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 In The Arms Of My Angel

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PostSubject: In The Arms Of My Angel    In The Arms Of My Angel  EmptySun Aug 28, 2011 6:14 pm

For those who have read my Fire & Ice stories, these are Urs's memories of his life with Franky. There will be laughter and tears along the way, just like in those stories. Here we go then........You might need tissues!!

Chapter 1 - She's Gone, But Not Forgotten

Urs woke to the scent of Lillies filling his nostrils and slowly sat himself upright, holding the last blouse Franky had worn against his face, silent tears running unimpeded down his cheeks while he continued to breathe. Taking a deep breath to compose himself, he laid the blouse on her pillow before picking up the remote control to open the curtains and the blinds, instantly feeling the sunshine on his face as it flooded into the room.

He closed his eyes for a few moments, continued to breathe deep before he opened them, turned his attention to the items on his nightstand and picked up the photograph frame, watching a smile spread across her face once he'd pressed the appropriate button. The same loving smile she'd given him for the past fifty-four years.

His head shook a little, amazed at how beautiful she still looked in the portrait she'd had taken for her seventieth birthday. Her hair cut to shoulder length, almost pure white, but still with a hint of the colour it used to be at the ends, the laughter lines around those still fun-filled jade green eyes.

"Gott, I miss you s-s-so much already angel. You knew didn't you? You knew that day would be your last with us. I'm sorry it took me so long to organi.......Oh Gott. Why you?.......Why you?" He smiled quickly and ran the tips of fingers down her face then closed his eyes once more and allowed memories of that final day to flood his mind.

Swallowing hard as he remembered how he and their children had walked into the hospital to find Franky in the midst of yet another argument with her doctor, the sixth in as many weeks.

"I'm not stupid, don't treat me like I am. If there's nothing more you can do for me, I want out of here. I'm not going to spend whatever time I have left surrounded by stark walls and the weirdest artwork I've ever seen. I want to be with my family. Please let me go home." She'd pleaded quietly, almost in a whisper. She'd been so weak.

"If that's what you want, you'll have to sign yourself out, I won't discharge you." The doctor had informed with a heavy sigh and headshake before turning to look at Urs. "Can't you make her see sense?"

"No. She's spent more than enough of her life in here for one reason or another. If going home is what she wants then that's what she's going to get." He'd replied making his way over to Franky and giving her a gentle kiss on the lips. "Get her the papers."

The doctor had left, still shaking his head, returned with the necessary documentation and had sighed heavily while he watched her sign slowly. Following that, Sylvie, Serena and Ciara had helped their mother to dress in a comfortable lounge suit. Jordi had packed all of her things, while Urs and Frank had gone in search of a wheelchair. Kurt had left to bring the car around to the main entrance.

With her weighing much less than she ever had, Urs had found it relatively easy to lift her from the bed, ignoring the protestations of his own arthritic joints as he set her down in the wheelchair and pushed her out of the hospital.

Five days later, he and Franky had settled on the swingseat they'd purchased years ago to watch their grandchildren using the pool while they swung slowly and all their parents headed for the kitchen to prepare lunch.

Sylvie and Nicholas's boy, the green-eyed, auburn-haired Urs, Olympic, World and European dive champion, showing off a little on the diveboard. Their daughter, hazel-eyed and dark-haired Jasmine Grace, a successful singer, playfully telling him off for doing so.

Frank and Carina's two girls, unmarried Francesca Karen and married Carlotta Carina, both stage actresses, Francesca red haired and green-eyed, Carlotta with black hair and chocolate brown eyes. Both of them playing at the shallow end with their two year old sons, Francis and Gabriel.

Serena and Hadley's twins, Saskia Rose and Hadley Race Junior, both dark-haired and hazel-eyed, competatively swimming widths across the middle half of the pool. Hadley pushing his sister hard to help her rebuild the muscles in her leg now the torn ligaments she'd suffered after her dance partner had accidently dropped her following a particularly dangerous lift and turn had healed. Gently scolding her once again for attempting such a move knowing that her partner was recovering from injury himself.

Gino Michael, the only child Maria and Kurt had been able to have, currently blond-haired, though he was naturally dark with hazel rimmed green eyes, sitting on the steps, writing songs on a water-proof laptop, raising his eyes once in a while to smile or laugh at his cousins's antics.

And the youngest of them all, Melinda the little girl Jordi and his partner, Gaston, had adopted as a three-year old now a beautiful young woman, sitting near to Gino with her blue eyes concentrating hard on the medical book she held, running her hands through her short blond curls as she set the book down, gave Gino a nudge and smile, persuading him to join her for few lengths.

Franky had taken a little nourishment while she watched them all, smiling and even managing to laugh a little when she heard them teasing each other. Despite her pain, she'd fallen asleep in the early hours of the evening, wrapped in Urs's arms never to wake again.

He hadn't had to say a solitary word to anyone, they'd all known she'd gone, each of them stepping forward to kiss her cheek and whisper that they loved her before helping lift her into his lap. He'd held her so tight with his face buried into her shoulder while he mourned her loss.

Her doctor had arrived half an hour later, confirmed that she'd died, he'd reluctantly released his hold and allowed Kurt to carry her upstairs to their bedroom. He'd stayed there with her, lying beside her, crying, holding her against him and gently stroking her head until the ambulance had arrived to take her body back to the hospital where she had remained until funeral arrangements had been made.

The phone calls he'd left to the children at their insistance, except the one he'd made to the only other surviving member of the group and he'd heard Sebastien's heart break again. Emma having died a couple of years ago.

He'd registered her death and arranged her funeral himself, making sure that everyone understood that no-one was to wear black and she'd got her wish. They'd all turned up in brightly coloured clothing and they'd sung happy songs as they watched the coffin disappearing behind the black curtain, cremation being the only option available now.

Urs opened his eyes, knocked the tears from them then looked to the small vase of wilting Eidelweiss and Forget Me Nots standing near the photo frame. Knowing what the flowers meant he touched them lightly.

"How could I ever forget you." He sniffed remembering that they'd arrived with a card the morning after Franky had passed away. It didn't say much, but meant the world to him. Just two words followed by the petname he'd given all those years ago and several kisses.

'And beyond. Fire. XXXXXXX'

He stood slowly, made his way to the bathroom and shaved before taking a shower. Smiling at the laughter lines around his face, running his hands through much shorter and slightly thinner, but still very curly pure white hair. Thinking that his petname suited him perfectly now.

Looking at the rings still gracing his fingers and smiling a little broader as he looked into the mirror again. For a man in his eighties he still looked pretty good though he thought not one Uberbabe would recognise him now.

Laughing a little, he moved back into the bedroom and dressed in a pair of jeans more befitting his age.

"Oh why not?" His eyebrows raised when he spotted the long-sleeved Harley Davidson t-shirt hanging in his wardrobe and slipped it on, thankful that it didn't fit as tight as the ones he used to wear, remembering how Franky had playfully teased him for buying it. "I know where you want to be. I'll do that later." He nodded, after tying a pair of trainers to his feet, looking at the red urn standing on the large chest of drawers.

Picking up three large notebooks, he left their bedroom and carefully made his way downstairs to find their children, grandchildren and two great-grandchildren sitting in the lounge with gentle smiles on their faces and tears welling in their eyes.

"What have you got there Pa?" Frank asked as he watched his father sit down and place the notebooks on his lap.

"My memories. The good and the bad. Things your mother never had the opportunity to tell you fully, incidents she brushed off. I wrote them all down whenever I was alone. Something I managed to keep secret from your mother." Urs smiled then huffed a quick laugh. "At least I think I did."

"Oh no you didn't." Serena shook her laughing head. "She knew that's why you liked to go off on your own once in while and why you were gone so long. She found your journals one day when she was having one of her clearouts, but she never read them."

"She understood me so well." Urs sniffed then shook his head and looked at everyone. "You've all heard the story of how we got together and what we went through from your mother over the years. There's more and I want to tell you what I remember. I'll have to refer to the books to keep the story straight, my memory isn't what it once was."

"Can we have some music on while you tell us?" Sylvie asked. "The house seems so quiet without it. There's always been music playing somewhere."

Urs nodded, watched Sylvie walk over to touch a screen on the wall and shook his head when he saw her fingers searching for the files she wanted. He never had been able to quite get the hang of the system.

'Never made as wise man.
Couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing'

Quietly filled the air and everyone smiled.

"Okay. Make yourselves comfortable. Long story." Urs nodded as he opened the first book and allowed visions of his memories to wash over him while he talked.

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    In The Arms Of My Angel  EmptySun Aug 28, 2011 6:34 pm

OMG JJ I am so happy to see this here.. Finally we heard Urs's side to their beautiful love story. He is handling things well considering he just lost her.. tears

They made an outstanding couple.. More More..

Laura tissues

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    In The Arms Of My Angel  EmptyMon Aug 29, 2011 5:24 am

Chapter 2 - Allergy Hell

"Francesa Gibson, aged 29. Allergic reaction and smoke inhalation. Severe throat constriction. Possible ankle fracture though everything feels fine following examination. One milligram of epinephrine administered at the scene. Fifty milligrams of Tramadol administered subcutaneously on route." Urs heard the paramedic reeling off quickly to a waiting doctor as Franky was rushed into the 'Resuscitation Room', feeling a nurse grab him by the arm, stopping his forward motion.

"Let me go." He demanded after a quick coughing fit.

"Sorry, you can't go in there at the minute. They'll call you in when she's stable."

"What?! She's had what she needs." Urs glanced at the young woman then went to move through the doors again.

"They might need to give her more. You did hear her breathing didn't you?"

"Of course I did. I'm not an idiot." Urs snapped. 'What kind of stupid question is that? I've spent the last twenty minutes in the back of an ambulance listening to her fight for every breath.'

"Yes, well. That breathing has nothing to do with the smoke Franky has inhaled, it's the allergy."

"You know her?"

"Have since senior school. I was taking care of her father when he died and I've dealt with two of her reactions before."

"Oh. Sorry." Urs gasped and allowed the nurse to lead him to a cubicle so that a doctor could take a look at him. "She will be all right, won't she? I........"

"Hopefully. She did tell you how bad it can be didn't she?"

"Ja." Urs nodded, resting back on the bed and taking deep breaths from the oxygen mask that had been returned to his face, a middle-aged doctor now busy listening to his chest and examining his throat.

"Okay. Everything's fine, just keep the mask on to clear your lungs completely and get plenty of rest. I'd like to keep you in overnight just to be on the safe side. We'll be doing the same with your girlfriend."

"As long as I can be with her."

"Shouldn't be a problem." The doctor nodded. "I'll send someone to go and see how she's doing. Would that get you to calm you down a bit?"

"Ja. Danke." Urs nodded, looking towards the doors, wondering what the doctors were doing to Franky and why she'd been rushed into that room.

"They've had to give her a larger dose of epinephrine which has helped a lot and they're x-raying the ankle as I speak." The nurse informed with a smile, handing him a glass of water.

"I thought it was adrenaline she had to have, just what was in the pen."

"Ususally that's enough, but sometimes they need more. Anything up to ten milligrams. Epinephrine and Adrenline are the same thing."

"Hence the name epi-pen?" Urs asked with a brief laugh and watched her smile and nod while he read her name badge. "Thank you.....Tina."

"The police are waiting to talk to you both. Franky's in no condition yet, all your friends are here too, Gabe's on his way."

"I'd better talk to the police first."

Tina nodded, disappeared for a few moments returning with two policemen by her side.

"Just tell us what you saw when you arrived at the garage in as much detail as possible."

"It was already well alight by the time I arrived, smoke everywhere. I didn't see anyone hanging around. I managed to get in through the customer entrance door and saw a fire near the desk. By the time I found Franky, the flames had engulfed that and I knew there was no way I could get the two of us out that way without one or other of us getting severely burned, so I found the fire exit at the back and went out that way, up the alley and over to Franky's home."

"Do you have any idea who could have done this?"

"None. Though Franky has had problems with Jamie Strawson recently."

"We know. Your friends told us. Doubtful it's her, she's in France at the moment."

"Fleecing another mug I should imagine." Urs muttered, his attention still on the doors. 'What's taking them so long?'

"Well it looks like we'll have to talk to Miss Gibson."

"Can't you leave it until tomorrow? She'll be exhausted."

"Just a brief word. See if she knows her attackers and to find out how much they took."

Urs grumbled something rather profain in Swiss-German, watched the two men leave with his arms folded across his chest, his attention still focused on the door to the Resuscitation Room, hoping they weren't having to do to her what they'd done to Sebastien a few days before.

"She's Okay. Coming round slowly." David's voice suddenly informed, smiling though his face carried a concerned look. "How you doing buddy?"

"Fine. No permanent damage. Just smoke inhalation, I've got to stay in over-night. How do you know she's all right? They wouldn't let me in."

"They let Lauren in few seconds ago, she came to the door and told me so that I could tell you. The cops were with you at the time. You were telling them what happened, with your eyes closed for a few seconds. That's why you didn't see me."

"Did I? I don't remember doing that." Urs laughed again, then coughed. "I'm betting that Gabe is mad?"

"He's was on about going looking for the two that did it." David nodded, taking a deep breath through his nose as he finished speaking. "He ain't the only one that wants to find them you know? Seb thinks this has something to do with Jamie."

Urs shook his head. "She's in France. Though I suppose she could have got someone to do it."

"Possible." David nodded. "So, you going to go looking for them if Franky can describe them?"

"I might do. Would you be willing?"

"You betcha. Seb and Carlos too."

"Lauren all right?"

"Fine. She's seen this before. Third time this bad. She told me the first time was when someone sent Franky a box of chocolates. They were supposed to be Strawberry creams and most of them were. Top tray anyway, someone had doctored some of the ones underneath, injecting them with peanut oil. Three of them including the one Franky ate."

"She told me about that." Urs sighed as Lauren came into the cubicle and settled herself in David's lap.

"She's all right. Tired, but all right. Her ankle isn't broken, just badly bruised and they have it packed in ice." She informed after blowing out a long breath. "She knows everyone's here and wants to see them for a few minutes, once she's upstairs. She's more worried about you than herself at the minute."

"I'm all right." Urs shook his head, a smile on his face before he told Lauren about himself. "She didn't stop breathing did she? Or her heart stop? I know that can happen."

"No. Not this time. She told you about that then?"

Urs closed his eyes, rolled them backwards and tutted. "Not all of it, it seems."

"You know you really should ask her to show you how to use the epi-pen, just in case something like this ever happens again."

"I know. I'm going to and I'm not taking no for an answer this time. Did she say how much they took?"

"Almost £3,500. Everything she's made this week and the petty cash."

Urs nodded, tutting loudly then shaking his head. Though she had yet to explain how she'd managed to get the garage back in the black and he had no idea how much money she actually had, since it was none of his business, he knew she had enough to live comfortably and would do something to sort the loss out. Still it wasn't right and he really wanted to find those responsible and pummel seven shades of crap out of them.

"You can go to her now." Tina informed cheerfully, pushing a wheelchair into the cubicle.

"I'm not going in that!"

"Doctor's orders. He told you to rest didn't he?" Tina glared at him, her arms folded over her chest. "I've arranged for you to be made comfortable in the same room as Franky and you still need the oxygen. I have no intention of trawling a tank around after you, so in."

"You get the feeling she's related to Adam?" David asked jokingly, watching a reluctant Urs seat himself in the wheelchair and listening to him muttering to himself in Swiss-German.

"If your talking about Adam Croft? He's my cousin."

"I might have known." Urs muttered again while David wheeled him away, his face now covered by a mask connected to a small tank of oxygen that sat in a cage behind his back.

He took a deep breath as they crossed the threshold of the Resusciation Room then gently took hold of Franky's right hand once he'd reached her. She lay on a trolley, still looking very pale, her eyes closed, breathing much better, dressed in one of the hospital's gowns. He felt a brief squeeze of his hand and swallowed hard, glad that she'd indicated she knew he was there.

He didn't give a damn that she hadn't opened her eyes or tried to speak to him, he knew what a very close call she'd had and how tired she was. The hand squeeze alone was much better than nothing at all.

Realising that she was ready to be moved, David pulled him away, turned the wheelchair and followed after the porters, making sure that Urs was placed so that he could keep hold of Franky's hand once they were inside the lift. Lauren squeezing herself into a corner near the doors, her eyes flitting from Franky to David. David looking at her, a re-assuring smile on his face.

"She'll go nu.....barmy when she finds out." Lauren informed in a whisper once they were inside a private room.

"Don't care." David shrugged. "And you can pay me back later 'cos I know you'll insist." He huffed at Urs. "You do know you two are as bad as one another? Where's the harm in having a private room if you can afford it?"

"You know her argument about that one in her case. Why pay twice?" Urs shrugged with a smile on his face and a nod towards Franky, settling himself into the easy-chair that stood beside the bed she had been settled into, holding her hand.

"Oh yeah, the National Insurance thing on the wages here goes for NHS treatment. Wish we had something like that back home."

"I can hear you, you know?" Franky's voice came in a rough whisper. "I'll let you both off this time 'cos I haven't got the energy to argue right now. I want to see Gabe first. He'll be fuming mad, someone needs to calm him down."

David and Lauren nodded, left the room after giving Franky a hug, Franky herself giving Lauen's face a gentle touch before allowing her to leave. Gabriel came through the door a few moments later, still furious and telling Franky in no uncertain terms how any cash was going to be paid into the bank in future.

"Okay. It's going to cost for the service, but all right. If it will shut you up and stop you nagging, I'll arrange for it to be picked up in future. Now calm down."

"I'll calm down when I get my hands on those little shits and I've given them a butt-kicking. Carlos thinks it's the same two that attacked him."

"Possibly, but don't you dare touch them. Let the police handle it. I'll fire you if you touch them Gabriel Archibald Harris and don't for one second think I won't. You know how I feel about that sort of thing."

Gabriel muttered something about Franky being a stubborn, old, soft-hearted something or other that Urs didn't quite catch, but laughed at because it seemed to sum Franky up. Gabriel then sighed, tutted, folded his arms across his chest and reluctantly acquiessed to her instructions. He left after giving her a hug and kissing her forehead, knocking tears from his cheeks and shaking his head as he went.

Karen and Carlos came in next, Karen leaving drying her eyes after seeing her friend looking so pale, having never seen her that way before. Carlos gulping on seeing Franky in such a state. Sebastien and Emma followed them, Sebastien shaking his head and smiling when Emma took a quick look at Franky's ankle before leaving. Both Carlos and Sebastien leaving with the same instruction as Franky had given to Gabriel about the two young men.

Wanting to talk to her about what had happened, but feeling tired himself and knowing Franky was much more so, Urs instructed her to sleep from behind his mask and returned hers to her face as she nodded and closed her eyes.

Once assured she was asleep, Urs stood slightly, moved the mask up to his forehead and bent to whisper in her ear.

"I don't know what I would do if I lost you. I was in pieces when we met, you're gradually bringing me back together, piece by piece and there aren't many pieces left to go to make me whole again. Without you I would be completely lost now, a bird without wings, a fish out of water, a heart without a home. I love you Francesca Grace Gibson."

He sighed, placed a gentle kiss on her cheek and wondered if she'd heard a single word of what he'd just said as he sat back down in the chair. Clasping her hand tightly in his own, he lowered his head to the bed and quickly fell asleep himself.

Turn the page.

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    In The Arms Of My Angel  EmptyMon Aug 29, 2011 7:25 am

OH JJ this is so good it brings back the story but hearing it from Urs is fantastic.. I can't wait for more!!

Thanks again for doing this.. It is way overdue..

Laura smooch

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    In The Arms Of My Angel  EmptyTue Aug 30, 2011 4:49 am

Chapter 3 - What A Mess

"Stop that." Urs instructed, grabbing Franky's hand to stop her chewing her nails.

"Sorry. I was already nervous, but now he's late I'm even more so."

"I know, but there's no need to be. The fire inspector has already confirmed it was arson."

"I know. Still can't help thinking he's going to say I didn't set the alarm before I locked up though."

"Well that's a stupid notion. You know they've found fingerprints that aren't yours on the lever and the forced entry, so stop worrying about what he might or might not think." Urs commanded firmly as he stood and headed for the kitchen, listening to Franky grumbling as he went.

He glanced back as he reached the threshold, watched her stand and make her way towards the window. He sighed on seeing her close her eyes and lower her head once she was there. He couldn't even begin to imagine what it was like to lose what she'd worked so hard to re-build. He sighed, entered the kitchen and set about making a mug of Camomile Tea for each of them in the hope that it would calm her down.

That job finished, he made his way back into the lounge, placed the mugs on the table then made his way over to Franky, where he wrapped an arm around her waist and looked towards the hoarding.

"Could have been much worse couldn't it?" She asked after a few moments.

"I guess so. Stephanie could have been seriously hurt that's for sure. A few others as well I should imagine. Good job most people were at work or well away from the breaking glass or flying debris. You still intent on re-locating?"

"If the insurance pays out enough. Can't afford to otherwise. Can't afford to re-build either."

"I could help you there."

"No. Absolutely not."

"Gott! And you call me stubborn." Urs laughed and shook his head, knowing that there would be no point in arguing with her. "You really want to close down for good?"

"No. It's been going for almost a hundred years. This isn't going to stop me. If I don't get the insurance back, I'll go and see if I can get a loan or mortgage from the bank. And don't look at me like that, I don't want to be owing you for the next twenty-five years. You probably wouldn't have enough to get me re-started anyway."

"How do you know?"

"Got a spare third of a million lying around have you?"

"It's worth that much?" Urs gasped, looking towards the small plot where Franky's business had one stood.

"The building alone was worth a hundred and eighty-five thousand last time it was valued last year. Add to that the cost of new equipment and the bikes that were destroyed, that's the estimate I've arrived at."

"Wow! I never would have guessed. So if they do pay out, you'll have a little left over if you move to the industrial estate."

"Maybe." Franky nodded, then turned her attention to the silver car that had pulled up outside her home. "Looks like he's finally here."

Without waiting for the middle-aged man to knock, the couple made their way out of the house and greeted him just as he was coming up the short driveway, listening to him apologise for being late after he'd introduced himself as Phillip Meyers, explaining that he was late due to his satnav sending him up the wrong road.

"Shall we?" Phillip asked, nodding in the direction of Franky's ruined business.

Franky nodded, took a deep breath and, with Urs on one side of her, Phillip on the other, the three of them made their way across the road and into what remained of the building.

Urs watched Franky's eyes fly wide on seeing that most of the walls were gone, masses of melted and twisted metal lay everywhere. The three bikes that had been in for repair were unrecognisable to him. The smell of burned wood mixed with oil still permeated the air, despite the fact that everything was exposed to the open air.

"How many bikes are we looking at?" Phillip asked, shaking his head at the devastation.

"Four." Franky replied, moving over to the remains of her Harley and giving Phillip the details of the machine, her eyes filling with tears. "Sorry. It was the last present my father gave me before he died. Needed a lot of work. I'd only just finished restoring it."

"Value?" Phillip asked, sighing and shaking his head.

"He paid nine thousand for it. I spent two making it roadworthy again. So around eleven thousand. That's what I insured it for."

"Yes." Phillip nodded after checking his notes, then moved over to another heap of metal. "This one?"

"Is a........erm.........Was a Harley Davidson Softail Fatboy. Two years old."

"In for?"

"Erm......New brakes and oil change."


"The owner has it insured for fifteen thousand."

"That's about right." Phillip nodded again then moved to the third pile of metal. "A Victory Tour Premium if I'm not mistaken?"

"Yeah. Three years old." Franky nodded, watching Phllip wipe the badge he'd picked up on his trouser leg. "Also in to have new brakes fitted, an oil change and to the rear seat recovered. Someone had slashed it. Oh! And to have the oil pump and surpass clutch replaced. Owner gives its value as thirteen and half thousand pounds."

"Not far out either." Phillip nodded once more then strode a little further back where he promptly squatted and looked to Franky.

"Four year old Triumph Daytona 650. That one I'd just finished repairing following a crash, it was only in the building because the owner was on holiday and didn't trust anyone else to pick it up. Worth about six thousand."

"And the Triumph Thunderbird that was usually stored in here. Where's that?"

"Safely locked up in a friend's garage. I was riding it on the day of the fire."

"Ahh. That's why the address has temporarilly changed on your policy for that particular vehicle?"

Urs watched Franky nod, knowing that the Thunderbird was currently housed at the alarmed garage attached to Michael's father's home. He spent a few moments listening to Franky begin to go through the details of what else had been destroyed, amazed that she knew exactly what equipment she had. He sighed then turned his attention to the reception area, wondering if any of the certificates had survived the inferno. He took a quick look to the wall, saw nothing hanging there then trailed his eyes downwards.

Piles of burnt wood, electrical cable and roof tiles littered the area but he was sure he could see the edge of a frame poking out in one corner. Being careful, he moved around to that area and set to work moving the detritus out of his way. After a few minutes he'd managed to retrieve several slightly burned and smoked damaged frames, only three had their glass smashed. The names on the certificates were unreadable, but he was sure they would be still legible once the soot had been removed and whoever they belonged to would appreciate having them back.

"What are you doing down there?" He suddenly heard Franky's voice questioning as he placed the last frame in the pile he'd made.

Picking them up, he stood and turned to face her with a smile on his face and heard her laughing.

"Well that wasn't quite the reaction I was hoping for." He huffed, pouting a little.

"I'm sorry honey, but you should see your face. You look like you've been down a coal mine."

"Oh. Well it's not exactly the cleanest of jobs."

"No." Franky shook her head. "I'm surprised they've survived though."

"Might be damaged, but I think the vast majority made it through."

"Good. I was dreading having to resit those tests in order to get a replacement. That's what most of them wanted you know?"

"I know. I heard you and Gabe cursing that fact enough." Urs returned with a backward eyeroll as he moved back around to stand by her side, knowing she'd contacted the relevant boards only to be told they currently couldn't find hers and Gabriel's records as well a couple of her employees. "Well?"

"Looking good so far." Franky shruggged. "He's just adding things up, once he gets back to the office he'll write a report, get any payment approved by his superior and hopefully I'll be good to go again."


They remained silent thereafter, watching Phillip punch numbers into his calculator, his fingers flying across the tiny keypad and smiling when he looked at Franky once he'd totalled everything up. He walked towards them, clipboard clutched tight to his chest and showed Franky the figure he'd arrived at.

"Close to your estimation?"

"Erm........Nowhere near." Franky replied with a stunned look on her face. "You're sure the building was worth that much?"

"Yes. I checked with a local estate agent before I came down. You would be very lucky to get a place like this once was for under two hundred thousand now." Phillip informed, then turned and headed towards where they'd come in.

Franky and Urs followed a few seconds later and listened while he told Franky that her claim would hopefully be settled quickly. He didn't see that there would be any problems taking into account the police and fire investigations.

Back inside the house, Franky flopped onto one of the couches and drank the tea Urs had made, not bothered that it had gone cold.

"I had another silly notion the other day. While I was looking around the unit at the industrial estate." She informed after draining her mug.

"Like what?" Urs asked, taking a seat by her side.

"Changing the name of the new garage. To something like Pheonix Motorcyle Repairs."

"Nah!" Urs wrinkled his nose and shook his head. "I think you should stick with 'Franky's'. After all everyone knows the name and that they can trust you to do a good job, besides which the business is a lot like you."

"Oh. How so?"

"Takes a lickin', keeps on tickin'."

"I guess it does." Franky nodded, laughing a little while she watched Urs stand to head for the phone to order a pizza for their evening meal before heading for the shower, giving her a very flirty look as he went.

Turn the page.
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I am sure enjoying read the accounts by Urs, such a nice thing to see JJ..

Glad Franky can afford to rebuild..

They sure Love each other..

More soon JJ.. Swiss


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Chapter 4 - Alone Together

Urs smiled contendly, watching Franky continue to sleep while he curled his fingers in her hair. Laughing quietly when he saw her lick her lips and wondering whether she was re-living the taste of the cinnamon and raisin bun or one of the many kisses they'd exchanged that day.

He bit his lip lightly when she wriggled against him, snuggling deeper into the softness of the robe he wore, the two of them having got soaked to the skin while they were out sightseeing, both of them still dripping wet on their return and having to take a shower. Neither of them dressing afterwards, deciding to cuddle up together on the couch and relive the things they'd done over the past few days instead. They'd both eventually fallen asleep, but he'd been awake for almost half an hour, happy to do nothing more than watch her continue to sleep. He smiled when he remembered what he'd done while Franky took her shower and turned his head to where the car was parked.

Hearing the alarm on his watch begin to beep, he turned it off quickly and eased himself away from her, not wanting to wake her just yet. He stood, headed for his kitchen and made a refreshing lemon tea then made his way back to the lounge and gently squeezed Franky's arm to wake her.

"Hi. What time is it?" She asked after she'd wiped her face.

"Five thirty." Urs smiled as he handed her the drink then sat down beside her.

"Oooooooh! Karen would not be calling me Duracell if she could see me now." Franky laughed and watched a quizical look spread across Urs's face. "You know the battery....the pink bunny."

"Oh. The one with the copper coloured top? The one that outlasts all other batteries?" Urs nodded and laughed, understanding the reference. "You're not too tired to go out tonight are you?"

"No. Why? Where are we going?"

"Out to dinner." Urs shrugged.


"Well I did want to take you to the Chateau Gutsch, but, like I told you, it's closed."

"Oh yeah. The hotel high on the mountain, the one that overlooks the Vier....wald...staetter See?" Franky asked, concentrating hard on the complicated name.

"Ja." Urs nodded with a smile on his face before a quick giggle escaped as he remembered how she'd practised saying the word all the way home until she finally got it right.

"Me duele si usted mantenga riendo de mi." She warned playfully once she'd turned to face him.

"Are you threatening to hurt me?"

"Absolutely." Franky giggled, knowing that he didn't understand what she'd just said completely but also knowing he knew it had been a playful threat of some kind.

"Okay. I'll behave."

"So where are we going?"

"The Palace Hotel. That one sits on the bank of the lake. I have an outdoor table booked for seven o'clock."

He watched Franky turn her head to look out of the window then laughed when he saw the wide-eyed, questioning look on her face as she turned it back.

"It doesn't matter if it's still raining." Urs shook his head. "The area is covered and heated, so we're not going to get cold or wet."

"We wouldn't have got wet in the first place if it wasn't for you." Franky huffed teasingly. "What happens? Do you suddenly go deaf when you see a bike like that?"

"Sorry. Did you say something?" Urs asked with a laugh while images of the tiger-design, customised machine flashed across his mind. "Those eyes looked so real."

"I know, but it didn't mean you had to spend half an hour staring at them while the rain poured down around us."

"I wasn't that bad." Urs pouted. "Twenty minutes tops."

Franky laughed and nodded, then drained her drink, thanked him and moved to stand up.

"Need a hand getting ready?" She heard Urs offering as she started to move towards the bedroom.

"If I let you lend me hand I won't have the dress on five minutes before it's off again. You go and get your things first. I'll get ready in the closet while you get ready........" Franky paused to see Urs shaking his head as he moved to walk beside her. "Okay the other way round. You in the closet, me in the bedroom, but no peeking."

"Why? I've seen you in it before."

"I know you have, but I was wearing a trainer at the time, had no make-up on and my hair was a mess."

"I kind of like that look." Urs joked as they crossed the threshold into the bedroom. "Okay. I'm going." He laughed again, holding his hands up in surrender when he saw the playful scowl she shot him.

Walking backwards until he reached the closet door then turning into the room and listening to the bathroom door close while he looked through what little clothing he had hanging there. Quickly deciding on the very dark green suit he'd brought months ago but had never worn. Teaming it with a pale green shirt and shaking his head at the tie, deciding to leave the top two buttons open once he was dressed. With a pair of black shoes on his feet and the belt he had worn when he'd first met Franky fastened in place, he was almost ready to go. Just his hair in need of comb through and tying back. Smiling after checking himself in the mirror he turned away and made his way back into the bedroom.

"Are you sure you're going to be able to walk in tho...that?" He asked when he saw that Franky was strapping a sandal around her ankle.

"It's only a one inch heel. I'll be fine." She shook her head, retrieved her crutches and demonstrated that she could manage.

Urs nodded then moved back towards the bathroom so that he could deal with his hair. Feeling Franky's hand stopping him from tying it back and turning to look at her questioningly. Suddenly realising that she preferred it down when her fingers didn't move away. Neither of them having to say a word, the communication instant as he agreed to her request with nothing more than a smile and nod while he looked at the way she'd done her hair. Smiling a little broader when he saw that she'd plaited the parts near her temple, brought them round to form a crown around her head and used a small jewelled clip to hold them in place. With a small bag containing the epi-pen thrown over her shoulder, they were ready to go.

Walking as close together as they could, they made their way into the garage, where Urs held the car door open then placed Franky's crutches on the back seat once she was settled. Door closed and garage door open, Urs made himself comfortable in the driver's seat and dropped a quick kiss on her lips before starting the engine and carefully backing out, both of them looking up to the sky, thankful that it had finally stopped raining. Chatting about the things they'd seen during the drive to Lucerne.

"Something bothering you?" Urs asked when they had to stop at a set of traffic lights and glancing at Franky's face. "You look like you want to ask me something?"

"Yes I do, but......" Franky stopped and shook her head, her face flushing bright red. "You know the day we arrived. Was that.......Was that the first time you've been taken all the way like that?"

"Oh you mean the erm........oral sex?" Urs asked feeling the heat rising in his own face. "Ja. And I really enjoyed it. All of my other girlfriends didn't mind receiving, but they weren't into giving. Don't tell me it was your first time too?!" He asked, watching her smile and nod in reply. "Well I never would I guessed that in million years."

Hearing a car horn blaring behind him, Urs turned his head forward again, noticed that the lights had turned green and pulled off with small screech of the tyres.

"Oh wow!" Franky exclaimed once they'd pulled up in front of the hotel. "What a beautiful building."

"Glad you like it." Urs smirked just before he left the car and after pressing the button that released the boot. "Because we're staying here tonight." He continued once he'd moved round to her side and helped her out.

"You sneaky devil." Franky laughed and shook her head then dropped a kiss on his lips before they made there way in behind a bellboy.

She stood waiting patiently while Urs headed towards the reception desk to check-in then moved with him towards the dining-area at the back of the hotel. Shaking her head when she saw the thousands of lights that had been strung through the trees while she took her seat.

"Are you always going to do what you did on the paddlesteamer?" Urs asked once they had menus in their hands.

"Oh! You mean stand back when your fans approach for an autograph or photograph?" She asked and watched Urs nod quickly. "Of course I am. It's not about me is it now? I'm not one to push myself forward that way Urs. If they ask to say hello or they do speak to me then of course I'll be polite. As long as I'm treated with respect it will be returned. Just Iike I did with those three ladies yesterday. Or do you think that's the wrong way to handle it?"

"Oh no! No. Not at all." Urs shook his head and smiled before something caught his attention on his right and he cursed under his breath.

"Something wrong?" Franky asked, seeing a glint of anger in his eyes.

"Over there. Peder." He informed with a quick nod in the general direction.

"Oh. Never mind." Franky shook her head without turning to look at the man. "Don't let him spoil things."

"I won't." Urs smiled then raised his head a little further to give the waiter their order and nodding his approval of the wine he'd chosen.

"How old is this place?" Franky asked while they waited to be served.

"It was built in 1906. There are one hundred and thirty-six suites and rooms and it's regularly refurbished to keep it modern."

"It's absolutely stunning."

"Made even more so by your presence." Urs informed as he took hold of Franky's left hand and placed a gentle kiss on the back of it. "Too cheesy?" He laughed when he saw that she blushing.

"Just a little, but thank you anyway."

"I'm going to have stop hanging around with Carlos." Urs shook his laughing head then stood and excused himself to head for the bathroom.

He glanced at Peder as he moved and noticed that he was watching Franky intently. Despite the fact that he had a beautiful woman sitting opposite him, he appeared not to be listening to one word she was saying. Swallowing quickly but knowing that he could trust Franky, he attended to his business quickly, washed and dried his hands then made his way back to his seat just in time to see Franky being presented with a very expensive bottle of champagne and a note.

"Someone needs their ardour cooled I think." Franky whispered once she'd read the note and slyly passed it to Urs for him to read.

'Hey Gorgeous

Why don't you ditch the loser and come dine with me? I'll show you a good time later.


Urs raised his head and snapped it round to glare at his former friend until he felt Franky's hand on his arm and immediately turned it back to face her.


"It's all right." Franky shook her head and smiled then looked at the bottle of champagne.

"What are you thinking?" Urs questioned on seeing a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"I was thinking of cooling him off." Franky informed with a nod towards the bottle. "But I don't want to embarrass you."

"I'm not bothered." Urs laughed quietly. "Honest. You wouldn't embarrass me and I would love to see the look on his face."

"No I can't. Not here." Franky shook her head.

"Why not? I've seen much worse in much better places." Urs informed as he watched Peder's companion being escorted away from the table by the maitre'd.

Her blue eyes wide in puzzlement while she tottered beside him on at least four inch heels, completely oblivious to the fact that Peder had turned his attention away from her to Franky.

"I dare you." Urs growled with his eyes narrowed and a mischievious glint in them, matching Franky's.

"Ooooh! That did it." Franky laughed and nodded her compliance then asked the confused looking waiter to open the bottle while they walked towards Peder's table.

Wanting to make Peder think he'd won, Urs sat with his head lowered and his shoulders hunched, watching with a disappointed look on his face as Franky sat herself in the chair to Peder's left. Biting his bottom lip to stop himself from laughing out loud, he watched while he flirted with her for few moments, Franky making it look as though she was really interested in him until he moved in for a kiss. A stifled grunt escaped as he watched Franky snatch the champagne from the cooler as she pulled back. Unable to contain himself any longer, he roared with laughter after he'd watched her set the bottle down on the table, pick up the ice bucket and tip the entire contents over Peder's groin area with a smile on her face. He continued to laugh and heard some of the other patrons doing the same.

"It's about time someone did that to him." A man to Urs's left remarked while he watched Franky making her way back over to him. "He's tried that twice with my girl alone. Thinks he can have any woman he wants just because he's probably got more money than the rest of us put together."

Urs nodded then watched a blushing Franky resume her seat while several people gave her a quiet round of applause and Peder stormed passed them and out of the restaurant without saying a word.

"What did he say to you?"

"He told me I have the best pair of breasts he'd ever seen then asked if they were real and went to touch." Franky informed in a whisper, pointing at her left breast. "I took a quick look you know where, saw that he was very aroused then I poured the ice over him. Champagne?" She queried with a smirk and a nod to the bottle she'd asked the waiter to bring back over.

Urs threw back his head and roared with laughter and continued to giggle througout their meal. Both were still laughing as they stepped into the lift that would take them to their room.

"Urs!" Franky gasped and shook head once they'd closed the door and looked around the luxurious room.

"I know you like the simple things in life Franky. I do too. I just want you to remember this night." Urs smiled as he scooped her into his arms and carried her towards the bed. "I'm not that bothered if we don't make love, we have all the time in the world for that. I know how tired you are, despite you saying different. All I really want to do is lay beside you, holding you in my arms while we watch the sun go down. Nothing more." He informed with a nod towards the French windows that gave access to a balcony once he'd laid her down.

Franky looked to where he'd indicated, saw that the voiles had been pulled back and nodded while she started removing her clothes. Urs did the same then moved under the covers with Franky and held her close once she was comfortable.

"It's beautiful." Franky sighed as they watched the sun descend, filling the sky beyond the mountains with hues of red, yellow and gold.

"Ja, aber nicht so schön wie du mein engel." Urs smiled, holding her a little closer and watching her slowly fall asleep before placing a kiss on her lips and sighing with contentment once more as he joined her.
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I never knew Franky had met Pedder after all and that he was such a ass. Calling Urs a Loser.. Better look in the mirror BUD!!

I am a bit confused here JJ I thought they were sleeping together as a couple. I don't get that feeling when he said he wanted to just lay with her and not make love.. Is this after the kidnapping when they were on vacation before the accident?

More soon..


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Yes, Laura. After the kidnapping when Urs took Franky to Willisau/Lucerne.
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So this is before the accident where Urs lost his sight for a while then..


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Chapter 5 - The Woman Of My Dreams

"Stop shaking. There's nothing to worry about. They don't bite." Urs instructed with a laugh, he and Franky standing at the front door to his family home. "Not hard anyway."

"Not funny, Ice." Franky laughed in reply just before she took a deep breath. "It's a big step I'm taking here you know?"

"Ja. I know. Sorry, though I still can't quite believe none of your exes introduced you to their parents. Ready?"

Franky nodded and held her breath, watching Urs push the front door open with a huge smile on his face and taking quick look around before indicating for her to follow him across the threshold.

"You didn't call them to tell we're coming did you?" She asked in whisper and watched Urs shake his laughing head while they walked down a short hallway to a large, neatly organised lounge.

"Mami! Papi!" Urs shouted excitedly looking towards a door that led off that room, his arm wrapping around a still shaking Franky's waist, holding her close, waiting for those he'd shouted to appear from the kitchen.

They didn't have long to wait and Urs's mother flew through door, closely followed by a man of much the same age, a man, similar in looks to Urs but just a little taller and two women who stood a little shorter.

"Oh. I wasn't expecting to see you three. Where's Liana?" Urs asked, not seeing his other sister and laughing at the astonished look he saw on his mother's face.

"At court, finalising the divorce." She replied with a closed-eyed headshake. "How long have you been here Urs?"

"Erm......A few days."

"And you didn't think to call in sooner? You know how worried I've been about you since you broke up with Erika."

"Can we please not mention her? I told you I'm over her Mami and I've moved on." Urs sighed and shook his head. "I just wanted to have a few days alone with Franky because a lot has happened to us since we met."

"All right. I understand. You're certainly looking much better than the last time I saw you. You've definitely put some weight back on and you look much happier."

"I am, Mami. I'm very happy. I'll tell you everything once I've got introductions out of the way. Mami, Papi this is Francesca. Franky my mother, Lorella and my father, Jordi."

"Willkmomen, Francesca." Jordi and Lorella smiled and extended their hands for a shake, their eyes widening when they finally spotted the crutches. "What happened to you?"

"Danke. Just a little accident."

"David ran her over." Urs informed, speaking at the same time as Franky and receiving a quick dig in the ribs for doing so. "It was an accident and we'll explain in minute. Franky, the slightly fatter version of me is my brother, Lars."

"Some women like their men cuddly." Lars batted back, sticking his tongue out at Urs, taking hold of Franky's hand and placing a quick kiss on the back . "Nice to meet you Francesca."

"Franky. I prefer Franky, Lars."

"Franky, though I think Francesca is perfect." Lars nodded with a smile on his face, watching his brother roll his eyes backwards then stepping back so that Urs could introduce his sisters, Joelle and Merle.

"That's that out the way. Let's get you sat down and your leg made comfortable Franky. It must be tiring walking around on crutches all day?" Lorella questioned, gently pushing Urs to one side, her arm replacing his, guiding Franky to one end of the couch and placing her injured limb on a foot stool before making herself comfortable at the other end of the couch.

"It's not that hard really. I can actually take a little weight on the leg, thanks to the plastic cast I'm wearing." Franky informed, watching a giggling Urs take the middle seat, Jordi, Lars, Joelle and Merle making themselves comfortable elsewhere.

"How did it happen?" Lars asked, a look of concern in his eyes. "David's usually a very careful driver, unlike Seb."

Urs looked to Franky, took hold of her hand then did the same to his mother and coughed before he started to speak.

"Do you all remember Jamie?"

"How could we forget her? Awful woman. I still don't know what Sebastien sees in her. He should get rid of her before she leaves him bankrupt." Lorella stated, her head nodding sharply.

"He already has." Urs sighed, his head nodding quickly. "Jamie is Franky's half-sister."

"What?!" Jordi yelled, jumping from his seat. "Don't you be a fool too and make the same mistake Sebastien did."

"Papi please. Franky is nothing like Jamie." Urs released his mother's hand and indicated for his father to sit back down. "Just let me tell the story, then you will understand."

Jordi nodded, resumed his seat and listened carefully while Urs told everyone of how he and Franky had met and what they'd been through at Jamie's hands.

"We all think there's something mentally wrong with Jamie, other than the disorder she's been diagnosed as having, but the psychiatrist who examined her doesn't seem to think so. Franky's convinced she's more than a little psychotic or as David puts it 'Mad, bad and dangerous to know' Franky's sure that she might try something else, there's just no convincing this man."

"You're all okay now though aren't you?" His mother questioned as she stood and made her way to the kitchen.

"Ja. We're fine. We shouldn't have any more problems with them. They're all being held on remand until their trials." Urs nodded as he glanced at her. He grimmaced at Franky then stood and nodded that he was heading in the same direction.

Quietly he pushed the kitchen door open and saw his mother in the process of re-filling the coffee-maker.


"I'm sorry, Urs. It's your life, but I don't think you should be with Franky. You'll only get hurt again and I don't mean just emotionally. Jamie is a selfish bitch, doesn't care about anyone else, thinks every man in the world wants her and uses them to get what she wants. She vengeful too. Have you forgotten what happened to the car Sebastien bought his mother? You'll never persuade me that she wasn't behind all that damage. She was so envious when she saw it and I heard her screeching at Seb because he'd refused to buy her one"

Urs stepped further into the kitchen, took hold of his mother by the tops of her arms and gently turned her round to face him.

"Nein, I haven't forgotten any of that." His head shook his head, knowing the car had only been in Marie's possession for three days when she'd returned from a shopping trip to find all four tyres slashed, the front and rear windows smashed, the stereo ripped out and every panal of the paintwork scratched. All of which Sebastien had insisted on being repaired at his expense. "Trust me Mami, Franky really nothing like Jamie. They're total opposites."

"You're sure you're not under the influence of anything that could make you think different."

"You mean the Cocaine?"

"Ja. You know what that drug does Urs. Remember how easily your cousin Ueli became addicted to it and what it did to him?"

"I know." Urs nodded, his eyes closed, knowing that Ueli was currently in rehab for the third time, taking the drug, unable to cope with fact that his fiancee had dumped him at the altar three and half years ago. "But I wasn't really given that much and my doctor in England has confirmed that there are no lasting side effects. I am thinking with a very clear head. What I didn't tell you was, that if.....if Jamie had given Franky what was in that syringe, Franky wouldn't be here now. All I would have left would be a grave to visit and a broken heart forever. Perhaps even just the broken heart considering what Jamie planned to do with her."

"That strong a dose, it would have killed her?"

"Ja Mami." Urs sniffed, his head nodding quickly. "Please don't judge her before you've even got to know her, that's not like you."

"My Gott, I'm sorry Urs."

"It's okay. She has been amazingly strong through everything and Seb would have died if she hadn't climbed through that window. She's wonderful. The kind of girl I've been looking for all my life. So much so that I'm..........."


"I've actually begun to change my mind about marriage. I can see myself being with her for the rest of my life. I really can, Mami."

"Gott! Well, that's one thing I thought I would never hear from your mouth. She really must be something very special for you to do that so quickly."

"She is." Urs nodded, a huge smile now on his face.


"We haven't discussed that in depth yet. But I can see us having at least two, hopefully more. She's brilliant with other people's children, so warm and loving. I can hardly wait to see her holding our own child. I'm just going to have to be patient in that regard."

"Hmmn. Not one of your better traits, Urs. It's wonderful to hear that you want children, though I would like to see this warmth you speak of for myself. I suppose I shall have to be just as patient as you."

"She really is nothing like the other girls I've known, Mami. I took her to dinner last night at the Palace Hotel. Peder was there and tried to make a move on her. You should have seen his face when she tipped a bucket of ice in his lap."

"She didn't?" Lorella laughed, her right hand covering her mouth.

"Ja, she did, it was hysterical. I've not laughed that hard in such a long time and got she a round of applause from some of the other diners. She even argues with me when I actually want to buy her something I've seen her admiring. That first night, at Senorita's, it took me some time to persuade her to let me buy her a drink and last night, she chose the cheapest dishes on the menu, until we reached the dessert menu anyway, she chooses what she likes rather than the most expensive. She even wanted to pay half of the bill. Don't ask me how long that battle raged for before we went to our room. She made laugh again this morning by insisting she had to make the bed before we checked out, even though I told her twice it would be stripped and clean bedding put on. She just can't leave a bedroom without making the bed first. That's just one of her funny little habits and I love her for it."

"So you're sleeping together already?"

"Ja Mami and I know what you're thinking, but she wouldn't try to trap me like that. She's on the pill, I've seen her take it every morning and she had a period just after the kidnap. I know she's clean because her doctor insists on doing a full medical examination and tests on her every year. She had that before I met her and showed me the results."

"Why? That's rather unusual Urs."

"I know, but the family have been with the same man since before Franky was born. He's become a good friend over the years and she's very special to him, almost like a daughter, he doesn't have a family of his own, never married. Lauren says I should hear the two of them arguing about the tests, apparently it's hysterical but he always wins. You see Franky's mother died of breast cancer just over a year ago and her father of a heart attack ten days later. She's been through so much in the past year and yet she's come through it all. I don't think........No, I know I couldn't have coped with being an only child, losing my parents within a few days of each other and saving a business from bankruptcy, never mind what Jamie's done and you should have heard what she had to say to me, David, Carlos and Sebastien about going to her rescue. We all felt like we'd actually had our butts kicked when we left her hospital room. She made us all promise not to do anything like that again."

"Well it was rather silly, especially since you knew how violent Jamie's brother could be, but I think I understand why you did now." Lorella nodded, using her hands to hold Urs's face, her eyes searching his features, a huge smile lighting up her face when she saw something that she'd never seen before, a look of complete happiness, contentment and a little embarrassment about the way she was holding him. "You really do love her don't you?"

"Ja, Mami. I would give my life for hers without having to think about it for a second."

"I must admit I do like her a lot more than any other girl you've ever had Urs, at least she didn't walk into the house and start inspecting our possession with a greedy eye like what's her name did."


"That's the one. I'm just a little worried about what Jamie may do in the future. She can be quite charming when she wants to be remember?"

"I know, but Simon saw straight through her and Seb does have a tendancy to only see the good looks above everything else. I just hope he doesn't mess things up with Emma. She's perfect for him, just like Lauren is for David and Karen is for Carlos. We all have the same concerns about what Jamie might try to do in the future because none of us, especially Lauren, Karen and Franky, think she will give up, but we're not going to allow that to drive us apart. We'll just have to wait and see what happens at the trial, though I'm sure they're all looking a long sentences." Urs finished with a smile as the back door opened and Liana walked in.

"Well you're looking better than when I last saw you." She smiled, pulling back from a hug.

"I'm doing great now. I have someone I would like you to meet in minute. How did it go at court?"

"The divorce will be final in two weeks. I'm more mad at myself than Niklaus. I pushed him into Uschi's arms." Liana sighed and shook her head. "She was there for him after the accident. I should have let you take care of Tran and Roby, Mami, then perhaps we would still be a happy family. Where are they anyway?"

"Tran's outside on his rollerblades. Roby's upstairs doing the homework he didn't do last night."

"You know I'm beginning to wish I'd never bought Tran those things for his birthday. I don't think he'll ever get the hang of them." Liana tutted as she, Urs and Lorella headed back into the lounge.

"Come and watch this." A smiling Jordi asked, beckoning them towards him and indicating for them to look out of the window once they were by his side. "She's spent the last fifteen minutes getting him to do that. Just look at his face, he's so happy."

"Who is that woman?" Liana asked, smiling proudly after watching her eldest son skate down the footpath without falling on his butt for once.

"That is the future Frau Buhler." Urs informed smiling.

"Oh! I didn't know Lars had a new girl."

"The future Frau Urs Buhler." Urs corrected, still smiling though it quickly turned into a loud laugh when he saw Liana and his father looking at him wide-eyed and open-mouthed and his smiling mother nodding her approval with tears glistening in her eyes.

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I hope Urs Mom would like Franky, but she will have to see that Franky loves Urs before she relaxes into the forever..

I love how he was thinking of marriage way back then..

One thing I never doubted was his True and Honest Love so pure for Franky..

He made mistakes but we all do..

Laura Swiss

Can we get a couple more chapters PLEASE JJ this is so awesome.. blush

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Chapter 6 - A Life In Darkness?

He woke slowly to complete darkness despite feeling warm sunshine on his face, still with Franky's fingers interlaced in his and hearing her move slightly in her seat. He held his breath to listen to hers and knew she was still sleeping also knowing that he was in need of the bathroom, judging by the way the sheet felt against his lower half.

Not wanting to disturb Franky again as he had twice during the night, re-living the crash, he moved his free hand around the bed until he located the buzzer that would bring a nurse to his aid. He didn't have long to wait and soon smelled another feminine scent filling his nostrils as she turned the bleeper off.

"Everything all right?" She questioned in Swiss-German, her voice sounding gentle and mature. "I've heard you cry out twice in the night."

"Fine. I just relived the accident a couple of times."

"Thought that was the reason. I popped my head round the door but your lady friend seemed to be doing a good enough job of calming you down."

"Ja. She's good at that."

"So what's the problem now?"

"I erm....need the bathroom but I don't know where it is and don't want to wake Franky yet."

"Oh. Okay. I'll go and get you a bottle."

"Nein! I err.....I mean for erm.......both reasons."

The nurse suddenly laughed a little but seemed to realise what he meant and gently eased Franky's fingers from his grip, both their fingers having been linked together for so long they'd cramped up and refused to move without assistance.

"I'm sorry for laughing, but you should see your face right now. I've never seen a man blush that particular shade of red." She informed, throwing the sheet back.

"I'd be blushing much worse if you sounded younger. Do you have any idea how many women would love to be in your position right now? Seeing me almost naked."

"I have an idea." The nurse informed as he slowly sat upright and swung his legs off the bed. "Just how old do you think I am?"

"About fifty." Urs returned before taking a deep breath and bringing himself upright with the nurse's help.

"Not a bad guess. I'm fifty-seven."

"And your name?"


"Right." Urs nodded. "I would like to try and manage this on my own Anja."

"Fine." Anja replied and Urs imagined her shaking her head as she released him. "Your mother told us how stubborn you can be, but I'm going to follow you to the door just in case. Okay?"

"If you must." Urs huffed then slowly stepped forward, listening to Anja tell him that the bathroom door was about four paces in front of him, the toilet itself five beyond the threshold, the washbasin was located to the left of that and there was a clean towel on the right.

"Anything special you'd like for breakfast?"

"Any chance of Cinnamon rolls and Orange Juice?" Urs asked, his hands finding the doorframe.

"Sure. For two?"

"If you wouldn't mind." Urs nodded, closed the door, locked it and found his way to the porcelain, thanking God he needed to go for both rather than just one.

Feeling the heat rise to his face again as he imagined the mess he would make if emptying his bladder was the only reason he needed to be in there. The thought suddenly struck him that he would probably have to learn how to do that once he'd lifted the seat cover and sat down. He sighed heavily, trying not to think of how he was going to cope if the blindness was permanent. Franky's words from the previous evening hit him and he nodded, trying to think how they would find a way around everything and getting nowhere fast.

Finished with his morning ablutions, he cleaned himself up, stood, lowered the seat and flushed before trying to locate the washbasin. Cursing quite loudly when his right wrist connected with the hard porcelain and doing so again when he turned the hot tap on too high, taking a quick step back when he felt water splashing against his groin.

"Urs? Are you all right in there honey?" Franky's questioning tone came through the door.

"Fine. Just wet myself."

His head snapped round when he heard Franky giggling then his eyes rolled backwards when he realised how his reply had sounded. His hands washed and dried, he started to feel his way back to the door, knocking over a steel rubbish bin he hadn't been warned about, crouching slowly and feeling around amid much cursing. With the bin upright, he had another quick feel around, glad to find that it appeared to have been empty. Biting on his bottom lip, he eased himself upright, made his way to the door and unlocked it. He breathed deep and quickly picked up Franky's perfume nearby.

"Where are you? I know you're close."

"Right here." She replied, moving to stand in front of him and touching his face. "Feel better this morning?"

"Ja. Danke. Still a know........scared." He informed, his arms now around her waist holding her close. "What have they done with my clothes? I can't go around dressed in nothing more than my underwear."

"Should've worn one of the gowns then shouldn't you?"

"And be all sweaty when I woke up this morning. I think not."

"Nothing unusual about that."

Urs shook his head, pulled Franky tight into his arms and gave her a good morning kiss, feeling all the blood rush to his lower half and hearing her sighing softly as they seperated.

"I think you'd better get back in bed and think about something else."

Smirking, Urs nodded, let her go and made his way back to the bed. Arranging the sheets carefully while he listened to Franky moving back to the chair.

"What's up?" He asked, hearing Franky sigh heavily as she resumed her seat.

"Oh nothing much."

"Tell me." Urs pressed, squeezing her hand once he'd found it.

"Last night. When I left to update the guys on your condition. I had a little run-in with a nasty reporter. He had a laptop with him. Showed me some photos he'd taken and the story he'd written to go with it. I didn't understand much, luckily Kurt was still around and was able to translate. Horrid creep was trying to blame you for the accident, saying you were drunk."

"And the pictures?"

"Erm........Showed us on the porch.....under the blanket."

"Oh. And I guess he was implying something more happened than what actually did?"


"I wish it had." Urs replied, giggling a little.

"Urs!! You're getting worse."

"I know. That's because I've got a good teacher." He batted back, squeezing Franky's hand again. "What happened?"

"Don't worry about it. Kurt took care of him." Franky informed, standing once again.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting the bag with your clothes in."

Urs nodded, listened to her empty the contents of the bag on bed and frowned when he felt that his favourite, two week old t-shirt had been cut up the middle and the sleeves. He wasn't that bothered about losing the jeans that had been cut up the side of the legs so that they could be removed, they were an old pair he'd been planning to use as workwear. He couldn't even remember packing them and wished he hadn't.

Breakfast arrived a few seconds later and while they ate, they made a list of what items he wanted from the lakeside house. Urs surprising himself a little with how easy he managed to feed himself. The meal finished, he listened to Franky explain what had happened to the other driver once he'd asked.

"Didn't have a very comfortable night did you?" He asked once she'd explained about her injury.

"Not really."

"Show me."

"How am I supposed to do that?"

"You figure it out."

"Not funny Buhler." Franky laughed as she stood up and began to undo her jeans.

Urs felt her take hold of his hand and move it towards her once she asked him to make a fist with all but his index finger. Beginning near her hip, she slowly guided the finger around the outer edge of the bruise. His eyes flew wide when he felt that it appeared to extend at least halfway down her thigh and across her butt cheek.

"Mein Gott! That's huge. You're sure it's all right?"

"It's fine, honest. They gave me a really good going over." Franky sighed, giving his hand a gentle squeeze once she was redressed.

His head nodded quickly when she firmly instructed him to tell his parents the truth and promised to be back in time for the consultation with the eye specialist. He listened to her leave with a smile on his face though that quickly dropped when he heard the door open again and the click of high heels walking towards him.

There was no time for him to ask who was there and he felt lips being pressed against his own as the door opened again, his mother's yells quickly filling the air.

Once he'd dealt with Erika and she'd fled the room, he apologised for not telling his parents the whole truth and felt his face redden again when he heard the tirade of cursing that spewed forth from his father's mouth.

In what seemed like no time at all, Franky returned with everything he'd asked for and he explained what had happened with Erika.

"Something wrong?" He asked, hearing Franky sigh again.

"Would you believe I got back to the house to find Seb and David about to punch the living daylights out of each other?"

"Nein, never."

"Well they were. Good job Carlos was between them. Lauren explained why while she was helping me change. Seems Seb was a bit narked that it had taken David so long to get there, yelling at him that they should have gone to Disneyland, Paris. David asking him how he was supposed to know this was going to happen after explaining that the plane phone was broken and his mobile battery was flat."

"Idiot." Urs huffed, his head shaking. "I suppose you had a go at them both."

"Of course I did. Especially since they'd done it in front of Stephanie."

"So I suppose they're all here, waiting to see me?"

"Nope. They decided to have a look around Lucerne. I told them I would call once I knew the results. I erm.........I didn't do wrong did I?"

"Nein and you didn't last night either." Urs shook his head, squeezing Franky's hand again. "I'd rather they weren't around actually."

He heard Franky release a breath of relief then listened to her unpack the bag and his father offering to help him get dressed which he refused. Just as before, he eased himself out of the bed, made his way to the bathroom and put what Franky had fetched for him on. A smile lighting up his face when he realised she'd brought his favourite jeans.

Feeling the stubble on his face, he popped his head around the door and asked for his shaving equipment. Swallowing hard when Franky replied that she'd had to bring the manual because neither David, Carlos or Sebastien had been able to find the powercable to the electric one.

"Come on. I'll do it." She informed, stepping into the bathroom. "And don't look at me like that. I do know what I'm doing you know. Had to do it for Gabe when he broke his arm a few years back."

"Why didn't his father help?" Urs asked, settling himself on the toilet at her instruction.

"Because Gabe is as stubborn as you are. Wouldn't let him. Damned fool tried to do it himself. Wasn't possible without knicking himself left, right and centre, taking into account he's a leftie and the cast was up beyond his elbow due to the location of the break."

"Oh." Urs nodded and let Franky go to work, breathing deep in a failed attempt to stop himself becoming aroused again, hearing her giggling after instructing him to tighten his top lip. "You do know if my parents weren't waiting in the next room, I'd take you right here?"

"I know it. Guess you'll just have to behave for once in your life."

Urs laughed, fidgetted a little and somehow managed to bring himself under control as he felt the towel against his face. Happy with the job she'd done after a quick feel of his face, he stood and followed her out of the bathroom.

A few moments later and grumbling to himself, he was wheeled down to see Doctor Gelotti. His body shaking a little when he was told that he would be going for a CT scan of his head.

"He doesn't like confined spaces." He heard his mother informing Franky. "Gets more than a little tense."


"Not bad, but a little ja."

He huffed at what his mother had revealed, heard his father laughing and closed his eyes when he felt Franky's fingers glide into the hair at the back of his head, giving him a much appreciated stress busting massage. The tension quickly easing and his name being called a few seconds later.

With a little help from a male nurse, he was soon lying on the bed that would take him inside the scanning machine, thankful that he couldn't actually see how confined he was. Humming 'Send Me An Angel' while the scan was carried out.

Happy with the results, he asked to be taken outside where he placed the calls to Sebastien, Carlos and David, holding a sniffing Franky against him while he talked.

Once they'd arrived, he told them the news and once he was on his way down to the mocked up house, he told them how he'd tried to push Franky away the previous evening.

David grumbled something he didn't quite catch, Carlos cursed in his native tongue leaving Sebastien to vocalise his opinion clearly in his own language.

"Urs Bühler, vous êtes un imbécile de première classe parfois."

"Don't you start with that. That's the second time I've heard that today. Papi said exactly the same thing after I'd told him." Urs retorted with a sharp nod before turning his attention to Rhett and beginning to find his way around the various rooms, feeling with his feet and hands to avoid hazards and identify objects by their shape or scent or the way they felt.

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Nice to know they got along in Urs's eyes so well also .......

They really did have a lasting fulfilling Love..

Once again JJ you have outdone your self..


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Chapter 7 - Butt Out Simon

"Is there something going on across the road?" Urs asked, feeling his way into Franky's lounge from the hallway and nodding towards the window. "I heard a heavy truck pull up outside."

"It looks they're going to be clearing the site today." His father informed. "Why didn't Franky have fire prevention in place?"

"She did. A really old system that she was thinking about upgrading until she looked around the place at the new industrial estate. They turned it off."

"Oh. And the new place?"

"Has a coded system that also needs a key to activate or deactivate it, the whole estate is monitored by CCTV twenty-four hours a day and a security firm patrolling at night." Urs informed feeling his mother taking hold of his hands to place a mug of coffee in them. "Mami please don't baby me. I can find it myself."

"I'm sorry. I'm only trying to help."

"I know you are. I'm sorry for snapping at you. Just put it on the coffee table in future and tell me where it is. Like Franky does. Please."

"Okay." He heard his mother sigh as she sat down beside him. "Where's Franky gone this morning?"

"Into the city to find some new display cabinets." Urs replied while he listened to his father move towards the wall where the photographs hung.

"Is this Franky freeclimbing? Middle row, third from the left?"

"Ja. She only does that on rockfaces she knows well. Won't even attempt it until she's climbed it with ropes at least five times." Urs laughed then proceeded to tell them about 'Devil's Drop'.

Hearing the front door slam Urs stood and found his way to the kitchen to get Franky the coffee he knew she would want, listening to his mother begin to move and his father giving a quick cough. Smiling and shaking his head when he heard her sit back down.

Remembering what he'd learned in the mocked-up home, he felt his way around the counter-top until he found the coffee maker. With the handle of that in his right hand, he reached for the mugs hanging on the wall and felt around until he found the Triumph one Franky used. Resting his thumb against the inside he poured the coffee slowly until he felt the warm liquid hit the skin. Being cautious, he moved back to the lounge and placed the mug on the coffee table and smiled when he heard Franky thanking him.

"Did you get what you wanted?" He asked, taking a seat next to her.

"Yeah. Delivery Thursday morning." She replied happily then moved to stand up when a loud knock was heard at the door.

Urs listened to her questioning who was at the door while she moved to answer, telling no-one in particular that she wasn't expecting anyone and leaving the hallway door open. His eyes widening a little when he heard a familiar English accent asking if he was there, Franky confirming that he was with the sound of surprise in her voice and wondering what he wanted as he made his into the lounge.

"Simon. What are you doing here?" Urs asked after he'd taken a seat.

"I want to talk to you. In private Urs."

"About what?"

"I said in private." Simon raised his voice after refusing the coffee Franky had offered him.

"Whatever you've got to say, you can say in front of Franky and my parents." Urs snapped back after picking up the angry tone in Simon's voice.

"Okay. If that's the way you want it. Fine." Simon huffed. "First of all I think you should know that know everything that's happened just lately. Seb being stabbed, you and HER being kidnapped and you being given Cocaine."

"Her name is Franky." Urs hissed, not liking the way the Englishman had referred to her and imagining him flicking his head in her direction with a scowl on his face. "What about it anyway? Apart from the trials, it's over."

"Maybe so, but my second reason for coming here is that I think you should end your relationship with her."

"I beg your pardon." Franky gasped.

"WAS!" Urs yelled and stood up quickly. "What the hell for? What's it got to with you anyway?"

"It's got everything to do with me when your physical health and well-being is in jeopardy."

"I don't understand what you mean." Urs shook his head.

"Look. Seb almost died because of that psycho bitch. Franky is her sister. Who's to say she's not going to turn out the same."

"Because she's nothing like her that's why!" Urs yelled again. "For your information Franky is her half-sister. And furthermore, if it wasn't for Franky, Seb would be dead. Where did you get your information from in the first place?"

"Contacts here and there."

"Well they obviously missed a few details out didn't they?" Urs huffed, resumed his seat, pulled Franky down beside him and held her hand as he launched into telling Simon everything they'd been through in the minutest detail. "Ask the guys if you don't believe me. Franky really is nothing like Jamie. Unlike her, Franky doesn't take advantage of anyone. Just ask Seb how long it took him to persuade her to let him replace the dress she ruined and how much she protested about the price. It takes me ages to talk her into letting me pay for anything, even something as simple as lunch. She's been through so much since her parents died and she's come through it all with very little baggage. How dare you judge her without even getting to know her first? Do you really think I would be with her if she was anything like Jamie? Like you, I knew what that fucking bitch was all about the second I met her."

"Urs, calm down." Franky pleaded, squeezing his hand tight.

"You really love her don't you?"

"Ja I do and she loves me. I would walk through Hell and back again to keep her with me." Urs nodded then suddenly gripped his head, instanly feeling Franky's arms around his shoulders again while he breathed deep.

"What's going on?" Simon asked with a tone of concern when he heard the painful whine Urs allowed to escape.

"It's all part of his head injury." Franky informed while she continued to soothe Urs. "If his blood pressure goes up too high, he gets sudden, very intense headaches. The blood vessels around the damaged nerve expand and create pressure you see. This is the third one he's had since he got home. He's supposed to stay calm, not get angry or upset." She sniffed as she finished speaking.

"The third one?" Simon queried with an audible gasp.

"Ja. I'm fine." Urs nodded when he heard Franky asking if he was all right, lifted the glasses to wipe his eyes then shook his head when she asked if anything had become clearer.

"Ja Simon. The first when we got back and Franky read a couple of the emails I'd received. The second when Vater read some of the comments that were being made on the website about Franky and now this. I don't need it." He sighed then rested his head against the back of the couch, lifted his legs and pulled the glasses off to reveal closed eyes.

"They leave him tired. He'll sleep soon." He heard Franky informing while someone covered him over with the fleece and touched his face, recognising his mother's brand of perfume before she spoke to Simon.

"He's right you know." She began while he listened to Franky moving away, heading towards the kitchen. "You had no right to judge her Mr Cowell. You know little of what that poor girl has been through, with and without Urs, but yet you formed the opinion that she was a.......a Gold-digger I believe is the expression and is only with Urs for what she can get out of him. That's what I thought at first, but I know different now. She could have sold the story to the newspapers when my son was injured, but she didn't, even when one nasty reporter tried to bribe her into doing so by showing her some pictures he'd taken. Innocent pictures that could have had so many different connotations placed on them. She's been right there for him each time his head has hurt. Come and look over there."

Urs heard his mother and Simon moving to another part of the room and knew where they'd gone. A small smile spread across his lips as he listened to his mother explain that the boxes contained Serena's skating trophies and medals and the motorbike models Frank Gibson had collected since he was a young man.

"They were all lovingly displayed in two expensive glass cabinets before the explosion." His mother continued. "Urs offered to pay for replacements when we returned on Saturday but Franky wouldn't let him. She didn't even ask him to pay for her coffee when we arrived at the airport. We came over to England to help Urs until his sight returns, but Franky has done most of it. All his father and I have really done is guided him outside when he's wanted to spend some time in the garden or with reading what he receives on the website. Though she's not a very good cook, Franky has prepared almost every meal we've had. I remember Jamie, there's no way she would have done anything like that for anyone and I know she wouldn't have sold anything she possessed to save a business, like Franky did with her Grandmother's very expensive engagement and wedding rings."

Urs felt the smile spread a little further when he heard Franky come back into the room, obviously ignoring Simon as she moved towards the hallway door.

"Francesca." Simon called just as she reached it and swung it open.


"I'm sorry for judging you without knowing you. Friends?"

"Whatever." Urs heard Franky sniff as she continued her journey and knew something was wrong. Despite his tiredness, he threw back the blanket and stood to follow after her.

"I don't need anyone's help!" He snapped, hearing footsteps behind him while he felt his way towards the hallway door.

"Still so bloody stubborn and independent." Simon muttered.

Sure of where he was going, Urs climbed the stairs quickly and made his way into Franky's bedroom. Hearing her sniff from over near the window, he crossed the room in a few strides and wrapped his arms around her from behind. Allowing a slow breath to escape when she leaned back against him and laid her hands on his.

"Okay. What's the matter?"


"Don't you give me that. You're not sniffing for no reason. Has what Simon had to say upset you?"

"No. I don't give a crap what he thinks of me."

"What then?" Urs asked, raising his voice a little so that he could be heard over the squeals and grinds of the machinery working across the road and feeling Franky begin to shake the way she did when she was upset. "The garage." He sighed.

"Yeah. My Great-Grandfather opened that place one hundred years ago today, struggled to keep it running through the Depression and the war and now, because of some stupid act of vengeance, it's all gone. I have nothing left."

"Yes you do." Urs nodded his head and turned Franky round to face him. "You have the memories." He smiled, remembering her telling him about some of the happy times she'd spent there, helping her father, learning her trade while he tapped a finger against her temple. "And you still have the Triumph."

"Yeah you're right. Thank you." She sighed then gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "What do I do with it once it's cleared? That's the question."

"Howabout turning it into a walkway or something?" Urs suggested after a few moments thought, remembering that the back of the property ran to the next street. "That alleyway isn't very wide and it's dark. Open it up, install some lighting. I'm sure the locals would appreciate it."

"What a brilliant idea! I can almost picture it. Block paved, with some fragrant plants running down the side and it would provide a cut through, save people time walking to the shops on the other side. Oooooh you're so smart." Franky laughed and gave his nose a quick kiss.

"I do have my moments you know?" Urs exclaimed with a laugh and quick smile.

"Yeah. I know." Franky nodded against his chest.

"I think someone needs a butt kicking in spite of his apology." Urs laughed again as he pointed to the lower floor.

"Uh-uh." Franky shook her laughing head.

"Don't tell me you're scared?"

"Hello! This is Cowell 'The Scowl' we're talking about here. I'll be lucky to get a word in edgeways."

"I'll tie him to a chair and gag him if I need to. I'm sure Papi would be more than willing to help." Urs replied, making Franky laugh out loud.



The two of them continued to giggle as they left the bedroom and made their way back downstairs to find that Simon was just about to leave.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Franky asked, with Urs standing behind her, a serious look on her face.

"I have a meeting to get to."

"Screw your meeting." Franky huffed and pointed to her lounge. "Move. You've had your say. I want mine."

Urs heard Simon swallowing hard and tried not to giggle while he listened to him head back into the lounge. He followed after Franky, re-settled himself on the couch next to her and listened to her talking calmly. Saying much the same as she had when he'd compared her to Jamie and what she'd told Jamie on the dancefloor at 'Senorita's. Not giving Simon a chance to interupt her.

"Do you understand me Mr Cowell?" She asked as she finished.

"Of course Francesca and I sincerely apologise. Now if you'll excuse me I erm....I have a plane to catch." Urs heard Simon swallow again, before he stood and left the room a little quicker than he'd entered.

"I can't believe I just did that." Franky informed through her giggles as they heard the front door slam shut.

"Ja. Ik hoop dat ik nooit iets zeggen te verstoren. Ik ben het niet willen ooit een van hen." Urs heard his father informing and roared with laughter.

"Nein. I'm not translating." He shook his head when Franky asked for one and listened to his parents heading to the kitchen to make lunch. "Sit." He demanded and pulled Franky back down when he felt her beggining to stand. "Let me have at least one decent meal." He teased with another laugh.

"I hate you." Franky huffed playfully.

"I know you do." Urs laughed, quickly lifted her onto his lap and kissed her.

The two of them almost lost themselves in each other until they heard Urs's father coughing and quickly resumed their positions. Urs having to use the blanket to cover himself, somehow knowing that his mother was blushing as he listened to her set a plate down on the coffee table in front of him while Franky giggled.

"What's so funny?" Urs asked Franky, listening to his parents heading back to the kitchen.

"Let's just say your parents look a little more dishevelled than they did when they went into the kitchen and leave at that shall we?

"Oh. Okay." Urs grimmaced and shook his head then reached for whatever his mother had prepared.

He smiled when he realised he held a dish in his hand and tasted Wurstsalat. Once both of them finished eating, he listened to his mother ask Franky if she liked it as she came back into the room and hearing her reply in the affirmative

"So I can prepare a few more meals while I'm here? Perhaps make a few for the freezer?"

"Anything to keep his lordship happy." Franky's happy voice replied while Urs felt a gentle touch on his right cheek.

No longer feeling tired, Urs listened to Franky make a phone call to find out what she needed to do to get the walkway constructed. Her call finished, she sat back down beside him and asked him to sing something for her. He thought for a moment, then turned towards her, took her hands into his own and sang 'Everytime I Look At You' softly and a capella. As he sang the last line, he raised his hands to cup her face and shook his head a little when he felt moisture on her cheeks even though it felt like she was smiling.

"I think that song will always make me cry, especially if you sing it like that Ice. I love you no matter what. Always remember that."

"I will, Fire." Urs nodded while he wrapped his arms around Franky's waist and pulled her close, her head resting on his shoulder. "Always." He smiled while his fingers played with her hair.

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Good Job Franky for Kicking Cowell's Butt this time.... Tap

Never got the impression til later in the story they had met at some point and love how Urs stands up for her..

They always made the best couple mad or happy or sad they loved each other.. tissues



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fan Shower WARNING!!!

Chapter 8 - That Will Teach Them Laughing

He sighed heavily, pulling his motorbike into a parking space at the ice arena and looking around to see that Franky hadn't arrived yet. He removed his helmet, placed it on the petrol tank then sat tracing raindrops down the visor once he'd turned the engine off. He huffed and tutted loudly, thinking about how little he'd seen of her the past few days. Franky being busy with the garage and helping Gabriel and Christie with their wedding arrangements, having spent one whole evening in Christie's company discussing those rather than his plans.

Him snapping at her down the telephone after she'd called to cancel the arrangements they'd made for that night, citing that she was tired after having spent the morning in the hospital for a final check on her leg. Her sniping back, telling him to stop sulking and saying that she would see him as usual this particular evening. He huffed again, knowing that he had something to tell her, something he'd wanted to tell her as soon as he'd returned from promoting the album, they just hadn't seemed to have found the right moment, too busy making love and catching up with friends to talk.

Hearing the roar of another motorbike approaching, Urs raised his head and smiled briefly as he watched Franky park her bike next to his and remove her crash helmet.

"Still sulking?" She asked without smiling.

"I'm sorry I've been a bit off with you angel." Urs sighed and shook his head. "I've just needed to tell you something since I got back and I planned on doing it last night. Had all the words ready in my head and when you called to cancel our date, I just......I don't know......flipped. Sorry, I know how busy you've been with Christie and the garage." He shrugged and sighed out another breath.

"Okay. I accept your apology." Franky smiled, removing herself from the Harley and placing herself in front of him. "So what's been bothering you?"

Urs took hold of both of her hands and raised his face to meet hers before he spoke. "You do trust me, right?"

"You know I do Urs. Did something happen while you were away?"

"Ja. It happened at the hotel in Rome. One of the chambermaids came into my suite while I was in the shower. I didn't lock the bathroom door and didn't hear her come in because I had the radio on full blast. She erm...... She stripped off, got in with me and tried to kiss me. I leapt out and called security as soon as I realised what was happening. They dragged her away once they'd arrived but not before she told everyone on our floor that I'd asked her to come to my room. She even produced a piece of paper with my autograph on and above that was a written request asking her to come up. David heard the commotion in the corridor, came out to see what was wrong and gave me such a foul look when he saw me standing in the doorway with nothing more than a bath towel wrapped around me and the girl half-dressed. I thought he was going to punch me, but he let me explain what had happened then we both remembered her from the autograph signing, because she'd been so pushy and it wasn't the CD she'd shoved under my nose."

"The piece of paper?" Franky questioned while Urs nodded quickly.

"She went to several magazines and the Italian part of the website telling everyone her side, the mods have deleted her account and one magazine took her story but our legal representatives stopped them printing it. I just thought you should know, that's all and I didn't want to tell you over the phone."

"Okay and thank you for telling me, but if anything like that happens again, tell me on the phone or on instant messenger at least. Don't let it bother you until we see each other again. You know I don't like seeing you angry and upset and you know I'll only get angry if you do keep it bottled up. Don't you, you daft beggar you?"

"Yeah. Sorry." Urs nodded, pulling Franky into a tight embrace and kissing her gently for several minutes. "So what did you plan on teaching me tonight?"

"A camel spin, since you've almost got the upright spin mastered." Franky shrugged nonchalantly, taking hold of Urs's hand and leading him to the back entrance of the ice arena.

"That's the one performed on one leg, right?" Urs gulped, his eyes wide knowing how many times he'd fallen while attempting the upright spin and watching Franky nod. "Something wrong?" He queried on seeing her brow furrow and a confused look spread across her face.

"The heating's still on. It's usually gone off by now."

Urs held his hand over a nearby heating vent and realised she was right when he felt warm air on his palm rather than the usual nothing. He smiled and said there was probably a problem with the system considering the age of the building then took hold of Franky's hand and asked her to think no more about it while he led her down the now familiar corridor to the changing rooms.

Once changed, they made their way down to the rink and warmed up before stepping onto the ice. Franky skated with him, watching him perform everything that she and Ron had taught him before showing him how to do the camel spin.

"Ouch!" Urs yelled after crashing hard onto the ice on his butt, raising his head to see Franky looking towards the seating and booths rather than asking if he was all right and helping him up.

"Sorry honey. I must be hearing things, but I could have sworn I heard giggling."

After slipping a couple of times, Urs eventually regained his footing and tried the move several more times, each time ending up on his backside or one or other of his thighs. Each time he hit, thinking he was hearing things too, but quickly realising they weren't as alone as they thought they were when he heard a familiar deep laugh eminating from about halfway up the seating area.

"Carlos! I know you're there and I bet you're not alone." Urs yelled once he was upright again and standing by Franky's side, his voice echoing around the arena.

"I told you this wasn't a good idea." David's growl came in response.

"It was his idea not mine." Sebastien giggled in retort.

"Was not. You conspired with Lauren, no me." Carlos denied firmly though he still laughed.

"Okay guys. Very funny." Franky shouted, she and Urs skating of the ice and making their way up to where was hiding. "I knew the heating had been left on for some reason." She smirked at Lauren after nodding towards Carlos.

"I think we're in big trouble." Karen laughed.

"Whatever gave you that idea?" Lauren grinned, seeing her best friend standing at the end of the seating, her arms folded across her chest, her eyes twinkling, knowing that Franky was thinking of some way to make them pay.

"Keys." Franky demanded, holding her hand out and waiting for Lauren to hand her set over before instructing Urs to go and find skates for David, Carlos, Emma, Karen and Lauren.

"What about Seb? It was his idea."

"But he's in no condition right now. Don't worry David, he'll pay once he's healed completely." Franky replied listening to the Frenchman gulp as the words left her mouth. "Now you lot appear to think it's so easy to ice-skate, let's see how well you do. Down to the side of the rink and I'll put you through some warm-up exercises while we wait for Urs to return. You're not leaving here until you do, I don't care how long it takes."

Everyone looked at each other then took a deep breath before moving from their hiding place and trooping down towards the rink. Each of them with their heads lowered but still giggling and continuing to do so until a smirking Urs came back, skates in hand.

"I'm so going to get you two for this." David grumbled at Carlos and Sebastien, snatching his pair from Urs's hands. "It's not funny."

"I think it's hysterical." Urs laughed in reply recalling the one time he'd seen the American attempt to take to the ice in New York and how stiffly he'd walked the following day.

"You would."

"Some sort of story here?" Franky questioned, glancing at Urs after watching everyone bar Sebastien sit to put the skates on.

"David tried to skate a couple of years ago in New York, spent more time on his butt than upright. There were that many people complaining, he was ordered off the ice and still managed to fall three times even though he was being helped off. You should have seen the colour of his butt the next day."

"This wasn't my idea you know. As a matter of fact she insisted." David huffed, pointing sharply at a giggling Lauren.

"Sorry. You can punish me later."

"Don't worry. I intend to........for a long time too."

"Okay, enough." Franky grimmaced and shook her head at her very red-faced best friend. "Let's get this punishment over with first."

Urs took a seat next to Sebastien, listening to him grumbling that the warm-up exercises had worn him out enough while they watched everyone else stepping onto the rink. Both men roared with laughter after watching David's butt hit the ice almost as soon as he'd made it through the entrance. They continued to laugh, watching a giggling Lauren and Franky attempting to get him back on his feet until David decided that perhaps it would be better if he used the advertising hoarding to get him upright.

It took him several attempts to do so and he stood very wobbily, holding onto the edge in much the same manner as they'd seen Franky during her comedy routine. He remained there until Franky approached, asked him if he'd ever skiid and told him to relax his knees when he nodded.

"Good. Now relax you're body and trust the ice."

"Trust the ice! Are you nuts? Do you have any idea how much it hurts when you fall?" David exclaimed, his eyes wide, still hanging on to the hoarding.

"Well duuuuuuuuuuh!" Franky giggled in response making everyone else crack up laughing. "Lauren's obviously never told you about the time I had so many bruises, social services were called and I was almost taken away from my parents then?"

"No!" David gaped, making Franky laugh even harder.

"It's true." Lauren replied from her position between Karen and Emma, well away from David. "Good job her dad used to record everything, even when she was only practising. Come on Yanky Boy, you can do this."

David looked to Lauren then Franky and back again, nodded once after taking a deep breath and eventually pushed off the way Franky told him to. A smile slowly spreading across his face once he'd reached the other four.

"Okay. Let's see if you can all skate a couple of lengths."

The two men and three women looked at each other before pushing off, Lauren first followed by Emma, who surprised everyone with how fast she could move. Karen followed her wobbily.

"Don't stand there admiring the view Carlos. Move." Urs yelled when the Spaniard didn't move, his eyes instead entirely focused on watching Karen's backside. "I swear he gets worse as he gets older." He stated, nudging a giggling Sebastien, both of them watching Carlos begin to move forward using short tentative strokes, eventually settling into an easy rythmn.

Finally came David, who skated a couple of strides then landed on the ice, his butt smacking hard, making him cry out a curse word. Franky soon had him back on his feet and spoke to him once more.

"Lean on your weak foot, then push in a diagonal direction outwards with your strong foot as if you're shovelling snow behind and to the right of you. That will move you forward. Then bring the right foot back in next to the left and repeat the process."

Concentrating hard, David did as he'd been instructed and managed to make it to the others without falling. On reaching the end hoarding, everyone was allowed to hold on while they turned and went back the other way, Carlos crashing to his backside this time, but regaining his footing without any help and shrugging the fall off. Two more lengths followed, Lauren stumbling a little on the first, Karen hitting the ice on purpose though she denied it on the second.

"I don't think they be laughing at you again." Franky stated to Urs as they watched everyone head for the exit once she'd put them through a cool down routine.

"Me neither." Urs laughed, seeing David rub his backside. "Seb thinks he's got away with it."

"Not a chance." Franky laughed and shook her head as Urs took hold of her hand and walked back to the changing rooms with her, holding the door open and placing a kiss on her cheek as she crossed the threshold alone or so she thought until she heard the lock engage.

She turned to see Urs in the process of removing his skates, lustful eyes looking her up and down and huge bulge in his jogging bottoms. She kept her eyes focused on him as she moved to straddle the bench that stood in the room and began to undo the laces of her own skates only to feel Urs gently push her hands away. He sat facing her, holding her each of her feet while he removed the skates, tossing them somewhere in the room.

With them out of the way, he slowly moved his hands up her legs and over her hips until he reached the tie fastening of her tracksuit bottoms. That fastening was quickly undone, Urs's hands made their way around her waist, underneath her t-shirt and he pulled close, his eyes closing lightly when he felt her body press against his painfully hard shaft.

Their kisses, light tentative ones to begin with, slowly increasing in pressure and intensity. T-shirts being disposed of somewhere along the line, though neither of them would ever recall how. Franky lightly scratching Urs back while he teased her nipples with his teeth and tongue, his hands slipping down between her skin and the fabric of her knickers, pushing her closer. Her hands doing much the same to him once she'd got the double-tied knot undone.

Reluctantly breaking the kiss, Urs gently pushed Franky down until she lay on her back, tugged her bottoms and knickers off then stood to get rid of his own. His position resumed, he sat with her legs hooked over his thighs, his hands running lightly over ever inch of her torso, her back arching high and a long, gentle moan escaping from her mouth when pushed two fingers inside her and used his thumb to tease her clitoris, feeling her tighten hard around those fingers as she came twice in rapid succession.

Leaving her lying there for a few minutes so that she could get her breath back, his hands stroking her thighs, sending little aftershocks of delight rippling through her body. Only adjusting his position and finally pushing himself deep inside her with a long, drawn-out moan of her name.

God alone knowing how they were making love on a bench that measured probably little more than ten inches across without falling off in a heap. Franky's fingers curling tight in his hair as he drove her to a fourth and fifth orgasm, screaming his name at the top of her lungs followed by another moan as he thickened and pulsed inside her, not withdrawing until she squeezed every drop out of him.

Resuming their previous seated positions, foreheads and noses touching, breathing heavilly for at least five minutes, kissing and looking into each others eyes until Franky moved her head to one side to look at the time, informing Urs that they really should get dressed and leave because the cleaners were due to arrive.

Urs nodding, placing a hard kiss on Franky's lips and dressing before he unlocked the door and made his way back to men's dressing-room. Taking hold of Franky's hand once they were ready and seeing one of the cleaners arrive as they headed towards the bikes.

"You had a good night Franky?" She asked seriously.

"I've had a fantastic night Claire." Franky returned with a nod and a smile which quickly became a smirk when she turned to look at Urs.

"And it isn't over yet."

"Oh! You plan to keep me up all night?"

Urs made no audible reply, instead he just give her blinky-wink then raised
his eyebrows with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Looks like there's more fun to come." Franky stated just before placing her helmet on her head.

The couple would rode back to Franky's house, thankful that Lauren would be staying at David's home, made love five more times that night, neither of them waking until almost two o'clock the following afternoon.

Once Sebastien was completely recovered from his injury, Urs basically kidnapped him and took him to the rink where Franky punished him in much the same fashion as everyone else. David, Carlos, Lauren, Karen and Emma quickly falling into hysterical laughter each of the eight times Sebatien hit the ice in the first five minutes but giving him a rousing round of applause at the end of an hour when he managed to skate a very wobbly complete circuit without falling.

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That will teach them to spy on them ... Bet they don't do that again.. Razz

This was hot I love when they come together.. They are awesome loving couple...

More JJ this has cheered me up some .....


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Chapter 9 - Justice Is Served

"Thank you Mr Buhler. You may leave the witness box and join your friends." Urs heard Judge Romana Buckingham informing while he took a deep breath to calm himself, glaring hard at Jamie's defence barrister as he moved to join everyone that had testified against her so far, but knowing that the man had only been doing his job when he'd questioned him so hard.

"The man's a jackass." He heard David whispering as he sat down next to him and listened to the clerk call Franky into the room.

"He's only doing his job." Urs shook his head and gave everyone a quick smile before looking to the where Jamie sat.

His head continued to shake slightly while he looked at her. She still didn't seem to be following what was going on at all. Throughout his questioning she had sat in the dock with an impassive look on her face. Her arms folded across her chest, only moving them to inspect her nails once in a while. Looking around the packed courtroom occassionally and sneering at some of the people in the public gallery.

Urs sighed heavily, knowing that there were several fans up there as well as members of the press and details of the case would probably be posted on the Forum and in the newspapers once it was over. However, he knew he had to go through it, this was such a serious matter, they'd all readilly agreed to testifying against Jamie and her accomplices. He turned his head back to the witness box and smiled when he saw Franky taking a seat after swearing on the Bible that she would tell the truth and confirming the details of her name, age and address.

He listened while she recounted the story of what had happened on the day she'd been kidnapped, speaking confidently, looking at the jury with tear-filled eyes while she spoke.

"And what do you think Miss Strawson meant by that?" The prosecution barrister asked once Franky had repeated what Jamie had told her she was going to do to her.

"That she was going to drive me out to Lake Windemere, allow Mr Strawson to rape me, then give me the Cocaine, lock me in the car and send it into the lake." Franky replied confidently after swallowing hard.

"And you were unchained at this point?"

"Yes I was." Franky nodded. "And I managed to escape as I was taken downstairs."

"By tripping Mr Strawson up so that he fell down the stairs and knocked himself out the bottom?"


"But you didn't run out of the building straight away?"

"No. I didn't want Ja......Miss Strawson to escape. So I chased her back to the room where she'd held myself and Mr Buhler, where I chained her up in the same fashion and locked the door before making my escape."

"Some would say that was a rather foolhardy thing to do."

"I didn't really think about it at the time." Franky smiled briefly. "I just knew I had to think of a way to keep her there until I could get help."

"Thank you Miss Gibson. That will be all from me. My learned friend will know question you."

Franky nodded and fidgetted a little while one man sat and another rose with a cough before speaking.

"You've certainly attracted quite a crowd to court today haven't you Miss Gibson? You must really be enjoying all the attention. That's what you like after all. Isn't it?" He began with a smirk and quick flick of his eyebrows while Urs glared at him after he'd turned his head in his direction.

"Your honour! That is inappropriate."

"I agree Mr Kinsey." Judge Buckingham glared hard at the other man. "No more of that Mr Allsop, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes your honour." Reginald Allsop nodded then turned his attention back to Franky. "You don't like Miss Strawson very much do you Miss Gibson? In fact I think it's safe to say you hate her?"

"No I don't like her very much." Franky sighed. "But I don't hate her either."

"Because you are half-sisters?"

"Yes." Franky nodded.

"And how long have you known that?"

"I was ten, almost eleven when my parents told me. A DNA test confirmed it when I was twenty."

"That's a rather long time to wait don't you think?"

"I agree." Franky nodded again.

"So why did your father wait all that time to request a DNA test?"

"Because my father had always believed Mrs Strawson. However, my grandfather didn't The test was carried out so that Jamie could inherit what my late Grandfather had left her. There was a proviso in his will stating that she would get nothing if she refused or if it was proven she was not my father's biological daughter."

"Yes. I know that." Allsop nodded and held up a copy of Frank Gibson Senior's will. "And that's what pushed you over the edge isn't it? You found that out following his death and became so jealous that you did everything you could think of to destroy Miss Strawson's reputation."

"No." Franky replied firmly with a headshake. "I did no such thing."

"But you have embarrassed her in public at least twice Miss Gibson. Witnesses have already testified to that."

"Only when defending myself against her. However, I have never used physical voilence. Until that day in the mental hospital, I have never so much as struck her, despite the fact that she's made me angry on several occassions."

"Perhaps not, but you did turn her previous boyfriend against her by spreading lies and gossip didn't you?"

"No I didn't." Franky shook her head. "Mr Izambard ended their relationship of his own free will. I didn't even talk to him about Miss Strawson until the day after I'd met him."

"But you did tell the other three gentlemen those lies."

"Yes I did talk to them about her, but it wasn't lies."

"So they must have told Mr Izambard."

"As far as I know they didn't."

"But you can't be sure?"

"No I can't."

"I put it to you Miss Gibson that you saw Miss Strawson with Mr Izambard on the night of your performance at the rink, recognised the couple and managed to ingratiate yourself into the group's circle by asking to meet them and accompany you to the nightclub. While on the drive to Senorita's you derided and sullied my client's character to the other three men and they passed that information on. In summary, you were so jealous of Miss Strawson's relationship with Mr Izambard that you were determined to do everything you could to destroy it by implying that my client is a scheming, manipulative seductress who is prepared to go to extreme lengths to get what she wants or for some measure of revenge. Is that not the case Miss Gibson?"

"No. Absolutely not. Your statement is completely illogical." Franky turned her head and gave Urs a quick smile.

"Oh really?" Allsop smirked then huffed a quick laugh. "Please explain."

"For a start I met Mr Buhler first, but I had no idea who he was. Secondly, I was in my dressing-room while the group was being shown to the box. When I was in the harness, I couldn't see details of people's faces. The group asked to meet me, not the other way around and only Mr Miller, Mr Marin and Mr Buhler came backstage. I didn't even know there were four members of the group until Mr Taylor told me so. I told them very little about Miss Strawson until we arrived at the nightclub and even then I only spoke to Mr Buhler about her. Mr Izambard arrived a little later in the night but I kept my mouth shut as their relationship was none of my business. Miss Strawson arrived a few moments after him, attacked me on the dancefloor and it was then that Mr Izambard ended their relationship. I think you'd better watch the CCTV footage a little closer if you think I'm lying. If what you say was the case then I would like you to explain why myself and Mr Buhler were the ones that ended up being assaulted and held captive. Should it not be the other way around?" She'd finished with a questioning look at the man while giggles filled the air. Even Judge Buckingham smirked before rapping her gavel and ordering silence.

"I have no more questions for this witness your honour." Allsop informed with a huff and a headshake as he sat down

"I have a few more questions." Mr Kinsey informed as he rose. "Is this the first time Miss Strawson has attempted to kill you?"

"No. I don't believe so." Franky shook her head then launched into telling the court of what had happened during her horseback ride with Urs.

"And you're sure it was Miss Strawson driving the car?"


"But you didn't report the incident to the police?"

"No. I didn't think it would be worth it. Other than Mr Buhler, there were no independent witnesses and he said he hadn't recognised her when I asked."

"Thank you Miss Gibson. That will be all." Mr Kinsey smiled and nodded.

Franky smiled softly as Judge Buckingham dismissed her from the witness box while Urs watched her walk towards him. He heard her sigh heavily as she sat down and took hold of her hand as the next witness was called.

The lead forensics officer on the case ran through what evidence had been found. Jamie's thumbprint on the plunger of what remained of the syringe, tests on the handbag recovering enough Cocaine residue to show that the contents had been at such a high dose it would have killed Franky, Owen's and Anthony's prints all over the van, fibres transferred from one person to another. So much evidence it made Urs's head spin and he sat there wondering how the defendants were going to explain it all.

Other Crown witnesses came next, including Marius Ramone who admitted that he'd given Jamie the car to drive that day followed by the women Jamie had been locked in the cell with. Each saying that Jamie had admitted to her crimes.

The psychiatrist followed them, explaining clearly and concisely in layman's terms what Narcissistic Personality Disorder was. That Jamie had exhibited most of symptoms during his examination of her, that it wasn't a mental disorder sectionable under the Mental Health Act, but had more to do with the way she'd been raised.

Going on to explain that there were basically two sides to the problem. Those who had been praised and spoiled all their lives, those who thought they were special and expected to be treated as such, getting anything they wanted and prepared to do anything to get it. The other side of the coin being those that had been put down all their lives, were reclusive and found it difficult, if not impossible to form lasting relationships.

Kie was called to defend himself first and had no hesitation in telling the jury that he had been involved up to a point. He'd had no idea that Jamie had intended to kill Franky. Had he done so, he would not have taken part. As far as he was concerned, they'd only planned to destroy the garage.

Kevin followed him and testified to much the same thing. Owen came next and admitted his complicity in the affair. Shaking his head in denial with a firm 'No' when asked if he'd known about the Cocaine prior to that day. Telling everyone that Anthony had brought the drug from an associate once they had abducted the couple.

Anthony came next and sat confidently in the box while he was questioned, blaming Owen for everything as did Jamie when it was her turn. Turning on the waterworks, denying everything that Franky had said. Laying the blame at Franky's feet by saying that she was jealous of her and had been all her life. Scowling through her tears while Mr Kinsey questioned her in much the same manner Mr Allsop had questioned Franky. The anger clearly evident as she stepped down and was returned to the dock.

Finally, June Strawson was called to testify. Stating that she had been the one to end her relationship with Frank Gibson because she hated motorbikes and he'd failed his driving test. Scowling at the laughter she heard from the public gallery while confirming that he had passed it on the third attempt. Also confirming that she had only been dating William Strawson for a few weeks before they married, finding out that she had been pregnant with Jamie a few days later, quickly figuring out that William could not be the father after a doctor's examination. She and William hadn't made love until after they were married and she'd been told that she was twelve weeks pregnant. Admitting that Frank paid for the house they'd lived in and had made sure Jamie was well cared for, buying her anything she wanted for her birthday or Christmas as long as he thought it was reasonable. Never spending more on Jamie than he had Francesca despite the fact that he'd never been allowed to see Jamie. Finally stating that Franky had always been jealous of Jamie's beauty, that she knew her daughter had truly loved Sebastien and that she firmly believed Franky had done everything she could think of to destroy that relationship.

After listening to both barristers summarise the case for the prosecution and the defence, Judge Buckingham advised the jury to weigh the evidence carefully, taking into account everyone's testimony before asking them to retire to consider their verdicts.

The eight of them were escorted to a room to wait while the jury deliberated and accepted an offer of refreshments before the door closed behind them.

"Did June really end the relationship just because your father couldn't drive?" Franky heard David questioning with a laugh while they all took seats around the large table.

"Yes she did. Because she thought he'd failed on purpose. Dad never said if he did or he didn't. I certainly wouldn't blame him if he did."

"Pathetic." Sebastien shook his head in disbelief.

"Oh, That wasn't the worst of it." Franky rolled her eyes backwards. "My Grandmother told me that June had been the one telling my father which car he was going to buy when he did pass his test. I can't remember what make or model it was exactly........Jaguar E-Type I think......and I do know she tried to tell him that he had to have a brand new one, she wouldn't be seen in anything second hand. Even told him that he would be getting rid of the Triumph he owned at the time if he couldn't afford it."

"Now we know where Jamie gets it from." Urs rolled his eyes then shook his head while Franky nodded. "He didn't sell it did he?"

"No. It was stolen and blown to pieces. What little was left of it was found out near 'Devil's Drop'. My father suspected June had something to do with it but had no proof. He bought his Thunderbird as soon as the insurance money had come through. She dumped him a few days later, started seeing William Strawson, married him within eight weeks and the rest is history."

"Controlled him too didn't she?" Lauren rolled her eyes then launched into telling everyone of the time she and Franky has spotted the family in the city, Jamie demanding money from her step-father because she'd spotted a pair of very expensive boots and she'd wanted to be the first to have them. "William tried to refuse, but June snatched his wallet from his pocket, handed some money over and told Jamie to get a new outfit if she had enough. She left William with nothing in his pocket. God alone knows how those two lasted so long."

"I think he'd basically given up trying to defy her." Franky sighed and shook her head sadly. "It's shameful the way she treated him, he worked so hard and deserved much better than he got. Too proud to let it show how much she'd hurt him I suppose."

"Did you see his funeral cortege?" Karen questioned following a heavy sigh. "Just the hearse and Anthony's old car following behind, June in the passenger seat, sitting there scowling and shaking her head." She continued when Franky replied in the negative. "And from what I've heard only three of his friends turned up at the crematorium and June didn't say a single word to any of them."

"That's sad." Emma sighed. "It's all pretty sad really. Everything was handled completely wrong."

"I know." Franky sighed. "I sometimes wish I could go back in time and make things better, how they should have been. June and William aren't the only ones to blame, much as I loved my father, it was partly his fault too. Too bloody soft, that was his problem." She huffed a laugh then sniffed loudly and immediately felt Urs squeezing her hand under the table. "Good job I was raised to be strong huh?"

"Ja, I guess so." Urs smiled as he nodded. "How long do you think it's going to take?"

"Who knows?" Franky shrugged then turned her head to look at Carlos who'd place himself near a window and stood looking down to the street watching the gathered press.

"Are you going to say anything to them if they're all found guilty?" Urs queried.

"Whatever I do say will be brief. I want this over with one way or the other today, to put it behind us and move forward." Franky nodded and listened to the door open.

A clerk stepped in to inform that the jury had reached a decision and they needed to go back into the court room. Everyone moved back to their original positions and stood waiting for Judge Buckingham to appear. Urs and Franky glanced at Jamie then looked at each other and shook their heads when they saw a confident look on her face.

With the usual formalities out of the way, the jury foreman stood and replied with a firm 'Guilty' to every charge that had been levelled at the accused. A loud cheer went up from the public gallery, causing Judge Buckingham to slam her gavel hard on the bench to bring the court to order. A hush fell across the crowd immediately and the sentences were handed down. Kie, Kevin, Owen were quiet as they were taken back down to the cells, Anthony spat something foul at Franky as he was forced down the steps while Jamie screeched for all she was worth, swearing revenge against all those that had testified against her. Her eyes wide with fury as she glared at Franky. The jury looking at each other and nodding, confident that they'd made the right decisions.

Moments later the group left the court to find fans and the press already waiting outside and listening to a multitude of questions being launched at them at the same time.

"My statement will be very brief." Franky nodded in reply to one question. "I'm sad that things have to come to this. My only hope now is that Jamie is offered and accepts the help she so obviously needs. All want for myself, is to put this terrible time behind me and move on with my life. Thank you."

"Miss Gibson, my editor is prepared to offer you half a million pounds for your story." One reporter pressed.

"No." Franky shook her head.

"I can get you more than that." Another huffed a laugh.

"No." Franky's head shook again then she listened to similar offers being made to the rest of the group and their girls. All of them replying with a firm 'No'.

"Urs." Several female voices rose above the crowd and his head snapped around to look at them.

"Fans and I think they want to say hello to you."

"Okay." Franky nodded with a smile on her face and allowed Urs to take hold of her hand and lead over to where the groups of ladies stood.

"You were very brave in their Francesca. You went through all that and stayed strong. I don't think I could have done it." One lady smiled.

"Thank you and it's Franky."

"A lot of Divas thought there was something not right about Jamie during the last tour, though we didn't discuss it on the forum." Another informed, looking past Franky and Urs to where Sebastien stood with Emma. "He certainly looks happier with his new lady as do you Urs."

"He's very happy and so am I." Urs laughed then beckoned the rest of the guys over and informed Sebastien of what had just been said.

"Oui, je suis tres, tres heureux. Emma is wonderful." He smiled and nodded then turned his head to see Emma blushing bright red while she said hello to the fans as did Lauren when David introduced her and Karen when Carlos introduced her.

"Your broken leg hasn't affected your skating has it? I was at the event you did for your mother, mainly in the hope of seeing the guys again. You were amazing. I'm sorry for babbling." Another lady giggled while her face reddened.

"No not really. I'll have to wear support bandage for a while." Franky laughed and turned her head to look at David who gave her sheepish shrug.

"Are you all going on the tour with the guys?" Another lady asked.

"Hopefully." Lauren, Karen and Emma replied almost together.

"No." Franky shook her head and heard a long 'Awwwwwwwww' from the crowd while she looked at Urs and saw a look of disappointment in his eyes even though he smiled. "Sorry ladies. I do have a business to run. I will be joining Urs for a few days at some point though. It's been very nice meeting you all and I hope to see you again sometime."

"Bye Franky. See you soon." She heard a loud shout go up as everyone turned away and headed towards the main doors.

More offers were made to Franky amid much jostling and camera flashes while she walked by Urs's side back to his car.

"Back off! She said no, she means no. She's been through enough, now leave her alone." Urs snapped at several reporters when they pushed their cameras into the passenger side, bright flashes making her eyes blink rapidly while she fastened the seatbelt.

Once he'd finally got the door closed, he moved around the front of the car, looking to where the others had parked and seeing smaller groups surrounding them, shouting what sounded like offers, all of which were refused.

"You handled that brilliantly." He smiled and gave Franky's right hand a gentle squeeze once he'd found his way into the driver's seat. "I'm so proud of you."

"Thank you. I'm proud of you too. Can you take me home now please? I've got the accounts to do."

Urs nodded, started the engine, slowly moved out of the car park and onto the road that ran in front of the court. He had to stop as traffic lights turned red and both of them spotted two large white vans with small windows in the sides turning into the road ahead of them. As the lights turned green, the two of them looked towards the steps in front of the court and saw June Strawson standing alone at the top with her head held high and an angry look on her face.

"Sad huh?" Franky sighed then returned her attention to the road after Urs had nodded in agreement.

Within the hour, they were back at Franky's home, drinking Camomile Tea. Urs stood in the kitchen doorway smiling while he watched Franky work only moving to make a couple of calls. One to his parents, the other to Simon to tell them the verdict and the sentences.

The accounts finished, Franky locked up the house and headed upstairs with Urs by her side. Both of them undressing and slipping under the covers to lie in their usual positions. Urs holding her close and stroking the back of her head, allowing her to cry all of her pain away until she'd fallen asleep

"Shclaf gut mein engel." He whispered against her hair, his fingers playing with the ends.

He placed a gentle kiss on the top of her head, took one last look at her face then closed his eyes and allowed himself to join her in a much needed and restful slumber.

Turn the page.

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Sorry JJ I read it this morning but been sick then lost power for most of the day..

Good to see and read about the trial ...

Jaime and the others got what they derserved..

More soon..

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Chapter 10 - Fun In Paris

"How many's that now? Fifteen?" Urs asked after listening to the group's press officer field another call.

"Seventeen actually." She shrugged in response as her mobile started to ring again. Ignoring the call once she'd checked to see who was calling.

"My own fault for making such a public proposal. All of it." He huffed and dropped down into seat to think for a moment.

"I don't want to interfere Urs, but you're right. Giving an interview would help put an end to the rumours flying around."

"That's what Franky said." Urs nodded, raising his eyes to glance at the blonde haired, blue-eyed woman.

"You showed her the emails you've received?"

"No Faye. She heard me grumbling this morning and asked me why. I know most of them were complimentary but those two that said she's an attention-seeker, comparing her to Jamie when they haven't even met her. Those are the ones that have got me mad. And as for those asking if I'd proposed because Franky's pregnant...........Pfft! She wouldn't do that to me in the first place and I wouldn't have got away with proposing just for that reason in the second if she was."

"I know." Faye smiled and moved to sit down next to him. "So why not do the interview, set the record straight?"

"You know how they twist things." Urs shook his head and glanced towards a door waiting for Franky to emerge, dressed in the red leathers.

"They won't be able to if I'm there to record it will they? I made that deal for the other three, won't be so hard to do it for you too."

Urs looked to Faye then sat back in his seat to think about what she'd just said. He nodded slightly as he remembered similar rumours had flown around the fansite after David, Sebastien and Carlos had admitted to proposing to Lauren, Emma and Karen and agreeing to be interviewed about their relationships.

David admitting as to how he'd met Lauren, that he'd been just a little disappointed to discover that she was a fan but that he had fallen in love with her. That he particularly liked the way she handled herself, never pushing herself forward, always standing, waiting patiently in the background, giving him as much time as he wanted to spend with the fans and being nice to those who'd asked to say hello. Lauren saying that she'd never expected to meet him that night, never mind that he'd asked to see her again after spending the night at 'Senorita's'.

His eyes widened slightly as he recalled Sebastien and Emma's interview. Emma surprising him by saying that she hadn't really been that big of a fan when they'd first met and she still wasn't, though she did enjoy listening to them, but had to be in the mood to do so. At which Sebastien had sulked playfully while the reporter laughed. Sebastien almost telling the truth of how they'd met, though he hadn't said a word about being beaten and stabbed in his own home, instead saying that he'd had an accident, that he'd needed some minor surgery to repair the damage that had been done and that Emma had only filled in as his physio-therapist for one day because the one he'd been assigned to had had to rush home after his father had had a major stroke. Admitting that he'd been a fool to fall for Jamie so quickly but denying strenuously that he'd done so with Emma. Loving her for her patience, kindness and her ability to know without asking when something had upset him or was bothering him.

Laughter had filled the room when Carlos had confessed as to how he'd met Karen and that Franky had obtained her numbers for him, though he hadn't mentioned Franky by name. Stating that he'd learned a lot from her during their relationship. The both of them laughing when Karen told the reporter he was the messiest cook she'd ever seen and she was always left with tidying up, not that she was complaining. At least what few meals he had prepared had been edible rather than cremated remains of whatever it was supposed to have been. Carlos laughing and nodding in agreement.

Going on to say that while he enjoyed rock climbing, he still couldn't understand Karen's fascination with it. Grimmacing slightly as he recounted the story of how he'd wanted to try a more difficult route up the rockwall only for Karen to tell him in no uncertain terms that he wasn't ready for that. Karen blushing bright red while she said that she hadn't been expecting the proposal. As far as she was concerned, they'd only gone to Spain to meet Carlos's family and a few of his friends. Saying that she thought he'd been yanking her chain at first. Carlos informing that the ring on her finger had once belonged to his maternal grandmother and watching her face redden while he said he loved her for being supportive of not only himself, but also of her friends and the way she would speak her mind without being rude.

Hearing the changing room door being opened, Urs raised his eyes to see Franky standing there, one boot not quite fastened. He laughed, stood up then dropped himself to his knees and yanked the zip up while he listened to her reminding herself to get a new pair or have the fastening replaced at the very least.

"What's up with you?" She asked once they were standing face-to-face.

"Faye's had loads of calls, asking for an interview about our relationship." Urs shrugged and let out a quick sigh. "I don't really want to do it but I do want to set the record straight. You know......"

"Like Seb, David and Carlos did you mean?" Franky asked with a quick smile as she felt Urs's arms wrap around her waist. "So that you hopefully don't get anymore of those emails."

"Ja. I know it doesn't bother you that much, but you don't deserve those comments that have been made either. Faye said she can make the same deal she made for the guys, so that things don't get twisted."

"Well the trial reports are flying around the forum again and I've just about had as much as I can take of being compared to Jamie that's for sure. I really do think it would be a good idea honey, as long as Faye can do what she says she can."

"Okay." Urs nodded then rolled his head on his neck as he moved over to tell Faye to arrange an interview, that neither he or Franky were interested in what money was being offered, it was more a question of who could do it first he finished then walked back to Franky and took hold of her hand. "What's that smirk for?" He asked as they headed for the photography studio.

"I've been wondering why you asked me to bring the red leathers since Zurich. You did say you had no intention of taking a bike ride."

"And you thought I meant something kinky didn't you?" Urs laughed and watched a blushing Franky nod quickly with her eyes wide open. "You are so bad. In." He giggled while he held the studio door open and flicked his head sideways.

"Is that what I think it is?" Franky gasped when she saw what sitting on a small stage in front of what looked like a picture of the road that lead to Urs's lakeside home.

"Ja. The VRSCDX Night Rod Special." Urs nodded. "But we've only got the use of it for ten minutes. It took me ages to persuade Bastien to let me borrow it for this."

"Oh so you had this planned all along? How could you be sure I would accept this time?" Franky asked, bringing herself upright with a smile on her face after squatting to get a closer look at the Harley's engine.

"Simple. You might be able to resist my charms once, but a second time........" Urs paused to blow a breath between pursed lips whilst shaking his head and laughing. "That was never going to happen. Was it?"

"I could walk out of here right now you know?"

"Stop teasing me." Urs commanded, pulling Franky's laughing form into his arms. "You know what happens when you do that." He grinned wickedly.

"Sorry honey. I'll be good." Franky smirked then leaned forward to whisper in his ear. "I think you'd better compose yourself. Seems like Jean is ready for us again."

Urs looked to his right, saw that the photographer was adjusting some of his equipment again still with a smile on his face as he had been all the time he'd photographed them around some of Paris's most famous sights.

"I still can't believe you've been to Paris twice, but you've never been up the tower." Urs shook his head after taking a step back from Franky and coughing a little.

"The first time I was only four and the lifts were out of order. The second time I was thirteen and it was far too windy. My father wasn't prepared to risk it."

"Want to go up after this?"

"If you're talking about going up the tower, you'd better forget it." Faye's voice informed as she poked her head around the door. "Sorry Urs. I've scheduled that interview for twelve o'clock. You won't have the time."

"Merde!" Urs huffed then reluctantly nodded his head with his eyes closed while he listened to Franky.

"It's not going anywhere is it? Maybe next time."

Urs nodded, then both of them turned to listen Jean while he explained how he would like to position them on the bike. Urs climbed on first and smiled while he watched Franky move to sit behind him. He raised his left hand to his right shoulder and felt the fingers of Franky's right hand curl around his own slightly while his right hand cupped his left elbow. Franky's free arm slipped over the top of his left arm and underneath his wrist to rest her hand on his pectoral muscle while the right side of her face rested against the left side of his.

Loving looks were exchanged while several shots were taken then both of them were asked to close their eyes lightly and couple more were taken. For the final pictures, Jean asked Urs and Franky to kiss each other and he laughed when it didn't take much persuasion for them to do it. A much louder laugh escaped from the man after he'd coughed loudly to indicate that he'd finished and they could stop kissing.

With a promise from Jean to deliver the pictures himself later that afternoon, Urs and Franky left the studio, changed back into their everyday clothes and walked back to the Hotel Novotel Paris Les Halles hand-in-hand.

Faye walked a couple of steps behind, smiling and nodding her head approvingly as she watched the way Franky dealt with several fans that approached Urs for autographs or photo opportunities. Rolling her eyes and returning Franky's smile as she stepped away to allow them their moment then graciously accepting the offered congratulations with yet another promise to take very good care of Urs, unable to recall how many times she'd heard her say it that day, but always seeing her do it with a smile on her face.

Once back in the bedroom of their hotel room, Urs and Franky spent a few moments listening to Faye run through the questions that the interviewer wanted to ask and decided to cut just the three that involved their sex life. Reading through the contract together, making careful note that the interview would be translated into the languages of each country where the famous magazine would be sold.

Deciding to keep to what they were wearing for the interview. Franky in a spicy red figure-hugging, v-necked dress with three quarter sleeves and a ruched detail at the left side of her waist. Urs in his favourite jeans and the Triumph Tiger T-Shirt Franky had given him for his birthday.

Franky gave her hair a quick brush and giggled while she listened to Urs hissing as he tugged a comb through his.

"Ready?" He asked as he moved to tie his hair back.

"As I'll ever be." Franky nodded and watched him set the band back down on the dresser after he'd seen the look she'd given him, reminding him that she preferred his hair down, no matter how wildly it curled.

Deciding that his hair looked fine the way it was after checking in the mirror, Urs took Franky by the hand again and held the bedroom door open for her as they headed back into the lounge area to be introduced to the tall, dark-haired, brown-eyed, Pierre-Louis Lefevre. Watching Pierre-Louis stand to greet her with a smile on his face as he did so in the traditional French manner and confidently shaking Urs's hand before they sat down close to each other.

"So yet another fan has captured herself a Divo?" The man asked with a quick smile at Franky after Faye had indicated she'd begun recording.

Urs shifted a little in his seat on hearing that the wording of the question had been changed, but gave Franky a quick nod when she looked at him as if to ask him to allow her to answer the question.

"Let's get something straight right now shall we? I was not fan of Il Divo before I met Urs. Though I had heard of them, I wasn't interested in listening to their CDs, had no idea how many were in the group, what they sounded like nor what they looked like."

"Is that true Urs?"

"Ja." Urs laughed a little then went on to explain how they had first met. "When I went to check on Franky after she'd crashed her bike, I saw no hint of recognition. I've seen many different reactions, but never anything like Franky gave me. Actually I was the one that was left stunned after meeting her. Gott knows where my head was that day, I didn't even possess the capability to ask her for a date until the next day."

"It's true that you ride Harley's then Franky?"

"I not only ride them, I repair and restore them too."

"And the accident was an accident, nothing more to it?"

"No." Urs shook his head. "There was a huge hole in the road where Franky came off, right on a bend. It's been repaired now, but I'm positive any biker, riding at the recommended speed would have suffered the same accident if not much worse. I almost hit it myself, though I was travelling much slower by the time I reached the spot."

"You never told me that." Franky shook her head once she'd turned it to look at him.

"I did say almost. I saw it just in time."

"So you had your first date the next day?"

"No." Urs laughed. "Although I did ask the next day."

"After thinking I was seeing Gabe." Franky reminded with a laugh of her own.

"When was your first date then and where was it?"

"Without the rest of the guys being around? Erm......Sunday evening. We went for ride on my bike then Franky gave me my first ice-skating lesson."

"You didn't take her out to dinner?"

"No. If I remember right we dined on cold pizza that night." Urs stated with a look to Franky who smiled and nodded that he'd remembered correctly. "It took me almost three weeks to take her out to dinner and that was during our mini-break in Lucerne."

"Just before the accident that left you temporarily blind?"


"But something happened before then didn't it? Monsieur Izambard's ex-girlfriend, her brother and associates kidnapped you both, gave you Cocaine Urs and threatened to kill Franky despite the fact they are half-sisters. From what we've read of her trial in the English press, she clearly thinks you are jealous of her and wanted Monsieur Izambard for yourself. Is that the case Franky?"

"No. Not at all. Sebastien and I have become quite good friends, nothing more and Emma understands that." Franky shook her head and allowed a sigh to escape. "It was clear to so many people throughout the trial that Jamie has some issues that need to be dealt with. As I said to the English press, my only hope is that she is offered and accepts the help she needs. I can't blame her for the way she's turned out and have no ill feelings towards her at all."

"And the garage she had destroyed, what's happened to that?"

"What remained of it has been knocked down, the site cleared and turned into a walkway connecting the road where I live to the next one. It's a lot safer now and provides the elderly residents easier access to the shops and public transport into the city. It means they don't have to walk all the way up the road to walk around the buildings and halfway down the other side again."

"Whose idea was that?"

"Urs's." Franky nodded. "But I had to make the application as I owned the property. It looks wonderful now and I love the plaque Urs organised to have erected, telling everyone who walks that way what used to stand there, what happened to it and how long it had been there for. It's a wonderful tribute to my Great-grandfather." She finished with sniff and felt Urs squeezing her hand.

"Urs, you've stated a few times that you don't believe in marriage. What changed your mind? You have only known Franky for a few months haven't you?"

"That's true." Urs laughed. "I really began to change my mind a few days after I'd met Franky. Carlos in particular has always told me that there might be girl out there who would change my mind and he was right. Franky's been through a lot over the past year, more than her fair share to tell you the truth. But she never gave up, never let other people's opinion of her get her down. She's a very strong woman, emotionally secure. Doesn't need me around her all the time. She knows what she wants out of life, but isn't prepared to use others to get it. That's the kind of woman I've always wanted, though somehow I never seemed to find her. Until now."

"So the proposal was serious?"

"It certainly was." Urs nodded and smiled broadly. "The ring has been in my pocket during every concert. It was the second time I tried and Franky did give me the opportunity not to do it in such a public manner."

"The second?" Pierre-Jean queried with a quick laugh.

"Yes." Franky nodded. "The first time was after the trial, the evening before the guys left to go on tour. I'd seen those statements he'd made about marriage and I wasn't expecting it that night. As soon as I figured out what he was up to I asked him not to propose."

"Was there a reason for that?"

"Basically because we'd hardly spent any serious time apart." Urs nodded. "Franky wanted to be sure that we could both deal with the long separations. Yes it's been hard for the both of us and I've never sent so many emails or had such long phone calls, but we've come through a lot stronger than my previous relationship did."

"Turning to the rumours flying around at the moment. Are you pregnant?"

"No I'm not and we don't have any plans for me to be so just yet." Franky sighed and shook her head.

"Even though I have never seen her put a foot wrong on the ice, I do know for a fact Franky would not have surprised me the way she did in Zurich if she had been pregnant." Urs stated firmly. "I'd like to say something here. Franky is absolutely nothing like Jamie. She takes advantage of no-one and is fiercly independent. That night at the nightclub it took me fifteen minutes to persuade her to let me buy her a drink. She stands up for herself when she believes she is right, she will listen to arguments to the contrary and will admit that she might be wrong. She always puts her friends, family and often complete strangers before herself. I've missed not having her around these past few weeks, but I understand how important her business is to her. There was no way she could have got it running again while going from place to place with me. She's met several fans already, but she's not being stand-offish, to quote some of the emails I've received, when she steps back to allow them some time with me, as she told me a few weeks ago, it's not about her. She's not with me for the fame of being my girlf......fiancee and whatever it may bring her. If fans want to say hello, she's perfectly willing to do so as long as she is treated with respect. When I was blind, she was there for me every single time I needed her. I came first in her thoughts, despite everything else she was having to deal with. She has never given me cause to think that she would stray and it was her that persuaded me to tell the fans about my accident and to go back to England to record the album. But for her, the album and tour could have been delayed indefinitely because I didn't want to do either until my sight had returned. What I'm trying to say is that I want our fans to be happy for me. I've finally found the girl that I've been looking for all my life. Humble, supportive, independent, kind and generous. She'd be the first to admit that she's not perfect, because she can't cook. Then who is perfect? No-one, that's who."

"That's quite some statement." Pierre-Louis nodded. "So the wedding will be in Willisau?"

"Yes. I suppose so, since Urs's family is much bigger than my own." Franky smiled without looking at the man.

"Actually no it won't. I have somewhere else in mind. " Urs laughed and watched a look of astonishment spread across Franky's face. "Mami talked me into it once she'd remembered about the church. It's already booked too." He finished then raised a finger to his lips, knowing that Franky would know where he was talking about while he listened to her swallow hard. "All I will say is that we will be married quite quickly."

"Which designer will you be asking to make your dress Franky?"

"Huh? Oh. Erm........No-one that you would know. No-one famous." Franky returned with a headshake, her eyes still wide. "I do have someone in mind, though she's only known locally to where I live. The lady that designed and made the dress I wore to surprise Urs."

"Then it should be something rather special." Pierre-Louis nodded. "That costume was absolutely stunning. Does it mean anything significant? The fire and ice design I mean."

"Not really no." Urs replied with a giggle and a headshake.

"I think I understand." Pierre-Louis nodded as he turned his recorder off. "Petnames? Don't worry I won't mention it in the article. I know how personal they are. My wife has one for me, though I have no idea why she calls me 'Juicy'." He finished with a very red face. "I think I have enough now. Perhaps a couple of photographs? Wherever you like."

Urs groaned slightly as he stood up then gently pulled Franky to her feet and guided her to the French windows which he opened, knowing that the Eiffel Tower could be seen in the background. Remembering a pose from earlier, he wrapped is arms around her waist and held her close while hers found their way around his neck and their foreheads met. Looking at each other lovingly and ignoring the shouts coming from the street below while a handful of pictures were taken.

Only paying attention to the waiting fans and giving them a quick wave as they separated and looked down. Franky laughing and shaking her head while she gave yet another promise to take good care of Urs.

"Just one more question?" Pierre-Louis asked while Urs closed the doors. "Will you be accompanying Urs for the rest of the tour Franky?"

"Sadly, no. I won't." She replied with a slow headshake while Urs pouted. "I fly back home tomorrow night and I won't be with him until he reaches England again, in two weeks and even then it will only be at the party following the final concert."

"That's a shame. But I'm sure it will fly by. Thank you both for your time."

"It will certainly go quicker than the past few weeks." Urs nodded as he shook the man's hand again and listened to Faye remind him that she had every word on tape and would be having the world's best translators reading the affiliated magazines while she walked him and his photographer out of the door.

"Okay, I know where, but I don't know when."

Urs laughed, seeing the still stunned look Franky wore on her face.

"Erm......Your birthday."

"Oh good that gives us fifteen mo........." Franky began only to stop short when she saw Urs shaking his head, still laughing. "Not this year?" She asked with an audible gulp and watched Urs nod. "Oh frick! That's only.....what?.......Sixteen weeks away. We can't organise a wedding in sixteen weeks."

"Yes we can, if anyone can we can and we can always hire a wedding planner to help." Urs replied, taking hold of Franky's shaking head in his hands, kissing her gently and feeling her shudder as usual. "I told you the church is already booked, has been for a few weeks actually. I asked the vicar to reserve that day for us the day before my first attempt at proposing. I meant what I said a few moments ago Franky, I've finally found the one woman I want to have in my life and at my side for the rest of my life. I wouldn't even have tried proposing in Zurich if I wasn't sure."

"Pretty sure I was going to accept then?"

"Somewhere along the line."

"You'd better run." Urs heard Franky informing and pulled away to look at her, laughing when he saw a playful look on her face.

"I'm in trouble aren't I?" He asked, beginning to back up to the bedroom door knowing that she didn't like him organising things without checking with her and wondering what she was going to do about it.

"You bet your sexy buns you're in trouble." Franky nodded, stalking towards him while she laughed then quickly breaking into a run.

The two of the jumping onto the bed, quickly becoming embroiled in a pillow fight, neither hitting each other hard but somehow managing to burst all six pillows, sending feathers flying all over the room and wondering what had happened when they heard a loud snap from underneath the bed.

Looking at each other wide-eyed while they listened to the others coming into the room, both of them having forgotten that they'd asked them to come over to finally celebrate Urs's birthday and listening to the bedroom door being opened.

"Two beds within a week." David smirked after taking a good look at another wonky-looking piece of furniture. "I'm impressed."

"Maybe they should buy a bed made of stone when they get married." Sebastien teased over David's shoulder. "They wouldn't be able to break that."

"No, but they would have the lots of fun trying." Carlos grinned then quickly followed David and Sebastien out of the room when he spotted a laughing and head-shaking Urs beginning to move to chase after them. "Exactly how did you break that one in Zurich anyway? I thought Swiss furniture was built to last a lifetime."

Urs looked at a laughing Franky as she came to stand by his side, both of them knowing that the old wooden bed had given way underneath them while they made love due to the fact that it had been infested with dry rot, but neither of them saying a word while Franky reached for the phone to tell Urs's family they were on their way down to the dining-room for lunch.

Once downstairs, he greeted everyone with a hug then looked at his brother questioningly when he heard him giggling.

"Well she got that right." He laughed and tapped at the back of the t-shirt. "Or didn't you read the back before you put in on?"

Urs ran for the bathroom, whipped the t-shirt over his head and laughed once he'd read '.........basically sound. Needs a bit of TLC.' written just below the neckline. Shaking his head as he slipped the t-shirt back on and returned to the table Whispering in Franky's ear that she was in trouble again.

"I knew I would be. Why do you think I bought it for you?" She returned quietly with a quick flick of her eyebrows making Urs roar with laughter before he kissed her firmly in front of everyone and listening to a long 'Awwwwwww' go up from a few tables away.

Feeling no embarrassment whatsoever about showing the world how he felt about the woman sitting by his side as his hand slipped under the table to give hers a gentle squeeze and returning the loving look she gave him.

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Chapter 11 - All By Myself........But Only For A While

Instead of placing his carry-on luggage on the end of the bed as he normally did, Urs dropped it to the floor with a loud huff then sat down and removed his jacket. Shaking his head, he ran a hand over the finger bruises he'd been left with and cursed when he heard a knock at the door.

"I wish you'd learn to turn your cell on as soon as we land or once we're in the car." David complained once he'd opened the door. "I ain't your personal messanger service you know?"

"Sorry." Urs shrugged, pulling his mobile from the front pocket of his jeans and turning it on while checking the time. "Franky probably won't be back yet anyway. She's not expecting me to call until one o'clock."

"I know that." David laughed. "Message from Chris. Soundcheck's been delayed for about an hour, so we're doing the interview first. Tech truck got lost, it's only just arrived at the arena, they're working like crazy to get everything set up. How's the arm?"

"Bruised." Urs shrugged then showed David the injury and heard him let out a long whistle.

"You want to get some ice on that."

"Already asked for some to be brought up. Gott, I wanted to punch that......Thanks for stopping me."

"No problem." David shook his head. "Lauren's still mad too, I'd better get back, calm her down before Steph arrives."

Urs nodded, watched David head back to his own suite then turned his head to the left when he heard the lift announcing its arrival at their floor. He watched the room-service attendant push the cart into his room, thanked him then sat on the couch with the ice-pack he'd asked for wrapped around his left bicep, quietly cursing the man who'd caused the injury.

Clenching his jaw tight and closing his eyes, he breathed deep, recalling that he'd been talking to a group of fans when Orva Bailey's agent/manager had seized hold of him and had launched into a verbal tirade, angry about all the money HE would lose since she'd announced that she was quitting modelling to pursue a career in medicine earlier this particular morning.

A quick smile crossed his face when he remembered himself and Franky eating breakfast together, watching tv and listening to the supermodel speak, smiling broadly while she answered questions from the press. Dominic with her, not mentioning Franky by name but thanking her and the man sitting by her side for encouraging her to follow her dream.

Opening his eyes, he looked at his other arm and wondered why no bruising seemed to be appearing there, it had felt like David had grabbed his right forearm as hard as Lockwood Campbell had. Taking a deep, nasal breath he nodded, knowing he would probably have shocked their fans if he had punched the man in front of them, despite the fact he'd heard several saying he deserved it.

Hearing another knock at his door, he tossed the ice-pack onto the coffee table, stood and looked through peephole before opening the door. His brow furrowed slightly as a white box fastened with a red bow was pushed into his hands. He thanked the young man who'd brought the item up, returned to the lounge area of his suite and placed the box on the table, wondering if he'd messed the order up somehow.

"Nein, that can't be right." He reasoned, realising that the flowers he'd ordered to accompany the gift hadn't arrived.

He huffed out a breath, opened the box and started laughing once he'd removed the red bear holding an acrylic frame decorated with two red hearts and a red rose. It took him several minutes to compose himself to be able to read the message in the frame.

I Miss You!

You have a special place in my life
that you’ve had from the very start.
I see your smile when I close my eyes -
your name is written on my heart.

For the times I can’t be with you
and perhaps you’re feeling blue
I’m sending you a bear hug
with love from me to you.
"I don't believe it!" He exclaimed, laughing and shaking his head knowing that Franky would soon be opening something much the same, the exceptions being that the bear he'd selected was white and the verse read:
There's a special place in my heart
that only you can touch -
a place where I can go and feel you near.
Throughout the day I think of you.
I see your smile, hear your voice
and in my thoughts you lovingly appear.
The way we love each other
makes it hard to be apart
so when I can't hold you in my arms,
I hold you in my heart.

Still chuckling and shaking his head, he checked his watch and quickly calculated that he had plenty of time for a bath. He stood again, headed towards the bathroom after retrieving what he needed from his carry-on. Once in the tub, he laid back, closed his eyes and smiled softly, reliving the memory of himself and Franky arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport, him holding her slightly shaking form close once she'd checked in for her flight back to England.
He swallowed hard against the image of watching Franky head down the gangway, wiping her eyes before kissing her fingers and blowing him a farewell kiss. How he'd even managed to let go of her, never mind hold back his own tears, he didn't know, but somehow he'd done it. He sighed, wondering if Franky had felt as alone as he did right now when she'd waved them all off at the beginning of the tour. Lonely.
"Nein, she would have had it harder." He reasoned, since she'd been left standing alone in the airport rather than having her friends around her for support, telling her that the following few weeks would fly by.
Not knowing how long he spent relaxing, but suddenly realising he was beginning to turn pruny, Urs pulled the plug, left the bath, dried himself off and re-dressed, laughing to himself when he realised he'd outwitted Franky by hiding one of his favourite Harley t-shirts inside another one, not caring that it still smelled of Lillies as he slipped it on.
With ten minutes to spare before he was due to call Franky, he settled himself back in the lounge area, turned on the tv and quickly found a channel he could understand.
"You liar!" He yelled after listening to a brief interview with Lockwood Campbell, the man stating that he'd planned to drop Orva in a few days, saying that demands for her had tailed off significantly recently.
His head shook and he tutted, recalling that he'd heard the same man turn down a contract shortly after their confrontation at Luchthaven, angrilly asking whoever he was speaking to if they hadn't heard the news. Wondering if Orva was watching and how she would react, Urs shook his head, turned the tv off, retrieved his mobile and placed his call.
"Hi honey." Franky's soft sigh came down the line.
"Hi angel. You home yet?"
"Almost. The taxi's just turning into my road."
"Oh! Some sort of problem with the flight?"
"No." Franky laughed in response. "I just had a little trouble getting out of the airport, I've come home with loads more bags than I left with."
"How did you manage that?" Urs asked with his brow furrowed.
"Some of the ladies on the flight hadn't managed to get their gift bags to all of you in Paris, recognised me on the plane and asked if I would make sure you got them. I said yes and the next thing I know I've got about fifteen bags being thrust at me."
"Awwww! Poor baby." Urs soothed then laughed when heard Franky blowing a raspberry down the line.
"Give me a minute. We've just pulled up."
"Okay." Urs nodded, smiling while he kept his handset pressed to his ear, listening to Franky apologise to the taxi driver about the amount of bags after paying her fare and thanking him once she'd got the front door open.
"Phew! Right where were we?"
"I know where I'd like you to be."
"Urrrrrrrrrrs! Honestly!"
"What? I meant by my side for the rest of the tour." Urs returned, laughing at Franky's shocked tone and wondering how red her face had gone.
"Of course you did." She coughed over the sound of the squeeky lounge door opening. "Oh Urs! The flowers are beautiful. Thank you."
"Nothing else there?" Urs asked, picturing the white basket filled with Freesias, Roses, Snapdragons and Cushion Mumseeded Eucaluptus.
"Hmmn. I think I've messed something up though. This was supposed to be sent to you."
"I think you'd better open it before you go jumping to that conclusion." Urs replied, giggling and shaking his head and listening to Franky open the same style box he'd opened an hour or so before.
"Oh my God! That's so funny." Franky laughed. "Who'd have ever thought we would send each other virtually the same 'I Miss You' gifts?"
"Great minds think alike." Urs shrugged, smiling broadly before he turned serious again. "Any problems on the flight?"
"No. Everyone was lovely. I've lost count of how many congratulations I accepted and how many ladies I promised I would take good care of you though."
"You already do." Urs sighed heavily.
"Have you had a problem?"
"Urs?! Don't fib. You have a tendancy to stumble when something's made you angry. Tell me."
"All right. I had a little run in with Orva's manager at the airport."
"Little? I doubt that, judging by your tone. What happened?"
Urs took a deep breath, sighed it out and closed his eyes before he started to speak.
"He grabbed hold of my arm, whirled me round to face him and told me I'd better keep my whore bitch away from him and his clients in future. Said he would lose thousands now Orva has decided to quit. I almost punched him in front of a large group of fans. David stopped me just in time, Seb and Carlos had to hold Lauren, Emma and Karen back despite their own anger."
"Mmmn. That wouldn't have been good. He didn't hurt you did he?"
"Nein. Just got a few finger bruises at the top of my left arm. It's nothing really" Urs informed, shrugging nonchalantly. "I could do with you kissing them better though."
"You'll just have to make do with some ice instead."
"Done that already. Have you turned the radio on?"
"Hmmn. The house seems so empty without Lauren and Stephanie around causing havoc. Spooky though. Can you hear what's playing?"
"Ja. Ricky Martin. 'I Count The Minutes'."
"That's what I'm doing you know? Counting every second until we're together again."
"Each one seeming like an eternity?" Urs questioned after sniffing.
"Yeah. I wish I could have stayed, but you know.......I can't let Sissy down? All this was arranged long before you and I got together."
"I know. I just wish she could decide on a colour."
"You're not the only one. Lizzie just wants to get the dresses made."
"Hmmn. So what are you going to do until then?"
"Going to the garage to see what damage that stroppy customer did for myself, then go to see the man concerned with Gabe."
"You heard anything from Gabe yet?" Urs asked, knowing that he'd been punched in the face by an angry customer.
"No, but Christie called. Told me he's got a black eye."
"What are you going to do about it?"
"What I said I would. Refuse to serve him anymore. I warned him last time. I've had enough of him expecting everything to be dropped to sort his problem out. He can go elsewhere from now on. If I have the time, I'll call my solicitor see if there's anything that can be done legally. I don't want to........but I've had my fill of that man."
"I know. You be careful."
"Like he'd dare try anything with Gabe there." Franky laughed while Urs imagined her eyes rolling backwards. "Christie said it was a lucky punch. Shouldn't you be on your way to the soundcheck by now?"
"It's delayed. Technical problems so we're going to have to do the interview first."
"Don't you want to do it?"
"Not really. If the host touches my butt like he did last time I swear I will end up punching someone today. Especially if anyone says you and me is just a publicity stunt to try and prove I'm not gay. I wouldn't do that to any woman even if I was."
"I know honey. Sounds like you need that special touch of mine."
"Something's in need of massaging that's for sure." Urs smirked while he listened to Franky giggling.
"If you don't stop it I'm going to hang up. I didn't mean 'that' one."
"I know, just wishful thinking. Okay. I'll behave."
"For once in your life."
"Stop it! I've just had a bath, don't need a cold shower right now, thanks all the same."
"Sorry honey." Franky sighed. "I don't want to hang up because I'm missing you so much already. You know I've got to though, I have so much to get done if you want me to call after the concert."
"I know. I wish you could do it all from here though. It's almost time for us to be leaving anyway, so I'll say goodbye for now. I love you Fire."
"I love you too, Ice." Urs heard Franky sniff down the line just before it went dead.
A few moments later he left for the television studio, returning to his suite, thankful that the host hadn't touched him again. Though he wanted to talk to Franky again before they had to leave for the stadium, he decided not to call and went for a walk around the vicinity of the hotel, making his way back to have something light to eat with everyone else before the soundcheck.
On arrival at the arena for the concert, several ladies asked where Franky was and he smiled broadly while he told them she'd very reluctantly gone back to England to help her cousin finalise arrangements for her upcoming wedding since she was to be the Maid of Honour. He huffed a quick laugh on hearing a few moans and saw a few of them pouting when he accepted some gift bags that would be opened later to reveal congratulations gifts and cards.
Concert finished, he headed straight for his room rather than join the others for a drink once they'd got back to the hotel. When Franky didn't call after a ten minute wait, he turned on his laptop and sat playing Mahjong, becoming midly frustrated when he lost three games in a row. Just as he won the fifth game, his message alert sounded and his brow furrowed when he read what Franky had sent.
'Instant messenger. Webcam on.'
What he heard and saw over the internet connection that night following some very intimate flirting would amaze him and leave him wishing tomorrow night was the last concert, rather than a few days time/having to deal with several erections. He fell asleep very late that night, grinning like a Cheshire Cat thanking Franky for persuading him to buy the webcam, especially since those women who had professed to love him, had never so much as talked the least little bit dirty to him over the phone during their times apart, never mind
being prepared to engage in cybersex.
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Wonderful 2 chapters JJ..

Still Sick so when I am laying in bed reading the sequel...

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Hope you feel better soon Laura. smooch

Chapter 13 - She Got Me Again

After accepting a multitude of congratulations and giving the same reply over and over again to those who asked where Franky was, Urs excused himself and moved through the room to place himself at the furthest end. Looking down he smiled briefly when he saw the Royal Victoria Dock, the Millenium Dome and Canary Wharf all lit up. He sighed, removing his mobile from his pocket and searching for her number only to hear an engaged tone for the umpteenth time that day. Asking himself who she could possibly be talking to now as he huffed out a breath.

"She'll be here soon. Not her fault the limo is stuck in traffic." David reminded, handing Urs a glass of champagne.

"I know, but that doesn't explain why her phone is always engaged."

"You're not getting any stupid ideas in your head are you?"

"If you're asking me if I think she's cheating? The answer is no." Urs smiled, his head shaking. "I'm just a little disappointed that she couldn't get to the arena on time. I really wanted to walk in here with her on my arm."

"Has she told you about all those calls she's been getting?" Lauren asked after coming to David's side.

"The ones from designers's reps you mean? Ja and I think she's beginning to get narked off with it."

"Your lady, she has the problems with my kind?"

"Oh no Giorgio." Urs laughed and shook his head at the man who stood on his left. "She does appreciate good quality clothing and designs, she has several designer labels in her wardrobe. Her only real problem is that she thinks some labels ask for far too much in return for what you get, that and the unethical way some of it is produced."

"Ah you are referring to the famous footwear. The one with the tick, no?"

"Ja. She refuses to wear that brand completely and I don't mean any offence, but I do agree with her about the cost of some things, especially if it's not going to be worn very often."

"None a taken. From what leetle I have a seen of her, I think she could wear the potato sack and make it look stunning. Tell me this lady who designed the dress Francesca wore to surprise you in Zurich, she is young? Looking to work for a world famous fashion house perhaps?"

"Collette's a couple of years older than Franky and no, I don't think so." Urs shook his head before turning it on hearing the door open to see Simon making his way in with a woman on his arm. Her face hidden behind a mass of Chocolate brown curls but looking elegant in a full-length, ice-blue coloured sheath dress with spaghetti straps. "Off course I could be wrong about that. She does have a website that features some of her work, but I can't remember the address off hand. I could ask Franky when she finally arrives." He continued, facing the fashion designer once more.

"No. I will get my assistant onto it first thing the morning. Now, I really must be going. I have a flight to Paris waiting. I will see you again, hopefully for the next tour?"

"Sure." Urs nodded, smiling and shaking hands. "Just remember....."

"I know. No the purple or the velvet. I do not forget such things."

Urs nodded and watched the Italian heading towards Simon to say a quick hello and goodbye before leaving. His brow furrowed slightly on catching the brief look Giorgio shot him once Simon had obviously introduced his companion, the designer had spent a few moments admiring her figure, flirting with her and giving her a kiss on either cheek before leaving.

"He's worse than Carlos." Urs muttered to himself, noticing that David and Lauren had moved away to talk to someone else and retrieving his mobile again.

"Excuse me." He heard a deep, husky female voice behind him but didn't turn to face her. "Would you care to dance?"

"Sorry no. Important call." Urs returned, flashing his handset over his shoulder before searching Franky's number again, a sigh of relief escaping as he listened to the woman walking away while he waited for the call to connect.

The sound of AC/DC's 'Rock And Roll Train' suddenly filled the air and Urs whipped round, knowing that was Franky's ringtone for him, his eyes scanning the crowded room, trying to find her, seeing nothing but Simon's companion with her back to him, her right arm raised to her ear.

"Hi honey." Franky's whisper came down the line.

"Where are you?" Urs asked, still scanning the room.


"You're at the hotel?"

"Closer than that." Franky returned with an accompanying giggle.

"On your way up then?" Urs queried, pushing through the crowd towards the door only to feel a hand on his shoulder just as his hand made contact with the handle.

"Much, much closer." Franky whispered in his ear, making him whirl round to face her. "Hi. Got you again didn't I?" She asked, closing her mobile, removing the wig she wore and shaking her own hair loose while she giggled.

Urs grabbed hold of her around the waist, pulled her close and kissed her long and hard, not caring that everyone else in the room was watching and giggling at the way she'd surprised him again.

"You are so going to pay for this." Urs whispered breathlessly once they'd separated, a huge smile lighting up his face and his head shaking.


"You'll find out when I get you back to my room and when we get back to your place tomorrow."

"Oh really? You planning on moving in without being invited to do so?"

"No. I just thought we could catch up, start making some arrangements. Don't tell me you're going too busy with the garage?"

"No, but I do have a final dress-fitting in a couple of days."

"Oh yeah. Leo and Sissy's wedding. Has she decided on a colour at last then?"

"Hmmn." Franky growled, her nose wrinkled in disgust.

"Ha! Pink? She's going to make you wear pink."

"Shut up! It's not funny. You'll see me coming from miles away, it's so bright."

Knowing how much Franky disliked the colour, no matter the shade, Urs continued to laugh, looking at her and seeing her glaring at him playfully.

"You'd better stop laughing or I'll ask your wardrobe mistress where that purple suit is." She threatened with a smile after a few moments.

Urs immediately stopped laughing on hearing those words, his mind wondering what had ever possessed him to wear that suit, particularly with a white belt and shoes. David still teasing him about it was bad enough he didn't need Franky adding hers to the mix. No way on earth would he ever wear that colour again. He coughed, shook the images and taunts from his head then sighed out a breath.

"Sorry. I'm sure you'll look wonderful, even better than you do now, but not as good as you will on our wedding day."

"Oh you sweet-talker you." Franky smiled then placed a quick kiss on his lips. "You want to get out of here as soon as possible, don't you?"

"Ja." Urs nodded, glancing over Franky's shoulder and coughing to compose himself when he saw that Simon was making his way over to them. "But I want to know what's bothering you first. You haven't changed your mind about marrying me have you?"

"No. Don't be so silly." Franky laughed, lowered her head slightly then raised it again after taking a deep breath. "I've had a few other calls at the garage."

"From who?"

"The producers of 'Dancing On Ice', asking me to participate in the next series."

"And you said?"

"No of course." Franky huffed then tutted. "Or have you changed your mind about me being pregnant before Christmas?"

"Absolutely not!" Urs grinned and shook his head as Simon finally reached them

"All right you two. I know you're both desperate to get out of here but erm.......I might have opened my big mouth once too often."

"How so?" Urs and Franky asked, almost together.

"I let it slip that Franky could dance as well as skate in front of the Executive Producer of 'Stictly Come Dancing'. She's dating SonyBMG's Media Executive that's why she's here. She's looking for a new dancer for the next series because one of the regulars is pregnant. I suggested you Franky, though I don't think she's believes me about how well you dance."

"Not to be impolite Simon, but I don't care if she believes you or not. My answer would be no anyway." Franky replied, looking towards the couple Simon had left to come to them to see a brown-haired woman watching them, the smile she wore becoming a little broader and her head nodding slowly when Simon shoulders dropped. "Hmmn. Would you take that look she just gave me as a challenge?" She asked, looking at Urs, noticing that he was watching the woman as well.

"Ja. And I think you should do something to prove her wrong."


"Just this once." Urs teased, nudging her slightly. "I've missed seeing you dance."

"I said no."

"Please." Urs pleaded.

"Oh all right, but just this once. Do any of the men here dance?" Franky asked Simon, still looking at the woman.

"None as good as you, except for Carlos maybe."

Franky nodded then moved over to where Carlos was dancing with Karen after a quick look to Urs. Urs watched her discretely explaining the situation, saw Carlos nod following a quick look to the woman, then saw his Spanish friend head for where the music played, have a word with the DJ, return to the dancefloor and take Franky into his arms as a Tango started to play. Karen and everyone else leaving to watch Carlos and Franky dance together.

Urs moved to stand nearby occasionally looking at the woman Simon had talked about, beaming with pride each time he managed to catch her eye whenever she did tear her eyes away from the couple. His own eyes widening when he saw how high the split was at the front of Franky's dress, he hadn't realised it was even there. The dance ended with Carlos sending Franky sliding across the floor on her left thigh, the palms of her hands slapping the floor and her head snatching round to give him a hard look as the final beat struck.

A polite round of applause went up as a smiling Carlos offered his hand to help Franky stand, she smiled as she curtseyed then began to walk back to Urs only to be stopped by the woman. Though he couldn't hear what was being said, it was all too clear that she was offering Franky a place on the show, only for Franky to turn her down, three times in total, before she moved past her and finally reached him.

"She looked like she was almost begging." Urs stated following a quick kiss on Franky's cheek, his arm around her waist, gently guiding her towards the entrance.

"She was." Franky nodded. "Told me that I would probably become more famous than you too. She was quite stunned when I turned her down the third time and told her that I wasn't interested in fame or anything that goes with it. I wish you could have seen her face. Priceless."

Knowing that Franky was speaking the truth, Urs quietly led her out of the room and over to the lift where they kissed passionately while they rode the two floors down to his room. Urs fighting hard to prevent himself stopping the lift so that he could make love to her, only the fact the lifts were monitored by CCTV making him do so.

"Urs?" Urs heard Franky's questioning tone once they were inside his room, kissing and working at getting rid of the fabric barriers.

"Hmmmn. What?" He returned vacantly, his eyes focused on hers, feeling a little light headed at the mere thought of plunging himself deep inside her, his hands playing with her breasts, the nipples hardening even more under the lightest of touches.

"Have you erm........been taking care of yourself?"

"You know I ha.........Oh you mean........?" Urs asked, feeling the heat rise to his face, knowing what she was asking. "Erm.......Not since the evening of the day you flew home. Nein."

"Hmmn. You were rather naughty that night. I should never have persuaded you to buy that webcam for your laptop or shown you how it works." Franky replied once she'd been pushed onto the bed and her arms were linked around Urs's neck.

"I'm glad you did." Urs growled and shook his head then grinned wickedly, his right hand sliding down Franky's body, his fingers quickly finding her wet with need, driving her to a very quick orgasam. "I wasn't the only naughtly that night one was I? Gott, I had those images running through my head all that night and most of the following day. The guys were beginning to think I was ill, I coughed that much to erm......compose myself."

"No. You weren't the only naughty one." Franky shook her head just before her mouth was covered by Urs's, his tongue immediately engaging hers in a battle for control while he adjusted his position a little and thrust hard into her, making her whine with pleasure.

Other than the sounds of the headboard banging against the wall and their yells of each other's names as they came together, no more words passed between the couple until Urs collapsed on top of Franky, still buried inside her, feeling ripples of delight coursing through both of them until she'd milked him dry.

"How are we getting home tomorrow?" Urs asked once they'd both regained their breaths, rolling onto his back, pulling Franky close and shivering a little when she started to play with the hair on his chest.

"The 'Fire' Harley's downstairs."

"Good. Who's riding pillion?"

"Not me." Franky informed and immediately felt herself being rolled onto her back again, Urs on top of her once more.

"I think I can do something to make you change your mind." He grinned, burying his renewed rigidness inside her again, his hips moving slowly until Franky matched his pace.

"God yes can." Franky moaned just before they screamed each other's names, this time so long and loud they heard the wall being punched from within the room on the other side and a familiar someone yelling, asking them to keep the noise down.

Giggling and completely satisfied, they settled down to sleep. Urs screwing his eyes tight together and swallowing hard when he looked down to see Franky already drifting off. Finding himself wishing he could find the courage to tell her that he was keeping some of his love from her but feeling elated to have her back in his arms.

'Perhaps one day I will.' He nodded then quickly shook his head and pushed that thought to the depths of his mind, knowing that he might never tell her his deepest, darkest secret.

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