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 World Without You By: Kazyjay

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World Without You By: Kazyjay  Empty
PostSubject: World Without You By: Kazyjay    World Without You By: Kazyjay  EmptySun Jun 27, 2010 5:16 pm

This is for everyone who has been in a story I have written, or has asked to be in them.
I hope you all like it.
Posting will be done on a Monday.
Please post your comments. It will be nice to see what you all think about it.
Thank you everyone XXX

World without you

Cydalia - Supercutie
Tina - Seb’s Lady
Elle - Lynnealovesurs
Joy - JJ
Laura - Urs lover
Special Guest - Dorethea - Doris (My Mum)

Fanfic by Kazyjay


‘I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore.’ the note read. He sighed. A loud sad sigh and put the note away, back in the box he had taken to collecting stuff in. The box also contained his wedding ring. The engagement and wedding photographs. And his heart. In a round about way. Then he closed the box lid and stored it away in his wardrobe. Never wanting to see it again. But unable to throw it away. This hurt. Him being single. It was never meant to end this way. He was meant to get his happy ever after with her. She had been his ideal woman. They had had everything in common. Interests. Likes and dislikes. Had known each other inside and out. Or so he had thought. Until she had dropped her bombshell. ‘I’m in love with someone else.’
‘But we’re married…’ he had uttered in total shock.
‘I want a divorce.’ she had replied like it was the simplest solution there ever was.
‘But we were meant to be forever….’
‘Yeah. I thought so too. Guess we were wrong. Sorry about that.’ she had shrugged, not really caring anymore.
‘OK. You can have your divorce.’ he had sadly told her, ‘But on one condition….’
‘Go on?’ she had sounded interested then.
‘That you don’t go to the papers with this.’ he had asked.
‘What? And ruin your reputation, or add to it? So much for you being a ladies man Carlos…’
‘Yes. Well. You know as well as I do. That me being a ladies man is just for show.’
‘Think of that. The ladies man of IL DIVO. In real life he’s scared of women!’ his soon to be ex-wife laughed rather cruelly.
‘Not scared.’ he corrected, ‘Just a gentleman.’
‘Whatever Carlos. Whatever.’
‘So, will you?’ he asked.
‘Yes. Yes.’ she snapped, losing her patience, ‘Your secret is quite safe with me.’
‘Thank you.’ he breathed a sigh of relief.
So. That was that. The ladies man of IL DIVO. Not a ladies man after all. In fact for the groups image he had pretended to be single. When in reality he had been, had been once upon a time, a happily married man. Its just that none of the fans had known. They had kept the engagement, marriage, the whole relationship a secret. For her career as well as his. She had been, and probably still was, Carlos didn’t want to think of her any longer, the pain was too much still after all this time, a successful reporter. A showbiz reporter. In her time she had reported stories on IL DIVO. Mostly about Carlos’ luck with women. She knew it had been all made up. He was too sincere to cheat. Plus, what with her contacts she would have found out as soon as it would have happened.
Carlos sighed and gazed at his left hand. He hadn’t been able to wear a wedding ring so the finger remained the same colour as the rest of him. No pale ring mark was to be seen. He had hated not being able to wear his wedding ring. He had made a silent vow. If he ever married again that he’d surely make sure he wore his wedding band. And he’d be happy. And show the whole world that he was in love. That she was his ‘’The one.’’
If he ever got married again. And at this precise moment in time it felt like a really big ‘’IF.’’
He needed time. To get over his wife. To stop his heart from hurting. Then he’d take it easy. One step at a time. Softly. Softly. Making sure that he found the right woman. If she was out there. Somewhere.
But not yet. Not quite yet.
He had only started thinking about the collapse of his marriage because today was the day. He had a wedding to go to. A wedding he wouldn’t miss for the world. For a very good friend of his was getting married. Someone he doubted he’d ever see getting married.
‘Crikey.’ he announced on noticing the time, ‘I can’t be late. Especially when I’m the best man!’
- - - - - - - - - - -

‘What on earth…?’ Seb exclaimed after walking in on his lover and finding them, on their knees, in front of another man, in the process of giving them a blowjob.
‘Oh. You’re back.’ Seb’s lover, sorry, ex lover looked up.
‘Don’t stop. I was just about to come…’ the new lover moaned.
‘I thought you….loved me…’ Seb muttered.
‘Yeah. Well.’ the ex lover shrugged, wiping their mouth.
‘I love you…’ Seb moaned.
‘Yeah. Whatever.’
‘I do. I do…’ he protested at this.
‘Expect obviously not enough to come out!’
‘I did come out…’ Seb protested again.
‘Not to your fans you didn’t.’ Marco wiped at his mouth again.
‘I was going to…I just needed to find the right time…’
‘Yeah. Well. You don’t have to now.’ Marco snapped.
‘I’ll….I’ll go…’ Seb found himself saying.
‘I think that’s for the best. Yeah.’ Marco agreed.
Seb quickly packed his stuff up. He was going to be late for the wedding now. And going by himself. Now. Blood, bloody Marco. Ruining things. If only he had waited a little while longer. But no. so now Seb was single. Again. Lonely. Oh well. He’d cope. He’d find somewhere else to live. Then find someone else. Maybe someone female this time. After all, what was the point of being bi-sexual if he didn’t at least try a relationship with a woman? He’d already tried a man. And look how that ended! Hardly very successful.
He packed quickly. Removing everything he had bought into the relationship. Not wanting to leave anything behind. Nothing that Marco could use against him. Seb didn’t fancy yet another court battle over some incriminating photographs or evidence of any kind. So he took everything. The photographs he found he’d burn later. The letters and notes too. It would be hurtful. But it needed doing. Then he’d move on. Find someone else. Someone really worth crying over.
Whoever they may be. Male or female. Wherever they may be.
- - - - - - - - - - -

‘You need someone.’ Emily told him.
‘No I don’t.’ he laughed.
‘Yes you do. Its been ages!’ Emily exclaimed.
‘Hardly ages. You’re a little over-reacting…’ he defended.
‘Go on then. When was the last time you were in a relationship?’ she demanded.
‘Well, it was with…’ he thought for a moment.
‘A bloody long time!’ Emily tutted.
‘Emily. Language!’
‘Oops. Sorry Dad.’ she apologised.
‘OK. You’re right. A long time.’
‘Too long Dad. Too long.’
‘Hey, I’ve been busy looking after you…’ he tried.
‘I’ve been with a nanny. Then boarding school.’ Emily pointed out.
‘I know. And I am sorry.’ he apologised to his daughter.
‘Hey, that’s OK David.’ she used his name, ‘You’ve been making music.’ Emily smiled lovingly at her Dad.
‘Probably for miles too long.’ David sighed.
‘No Dad. Don’t say that. You LOVE being in IL DIVO.’ Emily emphasised.
‘That I do.’ David nodded in acknowledgement.
‘Then don’t leave. You’ll only end up unhappy.’
‘How did you get to be so wise?’ David asked his daughter in amazement.
‘Its my age.’ Emily smiled.
‘God! Don’t remember me!’ David laughed.
‘Oi! Be nice. Its my birthday today!’
‘Oh. Don’t worry. I remember. Now, how old are you again? Remind me…’
‘16.’ Emily proudly announced, ‘Today.’
‘Yeah. So you said. Come on sweet 16. Don’t want to be late.’
‘Yep. Bridesmaid time.’ Emily smiled.

World Without You By: Kazyjay  34466920_10216567723333838_1713229885637394432_n_zpspuc40dmi

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World Without You By: Kazyjay  Empty
PostSubject: Re: World Without You By: Kazyjay    World Without You By: Kazyjay  EmptySun Jun 27, 2010 5:18 pm


‘Relax mate. Calm down.’ Carlos lightly laughed as Urs paced the aisle.
‘I’m….nervous.’ Urs sighed, resisting the temptation to run a hand through his hair. He had made one promise. To not in any circumstances mess it up. He could do anything else but that. A promise, after all, was a promise. So his hair stayed curly looking. She liked him having his hair curly. It looked more natural that way. It was his natural look after all.
‘Relax.’ Carlos repeated.
‘I….I can’t…’
‘Mate, take a moment.’
Urs stopped his pacing, ‘OK.’ he said.
‘Why are you doing this?’ Carlos asked him.
‘Because I…because I love her.’
‘OK. And?’
‘And…and I want to be with her. Forever.’
‘Well then.’ Carlos smiled.
‘Yes. Well then.’ Urs agreed, gazing down the aisle at all the quests sitting, waiting for the bride to arrive. Waiting for Urs’ fiancée to turn up and walk up it, to join him. ‘Thanks Carlos for…’ he gestured to the crowed church pews.
‘That’s OK mate.’ Carlos patted his shoulder.
‘And you’re OK to….?’
‘To be your best man?’ Carlos asked.
Urs nodded.
‘Of course I am mate.’ Carlos nodded, smiling. ‘Of course.’
‘I mean, after everything that happened….and all.’
‘I got a divorce. OK it was unexpected, but that doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t deserve happiness.’ Carlos rather sensibly pointed out.
‘Thanks.’ Urs sighed in relief.
‘Anyway, anyone can tell you two are so in love.’ Carlos smiled. He liked Urs’ fiancée. She was such a sweetie.
‘Who’d have thought it eh? Me, a bachelor for so long. Finally getting married.’ Urs smiled.
‘It happens. To us all. Eventually.’
‘Even you.’ Urs said.
‘Yeah. Once. Even me. Until….But you won’t be like that.’
‘I hope not. God! That sounds so awful. Sorry. Forgive me.’ Urs quickly apologised for the slip of his tongue.
‘Hey, relax. Just enjoy being married to Laura OK?’
‘Now, smile. Relax. Breathe. Because here she comes.’
Carlos spoke as the organist started up and here, coming down the aisle was the love of Urs’ life. The wonderful Laura. Urs hadn’t expected to fall in love. At least not at first sight. That never happened to him. Not him. Boring, sensible Urs Buhler who took stock of everything. Took time. A lot of time. Thought things out. Then re-thought them. He wasn’t the sort to be hasty. To jump without taking an extra long look first. Until Laura. Now everything had changed. Everything felt so different. So wonderfully different. Now Urs didn’t care. He didn’t want to worry anymore. He, for once, wanted to be hasty. To jump without looking. It felt….good. Weird but good. Urs felt free. He’d met Laura backstage at a concert. An IL DIVO concert. One of his own. He’d been all sweaty haired, face and body when Laura had walked into the room looking like a breath of fresh air. Meeting Laura was like meeting the woman of Urs’ dreams. 5ft 5ins in height. Shoulder length brown curly hair. Amazingly curly. Placed into ringlets for the night with brown sparkly eyes. He had taken once look and that was it. Love. Lust. Whatever you wanted to call it. Urs just knew one thing. He had to be with Laura no matter what. He hadn’t flirted. He couldn’t flirt to save his life. He’d just acted like himself. Cool. Calm. Collected Urs. Inside a bunch of nerves. Outside calm. He had crossed his fingers. Walked up to her and had asked, in a nervous slightly shaky voice. ‘Hi, I’m Urs. And you are…?’ he had known who she was. He had recognised her from that very first moment. Laura was a backing singer. IL DIVO’s backing singer. Not only did she look like an angel but she sounded like one too. Unbeknown to Urs, Laura had had a crush on him. Well, second to Carlos who seemed like an amazingly kind person both in looks and in personality. But Urs had noticed her. And he was almost as sexy as Carlos. But Urs had noticed her.
So Urs and Laura went on a date. One date was all it had taken. They had laughed. Joked. Got to know each other. Laura had even admitted to her crush on Carlos to Urs. Not wanting any secrets. That hadn’t dampened their relationship. Had just made it stronger. Especially when they had kissed. Such a passionate kiss. That one perfect date had ended up with Urs asking Laura to marry him. She had radiated happiness and had replied, ‘What took you so long?’ before laughing.
Now, barely a month later here Laura was. Walking down the aisle, about to marry her ideal perfect man. It was a perfect wedding. So romantic. Laura wore her dream Disney inspired wedding dress. Which had been designed by her friend who was also a designer. Urs looked so handsomely sexy in his tuxedo. Carlos looking rather dashing as his best man. All designed by the same woman. Laura’s friend Tina.
OK. So maybe Laura didn’t love Urs like he loved her. But that wasn’t a problem. Urs knew how she felt. He knew that her loving him would take some time and he was prepared to wait. Just as long as he could make her his woman, which, as the vicar now pronounced them husband and wife she was now.
Everyone clapped. Seb let out a wolf whistle. Even though he hardly felt like it. Neither did Carlos who did his duty as best man. In fact watching someone else getting married made Carlos want to cry. But he could hardly do that. Cry. And in public of all places. So he plastered a fake smile on his face and attempted to look happy for his friend.
Emily made such a stunning bridesmaid David proudly thought as he watched his amazing daughter do her job. Helping Laura down the aisle. Holding the wedding bouquet then accompanying Carlos back down the aisle once the wedding was complete. It was on days like these, happy romantic days, when David really missed Emily’s mother. David’s dead wife. Sarah her name had been. They had been childhood sweethearts. Marrying at 16. Parents at just turned 20 years old. They would have still been together now if a brain tumour hadn’t have killed Sarah. David still loved his wife. Would love her until the end of time. It had never occurred to him to have another relationship. To marry again. Until Emily had mentioned it just before the wedding earlier. David didn’t know if he was up to it. To dating. It had been such a long time since his last date. Could he start again? Go through all of that again? Date. Find someone. Marry them even? For Emily he would at least try. Give it a go. But who? Where would he start? How would he start? Then he noticed Emily. She was chatting to a friend of the bride. Joking with her over something. Now, what was the friends name? Oh yes. Lynnea. Known as Elle to her friends. She was about Emily’s height. Short. She would barely come up to his shoulder. Curly blonde hair loose about her shoulders and blue eyes. She was very pretty David noticed. Hmm. But how to go about talking to her? He could hardly go up and say, ‘Hey, I see you talking to my daughter..’ for no one, expect IL DIVO and the management knew David was a father. His whole private life, from his marriage to Sarah, to her death to Emily’s existence had been kept quiet. Not because he was ashamed of anything. But because he had wanted to protect Emily and Sarah. Mostly Emily. As Sarah had died when Emily was still young. She had been barely 4 when her beloved mother had died.
Then Emily solved all his problems. In public she called David her uncle. She bought Lynnea, Elle over to talk to him.
‘Hi, I’m Lynnea.’ she introduced herself to him, blushing slightly as they shook hands. ‘But my friends call me Elle.’ she said.
‘David.’ he nodded, ‘Emily’s….uncle.’ he hated calling himself that. Hated lying.
‘WOW. For her uncle you look so alike.’ Elle smiled.
It was true. Emily did look exactly like her father. They had the same nose. Same colour eyes.
‘Yeah, we get that.’ Emily smiled up at her father.
‘So….Lynnea, you’re Laura’s friend.’ said David.
‘I am. And you can call me Elle.’
‘OK. Elle.’
Elle blushed.
‘Are you single Elle?’ Emily asked.
‘Emi!’ David gave an embarrassed laugh.
‘I am. Yes.’ Elle answered.
‘Fancy Da….vid?’ Emily asked. She had almost given the game away then. By calling him Dad and not David! Oops!!
‘He is nice.’ Elle smiled at David.
‘You two should date then.’ Emily decided.
‘I….I…’ David stuttered.
‘I’d like that.’ Elle smiled.
‘Great. Great.’ Emily smiled, playing matchmaker. She then made them exchange phone numbers. And even, for extra measure, keyed in Elle’s number into her own mobile phone. ‘So David can’t lose it.’ she explained to Elle. ‘He has a history of doing that.’
‘Once! I lost a number once….!’ David defended himself.
It had been a number to do with some work. Luckily, the loss hadn’t cost him much. A month later the major IL DIVO job had come along.


Meanwhile, Carlos had left the wedding. Claiming he needed some fresh air. He wandered to a local café. Sat down and pulled out a handkerchief.
‘Can I get you anything?’ a waitress, appearing at his table asked. She gazed down at him. He was well cute she thought.
Carlos looked up at her. Hmm. Very cute he noticed.
Chestnut dark hair in a bun. Olive green eyes looked at him. She seemed familiar.
‘I’ve….seen you somewhere before’ he said to her.
‘Might have done.’ she nodded.
‘In an….’ he wracked his brain, ‘An advert….on TV.’
‘Yep. That’s me.’
‘But you’re a waitress….’
‘I’m training. To be an actress.’ she supplied.
‘Oh. OK.’ he nodded.
‘Cydalia…’ she held out a hand.
‘Carlos,’ he shook her hand, ‘Spanish…?’ he asked.
‘My grandmother is.’
‘Thought so.’
‘Spanish through and through.’ he wiggled his eyebrows.
‘Going somewhere?’ Cydalia then asked, noticing his morning suit.
‘No. A friends.’
Phew! Cydalia thought breathing out.
‘I’m never marrying again.’ Carlos sighed.
‘Again?’ Cydalia asked.
‘I was married. A long time ago.’
‘Oh. Didn’t work out eh?’
‘She divorced me.’
‘I’m not marrying either.’ Cydalia then lied.
‘Oh? Why not?’ Carlos asked, thinking it would be a shame if she never did. She was very pretty. Carlos would. If he were to ever marry again. Which, he wasn’t.
‘My career. I need to concentrate on it.’
‘Sensible girl.’
‘I’m hardly a girl.’
‘Why, how old are you then?’ Carlos asked.
‘Oh.’ he nodded. She looked younger. A lot younger.
‘How old are you then?’ Cydalia then asked.
‘You don’t look 40.’
‘No. I probably look older…’ Carlos sighed.
‘No. Younger I would have said.’ Cydalia corrected.
‘So, coffee?’
‘Yes please. Strong. Black please.’
‘OK. One coffee coming up.’ and so, regrettably Cydalia walked away. She had to. She had a job to do. A job she needed. The rent needed paying and she couldn’t keep relying on her sister to bail her out every time. Even though she didn’t mind.
Cydalia and her sister lived in an apartment around the corner from where Cydalia worked. It was a nice place. Colourfully decorated. A 2nd floor apartment. It was a 6 storey place. The top 2 floors were penthouse apartments.
Unbeknown to Cydalia, Carlos had just moved into one of the penthouse apartments. The other was owned by Urs and his new wife.
When Cydalia served Carlos his coffee she wrote her mobile number on his bill. Hoping he would call her sometime. She would so love to see Carlos again. He was gorgeous. Who cared if he was 15 years old than her? She loved older men. They were more mature then men her own age. More likely to treat her with care and attention. Respect.
- - - - - - - - - - -

As the reception carried on and people started dancing, including Urs and his new wife Laura, Seb tried too. He was solo dancing, well, attempting to move his feet to the beat, when someone came up to him and tapped him on his shoulder. He had been trying to dance to Alexandra Burke, Bad Boys.
‘Can I dance with you?’ a female voice asked.
‘Um….yeah. Sure. OK.’ he nodded, not really taking notice. He’d never danced with a woman before. This, would be a new experience for Seb.
The music playing changed tempo to a slow number. To the original Toni Braxton version of ‘Un-break my heart.’ which IL DIVO had covered in their very first album.
Tina wrapped her arms around Seb’s waist and leant her head on his shoulder.
‘I’m Tina by the way.’ she introduced herself.
‘Seb.’ he sighed.
‘You OK Seb?’ she asked.
‘I’m….kind of suffering, from a broken heart.’ he found himself confessing.
‘Oh. I am sorry to hear that.’ she sounded sympathetic.
Seb looked at Tina. She seemed rather nice he realised. Shorter than Seb but only by a little due to the high heeded sandals she was currently wearing. Dark blonde hair with light brown was swept to one side, exposing a longish neck. Her eyes were amazing. A mixture of colours. Blue. Grey. But with also green and brown in them.
‘It was….recent.’ Seb sighed, referring to his broken heart.
So recent that it was only an hour or so ago he had found Marco, who he thought had been the love of his life with his mouth wrapped around another man’s penis. Something he, Marco, had never done to Seb. Saying he didn’t do that sort of thing. Seb sighed again and tried to block out the memory. It was too painful. Now he understood Carlos’ pain and David’s reluctance to date anyone else. Having a broken heart hurt. A lot. More than Seb had expected it too.
‘She must have been mad….to let you go.’ Tina told him.
‘Thanks. Maybe he…I mean she was.’
‘What happened, if you don’t mind me asking?’ Tina enquired.
‘I found….her, cheating.’
‘Ow. Nasty.’
‘Walked in on Mar….tina, doing the dirty.’
‘Yeah, especially when we’d never….’
‘Even worse.’ Tina decided.
‘You’ll find someone else though.’
‘Yeah. Might do….one day.’
‘Well, I’m available….I mean, I don’t want to seem too forward…’ Tina quickly explained.
‘No, that’s OK. I mean, I’m French, we like forward…people.’ said Seb.
‘So?’ Tina hopefully asked.
‘So what…?’ Seb asked in reply.
‘Shall we…date?’
‘We could do.’ Seb nodded.
‘OK. Great.’ Tina smiled.
Wow. She had a nice smile Seb realised. Then he smiled too. It was the first time in a long time that he had felt like smiling. A very long time. Even when with Marco he hadn’t smiled a lot. They had had problems. Quite a lot of them. Relationship problems. Communication problems. Seb was French. Marco was Italian. Temperamental. He would fly off the handle at the slightest thing. Had got jealous if Seb had even looked at someone else. Let alone done anything else. So it had been quite ironic that it was Marco who had done the cheating. Seb had been loyal. He loved, sorry, correction, had loved Marco. Had tried to protect him from harm. Such a pity that Marco hadn’t wanted to do the same for Seb. Then again, it was lucky in a way. Seb hated people who cheated. At least finding Marco the way he had done, stopped any more romantic ideas entering Seb’s head about them living happily ever after. Ha! Like that was going to happen to him now. Not even Tina would want that with him. Not after she learnt about his ex. Not Martina. But Marco. A man. How many women would want him when they discovered he wasn’t completely straight but bi-sexual? Even though he was a bi-sexual guy who had never slept with a woman. Only a man. One man. Marco. And that had hardly been all that successful. Seb had expected fireworks. He had got barely lukewarm. Maybe he wasn’t cut out for a relationship. Of any sort. Maybe. Maybe not.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Emily was having such a fantastic time. She had danced with her uncle Urs who she had a major crush on. Then again, who wouldn’t? he was rather gorgeously sexy, for an older guy. Set her wonderful Dad up with a lovely lady and was now dancing with such a cute guy. He was called Antonio. He was well sexy. Older than her. 18 at least. Emily had only just turned 16. A month ago. And was still a virgin. Antonio liked her. She couldn’t believe it! So when he suggested disappearing for a while to somewhere a bit more quieter and private, Emily had jumped at the chance. She left her Dad dancing with Elle and sneaked out with Antonio. She might never see him again after tonight and wanted to make the most of her time with him.


Urs and Laura didn’t stay too long at their wedding reception. They had a first night to get through. Up until now they had only done kissing and touching. No sex. Not because they didn’t want to have sex but because Urs wanted his first night with Laura to be special. And what could be more special then on their wedding night? They were to have one night in England then tomorrow catch a plane to start their honeymoon properly. Laura had always dreamed about visiting Egypt so they were going to go on the Nile for a week then a few days in Cairo. To fulfil Laura’s dream. Urs didn’t care where they went. He just wanted to spend time, alone, with Laura. It would be their first time alone. Even when Urs had asked Laura to marry him they hadn’t been completely alone. Seb had been there. Lurking in the background. He had turned up at the same restaurant, looking for Marco. Who had been there. Hiding in the toilets. Well, not hiding. But having sex with a waiter.
Anyway, Urs was looking forward to being with Laura. He took her hand and lead her to the honeymoon suite they were renting for the night. As soon as Urs carried Laura over the threshold and the door had closed he placed her gently down and whispered in her ear,
‘Alone, at last.’ and smiled like a love sick puppy at her.
‘Um. Yep. Alone.’ Laura nodded looking around the room.
She noticed rose petals strewn on the bed. Candles lighted and flickering. Champagne in a bucket chilling. And two glasses.
Urs noticed her looking at the alcohol. ‘Champagne?’ he asked.
‘Please.’ Laura nodded, ‘I just need to use the bathroom…’ and before he could reply, disappeared.
In the bathroom Laura looked down at her lovely sexy knickers and let out a groan of despair. Then she felt the familiar pangs of her stomach hurting.
‘Bloody, bugger. Aah!’ she moaned out loud.
‘Honey? You OK in there?’ Urs called through the door.
‘Honey?’ Urs asked again.
Laura opened the door, ‘Can you pass me my bag please?’ she asked, indicating her already packed for honeymoon hand luggage bag which was just behind where Urs was standing.
‘Sure honey.’ he handed it over. ‘You OK?’ he asked. She looked pale. Incredibly pale. Like she was sick.
‘Um….I’ll explain in a moment.’ Laura replied before closing the door again.
She quickly took her painkilling paracetamol. Taking the tablets. Ever since Laura had been young she had suffered badly from painful periods. So painful that if she didn’t take her tablets early enough she’d end up being violently sick as well as being in pain. It wasn’t nice or pretty. Then Laura stripped off her wedding dress and underwear and took a hot shower. The hotter the better she had learnt from previous experience. Once dried she pulled on a pair of sensible knickers and a pad. Extra thick. She suffered from heavy periods. Tampax just didn’t do the job. Pulled on a t-shirt she had in her hand luggage and a bathrobe she found hanging on the bathroom door and left the bathroom.
‘Oh…you’re…’ Urs noticed. He sighed. He had been looking forward to undressing Laura himself.
‘I’m sorry.’ Laura sobbed.
‘Honey?’ he asked.
‘I’ve ruined our wedding night…’
‘How?’ he sounded puzzled.
‘I’m on.’ Laura sniffed.
‘So we can’t…’
‘Oh. OK.’ Urs nodded.
‘I’m sorry.’ Laura apologised.
‘Hey, that’s OK.’ he gathered her into his arms, ‘Anything I can do?’ he asked. Trying to remember what his sisters had liked. And ex-girlfriends when they had had their periods.
‘Chocolate?’ Urs offered.
‘A hot water bottle would be great, please.’ Laura replied.
‘Sure. Anything else?’
‘A hug.’
‘Come here.’ Urs held her closer after he had phoned down to reception asking for a hot water bottle to be bought up. It wasn’t the wedding night neither Urs or Laura had imagined. Laura lay in Urs’ arms, hot water bottle on her stomach and slept. Urs soothed her hair. OK he was incredibly horny but he could also wait. At least he knew one thing. Laura was capable of having children. Something he really wanted them to have. A baby. A family. It was funny in a way. Until Laura, Urs hadn’t thought about either marriage or children. It was strange how meeting someone, the right someone and suddenly it was all he wanted. Now. Someone, Laura, to love. To settle down with her. To have children. A lot of children. So yes. He was prepared to wait. For he knew Laura was well worth waiting for. Wasn’t that what love was all about? Waiting for the right time? Urs thought so anyway.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Joy Oliver was a lawyer. A rather successful lawyer. She lived with her sister in an impressive set of apartments. She was 28 years old. Had dark brown hair which was currently dyed black with midnight blue highlights and green eyes. Sparkling green eyes an ex had once told her. She loved her job. Loved working in her office. Hadn’t thought about men in a long time until she had got an unusual assignment. To draw up a contract for a man who had recently bought one of the penthouses in the same block of apartments in which Joy lived with her sister.
Carlos Marin was his name. Recently divorced. He was a singer in a musical group. Joy had never heard of the group, IL DIVO until she looked them up on the internet. Hmm. She thought. Classical with pop lyrics sung in Italian, Spanish and French. Maybe she’d get her sister to help her download their recent album, called ‘The Promise.’ onto her IPOD. Joy’s sister was good at that sort of thing.
Right. Concentrate. Today was Joy’s first meeting with Carlos. So far it seemed to be going rather well. Carlos was such a charming man Joy thought. He had such a lovely smile she noticed.
‘So, Ms….Oliver, how long have you been a lawyer?’ Carlos asked once business had been completed for the moment.
‘I qualified 8 months ago.’ Joy replied.
‘Not long then.’
‘It took nearly 6 years at college and university to do so.’
‘So you’re intelligent as well as pretty. Nice.’ Carlos smiled.
‘Well….um, thanks.’ Joy blushed. She couldn’t remember the last time a man had thought her pretty. It had been a long time ago she realised.
Hmm. Carlos thought. This Ms Oliver reminds me of someone. But who? He was sure it would come to him. Sooner or later.
‘So, we’re finished for today…’ Joy started collecting her papers together.
‘Right. OK.’ Carlos nodded.
‘And you have my number? I mean, should you need me for anything…’ Joy found herself blushing again. She desperately wished he’d ask her out. She’d ask him. But was too scared he’d turn her down. Technically they couldn’t date. Joy wasn’t allowed as Carlos was her client. But then again who else would know? Who would care? She was, after all, only sorting out some documents on his new penthouse apartment for him. So it wasn’t like she was his proper lawyer or anything.
‘I’d ask you out, for a drink, to celebrate our first session, only I’m going on a date in a while.’ Carlos spoke.
‘Oh, you’ve got a girlfriend…’ Joy tried not to act too disappointed.
‘Hardly.’ Carlos smiled. ‘I mean, we, she and I have only just met.’
‘Oh. OK.’
‘But maybe another time?’ he asked, ‘If you’re not too busy?’
‘Sure. Sure. I’d like that.’ she nodded, smiling.

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Cydalia was getting ready for her date. She had been happily surprised when Carlos had called her a while ago, asking her out on a date. Cydalia had jumped at the chance. Forget about acting cool. That never got her anywhere. She had tried that in the past and had ended up missing out to other women, so she had vowed never again. Anyway, she liked Carlos. Thought he was very sexy. Wanted to get to know him better. So tonight was her chance. She had splashed out on a new pair of jeans with sparkly pieces on them. They had cost her almost her entire wage but Carlos was worth it. Besides, her sister wouldn’t mind helping her out with the rent just this once. It was for a special occasion. She had a decent enough reason. A date with a gorgeously sexy man.
- - - - - - - - - - -

At the same time Cydalia was preparing for her date, the honeymooners, Urs and Laura had arrived in Egypt. For the first part of their holiday. They were to spend a week on the Nile. On a 5 star luxury boat floating up and down visiting various sites, including the high light of the trip of the 1st week, Abu Simbel. Before travelling to Cairo to see the sphinx and pyramids.
It might have been 5 star the boat and Urs and Laura might have been honeymooners but the boat didn’t provide double beds. They were expected to sleep in single beds. Urs couldn’t even push the beds together as he found them nailed to the cabin floor.
‘Blast.’ he swore on discovering this as Laura set about unpacking.
‘We wouldn’t be able to do anything for a while anyway.’ she shrugged.
‘I wanted to sleep holding you in my arms.’ she was told in reply.
‘We can always sleep on the floor.’ she said to him.
‘Suppose. Not much room thought.’ Urs sighed.
The mattress from one of the beds fitted on the floor. Just.
‘Now I can hold you when we sleep.’ Urs smiled after re-arranging the sleeping accommodation.
Laura was a little nervous. She had a secret Urs didn’t know. He had thought, that at her age of 30, that she had had lovers. Experience. And although yes, Laura was hardly a virgin, she had only ever slept with one man in her life. And that relationship had lasted a year, well over 5 years ago. So she was nervous. Plus, being on her period was hardly ideal either. She had psyched herself up for her wedding day only to be disappointed.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Carlos was early and slightly nervous. He and Cydalia had arranged to meet at the restaurant instead of him picking her up. She had told him,
‘I don’t want my sister meeting you. Not yet.’ and although Carlos had wondered why he hadn’t asked the reason. He supposed she would tell him, in time.
He arrived with flowers in one arm and chocolates in the other. Dressed in jeans and an open necked shirt. His hair newly washed and looking extra curly. He had even shaved especially for the occasion. The restaurant was a casual style one. Serving decent food in a relaxed atmosphere. Carlos didn’t have long to wait for his date. Cydalia arrived looking fabulous in sparkly blue jeans and a purple top. She looked rather gorgeous he swooned.
‘Cydalia.’ he greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.
‘Carlos.’ she blushed, trying not to feel too unhappy with his choice of places to kiss her.
He handed over the chocolates. They were expensive ones. Thornton’s. Hand made.
‘WOW!’ she exclaimed. The flowers too were rather lovely. A small delicate bunch of blue, purple and white flowers. Cydalia didn’t know the names of the blooms but that didn’t matter. They were gorgeous and that was all that counted. She felt honoured to receive them.
The date went like a breeze. Carlos and Cydalia had so much in common despite their difference in age. Cydalia made Carlos see things in a different light to usual which was a good thing. She told him all about her ambitions concerning her acting hopes. She wished, one day to appear in a Shakespeare play. Act in a Jane Austen drama on the television or in a film and act with her favourite actor, Hugh Jackman. She had it all planned. Already she had appeared in an advert, selling car insurance and had had a walk on part in a local soap on television. Eastenders.
Her agent was currently on working on getting her a part in a major Hollywood film. A rom-com. The director in charge of the film wanted a fresh faced English girl to appear in it.
‘Which, makes me laugh.’ Cydalia told him, ‘Considering I’m half Spanish! Hence my name!’ she laughed.
‘But you live in England, and not Spain.’ Carlos pointed out.
‘Yes.’ Cydalia nodded, ‘My Mother is English.’
‘So why not Spain then?’
‘My father died, so we live in England. Plus,’ she added, ‘my half sister is all English.’
‘Half sister?’ Carlos asked.
‘My Mother married twice. My half sister’s Father then mine. When Father died we moved here to England. It was better for my sister and her career choice.’ Cydalia explained although she didn’t elaborate what her sister’s career choice or indeed what her name was. But Carlos guessed that Cydalia didn’t mind living in England. She seemed to really love her sister whatever her name was.
Thought out the evening Carlos and Cydalia drank alcohol. Not something Carlos was normally used to. In the end, he accidentally, got a little drunk.
Cydalia walked him home.
‘I should be walking you home.’ he smiled at the ironic of it all.
‘That’s OK. I actually live around here anyway.’ she returned the smile.
‘Handy for work.’ he replied. The café in which Cydalia worked was just around the corner. A five minute walk.
Cydalia walked Carlos right into his new apartment.
‘So, this is me.’ he smiled, gesturing around his home.
‘It sure is.’ Cydalia smiled, standing slightly on tip-toes to kiss him. A proper kiss. Mouth on mouth. Carlos, after a few seconds delay returned the kiss. They both used their tongues. Then, when Cydalia slipped her hands under his shirt, Carlos didn’t complain or stop her. It felt good to be wanted again after such a long time.
Nor did he stop her when she undid the buttons on his shirt and start kissing his chest. Her, licking his nipples sent shivers of pleasure down his spin right down to his groin. He had rather sensitive nipples.
Then she dropped to her knees and undid his belt.
‘Cydalia…’ he groaned. But still he didn’t stop her. Or when she took him into her mouth. Carlos just groaned in pleasure. He was very surprised when she let him come in her mouth. His ex-wife hadn’t liked either giving blowjobs or him coming in her mouth. Saying they were dirty.
‘Cydalia….we shouldn’t.’ he protested as she undressed herself. Then thought what the heck. She was rather perfect naked. Firm breasts. A neat waist. No pubic hair he noticed as he lay down on the floor of his main living area and she rode him to orgasm. God. She was good. She didn’t even have to fake it.
‘Oh Carlos, that…was amazing.’ she whispered as she lay her head on his hairy chest. Cydalia liked hairy chests. She liked Carlos. She wouldn’t have even cared should it have turned out he had had a hairy back to match. He was gorgeous. So sexy. Cydalia hadn’t had an orgasm that amazing in ages. At least not without first having to masturbate or be licked to one. That orgasm had come without needing to do anything but have Carlos inside her. Was it a fluke? Well, she’d have to wait until next time as Carlos let out a light snore. He was fast asleep. Cydalia regrettably pulled her clothes back on then found a pillow and a blanket for her lover. She had to leave him sleeping as it was now past midnight and she needed to be at work for 5am. The café was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and Cydalia needed her sleep in her own bed before work started later.
She sneaked home two floors down from Carlos’ into her own apartment she shared with her sister. She couldn’t believe it when Carlos had told her where he now lived. She hadn’t told him it was her home too. Had actually been in happy shock at the time to speak. Wow. Her own personal sexy man lived where she lived! Could life get anymore better? At this moment in time, Cydalia rather doubted that. She undressed and climbed into her bed and dreamt sweet dreams of the wonderful Carlos Marin.

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Seb was house hunting. Even thought when on tour IL DIVO spent most of their time moving from posh hotel to posh hotel Seb actually hated the whole moving about the job meant. He loved visiting the countries IL DIVO visited but wasn’t too keen on the hotels. 5star hotels weren’t the same as having your own home with your stuff around you. Plus, as now Seb could no longer live with Marco, finding his own home was now even more important then it had been before now.
He had looked around god only knows how many properties. Homes. Apartments. Houses. But none of them seemed him. None looked cosy enough. Then he found Tina’s mobile phone number and rang her.
‘Hey, its Seb here. From the wedding.’ he started with.
‘Oh, hi Seb.’ Tina tried to sound like she didn’t remember him. But it was useless. Of course she remembered him! He was gorgeous.
‘I was wondering…do you know of any decent properties to rent or buy?’ he asked.
‘I only know of one place. But its not empty.’ Tina replied.
‘Oh. Pity….’ Seb started to say.
‘How do you fancy having a flatmate instead?’ she asked.
‘Um….male or female?’ he asked in reply.
‘Female. Does that matter?’
‘No. No. God no. That would be…great.’ he offered. ‘Um….who though?’ he then eventually asked.
‘Me.’ Tina surprised him by saying.
‘You’re looking for a flatmate?’
‘Yep. Sure am.’
‘OK. As long as we’ve….separate beds…’ Seb nervously laughed. He didn’t know how these things worked.
‘Seb, you’ll get your own room.’
‘Oh. OK. Great. Great.’
‘Come round and have a look.’ Tina offered, telling him the address.
Seb surprised Tina by turning up on her doorstep, complete with his full suitcases, five bulging in all, several guitar cases and boxes containing books and pictures etc, barely an hour later. He had been around to Marco’s apartment earlier that day to collect all his stuff. Not wanting to delay it any longer then it was possible.
He looked around her spare room. It had a large double bed, complete with bedding already on it, shelving for books, cupboard/wardrobe space for clothing. A window overlooking the garden and access to the shared bathroom. Up until an hour before it had had boxes pilled up in it. Those same boxes were now pilled up in Tina’s office space. Stacked in a corner.
‘Do you want it?’ Tina asked.
‘Yes, please.’ he smiled. It looked perfect he thought. Neat. Clean. Cosy. Comforting. It would wonderfully well for now he thought, trying not to look too keen.
‘Then its yours.’ she smiled.
‘On one condition…’
‘That I pay all the bills.’
‘But that makes me YOUR tenant and not flatmate.’ Tina pointed out how these things worked.
‘Does it?’ Seb asked, sounding surprised.
‘Oh. OK. Maybe not then.’
‘Anyway, what do you do then, for a living?’ Tina asked.
‘I sing. In a group. Called IL DIVO.’
‘We’re huge in America.’
‘OK.’ Tina nodded.
‘What do you do?’ Seb then asked.
‘I’m a designer. I design clothes.’
‘My office, is there.’ Tina indicated a door she hadn’t yet shown Seb around when she had shown him everywhere else. Including how the kitchen worked and the shower.
‘Can I have a look?’ Seb wiggled his eyebrows in what he hoped to be a playful manner.
‘Oh…’ he tried sulking.
‘Sorry. But I like keeping my work private, when its in its early stages.’
Plus Tina had a few….secrets hidden in her office. Photographs she didn’t want Seb to find.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Tonight was David’s and Elle’s first date. The first of many more to come David hoped. He liked Elle. She was lovely. Plus, Emily liked her too which was an added bonus. He had decided. Elle needed to know the truth about his relationship with Emily. He refused to start a relationship with anyone, especially with someone as wonderful as Elle on a lie like this one. So he was going to tell her. Tonight. Before they went any further. And David kind of hoped that he and Elle would go all the way. He already had the permission from Emily.
They went to a restaurant. An Italian restaurant as Elle had happened to mention at the wedding reception that she personally loved Italian food.
The restaurant was rather romantic and intimate. Candles were used as lightening. There was a single red rose in a vase on the table. It was a table set for two. A small table with barely any leg room under the table for David to stretch out his long legs without touching Elle’s legs. Not that she minded.
They made small talk during the mean. Getting to know each other a little better. David was slightly nervous about telling Elle his secret. But it needed telling. He took a deep breath, swallowed the lump in the back of his throat and said,
‘I’ve something to tell you.’
Elle looked directly at him. ‘Sounds serious.’ she replied.
‘It is.’ he nodded.
‘OK.’ Elle mentally prepared herself to never see David again. It would be such a shame. She liked him. Really, really liked him.
‘Its about Emily.’ he surprised her by saying.
‘You mean about the fact that she’s not your niece, but your daughter?’ Elle asked.
‘How did you guess?’ he asked, stunned.
‘She looks exactly like you.’ Elle smiled.
‘Aah….’ he nodded.
‘Same eyes. Smile.’
‘And how do you feel about Emily?’ David then asked.
‘I think she’s a wonderful young woman.’ Elle replied truthfully. She genuinely liked Emily. Had done since that first moment they had met.
‘Phew! Thank you.’ David relaxed.
‘So, are you divorced….?’ Elle then asked.
‘Widowed.’ he sighed.
‘Oh. Sorry.’
‘No. Its OK. Sarah died when Emily was 4.’
‘Oh no.’ Elle sympathised. ‘Such a young age.’
‘Sarah was just turned 24.’
‘Too young.’ Elle sadly shook her head.
‘She had a brain tumour. We didn’t know. It took her suddenly.’ David sadly sighed.
‘You still love her.’ Elle placed a gentle hand on top of David’s which was laying on the table in front of him.
‘I guess I still do.’ he confirmed, nodding.
‘That’s good.’ Elle surprised him by saying.
‘Oh?’ he asked.
‘For Emily. So she knows that she was, is, loved by both of her parents.’
‘Yes.’ David nodded, ‘So you don’t mind?’ he asked.
‘Mind?’ she asked back in questioning.
‘Dating a widowed father?’
‘I’d be extremely proud to.’ she smiled.
‘Thank you.’ he smiled back at her.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Laura and Urs were finally enjoying their honeymoon. Especially the nights. Laura had had nothing to be frightened about. Urs was such a kind, considerate lover. He had a way of making Laura feel so wanted. So desired. She knew that he loved her and only her. That every single time they were together she felt listened to and respected. Not many ex-boyfriends had ever bothered to make Laura feel like that. Urs really was worth everything.
He even surprised Laura by enjoying their honeymoon destination. He liked visiting The Valley of the Kings. Valley of the Queens. Luxor and Karnak Temples. Philae Temple and Abu Simbel. He even got into the spirit of the honeymoon trip by dressing up in traditional Egyptian dress for one special night while on the boat. The Egyptian outfit was technically a dress. A long flowing robe in colourful material. Even while wearing a dress Urs looked immensely sexy and manly. Laura had such a fun night that night. With Urs pretending he was an Egyptian King and Laura his new princess. He carried a giggling Laura over the threshold of their cabin after the night had come to an end to make mad, passionate, considerate love to her. It was the perfect end to the first part of their honeymoon. They still had a short trip to Cairo to finish it off completely.
It wasn’t just the best and only honeymoon Laura had ever had but the best overall holiday too. Nothing could compare to this. Nothing could possibly top it. Unless of course Laura got pregnant while on honeymoon. Laura wanted children. She loved them and knew that Urs too loved and wanted them too.
What could be more perfect she wondered?

Belated Happy Birthday to Rowi and Urs who had birthdays over the weekend and today.
I hope you both had wonderful days. Love to you XXXX

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Carlos woke in a daze, lying on the floor, naked, covered in only a blanket. He stretched. Feeling uncomfortable. Then he noticed it. A used condom on the floor next to him. He let out a groan as the night before came flooding back in a rush. He had gone out with Cydalia. Had had a nice time. A great time even. She was a great girl. Full of such life. Being with her had made Carlos feel young again. He remembered drinking alcohol. Wine. Something he never ever did. It wasn’t like him to either drink alcohol or get so drunk that he lost control. The used condom was obviously evidence of that. He only hoped he hadn’t done anything too stupid. Like rape Cydalia. Could he have done? Carlos thought for a moment. Then he remembered something. Cydalia had made the first move. She had come onto him and had persuaded him. Phew! He breathed a sigh of relief. But just to make sure once he had dressed and made himself presentable he would give her a call. Just to make completely sure. He wouldn’t want a rape case against him. He would never, ever resort to doing anything like that. Or at least he hoped he wouldn’t.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Seb was moving his stuff into Tina’s apartment. His new room was nice. Quite large. He was pleased Tina had turned down his offer to pay all the bills. He had had to do that while living with Marco. Seb had paid for everything. He wondered how Marco would now manage without Seb’s money to bankroll him. Not very long he thought. Technically it should have been Marco to be the one to move out. The apartment had been in Seb’s name after all but Seb couldn’t bare to live in the same place where he had discovered his so called loyal lover with someone else, doing to someone else what he had refused to do to Seb. The memory of how Seb had found Marco still haunted him. He let out a sigh and continued to unpack.
‘How are you settling in?’ Tina’s head appeared around the entrance to Seb’s new room. From what Seb could make out Tina appeared to be dressed in only her underwear.
‘Um….OK. I think.’ he nodded.
‘Need any help?’ Tina asked.
‘Do you have any more hangers?’ he asked.
‘Sure. Back in a sec.’ and Tina temporarily disappeared. She re-appeared a few minutes later with an arm full of hangers. Seb then realise that she was dressed. In a slinky summer dress from the looks of it. She had rather long smooth legs Seb noticed resisting the urge to let out a wolf whistle for some reason.
‘Here you go.’ Tina handed them over with a smile.
‘You have a lot of clothing.’ she noticed.
‘Yeah, its my job.’
‘Aah. OK.’ Tina nodded.
‘And to do with the fact that I’m French. And love fashion.’ Seb then told her.
‘Thought your accent wasn’t English.’ Tina blushed.
‘Nope. French.’
‘Nice country. France.’
‘You’ve been?’ Seb asked.
‘Once, for a fashion show.’
‘Yours?’ he asked.
‘No. A friend’s.’ Tina sighed.
‘Not to worry. One day it’ll be yours.’ Seb winked.
‘I’m hoping.’
‘Think positively. I try to.’
‘I’ll give that a try.’ Tina smiled before disappearing again.
- - - - - - - - - - -

‘I think…I think I’m in love.’ David nervously told Emily, his beloved daughter.
‘Oh?’ she asked.
‘I’m hoping, with Elle.’ Emily said.
David beamed. ‘She’s wonderful.’ he confessed.
‘Good. I’m so glad my matchmaking worked.’ Emily threw her arms around her father and hugged him.
‘Whatever. However, Elle and I came to be I’m just happy.’ David sighed.
‘So, have you done the deed yet?’ Emily then surprised him by asking.
‘Eh…? What…?’ David let out a nervous laugh.
‘You know. Horizontal dancing.’ Emily winked.
‘Sex Dad. Sex.’
David blushed. Scarlet in colour. ‘Err, you shouldn’t be asking me…’
‘I am 16 Dad.’ she reminded him. ‘An adult.’
‘To me Emily my darling, you’ll always be my little girl.’ David told her.
‘Oh…Dad.’ Emily now blushed with slight embarrassment.
‘So you don’t mind Elle and I….?’
‘Dad, I want you to be happy.’ his daughter interrupted.
‘I know, but your Mum…’ he mentioned his dead wife and Emily’s Mother, Sarah.
‘Mum would have wanted you to be happy too Dad. I know that.’
‘You sound so certain…’
‘I don’t want you to think of me being nutty Dad, but I talk to Mum everyday and I know she wants you to be happy. For us both to be happy.’ Emily told him.
‘I don’t think you’re nutty.’ David reassured her with a hug.
‘I miss Mum every day, but we’ve got to move on. Both of us.’
‘I miss her too.’
‘Have you told Elle yet?’
‘She knows most of it.’
‘Including about me?’
‘Yes honey.’ well, at least some of it.
‘And she’s OK…with that?’
‘Of course she is.’
‘What? Even with being a ready made Mum so to speak?’ Emily nervously asked her father.
‘Especially with that.’
‘Good. Good.’
‘In fact so much so that she’d like to take you out… but only if that’s OK with you?’ David asked.
‘I’d….I’d like that.’ Emily nodded, ‘Kind of like a girly day out.’
‘Exactly what Elle said.’
‘Great. When….?’ Emily then asked.
‘OK. I could do that.’ she nodded. It was currently half term. Emily went to private school. A boarding school. Not because either she or David wanted that but because it was practical, what with David travelling all of the time. Emily’s boarding school had a two week half term each time.
‘Can I…have some money?’ Emily then asked, ‘For the day out?’
‘Here.’ David handed over something.
Emily gasped. It was a credit card in her own name. Emily Rose Miller. ‘Oh…wow.’
‘There’s a limit. £500 a day. No more. Go over that and you’ll be in BIG trouble my sweetie.’ David warned.
‘I won’t. I promise!’ Emily threw her arms around her Dad again and hugged the life out of him. She did love him so very much. And not just because he had just given her a credit card. He really was the best dad in the whole world!
- - - - - - - - - -

Urs and Laura were now on the second part of their honeymoon. In Cairo. Seeing the Pyramids. Sphinx. And having a good look around the Cairo museum at the Tutankhamen exhibition. It was while Laura was gazing at his beautiful Death Mask that Urs said, ‘I love you so much my darling new wife.’
‘I love you too Urs.’ she replied.
‘Can we have children please?’ he then asked.
Laura stopped staring at the Death Mask and instead turned to stare at her new husband.
‘If that’s OK with you…’ Urs mumbled on her silence.
‘I’d….I’d love that.’ Laura finally confessed.
‘You would?’
‘It would be so wonderful, to have a honeymoon baby.’ she blushed.
‘Just what I was hoping of.’ he then confessed his wishes.
‘Shall we go back to our hotel….to practice then?’ Laura asked blushing slightly again.
‘What a wonderful idea that sounds.’ Urs gazed lovingly at his wife. He did love her ever so much. It felt as thought Laura was his soul mate. They had so much in common. Got on so brilliantly well. Never argued. It was like they were made for each other. Urs couldn’t wish for more. And for Laura to conceive while on their honeymoon would be the icing on the cake. He could picture in his head holding his and Laura’s new born child in his arms. His whole being ached for a child. It wasn’t just women who got clucky. Who could hear their biological clocks ticking loudly in their ears. Urs could too. He had been able to hear the clock tick away ever since he had met Laura. Before her he hadn’t wanted children. Now he did and oh so much. His whole being ached. For his child. For his and Laura’s child. He just wished and hoped for it to come true. That would be wonderful. So completely wonderful he thought.
- - - - - - - - - -

Carlos was making a phone call. A nervous phone call. To Cydalia. To either confirm or deny his actions the night before. He crossed his fingers, took a deep breath and hoped for the best. He relaxed when Cydalia answered with a happy, ‘Carlos, darling!’
‘Cydalia….So you’re….OK then?’ he asked.
‘Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be?’ she asked in reply.
‘I….I found the used condom. I thought I’d…’
‘We had sex Carlos, fantastic sex.’ she interrupted.
‘…..Raped you.’ he finished on a sigh.
‘GOD. No Carlos. It was consensual. At least on my part!’ Cydalia let out a light laugh.
‘And on my part too.’ Carlos confirmed.
‘So, can we….have a repeat performance tonight?’ Cydalia then asked.
‘I….I can’t do tonight…’
‘Oh…’ Cydalia pouted down the phone.
‘I’ve a meeting, with my lawyer.’ Carlos had only just remembered. Well. It wasn’t exactly a meeting they had planned. More like an informal chat over a drink. Her idea which before the night before Carlos had been more than happy to go along with.
‘OK. Let you off. This time.’ Cydalia sighed reluctantly.
‘I’ll make it up to you.’ Carlos promised.
‘You had better do. Its my birthday in a few days…’ she let out.
‘OK. In that case we’ll do…’ Carlos had a think, ‘how do you fancy a romantic dinner and dancing?’ he asked.
‘Exactly what I love the most.’ Cydalia confessed. It sounded like her ideal of the perfect date. A romantic dinner with candles. Roses. Chocolates. Followed by dancing. Slow dancing. The best sort. Intimate. Romantic. Perfect.

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Joy was getting ready for her date with Carlos. They were going to go to a bar Joy knew for a drink. Hopefully after she would be able to persuade him to go for a meal too. She looked in her full length mirror at her outfit. For once, Joy wasn’t wearing her lawyer suit but casual clothes. An emerald green shirt and jeans in her favourite midnight blue colour. Her hair lay loose about her shoulders. Lips and nails were painted red. She looked….OK. If only her sister was around to talk to she sighed. But she was at work. Again. She worked weird hours. Day and night. Stranger hours then Joy herself worked and she was a workaholic. Or rather had been until Carlos had come along into her life. Now Joy wanted other things. She wanted romance. A life. Someone special to love. She wanted Carlos.
Joy noticed the time, ‘Oops! Time to go.’ she said to herself.
She had agreed to meet Carlos at the bar. Although they lived in the same apartment block Carlos didn’t yet know where Joy lived and for the moment she liked it that way. Until they got more intimate. Then she’d tell him. If they got more intimate. Joy hoped that they would. She did like Carlos ever so much. He seemed rather perfect. Everything she had ever dreamed of. And more. Lots, lots more.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Tina was making a phone call. To a relation. Her cousin to be exact. She was in her work room when the cousin, male, had phoned her then had rung off. His usual trick when he couldn’t afford to make any phone calls.
‘What do you want?’ Tina asked after ringing him back.
‘In the middle of something my darling cous?’ he asked.
‘Yeah, earning a living.’ she snapped.
‘Calm down.’ he laughed, ‘its not my fault you have to work for a living…’
‘Unlike you.’ Tina snapped again.
‘My body pays well.’ he cackled.
‘Or did, before you got found out.’
‘Yeah. Well.’ he laughed, then he said, ‘Hang on. How did you know about that?’ he asked.
‘I met, quite by accident, your ex banker.’ Tina told him.
‘Wanker you mean.’ he replied.
‘From what I know of your ex, I’d say you’re the wanker in that former relationship.’
‘Not my fault he was a crap shag. A lousy lay.’
‘And that he happened to discover you cheating on him.’ Tina replied.
‘He was supposed to be at a wedding.’
‘He was. Later on. I know. That was the same wedding I went to.’
‘Oh, so your friend…Laura was the bride.’
‘How did your dress go down?’ he asked.
‘Don’t go changing the subject Marco.’ Tina snapped to her cousin. Yep. Marco. Seb’s ex was her cousin.
‘Yeah. Well.’ he tutted.
‘Have you ever wondered where Seb disappeared to?’ Tina asked out of curiosity.’
‘Not particularly. But I do sure as hell miss his money.’ Marco gave out a sad sigh.
‘That’s what happens when you reply on another person to pay all the bills.’ Tina tutted down the phone in disgust of how her cousin chose to live his life. Relying on another people, men, to pay his way.
‘Don’t knock it until you try it.’ Marco said in defence.
‘I’ve no need to have. I have a job.’
‘Yeah, but you have to admit you do struggle to pay the bills.’
‘At least I can be proud of what I do.’ Tina snapped before finally slamming down the phone. She was angry with Marco. He used people. Men. For a living. It wasn’t nice. Lots of times before Tina had had to stand on the sidelines watching men with money fall for Marco. Only to end up broke and alone when Marco had discovered someone even more richer then them to leave the men for. Meeting Seb had been a fluke on Tina’s part. Sure Tina had known what he looked like. Marco liked showing off his conquests in photographic form to his cousin. Seb had seemed, was, a sweet guy. He hadn’t deserved to be hurt. That’s why Tina had decided when he had come to her asking for help in the homing department, to take him under her wing. To look after him without him knowing he was being looked after. Tina found it worked best that way. She hoped to keep her relation with Marco a secret, for now, from Seb in order to aid his recovery from her cousin. It seemed best that way. She hoped. Crossing her fingers.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Elle and Emily where having their first ever, hopefully the first of many, girly days together. So far it was going brilliantly. They found that despite their age gap that they had loads of stuff in common. From music to fashion to their favourite colours. Had both bought nail varnish in pink. Then they had taken it in turns to paint each others nails.
‘We look like sisters.’ Emily laughed as they compared their newly painted nails. They both had blue eyes and curly hair. Only Elle’s was blonde and Emily’s a light brown.
‘Sisters?’ Elle laughed, ‘Honey I could be your Mum!’
‘I wish you were…’ Emily sighed.
‘Oh honey…’ Elle gave her a quick hug.
‘I’m OK.’ Emily reassured her while wiping a tear from her eye.
They then carried on shopping. It was while they were looking thought CD’s in the music shop that Emily complained of being hot.
‘You OK honey?’ Elle asked as Emily wobbled slightly on her feet.
‘Sure, sure…’
‘You look a little pale…’ Elle noticed Emily’s change in colour.
‘I feel really hot.’ Emily attempted to fan herself with a CD, ironically it was a CD of IL DIVO’s. Her Dad’s group.
Emily had been teaching Elle all about the group.
‘I think you need to sit down…’ Elle spoke just as Emily wobbled a little more then fainted at Elle’s feet.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Joy was having such a wonderful time. Carlos was such a considerate date. First they had gone for a drink and were now in a restaurant having dinner.
Carlos had helped Joy into her seat before sitting down himself. Had waited until Joy had ordered before he had. A proper gentleman she realised.
‘WOW. I’ve never had such a wonderful time on a date before.’ Joy told him.
They had such a lot in common. Music tastes. Fashion. Even the same work mentality. Both loved giving their all to their work. Both loved their jobs so very much.
‘Um….no, neither have I.’ Carlos lied slightly. Well. He had. Only once before. And only a few days before. But he wasn’t going to tell Joy that. He didn’t want to upset her. He liked her. Thought she was wonderful. Such a beauty. She would, he realised, make a perfect wife. Should he be looking for wife number two. Which he wasn’t. He was still, in a way, trying to get over his ex. Dot. Dorothea. She had been a lot to live up to. Then Carlos decided to do something. He told Joy about his ex wife. Dot. How they had met. He told her everything. Joy sat and listened. She didn’t moan or complain in anyway. Just listened and commented occasionally. Positive comments. Not negative. Never anything negative. She wasn’t rude about Dorothea. Didn’t disrespect her. Carlos knew that telling Joy about his ex had been the right thing to do. Knowing this about Carlos helped Joy to get to know him a little deeper than any woman had ever learnt before. She now had respect for him. A lot more respect then she had had before about him.
‘Thank you,’ she told him after he had finished, ‘for confiding in me.’
‘I know you’d understand you see. You seem the type of woman.’ he had replied, smiling at her.
‘Does this mean I can see you again? Outside of work, I mean….?’ she asked.
‘I’d like that. A lot.’ Carlos happily replied, while pulling her gently into his arms to kiss her.
Joy wrapped her arms around Carlos’ neck and returned the kiss. It was a rather passionate kiss.
‘Come home with me?’ Joy found herself asking.
‘I’d like that.’ Carlos agreed.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Joy sneaked Carlos back to her apartment. It was a rather spacious two bed roomed place. Colourfully decorated and designed. Luckily, her sister was out. Still at work. Not that Joy was hiding Carlos from her or anything.
‘I live in this building too….’ Carlos said on realising the location of the apartment.
‘Yes, I know. But properly in a much nicer part.’
‘Oh, I don’t know.’ said Carlos looking around, ‘this looks rather a nice place. Colourful.’ he noticed the brightly painted walls and furniture. It was brightly painted. Fill with lovely fun and practical stuff. A typical girls place he thought. Stuffed toys were on the sofa. DVD’s and CD’s stacked next to the TV and Hi-fi combo. Flower paintings and pictures hung on the walls. Books in bookcases filled up one wall. Books full of romance, drama, thrillers even. A varied mixture of tastes.
‘That’s my sister’s influence.’ Joy smiled. Her sister had taken it in hand when they had first moved in to brighten the place up. The walls were originally painted white. A boring colour Joy had been told. Now they were painted blue, green, yellow, red. A mixture of rainbow colours. The colours shouldn’t have worked so well together but they did.
‘You live with your sister?’ Carlos asked.
‘Yes, I do.’ she nodded.
‘Where is she?’
‘At work.’ Joy winked.
‘At this late an hour?’ it was nearly 10pm.
‘Her work stays open 24 hours a day.’
‘She only works around the corner.’
‘Convenient.’ Carlos nodded, ‘Which way to your room?’ he then asked. He didn’t fancy having sex on the living room floor again. He doubted his back would take it.
‘This way…’ Joy took his hand and let him to her room and a very comfortable and rather colourfully decorated double bed.
The sex, Carlos found out was just as mind blowing as he remembered sleeping with Cydalia was. Both girls were so amazing. Secretly Carlos wondered if the two girls would ever be up for a threesome. Then again probably not. A threesome would signal to both Joy and Cydalia that not only Carlos was double dating them but sleeping with them both too. And he didn’t really wish to end up hurting either one of them. Neither Joy or Cydalia deserved to be hurt. He wondered what he was going to do about them both. He assumed he needed to find a solution. And probably fast. Before they found out about each other. Although Carlos was so tired after the fantastic sex that night he couldn’t sleep. He left Joy sleeping in her bed and quietly left her apartment to go to his own. It was while in his own apartment that his mobile phone beeped with at text message. It was from Cydalia. The message made him smile even though he was feeling guilty about all this mess he had gotten himself into at the same time. The text message read, ‘I miss you Carlos. Dream about me. I know I will of you. Xx.’ It was kind of sweet but sexy at the same time. Carlos smiled. Read the text four times then regrettably deleted it. Just in case Joy ever came across his phone. He then deleted Joy’s text messages too. Just in case Cydalia ever came across his phone also. Just to be on the safe side he decided, until he made up his mind to which lovely lady he would dedicate himself truly and faithfully too.

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Urs and Laura were finally on their way home from their honeymoon. On the plane. Urs sat scruffy faced, baseball cap on, hair tied back, trying, unsuccessfully, to blend in with everyone else. But it was impossible. Not with his looks. He was unforgettable at the best of times. What with those cheekbones and eyes. Laura sat besides him, trying not to laugh as a woman old enough to be Urs’ Grandmother let alone Mother attempted to chat him up.
‘So, Ursy…’ the woman, named Dulcie said while placing her wrinkled hand on his knee, she was sat in the seat next to Urs and Laura on the plane. It wasn’t the sort of plane that had business class, just economy.
‘Yes, Dulcie?’ he asked. She had introduced herself to him especially not long after they had boarded the flight.
‘I think your group, EL DIVOT is amazing.’ Dulcie told him. While pronouncing his group name completely wrong.
‘Oh? Do you? Well, um….thanks.’ Urs nodded.
‘And this lovely lady, is your girlfriend?’ Dulcie then asked about Laura sitting besides him, hand over her mouth to hide her giggles.
‘Wife actually.’ Urs smiled. He liked saying that. Wife. It was more permanent name to girlfriend. Girlfriend meant partner for now. Wife meant partner for ever.
‘Oh? So you’re married…’ Dulcie removed her hand off Urs’ knee at long last. She was IL DIVO’s, or rather as Dulcie pronounced it, EL DIVOT’s biggest fan. Why hadn’t she heard this piece of information before now? It wasn’t in the magazine she had bought onto the flight with her to read. Hello magazine was usually very up to date when it came to EL DIVOT. (IL DIVO)
‘Yes.’ he nodded.
‘And when was that….?’ she asked.
‘Just under two weeks ago.’ Laura told her.
‘Oh….congratulations.’ Dulcie smiled a tight smile then turned away.
For the rest of the flight, she completely ignored Urs and Laura. Finally Urs thought. Not that he didn’t like his fans. He did. But he also liked to be left alone. Especially at certain times. Like this one. His second ever flight with his wife.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Emily woke up in her fathers arms.
‘Daddy…’ she said on seeing him.
‘Elle told me, that you had fainted.’ he told her, sounding concerned.
‘I’ve a bug.’ she replied.
‘When did you start feeling sick?’ David asked, placing a concerning hand on her forehead to check her temperature.
‘A few days ago.’ Emily told him.
‘She went very pale. And not before she fainted.’ Elle told her boyfriend.
‘See, a bug.’ Emily shrugged.
‘OK. But if it happens again…’ David warned.
‘No Daddy. Not the doctors again.’ Emily moaned in a pleading voice.
‘Its better to be safe, then sorry.’ he told his daughter.
‘OK Dad.’ Emily sighed.
‘We’ll be back in a moment OK sweetie?’ Elle told Emily before taking David’s hand and leading him away.
‘You’re either rather too overprotective, or there is something you’re not telling me about Emily.’ Elle told David once they were alone. Emily was in her bed, asleep now. Emily’s room was full of Eeyore. Cover on the bed. Shade on the bedside table. Wallpaper. Slippers. Curtains. Toys everywhere. Emily obviously adored the grumpy but oh so loveable donkey.
Elle had carried her to at taxi and to David when she had fainted. Elle was so worried. Emily being out of it lasted such a long time.
‘There is something I haven’t told you…’ David sighed. They were now in the main living area. Sitting on the sofa together.
‘OK.’ Elle nodded and prepared herself for the worst.
‘Emily was a twin.’ David said.
‘Was….?’ Elle asked.
‘Her twin, Amber, died when they were 2.’
‘OK.’ Elle waited.
‘Emi and Ami both had leukaemia.’ David sadly sighed.
‘Oh no…’ Elle gasped and blinked back the tears in her eyes. She swallowed.
‘Emi beat it. Ami didn’t.’
‘And you’re worried, that Emily fainted might mean the cancer has come back.’ Elle guessed, correctly.
David nodded.
‘What were the symptoms the last time around, just so I know what to look for?’
‘Does that mean you plan on sticking around?’ David asked.
‘I’m hoping so.’
‘Good. Good.’
‘Plus….Emily kind of said that she wanted me to be her Mum.’ she told him.
‘I’d like that too.’ David admitted.
‘So….symptoms?’ Elle asked, blushing and mumbling slightly.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Living with a woman was turning out to be quite an interesting experience Seb was beginning to find out. Tina was a lot neater then he was. Considerate too. She was always making him food. Making sure he ate at regular times.
She had even taken to cleaning up after him. She would spend hours hidden away in her work room then come out, a big smile on her face and buzz about in the kitchen, making such fantastic food for Seb to eat.
‘You know, I can cook.’ he tried telling her on one of these occasions.
‘Can you?’ she asked, surprised at this revelation.
‘I am French.’ he gave by way of explanation.
‘Yeah, and?’ she sounded confused.
‘My Mother taught me.’
‘OK. But that doesn’t mean….What I mean is, is that I’m part Italian and I was never taught to cook.’ she explained.
‘But you do it so wonderfully.’
‘A hobby I enjoy.’
‘Are your designs as good?’ Seb asked.
‘Did you like your friends Laura’s wedding dress?’
‘Sure I did.’ he nodded, thinking it had been rather fabulous.
‘I designed that.’ Tina smiled.
‘Wow….it really suited Laura.’ Seb admitted.
‘Made especially for her. My wedding gift to her and Urs a costume made wedding outfit.’ she blushed.
‘So, when I marry, you’ll design my outfit too?’ Seb winked in asking.
‘If you marry Seb, I’ll even design your future brides dress too.’ Tina nodded, feeling a little sad. OK Seb was either gay or at least bi-sexual but she still fancied him. Still had a rather huge crush on him. She wondered how he felt about her? Maybe she needed to do a little investigating, to find out!
- - - - - - - - - - -

Carlos was on the phone. Talking to his cousin. Jose. Jose was almost Carlos’ identical twin rather than just his cousin. They were that alike. Apart from two aspects. Jose’s eye colour was blue and not brown. Oh, and that Jose couldn’t sing for toffee. He had no talent when it came to singing or acting in that case either. But apart from that.
‘I’m in love with two women…’ Carlos moaned down the phone to his cousin.
‘Lucky old you.’ Jose sarcastically said.
Another thing. While Carlos was a hit with the ladies, any lady, Jose wasn’t.
‘Sorry mate. I know you’re…’ Carlos tailed off.
‘What? Crap with women?’ Jose asked, interrupting his cousin.
‘I was going to say, unlucky with them.’ his cousin corrected him.
‘Yeah. Well. Whatever.’ it was a bit of a sore spot with Jose. He couldn’t understand it. Neither could Carlos for that matter. Jose was Carlos. Just without the voice.
‘Mate, if you need help, getting a woman..’ Carlos offered.
‘No. No. Its OK. I’ve managed so far without someone special to love.’
‘Well, the offers there.’ said Carlos.
‘Hey, you could always pass me one of your ladies…’ Jose joked.
‘Now, that could be a perfect solution..’ Carlos mumbled.
‘I was joking Carlos.’ said Jose.
‘I know you were mate. I know you were.’ but it was one solution Carlos could at least consider. Should the need ever arise for it. Not that it would. Ever.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Cydalia and her sister where having a girly day in.
Watching movies. Eating chocolate. The best sort or so Cydalia thought. (Thornton’s). Drinking wine. (Blossom hill). A favourite of the older sister. It was one of those horrible wet days. The rain had started coming down in the morning and hadn’t stopped all day. They were watching a movie containing Cydalia’s all time favourite actor, Hugh Jackman. They were in the middle of the X-Men trilogy.
‘Isn’t Hugh so handsome?’ Cydalia swooned over the actors muscles. And not forgetting acting abilities.
‘Err, not really my type actually.’ Joy replied. He was much too muscular for her tastes.
Yes. Joy. Lawyer Joy. Cydalia’s older sister was Joy. The same Joy who was also secretly dating Carlos. The sisters didn’t do talking about their relationships, at least not at the start of them so as not to jeopardise each other. It was kind of like a superstitious thing. Once the relationship was up and running then they would confide. But not before then. If only they had talked. But then of course they wouldn’t have been sitting in the same room, sharing jokes, chocolate and wine and arguing over an actor as they were now. No. They probably would have been fighting. They were sisters, don’t forget. Pulling each others hair. Scratching their eyes out. Name calling. Because both loved, did love even now, the same man. Carlos Marin.
‘Yeah, sorry. Forgot. You like Tom Cruise.’ Cydalia laughed at her sisters tastes in actors.
‘Nothing wrong with Tommy.’ Joy defended also laughing.

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‘Oops. Sorry.’ Seb apologised to Tina.
He had walked into the bathroom in his underwear, expecting to take a shower, only to find it already occupied by his rather sexy flatmate. The naked, wet and soapy Tina.
Seb had decided to say something only after he had witnessed Tina for quite a while soaping herself down. He had watched her soap her breasts and her rosy hard nipples, such fascinating things. They looked like two raspberries stuck to her chest. Across her stomach and down to her thighs. It had only been after he had watched her intimately touch herself that he had spoken. It had been interesting to watch. Tina seemed quite capable with her hands and fingers he had noticed. He wondered just how good she was with her tongue. Dare he ask?
‘That’s OK.’ Tina smiled to him not seeming at all embarrassed.
‘I…err…I didn’t mean to…’ he muttered.
‘Oh Seb. Please. Don’t be embarrassed. I can see that you’re interested…’ she winked gesturing to his under pants. Seb was up and ready to go. This, was surprising to him. The first time he had ever experienced an erection for a woman!
He coughed. ‘I’ll….um….err…’ he made to leave the room.
‘No. Don’t go Seb.’ Tina turned the water off and opened the shower door. She stepped out, naked and wet and walked towards him.
Seb stood still and watched. Very interested to see what she was about to do with him.
Tina walked up to him and dropped to her knees.
‘Um…’ he mumbled as she pulled down his underpants.
‘Yes Seb?’ Tina innocently asked, blinking up at him.
‘What are you doing?’ he rather stupidly asked.
‘Making a wish come true.’ she winked as she took him into her mouth.
Seb wondered for a few seconds just who’s dream did she mean, his, or hers, before letting out a groan of desire. He had never had a blowjob before but had always wanted to experience it. Now he was receiving a dream come true. Oh my god! She was a complete wiz with her mouth and tongue. It didn’t take much to make Seb’s orgasm come. He let out a low groan of ecstasy and came quite quickly and fast in Tina’s mouth.
When she was done swallowing him all down, Tina looked up at him, ‘Like it?’ she asked.
‘Oh….My….Tina.’ Seb swooned, ‘I…I love it.’
‘Good. I am pleased.’ Tina winked, while wiping at her mouth,
‘And you let me….come in your mouth…’
‘Of course.’ she nodded.
‘But I thought women didn’t like that…’ or some men Seb thought.
‘Some of us don’t. But I happen to like it. Yours.’ she paused, ‘Taste rather nice.’ she winked again.
‘Um….thanks.’ Seb blushed, feeling embarrassed again.
‘Oh Seb, don’t be embarrassed. We’re both consenting adults. I like you. Do you like me?’ Tina asked.
‘I do. Yes.’ he nodded.
‘Then join me?’
‘In the shower.’ she gestured to the shower behind them.
‘Come on then.’ Tina held out a hand. Seb slipped his hand into hers and let himself be lead, willingly, into the welcoming shower.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Urs and Laura were settling into their new home.
Laura was unpacking some of her furniture, books and pictures when Urs arrived back from his shopping trip. He had already moved in just before the wedding. It was turning out to be rather difficult finding places for her things along with her new husbands. He was obsessed with motorbikes and parts and things to do with them whereas Laura liked girly stuff. They looked weird placed next to each other. She briefly wondered just what they had in common apart from the obvious. (Sexual attraction) They shook that thought out of her head.
‘I’ve got it.’ he announced, handing Laura a small oblong box.
‘Right. OK.’ she swallowed, looking down at it.
It was a pregnancy test. Laura’s period was late so Urs had suggested them taking a test. But now it was here, in her hands, Laura was nervous. She so wished it to be positive. There was only one way to find out.
Take the test.
‘Right. I’ll…..’ Laura mumbled going into the bathroom.
At first she couldn’t make herself go no matter how hard she tried. She tried running water. But no. Staring at the unpainted mismatched walls of the bathroom. Nothing. So she sat on the toilet and waited. And waited.
‘La….are you OK in there?’ Urs shouted through the bathroom door.
‘Have you done it yet?’ he asked.
‘I can’t go!’ she complained.
‘Need any help?’ he stupidly asked.
‘And what could you do, please tell me?’ Laura sarcastically asked.
‘OK. Point taken. But I’m here.’ he replied. For once actually getting that she was being sarcastic towards him.
Laura sat on the toilet and tutted. She took a deep breath and hey presto. It happened.
She was much too nervous to look at the test.
‘I’ve…done it.’ she opened the bathroom door, test in hand after having had washed her hands and flushed the toilet.
Urs took the test and the box the pregnancy test had come in. He compared the both.
‘Am I?’ Laura nervously asked.
Urs compared the pregnancy test windows. The practice window hand a line in it to show that the test had worked. But the actual test window, the important one that confirmed the pregnancy, or not as it could be, remained empty.
‘No.’ Urs sighed, showing his wife the test.
‘But I felt so sure.’ Laura had been feeling sick for a few days.
‘Maybe the test is wrong?’ Urs offered by way of explanation.
‘Oh god…’ Laura suddenly clutched at her stomach and rushed towards the bathroom again.
When she emerged a while later Urs handed over her special painkilling tablets and put the kettle on to make up her hot water bottle.
‘I’m sorry.’ Laura apologised a little while later to her husband. She was snuggled up on the sofa, hugging her Eeyore hot water bottle to her tummy, as the period pain started in earnest.
‘That’s OK.’ he soothed sitting down besides her, ‘We can try again.’ he stroked her hair.
‘Yes, we can, can’t we?’ she agreed.
‘And I do enjoy our practicing.’ Urs smiled, winking suggestively at her.
‘In a few days.’ Laura reminded him.
‘In a few days.’ he agreed, holding her close.
Maybe they needed to see someone Urs thought. Like a doctor. Was it his or Laura’s fault they hadn’t conceived yet? Would they need something like IVF? Urs so hoped not. Not that they couldn’t afford it. For they could. But he was hoping to get Laura pregnant the natural, normal way. The fun way. Not wanking into a cup. Urs hated doing it himself. He preferred having a woman present to come in. He preferred having Laura to come in. His wife.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Emily was having another wobbly turn. She kept having them. And feeling sick too. She had a theory as to why she kept feeling sick and being wobbly. And it was all to do with the wedding and that guy she had met at it. Antonio. Not that since the wedding she had heard from him. Or had been expecting to. He had gotten what he wanted from her. She had served her purpose. He had devoured a virgin. His ideal dream come true. But My how Emily had bled that night afterwards. She had thought at one particular point that she was dying. There had been so much blood. Too much. But luckily the bleeding had stopped the next day. Thankfully. Now Emily was scared. What would her Dad think once he found out? Emily was his little girl. She didn’t do stupid, silly things. She was sensible. Having sex with a guy she didn’t know wasn’t sensible. Neither was having unprotected sex with him.
‘Honey, are you OK?’ Elle asked. She was with Emily. They had been sitting, together, watching the latest Disney film on DVD when Emily had rushed out of the room to be sick.
‘I….I feel sick again.’ Emily admitted, sitting back down next to Elle on the sofa. She picked her feet up of the floor and tucked them under her.
‘Shall I get a doctor?’ Elle asked, sounding concerned.
‘No.’ Emily shook her head.
‘But if you don’t feel well sweetie…’
‘I kind of think I know what’s wrong with me.’ sighed Emily.
‘I…I need a test.’
‘A pregnancy test?’ Elle asked for confirmation.
‘Yes.’ Emily looked down at her feet, her toenails needed painting again she noticed. ‘I know you’re…disappointed with me… ‘ she told her.
‘Oh honey. I’m not disappointed.’ Elle corrected.
‘But I might be…’ Emily couldn’t bring herself to say the word. Pregnant.
‘You might be.’ Elle agreed, nodding.
‘My Dad’s going to kill me…’ Emily bite her thumbnail.
‘We’ll deal with him, after honey.’
‘You’ll….help me?’ Emily asked, sounding amazed.
‘Of course I will honey.’
‘Thank you.’
Elle pulled Emily into her arms, ‘I care about you. I’m not planning on letting you do anything alone.’ she reassured her young friend.
‘Thank you.’ Emily repeated, sighing and hugging her back.


The test was positive. All five of them. Elle had said one would be enough, but just to make sure, completely sure, Emily had wanted to take more. All five she had taken gave the same result. Emily was pregnant.
‘I only had sex once…’ she confessed to Elle.
‘Honey, once is all it takes.’ Elle replied.
‘It was at Uncle Urs’ and Laura’s wedding reception…’
‘On your 16th birthday.’ Elle nodded.
‘Yep.’ Emily also nodded, ‘Oh god.’ she covered her mouth with her hand, ‘My Dad is going to kill me.’
‘He might be a little angry, yes.’ Elle agreed.
‘He’s going to kill me.’ Emily repeated.
‘Honey, you’re his daughter. He loves you.’
‘He’s still going to kill me…’
‘No he won’t.’
‘He will.’ Emily insisted.
‘He won’t. For I won’t let him.’ Elle told her.
‘Promise?’ Emily asked.
‘Every decision you make, I’m right behind you. 100%. That, I promise.’
‘Thank you Elle.’
‘Come on.’ Elle took her hand.
Emily placed her hand in Elle’s. ‘Time to tell Dad.’ she realised.
‘You’ve no need to be afraid. I’m here.’ Elle confirmed for reassurance.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Quite by accident, Carlos learnt of Cydalia and Joy not only being related but being sisters. He was on a date with Cydalia at the time. At the cinema. In the dark when Cydalia let it slip that her sister was called Joy and that she was a lawyer. In the darkness Carlos coloured. Sisters? He was dating sisters? Oh no. No. This couldn’t be happening.
He needed confirmation.
‘You’ve a sister…?’ he asked as casually as he could.
‘Yep. Joy. Joy Oliver.’ she mentioned Joy’s surname.
‘But your surname isn’t…’
‘I’m Cydalia Martin.’
‘Different surname.’ Carlos said.
‘Same Mum. Different Dad.’
‘Oh. Right. OK.’
‘We live together.’ Cydalia then dropped her other bombshell.
‘You live with Joy….’
‘Yep. My wonderful sister.’ in the darkness Cydalia nodded, completely unaware of the change her words were having on Carlos. No wonder they seemed to remind him of each other. Being sisters. Of all the things in the world to be. Sisters. He really was stuffed now. Dating two relations he could just about get away with. But sisters? Now that was another matter entirely. And he had had sex with them both. Bugger! A definite no, no!
‘What would you do…’ he casually asked, ‘If you ever found out that your sister was dating the same man as you?’
‘I’d kill her.’ Cydalia replied, ‘And him.’ she added.
Carlos winced. Ouch!
‘Anyway, enough about my sister.’ Cydalia’s hand found Carlos’ in the darkness. ‘Tonight is my birthday.
‘Yes, so it is.’ Carlos nodded. Hoping neither Cydalia or Joy ever found out that they were dating the same man. Or he’d be done for and he’d end up splitting up two very close sisters at the same time. Bugger. Bugger. Bugger!
In the end, while Cydalia sat and enjoyed the film Carlos didn’t. Now he was scared. Stuck doing something he though he’d never do. Double date. And double date sisters of all things. He needed a solution. And quick. Then again, where they really sisters? I mean, Carlos thought to himself. Maybe its just two women who have the same name. And that Joy Oliver isn’t the same Joy Oliver he knew. That she and Cydalia weren’t related. Because they weren’t even sisters. Just a thought. Until he could make completely and utterly sure, Carlos decided to take the easy way out and keep silent. Sneaky sure. But necessary he thought for the moment. Just for the moment…..!!
- - - - - - - - - - -

Seb and Tina were now in a relationship of sorts. They didn’t do much talking but had sex regularly. Twice, three times a day. Most times Tina would stop working, come out of her work room, take Seb’s hand and lead him to her room.
To have sex. Interesting, fulfilling sex. Seb liked having sex with a woman. Liked having sex with Tina. It was never boring. So many different ways and positions to have sex in. Much more than with a man. Plus Tina was adventurous. Would try anything. Had so many different ideas. So many wonderful ideas. Seb enjoyed every minute of it. He loved giving Tina oral sex too. She tasted oh so good that he just couldn’t get enough of her. He’d eagerly go down on her all day. He loved the noise she made when she came. She was so vocal. He knew when he did something she liked for she would scream her orgasm out. Screaming his name. When Tina sucked Seb he would groan her name then muttered under his breath, ‘I love you.’ He thought he loved her. Only he wasn’t sure. It certainly felt like love. But he was too scared to say the words out loud just yet should Tina think he was loopy. Or something else. So for now he kept his feelings for her hidden deep inside. Just for now. Until it would be safe to say something to her.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

‘She’s what….?’ David exclaimed as he asked Elle.
‘Pregnant.’ she calmly repeated for the third time.
‘But she’s only just turned 16...’ he mumbled in shock.
‘I know honey. I know.’ Elle soothed her boyfriend, rubbing his shoulder in a calming manner.
‘What is she going to do?’ he then asked after the news had finally sunk in.
‘I honesty don’t know. I guess you’ll have to ask Emily that herself.’ he was told.
‘My little girl….pregnant.’ he let out a sob, head in hands.
‘She’ll be OK. We’ll be OK. We’ll cope.’ Elle told him.
‘You’ll stick around, even though…?’ David mumbled.
‘Of course I will.’ she nodded.
‘Oh god…her leukaemia…’ he then mumbled.
‘But she recovered completely, you told me that.’
‘I know, but the doctors said that stress could make it come back…’
‘Honey, Emily being pregnant won’t make that happen.’
‘It could do.’ David insisted.
‘Then we’ll talk to the doctors about it. Get all the information we need in order to able to cope with all this.’ Elle decided, taking charge.
In the end Emily had been too scared to tell her father about her condition, her pregnancy, and so Elle had volunteered to. Emily was currently in her room, quietly sobbing into her pillow, curled up into a ball, scared about what her father thought about her now. She was no longer her Daddy’s little girl. Her being pregnant had gone and ruined all that. Or so Emily thought.
‘Where is Emily now?’ David asked.
‘In her room. Scared.’
‘Scared, of what?’ he asked.
‘Of you.’ Elle told him.
‘Why?’ he blinked in surprise.
‘Because she thinks she no longer deserves your love.’
‘Oh Emi…’ on that, David rushed into his daughters room.
Elle followed close behind.
- - - - - - - - - - -

‘Oh Emi…honey.’ David pulled his daughter’s crying body into his arms.
‘Daddy….’ she sobbed.
‘Why couldn’t you tell me, eh?’ he gently asked, stroking her hair back from her face.
‘Because you hate me.’ she sobbed, wiping at her eyes. She had such sad eyes David noticed of his darling child. Such sad, scared eyes. He wished he could do something, say something to take all the pain away.
‘My darling daughter. I don’t hate you. I love you.’ he told her.
‘But I’m no longer you little girl…’
‘Sweetie, you’ll always be my little girl.’
‘Even when I’m a Mum too though?’ Emily asked.
‘Especially then.’
‘I….I can’t get rid of it.’ Emily then told him. Not that she had given this much thought. But she knew, that whatever happened, that this child would be born.
‘That’s OK. I understand.’ David nodded.
‘You’ll be a grand-dad.’ Emily finally smiled.
‘That, I will be.’ he agreed.
‘Grand-pa Miller.’ Elle smiled from the doorway. Thinking it funny that her gorgeous new partner was soon to be a grand-father. Not something she thought, or indeed he thought would ever happen this quickly in his life.
‘Hey, don’t you laugh. Grand-ma!’ David smiled at her.
‘Grand-ma?’ Elle asked, ‘But I’m not even a Mum.’ she rather sadly pointed out.
‘Yes you are. To me.’ Emily told her.
‘Am I?’ Elle asked, gazing in awe at her.
‘That’s if you want to be…’ Emily smiled shyly.
‘I’d like that.’ Elle smiled back.
‘Me too.’ said David.

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‘You’re doing what?’ Jose laughed down the phone.
‘Accidentally dating sisters, probably.’ Carlos sighed.
‘And they don’t know…?’
‘Well, put it this way, if they do know, if they are, they haven’t told me.’ Carlos sighed again.
‘Yet.’ Jose pointed out. Wisely.
‘Yet.’ Carlos easily agreed.
‘What am I going to do?’
‘I don’t know mate.’
‘I don’t suppose you could….’
‘Oh no. No.’ Jose immediately said, interrupting his cousin.
‘But it would finally be your chance…’
‘Having a Carlos cast-off? No way.’
‘No Carlos.’
‘No means no.’
‘But Cydalia and Joy are both beautiful.’
‘Then make your decision.’
‘What? And break a heart?’ Carlos asked.
‘If they find out you’ve been with them both, that would definitely break both their hearts.’ Jose quickly pointed out.
‘Not if we did this wisely…’
‘You’ve already thought of a plan, haven’t you?’ Jose finally realised.
‘Yep.’ Carlos smiled down the phone. He had been up all night, trying to think of a solution. One that would make both the wonderful ladies in his life happy. But he really needed Jose’s help to complete it.
‘OK…’ Jose finally relented. Blame it on the pressure he thought. Plus, Carlos was rather persuasive when he put his mind to it.
‘Thanks mate.’ Carlos breathed a sigh of relief. ‘That’s such a load off my mind.’
‘Under one condition.. ‘ Jose then told his cousin what they were.
‘Sure. OK. We can do that. Carlos agreed after hearing his cousin out.
- - - - - - - - - -

Seb, was looking for Tina when he accidentally found her work room. Her precious work room where she sat day in, day out for hours at a time, designing her magnificent outfits and clothes. From dresses to trousers. T-shirts to jackets. It was quite an amazing room Seb discovered. Drawings of work were placed on the wall along with framed awards. Tina had won quite a few. A desk was against the large window. Pencils and pens of all colours sat in a pot on the desk. Books of design, art and clothes filled the packed book shelves. Sashes of material were all over the floor of every colour, design and texture. The place was amazing. It was all Tina. Then Seb noticed something that at first made him smile then frown. It was a pin board of photographs. All of Tina along the way. From her as a small baby to a little girl, hair in pigtails, face of freckles that made him smile. To one in which Tina was a teenager. A face covered in spots. Greasy hair. To her dressed in a gorgeous glamorous self-designed dress. To one photograph that made Seb blink, twice, in complete shock. It was of Tina. With a man. They had their arms wrapped around each other. Smiling. Laughing at something or someone. It was a recent photograph. And the man in the photograph looking very cosy with Tina? Well, that was Marco. Seb’s very own ex-lover. She knew Marco. More than just knew him if the photographic evidence in front of Seb now was anything to go by. They looked….intimate. This photograph shocked then dismayed Seb. And so much for him thinking that he and Tina had something. Had their entire relationship, knowledge to each other been a lie? Seb wasn’t so sure anymore what he thought about Tina now. If he even cared about her like he had done. For she had obviously lied to him. The proof of that was staring him right in the face. He was angry. Upset. Dismayed. What was he going to do now? At this very moment in time he wasn’t so sure. But he knew that he couldn’t stay here anymore. Not now. Not after all this. He turned and left the room. Luckily Tina was nowhere to be found. He collected his suitcase and started packing. Not caring about folding his clothes or how he packed. He just knew one thing. He had to go. Leave. Now. As soon as it was possible to do so.
- - - - - - - - - - -

When Tina got home, she had gone shopping to get the ingredients for a romantic night, instead of finding Seb, guitar in hand, composing some new songs like always, he was nowhere to be found. Getting worried she searched the apartment. For some reason every trace of Seb was gone. All of his stuff. His clothes. Books. CD’s. His precious guitar. Everything. Tina briefly wondered why until she found the door to her work room open.
‘Oh no Seb…’ she gasped, hands over her mouth, ‘I should have taken that blasted photo down…’ then she slide down to kneel on the floor, curled up into a small ball and felt her tears start to come. She had no way of contacting Seb either. He had always been around the apartment or they had gone out together. She knew he had a mobile phone. He was offend sending and receiving text messages and phone calls but didn’t know what the number was. Now she so wished that she had asked him. But of course it was too late now. Much too late. Tina couldn’t even defend herself over the phone. Or indeed explain it. OK it didn’t matter that Seb had never mentioned Marco. Tina should have least done. She should have explained. Now she would probably never have the chance unless Seb turned up again. She so wished he would.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Urs and Laura were having an argument. It had all started when Urs had mentioned them having children. Then his big secret had come out. The one that had almost destroyed their marriage. It had started when Urs had uttered the words, ‘I think we need to see a doctor.’
‘About what?’ Laura had asked.
‘Your….inability to conceive.’ Urs had come out with.
‘Excuse me? My what….?’ she had gasped in total shock.
‘I said you inability to…’
‘Yes, I heard you the first time.’ she snapped, interrupting him, ‘but who’s to say its MY fault?’ Laura had pointed an unsteady finger at her own chest.
‘Because I…’ Urs had started to say then had stopped.
‘Go on?’ Laura had asked in a demanding tone of voice.
‘No. No. Its OK.’
‘No Urs. Go on. You were the one who started this conversation after all?’ Laura had probed.
Urs had uttered a loud sigh then had whispered, ‘Because I already have a child.’ those words broke Laura’s poor fragile heart in two.
‘You…’ she stared open mouthed at him.
‘I have a daughter.’ Urs had told her.
‘Um…..OK. Name? age? Where is she? Why didn’t you tell me?’ Laura had bomb-barded her husband with questions. Questions she so desperately needed the answers too. And to now! This moment. Now. Here.
‘Her name is Roberta. She has just turned 18. She lives in Holland with her Mother. And I didn’t think you’d be interested in…’
‘Interested? Of course I’m interested! Its important information Urs!’ Laura felt so furious. She felt like hitting him. So much for feeling like she knew Urs inside and out. When in reality she knew nothing. Absolutely nothing about her own husband. Not really.
‘I mean….I was going to tell you…’ Urs had muttered.
‘Yeah? When? On her wedding day?’ Laura had asked, sounding sarcastic.
‘And I’m guessing Carlos, David and Seb know all about Roberta?’ Laura had then wanted to know.
‘Um….they know I’m a father. But that’s it. Like I know David’s a father.’ Urs had let the cat out of the bag.
‘I knew it! His niece. My bridesmaid.’
‘Um….yes.’ Urs had nodded.
‘Anything else I need to know….?’
‘No. No.’
‘Nothing more that’s not important?’
‘No.’ Urs shook his head.
‘Right. Fine.’ Laura had made a move to collect a her bag.
‘Um….where are you going?’ Urs had asked, sounding nervous.
‘Out.’ Laura had snapped.
‘Will you be back?’ he asked.
‘At this moment in time, I don’t know.’ and with that, Laura left. Leaving Urs all alone.
‘I should have told her…’ he announced to the empty room. ‘I shouldn’t have hid it from her…’ he moaned.

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David stared at the tiny screen and gasped. He and Elle were attending Emily’s first ever ultra scan. The 3D scan showed the new developing life in great detail. They could see toes, fingers, a head, a body. All growing. It was amazing as he was finding out. There, on the screen was his first ever grandchild. Growing and developing inside his daughter. Not really something he had imaged seeing quite this soon. But what the heck. It was still an amazing sight to witness.
‘Heartbeat strong. Growing nicely.’ the nurse doing Emily’s scan told them as they could hear the heartbeat coming out of the speakers attached to the computer showing the developing baby.
‘Can I have a picture?’ Emily asked.
‘Sure honey.’ the nurse replied, printing out two.
‘Thank you.’ Emily smiled as she, her father and Elle all gazed and cooed at the scan.
Wow. It was real. She really was pregnant. Now Emily had photographic proof of her pregnancy she knew she couldn’t even contemplate not being a Mum now. She was looking forward to it. To holding her child in her arms. And she knew exactly what she was going to call her child should they end up being a girl. Sarah. After her Mother. Just as long as David didn’t mind having a grand-daughter named after his dead wife. Emily wanted to honour her dead Mother. It didn’t mean she didn’t love and want Elle to be her Mother for she did. But she also loved and would forever love the one who had given birth to her. Sarah. Her birth Mother.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Seb was in a bar. Trying to drink his sorrows away. It didn’t occur to him that he really needn’t be as angry as he was feeling. For Tina hadn’t actually lied to him. For she hadn’t known about Seb’s relationship with Marco. At least not from his own tongue. Seb hadn’t mentioned his ex being Marco. So it really wasn’t up to Tina to tell of her knowledge in knowing Marco. If only he realised that. If he had been thinking straight he would have. But Seb being Seb he jumped in with both feet without looking first. A typical of him.
Suddenly his phone rang. In a drunken haze he answered without looking to see who was calling him first. If he had taken the time to look he would have never answered it. For it was Marco calling.
‘Sebbie…darling.’ Marco crooned down the phone.
‘Marco.’ immediately Seb sobered up.
‘How are you sweetie…?’ Marco asked.
‘Fine.’ Seb snapped.
‘I heard on the grapevine….that you were dating again…’
‘Yes, I am.’ or rather I was Seb added in his head.
‘A woman.’ Marco sneered.
‘Yes. And…?’ Seb asked.
‘A woman Seb? Are you really that desperate?’ Marco cruelly laughed down the phone.
‘Not desperate. Not completely.’ Seb half defended.
‘Oh? Who is she then? This woman?’ Marco demanded.
‘Someone, you know.’
‘Tina.’ Seb told him.
‘No! Not my little cousin? The crappy fashion designer?’
‘She’s not a crappy fashion designer.’ Seb really did defend Tina now.
‘Oh, but she is. Couldn’t design a decent outfit if she tried.’ Marco, sounding rather jealous sneered.
‘She could, and she has done already.’
‘Oh yeah? Who’s? tell me that?’
Just recently Tina’s dress she had designed for Laura’s wedding had been featured in a magazine. Cosmopolitan magazine. One of the best there was.
‘Did you see that feature in Cosmo mag?’ Seb asked, ‘The one to do with wedding dresses?’
‘Yeah.’ Marco said. He had. He had also admired the top wedding dress which was actually a one-off.
‘The top one, the one with 10 stars, that is Tina’s.’ Seb told him.
‘No. No.’ Marco said, ‘That ain’t hers! That designer is called….’ he tried to remember the name.
‘Tatiana designs.’ said Seb.
‘That’s Tina’s?’ Marco gasped.
‘That’s Tina’s.’ Seb agreed.
‘Oh. My. God.’ Marco was amazed. His little cousin was a decent designer after all! Crikey! How times have changed he thought.
‘So, is that the only reason you called me then?’ Seb asked, wondering if this conversation had a point to it, or not.
‘Oh, yeah. Yeah. The reason I called…’ Marco started to say.
‘No Marco. You’re not having any money.’ Seb interrupted.
‘But I….’
‘No Marco. I’m not your bank anymore. You ruined that cash point a long time ago.’ Seb interrupted again.
‘But Sebbie…I’m broke.’ Marco now tried tears. Usually they got him everything he wanted. Usually. But not this time. The time away from Marco had made Seb immune to him.
‘Then go and find another stupid idiot to seduce.’ Seb snapped before slamming down the receiver.
This conversation made Seb realise one thing. He had been much too hasty on leaving Tina. He loved her. He loved her so much. Could he go back to her? Should he go back to her? Staying away would just break his heart. At least if he went back then he could explain his actions. Come clean to Tina then hear her explanations too. Yes. Yes. He could do that. Couldn’t he? Suddenly now he knew what he had to do. Seb sobered up. He quickly paid the bar tender, stood up on unsteady legs and left to go and see Tina again. To apologise first then to completely explain. He just hoped she would be in a good receiving mood. Fingers crossed.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Cydalia and Carlos were out on another date. Not the date they should have been on. That should have been a romantic date, to celebrate Cydalia’s birthday with candles, romantic food and flowers and chocolates but Carlos had had to cancel that date at the last minute for some unknown reason. He hadn’t told Cydalia what that reason was mind.
‘But why did we have to go out…when staying in is so much more fun.’ Cydalia had pouted when Carlos had insisted on going out. They were currently in a bar, sitting in a private booth, having just eaten good old double cheese burger and greasy fries covered in ketchup. Good old American food Carlos had said while ordering. Carlos had chosen the restaurant and the food.
‘I serve these all day in the café…’ Cydalia had sulked after Carlos had ordered for the both of them.
‘I know, but hey, isn’t this nice though?’ Carlos tried to get a smile out of his date.
‘Suppose…’ Cydalia gave a small shrug and smile, finally.
‘Drink up.’ Carlos told her, drinking the last of the coke they had been drinking, ‘I feel like dancing.’ No alcohol for them tonight. He wanted a clear head come the end of the evening.
‘Um….OK.’ but the bar they were in only played dance music. Music with boom, boom beats. When in reality Cydalia only liked slow dancing. The sort she could use to get really close to her dance partner.
OK. So Carlos had rhythm. He could certainly more but try as she might, Cydalia wasn’t enjoying her date today. It was like she was on a date with someone else. He looked like Carlos. Sounded like Carlos but was acting differently.
‘Sing to me Carlos?’ Cydalia suddenly asked him.
Carlos had told her of his profession just recently. That he was a singer in a band. Singing romantic songs in different languages.
He stopped dancing and blinked at Cydalia. Where had this come from?
‘Do what?’ he asked.
‘Sing to me?’ she asked, batting her eyelashes at him.
‘Um…..OK.’ he coughed. Then he started to sing. He sung. ‘Every time I look at you.’
Cydalia closed her eyes and listened. My he was a wonderful singer. He gave her goose bumps up and down her spine. She had recently downloaded his bands latest album and wanted to know if Carlos could sing as well as he could on the album in real life. He obviously so could.
‘Oh. Wow. That was marvellous…’ she swooned once he had finished and had been given a round of applause by the entire club who had stopped playing music to listen to him sing. Someone in the crowd had noticed him and had stopped the music when Cydalia had first asked him to sing.
‘Encore….encore.’ someone shouted.
‘Um…’ Carlos mumbled.
‘Go on?’ Cydalia asked, swooning at him.
So Carlos sang again. To rapturous applause. Again. It turned out to be one of the best dates Cydalia had ever been on in her life.

Next posting will be done 20th September due to the fact that this time next week I'll be in Paris.
We're going on Thursday for a long weekend. Pity I'm just going with my parents to help them celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary and not with a wonderful man. When I find one worth being with that is!

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Seb tried, unsuccessfully, to sneak back into the apartment he had been sharing with Tina. But as he opened the door he found her. Curled up into a ball, still crying.
‘Oh Tina…my darling.’ he dropped the bag he had been carrying and dropped to his knees to pull her un-protesting body into his arms.
‘I…I thought you’d left me…’ she sobbed into his shoulder.
‘Leave you? Never!’ he told herm soothing her hair.
‘But all your stuff had gone…’
‘I was arranging your surprise.’ Seb lied, thinking up an excuse on the spot.
‘Oh?’ she blinked up at him.
‘I’ve bought us a new apartment.’
‘But I like this one…’ Tina complained.
‘Our new place has a huge bedroom, plus work room for you with lots of natural light.’ he was sure, that somewhere out there was a place he had just described. He oh so hoped so. Fingers crossed.
‘You went into my work room Seb.’ Tina muttered, moving herself away from his nice warm body.
‘I…I…’ he found himself speechless for once in his life.
‘Don’t deny it.’
‘Yes. OK. I went in there.’ Seb finally spoke. ‘You know Marco. My ex.’
‘We’re cousins.’
‘You never told me.’ Seb accused, ‘that you know him.’
‘And you.’ Tina accused back, ‘Never told me he was your ex Seb. Or that the fact you were bi-sexual.’
‘OK. I know I should have done. I was going to…’
‘It’s the sort of information your lover needs to know Seb.’
‘We used protection…’ Seb muttered.
‘That doesn’t matter Seb. I still needed to know.’ Tina pointed an unsteady finger to her chest.
‘I’m sorry.’ he apologised, ‘What can I do to make it up to you?’ he asked.
‘Tell me the truth Seb.’
‘OK. I will do.’ he nodded.
Tina stared up at him. Unblinkingly.
Seb stared back.
‘I’m waiting Seb.’ she spoke.
‘I’ve nothing else to tell you.’ he replied.
‘Yes you have Sebastien.’ oh no. Seb knew he really was in trouble now. Tina was a bit like his Mother. Only using his full name when he was in deep trouble.
‘OK.’ he let out a sigh. ‘I’ll tell you everything.’
And so he did. He told her everything. From how he first discovered that he was bi-sexual to meeting Marco. Even telling her that she was his first ever time with a woman. And that he had never received a blow job from anyone until Tina had gone down on him.
‘And that’s, the lot.’ he finished with.
‘Thank you.’ she said.
‘I love you Tina.’ he then told her.
‘Can I trust you Seb?’ she asked.
‘I hope you can, now.’ he nodded.
‘OK.’ she nodded back.
‘Do you love me Tina?’ he then asked.
‘At this moment in time, I don’t really know.’ she answered truthfully.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Urs omitted a groan and turned over. He was just grateful that Laura had wanted a comfortable, practical sofa and not just a designer one that looked good but was uncomfortable to even sit on let alone do anything else on. After their argument Laura had eventually returned but she hadn’t talked to Urs or indeed wanted to be anywhere near him so he had decided to opt to sleep on the sofa, where he was currently laying now. He shivered in the darkness and pulled the blanket more securely around him. He had kept his clothes on minus his shoes. It wasn’t warm enough, to be in the living area without his clothes on. Not that he was complaining. For he wasn’t. He wouldn’t. He was just glad that Laura had come home. After that bombshell he had dropped he hadn’t been so sure she would come home. He hadn’t meant to just blurt it out like that. He had been planning on telling her. Sometime soon. Just not like that. He groaned again.
‘Oh Laura, I just hope you’ll forgive me, once you understand.’ he sighed, blinking in the darkness, feeling his cheeks a little wet for some unknown reason.
- - - - - - - - - -

Laura lay in the marital bed and sighed. She thought she knew Urs, her husband. But just how wrong could she have been? You wouldn’t honestly keep something like that from someone you were supposed to be in love with, would you? Or would you? Well, Laura knew that she would never do that. She didn’t like keeping secrets. It was like lying to everyone keeping a secret. And just when Laura had finally come to realise that she was in love with her husband too. How ironic was that? She had ended up falling in love with a liar. OK so she kept having painful periods and would probably need to see a doctor about them but that didn’t mean it was completely HER fault on why she wasn’t pregnant yet. Heck, having a baby took time. She had friends who had taken years to conceive. Didn’t mean they had problems. It just meant that it hadn’t been the right time for them to conceive. Even though Laura had been a little concerned over her particular fertility. She had recently read something about a condition called endometriosis. Painful periods. The sort that would need an operation to deal with them. Although Laura doubted she would even consider an operation. Not now. Not with how the way things stood between her and Urs. She was starting to think about divorce now rather than having an operation or indeed seeking medical attention of any kind. If only Urs had told her. If only he hadn’t had lied then things could have been oh so different. Then Laura decided. She climbed out of bed pulled on her bathrobe over her rather sensible pyjamas and walked into the living area. She needed to ask Urs a few rather important questions.
- - - - - - - - - - -

When Laura reached the living area she switched on the light, not caring if it woke Urs. She needed him awake.
‘I’m awake.’ he announced, sitting up as soon as the light was turned on.
‘I need to ask you a few questions.’ she said.
‘OK.’ he nodded.
‘Your daughter….’
‘Yes, Roberta. How old is she?’
‘And her Mother and she, are where?’
‘Were you and Roberta’s…..Mother married?’
‘Why not?’
‘I was young, when we first met.’
‘Yes, and?’
‘Jackie….Roberta’s Mother, got pregnant by accident.’
‘You thought she was on something?’ Laura asked.
‘No. She thought she couldn’t conceive.’
‘Yeah, like me.’ Laura snapped.
‘Jackie was….35 when she found out she was pregnant.’
‘How old were you?’ she demanded.
‘Just turned 20.’ he sighed.
‘Jackie was the older woman then.’ she realised.
‘Yes, my….first lover.’
‘The one who…’ Laura started to say.
‘Taught me everything I need to know about sex, yes.’ Urs nodded and sighed.
‘But you never married her.’
‘I was young. She knew I wanted a career. So she let me go.’
‘But you’re a father….’
‘I send money when I can.’
‘And Roberta’s OK with that? Not knowing her father?’
‘But she does know me.’ he said.
‘Oh…’ that surprised her.
‘We meet up, whenever we can.’
‘But she didn’t come…to the wedding.’
‘She wanted to.’
‘So, she knows about me then?’ Laura asked.
‘Of course she does.’
‘So where was she, when her Daddy got married?’
‘Graduating from school.’
‘Without her Father there?’
‘We could have…you should have postponed the wedding.’
‘What for?’ Urs blinked.
‘So you could have been there, on your daughters important day.’ Laura explained.
‘I was going to, but Roberta wouldn’t let me.’
‘Why not?’ she demanded.
‘Because Rob understands just how much I love you.’ he smiled at her.
‘But you love her too.’ Laura cried out.
‘She’s my daughter, but you’re my wife.’ he ached to hold her but knew she wouldn’t let him anywhere near her, just yet.
‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ she asked.
‘I was going to.’
‘Next month. Roberta is coming over. I was going to introduce you both.’
‘You should have told me, before we married Urs.’
‘I know I should have. But I was scared.’
‘Scared? Scared of what?’ Laura asked.
‘How you’d react, to finding out that I’m already a Father.’ Urs sighed and ran a hand through his hair, messing it up.
‘Like what?’
‘That you’d….you’d hate me….’
‘Of course I don’t hate you Urs. I love you.’ Laura finally told him.
‘You…’ he gasped, open mouthed at her.
‘I love you Urs.’ she repeated.
‘What, even though I don’t deserve your love?’ he asked.
‘You lied to me Urs. Don’t ever do that again.’
‘I promise I won’t.’
‘Just promise me one thing.’ Laura asked.
‘Anything. Anything.’
Laura sat down besides him on the sofa, ‘That you won’t lie to me again. I don’t like liars.’ she told him.
‘No. No. Of course I won’t.’ he honestly said.
‘Because if you do, then you’ll find yourself like Carlos. An ex-husband.’ she warned.
‘I won’t. I promise Laura. I love you.’ he smiled.
‘I love you Urs.’ she smiled back at him.
‘Coming in….?’ he then lifted up his blanket.
‘Nope.’ she took his hand and stood up. ‘You’re coming to bed.’
‘If you’re sure….’
‘Yes.’ she nodded.
‘Good.’ he let go of her hand, and instead swept her up into his arms and carried her to bed.
It wasn’t a solution to their baby problem, but it was certainly a start. A step in the right direction by any standards.

Paris was fantastic. A hectic weekend but wonderful. Went up the Eiffle Tower. Sailed down the Saine. Visted Notre Dame. Saw the Sacre Coeur. Had a look around Lous Vitton store. Expensive. Wanted to buy a keyring. Couldn't afford one. 200 euros for one little keyring!
That's my second visit. The first was back in 2005. Out of the two I prefered this time. I would go again tomorrow if I had a rich man to take me! Here's to hoping.....!

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Roberta, Urs’ daughter was on the phone, trying to get through to her father. She had had a massive argument with her Mother, Jackie, and was now on the way to visit Urs. An unscheduled visit. She just hoped that Urs wouldn’t go too mad when she turned up on his doorstep unannounced. But she needed to get away and was interested to meet Laura, her new step-mother. She sounded so lovely Urs had told her. Now she was planning to make up her own mind.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Marco had decided that he wanted Seb back. Stuff the fact Seb was now apparently happy in a relationship with a woman. A woman! Honestly! Marco thought. What a stupid thing. Having a relationship with a woman. It would never last he hoped. Marco thought to win Seb back all he needed to do was make him realise just how the pathetic women could be over a period of time. Marco personally hated women. They were an embarrassment to the earth. Such useless children. Because they acted like children. Marco tutted at the very thought of them. They made him sick. So no. No. He wouldn’t let Seb continue this stupid relationship. Not when there was breath in Marco’s own body.
- - - - - - - - - -

Carlos was on another date. This time with Joy. He had decided as Joy liked going for a meal or drinks as a date that he would choose something completely different. Like he had done with Cydalia. And that had turned out OK. Apart from the having to sing in the bar of course. He was used to singing in front of thousands and thousands of people in concert. But it was when singing in front of just a few people then Carlos got nervous. Nervous beyond words. But it had turned out OK. Thank god.
‘So, where are we going?’ Joy asked once Carlos had picked her up.
‘To the cinema.’ Carlos smiled.
‘You like movies?’
‘Um….sure.’ Joy nodded. But did Tom Cruise have a new movie out though she wondered? Not recently she was sure. So what sort of movie would they see?
‘What sort of….movie are we going to see?’ Joy asked.
‘A romance I think.’ Carlos smiled. Every woman loved romantic movies, didn’t they?
‘Oh….Um…..OK.’ Joy hated romance movies. Hated them. And she had seen enough with Cydalia both at the cinema and on DVD to have an opinion. She detested them. Completely and utterly. But it was her chance to spend time with Carlos so she refused to moan or complain on that principle. So, romantic movie it was despite her hatred of them.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Emily was laying on her bed, silently crying to herself. She was scared. She was just turned 16 and pregnant. Pregnant after having sex just once. Just once. But that was all it had taken. Seeing the scan had made her pregnancy all the more real. How would she cope? OK so Elle had promised to be there, by her side, whenever she needed her but Emily wasn’t so sure Elle would stick around. After all Elle was only her father, David’s girlfriend and not his wife. It might not be a permanent thing then Emily would have to learn to cope all by herself. She supposed she could have her baby adopted. That would be one option. That’s if she could ever bare to let her child, her flesh and blood go. What would be worse? Being a crap Mother and having her child with her, or letting her child go to someone else and thinking about them all the time but not being able to see her child? Then somewhere deep inside Emily she made a decision. It was probably the most important decision she would ever make in her entire life.
- - - - - - - - - - -

David had come to a decision. He knew what needed to be done and what he wanted to do. He knew how he felt about Elle. He loved her. He wanted her to be a permanent fixture in both his and Emily’s lives. His daughter being pregnant had only influenced him more in his already made decision. Emily needed a Mother. David needed a wife. And both Emily and David already loved Elle. He just now needed to ask Elle one important question. And to get her answer whatever the answer may be. Good or bad. David crossed his fingers and made a wish.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Elle was starting to wonder where she stood when it came to her relationship with David. OK he had mentioned, in an off handed sort of way about their knowledge to each other being permanent. But he hadn’t said anything about it since then. Since the discovery that Emily was pregnant. Elle loved Emily already. She had liked her since the very first and wanted to be there to help with her child. To be a semi grand parent. But she also wanted to be with David too. She wanted marriage or nothing. Not that Elle would make that ultimatum to David. She would never use blackmail. She wanted David to love her for her or not at all.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Joy was bored. The romantic movie was so silly she thought. As if the leading lady would be stupid enough not to notice that the man of her dreams and the nerd who was her friend was the same man! Like having a slightly different hairstyle completely changed someone’s appearance. NOT! It was like Superman and Clark Kent all over again. Joy noticed it was the same man. Why couldn’t the leading lady notice it too? Or was she really that blind? Obviously so. Or the writer who had written this movie was rather stupid. Joy certainly was not. Still it was nice to be with Carlos. Even if he did seem to be enjoying this dumb movie.
‘Well, that was a good movie.’ Carlos exclaimed after he and Joy had exited the cinema building.
‘Yeah…’ Joy muttered.
‘Or rather lame.’ he then said.
‘I’d say lame.’ she replied.
‘You didn’t like the movie.’ he then, finally, realised.
‘Nope, I did not.’ she agreed.
‘Not your…’ he thought for the expression, ‘Cup of coffee.’
‘Tea.’ Joy corrected, ‘And no, it wasn’t.’
‘Oops. Sorry.’ he apologised.
‘No, that’s OK.’ Joy smiled at him. ‘It was just nice to be with you.’
‘And you.’ Carlos agreed, returning the smile.
‘So, where now?’ she then asked. Thinking home. Bed. Together.
‘I’ve….got an early start in the morning.’ he told her.
‘So, see you soon, yes?’
‘Um….OK. I’d like that.’ Joy nodded.
Ever the gentleman Carlos walked Joy home. Then left her on the doorstep without even a goodnight kiss. Joy wondered what she had done wrong.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Laura was secretly having some tests. She needed to know why she kept having painful periods every time. If there was a problem it needed to be sorted. And fast.
‘Right…’ the doctor, Dr Fletcher coughed once the tests were all completed and Laura was sitting in the doctors private office, nervously twisting her engagement and wedding rings around her finger.
‘Well.’ Dr Fletcher said, ‘Your tests show…that you’ll need a slight operation.’
Laura swallowed, ‘I’m….sick?’ she asked.
‘You have a condition known as endometriosis.’ Dr Fletcher told her.
‘Sounds….serious.’ Laura sighed.
‘What it means is that one of your ovaries is blocked. A simple operation will clear it.’
‘Will it take long?’ Laura asked, feeling rather sick.
‘Half an hour. I can book you in today for it.’ Dr Fletcher looked through the diary on the desk in front of him.
‘Today….?’ Laura gasped in surprise.
‘I’m assuming as you’re married, you want to start a family?’ the doctor asked.
‘Yes.’ Laura nodded.
‘Then as soon as we’ve sorted out your little problem the sooner you can start baby making.’ Dr Fletcher winked in a fatherly way. He was in his early 60’s, a thick white moustache, looking a little like Dick Van Dyke type under his nose and did remind Laura of her grandfather. He seemed rather kind and caring. She trusted him.
‘OK.’ she finally nodded again, ‘Today.’ she agreed.
‘You’ll need a bathrobe and nightwear.’ Dr Fletcher told her, making a note in his diary.
‘I’ll go home and get them now.’ Laura decided.
‘OK. Well, I’ll see you in just over an hour.’ Dr Fletcher smiled as Laura stood up and with nervous legs walked out of his office.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Roberta had reached Urs and Laura’s new home now.
She stood outside, backpack on her shoulder wondering where her father or new step-mother was. She rang the door one final time and in getting no answer again started walking away. As she turned she accidentally bumped into someone.

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‘Oops. Sorry.’ Roberta apologised.
‘No, that’s OK. It was probably my fault anyway.’ Laura shrugged, ‘I wasn’t looking to see where I was going.’
‘Are you OK?’ Roberta sensed something was wrong.
‘Yeah. Sure.’ Laura pulled a hand through her hair.
‘You can tell me. I’m practicing on being a doctor.’ Roberta smiled.
‘I’m on my way, to have an operation.’ Laura found herself telling this stranger while holding in her hand a small suitcase. She had already been in the apartment packing and hadn’t heard the bell ringing.
‘What sort of…?’ Roberta asked.
So Laura told her.
‘I’m sure you’ll be OK.’ Roberta tried to comfort her.
‘I hope so. I really want to have children.’ Laura sighed.
‘And your husband….?’
‘He’s the one who first mentioned having children.’ Laura told her.
‘Clucky man.’ Roberta smiled. Then she got an idea. ‘Hey, do you want me to come with you?’ she asked Laura.
‘Why would you want to do that? You don’t even know me.’ she pointed out.
‘No, that’s true. But I like you.’ Roberta smiled.
‘And I, like you.’ Laura returned the smile.
‘Then….?’ Roberta asked.
‘OK. Thanks.’ Laura nodded, ‘I’m Laura.’ she introduced herself.
Laura? Wasn’t that her father, Urs’ wife’s name?
‘I’m….Rowi.’ Roberta called herself by her nickname.
‘Pleased to meet you Rowi.’ Laura shook her hand, ‘And thank you, for this.’
‘Pleased to meet you too Laura, and no problem.’ Rowi/Roberta returned the handshake.
So. This was Laura. Well, she seemed really nice Roberta thought. Just the type her Dad, Urs deserved to be with. But she wondered where her father was. Shouldn’t he be here? With his wife? Looking after her? Roberta decided. That once Laura was settled into her hospital bed that she would try calling her father again. She wouldn’t tell him where Laura was, for that wasn’t up to her, but she would ask him as casually as she could where the hell he was.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

‘SO, how did the dates go?’ Carlos enquired once Jose came back from the date with Joy.
‘The Cydalia one was hell.’ Jose sighed. ‘But luckily.’ he smiled, ‘Your singing coach is excellent at their job.’
‘And.’ Carlos added, ‘You’re a quick learner.’ he smiled.
‘Yeah, there is that.’ Jose agreed.
Jose had been staying with Carlos for a few days now. And impersonating him twice. He had gone on a date with Cydalia then just now with Joy. It had been Carlos’ idea as he couldn’t decide who he wanted to be with more. So he had chosen to let his cousin, Jose, date both ladies and whoever he developed chemistry with he would end up with. Carlos would have the other lovely lady. It was only fair as Jose was being kind enough to help Carlos out of the tight spot he had somehow managed to have gotten himself into. It wasn’t ideal. But Carlos didn’t want to break either Cydalia or Joy’s hearts. It wouldn’t be fair on either of them. Considering he was the one who had chosen to date the tow ladies at the same time without coming clean to the both of them what was going on.
‘But your Joy is a lovely date.’ Jose smiled, ‘Even though she HATES romantic movies.’ he informed his cousin.
‘Strange.’ Carlos said, ‘I thought every lady loved a good romantic movie.’
‘Not Joy. Neither the burger after you suggested.’
‘Hmmm….’ Carlos nodded.
‘I’m starting to think, that you are trying to sabotage my dates with your gorgeous sisters.’ Jose narrowed his eyes.
‘Me? Would I do that?’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows.
‘OK. You know me well.’ Carlos smiled.
‘So, when’s the next date with Cydalia?’ Jose asked.
‘You need another date….?’ his cousin asked.
‘Sexual chemistry takes time.’ Jose told him, ‘Especially when you told me I wasn’t allowed to touch any of them….’ he pouted.
‘OK. I’ll sort something out.’ Carlos nodded.
‘Touching?’ Jose asked.
‘Holding hands. A kiss on the cheek.’ he was told. ‘Nothing else.’
‘OK.’ Jose nodded in agreement.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Elle was with Emily on a shopping trip. Looking around baby items. Clothes. Equipment. All the stuff Emily would soon need for her baby. But Emily wasn’t acting her usual self Elle noticed.
‘Honey, what’s wrong?’ she asked as they walked around the cot section of the specialist baby shop.
‘I….’ Emily tried, ‘I….I don’t know if I want this baby.’ she finally sighed, saying the words out loud.
‘Oh. OK.’ Elle nodded and waited.
‘I mean, I’m….young. I don’t know if I’ll be able to cope.’ Emily tried to explain.
‘Well, I guess no one ever knows if they’ll be able to cope. Until it happens to them.’ Elle said.
‘But I’m a single girl…’
‘Who has a father who loves you no matter what.’ Elle reminded her.
‘Yeah, a single father.’ Emily sighed.
‘You’ve got me too.’ Elle stroked her hair away from her forehead.
‘But you’re not….permanent.’ Emily looked her directly in the eyes, ‘And I so wish you were.’ she sighed again.
‘So do I.’ Elle then admitted.
‘You do?’ Emily asked, starting to brighten up a little.
‘I do.’ Elle nodded.
‘Oh Elle. I do love you.’ Emily threw her arms around Elle and hugged her.
Elle hugged back. ‘I love you Emily.’ she kissed the top of her head.
‘Ow…’ Emily then exclaimed, pulling away slightly.
‘Honey, what is it?’ Elle asked, concern showing on her face and in her voice.
‘I think she just kicked.’ Emily sounded in awe.
‘Really? Can I feel?’ Elle asked.
‘Sure.’ Emily smiled, and placed her hand on her tummy. ‘This really is real, isn’t it?’ she then realised.
‘It really is.’ Elle nodded in agreement.
‘And if I can’t cope?’ Emily then asked.
‘You’ve got options. Lots of options.’ she was told.
‘Like what?’ Emily asked.
‘Well, I can always be your nanny. Or, there’s adoption.’ Elle sighed.
‘No.’ Emily shook her head, ‘I’ve thought about adoption. I couldn’t do that.’
‘Then we’ll learn to cope, together. Whatever happens.’ Elle told her.
‘I’ve….kind of already thought of names.’ Emily then let it slip.
‘OK.’ Elle nodded.
‘Keisha. Leona. Alexandra…’
‘Why do they sound so familiar?’ Elle interrupted laughing slightly.
‘My favourite musical stars.’ Emily smiled.
‘Oh yes.’ Elle nodded, ‘Keisha from Sugababes, right?’
Emily nodded.
‘Leona….Lewis?’ Elle then asked.
‘Yep.’ Emily nodded.
‘And….Alexandra Burke?’ she then enquired.
‘Got it.’
‘Nice names.’
‘I know. But then I was thinking…’ Emily started to say then stopped.
‘Sarah, right?’ Elle asked, ‘After your Mum?’
‘Yes.’ Emily nodded, ‘But I’m kind of scared Dad won’t like it.’ she sighed.
‘Oh honey. He’ll love it. His first grand-daughter named after her grand-ma. That’s a lovely idea.’
‘And you don’t mind?’ Emily then carefully asked Elle.
‘Of course I don’t honey. Your Mum was a wonderful lady.’ Elle smiled.
‘But how can you say that? You never met Mum.’ Emily pointed out.
‘I know I didn’t. But she loved your Dad and made you so she must have been wonderful.’
‘Thank you Elle.’ Emily hugged her again.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Cydalia and Joy were finally comparing dates. Not the men they were supposedly dating but just the actual dates they had been on.
‘Hey, same with me.’ Cydalia realised after Joy had explained her first wonderful date then second not so wonderful date.
‘Weird hey?’ Joy asked.
‘Exactly. Perfect gentleman on date one. Date two rather…’
‘Naff.’ Joy supplied the word.
‘Yep. Naff.’ Cydalia nodded.
‘Wonder why that was….’ Joy wondered out loud.
‘Hmm.’ Cydalia agreed, ‘I know what I’m going to do.’
‘Oh, what’s that?’ her sister asked.
‘I’m going to ask him, next time we go out on a date.’ Cydalia decided.
‘Good idea.’ Joy nodded, ‘Think I’ll do the same.’
‘Good luck sis.’ Cydalia hugged her.
‘Good luck to you too little sis.’ Joy hugged her back.
None of them still not knowing that they were dating the very same man. Carlos Marin. Gentleman or not. He was double dating sisters without their knowledge. Naught, naught man Carlos. Tut. Tut!

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‘What are you doing here?’ Seb exclaimed, staring dumb struck at his ex-lover Marco. Just a moment ago Seb had been happy. Had been. Until he had opened the door. Moments before he had been in love. Laughing and joking with Tina. She had been laying in bed, moaning about being hungry and Seb had offered to do her favourite hard boiled eggs on toast covered in ketchup. He had been in the process of making the food when the doorbell had rung.
He had answered the door, covered in just a bathrobe, hairy naked body and legs underneath, thinking it was a parcel or something. The last thing or person he had expected to see was his ex-lover.
‘What a lovely greeting.’ Marco purred, running a hand through his short spiky hair. He was quite a sight to see. Short spiky hair, blonde with mega bad dark roots showing through. His left ear was completely pierced from top to bottom. His right ear held just one piercing. A large earring sat in it. He had tattoos all over his body. Including a new one Seb noticed which scarily read, ‘Marco hearts Seb.’
‘You’ve a new tattoo…’ Seb nervously swallowed.
‘Yep, in honour of you.’ Marco winked.
‘But I don’t…and neither do you.’ Seb tried.
‘What Seb?’ Marco innocently asked.
‘I don’t love you anymore. And you don’t love me.’ Seb said.
‘Oh, but I do Seb. I do.’ Marco purred and reached out a hand. Seb immediately moved backwards out of the way. He shivered. Just the idea of Marco touching him again made him feel violently sick. He swallowed the bile he felt in his throat.
‘What do you want Marco?’ he snapped at his ex.
‘You Seb. Just you.’
‘Oh no. No.’ Seb shook his head rather violently.
‘Oh yes Sebbie…’ Marco purred.
‘What’s taking to long with my food Seb? I’m hungry!!’ Tina appeared behind Seb dressed in a matching bathrobe to the one Seb was wearing. ‘What are you doing here Marco?’ she asked on seeing her cousin.
‘Claiming my darling Sebbie back.’ Marco replied.
‘Oh yes?’ Tina raised her eyebrow.
‘Oh yes.’ Marco nodded.
‘And what if ‘’Sebbie’’ doesn’t want to be claimed back?’ Tina sarcastically asked, using quotation marks around the name ‘’Sebbie.’’
‘Oh, but he does.’ Marco sounded so sure.
‘Oh no I don’t.’ said Seb.
‘Sebbie….’ Marco tried.
‘Don’t ‘’Sebbie’’ me!’ Seb finally snapped.
‘But I want you back…’ Marco smiled sweetly at him.
‘I don’t want you though.’ Seb pointed out.
‘You love me…’ Marco then tried.
‘You killed that love Marco when I walked in and found you, sucking another man’s dick!’ snapped Seb again.
‘It was just a fling….a meaningless fling…’ Marco sighed.
‘Yeah? What happened Marco? Did the cash run out?’ Seb knew his ex lover so well. Too well.
Marco paled in colour. ‘I….I…’ he stuttered, words failing him.
‘Get out Marco. Go and find some other poor sucker.’ Seb demanded.
Marco let out a sob.
‘Tear’s aren’t going to work on me.’ Seb told him.
‘Or me.’ Tina agreed when Marco looked at her.
‘You’ll miss me, once I’m gone.’ Marco sobbed.
‘No I won’t.’ Seb shook his head.
‘Don’t come running back to me when it all goes wrong then!’ Marco now huffed.
‘I haven’t done before so I won’t now.’ Seb replied to that threat.
‘When you decide men are better then women I’ll be waiting for you Sebbie.’ Marco spoke one final time.
‘Then it’ll be an extremely long wait!’ Seb shouted after his ex-lovers departing back. Finally. Thank god.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Elle was being sick. She had been with Emily at the baby store looking for stuff Emily would need for her baby when the nausea had hit her. She had covered her mouth and rushed to the toilets. Luckily Elle and Emily had been in the store’s coffee shop at the time, taking a breather. Emily had been making a list when Elle had rushed off.
It was a long list which included a cot, pushchair, car seat, steriliser, bottle, blankets, baby clothes. There was a lot needed. Luckily Emily had her credit card from her Dad who had upped the limit so Emily could afford everything she was needing without having to worry about money too.
Emily hoped Elle was OK. She seemed to be taking so long.
Just as Emily had decided to go and look for her friend, to check to see if she was OK, the woman in question appeared.
‘Are you OK Elle?’ Emily asked, her voice full of concern for her friend and longed for Step-mother. If only her Dad would get his bum in gear and propose she thought.
‘I…I was sick.’ Elle sat down, clutching at something in her hand.
‘Do you want to go home?’ Emily asked her.
‘Um. Sure. In a while.’ Elle nodded, ‘I….I did a test.’ she whispered.
‘Oh!’ Emily covered her mouth in an excited manner.
‘I’m….pregnant.’ Elle spoke as if in shock.
‘Oh Elle! I’m so pleased for you!’ Emily hugged her in a happy surprise.
‘I’m scared now.’ Elle sighed and confessed.
‘Why? Dad will be so happy!’ Emily giggled.
‘Are you sure?’ Elle asked.
‘Of course he will. He loves children. He is going to be a Grand-Daddy soon!’ Emily laughed so full of confidence.
‘But there’s a difference, between becoming a grand-father and a father.’ Elle sighed.
‘I don’t see how. He’s been a father before. That’s easy. Now, me making him a grand-daddy at his age!’ Emily smiled in a reassuring manner.
‘True. True.’ Elle nodded, ‘Hang on…’ she remembered something then, ‘You were a twin, weren’t you?’
‘Yes.’ Emily sighed. ‘Amber and I.’ she nodded, missing the sister who had died of leukaemia and of who she never really got to know.
‘I could have twins too…’ Elle said.
‘So, could I.’ Emily patted her small pregnancy bump. Which, at five months, was just beginning to show on her skinny figure.
‘True.’ Elle nodded in realisation.
‘Anyway, you’ve got me to help. Like I’ve got you.’ Emily told her.
‘Thank you sweetie.’ Elle hugged her, relaxing.
‘You and me, we’re in this together.’ Emily gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.
‘I just need to tell you Dad now.’
‘The easy part. I’ll be there. If you need me. Like you were there for me.’ Emily smiled.
Elle returned the smile, hoping it would be as easy a Emily was making this all out to be. It sounded so easy. In theory. But in practice? That, was another matter all together.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Roberta was such a nice girl Laura thought. Or rather Rowi as she had introduced herself. Currently Laura was laying on a hospital operation bed, legs apart, dressed in a hospital gown with Rowi at her side, holding her hand as the doctor prodded and probed inside Laura using various odd and painful looking instruments. It was very uncomfortable, but, if it gave Laura the answers she needed as to why she hadn’t conceived Urs’ baby yet then it would be worth it. Wouldn’t it?
‘Does it hurt sweetie?’ Rowi asked as Laura winced in pain and squeezed a little tighter onto her new friends hand.
‘Just a little.’ Laura admitted.
‘Then why do it?’ Rowi asked.
‘Because I love my husband.’ Laura explained, ‘And I want a baby.’ she added after a short pause.
‘Yes, but there are other ways, to have children.’ Rowi pointed out.
‘Adoption isn’t the same.’ Laura sighed naming one of the options letting out a small moan of surprise as the doctor probed a little deeper.
‘I know, but honey this is hurting you.’ Rowi now sighed. It wasn’t nice seeing her new step-mother in pain. Not nice at all. It was awful. And she so wished there was something she could do to help. But she didn’t know what.
‘It’ll all be worth it, in the end.’ Laura smiled as the doctor finished her probing at long last.
Rowi just hoped she was right. OK Rowi loved her Dad. But was he really wroth all this pain? What had he done to make Laura go through all this by herself? Rowi knew that she would never have the courage to go through all this alone. Laura really was rather brave. Rowi certainly liked her new step-mother now. She had guts. Balls. She was so, so brave. If only Rowi could now tell Laura just who she was.

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Emily had come to a decision. She had decided to tell the father of her forthcoming baby about the pregnancy. Not so that he could take part in the child’s upbringing but because he had the right to know at least he was to be a father soon. She found him, Antonio, through her uncle Seb, who for some unknown reason had his mobile phone number. Something not even Emily herself had and she had slept with him! She rang him and arranged to meet up with him at a nearby café, the same one in which Cydalia worked at. Cydalia was the waitress on duty that afternoon.
Emily had dressed in a baggy jumper and dungarees to hide her bump. Not that she was ashamed of her condition now for she certainly wasn’t. But she planned on telling Antonio about the baby in her own way on her own terms. Meeting him in the daylight he seemed different. Older somehow. Plus he had a face full of spots, a pointy nose and weedy looking grey eyes and blonde hair. Emily shivered. She didn’t even like blonde haired guys! What had she been thinking to sleep with his guy? In the bright lights of the café he seemed rather creepy.
‘Amelia. There you are!’ he greeted her with.
‘Its Emily actually.’ she corrected.
‘Yeah. Yeah. Emily. I remember.’ he smiled rather creepily at her.
‘How are you?’ she asked, feeling rather queasy at the very sight of him.
‘Fine. Fine.’ he nodded, winking at the waitress who was passing by their table at the time.
Cydalia, the waitress, ignored him. Who was this little creep she wondered with that sweet girl? Surely the girl deserved much more than him, better. She shivered and concentrated on making the coffee the little creep had ordered from her.
‘Haven’t seen you since the wedding.’ Emily said.
‘Yeah, well, been busy.’ he shrugged.
‘How have you been?’ she asked.
‘OK…..Look, what is this about?’ he abruptly asked. ‘How did you get my number anyhow?’ he then demanded.
‘An uncle of mine….Seb…’ Emily murmured.
‘He shouldn’t have given you it!’ Antonio barked.
‘Oh….sorry.’ she apologised.
‘What do you want anyway?’ he barked again.
‘Just because we had sex, don’t mean you owe me or anything.’ he rudely told her.
‘You girls are all the same. You de-flower one and they get all clingy.’ he snapped.
‘You’ve done this before….’ Emily suddenly realised.
‘I make it my job to do it.’ he leered.
Emily let out a sob.
‘Excuse me, I think its time you went.’ Cydalia appeared at their table. She glared at Antonio like he was something she had just had the misfortunate experience of stepping in.
‘Eh? What?’ Antonio looked up at her.
‘I said, I think you should leave.’ Cydalia told him.
‘Why?’ he demanded.
‘Because you’re upsetting this lady.’ Cydalia gestured to the in tears Emily.
‘And if I don’t go, what ya going to do about it?’ Antonio sneered.
Cydalia picked up his hot coffee and held it over his head.
‘Throw this on you.’ she warned.
‘Do that, and I’ll have you sacked!’ Antonio laughed in a threatening manner.
‘Not for saving a young ladies life she won’t.’ suddenly Carlos was there, at her side.
Antonio stood up and moved towards Carlos.
‘Yes shorty?’ Carlos asked.
Carlos might have been short in size, just under 5ft 10, but Antonio was even smaller. He looked a wimp standing next to Carlos.
‘Fine. I’m gone.’ and with that, Antonio stormed out the café. Once he had gone, Cydalia sat down next to Emily, handed her a tissue and pulled her into her arms for a comforting hug.
‘Thanks Carlos, for your help.’ Cydalia told him.
‘Yes, thank you uncle Carlos.’ Emily smiled through tearful eyes at him.
‘Uncle Carlos eh?’ Cydalia asked.
‘My friend, David, this is his daughter Emily.’ Carlos supplied.
‘Oh. OK.’ Cydalia nodded, ‘You OK now honey?’ she then asked Emily.
‘Sure.’ Emily sniffed.
‘Boyfriend?’ Cydalia asked her about Antonio.
‘A regrettable one night stand.’ Emily sighed.
‘But you’re only 14...’ said Carlos.
‘16.’ Emily corrected.
‘Does your father know?’ Carlos then asked her.
‘That I’m no longer a….? Oh yes.’ Emily stood up, revealing her neat pregnancy bump.
‘Oh Emi.’ Carlos sighed.
‘Sweetie.’ Cydalia hugged her again.
‘Its OK uncle Carlos. Dad knows I’m pregnant.’ Emily told him.
‘OK.’ Carlos nodded.
‘He’s pretty cool, for a Dad.’ Emily smiled.
‘He sure is.’ Cydalia agreed. Thinking of her own Father and how he wouldn’t have been able to cope no matter how old she was.
Carlos pulled a face. He doubted he’d be as cool. In fact he already knew he’d be a nervous wreck, having a pregnant teenage daughter. And Emily was such a sweet girl too. It was amazing how one mistake with a creep like her ex-boyfriend could do. Turn her into a teenage Mother. But Carlos knew Emily and knew she would be able to cope. After all she had managed to cope with losing her twin sister and Mum at such a young age. So having a baby would be a breeze for Emily.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Urs rushed into the hospital. He had received a phone call from his daughter, Roberta, informing him of his wife’s whereabouts. He was scared. Why hadn’t Laura told him this herself? When Roberta had called him he had asked, ‘I thought you were still in Holland, with your Mother….’
‘I was, but since I graduated I felt like coming over to see you and Laura.’ she had replied.
‘You should have called me…’ Urs had said.
‘I did Dad. Twice. And I text…’ she had answered.
‘Oh. My phone has been playing up.’ he had replied.
‘Anyway, Laura is in hospital.’
‘You met her….’
‘Yeah, but she doesn’t know I’m me. I introduced myself as Rowi…’ Roberta explained.
‘I’ll be right there.’ Urs had replied once he knew where his wife was.
Now he was here at the hospital. In Laura’s private room, holding her hand while watching her sleep. Roberta had greeted him with a hug and a slap to his face, ‘For being such a crap husband.’ she had explained the reason behind the slap.
‘Laura didn’t tell me…’ he had tried defending himself.
‘Yeah, like you forgot to tell her about me until it was too late Dad.’ Roberta had tutted.
‘I know, and I should have..’ Urs had sighed. Roberta had hugged her father then. Just at the right time for Laura to open her eyes and see them embracing.
- - - - - - - - - - -

‘Marry me Tina.’ Seb was practicing while looking into a mirror. God, he was nervous. He had never asked anyone to marry him before. He had never thought he would either. But now he had met Tina and it felt so right. He only hoped he was doing the right thing. He wanted to prove his love to her. To prove that she was all he wanted now. At least she hadn’t shouted at him when Marco had turned up on their doorstep unexpectedly like that. She had been calm. Collected. Strange really considering if it had been the other way around Seb would have been upset. Crying even. But to get no response worth taking about, now that was scary. Silence was more frightening then noise. Seb could have coped with noise. So proposal it was he had decided, crossing his fingers and hoping for the best.

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Emily was sitting on the sofa, dressed in her pyjamas, her purple bathrobe and matching fluffy slippers, curled up, tissues one side, a bowl of something on her knee, watching her favourite TV programme, Harper’s Island when David found her later that night.
‘What are you watching?’ David asked his daughter.
‘Harpers Island.’ she replied as a character was murdered on screen in a grisly way.
‘Brutal.’ David remarked, shuddering at the murder.
‘It’s a murder mystery.’ Emily spoke, mouth full of food.
‘What is that you’re eating?’ David then asked her.
‘Chocolate ice cream, marmite, gherkins, spray cream and M&M’s.’ Emily smiled.
‘Err….strange taste.’ her father commented.
‘Cravings.’ he was told by way of explanation.
‘I saw Carlos earlier.’ he said.
‘I guess he told you, about Antonio.’ Emily sighed.
‘Who?’ David blinked.
‘My baby’s father.’ Emily touched her bump protectively.
‘Oh. That’s who he was, making you cry.’
‘I was going to tell him….about this one.’ Emily rubbed her bump.
‘Until he turned out to be a little shit eh?’ David smiled.
‘Dad!’ Emily exclaimed at the language. Her father never swore. Ever. It felt weird hearing him do it.
‘I am allowed. You’re my daughter. I love you. I want to protect you.’ David told her, giving her a quick hug.
‘Anyway, what about you then Dad?’ Emily then asked her father.
‘Oh yes. I knew there was something I wanted to ask you.’ he sounded so serious.
‘Go on?’ Emily blinked.
‘If I married again, would you approve?’ he nervously asked.
‘Only, if you married Elle.’ Emily smiled.
‘So you wouldn’t mind?’
‘Dad you love Elle. She loves you. Of course I don’t mind. In fact I’d mind more if you didn’t marry her.’ Emily hugged her Dad.
‘Phew!’ he breathed out a sigh of relief. ‘Here, look at this.’ he then showed his daughter the engagement ring he had bought for Elle.
‘WOW! It’s wonderful.’ Emily gazed at it.
‘Do you think Elle will like it?’ David nervously asked.
‘Nope.’ Emily shook her head, ‘I think she will love it.’ she beamed with happiness and hugged her father again.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

‘Urs, what are you doing here?’ Laura asked looking at her husband.
He immediately let go of his daughter, ‘Laura, you’re awake.’ he happily exclaimed.
‘So I am.’ she nodded.
‘I….I can explain this.’ he gestured to Robert who he had just been caught hugging.
‘You don’t have to.’ Laura replied, ‘I know.’
‘I’m not having an affair. Please believe me.’ Urs looked so worried.
‘Urs, I know this is your daughter.’ Laura surprised him by saying.
‘You do…?’ he blinked in surprise.
‘You look just like your Dad.’ Laura told Roberta. Because she did. The same nose. Same striking eyes although Urs’ were hazel when Roberta’s were blue.
‘My name is Roberta. Not Rowi. Although Rowi is a nickname of mine.’ Roberta/Rowi explained. ‘Sorry for….lying to you.’ she then apologised to Laura.
‘That’s OK. I do kind of understand.’ Laura smiled, ‘I guess you called….Urs.’ she nodded in the direction of her father.
‘Yes, sorry.’ Roberta apologised again.
‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ Urs then asked his wife.
‘For the same reason you forgot Roberta.’ Laura sarcastically replied.
‘I didn’t mean to forget Roberta…’ Urs tried.
‘Just choose to blurt it out when we were in the middle of an argument.’ Laura snapped.
‘I thought we’d sorted this all out.’ sighed Urs.
‘Well, obviously we haven’t.’ Laura replied.
‘Please don’t argue.’ Roberta asked them, after having enough of them arguing.
‘Sorry.’ Laura apologised to her.
‘Yes, sorry.’ Urs agreed.
‘Just don’t keep keeping secrets. It isn’t good. Not for a happy marriage.’ Roberta said, playing marriage counsellor to her father and new step mother.
She was right. Keeping secrets wasn’t good nor healthy.
It didn’t bode well for a happy marriage at all. And as Roberta liked Laura she wanted to keep her as her new step mother. Not that she didn’t love her own Mother Jackie because she did. But she also loved her father and Urs loved Laura. It made him happy being with Laura and that was all Roberta wanted. For both her parents to be happy.
‘Who else has been keeping secrets Rowi?’ Urs asked his daughter.
‘Mum.’ she sighed.
‘What’s wrong with Jackie?’ he asked, naming Roberta’s Mother by name.
‘She’s getting married again.’ Roberta said, ‘But waited until the engagement party to tell me.’
‘Your Mother properly thought you’d be upset.’ Laura spoke.
‘But that’s it. I’m not. I like Nico, her fiancé. I just want her to be happy. Like I want you and my father to be happy.’ Roberta smiled at Laura.
‘We will be.’ Laura reassured her.
‘Yes, we will be.’ Urs agreed, holding both Laura and Roberta’s hands. Uniting them as a family they were now.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

‘No Seb I’m sorry. But I can’t.’ Tina sighed with sadness.
‘But Tina….I love you.’ he tried.
‘You once loved Marco.’ she wisely pointed out.
‘I never wanted to marry Marco.’ he replied.
‘Only because legally you couldn’t have done until recently.’ Tina said while wiping her tears away.
Seb’s marriage proposal hadn’t gone down well at all. He had finally plucked up the courage to ask Tina after a romantic dinner only for her to burst into tears and turn him down. It hadn’t been the answer he had been expecting.
‘I never wanted forever with him.’ Seb shuddered at the very thought of Marco. His ex lover. Or as he had really taken to thinking of him as his biggest mistake in love, ever.
‘Oh no? that’s not how Marco saw it.’ Tina sighed.
‘Marco only wanted me for one thing.’ Seb told her, ‘My money.’
‘He loves you…’ Tina tried.
‘No.’ Seb shook his head, ‘Marco doesn’t love me. He loves my money, nothing else.’
‘But he seemed so upset….’ mumbled Tina.
‘Yeah, at the thought of losing the bank of Sebastien Izambard.’
‘You still love him thought…’ Tina then said, looking him directly in the eyes.
‘I never loved Marco.’ said Seb, surprising her.
‘Eh…..?’ Tina blinked, ‘But you were so upset….when you split…’
‘I’ll tell you a secret.’ Seb took her hands in his, ‘I was more upset over the fact I’d never…..’ he swallowed, ‘Had a blowjob from anyone then at losing him and his cheating ways.’
‘Really?’ asked an amazed Tina.
‘I love you Tina.’ he then told her.
‘Oh Seb…I love you too.’
‘Then marry me?’
‘But what about your…sexuality?’
‘I had a stupid sexual experience with a guy before realising that I’m in love with a beautiful woman.’ Seb gazed lovingly into Tina’s eyes.
‘But you might cheat on me….dump me for a man.’ she sighed.
‘Then I’ll write a pre-nup. If that ever happens you’ll have all my money and be able to sell your story to the press.’ Seb told her.
‘But that would ruin you…’ Tina realised.
‘I love you Tina with all my heart and soul. I will never cheat on you. I swear on my life.’ he said, sounding serious.
‘Can I trust you Seb?’ she asked.
‘You can trust me Tina.’ he nodded.
‘I’ll….I’ll think about it then.’
‘OK. Thanks.’
‘I still might say no again thought.’ she warned.
‘At least I will have learnt that you had at least considered it before doing so.’ Seb thanked her.
‘Might take a while.’ Tina warned again.
‘Take all the time in the world you need.’

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Cravings.............the joys of pregnancy Laughing

Glad to see things are working out for Urs and Laura Very Happy

Shocked Shocked I must be out of my mind...................I want to think about marrying Séb? What the hell is wrong with me Laughing

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Carlos and Joy were on a date when she accidentally dropped a huge bombshell on him.
‘My sister, Cydalia, is such a lovely sister.’ she said.
Cydalia? No. It couldn’t be. No. It wasn’t the same Cydalia. Just the same name. Although, saying that, it was a very unusual name come to think of it. So, it could be possible that Joy’s Cydalia was also Carlos’ Cydalia.
He took a deep breath and decided to investigate more.
‘Interesting name.’ he said.
‘Her father was Spanish.’
That was the give away. It was the same Cydalia. Not only was Carlos accidentally dating two women. But sisters too. OK, half sisters. But still sisters nonetheless. Oops! Sisters who lived together. Sisters who liked each other. Who got on. Double bugger. How on earth was he going to get out of this one? OK he had Jose to help. But boy he was he going to kill himself laughing when he found out. Dating sisters.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Elle was in a state of shook. She had finally plucked up the courage to tell David that not only was he going to become a grandfather soon but also a father too. For she was pregnant with his child. The time had come only for David to come out with something she hadn’t expected him to say, or rather should that be ask. He had gotten down on one knee, and had asked, while holding her hand,
‘Will you marry me Elle?’
She had gazed at him open mouthed.
‘I love you Elle.’ he had then told her.
‘I….I love you too David.’ Elle had finally managed to say.
‘Marry me Elle?’ he then had repeated.
‘I’m pregnant David.’ Elle then dropped her bombshell.
‘Oh wow.’ he gasped happily, ‘Marry me?’ he asked again without missing a heartbeat.
‘You still want to….? Even thought I’m….?’ she mumbled.
‘I love you Elle. I want to be with you. You having my child only makes it all the more wonderful.’ he truthfully told her.
‘But Emily…’ Elle then mentioned his daughter.
‘Loves you as much as she loves me. I think she roughly told me if I don’t marry you she’ll disown me!’ he smiled.
‘Then yes, I’ll marry you David. I love you.’ she smiled back.
‘Yippee!’ Emily announced from where she had been hiding.
‘Emi, come here.’ David told his daughter.
Emily rushed to Elle’s side. She threw her arms around her soon-to-be step Mother’s tummy and hugged the life almost out of her. ‘I love you Elle.’ she told her.
‘I love you too Emi.’ Elle smiled, hugging back.
‘What about me eh?’ David asked his daughter.
‘Depends on the ring you bought Elle.’ Emily happily warned.
David got to his feet and bought out a small jewellery box from his trouser pocket. He opened the box and made both Elle and Emily gasp.
‘Oh….wow.’ Emily smiled.
‘Its beautiful.’ Elle gazed. A thin platinum bland filled with white diamonds. It was, Elle thought, the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. It was perfect.
David slipped it onto her finger. It fitted. Perfectly.
Then he carefully pulled his new fiancée into his arms and kissed her. Emily hugged them both.
‘Welcome to the family.’ she told Elle, giving her an extra hug.
- - - - - - - - - - -

‘Laura really loves you Dad. Considering she put herself through such a painful operation for you.’ Roberta said to Urs as they sat in the hospital café and talked over coffees while Laura was in her hospital bed, finally sleeping.
‘I never asked her to.’ Urs said.
‘Oh, but you did Dad. In a round about way.’ Roberta pointed out.
‘Laura wants children too.’ Urs sighed, defending himself.
‘She also needs your support and reassurance of love.’
‘She has that. All of it.’
‘Then prove it to her Dad.’ Roberta asked.
‘How?’ Urs asked his daughter.
‘By never telling or keeping another secret from her.’
‘I….I didn’t mean to keep you a secret…’ Urs tried.
‘Yeah, just blurted out at the wrong time.’ Roberta shook her head.
‘We’ve been through all this Rowi.’ Urs pointed out.
‘Yes I know, and we’ll probably go through it all over again sometime.’
‘Anyway,’ Urs decided to change the subject, ‘Thought we were going to talk about you, and your Mom.’
‘We are Dad.’
‘Then….?’ Urs asked.
‘Why didn’t you ever marry Mom, Dad?’ Roberta asked.
‘I….I guess I didn’t love her enough.’ Urs answered truthfully.
‘So its nothing to do with her age? Being that Mom was a lot older than you?’
‘No.’ Urs shook his head, ‘Age had nothing to do with it.’ he paused. ‘At least not her age.’
‘But yours then?’ Roberta asked.
‘I was too young I guess.’ he admitted, ‘Why?’
‘Because Mom’s new husband is in his 60’s.’ his daughter sighed.
‘The older man eh?’
‘Grand-dad age more like it.’
‘But your Mom, she loves him?’ Urs asked.
‘Yes.’ Roberta nodded.
‘Then that is all that matters.’ he told her.
‘I guess….’ she eventually nodded again.
‘I do love you, you know.’ Urs then said.
‘Love you too Dad.’ Roberta gave him a hug.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

‘You’re doing what?’ Jose laughed when he found out about Carlos’…
‘Accidentally dating sisters.’ Carlos repeated.
‘Joy and Cydalia are….?’ Jose laughed.
‘Exactly.’ Carlos sighed.
‘And you’re in love with which one?’ Jose asked.
‘Both of them.’ Carlos sighed again, ‘You?’ he then asked his cousin.
‘Both of them.’ Jose now also sighed.
‘I think we’re buggered mate.’ Carlos sighed for a third time.
‘What wondered poetry.’ Jose muttered.
‘What am I going to do?’ Carlos asked.
‘I don’t know mate. I don’t know.’ Jose shook his head.
‘What are you going to do also?’ Carlos then asked.
‘Same….I don’t know.’ Jose shrugged. ‘Double dating?’ he sarcastically asked.
‘Actually….’ Carlos smiled, ‘Not such a bad idea.’
‘Eh….what?’ Jose muttered to his cousin.
‘Double dating.’ Carlos repeated Jose’s idea.
‘I was joking.’ Jose pointed out.
‘Yes, I know, but I’m not.’
‘It won’t work.’
‘It will.’
‘Nope.’ Jose shook his head.
‘Yep.’ Carlos nodded his head.
‘But which one would we date?’ Jose found himself asking.
‘We’ll let Joy and Cydalia choose.’ Carlos smiled.
‘Crazy idea. It’ll never work.’
‘That’s where you are so wrong. For it will.’ Carlos sounded so sure. So positive. Luckily he was. For Jose certainly wasn’t. Surely, when Joy and Cydalia discovered that they were dating the same man they’d go mental, wouldn’t they? It was bad enough being cheated on, but being cheated on with your own sister? That would cause a huge fight. wouldn’t it? Arguments. Falling out. Two sisters who lived together and who loved each other deeply never speaking again. Causing them to hate the other. Only sadness and tears would come out of this plan. That is why Jose himself wasn’t so sure this crazy plan would work. He and Carlos would end up hurting two wonderful ladies. Devoted sisters.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

At the same time Carlos had come to the ‘’double dating’’ conclusion, Joy and Cydalia were at home, finally having the ‘Who are you dating’ talk!
They had both told the other one of their loves good points - too many to mention. And his bad points - none they could think of. Then they told each other the name of their love.
‘Carlos.’ Joy smiled.
‘Carlos.’ Cydalia swooned.
‘Eh?’ said Joy.
‘Excuse me?’ replied Cydalia.
‘Surname?’ Joy asked.
‘Marin.’ Cydalia told her.
‘No, it can’t be…’ Joy mumbled.
‘What?’ her sister asked.
‘My Carlos…..his surname is also Marin.’ Joy said.
‘Same guy?’ Cydalia asked.
‘Might be. Describe him?’ Joy suggested.
So Cydalia did. Right down to the mole he had on his stomach, next to his belly button.
‘Um….’ Joy whispered, ‘I think we’re dating the same guy.’
Cydalia was silent for a moment. Then she burst out laughing.
‘The sneaky little…’ she shook her head.
‘Sorry Cyd.’ Joy apologised.
‘Eh, what for?’ Cydalia asked.
‘For….dating the same man.’ Joy explained.
‘Hey, its not you who should be apologising.’ Cydalia hugged her sister.
‘No, you’re right.’ Joy then realised, ‘Its Carlos who should be the one to say sorry.’
‘True.’ Cydalia nodded, ‘Then again, I’d forgive him anything, even that.’ she confessed.
‘Actually,’ Joy blushed, ‘I would too.’
‘So, what do we do now then?’ Cydalia asked.
‘I don’t know.’ Joy sighed, shaking her head. ‘Let Carlos choose who he wants to be with I guess.’
‘Or not, as the case may be.’ Cydalia sighed.
‘Hey, don’t say that. You are a beautiful woman little sister of mine.’ Joy hugged her.
‘As you are too.’ Cydalia returned the hug.
‘May the best sister win.’ Joy smiled.
‘Whoever which one of us that may be.’ Cydalia smiled back.
Both secretly made a vow. Never to hurt the other one. Men and lovers came along and went but your sister was family. Therefore a lot more important and permanent in your life. Joy and Cydalia would both give up Carlos tomorrow if being with him meant ruining their closeness. Family was important to them. To both of them.

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Oh Carlos.........I think you're in deep trouble now. The girls know you've been a bad boy. I think it's time for you to make up your mind.

And David...........a grandad and a dad...congratulations.

Can't wait to see what happens next

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‘We have good news.’ the doctor told Laura and Urs as they sat in the doctors consulting room a few days later after Laura’s operation. ‘Your tubes are now clear.’ he smiled. Laura had had a slight growth on her fallopian tubes which had had to be removed before a child would be able to be conceived. These growths had caused Laura to have painful periods. Now, with them successfully removed painful periods should be no more and conceiving a child should be an easy process. In fact so easy that the doctor predicated that Laura should fall pregnant the next time she and Urs had sex. Good news both Laura and Urs thought.
‘So, when can we start?’ Urs whispered to his wife as they left the doctors consulting room, happy and hand in hand.
‘I guess once Roberta has gone home.’ Laura said.
The apartment they lived in was a one bedroom place and so guests had to sleep on the sofa made into a bed.
‘Roberta is staying at a hotel.’ Urs smiled.
‘You didn’t let her stay with us?’ Laura gasped.
‘She didn’t want to get in the way.’ he said.
‘But she wouldn’t be…Roberta is family after all.’ Laura replied.
‘I know, but she said we’re still technically newly weds and need our own space.’ Urs winked as he said this.
‘Newly wed?’ Laura asked, ‘We’ve been married nearly 6 months now.’
‘I said that to Rowi. She said that still makes us newly weds.’
‘Oh well. Take me home then Urs. Lets try tonight.’ Laura smiled.
‘I’d like that.’ he smiled back.
‘Me too.’ his wife admitted.
- - - - - - - - - - -

‘Oh. My. God.’ Elle whispered in shock as she gazed at the screen showing her ultra sound scan. ‘Twins.’ she said the words.
‘Yep.’ nodded David in agreement, ‘Twins.’
‘I’m pregnant….with twins.’ she whispered.
They were at their second scan. Funnily enough the first scan hadn’t revealed twins. But this second one certainly did. It was no wonder Elle was twice as big as Emily. Even though Emily was almost six months pregnant. Elle definitely had the bigger bump. But it was fun being pregnant at the same time as Emily. They attended anti-natal classes together. Had booked their places at the same hospital to give birth. Their babies would be delivered with almost two months between them.
Elle was having her second scan earlier than normal because of the size of her pregnancy bump. It was weirdly wonderful thing - being pregnant. Having a miniature life growing inside of you. Developing. Not it was two miniature lives growing inside Elle. Extra weirdly wonderful but Elle wouldn’t change the experience for anything.
‘Come on, wedding rehearsals.’ David held his fiancée’s hand and together they left the hospital, scan photograph in hand.
- - - - - - - - - - -

‘Carlos, are you bringing a wedding guest to this wedding, or not?’ Seb asked his friend.
‘Um….not sure.’ he replied.
‘OK. Only we’ll need to know, nearer the time, for the table settings and such.’ Seb smiled.
Yep. It was Seb who was getting married. To the wonderful Tina. She had finally decided that yes, she could trust him. That she loved him and wanted to be with him no matter what his or her past held. That’s why it was called past. Because it was. Here and now was their future. Tina loved Seb. Seb had more than proven he loved and only wanted Tina in his arms, in his bed, in his head and in his life. So he had proposed again and this time, finally, Tina had happily excepted. Knowing that being with Seb made her heart sing. Being without him just made her want to crawl up into a small ball and cry her heart out.
So, wedding rehearsal time.
Carlos was there with his identical looking cousin. David, his fiancée Elle and daughter Emily where here. Urs and a glowing Laura. The day before Laura had taken a positive pregnancy test. Roberta was there too. Urs’ daughter from a previous relationship. It was quite sweet really. Roberta had a mega crush on the groom to be, Seb. Whereas little pregnant Emily blushed scarlet every time Urs even looked at her.
Aah. Crushes. Weren’t they just so sweet? If not a little bit embarrassing occasionally.
The rehearsal went like a dream. Jose stood in for Tina’s father who couldn’t make it because of being delayed in Italy. He had been on holiday when his flight was cancelled at the last minute. Urs was to be Seb’s best man. Seb had asked Carlos to do the job but he didn’t feel up to it. Plus he had already been Urs’ instead of Seb. Seb was known as the unreliable one that’s why Carlos had been Urs’ best man.
Emily and Roberta were bridesmaids. Emily and her pregnancy bump waddled down the aisle next to Roberta. David and Elle were meant to be there but had to cancel at the last moment due to house hunting. They were looking for a home big enough to house David, Elle, Emily and the three soon to be new arrivals. It was while Emily and Roberta were practicing their walk down the aisle after Elle when Emily spotted Antonio, her baby’s father leering among the church pews. She went pale in colour.
‘Honey, what’s wrong?’ Roberta asked on noticing the change in colour, ‘Is it the baby?’
‘No. Just the father.’ Emily sighed, pointing in Antonio’s direction. ‘The worst thing about this little one.’ she placed a protective hand on her bump.
‘Amelia.’ Antonio laughed, yet again getting her name wrong.
‘What do you want Antonio?’ Emily asked, ‘And it’s Emily, not Amelia.’ she added, feeling the precious life inside her move.
‘Money.’ Antonio spat.
‘For what exactly?’ Roberta asked the little creep.
‘My silence.’ he said.
‘For what?’ Roberta repeated.
‘Keeping quiet about that.’ Antonio spat in the direction of Emily’s rather noticeable pregnancy bump.
‘For what? Everyone knows Emi’s pregnant.’ Roberta placed a protective arm around her friend’s shoulder.
‘Yeah, but not everyone knows who her Daddy is.’
‘And who is her Daddy?’ Roberta asked, trying to sound innocent.
‘A famous musician.’
‘Yeah, and?’
‘Who has a lot of money.’
‘Yeah, and?’ Roberta repeated.
‘I’m sure the press would love such a juicy scandal.’ Antonio sneered.
‘I don’t think so somehow.’ Roberta sweetly smiled.
‘Oh yeah? And what’s it to do with you?’ Antonio now scowled.
‘Emi is my cousin.’
‘Who’s your Father?’ Antonio asked.
Roberta pointed in the direction of Urs. He was standing with Carlos, Jose and Seb watching this exchange.
At her point they started advancing in their direction.
‘Inform the press who Emily’s dad is, and find your name slashed across them too, as the little shit who got an underage girl pregnant.’ Roberta told him.
‘She wasn’t underage….’ Antonio mumbled.
‘In certain countries she is.’ Roberta pointed out.
‘But we’re in England.’ Antonio spat.
‘Yes, true. But Emily’s Father is American.’ Roberta then told him.
‘Oh…’ Antonio paled in colour.
‘So, what are you going to do then?’ Emily then spoke.
‘Err…nothing.’ he relented.
‘Good boy.’ Roberta sarcastically said, ‘Bye, bye.’ she then said, waving at him.
Antonio huffed. Glared at both Roberta and Emily and then, finally, turned and left them to it. At long last Roberta thought as she felt Emily relax.
‘He won’t hurt you again, that I can promise.’ Roberta told her.
‘You lied.’ Emily whispered to Roberta once Antonio had finally disappeared from view.
‘What’s that sweetie?’ Roberta asked.
‘You’re not my cousin.’ Emily sadly pointed out.
‘Oh, but I am. Not by marriage, or anything like that sure, but by the fact your Dad and mine are almost related as you can be.’ Roberta smiled.
‘So, that makes us cousins then?’ Emily asked.
‘Yes honey, that most definitely makes us cousins.’ Roberta agreed, ‘Honey, what’s wrong?’ she then asked as Emily went white in colour and clutched at her stomach.

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‘I think.’ David smiled, ‘That we’ve finally found the perfect property.’ he squeezed Elle’s hand as they looked around the house they had been hunting high and low for.
It was huge. A large kitchen come dining area. Separate living accommodation. A huge garden area. Enough bedrooms and bathrooms for David and Elle to share. For their twins to have separate bedrooms plus for Emily and her new baby to sleep in separate rooms too. Including extra rooms for guests. It would cost quite a bit but it was perfect. Just what they had been looking for. Plus, added bonus it was in an area near enough to both the motorway for David to be able to travel to the airport and near the city for shops and all amenities. Perfect.
‘Shall we put in an offer?’ David asked as his phone rang. He cancelled the call without looking who was calling first.
‘I think we should.’ Elle nodded, smiling. This home was everything she had ever dreamt about and more. Oh so much more. And she already knew Emily would also love this home. Elle and Emily would have such fun, decorating this new home. Looking around, Elle had already noticed the perfect spot to hang the picture of Sarah Emily had of her. And she’d plant a rose bush for her too. In memory of the woman Elle was sure should she have met her that she would have liked. Loved even. She had heard all about Sarah. She sounded so wonderful. Elle wasn’t jealous. She was just sad and grateful to Sarah. For Sarah had left in Elle’s care her wonderfully handsome husband and beautiful daughter.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

‘OOouch.’ Emily winced as she felt her waters break.
‘Honey?’ Roberta nervously asked on seeing the water on the floor. ‘DAD!’ she called to her father. Urs and Laura immediately rushed over.
‘I think I’m in labour….’ Emily told them.
‘I’ll call for an ambulance….’ Urs muttered, pulling out his mobile phone.
‘No time for that.’ Laura held Emily’s hand, ‘Her conditions have already started.’ she started timing them by her watch.
‘David then…’ Urs suggested, ‘Blast, no answer.’
‘Come on, you drive.’ Laura told Urs, ‘Roberta, you sit besides your father.’ she ordered them.
Urs helped Emily into the car them climbed in besides his daughter and started up the car.
‘It’ll be OK honey, we’ll soon be at the hospital.’ Laura soothed Emily’s brow as another contraction came.
‘Oooh!.’ Emily moaned, panting with the pain.
‘Breath in. One. Two. Three.’ Urs said as they drove along. ‘Breath out. One. Two. Three.’
Roberta, sitting next to him in the front bit her lip to stop herself from laughing. He looked really worried. Frazzled. His neat hair completely messed up. And he wasn’t even the father to be! Or the grandfather!
‘Um, honey, drive quicker. Please.’ Laura asked as Urs, who hated driving cars, he much preferred bikes, easier to handle a motorbike, drove below the speed limit.
‘But I’m doing 25...’ Urs muttered.
‘Dad, its 30 along here.’ Roberta said as she noticed a sign.
‘Aaah!’ Emily moaned as another contraction hit. They were coming faster now. Closer together.
‘Faster Urs. Please.’ Laura asked her husband.
‘OK…..OK.’ he upped to the speed limit.
‘Not long now.’ Roberta turned to smile at Emily as she noticed the sign for the hospital.
‘Good….Aahh!’ Emily panted, ‘I think she’s coming….’ she moaned as yet another contraction hit.
‘That’s it honey. That’s it.’ Laura joined in with the panting, soothing Emily’s brow. She felt so hot. It was almost as though she was burning up. Giving birth, looked like it was a painful experience. But well worth it considering what the end project was - a beautiful baby. A new life. An amazing miracle. Laura wanted to cry with the emotion of it all. And now she was finally expecting her own miracle it felt an even more wonderful experience to be going through.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Carlos, along with Jose, was preparing to come clean to Joy and Cydalia. He had sent them both a text message, asking, pleading almost, for them to meet him. He arranged for it to happen on mutual grounds so not to end up either seriously hurt or dead once both of the lovely ladies had found out about the unknown deceit. He only hoped that both Joy and Cydalia could forgive him or at least, should it come to that, one of them could forgive him. Carlos was equally in love with both Joy and Cydalia. They were two amazing women. He just hoped that they wouldn’t be too angry with him. He never wanted to hurt either one of them. Jose was in love with Joy and Cydalia too. He only hoped that Joy and Cydalia could come to a decision over the two men. To say Carlos was a little nervous was an understatement. He was as nervous as he could possibly be. Several times while attempting to shave his beard away, or rather should that be stubble, his hand had slipped and left a faint razor cut. He was just pleased he didn’t do bleeding too much. After shaving Carlos applied his moisturiser. Trying to cover up the big bags he had under his eyes. But it was no use. The sleepless nights he had spent over Joy and Cydalia still showed on his face.
‘You ready for the showdown mate?’ Jose asked once Carlos was dressed.
‘As ready as I’ll ever be.’ Carlos nodded. ‘You?’
‘The same.’ Jose nodded in agreement.
Both cousins were dressed in identical clothing. Blue open necked shirts and black jeans. Both had curly dark brown, almost black in colour hair and brown eyes. Although. Jose was having to wear contact lenses as in real life he actually had blue and not brown eyes.
The men shook hands for good luck. Smiled then left to meet the lovely ladies, probably for the last ever time depending on how the night would eventually turn out.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

‘Are you ready sweetie?’ Joy asked her sister.
‘As ready as I’ll ever be.’ Cydalia nodded.
‘You look beautiful.’ Joy then told her.
‘You too.’ Cydalia agreed.
Joy was dressed in dark midnight blue jeans. An emerald green sparkly top with her nails painted red. Her hair was down and combed. Cydalia was wearing a beautiful short red dress and red painted nails. Wearing all red should have looked tacky but on Cydalia it just looked right. It was a colour that suited her down to the ground. Her long hair was down and swept to one side. Held back with a red comb. Both women looked sensational. Beautiful. Stunning.
‘Feels like we’re going into do battle.’ Joy nervously laughed.
‘We are. Sort of. For our hearts.’ Cydalia said.
Both girls hugged for good luck. Smiled and then left to meet up with Carlos. Maybe for the last time. Depending on how the night would eventually turn out. Fingers crossed for a happy ending both ladies thought.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

‘I think she’s coming….’ Emily moaned between pants.
‘David’s still not answering…’ Urs muttered as the car finally reached the hospital. At long last.
‘Never mind that now.’ Laura tutted, taking the mobile from Urs, ‘You go with Emi. I’ll keep trying.’
‘I think you should be the one…’ Urs paled.
‘Come on Dad. Emi is technically your niece.’ Roberta pushed her father in the direction of where Emily was sitting in a wheelchair.
‘What about you?’ Urs asked his daughter.
‘I’m going to go and get Emi’s stuff.’ she smiled as she took the car keys from him, ‘A girl needs her things.’ and with that, both Laura and Roberta disappeared, leaving Urs alone with Emily.
‘Uncle Urs….please hurry.’ Emily asked him.
‘Um….OK. Come on.’ and with that, finally pushed her wheelchair into the maternity ward.
‘OOooohhhh!’ Emily complained, clutching at her stomach.
Urs manoeuvred Emily in her wheelchair as fast as he could into the ward where he was greeted by a nurse.
‘My niece is in labour…’ he told her.
‘How long have the contractions been?’ she asked him.
‘Every…two….minutes.’ Emily panted.
‘This way.’ and the nurse directed Urs and Emily towards a door.

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‘David, when you get this please come straight to the hospital. You’re about to become a grandfather.’ Laura said while leaving a phone message on David’s mobile phone. She had tried calling him several times. Each time getting no answer and having to leave a message. Maybe the signal wherever David was wasn’t any good. That could be the only answer Laura could come up with. The only one she hoped was true.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Meanwhile, while continuing to ignore the ringing of his mobile phone, David and Elle were busy. Giving Antonio a strict talking to. Seb had passed on the fact that Antonio had turned up at the wedding rehearsal and what had happened. Antonio making Emily upset. David refused to allow any young upstart to upset his precious daughter. Baby’s father or not. Antonio was, David realised a completely little creep. Plus once he had learned about Antonio’s attempt at blackmail, well, that had really irritated David. No one got away with that. No matter whoever they were.
‘If I have to pay you to leave my daughter alone I will.’ David told the little creep.
‘It’ll cost you.’ Antonio sneered.
‘Oh, I doubt that.’ David smiled.
‘Yeah?’ Antonio challenged.
‘You see, here’s me,’ David pointed to himself, ‘A father trying to protect his daughter and soon to be grandchild. Then there’s you.’ he pointed at Antonio, ‘A little creep who had unprotected sex with a minor.’
‘Amelia is 18.’ yet again Antonio got Emily’s name wrong.
‘Emily.’ David snapped, ‘wasn’t even 16 at the time.’
‘She….she…’ Antonio mumbled.
‘Emily didn’t turn 16 until the next day.’ a blatant lie but certainly not one Antonio was in any position to challenge. ‘Plus.’ David added for effort, ‘My daughter was born in America, where the legal age isn’t until 18.’
Antonio had already heard all this from Roberta. But he hadn’t believed it. Not least not then. But now he did.
‘I’ll….I’ll….leave.’ Antonio muttered.
‘And the blackmail?’ David asked.
‘There’ll be no blackmail.’
‘Good boy.’
‘But my child…’ Antonio muttered.
‘What child?’ Elle asked, joining in on the conversation.
‘Right. Um…..OK.’ Antonio said. Then he finally left.
David’s phone rang again. This time he answered it.
‘Come on.’ he told Elle, ‘Emi’s in labour.’
‘Grand-daddy here we come.’ Elle smiled.
‘Grand-mummy too don’t forget.’ David beamed as they rushed towards the door.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

After the wedding rehearsal had finished, Seb and Tina went to the jewellery store. They had wedding rings to choose for each other. Tina had already designed and made her own wedding dress plus a special waistcoat for Seb to wear which matched the design on her own wedding dress. She had also sorted about having bridesmaid dresses made up too. Getting this wedding sorted had been rather a rush. Seb wanted to marry Tina as soon as possible so she wouldn’t have the chance, should she want to, to change her mind. Then again Tina was certain. She loved Seb with all her heart. And changing her mind about the wedding or indeed calling it off was the furthest thing from her mind.
So, wedding ring choosing they were doing.
‘How about…those ones?’ Seb asked, pointing to a pair of his and her wedding rings.
‘Can we have then engraved?’ Tina asked.
‘Sure. OK.’ Seb nodded.
The rings looked rather perfect. Made of the same metal as Tina’s engagement ring and almost having the same design as the band had.
‘So, another thing to tick off the list.’ Tina smiled as she bought out of her handbag a notebook and pen. She turned to the appropriate page and ticked the part marked ‘Wedding rings.’ She rather liked making lists. It made her feel calm. For her job as a designer it was rather critical she didn’t forget something major or an outfit or item could be completely ruined by making just one simple mistake. Once an item was made up it cost too much to change a flaw in it.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Carlos and Jose were wandering around the outside of the restaurant they had chosen to meet Cydalia and Joy in.
Both were exceptionally nervous. Then Carlos heard a noise.
‘Quick. Hide.’ he hissed to Jose.
Jose nodded and disappeared.
It was Joy first. She and Carlos greeted each other with a kiss.
‘I’m not too late, am I?’ Joy asked, checking her watch.
‘No. No. On time.’ Carlos smiled, looking over her shoulder for Cydalia. Cydalia should have turned up first. Where was she? Carlos wondered.
‘Anything wrong?’ Joy asked.
‘Err….no. No.’ he shook his head.
‘Shall we go in?’
‘Err….in a minute.’
‘I…I need to tell you something first…’
‘Carlos! There you are!’ Cydalia had turned up. She walked over to him, gave him a kiss on his cheek and smiled a dazzling smile.
‘Um…..Joy….this is Cydalia.’ Carlos carefully introduced the two ladies.
‘I know.’ Joy smiled, ‘hi honey.’ she and Cydalia hugged.
‘Sis!’ Cydalia returned the hug.
‘Um….’ Carlos mumbled.
‘Yes honey?’ Cydalia asked, gazing at him.
‘Carlos?’ Joy also gazed up at him.
‘I’m….sorry.’ Carlos let out a sigh, ‘I never meant to…’
‘Cyd! Joy!’ suddenly Jose appeared.
‘Carlos?’ a puzzled Cydalia asked, looking at him.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

‘Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!’ Emily screamed, squeezing Urs’ hand. The baby was almost out. Almost. She was early. Only by under a month which was normal for a first pregnancy Emily had been told. Heartbeat strong. Contractions coming fast and furious now.
‘On your next contraction honey, push.’ the maternity nurse, named Dotty told her.
‘I know you.’ Urs suddenly realised, talking to the nurse.
‘Hi Urs. How are you?’ she asked, smiling at him.
‘Carlos’ ex wife.’ Urs said.
‘That’s me.’ she nodded, ‘Your daughter?’ she asked of Emily.
‘Niece.’ Urs told her.
‘She looks familiar…’ Dotty realised.
‘David’s daughter.’
‘OOOhhh! I think its coming…’ Emily panted.
‘That’s it honey. Push now.’ Dotty encouraged her.
With all the strength inside of her, Emily pushed.
‘Wwwaaaa!’ suddenly she could hear a baby cry. Her baby cry.
‘You have a beautiful daughter.’ Dotty told her.
‘Oh…wow.’ Urs was in awe. This incredible miracle had come from inside of Emily. This little red crying ball of wonder.
Emily held her daughter in her arms. ‘Hello Sarah.’ she said to her daughter while feeling like crying.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

‘Right….maternity is this way.’ David noticed the sign. He and Elle were in the hospital now. They held hands and rushed to Emily’s room.
Roberta was outside the room with a suitcase in one hand and a baby carrier in the other.
‘Going somewhere?’ David smiled on seeing her.
‘Nope. Just come from yours. Things for Emi and the baby.’ Roberta informed him.
‘Aah. Good thinking.’ the new grandfather nodded as the door to Emily’s room opened.
‘You can go in now.’ the nurse told them. It wasn’t Dotty. It was a different nurse who had been inside Emily’s hospital room, helping her settle in with her new baby daughter.
Emily looked tired but incredibly happy. In her arms she held the bundle that was David and Elle’s first ever grandchild.
‘Oh Emi. She’s so beautiful.’ Elle and Roberta both agreed, gazing down at the child.
‘Meet Sarah, Dad.’ Emily introduced David to his new grandchild.
‘Oh Emi…she’s wonderful.’ David wiped a tear from his eye, ‘Such a perfect name too.’
‘You don’t mind Daddy?’ Emily asked.
‘I think your Mother would be incredibly proud of her new grand-daughter. Like I am.’ David smiled.
‘Thank you Daddy.’ Emily beamed, handing him Sarah.
‘Welcome to the world little one.’ David gazed at her as Elle stroked the baby’s head.

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‘Um….I can explain.’ Carlos muttered as both Joy and Cydalia looked inquisitively at him then at Jose then back to Carlos again.
‘We’re sorry.’ Jose told the ladies, ‘We’ve kind of….both been dating you.’
‘So you weren’t cheating on me then?’ Joy asked.
‘Or….on me?’ Cydalia added.
‘Um…..I….’ Carlos mumbled.
‘No. No he wasn’t.’ Jose smiled at the women.
‘Actually…’ Carlos sighed, ‘I was.’
‘Eh?’ Cydalia asked.
‘What?!’ said Joy.
‘Carlos!’ Jose exclaimed.
The man in question turned to his cousin and said to him, ‘I can’t lie to them Jose. It wouldn’t be fair.’ Carlos explained. ‘You can’t base…’ he sighed again, ‘Or end a relationship on lies. It wouldn’t be fair to those involved.’
‘Explain to us then?’ Cydalia asked.
Joy nodded, ‘Yes, explain.’ she agreed.
So in a roundabout way Carlos did. He explained how he had met both ladies but hadn’t come clean to them about double dating them. That to help him out he had asked, begged, for Jose’s help. How Jose had taken singing lessons in order to carry off the deception. Carlos apologised over and over again to Cydalia and Joy. He also said that he would understand if they both didn’t want anything else ever to do with him again. At the end of this explanation he sighed and looked down at his feet, almost like a little boy would do when being told off by his Mother. He expected silence or foot steps indicating Joy and Cydalia had both walked away. But what he did get was surprising to say the least.
Both ladies burst out laughing.
Carlos looked up at the ladies in shock. Puzzlement shown all over his face.
‘I….I don’t understand.’ he finally mumbled to them.
‘Oh Carlos,’ Joy laughed, ‘we don’t care.’
‘You….you don’t?’ he asked.
‘Nope.’ Cydalia shook her head, ‘We love you Carlos.’
‘We both love you.’ Joy smiled at him.
‘But I….I deceived you.’
‘Doesn’t matter.’ said Joy.
‘You’re sisters though…’
‘Still doesn’t matter.’ Cydalia told him.
‘I lied….’
‘But you admitted it, when you could have lied. You came clean.’ Joy smiled.
‘You were honest when it really mattered.’ added Cydalia who was also smiling.
‘But….’ Carlos tried. ‘OK.’ he sighed, ‘What are we going to do though?’ he eventually asked.
‘That, we don’t know.’ Joy now also sighed.
‘We’ve only one solution.’ said Cydalia.
‘Which is?’ Jose asked. He had been too amazed before now to speak. He, like Carlos, had expected violence. Anger. Silence. Being ignored. But this. This, was like a miracle come true. Wow.
‘One in which we’ll stick too.’ Joy spoke.
‘Which is?’ Carlos repeated Jose’s question.
‘You men have to pick which one of us you want to be with.’ Joy told the men.
‘Eh? What?’ Carlos asked.
‘Well, we can’t decide. So you’ll have to.’ Cydalia explained to both Carlos and Jose.
‘We have to decide…’ Jose muttered.
‘…..Which lady we have…’ Carlos finished also mumbling.
‘Yep.’ Cydalia beamed at them both.
‘Yes.’ Joy smiled too at the men.
‘Um…..OK. Carlos eventually agreed.
‘If you’re sure?’ Jose asked.
‘We’re sure. Yes.’ Cydalia nodded as did Joy.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Tomorrow Seb and Tina were getting married.
Everything had been arranged. Emily was still to be bridesmaid. She and baby Sarah had left the hospital four days before. Sarah was such a wonderful baby. She was making Tina clucky. She definitely wanted to be a Mother now. Seb seemed keen too. They were going to start after the honeymoon. Trying. The fun part. Tina couldn’t wait.
But for now tonight was Tina’s hen night. While she and the girls were having fun Seb and the boys were doing Seb’s buck’s night at the same time. Seb had promised not to get too drunk. He wanted to be sober for his wedding to remember every single perfect moment.
Tina had all the girls around. Laura. Roberta. Emily and baby Sarah. Plus Joy and Cydalia. Elle and her pregnancy bump of twins.
Tina had been surprised to see Cydalia and Joy. She knew both sisters.
‘Cyd! Joy!’ she greeted them both with hugs. ‘Long time no see. Tell all the news!’
‘After yours.’ Joy smiled, ‘So much for staying single all your life!’ she laughed.
‘What can I say?’ Tina joined in with the laughter, ‘I guess I finally met the right man!’
‘Yeah, like us!’ Cydalia told her.
‘The same man.’ Joy added.
‘No!.’ Tina gasped, ‘Who?’ she asked.
‘Carlos.’ said Joy.
‘Marin.’ Cydalia added his surname.
‘Carlos? No!’ Laura laughed on hearing this.
‘Isn’t that a little…tricky though?’ Elle asked, ‘Dating two sisters?’
‘Well, a threesome is out of the question then.’ Roberta smiled.
‘Definitely.’ Cydalia agreed.
‘Then we both met Jose.’ Joy told the women.
Between them, Cydalia and Joy explained the situation . How it all came to be.
‘So, we’ve left it up to Carlos and Jose to decide.’ Joy said.
‘Which one of them want us.’ Cydalia added.
‘Oh. OK.’ Tina nodded.
‘Interesting.’ said Elle.
‘And you’ll be happy…with whoever you, whichever you end up with?’ Emily asked about the solution.
‘Yes.’ Cydalia nodded.
‘Yes.’ Joy also nodded.
‘But one of you…will lose out.’ Laura mumbled.
‘Not really.’ Cydalia smiled, ‘Jose is, after all, technically Carlos’ twin.’
‘Except with one difference.’ Joy pointed out.
‘Which is?’ Roberta asked.
‘Jose, has blue eyes not brown.’ Cydalia told them.
‘Didn’t you notice… the difference in eye colour then?’ Elle asked, confused slightly.
‘Nope.’ Joy shook her head, ‘Jose wore contact lens.’ she explained.
The women were all astonished about how well Cydalia and Joy seemed to be taking this all. Loving the same man but also being prepared to end up with second best. Not many women would do that. Certainly not for a sister let alone a friend. It was amazing what love did to you. How you reacted given any certain circumstance.
‘I don’t think I could do that.’ Elle told Cydalia and Joy, ‘End up with David’s almost identical twin.’
‘Me neither.’ both Tina and Laura agreed.
‘That’s love for you I guess.’ Joy shrugged as her sister Cydalia nodded.
‘Makes you do some crazy things sometimes.’ she added.
‘When do you find out….who gets who?’ Emily asked.
‘We already know.’ Joy smiled.
‘Go on?’ Tina encouraged them.
‘All will be revealed…..tomorrow.’ Cydalia teased, smiling.
‘But will you….marry him, whoever he is, if he asks?’ Tina then enquired.
‘Oh yes.’ Joy smiled, nodding.
‘Yep.’ Cydalia agreed, also smiling.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Meanwhile, the guys, Seb, Carlos, Jose, David and Urs were having a similar conversation.
‘You sneaky man!’ Seb laughed, nudging Carlos after finding out about the situation his friend had been in, ‘Dating sisters!’
‘Not anymore though.’ Carlos smiled, looking at his cousin.
‘So, which lovely lady is with who?’ Seb asked.
‘You’ll find out, tomorrow.’ Jose wiggled his eyebrows. He was Carlos in every aspect. Apart from the eye colour of course.
‘Spoilsports…’ Seb sulked.
‘Anyhow, tell us Sebastien,’ changing the subject now, ‘Marco, what happened there then?’ David asked the groom to be.
‘I finally caught him cheating.’ said Seb.
‘At long last!’ Urs sighed.
All the guys had warned Seb in the past about Marco’s ways but he had been blinded by love to be able to see for himself what the man was really like.
‘Then I met his gorgeous sexy cousin.’ Seb winked.
‘A female!’ Carlos winked back.
‘And suddenly I knew, I understood what you guys were always going on about when you talked about women.’ Seb confessed.
‘Women are so much more fun.’ Jose smiled.
‘If a little tricky to work out sometimes.’ Urs added.
‘There is that.’ Seb agreed.
‘But well worth it.’ David smiled.
‘There is that.’ Seb repeated, smiling.
‘The man is in love. With a woman!’ Carlos nudged his friend.
‘A miracle happened. Named Tina.’ Seb beamed with happiness.
‘Women are wonderful miracles.’ David agreed.
‘Grand-dad!’ Urs laughed at David.
‘Oi! Now, don’t get too cocky. Roberta could be next, to make you a grand-father!’ David replied to his friend.
‘No! Don’t!’ Urs covered his face.
‘Hey, how did you get to have such a beautiful daughter anyhow?’ Seb asked Urs.
‘Its all in the genes!’ Urs attempted to wiggle his eyebrows.
‘And cute jeans they are too!’ Seb winked at him, making Urs blush scarlet in colour.
‘Um….wrong sort of jeans…’ Urs muttered, completely embarrassed.
‘Seb! Behave!’ Carlos told him, ‘Remember Tina.’
‘Who could forget my gorgeous fiancée….’ Seb swooned.
‘Aah. Sweet. The man is definitely in love!’ Jose laughed.

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It was a perfect day for a wedding. The day started bright and sunny and as the day went on the weather just got better and better. It was the middle of June and a hot summers day.
Tina woke alone in her home. Seb had spent the night before in Carlos’ flat. The ringing of the doorbell alerted Tina to the arrival of her bridesmaids, chief bridesmaid plus hair and make up people.
She answered the door dressed in a bathrobe, hair already washed and wrapped in a towel.
‘Come in, come in.’ she smiled at them all.
‘Champagne and strawberries coming up.’ Elle smiled at her.
‘Perfect. Just what we need.’ she beamed back.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Meanwhile, Seb was in turmoil. Marco had turned up uninvited at Carlos’ door.
‘I want to see Sebbie..’ he announced to Carlos who had been unfortunate to answer the door.
‘Sorry. No can do.’ replied Carlos.
‘But he loves me…’ Marco tried to sulk.
‘No he doesn’t. He loves Tina.’ Carlos corrected.
‘He’s making the biggest mistake of his life.’ Marco then announced. ‘Sebbie! Where are you?’ he shouted.
‘Go away Marco. I don’t want you anymore.’ Seb appeared already dressed in his morning suit. He looked so sexy Marco swooned. Such a waste.
‘Oh Sebbie… please don’t say that.’ Marco pouted.
Seb pulled out his wallet, ‘How much do you want?’ he asked.
‘A couple of thousand will do for now.’ Marco held out his hand.
‘Oh no. No. You’re not having that much.’ Seb told him.
‘But I’m in debt….’ Marco wined.
‘Then go and find some other sad sucker to screw.’ Seb spat before slamming the door in his ex-lovers face.
‘God. That felt good.’ he then announced to Carlos.
‘You’re well shot of him.’ Carlos patted his shoulder.
‘I sure am.’ Seb nodded in agreement.
Then Carlos’ mobile phone rang.
‘Your new lady?’ Seb asked.
Carlos looked at the caller I.D. ‘No.’ he said, ‘My ex.’ and with that he wandered of to answer his phone in private.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Carlos hadn’t expected to ever hear from Dorothea, his ex-wife ever again. Even though Urs had told him about Dot being Emily’s midwife when Sarah had been born. That had come as rather a surprise. Carlos had expected Dot to be married again by now with children of her own and not still in her career.
‘Urs told me you still had your old number.’ Dot sort of explained on Carlos answering.
‘Like he told me where you worked.’ Carlos replied.
‘I…I kind of need to confess something.’ she said.
‘I’m all ears.’ he said, wondering what was it she had to say to him after all this time.
‘I lied to you. When we divorced.’ Dot said.
‘It wasn’t because I’d met someone else.’
‘But because I wanted to concentrate on my career.’
‘Oh. OK.’
‘I just wanted to let you know.’ she said.
‘And now you have.’ he replied, ‘finally.’
‘I’m with someone now though.’
‘So am I.’ Carlos said.
‘She’s a wonderful woman.’ Dot sighed.
‘She….?’ he asked.
‘Yes. I’m….gay.’
‘Bi-sexual.’ Carlos corrected.
‘I just know that whatever I am I love her and she loves me.’
‘I’m glad for you. You deserve happiness.’
‘So do you Carlos.’
‘I know. I mean, I realise that. Now.’
‘I’m sorry. For hurting you. Deceiving you….’
‘That’s OK.’
‘Good luck Carlos, in your life.’ Dot said to him.
‘And to you Dot. Good luck.’
‘Thank you.’ Dot smiled down the phone.
‘Thank you too.’ Carlos repeated back.
‘Take care Carlos.’ Dot spoke one final time before disconnecting the call.
‘Weird.’ Carlos muttered at he put the phone away.
But he felt different now. Free. He made a decision. He went to his bedroom, pulled out his box and without looking through it took it to the rubbish bin outside the back of the apartments.
‘Goodbye bad memories.’ he spoke before throwing the box in the bin, ‘And hello happy memories to come.’ he smiled as he walked away. Feeling happy. Free. More than ready to now move on with his new love.
- - - - - - - - - - -

‘Its time Seb.’ David smiled at his friend.
‘Yep. Time to go and get married!’ Seb beamed.
- - - - - - - - - - -

‘Its time to go honey.’ Tina’s chief bridesmaid announced.
‘I’m ready.’ Tina beamed with happiness. She looked so perfect. Gorgeous. Her self-designed wedding dress suited her down to the ground. She certainly knew her stuff when it came to clothes.
‘You look… WOW.’ Emily gazed at the bride to be, ‘like a princess.’
‘Well, thank you.’ Tina blushed and gave a twirl.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Seb stood at the alter with best man Urs and waited for Tina and her father, Roberto to walk her down the aisle. Seb had met Roberto earlier in the day where he had officially asked Roberto for his daughters hand in the marriage.
‘Better late then never I guess.’ Roberto had laughed while patting his son-in-law to be on his shoulder.
‘I would have asked you earlier…’ Seb explained.
‘Except Italy kept me longer than necessary.’ Roberto nodded, ‘I understand.’
‘I love Tina so much.’ Seb told her father.
‘Just never hurt her, or you’ll have me to deal with.’ Roberto pointed a finger at his own chest.
‘I promise I have no intention of doing anything of the sort.’ Seb reassured his new father-in-law. And he didn’t. for Seb truly loved Tina. She was only the second woman Seb had ever loved. The first being his own Mother. With Tina in his life, Seb felt complete. Like they were made to be with each other.
- - - - - - - - - - -

The music started up. Seb turned to see the most beautiful sight in the whole wide world. Floating down the aisle, Roberto at her side, wearing such a fantastically beautiful as well as sexy wedding dress came the woman of his dreams. The wonderful Tina. With Emily and Roberta following behind as bridesmaids. Roberta looked to be blushing at Seb. He winked and her blush turned scarlet. It seemed as though Tina had been right when she had pointed out Roberta’s now rather obvious and sweet crush on Seb. Like Emily’s crush on her uncle Urs. Aah. Young love Seb thought. They’ll met the right men for them one day. Of that he was sure. Both Roberta and Emily were beautiful young women.
As Tina floated down the aisle to join him, Seb looked around. He spotted David and Elle together. In David’s arms was his new and first born grandchild, Sarah Rose. Emily’s beautiful new born daughter. Elle looked radiant with her obvious pregnant tummy containing David’s twins. Twin girls they had recently found out on their newest scan to check the twins development. Due to be named Leona Amber, partly after Emily’s twin sister Amber who had died of leukaemia when younger and Keisha May.
Then Seb’s eyes fell on Laura. Urs’ wife. Such a star. Considering all that had happened to her since her and Urs’ own wedding over eight months ago. Finding out she was a step Mother to an eighteen year old girl, Roberta. Then the fight to conceive her own child. Having to endure a painful operation to make that dream a reality. But it had been worth it. Laura had recently discovered that she and Urs were to be parents. Laura was just over two months pregnant and blooming.
Next Seb noticed Carlos and Jose. Sitting with their parents. Who would have thought it. Ending up dating sisters then having to choose between them with Jose having the sister that was left. It had been a hard decision for Carlos to choose between the lovely ladies. But after much deciding he and Jose had made their choices. Both Cydalia and Joy seemed happy with their partners which was all that mattered in the end. To be happy. To love and to be loved in return. What more could you ask for?
- - - - - - - - - - - -

‘Being with Cydalia was great. But she just wasn’t you.’ Carlos explained to Joy about why he had chosen her and not her sister. Or rather should that be lied to Joy? The real truth? He and his cousin Jose had tossed a coin. Heads one of the ladies. Tails the other. The winning man got to pick which lady they wanted. It had been a harder decision then both men had expected. How could they pick the one lady they were going to spend the rest of their lives with? So in the end it had come down to one simple action. That of tossing a coin and choosing heads or tails? The winning man picked their lady. In this case Carlos had won and had picked Joy. His ideal woman all wrapped up into one neat little package. She was wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, funny, brave. Everything you could ever want in a woman. And more. Oh so much, much more. How could Carlos have chosen anyone else? Yes Cydalia also had a lot of her sisters good points. But she missed one genuine thing. She just wasn’t Joy the woman herself. Lovely kind Cydalia. But still not Joy. Jose was perfectly fine with Cydalia. After all a deal was a deal. A pact was a pact. The sisters loved each other and wanted the other to be happy. And they would be happy. Either way Carlos would eventually become a member of their family. So everyone was a winner. Of sorts. It would all work out in the end. Of that you could be so completely certain of.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

There wasn’t a dry eye in the church once Seb and Tina had said their vows to each other. Such happy tears of joy. It was a perfect ceremony.
When Seb and Tina had their first kiss as Husband and Wife one guest wolf whistled while others clapped and cheered.
‘We’ve done it.’ Seb whispered to his new wife.
‘We sure have.’ she happily agreed as they kissed for the second time.
‘I love you Tina.’ Seb told his new wife.
‘I love you too Seb.’
‘We’re forever.’ he told her.
‘I sure hope we are.’
‘Oh, believe me. You. Me. Stuck like glue.’ Seb smiled.
‘I like the idea of that. Stuck like glue.’ Tina returned the smile.

The End.

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