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 Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Urs's Unbeatable Uber  By: JJ (Sebskittie) - Page 2 EmptyTue Sep 14, 2010 10:21 am


It was 10 pm by the time they left the orphanage that night. The papers had all been signed and Kyla informed them she would start the proceedings the next morning, and see if she could get an earlier appointment with the judge, not due to the fact that it was Urs applying although as she told them it would be a big help in their favor, but also because Urs had already been on the waiting list for 4 years.
As they walked home they talked about everything from how they should do the nursery to how much they should start putting away for his college fund.
The days passed agonizingly slowly for the both of them although Christmas was a joyous affair, and also bought with it a shocking surprise.

Christmas day
David and Leona were the first to arrive. Darla and Urs welcomed them in with a cup of hot chocolate and delighted smiles. David carried all the presents to the massive tree they had beautifully decorated and put them under slowly.
Leona and David had talked about it and Leona had told him she wanted to study to be a teacher. He had supported her decision 100%, she was going to use her degree to start a school for children with aqiured brain injuries.
As the Buhlers were congratulating her on her excellent choice of a career path, the second couple arrived at the door.
Darla opened the door to find Carlos and Melissa madly doing the cold feet dance, trying to stamp the chill from their almost frostbitten toes.
Quickly entering the warmth of their lovely heated house, Carlos walked David's path to the tree.
Amelia and the younger twins had flown in late the night before and shared a hotel as to not to disturb Darla and Urs. They shared a taxi to the house and were delightedly invited in.
Jake arrived about an hour later, having got caught up on an exam for his new law school, and crashing about 2 in the morning, waking late.
Michelle arrived with a friend of hers from the magazine.
Jaydie and Seb had still not arrived by lunch and Darla was getting panicked.
“What is happening with them, I would have expected them to be here by now.”
“I wouldn't fret yet, Mom, the traffic is shoulder to shoulder today, it was backed up when we were coming in from the hotel.”
“I will give her mobile a ring and at least see if they are on their way.”
Darla dialed the number to have an automatic voice tell her it was switched off.
She tried Seb's next and it just rang just through.
Trying 3 more times in the space of an hour, everyone was starting to get a bit worried when they heard a knock on the door.
Darla wrenched it open and tears of relief coursed down her cheeks.
“Where have you been?”
“We are so sorry we are so late, there was an accident on the road and there was a traffic jam, we coudn't leave until we made sure that the people involved were ok and offered to help in any way we could.”
“I tried to call over and over, both your mobiles.”
“We didn't look at them when we got back in the car, sorry Mom.”
Darla sighed.
“It's alright, you almost gave me heart failure, but I see you are both safe now, so let's forget it. Seb take the presents to the tree, and Jaydie can help me make some hot chocolate.”
After Everyone had given Seb a gentle chiding about not calling, things settled down and they were ready to eat.
Darla bowed her head and everyone followed suit.
“Lord, for this food we are about to eat this special day may you make us all truly thankful and blessed. Thank you for my wonderful if sometimes forgetful family and thank you for your birth on this day. Amen.”
Amens were echoed around the table.
“Now that my heart has resumed beating at a normal pace, what has everyone been up to?”
Leona was telling everyone about her new career decision when Jaydie noticed a special look pass between Michelle and her friend Nicola, and Jaydie thought back to what Mich was trying to tell her in the bathroom, and everything clicked.
Jaydie put her head to the side and tried to catch Mich's attention.
Eventually, she did.
Jaydie looked around at the table to see everyone else was involved in Leona talking and ever so slightly moved her head in the direction of the kitchen.
Both got up and walked away.
Mich pulled her not into the kitchen but the bathroom and locked the door.
“What's up, sis? I saw a weird look on your face and you were studying Nikki intently.”
“What you were going to tell me in the bathroom at Mandarin's Hotel, you're seeing her, aren't you?”
Michelle blinked once, then her mouth dropped open.
“I always knew you were smart, but how did you get that so quick, I haven't told a soul and you've only been here five minutes.”
“I'm married Mich, I look at my husband the same way you just looked at Nickola, and it clicked into place. When were you planning on telling us you were gay?”
“I only just realized it myself, Nicola started working at the magazine 3 months ago, we connected that first day, and it went from there. We haven't done anything, I told her I couldn't until I told everyone, I wanted to do it today, but........”
“It's Christmas, how can I tell everyone I've just realized I'm gay on Christmas?”
“Because Christmas is about family coming together and and been supportive of each other, forgiving wrongs and been understanding, this is our family, they love you. What better time TO tell them.”
“Do you really think so?”
“Yes, I do.”
“Thank you.”
“You're my sister and I love you Mich, there is no thanks needed, just your happiness.”
They hugged, and heard knocking on the door, it was Amelia.
“Mom sent me to find you, is everything alright?”
“Just fine, Lia, we are coming out.”
Jaydie had to chuckle at Michelle's choice of words.
They found everyone looking worriedly at them when they came back in.
“Is everything ok? You left the table quite suddenly.”
Michelle looked down at Nicola and smiled at her, getting an affectionate smile in return.
“I have something to tell you all.”

Presents. 4Pm
Everyone had been shocked at Michelle's news, but everyone of them had hugged her and welcomed Nicola to the family, seeing the love they had for each other, made them cherish the love they found with their own partners, and made Luke and Jake want one.
Lydia and Josh after a tense start had managed to hit it off quite well and were emailing each other and talking on the phone everyday, he couldn't make it today due to family commitments of his own, but they would be together on New Years eve, with Josh flying in to spend 2 weeks with her.
Presents were opened and exchanged, and everyone was delighted with what they got.
For Darla, it was almost the perfect Christmas.

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Posts : 5269
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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Urs's Unbeatable Uber  By: JJ (Sebskittie) - Page 2 EmptyTue Sep 14, 2010 10:23 am


It was the 1st of January and with the tears and cheers of her family behind her, and Urs by her side, Darla was been wheeled into surgery.
“Tell me again one last time that I am doing the right thing, Urs, Please, just before I go in, I need to know.”
Urs squeezed her hand gently and smiled at the woman who had made his life a better place, and put his lips to her hand.
“You are doing the right thing. We talked it all through and we agreed, this is the right thing for us, my dear, and when you come out to us we will all be here waiting.”
“Ok, my wonderful darling, I will see you when this is all over.”
“You will, this is as far as I can go with you, I love you, and will be right here waiting.”
“I love you too.”
Urs watched from the door as they wheeled her down the corrider into the operation room and lifted up his hands to acknowledge God was there with them and walked back to the waiting room, where everyone was to wait with him.

3 Hours later
After endless cups of tasteless coffee and wringing hands and almost unbearable waiting, they saw the doctor come towards them, and Urs stood up quickly.
“How is she doctor, how is my wife?”
“The operation was a huge success, she has come through it fine, she is still sleeping so she cannot have more than one visitor at a time and only for a few minutes.”
Everyone agreed it was right for Urs to be the first visitor.
Urs cracked the door open inch by inch, not wanting to disturb her, and went to sit by her bed.
She was hooked up to a heart monitor which the Doctor told them was just a precaution.
Urs took her hand and held it ever so gently in his, and looking at his wife lying there so peacefully, he knew he could never regret telling her to have the operation.
He remembered back to the last time she menstrated, and he winced. On that occasion she had been laid up for three days with a hot water bottle a constant companion for her stomach, and aspirin beside her bed which it seemed to him she was forever reaching for.
He had worried about it, but she had told him she was so immune to the tablets now she could take 50 and it wouldn't hurt her, and he knew then that the hysterectomy was the only choice they had.
He thought about the life that they would have now that she wouldn't be in pain anymore, and he breathed a prayer of thanks to God that everything would now be ok for them.
Then he remembered that they still had to get through the adoption, and he realized he couldn't put all his chickens in one basket yet, but he couldn't help but smile at the thought that he would one day be teaching Michael how to be a rooster, he would teach their son how to play soccer, and they would enroll him in a special blind school where he would learn braille, and he would even teach him Dutch, he knew that with Darla by his side, Michael was going to grow up to be a gentle soul, respectful, kind to others, but self sufficent, they wouldn't baby him, they...................
He looked over at Darla and couldn't help the cheeky grin that came to rest on his mouth, well, maybe he would be a little pampered, after all.

30 minutes later
Darla awoke to the sound of light snoring and a numb left hand.
She blinked her groggy eyes open and saw her husband sleeping taking a nap with his head on the bed, and she slowly moved her hand out from under his chin.
Letting out a big yawn, she lightly stroked Urs head and a tiny sleepy smile lit her mouth.
She was not in pain at the moment, the morphine was taking care of that, but she knew it would only be a matter of time, and so she turned her head to the window to catch the last of the sun disappearing behind the hospital building, and sighed.
Urs was a caring soul, but what she had asked the Doctor to do just before they had put her under, well, she wasn't so sure he would like what she had done.......but she was about to find out.
Urs blinked up at her and smiled.

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Posts : 5269
Join date : 2008-12-13
Age : 64
Location : Urs Buhler, The man of my dreams!!
Humor : I found it and as always the joke is on me!!

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Urs's Unbeatable Uber  By: JJ (Sebskittie) - Page 2 EmptyTue Sep 14, 2010 10:25 am

Chapter 27 Michael comes home.

Darla had been re cooperating at home for the past 2 weeks and she was feeling stronger everyday. Urs still didn't allow her to do much, but they were happy.
Luke and Lydia had sent her some Paris style clothes for Michael and Amelia couldn't resist sending a baby blanket she had found in one of the stores in Denmark.
Jaydie and Seb had bought a stuffed puppy dog that they thought he could cuddle at night when he was older.
Jake had decided his welcome home present to his new brother would be a CD of nursery Rhymes and a little night light featuring the characters of Winnie the pooh.
Darla and Urs had asked them not to buy any big items as they had just started painting the nursery and wanted to make sure they could set it up for the needs of their blind child.
Darla remembered back to the night she had returned home and sat with Urs to discuss her plan.
“Urs, I am glad we had friends and family with us when I went into hospital. My Operation was a complete success and now in only 3 weeks we can bring Micheal home. I don't at all regret that I couldn't carry another child, but I realized just before I went under that I still had children inside of me, my eggs. I had the Doctor take them out so they could be frozen.”
Urs just stared. What on earth was going on here? They were about to bring Michael home and now she was talking about surrogacy?
“Darla, forgive me. I said I would support you on your decisions even if I didn't agree with them but I must admit to been very confused here. Eggs frozen? I thought we agreed that Michael would be our only child? And I remember clearly the night you promised that you would let me in on any big decisions regarding Doctors appointments and things of that nature. Am I missing something here?”
“Urs, I know I promised you that I would consult you on everything, it was literally a spur of the moment decision. I couldn't ask the Doctor to wheel me out so I could ask you if I could have my eggs out and frozen, there wasn't time. My eggs can still be used sweetheart, even if I no longer have a womb. And Michael is going to be our only child. I wanted to ask you or discuss with you the possibility of using my eggs to help others out there who can't have children. Donating them.”
It dawned on him what she was trying to ask him and he didn't have the heart to tell her off for not talking to him about it. How could he? His beautiful wife even in a time of extreme stress was still thinking of others, and it melted his heart.
“I am getting the feeling you are asking me if it is alright to offer some of those frozen eggs to Michelle for future children she might like to have. Would I be correct?”
Darla watched Urs carefully, gauzing his reaction as she gave a tiny nod.
Urs looked at her for a long moment, in which Darla's breath was stuck in her throat.
Darla knew that Urs had no issues with any of her children, and the way he had been so warm to both Mich and Nikki after their bombshell on Christmas showed her he also had no problem with the fact that Michelle was gay, but she wasn't sure, and they hadn't discussed it, about his views on both gay marriage and adoption or IVF.
Urs cleared his throat and took Darla's hand.
“We are a family. I am not old enough for any of your kids to think of me as a father figure nor are they young enough to want to do so. Over the coming years I am hoping to get to know them all on a personal level, as a friend, and as a loving husband to their adored Mother. Michelle has taken a brave step in announcing something about herself that a lot of people still to this day are not comfortable with. I am not one of those people. We have fans from all over the world. Black white big thin or gay, they are people with feelings who love our music and we love them just as much. Michelle has just as much right as everyone else to be happy, and that includes children and marriage, and I will not only as your husband but as her friend and step-father support her 100%. As I know she will respect our right to keep our Christian faith and traditions. I am a firm believer that only God himself can judge a person and if he should find fault in the way Michelle chooses to live her life then he will call her on it, I don't intend to. If your desire is for Michelle to have some of your eggs, then you offer with my 100% support and blessing.”
Darla could not have been happier with the outcome.
Michelle had been thrilled to have been completely accepted for herself and had assured Urs she had no intention of intruding on the faith or traditions of her Mother's or siblings.
She had also told Nikki and they both decided that if they worked out, they would try for children in about a year.
Darla had called all her children to tell them the news and they too had all been thrilled, each in their own way parroting Urs wise words.
Darla had had 10 eggs collected. A big bunch in one hit, the Doctor had said.
Dear children that would be born to loving and wonderful parents, Darla had replied.

A week later

Darla was so excited she could hardly stand it. The nursery had been finished the night before by a frantic Urs who had rushed around shopping for a crib, change table, play pen, pram, car seat, chest of drawers for the overflowing pile of clothes from Michaels loving siblings, jolly jumper, baby monitors, nappies, bottles and everything else they could think of.
The social worker assigned to their adoption was coming that morning for their first talk and inspection.
Darla was in the Nursery folding up the last of Michaels clothes into the chest of drawers, the only job Urs would allow her to do, when the doorbell rang.
Taking about 100 calming breaths, she walked slowly towards the door to let in the lady who held their fate in her hands. Not that she was worried or anything, Darla told herself unconvinced.
Urs was in the kitchen, preparing a feast of sweets to tempt even the most hardened dieters into submission, along with a pot of tea and coffee, and juice should she prefer that better.
Her name was Sandrine Perrier. She was a striking young woman with beautiful auburn curly hair and brown eyes. Her skin was porcelain white, her smile was captivating.
Darla caught her breath at the sight of her, and paled a little.
She quickly recovered herself and with a stunned smile swept her hand to enter.
Sandrine saw the look her client gave her and was puzzled by it. Perhaps it was because of her age, she was young, but she knew she was a darn good worker and she was still proving herself a year into her job.
She brushed it aside and entered. She looked at all she saw as she was led into the lounge room and knew that the clients had wealth. That went down big with most social workers, but it did not with her. She based her assumptions on the talks she had with parents, their facial expressions and how they handled themselves with the children they were adopting.
Settling herself on the sofa, she looked at the Buhlers. She of course had heard of IL DIVO, but was not a fan. She had to admit to herself that she did like their song ETILAY though.
Her sister was a huge fan of the French one, and in Sandrine's opinion, a little obsessed.
Forcing herself back to the task at hand, Sandrine shook herself.
Smiling again to include both her clients, she held out her hand.
“Hello, My name is Sandrine Ferrier, and I will be your social worker through this adoption. I am pleased to meet you both. As you would have been made aware of, I will be making another 2 visits to the home through the next 3 months to assess how well you both care for Michael and how well he responds with the both of you. I will also be checking his weight on each visit to make sure his health is been looked after and If my assessment is sound I will also be at court with you both to report to the judge I believe you are the right parents for Michael. Mrs Buhler, I noticed at the door you paled a little at my appearance. You can request before you bring Michael home to have another social worker appointed, If you feel I am too young, or you are not satisfied with my work ethic to date.”
“No, No, I am sure you will do your job well despite your age. I was a little stunned to see the similarities between you and a lady that has taken a dislike to my daughter. Forgive me.”
Sandrine looked a little startled at that comment and in a moment of unprofessional frankness asked a personal question.
“Is your daughter married to Your band member, Mr Buhler? The French one, Sebastien, I believe is his name?”
“Yes, why she indeed is.”
“I believe the lady you speak of Mrs Buhler is my sister Veronique.”
Both Urs and Darla looked at each other in a bewildered look of panic.
“Do not worry. I do not mix my personal matters with work. I will be as impartial as I would be any other clients. But if you prefer to have another person take over............”
“No. Urs?”
“No, I agree with my wife. You look like a very professional and mature young woman. I can see despite your age that you will do your job. We both ask you to stay with us.”
Sandrine could not help but feel a twinge of sympathy for the couple. She knew her sister would make even the holiest of people want to hit her.
“I would like to stay. Michael as you would have already seen is a favorite with everyone he comes in contact with. He deserves a nice home and family. And I am here to see he gets it.
If my report to the judge is satisfactory, he or she will then ask you to sign the legally binding document of custody in front of him and announce that the adoption has been granted. I will come for my last visit about 2 months afterwards just to see the Michael has completely settled in and that will be it. Do you have any questions?”
Before Darla could stop it she burst out with, “Does your sister have a problem with everyone or just with overweight people?”
Urs closed his eyes as horrified silence descended upon the room.
Darla's eyes flew open when she heard the sound of Sandrine start to laugh.
It bubbled out quietly and quickly reached feverish pitch as Urs and Darla both looked on , dumbfounded.
Once all had quietened Sandrine explained.
“I am sorry I startled you both. My sister as you know was staying at the woodfield inn at the time you were. Vera as I call her is very nasty, always has been. She was Papa's everything, very spoiled and very used to getting her own way. She does not at all handle rejection or criticism well though she can dish out some whooper insults. Anyway, I was having lunch with Maman when she called. We are French but we were raised in England where my Mother lives and America where Papa is based. She was on holidays.
She absolutely was furious that someone had dared to question her and tell her off. She was so highly offended at your daughter, Jaydie? Oui? That she went on for at least an hour at the injustice of it. When Maman finally rang off from her we laughed for the rest of the day. Then when I came to see her and she was wearing a black eye and she told me what happened I was in absolute hysterics. She hasn't spoken to me since for laughing about it. You saying that just reminded me of it. I wouldn't normally condone violence but that black eye was the most amusing sight I have ever seen and it still delights me to think of it. She has a problem with those who stand in the way of what she wants, and she wants Sebastien.”
Darla snorted.
“Seb could walk past 10 women doing a naked fan dance and he wouldn't notice a single one of them. He loves my daughter very much and is committed to her. Your sister is never going to have him.”
“I already gathered that much. My sister needs to grow up, but she has a big blockage. And that is, in her opinion, she is better than everyone else. I don't expect that now I know the situation and have been very unprofessional discussing personal matters at work that I would be the best person for you.”
Urs smiled and Darla laughed.
“We think you are the best person for us, please stay.”
“If that is what you really want, I would love to stay on this case.”
“We will be collecting him this afternoon from the Orphanage, won't we?”
“Yes, if all goes well with this interview. I of course have to inspect the nursery and the rest of the surroundings, and make sure you understand the procedures of the adoption. I have no doubt that you will not let your child get bullied in any way, and I know you Mrs Buhler have raised 6 children already so you know all about looking after babies. The interview part is at an end if you have no questions. Now it is just the inspection.”
“I only have one question. Darla and I have been a little concerned. We have all the baby things we could think of, does Michael need any special sort of learning for him been blind? I mean, for him only been 6 months he will only know us from our voices, will he still respond to tapes and CD'S?”
“Oh Yes. We have a number of blind children that respond amazingly well to voice recognition. Nursery Rhymes are good to start them on with tapes, but also reading to them will help greatly as well. If you get him started ASAP on been as independent as he can from an early age, it will be a great advantage to him in the future. My advice is don't baby him and mollycoddle him just because he is blind. He can do all the things that a child who can see can do with his other senses.”
“Is there a special blind preschool you would recommend? So he can interact with other children at a young age? He is going to be our only child and my older children will not be starting families for quite a while, as far as I know.”
“I can check and collect some information to give you the next time we meet on schools and kindergartens in the area that would best suit a child like Michael. He is a happy little fellow, always smiling and clapping and he will be crawling soon. I agree it is best for him to be around other children.”
“Is there anything we shouldn't do? Anything we should know about so we don't do something we shouldn't?”
“Well, apart from taking him out of the country and treating him badly, there isn't anything I can think of, no.”
“Well, that is all the questions I have.”
Urs nodded.
“If we think of anything, we can call you.”
They walked Sandrine through to the nursery and she nodded approvingly. Everything appeared to be in order as they led her through the rest of the house and around the gardens.
What she had seen in the interview and inspection appeared to her to be more than satisfactory.
She turned to face them at the door.
“I am going to the Orphanage now to have a talk with Miss Summers. I have seen today that you have a good understanding of children Mrs Buhler. Mr Buhler, you asked some very sensible questions about Michael's welfare which showed concern and wanting to do the right thing. The nursery and surroundings are more than adequate for a child and I am satisfied you will care for Michael and be great adoptive parents for him. What I have seen today in this first assessment puts you in very good stead for the next 3 months.”
Darla couldn't help the small sigh of relief and Urs was proud as punch.
Sandrine smiled again after shaking hands with them and walked to her car.
She couldn't help but have the feeling these people would not only adopt Micheal, but would also be in her life for a long time to come.

“.................And so I am satisfied and pleased to report that Mr and Mrs Buhler's first assessment went well according to plan. The house is lovely, the nursery is clean and freshly painted, Mr and Mrs Buhler it is obvious to me love Michael very much already and would make great parents for him. He will not come to any harm with the Buhlers. I am happy to sign the paper for them to come and take him home today.”
After the necessary papers had been signed, Urs received a call on his mobile.
“Mr Buhler? Yes, it is Kyla Summers here. Anytime you are ready, you can come to collect Michael. Miss Ferrier gave a glowing report about you both been respectful and considerate. OK, we will see you soon, bye now.”
Darla practically skipped out the door, Urs doing a little hop, and they made it there in record time.
Urs raced towards Michael as soon as he saw him and Michael smiled a big gappy slobbery smile and babbled in his own baby tongue. Darla couldn't stop kissing him which made Michael giggle, an adorable sound to his two adoring loving parents.
Michael took pride of place in Urs strong Daddy arms on the walk home and Michael dribbled clapped giggled and wriggled happily the whole way.
At last, their son was home.

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Chapter 28 It's been 6 months.

Darla was cooking dinner when the phone rang. Picking it up before it could wake Michael, Darla breathed a quiet hello.
“Mom, It's me.”
“Hi Sebbie, how's my golden boy?”
“I am fine, how's the little one?”
“Sleeping like a baby, excuse the pun. What's up?”
“Well, I was wondering if I could ask you a favor?”
“Well, you know we have to start on the new album next week? I don't know where that 6 months went but it sure flew. Jaydie has me a bit concerned. She is trying so hard to lose weight Mom. I want to be there for her and help her, but she gets so downhearted when she weighs herself each week and she is still the same weight. Can you talk to her, get her to relax for awhile? I don't really want to leave her when she is so upset.”
“Sure, how about I come around tonight? Urs will be home in a few minutes, he just went to get some nappies, and after dinner I will drive over.”
“That would be great, see you soon.”
“Bye now.”
Hearing the key turn, Darla had a prepared smile for her husband.
“If I knew I was going to be smiled at like that every time I went to buy nappies I would adopt 100 of our little guy.”
“That definitely would NOT put a smile on my face. I love our little guy but his future cousins will be all the kids he needs, thank you very much. I had a phone call from Seb. He is a bit concerned about Jaydie, I promised I would drive over tonight and see if I could talk to her.”
“Has she lost any weight so far?”
“Only a minimal amount. She is trying so hard. She is a beautiful girl and doesn't need to lose any weight, but.........”
“I know, we will keep supporting her and she will eventually see she doesn't have to try so hard. We will come with you, you know every time Jaydie sees Michael she shines.”
“That is why she is trying so hard to lose the weight. She won't say so to Seb because she doesn't want him to go back to the studio worried, but she is afraid that if she doesn't lose weight she won't be able to have kids.”
“Nonsense. Women stones bigger than Jaydie fall pregnant every day and produce beautiful healthy babies. I read about a woman once who had to be lifted out of her house by a crane when she was in labor with her child and she was double and more Jaydie's size.”
“I know. Well, I can only talk to her. Do you mind if we leave dinner? I just don't have much of an appetite right now.”
“No, bubs is up so let's get him dressed and ready.”

David and Leona's house
David was in Bed with Leona panting beside him.
“My Gosh but you make a woman blush. I didn't think you could possibly spice up sex anymore than you had but you sure proved me wrong, WOW!!!!!”
“Darling, I have tricks up my sleeve you ain't seen yet.”
“Er........except you aren't wearing a shirt so you haven't got any tricks left to pull out,” Leona giggled.
“Well now, I do declare the lady is right,”David huffed as he fumbled around for his shirt.
Leona had something SHE wanted to show David and slowly inched her way under the cover.
David shouted as he felt her tongue slid along the inside of his leg and he stopped reaching for his shirt.
He knew what his woman could do with her tongue and he was going to enjoy every moment of it.
Another hour passed before Leona pulled off the sweat soaked sheet from her body.
“Do you know that it has been 6 months since we met?”
“Why, it has, and we have been going out for 5 of them.”
David was glad he was already sweaty because he knew what he was about to do next was going to be the biggest moment of his life to date, even bigger than IL DIVO.
He wiggled out of bed and walked to the bathroom, and looked at himself in the mirror.
“Don't you start that shower without me,”Leona giggled as she moved towards the bathroom.
David watched her as she came in and thought about his life without her.
WHAT LIFE?? His heart screamed at him, there wouldn't be one.
David, he thought to himself, you are going to do this tonight. You have been trying for the last week and clammed up you yellow livered chicken. Now take this woman in your arms and tell her how you feel.
“Leona, before the shower, I have to tell you something.”
Leona could feel the tension radiating from him in waves and smiled to reassure him.
“Whatever it is, David, I am sure I am not going to bite you.”
“You already have, twice, as I recall, and I loved every bit of it. No, I want to more ask you something. Come and sit on the bed.”
Leona did as instructed while David, stark naked, paced.
Finally he went to his side drawer and opened it to reveal a small jewelery box.
Leona's eyes widened as David got on one knee.
Leona, I love you, my heart can't live without you, my brain wouldn't function without you, my body wouldn't be loved without you, my soul wouldn't be complete without you, my eyes would cry without seeing you, my ears couldn't take not hearing the sound of you softly whispering you love me, my nose would miss your sweet perfume, I would be totally lost without you, Please, marry me................
That is what Leona dreamed would be said, it wasn't.
“Leona, my love, we have been together 5 months, and in that time I have had nothing but joy in my heart, you have been my everything. Living with you is a gift, one I will cherish for eternity. I am not ready for a big step like marriage, but I do want you to have something before I go back to the studio that shows just how much you mean to me. I love you Leona, I am in love with you. Will you accept this locket with the pictures of us at Jaydie and Seb's wedding, as a promise that one day we will proceed to have a wedding on our own?”
Leona couldn't help feeling a twinge of momentary sadness that it hadn't been a proposal, but the gift that David was presenting to her was a gift she would cherish forever, it was the first time he had ever said one day.

Carlos and Melissa's house
Carlos was sitting out the back in the love seat they had purchased upon buying the house, looking over the perfectly maintained gardens of Roses, Sunflowers, Daisies, Hyacinths, and Violets. Arches of Lavender and Jasmine interwoven with beautiful green leaves stretched along the back wall, this was their favorite time of the night, watching the last rays of sun give enough light to shine the spectacular hues of pink and orange clouds across the everlasting brilliance of perfect sky.
Melissa was in bed sick with a stomach bug they both hoped would only last 24 hours.
Finishing the last of his coffee, Carlos sighed and thought back to the day 6 months ago that had changed his dull and dreary life outside of IL DIVO to a bright and happy never ending
sparkle of joyous bubbles that he never wanted to pop.
He Loved Melissa with all his heart and knew she would want to hit him for doing this, but he couldn't wait a moment longer.
He felt in his back pocket for the tiny piece of Jewelery that had been sitting there for most of the day.
He walked inside to hear the faint sound of the TV in the living room and went in to see Melissa propped up with a bunch of pillows behind her and a bowl of melting ice-cream in front of her, and he couldn't help but let out a long breath of happiness.
Melissa heard him and smiled him in.
“I thought you were in bed, young lady.”
“I couldn't stay up there any longer tossing and turning. I never did make a good bed patient. Even with you Doctoring me. Been out watching the sunset?”
“Yes, and it was a beauty tonight. One day you really must get a shot of it.”
“I will. I didn't tell you, I got a call yesterday from the Teachers Collage, I got in.”
“Oh, how marvelous. I never had any doubt you would. Have you told Leona yet? Would you be in the same class?”
“Yep, I called her straight after I got the news and she was thrilled. I was going to tell you last night but more important matters got in the way.”
Carlos wiggled his brows really fast and Melissa groaned.
“You know that drives me wild and I don't feel up to it. That's just nasty, Carlos.”
“I will be missing it tonight to. You are a hot sexy woman, my dear Mel. But I have something that might cheer you up a bit.”
“What is it?”
“Ah, first you have to close your eyes real tight and promise not to peek.”
“Don't tease me, Carlos, I have the right to be impatient today. Oh, if you insist. There, my eyes are closed.”
Carlos bent down on one knee and opened the velvet box.
“You can open them now.”
“Carlos why are you..................OH!!!!!!!!!!!”
Inside was a stunning love heart shaped sapphire and diamond ring.
Carlos opened his mouth to make a small speech but nothing come out, he was so nervous he couldn't speak, he could only hope that the ring would say it for him. It did.
“Carlos Marin, are you proposing to me? Now? While I am at my worst? No make up? Face as pale as white marble? You are proposing to me at my worst so I can feel better? If that doesn't show me that you love me completely nothing does. I love you so much, of course I will marry you.”
Carlos's starved lungs breathed a sigh of pained relief as he slipped the ring onto her delicate finger, it was a perfect fit.

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Chapter 29 Seb's French loving.

Jaydie was in the home gym when the Buhlers came to the door. Seb let them in.
“Hey, guys. Hi there Michael. Mom, she's in the gym if you want to see her.”
“In the gym? Good Lord that girl is going to work herself into hospital if she doesn't quit this. Excuse us.”
Darla, armed with Michael and a load of determination, marched towards the dreaded gym room, where she saw her daughter crying.
Jaydie looked up as they entered and breathed a short sigh of relief it wasn't Seb.
Then she saw the look her Mother was giving her and knew she was in for a lecture, something she didn't need.
“Mom, don't start.”
Michael held his arms out towards Jaydie and she lit up. This little soul bought her so much joy. She wondered if Seb would like to adopt one day, seeing as she was too porky to carry one.
Jaydie jumped, startled, realizing too late she had said that thought aloud, and looked up to see her husband and Urs had just entered the room and heard the last remark.
Silence descended for a very uncomfortable and tense few minutes before Jaydie suddenly leaped up and ran from the room.
Seb instantly made to go after her, but Darla held up her hand to stop him.
“I finally realize Seb, Urs, what this is connected to. I should have realized it earlier but I honestly thought that Jaydie had forgotten about it. Did Jaydie happen to tell you Seb what happened on the night that we stayed at Hyde Park?”
“Yes. You shopped at Harrod's and you ate at a restaurant for dinner.”
“No, Seb, that isn't all that happened. Do you remember the girl, Veronique, the sister of our case worker?”
“How could I forget? She tripped my wife and called her..........Oh, I see. Jaydie started wanting to lose weight after that, she has taken that comment to heart. Wait, you said Hyde Park, but that happened at the Inn.”
“That was a different occasion. What you didn't know obviously is that Veronique is English, with a French and American background, from what we learned from Sandrine, she has taken a real liking to you. Veronique, or Vera, as Sandrine calls her, was at the restaurant that night, waiting for an opportunity to strike. She found me instead. Jay and Mich had gone to the ladies room and out of the corner of my eye I saw Vera go to follow and I intercepted. She said some very nasty things about Jaydie that I just couldn't tolerate and I hit her, gave her a black eye. I told Jaydie what had happened along with the other girls and she brushed it off, but obviously she didn't forget. I think those comments have really hit her badly.”
Seb looked at both Urs and Darla and saw in their eyes the concern he saw in his own everyday. He knew he could not go back to the studio or concentrate on a new CD while his wife was in so much torment. He loved his wife, and he wouldn't let some crackpot shake up the life he had waited almost 37 years to find.
“I hope you will wait and make yourselves comfortable but I have to go and talk to my wife. I have obviously been blind to her suffering and I hope now that you have shown me what the underlining problem is that it can and will be fixed. Mom, will you let me go and talk to her first?”
“She is your wife. It is only proper for you to do so.”
Seb found her sitting on a bench in their rose garden, a bench they had placed there in memory of Jayide's grandparent's who had always adored roses. They had dedicated this section of the garden to them.
“Jay, Jaydie my sweet.”
It was that soul crushing cry that was wrenched from Jaydie's mouth that had her in his arms before she could even blink.
“Why didn't you tell me? I love you so much, but you kept this from me. Don't ever do that, sweet wife of mine. Let me in, please.”
“Seb, I tried. I am so sorry I didn't tell you. I wanted to so many times. Mom is so smart, I knew she would work it out, I heard her tell you, I was standing behind the patio doors. I felt so cheap, so overweight. I couldn't help comparing myself to Vera Seb. She is so beautiful and slender, and I wanted to be a good wife for you, someone you would be proud to have on your arm and someone you would be happy to show off to the public. I didn't feel I deserved your love if I couldn't give you that.”
Seb could not believe his ears.
“Cherie, la femme (wife), Je taime. I love every part of you. Le visage, (face) les cheveux (hair), le dos (back) ….......hmmm let me see. La poitrine (chest), I love every single bit.”
Jayide believed him, and slowly started to smile, and it reached her eyes.
“Tell me more.”
“Hmmmm, I loooooooooove bouche (mouth), le cou (neck), le nez (nose), and even if I have to spend every day of the rest of my life proving it, I love your l'estomac (stomach).”
Jaydie reached up to kiss him, and they were both breathless by the time they pulled apart.
“Seb, I know you have been worried about me and I regret and apologize putting you through the stress, but would you mind if I suggested an exercise we could both participate in up in our le lit?? (bed)”
Seb groaned.
“You vixen. You do realize that we have house guests, don't you?”
Jaydie batted her eyelashes and smiled a smile that had Seb longing for a very cold shower and asked innocently, “I didn't say now, now did I?”
“I think, my temptress, that you better go in and assure your worried parents that you are OK while I sit here and think about tax returns.”
Jaydie burst out laughing.
“What a strange person you are to want to think of such a thing at this time. May I ask why?”
Seb, without a word, pulled her in to him so she could feel his..............she smiled again and he shooed her off with a swat on her backside and a wink that suggested a very pleasurable night ahead.

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Chapter 30 I'm your angel

Leona was annoyed, but she was trying very hard not to show it. She had just had a call from Jaydie who had excitedly told her that Seb had bought her a puppy. A beautiful golden retriever she had named Bella.
Urs and Darla were going on a weekend trip to London while the Izambards looked after Michael.
Carlos had just proposed to Melissa and he was taking her to Paris for the weekend.
And her and David were staying home.
That's right, they were staying home, and yet they had just found out that next week they would be shipped off to Stockholm to start the new album.
Even Michelle and Nikki were making plans to go and visit Amelia in Denmark.
Leona didn't want to sound petty but she started her Teachers degree next month and wanted to do a little more than stay at home.
And it sounded like the guys would be in Stockholm for 2 months, taking a short week break while Urs was at court.
Then it would be back to Stockholm to finish the album.
Promotions would be next followed by a tour.
Well, Leona sighed, maybe soon..............
“Leona, have you heard a word I just said?”
Startled, a sheepish smile appeared on her face as she turned to David.
“No, I'm sorry, did you say something?”
Looking at her strangely, David shook his head and then the tickets he held in his hands.
“I wanted to surprise you. 2 tickets to Scotland to stay at the castle over the weekend. I know it isn't going to be much but...........”
David yelped as Leona threw herself into his startled arms and kissed him repeatedly.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!”
“Well, had I have known this was the thanks I would receive I would have booked a cruise instead.”
“Oh, I was just thinking I would love to get out for the weekend. I thought we were going to just stay at home and was a little annoyed because everyone else was going away. Except Seb and Jaydie, they have Michael to look after this weekend.”
“Nope, I booked these tickets a week ago. With you starting your course next month and us on the way to Sweden there wasn't much time to plan anything else and I wanted to surprise you, which I can see I did.”
“You did.”
“Well, you better get packed, the plane leaves in 2 hours.”

Carlos was delighted to see the look of awe on Melissa's face as she pressed her face to the window of the plane and looked out as they flew into the clouds.
“I never get tired of this Carlos and even though it is only a short plane ride and I have been on planes a few times before, flying through the clouds is an experience you couldn't ever get tired of.”
“I agree. I love it also. Now, the driver is going to pick us up at the airport. I learned a bit of French from Seb and.........what?”
“Oh Carlos, you are just so adorable. I just sometimes wonder how I got so blessed to meet you, let alone marry you. I just think you are the sweetest man on earth.”
“Sweet? Me? No, Seb is the sweet one, David is the funny one, Urs the punctual one, and me, I am the flirt. We all bring those Qualities. I think you my dear are the most lovely and kind hearted soul there is, and I too am blessed to have you.”
“Well, we complete each other, that is a great thing.”
All was quiet until they landed and Melissa didn't know where to look first. This was her first time to Paris and she intended to make the most of it.
“Well, I see I made the right choice. You are absolutely glowing and we haven't even left the airport yet.”
“Oh Carlos, this is the most wonderful surprise. I thought because I had been sick we would just stay at home and I wouldn't have cared if that had been the case because anywhere I am with you I am happy. But been in Paris, WOW.”
“It is an amazing city. I have been here before obviously but with you I am seeing it through a fresh pair of eyes. Your joy about been here makes me excited to see this beautiful part of France with you. And just for the occasion, I learned this from Seb. Madame Marin, comment allez-vous?”
“I haven't told you I speak French, have I?. Je suis heureux, Monsieur Marin. (I am happy, Mr Marin).
“When did you learn to speak French?”
“Oh, when I was a small child. I wanted to learn a new language and French was picked out for me. I loved it straight away and picked it up easily. I could use a refresher course but, I know enough to get by.”
“Well, let's hope so. Our driver is here.”

Jaydie and Seb.
“Well, little man, this book seems very appropriate for you. It is called My First Tooth, by Lynn Breeze. This little baby sucks his thumb, and chew chew chews on a sore sore gum. He kicks two legs and nibbles his toe, crawls along, how far can he go? Time for lunch, time for a drink, bite on the spoon, chink chink chink! Open wide please, oh look Mum! This little baby's first tooth has come!!!! Yes, that's you, isn't it? You are getting to be a big boy now, aren't you? In 3 months you will be a year old. And you will be walking soon.”
“I know, I can't believe he is now 9 months old. That 3 months has just flown. And I can't believe we he been married 6 months already. Who would have ever thought it? I remember when I first saw you, you asked that question about cell phones and when I looked at you it felt like someone had ripped me of breath, you were so beautiful.”
“And now?”
“Now I look at you with Michael and I think if I ever had to pick a moment to remember in my life to date it would be this one. You are stunning Jaydie, and I thank God everyday you are in my life. One day, we will also have children.”
“I hold him in my arms and I long for our own child. But if we are honest, or at least I feel this way, it is too early for us to start a family. We have only been together 6 months. I want to be selfish, especially as you are leaving in only 2 more days, and have it been just us for at least another year.”
“I feel the same way. I think us babysitting Michael is enough for me at the moment.”
Jaydie smiled and they watched as Michael crawled towards the sounds he heard of Bella yapping at the dog on TV.
“You know, I think Michael has made another friend.”
Seb hugged his wife to him then scooped Michael up in his arms for his daily bath, a time that Seb loved.
Jaydie Watched Seb as he slept and tenderness filled her heart. She knew he had been so worried about her lately he hadn't slept at all well and she was sorry for that.
They had talked about it and decided that if she felt she needed to when the album was completed and he could be with her before the tour started, she would have her stomach banded.
She felt though that that was just not the way to go.
Jaydie knew that it was silly for her to be so worried about something they had both agreed was not so important at the moment, not that she really felt that way.
She couldn't tell Seb, but she desperately longed for children. She wanted to conceive so badly sometimes she ached with it. She had told Seb she wanted to wait only because she did want to be thinner, Her Mom was right, Veronique's comments had cut her to the bone, and she didn't know how to stop the insecurities forming and crowding in on her.
Feeling a slight touch on her hand, she looked down to see she had been dripping tears onto Michael's adorable head.
She hadn't even realized she had started crying.
Seeing Seb was still sleeping, and grateful he couldn't see her sad, she picked Michael up and carried him to his crib. Each of the children had bought a crib for their houses for when Darla and Urs needed them to babysit.
“Michael, you are always so happy. You have such a loving family and are going to be such a fussed over little boy. I love you, so much, and I only ever want to see you happy, even though your sister isn't. How about a song to lighten the mood, would you like that?”
Michael said something in his baby tongue that Jaydie took to mean yes and laid him down.
As soon as she did he started to grizzle.
“Hey there now, is that tooth giving you problems? OK, I will pick you up and sing to you.”
Jaydie Loved the song I'm your angel by Celine Dion and R Kelly, the words were uplifting and it had always inspired her, like so many of Celine's songs before it.

No mountains too high for you to climb,
all you have to do is have some climbing faith
No rivers too wide, for you to make it across,
all you have to do, is believe it when you pray
And then you will see, the morning will come,
and everyday will be bright as the sun
So all of your fears, just cast them on me,
I just want you to see

I'll be your cloud up in the sky, I'll be your shoulder when you cry
I hear your voices when you call me, I am your angel
And when all hope is gone I'm here, no matter how far you are I'm near
It makes no difference who you are, I am your angel, I'm your angel

I saw your teardrops, and I heard you cry, all you need is time
seek me and you shall find
You have everything and you're still lonely
It don't have to be this way, let me show you a better day

And then you will see, the morning will come
And everyday will be bright as the sun
So all of your fears, just cast them on me
How can I make you see?


And when it's time to face the storm,
I'll be right by your side
Grace will keep you safe and warm,
and I know we will survive
When it seems as if the end is drawing near
Don't you dare give up the fight
Put your trust beyond the skies

Chorus x4

Oh Oh oo-oo-oo-ooh I'm your angel.

Michael was fast asleep when Jaydie put him down for his nap but Seb was wide awake with silent tears pouring down his face.
He knew how to help his wife, he just had to put it into motion, and hoped she forgave him for it.

Urs and Darla
Darla could not believe she could miss her little man so much after having just left him only a few hours before.
Urs had gone to so much trouble to set this up for her and she wasn't going to blow it, she just had to call once and find out if he had settled OK, with his tooth coming through he would be sore and he might be missing his Mommy and Daddy.
Urs had seen the look and sighed.
He too couldn't help but feel a little concerned about Michael, his boy had his first tooth and it made him proud.
His only real fear was that Michael would start to walk while he was away, that was one thing he really didn't want to miss.
Urs had to admit his ears had pricked up when Darla had gulped at hearing Michael was a bit grizzly, but all was now well and Urs was taking a nap.
She had bought herself a new teddy before leaving and was going to model it for Urs tonight.
Not that she expected it would be on for long, she thought as she ran the bath big enough for the both of them to fit in.
Putting in some lavender shower gel, she made sure the water wasn't too hot before undressing.
Walking back into the bedroom, she sat on the bed and started nibbling at Urs ears.
Sighing a little Urs turned over but didn't wake up.
Hmm, Darla thought, more action needed here.
Darla started to nibble down Urs neck while undoing his belt buckle. Unbuttoning his shirt, she started kissing down his chest with no response.
“Great,” Darla muttered to herself, “I want action and none is forthcoming.”
Just about to jump off the bed Darla squeaked when she found herself under Urs.
“Action is forthcoming, that I can assure you. Now, I believe I owe you a few nibbles.”
Urs didn't bother about the small stuff, he went for the grand prize straight off, and Darla groaned in exquisitely painful pleasure.
“Urs, Oh Gosh, that's goooooooood, so gooooood, Oh use your tongue on me, YES YES YES!!!!!”
Darla grabbed the bedsheets as her back arched in the air at the orgasm that hit her when Urs gently blew on her clit.
Urs didn't stop there, he felt how wet she was before undoing his jeans and thrusting straight into her, Darla screeched and new waves of blissful pleasure rocked her body each time Urs slammed himself home.
Urs couldn't hold out any longer and he let go, the feel of Urs semen hitting her propelling her to have another powerful orgasm.
Urs, breathless, dropped his head down onto Darla's chest and he stayed there until he felt he could move.
He rolled off her and looked into her shining face, filled with satisfaction.
Urs took his clothes off and laid next to her, now that the wild need to come together was over they could take the time to rediscover each other.
Darla finally found the breath to speak.
“I ran a bath for us, I thought we could spend some time just relaxing with each other. We haven't been able to have this time alone together for awhile. Thank you for surprising me with this trip, you are a caring and wonderful man, I love you.”
“I love you too, my angel.”
They walked to the bathroom and spent the time washing each other and talking about everything.
They walked around the park and just relaxed in each others company.
Walking back to the hotel after a light dinner, they snuggled and watched a bit of TV before making love again, and again, and again.
Each couple for their own reasons thought that this weekend in particular was one of the most special of all.

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Chapter 31 Veronique loses

No body of course could have known that Veronique was going to come back on the scene in the most dramatic of ways.
The guys had already left for Sweden and everybody was missing them terribly.
Jaydie had asked if she could take Michael with her shopping for the day, and of course Darla had no problem with it, in fact she was happy to see Jaydie seemed to be wanting to go out at all.
Seb had worked on his plan and let everybody in it. He was still worried about leaving but had to trust that his instincts on this were correct and everything would turn out OK.
Darla and the other girls set in motion, it had to all be prepared by the time Jaydie returned.
Jaydie was sitting feeding Michael in the park when she noticed a woman looking at her from a distance. She could not see the woman clearly enough to know for sure, but she thought it was Veronique.
Keeping a close watch, it was apparent to her after a few minutes of very uncomfortable scrutiny from the woman that she was not going to let up, and Jaydie for the first time that morning wished she had asked Tony, Her and Seb's driver in times when Seb was away, to drive her.
Seb had insisted on hiring a driver for her protection but she had refused. Jaydie was very uncomfortable with the thought of using her title of been Seb's wife to have luxuries she frankly didn't need anyway. It wasn't her, and she and Seb had had their first fight about it.
Finally Seb had made her feel so guilty about it that she had given in.
Now, she felt a bit silly about it.
Tony was a stockily built man and the first time she asked him to drive her to the shops she had noticed that he had not waited in the car, but had followed her everywhere, and she had been so annoyed at Seb for hiring him she wouldn't speak to him for the night.
Seb had finally confessed to her that he was a security guard, and that after what had happened with Veronique he wasn't taking any chances, and she didn't have the heart to say no.
But she had been a bit stubborn today and had taken off.
Jaydie felt her neck tense and she knew without looking up that the woman was coming closer.
“Well, I see it isn't just America you contaminate with your presence but also London, where next?”
Jaydie refused to answer. She did not want any part of an argument, she wanted to finish having a quiet day with her brother.
Veronique kicked her and Jaydie hissed a breath through her teeth.
“Answer me when I speak to you!!!!!”
Jayide looked Veronique straight in the eyes.
“I have nothing to say to you, Veronique. You are intruding on my time with my brother, and I would like it if you would leave and let us finish our lunch in peace.”
“Oh, well isn't that sweet? Your brother, is he? And here I thought your Mother was too old to carry another child. You must be what? At least 35?”
“I am 26 this year. My mother is only 45 and she and Urs are adopting this little one. And you are still intruding.”
“This here is a public park and I intend to come and go as I please. I see you still haven't lost any weight. Shame, I heard Sebastien has left with his buddies, all alone now, are you? Hmm, might have to book myself a trip to Sweden to visit him, I am sure he would appreciate holding a real woman in his arms.”
“Yes, I do. My wife.”
“Seb, what on earth are you doing here?”
Jaydie practically wrestled Seb to the ground she was so happy to see him, and Michael was giggling with happiness at the excitement.
“I didn't feel right. I couldn't settle at the airport and I asked Simon to give me one more day. Now I know why. Tony told me you had already left and I was mad as heck, I was coming to march you back home and give you a good talking to when I saw who was with you. I knew you would be here.”
“I am so glad you are here. I know I should have taken Tony but it was such a beautiful day I just had to walk.”
Veronique snorted.
“Yes, I am sure that's a first.”
Seb put his arms around his wife and baby brother and looked at Veronique in utter disgust.
“Listen here you. I don't usually talk out of turn with anyone. But you are starting to really get on my nerves. My wife has done nothing to deserve your slander or hate campaign against her. If anything she has tried to befriend you. For whatever reason you feel insecure it is your own business and you need to deal with it. I am taking my wife home. I have never had a problem with any fan of ours before and I hope I don't have to start now. I have heard everything you have said and I gather you like me, if you do, then you will respect my wishes. I want you to leave my wife and family alone. By all means if you must come to the concerts but I don't want you near my family, do I have your word that you will respect what I have asked you today?”
“Seb, look at me.”
“I am looking, what am I supposed to see?”
Veronique could not understand how he could be so blind.
“I am beautiful. I have a great body, I could give you pleasure and make you happy, I could give you everything you want.”
“You can't give me love. For I already have that with a woman I see as been more beautiful than any woman who has Graced this earth, and that woman is standing beside me now. My wife. She has a wonderful body, she brings me great pleasure in all ways and she makes me the happiest I have ever been in my life. Jaydie gives me everything I want in been my wife, my lover and my friend, and I don't want or need anything else.”
“You can't seriously be telling me you are passing me up?”
“I am telling you exactly that.”
Seb had no intention of hearing any more. With his shell shocked wife and Michael bundled in his arms he grabbed the pram and without a backward glance, walked away.
Veronique had finally gotten the hint.

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Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)
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