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 Te Encontre/ I found you

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PostSubject: Re: Te Encontre/ I found you   Te Encontre/ I found you - Page 2 EmptyMon Nov 01, 2010 6:30 pm

Chapter 28 "Meeting the Bühlers"

(In Switzerland)

Isabel was really nervous about meeting Urs´s siblings, especially his oldest sister Asta, who she had heard was very overprotective towards her little brother. She always stood up for Urs when kids in school would bully him and always ended up in fights. All the boys in school was afraid of the oldest Buhler sister. When he started dating all his sisters would drill the girlfriend with questions to see if she was worthy Urs.
Urs squeezed her hand as they walked up to the front door of his childhood home.

Its going to be alright, he said and smiled at her.

I really hope you are right! She whispered back, still nervous.

The sisters were standing in a line at the entrance waiting to greet them all, Astas teenage son Frank was also there. They didn’t seem that horrible Isabel thought as she got a look at them, they were really friendly and nice towards her. But she could feel Asta keeping an extra eye on her. During dinner started the interrogation she was so worried about.

So Isabel, Urs told us that you are a the head of a shop in Sweden? Asked Delphine.

Yes I am, she answered.

What do your parents do for a living? Asked Birgitta, Urs youngest sister.

My mum runs an antique store part-time and my dad had an accident some years ago so he is not working, but he used to work as an architect. So now mum is with him most of the time, they do a lot of travelling, especially to Chile where dad has his whole family.

Wow, your parents must be really loaded!, said Frank right out, surprising everyone cuz he had been quiet until now. He looked around and saw everybody giving him a look.
What? What did I say?

Hehe, it’s ok Frank, well yes.. my mum comes from a wealthy family so we don’t really need to think about money.

Wow, if mum and dad was that rich I would quit school, never work and just enjoy life, Frank said.

You would just love that? Quitting school, would you? said Asta and gave him a firm look.

Well Frank, as lovely as that sound you would be bored. Even though I don’t need to really work nor my parents we do it cuz we love the fact that we can make our own money, and not just spend money that has been inherited from my granddad. I have never been spoiled and have always earn my own money, even when I was younger I had summer jobs. I didn’t like the fact we had a lot of money when I was younger but now I’m glad, cuz otherwise we wouldn’t be able to help others! We have opened 2 school in Nepal and are planning to open more in Africa.

Oh that sounds so wonderful, I wish we also could do that said Alice.

We all do what we can with what we have. I’m sure you have helped a lot of people in other ways, Isabel said. Everybody got quiet after that until Urs broke the silence.

Don’t you just hate that everyone thinks that you automatically going to pay for everything when they find out that you have a lot of money?

I know what you mean, said Isabel.

Hey Bro, you where a cheap head before you got famous and had all this money and you still are! Said Birgitta and everyone laughed.

I’m NOT! Urs said with a hurt face.

Then they started telling funny stories about Urs when he was younger and he just sat there with a red face, hoping they would all become mute.
Later they sat by the fire place looking trough old photo albums of Urs as a child. Isabel loved one special photo of Urs when he was 9 years old, wearing glasses and playing his violin. He told her that was when they started to bully him in school, cuz he looked like a neared and played a “girly” instrument. But Isabel thought he looked so cute, Alice gave her that picture.

Thank you so much Alice! I will treasure this pic, she said and then turned to Urs.
If you are ever mean to me, I will post this pic on the forum she said and laughed.

You wouldn’t dare!

Oh wouldn’t I? Mr. Uber Lord? She said with a wicked smile.

Oh no, you have become a member of the forum, he said and shook his head.
Then they showed her pictures of Urs as a rocker and of his band, he had really long hair then. During the evening Asta had given Urs a nod which meant that she approved o and liked Isabel. That made Urs really happy and kissed a surprised Isabel on the cheek.

What was that for?

Cuz I love you!

Awww, love ya too!

They both slept in Urs´s old bedroom, but before going to sleep they laid in bed cuddle ling and talking.

I really love your sisters, too bad that Mikael Jr wasn’t here!

They loved you too, hopefully Mikael will come before we leave to Sweden. He is so much easier to impress than my sisters.

Thank god, cuz I was sweating like hell tonight, your sister Asta was a bit scary at first but then she loosen up.
I know, but she loves you now, you made a really good impression on her you know, on all my family. Jag älskar dig Isabel! (I love you in Swedish)

Awww, jag älskar dig med! She said and kissed him. Where did you learn how to say that?

Per and David... the Swedish producers!

Oh right, hehe ..
He continued telling her things he had learnt in Swedish until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. The six days flew by like a storm and Isabel got to know all his family and friends except for Mikael Jr who was stuck in Germany with work. She would have to meet him some other time. Now they were on a plane to Stockholm...

Chapter 29 "Paris and Stockholm"

(On the plane to France)

Laura had done over 11 interviews over the past 3 days and was really tired and really missed Seb. At the last interview she has accidently slipped out and said that she might be seeing someone, when they asked her if he had a boyfriend. She shouldn’t have done that cuz now the Spanish press was haunting her. But that wasn’t so important to her anymore she just wanted the plane to head off so she could be with the man she loves.

The flight didn’t take long and as soon as she got out of the gate she saw Seb standing there holding a bouquet of roses. At that moment no other persons in that airport excised to her but Seb as she ran to him and threw herself on him giving him a big kiss. The three days they spent in Paris flew by really quickly thought Laura, but he assured her that he would take her back soon. But they did have time to eat dinner at Maries house and also meeting one of Sebs best friends Laurent who was really happy to see her as he remembered her from Euro Best in Cannes.

But now they sat on the plane on their way to Sweden to record the guys new album, they both were looking forward to seeing the others as they had all been away for holidays.


Carlos was the first one to arrive in Stockholm. He just headed off straight to his hotel room at the Grand Hotel and got some sleep that he had been lacking of during his honeymoon. They had been busy doing other things than sleeping.

The second ones to arrive was Seb and Laura, she was really looking forward to see the city, she had seen so many pictures of Sweden and always wanted to visit the country. She also knew that she had fans there so she was thinking of maybe posting in her forum that she would like to meet them, Seb thought it was a great idea. They checked into the hotel and then decided to go out for a walk before the meeting the guys were going to have later.

The next ones to arrive was Urs and Isabel, who was extra excited cuz now it was her turn to show him her house and introducing him to her parents. Urs also checked into the hotel even though he knew he would spend most of the nights at Isabel’s flat.

Then at last, after a 13 hour flight David set his feet’s on Swedish ground. He was also really happy to be in Stockholm cuz he was now going to see Anna again, after weeks of missing her. He checked in and then went over to Urs´s room to see if Isabel was there, cuz he needed her help but unfortunally the Swiss was alone.

Hi Davy! Good to see you again! Said Urs and gave him a brotherly hug.
How have you been?

Good, look is Isabel here?

What do you want my girlfriend for?

I need to talk to her about something..

Ah, I see.. it’s about Anna. Sorry but she went back to her flat, but she will be back this evening.

Oh, Ok! Said David a bit disappointed.

Later Seb and Laura returned from their walk and joined the others in Urs´s room. They were going to have a meeting with the producer, but Carlos was still in his room sleeping. So all the guys went over to him to wake him up. David wanted to play a little prank on his Spanish friend so he flirted with the receptionist until she gave him the key to Carlos´s room. They all entered the room quietly and went over to his bed where David bent down and whispered:

Carlito! Oh, Carlito, wake up cariño! He said in a light voice, trying to sound like a woman.

Hmm... Gerry... Hmm... eres tu (is it you)? He replied still sleeping.

Carlito wake up now, David continued now caressing Carlos cheek.

Mmmm... how nice.. said Carlos and took a grip of David’s hand and started kissing it.
Seb and Urs couldn’t hold in anymore and started to laugh out loud, while they looked at David who was sitting by the bed with a face mixed of shook and disgust.

Hey, Stop kissing my hand Mr. Romance, said David loud and hitting Carlos on the head waking him up.

Que pasa? Where is my Gerry? Asked a confused Spaniard.

She is in Spain and we are in Sweden, and we have a meeting now!! Said Urs.

Oh ok... I’m on my way! Now will you please leave my room so I can get changed and you Mr. Miller, I will get you!!!!!

Bring it on Marin! Said a laughing David as they got out of the room.

At the meeting they got to go through the tracks for the album, Seb was pleased to see that Simon had listened to his suggestion to have the song Caruso on the album. They also got to listen to a new song that the Swedes had written called “La Vida sin amor”.

Wow, this song it’s just.... Seb said.
Perfecto, Carlos filled in.

Yeah man, the fans are going to be so surprised when they hear this one. Said David.

Yes they will, I just hope they don’t expect us to do a dance routine to this song when we sing it though cuz you know I don’t dance! Said Urs a bit worried.

We sure are, how great.. finally a song I can show my dancing skills on. I was starting to feel a bit silly trying to dance during PQTME and Si tu me amas......

Just a bit silly? asked David with his eyebrow up and a cheeky smile.

Shut up! I will make my Sirens so proud of me, Seb answered back with a big smile.
The meeting was quite long but finished just before dinner time which meant that Isabel was on her way to the hotel and David really needed to talk to her.......

Te Encontre/ I found you - Page 2 Angiesiggie
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Posts : 95
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Age : 36
Location : Stockholm, Sweden (but at the moment Valence, France)

Te Encontre/ I found you - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Te Encontre/ I found you   Te Encontre/ I found you - Page 2 EmptyMon Nov 01, 2010 6:33 pm

Chapter 30 "First days"

Isabel was sitting on the lobby waiting when they guys arrived at the hotel, they all gave her a big hug. David was really happy to see her there.

Isa, I need to talk to you, if it ok? He said to her.

Sure David, Urs.. honey, is it ok if I go and talk to David while you go and get changed? She said.

Of course Liebe, I won’t be long, I will go and get you when I’m finished

Thanks, she said and gave him a kiss.

Shall we go My Lady, David said and offered his arm to her.

Hey Davy, no flirting with MY girl when I’m gone!

I will try not to... but I can’t help it if she falls for my American charm.

And cute smile, added Isabel

HEY! What about my smile? Said an offended Swiss

You know I love your sexy smile and everything else aswell she said giving him a wink and blew a kiss while she entered the elevator.

(Sebs room)

After a long day of travelling and meeting he threw himself on the couch while he called for Laura, but got no respond. He started to look around and was getting worried, until he saw the bathroom door a bit open and could hear the water running. He could also humming to a song he didn’t recognize. He couldn’t resist and took a peek inside into the shower, he could only see her silhouette and felt himself getting hotter. He closed the door and moaned, he couldn’t wait for their relationship to take the next step, but he didn’t want to push her. He had to take control over his hormones everytime he was near her and especially when they shared a bed. He rested his eyes for a moment until he heard Laura entering the room . She was singing a black eyed peas songs and only wearing her knickers and a small top.

No, no, no, no, don’t punk with my heart
I wonder if I take you home
Would you still be in love, baby (in love, baby)
I wonder if I take you home
Would you still be in love, baby (in love, baby)
she sang as she opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of water.

Seb couldn’t keep quiet anymore and cleared his throat. Laura froze, felt he cheeks staring to burn and turning red. She slowly turned around to look at him.

Eh.. Seb.. eh.. what are you doing here?

Well we finished off a bit early .. so what have you been up too?

Nothing.. resting.. taking a shower, she said as she started to walk towards the bedroom.

Where are you going?

To the bedroom to put some pants on


Cuz I can’t go around in knickers...

Why not? It looks quite cozy, he said as he started to buckle up his belt and took off the pants. She stood there with amazed eyes watching him walking towards her.

Now you are not the only one in your underwear anymore, he said with a big smile.

You are crazy frenchy, she gave him a quick kiss and sat down on the couch.

So about dinner.. I know I was supposed to take you out to dinner as its your first day here but...

Seb I know you are tired.. and to be honest me too.. so I think we should stay in tonight.

Thank you cherie... so should we order some room service? What would you like?

He ordered them some salad and omelet’s, neither of them really hungry.. The food came up to their room just 15 minutes after. When they had eaten up everything Seb threw himself on the couch rubbing his stomach.

God, I’m full.. the cheese and ham omelet was excellent. How was your spinach omelet?

Great!, she said and stood up.
Come here cherie, he said and tapped his knees to get her to sit down with him. She sat down and he started kissing her neck.

So... do... you.... want... dessert? He asked between kisses.

Hmm... I .. I think I will skip it this time, she said and turned to face him.

You are so beautiful, do you know that? I love when you´re not wearing any make-up on, he carefully looked at her.

Schhhhh... kiss me frenchy, she said putting a finger over his lips and then kissing him.
Their kiss became more and more passionate as their hands started to wander around each other’s body, and under the shirt and top. Then he pulled away to catch his breath and looked at her.

Are you sure you want this to continue?

Yes, she said and nodded. Don’t you?

More than anything, I just don’t want to push you.

You are not.. so can we stop talking now, she said and kissed him with more passion than before. He lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom where they finally could show how much they really loved each other over and over through the night.

(David’s room)

So David what did you want to talk about? Anna?

He nodded.. I need to talk to her!

Ok, David.. but first I need to know, do you like her? Cuz I don’t want to see her getting hurt again.

Isa, I think I have fallen in love with her.

Awww.. David. I think she likes you a lot too, she hasn’t stop talking about you since we left Spain. I don’t think she has even been to dates after that, and that is something really strange knowing Anna.

She has? He asked with a big smile. Do you know where I can find her?

Well.. she works as a teacher at the English school here in town. So you can find her there tomorrow, she usually stays until 5 o´clock on Thursdays.

Thank you so much Isabel, he said giving her a big hug.

But David I think you...
(the phone rang and he went to the bedroom to take it)
Well you will find out tomorrow, she said as she walked out of the room to meet up with Urs.

Chapter 31 "Chatting with Chenoistas"

The next morning all the divos got up early to start recording the first two songs. Seb didn’t want Laura to wake up by herself, but he had to go. He gave her a kiss on the forehead, he left her a note and a rose and left for the studios.
Laura woke up with a smile on her face, but was soon replaced with a disappointed look when she turned around and saw that Seb had already had gone. But she noticed the rose and the note on his pillow and read it:

“Cherie, sorry for not waking you up, but you looked so peaceful. I’m in the studios and will be there the whole day. Call me when you get up. Je t´aime!
/ Seb”

She smelled the rose and then called him.


Am I disturbing?

Oh cherie, how are you this morning?

Fine, I had such a nice dream about you, but missed you this morning.

Me too, I didn’t want to leave you, they had to practically drag me to the studios.

He is telling you the truth, she could hear David say in the background

Haha, I believe you, she said loud so he could hear her.

Cherie wait a sec I’m just going to another room for some privacy.. ( a bit of silence).. Ok, now I’m alone... now Laura.. last night was incredible, you are so amazing.

I think you are the amazing one frenchy! I wish you were here in bed with me now

I would do anything to be with you now, but Simon would kill me and Urs too he said and laughed. Do you want to come here? We have a computer, some games here if you get bored and well you have me!

How can I refuse that last offer, I will take a shower and then I will be on my way. Now go and do some work before they start sending the dogs after you. See you soon!

Cant wait, hurry up! Au revoir mon cheire!

She got off the bed, took a quick shower, threw on some clothes and headed off to the studios. When she got there, Seb was busy recording his part of the song Caruso. So she sat down by the computer and logged in to her forum.
(the Chat was in spanish)

Chenoa-triunfo: Hello my Chenoistas, how are you today? Any new gossip?

It_arg: Hello girl, how are you? Where are you? We are fine here, gossiping as usual.

Chenoatriunfo: I’m fine thanks, I’m actually in Sweden now, believe it or not... for the first time.

Chenox2: Sweden? What are you doing there?

Chenoathletic: Yes, what are you doing up there? Is it cold?

Chenoa-triunfo: hahaha, well I’m here on a short vacation with a friend. It’s quite warm here, the sun was shining yesterday and today too. It’s really beautiful here, if you haven’t been here you should visit it someday.

It_arg: Aha... girl or boy friend?

Chenoa-triunfo: ehhh..... boy.... *smiles*

Chenox2: Maria Laura, what are you not telling us?

Chenoathletic: is this the “boyfriend” you talked about on the interview last week?

Chenoa-triunfo: *whistles* lalalalalalalalala *rolling her eyes*

It_arg: TELL US!! Tell us! We want GOSSP!!

Lanet: Yes tell us!

Chenoa-triunfo: Well welcome Lanet! How are you?

Lanet: Fine thanks, but don’t change the subject

Chenoa-triunfo: Ok Ok, Yes its him.. it’s something pretty new so I don’t want to give up his name yet as he is also well known. But I sure can tell you that he is amazing and wonderful, and not to mention really really HOT!

Lanet: Awww...

Chenoathletic: He sounds great.

Chenox2: You go girl!!

It_arg: We are happy for you..

Chenoa-triunfo: Thanks guys! You are always do wonderful to me, sometimes I don’t deserve you. Look, I came in to say hello to you and also wondering if one of the Swedish Chenoistas was in. Have you seen them here today?

It_arg: Well, Lena and Jennifer was in earlier this morning, I think they are working, but I will text-mess Angie to see if she has gone home from school yet..... Ok message sent..

Chenoa-triunfo: Thank you TITA... I just wanted to ask them a question.

AngieSuecia: IM HERE, what’s happening?, what did I miss? What do you want to ask us?

Chenoatriunfo: Hello Angie, well I’m here in Stockholm now! And...

Fairlady_Sandra: YOU ARE HERE??

Gabi_R: Hello girls, I got a message from Angie saying that I should log in.. What’s going on? Any new news?

Fairlady_Sandra: GAAAABBIII, Chenoa is in town.. IN STOCKHOLM!!!

Gabi_R: WHAAAAT?? Are you kidding me?

Chenoa-triunfo: hahaha, no she’s not.. Hi Gabi and Sandra, nice of you to drop in. Look girls, I have to go soon, but I was thinking, as I’m here in Stockholm and have only met two of my Swedish Chenoistas (Angie and Agge) in person, it would be fun to see you others. Tomorrow during lunch I have time off and was wondering if you would like to meet for some coffee? I have only been in Stockholm for 2 days so I haven’t been to any cafe yet, but I’m sure you know a good one. What do you say?

Fairlady_Sandra: OMG!


AngieSuecia: Haha.. as my fellow gal friends said.. OMG.. and YES we want to meet you! What time and where should we meet?

Chenoa-triunfo: Well as I don’t know the town so well so what about we meet outside The Grand Hotel at 12 tomorrow?

AngieSuecia: THAT sounds great! We will all be there, Agge, Gabi, Sandra, Jennifer and Lena and me of course *smiles*..

Gabi_R: WOHOOOO *doing the IDSOW-dance*

Chenoa-triunfo: Idsow-dance? Well I have to go now, but I will ask you about that tomorrow! Take care everyone! And you Swedish Chenoistas see you tomorrow!! XOXOXOX!!

Fairlady_Sandra: Chenoa, just ignore Gabi.. *rolling eyes*... See you tomorrow!

Gabi_R: Bye, can’t wait! *hyper*

AngieSueca: Chenobsos!!

Lanet: Bye! And I hope you have a great vacation in Sweden!

It_arg: I hope you have a great time with your Chenoistas tomorrow!

Chenox2: Bye bye!

Chenoathletic: Say hello to your “boy – Friend” Haha...

She logged off the forum with a smile on her face and said to herself: They are just so great. Haha.. She hadn’t seen Seb entering the room, he came from behind and wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Bonjour Cherie, who or what have given you this smile? Should I be jealous?

Haha.. Yes you should, she said turned around to give him a proper kiss on the lips. No, I was just talking with my fans, they are so funny. I’m meeting my Swedish Chenoistas for lunch tomorrow while you are here in the studios.

Oh how nice. I’m sure you have made some fans really happy.

Well It´s thanks to them that I’m still recoding albums, you have to take time to thank them when you have time. By the way the Chenoistas says hello to you, hehe.

They know about me? Us?

Well, they know there is a special man in my life, but doesn’t know his name. You are my little secret Frenchy she said and wiggled her eyebrow like Carlos.
They stayed in the studios for another two or three hours and then they were finished for the day. Everybody went on their separate ways, Urs went to meet Isabel, Seb and Laura decided to go and do some boat sightseeing and brought along Carlos who had no plans. David went to the hotel to get changed and then go and find Anna....

Te Encontre/ I found you - Page 2 Angiesiggie
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Posts : 95
Join date : 2009-04-21
Age : 36
Location : Stockholm, Sweden (but at the moment Valence, France)

Te Encontre/ I found you - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Te Encontre/ I found you   Te Encontre/ I found you - Page 2 EmptyMon Nov 01, 2010 6:35 pm

Chapter 32 "Mommy??"

Urs met up with Isabel in the town centre, he wore a cap and sun glasses just in case somebody would recognize him. He had just found out that there were many Divas living in Stockholm. Isabel took him to Old town where her shop was.

Wow, really cool stuff you sell here, Libe!

Thanks.. yes, this shop is quite popular here in Scandinavia..

I really like this two Buddha’s! He said talking down two statues.

Yeah, they are so cute, this one stands for wealth and this one for love!

Well I like it.. I will buy it!

No.. you are not! I will give you it!

No.. then you won’t gain anything for it! Please it’s not so expensive.. let me pay for it!

Alright, this time!!!

They walked back to town, passing the royal castle and the opera house and went to Isabel´s favorite ice cream bars, where they make home-made Italian ice cream. Urs took chocolate and melon flavor and Isabel blueberry and her favorite coconut. They went to sit down to eat the ice cream at the park near buy. The sun was shining and the whole park was full, but no one recognized him.


Ja, Libe?

I talked with my parents last night and well they asked me if you would like to come for dinner tomorrow night! If you want and have time. But we don’t have to if you are not up for it...

Isabel sweetie, stop babbling.. I would love to go to meet the wonderful people who created this amazing woman I know!

Oh.. and who is she?

Well a Swedish girls I hooked up with in Spain.. she just couldn’t resist me.. he said with a smile.

Oh.. she couldn’t you say.. what about you she said giving him a sexy look.

He groaned and leaned against her, making her lay down on the grass and gave her a look of passion.

I still can’t resist her and get enough of her he said giving her a breathtaking kiss.

Carlos had left Seb and Laura early making up that he was seasick, but all he wanted was to go and talk with his wife. He and Geraldine sat and talked for over an hour, she was telling him how her recording of her first solo album was going. He was so proud of her and couldn’t wait to hear the results. He laid on the couch to rest his eyes a bit when he got interrupted by a knock on the door. He got up and opened the door where David was standing.

Hola David!

Hi Carlos, did I wake you up? He said walking into the room.

Yes you actually did, but don’t mind me, just come in.

Carlos, I need your advice!

Oh you want an advice from me? He said with a proud look. Mr. Romance is here to help you!

Well I’m going out to look for Anna now, but I don’t know how to approach her. I know she is no seeing someone..but..

Most you know where she lives?

No.. but I know where he works, Isabel told me

That’s a good start.. Ok.. well.. just tell her how you feel, man. This may be your last chance, show her what’s in here, he said putting is hand on David’s heart.

Awww.. papa Carlos, that was beautiful! David said and laughed.

Shut up, you know I hate when you guys calls me papa Carlos! And you won’t get any more of my first class, high appreciated advices.

Haha... ok.. ok.. I’m sorry.. Thanks man.. you are a true friend.. I will let you have your beauty sleep now.. you need it! He said leaving the room quickly!

I hate you MILLER !!! Carlos screamed after him.

David was getting nervous when the cab approached the school, was he going to be happy to see him? Did she still have feelings for him?
He payed the cab driver and walked into the school. It was really big so he had to ask some students for Miss Petterssons room. He stood outside her classroom watching her reading some papers and then going over to the whiteboard to write something up. He took a deep breath and walked in, at the end of the room. He didn’t say anything cuz he didn’t want to disturb. As he closed the door she said:

I be right with you sweetheart.

Sweetheart, he said to himself, did she know he was coming?

So.. now I’m ready to go! She said and turned around and saw David standing there. Her jaw dropped.

Hi Anna, he said with a cute smile.


At that moment a small student walked into the room.

Hi mommy, can we go now?..............................

Chapter 33 "Meeting Mai"

Mommy? Anna had a daughter? Was she married or divorced? David looked both at Anna and the little girl with a confused face.

Mommy who is this man? The little girl said as she stood beside Anna with her arms around her waist, looking shyly at David.

Sweetie this is just a friend I and auntie Isabel met in Spain. His name is David Miller. David this is my daughter Mai.

Nice to meet you little girl, he said stretching out his hand to her. Mai shook his hand while looking at him intencingly and studying his face.

What is it sweetie?, Anna asked her.

I recognize him, she said studying him a bit more before her eyes widened and she screamed. OMG! You are the Il Divo David Miller! Right ? Right?

Haha, yes you are right. You are so young and have heard of us? Said David.

WOW, grandma won’t believe me when I tell her this, that I have met a Divo. Mommy why didn’t you tell me that you knew him?

I kind of forgot... lied Anna.

Forget? Forget.. something as big as this?

So you like Il Divo then?, David asked a bit surprised.

Hell yes!! Oh sorry mom, I mean yes, I always listen to you when I’m at grandmas, she is a big fan. Especially of Carlos.

Oh a cutie, and you?, he asked.

Hmm.. well I kind of like Sebastien.. and .. and... you a bit. She said blushing.

He just pinched her cheek and said: Well I will have to introduce you to Seb then, one day.
She jumped up and down in happiness but then stopped and looked seriously at him.


Yes, Mai?

Would you like to come to my basketball game?


Yes, we have a game tonight, its cup finals. Please come, please!!

Mai, sweetie no pushing, I’m sure David has loads to do... said Anna and look as her daughter got a disappointed look.

Actually I’m totally free tonight, so if it is ok with you mother, I would be glad to come to your game!

Mommy, pleeeeeaaaseee! Mai said and looked at her with a BIG smile.

Sure sweetie, but we better get going now or you will be late.
Mai took David’s hand and skipped away to the car. Anna had not seen her daughter this happy for a long time now, this what the first time since many years she had a boyfriend meeting Mai. Not that David was her boyfriend, but he could be. After Mais father died 6 years ago when she was only two year old Anna had a hard time looking for good men. Four years ago she thought she had found a prince charming, but she was wrong. He had moved in with them and then started all the arguments and the hitting, he even once hit Mai and after that day he was out of their lives. She had since then been very careful not to bring home any of her male “friends”. As they entered the sports hall, Mai gave her mom and David a hug before running away to get changed and start warming up. Anna went to take some good seats for them while David when to buy drinks and snacks. David had been very unsure if Anna was happy in having him there, but all his doubts changed when he saw her giving him a big smile as he returned and sat beside her.

So David.. what have brought you to Stockholm?

I’m here with the guys recording our new album! Didn’t Isabel tell you? We arrived two days ago.

No she forgot to give me that info. So how have you been?

Good..... Missing you, he said as the crowd started to cheer and the game was about to begin so Anna didn’t hear that last part.

What did you say?

Oh.. no nothing.

Mai looked up to them and waves happily before the game but also during the game. Mai did four goals for her team and after all the goals both Anna and David stood up and cheered very very loud and hugging each other. The game ended and Mais team won, they were given medals and afterwards Mai ran over to David.

Did you see my goals David? Did you?

Yes I did! I didn’t know you were a mini Jordan? The best.

Mom did you see?

Yes I did honey! I’m so proud of you. Now let’s get home to have a late night snack and then you are off to bed. You are getting up early to go to the country house with your uncle and cousins.

Awww.. I know, but I would rather stay here in Stockholm with you and my new friend David.

You will see him again, don’t worry! Anna said and David’s face lid up.
Mai invited David to join them for the late night snack and then asked him to tuck her down to bed. He sang her her favorite song, Heroe and she fell asleep like an angel. David and Anna had not been given any chance to talk a lot during the day and David really wanted to talk to her. But he noticed that she was really tired now so he decided that maybe it was best to leave it for another day. As she followed him to the door, he stopped at the hallway.

Anna, what are you doing tomorrow?

Well in the morning I will be at school and then nothing I guess, I will be childfree so I will just hang out here, relaxing.
Would you like to do something? Like going out to take a drink or maybe get something to eat?

Sure, why not?

Ok, I will give you call when I have finished up in the studios!

Do so, and David.... Thank you for being so great with Mai.

You´re welcome.. you have a great kid there.

I know.. well.. see you tomorrow Superman, she said and winked (remembering the night in his hotel room in Spain when they ended up in the underwear and he wore superman boxers)

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Chapter 34 "Meeting the Chenoistas"

The next morning all the guys headed off to the studios and Chenoa went to meet her fans. When she got down to the lobby she saw a group wearing red, having a chat : That must be them she said to herself and approached them. They didn’t seemed to have notice her cuz when she said hello, they all jumped up really high and screamed.

Shit, you gave us an heart attack, said Sandra.

Sorry girls, she said as she gave them all hugs as they introduced themselves. They all went to a really cozy cafe that and all had coffee with chocolate cake, except for Angie who drank Chai. They had a really good time talking about her latest album, upcoming tour and stuff like that. When she returned from the toilet she overheard Jennifer say:

I read on the forum that the guys may be here recording their new album now!

OMG! We got to do some serious stalking, said Gabi very excited.

I’m in for some stalking, Angie said straight away.

Stalking? Who? Asked Laura

Well Il Divo of course, said Lena.

Oh... you like them? Asked Laura.

Like them? We loved them..well as much as you of course. We are all Divas or Idsows as we also are known as. Said Agge.

Oh really? So who is your favorite? Asked Laura.

SEEB!! I’m a Siren said Angie smiling big.

I’m a David’s Diva, said Jennifer.

I’m a Uber-babe said Agge!

Me too.. That Swiss man is so hot, said Lena.

Carlos, I’m a cutie, said Sandra

And finally me. I’m a SCUD! Said Gabi with a smile.

SCUD? Asked Laura.

Siren, Cutie, Uber, David... I love them all.. and also Alex the base player.. hehe, Gabi said.

Really? Thought Laura.. maybe she could give her Chenoistas an surprise, but she needed to talk with the guys first. They continued talking about everything and they even showed Laura the Idsow dance which Laura found hilarious.
The guys had just finished up at the studios and all headed back to the hotel. Urs was now getting a bit nervous, he was going to meet Isabel’s parents for the first time. He had heard that they were lovely people but it had been years since he “met the parents”. He had still not chosen what to wear when Isabel knocked on the door.

WHAT? You have not changed yet? She said when she saw him standing there in his boxers.

Eh, well I don’t know what to wear!

Oh, you are hopeless, she said walking over to his closet to take out what he was going to wear.

You have such good taste Liebe! You know I can get used to you making decisions for me!

Well, then I can decide that you should cut your hair short, she said looking at him seriously.
He looked at her with a shocked face and said:

Oh no you are not... not my hair!!

Haha.. I’m only kidding! I love your long hair and especially when it turns a bit curly. And by the way, your Ubers would kill me if you cut it, I don’t want to make them mad.

Oh, so you are more scared of my Ubers than me?

How could I ever be afraid of you? You are the most gentle and kind man I have ever met, who wouldn’t hurt a fly. That’s why I love you!

Only for that reason? He said getting his pants on.

Well, I can’t resist this sexy and handsome behind, she said giving his butt a squeeze.
David was changing when he received a message from Anna saying that the dinner plans had been changed and that he should wear something comfortable so he got changed and went off to Anna´s. She opened the door very excited and refused to tell him where they were going. When they stopped the car she said:
Well as you and I are kind of BIG kids I thought it would be fun if we played some Laser doom. My brothers friend is working there tonight and he said that we could go for free and have the whole room for ourselves.

Cool, Laser doom, I have never done that. Is that like paintball?

Yes but this doesn’t hurt as we user laser guns.

They went in to put on the vests, took guns and Anna chose nicknames for them: Superman and Wonder woman. Then the game began. As they only had each other to shoot they were both hiding behind a brick wall, walking backwards when they hit each other. Both turned around ready to shoot. Anna tricked David by saying that she wanted to rest and as he put his gun down she shot him, now the real war began and ran like crazy after each other. Anna managed to fool David two times more, then she got tired and laid down in one of the tunnels. David walked on his tiptoes over to her so she wouldn’t hear him and then he took her gun and said:

Ha! You have nowhere to run now and you can’t fool me again saying that you are hurt.

I won’t, she said, but if you take down your gun I show you what I feel like doing Miller.

He looked at her a bit suspicious not knowing what she meant, then he did what she had asked for. When she pulled him down against her, he knew exactly what she meant. They laid there kissing for about 10 minutes until the light turned on. Playing time was now over!

Chapter 35 "Anna and David"

David and Anna sat on an Indian restaurant talking about their game.

God Miller, you sucked... I kicked you ass big time!

You wish, you only won cuz you cheated

Well I can’t help it if you fall for everything. By the way, everything is fair in love and war! She said as he leaned over the table, got a hold of her hand and kissed it.

What was that for?

Just felt like it, as you would say, he said with a big grin on his face.

So David, tell me how come you decided to look me up? And I heard of Carlos wedding and Seb and Laura hooking up.. how come you are still single? I bet many women would die for being your girlfriend.

Well I looked you up cuz I wanted to see you again..

I didn’t scare you off enough in Spain?

Haha, no! And I’m single cuz I have not found the woman for me. I went on several dates when I went back home, but they weren’t..... they weren’t...

Beautiful enough? Skinny? Smart? Funny?

NO!.. they weren’t you!!.. he said and saw the surprised look she gave him.. She got quiet for a while but then said:

You mean the Anna you met in Spain... not the single mother Anna..

I mean both of you! Well first I was really surprised when I met Mai for the first time but when I saw you together.. All I can say is that I love you even more now as a mother!

What did you say?


You lo... you love me?

Yes I have ever since Spain but stupid enough not to notice it until you were gone. I was so afraid that I would have lost you to another man. I missed you so much, I was hoping that you would come to the wedding with Isabel.

I couldn’t because of Mai.. but I missed you too..

Only missed me?

No silly... I love you too, she said bending over giving him a kiss. As they parted she said:
I hate you for making me fall in love with you.. I promised myself to never fall in love again, and here you come with your beautiful eyes, cute smile and soft lips that gives the best kisses in the world.

He just sat there with a big smile as she spoke, then he took her hand and looked her straight in the eyes:
Look Anna, I know you have been hurt in other relationships but I promise you that I will do everything in my power to never disappoint you or make you sad. I want to be there for you and Mai. I want us to be a real couple, what do you say?

Are you asking me to be your girlfriend Miller? Anna said giggling,, then said: Of course I will. But I need to talk with Mai about it too.

I understand.. god you have made me so happy woman.. he said kissing her again.
They enjoyed their dinner and being together. They had decided to take things slow until Anna talked with Mai.
David always a gentleman walked Anna back to her apartment. At the door he gave her a goodbye kiss, but Anna didn’t want him to go.

Where do you think you are going? She said grabbing his hand.

Well you said.. you said you wanted to take it slow, so I think it’s better we stop this now or else..

David.. there is one thing you should know about me, don’t listen to me when I say stupid things like, “I want to take it slow!”. I’m not saying that we have to do anything.. just that I want to wake up beside you tomorrow morning.

You are crazy.. do you know that woman?

I believe I have heard that before. Do you mind?

Oh no, it makes you more interesting.. but what are we doing out here when we can be inside making out?

I love it when you talk dirty Superman.. she said giggling and opening the door while kissing him.
They laid cuddling and talking all night, Anna told David a bit more about Mai´s father.
The following morning Anna woke up with herself half laying over David body and he with his arms tightly around her. She woke up first noticing she couldn’t move because of his arms. So she whispered his name lightly to wake him up but got no respond. So she said it a bit louder but nothing happened. Then she stared kissing his jaw line then nibbling on earlobes and a smile appeared on his face. She knew he was awake now but continued the kissing and teasing.

If you don’t stop now, I’m not sure how this will end and all I have to say it doesn’t involve us wearing any clothes.

Oh sounds interesting, I think I want to try that out! She said now kissing his chest.

God I don’t know what to do with you.. he said turning over pulling her under him. They started with a kiss that turned passionate that resulted in a long passionate dance of lovemaking.
Afterwards they laid resting when they heard the door open and a voice calling:

Mamma! Mamma!
Anna sat up with a chocked face.

OMG! Its Mai, what are they doing here, they were supposed to come home tomorrow! HURRY, put some clothes on before she comes in here.

All he manage to put on was his boxers and some pants that was laying on the floor in front of him, that turned to be Anna’s cozy Pj´s (blue pants with big hearts and cupids on), then Mai walked in.

Mamma! David?

Eh.. hi sweetie, you are home early.

Hi Mai, David said a bit nervous and seeing her face turning to a disappointed one.

Sweetie what is it?

You and David had a pajamas party without me?
The both adults laughed.

Wow mommy, David has the same Pj´s as you.. how cool! Mai said now happy as the adults laughed some more and hugged her.

Anna’s brother Linus told her that the weather had been really bad that’s why they had come home earlier. Mai started playing with David straight away taking out her PS2. Anna joined them after saying goodbye to Linus.

So this is how you became so good in PS2? Asked David

Yepp,, and well my brother as taught me loads too..

You know I think I will really enjoy spending time with you Pettersson girls! ......

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Chapter 36 "Love is in the air"

The days flew by very fast and it was time for Laura to go back to her work, to her new tour. Sebastien decided to take her out for a nice dinner for their last night together in a while. When they got back from the restaurant they laid on the sofa cuddling. The realization that it was their last night hit them and Laura let out a big sad sigh.

Cherie, what are you thinking?

That I would like to stay with you like this forever.

Me too, Cherie, me too

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, love being a singer and everything that comes with that, well except for the paparazzi part. But right now I wish I was a “normal” person so I could go away with you whenever I wanted. I envy Isabel and Anna so much and admire Geraldine for putting up with being apart from Carlos during all the years they´ve been together.

We will get through this, If our love is real, like Carlos´s and Gery´s it will work out fine!

And do you think it is? She asked just to mess with him.

I sure do! Don’t you?

Not quite sure, she said serious. Scaring Seb a bit, but then she smiled and continued: But I’m sure there is a way that you can try to convince me with!

Oh really?

Oui mon amour! She said as he carried her towards the bed and there all the bad thoughts of her leaving went away as they made love like never before. This time their love making was very slow yet passionate and tender, giving them no doubt about what they felt for each other.
At the same time David was enjoying spending time during his free time with the two new girls in his life. They did loads of things like having picnics, going to the amusement park and going to the zoo. When they told Mai that she would see more of David for now on, she got really happy. That night David overheard an conversation between mother and daughter that interested him.


Yes, sweetie?

Is David going to be my daddy?

Anna got a bit shocked about the question but tried to answer it:
Eh sweetie... I don’t know.. (at that moment David’s face turned to a disappointed one, that surprised him. Did he want Anna and Mai in his life forever? Did he want to marry Anna? Did he want to become Mai´s father? Yes, was all the answers to all those questions.)

Don’t you want David to be my daddy?

No I’m not saying that, it’s just that we will have to wait and see.. But I would really love for him to be your father, I know how much you love him.

Yes, I do.. and so do you! Right mommy?

Yes, me too... a lot, she said and kissed Mai on the forehead. At that moment David knocked on the door and joined them.

Aren’t you already in bed young lady? I thought you would be exhausted after all the rollercoaster rides today?, he said.

I am, but I needed to say goodnight to you before I fall asleep and that I love you David, Mai said and hugged him.

Awww.. I love you too, my little princess!

If I’m your princess then mom is your queen right?

That’s right ,your mom is the queen of my life and you the princess. Now you better sleep!

Goodnight, Mai said and closed her eyes.

David and Anna turned off the lights and closed the door. As the door was closed David pulled Anna to him and kissed her passionately. Minutes later they parted and David smiled at her.

Wow, what was that for?

Just because I love you and your little girl.

Oh you do, Mr. Miller?
I sure do my queen and I tend to show you how much right now he said and scooped her up in his arms and carried her to their bed.
Urs also spent his free time with his `special someone`, they rented motorbikes and drove around and out of Stockholm. Isabel was planning to buy a new Triumph as she sold her old one and Urs gladly joined her to look for a new one and he was tempted in buying one for himself. They had dinners with Isabel’s parents and Urs could spend hours talking to Jorge about everything.
One night whilst drinking brandy and the women were in the kitchen preparing the dessert, Urs surprised both Jorge and himself when during a talk about relationship he said:

You know I have loved your daughter since the first day I saw her and love her more for each day that comes. I have been thinking of where our relationship is heading... he took a pause.

What did you come up with?

Well, marriage. I would love for Isabel to marry me and become my wife and we can start a family... and I hope you can give me your blessing when I do ask her.. that will be in the near future. I know you might think it’s too early for us, but when your true love is standing right in front of you, you can’t let her escape...and...

I understand Urs, now listen to me.. There isn’t any man in the entire world I would want or let marry my baby girl, than you Urs. I can see how in love the two of you are and I know you will respect her, make her happy and support her. I have always dreamt of this moment, when my Baby girls partner would ask for my blessings but I thought that young men these days didn’t do that!

Well I guess I’m old fashioned and thank you very much soon to be father in law he said and the men hugged, a manly hug. At that point Isabel and Kerstin walked in and were surprised of what they saw but didn’t say anything more about it.
Carlos didn’t do much in his free time as the other guys where busy with their girlfriends. The producer Jörgen took him out once and a while to clubs but Carlos also did some exploring of the city by himself. But one day after a hard day in the studios he got a shock of his life when he walked into his hotel room and saw his wife sleeping in his bed. He couldn’t believe it, he had missed her so much but everytime he had asked her to come for some days she had said that she was busy with work. She looked like an angel sleeping but Carlos couldn’t resist himself and kissed her on the lips that was now pouting, softly. She woke up with a smile.

Surprise mi amor! She said

Slept good cariño? He asked.
Si, I wanted to surprise you but I was so tired and you never came, so I fell asleep, Sorry!

Its ok, I’m just glad you are here! You said that you couldn’t come, that you didn’t have time.

Well I didn’t, but there is something I found out that I need to tell you about. She said sounding serious.

Is it good or bad?

It depends on how you see it....

Cariño, please tell me now. I’m getting nervous!

Ok, but I think you should sit down!

No no, please tell me.. are you sick? Please tell me you aren’t sick?!

Not the kind of sick you think. Amor, in about 7 months you will become a papa!

Un papa? He said and the next thing that could be heard was a *bang*, the sound of Carlos falling onto the floor. He had fainted.

Chapter 37 "What my heart wants to say"

Geraldine’s news had been a real surprise to Carlos, but he was really happy. He had dreamt about becoming a father and now that it was a reality he couldn’t wait for the baby to be born. They decided to wait at least for a moth until the doctor could confirm that the pregnancy went well to tell the others.
Laura had gone back to Spain two weeks ago, Seb was planning to surprise her at the tour opening concert in Mallorca. The other guys decided to join Seb for the weekend as they all had free-time and wanted to see Laura’s reaction to the surprise. Urs was planning to take Isabel to Venice after the weekend in Mallorca to have some romantic days with her.
Laura was preparing for her concert at the stadium in Palma de Mallorca, she was extra happy cuz all her family and friends would be there. But what she didn’t know was that in that precise moment another special person was landing at the airport and being picked up by her brother Sebas.

Seb, amigo. How was the flight? Sebas asked and they shook hands.

Good, mon ami. A quite fast flight. So where is Laura now? Does she suspect anything?

No nothing. She’s at the stadium doing her last sound check!

So have you talked with the band?

Yes, I have and they are all in. Just after “Sol, noche y Luna” is when you come in. She will flip out, don’t be surprised if she starts crying. She has done it before, on national TV, Haha. But one thing I need to tell you, you know that all this will all be out on the media. Everyone will find out about you two.

I know and It would come out sooner or later, so why not now? I’m tired of hiding it and so is she.

Just be careful. I know that Laura is afraid that your relationship will end like hers and David’s, even though she had not said it. Please don’t hurt her like he did!

I promise Sebas. I love her with all my heart and I would never do anything to hurt her.

That’s all I needed to hear. So what do you say if we go over to Laura’s place so you can get changed , she won’t go there. But where are all your friends?

They took cabs to the hotel, and Urs and Isabel are taking a later flight, but will be here for the concert.
Seb, the guys and Sebas got to the concert when it was just beginning. The stadium was full with screaming fans all wearing red shirts, boys, girls, young and old. She started the show with a real rock song “Nada es igual” and after a few up-tempo songs she sang the ballad “Si no estas”, that she sang at the wedding.

Its so nice seeing so many people out here tonight, old faces and new faces, friends and family. I’m going to slow down a bit now. I want to dedicate this song to my family that are all here and to a very special person in my life who can’t be here tonight, but is in my thoughts. Je t'aime mon François! She said and the last part almost as a whisper but Seb heard her.
It was now time for his surprise, he was getting really nervous.
Laura was on stage resting a bit, drinking some water and talking to the audience when the band started playing a song. She got a bit confused then recognized the tune.

Hey guys, why are you playing that song.. It’s not on... (she got quiet when she heard a light and beautiful voice sing)

You´re amazing, so amazing,
have I told you enough

(she gasped when she saw Seb walk out to the stage and felt the tears falling down her cheek. All the audience started screaming and clapping then got quiet again to listen) He continued singing and walking really slowly towards her:
you´re my angel, guardian angel,
god knows I´ve been blessed with love

Then it was her turn to sing and she also walked slowly towards him as she was standing on the other side of the stage. But what she really wanted to do was to run over and throw herself at him, but there was thousands of people watching them:
But if I been gone tomorrow
would you know how deep my loves goes
have I ever told you
you´re the one

Then they sang together and stopped walking, their voices really blended beautifully together:
If the words don´t come my way
hope it’s still love
hope it still shows
if the words don´t come my way
hope you still know what my heart wants to say

She started to sing and started walking towards him again:
Words so tender
I surrender
to this feeling
so true

He was almost standing in front of her as he sang:
my affirmation
She continued:
my inspiration
And both took one last step as their felt their bodies in front of them and she put a hand on his chest as they sang together:
darling I have been blessed with you

If the words don´t come my way
hope you still know
hope it still shows
if the words don´t come my way
I hope you still know what my heart wants to say

They hugged and then he pulled away, walked away and sang:
But if I be gone tomorrow
would you know how deep my loves goes
She turned to him and sang:
if I was gone forever
would you know how much I care

Then they returned to each other, looked intensely at each other’s eyes while singing together:
You make me feel like flying
and failing all emotion
that everytime you look at me
you see it in my eyes

If the words don´t come my way
I hope you still know

He walked and stood behind her, taking a hold of her waist and he leaned back to him continuing singing together:
if the words don´t come my way
I hope you still know
I hope it still shows

If the words don´t come my way
I hope you still know
what my heart wants to say

If the words don´t come my way
I hope you still know
hope it still shows

If the words don´t come my way
I hope you still know
I hope it still shows

He then turned her around so he was facing her and lean forward slowly
I hope still you know
what my heart wants to say

They ended with their his forehead on her, he wiped a tear from her eyes while whispering:

I love you!

I love you too! Thank you she said and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.
While the whole stadium was on their feet clapping and cheering on.

The song (Chenoa with Gareth gates):

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Chapter 38 "a friend from the past?"

Laura left the stage with happy tears on her eyes, the audience had been great and so full with love. Except for one person that was standing on the back-row who had been watching the scene between her and Seb and was now planning a revenge.

So she is in love. Well we will just how in love they really are after I’m through with them, she said and left the stadium and took a cab to the town hall.

Laura ran backstage to her lounge where Seb was waiting for her, she closed the door and looked at him with a big smile.

Hello Cherie! Did you like my surprise? He said and stood up.

Like? Like? I loved it, I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you in weeks. She said as she walked over to him, placed her arms around his neck, kissed him and then said: It feel so good to be able to kiss you again. Then they heard a knock on the door, she open it and in came everyone.

Laura, you where great out there said Isabel as they hugged.

Yes you were, Gery said that she is sorry that she couldn’t come but she will see you in Madrid, said Carlos as he kissed her cheek.

Thank you guys for being here! It’s the best surprise I could have ever gotten, having all my family here, my old one and my new one she said and looked at the divos.

Laura sweetie, don’t forget the party at the town hall. They are all waiting for you as you are the reason of the party. So we can’t be that late. Said Pati.

Oh, I almost forgot. Thanks mama! So guys what do you say, do you want to go to a party? The town mayor is holding it to honor me, one of Mallorca’s biggest star.

A party, I can’t say no to that said Carlos with a big smile.

We join in too, said David and took Anna by the hand.

I think we will skip it this time, we have an early flight to Venice tomorrow said Urs. But I hope you have a great time there tonight!

Thank you so much for being here! And have a great time in Italy!

They all went to their house/hotel to get changed and then headed for the party. The town hall was full with politicians, important people and also other famous people from the island.
While Seb and Laura was dancing they felt somebody watching them, and Laura looked at the woman. It was an old high school friend, so Laura went over to say hello.

Oh my god, Anaiis, It was ages ago I saw you, said Laura and hugged her.

Hi, eh.. yes, since high school.

So how are you, what do you do? Do you have a family?

Well I work at the town hall and yes there is someone special in my life she said and gave a wicked smile (or there will be one soon she thought and looked over at Seb who was not paying so much attention to her).
So who is this?, she asked and smiled at Seb.

Oh sorry for not introducing you. Seb this is an old high school friend Anaiis. Anaiis this is Seb.

A pleasure to meet you, said Seb and kissed her on both cheeks. He did that just to be polite... He didn’t like her much, he had seen her watching him all the time and even trying to flirt.

The pleasure is all mine, she said touching him on the chest. (just pretend you are not interested, you will soon be mine, you will forget all about that b***h)

Laura and Anaiis stayed and talked a bit more and she told her old friend all about her plans, that she was going to Madrid next. That Seb would follow her there but then he would go back to London when she will off to Almeria.

Oh really! Said Anaiis and smiled inside. (Great there is my chance to get my revenge)

After had spent 3 hours at the party Seb went over to Laura who was standing talking with some people, and whispered:
Cherie, can we go please? I want to be alone with you.. so I can kiss you.. a proper kiss!

She smiled and whispered back: Give me 5 minutes to say my goodbyes.

They said goodbye to everyone and walked fast out to the cab. As they closed the door and the cab drove away they said at the same time:

Finally alone! They looked at each other, laughed and then kissed a real passionate one.

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Chapter 39 "third time´s a charm"

The flight to Italy went really quick and as they were landing Urs started to get a bit nervous, this was going to be one of the most special days in his life. As none of them had been to Venice before they decided to do a bit sightseeing.

Urs had arranged with the hotel to have the hotels rose garden to themselves, they were going to have dinner there. He had also asked them to fill the garden with candles to make it more romantic. As the big night arrived, it was just as he had planned it. Isabel was speechless when Urs took her to the gardens, she had never seen anything that beautiful before. They ate Isabel’s favorite pasta dish and for dessert a big chocolate sufflé that he had hidden a box with the ring inside.

As she took the first bite, Urs started to get nervous. What if she says no? What if she doesn’t like the ring?
Just as she took the second bite, he started to sweat a bit.

Urs, sweetie are you ok?

Oh.. yes.. it’s just... It’s warm out here with all the candles don’t you think?

I guess so. Urs are you not having dessert? It’s not like you, you love chocolate, this is really good. But too big for me, you have to help me with it!

I will, just eat a bit more and then I will eat the rest, I promise.

She was getting closer to the box, just needed to take one more bite and as she was putting her spoon down on the sufflé the hotel receptionist came in.

Sorry to disturb you Mr. Buhler, but I have an urgent call for miss Flores.

It was her mother, her father had an heart attack and was in hospital. Isabel got really sad, scared and worried, so Urs arranged them to fly to Stockholm that night.
I guess it was not the day today thought Urs to himself while sitting on the plane with his arms around Isabel who was asleep after have been crying for a while.

After a week at the hospital and a small operation Jorge was out of danger and was able to go home. When Urs told him that he was going to propose to Isabel when they were in Venice, he felt really bad for have ruined everything. But Urs assured him that it was ok, he was going to do it after he return from some promotion in England.
After two weeks of promotion, Urs returned to Sweden determined to ask her this time! His second chance would be out at the Stockholm skärsgård (islands out in Stockholm), at an private island that Jorge arranged to hire for the day, so they could be alone. He had arranged for them to have a driver and a speedboat to take them there. They had a nice picnic with different finger food that Jorge and Kerstin had made and champagne-marinade strawberries for dessert. As they ate Urs looked out at the sea and saw that the weather was changing, the clouds where getting grey. He had to ask her now! He took her hand, kissed it before starting to talk:

You look so beautiful today, do you know that?

Thank you sweetie. You don’t look so bad yourself may I add. Thank you for taking me here, it’s so beautiful and peaceful out here.

Its my pleasure. Look I took you here to tell you something... or rather to ask you something... You know that I love you with all my heart.. and well I was wondering if.....

Just then they felt something went on their faces, it had started to rain and a lot. The man who had taken them out to the island came running to them, telling them that they had to leave now before the storm would become worse. Urs got really disappointed, but packed all their stuff fast and ran to the boat that took them back to the city. Urs was staring to believe that someone up there didn’t want them to get married, but he wouldn’t give up.

The following morning Urs woke up really early, he had not been able to sleep, he had been thinking of all the bad luck they have had. Then he saw Isabel starting to move, she was waking up. It was now or never he said to himself. She opened her eyes and with a smile said:

Good morning, sweetie!

Marry me!? He heard coming out from his mouth.

She sat up looked at him seriously and then started to laugh.
Well what happened to the, Good morning to you too?

Sorry Liebe, it’s just that everytime I have tried to ask you to marry me something has stopped it. So I wanted to ask you before something else would happen. Isabel I love you with all my heart and can’t see my future without you in it! I want everyone to know that you belong to me and I to you. I have asked your fathers permission and we have his blessings. So Isabel Flores Sundin, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? He asked as he took out a gold ring with white and purple stones on it (her favorite stones, diamond and ruby).

She sat there speechless with tears falling down her cheek, happy tears.

Please Liebe say something, anything. He asked now getting really nervous.

Then she started to nod...
YES YES, of course I will marry you! OMG Urs, it’s so beautiful, I love it, I love you she said as an happy Urs put the ring on her fourth finger and kissed it.

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Chapter 40 "Happy surprises?"

After the concert and party, David, Anna and Mai flew to Paris. David was taking his two girls to Disneyland, Mai had no idea, she thought there were going to visit a friends of David’s. Mai was quiet the whole ride from the airport to the hotel, until she saw the park that was just 5 mins from the hotel. Her whole face lid up and she looked at David.

Are we? Is this? How?

David and Anna just laughed.

Yes Sweetie we are staying here for 3 days, said David and Mais jaw dropped.

3 days? How about school?, I have class tomorrow! She asked.

Well your mother and I thought we would reward you with this little trip as you have been such a good student. But you still have some homework to do so you don’t fall behind, you mom brought your books.

Oh you are the best, I love you, Mai said and have him a big hug and kiss on the cheek and did the same with her mother. Then she turned her attention to the park and hotel where the car was now getting closer to.
David sat there with a big smile on his face and looked at Anna.

What? She said

You heard that? I’m the best, he said still smiling.

Oh like you didn’t know? Didn’t I show and tell you that last night! she said laughing when she saw his face turn red when Mai had asked him what her mother had meant!

I will get you for that miss Pettersson, he said as he gave Mai a whole other story than the truth.

MMmm.. can’t hardly wait Mr. Miller, she said and gave him a wink.
In Spain Carlos and Geraldine was looking for apartments in the city centre of Madrid. They had already seen 5 different ones and Geraldine was getting tired.

Cariño, none of these are any good for us! She said looking sad.

Why, mi amor. The last one was quite nice, don’t you think?

It only had one bedroom! She said and sighed.

Yes, so what? We don’t need a guestroom, if someone visit us we can... he stopped when he saw her roll her eyes. Mi amor, what is it?

Have you forgotten? she said putting one hand over her tummy.

Que? OH.. no NO.. The baby of course.. We will look for something else.. *shit* he said a bit quiet.

Its ok, she said sighed and left the room.
Had he already forgotten? Or was he just joking? If he had forgotten did it mean that he didn’t want to become a father now? Wasn’t he ready, he said before he was happy about it?
She felt a tear fall down her cheek and wiped it before Carlos could see it as he joined her in the elevator!

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Chapter 41 "Evil strikes"

Sebastien had spent some lovely days in Mallorca with Laura and then in Madrid aswell, but he had to go back to London for some interviews and meeting with Simon. He wanted to see how the album had turned out. It was really hard for the two of them to part when she left him at the airport in Madrid. They decided to say goodbye at the car. He almost missed his flight when they finally broke the kiss they had shared for minutes and Laura almost pushed him out of the car so he wouldn’t miss it.

A few days had gone and the meeting with Simon had gone well, he was very pleased with the results. One night Seb decided to go out for a drink with some guys from the BMG office and they ended up at the Ritz. Seb had felt being watched the whole day but was starting to believe that he was just over-reacting. Seb had to go to the restroom and left his wine glass on the table with the other guys who were busy talking with some new lady friends.

At that moment a woman sitting behind a large plant at the other side of the bar made her way to the table. The other men were so caught up with the ladies that they didn’t notice her and she poured something into Sebastien´s glass.

Just 15 minutes and he will me mine, she said and gave a evil smile while walking away.

Seb returned and drank up the last of the remaining wine. He thought it tasted a bit funny but didn’t bother to care about it. He was getting tiered and decided to say goodbye to the other guys. As he walked out to the lobby he started to feel dizzy, that was when he saw a woman he recognize walking towards him.

Well hello there stranger! She said.

Eh? I recognize you, but don’t remember your name. What was it?

Have you already forgotten about it, luv? It was just 2 weeks ago we met!

Oh now I remember you are Laura’s friend from Mallorca right?

Correct, luv.

What are you doing here?

Oh, I’m here with work!

Ok, what a coincidence meeting you here. London is big and still here you are.

Maybe its destiny she said and caressed his cheek. I have a room here, want to go up for a night cap?

Non.. no thank you! he said staring to feel really strange and had to hold on to her shoulders so he wouldn’t fall. Oh god, my head is spinning!

She called for someone to help her to take him to “their room”, she told the bellboy helping carry Seb that he was her boyfriend and that he have had too much to drink. The boy left Seb laying on the bed and then left the room. Perfect she said and looked at Seb who was out of it. She started to take of his shoes, pants and shirt and laid down beside him also only in her underwear. She started kissing him but he didn’t respond, just repeating:

Laura, I love Laura. Like he knew what was happening but wasn’t able to do anything about it. He couldn’t get control over his body, that witch had done something, drugged him.

He heard some clicking sounds and then everything went black for him.

Now I will finally get my revenge on you Laura Corradini, I will make you suffer of a broken heart like I did, she said and smiled....

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Chapter 42 "the morning after"

Seb woke up the following morning with a big headache, when he opened his eyes he was very shocked, he didn’t recognize the bed nor the room he was at. He was the hotels logo on the pillowcase. How had he end up here? He must have become really drunk and the hotel staff got him a room, but he didn’t remember drinking that much. He went over to the bathroom to freshen up, when he saw himself on the mirror he saw that his eyes were big, red and had big bags under them. He had never looked like this the day after a big night of partying before.

Well it’s just me getting older, he said to himself, cleaned his face and sat on the bed again where he saw a note on the nightstand. He took it and read it:
" Good morning Sunshine,
Thank you so much for last night..."

WHAT? he said out loud. OMG what happened last night?
he continued reading:
"thank you so much for last night, it was fabulous just like you. I won’t ever forget it, I hope you won’t either but I’m sure Laura will enjoy reading about it on tomorrows paper or what do you think?
Xoxo "

NO! he screamed and throwing the note and hitting the wall not bothering that his knuckles getting bruised. He sat himself on the bed again, resting his head on his hands. He couldn’t believe this happened, he loved Laura more than anything else in this world, why would he risk that in cheating on her? He had never done that before why do it now when he was with the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with?!

I have to go to her, tell her nothing happened, before she reads about it on the papers. I have to fly to Spain today!
He stood up and headed for the BMG office where he and the guys where having a meeting now, he had to tell them that he had to go and he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

In the office the guys and Simon was waiting for Seb.

I wonder what has happened to Seb? I know he’s usually late but never this late, said Urs.

I know, even Carlos came before him, said David grinned at Carlos.

HEY! I don’t come so late, do I ? Asked Carlos and looked at all of them.

Unfortunally YES, that’s usually the case Carlos, said Simon. Ok, I´ll give him 10 more minutes then we will start the meeting without him, I’m a very busy man I don’t have time for this. I’m going to make a short phone call and when I get back he better be here! he said leaving the room.

OOoooo,, somebody´s in trouble, said David in a childish way.

Grow up Miller said Urs.

Ok ok, Mr. Serious. Are we missing Isabel are we?

YEs, I haven’t seen her for almost two weeks now and I’m missing her like hell. Can’t wait for her to come next week.

My Anna is coming the day after tomorrow, they have a week off at her school so she’s coming over.

Alone or with niñita Mai? asked Carlos

Alone, Mai has a basketball camp, but Anna will bring her next time. I miss her too.

You really like her don’t you ? asked Carlos again

Yes, he’s a great kid, what’s not to love about her.
At that moment Seb entered the room.

Time to show up frenchy said Carlos.

Are you Ok? asked Urs.

Man you look like hell and I’m not joking said David.

Thanks Dave. No I’m not fine and he told them the story. All guys got very shocked.

Man I don’t know what to say, said David.

Who would like to hurt you like this amigo, asked Carlos.

I don’t know.. but what I know is that I have to go to talk with her before she reads about it.

We understand. Just go, we will handle Simon, Go said Urs and put a hand on Sebs shoulders.

Thank you mon ami´s, Seb said running out of the office.

A few minutes after Simon entered the room:
Ok Helen told me that Seb had arri... Hey Where is Izambard?? He better have a bloody good excuse for this! Will someone tell me what’s going on?

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Chapter 43 "In time?"

Seb took the first flight to Madrid, cuz he had talked with Sebas who told him that she was having 2 days off and were home to rest. He was sitting very nervous in his seat, wondering how this was going to turn out, how would he tell her that he had been out and woken up the next morning in an hotel room with a note saying he had cheated on her. Would she believe him when he would tell her that he didn’t remember anything and can be sure that anything happened.

The plane was now flying over the south of France, he looked out of the window wondering how this could have happened. Who was the girl? At the note it just said, A.. A, who could that be, who would like to hurt him like this? It couldn’t have been any of his Sirens cuz he knew that they were glad he had found the love of his life. Just before the plane landed in Madrid he prayed to god to make this go well.

It was night now and Laura was sitting on the couch watching a movie. She had been trying to call Seb the past hour but didn’t get a respond, his phone was turned off but she left him a message and hoped he would call her back soon. She looked down at her little princess Shirley who looked at her with pleading eyes, she wanted to go out, so Laura got dressed and walked out to the park near her apartment.

Just as she left, Sebs cab approached her building, he payed the driver and almost ran up to Laura’s floor. He knocked on the door and got no respond, he knocked again (wondering if he had gone to bed), then he rang the doorbell but nothing happened. He noticed that there weren’t any barking so he guessed she was out with Shirley. That was good, it have him more time in thinking of ways to tell her what had happened. His eyes were still red from the drug and he had a bad headache, a few minutes later he fell asleep by her door.

20 minutes later Laura started walking back and when she got out of the elevators she saw somebody sitting by her door. As she walked closer she saw it was Seb, he was sleeping, he looked so peaceful but worried at the same time. She smiled, bent down and gave him a kiss to wake him up, Shirley felt left out and did the same but threw herself upon him. Seb was fully awake now laughing as Shirley continued licking his face happy having him back.

I guess someone has missed me, he said as he stood up.

Yes, she has.. Seb what are you doing here?

I can here to tell you something, something important and I missed you.

I missed you too honey she said giving him another kiss before opening the door. As she closed the door she turned to him giving him a serious look. I tried to call you all evening, I thought you had forgotten all about me and didn’t want to talk with me.

Never he said giving her a kiss that left her breathless. As they broke the kiss he looked at her and said: I have to tell you something.

Later, she said and started unbuttoning his shirt.

It’s important, he said and moaned as Laura started kissing his chest.

It was can wait, it’s not like I’m going somewhere. Now I have other plans for us she said leading them to her bedroom.

When they later laid cuddling, he decided it was time to tell her.

Laura, cherie. I think I should tell you what happened last night.

Mmm, she just said.

I was out last night and we went to this bar to have a drink. I remember drinking 2 glasses and then everything is black.


I woke up this morning in an hotel room alone, I thought the staff had gotten me a room since I obviously were too drunk to remember anything better alone then to find my way home. But then I saw this note near the bed.


It was a woman who had left it, he said turning a bit nervous. But got surprised when she didn’t react.


He looked down at her and saw that she wasn’t listening to him, she had fallen asleep. He kissed her forehead and said: We will talk tomorrow mon amour, and then he also fell asleep.

When he woke up the following day he saw that he was alone in bed. She had obviously gone up to go out with Shirley, so he went up to take a shower and then he HAD to talk to her.
He got out of the shower, fully dressed and walked out to the living room where he saw sitting on the couch, with her knees up, her hands around then and her head down. She was shaking a bit.

Cherie what is it?

She didn’t respond and as he approached her he could now see a magazine and saw pictures of him and the mysterious woman who he now saw was Anaiis, Laura’s old school friend. He felt sick when he saw the pictures, he turned the magazine so the pictures weren’t showing anymore and bent down to face her. He put a hand on her hand and said:

Cherie, I know how it might look like but I promise, NOTHING...

Go, Seb, Get out of here!

Cherie, let me explain..

She looked up at him, he could see her sadness, hurt, devastation and anger in her eyes and she said:

GET OUT HERE, I don’t want to see you again! GO!

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Chapter 44 "what to do now?"

She looked up at him, he could see her sadness, hurt, devastation and anger in her eyes and she said: GET OUT HERE, I don’t want to see you again! GO!

Seb had left the house against his wishes, but he didn’t want to upset her even more that he had. What was he going to do now?
If she didn’t want to listen to him he had to tell somebody who were close to her and could talk with her when she had calmed down. But first he wanted to be sure that she weren’t going to be alone all day and called her best friend Paula.

Hola, Paula aqui! (hello Paula here!)

Hi Paula, it’s me Seb.

Oh hi Seb, how are you?

Not so good, but listen to me, Laura needs a friend now and I know she will not call you now that you have a family, but she needs her best friend. Will you please come to Madrid now? I will pay for your flight and you can bring your daughter with you!

What’s going on Seb?

I hurt her Paula, I let her down in the worst way possible, but you will soon know about it. Please say that you will come?!, I don’t want her to be alone when she is this sad.

Ok, I’m on my way to the airport now and Seb, whatever you have done, I hope she will be able to forgive you in the future!

I know, I hope so too, thank you so much Paula and promise me that you will tell her that I love her with all my heart, he said as a tear fell on his cheek.

He booked the flight for Paula and sent her all the info for the ticket. Then he went to the person he knew would listen to him, he knocked on the door and was happy to see that it open.

Seb amigo, what are you doing here? Have you been crying?

Sebas could talk with you?

Si si, Sure.. But shouldn’t you be with my sis now?

Yes but.. Look Sebas something happened, I’m going to tell you all about it but I ask you to not stop me or even hit me until I have finished. Ok?

Sebas just nodded and looked at Seb very confused. After 15 minutes a teary Seb had told Laura’s brother the whole story, who was very shocked.

Have you told Laura this? he asked.

Non, she wouldn’t listen to me and I don’t blame her after have seen those pics of me and that .. that... I felt so sick when I saw the pictures and that "thing" having her hands on my body, he said closing his eyes, shedding another tear.

Look Seb, Laura is my sis and I have to support her in this, whatever her decisions are. I know that she loves you like no one before and you her but after have seen her last time when David broke up with her, I don’t think she could handle another heartbreak. I have listen to you and I don’t know why but I believe you! I know you could never do this to my sister and I know who this Anaiis is like. I can tell you that I will talk with her and tell her your version but I can’t promise you that she will listen or believe it. But I will try!

Thank you so much, mon ami. That’s all I ask for, he said giving Sebas a brotherly hug.

So what are you going to do now? asked Sebas.

Don’t know, fly back to London as I don’t want to hurt her more and me being here is doing it to her. So it will better that I leave, but I will not stop trying to talk with her and will call her. I won’t let this come between us, I won’t let Anaiis win.

I’m glad to hear that. I’m really sorry for both of you. Now I better go and comfort my sis.

Seb sat on the plane looking out of the window, how could it have turned out this way? He was so happy and now everything just went wrong. Now he had to face Simon and tell him everything as eventually the British press would get hold of the pics and story. But he didn’t care about that right now, he just wished that Laura would forgive him.

Simon had been furious when Seb talked with him, but said that he would do everything in his powers to make Anaiis regret she had messed with one of his divos.

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Chapter 45 "Lives goes on"

For a whole week Seb had tried to get hold of Laura but she didn’t respond to his calls, neither the second week and on the third he got a call from Sebas. He told him that he had told Laura his version and that she had listened and seemed to believe it but she still didn’t want anything to do with Seb and she was now going to Latin America for some promotion. Seb also got a letter from her that week:

Dear Seb,

This is a goodbye from me; please don’t ask me why cuz right now I don’t have a good reason. Let’s just say that this is for the best for me and mostly for you. I loved you so much and now I feel broken and it can’t be fixed. You will have to get used to not waking up with me, you will see that there is a light beyond the tunnel. You deserve more than what I have given you, so before it is too late I leave you. I know you have tried to contact me but I ask you to stop that, do it for me please and I hope you will find someone who can make you happy. So the only thing for me to say now is, Goodbye!


Seb felt tears dropping down his cheeks. NO, this can’t be it! he said hitting the door with his fist.
Meanwhile in Stockholm Anna was getting home from a late day at school, they had a parent day at school where they ate dinner and the kids could show what they had made during the term. As Mai was at her brothers she decided not to rush home and took a walk. This turned out to be a mistake.

Cuz as she entered a small park near her house, somebody came from behind and pulled her towards some bushes. There he started hitting her, while she screamed as loud as she could and tried to hit back. After 10 minutes of being hit she felt something hard hitting her head and she blacked out.

Some hours later David got a phone call from his hotel in Holland where the guys had done some interviews.

Hello, David here!

David, this is Linus. Anna’s brother.

Oh hi, how are you?

I’m fine thanks, but look I’m calling because Anna is in the hospital.

OMG, what happened? How is she?

Her neighbors hear a scream from the park and called the police, and when they got there they saw Anna laying there beaten up and blood running from the side of her head. It seemed that the perpetrator hit her with a stone. Look, the doctors can’t say how it is yet as she hasn’t woken up yet, but there is no internal bleeding in the head, so that’s good news.

David just sat there shocked listening to Linus.

Well, I just wanted you to know what was happening if you were trying to reach her.

No, thank you. I will come there tomorrow, OK. So if she wakes up tonight, tell her I be there and that I love her.

I will. Goodbye.

David called everybody to his room and told them what had happened and that he had to go to Sweden. They all understood and wanted to come along for support but he said he didn’t need it.

David arrived in Stockholm early the next morning and took a taxi direct to the hospital. When he ran in he saw Linus and Anna’s mother Lina and Mai sitting outside the room. When Mai saw him she ran towards him and threw herself on him.

David, thank god you are here. Mum is so sad. She has been hurt.

I know, I know princess.

Oh, she looks so horrible David, I was scared to go to her, she was all blue and had this white thing on her head and I could see blood behind it.

It’s ok sweetie, I’m here now and your mother is strong she will recover this in no time.
David I have missed you so much, she said letting go of his embrace.

I´ve missed you too my princess, so let’s see if they let me go and see your mother. He said walking over to Linus and Lina.

Thanks for coming David, you and Mai was the first people she asked for when she woke up this morning, Linus said.

I had to be here for her, she’s the love of my life. How is she?

The doctors are in there with her right now, said Lina and stood up. It’s nice to finally meet you David she said and held out her hand.

Likewise, just whished it would have been in a better circumstance, he said talking her hand then giving her a hug.

A few minutes later the doctor came out, telling them that Anna was ok, just had a bad concussion, that’s why she had not woken up until this morning and that her right arm was broken. So they were going to operate on it later on the afternoon, otherwise everything was fine, just some bad bruises and there were no signs of a rape being made. When David entered the room she had her eyes opened, his heart broke when he saw the bruises she had over her face and arms. He sat down beside her, took her hand and kissed it.

Thank god you are ok! he said as he shed a tear.

David? David is that you? she said whispering and gently opening her eyes.

Oh god, I was so worried Baby, the thought of somebody laying a hand on you makes me sick. If I ever see him, he will wish he had never been born.

Its ok, the police called me an hour ago saying that they had found him, he tried to rape another girl the same night. She said while tears started running down her face. I was so afraid David; I thought he would rape me or worse kill me. I was so worried of Mai becoming an orphan and losing you.

Sschh... It’s ok, I’m here now and nothing that this will ever happen to you I will protect you.

David, I’m so scared to go back there, I don’t think I can go back.

Then come with me, you and Mai. Come and live with me and join me for the tours. Please say you will come!

What are you saying? You want me to move in with you? In London?

Yes, London, New York and the hotels around the world. I know it’s a lot to ask and you might not want it because of Mai, but you can be her private teacher when we are on tour and she won’t be the only child, as Carlos´s child will be born soon and then the guys from the band bring along their kids sometimes So she will have others to play with. Please come with me, I know it sound selfish but I want you by my side. You and Mai. And I was supposed to do this later, in a more romantic situation, but Anna Pettersson, will you do me the great honor of becoming my wife? He said kneeling down on one knee and talking out a ring from his jacket.

Oh my god David! Anna gasped. Are you sure you can handle me for the rest of your life?

I will try or I will just divorce you he said giggling.

Hey...cheeky, you will never get rid of me now!

Just what I wanted! he said standing up and putting the ring on her finger.

They kissed and then told the others the good news.

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Chapter 46 "Why?"

Two months had now passed since Laura had shut Seb out of her life, she thought it would be easier now, when the press has started to hunt her as they had forgotten all about the story now and time had passed, but no she felt awful. She had lost over 10 kilos and her mother was getting a bit worried about her. She too believed in Seb side of the story but couldn’t do anything to change her daughters mind.

Since the break up Laura had worked like crazy for the first month but now had some weeks off and did nothing then to spend time at home. She one weekend she decided to visit her parents in Mallorca and her best friend Paula. One night Paula convinced Laura to come out with her to check out a new night club. They had a great time dancing and drinking, well that was until they saw Anaiis walking in. The whole club faded away when Laura saw her and all she could see was the woman who ruined her life. She walked over to her and gave her a big slap on the cheek, Anaiis was shocked.

Hey! What the **** was that for? she yelled.

How do you dare ask me that, Laura said slapping her other cheek.

Ok ok this is over now.. you two are out of here, the clubs guards said dragging them out.

Look what you have done now! Anaiis snapped at Laura.

Nothing compared with what you have done..and everything was fine before you entered, Paula snapped back.

What have I ever done to you?!!

Why? Laura suddenly asked.

Why, what? said a confused Anaiis.

Why? Why did you sleep with Seb? What did I do to you?

Oh, so the little princess doesn’t remember. Does the name Alejandro ring a bell?

Alejandro? The one that went to high school with us?

Yes, THAT ALEJANDRO, my boyfriend and future husband before you came in and ruined everything.


Yes, you said or did something to him to make him leave me. I know you did.

NO I did not. First of all, when he and I got together he said that he had broken it up with you! And second if he wanted you as much as you wanted him, he wouldn’t have left you!

Then he lied to you! We were together!

Then I’m sorry, I didn’t know. So this is all it was, a revenge?

Yes, Anaiis said smiling.

Well I hope you are proud of yourself, cuz no one else is. Millions of people hates you now, my fans, my family and friends and Sebs aswell. Everyone sees you like a cheap w****! And that you did all this for a high school thing..... GROW UP will you! Laura said and started to walk away, leaving Anaiis speechless. But then she heard something.

Wait.. Laura wait

What now? I don’t want to hear anything coming from your filthy mouth anymore.

Please just listen to this and then I promise to never bother you again!

Ok I will give you one minute!

It.. it didn’t happen!


Me and Seb, We didn’t sleep together even though I wanted to.

What are you saying?

I drugged him and made the hotel staff bring him up to my room. I undressed him and tried to kiss him, but he was moving his head saying: No I love Laura, I love Laura. Then he blacked out, that was when I took the photos to make you all believe something had happened. But it didn’t I swear, you have to believe me!

I don’t believe anything coming out of your mouth but I do believe in Seb and he said nothing had happened.

Can you ever forgive me? asked Anaiis with her head down.

Someday yes, but we will never be friends and I don’t ever want to see you anywhere near me!

Sure, I promise. I hope you and Seb can fix this.

I hope so too, Laura said quietly and walked back to Paula where she started to cry.

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Chapter 47 "OT"

One more week had passed and Laura was now back in the mainland, but in Barcelona having a meeting with her record company and visiting her friend Gisela. The second leg of her Spanish tour was beginning in one week’s time so she was enjoying her last week of laziness. Since the night club incidence she had started to think, she should have believed and let Seb tell her everything from the beginning. 2 months had passed, would he take her back now? Maybe he had found someone else? Why would he wait for her?
What she didn’t know was that the guys were in town for some interviews and were to appear on the music TV-show Operacion Triunfo, where Laura was discovered.

Seb had also felt awful these past months and lost some weight, he didn’t go out with the guys anymore like he used to. He wasn’t his happy self anymore and the guys missed that. He felt even lower now being in Spain knowing she wasn’t far away. Every day he had his mobile phone on his hand waiting for her to call him but without any results.

They were this evening going to sing "Desde el dia que te fuiste" at the show she was in just a few years ago. As he started to sing, everything was great he didn’t mess up or anything, until the end of the song when he saw the picture of Laura on the wall of the studio. The studio had pictures of all old and new participants of the show hanging all around the room. The camera guy noticed what happened and filmed were Seb was looking and then back at him where now everyone could see he had tears falling down from his cheeks.

At the same time at an apartment not far from the studio Gisela and Laura were talking about what was happening in their life.

Yes so I open my new shop next week, then I think I will head back to the studio working on the third album! I was talking to Naim the other day and we decided to record a duet so that will be on my new album. Gisela told Laura.

No way, that’s cool. Like I and A. Parreño did. Wouldn’t it be cool if the whole gang recorded a new song together, a good one like Mi musica es tu voz.

Oh yes, that would be awesome! Talking about the old gang, the 5th edition of the show has started and these youngsters are good, the gala is today. How about we look at it, to remember our time there?

Sure that would be great, I haven’t been able to follow it as I´ve been touring. But hey, do you have any popcorn?

Sure, I will make some now! Gisela walk to the kitchen to get everything.

The two friends sat down in front of the TV to watch the show when they saw that, that nights guests were an international famous group called Il Divo. Chenoa froze, she didn’t know he was here.

Are you ok Hun?

Sure, I just got a bit surprised. I haven’t seen him for so long.

Do you want us to watch something else?

No, no its ok.

The gala began and the young singers were very good, but one girl was un lucky and fell down as she was singing and doing a dance move. But she was a brave one and stood up to continue her performance.

Oh, I miss those days said Gisela.

Yeah me too. We had such good time!

Yeah we did, remember in new years when you fell down the stairs. We all thought you were really hurt but you just laid there laughing your head out!

I know. Those were good days, I´ll do anything to experience them again, well everything except for one thing.

Gisela knew she was talking about David.

Now it was the time for the divos to sing. Laura stopped breathing as Seb and the guys walked out. He looked so great, lost some weight though. Then she got surprised when she saw him looking at something, then saw her picture and then the tears as he sang: No se vivir si no es contigo (I can’t live if it’s not with you). Did he still love her? In spite of her shutting him out for so long? She had to find out.

As Gisela only lived 3 blocks from the studio Laura ran out and headed for it. As she got to the backstage door, the guard recognized her, she was after all an old participant but also a frequently guest of the show and let her in. She went over to the guest lounge and knocked on the door but got no answer. They were probably getting interviewed by now so she went in and sat on the sofa and waited.

After 10 LONG minutes she heard voices getting closer to the room. Then the door opened and she stood up as she saw Urs, Carlos and David looking at her with surprised faces.

No guys I said it don’t feel like it... hey why are you standing by the door, enter the lounge so we can get changed and go! Seb said looking at them not seeing what was in the room as he was still on the corridor.

Eh, I think it’s better we give you some time said David as he and the others left him there confused. When he walked in his jaw fell.

to be continued....

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Chapter 48 "Explanations and forgiveness"


Hello Séb!, she said in almost a whisper as she stood up.

What are you do… how?

I was at my friends house and I saw you on t… God Séb I’m so sorry for everything… I should have listened to you.. trust you.. I did always know you were telling the truth but somehow I needed to hear it from her Anaiis, she did last week.. I was so scared of being hurt again that I got blinded from the truth..I know it’s not fair on you.. I´ve hurt you even more that you have me.. and I’m so sorry for everything.. I also got the stupid thing in my head that you would be better off without me.. I´ve only caused you drama.. nothing of this would have happened if you hadn’t met me.. I thought… No I think you deserve someone else, someone better..I saw you on TV and saw how sad you looked.. I knew I had to come and see you.. even if it is to say goodbye….

Seb lowered his head, he couldn’t believe she was here.. she came back to him? He could see in her eyes that she still loved him… He had not realized that he had been quiet for a long time..

Laura looked at him.. why was he so quiet? Wasn’t he happy to see her? Maybe he had moved on… maybe the tears were for someone else…

I better go, she said and as she walked towards the door she felt a hand grab her arm as she passed him. She looked up at him and saw he had a tear down his cheek.

Where do you think you are going? He asked

But I thought…

You left me once and I won’t let you leave me again.. EVER!!! He said wrapping his arms around her hard afraid she would escape.

I promise to never leave you again.. I love you Séb she said now happy.

I love you to mon cherie.. so much you can’t imagine.. he said kissing her with all the longing and passion he had

kept inside for the months they had been apart.
3 months had passed and now it was only one month for Carlos and Geraldine’s baby to be born.

Carlos was out with Seb and other guys friends having a boys night out while Geraldine was at home with Laura, who was now having holidays as her tour had ended, having a girls night in..

Laura was giving Geraldine a manicure and pedicure:

Thank you so much for this, god I haven’t seen my feet’s for months now, Geraldine said.

Well it’s not so much time left.. so how is Carlos taking it all, that he next month will be a papa?

At first he acted like I wasn’t pregnant at all, I guess it just hadn’t sunk in yet but as soon as I had started to show he changed.. Like the baby’s room, he made it ready 3 months ago even thought I told him there were no rush and he has bought loads of clothes.. even though we don’t know the sex yet.. and you should see him when we pass a toy store.. hehe.. It takes hours to drag him out of there and he always buys something..
Awww.. so cute.. he will be the best father.. and spoil his daughter/son rotten.

So how about you and Séb?

What about us?

Any plans of starting a family?

We just got back together 3 months ago.. and we decided to take things slow.. but I’m sure when I do decide to have children that Séb will be the father, but will wait for the wedding first.

I’m sure he will ask you soon.. but talking about weddings, the second Divo wedding is in 2 weeks.. what are you and Séb getting Anna and Urs?

Hmm.. don’t know yet.. we were thinking of Swarovski champagne glasses or If we find something in Paris when we go there next week…. So finished.. what do you think?, Laura said putting the mirror in an angle so Geraldine could see her toes.

They look great.. thank you.. Hey I should hire you to do this before I go to labor so I can look good for the doctors, Geraldine said and winked.

Hey you are a married woman MRS MARIN…

Just looking no touching.. like my dear husband would say..

You are as bad as him.. hehe..

Help me up? I want a glass of water.

No, sit down.. I will get it for you.

NO please.. My back hurts I need to stand up for a moment she said and Laura helped her. Her back hurt all the walk to the kitchen and even as she stood there and drank the water.. It was strange as the pain always went away as she walked a bit.. As she reached over for another glass she felt something wet and warm run down her legs. Her water had just broke.. but it was too early..

LAURA!!! She called..

What is it Hun? Did you drop the glass she said as she saw the water on the floor.

No… my water… just broke..

Oh your water broke.. wait what did you just say?? Your water broke!!!!???


OMG.. we have to call the doctors and Carlos.. and… how are you feeling..

I’m getting these pain on back.. please call Carlos.. I will try to call the hospital..

Laura tried to call Carlos but got no answer.. The taxi came and she tried several time more and decided to try Sebs phone now..

Please answer.. please..

At the bar the guys were having a beer playing pool.. as Seb and Carlos was waiting for their turn they sat by the bar talking..

So Carlos are you ready to become a father?

Ready as can be.. but I still have one month to learn stuff.. So what about you? How are you and Laura?

Great.. I’m so happy to have her in my life again.. We have taken things slow.. going on dates and stuff like that.. but I think we are ready for the next step.. I’m going to propose next week on our Paris trip..

I’m happy for you amigo.. I’m sure she will say yes.. Hey.. why is your pocket moving?

Oh.. must be my mobile.. he took it up and saw it was Laura..
Bonjour Cherie.. how are you? Missed me?

Tell your dumbass friend there to answer his god dammed phone!!!!

What’s the matter?

Oh sorry Séb.. it’s just that I’m at the hospital

What?? What happened?? Are you ok??

I’m fine but Geraldine is having the baby.. the doctor is checking on her now.. So get your butts here ASAP!!

I will .. luv you!

What’s the matter amigo? Carlos asked a bit worried..

You know the talk about you being ready to become a father?


Well.. that extra month you thought you would have… forget about it.. cuz you will become a father tonight!..

TONIGHT! ?? Carlos said turning pale…

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Chapter 49 ”Romance, French style”

Laura and Seb was sitting on a plane to Paris, the past week had gone so fast and much has happened. Laura was remembering seeing the look of desperation on Carlos´s face when he ran in to the hospital asking for Geraldine. He was so worried he had missed everything, but in fact he came just in time. The head was starting to show when the door unexpectedly opened an a worried Spaniards entered the room. Geraldine was really angry at him for being late but forgave him as soon as their little daughter was born, Carolina Maria. She was so cute and looked a lot like her father, she was born with a lot of black hair and you could see it would be curly as her dads and she also had the lungs of her mum and dad.
She started wondering if she and Seb were ever going to have children of their own. The past months they had been reunited had been so great and she couldn’t be happier. She looked over at Seb who seemed to be in deep thought about something. Little did she know that he was thinking of the thing that could change their life’s, to the better.

Are you ok? She asked putting her hand over his.

Yeah, just happy to be home again, he said.

So what’s the plans for tomorrow evening? Dinner at your maman´s?

No, actually we are having lunch at her place, but for dinner I have something planned for us!

Oh.. what?

It’s an surprise.

Oh tell me, what is it?

A surprise, I said. He said smiling at her.

Just an little clue? Pleeasee, she said pouting.

As cute as you look now.. the answer is still NO.. you will have to wait he said giving her a kiss.

They arrived to Sebs apartment quite late in the evening so both just headed straight away to the bed. The following morning, Seb woke up a bit early to see that his surprise was going according to plans. When Laura woke up they made themselves ready to drive over to Marie´s. Marie was very happy to see Seb but even more Laura, who she hadn’t seen for a long time. The two women keep on talking all afternoon ignoring Seb a bit, but he didn’t mind, he loved watching the two women of his life interacting, hugging and laughing together. He was so happy but he wished that this night she would make him even happier. Time flew by quickly and Seb was now anxious to get going.

Laura sweetie, we have to start getting back home.. Sorry Maman but we have an appointment in 2 hours.

He has an surprise to me Marie, Laura said really excited that she soon would find out what it was.

I understand son, but you young lady, I want to see you again before you return back to Spain.

We will come back.. and thank you for everything, the food was excellent.

As they were driving back to the apartment, Laura couldn’t resist…

So… about this surprise, can you tell me about it now?


Hmm.. so where are we going?

You will see..

How will I know what to wear?

Well.. wear something you would wear on a romantic dinner with the love of your life!

Hmm.. Love of my life.. I wonder when I will meet him. Hopefully I will find him soon, she said trying to keep a straight face.

Hey cheeky.. I’m that man and don’t forget it he said and leaned over to give her a kiss that proved he was right.

As she went to take a shower, Seb told her that a car would pick her up in 50 minutes and that she would see him on the secret location. He gave her a kiss and left. After a nice long shower she went over to the closet to take out the right dress for the evening. It was a dress she had used on a photo shot and she knew Seb would love it. It was black and white and had like leopard pattern and on the waist it had a little bit of pink, she wore silver heels on and light make-up, cuz she knew Seb liked her natural. She let her hair out and as it dried it turned a bit curly.

Te Encontre/ I found you - Page 2 Angiestory

A black car picked he picked her up just in time, and as she sat down on the passengers seats she saw that the windows were black so she couldn’t see out.
After a few minutes ride the car stopped and the driver went out to open the door for her. She went quiet when she saw where they were, they had stopped right in front of the Eiffel tower, it was now glowing in yellow lights, it looked like it was of gold.

Miss, they are waiting for you, the driver said.

I’m I going up there, she asked and looked up.

Yes, just go over to the elevators, there will be someone there waiting for you.

Thank you she said walking over to the tower, where a younger man was waiting.

Miss Corradini, Mr. Izambard is waiting for you and he wanted you to have this he said and handed her a beautiful bouquet of red roses that smelled heavenly. As she entered the elevator she saw the bottom the man pressed.

Are we going to the top?

Yes, you have the whole top floor for yourselves he said and smiled at her.

The ride went fast and as soon as she knew it they stopped and the door opened. There she saw a table set up for two people and it was full of flowers and candles everywhere, soft music was playing in the background. Then she was Seb walking towards her with a big smile on his face.

Cherie you are here, wow you look absolutely beautiful, he said and kissed her. Then whispered, Surprise..

She looked at him and gave him another kiss before the lead her towards the table.

God Seb, this is unbelievable.. this is the best surprise I have gotten I’m my entire life, well the most romantic one! Thank you.

It has just started, I have more surprises for you mon amour.

A waiter came with their food, for startes was an very good shellfish soup and the main course was smoked salmon with potatoes and vegetables. While they waited for the dessert Seb took Laura’s hand and dragged her up to dance with him, they kept dancing until the waiter interrupted them by bringing up the dessert a chocolate sufflé, that he knew she loved.

Oh god, this is heaven she said as she tasted the sufflé.

He looked at her, she looked so beautiful, he could see himself looking at that face until the day he died. As the waited came to clean up the table Seb told Laura that he would soon be back, he just had to talk with some people. So when she was left alone she took the opportunity to watch the amazing view, she was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t hear Seb come back. He went over to her and embraced her from behind and gave her a kiss on the neck. She leaned back on him and enjoyed the moment, she let out a big sigh.

Are you happy cherie?

Oh, yes more than you ever know, she said closing her eyes and leaning her head back against his shoulder

I’m glad cuz, No se vivir si no es contigo, No se no tengo valor, No se vivir si no es contigo, No se no se ni quien soy, he sang softly in her ear while he thread a ring on her finger.
It took her a moment to realize what just happened. She opened her eyes, lifted up her left hand and gasped as she saw the beautiful ring sparkling on her finger.

Te Encontre/ I found you - Page 2 Angiestorychapter49

She turned around and saw that Seb had bent down on a knee facing her and he said:

Laura, mon amour. I love you more than life itself and can’t see my future without you. Will you do me the great honor of becoming my life?

Laura just stood shocked and tears falling down, but she managed to compose herself and she threw herself over Seb saying:

YES YES YES, of course I will be your wife.

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