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"We Came Here To Love".

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  Air Canada Centre, Toronto Canada

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 Air Canada Centre, Toronto Canada Empty
PostSubject: Air Canada Centre, Toronto Canada    Air Canada Centre, Toronto Canada EmptySun Sep 26, 2010 12:16 am

Well the concerts have come and gone and now I am left with such a feeling of joy (and a little sadness that it is over)!

Well, honestly words fail me!!! It was everything and so so much more than I expected or could have ever dreamed of it being!!!! The guys were nothing short of AMAZING…truly AMAZING!!!! They sounded perfect…each and every one of them impressed me to no end! David was lively and fun and oh so lovely and sang magnificently! Seb was sweet and adorable and also sounded wonderful! Carlos was…well, Carlos! He sang beautifully and he was getting a huge reaction from the crowd. Urs….my dear lovely Urs!!! What I can possibly say to express the feelings I had watching and listening to him perform, again words fail me! From the moment he came onto the stage until the moment he left I was totally captivated by him! He sounds better than ever….and I know I am not alone in that opinion judging from the reaction of the crowd after he sang his parts in Isabel and Hallelujah!!! He was stunning!!!! But the thing that impressed me most about him that night was the way he was enjoying listening to his band mates sing!!!! He would look over at them and watch them sing and you could see the enjoyment in his face….I loved that!!! I didn’t think it possible but my admiration for that man grows more and more every time I see him!!!! He is MAGNIFICENT!

During Amazing Grace I was lucky enough to make it to the small stage and I did get to shake Urs’ and David’s hands!!! What a truly precious moment for me! I didn’t think it would happen as I was standing right behind one of the security guys! But I tapped him on the shoulder and in the sweetest voice I could muster I politely asked him if he would please allow me to get closer to the stage so that I could try to shake their hands! He was very kind and took me by the elbow and led me right to where Urs was singing! I thanked him and then turned around and called our Urs’ name and he looked down and gave me a blinky wink and took my hand!!!! Priceless!!!! Then David came around and I was lucky enough to shake his hand aswell….unfortunately didn’t get one from Seb or Carlos!!

Urs…David…Sebastien & Carlos….BRAVISSIMO!!!!!!


 Air Canada Centre, Toronto Canada 34466920_10216567723333838_1713229885637394432_n_zpspuc40dmi
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Air Canada Centre, Toronto Canada
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