Ingrid watched as the door fell in the lock and started to feel uneasy. She couldn’t believe the man he had become. The tenderness was completely gone from his eyes and been replaced for an emotionless cold look. More and more she discovered that the man she thought she knew so well, the man that never had raised his voice to either her or Bjorn was in fact a person she didn’t knew at all. He had changed overnight from the moment he had discovered that Bjorn wasn’t his son and even though she always managed to act strong in front of him, he actually scared the hell out of her.

Suddenly Ingrid heard the kitchen door open.
She turned and froze completely when a man slowly walked through doorway.


It was late when Lisa got home that night. She had stayed at the office to talk to Brenda and Cyd and had dinner with them. It had been extremely hard for her for she was glad that Brenda and Cydalia understood her point of view. They had promised each other to stay in touch and said they would help her finish everything the upcoming week. She kicked of her shoes and walked towards the kitchen where she poured herself a glass of milk. Carmen left her a note saying that Thomas was sleeping over at James’s house.
She glanced outside and noticed it was snowing again. She felt empty but relieved in a weird way. She knew David was coming back at the end of the week and she knew she had to face him and tell him the truth. She still felt torn between her feelings for him. She loved him but did not know if she loved him enough to marry him. The thought of spending the rest of her life with him somehow did not feel right and she knew he had a right to know that. Her mobile rang and Lisa frowned at the time. She looked at the display and didn’t recognize the number. “Lisa Amberville” She softly answered.
“Hello Lisa…?”Lisa heard a smothered women’s voice “I’m Angela, I’m taking care of Sara, Urs’s daughter. “
“Oh yes, Hi Angela.”Lisa said. “Are you okay? “She asked worried. “
“Sara is sick and ... “She started to sob.
“Did you call a doctor?”
“I did “Angela sobbed, “He keeps saying It’s a cold but I feel that she has trouble breathing and I don’t know what to do…”
“Okay” Lisa said and walked towards the front door, “I’m on my way Angela.”
Lisa swiftly put on her shoes, grabbed her keys and ran out.

It was 10 minutes later when Lisa arrived at Ur’s apartment.
When Angela opened the door, she held Sara in her arms and looked terrified.
Lisa immediately noticed by the Sara’s wheezing she had bronchitis. She took Sara from Angela, felt her forehead and listened to her chest. “Put on the hot shower Angela. “Lisa said and quickly took of her coat.
Angela nodded and hurried towards the shower. Lisa followed her and closed the door. Angela watched as Lisa quietly talked to Sara while rocking her gently.
As the steam filled up in the bathroom, Lisa said down with her on the edge of the bathtub.
Lisa kept talking to Sara and sang lullabies. After a while, Sara’s wheezing diminished drastically.
Lisa looked up at Angela and smiled. “She’s going to be fine… “
Angela smiled relieved and finally was able to move. She closed the toilet seat and sat down.
“I can’t believe how much she has grown...”Lisa whispered and caressed Sara’s hair. Both women smiled when she started to suck her thumb and closed her eyes.
“God I was so scared “Angela said.
Lisa nodded. “I know, it’s a scary sound isn’t it?”
“I thought she was going to suffocate, “
“She has bronchitis, Thomas had it when he was little and I have spent many nights in the bathroom.”
“So the steam causes her to breath normal right? “Lisa nodded. “Most of the time it really helps. However, we should call a doctor nonetheless. She needs to be checked out; sometimes it can turn to pneumonia.”
Angela’s eyes grew wide
“I’m sure she will be fine.” Lisa smiled. “You did a good thing by calling me…”
“I am sorry about the time Lisa, but I had no idea what time it was when I called. “
“Do not worry about that. You cannot plan this. “Lisa smiled and reached out her hand”
“I’m Lisa by the way …”.
“Angela “ Angela shook her hand and smiled and both women laughed.
Meanwhile Sara was sound asleep and Lisa told Angela she could turn off the shower.
“I’m not sure if the doctor will come though Lisa, “Angela said when she followed Lisa out of the bathroom” I’ve called him so many times tonight and he probably thinks I’m a crazy person “
“I will call my own doctor, he’s a good friend and I’m sure he will come “Lisa smiled and handed her Sara,”
“Shall I put her to bed? “
Lisa took her phone out of handbag. “Maybe its best that you hold her until the doctor has seen her, don’t you think? “
Angela nodded and watched as she called the doctor.

15 minutes later the doctor arrived. He checked Sara thoroughly and both Angela and Lisa were relieved to hear she was not developing pneumonia. Her did give her antibiotics but assured Angela that she would be fine.

After the doctor left Angela tucked Sara in who was sound asleep. Her breathing was normal and the fever was down. She quietly walked out of the bedroom and closed the door. Lisa was putting on her coat “She’s fine isn’t she?”She asked. Angela nodded and smiled relieved at her: “I honestly don’t know how to thank you Lisa, you are a lifesaver!”
Lisa smiled humbly and took her keys out. “You can always call me Angela. I don't mind.”She softly said and walked for the door.

“You are wonderful with her by the way. ”Lisa mentioned while looking back. “Urs is really lucky to have you…”

Angela stared at her and felt that she was starting to blush.
“Thank you…”She almost whispered.
“It’s true…“Lisa smiled. “Good bye Angela..”
“Goodbye…”Angela said.

After Lisa left, Angela dropped herself down on the couch. She could not believe how nice Lisa was. After all the stories she had had heart about her she had created a picture of a more relentless woman, but the women she saw just now was nothing like that. She could understand why the guys were so fond of her. And on top of everything else she just gave her a compliment.
And considering the fact that she and Angelica were very close, hearing her say that, really mend a lot to her….


“W-what are you doing here..? “Ingrid stuttered.
Benjamin stared at her in silence with his penetrating blue eyes.

He wore the red baseball cap with the imprint of his powerboat Thomas gave to him and the despite the big scare on his face he still looked incredibly hansom.

“I wanted to see how you were doing…” He suddenly said with his dark voice.
Ingrid couldn’t move and just stared at him while her body trembled.
He slowly walked towards her and Ingrid stepped back when he stopped in front of her. She could smell his cologne and tried her best to stay calm.

“Do I scare you?”He asked.

Ingrid slowly shook her head and forced a comforting smile on her face. “…off course not…” She whispered.
He lowered his chin a fraction and a weak smile appeared on his face.
He then turned and walked for a few steps before he turned back to face her.

“How is she doing?” He asked as he lowered himself in a seat.
“Lisa you mean?” He nodded.
“She’s fine. “

A silence followed and Ingrid felt uncomfortable under his stare.

“Why didn’t you keep your promise Ing?” He asked.
Ingrid was speechless.
“I know you saw her…” he added and rested his chin on his hand.
Ingrid paused and swallowed hard. “I…I need more time Ben… “ she finally said.

She staggered back when he suddenly jumped up.
“You should have taken Thomas with you!”He shouted. “I WANT MY SON BACK!!!”

Ingrid felt the tears in her eyes when she nodded vaguely. “I know but I couldn’t Ben, Thomas still trusts me…”
“Exactly! That is why I asked you to bring him to me in Paris Ing! I can’t travel legally, you know that!”
“I know, but I don’t want to be the one who tells him that you are still alive …”Ingrid started to sob.
“He already knows! “
Ingrid’s eyes grew wide.

Benjamin sighed and briefly looked away.

“Can’t you see?”He suddenly said in a calmer voice “It’s only a matter of time when Lisa finds out, and if she finds out the wrong way I might never see my son again. “He looked at her with hurt in his eyes. “When Thom’s with me in France Lisa will follow eventually and I can explain everything to her. If she finds out before that she will disappear with him, and I will lose them both...”

Ingrid brushed her face and looked at him.”Do you really think that she will come back to you voluntarily after what you have put her through?”
Benjamin nodded slowly. “I know she still loves me….You told me so yourself…”
“But what about David Miller…?”

Benjamin’s look froze. He lowered his head for a moment before he looked back at her.

“….I took care of the previous one and I will take care of this one…”He softly said.

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Chapter: ( Gosh I have to look this up )

A few days later, the Guys arrived back in New York for their final show. They checked into the hotel and Urs, Carlos and David went straight to their rooms to rest a little. “Here you go Miss Russell, suite 815” The receptionist handed her a keycard. Karen smiled and thanked him while putting away her passport. She then glanced at her watch before she dragged her stroller towards the elevator. She had one meeting with a magazine later in the day and after that, her schedule was empty. She was looking forward to finally seeing the show that evening and wanted to do some shopping. She loved her work, but other than travelling with guys she hardly saw them, When they were on stage she was on the phone or on her computer arranging all the publicity and making or changing travel arrangements for them. Her primer contact was Steve who confirmed or changed the schedule for the guys. He had told her that she was doing great and gave her loads of compliments. Karen was pleased to hear that but somehow she still felt uncertain. If only one the guys could confirm that she was doing okay, that would definitely ease her down. However, the truth was that they were so busy and other than nodding or smiling at her she only saw them passing by. Carlos was actually the only one who gave her some attention whenever he had the time. He accompanied her on walks and he took her to places in each city she had to see, according to him. Urs spend most of his time in his hotel room. Seb had been very quiet and drawn back the entire tour. He had accompanied her on two occasions for a walk but never talked to her about his private life. She never pushed him in any way and that was probably the reason he felt at ease with her. They usually went to a park and just sat on benches and talked about the city they were. David kept his distance with her and if she did not know any better, she was certain he avoided her on purpose. She did not try to think about it too much and just let him be. Whenever they appeared in the same space together, he was always the one who hurried away.

Karen left her luggage in her room and went back down to the lobby. As she stepped out the elevator she saw Sebastien sitting in a quiet corner of the lobby and walked over to him. “Hey “Karen smiled as she stood before him. Sebastien looked up and smiled back. “Hey”… He silently said. Karen looked into his eyes and noticed they had lost their usual sparkle. “Do you have any plans?” She asked. Sebastien smiled ruefully “None other than sitting here and feeling sorry for myself, I’m afraid….” Karen sighed and folded her hands.
I see, well enough of that! “She said determent and grabbed his hand to pull him on his feet.”You are coming with me” She whispered and smiled brightly. Sebastien laughed “Okay then!”

A little while later they were strolling through central park with flush puppy’s in their hands. It was a rather quiet afternoon and even though the weather was cold, the sun shone it’s warm light through the leafless trees. Karen was talking about the history of Central Park and Sebastien listened intently. He knew she was trying hard to get his mind of Danique and he loved her for trying. She was such a caring person and Sebastien adored her like the sister he never had. When they crossed a bench, they sat down and when Karen finished talking Sebastien smiled at her. She looked at him from aside and smiled back “It’s good to see your smile again…”She softly said and gently rubbed his arm. Sebastien nodded vaguely and looked away. “I’m so sorry about al has happened to you Seb, you really don’t deserve this…”Sebastien glanced back at her and sighed while slowly shaking his head “I got myself to blame for all this Karen “
“So you made a mistake. Nobody is perfect Seb. Stop blaming yourself!”

He brushed his face with both hands and sat back.
“It’s so hard not to…”He whispered. “ I threw away the best thing that ever happened to me and I feel like I’m living a nightmare right now” Karen glanced at him as he stared at his hands and knew he was talking about Lisa “ Maybe she wasn’t the best thing Seb, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be….” She carefully said. Sebastien looked back at her with hurt in his eyes. “If she wasn’t …,”He whispered” then why does it still hurt so much?” Karen noticed his eyes instantly moistened and felt his pain. She swallowed hard and grabbed his hand. “I Don’t know why Seb… What I do know is that she and David are happy now… they are getting married, they moved on. And we…. I mean look at us! We are drowning away in misery over two people who don’t love us back.” Sebastien stared at her. “You still love him ….” He said. Karen stared back at him and swallowed hard before she smiled vaguely. “it will pass … eventually…”She softly said.
Sebastien briefly closed his eyes “I’m so sorry, I had no idea….”He paused when he looked back at her “I thought because you took the job you were over him.”
“I thought I was so too…”She said, “The truth however is slightly different….”
“You must hate Lisa…”
Karen smiled and shook her head “I know that most women would but I really don’t….I believe that Lisa is a good person at heart, she has been through a lot and that caused her to build up this fence around herself. You have to look further to see her for whom she really is....”
Sebastien looked at her in astonishment.
“You mean that you never resented her or David?”
“Oh I was angry at David at first, especially the way he handled his feelings for her but somehow that anger didn’t sustain. The truth is that I knew he loved her from the first time I saw them together that night in Hakasan. The way he looked at her at times said it all. I should have walked away right there but I choose to ignore it, hoping it would pass and stayed. “

Sebastien slowly lowered his eyes. He looked puzzled.

“I Certainly missed something there…”He softly said.
“Off course you did! “ Karen said. “Lisa may have had feelings for David at that time but she loved you Seb. “
Sebastien looked up “are You sure?”
Karen nodded “Very sure.” She said confident.
“But then, how do you feel about them getting married?”
Karen paused and took a deep breath “I want them to be happy Seb, everyone deserves to be…And If they find that happiness by getting married then I wish them all the best….”
“I can’t believe how you do that…”Sebastien shook his head in disbelieve.“You would sacrifice your own happiness for theirs?”
“There’s no such thing as sacrifice when he doesn’t love me back Seb. I am realistic here. I believe that I deserve unconditional love from someone and the idea of sharing that with another woman does not quite appeal to me. I want it all and not just a little. We would be miserable together, we were miserable together in the end. I was holding on to something that wasn’t there and David wanted to love me and he did, I’m sure, but he was in love with Lisa. I just had to let him go….”
“I wish I felt the same way…” He softly whispered. “I want to…To be happy for them I mean, but I guess I’m just too selfish…”
Karen smiled. “You are everything but selfish Seb. You are a great guy, with a warm heart and you are still in love with her… It takes time to accept the things they are now and once you do, you are able to move on, you’ll see.” Sebastien looked into her eyes and smiled vaguely. “You are very good at this you know that?” Karen laughed “ Not as good as you would think, trust me.”

Then she glanced at her watch and rose “We should get back, its almost 4.30.” She looked at Sebastien who had his eyes on her belly. In a quick move, she closed her coat and looked back at him. “Are you coming?”She smiled nervously. Sebastien finally nodded slowly and rose.


Back in London Lisa was sitting in her study at home going through the papers of her real-estate agent. The sale of the house was final and she could not believe she had actually sold it. The house and its garden had mesmerized the new owners, a couple from Wales with two young children. They wanted to move in as soon as possible but Lisa had told them she needed more time. Finally, they agreed they would move in over three weeks.
Carmen had been terribly upset as was Thomas but she understood why she sold the house. Carmen had insisted to stay with them and did not want to hear the fact that Lisa couldn’t pay her anymore. “All I need is you and Thom around me “ she had said with tears in her eyes. Lisa had hugged her and both women had cried silently. Carmen finally pulled herself together and told her that they have been through much more than this and that they would be fine…

While reading Lisa wiped a single, tear from her cheek. This house had been everything she had ever wanted when she was younger; this house, which she loved so much, would soon be out of her hands. She allowed the papers to slip through her hand as she sat back turned her chair and looked outside the large window into the garden. She recalled the hours Benjamin had spend gardening in there with Thomas as a toddler planting little trees with him and naming each one of them. Boris, a little oak tree, had grown the fastest of them all and was Thom’s favorite one. Right after Benjamin’s death Thom could not comprehend that his father would never see the trees mature. Lisa closed her eyes for a moment and released the tears from her eyes. After a moment, she brushed her face with both hands and took a deep breath.

“We will be fine…”she whispered to herself and rose to her feet.
She suddenly felt dizzy and leaned over the desk with her eyes closed hoping it would pass. When it did she lowered herself back in her chair. She looked worried.

She had those dizzy spells for quite some time now and could not really figure out where they came from. She had cancelled her appointment with the hospital two weeks ago for her final check up, after she had accidentally overdosed, because of all that had happened. She remembered the doctor had called the house soon after her cancelation, telling Carmen it was important she came by. She had promised Carmen she would make a new appointment but until now had failed to do that. Maybe this was still a side effect from the pills she took, she thought. She was so tired and with everything that was going on, it explained the dizziness to her. Lisa sighed and glanced outside for a moment. She then grabbed her rolodex and dialed the number of the hospital.

Angela opened the door of the apartment and pushed the stroller with Sara in it inside. It had been a wonderful day and they had spent most of the afternoon in Kensington Park. Angela took of her coat and looked at Sara who was making happy noises while her eyes glistened.

“We had fun didn’t we Sara?” Angela smiled as she got through her knees and released her from the stroller. “Yes we did, yes we did” Angela gently tickled her and took of Sara’s coat. Sara laughed and Angela lifted her in her arms before she walked towards the kitchen. “Let’s make you a bottle and then its nappy time my sweetheart. “ Angela placed the bottle in the microwave. Sara looked at Angela and placed her little hand on her cheek. Angela smiled tenderly and caressed her dark satin hair. “You look so much like your daddy, you know that? “ Sara started to make happy noises again and Angela laughed. “You are such a happy little girl “She said and took the bottle out of the microwave. She carefully placed the top back and sprinkled some milk on her wrist. “Perfect!: Auntie Angela is getting good at this” Angela said and gave Sara the bottle. She immediately placed her little hands around the bottle started drinking while Angela slowly rocked her in her arms.

When she heard a knock on the door Angela walked towards to front door and released one hand to open it. “GERALDINE!” Angela smiled. “Hey MUM!”Geraldine smiled, kissed her cheek and looked at Sara who looked back at her with her big brown eyes. “Oh my GOD, she has grown so much!”Geraldine exclaimed while she caressed Sara’s little cheek. “I know “Angela laughed. Sara smiled at Geraldine while she continued eating, spilling a little milk on her pretty little dress.

“Ohhh you’re so cute!” Geraldine exclaimed while wiping the milk away. “Is she always this friendly?”She asked while looking at Angela.
Angela nodded “Always! Honestly, if all babies are like this I’m having ten!”
“I believe you” she laughed and entered the apartment.
“Would you like some coffee?” Angela asked.
“I’ll make it. “Geraldine said. “Thanks Gerald, I’ll go and change her then and lay her down.”

Geraldine watched as Angela walked with her to the bedroom and smiled. It was so good to see her girlfriend like this.
A moment later Geraldine walked into the living room, holding two cups in her hand. At the same time, Angela came out of the bedroom and silently closed the door.

“Is she asleep already?”Geraldine asked while arching her eyebrows. Angela nodded:”I told you, she is incredible. All she does is smile, eat, and sleep. She hardly ever cries” Geraldine smiled and handed Angela her cup before they sat down on the couch. “You are incredible with her by the way!” Angela blushed and briefly lowered her eyes.
“Thank you…”She softly said. “How are you doing? Carlos told me you were not coming back for awhile “Angela changed the subject and looked back at her.
Geraldine nodded: “I was offered this part, a leading role in a musical in Madrid but it was 6 nights on for at least 8 months and I came to realize that I wouldn’t see Carlos anymore so I resigned.”
“Does Carlos know that you did?” Geraldine shook her head. “I can’t reach him most of the time. He’s acting a bit strange the last few weeks, I don’t know what is wrong and won’t speak to me.” Angela look turned worried. “I’m sorry Gerald, I had no idea. “

Geraldine smiled weak. “It’s okay. You could not have known. I am glad you are doing okay. “
Angela smiled. “I am. Everything is going so great it almost scares me.”
“…And what about you and Urs?”
Angela nodded, “Where okay, nothing romantically though but that’s fine. I don’t expect anything. He appreciates that I’m here for him and that’s all that matters. I feel like I am finally doing something right. “Geraldine looked at her and frowned. “You make it sound like you were such a bad person before Angie, do not do that. You have changed for the better I will not deny that but you have just grown. “
“I know “Angela smiled. “But still I feel like I have hurt him so much in the past.”
“We all hurt the people we love sometimes Angie, you were just afraid of losing him.”
“And I did “Angela reminded her.
“Yes you did. But he loves you, even when he and Angelica where together he never stopped loving you, that must mean something to you.”
Angela waved her hand: “That’s all in the past. I just want to be here for him and Sara as long as they need me and not just for Urs or to make him love me again. I’m not expecting anything from him; I’m also doing this for me.”
“But what if he meets someone?”

Angela’s look froze…

“Then….I will be supportive of that.” She softly said.
“You will get hurt Angela, you are too involved to step aside.’
Angela shrugged her shoulders. “That’s something I will deal with when it happens. He and Sara deserve to be happy and if that is with another woman than so be it. I’ll live…” She added and tried to smile comforting.
Geraldine stared at her and knew that deep down; she was already hurt by her words. “I didn’t mean to be rude Angie; I just don’t want you to get your hopes up. I know you still love him.”
Angela’s smile disappeared gradually as she glanced away her eyes moistened. “I will always love him…”She finally said with tears in her voice. “But I will let go if he asks me to…”

In New York, Sebastien had already left for Paris with Air France. They rest of the guys sat in the British Airways lounge waiting for their flight home. Carlos was standing in front of the window watching the airplanes take off while he was on the phone laughing. David frowned as he overheard him saying that he had made reservations at Hakkasan for tomorrow night.

“Isn’t Gerald still in Madrid?” He asked when he looked at Urs. Urs looked up from his book. “I think she still is, why?”
David looked back at Carlos who was laughing again. “Carlos just said he had made a reservation at Hakkasan for tomorrow night. “
Urs arched his eyebrows and looked at Carlos. “I guess he’s talking to Cydalia then.”
“Lisa’s assistant?”
Urs nodded. David rolled his eyes. “Don’t tell me they’re having an affair?”
“No they don’t….not yet anyway…”
“Are he and Geraldine having problems?” Urs lowered the book in his lap and shrugged his shoulders. “I know that Carlos has found her diary. Apparently she had feelings for Seb.”
David’s mouth dropped.

“I know nothing happened between them, I told Carlos that.” Urs hurried to say. “But still, I can’t blame him for feeling hurt.”

David rubbed his face with both hands “Oh God, What the hell is happening to us!” He groaned. Urs sighed and watched Karen walk into the lounge. “Yes,It is quite a mess isn’t it.” Urs replied. David opened his eyes and followed his look. Karen walked towards Carlos who had just ended the call and they started talking.

Urs glanced at his friend and noticed him staring at Karen.

“ Why are you avoiding her?”He quietly asked. David lowered his eyes and stared at his hands. “I know you still have feelings for her. I see you staring at her when she can’t see…”
“I love Lisa Urs…”
“I know you love Lisa, everyone does. But I think you’re not as much in love with her as you think, I’m I right?”

David slowly looked back at him. “I don’t know…” He whispered. “I’m so drawn to Lisa but whenever Karen is near my heart starts racing. I get jealous when crewmembers hang around her and trying to make a pass at her.”

Urs smiled: “I know, Mike told me you got upset when you overheard him asking her out.”
David smiled. “He just isn’t the right guy for her. “
“Is anyone the right guy for her?” Urs asked.

David stared at him but kept silent...

“I know it’s none of my business, but you can’t have it all Dave. If you ask me who the right girl is for you, I wouldn’t say it’s Lisa.”
David’s look turned annoyed.
“I know you don’t want to hear this, but I am your friend and I’m not going to lie to you.”
David bit his lower lip and looked back at Karen who was laughing with Carlos.

“She will go on with her life without you if you wait too long. You will lose her forever. “
“I already did. I lost my chance, I blew it and she will never take me back. “
“Not right now, you are right about that. You need to get honest with yourself first. Ask yourself if you love for Lisa is true. Ask yourself if Lisa loves you back?”
David looked at Urs. “Don’t you think she loves me?”
Urs stared at his questioning eyes for a moment. “I can’t answer that Dave, You have to figure that out for yourself…”He quietly said.
“I know I have to, but I want to know what you think”
“No you don’t” Urs said determent.
“I do!”
Urs paused for a moment: “Okay…”he finally said. “Honestly, I do not think you are right for each other David and that has nothing to do with Sebastien. I do think that Lisa feels save with you, and that she has feelings for you. However, those feelings are a result of her pain David. Lisa is very sensitive, overly sensitive even…”
“Like Seb….”David added softly.
“Yes, like Seb. She has been through a lot David. She lost her husband, her father, Angie and her baby… to name a few. All she wants is a safe haven for her and Thom, to be loved by someone who will not hurt her. I do not want to hurt your feelings but Lisa will love anyone who is sweet to her right now. She can’t help that...”

David dropped his head and Urs noticed tears in his eyes.

“You have to sort this out David, for you, but also for Lisa, because she will marry you if you do not stop this. You want her because you think you need her. You feel like Sebastien has taken her from you, that you saw her first. However, this is not a game David. The truth is that she and Sebastien had a connection from the start. And I know he blew it by sleeping with Danique, but that was because he thought she had betrayed him not because he wanted to.”

David wanted to speak but Urs did not give him a chance.

“I Know that doesn’t justify what he did, but then it doesn’t justify what you did either. You followed your heart, went after her regardless of Sebastien’s feelings, and crushed him along the way. You were best friends David. Everything is ruined and I do not say it is all your fault but you should have talked to Seb first. It has come to the point where you cannot even be in the same room together. And if your love for each other is sincere I take all that I just have said back, but I know and I think that you know that I am right.”

David felt speechless and watched as Urs sat back and brushed his face.
He looked at Carlos and Karen. They were still talking and Carlos was looking at pictures she took with her mobile phone…

He sighed deeply and slowly shook his head. He knew Urs rarely got involved in personal matters unless it was absolutely necessary. Now that he did, David knew he had a point…

Ingrid and Bjorn were walking towards customs at London Heathrow and just as they passed, Ingrid spotted Marc and waved. Marc smiled and walked towards them. “Hey buddy “He smiled at Bjorn and gave him a hand and he then kissed Ingrid.

“Are you ready for your new house?”Marc asked as he looked down at Bjorn.
Bjorn nodded. “Isn’t Thom coming?” He asked as he looked up at Marc. “He’s at school at the moment Bjorn but Lisa said she would bring him by this afternoon.”
Bjorn smiled and Marc ruffled his hair.

As they walked towards Lisa’s car Bjorn was running infornt of them.
“He’s happy being here, isn’t he?” Ingrid smiled and nodded. “We both are…”

Marc glanced at her. He could see she had been crying and he knew he must have been hard for her starting a new life.

“Everything will be okay…”Marc smiled and grabbed her hand.
Ingrid looked at him and smiled weak. “I know." she softly said.

Almost an hour later they arrived at the apartment in Bayswater and as soon as Marc opened the door Bjorn ran inside. Ingrid’s mouth dropped when she noticed it was completely furnished.

“Great isn’t it?”Marc said as soon as he noticed her astonishment. “Most of the furniture is from Lisa’s apartment in Switzerland “

Ingrid nodded as she recognized some of the furniture.
“You like it don’t you?”Marc asked a little worried.
Ingrid nodded quietly and Marc noticed the tears in her eyes. “I can’t believe she did this..”
Marc smiled. “She still loves you Ing, regardless of what you may think. Carmen cleaned everything so everything is spotlessly clean. “
Ingrid finally smiled.

“MUM!!!” Bjorn came running out of the bedroom “I HAVE A BUNK BED THAT LOOKS LIKE A TREEHOUSE WITH A LADDER!!” He shouted.

Ingrid followed him and smiled when she saw the room. “She remembered that bed, She and Lisa bought it in Zurich for Thomas but he had never slept in it. The rest of the room was tastefully decorated like the rest of the apartment and Lisa’s input was visible everywhere. She always had a great talent for decorations and ambiance.

“Welcome home, Ing.” Marc smiled when they walked back to the living room.
Ingrid looked at Marc and hugged him “Thank you! “She whispered.

While Ingrid unpacked their suitcases Marc made them coffee. A little later they were sitting on the couch while Bjorn was playing in his room.

“How is Lisa doing?” Ingrid asked. Marc looked at her and placed his cup on the table. “She sold her business and the house Ing…”He said.
Ingrid stared at him… “Why?”

Marc told her everything. How Sebastien had paid of the tax claim and how Lisa was determent to pay him back.

“Where will she and Thom live?” Ingrid asked after he was finished.
“They are moving to Elizabeth’s cottage next week.”
Ingrid lowered her eyes. “She really lost everything now…”She softly said.
“Yes…she has…”Marc, agreed, “Simon tried to talk her out of selling the house but she wouldn’t hear it. She does not want to rely on anyone anymore, it is her own decision; she wants to make a clean start."

‘Don't we all..."She quietly said and briefly glanced outside. "I think that’s a good thing though…”Ingrid said as she looked back at him and Marc nodded as he agreed.
“How is Ron doing?”Marc changed the subject.

Ingrid lowered her eyes.

“I see it’s still a sore subject I’m sorry…” he apologized.
“It’s okay…”Ingrid hurried to say. “He moved to Paris. He wants Bjorn there for the school holiday next week so I’ll take him there the day after tomorrow.”
“That’s nice, maybe Thom can join you. “ Marc said.

Ingrid’s look froze.

“I mean it is a school holiday, Lisa will be busy moving it will give her and Carmen a free hand.”He swiftly added.
Ingrid finally nodded slowly… “Ron actually suggested that as well…”She quietly said. “Would you like another cup of coffee?” She suddenly asked and rose to her feet.
“That would be lovely, thanks “

He watched, a little puzzled, as she swiftly turned and disappeared into the kitchen.
She seemed nervous all of a sudden...

Later that afternoon, when the guys arrived at London Heathrow, Urs immediately rushed to his car to get home.
David and Carlos said goodbye to Steve and to Barry, their musical director. Karen was talking to a member of the band and David watched them closely as she said goodbye and kissed him on his cheek. She then walked over to them and David swiftly lowered his eyes.

“All set?”Carlos asked her.
Karen nodded and looked at David who smiled weakly.
“You need a ride, or are you going with Carlos?” David asked a little nervous.
“I’m going with Carlos. “She said.
David nodded and smiled weakly again.
Carlos noticed his nervousness and patted his shoulder,” See you in a minute. “He winked.
David nodded and turned.

Karen stared after him and Carlos wrapped his arm around her. “Seeing something you like?”He joked. Karen laughed and punched him playfully. “Let’s go home.”Carlos said and smiled brightly at her.

David drove his Jeep onto the M4 and accelerated. As he moved to the third lane, he turned on the radio and sat back. He thought back about what Urs had said at the airport and slowly shook his head. Maybe he was right, maybe he was in denial but he loved Lisa and he was certain he wanted to marry her and the fact that Karen still had an effect on him only seemed natural. She was a wonderful person and they had a history together. Off course, he still loved her; he never denied the fact that he did. There were many guys who still loved their ex girlfriends, what was the big deal? And his jealousy…, well, Karen only deserved the best so it was only to protect her.

He turned up the music and pushed the gas further down. He wanted to see Lisa, he wanted to hold her and tell her how much he had missed her.
Suddenly the lights started to flash above the freeway and David released the gas. The traffic was gradually jamming and David slowly pushed down the brake pedal.
Nothing happened and the car kept running at the speed that it was without stopping. David frowned deeply and looked down as he pushed the brake again, deeper this time.
Still nothing. The gas pedal also seemed stuck and car maintained speed.

“Oh my god….”He whispered

Ahead the traffic started to build up and he frantically tried pressing down the brake pedal with both feet, using all his leg strength. The car didn’t react. He checked the speedometer: 85 MPH. He clenched his hand firmly around the wheel and looked for a free spot to maneuver the car through, preventing it from crashing into the other cars. He slightly turned the wheel and the car got into a violent skid. The last thing he saw was the back of a lorry in front him before all lights went out…

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Chapter: ( Still haven't looked it up I will ... eventually )

At a gas station at Heathrow Airport Karen watched Carlos as he walked towards the car after he had paid for the gasoline. Carlos smiled when he entered the car. “What are you smiling about?” Karen asked. Carlos’s smile got bigger as he started the car and put on his seatbelt. “There!” He said and pointed towards a group of females who were walking out of the station dressed like bunnies, waving towards them. “Ahhh” Karen laughed and looked back at Carlos who looked flushed while waving back at the females who screamed his name at the top of their lungs as they drove away. “I believe you are blushing mister Marin” Karen grinned. Carlos glanced at her smiling and looked a little off track when he turned his head to merge onto the M4. Ahead of them, the traffic was jammed and they both sighed. “This may take a while…”Carlos mentioned sitting back in his seat and looking at Karen. “I guess it will.” Karen smiled ruefully and turned on the radio. The traffic behind them made way for the police who was approaching with a siren. “I wonder what happened…” Karen said when she watched the police car passing them by. Another one soon followed. “Surely there has been an accident. “ Carlos said.
After 20 minutes or so, Karen looked ahead as the traffic slowly started to move again. Suddenly her look froze and she grabbed Carlos’s his arm. “David….”She whispered. Carlos turned his head and looked confused at Karen who suddenly looked pale as snow. He followed her look and felt his breath falter when he noticed David’s car, which was totally wrecked. “Oh Dios no!” He gasped and maneuvered the car behind a parked police car on the third lane before he swiftly got out and started running towards the scene. Karen jumped out of the car and followed him. “Carlos wait!!!”Karen shouted while trying to keep up. “Sir, go back to your vehicle!”An officer shouted at Carlos who noticed him coming. “THAT’S MY FRIEND’S CAR!”Carlos shouted while trying to get through. Two more officers hurried over and tried to calm Carlos down. “Sir please go back to your car, it’s dangerous out here.” one pleaded. “You don’t understand that’s my friend’s car “He panted” I need to know if he’s okay” He looked desperate and swiftly turned when someone clasped his arm. “Is he okay?” Karen asked out of breath. Carlos stared at her and both looked terrified. The officers glanced at each other and finally one asked them to follow him. Carlos held Karen close and both followed the officer in silence to the police van. They both tried to get a glimpse of David but officers and firefighters surrounded the car. Karen started to cry and Carlos drew her closer. “He will be fine…”He whispered, while looking up praying silently to God that he would be.

They followed the officer inside the van and he sat them down. “Are you related to …”The officer paused to glance at his notepad.”… Mister Miller?” Carlos nodded swiftly, “he’s our friend.” The officer stared at him. “I see. “He finally said and looked back at his notepad. “Please tell me that he’s okay…’Karen said with a trembling voice. The officer lowered his notepad and looked regretfully, “He’s seriously injured miss. At this point we just don’t know…”Karen covered her face and started to cry. “Carlos leaned over her and tried to comfort her. “Where is your car Sir?”The officer asked. He looked back at the officer. “ I parked it right behind that police car.”, he pointed in the distance. “It’s a silver grey BMW. “ He added.
The officer nodded and called a young officer over. “I will need your keys to move your car Sir. “Carlos nodded and handed the keys over the young officer who instantly hurried to his car.

“They are taking him to county’s hospital I will arrange for someone to drop you off there.”
Carlos nodded silently and took care of Karen who was still in tears and trembling like a leaf.

Two hours later, they arrived at the hospital where they took David and a nurse brought them to a waiting room. “The doctor will be right with you sir…” she said and left the room.
Carlos was still holding Karen who had stopped crying but seemed frozen. Everything Carlos said seemed to get past her and Carlos got worried that she might be in shock.
He looked up when a doctor entered the room. He introduced himself as Doctor Mitchell and took a seat opposite of them, “How is he?”Carlos asked” Will he be okay?”Karen slowly looked up and looked scared. When the doctor slowly nodded, she sighed relieved and started to cry again.
“His injuries are pretty bad though”, the doctor said” it will take time for him to fully recover but we think he will be okay eventually.”
“Is he awake?” Carlos asked.
“We keep him asleep for now. He has a broken shoulder blade, many bruised bones and a fractured leg, all of this is causing a lot of pain. Luckily, there is no internal bleeding, which is a true miracle. He was very lucky that he drove a Jeep. Any other car and he probably would not be alive.”
“What happened?” Carlos asked.
“At this point we aren’t sure but from what he told the police his brakes failed.”
Carlos frowned “That’s strange, his car less than a year old.”
“It is peculiar that’s why the police are looking into it sir…”

In Paris. Sebastien paid the cab driver when he arrived at Danique’s apartment.
He had called her from the airport and she had told him she and the baby were released from the hospital and got home last night.
He didn’t know what to think of the whole situation and just wanted to meet his son.

He got out of the cab and briefly glanced up the apartment building before he closed the cab door. Just as he reached out his hand to ring the bell Jullien, his old friend who was a doctor, walked out of the building. He smiled widely when he noticed Sebastien.
“How are you Seb?” he asked still smiling when he shook his hand.
“Tired, but fine.” Sebastien answered. “Did you visit Danique and the baby?”He asked. Jullien nodded “Off course, in fact I delivered your son didn’t you know?” Sebastien looked confused. “No I didn’t. Danique told me she was at a private hospital.”
“Yes, at Mont Blanc, I’m a doctor there as well. My brother in law is the owner. I recommended Mont Blanc since it’s more private and the ambiance is wonderful.”

Sebastien nodded vaguely but kept quiet and just stared at his friend who he hardly knew anymore.
Jullien seemed a little nervous under his stare and glanced at his watch. “I really should be going. “He suddenly said and forced a smile on his face. “What are you still you still standing here Seb? Go up and meet your son buddy!”
Sebastien smiled vaguely and nodded again while he watched as Jullien ran off.
He kept standing there for a few minutes when somebody else entered the building.
“Do you need to get in monsieur?” The woman asked.
Sebastien nodded quickly before he finally moved and entered the building.

A few minutes later, he arrived at Danique’s apartment and silently knocked at the door. Danique opened up and Sebastien froze when he noticed the little baby in her arms.
“Mon Cherie!” Danique smiled and kissed him on his cheek. She then leaned the baby forward and opened the blanket. “Meet your son…”She almost whispered.
As he looked at the dark haired baby he melted and a tender smile appeared on his face.
Danique smiled relieved and placed the baby gently in his arms. He was mesmerized with the baby in arms as he slowly walked inside. Danique closed the door and followed him inside the living room where he sat down on the couch.

“Isn’t he beautiful?”Danique asked as she seated next to him. Sebastien looked up at her and smiled brightly “He’s gorgeous.”He whispered.
The baby was sound asleep in Sebastien’s arms and Danique studied his face as he gently caressed the baby’s cheek.
“How are you feeling?” he suddenly asked when he looked up at her. “A little tired but I’m happy, I hope you are to?” He nodded and looked back at his son.

“I do think we should hurry to move Seb.”Danique mentioned on a serious note. “This apartment is way too small for us.”
He looked back at her. “We could move to my apartment.”
Her face turned disappointed. “It’s bigger than your place…” He hurried to say.
“And you lived there with her…”Danique filled in.

Sebastien knew she meant Lisa.
“We stayed there, yes. But we didn’t live there Dani.”
Danique rose and slowly walked towards the window. “You can’t expect us to move in an apartment where you had your escapades with another woman Seb. We started a new live remember? If you want us be part of your life you need to buy us a new house. That’s the least you could do!”

Sebastien lowered his eyes.

“I told you about the house on Foch avenue, why won’t you buy that for us Seb, it’s perfect.!”
He looked back at her. “It’s not that I don’t want to Danique, it’s just that at this moment it’s just not possible for me to come up with two million.”
Danique’s eyes opened wide. “That’s bull and you know it! You make millions of dollars Seb!”
He stared at her face that was full of annoyance and slowly shook his head.
“In the future we might be able to buy a house like that Danique , but not right now.”
Danique narrowed her eyes.”Where is your money Seb? “
Sebastien seemed lost for words when suddenly the baby started to cry. He slowly rose and started to rock the baby in his arms when Danique walked over to the kitchen “Amelie!!”She called.
He frowned. “Who’s Amelie?”
Danique looked back “Our nanny of course!”
Sebastien looked stunned when a tiny woman hurried into the living room .
“The baby needs feeding Amelie, please hurry!”
“Oui mademoiselle.”She nodded, hurried to Sebastien and took the crying baby from his arms.
Sebastien watched the woman disappear into kitchen. “Why do we need a nanny?”he asked in astonishment. “And why aren’t you breastfeeding our child?”
Danique turned to him and placed her hands on her hips.” You don’t expect me to care of our child all by myself while you are partying with your palls do you?”
He frowned deeply.” I don’t party Danique!” He said stern. She held up her hand to make him stop talking. “Whatever!”She said . “ And about the breastfeeding: I would breastfeed him if I had milk, okay?”
Sebastien stared at her in disbelieve. “You don’t have to look so shocked Seb, it sometimes happens, not all women produce milk after birth, if you were here you would have known all this “She shouted.
He slowly lowered his eyes and turned away from her. He knew her moods all too well, and this was clearly one of them. In the past, she had thrown things at him when he tried to reason with her. But soon he discovered it was best to keep silent.

After a moment, he turned back and looked at Danique who was staring at her nails. He noticed her belly was surprisingly flat already and if one didn’t know better you wouldn’t think this woman just gave birth to a baby.

” I’m sorry…”He suddenly whispered.
Danique looked up “Are you really?” She asked while tilting her head. He nodded.”. It’s just that you could have asked my mother to help with the baby Danique, you know she would be happy to.” She shook her head. You know your mother hates me Seb.”
“She doesn’t hate you.”
“Yes she does! She thinks I have tricked you and I don’t want her around!”She started to shout again and Sebastien sighed helplessly. “Okay…”He finally said. “But I want her to meet her grandson Danique, you have to allow me that much…”
Danique looked at him and finally waved her hand. “Whatever!.”She sounded bored again.
“I’m tired anyway and I’m going to lay down. “She walked towards her bedroom and she stopped at the door. “Just make sure she’s gone when I wake up…”


Back in London, Ingrid walked towards her door in her new apartment. When she opened the door, she smiled when she saw Lisa with Thomas there.

“Hey” Lisa smiled, “ Do you like your new house?” Ingrid smiled while pressing her lips together and hugged her tight. “Thank you so much “She whispered in her ear.
“You are welcome,” She said when Ingrid let her go. “I’m glad you like it.”
“Oh I can’t even begin to say how much!” Ingrid smiled. “Come in!”

Lisa and Thomas entered the apartment and Bjorn came running out of his bedroom. “THOM!!!”He shouted and ran towards him. “You have to see my new room!” He smiled and dragged Thomas away from Lisa and Ingrid.
Both women smiled. Ingrid then closed the door and turned to Lisa “Cofee?” Lisa nodded and smiled.

A little while later they were both sitting on Ingrid’s new couch in the living room.
“I hope you get use to London soon “Lisa smiled. “It’s more hectic than Gothenburg I’m afraid.”
Ingrid nodded “I know but I love it already. Bjorn needs to adjust a little I think but he’s thrilled to be near Thom.”

Lisa’s smile slowly disappeared. “I guess there’s something I haven’t told you Ing..”She silently said.

“I know you are moving out of London Lisa…”Ingrid said.
Lisa looked up.
“Marc told me everything and I wish there was something I could do for you…”
Lisa shook her head and tried to smile. “It’s okay. We are starting over and that’s a good thing!”
“Starting over is always a good thing…” Ingrid agreed.
Lisa phone started to ring ““I think that’s David. “ She mentioned and Ingrid watched when she searched in her purse for her phone. When she finally found it, she frowned when she noticed on the display it was Carlos and answered.

In the meantime, Bjorn came running out of his room and asked if they could have some chips. Ingrid nodded and rose to get it. After she gave the boys some chips she returned to the living room and noticed Lisa in tears as she stood by the window. She walked over to her when Lisa ended the call.

“What’s the matter?”She asked worried while placing her hand on her shoulder.
Lisa looked up at her with tears in her eyes.” David…. He was in a car accident…”
Ingrid’s mouth dropped. “Oh Lisa… Is he okay?”
She nodded slowly. “They think he will be. I need to see him Ing.” She said with a smothered voice.
Ingrid nodded swiftly. “Off course sweetie, Thom can stay here.”


Urs entered the apartment and placed his keys on the side table next to the door. The house was silent and he slowly walked towards the living room where he saw Angela asleep on the couch with Sara in her arms. They looked so peaceful, Urs took a moment watching them asleep together, and a tender smile appeared on his face.

He slowly walked over to them and sat on the armrest of the couch. He reached out his hand to remove a lock of hair from Angela’s face. Slowly her eyes opened and looked up at Urs who smiled tenderly at her. “Hey beautiful. Missed me?”He asked while holding his head back to look into her eyes. Angela nodded and smiled. “Good “he smiled back and gently got Sara from her arms who was still asleep and stared at her. “God, she has grown so much…” He whispered and briefly closed his eyes as he kissed his daughter on her little cheek.. Angela sat up and smiled. “She certainly has. She does not fit into anything anymore so I bought her new clothes. “Urs looked at Sara’s pink dress and nodded approvingly as he stroke the fabric “Nice!”
“There’s more!” Angela smiled and rose, “We spent a few days shopping actually “
He watched her disappear into the bedroom. “You should see her new coat; it’s truly adorable just like her.” She called from the bedroom. Urs smiled as she came out of the bedroom holding a little light blue trench coat with little pink flowers.
“So? What do you think daddy?” She beamed at him.
“Oh, that’s really cute!” he smiled.
“Light blue suits her, you know. “Angela said while she looked at the coat. “It looks truly amazing on her.” Urs slowly walked over to her. “You are truly amazing...”He said quietly and looked her in the eyes. Angela shy fully lowered the coat and blushed. “Thank you Angie….” He softly said and leaned over with Sara still asleep in his arms and kissed her on her cheek…”I’m going to put this lady in bed and then I’m making you lunch.”He winked and walked towards the bedroom. Angela dropped herself in a chair and slowly touched her cheek. Feeling his soft lips on her skin again made her feel puzzled. “Don’t get carried away Angela…”She whispered to herself. “ Please don’t get carried away…”


Lisa arrived at the hospital and Carlos hurried over her. He hugged her and stroke her hair. “Can I see him?” She asked brushing her face. Carlos nodded. A nurse approached them and asked Carlos if he could help her fill in some papers. Carlos nodded and looked at Lisa. “He’s in room 311 down the hall. I will be there in a minute okay?” Lisa nodded and slowly walked towards the room. She hesitated when she arrived at room 311. She swiftly brushed her hair back and wiped her eyes. Slowly she pushed the door open but froze in the doorway...

Karen was sitting by David’s bed, resting her head on his hand while sobbing silently.

Lisa looked at David whose face looked bruised. They had placed an oxygen mask over his mouth. His shoulder was in a cast, so was his hand.

Lisa opened her mouth to say something but then Karen stopped sobbing. She was not aware that Lisa was standing there in the doorway at all. She had her eyes closed and gently pressed her lips on his hand.

Lisa hesitated for a moment but then finally lowered her eyes and silently left the room…

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Chapter: CCCXI ( I think )

“That will be all Mr. Marin, thank you for your time...”
Carlos nodded briefly and tuned away from the information desk in the hospital. He saw Lisa walking slowly towards him. “Are you okay?”He asked worried. Lisa just stared at him and when Carlos saw she was on the verge of tears, he drew her close. “He’s going to fine carino, I promise you.” Lisa nodded and swiftly brushed her face when Carlos let her go. “I can’t stay here…”She softly said. Carlos stared at her. “I know he would want to see you when he wakes up Lisa.” Lisa looked away and slowly shook her head. “I can’t…” She whispered with a smothered voice. “I’m sorry, I just can’t…”

Carlos felt speechless and watched as she left in tears.
He stood there for a little while before he walked towards David’s room.

When he opened the door, he saw Karen sitting beside his bed, still holding his hand.
“How is he?” Carlos quietly asked as he entered. Karen slowly looked up at him with tears in her eyes. “Nothing changed…” She quietly said. Carlos looked at his friend and sighed.

“Have you called Lisa?”Karen asked.
Carlos looked back at her and opened his mouth to speak.
Then he knew… “She will be here in a little while…” he said.


“Gosh I’m stuffed “Angela said while pushing away her plate. Urs laughed when he looked at the empty bowl of Swiss cheese fondue. “Already? You ate barely anything!” He joked.
Angela Laughed, “yeah right. I think I gained three pounds just there.“
“Well if you did, it’s not showing. You look great!”

Angela smiled as she lowered her eyes and Urs knew he made her shy.

“You know, on the flight back I was thinking…” Urs said, changing the subject as he sat back.
“What were you thinking Mr. Buhler?”Angela asked, looking back at him.
Urs smiled again. “I was thinking that we should move.”
Angela frowned. “Were would you want to move to? “
“When Angelica was pregnant I bought this town house here in London for Sara to grow up in. It’s a great big house with a huge backyard and I have it totally refurbished, or actually Lisa has...”
Angela looked puzzled. “I didn’t know that. Why haven’t you moved there already?”

Urs briefly lowered his eyes. “I have thought about it but guess I just couldn’t, after all that has happened…”
“Off course, I’m sorry Urs. “Angela apologized.
Urs looked back at her and smiled” Stop saying you’re sorry Angie”
“Okay…”She whispered and smiled back.
“Anyway…”Urs continued. “This apartment is way too small for us.”
“It is…”Angela confirmed.
Urs laughed: “Thank you! Now will you let me finish?””
“I’m Sorry…”
Urs lowered his chin. Angela smile, knowing she was not supposed to apologize no more and pressed her lips together.
A short silence followed and Urs’s face turned serious.

“Angie…”He finally said, as he looked her in the eyes… “I wanted to ask you, …”Urs stopped talking when his mobile started to ring.

Angela picked up his cell phone and glanced at the display.”It’s Carlos…”She softly said. “M-maybe you should call him back…?”
Urs still stared at Angela and when she reached out the phone, he slowly took it from her hand …

Angela watched when he dialed Carlos his number before she rose and started clearing the table. She walked towards the kitchen with the dishes and placed them in the sink. She then closed her eyes and tried her body to stop from shaking.


It was late when Carlos got home. He opened the door to his apartment and entered. He saw that all the lights were on and seemed looked shocked when he saw Geraldine coming out of the bedroom.

“Gosh were where you?”She asked worried. “I’ve been waiting for you all day!.”
Carlos seemed speechless for a moment seeing her there and frowned when he explained to her what had happened to David. After he told her that he would be okay, Geraldine sighed relieved and walked over to him to hug him but Carlos turned away from her.

“I’m going to take a shower.”He said and walked straight to the bedroom. Geraldine watched in disbelieve as he disappeared towards the bedroom.

After a moment, she followed him. She watched him get undressed while standing in the doorway.

“I’m glad David’s going to be okay..” She silently said. “Nonetheless it must have been quite a shock seeing his car all wrecked on the highway….”

Carlos didn’t even look at her and just nodded. He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked towards the bathroom. Geraldine followed him again. “Why didn’t you answer my calls Carlos?”She asked, entering the bathroom.
Carlos turned on the shower. “I was busy Geraldine.”

Geraldine frowned, as she didn’t understand his distant behavior.

“Will you please talk to me for a moment?”
Carlos glanced at her. “About what?”
Her face turned angry. “About what? How about you saying: hello to me for starters?”
Carlos looked at her but kept quiet. “We haven’t seen each other in weeks and when I come home you act as if I am someone you don’t want to be with. I am your wife!” She stared at him in disbelief. “What the hell is going on???”

Carlos ignored her and turned away from her again .

“CARLOS!!!”Geraldine shouted.
Suddenly he turned back with fury shooting out of his eyes. “YOU WANT TO TALK?”He shouted with his deep dark voice “OKAY LET”S TTALK! HOW ABOUT YOU TELL ME THE TRUTH TO START WITH HUH?”
“The truth about what?” Geraldine rose her arms.
Her eyes grew wide. “What are you talking about?”

Carlos looked like a raging bull when he walked out of the bathroom and violently pulled open the drawer from her nightstand. Geraldine watched when he picked up her diary and threw it at her. “THERE”S THE TRUTH!”He shouted. “AND WE ARE DONE!”

He got back into the bathroom and slammed the door with great force causing a framed picture of their wedding day to fall of the wall.

Geraldine stared at her diary and started to shake like a leaf…

In Paris, Sebastien was walking his mother to the front door. She was glowing holding her grandson and kissed him gently before she handed him to her son. “He’s is absolutely beautiful Cherie. I can’t believe that I’m a grandmother now…”
Sebastien smiled. “Me neither but I agree, he is beautiful. “ Marie looked at her son and caressed his face. “I’m so proud of you Cherie.” Her eyes looked moist and Sebastien leaned over and kissed his mother on her cheek. “I’m sorry that Danique is sleeping maman.”He apologized. Marie shook her head. She knew he was defending her and she appreciated that. “She must be tired Cherie, giving birth takes up a lot of energy.”She smiled. “I see you soon okay?” Sebastien nodded and kissed his mother goodbye.
After his mother left, he slowly walked back towards the living room while smiling at his son. He did not know that the nanny from the kitchen was watching him carefully.

Meanwhile, Danique listened at her bedroom door, making sure Marie had left. She then opened the door quietly and walked towards the living room where Sebastien was softly singing to the baby in his arms. “Amelie!. “ Danique called. The little woman hurried out of the kitchen. “The baby needs to be put in bed. “

Sebastien looked at her and frowned. “I will put the baby in bed Danique. “
Danique noticed his annoyance and she immediately changed her tone “That’s why we have Amelie Cherie.”She slowly walked towards him. “You need some rest as well, don’t you? “
Sebastien looked at the baby who was sound asleep in his arms. “I’m fine,” He stated.

Danique smiled at him “He looks like you, you know?”
Sebastien raised his eyebrows “You think?” Danique nodded with a tender smile on her face. “Let me take him from you.”She held out her arms and Sebastien gently placed the baby in her arms. As soon as he withdrew his hands, the baby woke and started crying. “AMELIE!” Danique called. “The baby‘s crying!”
“Yes madame, I will take him”

Sebastien looked stunned when Danique gave the baby to the nanny.
“Why did you do that?” He asked when Amelie disappeared into the kitchen with the baby once again.
Danique looked surprised: “The baby was crying Seb”
“The baby is our baby, and you are its mother!”
“I know that…”Danique laughed.
“Well I’m glad you do. And since you are his mother, maybe, just maybe you could try to comfort him yourself. “
“The baby always cries when I hold him Seb, and besides I get a little nervous when babies are crying”
She looked sheepishly at him.
“That’s a lame excuse and you it.”
“It’s not! I do not know how to be a mother. This is all new to me Seb”
“And what do you think this is for me? He’s my firstborn and if you think I will let my child be raised by a strange woman you are wrong!” He said stern. “We, as his parents, should take care of him.”

“I see that your mother has brainwashed you again.” She mumbled.

Sebastien face turned angry and Danique stepped back when he approached her.
“Leave my mother out of this!”He hissed.
Danique stared at him with wide eyes.
“I..I’m sorry…” She finally stuttered. She looked away for a moment before she looked back. “I’m just tired Seb. I’m so tired…”. Sebastien watched as she covered her face and sighed. He then walked towards her and drew her close. “I understand…It’s okay…” He softly said.

The next day Lisa was filling the moving boxes in her study.

Thomas was staying the night at Ingrid’s house and she agreed that he would be better of going to Paris with her and Bjorn later this week allowing her and Carmen to move to the cottage.

She looked up when Carmen called her name.
“I have cleared out all the linens Lisa.”
“Okay, thank you…”Lisa smiled.
Lisa placed a new box on the table and Carmen slowly walked over to her.
“Have you heard anything about David’s condition?”

Lisa looked up at her and vaguely shook her head.

“Are you going to see him?”
Lisa sighed and paused for a moment…“I’m not sure if I should Carmen…” she finally said.
Carmen frowned. “You can’t just leave him there Lisa!”
“They keep him asleep, he wouldn’t even know I’m there…” She defended herself.
Carmen stared at her in disbelief. “I can’t believe you just said that…”

Lisa stared back at her and looked lost for words…

” This man loves you so much and you just leave him there because he’s asleep? If it was you there in that hospital I’m absolutely sure he wouldn’t leave you for a single second Lisa!”

Lisa dropped her head in shame.

Carmen shook her head in disbelieve “You can’t treat people this way Lisa, you just can’t!”She said obviously disappointed in her and walked out of the room.

After Carmen, left Lisa sat down on one of the boxes. She then dropped her head and closed her eyes…

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Chapter: CCCXII

Geraldine stared outside the bedroom window and wrapped her bathrobe tighter around her body.
It was almost 9 o’clock in the morning and rain was pouring out of the sky. Carlos hadn’t spoken to her after he threw her diary at her last night and told her that they were done. She’d begged him to talk to her but he had ignored her completely. He did finish his shower but right after he got dressed he left the apartment in a hurry.

She closed her eyes for a moment when she felt the tears burning in her eyes. Were they really done? Didn’t he love her anymore? Just like that?
She slowly turned away from the window and lowered herself on the bed. She looked back. The diary was still laying there on her bed stand and she stared at it. In there were her deepest feelings, feelings she had felt at certain moments in her life, feelings she never dared to speak out. Knowing that Carlos had read them hurt her. She felt betrayed angry and sad at the same time. She didn’t expect him to understand her feelings about Sebastien. Nobody knew about it and she would keep them safe to herself for always, …or so she had thought…

A silent knock at the door made her turn. She slowly got up and walked towards the front door stroking her hair back and swiftly brushing her face. When she opened the door Karen was standing there. She looked pale and thin and was at the verge of tears as she stared at her with big eyes. “ Carlos told me you were here…” She softly whispered. “ He is with David in the hospital and told me to go home for a while. But my apartment isn’t finished yet and I don’t know what to do there “She added and tried to show her a weak smile as she slightly lifted her shoulders. Geraldine reached out her arms and drew her close. Karen clenched to her bathrobe and started to sob quietly.
“Its okay sweetie” Geraldine whispered and gently walked her inside.
She sat her down on the couch and sat beside her.
Still sobbing, Karen leaned against her as she covered her face with both hands.

Geraldine knew she was exhausted and didn’t ask her any questions.

“Its okay sweetheart, it’s all going to be okay…” She stroke Karen’s hair back while looking up, trying hard to push back her own tears.

As the time past by she just sat there with Karen in her arms rocking her gently until she finally had cried herself to sleep.

She heard somebody whisper her name and Geraldine looked at the door and saw Angela coming in.
Angela looked shocked when she noticed her sitting with Karen asleep against her.

“Is everything okay?” Angela’s whispered.
Geraldine nodded slowly and pointed towards a blanket on a lounge chair. Angela walked over to the chair and grabbed the blanket. Geraldine slowly rose from the couch and carefully laid Karen down. Angela covered her with the blanket and tucked her in. They both walked towards the kitchen.

“She looks so tired. “ Angela remarked quietly as they entered and closed the door.
“She is. She has been with David all this time.”
Angela sighed. “That’s so sad. I ‘m glad he’s going to fine though. “
Geraldine nodded and smiled vaguely.
Angela stared at her. “Are you okay? You look like you’ve been crying too.”
Geraldine briefly lowered her eyes before she looked back at her.
“Carlos found my diary.”
Angela frowned. “Don’t tell me he read it.”
Geraldine’s lower lip trembled. “He—he did actually..”
Angela’s mouth dropped. “ Oh my God sweetie, that’s horrible. How could he do that?”
Geraldine shrugged her shoulders. “I have no idea…” She softly said in a smothered tone. “ He threw the diary at me last night and told me we were done.”
Angela seemed speechless for a moment. “Was there anything in particular-”
Geraldine nodded quietly before she could finish her sentence.
“I see…” Angela softly said and looked worried. “But whatever it was, I’m sure he doesn’t mean that he wants to end your relationship. He’s probably just upset.”
Geraldine looked away. “He meant it Angie…”

Angela stared at her. She knew that when Carlos said something, even in anger, that he mostly meant every word.
“He loves you Gerald. You are married; he will turn around this time. Just give him some time to release his anger.”
“He read about my feelings for Seb” She suddenly said, looking back at her.
“You have feelings for Seb?” Angela asked in total astonishment.
Geraldine shook her head swiftly. “There was a time I thought I had feelings for him, but I never spoke them out. Seb doesn’t know, nobody knows. There were just feelings; it turned out being nothing but Carlos he…”

Geraldine stopped talking when she choked up.
It bothered Angela to see her best friend in pain and her face turned irritated when she walked over to her and rubbed her arms.

“Listen sweetie. It was wrong of him to read your diary. You should have been the one that’s angry here! No matter what you wrote in there, those are your thoughts and he seriously invited your privacy by reading them!”
Geraldine looked at her friend and couldn’t suppress a smile seeing her take her side. “You are such a good friend to me…” She whispered brushing a tear from her cheek.
“ I know I am.” Angela smiled. “Now you tell him right or I will okay?
Geraldine smiled when she nodded and hugged her friend.


Back in Paris, Sebastien, Danique and the baby arrived at his apartment.
He opened the door and carried the bags inside. Danique walked inside with the baby and waited for Sebastien to bring in the stroller.
The minute he did, she handed him the baby and watched him as he cuddled him before he gently laid him down.

She had been very displeased when Sebastien told her about David’s accident and that he was flying back to London that evening to go see him. Immediately after, he had insisted they’d move to his apartment for the time being. Her apartment was very small, situated in and old neglected building and had no sprinklers or fire distinguisher, which he thought was unacceptable with a baby. He also had discharged the nanny which had infuriated her even more. He had told her to call Marie if she needed any help with the baby. She did know better than to contradict him at this point, especially since she needed him to show she could do it on her own and was a good mother to their son, a better mother than Lisa Amberville who he used as an example the other night. He told her she raised her son by herself and never heard her complain. Danique was astounded to hear him say that especially since she thought he was done with her. But instead of arguing his words she knew she had to be better than Lisa Amberville to make him think more of her, love her more than he ever loved that woman. She hated her more than she hated anyone in her life. The mention of her name was enough to make her stomach crunch and her anger rise. And now he was going back to London where she was and she would be here alone with the baby.

Danique clenched her teeth by the thought of that.

“So….” Sebastien sighed when he carried the last bag inside. “That’s all of it!”
Danique sighed as well as she glanced around. “I can still smell her.” She said annoyed.
Sebastien frowned “Don’t be ridiculous Danique.”
Danique arched her eyebrows. “I’m not being ridiculous, it’s true. You promised me new furniture”

Sebastien stared at her for a moment.

“Laurent is bringing a new bed and a cot for Paddy this afternoon. When I get back we will get the rest.”
Danique stared at him agitated. “How long will you be gone?”
“Hopefully in a few days, Carlos told me that David’s situation is stable so far.”

Sebastien’s phone rang and after he glanced at the display he excused himself and walked to his office.

This was the fourth time he did that since he got back. When his phone rang he hurried away from her every time.

After a moment he walked back inside. “ Okay then.” He said and smiled vaguely at her.
“You make yourself at home. I have to take care of some things and I will be back in a hour or so.”
Danique frowned deeply.” Where are you going?”
Sebastien picked up his keys and looked back. “I’m going to see Nollane and Laurent.”
Danique winced and looked away.
“They are my friends Danique and I haven’t seen them in a while.”
“ Right.” Danique mumbled. “ So your leaving your son and me already?” She looked back at him with questioning eyes.
Sebastien took a deep breathe. “ I won’t be long…” He softly said and left quietly.

Danique stared at the door for a moment…
Suddenly she looked up when she heard a cell phone ringing. She rushed towards his office and noticed Sebastien cell phone on his desk. She picked it up and stared at the display -THOMAS CALLING-

“ That bastard!” She said as She felt her anger rise inside.

Without thinking she pressed the answer button.

“ Seb, is that you? “ She heard Thomas his little voice.
“NO, it’s his wife: Danique Izambard. “ She said stern.
The line stayed quiet…
“Why are you calling Sebastien?” She asked.
“ We..we talk often…” Thomas stuttered.

Danique’s hand made a fist.

“Now you listen carefully!” Danique continued.” Don’t ever call Sebastien anymore you hear! He has a new life now and a real son, a son of his own. He didn’t want to say it to you before but he doesn’t want to talk you anymore.”

“ B-But he….” Thomas’s voice choked.

” I don’t care what he said to you! He’s life is here now not with you! You are NOT his son! STOP CALLING HIM “ She almost shouted and turned the phone off.

When she rose and noticed a framed picture of Lisa she snatched it and threw against the wall with great force. “ YOU B****!!” She yelled and panted with anger.

When she heard the baby crying she hurried towards the living room and looked at the stroller. She had no idea what to do….


Lisa parked her car at the hospital and stepped out.

Carlos had phoned her and told her that he’d sent Karen home for a few hours. She wanted to visit David, she really did. But lately she felt that her place wasn’t at David’s side especially since she saw Karen with him in the hospital.
Even though David was kept asleep, it was obvious that they belonged together. Lisa still loved him and was certain she always would. However the last couple of days made her realize she wasn’t in love with him and doubted if she ever was.

When she arrived at David’s room she hesitated for a moment before she opened the door. She was surprised to see that David was awake and laughing with Carlos. They both looked up at her when she entered.

“Well look who’s awake!” Carlos smiled. Lisa looked at David who also smiled at her and she smiled back as she approached him.

David grabbed her hand and Lisa kissed him tenderly on his forehead.

“I will leave you two lovebirds alone for a moment. “ Carlos winked before he left the room.

“It’s so good to see you…” David whispered.
Lisa brushed his hair back and looked at his gentle face.

He had a bruised cheek and below both his eyes his skin looked black and blue.

“I’m glad to see you awake.” She whispered.
David patted his hand on the bed. “Come sit with me…”

Lisa sat on the edge of the mattress.

“Thank you for watching over me…” He said as he looked deep into her eyes.
” Carlos told me you didn’t leave my side …” Lisa frowned and lowered her eyes. She felt speechless. She couldn’t believe Carlos had said that. “ I love you Lisa…” he whispered and she felt how his hand touched her face.
She slowly looked back at him. “David ….” She paused to clear her throat “There is something I want to talk about.”

David noticed she looked bothered…
“ Okay…” He finally said while his face turned serious.

“I- I wasn’t here… “She said, looking into his eyes.
David smiled “ I know you weren’t when I woke but Carlos told me you went home to change for a moment and that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself about that baby.”

Lisa forcefully shook her head. “You don’t understand….”
David grabbed her hand. “Stop Lisa,I do understand.” He said with perseverance, gently squeezing her hand. “When I get out of here we’ll go away sweetie. Just us,… and Thom off course.” He added and smiled. “ I missed you so much…”
Lisa looked bothered and bit her lower lip.
“ Didn’t you miss me?” He asked.
Lisa smiled vaguely and swallowed hard. “ I did…” she said quietly, “ Off course I did…”

A nurse walked in and smiled. “ I heard you were awake Mr. Miller” She said . “How are you feeling?” She asked as she glanced at the monitor.

David smiled as he looked back at Lisa.
“Better… Much better “he said.

Angela got back at Urs’s apartment and smiled when she saw Urs playing with Sara in the livingroom.
He looked up. “Hey Sara, look who’s back!”
He smiled while he held his daughter in his arm and pointed towards her.
Sara smiled as she reached out her little chubby arms to her and Angela completely melted.
She walked over and took Sara from Urs’s arms.
“ Hello my little girlfriend” Angela said and held her close.
Sara placed her head against her chest and smiled at Urs.
“She missed you…|” he said.

Angela blushed a little as she caressed Sara hair.

“How was Gerald?” He asked when he lowered himself on the couch. Angela sighed and sat down in a chair, placing Sara on her lap.
“Apparently she and Carlos are having some problems. “
Urs frowned. “What about?”
“He found her diary…”
Urs rolled his eyes. “ I told him not to say anything…” he mumbled.
Angela’s eyes grew wide “You knew?”
Urs nodded. “He told me a while ago that he read it.”
“And what do you think about that?”
“ I think it’s unacceptable, and I told him that. However I do believe that the damage was already done…”
Angela shook her head. “It is unacceptable… I can’t believe he did that. I never thought he would do things like that. That’s nothing like him is it?”
“ It’s not. But lately I have to say he’s acting a bit strange; I’m not sure what to think…”
“What do you mean? She looked at him with questioning eyes.
Urs briefly looked away. “There’s this girl who worked for Lisa…”
“Don’t tell me is having an affair!!!” Angela looked shocked.
Urs shook his head, “ I don’t believe he is but he likes her. He really likes her…”
“ Oh my God…” Angela whispered.

Sebastien was saying goodbye to Laurent and Nollane in a café at Montmartre in Paris. It was so good to see them again. On the drive home he thought about their conversation. Both of his friends picked their words wisely but it was obvious they were both worried and questioned him about Danique and the baby.
They also told him that they heard that Jullien had severe money problems. He was recently fired from the hospital he worked for and appeared to have a drug problem.

Sebastien rubbed his face when he waited for the traffic lights.
When the traffic started to move again he turned onto the roundabout at place Concorde and took the exit at the champ Elysees.

He looked in his rear mirror and saw the black Mercedes with blinded windows was still driving behind him.
He noticed the same car parked at Montmartre before he got in his car there.

He frowned and when he got at the Arc de Triomphe he decided to drive and extra round on the roundabout. The car followed him but when he drove the second round the car took an exit.

Sebastien swiftly shook his head and smiled ruefully. “You are losing it Izambard..” He silently said to himself.

A few minutes later he parked the car in front of his apartment building and got out. As he walked up the stairs he glanced at his watch: Two more hours before he had to leave for the airport.
As he got at his front door he frowned when he heard voices inside.
He opened the door and looked astonished to find the nanny there feeding his son.

“Where is Danique?” He asked.
Amelie nodded at the bedroom door and continued feeding the baby.
Sebastien dropped his keys on a side table and rushed towards the bedroom.

He swung the door open and saw Danique reading a magazine while laying on the bed.

“ What the hell are you doing???”
Danique looked up , “ What am I doing?” She echoed his words with irritation in her voice.

She then lowered the magazine and got up.

“If you think I’m some sort of maid around here, you are wrong Sebastien!”
Sebastien’s eyes grew wide “ MAID? You are a mother Danique.”
“ That’s right!” She said, walking towards him “And you are a FATHER! That in there is your son. Thomas Amberville is not! WHY on earth are you still talking to this stupid kid?” She shouted holding his cell phone to his face.
Instantly he grabbed her arm and pulled his cell phone from her hand.

She looked scared all of a sudden.

“Don’t you dare call him stupid! “ He calmly said as he dropped her arm.
Danique lowered her eyes.
He turned away from her, picked up a bag and put in some clothes.

“ I..I just want us to be a family….” Danique said in a timid voice.

Sebastien didn’t answer her or looked up. She knew he was furious even though he seemed completely calm.

“ Seb, I’m sorry… please talk to me. Don’t leave like this.”
Sebastien closed his bag and looked back at her. “If there’s something with Paddy, call my mother. Take care of him.”
He silently said and turned.

” SEB!!! “ Danique clenched his arm. “Please don’t go like this, I will sent Amelie away I promise. The baby was crying and I didn’t know what to do, I panicked. But I will try to care of him myself, I promise I will.”
Sebastien shrugged his shoulders. “ I don’t care what you do anymore as long as you keep him safe.” He said and walked out. “What about me!!!! “ She shouted running after him. “ Don’t you want me to be safe???”

Sebastien ignored her once again.
He kissed the baby, who was still in Amelie’s arms and left the apartment.

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Chapter: CCCXIII

Cydalia was zipping her coffee at a café in Kensington park. She was waiting for Carlos who had called her earlier and asked her to meet him there. She felt nervous and kept brushing her hair back. Since she lost her Job at Amberville Photography he had called her often from the USA. Asking how she was doing and telling her about the tour. She loved his phone calls but didn’t quite know what to think of it. She could not deny the fact that she liked him, she liked him very much but kept saying to herself that he was a married man and that they were just becoming Good friends who felt at ease with each other. Not so good that they would talk about their personal lives though. He never talked about his private life and he never asked about hers either. She on her part never asked why he kept calling her. . She knew her feelings for him were getting stronger and she knew she was ignoring the little voice inside her that kept saying she had to take some distance. They had no future especially because he was happily married and she certainly didn’t want to be a home wrecker…

“ Helooo beautiful” Cydalia looked up when she heard Carlos’s dark voice. He smiled down at her and instantly she felt her face turn red. “ Hi…” She softly said and smiled brightly, hoping her face wouldn’t look like a tomato.
“Did you wait long?” He asked while he sat opposite of her.
She shook her head. “I was a bit early but you are right on time”
“Well, I always am.” He smiled and winked at her.

The waiter asked Carlos what he had liked and he pointed at Cydalia’s coffee. “I’ll have what she’s having.”
The waiter looked at Cydalia. “ A latte..” She softly said and both watched as the waiter smiled friendly and walked towards the counter.

“So…” Carlos sighed as he smiled back at her. “You look terrific.”
“Thank you.” She softly said and avoiding his look. “The reason I wanted to see you is that I wondered if you already have another job.” Cydalia raised her eyebrows. “ Not really no…”
“Do you intend to stay here in London?”
Cydalia shrugged her shoulders, “I’m not sure. I want to, but if I can’t find a job I have to go back”
Carlos nodded understandably. “I Think I can help you with that. Karen, a very dear friend of mine, recently took a job as our personal assistant slash publicist and she’s doing a great job but she could use some help.. I think you could be a great help to her," Carlos continued.
“But I don’t have any experience in publicity Carlos “ Cydalia remarked.
“You don’t need any, the job isn’t that hard to do and besides Karen will help you and so will Steve, our manager.”
Cydalia bit her lower lip.
“What do you think…?” Carlos asked as he searched her eyes.
She stared at him.
“You could give it try, can’t you?”
“ I guess I could…” She softly said and smiled.
Carlos grabbed her hand and smiled relieved. “Wonderful!!” He exclaimed. I will set it up a.s.a.p. and get you started.”

Sebastien checked in for is flight while he held the phone clenched to his ear. He tried calling Thomas from the moment he left the apartment but he did not answer.
“Here you go Mister Izambard, your in seat 23-B”
“Thank you “ Sebastien smiled friendly when he took his boarding pass and turned away from the desk , totally missing the flirtatious look she gave him.

He dialed Lisa’s house number and brought the phone back to his ear.
After a moment, he lowered it again.
He sighed deeply before he threw his back over his shoulder and walked towards the gate.
As he waited in line for customs, his phone rang.
He glanced at the display and noticed it was a private number.
“ Hello?” He answered. “ Is this Monsieur Izambard?” He heard a woman’s voice.
“ Yes, who is this?”
“ I’m sorry, My name is Annabelle and I’m with Lifetree Real-estate, I’m just calling to say that your offer on the house is accepted by the owners.”
He frowned deeply. “What offer?”
The line stayed quiet for a moment…” The offer on the house on Foch Avenue. Your wife signed for it, I have the document right here. Mrs Izambard, Danique Izambard she is your wife isn’t she? The woman asked reluctantly.
Sebastien looked shocked as he glared around the airport, searching for words to explain to the woman that this was a mistake and that he did not have the money.
“Look…” Sebastien finally said, wiping the instant sweat from his forehead.” There has been a miscommunication with my wife on this matter. I have to restrain the offer; it’s simply not possible at this moment.”
“I see…” The woman sounded bothered. “The thing is mister Izambard that your wife signed the offer already and since the owner accepted it’s already a done deal I’m afraid. The only thing that’s missing is your signature on the contract.”
Sebastien froze… “ C-can’t I just retreat the offer?.”
“Since your wife already signed, I’m afraid not.”
He felt his knees weaken.
“……I…” Sebastien covered his mouth with his hand and forcefully closed his eyes.
“ Mr Izambard. Are you still there?”
Sebastien lowered his hand and looked down “I have to call my lawyer on this matter….I will get back to you.”
He lowered the phone in his hand and felt his body shaking.


He looked up when a woman from customs touched his arm.

“ Are you okay?”
Sebastien stared at her but managed to nod vaguely.
“You are next sir, right this way please.”

Back in the hospital: The nurse took David’s blood pressure.

“Will I live?” He asked while arching his eyebrows at the nurse.
” Oh yes!” The nurse smiled as she released the pressure band from his arm.”Your blood pressure is close to perfect!”
“Well that’s good to hear!” David smiled brightly at Lisa who looked back at nurse. “Have you any idea when he will be released?”
The nurse shook her head. “Not for awhile I’m afraid. His injuries are severe and he needs another operation to take out the pins in his leg before he can even get out of bed.”

Lisa glanced at the crane at the end of his bed that held up his casted leg.

David patted her hand. “We’ll just have to make to most of it baby. We could throw a party inhere!” He said cheerfully. “If we serve some cognac I’m sure Carlos will put his bed beside mine, I’ll throw in some sedatives, he’ll pass out again and then we can switch places!” He grinned.
Lisa smiled ruefully. “I don’t think that’s a very good idea though…”
“ I have to agree with your wife.” The nurse smiled and picked up her note pad. “I will be back with you painkillers later on dear. Buzz me if you need anything okay?” David nodded and watched as she left the room. “ Ah well… He sighed as he looked back at Lisa, “At least I can get high on Demerol “He joked. Lisa playfully pinched his cheek. She knew he was trying hard to cheer her up.
“What happened on the motorway David?”
David lowered his eyes and took a moment… He then looked back at her: “ The only thing I remember is seeing the traffic jam ahead, I tried to slow down but the gas pedal seemed stuck and my brakes failed…”
“ Did you drive on cruise control?”
David shook his head.
“ Your car is brand-new, how could this happen?”

“ I don’t know but don’t worry so much, I’ll be fine…” He softly said tenderly caressing her face.
“How is my little friend doing?” David asked changing the subject.
“Thom is at Ingrid’s.”
“Oh yeah I forgot that she moved here. Does she like her apartment?”
Lisa nodded vaguely and smiled.
“She wants to take him to Paris at the end of the week. Bjorn is going to visit Ron there and she thought Thomas could go with him to give me some space to move…”
David stared at her in silence for a moment.
“Why didn’t you talk to me about the house Lisa? You didn’t have to sell it.”
Lisa lowered her eyes. “I know…” she silently said before she looked back at him. : “But I wanted to sell the house. Besides it’s my problem David, not yours….”

David knew her well enough to know that she hated to rely on anyone and knowing that Seb paid off her debt bothered her tremendously.

“You know that I could pay him back the money baby, if it bothers you so much...”
“I know, but I don’t want you to…”
She paused for a moment brushing her hair back and staring at her fingers
“I-I want a new start David. “ She continued and slowly looked back at him. “I need a new start, a new life for Thomas and me. After all that has happened the past year I feel like I’m stuck in misery. There are so many memories in that house and most of them aren’t so good. Moving out off the house is just one step closer to a new beginning…. ”

David gradually lowered his eyes. “Where do I fit in Lisa…?” He asked in a whisper while looking into her eyes.

Lisa swiftly looked away and swallowed hard.
David felt a stitch through his stomach when he noticed her eyes moistened.

A deafening silence followed and both where afraid to speak.

“Do you love me?” David finally asked, his voice sounded deep with sadness.
Lisa nodded in silence without looking at him.
He lifted his hand and gently turned her face, forcing her to look at him.
“If time is what you need, I will give it to you. You know that don’t you?”
Lisa nodded almost invisible for anyone to see. Her eyes were pinned at his. “I wasn’t here David…” She suddenly whispered in a smothered voice.
David looked puzzled. “What do you mean?”
Lisa clenched her lips for a moment while lowering her eyes.
“I know Carlos told you differently, but I was never here… Karen was…”
She slowly looked back at him and a tear dropped down her cheek.
“She stayed by you from the moment they brought you in and never left your side. Carlos called me after he’d sent Karen home to get some sleep.”

David slowly lowered his hand from her face and his disappointment in her was noticeable all over his face when he turned his head away.
“I’m sorry… “She said quietly “I’m so sorry….”

Later that day Sebastien paid the cab driver and got out of the car outside his apartment building in London. He greeted Theodore as he walked towards the elevator. While he waited for the elevator to come down he noticed Angela coming in pushing the stroller with Sara in it. They both stared at each other and Sebastien finally managed to smile at her and say hello to her. Angela smiled back and he noticed she looked a bit uncomfortable. “How are you?”Sebastien asked. Angela nodded “I-I’m fine…”She softly said, surprised he asked her that. “ Did you enjoy the weather?”He asked while he glanced at the sunshine outside. “We went grocery shopping actually. “She replied and Sebastien nodded as he noticed the bags besides her. “How is Urs doing?”
“He’s doing okay, he’s visiting Angelica’s grave.”
“I see..”he softly said and lowered his eyes at Sara in the stroller.“Gosh she’s grown!” Sebastien said as he got through his knees and looked at Sara who was sound asleep. “She is gorgeous.” He said as he rose. “I agree.” Angela smiled. A short silence followed until the elevator opened. Angela reached down to pick up her groceries and Sebastien grabbed the stroller. “Here, Let me help you” He said and pushed the stroller carefully inside the elevator. “Thank you..” She said shy fully and entered the elevator after him.
Sebastien pushed the button and they both watched silently as the doors closed. “So how have you been?” Angela asked. Sebastien looked at her and vaguely shrugged his shoulders. “Truthfully, I have been better…” Angela looked into his eyes and smiled vaguely. “Congratulations on you son”
Sebastien instantly smiled “Thank you. He’s wonderful, just like this little lady here.”
“I guess you came back for David?”
Sebastien’s face turned worried” yes…”
“He’s awake now, you know?”
Sebastien nodded, “I heard, Carlos told me. I’m glad to hear that.”
“I’m so sorry about all that has happened to you Seb…” Angela suddenly said and looked regretful. Sebastien looked at her eyes and knew she meant it. “You have been through a lot yourself.”
Angela nodded, “True, but things are better now. Besides I was to blame for most things that happened.”
Sebastien couldn’t deny that and smiled vaguely. “You’ve changed…” he softly said.
“for the better, I have to add.” Angela smiled. “That’s could to hear, especially coming from you.”
“We weren’t the greatest friends were we?” Sebastien softly said and lowered his eyes. “No we weren’t…” The elevator stopped and Sebastien helped Angela getting out.
He walked with her to Urs’s door and Angela thanked him. He looked at her for a moment and she noticed he was hesitating for something to say.

“I’m sorry we didn’t get along Angela… Sebastien finally said. “It’s not right that I’ve ignored you for all these years…”
“I really don’t blame you Seb, you had your reasons for doing so, and looking back now, the way I was, I understand…So please Don’t be sorry.”
“Well I am… We never understood each other and I never took the effort to try. It’s obvious that you are very special to Urs, you always have been and I should have respected that. The way you are helping him right now means a lot to me, especially since neither of us is able to do so.” Angela stared at him and felt her eyes moisten. “The way you are coping with little Sara is truly amazing. “ He continued” I know that most women couldn’t handle taking care of another woman’s child, especially when their partner is the father”
Angela looked down and stared at Sara. “ I love her so much, I feel that I’ve been given another change to do the right thing.” Sebastien smiled: “Well if so you have grabbed that change with both hands, and I admire you for that.”
Angela looked back at him and smiled thankfully. “Take care…” He whispered and kissed her on the cheek before he walked towards his apartment. Angela stared after him, she couldn’t believe all the things he just said to her and a smile appeared on her face.


Lisa got home and noticed the house was empty. She found a note from Carmen that she left to run some errands. She slowly took of her coat and lowered herself in the chair next to the phone. She glanced at her watch, thinking she should pick Thomas from Ingrid’s but needed a little time on her own. She sat there for a while, staring into nothing while thinking about David.

The phone rang and she hesitated if she should answer. Finally, she sat up straight before she picked it up.
“Lisa Amberville…” She softly said.
“Yes, miss Amberville this is Monica. I am doctor Ewing’s assistant. We were expecting you this afternoon.”
Lisa sighed and briefly closed her eyes. “Oh I’m so sorry….”She answered. “Something came up and I honestly forgot all about the appointment.”
“I see…”The assistant said, “However the doctor really wants to speak to you we have a cancellation at 5, can you come in now?”
Lisa frowned. “Is that really necessary?”
“I’m just the assistant Miss Amberville, I’m only forwarding his request.”

Lisa looked up and glanced at the clock in the hallway.

“Okay, I’ll be there in ten minutes.”


Urs clutched the white flowers tighter in his hand as he arrived at the cemetery. The late winter sun shone its warm light on his face as he slowly walked, with unsteady feet towards Angelica’s grave. It was his first visit since her funeral and he had trouble keeping his emotions. He had always avoided cemeteries as long as he could remember and it just did not feel right being there now.
Angelica and he were not married but he felt like a grieving widow since the day she had died. He had so many mornings when he had woken up and hoped it all had been a terrible nightmare. A terrible nightmare that would fade slowly from his mind before the morning would end and the afternoon started. However, this nightmare did not fade for one second. He still lived it every hour, each day since she passed. He knew he had to go on, for Sara and for himself. He was not someone that gave up easily but there were so many moments that he just felt, he did not want try to anymore. Luckily, all he had to do to get his strength back was looking at his beautiful daughter.

Urs looked up and noticed the white tombstone at her grave in the distance. His feet felt heavier with every step he took.
When he finally stood at her grave he slowly laid down the flowers, he then looked up and stared frozen at the words written in the headstone:

The past is history. The future, a mystery.
But we will hold dear our memories of her,
her smile, the sound of her laughter...forever...

Urs covered his mouth and collapsed to his knees. He placed one hand on the ground and squeezed the earth through his fingers, trying to keep himself from falling to the ground completely as the tears streamed down his cheeks …

Lisa arrived at the clinic and the assistant greeted her. “Good of you to come Miss Amberville. The doctor will see you now. Please follow me.”
Lisa followed the assistant through the hallway. She stopped at a door and opened it. “Please take a seat, the doctor will be with you in a minute” She smiled friendly at Lisa. Lisa thanked her and walked inside. She sat down in one of the chairs in front of the desk and waited impatiently. She felt extremely nervous and did not know what to expect. Maybe they did find something peculiar in her test results maybe she was ill. He would probably tell her that it was not exhaustion that caused the dizzy spells. Lisa brushed her face with both hands. The worst thoughts crossed her mind and she couldn’t think straight anymore. She shook up when a backdoor opened and the doctor entered. He smiled vaguely as he looked at her over his glasses. He walked towards her and shook her hand. “Thank you for coming Lisa.”He said en she sat on the edge of her seat as he sat down behind his desk and glanced at some papers. “W-What did you find? Is it serious?” She asked him with an unsteady voice.
The doctor lowered his glasses and looked at her. “We did find something Lisa and it is pretty serious I’m afraid. “

Lisa clenched her lips and tried hard to stay calm and hear him out.

“I know you have been through a lot Lisa, the loss of your husband and recently your father.
”Lisa stared at him almost paralyzed. “How bad is it?”
The doctor smiled vaguely, “It’s not necessarily bad Lisa.
”Lisa frowned. “What do you mean?”
“Your test results came up positive for pregnancy…”
Lisa’s eyes grew wide as chills went through her spine.
“I…I’m pregnant?”
The doctor nodded quietly.
She gradually lowered her eyes…“I…I can’t believe this…”She stuttered. “Are you sure?” She looked at him in disbelieve.
The doctor only nodded.
“They told me after my miscarriage that I couldn’t get pregnant anymore…”
“When you miscarried they removed one ovary but you have still one left Lisa.”
“I know they left one ovary but it was damaged, they only left it behind so I wouldn’t get an early menopause. I still have my periods”
The doctor stared at her.
“I understand their prognosis at the time, getting pregnant with one damaged ovary is very unlikely but apparently not impossible. And having periods during pregnancy is uncommon but it happens sometimes “
Lisa was trembling all over her body. “How far am I…?”
The doctor glanced at the chart in front of him. “We suspect that you are at least four months into your pregnancy, close to five.”
“Oh my GOD….”Lisa exclaimed and started to cry. The doctor grabbed Lisa’s hand.

“I understand this must come as a shock to you but because you are so far already I really wanted you to know as soon as possible. ”
Lisa nodded without looking at him.
“ We need to do some more tests Lisa, “The doctor continued” especially because of the recent overdose and because of what happened with you previous pregnancy, just to be sure that the baby is okay.”
Lisa nodded again and brushed her eyes.

The doctor handed her a tissue and it was clear that he truly felt sorry for her.
He watched her in silence as she wiped her eyes with the tissue.

“I know it’s none of my business and you don’t have to answer but do you know who the father is Lisa?” Lisa looked at him for a moment and finally nodded quietly…”

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Chapter ( ? will look this up)
Part I

David was gazing outside the hospital window and didn't notice when Sebastien quietly entered the room.

"Hello David..."

David swiftly turned his head by the sound of his voice. They stared at each other for moment in complete silence.
They hadn't spoken since the day of their fight and there were many moments when David was convinced their friendship was ruined forever.

"I heard about your accident..."Sebastien broke the silence with a quiet voice " I came over as fast as I could."

David kept staring at him. He couldn't believe that Sebastien was standing there, especially after all that has happened between them. David noticed he still looked as tired as before, maybe even more tired than before.

"Thank you for coming...: He quietly replied "This really means a lot me..." .

Sebastien smiled vaguely, knowing he meant every word.
He walked towards the bed and stared at his casted leg: "How bad is it?"He asked while looking serious.
"Not too bad " He shrugged "It broke in three places and there are 15 pins in my leg"
Sebastien nodded thoughtfully, "I see... Well, 15 pins is doable, lucky for you ...."

They looked at each other and both started laughing.
The ice was melting.

Sebastien pulled up a chair and sat beside his bed.
"Well it certainly wasn't the homecoming you'd expected" he remarked.
"You can say that again" David smiled regretfully.
"Do they know what caused the accident?'
"It's was a mechanical failure. My car somehow blocked, it was very strange, the brakes didn't work and the gas didn't come off. "
Sebastien frowned. "That's odd, especially since your car is brand-new!"
David nodded "The car dealer told the police that a mechanical failure causing the block is out of the question. Now they believe somebody might have sabotaged it." David said but then shook his head. "I still think it's mechanical though".

Sebastien looked worried but kept silent

"So, tell me, How s Paddy?" David changed the subject .
"Oh he's wonderful, "Sebastien instantly beamed at David and took out a picture and showed it to him.
"Oh my GOD" David gasphed and smiled. "He is adorable!
"Yes, isn't he?"Sebastien looked proud.
"And such dark hair!"
"That's Danique's side I guess."Sebastien remarked. " He doesn;t look anything like me I'm afraid, but that's for the best,". He joked.

David kept silent for a moment while staring at the picture. He was right. Paddy didn't look anything like him...

He then smiled an returned the picture.
"They change so fast" David remarked, "When I was a baby, I looked like the milkman my father use to say."
Sebastien smiled as he put the photograph back in his wallet."I still can't believe being a dad..." He murmured.
"What about Danique? How is she doing?"
Sebastien's smile faded and he vaguely shrugged his shoulders. "What can I say...., She's just Danique..."

David stared at him as he briefly looked away.

"Before I boarded the plane a realtor called me, telling me that I'm the happy owner of a two million euro house in Paris."
David frowned in disbelieve.
"She went behind my back and bought a house I cannot afford."He continued while looking back at him " So I guess I'm pretty much in deep misery, no news there "He added ironically.

David shook his head, "I'm so sorry Seb... I thought she'd changed"
"You and me both" Sebastien replied and smiled hurtfully.
"How is she with Paddy?"
Sebastien winced while he briefly closed his eyes." She's trying to do her best I guess, but she's hired this nanny to take care of the baby. Something I really disapprove of, but maybe it will give her some time to get use to the fact that she's a mother now."
"Isn't motherhood something that comes naturally after giving birth ?" David asked carefully.
"I thought so to, however she's having a real difficult time dealing with him, especially when he's crying."

He paused for a moment and looked away again.
"...If anyone would have told me that this would be reality one day I would have told them they were lying. He continued while staring outside." Besides Paddy I feel I'm living a nightmare..."

Sebastien's voice choked and David lowered his eyes in silence:"I know the feeling.."He murmured softly to himself.
Sebastien heard but didn't mentioned it when he looked back at David.

After a moment of silence Sebastien rose from his chair and walked towards the window. He then turned and placed his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

"How is she doing?"He finally asked.

David looked up at him and knew he meant Lisa.
He then swallowed hard and Sebastien noticed he was obviously hesitating to answer.
"I don't mean anything by it David, "He explained regretfully" Lisa and I are over, I realize that now, I just wish her well..."

David nodded vaguely still not able to answer him.

Both men stared at each other for a moment. regardless of the nurse that entered the room....

"I'm sorry to bother you, "The nurse excused herself, "But it's time for you medicine David, " She smiled while she walked towards him with a small cup.

It was after nine o clock when Lisa arrived at Ingrid's apartment and parked her car across the street. She rested her hands on wheel and stared into nothing. "You are pregnant..."The doctors words kept echoing through her mind.
She lowered her eyes and stared at her hands on wheel, they were trembling and she felt sick to stomach. She suddenly covered her mouth letting out a choked scream and closed her eyes forcefully while trying hard to push back the tears that were burning in her eyes.

It took her a while before she dared to open her eyes. She then lowered her hands and looked in the rear view mirror , she needed to get herself together. She thought and stared at her tearful eyes. She swiftly brushed her face and rearranged her hair. She took a moment to study her face carefully. Her eyes were still red and she widened them in order to reduce the swelling. She then took a deep breath, lowered her eyes and grabbed her bag from the passenger's seat before she stepped out. When she arrived at Ingrid's floor she knocked and stepped back, she brushed her face again when she heard the footsteps on the wooden floor and tried her best to smile when Ingrid quietly opened the door. "I'm sorry I'm late Ing..."She apologized" I still had to run some errands."
"Don't worry" Ingrid smiled when she stepped back allowing Lisa to enter.
Lisa looked relieved when she passed her and realized Ingrid didn't seem to notice that anything was wrong
" He is asleep though, they were exhausted."Ingrid said regretfully after she closed the front door." Do you want me to wake him or..."
Lisa looked at her questioning eyes. " Would you mind if he slept over?"she asked.
Ingrid shook her head. "Not at all. I just made coffee, do you want some?"

Lisa nodded and watched as Ingrid walked towards the kitchen. She took off her coat and walked towards Bjorn's bedroom. When she opened the door she smiled when she noticed the boys fast asleep next to each other in the tree house bed.
She quietly closed the door and smiled when Ingrid walked in with her coffee.

" So are you finished packing?" Ingrid asked when held out the mug.
"Almost."Lisa answered and sat on the coach." I can't bring everything because there simply isn't enough room..."

Ingrid lowered herself in a chair opposite of her and lowered her cup on the table next to it.

"I can't believe you are leaving that house..."She quietly said and lowered her eyes.
"Me neither.."Lisa replied". However there are no memories there I want to hold on to anymore... I hope this will give us a fresh start."

Ingrid smiled vaguely and a short silence filled the room.

Lisa stared at her nails while Ingrid studied her face. She looked so pale, thin and tired. the circles beneath her eyes seemed darker than before . Ingrid sighed silently and lowered her eyes. It hurt her to see her suffer and she couldn't shake of this feeling that she was partly to blame. It wasn't just a feeling, Ingrid knew that very well. This secret she kept from her, this secret she knew would shatter her world even more, was locked inside of her. Not because she choose to keep it there but because she had to. Benjamin had made it very clear to her that if she would tell Lisa, he would track her down, take Bjorn away from her and make her disappear. How could she just disappear? He would probably kill her, she was convinced about that. For all everyone knew he was already death. And Ron...Ron would stand by his side, he loathed her and Ingrid knew that he wouldn't care if she lived or died. The only thing he cared for was Bjorn and Benjamin. She often wondered why he kept protecting his brother, even now after all he found out.

"Ing, are you okay?"
Ingrid shook up and stared at Lisa who looked worried. "Yes, off course."
She tried her best to smile. "It's just that I feel sorry about all of this Lisa, and I wish I could do something for you, to make you feel better.... "

Lisa smiled tenderly. "I'll be fine. And you are helping me, taking Thom with you to Paris for a few days tomorrow to see Ron, it will give me some time to settle in the cottage."

Ingrid couldn't speak. She wanted to scream that Ron was with Benjamin in Paris, that he was alive and that he had forced her to bring Thomas to him. Ingrid opened her mouth but no words came out.
Lisa noticed her startled face: "I'm sorry I mentioned Ron Ing?"She hurried to say, placing her hand on top of hers. " I know it's still hard for you and the last thing I want is to upset you..."

Ingrid swiftly shook her head. "You didn't upset me Lisa..."She hurried to say and forced a smile on her face. "It's just that I wondered if it wouldn't be better for Thom to stay here with you..."

"Off course I want him with me but I think he could use a break Ing"."Lisa said. "I need some time to move in and I rather have Thomas there when his room is ready and all, by then I can concentrate on him"

Ingrid swallowed hard and smiled vaguely, trying hard suppress her anxiety.

"You don't mind do you?'Lisa looked worried. "If you rather go alone with Bjorn I'd understand I..."
Ingrid interrupted her by shaking her head. "No, it's fine sweetie, really...'
She smiled again and rose. "I get us some more coffee "She rushed to say and hurried to the kitchen.
In there she lifted the kettle from the stove and froze while shivers crawled up her spine..."

Geraldine was sitting on the couch staring down her coffee she held in her hands when she heard the front door open. She swiftly placed the mug on the side table and rose when Carlos entered.
He ignored her completely when he placed his keys on the dining table and picked up the mail.
Geraldine slowly walked over to him .
"Don't you think we should talk Carlos?"

Carlos arched his eyebrows when he glanced at her.

"About what?"He asked aloof.
"Please stop acting like this!" She begged him.

Carlos lowered the mail on the table and walked passed her.
She stood there for a moment in utter helplessness, wondering why he acted like this.
She then turned and followed him to the bedroom. She stopped in the doorway and watched as he changed his shirt.

"How long are we going to keep this up?"

He didn't answer her and grabbed a belt and slit it through his jeans.

"You can't keep avoiding me..."She quietly said.

Carlos looked at her as he started buttoning up his shirt: "I meant what I said..."

Geraldine shook her head in disbelieve. "What do you mean, that we are over? Just like that?" She looked desperately.
Carlos face turned angry: "Not just like that Gerald. You betrayed me."
"Stop saying that!"She shouted" I didn't betray you"
YES YOU DID! "He suddenly shouted back" You had feelings for him for all these years, dreaming of him. kissing him in your dreams, I read it all Geraldine, so don't you dare tell me that you didn't!"
Geraldine walked towards him and stopped in front of him looking at him with fury: "You read my diary, MY DIARY, "She banged her fist against her chest" and what I wrote in there was private! None of the things that I wrote about Seb happened, he has no idea that I had feelings for him at a certain point and those feelings I thought I had turned out to be nothing Carlos, I never would have married you if those feelings were stronger that the love I feel for you!"

Carlos stared into her blue eyes and didn't move.

"I married you didn't I?" Her voice turned soft and she stared at him with questioning eyes.

He kept silent as he lowered his eyes.

"Please look at me "She begged him with a trembling voice. "I love you, please don't do this. I Know you love me too."

He slowly looked back at her but couldn't bring himself to say anything.

"Tell me you love me Carlos, I'm begging you..."She carefully placed her hand on his face..

He briefly closed his eyes and winced while slowly removed her hand: "We told each other that we would never lie to each other and..."He paused for a moment " I'm not starting now... "He added softly.

Geraldine shook her head while the tears came free from her eyes. She didn't bother to wipe them away.
"I know You just say that because you want to hurt me and it worked, I'm hurt, She sobbed" So now we are even and I beg you to stop this. "
He looked at her and ignored the twinge in his stomach when he calmly said: "I can't live a lie . this is where we end Gerald, I'm sorry... "

Her mouth dropped in disbelieve en she watched him walking out the room. ..

She was unable to move after she heard the front door fell shut. She then slowly lowered herself on the bed and stared into nothing like she was in trance. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she tried hard catching her breath

"This isn't happening..."She panted..." This can't be happening...."

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Sebastien lowered the phone from his ear as he walked up to his apartment. He tried calling Lisa’s house to talk to Thomas but there was no answer. He had tried calling him from the moment he got off the plane and it worried him that Thomas had not answered his mobile nor had Carmen answered at home. He could have called Lisa, but he knew she probably wouldn’t allow him to speak to Thomas. Especially after what Danique had told him and truthfully, if Lisa knew about the call, he couldn’t blame her.

He sighed deeply when he put his key in the door. He would try calling him in the morning It was after ten already and he must be asleep by now.

He entered his apartment and silently closed the door. He lowered his keys on the dining table and slowly walked towards the window. He stood there for a moment in thoughts , staring over the city lights in the distance.

“Seb are you there?”

Suddenly he turned back when he heard a sobbing voice and knocking from his front door.

“Seb, please open up if you are there?”He recognized Geraldine's voice.

He rushed at the door and found Geraldine standing there in tears.
“I thought I heard you, but I wasn’t sure. I Don’t know what to do or where to go “She sobbed while raising her hands helplessly. “Carlos left me… He left me Seb…”
Sebastien looked worried as he silently wrapped his arms around her and drew her close.
She buried her face against his chest and sobbed uncontrollably.
She was extremely upset and her whole body was shaking.

A little while later, when she had calmed a little, he gently took her inside and sat her down on the coach. Between sobs she told him everything that had happened. He listen patiently while stroking her hair until she was finished.

She then looked at him in despair and shrugged her shoulders.
“I’m so sorry for telling you this.”
He frowned deeply and shook head, “Don’t be sorry Gerald. I guess I’m actually flattered…” he smiled carefully.
A weak smile appeared on her face in response and she lowered her eyes.

He always managed to make her smile, she thought. No matter how low or miserable she felt.
“I’ feel so ashamed.” She then added softly wiping her eyes.
He grabbed her hand, “ Your husband should be ashamed. Not you Cherie.
He should have respected your privacy but instead he violated it. There’s no excuse for what he did no matter what he read in there. “
“He called me just now and told me he wouldn't come home Seb, he never stayed away before. I think he’s serious and..."She paused and tried hard to control her emotions"...I don't get it...I really don't…How can he love me and then hate me?” Her voice trembled and she looked at him in despair.

He paused for a moment and carefully removed a lock of hair from her face.

“He does not hate you Gerald. He's hurt and that can only happen when you love someone. You will be fine sweetheart, his ego is bruised, that’s all. "I will talk to him tomorrow, give it some time okay?"
Geraldine nodded. She kept quiet for a moment and then slowly looked back at him.
“Aren’t you mad at me?” She asked with a trembling voice.
“Mad at you?” He smiled, “I never could be mad at you, I admire you. For telling me this, I don’t think I would have the guts to do so to be honest..”
Geraldine smiled. “ It meant nothing, it was just a silly crush.”
Sebastien squeezed her hand : “now don’t you spoil it for me."He joked. “I was just mister wonderful there.”
Geraldine punched him playfully and he laughed.

" Now let me take care of you and make you some diner okay?"
She nodded vaguely and smiled when Sebastien kissed her on her forehead and left for the kitchen.


Angela woke when she heard Sara Crying in her crib. She got up and carefully took her in her arms. Sara immediately smiled through her tears as she looked at Angela’s eyes,
“You are a hungry little girl aren’t you?”
Angela smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead. She then wrapped Sara carefully in a blanket and walked with her towards the kitchen.

She glanced at the couch in the living room where Urs was still fast asleep.
She stared at him for a moment holding Sara close.

He had been so quiet and subdued since he had visited Angelica’s grave. Angela wanted to reach out to him but had been scared to do so. She knew he was hurting, and she tried hard to hide her own pain. Watching him in agony when he stared into the distance, wondering what he was thinking. He knew he missed Angelica and she had often wondered if he even wanted her there. She was alive and taking care and loving this little girl as if she was her own.

She looked at Sara who was playing with the fingers of her hand. She then looked back at Urs who slowly turned on his side while a lock curly hair fell over his eyes.
Angela swiftly tore her eyes away from him, pushing back the tears that burned in her eyes as she walked towards the kitchen.

She gently placed Sara in the baby chair and closed the safetybelts before she prepared her breakfast.

She didn’t dare think about the future. Afraid she wouldn’t be here seeing Sara grow and even more afraid that Urs would meet another woman to take her place. The thought of that crunched her stomach.

Angela vaguely shook her head.
“Stop torturing yourself..”She whispered angrily to herself.

She turned swiftly when she heard footsteps behind her and was obviously shocked when she noticed Urs standing there, his hair curly and messy, wearing a bathrobe.
He was smiling down at his daughter as he tickled her. Sara giggled.
He then looked up and smiled at Angela who still looked a little shaken up: “I’m sorry “He excused himself. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”
”It’s okay …” Angela smiled nervously while brushing her hair back.
” I’m sorry I overslept, “ he apologized “Your doing all the work here. Here, let me...”

Urs took the porridge Angela held in her hands and pulled up a chair.
He sat down and started to feed his daughter. He glanced at Angela who was watching them together in silence.

“I have been thinking these past few days…” he said without looking at her. “ and I think it’s time Sara and I move out of the apartment .”
Angela looked shocked.
“you’re Moving out?”

He briefly looked at her, avoiding her eyes when he nodded vaguely and nervously stirred Sara’s food.

“I think it’s time for me and Sara to move into the house. “He continued.” We took enough time of your hands and I want you to take the apartment Angie.“
He looked up at her and stared at her eyes.
“You need to get on with your life, I feel like we are holding you back”
“You’re not." Angela swallowed hard before she continued. “I choose to be here Urs, because I wanted to help you out.”
“I know that. And I can’t tell you how thankful I am Angie….”
He lowered his eyes.
“However, I have to take responsibility for Sara…”

Angela just stood there. Baffled. Watching him as he avoided her stare.

“Is this really what you want Urs?… Because I...”
“Yes,I really do think it’s for the best “He interrupted and looked back at her,“I would like to ask you to stay, for Sara’s sake, but I know I have no right …” He looked at his daughter who was sucking her fingers. He smiled and gently wiped het mouth. “I want you to have the apartment so you’ll have your place when you come to London.”
He looked back at her but Angela looked away and just nodded.

A short silence followed...

“I.. I think I ‘will take a shower. You will be okay..?”She asked.
Urs smiled ”We’ll be fine. “
Angela smiled back and when she carefully walked past him Urs suddenly grabbed her arm.
“Thank you…”He softly said while looking into her eyes. “For everything you did for me and Sara…”

Angela stared at him and when their eyes locked she felt her body shivering.
“I ..I love taking care of her, …you know that…” She whispered softly.
“I know…”He replied while nodding vaguely and he lowered his arm.

He looked back at his daughter again and Angela quietly turned and walked towards the bedroom.
Once there, she closed the door and leaned against the bedroom wall. Her throat felt dry and she started to choke up. She then dropped her head, allowing herself to release her tears. …


“We flew first class mum, and Bjorn and I were invited to help serving coffee “
"Really, wow!"Lisa smiled as she listened to her son on the phone from Paris
“Uncle Ron is here now and he says hello.”
“Tell him I said Hi sweetie. And Have fun okay?”
“We will mum, will you call me in a few days? “
“I will sweetheart. Let me talk to Ingrid?”
“Okay, I love you and Carmen off course”
“We love you too pumpkin. Very much…”

Lisa smiled and waited for Ingrid to answer.
She heard a muffled sound and a pause before Ingrid answered in a soft voice.

“ Hey you. “Lisa smiled. “I heard you had an upgrade on the plane?”
“…yes, yes we had… It’s was a real quiet flight.”
“I see, well those are the best.”
Lisa frowned when Ingrid kept clearing her throat.
“Are you okay ing?”
“Yes.. I’m fine.?”

The line stayed quiet for a moment and she swore she heard Ingrid softly sobbing down the line.
Lisa lowered herself on in a chair and looked worried:

"I know you are not fine,"She whispered " Is it Ron? Please talk to me Ing, you are scaring me."Lisa pleaded.
"No...It's fine, I'm fine..."She hurried to say. Ron is waiting in the car, I have to go now"
Lisa hesitated for a moment and rose her eyes.“Okay….well I will try and call in a few days. If there’s anything call Peter okay? He will drive up to the cottage to let me know you called and I will call back. You have his number don't you? ”
“Yes…I..I have the number. Bye Lisa”

The line went dead and Lisa lowered the phone and looked disturbed.

“Everything okay Lisa?”
Peter asked.
Peter was an elderly man and an old friend of her grandmothers who lived in the small town a few miles from the cottage. Since the cottage had no phone line or electricity and her mobile didn't work in the area she used the phone at his place whenever she was staying at the cottage.
Lisa forced a smile on her face. “Yes, everything is fine...”
“Missing little Thom already?”
Lisa nodded. “But I know he will have a great time in Paris, better than being here anyway.”
Peter smiled back at her and patted her arm. “You know where I am if you need any help right?”
Lisa nodded again and grabbed her bag, “Thank you Peter.”
“You are more than welcome. Give my love to Carmen okay?”
“I will, bye Peter. “

While Lisa drove up to the cottage she couldn't shake off this weird feeling that something was really wrong. She knew that seeing Ron again after a while must have been very hard on Ingrid. She forced herself to keep it at that. She slowed the car down when she realized that she had totally had forgot to ask where they were staying Paris. She knew that Ron must have his own place by now but Ingrid never told her where that was and she had obviously failed to ask.

When she arrived at the cottage she parked her car under the carport and turned the ignition off. She pulled the keys out and stared in front of her for a moment. "What kind of mother are you?"She whispered to herself in disbelieve. She dropped her head and closed her eyes. She was well aware of the fact that she was guilty of neglecting her son the past few months. And even though she felt that her son was safe in Paris with Ingrid and Ron, she felt a cold shiver running through her spine.

She looked up when someone knocked silently on the window of her car.
"Oh my God Marc!" Lisa gasped when she saw his face. Marc smiled as he opened the door.
Lisa stepped out and hugged him.
"Hey Princess, "He whispered in her ear. "God I missed you so much" He hugged her tighter.
"I missed you too."She softly said and started to sob as she clenched on to him. Marc buried his nose in her hair and rocked her gently. "It's okay's okay, I'm here...."

A little while later after they had greeted Carmen inside, they sat outside next to each other on the steps down to the beach. Carmen had made them tea and Marc silently stirred his tea as he glanced at Lisa who looked out towards the ocean.
“Tell me what is going on Lisa. “He calmy said as he carefully took a zip.

Lisa looked at him for a moment, hesitated and then lowered her eyes. She kept quiet for a moment before she looked back at the ocean.

“I’m pregnant…”She suddenly whispered.
Marc froze and as in slow-motion lowered the cup in his hand. “Pregnant?”
Lisa lowered her eyes again and quietly nodded while pushing back her tears.
“Are you absolutely sure?”
Lisa looked at him and Marc noticed the tears in her eyes. “I’m four months along…”
He stared down at her belly in disbelieve. “Is it David’s?” He looked back at her.

Lisa bit her lower lip. A tear run down her face but she didn’t bother to wipe it away.

“How am I going to take care of another child?" She softly asked, avoiding his stare and his question.

Marc lowered his cup and placed it on a higher step behind him before he wrapped his arm around her. With his other hand he carefully lifted her chin and forced her to look at him.“You will be fine Princess.”He softly said while looking into her eyes, “You will be fine…”

Cydalia opened her eyes and looked at the light that shone through the curtains of her bedroom. She then turned on her side and watched Carlos as he was still fast asleep on the couch next to her bed. She could hardly believe he was lying there.
She stared at his face and smiled when she heard a soft snore.

She didn’t really knew what had happened between him and his wife, but when he came to her house last night he looked extremely bothered. He had asked her if he could spend the night and she felt she couldn’t refuse him. He had promised her that he would be a gentleman and he had been.
She wasn’t able to figure him out and that frustrated her at times. She had no idea why he kept seeing her or what his intentions were and she couldn’t deny that she liked his company very much. But she also felt guilty, afraid that she kept him away from his wife. He never talked about his private live even though he talked about everything else. She felt the attraction between them but choose to deny it, she might be wrong even though the look in his eyes when he looked or talked to her made her heart jump every time. His smile made her melt and his voice made her skin crawl in a pleasant way whenever he would call her name.
She knew that there never could be a future for them and she had forced herself to block out every thought of any kind that imagined them together. They were friends, close friends that would help each other out at times, friends who listened to one another and who cared for each other like family.

Yes, that what they were Cydalia thought and nodded to convince herself...

In Paris Ron parked the car in front Lisa and Benjamin’s old house.

Ingrid felt sick and nervously looked at the backseat where Thomas and Bjorn were playing a game on his cell phone.

She then looked up at the house. The window shutters were closed and the house looked abandoned. She startled when Ron turned the ignition off and looked at Ingrid.
“Get yourself together.”He said with a soft but stern voice.
His blue eyes penetrated hers and it scared her.
“Did you hear what I said?”
She swiftly nodded and lowered her eyes.
“D-Don’t you think we should warn him?”She softly asked while looking back at him.
“For what?” He grimaced “For his father? Don’t be stupid Ing”.

Ingrid watched as he swung the car door open and got out. He then pulled the backdoor open and told the boys to step out. Ingrid hesitated. She placed her hand on the door put couldn’t bring herself to open it.

Ron walked around the car and pulled her door open.
“Get out! “He hissed.
Ingrid carefully did as he asked and the moment she was out of the car he slammed the door and grabbed her arm. Ingrid swiftly looked at the boys who were still lost in their game standing on the curb.

“I will say this only one time “He whispered in her ear.”If you have any ideas, if you try anything, run away or phone Lisa, I will kill you.”
He let go of her and looked into her eyes.

Ingrid knew he was serious and it unnerved her.

“Did I made myself clear?”
Ingrid nodded and slowly walked passed him towards the house.
Ron followed and opened the door.
“Come on guys. There’s a surprise for you inside”

The boys looked up and beamed at each other, “Really?” Bjorn asked.
Ron smiled: “Really! Just go upstairs to Thom’s old room, you remember your old room don’t you?”

Thomas looked up at the house and it finally dawned on him...

“This is my house... “he quietly said while he looked back at Ron.
Ron nodded, “it sure is buddy!”
Bjorn grabbed Thomas his hand, “Let’s go inside Thom and look what the surprise is!”

Thomas looked at his nephew but seemed a little of track.

“Y-you go, I’ll be there in a minute…”
His voice trembled.

"Okay,"Bjorn smiled and run inside.

Ingrid stared at Thomas, who was standing there nailed to the ground.
She started to walk towards him but stopped when Ron held up his hand and looked at her intently.

“ my dad here?” He softly asked.
Ron stared at him and finally nodded.

Thomas gasped for air and seemed paralized. He then run past Ron inside.

“DAD!!! DADDY!!!” He shouted while running down the hall.
He glanced inside each room he passed before he made it to the living room. He swung the double doors open and froze on the spot.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his father standing in front the French patio doors looking at him. They both stared at each other . Thomas his eyes welled up instantly.
“Is that you dad...?”

Benjamin slowly stepped into the light, his eyes were moistened as he slowly nodded.

“It’s me Thom,” He quietly said with his recognizable dark but smothered voice.

Thomas started running towards him and Benjamin dropped to his knees as his son fell into his arms...

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Next Chapter:

Marc and Lisa were strolling along the shore line. The soft breeze felt cold and Lisa tightened her vest around her body. Marc glanced at her and wrapped his arm around her. She looked at him and smiled vaguely.

“I love you so much, do you know that?” Marc asked as he gently tightened his grip around her.
Lisa nodded. “I know…I love you too...”She softly said and looked down as they walked on. “if only you were straight...”She added with a smile.
Marc beamed at her, “Anything for you, you know that.” Lisa released a gentle laugh and shook her head. Marc smiled back at her and tenderly kissed her hair
“I know we would make a great couple, though” he said.
“I agree...” she answered and glanced at him, still smiling.

They walked on in silence and sat down on a big rock. They both stared at the ocean.

“Have you told anyone yet?” Marc asked carefully as he looked at her. Lisa shook her head as she kept her eyes in de distance overlooking the gentle waves.
“I still can’t believe it myself...”
“You are going to keep it aren’t you?”Marc looked worried.

Lisa kept silent and lowered her eyes to the sand in front of her.
“I…I don’t think I can do this on my own Marc...: She finally whispered with a instant smothered voice, looking into his eyes,
Marc grabbed her hand.“I’ll help you sweetie and so will Carmen. You are not alone in this.” He gently squeezed her hand.
She kept quiet for a moment as Marc kept his eyes on her. She then looked back at him.
“I have no money Marc, and I live in a tiny cottage without power and heat, how am I going to raise a child here?” Her eyes moistened and she looked terrified. “
Marc stroke her face. “The only thing that baby needs is your love Princess, and I know you have more than love left, enough to give. This baby is a gift, you were certain you would never be able to carry another child and now you are.” Lisa was struggling to hold her tears and Marc gently brushed her long hair back. “No matter what you think, I know you are a great mother, the best actually. “Her added with confidence. “ I think it’s wonderful, not only for you but also for Thom. I know he will be over the moon when he finds out.”
She looked away again and Marc knew she wasn’t convinced...

After a moment of silence she nodded vaguely.
“I know I should feel blessed, I just wish the circumstances were different…”
“It can be different, all you have to do is talk to David….”
Lisa forcefully closed her eyes and shook her head. “I can’t…”
Marc frowned. “Yes you can. He has a right to know that you are carrying his child. Don’t you agree?”
She opened her eyes but kept quiet while looking down.
“Remember when Angie told you she was pregnant with Sara? You urged her to tell Urs and you did the right thing by telling her that. Now I’m telling you…”He softly added. “Tell him you are pregnant with his baby, You can’t keep this from him sweetheart.
“I can’t put this on this shoulders Marc, not now. “She looked at him with pleading eyes.”He need to recover first. ” Marc touched her face, urging her to look at him.
“Listen to me: His recovery can take months Lisa and you know as well as I do that there never will be a good time for telling him this. He will be shocked, I can promise you he will be, but that doesn’t change the fact that he needs to know.”

Lisa bit her lip looking away and finally nodded. Marc rested his head against hers for a moment and closed his eyes. He then kissed her cheek and stroke her hair gently.
“I love you princess… and the last thing I want is to hurt you “He whispered. “ But face up to your fears for once, do the right thing this time. And telling him the truth is the right thing. You owe it to him, to yourself and to this baby…”

Lisa kept her eyes on the waves in the distance and nodded in silence, with tears in her eyes.

Geraldine lowered the pen in her hand and placed it on the table next to the note she’d just written for Carlos. She sat back in her chair and stared at the piece of paper in front of her. The tears streamed down her face and she gently wiped them away. She looked up when the house phone rang. She rose and answered it.
“The cap arrived miss Larossa.”Theodore said.
“Thank you, “She softly said” I’ll be down in a minute.”

She hung up the phone and glanced around the apartment. Her eyes rested on her wedding photo. She and Carlos were looking in each other’s eyes and smiling at each other.
The love they felt for each other at that time was visible in their eyes. It was almost too hard to believe now how happy they were then.

She covered her mouth and loud sob came out. She then shook her head, brushed her face, picked up her bag and walked out of the apartment. The way down in the elevator she tried to calm herself. She glanced in the mirrored doors and swiftly brushed her hair back.
She looked terrible. Her eyes swollen, and her skin pale. She swallowed hard when the doors opened and walked out. The rain was pouring out of the sky and Theodore held the door open and nodded friendly at her as he held an umbrella over her head.
Have a good trip Miss Larossa.”He said and nodded politely as he opened the door of the cap. Geraldine forced a friendly smile on her face and got inside. The cab driver looked into the rear mirror and asked where she wanted to go to.
“Heathrow airport, please” She whispered.
The Cap driver nodded and drove off as Geraldine sat back, staring out of window, trying hard to hold back her tears.

It was rush hour in London and the traffic was jammed.

“Are you okay Miss?”The cap driver suddenly asked.
Geraldine looked up at his eyes in the rearview mirror and nodded swiftly. “I’m fine “She lied, “It’s Just hard to leave this place.”
The Cap driver smiled friendly. “You can always come back”

Geraldine glanced outside and briefly smiled at him in silence before she looked back outside. She heard a thunder and Geraldine looked up at the sky. The cap stopped for a stopping light and Geraldine’s eyes caught two people hiding under an umbrella walking out of Kensington park. She stared at them from a distance and watched as the man drew a young woman close and kissed her on the forehead. Geraldine briefly closed her eyes, Carlos used to always kiss her tenderly on her forehead before he would tell her that he loved her, that always made her feel so safe. She slowly opened her eyes and looked back at the couple who started walking towards the curb to cross over. She got a closer look at the woman who was pretty with long dark hair and pearl white teeth. She then looked at the man who had his back towards her with the collar of his coat up and he leaned towards her as he whispered something in the woman’s ear. The woman threw her head back and laughed.

Geraldine tried to get a better look at them but the heavy rain blurred her vision. For some reason she couldn’t get her eyes of them The traffic light popped green and car slowly started to move. Suddenly she sat up and narrowed her eyes. She stared at the man’s watch as he straightened his collar. As the cab slowly drove past them the woman slightly held the umbrella back. Then, as in slow motion, the man turned his face and glanced over the traffic , Geraldine gasped for breath when she instantly recognized Carlos…

Back in Paris, Marie was standing at Danique’s apartment. Sebastien had told her that he couldn’t get a hold of Danique since last night and even though the baby was safe with the nanny he sounded worried and he had asked his mother to see if everything was okay with her. Marie went by Sebastien’s apartment earlier but the nanny told her Danique had left the apartment the night before and hadn’t been back since.

Marie sighed deeply and rang the doorbell again. Again no answer. She tried to look through the window but all she could see was a pile of clothes on the kitchen table. Marie glanced at her watch, she was standing here for 20 minutes now and gave up. She walked away and took the elevator down. The moment she left the apartment building she spotted Danique on the corner of the street talking to someone. Marie hurried herself towards her.

“Danique!”She called her. Danique’s face looked shocked when she noticed her. The man who she was talking to adjusted the baseball cap on his head and looked away.
“Where have you been?”Marie asked in astonishment.”Everyone is worried sick about you.”Danique stared at her and felt obviously uncomfortable. “I…I… there were some important things I had to take care of…”She stuttered. Marie looked at her and frowned deeply. “What on earth could be more important than you son? You ran off last night without telling anyone were you were going!”
Danique seemed speechless for a moment and glanced at the man before she looked back at Marie and smiled nervously. “It’s not that I left him unattended, Paddy is safe with nanny Marie.”
Marie looked at her in disbelieve. She then looked at the man who obviously avoided her stare. Marie kept staring at him “I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced “Marie said with a sarcastic tone and held out her hand to the man. “Marie, “Danique hurried to say” this is…Ben.. Bennie, an old friend of mine.”
She then turned to the man with a fixed stare,” Bennie this is Marie, Paddy’s grandmother”

The man finally looked at Marie and she noticed his blue eyes and that he had a big scar on his cheek. He briefly shook her hand and smiled vaguely at her, revealing his perfect white teeth.

“Enchanté” He said with a dark voice and almost instantly looked away again. Marie kept looking at him. He was incredibly tall and despite the scare he had a very handsome face. “Are you from Paris?”She asked him. The man shook his head still avoiding her eyes. “Canada”he finally said.

Marie opened her mouth to say something but Danique cut her off.
“Bennie has to go now, and I was just on my way back Marie” Danique said, trying her best to get her attention. Marie looked at Danique. “Back to were?”She asked suspiciously. Danique laughed nervously again. “To were? To Paddy off course!” Marie kept quiet and stared at her for a moment. She knew something wasn’t right but she couldn’t really put her finger on it.
“Good.”Marie finally said.”And Call your husband Danique,” he is worried. “She said stern.
Danique rose her eyebrow, “Is Seb really worried about me?” Marie Stared at her. She wanted to tell her that she was sure her son couldn’t care less about her but that he simply was worried about his son. However she managed to hold it in and nodded simply before she turned and walked away.

After a moment she looked back at them and saw that the man was talking violently at her. Marie kept walking but couldn’t take her eyes of them. Just before the corner of the street she looked back again and saw that the man slapped her in the face. Danique covered her face and started to sob while the man kept talking to her aggressively. When the man looked her way, Marie rushed to walk around the corner. Once there she held back her pace and finally stopped. She wondered if she should go back to see if Danique was okay. She then shook her head and walked on…


Sebastien walked inside the hospital and took the elevator to the second floor. As he got out he noticed Cydalia waiting in de hallway outside David’s room. As he walked towards her he noticed Carlos stepping out of the room. He kissed Cydalia’s forehead and smiled as he said something to her. Sebastien stopped and watched them from a distance. They talked for a moment and Sebastien watched in astonishment as Carlos continued to touch Cydalia’s arm while talking to her. At one point he even touched her face. After a moment Carlos offered her his arm before they turned and walked towards Sebastien.

They had only eyes for each other and it wasn’t until Sebastien called Carlos that he was noticed.

Carlos looked at him and instantly unhooked arms with Cydalia.

“Hey Seb.”Carlos smiled somewhat uncomfortable. “I didn’t see you coming”
“So I noticed.” Sebastien softly said while holding a straight face. He then turned to Cydalia “Would you excuse us for a moment Cydalia?” Cydalia nodded, “Off course. “She then turned to Carlos. “I’ll be downstairs.”
Carlos nodded silently.
Sebastien waited until Cydalia was in the elevator before he turned back to Carlos.
“What the hell do you think you are doing?”
Calos lifted his eyebrow, “You mean Cydalia? “ He smiled casually.
“Yes I mean Cydalia. What are you doing?”
“She’s just a friend Seb.”
“Just a friend…”Sebastien softly repeated his words to himself as he looked down. “And does your friend know you are hitting on her? “ He looked back at him with a fixed stare.
Carlos laughed: “Very funny, you are a funny guy Seb.”
“Don’t you dare patronize me you Spanish bastard”
“Excuse me?”Carlos looked at him with questioning eyes.
“You have a wife who’s worried sick about you. And just for your information, she broke down in my arms last night because you choose to leave her and run off to another girl. Did you really get tired of her Carlos, just like that? It’s that how you treat the people who love you?”

Carlos stared into his angry green eyes. He then looked away.

“Geraldine and I have problems Seb, I won’t deny that. But there is nothing going on between me and Cydalia.”
Sebastien kept quiet for a moment.
“I know about the diary Carlos, she told me everything. “
Carlos looked back at his friend.
“You can’t be serious if you even think that there was something there.” Sebastien added.
Carlos frowned: “You haven’t read her diary, and trust me: It was serious. Her crush on you was serious.”
Sebastien shook his head. “It was a silly crush Carlos. If it was that serious she would have told you and certainly wouldn’t have married you, but she did. She married you and she loves you. And you invaded her privacy. What were you thinking? Reading her diary is like looking inside her brain. If she would do the same thing to you she would divorce you on the spot and you know it.”
“Are you suggesting I’m unfaithful?”
“Not yet no, but you certainly are thinking about it now. And I know you love women Carlos, hell we all do. But you have been close to other affairs and don’t tell me otherwise.”

Sebastien’s stare caused Carlos to look away again. He kept quiet as he carefully looked back at his friend.

“You are right about the fact that I never should have read her diary, but just imagine this happening to you, that you find out that the woman you love is in love with someone else, your best friend no less, I….”Carlos his words faded when he realized what he just said and finally noticed the icecold look in Sebastien eyes.
Carlos felt a shiver through his spine.
“I…I’m sorry Seb…”He rushed to excuse himself.
“I understand everything you just said Carlos, you know I’ve been there and it still hurts every day, every minute if not every second. But I choose to try my hardest to let it go. I’m here now to make things right with David. And I do wish them all the best. ..“

His voice didn’t sound convincing and he knew it.
Carlos kept quiet as Sebastien paused and looked away for a moment.

“Okay, maybe I’m not completely there yet, but I’m working on it. “He corrected himself.“What I mean is, that nothing has happened between me and Geraldine and you are quite aware of that. You have read words in her diary, thoughts she had a long time ago. You can’t hold her responsible for her feelings at a certain moment Carlos, that’s just not fair. And you are punishing her for something that isn’t real .”

Carlos sighed deeply and shook his head.
“You are right.”He admitted “ I wanted her to feel hurt just like me…”

Sebastien placed his hand on his shoulder.
“You love her still don’t you?”
Carlos briefly closed his eyes and nodded slowly.
“Then go to her, tell her that you were wrong.”

Carlos looked at his friend with moistened eyes and hugged him in silence. He then walked towards the elevator. Carlos didn’t look back and Sebastien watched him until he got into the elevator. He then turned and walked towards David’s room.

Karen took the empty cup from David’s hands and placed it on the side table beside his bed.
David looked at her and smiled. “You are too good for me.”
Karen smiled back. “I know”.
She started cleaning his side table and David watched her carefully. “Seb looks a little better, don’t you think?”Karen asked as she glanced up at him. David nodded slightly. “He still looks beaten, I think.”
David watched her as she folded a blanket that was over a chair and placed it on the end of his bed. “In case you might feel cold tonight “she added. David smiled again, thankfully this time.
“So what did the doctor say?”Karen asked as she got seated next to him.
“They are thinking about releasing me next week”
Oh that’s wonderful! “Karen beamed.
"I’d still have to come in every day for revalidation but at least I can sleep in my own bed.”
“Yeah, you must be fed up with this room by now.”She said frowning as she looked around.
“I am.”David answered and stared out of the window.

Karen looked back at him.
“Did you hear anything from Lisa...?”She asked carefully.

David glanced at her, obviously shocked by the sound of her name and Karen felt a stitch in her stomach.

“She's going through a rough period.”He finally said, looking away.

Karen knew he was making excuses for her and that irritated her.

“She has a phone hasn’t she? She could have Called to say the least.”
“She’s busy Karen…”He said briskly, hoping she would stop interrogating him.
Karen lowered her eyes.
“I just can’t believe she’s ignoring you, that’s all”
“She’s not ignoring me, “David replied confidently, “She’s moving into the cottage and I’m sure she will visit me as soon as possible”

Karen looked at him in disbelieve.

“Do you hear yourself talking?”
David frowned and looked at her puzzled.
“You are talking as if it’s normal behavior, running away whenever things get complicated is not normal David. She’s running scared and leaving you here, ignoring you. For GOD sake David, open your eyes!”

David stared at her stunned, Karen stared back.
Slowly it dawned on her what she just said and gradually lowered her eyes.

“I…I’m sorry…”She whispered regretfully and rose from her chair.

She slowly walked towards the window and folded her arms in front of her body.
A silence filled the room...…

“Don’t be sorry …”She heard David finally say.
She turned back to face him.
“I am sorry…”She answered “I have no right to talk to you this way…” She paused while she briefly looked up.
“It’s just that...…”

David looked at her as she paused again.

“She’s backing out and you are still holding on to her. It’s been two weeks David.”
David lowered his eyes in silence and whispered:“I know you might be right but...”
He paused and looked back at her.
“I just can’t let go...…not yet.”

Karen watched in silence as he looked away again, she knew he was struggling with his feelings and she felt like a angry schoolteacher telling him off.

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Chapter: I love you

Angela was pacing the floor in the apartment.
Urs had left to do some shopping with Sara and she had no clue what to do with herself.
She started to clean a little and rearranged her clothes.
She then tried to read a little but her mind wouldn’t give her a break, Urs’s words keep coming back to her.

“I think it’s time for me and Sara to move into the house. We took enough time of your hands …”

She dropped herself on the couch and stared into nothing. Didn’t he know her at all? She wondered.
Didn’t he know how she felt about Sara? What that little girl meant to her? What he meant to her?
She felt disappointed even though she knew she was expecting way too much from him.
She knew this was a possibility, that he would want to move on at a certain point,
Geraldine warned her about it but she choose to ignore her own feelings, her expectations and Geraldine’s words .
She walked into this situation with her eyes open wide.

“And this is what you get….”She whispered softly to herself.

What was she thinking…? She sighed deeply and rubbed her face with both hands.
She then looked around the apartment. She didn’t know if she would be able to live here without them.
She didn’t want to go back to Switzerland, there was nothing there anymore. She quit her job just before she came back
and everything she wanted was right here in London. But now here she was, alone again. What on earth was she going to do?

The phone rang and Angela rose to her feet. She slowly walked towards the dining table and reached out for her cell phone.
“Hello?” She softly answered.
She heard nothing except for some muffled noises in the distance. “Hello? Anyone there?”
“Angie?” she heard a sobbing voice down the line.
“Gerald? Is that you?”
“yes…. It’s me….”

Geraldine sounded extremely upset, she tried to speak between sobs but Angela couldn’t hear a word she was saying.

“Calm down sweetie, were are you?” Angela frowned and pushed the phone closer against her ear, trying to concentrate on her voice.
“They..they are..h- having an affair!” Geraldine was finally able to say. “I…I saw…t- them together…”
“Who are they sweetheart, who did you see?”
“C-Carlos and his girlfriend, they… they were…walking together, had, only eyes for eachother…I…I”

Geraldine broke down again and Angela froze on the spot. She couldn’t believe Carlos was seeing someone else.
Angela heard Geraldine gasping for breath, she shook her head and lowered herself in a seat.

“Gerald, honey, try to calm down, tell me where you are!”
“I’m at the airport, I’m going away, my plane leaves in an h-hour…It’s…it’s over Angie…It’s really o-over….”
Geraldine was struggling to get the words out between sobs.
“Don’t run away, Gerald, I’m begging you. There must be an explanation for this, Carlos loves you he”
“No he doesn’t. “Geraldine cut her off. “H-he told me it was over but I didn’t believe him Angie, I didn’t believe him and now…”

She started to sob again and Angela listened to her helplessly.

Carlos walked Cydalia back to her apartment through the rain holding an umbrella over their heads.
He had looked bothered when he met her outside the hospital and she had offered to walk herself home but he insisted to accompany her.
He was obviously subdued and didn’t talk much. Cydalia didn’t know what Sebastien had told him but it must have been something serious.

She glanced at him as they waited for a stop sign at a crossover. He stared ahead of him and didn’t blink his eyes.
“Are you okay?”She softly asked.
Carlos looked at her and forced a faint smile on his face but kept quiet. He placed his hand on her back as they crossed over. They entered the park.

The rain had stopped and sometimes the sun broke through the clouds. When they arrived at the pond Carlos turned to her.
“Cyd, there’s something I want to talk to you about.” He softly said.
Cydalia looked into his brown eyes. He stared back at her but kept silent.
“ You need to go to your wife…”She softly whispered.
Carlos clenched his lips together and nodded silently.
“I’m sorry Cyd…”He quietly said.
Cydalia smiled tenderly en softly stroke his cheek. “Don’t be sorry Carlos. You are a married man and your wife needs you.”
Carlos kept his eyes on her. “I know it’s sounds strange but..I feel like I’m ending a relationship.”

Cydalia lowered her eyes for a moment before she looked away.

“We are friends,”She replied, “good friends, “
She paused and looked back at him.
“that’s all….”

Carlos heard her voice tremble.
He kept silent as he stared deeper into her eyes and slowly lifted his hand and gently placed it on her face.
Cydalia felt her eyes moisten. He slowly leaned in towards her and Cydalia closed her eyes.
She felt his breath against her lips and trembled when his lips just briefly touched hers.
He then drew her close and held her tightly.
“Goodbye Cyd…”He softly whispered in her ear.
He then released his arms and walked away from her without looking back.

Cydalia stared at him until he was out of sight. She wrapped her arms around herself and looked up at the sky.
She stared at the clouds which were drifting over.
She then lowered herself on a bench. A couple walked by, wrapped in each other’s arms and Cydalia stared at them.
When they were out of sight she sat back
covering her eyes and broke down…

Lisa was sitting in front of the fireplace trying to read a book .
After a moment she lowered the book in her lap and stared into the fire. Carmen walked in and smiled.
“A penny for your thoughts…”She softly said.
Lisa looked up and smiled.
“Would you like some soup sweetheart?” Carmen asked. “It’s your favorite, “
Lisa nodded “That would be lovely, thank you”.

Carmen walked towards the kitchen but turned back when they heard a car drive up. They looked at each other.

“Who can that be?”Carmen asked while raising her eyebrows.
Lisa shrugged her shoulders and rose from her chair. She walked towards the window and glanced outside
“It’s Urs…” Lisa said. “And he brought Sara” she added and looked back at Carmen and smiled.
“Oh my God!” Carmen beamed and wiped her hands on her apron before she rushed herself towards the front door and opened it with a swing.
She smiled tenderly when she saw Urs, holding Sara.
“Hello Carmen. “Urs greeted her and kissed her on the cheek.
He smiled when he noticed Carmen had only eyes for Sara. Sara smiled and held her arms out towards Carmen.
“Oh my, you are so gorgeous! “She exclaimed when she took Sara in her arms. “
Carmen looked at Urs , “Come in, come in Sweetheart, Lisa is inside. “
Urs followed her inside and closed the door.

“Look who’s here?” Carmen smiled when she entered the living room with Sara.
Lisa smiled and walked towards them.
“Oh my God Sara, you’ve grown so much!”
Sara smiled at her and Lisa kissed her gently on her forehead. She then walked at Urs and hugged him.
“Hello Sweetheart” Urs smiled and held her tight, “How are you?” Lisa looked at him and smiled, “I’m good. What brings you here?”
“You off course ” He smiled. “We got quite the journey, you are not easy to find here”
“I know, “Lisa smiled regretfully “I’m afraid my grandmother was a little people shy”
Urs laughed “Well she found herself a good hiding place then”.
“I agree “Lisa laughed with him.

“I think this little lady is a little tired”Carmen said.
Urs looked back at Carmen and nodded. “She's been awake the entire trip, she loves driving around. “He added.
“Did you bring formula?”Carmen asked.
Urs nodded and searched though his bag,
”Here , let me!” Said Carmen and took the bag from his shoulders.
“We will be in the kitchen so you kids can catch up” Carmen smiled before she turned and walked with Sara towards the kitchen

“Carmen is going to make you a bottle and then I’m putting you down for a nap. “

Urs and Lisa listened to Carmen as she spoke to Sara.
“She looks so much like Angie…”Lisa softly said.
Urs nodded and raised his eyebrows. “I know… Same eyes and smile,”
“exactly”Lisa agreed and patted on the back of the couch. “Come sit down. Can I get you something?”
Urs shook his head “I’m fine” he answered as he got seated. Lisa sat next to him .
“So how have you been?”He asked. As he looked at her.
“I’m good, still trying to adjust here and figuring out what to do next.”
“Some rest will do you good. “ He remarked .”
Lisa nodded and smiled. “ I’m getting a lot of that too.”
“It shows. I’m glad to see you are doing better.”

A silence filled the room and both heard Carmen sing a lullaby to Sara in the bedroom.

Urs and Lisa looked at each other and smiled.
“You are so lucky to have her in your life” Urs said.
Lisa nodded; “she’s the best. She’s like a mother to me…” She spoke softly and lowered her eyes.
“Did you hear anything from your mum?”
Lisa shook her head without looking at him.
“She called once at the office, but when I called her back Rose told me she was out and I never heard back from her again.”
Urs looked at her and frowned deeply . “That isn’t right Lisa.”
“I know…”She shrugged her shoulders.”But that’s just the way she is, I can’t change that.”

Lisa lowered her eyes for a moment.

“So, tell me how is Angela doing?” She changed the subject.
“Oh she’s fine! She ‘s been so wonderful to us. And Sara adores her “
“She is a lovely person.” Lisa agreed.
“Yes, she sure is…”He softly said and paused as he glanced outside.
“Sara and I are moving into the house” He looked back at Lisa who looked surprised.
“Are you sure?”
Urs nodded. “Sara needs more room and I can’t keep relying on Angie. “
“Were will Angela stay?”
“In the apartment. She needs a life of her own”
“… I see…” Lisa lowered her eyes and Urs noticed she lowered her eyebrows.
“You do not agree…” He softly said.
Lisa looked back at him.
“Did you ask Angela what she wants?”
Urs frowned and looked down.”Not directly no, but Surely she doesn’t want to dedicate her life to raise another woman’s child.”
“How do you know?”
Urs looked up and her and stared at her.
“I don’t want her to feel obligated or pity me Lisa, just because I’m a single father.”
“She doesn’t pity you, she loves you Urs!”

Urs froze…

Lisa leaned forward and took his hand in hers. “Open your eyes. “She whispered.
“ If you let her go now you will lose a woman who truly loves you and your little girl”

“H- how do you know she loves me?” He looked at her in disbelieve.
Lisa smiled.”No offence but you have to blind to miss that she does...”

Urs stared at her in silence for a moment until Carmen walked in holding a tray.

“I thought you’d might want some coffee, she smiled as she placed the cups on the table.“
Urs smiled and thanked her.
“Is Sara asleep”Lisa asked.
Carmen nodded. “Like a baby."
" She has that from her daddy,"Urs joked.
"I'm sure she does,"Carmen smiled. "I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.”

After Carmen left a silence filled the room as they both looked into the fire.

After a moment Urs looked back at Lisa.
“ David is doing better, he’s asking for you…”
Lisa lowered her eyes in shame.
Urs watched her as she started to fiddle with her clothes.
“…I don’t deserve him Urs…”She finally whispered as she slowly looked back at him.
Urs frowned. “Why do you think you don’t? He loves you deeply, that should be enough.”

She stared into his hazel eyes and a shiver crawled down her spine…
Her eyes moistened. She looked away, swiftly blinking her eyes trying to push back her tears.
Urs grabbed her hand.

“What’s the matter sweetie?” he whispered softly.
She looked back at him and opened her mouth to speak but hesitated. A tear dropped down her cheek and her look turned regretfull.

“I…I’m pregnant….” She finally said with a smothered voice.

Urs froze.
Lisa bit her lip and rose. She walked towards the window and swiftly brushed her eyes.
She then turned and looked back at Urs, who still looked shocked.
“When I lost the baby after Ben’s death, I was told I never wouldn’t be able to get pregnant…” she softly said. “I wasn’t feeling well for a while, I thought it was just stress. I expected a lot of things but not this.” She stared at him.
“I can imagine it came as a shock…”He slightly frowned.

He didn’t know whether to be sorry or be happy for her.

“I assume Dave is the father…?”He asked her carefully.
“…He has to be…” She looked at him with pleading eyes.
Urs’s frown got deeper.”You are not sure?”

They stared at each other in silence for a moment before Lisa covered her eyes and started to sob.
Urs rose to his feet and walked over to her. He wrapped his arms around her and drew her close.

“Please don’t say anything to David." Lisa sobbed as she clenched to his chest.”I will try and find out, but until then…”
“ssssh…, It’s okay….” Urs soothed her as he gently brushed her hair with his hand, “ I will help you sweetheart, don't worry…”

In the kitchen Carmen stared at the floor. She didn’t mean to eavesdrop but the walls were thin, and she had heard every single word…

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Back in Paris, Ingrid was staring at the Eiffel tower from her bedroom window.
It was very early and in the distance she saw a glow at the horizon from the sun. It was almost a week ago when they’d arrived and she’d spent most of the time in her bedroom. Not only because Ron had told her so. She didn’t feel comfortable around Ben or Ron for that matter and as much as she’d loved this old house before, she despised it now. All she wanted was to get out of this house, out of France and return to England, but not without the boys. Maybe she could escape with Bjorn, but Thom would be a problem, especially since he was so thrilled to be with his father again. Benjamin acted like the perfect father. He constantly played football with the boys in the garden and games in the house. Not once did she hear Thomas ask Ben about his absence before or what had happened. Benjamin was a master in decoying his son. He kept him busy all day, and thru breakfast, lunch and dinner he talked constantly, telling the boys the most wonderful stories about pirates and all the things they loved. They were completely captivated by him.

Ingrid turned away from the window and sat on the edge of her bed. She so much wanted to call Lisa, tell her what was going on but Ron had taken her phone and every phone in the house had been disconnected. How long did she and the boys have to stay here? Did Lisa know anything? Surely she would get worried if she didn’t hear anything and Ingrid figured it would only be a matter of time when she would fly in and find out that Ben was alive. Maybe that was the whole point she thought. Maybe Ben wanted to lure Lisa to Paris that way...

Suddenly the door of her bedroom flew open. Ron was standing in the doorway and looked her.
He looked extremely tired and Ingrid almost felt sorry for him. She thought about telling him to get some rest… But instead she kept quiet, sat up straight and drew her bathrobe tighter around her waist.

“Get dressed” he said stern,” Ben wants the boys to have a pool table and you are buying it with them as soon as the stores open”
Ingrid looked surprised. Ron stared at her for a moment,
“Don’t get any ideas, Ben is going along.”
Ingrid frowned. “Then why do I have to go?”
Ron kept his eyes pinned at her, “You shouldn’t ask so many questions or things may turn around for you, and not in good way.” He added.
“What is that suppose to mean? Are you threatening me Ron?” Ingrid arched her eyebrows and tried to look calm.

Ron kept quiet and slowly lowered his eyes before he turned around and walked away. Ingrid suddenly felt her anger rising, she jumped up on her feet and ran after him.

“Why are you acting like this?” She shouted after him as he walked down the stairs. “WHO ARE YOU?”

Ron completely ignored her and when he’d reach the bottom of the stairs Ingrid covered her eyes and broke down.

“She looked back and was shocked to see Thom standing behind her.
“Why are you crying?” He looked at her with his big brown eyes.
Ingrid swiftly wiped her eyes and forced a smile on her face.
“It’s nothing sweetheart, Ingrid had a little quarrel with uncle Ron, that’s all .”
Thom still looked at her.
“Grown people sometimes have quarrels honey, it’s nothing really, please don’t worry okay?” She looked at him intently.
“okay…”he softly whispered.
“Okay “Ingrid repeated and smiled brightly at him. “ Is Bjorn awake?”

Thomas shook his head.

“Come on, Let’s wake him then, we are buying you two a pool table.”
Thomas’s eyes grew wide. “Really?” He smiled.
“Really!”Ingrid said and took his hand.


Marie was crossing the street in the centre of Paris when she heard someone calling her name.
She looked back and saw Laurent running after her.

“Marie, comment ca va?”
Marie smiled: “I’m good, “He kissed her cheek. “It’s been so long since I saw you, “Marie said, “How is the show going?”
“Very well, we are sold out almost every night!”
“That’s wonderful!” Marie looked genuinely pleased.
Laurent nodded and smiled.
“Do you have time for a coffee or do you have to be somewhere?’
Marie shook her head, "I was just getting something for Paddy, I’m going to visit this afternoon. “

Laurent paused for a moment, then smiled.
“That’s nice, how is paddy?”

Marie shrugged her shoulders, “honestly, I have no idea. She won’t let me see him that much. I complained to Seb about it and I suppose he talked to Danique. The nanny called me an hour ago that I could visit today.”
Laurent frowned.”The nanny?”
“Yes, the nanny.” Marie sighed and briefly looked away.
“She is truly unbelievable, isn’t she?”
Marie looked back at him and rolled her eyes.”Don’t get me started.”

Laurent smiled compassionately, “is over there okay?”He pointed back towards a small café.
Marie smiled back at him and nodded.

After they sat at a small table outside on the small terrace, Laurent ordered them coffee.

“So how is Seb?” he asked when the waiter left their table.
Marie shrugged her shoulders, “As good as could be expected I suppose, he’s still in England. David had a terrible car accident so he wanted to be there for him.”
Laurent looked shocked, “That’s terrible. Is he okay?’
“Seb told me that he was still recovering, but he’s getter a little better every day”
“Good to hear that.” Laurent looked relieved and Marie nodded as she agreed.
“Is Seb happy, you think?”

Marie’s look froze. She stared at him for a moment and Laurent saw her eyes moistening.
He grabbed her hand over the table and gently squeezed.

“In time things will get better Marie.” He softly said.

Marie nodded vaguely , trying hard to hold back her tears.

“It’s just that I don’t trust Danique at all Laurent.” She shook her head while brushing her eyes. “Things just don’t add up and I just know she’s up to something…”
“With Seb you mean?”Laurent looked worried.
“Yes, with Seb. But also with Paddy. Something isn’t right. That little boy is nearly two months old, what mother would give the care of her newborn son to a nanny?”
Laurent bit his lower lip. “Unfortunately that happens quit often Marie.”
“Yes, in a few months when the mother is going back to work maybe. She hasn’t got a job and that nanny of hers is taking care of him since the day he was born!”

Laurent looked appalled.

Marie paused for a moment and looked away.
“ Do you know a guy named Benny?.” She asked while looking back at him.
Laurent shrugged his shoulders “Doesn’t ring a bell, why?”
“The other day I saw her talking to this tall man on the street, it was very strange. She acted very nervous and introduced him as Bennie. He was clearly avoiding eye contact with me. Almost like he didn’t want me to see him. He told me he was from Canada. When I walked away and looked back, they were still talking and I saw him slap her in the face.”
“Oh my God. “he whispered in disbelieve. “Did you tell Seb about this?”
Marie shook her head. “I don’t know why really, but I just don’t want to worry him anymore”
“Did you tell Danique about it then?”
“I called her later that day, but she told me that he did not slap her, that he was an old friend she grew up with and that they were just playing around.”
Laurent sighed and shook his head. “You are right Marie, this is very odd. I grew up with her, we practically lived next door to each other, we had the same friends and a Bennie isn’t one of them.”
“I knew it.”Marie hissed.
“Don’t you have a last name?”
Marie shook her head. “Just Bennie, Tall Dark hair, piercing blue eyes, red baseball cap with a boat or something on it and a scar across his face.”

Laurent stared at Marie for a moment…

“Can I be honest with you?” He suddenly asked in a quiet voice.
Marie raised her eyebrows and nodded.
“Maybe it’s just me but isn’t it strange that Paddy doesn’t look like Seb or Danique?”
Marie stared at him in silence. “Like I said Marie, maybe it’s just me I don’t…”
“I agree…”She interrupted him.
“You do?” Laurent leaned forward.
Marie sighed deeply, I never dared to speak up but I was thinking the exact same thing. “
Laurent couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“Can it be that it Seb isn’t the father of this baby?”
Marie kept quiet for a moment… “He had a paternity test, it was positive. Julian took it…”
“So he did…”Laurent quietly said and stared into her eyes for a moment…

he then looked away for a moment and Marie noticed he was hesitating to speak.
“What is it Laurent?”

Laurent looked back at her.
“You know that Julian is a very, very close friend of Danique Marie, don’t you?”
Marie kept silent as she clenched her lips. She remembered seeing Julian at Danique’s apartment building a while back.
“I do not want to stir things up, Marie, “He continued “please don’t get me wrong. But I know Julian and I told Seb many times that I do not trust him.”
“But you all grew up together!”
“Yes we did, and that is exactly why I know he has a dark side.”
“He is a doctor Laurent, surely he wouldn’t do anything to harm Seb…”
She tried to smile, hoping she was right.
“Trust me he would, if he could benefit of it…”

Marie looked shocked, then she shook her head.
“I don’t see how he could benefit by telling Seb his maternity test was positive when it might not be, I honestly don’t… I mean he is a medical doctor.”
“yes he is. But he also has a lot of gambling depths.”

“Gambling depths….”Marie softly repeated his words and stared at him. She felt a shiver through her spine…
“Listen, “Laurent hurried to say.”I hope to God that I am wrong, and there is a good chance I am, but I am just saying….”

Marie looked down and shook her head.
“it’s okay Laurent.”She softly said while looking back at him. “You can speak your mind with me…”

Laurent bit his lip as he stared at Marie’s pale face. She then turned her head away and stared into the distance.
He knew she was shocked by what he had said.
She then forced a comforting smile on her face.

“This is ridiculous…”She whispered softly to herself while shaking her head in denial. “Danique hasn’t got any money to bribe anyone, she is broke all the time!”She looked back at Laurent. “ And not all children look like their parents…”
“Maybe not but most of the time there is some sort of resemblance, isn’t there?”

Marie lowered her eyes again, then she slowly brought her hand to her mouth.
Laurent noticed her eyes welled up.

“I’m sorry that I made you upset Marie, I really am. I shouldn’t have brought it up” He apologized.

Marie shook her head and swiftly brushed her eyes.
“Don’t apologize Sweetheart, I’m glad you told me this. I was doubting myself for all this time, thinking it must have been me. It’s just that…”
She paused while looking back at him.
” Hearing you say all this makes me realize that I’m not crazy .
”Laurent smiled . “I know you are not.”
Marie wiped her eyes again and smiled back at him. “Thank you…”She softly said.”
She then paused again. “What do I tell Seb about this?”
“Nothing!”Laurent swiftly said. “ Not yet anyway. If we tell him what we think there is a great chance he thinks we are both delusional.”

Marie nodded as she agreed .

“Maybe we can find out what hospital she delivered the baby “Laurent carefully said. “In the meantime we can ask Nollane to see what Julian is up to these days. He lives in the same apartment building. “
Marie sighed deeply.”I don’t know if we should tell Nollane….”
“He would never say anything Marie, Nollane doesn’t like Danique or Julian for that matter, besides he adores Seb. He would never hurt him.”
She slowly nodded, “okay if you say so… but What should I do?”
“You can stay close to Danique, and maybe you can find out where that nanny comes from, just try and hear her out.”

Marie nodded again and smiled vaguely, she seemed a little relieved.

Laurent grabbed her hand “Let’s do this Marie. Maybe it´s all in vain but it´s worth a shot, yes?”
Marie smiled. “okay, let’s do this…”She sounded determent.


Carlos entered the apartment and threw his keys on the dining table.
“Gerald?”He called as he walked through the apartment. “Gerald!”

When he arrived in the bedroom he stopped and stared into the empty closet.
All her clothes were gone. He swiftly turned around and walked back to the living room.

“...Looking for something?…”He suddenly heard Angela’s voice.

He looked back and noticed her standing in the doorway.

“W-where is she…?” He softly asked.

Angela looked at him. He was trembling and his face was as pale as snow.
“She left you…” she calmly said.

He stared at her, pinned to the floor.

“ She left you a letter…” She remarked coolly and pointed towards the envelope on the dining table.
“Maybe you should read that…”

He focused his eyes on the envelope and slowly started to move towards it.
Angela lowered her eyes and slowly turned.

“D…did she say anything to you Angie?”He asked.

Angela turned back and looked at him.
He stood there with the envelope clenched in his hand, looking totally defeated.

“She called me a few hours ago….”She replied.” She was at the airport, about to board her flight to Madrid”

He stared at her in silence. His eyes blurred by the tears in his eyes.

“She saw you Carlos…with her…”She added softly.

His eyes looked shocked. Gradually he looked away and covered his mouth with his hand.
A tear rolled down his cheek.
She wanted to feel sorry for him, but she felt nothing…

“Read the letter Carlos…”Angela said before she lowered her head and walked away….

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