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 Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story

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Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story Empty
PostSubject: Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story   Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 10:54 pm

Chapter 1

The sun’s first rays painted the sky yellow, red, pink and purple, slowly creeping across the blackness. Stars twinkled their last goodnights and disappeared into the early morning sky.

“It’s so beautiful! Thank you for showing me…even if I did have to wake Jane,” Katherine said as she turned away from the breathtaking spectacle to Andrew. She gasped, her hand going to her throat, when she saw him on bended knee before her.

“Marry me. Be my wife and companion.”

“What!?” She hissed quietly, mindful of her chaperone standing near by.

“We’ve know each other for years, Kate. Our families go back generations.”

“But…,” she tried to interject.

“It’s always been expected we’d marry, Kate. Your father has given his blessing to our match,” Andrew persisted.

“I…I didn’t expect this. I…thought we were…comfortable as friends,” Kate argued weakly, feeling trapped and looking for an escape route.

“Don’t fight this, Kate. Just give me your damn hand, and we’ll go back to the house and give everyone the good news.” She could see his neck turning red as his anger rose.

Katherine had seen him angry before, and it wasn’t a pleasant memory. She stepped backwards away from him, her long skirts hampering her movement.

Andrew stood up. “For God’s sake, Kate! For once will you do something responsible?” He reached for her again.

She stepped backwards again, feeling the edge of the cliff beneath her shoes. “Responsible? What about love?” she ventured, summoning all the bravado she could muster to keep the fear out of her voice.

“Love?” he sneered. “Love! Ha! What a load of rubbish. You want to get caught up in all that sentimental rot? This is the 19th century; people like us don’t marry for love!”

She felt her own anger intensifying now, blocking out the fear. At last she found her tongue and lashed out heatedly.

“Well, I’m glad I know your thoughts on the matter. If there was ever any doubt in my mind about our relationship, they are gone now! Leave me! I will not marry you.” She moved to step around him as she continued to berate him. “My father will hear of this and…”

Andrew blocked her path. “Ha, he already knows of my views, and he agreed anyway. It appears he places greater value on my fortune than on your fanciful dreams,” he chided her condescendingly.

“Ooohhhh, you!” Katherine stomped her foot. “I demand you let me past, Andrew!” She fought her mounting panic.

His malicious laughter echoed through the valley, chilling her to the bones. She felt fear rising in her throat as he advanced on her. She glanced to the left and right of her, but it was clear that she had nowhere to go. He grabbed her wrists and yanked her against his body. She struggled ineffectively as he crushed his lips to hers, bruising them. The kiss was nothing more than an act of anger and hatred. He forced his tongue into her mouth and she bit down hard. She felt slightly victorious as she tasted his blood. Andrew bellowed and reared back in pain, releasing his hold on her wrists. Katherine had a fleeting moment of glee at the shocked look on his face. She saw Jane take a tentative step towards Andrew, not wanting to interrupt but fearful for her mistress.

“You bitch!” he shouted venomously. Jane retreated in terror.

He raised his hand and brought it across her face in a mighty backhanded swing. Her head flung back and sideways. The force of the blow threw her off balance. She teetered for a minute, hovering precariously on the edge of the cliff, and then she was gone.
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Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story   Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 10:55 pm

Chapter 2

“You’re not serious are you?” Urs asked, bewildered. “You want to go to a health retreat?”

Sebastien laughed at Urs’ reaction. “What? I thought you would be thrilled to go.”

“They have a great gym and pool,” David added looking up from the brochure.

“And lots of pretty ladies?” Carlos queried, grabbing the pamphlet out of his mate’s hand. “Oohh, look! They have massages and …hens’ parties! Ha! Pretty senoritas. I told you!” He looked smug.

“I do want to go.” Urs smiled wryly at Carlos who was still muttering about the ‘pretty senoritas.’ “I’m just surprised you want to go, Sebastien.”

“Why? I think it would be a good place to recharge the batteries. The place is pretty exclusive. They cater primarily to celebrities that are seeking privacy, so we shouldn’t be surrounded by fans,” Seb said, defending the choice.

“What? No fans?” Carlos and David asked incredulously.

* * * * * *
David shook his head as they checked in to the resort. “No fans. Remind me again why we are here?”

Urs laughed. “Because we need a break from it all…especially the fans.”

The receptionist, overhearing the conversation, smiled at the four handsome singers as she finished the check in process. “You’ll definitely get that here. If you’d like to follow me,” she said as she led them to the lifts and waited. The bellhop disappeared with their bags. The lift arrived and she pressed the button for their floor as they filed past her into the brass-doored cubicle. When they stepped out of the lift, she led them down a corridor and stopped at an impressively carved set of double doors. “Here you are, gentlemen.” She opened the doors and ushered them inside.

“Wow!” David was stunned by the opulence. “We must be in one of the turrets.”

The suite was octagonal with a spiral staircase in the middle, a kitchen on their left and a large sitting area occupying the rest of the first floor. A fireplace graced one wall. They ran upstairs, like children exploring a new house. Their bags were waiting for them in front of a door at the end of a hall. Urs poked his nose out the door and saw that it opened to the main corridor. There were four bedrooms, each lavishly decorated and furnished with a large king-sized bed, a chaise lounge, a chair and a table. A door in each bedroom led to a private bathroom. When they returned to the lower level they noticed the receptionist waiting patiently in the sitting area.

“Thank you….” Urs said as he looked at the lady’s name tag. “Jessie,” he added as he flashed his best smile at her.

“You’re very welcome,” she said as she returned his smile. “Your keys are on the table. If you need anything, dial 9 and that will put you through to reception. There is a booklet by the phone with a map of the facility and a list of all the activities you can indulge yourselves with. Meals are in the main restaurant. Of course, you can request room service, or if you plan to be out on one of the bush walks you can request a hamper. Have a lovely stay, gentlemen.” Jessie walked quickly back the way they had come.

“Well…” Carlos exclaimed, dropping himself down into one of the oversized arm chairs. “I want to sit down and relax, before I start charming the ladies.”

Seb, Urs and David laughed at Carlos’ single-mindedness. They spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and playing cards, something they hadn’t done in a long time. For dinner, they opted for room service rather than going out, ordered a movie on TV, and retired early, exhausted from the grueling pace of touring and performing.
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Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story   Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 10:57 pm

Chapter 3

Over breakfast the next morning the four men decided to spend the day exploring some of the trails. They organised a hamper for lunch, enjoying the flexibility it gave them. Urs grabbed a map of the trails and they headed off, agreeing on the Orchid Valley track. They made their way along, stopping every so often to watch a bird or animal, or to take a picture. The path wound down the valley and crossed a river, stopping at a grassed area under a cliff.

Looking at his watch David noticed that it had stopped at 6am. “What time have you got Urs?” He asked

“ah…6am apparently. My watch must have stopped.” Urs replied.

“That’s what I’ve got too.” David said looking confused.

Carlos checked his phone, “my phone says it’s 11.30am”

“My watch reads 6am, but my phone is at 11.30am” Seb said. “I think our watches need new batteries. What do you say we stop for lunch?”

David settled the hamper under a tall tree and stretched out beside it. “I could eat a horse!”

Carlos laughed and started pulling sandwiches and bottles of water out of the hamper. “Nope, sorry David,” he grinned, “no horse, but there is some chicken.”

Sebastien found a spot in the sun and sat taking in the tranquility of the surroundings.

“You bitch!” followed by a scream pierced the serenity. Sebastien looked up just as a bundle of clothes appeared in the air a few feet above him and fell onto his lap.

“Oomph,” he grunted.

The bundle of clothes scrambled off his lap and scuttled away, turning to straighten the clothes and adjust the tilt of the hat. The four men, who had gotten to their feet, looked at the beautiful young woman before them, then at each other, wondering where she had come from. They looked up to the top of the cliff, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. They were dumfounded.

“Are you okay?” Sebastien asked gently.

A beguiling face looked at him, a face dominated by beautiful blue eyes awash with tears.

“Don’t be afraid, we won’t hurt you,” he added.

She didn’t speak.

“Parlez-vous Français?” he asked slowly.

Her eyes darkened, but still she didn’t speak.

“Espanol?” Carlos interjected.

She tilted her head, but did not respond.

Seb looked at Urs, who shrugged and started to speak. “Sprechen …”

“I speak English, kind sirs,” she finally uttered, her soft voice melodic as a bird song. Her gaze flicked from Seb, to Urs, to David then Carlos and back to Seb. “Who are you, and why are you trespassing on private property?”

“Mademoiselle, I think you are mistaken. This is the grounds of the resort where we are staying,” Seb replied.

“Who are you?” she asked again, her voice quavering. Seb could see the confusion in her eyes, the tears threatening to fall.

“Forgive me, mademoiselle. My name is Sebastien Izambard. May I have the honour of making your acquaintance?” he asked with a slight bow in her direction. He wasn’t sure why he spoke in such a formal manner, but it seemed to make her more comfortable.

She hesitated, her eyes flicking between them once more. “Katherine Marie Rose Harper,” she said as she offered her hand.

Sebastien raised the gloved fingers to his lips. “Enchanté mademoiselle. May I present my good friends, David Miller,” Seb continued as he indicated his tall band mate.

David grabbed her proffered hand and shook it. “Pleased to meet you, Katherine.”

Her eyes widened in shock at the familiarity, and she quickly withdrew her gloved hand.

“Urs Buhler,” Sebastien continued, waving toward his Swiss friend.

Urs had noticed her strange attire and the way she spoke and acted. He bowed as he took her hand and kissed the tips of her fingers. “An honour, Miss Harper.” He was rewarded with a smile.

“….and Carlos Marin.”

Carlos, not to be outdone, swept the hat from his head before he bowed. “I am always delighted to meet such a pretty senorita.” His eyebrows wriggled.

Katherine cocked one of her own. “Indeed. I am certain all the pretty senoritas are delighted to meet you, Senor Marin.”

She turned to Sebastien. “Now, would you please excuse me, I must return to the manor. They must be concerned by my absence by now. Good day, gentlemen.” She said prettily, nodding her head.

They watched her pick her way daintily down the path, her full skirts swinging with each step, skimming the grass.

Seb looked at Urs, then David and Carlos.

“What just happened?” he asked quietly.

“I don’t know, mate,” David replied.

“She dropped out of nowhere,” Urs added.

“Did you hear the male voice before? Where do you think she came from?” Carlos added his questions to the discussion.

“Her clothes looked authentic, early nineteenth century, I’d guess. Maybe a historical re-enactor? There are a few groups around here, I believe.” David said. “There isn’t a manor house around here though.”

“Unless she is talking about the resort,” Urs said with a shrug. “I believe it used to be a private household until about two hundred years ago, when the only daughter disappeared. The line died out, and the crown took control.”

“Do you think…” Seb mumbled, his voice trailing off.

“What, Seb?” Urs asked. “That she’s the daughter that disappeared? She somehow fell through a crack in time and landed in our…your lap?”

“Peut-être, perhaps.” Sebastien ran his hand through his hair.

“The way she spoke was strange,” David pointed out. “And the dress, the language, her mannerisms, she could have stepped out of a Jane Austen novel.”

Seb, Carlos and Urs laughed.

“What?” David grumbled, “Can’t I read books?”

“I beg your pardon, gentlemen. I’m sorry to interrupt your…discussion.” A shadow of a smile graced Katherine’s face.

They turned suddenly at her voice. They were so intent on their discussion, they had not noticed her return.

“I seem to be lost. The paths seem so strange to me,” she murmured as she looked down at her hands. “Might I impose upon you to escort me back to the manor, please.” She raised her eyes hopefully.

“Mademoiselle Harper, I do not believe we can help you.” Sebastien cringed at her gasp. “Please, Mademoiselle Harper, you misunderstand me. There is no private manor here any longer, and there has not been for nearly two hundred years. This is now a resort.”

“You must be mistaken, Monsieur Izambard, for surely I know my family’s property.” Katherine gestured at the valley around them, and then looked. “Oh dear,” she gasped. Her eyes grew wary and suspicion snaked its way through her veins. “Where exactly am I, and why am I here?” She took a step away from them, poised for flight, her insinuation clear.

“Sebastien has told you Katherine, we’re on the grounds of a health resort. And we haven’t done anything to you, nor do we intend to. You fell out of the sky.” David growled, his American accent thick with frustration and anger that she had thought them capable of nefarious deeds.

She bit her bottom lip to stop it shaking, and tears welled in her eyes.

Urs tried a different tack. “Miss Harper, we do not mean to harm you. However, it appears you are in need of assistance. The manor of which you speak has not been a private residence for nearly two hundred years, as we have said. I imagine you are tired. Why don’t you accompany us back to the hotel and we can discuss this further over a cup of tea?”

Katherine tilted her head in consideration. “I believe that may the best option. Thank you for your kind offer.”

Sebastien sighed in relief and offered his arm. “May I?”

Katherine placed her hand in the crook of his arm. “Bien sûr,” she replied, her smile filling Seb’s heart with joy.

By the time they arrived back at the hotel, dinner was being served. Sebastien suggested she might like to freshen up before dinner. Carlos cocked an eyebrow as she disappeared into the ladies’ restroom. Sebastien and Urs looked at each other and then Carlos, their European upbringing coming to the fore. Their glances said that they needed to make the lady as comfortable as possible. In silent agreement they stood and headed to the lifts. David, confused by their abrupt departure, followed.

David stopped in front of the lift. “We’re not.” It was more a question than a statement.

Urs clasped his shoulder. “Yes, we are.” The lift arrived.

David shook his head and smiled. “Well, I guess there are no fans.”

Their laughter echoed around the elevator.
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Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story   Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 10:59 pm

Chapter 4

When they returned to the foyer dressed in dark suits, they found Katherine looking out a window in the lounge. Sebastien was startled at the transformation. Her hair, previously hidden by her bonnet, was piled high on her head, ringlets delicately gracing her shoulders. The gentle light of the chandeliers reflected the gold and reds in her brown hair. Now that she had removed her spencer, the delicateness of her dress became clear. The ice blue fabric, so soft and light, fell to the floor in graceful folds from under her bust. The low square neckline hinted at the curves of her body, and the short gathered sleeves emphasized the slimness of her arms.

Katherine was lost in thought, staring blankly out to the darkening sky. While refreshing herself she had been astonished at the attire the other women had been wearing. She had been startled by some machine blowing air onto a lady’s hands. Then there had been that woman talking to a funny little box she held to her ear. She had quickly left the powder room in case the ‘box talking woman’ was contagious. But once out in the foyer there was no respite from the strangeness. Perhaps she had hit her head when she had fallen. It was the only reasonable explanation. This was a hotel, she would reserve a suite and everything would be back to normal in the morning. Suddenly she was startled by a loud roaring and a machine sped into view. What in Heaven’s name was that noisy… thing? She was unable to ponder any longer as the gentlemen who had saved her in the woods had arrived.

She turned at their footsteps and acknowledged them with a slight inclination of her head. “Good evening, gentlemen.”

Sébastien, Urs and Carlos bowed in response, and David belatedly followed their lead.

Once seated in the dining room, the waiter quickly took their order and returned with the requested bottle of wine, opened it and poured each of them a glass. He returned soon after with their meals.

“Miss Harper, may I ask what you were doing in the woods?” Urs asked. “We heard a man’s voice just before you appeared.”

She gasped, her cutlery clattering on the plate, one hand quickly covering her mouth, then dropping to the base of her throat. “You heard? Oh dear.”

“No, no, no, mademoiselle,” Sébastien hurried to reassure her. “We only heard ‘You bi..’” He stopped, not wanting to swear in front of the lady. He continued with a slight blush on his cheeks. “And then we heard a scream, which I’m guessing was you.” Séb watched as Katherine flushed a delicate pink and lowered her eyes.

When she raised her face, her eyes glistened with tears threatening to cascade down her ivory cheeks. As she looked sadly from one to the other of the four faces waiting expectantly before her, the droplets finally escaped and trickled down her face.

“Andrew, the gentleman who has been courting me, had taken me to the top of the cliffs to see the sunrise, and he proposed.” She stopped and frowned. “No, that is not quite correct -- he demanded I marry him. No love, no affection, just a transaction between him and my father. Andrew got me, and my father got money,” she spat, anger dancing in her eyes replacing the tears. “I will not be sold! Marriage without love is no marriage at all!”

Katherine shook her head, as if that act alone would dispel her anger, and when she spoke her voice had resumed its gentleness, “I refused, he forced himself on me, I bit him, he swore and slapped me, and that’s when I fell,” she said. “Straight into your lap!” she continued with a wry smile at Seb. “I don’t believe I have thanked you properly. Merci beaucoup de votre aide. Vous êtes très gentil.” Seb beamed a huge smile in her direction.

“Now, gentlemen, I have seen a number of …” she paused to consider her words, “situations, that I cannot explain; would you please tell me exactly where I am?”

“It is the year 2009,” Séb replied, knowing exactly what she was asking.

“Two thousand and nine? Surely that cannot be! When I awoke this morning it was the year 1810.”

“We think you may have travelled through time when you fell,” David said, entering the conversation for the first time. “It appears to be the only logical explanation, unless all of us are dreaming.”

Carlos and Urs exchanged glances. ‘Time travel? They had not discussed that at all!’

“A dream? Surely that is more logical than time travel.” Katherine offered. “Perhaps I do not have the knowledge for your brand of logic.”

David was unsure whether to agree or to take offense, but Carlos had no such concern and barked with laughter at Katherine’s unintentional joke.

“If this is a dream,” she continued, “as a result of hitting my head perhaps, I should be back in 1810 in the morning?”

The thought filled her with sadness. She didn’t want to go back to her time, if indeed that was what had transpired…time travel. There was nothing she would miss. She wanted to stay and explore these strange butterflies in her stomach each time Monsieur Izambard looked at her. She sighed. No matter how much she wished to stay, she would have to return. She would have to apologise to Andrew and her father, and hope Andrew would still marry her. She had to be realistic: at 28 years of age, she was getting too old to marry and have children; she was on the shelf. Maybe she could become a nun? She almost laughed out loud. As much as that thought appealed to her when compared to marrying Andrew, she couldn’t see herself giving up her little luxuries, the long hot baths with rose and gardenia oil, horseback riding and dancing. She dragged her thoughts back to the present? Future? And the gentlemen at the table.

“I must apologise for my lack of attention this evening gentlemen. Perhaps the fall has had a greater effect than I first imagined. I believe I should retire for the evening, and perhaps God willing, all will have returned to normal in the morning”

“Have you somewhere to stay?” Seb asked.

Katherine smiled at Seb. “Yes, Monsieur Izambard. I reserved a suite earlier.” She frowned. “Although they were asking for some sort of card.” Katherine stopped and shrugged her shoulders daintily.

“In that case,” Sebastien stood, “we shall say goodnight. Unless you would like us to escort you to your suite?”

Carlos, David and Urs quickly rose as Katherine pushed her chair back and stood. “No, thank you, Monsieur Izambard. Good evening, gentlemen. It has been an enlightening day.”

She felt their eyes on her as she glided away.

When she had disappeared out the doors, they resumed their seats.

“Time travel, David?” Urs asked, punching him playfully on the shoulder. “Time travel?”

“Well,” David replied defensively, “have you got a better idea? I’m pretty sure all four of us are not dreaming, so…what’s your explanation?”

“I’ll admit it is an unusual occurrence. Perhaps there is a mental institution nearby?” Urs wondered out loud.

“Nope,” Carlos interjected, “nothing except the hotel for miles. Besides, she seemed very lucid, if a bit formal.”

“Ah…guys,” Seb nodded towards the door, where Katherine had just reappeared and was returning to the table.

As one they stood when she neared.

“I do beg your pardon, but it appears I must call on your assistance yet again. I seem to be having trouble finding the main staircase, and the lady on reception directs me to a door that does not open.” She paused, eyes desperate and glimmering with tears. “Everything is so strange. I…feel so helpless and alone. Will you not help me?”

Seb moved quickly to her, raising both of her hands to his lips. “Mademoiselle, you are not alone. We will help you.”

He saw the hope return to her eyes, and a shadow of something else, but it was gone so quickly that he thought he must have imagined it.

They showed her how to operate the lift, how to open her suite, even how to turn the lights on and off. Walking back towards the lift, Seb was concerned about leaving her alone, and told his friends of this concern.

“It’s a good thing you’re single, my friend,” Urs laughed.

Seb smiled playfully in return. “I guess it is.” He looked wistfully through the closing door and sighed, “I do hope you’re right, David.”

David looked at him quizzically.

“Time travel,” Seb answered his unspoken question.

David grinned in reply. “So do I, Sebby boy, so do I.”
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Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story   Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 11:00 pm

Chapter 5

“She’s not answering the door, Urs! What do I do?” Seb spoke into his mobile, his voice tinged with worry.

“Come and have some breakfast,” Urs replied down the line.

Seb heard him whisper “It’s Seb,” and assumed Carlos and David were with him.

“What if she’s hurt herself, or gone back to her time? I need to make sure she’s okay,” he insisted.

Urs laughed. “Seb, if she’s gone back to her time, there’s not much we can do about it. Carlos is still in bed, come and have breakfast, and if she is still not answering afterwards we will have housekeeping open the suite for us. Okay?”

Seb reluctantly agreed, and minutes later he hurried through the dining room to the buffet, and then, spotting Urs and David, made his way to their table and sat down with a croissant in one hand and a coffee in the other. He ate quietly for a moment, scanning the room as he devoured the croissant in three bites. He downed his coffee in one gulp.

Turning to Urs, he placed his cup down forcefully and said, “Now can we check out her suite?”

Raised eyebrows met his question. “Sure, if you want,” Urs replied unfazed. “Miss Harper will not be there though.”

A muffled giggle made its way from behind Urs. It was at that moment Seb realized that Urs and David were not alone at the table. The captivating face of Katherine appeared, her smile chasing away the thunderclouds of anxiety. How had he missed her presence at the table?

“Good morning, Monsieur Izambard, I trust you passed a pleasant morning,” she said, a hint of amusement evident in her sweet voice.

Relief flooded though his veins. He had been terrified that, somehow, this was all a dream and she would be gone this morning. He was also terrified of the feelings he was developing. Not since Dominique had he had feelings such as these. It had taken many months for the pain of her leaving to heal.

“Monsieur Izambard? Ca va?” Her words permeated his thoughts, refocusing his attention.

“Oui, Mademoiselle Harper, ca va bien merci,” he replied, smiling. “I was worried when you did not answer your door earlier; now I know why. I am relieved you are still here and did not suffer any ill effects from yesterday.”

“Speaking of yesterday,” David spoke up. “I thought we should go back to the cliff to see if the portal is still there. Miss Harper may wish to return home.”

“I…” Katherine paused, looking around hesitantly, almost as if she was waiting for something. “Perhaps that is for the best,” she said in a near whisper, looking down to avoid Seb’s eyes.

Sebastien tried hard to hide his sorrow at her words. You dolt! He thought. She wants to go back.

They quickly finished breakfast and stopped in the foyer. Sebastien caught Urs’s eye and nodded to the reception desk. Urs immediately understood his friend’s request. Katherine Harper did not have a purse on her, nor would she have the modern day currency to pay for the suite.

“Miss Harper,” he said, “if you will give me your key, I shall return it for you. Why don’t Seb and David show you the fountain whilst you are waiting?”

She accepted his offer and handed him the key card. When she awoke this morning still in the hotel, Katherine had wondered how she would pay. Urs had graciously offered her a way out of her predicament. She accepted Sebastien’s arm, and they slowly made their way through a rose covered archway, the heavenly scent of the red, pink and white blooms invading their senses. The arch opened up to a small paved courtyard with a three-tiered fountain in the middle, surrounded by beds of more red, pink and white roses, with white gardenias adding an intoxicating depth to the perfume.

Katherine perched daintily on the ledge encircling the fountain while they waited for Urs to join them. Using the brim of her bonnet to hide her surreptitious glances towards Monsieur Izambard, she contemplated her knowledge of the man who had come to her rescue. He was certainly handsome, a masculine physique, heart melting smile, soft gentle eyes. His behaviour and kindness towards her showed that he was a true gentleman. Had he shown even the slightest emotion when Mister Miller suggested she return home to 1810, she would never have agreed. Hopefully, the ‘crack in time’ would be there no longer, and she would have to stay. She looked up and smiled at Urs as he strode into the courtyard.

“Thank you, Mister Buhler. You are so kind.”

“Not at all, Miss Harper. I am happy to have been of service,” he replied with a slight bow.

David, who had been throwing leaves into the fountain, stepped forward. “Right, shall we go? Carlos is certainly going to be cranky when he finds out he slept through this.” he said with a grin. He appeared eager to see if his theory about time travel was right.

Sebastien felt Katherine’s eyes on him as they headed off, and he was glad he was wearing dark glasses. The thought that she had agreed to return to her own time kept echoing around his head. ‘You didn’t give her any reason to stay!’ a sad voice intruded. ‘Why should she stay?’
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Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story   Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 11:01 pm

Chapter 6

Katherine grew anxious as they walked through the woods. She waited for Monsieur Izambard to say something, anything, so she could gracefully change her mind.

“How are we going to test your theory, David?” Urs asked as they neared the cliff above the clearing.

“We drop a piece of bark, and if it disappears in mid air, then the portal is still open. If it lands on the grass, well, we know it is no longer there,” David answered confidently.

“Are you sure?” Sebastien asked. “It’s still a long way to fall. Mademoiselle Harper,” he turned to her, “do you still wish to return? It is up to you. You do not have to.”

She peered over the edge. “It is only ten feet. I shall be fine.” She waited for his response. Nothing came.

David found a large piece of bark and, standing at the edge of the cliff, he looked around somberly at the faces of his companions, then dropped it over the edge. They all held their breath as they watched. The bark swayed and twisted gently as it fell, and then disappeared about three feet from the ground. They gasped in unison.

“Amazing!” David exclaimed. “Can anyone see it?”

Sebastien and Urs shook their heads. Katherine looked at Sebastien. She could feel his gaze on her from behind his dark glasses, yet he said nothing to encourage her to stay. She sighed and lowered her eyes. I guess not. She thought sadly. Time was up.

She held her hand out to David. “Mister Miller, a pleasure to have made your acquaintance.”

She was surprised when he brushed her hand aside and pulled her into an embrace. Once David had released her, she turned to Urs.

“Mr. Buhler,” she continued. Again she was drawn into a pair of strong arms.

“Take care, Miss Harper. Don’t let that snake, Andrew, or your father push you around. You deserve better than that.” He looked purposefully at Sebastien over her shoulder. She pulled back and, following his gaze, smiled.

“We all have our crosses to bear, Mr Buhler. Thank you for your kindness. Please give my farewells to Senor Marin. I apologise for not having the chance to say goodbye in person.”

As Urs nodded, she noticed his eyes glistening in the bright sunshine and smiled sadly. She knew he would be a good and steadfast friend if she stayed in this time.

Sebastien had been watching her say her goodbyes, dreading the time she would turn to him. Could he maintain his composure and let her go?

“Monsieur Izambard.” She turned to him, no longer bothering to hide her abject sadness from him.

He looked at her, again grateful for his sunglasses. “Miss Harper, it has been a delight to meet you,” his cheery voice sounding forced even to him. “I hope you…”

“Monsieur Izambard,” she interrupted. “Sebastien.” She reached a gloved hand to his lips. “Please. We are of different worlds. Again, I thank you for saving me.” She took one step towards the edge.

“Je pense que…” Katherine trailed off.

Sebastien watched as she struggled to stop herself from speaking. A sad smile graced her face, and her blue eyes stared soulfully at him for a moment, as if waiting for something. He reached for her just as she took one final step backwards off the precipice. He dropped to grab her hand, but he was too late. She had disappeared.

He lay there in stunned silence for a minute before looking up at his friends. David helped him to his feet, then slapped him over his head.

“You’re an idiot, Sebastien!” he said.

“What?” Sebastien asked stunned.

Urs glared at him as he walked past and clipped him over the head, too.

“Ow!” Seb complained, rubbing his head. “What? Guys, hey, wait up!” he cried, chasing after them. “What?”

David laughed and slowed his pace. “For a Frenchman, you know nothing about women.”

“She wanted to go back. What was I supposed to do?” he questioned.

“Well, for starters, you could have asked her to stay,” David said with a wide grin, “followed quickly by a declaration of undying love.”

Sebastien scowled and swatted at David, who jumped out of the way.

“Come along, children,” Urs said, shaking his head at their antics. “Let’s go see if Carlos is awake yet.”

Sebastien had taken their ribbing good naturedly for most of the day. Carlos had been dismayed to learn that Katherine had returned to her time. He berated Sebastien for not standing up and fighting for her like a man. David and Urs had made sly comments as well, and by dinner he’d had enough.

“Guys, that’s enough!” he said through gritted teeth. “I’ve had enough! Let…It…Go!” His voice softened. “Please,” he pleaded, “leave it alone.”

He turned away from his friends to hide the hurt he was feeling from their banter as well as the tears in his eyes brought on my a great loss. He felt a hand on his shoulder and glanced back into the eyes of Urs.

“We’re sorry, Seb.” Urs said softly.

Seb nodded and excused himself for bed, only to lie awake for hours, haunted by her sorrowful blue eyes..

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Chapter 7

Thump! She landed on the soft grass, and wished it was the lap of a certain green-eyed French gentleman. Katherine chastised herself. She had to forget about him. That was going to be an impossible task, she sighed, looking up at the top of the cliff, hoping that he was still there.

“How can I marry Andrew,” she whispered to the wind, “when I think I’m in love with you.”

Katherine picked herself up and straightened her gown, brushing off the grass and twigs, and headed back towards the manor. She recognized all the landmarks this time. She was definitely back in 1810.

Some time later she walked wearily out of the woods onto the manicured lawns of her family’s manor house. She stopped at the familiar sight, not remembering time spent with her family, but those wonderful hours she had spent with Sebastien and his friends. She breathed as deeply as her corseted figure would allow and went over her story one more time.

“You what?” Her father exclaimed, stopping his pacing in front of her.

“I became disorientated, Father,” she said, placing her hand on his arm. “After I slipped off the rocks, I must have hit my head and fallen into a crevice, which is why Andrew couldn’t find me.” She smiled warily at Andrew, who had been with her father when she had answered his summons to the library.” She shrugged her shoulders. “ I…ooooh,” she groaned as she rubbed her head, hoping they wouldn’t see through the pretense.

“Well, at least you are home now,” her father grumbled. “Your betrothed was worried.”

“Betrothed?” she looked up sharply, momentarily forgetting about her charade.

“Hmm? Yes, my love.” Andrew smiled sweetly, his tone hinting at something more sinister. “You had just agreed to marry me, but stepped back in your excitement. I grabbed your wrists but couldn’t hold you. I searched all day for you, horrified at what might have happened. I never would have forgiven myself.”

He smiled again, reminding her of a snake. He reached for her left hand. She cringed when he placed a huge sapphire on her finger. She wished it was Sebastien standing before her, placing his ring on her finger and claiming her as his. It would never be, she sighed dejectedly, this was to be her future.

“Due to your…er…mishap yesterday, Andrew has requested that your wedding take place as soon as possible, and I have agreed. The minister has been notified, and you will be married tomorrow.”

Her father’s words filtered through her reverie and snapped her out of her self pity.

“Tomorrow?” she gasped.

“Yes, dear,” Andrew sneered. “Tomorrow we will be husband and wife.”

“Your mother has everything under control. I expect to see you in the garden promptly. None of this dilly dallying, keeping the groom waiting. You will marry Andrew tomorrow!” her father growled and dismissed her with a wave of his hand.

“Yes, Father,” she said meekly, and kissed his cheek.

“Andrew,” she acknowledged with a nod and left the room.

Closing the library door gently behind her, she slumped against the wall. How could she have gotten herself into this mess? Looking around at the furniture in the corridor, despair overwhelmed her and she fled, tears streaming down her face. She ran, unaware of where her legs were taking her. Tomorrow she had to marry Andrew. Tomorrow! The thought kept twisting and turning through her mind. The weight of her misery became too much; her legs buckled and she collapsed. Her heart wrenching sobs carried on the breeze until, exhausted, she fell into a deep sleep.

The chill of the night air stirred her from her doze. She sat up, the firmness of the sandstone beneath her bringing back memories of Sebastien’s strength. His legs had been muscular, his arms lean and his determination unwavering. She couldn’t imagine Sebastien ever using his strength to overpower or belittle her. She lay back down on the stone pavers, and resting her head on her hand, she looked in desperation at the stars glittering in the dark sky. More stars appeared and she imagined that she could see his face smiling down at her from above. A shooting star burst through his face, scattering it into millions of pieces.

Resignation crept into her heart. Sebastien could only ever exist in her soul. Just as the starry image had shattered, so too had her belief in love. Perhaps after she gave Andrew an heir, he would leave her alone. The thought of him touching her filled her with disgust and dread.

She returned her gaze to the heavens, searching for the bright stars that had been his eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Sebastien,” she whispered when she found them. “I’m sorry for not staying. I’m sorry I didn’t have the courage to tell you how I was feeling. If I had one wish it would be to see you again. I’m so…Oh God!” she broke off, bursting into tears once again.
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Chapter 8

Sebastien awoke with a start. He had heard her voice! Impossible, he thought, she’s back in her time. Sitting up, he rubbed his back, wondering why his bed was so hard. Then he realised he wasn’t in his bed. He was in the courtyard where they had sat yesterday. He must have sleep walked. He remembered how she had looked perched on the ledge, bathed in sunlight, the gentle breeze whipping tendrils of hair against her face. He closed his eyes and saw once again her inviting blue eyes, the ghost of a smile on her soft lips as she peeked at him from under the brim of her bonnet. Oh yes, he had seen her looking at him, had seen the questions in her eyes.

Flashes of those short twenty-four hours she had been with him flickered across his mind. The feel of her light body landing on his had stirred all sorts of desires. Her confusion and wonder as she learnt about mobile phones and electricity, how lost and helpless she had seemed when she was unable to find her room, the way she looked at him when she didn’t know he could see her – he just wanted to wrap his arms around her and protect her from the world. The desperation in her eyes when David had discovered she could return home, followed quickly by despair and then resignation when he had not spoken up. He could still feel the tingle on his lips where her fingers had touched them. His friends were absolutely correct – he was an idiot!

Dominique had broken his faith in love when she had left. But these feelings Katherine invoked were stronger, much stronger than anything he had shared with Dominique. Was this true love? Had he just let it slip though his fingers? Could he live with himself if he didn’t try to recapture it?

His decision made, he stood up, and looking at the remnants of the night sky disappearing with the new dawn, he whispered, “Wait for me Katherine, I’m coming. Je t’aime”.

* * * * * *

“Wait for me Katherine, I’m coming. Je t’aime.” Sebastien’s whispered words trickled into her sleep, teasing her awake.

“Sebastien?” She looked around, shaking the remaining cobwebs from her sleepy mind. She raised her eyebrows in confusion at her presence in the fountain courtyard.

“What a strange dream,” she said aloud.

The delicate scent of the roses and gardenias drifted past, tickling her senses. A faint memory of sitting in this exact spot with the man from her dream appeared in her mind, triggering a flood of others. Sebastien, Andrew! She was to marry Andrew today! Andrew may be getting her body, but Sebastien would always own her heart.

Katherine made her way slowly to her bedroom. Fixing her lips into a smile, she forced herself to appear calm and accepting of her future, when her insides wanted to scream.

“There you are,” her mother, Marilyn, said, relief evident in her features as Katherine strolled into her room. “Jane has drawn you a bath. Don’t take too long, Dear. There is some breakfast over there, too.” She glided out the door.

Katherine sighed, her shoulders dropping. She allowed Jane to undress her and assist her into the bath. Rose petals and gardenia oil had been added, and the bubbles and warm water soothed her body. Jane flitted about the room, putting clothes away, laying clothes out, and chatting about inane topics, while Katherine nibbled on some toast as she soaked.

Far too soon Jane held the towel for her. Sadness in her maid’s eyes caused Katherine to smile wryly. “We all do what we have to, Jane. I’ll be fine,” she assured her maid.

She stood still while Jane dressed her in white pantaloons and a chemise made of the softest white linen and Valencia lace. Silk stockings and white court shoes with a French heel were next, followed by a whalebone corset that cinched her waist in to the fashionable shape, allowing only the smallest of breaths. Next came a corset cover and finally the dress. Made of champagne silk satin, it had a low square neckline and short puffed sleeves. The gathered bodice was seamed under the bust and fell to a full floor length skirt and chapel train. She sat unnaturally straight as Jane pinned her hair into a bun, and arranged curls around her face, and then covered her hair with a bonnet that matched the gown perfectly.

As Jane stepped back to admire her handiwork, a gasp from the door startled Katherine. “Oh, my dear, you look absolutely lovely,” her mother exclaimed. She stepped forwards holding a jewelry case in her hands.

“This was your grandmother’s. It is to come to you on your marriage.” Her mother opened the case to reveal a choker with a large sapphire surrounded by diamonds and set on three strands of pearls. It was accompanied by a matching bracelet. She removed the pieces from the case and put them on Katherine.

Feeling her mother’s hands on her shoulders, she looked at her in the mirror, both sets of eyes glistening with tears.

“I’m sorry, Katherine. Please don’t hate me. This is for the best,” Marilyn’s soft voice pleaded.

Katherine turned and hugged her. “It is alright, Mother, I understand. I shall do my duty.” She pulled back and smiled sadly as she said, “Shall we go? I do not want to keep my husband-to-be waiting.”
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Chapter 9

“Seb,” Carlos puffed from exertion as they approached the cliff. “Are you sure about this? What if you can’t get back? What are we supposed to do then?”

“I don’t know, Carlos, and quite frankly, at the moment, I don’t care!” Seb replied crankily. “I’m sorry, Carlos, but I just cannot think like that. I need to find her and bring her back if I can, but if not? J’ais pas. I just need to be with her, where ever that is.”

“We understand, Seb,” Urs said supportively, “A love like that doesn’t happen often. If you think she’s the one, we’ll be here for you, here, now or…”

“We’re here,” David interrupted. “Now, do you know…”

Sebastien didn’t want to hear the rest. With a salute of his hand he stepped straight over the edge and landed with a thud on the grass below.

“Urs?” he called looking up, “are you there, Mate?”

When there was no response, he grinned and ran in the direction of where the hotel had been. He looked at his phone. Nine a.m. He’d been running for 15 minutes now, and was completely out of breath. If I ever get back, I’m going to join Urs at the gym. A flash of green lawn registered in his vision, and he changed directions slightly, crashing out of the woods onto an immaculately kept lawn. Carriages lined the driveway and men in tails milled around in groups of four or five. He approached one group and was astounded at the response to his question. She was getting married today! Right now! He sped in the direction the men had pointed around the side of the house. A tent was set up in the garden to his right and he could hear violins playing. He saw a gazebo next and….Oh mon Dieu! He was too late! She was already at the gazebo!

“Stop!” he yelled.

Pausing when he reached the red carpet, his chest heaved to catch his breath. He could feel eyes on him, burning him with their intensity. He straightened and stepped slowly down the carpet, his eyes meeting hers and holding them.

“Don’t marry him, Katherine.” He stopped at the edge of the gazebo.

He could see the longing and relief in her eyes. A large figure blocked his view and he met the thunderous gaze of.... “Andrew,” he guessed aloud.

“Who are you?” Andrew asked, moving his right hand to the sword he wore at his hip.

Sebastien gulped. “I am the man who is here to stop this farce!” he said firmly. “You are a coward! A coward who bullies and hits women!” he said loudly, his anger making his accent thick.

“A coward, you say?” Andrew snarled.

He grabbed Katherine’s arm and yanked her in front of him. With the other hand he drew his sword and held the tip under her chin, a drop of blood trickled slowly down the blade. A collective gasp of horror arose from the guests.

“A coward, hmm?” He snarled again. “You want the bitch? You can have her.”

Seb caught her as Andrew flung her towards him. He held her close, feeling the trembling of her slight body.

“Her stupid father gave her to me in exchange for money, but she’s not worth the trouble! Find another way to settle your debts, old man!” He started to walk away, an evil grin appearing on his face. “In fact…,” he growled as he stopped and turned back toward Sebastien and Katherine. Facing them once more, he lunged forward.

Sebastien reacted quickly and twisted Katherine away, his sides screamed and they both collapsed to the ground, her dress stained red.

Chaos ensued. Seb could hear shouting and swords clanging as Andrew was obviously fighting for his life, but he was focused on his Katherine lying in his arms.

“Are you hurt, Sebastien?” she asked, her breathing shallow.

“No, sweet Katherine, I am not.” Seb replied. “Everything will be alright, I promise.”

She focused her eyes on his and smiled sadly. “Thank you for coming for me Sebastien. Please … take me home,” she whispered, and her eyes fluttered closed.
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Chapter 10

“He’s been gone for hours,” Urs said, concerned as they waited in the clearing below the cliff.

Carlos stopped his pacing long enough to consult his phone. “Two hours to be exact.”

David looked up from the game he was playing on his phone, “Guys, he’ll be fine. The portal is still open. I bet he’ll be back soon.”

A shower of rocks fell from above, causing them to look skywards, just in time to see a stretcher being lowered to the ground on ropes. For a brief moment they could see a group of men at the top of the cliff holding the ropes and a woman waving a white handkerchief, crying. A familiar figure appeared at the edge of the cliff, said something to the lady and one of the men who gave him a package, then jumped down, landing softly in the grass beside them, the portal closing behind him, blocking their view of the group at the top of the cliff. They stared at him in amazement.

“Are you going to help me? Or just stand there?” Their time travelling friend asked.

“What happened, Seb?” Urs queried as they each picked up a handle of the stretcher.

“She needs to get to a hospital, immediately,” he replied.

David dug out his phone and with one hand called emergency.

“Done,” he said putting his phone back in his pocket. “They’ll be waiting at the hotel.”

Sebastien filled his friends in as they walked quickly through the woods. Horrified gasps greeted his recounting of her stabbing.

“Serves him right!” Carlos thundered when Seb had finished.

“She doesn’t know yet,” Sebastien added quietly. “She lost consciousness and didn’t see the fight. I’m glad she didn’t see his body.”

Paramedics met them at the edge of the woods. Katherine was quickly assessed and rushed off to the hospital, Seb by her side.

* * * * * *

Two weeks later, she was finally released from hospital. Monsieur Izambard, Sebastien, she corrected herself, had been by her side since she had woken, leaving her alone for only an hour or two each afternoon. He had led her through strange conversations held with doctors and nurses. He had answered questions for her, and about her, coming up with a simple story about her past.

They had grown close in that two weeks. Any doubts in her mind about her feelings for him were long gone, and his attention to her gave her hope that he had similar feelings. She fiddled with the pale sea green skirt she was wearing. Katherine was uncomfortable with the length, but Sebastien had bought the clothes, and he seemed to be quite pleased with the knee length skirt. The soft cream cashmere sweater was modest enough and she loved the feel of the soft wool. The new under garments were amazing, giving her the freedom of being able to breathe and move without restriction. She wasn’t sure who had been more embarrassed when she had pulled the items out of the bag. Sebastien had turned beet red while trying to explain what the lacy scraps of material were, and she had been mortified when she had needed assistance to put the bra on. At least she was wearing her own stockings and shoes.

She closed her eyes, resting her head against the window of the car. She was surprised at how quickly she was adjusting to all the new technology. Katherine smiled, the informal manners and language was taking a little bit longer though.

Sebastien saw a faint smile flicker across her face and he wondered what she was thinking. They were headed to a small function, where Il Divo would be singing to raise money for the flood appeal. He had also organised a special surprise for afterwards.

He watched with amazement as she chatted easily with other guests. She was able to direct conversations away from topics of which she had little knowledge, and laughter seemed to emanate from wherever she was.

He followed her graceful form as she returned to their table. Seb, David, Carlos and Urs rose when she approached and Seb held her chair, brushing his hands on her shoulders and kissing her head as she sat.

Katherine struggled to concentrate on the Master of Ceremonies, Sebastien’s caress dissolving all coherent thought.

“…and now the reason we have gathered this afternoon, to raise funds for the flood victims. Would you please welcome Il Divo.”

She gasped in surprise as Seb, Urs, David and Carlos took to the stage to loud cheers. They sang four songs in quick succession. Katherine listened in awe to the purity and strength of their voices. Now she understood why Seb had grinned at her comment in the hospital. She had caught him singing softly with Urs one morning and said that they had beautiful voices, and she would love to hear them sing, and perhaps she could accompany them with voice and piano. She shook her head. Though she had a good voice, she was not in their league.

She smiled broadly and waggled her finger at Seb as they returned to the table. “Very nice gentlemen, beautiful. Are you keeping any other secrets from me?”

She followed Sebastien’s glance to Urs. “Sebastien?” she asked. “Is there anything I need to know?”

He raised her hand to his lips. “Non, Katherine, there is nothing you should worry your pretty little head about.”

Katherine nodded her acceptance of his comment and sat back to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Later that evening he watched as she looked out the window of the car.

“”Do you miss your old life?” he asked quietly.

“No,” came her soft reply, “not really.” She turned to him. “But without my father to guide me, I’m unsure of our relationship. You are not family, yet you have taken responsibility for me. You are not my husband, nor are we betrothed, and yet you are providing for me.” She paused. “I am reluctant to continue accepting your assistance and yet…” her voice trailed off. She looked back out the window as the car slowed. “I doubt I could survive alone in this world,” she finally managed in a trembling voice.

“I have a surprise for you,” Seb said as the car stopped. He quickly ran around to the other side to assist her out. “Come with me.”

She allowed him to lead her to a giant wheel. It had large glass carriages placed evenly around the wheel, and was lit up like a Catherine wheel from Guy Fawkes night.

“The London Eye,” Seb said, leading her up to the loading dock.

The ticket master opened the door to one of the carriages and Seb helped her in. She was immediately overwhelmed with the scent of hundreds of rose petals in red, pink and white blanketing the floor and seats, and sprays of gardenias hanging from the walls. Seb climbed in behind her, and they sat down next to each other.

“Oh Seb, this is beautiful. Oh!” she giggled, grabbing onto his leg as the wheel started moving.

“I have a few things for you,” Seb said, reaching into his coat pocket and handing her two letters tied with ribbons.

She opened the first and began reading aloud.

My darling Katherine,

I am so sorry that I allowed your father to pressure you into marriage with Andrew. Please believe me, I had no knowledge of the reasons behind it.

Sebastien seems to be a lovely gentleman and has promised us that he will provide for you. His intentions seem honest and, if he asks, I think he would make a fine husband.

My dearest daughter, I will never forget you.


She refolded it and opened the second.

My daughter Katherine,

I apologise for giving you no options. I will not defend my actions, only that they appeared to be the best solution for our family. I am so proud of your behaviour given the difficult circumstances.

Mister Izambard will provide for you. He has given me his word as a gentleman, so hold him to it.

You have provided me with much joy over the years, and though I may not have shown it, I was always proud of you.


She looked at Seb, tears welling and hands trembling.

“There is one other document,” Seb said gently, handing her a sealed parchment.

She broke the seal and slowly opened the paper.

This document provides proof that the bearer, Miss Katherine Harper is the true and legal heir to the Harper Estate.

“I know this is a lot to take in Katherine, but your parents did love you, and your father said he would arrange for the Harper Estate to wait in trust for you to claim. I have checked with my lawyer, the estate is worth 15million pounds and there are a number of investment bonds worth a large sum. You are extremely wealthy, Katherine. But,” he said, hesitating as the wheel stopped with their carriage at the top, “there is one last thing. I promised your parents I would provide for you. I am asking this not because of that promise, but because I truly wish to.”

Sebastien dropped to one knee in front of her, he pulled a small black box from his jacket pocket and opened it to reveal a brilliant cut two-carat clear diamond surrounded by small pale blue diamonds. He looked into her eyes and promptly forgot his carefully planned proposal.

“Katherine…ah,” he stammered, “from the moment you fell into my lap I have been drawn to you, your gentle nature, your sense of duty, your loyalty. It took me a while to realise that I had been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and though a miracle brought you to me through a crack in time, I will fight heaven and earth to keep you. Will you marry me?”

She placed a shaking hand on his and nodded. Seb slid the ring on her finger, and then jumped to his feet.

“Yes! She said yes!” He shouted to the world.

Cheers and laughter filtered up from the ground and the London Eye started to move again. Seb sat back beside his new fiancée, and kissed the perfectly fitting ring on her finger.

“Mon coeur, mon amour, ma vie.”
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Love Knows No Boundaries - Sebastien's Story
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