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 *The Part Time Job* By: Lothiriel72 (Mild Short Story)

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*The Part Time Job*  By: Lothiriel72  (Mild Short Story) Empty
PostSubject: *The Part Time Job* By: Lothiriel72 (Mild Short Story)   *The Part Time Job*  By: Lothiriel72  (Mild Short Story) EmptySun Jan 03, 2010 2:26 pm

I've always had a problem writing short stories, even though I do enjoy reading them, especially the kinky ones...LOL Lately I've been so housebound that I've been experimenting so bear with me if this isn't quite what you expected...Comments and suggestions will be gratefully accpeted...and go ahead, be brutal...I have fairly thick skin!!!...REE


He re-folded the tee shirt and put it back on the shelf, opting for a button front shirt that he knew wouldn’t disturb the mask he would be wearing.

He could do this…at heart he was a performer and this was merely another type of performance even though this time he would be anonymous. He thought again about this first stop tonight.

Part of the job would be to convince the woman to go through with the planned pleasure….she had apparently had a change of heart, her nerves getting the upper hand…he would have to seduce her since rape was not part of his repertoire…at least not to others. He thought about the single time that he had been the victim…it had been brutal but also strangely very satisfying as the two women used him in ways he hadn’t dreamt were possible.

Once more he checked the little bag of supplies, an equally anonymous bag that no one on the street would suspect carried sex toys and equipment….a good supply of foil wrapped condoms, a tiny vibrator that fit over the finger, flavored lubricant, spreadable chocolate, blow job gel, purple Japanese silk bondage ropes, a coiled whip, bright blue ostrich feathers, an anal vibrator, nipple and **** rings, nipple pincers and his favorite selection of silk scarves…. a few pieces of clothing for later. All or none of these items would be needed…he would see what was called for.

It was a short taxi ride to the house, the venue, he liked to think with a wry smile….not the kind he usually plied his other trade in but a venue that would keep the rent paid and allow him to pay some bills. That was the bonus of this part time job…he was good at it, it was fun and paid the bills that had been amassing.

The man who had hired him, balding, slightly stooped and in his late 60’s, opened the door, not speaking as he handed him a black satin mask, took his leather jacket and indicated that he should follow him.

The mask on, he followed behind the silent man, his employer who for some reason now gave him the impressions of disapproval…WHY? He had been the one who made the initial approach, the one who bluntly stated what the job was and how much it would pay…was he now having second thoughts?

They went up one floor and down a long hall, the opulence of the residence lost on Urs as he followed quietly. At the end of the hall they stopped in front of a white painted door, knocked and his employer opened the door, motioning him to enter.

It was a large room, divided into areas by the decorator’s trick of using carpets to define a sleeping area, work space with a small desk and computer equipment, a lounge in front of a crackling fireplace and what presumably were dressing room and en-suite beyond a small dressing table with an oval mirror…..and cameras that would allow others to watch though he couldn’t see where they were.

A young woman rose from one of the chairs fronting the fireplace, her face pale, one slender hand covering her mouth as she shook her head, her eyes wet lashed as if she had been crying.

“NO…I told Friedrich that I changed my mind…you shouldn’t be here.”

She looked ready to bolt, her short body tense and actually shaking….just as he had been warned.

“I’m sorry…please don’t be frightened…may I warm myself in front of the fire before I leave?…it’s a cold night out and I don’t have a jacket on.”

He could see her visibly relax, not completely but enough that he felt a surge of hope.

“Of course…I’m sorry that you came out on a night like this for nothing…may I get you anything…coffee, tea…”

He had crossed to the fireplace and held his hands out to the warmth, now turned to smile at her and speak softly.

“You wouldn’t perhaps have any wine? It’s a long walk home and since I’m not going to be earning anything the wine would be most welcome.”

She blushed and that simple act made her rather plain face bloom, giving her a healthy, attractive look that better matched the lush body she was trying to hide under slightly too large, unattractive clothing.

“Friedrich left some here earlier…for…you know…you could have that.”

Urs went to the small table that held a bottle of very good red wine and several glasses, poured two and held one out to the young woman.

“Oh, no…” she began but he interrupted with a kind smile.

“Please…it isn’t right to drink alone…and it may calm your nerves….I’m sorry but I don’t know your name.”

“Jana…” she said accepting the proffered glass as if to be polite.

“You may call me Toni, Little Jana…that’s a lovely name…Prosit!”

They both drank from their goblets, Jana nervously downing hers in one gulp and Urs smiled inwardly.

“I’m sorry if you are disappointed…I mean about the money…it’s just…well to be quite honest I’ve never even really kissed a man so agreeing to…the rest…I just can’t face it.”

“It’s alright…I understand…though now that I’ve met you I can honestly say that it would be a pleasure to kiss you…you have lovely skin …and that natural blonde hair is glorious…” He gently reached out a hand and touched her lower lip. “Beautiful…no makeup and yet so plump and red…”

Very slowly he leaned toward her and touched his lips to hers, not applying pressure but allowing his tongue to very gently touch her lower lip before drawing back.

“You taste of wine…and cinnamon…”

She shook herself out of the daze that his brief kiss had caused and smiled.

“I had a cinnamon cookie just before you arrived. Thank you…I liked the way your mouth felt…you aren’t anything like I expected.”

Urs laughed and took her hand, leading her to the sofa in front of the fireplace and tugging her down beside him.

“And just what did you expect me to be like? All randy and rough, interested in pleasing myself, getting my money and leaving? That’s not what being intimate with another person should be about, Jana…it should be about sharing feelings, about pleasing your partner….will you tell me why you wanted to do this before you changed your mind?”

She began crying again and he gently put his arms around her, letting her cry against his chest.

“Shhh…it’s alright…no one is going to make you do anything you don’t want to do, especially me.”

It took a few minutes of caressing her back in soft strokes for her to relax enough to explain.

“For the money…and I thought I could do it…after all I’m a grown woman and it’s natural to…be with a man…I have been you know, once a few years ago, but it was violent…I work for the family business, have to since I’m the eldest and my Mutti is not well….my boss, Miss Inge…I knew she was into kinky things so it didn’t surprise me when she told me that she and some friends wanted to watch …she promised me a big raise and a bonus and I thought, ‘Sure I can do that’…I mean it would be over fast like the last time and ….”

“And then you started thinking about it and got scared….I understand…and now you’ve met me…do I make you frightened?”

She looked down, suddenly conscious that he had been gently holding her hand while she spoke, his thumb making lazy circles on the back, a soothing gesture that felt good.

“No…but….I know I asked you to cover your face but I would like to see you…the mask makes you look too…mysterious, dangerous.”

He hesitated then reached up to slip the elastic over his head and reveal his chiseled features.

“Better?” he asked hoping he wouldn’t regret losing this last barrier that would have kept him anonymous.

“Oh my!”

“Tell me what you are feeling, Jana.”

“I feel…strange…warm and ….I want to feel your mouth on mine again,” she murmured with her cheeks flushing bright red.

“Like this?” he said and leaned forward toward her mouth. She didn’t move away, just waited and he fluttered little kisses across her cheeks, near her mouth, waiting until her lips parted and her tongue wet the lower before tenderly pressing his against hers, allowing his tongue to taste her, entering slowly when she moaned and caressing the inside of her lower lip with his moist tongue. She moaned again, leaning into the kiss, her tongue timidly dueling with his and one hand coming up to cup his head.

He felt his body stirring at her reaction, willed himself to stay in control….there was a long way to go yet in seducing this reluctant lover, unless he wanted to force her…and that just wasn’t his style…No, patience and stimulating her senses would be the key, would make her a willing participant…after all, that’s what he was being paid for…and he might as well enjoy it.

She was surprised to discover that the buttons of her dress were undone when he broke the kiss and rested his mouth against the now bare skin of her chest.

“I was right…your skin is so soft…like a baby’s…” His tongue licked a wet streak across the top of her very plain, white cotton bra. “And you taste like vanilla…. shhhh…relax, my beautiful Jana…let me pleasure you…I can make you feel wonderful…and I will stop anytime you ask…just let me taste you…” The top of her dress slid down her shoulders and as if by magic her bra was undone and gone, exposing full firm breasts with erect pink nipples. She moved her arm to cover them but he was quicker, teasing the nipple of one with his tongue and making her moan, her arm falling to the side again.

“Beautiful…” he said just before opening his lips to take the nipple in his mouth and suck, his fingers kneading the other, tweaking the erect nipple.

She arched her back, offering him more, whispering something through partly opened lips as he pressed her back against the sofa.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked softly, coming back to tease her lips.

“No…oh no…I want more…”

He smiled, dropping his mouth to hers and kissing her, hard and deep, his hand on her breast, increasing the pace of the seduction that he knew was working.

“Let me see you, all of you,” he said softly when they broke the kiss and she lay gasping in his arms. “Kissing you, sucking on those lovely breasts makes me so hard for you…I’m aching.”

He took her hand and pressed it against his arousal, rubbing up and down and groaning when she moaned.

“I…I want to see you too,” she whispered, starting on the buttons of his shirt.

They undressed each other, sharing kisses on each exposed area until both stood naked and she was trembling.

She was not a tiny girl, her body full and rounded, matching those generous breasts, her curves smooth and sensual, hips wide, perfect for making babies, bush left natural and pale with curly blonde hair, legs long and smooth, strong as if she walked a lot, small feet with painted pink toenails…exquisitely sensual.

And she was thrilled to look at the perfection before her…the chiseled features of his now exposed face, the long, dark curly hair that skimmed his shoulders, the darkened eyes that she wanted to drown in, the 6 pack chest with the matt of dark hair that veed to his navel and beyond, narrow hips with a taut butt, long hairy muscled legs and arms…and what seemed to her limited experience, a very generous shaft, dark, rigid and sticking out from a nest of curls at his groin.

“You’re beautiful…like an ancient Roman sculpture…” she said, reaching out timidly to touch him. His member jerked when she touched it and she withdrew her hand as if burned.

“Like this,” he said, taking her hand and folding it around his penis, moving it up and down in a corkscrew motion that made the foreskin bunch and retract around his uncircumcised shaft.

He endured it for a few moments then backed away, not sure how long he could last with her soft touch.

“You first,” he said and picked her up to carry her to the bed. He felt her tense, just a little, as he lay her down cross- wise on the duvet, and followed her body with his, taking her breast again inside his mouth, leaving it when he felt her arch her back for more, trailing his mouth over her softly rounded tummy and nipping on the silky flesh at her waist.

He sat up and grasped her ankles, pulling her so that her bottom was on the edge of the bed and placing her trim ankles over his arms.

“Tell me what you want.”


He smiled and dropped to his knees, sliding his hands up under her butt and raising her hips, nudging her labia apart with his chin until he found her clit and stroked it with his tongue.

She cried out, clutching at the sheets…he ignored her, moving one hand between her legs to caress the clit while his tongue slid down and toyed with the opening where she longed for him to be.

She tasted fruity, like peaches or apricots yet sweet and musky…and oh so wet. He inserted his tongue, sucking, licking, increasing the rhythm against her swollen nub until he felt her release as she climaxed.

“Again!” he growled as he rose, slipped on a condom quickly, put her legs over his shoulders and slid his penis inside her juicy vagina…his fingers quickly stoked the embers to fever pitch again as he gently glided in and out, the after shocks inside her caressing his shaft, making it harder, longer, thicker, filling her tight tunnel completely.

He inched onto the bed, slipping her legs down his arms to his elbows until her bottom was resting on his bent knees and she was sitting facing him. He devoured her mouth, then straightened his legs out completely, bending the knees to form a rest behind her and taking her feet in his hands.

“Ride me, touch your sweet spot,” he commanded. She pressed her feet into his hands, raising and lowering herself on his shaft, all her inhibitions gone with the pleasure he was giving her….her hands busily rubbed her own clit while he watched her eyes darken then close as orgasm approached.

He let her feet go and lay back on the bed to buck his hips, stretching for release at last and holding her collapsed body when they reached it together.

After a few minutes he managed to extricate himself from under her exhausted body, letting her relax into sleep, collected his scattered clothing and tip-toed to the bathroom for a quick shower, dropping the condom in the toilet to flush away. He glanced in the mirror…he needed a shave but not now…scruffy would be best for the next few hours. He pulled a ragged black tee out of his carry bag and donned it along with his tight leather pants, slid a small stud ear-ring into the piercing in his left ear and a couple of thick silver rings on his fingers, collected his bag and eased from the room, placing his card {which merely said Toni and his cell phone number} on the nightstand beside her bed before he slipped from the room.

Friedrich was waiting, sitting on a chair at the bottom of the stairs, again silent, handing him an envelope as he arrived at the bottom and opening the door without comment.

*The Part Time Job*  By: Lothiriel72  (Mild Short Story) 34466920_10216567723333838_1713229885637394432_n_zpspuc40dmi
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Posts : 5269
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Age : 64
Location : Urs Buhler, The man of my dreams!!
Humor : I found it and as always the joke is on me!!

*The Part Time Job*  By: Lothiriel72  (Mild Short Story) Empty
PostSubject: Short Story (HARD CORE)   *The Part Time Job*  By: Lothiriel72  (Mild Short Story) EmptySun Jan 03, 2010 2:28 pm

Urs stepped into the dark night, glanced at his watch and smiled.

Right on time…in fact he would have time to stop for a takeout coffee on his way to the next appointment. This one should be fun…the lady was into bondage and S & M…but her husband wasn’t, though he liked to watch and pleasure himself. Tonight he had agreed to be the victim and let ‘Toni’ and his wife do whatever they wanted to him.

Urs wondered what he would taste like, then laughed. He had never tasted a man before but he was open to new things…and would soon find out. He wondered if Jana would call for a repeat performance…that would be nice…normal sex was refreshing for a change….and the bonus was it paid the rent.


The condo was just like the couple, tending to be a bit boring, elegant he supposed but not his taste…the walls white or black, the floor highly polished black painted concrete, minimalist furnishings with absolutely no color to distract from the designer inspired monochromatic theme.

He smiled as he went silently down the hall to the suite where he knew they would be waiting, thinking that it was no wonder they liked to experiment in their private lives…living in such an uninspiring environment.

He slipped the key he had been given into a small pocket of the carry bag, removed the whip from the interior and lay his leather jacket on the single item of furniture in the hall, a chrome and black leather sling chair that he was sure cost more than the entire building he lived in.

She was waiting just a few feet inside the door when he entered abruptly, dropping his bag on the floor and pushing the door shut with his foot.

Quickly he let the personae necessary for this performance to take over his consciousness, reaching out one strong hand to grasp her neck roughly and pull her against his chest.

“Why aren’t you on your knees? Suck me, *****!”

She whimpered, already eager, dressed for her role in a skimpy black leather bra and thong, her pudgy, middle aged body jiggling as she fell painfully to her knees and fumbled with the domes of his leather pants.

Her fear made him hard, painfully hard and he slapped her, pushing her away to fall heavily on her back on the floor.

“Too slow…I’ll have to punish you!” he snarled and skillfully slipped out of his boots and pants to stand over her, his bulging **** fighting to get free of the leather thong underwear.

The whip snapped in the air as he flicked it, flicked it again so that it lashed across her thighs, once, twice, three times…she whimpered…and from the bed where he sat watching the balding man pushed his flabby belly out of the way as he moaned and fondled his flaccid ****.

‘Snap!’ The whip flashed out again, this time the tip leaving a mark on the fleshy arm of the man as Urs/Toni growled at him. “No touching!”

He reached for the woman again clipping a leash and collar onto her neck and dragging her up to her knees.

“Open your mouth!”

Her hands slid his thong down and off as her mouth opened and he thrust his **** inside, pumping while she moaned and sucked, face ****ing her so rapidly that he had to hold her head in position with a rough hand….he withdrew as he came, squirting milky cum on her breasts and face and tugging on the leash to drag her on hands and knees to the bed.

“You liked that, little man?” he said with a sneer, eyeing the now rigid smaller than average **** between the man’s legs. He back handed the man, making him fall back onto the bed, dragging him to the head board and quickly using the silk scarves from his bag to tie his thick wrists to the posts.

“How about a snack?” he said, lifting the woman to straddle her husband, positioning her so her crotch was above the fat lips. She lowered her body with a moan, almost a scram when Urs bent down to grasp one of her breasts that protruded through the holes cut in the bra and nibble with his strong teeth, tugging just to the edge of pain before releasing.

He let her go, his own body reacting to the slurping sounds as the husband sucked and licked at her crotch and she moaned with increasing pleasure. Quickly he changed his game plan.

‘Why not?...I might like it…’ he thought as he knelt at the man’s knees and lifted the heavy legs over his shoulders, dragging the butt up until his anus was within reach, expertly rolling on a lubed condom and pushing the tip of his penis against the tightly coiled rosette.

There was resistance at first but he pushed again, gaining admittance and waiting for the tight opening to relax. He reached between the legs and stroked the small but hard penis…the anus relaxed and he began pumping.

Gott, it was so tight, like being inside a really tight woman….hot and wet, the muscles rippling around his shaft…for a moment he forgot where he was, what he was doing, just enjoying the orgasm he was building towards, this new feeling of actually ****ing a MAN…he came before the others, withdrew and discarded the condom in the handy waste basket when he had finished, his hand still stroking the hot penis of his client, leaned down and took it in his mouth, quelling the image his mind formed of a rigid hot dog…the pre-cum was warning enough and he withdrew, allowing the cum to spurt into the air and drip on the quivering legs.

‘Hmmm…salty…and a little fishy…not my thing…glad I didn’t have to swallow…’ he thought, mentally schooling himself to slip back into his role.

She came and collapsed on her husband, her ass in the air as she lay with her head on his shoulders. Urs began kneading her fat bottom, reaching into the bag again and searching until he found the anal vibrator and a tube of lube. He squirted lube on her anus and inserted the small vibrator, turning it on to gentle, stroked himself to semi erect and slipped a fresh condom on, grabbed her by the hair and rammed inside her front opening before she could move.

No kegels for this woman…she was huge, wet and slippery, hot but far too stretched to be really satisfying, He changed the angle, turning the anal vibrator on to high to stimulate her…better…but within the next minute things changed.

She had untied her husband and moved away from both men, pushing Urs back on the bed so that he lay on his back with his legs extended over the edge. Her husband slithered out of the bed and pushed Urs knees apart, taking his engorged shaft in his pudgy hand and pressing his little penis against Urs ass.

“Condom!” Urs hissed, willing, even eager to experience what he knew was coming but not unprotected. He wondered fleetingly if he would have to fight them off…or if he would even want to, judging by the feeling that was rapidly flooding through him.

The logical one, the wife, produced a condom which her husband rolled on, then she took the small penis in her mouth to wet it before he resumed his assault on Urs exposed anus.

The first insertion hurt, just a little, even though the penis was not large…he relaxed and felt it go in further, begin pumping, touching his P spot. Suddenly the woman was on top of him, offering her **** to his mouth, her own mouth replacing the pudgy hand that had been fondling him and enclosing around his engorged shaft to suck and swirl, to lick while her fingers played with his balls and her husband rode his ass harder and harder.

Coherent thought was impossible…his entire world was one of sensation, of lust being fulfilled, all of his senses involved only in the lapping and sucking sounds he made between moans as he feasted on her wet ****, smelled the juices flowing from her, the sweat on all three bodies, the musky scent of cum, the sounds of moans and heavy breathing filling his ears, his eyes closed as he pictured the tangle of bodies in the messy bed, the ripple of muscles as his body welcomed the straining prick, the tight, full feeling and heat of his P spot being caressed, the near bursting hardness of his own **** in her sucking mouth…he exploded, unable to move or breathe for a moment as the orgasm swept over him and within seconds the other two followed.

Urs slid himself out of tangle of bodies in the bed, collecting his equipment from the damp sheets wrapped partly around the sleeping couple. Everything that had been used went in a plastic bag for cleaning later at home…himself he took to the bathroom to shower.

He stood under the spray, washing his crotch, amused when his penis stirred as he pulled the foreskin back to thoroughly wash under it.

‘Well that was different…I did like it though…does that mean I’m gay? Or bi-sexual? Or just willing to experiment? I still prefer a woman’s body…the softness of it, the curves, the breasts…gott, how I love breasts! I like to squish them together and slide my **** in between, almost cumming…and sucking them…I love the feeling of a nipple getting larger in my mouth…at least he was small…’

He finished his wash and dressed, easing back into the room and glancing at the bed where both of his clients still slept. His envelope was on the small table by the door, the same as always, he pocketed it, took his bag and left, picking up his jacket in the hall and making sure the door locked behind him.

He found there was a stiffness to his gait as he neared the street and smiled, wondering how many times he would have to allow anal sex before his body got accustomed to it.

‘Only with guys who have small pricks,’ he thought as he hailed a taxi.

He glanced at his watch, pleased that he had finished his night early enough to get a good nights sleep still, so he would be fresh for his regular work, singing with the Chorale.

He made it up the stairs almost to his small apartment but heard a voice he recognized calling him from one floor down.

He went to the railing and looked over….Jaki, a student at the university stood in the hallway wearing a robe that gaped open a little off one shoulder.

“Urs…I was hoping it was you…my friend Sue from Canada is staying over tonight…and we wondered if you might like to join us…and stay for breakfast.”

The friend from Canada stepped out into the hall…full breasted but tiny, long dark hair and a mouth made for kissing…a three some…just what he liked.

Well he would get breakfast out of it…why not?

He smiled and began back down the stairs, his gait cat like, his eyes darkening with lust, his leathers suddenly getting tight…..


*The Part Time Job*  By: Lothiriel72  (Mild Short Story) 34466920_10216567723333838_1713229885637394432_n_zpspuc40dmi
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*The Part Time Job* By: Lothiriel72 (Mild Short Story)
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