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 In The Arms Of My Angel

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    In The Arms Of My Angel  - Page 17 EmptyTue Oct 30, 2012 6:33 pm

Chapter 207 - Feliz Navidad?!
Urs and Franky smiled as they made their way into St Nicholas church and saw the small group of teenagers waiting in the Vestry. Urs, himself, could still remember how ecstatic the boys and girls had been when he'd passed on the news that they'd been asked to perform a couple of songs at the church, all of them jumping around and whooping loudly before settling down to decide what Christmas Carols they wanted to sing. That particular lesson hadn't involved any singing whatsoever, especially since they all had their favourite and had spent the entire hour fighting for their choice to be selected. Ja, Urs had lost complete control of that particular lesson, though he hadn't left the Sarah Cullen Centre in a bad mood. He'd left with a huge smile on his face, happy to see his latest group of pupils so passionate about the songs, never mind the fact they'd finally been asked to perform at St Nick's.
They'd spent the following lesson whittling the list down by democratic vote and Urs had seen some very dejected faces as the list got smaller and smaller. By the time they'd reduced the number to seven, they'd only had time to attempt one carol. That hadn't gone so well, due to the fact one of the choir members had attempted to sing well out of his range. Twice Urs had told Jason to stop forcing his voice before he slammed the piano's keyboard cover down, pulled the young man to one side and quietly asked him why he was attempting to sing like a Baritone rather than the Tenor he was.
Jason had looked a little sheepish to begin with, then he'd replied that his mother wanted him to be a Baritone and that she was always telling him Urs had no real talent. He'd coughed, then continued by repeating everything else his mother had said, that neither Urs or any of his brothers were really that good, that she knew their voices had been electronically altered and that they'd always lipsynched whenever they'd supposedly performed live. Completely stunned and unable to formulate a retort on the spot, Urs had dismissed the class early and had gone home to mull things over.
Franky had returned a few moments later, asked him what was wrong and had come up with a possible solution once she'd gotten over the shock. Just a couple of days later her plan had worked to perfection. Kazia had walked into the rehearsal room and had quickly changed her mind once she'd heard Urs singing and playing piano at the same time. She'd apologised for calling him a 'talentless nobody' though she hadn't looked very impressed with regard to what she'd heard. Urs wasn't particularly bothered about that, he'd been more concerned about what she was trying to do to her son. He'd tried to talk to her, only to be told 'some other time' and before he knew it she and Jason had left. Each and every lesson after that, Kazia had waited for Jason in the car park rather than coming inside to collect him.
Pushing those recent memories to one side, Urs did a quick head count and started to do so again when it appeared the choir was one member short.
"He ain't turned up yet Mr B." Julie, one of the female members informed, shaking her head.
"Don't fin.....think he's going to either. His mum asked me to give you this." A young boy Urs knew as Todd informed, stepping forward and handing Urs a note.
Urs took the note and read it twice before handing it to Franky who looked at him in disbelief once she'd read.
You many have proved one thing with your little show a few weeks ago, but I will prove you wrong with regard to Jason. I have arranged for several well known singing teachers to hear him sing. As the first of those appointments is today, Jason will not be taking part in the choir's performance this evening.
Kazia McCorkindale'
"Well, besides being written in such a rude fashion, I find that note rather insulting, to you, Jason and the rest of the choir." Franky informed, shaking her head and sighing heavily.
"Do I look like I'm bothered about how rude or insulting that note sounds?" Urs snapped, snatching the piece of paper from Franky's hands and screwing it up. "He's the cornerstone of tonight's performance. They can't go out there without him, not without further rehearsals anyway and we don't have time for that, Do we?!"
"All right! Don't have a cow about it." Franky hissed back, her eyes beginning to blaze with anger. "You could fill in for Jason couldn't you?"
"Ja, but........."
"But what? Don't tell me you think you're not that good any more Urs Buhler 'cos I know different. Hell Il Divo could reform tomorrow and be just as good as they ever were. You may think I wasn't paying that much attention at BJ's funeral, but I could pick out your voice and Carlos's, Seb's and David's above everyone else's. Do I have to remind you what happened at the wake as well?"
Urs looked at Franky with a sheepish expression on his face, knowing he shouldn't have talked to her like that in the first place and that he'd deserved the buttkicking she'd just given him. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he recalled what had happened in Madrid just a few weeks ago.
Barbara-Jean's funeral had been held on a relatively warm day, considering that it was late October. After spending a few hours recounting memories of Carlos's wife, someone had asked if the guys would perform a few of her favourite songs. They'd all refused to begin with, until Carina, Marco and Reina had begged and pleaded anyway. A few moments later, the four men had gathered around the piano and spent almost two hours singing, all of them completely forgetting that the windows had been opened and anyone passing by would have been able to hear. Not until they'd stopped and heard applause finding its way into the lounge had they realised that and they'd acknowledged those who stopped to listen with a smile and courteous nod. Though he didn't know for sure, Urs had guestimated that at least fifty people must have been standing on the pavement, showing their appreciation.
"I'm sorry, angel. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that. Of course I could fill in for Jason. I just wish.........."
Urs stopped short and turned his head towards the Vestry door as it flew open then slammed shut again. He muttered a quick 'Thank Gott' when he saw an out of breath Jason standing in the room with his back against the ancient piece of wood and his eyes closed. Franky shook her head when he looked back to her then flicked her head in Jason's direction. Urs moved quickly, strode towards him and touched him on the arm to get his attention.
"Sorry I'm late Mr B. I don't care.......I'm not missing this for no-one." Jason informed with a quick headshake.
"Good to hear it." Urs smiled, handing over the glass of water Franky had produced from somewhere and watching the young man continue to breath deep.
"I don't know what it is with my mum, you know? I don't get why she wants me to sing Baritone rather than Tenor. We had a huge bust up about it on the way to London. I told her if she can't accept what I am, then she needn't bother coming to any of my performances. I'm not quitting, even though I said I was only joining the choir to give me some experience."
"We'll talk about it later. We're due out there soon, so you'd better get ready."
Jason nodded, swallowed the last mouthful of water and walked over to where his friends stood once he'd handed the glass back to Franky. Franky left once she'd given Urs a quick kiss and a few minutes later the choir were gathered in the Nave, each and every one of them looking nervous to varying degrees but dealing with it in their own way as the introduction to 'Silent Night' began. They ended that with smiles on their faces and were preparing to perform again when one of the church's main doors opened, then closed. Urs saw Jason swallow hard, turned his head over his shoulder, spotted an angry looking Kazia slipping into a pew and immediately turned back to face Jason.
"I'm all right. Let's get on with it." Jason stated, looking to where his mother sat, his facial features set with a determined expression.
Urs nodded and smiled as he guided them through 'O Holy Night'. Jason's voice so distinctive and clear it was like listening to himself sing all those years ago and quelled the desire Urs had always had to join in. That carol came to an end with everyone sounding pitch perfect and looking calmer than when they'd walked into the Nave. They only had one more carol to perform and they weren't going to be doing so in their native English. They'd all decided to learn the Spanish lyrics to 'O Come All Ye Faithful' and some had struggled with the pronounciation of some of the words. Franky had come in very useful there and she'd been her ever patient self with those who'd taken a little than others to get their tongues around the words.
Urs took a deep breath as the melody began to play and glanced at Julie as she and her friends started singing a much less powerful version of the carol than 'Il Divo' had done. He knew Julie had still been having a little difficulty with a couple of words at the last rehearsal two days ago, but it appeared she'd gotten passed that. She hadn't scowled in frustration as she began singing the next verse. All too soon, the carol came to an end, Urs stepped off to one side, turned to face the congregation and watched his 'gang of reprobrates' bow in appreciation of the applause they were receiving.
With a beaming smile plastered on his face, Urs followed them back to the Vestry, congratulated them on their performance then left them to talk amongst themselves. Just eight short months ago, he hadn't thought any of them would ever be friends. When they'd first turned up, not one member had liked another, there'd been name calling, threats made and even a couple of fists had swung. It had taken a lot of hard work to get them to work together and Urs couldn't help but smile broadly as he listened to them tease, flirt and playfully swat another member for some cheeky comment or other.
The vestry door opened a few moments later and almost each member's family came into the room with huge smiles on their faces. While hugs, kisses and praises were being given out, Urs looked at Jason and noticed the frown on his face.
"You did really well tonight, Jason." Urs informed once he'd moved him away from the group a little.
"Thanks Mr B. It means a lot, just not as much as it would coming from my mum."
Urs nodded then thought about going to see if he could find Kazia and give her a stiff talking to. He started to walk towards the Vestry door again and had just placed his hand on the old cast iron handle when it flew open and almost caught the right side of his face.
"Oh I'm so sorry, honey. Are you okay?" Franky asked once she'd crossed the threshold, her right hand covering her gasping mouth.
"I'm fine. It didn't touch me." Urs laughed and shook his then wrapped his arms around her waist. "I thought you'd be back here long before now."
"Oh I would have been but while you were busy celebrating back here, I've been talking to Kazia and getting her to calm down."
"Okay, I don't like what's she's doing with regard to Jason you know?"
"I know, but I think she knows she's done wrong now." Franky replied, nodding to where Kazia and Jason stood talking face-to-face, Kazia with tears welling in her eyes. "She may have looked like she was angry when she came into the church and she was a little. I didn't say anything to her until after everyone had finished singing and it was then that I realised she was actually scared that Jason might have hurt himself when he leapt from her car."
"Apparently he's been trying to get her to tell him why she's been behaving like she has all week. She refused and he thought she was going to support him when she told him to get in the car. They'd just reached the other side of town when Jason realised what was going on. He leapt out of the car when she had to stop at a red light and ran off. I don't know if he ran all of those fives miles to get here on time, but he certainly looked like he had when he arrived don't you think?"
Urs nodded in agreement mere seconds before his eyes flew wide and his mouth dropped open for a second. The normally even-tempered sixteen year old Jason allowed a mild expletive to escape and appeared to be shaking as he continued to raise his voice at his mother.
With tears now streaming down her face and unable to vocalise her reply, Kazia simply closed her eyes and shook her head while Jason brought himself back under control. Urs noticed the young man swallowed hard and had tears in his eyes as he pulled his mother into a tight embrace and reminded her about the promise she'd made to be supportive of him almost a year ago.
"Finally." Urs sighed, knowing that Jason had lost his father on New Year's Eve, that Robert McCorkindale could sing, had a wonderful Tenor voice and had been vital member of St Nicholas's Church choir up until the day he'd been hit by a speeding motorist.
Franky nodded in agreement with him, wiping her eyes as she did so then moved away from his side once she'd composed herself. He remained where he was and watched her praise the entire choir with a smile on his face until they all decided it was time to head home. Only four people remained once Julie, her parents and two older brothers had gone and Kazia still had tears in her eyes as she approached Urs and Franky.
"I erm......I'd like to apologise for all those things I said about you Mr But.....Bur........Damn it!...........Mr Buhler. I had no right to call you and your brothers talentless nobodies, especially since I can't sing a note and know nothing about music, other than what I like to listen to anyway. And I would like to thank you for everything you've done to help Jason, Rob........Robert would be so very proud of him. Just like I am."
"You're welcome and apology accepted." Urs replied taking the hand Kazia offered, raising it his lips and placing a quick kiss on the back of it while watching Franky check the time.
Holding each other in a gentle embrace, Urs and Franky watched Jason and his slightly red-faced mother leave the church then followed after them. As he always had, Urs opened the front passenger door of their car and closed it once Franky was comfortable. He drove out of the car park just as it started to snow and noticed that Franky was fiddling with the stereo system. Normally, he would turn right to head home, but this year he had to turn left and make for a small, private airport. They'd wouldn't be spending Christmas at home this year, instead they would be spending it in Milan with Maria's family and in just over an hour would be flying out there aboard Brandie Ramone's private jet.
"Oh love this one!" Franky exclaimed when she finally found a more recent Christmas song.
Urs grimaced because he knew the song as well as she did, though he didn't pull the face because he didn't like it. He grimaced because he knew she loved to sing along, not caring that she couldn't sing. Despite that, Urs smiled and continued to do so while she sang along with Michael Buble.
'Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicidad

Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicidad

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
Celebremos juntos la vida
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
Y que viva la alegría
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
From the bottom of my heart.'
Franky caught him still grimacing once the song came to end, quickly stuck her tongue out him then placed a lightning fast kiss on his cheek. That was his reward for not asking her to stop singing. Hell if she'd could endure hours of him stepping on her toes while trying to teach him to dance, he could endure just over four minutes of her singing. Just about anyway.
They returned to England three weeks later, having enjoyed every minute of every day in Italy and with their clothes fitting a little tighter than when they left. They weren't concerned about that, they had their ways and means of getting rid of a little excess weight. They were more concerned to find out if Kazia had kept the promise she'd made to Jason and weren't disappointed when the choir got back together again. For once she stayed inside the Sarah Cullen Centre listening to what he could do with a proud smile on her face once she'd thanked Franky for making her see that Jason was in just as much pain as she was.
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In The Arms Of My Angel  - Page 17 Empty
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Chapter 208 - The Orphans
The year Franky would turn sixty-nine had started off wonderfully. They'd woken to find deep snow covering their gardens a few days into it and had laughed heartily while enjoying a snowball fight. They'd still be laughing as they went back inside, ignoring their new neighbours's headshakes and loud tutting as they did so. As old as they were, they didn't see anything wrong with behaving like a child once in a while. They'd warmed up again by taking what was supposed to have been a bath together. However, neither of them had washed the other the way they normally did. Instead, the steam created by the hot water had been added to by them making love in the tub.
They'd spent most of Valentine's Day doing much the same in front of the roaring fire in the lounge. Their only interuption that day had been a phone call. Franky's lawyer had called to let her know the outcome of the disciplinary action against Mona Southam. She'd been fined almost five thousand pounds for breaking the terms of the PCA after all but one of her friends had testified against her at the hearing. She'd also been barred from working in any field in the medical profession and ordered to apologise to Franky for revealing what she had. Even though he knew Franky would have been satisfied with the apology alone, Urs had been much happier to hear about the punishment that had been meted out and had worn a much bigger smile than she had.
Sebastien and Emma had invited them to dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary and the Frenchman had been wearing the biggest grin they'd ever seen as they stepped in the house. Marie and Noah had been in the kitchen, cooking and once they'd sat down to eat, Marie had revealed why her father wore such a smile. As shocked as she'd been to hear Brandie's proposal, she'd considered it carefully and had accepted. Then she'd made everyone in attendance laugh by saying that she'd been relieved to hear that she wouldn't be responsible for the accounts. The only disappointing bit of news was that she and Noah had decided to keep themselves based in New York. Then again it had been a wise decision to make, since they'd just moved into a new house and had made many good friends. Monique had called just before dessert was served, apologised once again for not being able to attend, said she would pay a visit once she'd fully recovered from the stomach flu she'd gone down with the day before and that her new boyfriend, Fife, was taking very good care of her.
Carlos had stuck to the promise he'd made to Franky before they'd left Madrid and sent progress pictures of Reina's work once he'd checked it was all right to do so with Karime. Each time she received them, Urs took a look, agreed with her that Reina was making wonderful progress even though he didn't really like all the ruffles around the almost completed upper half and told Franky he would have been very disappointed if she'd have walked down the aisle to him wearing something like that. Knowing that she wouldn't see the finished version until much later in the year, Franky had shaken her head and told him not to judge until they saw a few of the wedding pictures. Urs had grumbled, reluctantly nodded his agreement and heard her grumble something in such rapid fire Spanish he hadn't been able to translate it. The only thing he was sure of in that regard was that Carlos and Pedro would have fallen into hysterics and refused to tell him what she'd said. Even though they only saw each other ocassionally, Franky and Pedro had been very good friends since the first time they'd met and both his boys adored her.
David and Lauren had called in the very early hours of May 5th, both of them excited and desperate to tell Franky that Stephanie had been promoted to the head of PICU. At first Urs had wondered what Franky had been talking about then he remembered that those initials stood for Pedeatric Intensive Care Unit. Franky hung up with a huge smile on her face, once they'd been brought up to date with how Stephanie and Damien's children, Davey, Daniel, Grace and twin boys, Roy and Lance were doing now they were all in senior school. That day they didn't need to be brought up to speed with Jefferson and Reegan since Lauren had told them everything a couple of days before. Urs and Franky had spent the rest of that discussing how very proud Lauren's parents would have been of the their eldest grandchild if Dale hadn't found them cuddled up together on the couch just over a year ago. Both of them well into their nineties and deceased.
Urs sighed as he looked out across the lake, because right now he didn't want to hear about how happy his Divo brothers were. Having lost two of his sisters and one brother in law in just over six months, he was still in mourning and finding Merle's death the most difficult to accept. Why the hell she couldn't have waited for Moritz to get back from the bakery before climbing that Gott-damned ladder, he didn't know. Well, that was a lie. He knew how impatient Merle was when it came to putting things back where they belonged. Gott alone knew how many times he'd found her in some precarious position, attempting to put something back on a high shelf, using nothing but a high stool or whatever else she could utilise to be able to reach.
If only she'd have waited five more minutes then she wouldn't have fallen off the ladder or hit her head on the countertop on the way down. If she'd done that, then maybe Moritz would still be around, instead of having had a massive heart attack a month after she'd been buried beside her parents. No-one had blamed Moritz for the fact Merle was gone, she'd still been searching for something in storage box when he'd left the house and he'd warned her time and time again not to climb a ladder by herself.
Shaking his head, Urs drew in a deep, nasal breath and let it out slowly, thankful for the fact Peder was coping with losing Liana to her third case of Pneumonia in less than a year at least. He couldn't even begin to put himself in Peder's position, twice Liana had been hospitalised with that disease in less than five months and she'd left looking much better than when she'd been admitted. She'd been discharged with heavily scarred lungs though and had sat her family down and told them what she wanted to happen if it came back. Urs sighed, knowing how hard he'd found it to sit beside Liana's bed, knowing that she wasn't being treated for the infection the third time, other than to be kept comfortable anyway, and thinking how incredibly brave he thought Peder was to abide by her wishes.
"Hey, you're up early." Urs heard Franky stating gently as she came to sit beside him and took hold of his hand. "Finding recent events incredibly hard to deal with aren't you?"
"Ja." Urs nodded then wiped his eyes before continuing. "Liana not so much. Peder told us from the very beginning how she would be treated if the Pneumonia kept coming back. I'm glad we got to see her before she went. I'm just......."
"Angry about the way Merle died." Franky finished for him once she'd wrapped an around his shoulders and he'd made himself comfortable in the embrace.
Urs didn't care that he'd started crying again. He was still angry. Angry that his baby sister was gone. Angry that she'd died due to her own stupidity. Angry that she'd ignored Moritz's instructions not to even think about climbing the slightly rickity ladder in the first place. Angry that she'd broken her neck in the fall. Angry that she'd died, aged just sixty-eight years old. But above all that, he was more angry at himself because he couldn't currently remember all the good times he'd shared with Merle as they grew up and told Franky so once he'd regained some measure of control over his emotions.
"There's no set time limit, honey. It's only been six weeks. Don't worry about that, I know you'll remember them all in time." Franky replied, shaking her head and gently wiping his face before attending to her own tear-streaked face. "Come and have some breakfast. You have got a very busy day ahead of you."
Reluctantly, Urs nodded and took the hand she offered once he was standing. They walked side-by-side into the kitchen and he sat down at the table. Franky had prepared more than enough Rosti for the two of them and, even though he didn't feel particularly hungry, he ate three. He left her to clean up and headed for the downstairs bedroom to get dressed. As he fastened his jeans, he couldn't help but think he was being a little bit selfish. Considering that he would be helping Maxine, Ursula, Marina and Henri sort through their parents's personal things in a couple of hours, that they were still quite young and that neither of them were married or in even in a relationship, it was really up to him to be strong for them today. Taking a very deep and blowing it out this time, he headed for the en-suite and splashed his face with cold water. Feeling a little better, he dried himself off, finished dressing and headed to the car with Franky. He settled himself in the passenger seat and they were soon on their way to Zurich.
Urs tried and tried to recall some of the memories and closed his eyes when they refused to come to the fore. The only times he could recall was seeing her in the audience each and every time Il Divo had performed in Zurich, smiling broadly and wrapped in Moritz's embrace. Those weren't the memories he wanted right now and he grumbled once again. Still feeling frustrated, he let out a long groan, ran his fingers through his hair and apologised to Franky for using such foul language. Although she'd never liked to hear him use those words and often told him off for doing so, she shook her head and gave him a quick smile. The message communicated without words but coming across crystal clear. 'I'll let it slide this time.'.
It seemed to take forever for Franky to reach the road that Merle and Moritz had moved onto a couple of years after they'd married, but Urs was thankful it was easy to spot. There were only ten houses on the entire road and his sister's home had one of Moritz's sculptures in the front garden. Originally the abstract piece had been pure white but years of remaining outside in Swiss winters had given it a greyish hue and there were patches of moss growing on it here or there. Franky turned into the drive and once she'd applied the handbrake, Urs noticed that there were two other vehicles parked in front of them. Vehicles both he and Franky knew well and hadn't expected to see.
They left the car and walked into the house hand-in-hand, knowing they were expected and having done exactly the same thing for years. They walked into the lounge to find the young adults they'd expected to see waiting for them with Joelle and Lars seated nearby.
"What?! Don't you think I'm strong enough to do this again, Urs?!" Lars asked with angry tone to his voice.
"Nein, Lars.......I......"
"That's enough you two!" Joelle raised her voice as she stood and placed herself between the two men. "I'm sure Urs is just as upset about what's happened as you and I are, Lars. And you know full well that Merle and Moritz both appointed him as the trustee of their wills. He knows how hard you found it to go through Pia's things. Now stop thinking of your own pain and think of how hard it's going to be for our nephew and nieces to get through today."
"Sorry, Joelle." Lars apologised, hanging his head in shame despite the fact he was almost three years older than she was. "I'm sorry, Urs."
Urs let go of Franky's hand while he shook his head, thankful that she'd given it a quick squeeze when Lars had raised his voice to him, then gave his older siblings a tight hug. The three of them did the same to the younger adults then asked them where they wanted to start while Franky headed to the kitchen to make refreshments.
"I don't know. Their..........bedroom I guess." Henri replied, tears welling his eyes. "They've always told us who gets what so there shouldn't be any arguments. I'm just worried about........the four of us being able to continue to live here. I don't mean financially, I mean........" He stopped, swallowed hard and nodded towards the kitchen.
Urs nodded, knowing that was where Merle had died, that almost twenty-nine year old Henri had accompanied his father home, he'd actually seen his mother's body first and had tried to revive her while Moritz called for an ambulance.
"I'm not going to push you to make that decision today. If you all want to move out and sell up, that's fine by me. You're all old enough and able to live independently. I know Lars and Joelle will be there for you if you need anything. So will I." Urs informed, looking from one distraught face to another as he spoke knowing that this was the first time they'd all been in the house since Maxine had found Moritz's lifeless body in his studio.
"Except for me." Marina sighed. "I've tried finding somewhere else Onkel Urs. I can't get a mortage or tenancy until I'm at least twenty-one and I've only just turne twenty, haven't I?"
"Ja, but you could live with one of us, Kuntskopf!" Ursula informed, giving her youngest sister a nudge. "For a while anyway." The twenty-three year old finished with a drawn out sigh that made Marina blink rapidly.
"Oh come on, Marina! She didn't mean it like that." Maxine piped up and shot Ursula a quick scowl. "You know me and her are like Mutti and you and Henri like Vater. Whatever way we mixed it up, there'd either be arguments within days or the place would look like a bombsite."
"Who says I want to stay in Switzerland anyway?" Marina snapped in reply to her almost twenty-six year old sister's teasing smile. "Didn't you listen to a word I said a few weeks ago? Then again, why should I expect that you did? The three of you have always been far more interested in your own hopes and dreams than you have mine. Sitting at the dining-table, telling Mutti and Vater that your partners wanted the same thing and whining like babies when those relationships flop......."
"Marina! That's enough!" Joelle raised her voice again. "You can all discuss that later, right now is not the time."
"Sorry, Tante Joelle." Marina sniffed then bolt out of the room heading for the back garden.
Urs started to move after her only to stop when Lars grabbed his arm and shook his head at him once he'd turned around to face him.
"Give her a minute. I went through a similar thing with Pascal remember. As fine as he seemed at Pia's funeral, he wasn't. Marina's still in denial."
Urs nodded, let out a long sigh then looked to the kitchen to see what Franky was doing. It looked like she was almost finished, the tray was certainly layden with enough refreshments for everyone. Then he noticed the coffee maker was only halfway full and thought she was waiting for it to finish before bringing everything in. She wasn't watching it though. Instead she stood at the kitchen window, watching Marina, itching to go and comfort her, but knowing their neice had to be left alone in order to reach the next stage of grieving.
"Maybe now is not the right time to be......." Henri sighed and wiped his right eye. "Just because we've accepted what's happened, doesn't mean Marina has. I think we all pushed her far too hard."
"Ja, looks like we did." Maxine and Ursula, nodded in agreement, watching their little sister pacing back and forth in front of Moritz's studio, shaking her head and trying not to cry.
"Would you mind if we did this some other time?" Ursula asked, looking from Urs to Joelle to Lars and back again.
"Nein." The older siblings replied together, all three with their eyes closed and shaking their heads.
Franky came in a few moments later but didn't say a word as she set the tray down on the coffee table. She simply looked from face to face to face as she handed out drinks before sitting down herself.
"Too soon, huh?" She asked once everyone had been served.
"I'm sorry, Tante Franky. I really thought she was coping. I should have listened to you when I called to ask if you and Onkel Urs could come over and help us."
"It doesn't matter, Ursula." Franky shook her head in reply and gave the three siblings a comforting smile.
Urs sighed then remembered that call. Franky had asked Ursula if she was absolutely sure that she and her siblings were ready to do what needed to be done and Ursula had said they were. The call had ended with Franky still having her doubts, especially with regard to Marina and a little in regard to Henri. He looked out to the garden again, saw Marina still pacing back and forth, shaking her head. It was all too clear to him, that she was nowhere near ready. Truth be known, he wasn't anywhere near ready himself, but he'd been prepared to do it if that's what his nieces and nephews had wanted. He'd been prepared to push his own pain aside and help get them through their fifth difficult day in less than a month. Just because he and his siblings had pretty much been in synch with their grieving when they'd lost their parents, it didn't mean Henri, Maxine, Ursula and Marina had to be. Greiving is, was and always would be a deeply personal and singular experience.
Sandwiches and drinks finished, Merle's children stood together and headed outside to find Marina. Urs watched them and noticed that Marina didn't stop pacing until Ursula grabbed her arm. Marina tried to whip her arm out of the hold, but Ursula held on and talked to her. No-one but the three other siblings heard whatever it was Ursula said. All they knew was that Marina shook her head as fresh tears began to stream down her face and soon had six arms wrapped around her. They came back once Marina had calmed down a little and decided to go back to where they'd been staying since Moritz died. Ursula and Marina to Joelle's family home, Henri back to his best friend's house a few streets away and Maxine to her best friend's family home just over half a mile away.
"What was it you said to me just after Pia's funeral, Urs?" Lars asked once everyone had hugged each other and said goodbye for now.
"Erm........As long as there is life, there is hope. As long as there is hope, there is life." Urs replied watching Joelle reverse her car out of the two car wide drive.
"Oh, ja. Don't know how I could have forgotten, considering I almost punched you for trying to comfort me with those words. I am sorry about that you know?"
"I know, I just said them a little too soon and I'm sorry for not listening to...." Urs smiled and nodded towards Franky to let his brother know who he was talking about.
"Tell me she kicked your butt for not listening to her."
"Ja, she did. Though it was the gentlest one I've ever received."
Lars laughed for a second or two then yanked Urs into tight bear hug that Urs returned. It lasted much longer than any of those he'd ever received during tours and both men had tears in their eyes as they seperated. Lars hugged Franky tight after that and did something he'd never, ever done, no matter how many times he'd hugged her. He closed his eyes, kissed her quickly on the temple and thanked her.
"For what?"
"Nur weil der Engel, du bist." Lars replied with a smile as he settled himself into his car, started the engine and somehow moved out of the driveway causing any damage to the hired one Urs was driving.
"Thank you, angel." Urs said with a smile on his face, even though he knew he didn't have to vocalise the words his grateful smile alone would have been enough for Franky.
Still a little stunned by what Lars had done, Franky nodded as Urs slipped his arms around her waist and placed a tender kiss on her lips. Once they'd seperated from that, Urs locked the house up and decided to go pay Peder a visit. As always they were welcomed warmly when they arrived and Urs asked what he and Roby, Tran and Antoine had been laughing about as they'd pulled up.
"Oh we were just remembering the story Liana told us about the time you decided to surprise your parents by decorating their bedroom. It was one of her favourite stories." Peder replied with a huge grin on his face.
"Oh mein Gott!" Urs exclaimed and broke down into hysterical after a few moments thought.
Having never told Franky the story before, Urs sat down beside her then proceeded to do so.
"They'd both been ill with flu and Lianna thought it would be a good idea to decorate their bedroom to cheer them up. Lars didn't think it was such a good idea considering our ages and the fact we didn't know where to begin. Lianna and Joelle agreed with Lars after thinking it over a little more, but not me. Oh no, not me. I was approaching fourteen and thought I knew better, so while those three went to do some food shopping, I decided to stay home and look after Mami, Papi and Merle. They hadn't been gone long when Mami and Papi fell asleep. I knew they knew how responsible I was, so I didn't mind. I took Merle upstairs and made her promise to keep out of my way as I got to work. Needless to say, she broke that promise and I didn't realise she'd got down of the bed until Mami came up to see what we were up to. She smiled at first, then her face dropped once she'd seen the state of Merle. I'd forgotten to put the lid back on the paint tin, she'd put her hands in it and smeared paint all over Mami's antique wardrobe as well as the carpet, her face and through her hair. Vater came up as soon he heard Mami screaming at me. He tells her to calm down when he sees the wardrobe and the carpet by reminding her that they had a friend who could get the paint off the wardrobe without doing any damage and they were throwing the carpet out anyway because it was threadbare. Then he saw Merle and just cracked up laughing."
"Don't tell me, the paint was blue and that's how Merle got the petname 'Smurf'? Franky queried then joined Urs in hysterical laughter once he'd nodded.
Recounting that story was just the beginning of Urs recalling the happy memories he had of growing up with Merle and by the time he and Franky returned to home he'd told her all of them. He continued to do the same thing as they came to mind. Even though they laughed at each one, there were times when Urs still got upset about the fact Merle was gone, but Franky was always there for him to turn to or prepared to leave him alone if needs be.
July, August, September and October passed without anything remarkable happening then the morning after they'd spent time with their children and grandchildren celebrating 'Boomfantastic Night', Marina called to let them know that she was finally, absolutely, positively ready to go through her parents's things with her siblings. A mixture of emotions ran through Urs as he listened to her speak but by the time she finished he had a smile on his face. He couldn't help but feel thankful that he and Franky would be able to celebrate their special day as they always had since Lars, Joelle and Peder thought he already had enough on his plate, dealing with the legal side of things and they would be in the house for whatever support their neices and nephew might need.
It would take Henri, Maxine, Ursula and Marina almost two weeks to get through everything amid tears, laughter and disbelief. Henri called to let Urs and Franky know that they'd made a decision about the house once they'd done that. Both of them were a little surprised to hear that they'd decided to keep it and live there until Marina was either old enough to get a mortgage or tenancy or that she'd got her dream job as a Technical Analyst.
Suddenly remembering one of Merle's last phone calls once that conversation had ended, Urs began to tap away at Franky's computer keyboard only to stop when she shoved a few sheets of paper over his hands. He looked from the papers to Franky's smiling face a couple of time before taking hold of them and beginning to read what that particular job involved.
He settled on the couch while thanking Gott that he wouldn't have to stare at a computer screen for a while, especially since doing so usually left him with a mild headache. He read the information three times in total and told Franky that he didn't understand much of it by the time he'd finished.
"Don't worry about it, honey. I've read it six or seven times and still don't get it." She replied with a smile as turned the piece of paper she was holding around to show him what Carlos had sent.
"Hmmn. She's done a fantastic job, as good as BJ would have for sure, but..........all those ruffles..........Uh-Uh."
"I know, honey. I know." Franky smiled and shook her head then stood and went to place the photograph of Chay and Karime in an album she'd marked 'Friends & Associates' with those she'd printed off of Brandie and James enjoying themselves as they travelled from country to country.

Turn the page.

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Shocked Shocked Shocked JJ YOU FOR GOT


Doesn't take much to please this ole bat does it? Rolling Eyes

Oh Thanks for Turn the Page (it is Awesome) blush

The chapter was sad the children or young adults losing their parents really close like Franky's parents died..
I was stunned it was Merle since she was there for Urs and Franky all that time during the crash and her recovery.. Her poor husband dying after her accident .....

I can see how hard it has been for the Buhler family..


I am reading all of this part again I am on Chapter 109 again..

Laura Swiss

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Chapter 209 - Safe Haven
"I'm telling you, Urs. Never, ever let a girl take control in the bedroom 'cos if you do, they'll think you're weak and useless and you'll be left to finish the job by yourself. You've got to show them who's boss from the get go. You say jump, they ask how high."
If that wasn't the biggest, steaming pile of Elephant shit he'd ever heard, Urs didn't know what was. Considering that Peder Cottier had said them before the two of them had fallen out, it was hardly surprising Urs thought that way and that Peder had shuffled off his mortal coil alone and unloved in an Amsterdam brothel. Even though he knew he shouldn't, Urs huffed a quick laugh as he opened the door to the master bedroom. He found Franky still sleeping soundly and headed for the en-suite where he quickly removed the fleecy hoody and sweat soaked t-shirt, tossed them in the laundry and turned the shower on. He took a moment to admire his physique in the full length mirror and thought he still looked in pretty good shape. At least he didn't have a little pot-belly like Gabriel had now, there was still some muscle definition there, just like there was everywhere else on his body, though not so much as when he'd first met Franky. And damn if she still didn't love to carress every part of him.
He grinned quickly while removing the rest of his running gear then stepped into the shower and spent a few moments under the hot, powerful stream before washing the two mile, run induced sweat from his hair. He'd just raised a hand to find his shower gel when he heard the shower door open and close. He turned slightly but stopped as soon as he felt Franky's lips moving lightly across the back of his neck. He certainly didn't have to look down to know that he was already becoming aroused. He knew that feeling well enough to know exactly what was happening and thanked Gott he didn't need help in that department. He was also grateful for the fact that, ever since Franky had been prescribed LiboFem, he'd rarely seen her take and therefore their sexlives had not become routine.
Knowing what she'd done and wanted to be in control, Urs remained with his back to her as she stepped closer and pressed herself against him, her arms wrapping around him. He closed his eyes and bit down gently on his bottom lip as her hands moved over his upper torso and she nuzzled the little spot just behind his left ear. That secret little place she knew so well. That secret little place that made him gasp for breath and much harder down below when she touched him like. Dear Gott, he wanted to turn round and take her to the place only the two of them shared right now, but somehow he resisted the urge. What she was doing didn't make him feel any less of a man. It never had, it never would.
A long, passionate whine filled the cubile once Franky's hands had moved over his stomach and down his thighs. She'd wrapped one hand around his shaft and gently squeezed his balls with the other and if she didn't stop soon he definitely wouldn't be able to control himself. He'd have reached that place alone, without having the exquisite pleasure of feeling her clench around him. Luckily, she did stop and in plenty of time too. She turned him round to face her, gave him a quick kiss then led him out of the shower and on into the master suite.
Once they were both comfortable in the middle of the already messy bed, the kissing continued, slowly moving from soft and tender to hard and passionate. Breathless, Urs didn't resist as Franky pushed him onto his back and moved to straddle him. As he had so many times before, he lowered his eyes from her face and watched as she slowly took his length into her womanhood. His hands moved to her hips once she'd rotated them a few times, a move that he'd always loved since the first time she'd done it. They quickly settled into a matching rythmn, his hips thrusting hard while his hands moved slowly up her body. It seemed to take a long time for his hands to find those precious orbs she'd taken such good care of over the years, they were still quite firm and her nipples still responded to the lightest of touches.
Urs bit his bottom lip again when he felt Franky clench the first time. They spent a few moments kissing and carressing again after that then she raised herself back up and to move even faster. Once again he matched her pace with in seconds and only once she'd thrown her head back and screamed his name at the top of her lungs did he release what he'd been holding back since they'd been in the shower and moan her name loudly.
"Good morning, honey." Franky asked breathlessly, still astride him.
"Very." Urs replied cheekily.
"Did you enjoy your workout?"
"Very much! I don't have to ask to know that you did, do I?" Urs grinned wickedly and watched Franky blush.
Giggling, Franky tweaked his nose then kissed him. Not until his passion had ebbed did she roll off and snuggle up beside him. They lay there for a few moments, breathing deep and running their fingers lightly up and down each others arm. Then they discussed their plans for the day and remembered that little Ursy had called the previous evening to ask if he could come and stay with them for a few days, though he hadn't explained why. He simply said that he needed to get away from Paris for a while but still needed to be close to family members. They'd agreed to him coming over, though they had wondered why it seemed as though he wanted to get away from his parents and Jasmine.
Still feeling slightly confused with regard to his namesake's actions, Urs turned his head, checked the time and frowned when he saw that his alarm clock was showing 9:21am. His eyes widened for a second, knowing that he'd arrived back from his run at 7:30am. He couldn't help but smirk before turning to Franky and telling her that they'd better get up and get dressed.
Somewhat reluctantly, Franky moved out of his embrace and headed back into the en-suite. Urs resisted the urge to follow her and set about making the bed, making sure he did it to Franky's standard, knowing that she would strip it and remake it if he didn't. That little quirk of hers still made him laugh and not once had he stropped or sulked when she'd remade it herself after looking at his attempt. With a robe fastened around his waist once he'd finished, Urs stood at the bottom of the bed and waited to see what she thought of his efforts. Franky reappeared a few moments later with a towel wrapped around her body, inspected the bed carefully then nodded her approval.
"About time." She teased with a nod towards the bed as he headed for the en-suite.
Urs shook his head, paused at the threshold, undid the robe as he turned to face her again and threw the robe wide open.
"You will so pay for that at some point." Franky informed, giggling once she'd gotten over the shock of him flashing her.
"I know. Why do you think I did it?"
Listening to Franky laughing louder, Urs headed back into the shower, washed himself down quickly and fastened a towel around his hips before leaving again. Franky was already dressed and heading out the door as he re-entered the bedroom. She was still giggling too and it made Urs smile to hear her continue as she walked towards the stairs. He followed after her once he'd finished dressing, making it to the bottom of the stairs just in time to see Ursy on the up-to-date security screen, riding his Harley up the drive. Urs sighed, knowing that the engine wasn't petrol driven, shook his head then went to find Franky in the kitchen. Her smile seemed to have dropped a little and she was shaking her head as she told the Vidcom to disconnect the call.
"What's wrong, angel." He asked once he'd reached her and wrapped his arm around her waist from behind.
"That was Emma. Sebastien is going to be on crutches at Layla-Marie's baptism."
"Oh! What's he done?" Urs asked, recalling how shocked Monique had been to discover that she hadn't had stomach flu and that she'd given birth to her little girl the previous September.
"He's broken his right ankle."
"How did he manage that?"
"Erm........He erm.....Sorry honey, I'm just a little bit mad at him right now. He obviously learned nothing from what you told about how......Merle died."
"Fucking hell!" Urs yelled and immediately felt Franky turn his arms, her right hand moving up his back to relieve stress and tension, like she'd attempted to do when he'd heard about his sister's fatal accident. "How did he..........?"
"He finally decided to the tiy garage up while Emma went to the hairdressers. She thought he'd suffered the same fate as Merle when she found him, but luckily he'd just passed out from the pain. She's absolutely fuming mad at him, as are Marie, Eden and Monique."
"So am I. I mean we all promised each other not to do anything like Merle did, didn't we?"
"Yes we did and I have no doubt you'll give his ass a buttkicking when you see him, but right now we have more pressing concerns." Franky replied, moving away from him slightly and nodding towards the back door.
Urs turned his head and smiled when he saw six foot six inch tall Ursy standing there, looking a little uncomfortable and obviously thinking that he'd interupted a private moment between his grandparents. Urs's smile dropped quickly when he saw that Ursy appeared to have lost some weight since Christmas and he looked extremely tired. Urs knew he was training hard for a competition but that was weeks away yet and the twenty year old usually coped with training very well.
"Sorry." Ursy shrugged, closed his eyes and let out a long sigh as Franky started walking towards him.
Urs watched her reach up, place a hand on either side of his face and give it a gentle squeeze. Ursy opened his eyes, sighed again, instantly knowing that his grandmother wanted to know what was wrong.
"Can I tell you once I've freshened up? It's been a long, hard ride."
"Of course you can." Franky replied, tutting and releasing her hold.
They watched Ursy nod then head out of the kitchen quickly. They both knew Paris and London were currently updating their rail systems and that Ursy would have had to negotiate his way through the chaos that that was causing. Getting through London alone in car was bad enough and the mere thought of doing the same in Paris and on a motorbike made Urs shudder with slight trepidation. He shook his head then moved to help Franky make breakfast, unsurprised that she'd decided to make Ursy's favourite rather than pancakes or Rosti.
Showered and changed into jeans and the limited edition Triumph t-shirt he'd been given by Jasmine for Christmas, Ursy sat down at the table and thanked Franky once she'd set a traditional full English breakfast in front of him. Urs and Franky joined him and smiled as they watched him eat between long drawn out sighs.
"That's better." He informed, leaning back in his seat and patting his stomach once he'd finished. "Sorry I was so abrupt last night. I've just about had enough and really needed to get away for a while."
"Enough of what?" Urs asked, pushing the last bit of his breakfast into his mouth. "You're not thinking of giving up with the diving are you?"
"Hell no! I've worked too hard already. Training is hard and I was surprised when Coach agreed to me taking some personal time, but I think he knows I needed it. It's Charlayne's father that's causing me problems. He's blaming me for the fact she tried kill herself after I ended our relationship last week. He can't see that she has serious trust issues. He threatened to kill me if she doesn't wake up."
"Then why didn't you go to the police?"
"'Cos I don't have any independent witnesses, Nonno. He made the threat as I was leaving the pool. Everyone else, bar Coach, had already gone by then. Coach was in the bathroom at the time."
Urs and Franky looked at each other with wide eyes and slightly open mouths. They both knew that Ursy had tried to make Charlayne see that he was trustworthy and she didn't need to follow him everwhere he went. For a couple of weeks she'd stopped doing that then she'd visited her father and had flipped back to her previous behaviour. She and Ursy had gotten into a huge argument, Ursy trying to make her see that he was being faithful to her. Her snapping back that all men cheated somewhere along the line and demanding he stop talking to other women. Ursy had refused to do that and calmly told her that if that was what she thought, then their relationship didn't have a future. He'd gone home and had spent the night there only to return to her apartment the next morning to pick up a few personal items and leave the keycard with the concierge. Charlayne hadn't been at work as he'd expected and he'd found her in the lounge, an empty bottle of sleeping pills on the floor and a half empty bottle of Gin lying on her stomach. Ursy had done what needed to be done and had even accompanied her to hospital once the ambulance arrived but once her father had arrived he'd left the hospital, knowing that he wouldn't take Charlayne back.
A few days later, Ursy had been in cafe, talking with some female friends when two men had approached and asked to talk to him in private. He'd agreed and he'd learned that they were both ex-boyfriends of Charlayne and had been through much the same thing with the exception of being threatened by her father.
"I really am sorry to put this on you, especially at your time of life. I just need to be able to sleep without worrying about seeing Alain Becotte standing across the road from my bedroom window, running his thumb across his throat."
"What about your parents and Jasmine?"
"Don't worry about them, Alain appears to have tunnel vision, hasn't gone anywhere near them. It was Mama's idea that I come here anyway. She thought I'd be much safer here than at home. You know we don't have gates and the CCTV and alarm system is in the process of being upgraded."
"Okay. You go and get some sleep, you look awful." Franky instructed, reaching across the table and squeezing Ursy's right hand.
"I feel it too. Thanks both of you. I really am so........"
"Urs! That's enough. Get." Urs cut his grandson off and flicked his head upwards, indicating for him to go upstairs and get the sleep he so obviously needed.
Ursy nodded, sighed out one more breath then disappeared again. Urs and Franky cleaned up the breakfast things and Urs had just finished loading the dishwasher when the VidCom announced that Sylvie wanted to talk to them. Franky answered and immediately swallowed hard when she saw how worried Sylvie looked.
"Don't worry, Mami. Just tell me he's arrived safely." Sylvie asked with lightly closed eyes.
"Yes he has and he's upstairs sleeping. Was he there again this morning?"
"Yes he was. I just wish we could do something to stop him, but he's not doing anything illegal. We can't have him arrested or charged with anything unless he sets foot onto our property."
"You're sure he's not going to come after you, Nick or Jasmine?"
"No, Mami. I don't think he will. We've all seen him around a few times, together and seperately. It's like he's got blinkers on and only sees Ursy."
"Well, just be careful. You don't know what he'll do now Ursy's not in Paris. Him leaving may have........."
"I know, Mami. I promise we'll be careful, Jaz is coping much better than I thought she would. I really have to be going now, Jaz has a lesson in half an hour and I don't want Monsieur Pepperell complaining that she's late. I love you."
"Love you too, take care Pumpkin." Urs and Franky replied together and watched Sylvie smile briefly before disconnecting the call.
"It's about time stalking laws were changed." Urs huffed as he and Franky headed to the lounge and sat down next to each other. "Then again, I am being totally illogical aren't I?"
"Huh? Sorry honey?"
"It doesn't matter. Go and check on him." Urs replied with a headshake, releasing the hold he'd had on her waist since they'd sat down and watching her head upstairs quickly.
He breathed out a long breath, knowing full well that he was being completely illogical. There was nothing Ursy could do with regard to Alain unless he made threats in front of witnesses or got into Sylvie and Nicholas's home. Even though Sylvie's reassurances hadn't completely quelled either his or Franky's concerns, he was partly glad that Ursy was in a safe place. At least he would be able to get the rest he needed and hopefully what he was having to deal with wouldn't affect his participation in his next competition.
Wondering what was taking Franky so long, Urs turned his head towards the stairs and smiled as he watched her walking back to him.
"He wasn't asleep after all. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, thinking about going back tonight and taking Charlayne back. Thinks he's asking too much of us by being here."
"Pfft! I'd rather him be here than walking around Paris not knowing when Alain is going to try and carry out his threats."
"That's what I said to him before I got him to settle down. He was off within seconds but I still pinched this." Franky replied, holding out her hand to reveal the small plastic and metal stick that now served as motorbike ignition key. "He's more like you than you think."
Urs nodded and watched her leave him again to head for her office. She came back again a few seconds later having put the key in her safe. No way in hell would she allow Ursy to ride back to Paris after only a few hours sleep. She knew that he would have sneaked out of the house and done that once the two of them were asleep and would do everything within her power to stop him. She settled beside him again and both of them fell asleep for a couple of hours. Not caring that the clock showed noon.
When they woke again, Urs went to check on Ursy while Franky prepared lunch and told her he was still asleep as they sat down to eat. Ursy didn't wake until much later in the day and almost immediately went straight back to bed after dinner.
He called his mother when he woke the next morning and shook his head once Sylvie had told him that she'd seen Alain standing on the pavement when she'd woken up. He let out a long breath as he ended the call, sat down to breakfast and told Franky and Urs what he was thinking without being asked to do so.
"As much as I......I don't want anyone to get hurt, but I wish he'd hurry up and do something so that we can have him arrested. Hell, I don't even understand why he's behaving like he is, it's not like he and Charlayne are close. She rarely saw him and always said she hated him because of the number of times he cheated on her mum. Twelve times before she.........took her own life. And considering what Charlayne knows about her uncles, it's hardly surprising she thinks every man cheats at some point. I can understand why she behaved the way she did now, but Alain.............He has me totally confused."
"The uncles cheated as well?" Urs asked, just to make sure he was following what Ursy was saying.
"All five of them more than six times each."
"Mein Gott! No wonder Charlayne thinks like she does, knowing that. Maybe........Nah!"
"Maybe what, honey?" Franky asked, her eyes wide as they had been since Ursy had revealed how many times his ex-girlfriend's father and uncles had cheated.
"Maybe Charlayne didn't take those pills because you dumped her, Ursy. Maybe her father's ill and........I don't know.......she can't cope with the idea of losing him even though she hates him or he's demanding that she has to look after him and he's blaming you because she's not around to do that."
"Non, that's a stupid id........Ow!"
"How many times do you have to be told? You don't call anyone stupid." Franky hissed at Ursy, watching him blink rapidly and rub the top of his right where she'd just given him a quick reminder to respect his elders. "We know huge advances have been made in medicine over the past few years, but not enough to cure everything. If they had your father would be out of work for one. What your Grandfather has just said sounds perfectly logical to me." She finished then stood abruptly and headed out of the kitchen.
Knowing that she was angry at herself for slapping Ursy, Urs followed after her and pulled her into a tight embrace, especially since it was the first time she'd ever struck one of their grandchildren. Stupid, as well as Fat, Ugly and several other mild insults had been a banned words in their household and Ursy knew it, having been raised the same way. They had rarely been used and anyone that did use them usually received Franky's angry stare and immediately apologised.
"I shouldn't have done that, Urs. Not when he's so stressed and tired."
"Maybe not, but it appears to have snapped him out of being selfish."
"Ja, selfish." Urs nodded and huffed a quick laugh when he saw how wide Franky's eyes had gone. "He's thinking this is all about him and his actions when it's clearly not. If the two of us have learned anything over the years, it's that there are a lot of crazies.......a lot of people who have suffered in silence and it's affected their thought processes. It's obvious to me Charlayne needs help, someone to talk to at least. I'm slightly disappointed Ursy didn't stay with her until she came round, but on the other hand I'm proud of what he did. He's young, still has a lot to learn, especially how lucky he has to have such a caring family. It really is no wonder Charlayne couldn't trust Ursy if she's seen her father and uncles cheating. Is it?" He asked just as the back door slammed shut.
"No." Franky replied, gave him a quick kiss then ran to see what Ursy was up to.
Urs followed her again and both of them smiled when they saw him playing fetch with 'Jester'. Happy that he hadn't made for the garage and looked like he was thinking things through while 'Jester' went to retrieve the ball, they turned to tidy up the breakfast things only to find it had already been done. Knowing that Ursy was best left alone for a while, they headed back to the lounge and decided to see if they could find another property to renovate. There wasn't much available in their price range but they did find something that didn't require too much work and would make a wonderful home for Marina if they got it and she wanted to live there of course. They took the virtual tour, decided to attend the following month's auction and added the date and time to the computer's calendar program. At least Franky did, since Urs himself hadn't quite got the hang of touching the screen to drag those details from the website to the calendar. Not yet anyway. They had a quick giggle about that then heard Ursy cough as he came back inside, a panting 'Jester' at his heels, heading for his basket.
Ursy apologised for calling his grandfather stupid and shook his head when Franky tried to apologise for the quick, sharp slap she'd given his arm. Once he'd hugged both of them, he told them he'd realised how selfish he was being while playing with 'Jester' and nodded when Franky reassured him that she was proud of him for what he had done to try and help Charlayne. Still looking and feeling very tired, he headed back upstairs and quickly fell asleep.
He looked a lot better by the time he came back down just after six o'clock and insisted on paying for a takeout dinner. The pizzas had just arrived when the VidCom went off and Sylvie looked a little more relieved than she had earlier in the day. Ursy nodded once she'd informed him that Charlayne had finally woken up, but was still slightly dopey and that she planned on going to see her in the morning.
Sylvie called again after paying her visit with a mixture of good and bad news. Charlayne had not tried to kill herself because Ursy had ended their relationship, she'd done so because her father was ill with early stage Liver Failure and had indeed demanded that she had to take care of him. He'd even struck her when she'd refused and she had told him to go jump in the river Siene during an emotional and temper charged rage. Having been informed that his daughter was finally awake, Alain had paid her a visit and had tried to get her to discharge herself. He'd been thrown out after she'd refused and he'd yelled at her, saying that he wished she'd never been born. Charlayne had gone on to say she didn't blame Ursy at all, had come to realise that she had problems and was going to get help. The bad news was that Alain had done what she'd told him to do and his body had been found floating in the famous river shortly after dawn that morning, still reeking of alcohol.
Ursy couldn't help but feel relieved, mostly for the fact that Charlayne was all right and that she didn't hold him accountable for anything. He told his mother that he'd tried really hard to get her to tell him why she hated her father so much, watched her smile as she nodded then told her he loved her and that he would be back some time the following day before they ended the call. He slept better than he had in days that night and decided to head back to Paris shortly after ten o'clock the following morning once he'd thanked his grandparents for everything they'd done. He returned to training the next day, but didn't win the competition he'd been predicted to. Some people were disappointed that he placed third but not his family or Coach.
Once he'd left the house, Urs and Franky decided to go and pay Sebastien a visit and Urs walked into the house with an angry expression on his face. In clear, concise and fluid French he told his brother exactly what he thought about his actions and watched the Frenchman's head drop lower and lower in shame. He apologised, promised he wouldn't be so stupid again, especially since he didn't want to have to deal with Emma and their children's tempers ever again then asked why Urs and Franky hadn't been to visit him sooner.
"See. Franky told you there were worse men than Peder Cottier out there didn't she?" Sebastien stated once Urs finished telling him, shaking his head at Urs as Emma came into the room and stood writing something on the plastic that encased his foot.
"Ja, she did."
"Well I hope she punished you for calling her stupid."
Urs nodded, rubbed the arm where she'd slapped a few days ago while watching Franky look at whatever it was Emma had done. She chuckled after a second or two then crooked a finger at Urs, indicating for him to come take a look. He stood from the chair he'd placed himself in once he'd finished berating Sebastien and laughed out loud when he saw what Emma had written with the permanent marker she tapped slowly against her lips.
"Idiota de primera clase'
"What's she written?" Sebastien demanded to know, unable to bend his leg due to the fact the cast ended just above his knee.
"Not telling you. All I will say is that she's right." Urs replied with a smirk on his face as he took hold of Franky's hand and started to head for the door.
"You know, you three together are mean."
Urs and Franky paused on the threshold, turned their heads over their shoulders and laughed once more when they saw Sebastien with his arms folded and his bottom lip sticking out while listening to a giggling and head shaking Emma refuse to tell him what she'd written on the bottom of the cast that he would have to wear for six weeks.
Turn the page.
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I just finished reading all of these chapters again..

Poor Ursy having to worry if that man was going to hurt him..

Urs and Franky are doing well in the love dept..

More JJ Shower

Laura Swiss

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Chapter 210 - The Conspiracy
"Don't fib. You're up to something Urs Buhler."
"I have no idea what you're talking about, angel." Urs fibbed again, looking at Franky intensely and knowing that he hadn't betrayed himself for once.
"Hmmn-hmmn." She replied as she stood and began to walk towards the luxurious bathroom.
Urs waited until she'd closed the door then had a quick chuckle to himself. Knowing that he'd been fibbing since they'd arrived at 'Brown's Hotel' in Mayfair the previous evening, in some respects anyway. He hadn't fibbed when he'd told her that he still loved her as much as he had on this day forty years ago. He hadn't fibbed when he'd told her that he hoped the next forty years would be just as good, he didn't care how old they would be by then. If they were to live for eternity, nothing would break them apart.
Ever since the day he'd slipped the wedding band on her finger, she hadn't been bothered that it was her birthday as well. She'd always preferred to celebrate their union rather than that and he'd mostly respected what she'd asked of him after their first wedding anniversary by not buying her two gifts. He'd been slightly confused as to what to do at first, since he'd really wanted her to have two presents to open. Then he'd come up with a brilliant idea by buying her something nice but simple for her birthday and something a little more expensive and meaningful for their anniversary. The only times he hadn't had been whenever they reached a milestone celebration and she'd loved everything he'd bought her. Just like she had this year. She'd giggled after opening the white bodied t-shirt with it's long black sleeves and the 'Sexy @ 70' motif on the front as much as she'd loved the eighteen karat white gold earrings he'd given her.
She'd spent a lot of time admiring the two karat oval rubies that sat in the middle of the mount and the fourteen one and half carat diamonds that surrounded them and she'd had tears in her eyes as she thanked him for them. He hadn't to ask, he'd known what she was thinking and had placed his fingers on her lips to stop her protesting. 'Too much' indeed. If anything they weren't enough and no amount of precious jewels would ever be able to express what she meant to him.
Of course she'd been just as generous with her gift to him and it didn't bother him in the slightest that an eighteen karat gold ring set with a large two carat ruby had replaced the ring she'd given him for their second anniversary. It would look stunning once he was dressed, especially since he would be wearing the matching cufflinks.
He smiled broadly as he recalled that she'd worn the t-shirt all day and had received some shocked looks from those who actually bothered to read what was written on it. One elderly gentleman had smiled at her, told her she looked as good if not better than Sophia Loren had at the same age. Of course Franky had blushed, thanked him for the compliment then made him blush by placing a quick kiss on his cheek. He'd smiled a little, closed his eyes lightly and held a hand against his heart before walking away. Other comments hadn't been so nice, but he hadn't paid one iota of attention to them as he and Franky continued to walk to where they wanted to have breakfast. At least no-one had approached or said anything while they ate freshly baked croissants at 'Benny's'. A place they'd found during the eigth Il Divo tour and a place they enjoyed being in.
Hearing the bath begin to drain, Urs turned his attention to the dress cover that hung on the outside of the wardrobe and grumbled a quick expletive because the only thing he was certain of was that it contained a new dress. He couldn't see what colour it was, hell he couldn't even sneak a peak since Franky had locked the zipper and had the only key in her possession. As always, she'd purchased a new one for this ocassion and he could barely wait to see what she looked like in it. If it was anything like the ones she'd worn in the past, Urs knew he was going to come out of the bathroom and would be wearing the Stunned Goldfish look as soon as he opened the door.
Coughing to keep himself under control, Urs checked the time and smiled when he saw that they had plenty of time yet, just not plenty of time for him to remove the dress and make love to her. No. Just enough time for him to shave again, shower and dress before taking her by the hand, walking by her side and 'taking her down to dinner'. He chuckled quickly then coughed again as the bathroom door opened and Franky stepped out. He slipped off the bed, where he'd been since Franky had gone to take a bath, gave her a quick kiss on the lips as they passed each other and set to work tidying himself up. Doing so with a huge smile on his face because he knew that in just over half an hour all the plans he and a few others had begun making a few months ago would come to fruition. Everything was ready downstairs and Franky hadn't seen a single thing. Even though she was suspicious, he didn't think she had a clue about exactly what he was up to.
Fresh faced and dried off, he wrapped a warm towel around his hips and took a deep breath before opening the door. He didn't feel it happen, but he knew his eyes had flown wide and his mouth had opened wide when he saw Franky wearing a simple, yet flattering ruby coloured dress and that he could see the earrings perfectly due to the fact she'd put her hair up in elegant style.
"Will I do?" She asked with a teasing smile, the way she always did.
"Erm......You'll more than do." Urs replied following a few moments of rapid blinking and a couple of coughs. "You look as amazing as ever." He continued, placed a firm kiss on her lips once he'd wrapped an arm around her waist and smiled broadly as he released her.
While he dressed, he watched her fasten a pair of dainty red evening sandals on her feet then accepted her help with the cufflinks once he'd tucked his white shirt into the black trousers. Expertly, he knotted a ruby red tie around his neck then slipped into the black suit jacket. With his watch refastened around his wrist, they were ready to go. Hand-in-hand they rode the lift down to the ground floor with smiles on their faces. As the doors opened, Franky went to turn left while Urs gently tugged her to the right.
"But the dining-room is that way, honey."
"The private one isn't." Urs replied, striding confidently towards the pre-planned destination and watching several men take a moment to look at Franky as he did so.
Franky shrugged, continued to walk beside him until they reached a set of double doors. He gave one of the doors a quick knock then moved swiftly to stand behind Franky where he placed his right over her eyes and the other around her waist. The door opened and thankfully to complete silence. Urs guided Franky over the threshold, refusing to tell her what was going on. He mouthed one, two, three and dropped his hand as everyone in the room yelled.
It took Franky a few seconds to realise what was happening and, once it registered that he'd arranged a birthday party without her knowledge, tears began to well in her eyes. Not wanting to ruin her make-up, she sniffed them back while shaking her head.
"You......Oooh! I should......but I won't." She informed with a smile on her face once she'd scanned the room and had seen that all their relatives and friends, old, new and recently made were standing on the dancefloor, cheering and clapping.
"Ja, well. I told you I would get you back one day." Urs replied with a smile, recalling that he'd made that threat after she'd surprised him much the same way on his sixtieth birthday. "Listen angel. There's only one concession to the fact it's our Ruby wedding anniversary tonight and you'll find out what that is in a minute. Everything else is about you having been on the planet for seventy years. I'm not bothered if you get a little bit more than tipsy, like I did a few years ago. I just want you to have a good night. Okay?"
Franky nodded while sniffing back fresh tears then Urs took her by the hand and led her down to the dancefloor, passed his either grinning, giggling or smiling fellow conspirators. He gave a nod to the tiny booth where a disc jockey sat while holding Franky exactly the way he had all those years ago. 'It's Your Love' began to play a second or so later and the two of them were soon moving slowly around the parquet, looking at each other like they were the only two people in the world and making everyone giggle as they continued to do so once the song had come to an end.
Quieter music followed, allowing Franky to speak to a lot of people, not caring that she had to keep repeating herself about not knowing anything about the party at least twenty times. She did so with a glass of champagne in her hand, gave everyone she talked to a hug and accepted handfuls of gift bags. Once she'd hugged Lauren and David and their entire family tightly, she looked around for their children again and frowned when she couldn't see Kurt, Jordi or the currently ruby-red haired Gino. Michael approached while she was still searching and led a slightly reluctant Franky onto the dancefloor just as a loud drumbeat started to play. Franky instantly recognised the song, tried to escape while shaking her head, but Michael kept a firm hold of her while Gino asked everyone if they wanted to dance. Gino began singing 'Mony Mony' in the live style of Billy Idol right on cue and Urs caught the shocked looks Franky had on her face when she saw Kurt on electric guitar and Jordi on drums. Urs laughed as he watched her and Michael dance to the song just like they had when Michael and Byron had got married. He didn't laugh at them because they danced almost as well as they had that day. He laughed because he saw at least three couples head back to their seats before the song had even ended and knew they were much younger.
Once the song finished, Franky kissed Michael on the cheek quickly then headed over to the small corner of the room where their two sons and eighteen year old grandson had performed. She hugged both Kurt and Jordi tight, kissed their cheeks then placed both hands on Gino's face and kissed him quickly on the lips. Gino smiled, even though his face reddened then returned the rocking hug his grandmother was giving him.
Lively music continued to play for the next hour or so, then the volume was lowered so that everyone could chat while they ate whatever they'd selected from the luxurious buffet the hotel had laid on. Only once everyone had finished eating did Urs and Lauren disappear. They weren't gone long and giggled as they wheeled Franky's five tier birthday cake into the room. Everyone, especially Franky, gasped when they saw that the bottom and third tier had been adorned with pictures of Franky from birth to her last birthday. The second tier and fourth layers bore a quitled design with tiny lilac coloured sugar rosebus placed where the criss-crossed 'stitching' intersected. The same lilac coloured roses also ran around the bottom of each tier, disguising the join.
Ciara's most recent portrait of her mother had been placed atop the whole thing and two metal numbers sat above that. Everything bar the numbers was edible and the whole thing had been made by Lauren the day before, in the hotel's kitchen. Once 'Happy Birthday' had been sung, Franky cut into the cake, hugged a giggling Lauren tight and thanked her for the cake. Then they got into a back and forth yes/no argument about who was going to slice it up and hand it out. For once, Franky gave in and headed back to the danceflooor with Carlos.
He handed her over to Sebastien with a smile on his face once the Salsa tune had come to an end. Sebastien wore a similar smile as he handed her over to a slightly nervous looking David. Urs laughed again when he saw the American swallow hard because he knew David never had managed to dance a Waltz without treading on his partner's feet at some point. Franky didn't seem to mind that he did so to her near the end, quickly shook it off and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before he escorted her off the dancefloor.
"Hey buddy! How the hell did you pull this off?" David asked watching Lauren continue to dish out cake with a smile on his face.
"I have no bloody idea." Urs replied, giggling and shaking his head. "All I know is that it wasn't easy keeping an ear out for Franky coming into the kitchen or whatever room I was in and finding things I wanted at the same time. I lost count of how many times I told my computer to go to sleep."
"Well you've done a fantastic job. She's really having a great time."
"Ja, I know."
"I'm glad to hear you finally managed to sell M'n'M's house too. Why did so many buyers back out at the last minute?"
"Do I really have to explain?" Urs replied with a nod towards Franky once he'd stopped chuckling about the way David had referred to Merle and Moritz. He'd done it since meeting them and they'd both found it very amusing so it didn't bother Urs to hear the American to continue using the nickname.
"Oh right! They thought the money was going to be spent on Franky. Jackasses."
"Ja. All five of them."
Franky didn't sit for long throughout the night and by the end of the party would dance with almost every man in the room, especially Frank, Kurt, Jordi, Ursy, Gino, Gabriel and a very reluctant Dalton. She danced with the girls as well, but they did that as a giggling group rather than holding each other close. Those with young children began to leave around eleven o'clock and received a tight hug from Franky before leaving the room. Three and a half hours later, every guest had gone home after being treated exactly the same way and Urs danced a Waltz with Franky once they were alone. She thanked the DJ before they left and leaned on Urs while they rode back up to their third floor suite.
It didn't bother Urs that she was a little bit tipsy and that they wouldn't make love this night. He could wait until they arrived at the lake house later in the day. All that mattered to him was that she was happy and had had a wonderful birthday.
"I hash had a wonful nigh. Shankoo, unney. I lushoo vere mush, Ische." Franky informed with a silly smile on her face once Urs had got her into the room, out of the dress and the rest of her clothing.
"I lushoo vere mush too, Fire." Urs replied with a head shake, a giggle and a firm kiss on her lips.
Once he'd settled her under the luxurious covers, he removed his own clothes, pulled her into his arms and kissed her again, even though she was asleep. He then looked to the chest of drawer and smiled he saw the small square box. He knew it contained the top tier of the cake and what lay between the two layers. Fresh chopped strawberries and a rich chocolate cream as filling had alway been Franky's favourite cake filling after all.
As he began to drift of himself, he couldn't help but wonder what she would say about the fact that they would still be going to the places where they loved to celebrate their union every year. Giggling and knowing that he would be playfully told off for spoiling her, Urs closed his eyes once last time and remembered her response to the threat he'd made shortly after his surprise sixtieth birthday party had begun.
"In your dreams Urs Toni Buhler. In your dreams."
Turn the page.

Franky's dress
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Awesome Chapter JJ BUT I am trying to figure out how much longer Franky has to live? blush

Something in the first chapter confused me and I am off on how old was she when she passed away?? tissues

I love that he surprised her completely with all their family and friends and loved ones for her 70th Birthday..

Love that Dress it is so beautiful I love you

He really is a wonderful man and husband to her..


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Chapter 211 - What's In A Name?
"Don't moan at me. I didn't design the car did I?" Franky asked, heaving a suitcase out of the hire car so that they could gain access to the spare tyre. "At least the jack and nut wrench are easy to find." She smiled, having removed the articles from their storage compartment and handing them to him. "You go make a start."
Urs nodded then moved round to the front of the car and began to jack the car up in order to change the flat tyre. He soon had three of the five nuts undone and placed close by, but the fourth one had been a little tighter than the rest. He used all the strength he could muster and cursed out loud when it refused to budge and the knuckles of his left hand grazed the curb.
"Sonofabitch!" He yelled, dropping the wrench to the ground and shaking the wounded limb.
Franky was soon at his side, demanding to look at the injury and treating it quickly. Urs, himself, knowing he had a sheepish look on his face and her shaking her head. No matter where they went she'd always insisted on carrying a small first aid kit and he'd always said it was unnecessary. Now he was glad that she did, especially because he didn't want to drive the next fifty miles in even a small amount of pain.
"Thank you, angel." He smiled placing a quick kiss on her lips before allowing her to dispose of what she'd used and return the kit to her suitcase. "What's wrong with everyone today. It's nowhere near Christmas and everyone's driving around like it's only hours away."
"Urs!" Franky replied, giving him her exasperated look. "Have you completely forgotten what hits the market today?"
"Erm..........Ja. Kind of had my mind on other things."
"Behave yourself!"
Urs laughed, watched Franky's face redden and allowed her to remove his arms from around her waist. He'd wrapped them around her once she'd finished dealing with his knuckles and had felt that familiar shudder as soon as he'd touched her. Sometimes, once in a blue moon maybe, it still surprised him that she reacted like that to his touch. They had been married for almost forty-three years after all and some of the couples they knew weren't anything like they were. Then again, a few of them never had been.
He smiled, thankful, that they still had a very good relationship and returned to attempting to swap tyres. He thought for a moment while battling the extremely tight nut and it suddenly registered what had hit the market today. Jordi and Joanne had finally got their invention working as they'd wanted it to, had found a company willing to manufacture it and it was going on sale for the first time today. He grunted again, knowing that that there were similar things already out there, but that they weren't very good. Why anyone would want to watch movies where the characters were no more than four inches tall, he didn't know. It really was no wonder people were going crazy today, especially since those currently available didn't work very well either. The images on those either froze or juddered or had the slot where you placed the data card in the most inappropriate places.
The actors on Jordi and Joanne's 'HoloDect' would stand twice the current height. There weren't many movies available to play on theirs or any other model just yet, but since Jordi and Joanne had perfected theirs, they'd been working on converting DVDs to play on it. Everything about theirs was so much better, at least you could watch an entire film without having to turn it off and back on and the card slot was on top of the machine, rather than hidden at the back or side. Even though he had no idea how the machine actually worked, he was so proud of Jordi for sticking with the project he and his best female friend had been working on for years. Gott alone knew how much money they were going to make from sales, but he knew neither of them really cared about that. They both cared more about improving current technology and had loads of ideas on the drawing board.
Still unable to move nut number four, he stood from the semi-kneeling position he'd assumed and went to search the boot, hoping to find some lubrication spray. He huffed when he couldn't find any and tried the fifth. That moved a little, then did so again when he applied a little more pressure. He heard another vehicle pull up close by but didn't pay it any attention until the driver was squatting by his side, asking if he needed any help.
"Nei.....If you wouldn't mind. It seems to be stuck." Urs replied once he'd looked at an eye-rolling and head-shaking Franky.
He watched the young, dark haired and brown eyed young man who'd offered his assistance and quickly noticed he was having trouble getting the nut to move. Grinning, because the youth couldn't have been much older than twenty-five and couldn't move the nut either, Urs turned to look at Franky and quickly stuck his tongue out at her. She laughed, shook her head again then turned away to answer a call.
While he listened to the grunts, groans and hissed curses coming from nearby, Urs thought about what happened over the last three years and his eyes widened when he recalled the furore Brandie had caused by marrying James just six months after Franky's surprise birthday party. All that commotion about the fact Brandie was twenty-five years older than her husband. It still amazed him the way some people's minds work, especially those who thought nothing of a middle aged man marrying some barely out of her teens female.
Once that contraversy had died down, Eva had been the next to hit the headlines after being spotted in the company of man while holidaying in Corsica. Strange that a man could have all the female friends in the world and take them on holiday and not much was said. But if a woman did the same, then she had to be sleeping with him at every give opportunity. Urs shook his head, knowing that Eva and Arnold had been very good friends since before she'd even met Simon, that Arnold was gay and had lost his husband a month prior to that holiday.
Urs smiled a little broader, as his thoughts turned to his blood and 'Divo' relatives. Henri, Maxine and Marina were now married and Ursula would be later this year. Lars had taken Maxine down the aisle to marry her husband, Phillipe and they were expecting their first child soon. Marina had asked her favourite uncle to escort her down to, Anders, and Urs had done so with a beaming smile on his face. Peder was preparing himself to walk Ursula down to Sepp. Marina had loved the little house Urs and Franky had offered her as a residence while she studied and now she wanted to buy it from them. Urs glanced at Franky, knowing that Marina had only said that last night and the topic would be discussed once they were back in England. Henri and his wife, Suri, were now settled in Zurich and had just had their second son. Moritz had been born on their second wedding anniversary and his big brother, Jakob, adored him.
Sebastien had recovered well from his broken ankle, had playfully threatened to get Emma back for what she'd written on the bottom of the cast but hadn't done so yet. They'd become grandparents again, twice over. Marie had added Brett Sebastien to her family and Monique had followed her a few weeks later when she'd given birth to Eden Fife. Carlos had protested about the idea Reina had had about moving in with him but once she'd explained why, he'd given in and loved keeping an eye on her two children while she consulted a client or worked on a dress. Even though he knew he shouldn't have a favourite, little Barbara-May already looked so much like her maternal grandmother, it had been hard for him not to. Gott alone knew what he would do with himself when she started school in four months. Urs chuckled as he paused his thoughts for a moment and looked down at the gasping young man.
"That's really on there."
"Ja, it is." Urs replied, accepting a bottle of water from Franky once she'd offered one to the male who was trying to help them. "Something wrong?" He asked when he caught the questioning look he was being given by the man sitting on the ground.
"No. Your face. I swear I've seen it before.........years ago though."
Their rescuer went back to work again, his arm muscles flexing tight and a determined grimace on his face as he appeared to use every ounce of strength he possessed to loosen the last nut. It finally gave way after a moment or two and the spare was soon in place. The youth tossed the punctured tyre in the boot, returned the jack, nut wrench and luggage and clunked the boot closed.
"Oh yeah! I know who you are now. You used to be in that group my grandmother drove me and my mom nuts with when I was growing up. You're......erm.......Urs Buhler, right?"
"Guilty." Urs nodded, taking the hand the young man had extended and shaking it once he'd introduced himself as Guy.
"My mum will be so jealous when I tell her. The closest she ever got to you was at the stage. Do you mind telling me something?"
"That would depend what you want to know."
"What your real name is."
"Excuse me?!" Urs asked, knowing his eyes had flown wide and listening to Franky giggling.
"I won't tell anyone." Guy shrugged. "I mean there's lots of singers who change their names and obviously you're all really American. Though I don't know why you chose Urs Buhler, the other two did much better with their choices in my opinion, though their accents were complete crap."
Even though it wasn't the first or second time he'd heard words to that effect, Urs stood looking at Guy for a moment or two, listening to Franky trying to stifle her laughter, failing miserably and walking back up the road so that she could compose herself. He had no doubt that she would be laughing once again once she'd told the story of what had caused them to be late. He didn't mind, she would be telling their brother and sister after all and family shared embarrassing stories. Gott he had plenty tucked away about all of his and had repeated several of them to their siblings. If they could take a little ribbing, he damn well could as well.
"I'll have you know that I have been Urs Buhler since three months before I was born in Willisau, Switzerland. That's approaching eighty years ago now. True, Simon Cowell did ask me to think about changing my name, but I told him exactly what he could do with that idea." Urs replied firmly, recalling his reaction to that idea and how he'd almost walked out of Simon's office before 'Il Divo' had even set foot in the room together, never mind in a recording studio.
"Really?!" Guy asked, his face reddening by the second.
"Really, really." Urs replied, dropping the stern look he'd worn while speaking. knowing that several reporters had assumed he, Carlos and Sebastien had changed their names from more commonplace ones to give the group a more international flair. "Don't look so worried. You're not the first to ask me that question, I'm pretty sure you won't be the last."
"Thanks. You're almost eighty? I wouldn't have said you were that old. I'm really sorry. I've really got to go now, my wife will throttle me if I go home without a 'HoloDect'."
Urs nodded, shook Guy's hand again and thanked him for stopping to help. Once Guy had driven off, he looked round for Franky and shook his head when he saw her walking back to him with a smirk on her face. They gave each other a quick kiss, resumed their seats and a few seconds later they were on their way again. Franky giggled ocassionally while Urs's thoughts turned to the couple they would be staying with for a few days.
David and Lauren had been through the mill a little last year since the American had suffered a minor stroke. It hadn't affected him much physically or mentally since it had occurred on the left side of his face. Urs and Franky had never heard of Bells Palsy before and had looked it up once Lauren had called to tell them what had happened. Luckily he'd been treated quickly and the steroids he'd been given had worked wonders. During the day you couldn't tell there was anything wrong with him, but if you saw him at night you would know something wasn't quite right. Because his left eye didn't close properly, he had to wear an eye patch at night to stop it from drying up. As bad as it had seemed, David had made a very good recovery and had rarely let his condition get him down. Even when he did feel a bit low, he simply tacked up one of the horses, went for a long ride and came back feeling much better. Urs had no doubt that his smile would be as big as it had always been, especially since Jefferson had found someone new, was getting married again and his bride-to-be got along very well with Maya, Archer and Lloyd
"I'm sorry for laughing, honey." Franky informed once she'd managed to compose herself a little.
"What are you apologising for? It's not the first time you've.......had a little fun at my expense. That's the fifth time I've been asked that question in your presence and you've always reacted the same way. It is rather funny, but not as funny as Davey trying to pronounce my name when we first met. I mean I had Horse, Oars, Ours and others. Why do you think he calls me 'Swissy' most of the time? Though sometimes I think he was pretending he couldn't get it right."
"Hmmn. Don't you find.......I'm wondering why Jeff refers to his fiancee as 'Puchy' myself. I mean it's so unlike him to use a petname in company."
"Unlike his father." Urs replied a smile and nod of his head, knowing that David referred to Lauren as 'Lolly' all the time unless they were out and about.
Once they were on the road that would take them to David and Lauren's family home, they settled into talking about more mundane things, smiling as they did so. The only time they grew a little bit sad was when the subject of the retirement livery came up and Urs heard Franky swallow hard. He instantly knew that she was still upset that three stables currently stood empty, two of the tenants having been found dead in the early hours of the morning and one having to be euthanised. She was doing her best to get over the loss of 'Miracle Mile', 'Nickels 'n' Dimes' and 'Deja Vu', but since the last of those events had happened just over a week ago, he understood why a few tears escaped.
In what seemed like no time at all Urs had turned off the road and driven up the drive. Both he and Franky were welcomed with tight hugs from Lauren once they'd crossed the threshold and she looked a little frustrated as she turned her head towards the lounge and shouted.
"David! If I have to tell you one more time, I'm taking that damned machine back!"
"Coming, Lolly!"
"Boys and their toys." Lauren shook her head then sighed. "Twice already I've told him that setting up that thing could wait until later. Bad enough he drove into Denver early this morning just to make sure he was near the front of the queue. Now he's got the infernal thing there's no stopping him. No offence."
"None taken." Urs replied as he watched a grinning David walk towards, knowing that he wore the grin because he'd been very excited to hear about the 'HoloDect' and had been very disappointed to hear about the troubles Jordi and Joanne had had with getting it to work how they'd wanted as well as finding a company to manufacture the damn thing.
"I'm sorry. I was only checking what my 'lucky dip' movie was." David informed once hugs and kisses had been exchanged. "I struck gold there."
"Oh Gott!" Urs shook his head while watching David check the time and knowing that whoever bought a 'HoloDect' this particular day would get a free movie with it, how they got it and that David had obviously picked 'Star Wars' out of the box. He didn't have to be told, the look on David and Lauren's faces said it all.
"Are you all right, Franky? You didn't hurt get too badly did you?"
"No, Lauren. Just banged the top of my arm against the door. It could have been much worse, especially since that asshole came very close to hitting us. It's a good job Urs's reactions are still very sharp, though he moaned about the fact they aren't as sharp as they once were. It wasn't his fault we hit the curb and punctured a tyre." Franky informed as the four of them walked into the lounge and settled themselves around the coffee table.
"I get the feeling there's a little bit more to the story." David stated before pushing half of one of the cupcakes Lauren had served into his mouth.
"There is and it's quite funny, but I'm not going to tell you what it is."
Franky laughed at David's sulking face then looked at Urs. Knowing that David would bug him until he knew the whole story, Urs began to tell him and did so with a smile on his face. Just like Franky, David and Lauren found the tale hysterical and spent several moments laughing once Urs had finished speaking. Urs looked over his shoulder when he heard a fifth sound of laughter and quickly realised Jefferson had entered the room just in time to hear the story.
"Puchy won't be a minute. She's just making sure her mom and dad have arrived safely." Jefferson informed, grinning just like David when he caught the questioning look Lauren sent him.
Puchy appeared a few minutes later with a beaming smile on her face and asked why everyone was still chuckling as Jefferson slipped an arm around her waist. Jefferson explained, she giggled then her ice blue eyes widened and she let out a long sigh.
"Well you'll all be giggling again in a couple of days, especially since you'll be hearing my name for the first time. I hate it. I thank God my Grandpa did too, so everyone calls me Puchy. My full name is Ka......Karenhappuch Zillah Perthina Stewart." She informed, her eyes full of mischief and giggling.
Everyone tried to remain polite and various faces were pulled as Lauren, David, Franky and Urs tried to stop themselves from laughing. However, the more they heard Puchy laugh, the harder it became to stifle their own laughter. A couple of minutes later everyone had let go and it took them quite a while to calm down.
"Why not just shorten your first name to Karen?" Lauren asked, wiping laughter induced tears from her cheeks.
"Because that was grandpa's ex-wife's name and the least said about that woman the better."
Urs looked at Puchy as spoke and quickly figured out that didn't like talking about her grandfather's ex-wife. Her eyes had narrowed, the smile had dropped and she'd huffed out a breath before speaking. It was clear she didn't like the woman, so everyone simply followed Lauren's lead and nodded in understanding.
"Can I go play with my new toy now?" David asked Lauren, giving her the naughty puppy look once he'd coughed a final time to compose himself a little more.
"Go on. You'll only keep on at me until I give in anyway and the last thing I need is you in my way, trying to pinch icing."
David grinned once more, gave Lauren a quick kiss then led Jefferson and Urs down to the den. It had changed a lot over the years since everyone had watched the American football game down there. There was more seating for a start, it had been kitted out with all the latest audio/visual technology and the DVD library was huge. Urs looked around, knowing that Lauren had had it all put together as a surprise for David's sixty-eighth birthday and that he loved spending time in the room if the lodge was void of guests or Lauren was working on a celebration cake. Urs finished scanning the room then left to attend to his needs in the bathroom department. He could hear Franky and Lauren chatting when he came back down and chuckled again after pausing to listen to Lauren thank Franky for kicking her butt a couple of years ago.
"Well you were being completely..........Maya's happy with Dean, has been since she met him. Jeff makes one mistake and you go off at him when he finds someone new, he gives her the chance to walk away by telling her what he did to Maya, but she sticks with him. You really are a numptynoodle sometimes Lauren Miller. Everyone's happy again now and, like I've told you countless times, that's all that counts."
Lauren nodded, turned her head slightly and caught Urs watching. She smiled, gave him a quick shrug then went back to putting the finishing touches to Jefferson and Puchy's wedding cake. Knowing that look meant Lauren understood that Franky had just kicked her butt again, Urs returned to the Den, settled himself on the black leather couch and spent the next couple of hours watching a film he didn't really have any interest in.
"So. How long do you think it'll be before we're able to convert our own DVDs to memory cards or megadrive?" David asked with a nod towards his vast collection, a look of awe still in his eyes as it had been in 'Star Wars' began.
"Patience Yanky Boy. They've only just started work on that." Urs replied, knowing that Jordi and Joanne had only started working on their latest project just over a month ago.
"Yeah. But patience has never exactly been one of my strongest suits has it, Swissy?"
"Nein, but it's always been much better than mine."
"True. I don't even want to begin to imagine what Franky's been through today. I mean your flight was delayed by almost two hours, then when you land the baggage carousel breaks down and you have to wait for half an hour for your bags. Then you get the puncture. I'm surprised you're not sitting there frowning 'n' huffing like you always did when things didn't run to schedule." David replied with a teasing smile and a quick shudder.
Knowing that he was still very adamant about arriving on time, that Franky had given Lauren an 'at the latest' time for their arrival and they'd reached the house just two minutes after twelve o'clock, Urs nodded and slugged David playfully on the arm. The American looked wounded for a second or two but couldn't keep his features serious beyond that and the two were soon reminising and laughing about all the times 'Il Divo's' schedule had gone to hell through no fault of their own or anyone involved in making sure they got from one venue to the next.
Two days later, an entire church congregation would try and fail miserably to stop themselves from laughing while listening to a giggling bride and groom exchanging their vows.
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Chapter 212 - Out Of Luck?!
From his position at the very end of the Roulette table, Urs could see that Franky was really enjoying herself. Her stack of chips had grown since they'd arrived, rather than dwindling like his own. He smiled and shook his head when she looked at him and laughed when he saw her bottom lip sticking out, letting him know that she was sorry that he wasn't having much success tonight. He shrugged nonchalantly, turned his attention back to the wheel and watched the little white ball come to rest in a black number again, rather than the red one he'd bet money on.
Even though it wasn't his own money he was gambling with, he couldn't help but feel disappointed. If his luck didn't change soon, he would have to walk away from the table, having lost all of the five hundred pounds all of Gabriel's guests had been given on their arrival. He huffed out a breath, set a twenty pound value chip on the number thirteen then looked in Franky's direction when he heard a yell go up from that direction. He grimaced, knowing that she'd kicked his butt once already tonight and now it looked like she was doing so again, but in a different way. Just like Gabriel was apparently. Brother and sister were playing different games, winning and had huge smiles on their faces.
Urs blew out a quick breath, thankful that Gabriel hadn't been within earshot when he'd asked Franky how Christie could afford to throw the kind of birthday party he'd always wanted. It certainly was none of his business how she'd managed to give over twenty guests that amount of chips. Gabriel would certainly have told him to mind his own business and would probably have looked slightly angry while doing it. Even a slightly angry looking Gabriel was a very intimidating thing to see, a furious one was something he didn't ever want to see again. At least Franky had been very discreet about telling him how Christie had managed to pay for this evening. Of course he'd been shocked to hear that Christie had sold a ring that she'd been left by her favourite aunt. From the age of twenty she hadn't thought it was valuable, hadn't ever liked it due to the fact the central stone was huge and totally inpractical for everyday wear. What her face must have looked like when she'd been given what she had, Urs could only imagine. Three weeks on and she still looked a little shocked that the stone had been real after all and that it had been worth almost fifty thousand pounds.
With the last bet placed, the wheel spun again and the white ball settled once more. This time in red. Urs huffed again and watched his chip disappear off the table. He looked at his small stack of chips, saw he had six left and placed his smallest bet yet. While the wheel span, he looked around the casino and quickly spied the woman he'd been told watch out for. Portia Tollington. Wife of one of Christie's cousins and a woman who thought all the attention should be on her since she considered herself the most beautiful looking woman to have ever walked the face of the earth. Urs rolled his eyes, knowing that was far from the truth, because that title rightfully belonged to someone standing not too far away from him, playing and winning at Blackjack. Seeing that Portia was still with her husband, Urs returned his attention back to his game of choice.
His next bet went the same way as most of his others had gone and he huffed out a breath when he saw that Gabriel had won yet again. A look over his shoulder told him Franky had done the same. He grumbled a few mild curses in Swiss-German, felt someone settling themselves in the vacant seat to his right, but didn't really pay them any attention until he moved his hand towards the number chart again.
"Not having much luck tonight are you? Mind if I try?" The way too overly made up Portia asked, giving him a very flirty look as she plucked the chip from his grasp and gave it a long kiss before setting it down. "For luck."
'Ja and we know exactly whose luck your thinking about. Sorry, Portia. You're waaaaaaaaaay out of luck tonight.' Urs's inner voice grumbled while the man himself smiled politely and allowed Portia to place the bet.
"Like what you see don't you?"
"Pardon?" Urs responded, glancing down and quickly realising Portia was holding her stomach in to enhance her already ample bussom even more than the low cut dress she wore already did.
"The twins." Portia replied, nodding down to her chest and smiling flirtatiously. "Of course you could call them what you like. Once you've taken me out to a very expensive dinner and we're somewhere pri.........."
"Stop right there, Portia. I'm not interested. Never have been, never will be."
"Why not? I'm the best looking woman in this room and twenty four years younger than Franky, in case you've forgotten."
"And married."
"So?!" Portia shrugged.
"So.......The vows you made may not mean much to you, Portia. But the ones I made mean everything to me."
"Ha! You don't fool me, Urs. Franky's got something on you. Something you want kept secret."
"Ja, she has got something on me. It's called love. Nothing more, nothing less."
"Of course that's all it is." Portia laughed while running her left hand up and down Urs's right thigh
Urs reacted quickly, gently took hold of her hand and set it down on Portia's own leg. The last thing he wanted was for tonight to be spoiled for Gabriel and was, therefore, trying to keep his temper under control. Portia, it seemed, had other ideas. She quickly whipped her hand from his grasp and tried to return it to its previous position. Once again, Urs returned it to Portia's leg and listened to her huff and say that he didn't know what he was missing out on. Urs stood abruptly, glared at her and shook his head while picking up what few chips he had left and walked quickly to where Franky stood. Since he wasn't having any luck at Roulette tonight, maybe he would do better at Blackjack.
She'd obviously stopped playing at some point and had seen everything that had just happened. Knowing exactly who'd made the moves on who, she smiled as Urs approached and gave him a quick kiss before she spoke to him.
"Nicely handled, honey."
"I didn't think she would be that blatant, you know?" Urs replied, nodding to the croupier that he wanted to be dealt into the game.
"I know. Christie didn't want her here tonight either but Kenny wouldn't have come without her. You know Gabriel thinks a lot of him and would have been upset if Kenny didn't show."
Urs nodded and placed his bet once Franky had kissed the chips for good luck and he'd seen that his first card was a Queen. He turned to look back to where he'd been playing a few moments ago and nodded when Gabriel caught his eye, gave him his questioning look and stuck his right thumb up. Gabriel smiled quickly in response, assured that Urs was all right then walked away from the table and went in search of Christie. He found her quickly and she was wearing her furious look once Gabriel had whispered in her ear. They then went looking for Kenny and found him talking to another guest, his back towards all the gaming tables. He looked doubtful while Christie and Gabriel spoke to him, but once he'd scanned the room that look changed to one of mild anger. A look back to the Roulette table told Urs that Portia was now flirting with the man who'd been winning all night, no matter what game he played. However, other than smiling at her briefly before rolling his eyes backwards, Nyle Reid didn't pay her any further attention.
"You won, honey." Urs heard Franky informing and quickly turned his attention back to the table.
Indeed he had won and decided to take the chance of letting his winnings ride on the next hand. He won that as well, reduced his bet for the following hand and kept doing the same for the next five hands. He'd lost the last one, but a check of what he held told him that he was almost back to where he'd begun earlier in the evening. He'd looked around to see what was happening between Portia and Kenny after the second hand but hadn't seen anything of them and thought Kenny had decided that they should leave.
Raised voices from a far off corner of the room soon told him different. He couldn't make out what was being said, but a look in the general direction told him that Kenny and Portia were arguing. Portia shook her head furiously and Urs wasn't sure if she was denying what Kenny had heard or if she was refusing to do something he'd asked of her. At the very least, Urs thought Franky deserved an apology more than he did. Ever since she'd married Kenny, Portia had always thought she was much better looking than Franky and had said so many times. She'd also said that Kenny should think himself lucky that he'd managed to 'hook such a prize catch'. How the hell Kenny had stuck with her for ten years, Urs didn't know. All he did know was that Kenny had never heard her say such things, had always believed her denials when Christie had told him what she'd said and had made Portia stop crying by agreeing to pay for whatever surgery she wanted. Up until a few weeks ago, Portia had looked natural and in proportion, but now looked overly-enhanced and her chest was the first thing most men noticed. She really liked that, but didn't seem to realise that those men who did pause to look at her appeared not to like what she'd had done. Even Kenny seemed disappointed that she'd ignored his wishes and had gone way beyond what her surgeon had recommended.
Feeling a slight cool breeze waft into the otherwise very warm room, Urs placed his next bet and watched as Kenny and Portia disappeared through the floor to ceiling French doors. Once they were closed again, he turned his attention back to the table and giggled along with Franky after each hand. What the odds of it happening were, Urs didn't know, but if he won a hand, Franky lost and vice versa. They found it incredibly funny as did the croupier and those guests who were playing along with them. By the end of twelve games their winnings stood almost even on the table. They giggled about that too while Urs checked the time.
Since they didn't have long left to play they decided to call it a night and cash-in. They'd just done so when Gabriel and Christie approached and apologised for what had had happened.
"There's no need to apologise." Urs and Franky replied almost together and shaking their heads in unison.
"Like I told you a few years ago, she would slip up some day and now it looks like she has. Whatever happens from here on out, just.........."
"I there for Kenny and Jack." Christie finished as she stepped forward to give Franky a hug and to ask if she'd had a good night otherwise.
"Of course we have." Franky replied with a huge grin on her face as she waved her winnings back and forth in front of her face.
"Hmmn. Don't need to ask where that's going." Gabriel shook his head while dividing his own winnings in half and offering them to Franky. "No arguments this time."
Reluctantly Franky took the money and added it to her own. Urs had already handed half his winnings over as well, knowing that ever penny would be given to her favourite charities and that she would be pleased that such vital work would be give a small boost. She popped the cash into her hanbag, struggled to close the clasp and thanked Urs once he'd forced the clasp closed. They kissed briefly, wrapped their arms around each other's waist and headed out of the casino. Their car was brought round a few moments later and as Franky settled into the passenger seat, Urs could hear Portia and Kenny approaching, still arguing.
"Ha! You can threaten me all you like Kenny. You don't have the guts to divorce me!"
"Really, Portia?! Well guess what you can do when we get back to the house? You can pack your clothes and get out of the house, that's what! Otherwise I will physically throw you out onto the street, where women like you belong."
"You wouldn't dare. I'll take you for a least half of everything you have." Portia threatened, the tone of her voice rising a couple of notches. "Especially with regard to the business."
"Good luck with that. I don't own it any more. I signed the contract this morning. It now belongs to Christie and there's fuck all you can do about it. The money has been put into a trust fund for Jack and since I haven't appointed you as a trustee you won't see a penny of it. And that prenup you signed before we got married clearly states that the most you will get if we divorce is forty thousand pounds. By the time you've finished paying lawyers off you won't be able to live so comfortably will you? So who's the dumbass now Portia?"
Although he hadn't intended to keep the passenger side door open or listen to the couple arguing so fiercely in the middle of a busy London street, Urs couldn't help but smile as he finally closed it. Finally it appeared that the woman who'd referred to Franky as a 'golddigger' so many times was going to get what she deserved and then some. Like Franky, he knew that when Kenny calmed down he would probably cry about what he'd finally seen tonight but he had no doubt that Christie and Gabriel would be there for him, since he was an only child, his parents had died just before he married Portia and had no-one else to turn to.
Once he was in the driving seat, Urs looked at Franky and shook his head when he saw that she was giving him her 'I told you so' look. He started the engine, knowing that just over forty-eight hours either they'd had one of their back and forth arguments. Him so sure that other women no longer wanted to try and take him away from her just because his bank balance was bigger than that of the man they already had. Franky convinced otherwise and becoming slightly angry because such women obviously thought he was so easily manipulated.
He would be proved right with regard to Christie's cousin just six weeks later when Franky returned from the garage that Frank managed and told him that Portia was going to fight the divorce until she got everything she'd demanded in her counterclaim. As sad as that made Franky to repeat, it was what Portia had excluded from her demands that made her shed a few tears. Nowhere had she mentioned any type of contact with the boy she'd given birth to a year after she'd married Kenny. The already very smart and handsome nine year old Jack.
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Chapter 213 - Sing After A Rainstorm
"Just go angel." Urs replied to the apology Franky uttered as they stood in the hallway. "I'll deal with the.......current problem."
Franky sniffed back her tears, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek then linked her right arm through the left of another tear-eyed and angry woman. Urs watched the two sisters leave together, knowing that they both had enough to deal with right now and that the angry woman needed to calm down before talking to her husband. A family needed to be fed for a start especially since today was going to be difficult to get through. Animals were also in need of feeding and cleaning out and he thanked Gott the two women hadn't argued about who was going to be responsible for what.
Watching them walk away, Urs allowed a quick smile to cross his features then quickly wiped his eyes when he felt fresh tears beginning to make their presence known. He didn't want to cry right now. He could do that in a few days, during the service perhaps or as he watched the coffin being lowered into the soft brown earth. He sighed, knowing that his birthday was just two days away and that Franky had his gift in her suitcase. For once in his life though, there was no sense of anticipation, no temptation to go sneak a look. Not that he'd ever succeeded in the second regard, she always had been able to surprise him. Right now though, he didn't want to think about that and didn't feel like celebrating anyway.
Knowing that there were two other men in the building with him and that he needed to calm down himself before dealing with the current 'elephant in the room', Urs took a deep breath, turned on his heel and made his way through the lounge to the kitchen, ignoring the jackass as he went. It hurt to see him in so much pain, sitting there on the couch, staring into the empty fireplace while wiping tears from his face, but Urs knew he had to accept what had happened and apologise for what he'd said the previous evening before he could bring himself to hug him tight. He took another deep breath as he entered the kitchen and returned the lighting quick smile the other man gave him as he headed towards the coffee maker.
"Is Franky still angry this morning?" He heard the other man asking as he sat down opposite him.
"Ja. You're not?" Urs asked knowing that his companion had stormed out of the lounge the previous evening after 'Mr Elephant' had said something very cruel.
"No. I'll admit, I was when he said what he did......but no anymore. In fact I often go to bed.......hoping that I'm not going to wake up in the morning. Don't get me wrong, Urs, I know I still have a lot to be living for, but.....sometimes..... just sometimes I do make that wish before I fall asleep. Then I wake up the next morning and thank Dios this old heart is still doing the beating. Is the very weird feeling."
"Can't blame you for feeling that way. I mean, I can't even begin to imagine how I would cope with losing Franky the way you did BJ, never mind having to go through that twice. You didn't deserve what he said though, just because you're the eldest and pushing ninety, it doesn't mean you had to be the first of us to.........die."
"I am no so worried about that. I more worried about what he said to Lauren. Davey was telling us all of his wishes if such a thing were to happen to him......once he'd persuaded Lauren anyway. Seb had no right to say those things to her Urs. She had every right to do what she did, he was still warm when we arrived and we got the chance to say goodbye."
"I know. I was as shocked to hear what came out of his mouth as you were and I really wanted to punch him for saying those things. It's not an easy decision to make, the hardest things I've ever had to do, that's for sure."
"Si I remember that." Carlos nodded with his eyes closed, raising a colourful mug to his mouth and taking a large mouthful of coffee before he spoke again. "I was no the only who deserved not to hear harsh words either. We all deal with the grieving in different ways. Seb had no right to tell you off for smiling so soon after.......Just because he can't accept that David is no longer walking the planet. That I really did want to be punching him for and that is why I went upstairs. I know you are hurting as much as the rest of us. You are not the cold-hearte.......what Seb said you are. As much as I want to, I am not going to comfort him and get him to calm down only for something else to spark him off again. That lesson I learned with Chelo a few weeks ago. I am not that stupid that I don't know you can't believe he's gone first either."
"Nein, I can't." Urs shook his head then swallowed hard. "Are you all right? Franky and me noticed you taking a couple of pills yesterday."
"Just the couple of painkillers." Carlos replied with a quick smile and indication of the leg he'd broken all those years ago.
Even though he strongly suspected Carlos had just lied to him, Urs nodded, knowing that if there was something seriously wrong with him the Spaniard would have closed his eyes briefly before replying. Rather than pressing him on the subject though, Urs sighed and allowed his mind to drift back in time a couple days.
He'd walked into the music/dance room to find Franky, Cesca and Carlotta giggling as their dance lesson came to an end, happy to see them sitting on the floor rocking back and forth while they laughed. It had been much better than what he'd seen before leaving, Cesca arguing with her Grandmother, the two of them raising the voices to each other. The fourteen year old wanting to be taught how to Tango, Franky replying that she wasn't going to do that until Frank and Carina agreed. Cesca sulking with her arms folded across her chest and refusing to participate as Urs left.
He'd only been back in the house fifteen minutes at the most when Summer had called and he'd known something serious had happened as soon as he'd seen her distraught and tear-streaked face. He hadn't ever expected to hear the words that had fallen from her mouth, had always thought he would have been gone for a couple of years by the time that happened. Franky had come to his side as soon as she'd heard him shout 'WAS!' at the top of his lungs and had listened to him struggle to repeat what Summer had said. Even before he'd finished telling her that David had collapsed at the breakfast table mere seconds after he'd kissed Lauren good morning, tears had been streaming down her face and the memories of how his father had passed away had come flooding back.
Somehow, she'd managed to call Frank and had passed the news on once he and Carina had arrived. Although very distressed to hear it, Frank and Carina had decided that they would make their own arrangements to fly to Colorado as well as where they would stay. Two crying adults and two sobbing girls had left the house shortly after, then Franky had let the rest of their children know. They'd had the same reaction as Frank and Carina, then Eva had called and offered the use of her private jet to get at least three couples out there. Although she'd never really been fond of flying in such luxury, Franky had agreed immediately and had told Dale and Emma how they would be getting to the States once she'd answered the 'VidCom'.
They'd packed in a hurry, driven to the airport in what seemed like the blink of an eye. Silence had reigned throughout the entire flight and it was all too clear the news had hit Sebastien the hardest of all. He'd blinked slowly, swallowed hard and constantly wiped tears from his eyes while remaining silent. Emma had held his hand as tight as Franky had held Urs's, but the Frenchman didn't seem to realise she was even sitting beside him. There was no doubt it, he'd slipped into shock. Not one word of thanks had passed his lips and Emma hadn't seemed to mind, the occasional quick glance the man she loved gave her appeared to have been enough to let her know that he appreciated that she was there, comforting him.
By the time they'd arrived at the hospital Lauren had decided to let David go and had done so with their children and their partners surrounding her. She'd kept the promise she'd made to David after his minor stroke. She'd known he was no longer there as soon as the doctor had stepped into the room to tell the Miller family how severe the stroke had been. Like she'd agreed to, she'd had the life support system turned off within an hour. She hadn't moved from David's side until everyone had been in to say goodbye and his physical remains had been taken away. Even then she'd hadn't left his room completely under her own power and had leaned heavily on Jefferson and Dale for support.
As prepared as Sebastien had appeared to be when his and Emma's turn came, he'd broken down and shocked Emma by telling Lauren that she could and should have kept David breathing until everyone had been in. How on earth Emma had managed to drag him out, Urs didn't know, but she'd looked angry as well as extremely upset about what she'd heard as she pushed him back into the waiting room.
How they'd got from the hospital to the lodge, Urs couldn't quite recall because he'd been so angry with the Frenchman himself. All he could remember once they were out of the room was that lots of tight hugs had been exchanged and Emma had apologised for Sebastien's behaviour. How Lauren had managed to shake her head and stop herself from slapping him across the face, Urs didn't have a clue there either.
When they'd arrived at the lodge, Urs had tried talking to Sebastien, just like he had Lars and he'd yelled in retort. Saying that he wished that it was always the eldest that died first, not seeming to care that what he said sounded like he was wishing their Spanish brother dead or that anyone else was deeply distressed. He'd even cursed at Emma at one point and her slap across the face hadn't bothered him at all, therefore, he hadn't apologised and it was no wonder Emma had left him to sleep on the couch overnight.
Whether he'd actually slept, Urs wasn't sure, but he'd still been in much the same state when the rest of them had risen this morning. That much had been patently obvious when another good memory had bubbled up from Urs's memory, he'd smiled a little and Sebastien had gone to punch him. Luckily Carlos had stepped between them and told him to back off. Something had registered in the deepest recesses of Sebastien's mind and he'd done as instructed. With two men and two strong women angry with him, he really hadn't had much choice but to step back and think about the way he was behaving.

The sound of loud sobbing coming from the lounge snapped Urs out of the memory and he gave Carlos a quick smile. Knowing what was happening, both men remained seated but kept their eyes focused on the door. Hours seem to pass and their pain became more intense as they listened to Sebastien mourn their brother's death. Two brothers waited and waited and waited in silence for one to come to them and apologise for how he'd reacted. Urs checked the time after a few moments and sighed heavily once he'd calculated that he'd had his eyes open for almost an hour and Sebastien was still crying. He looked at Carlos who simply raised an eyebrow and gave him a quick shrug before shaking his head. Those few simple moves letting Urs know that he needed to be patient and that the Spaniard was prepared to remain there all day for Sebastien to come into the kitchen if necessary. Urs nodded, pushed himself away from the table and went to pour himself and Carlos another coffee.
As he set the mugs down, silence fell in the lounge and Sebastien was standing in the doorway, his head lowered than Urs had ever seen it go. He took a few moments to compose himself, dried his face and had just placed one foot forward when the front slammed shut. Even Urs knew who'd just come back in and a few seconds later a still furious Emma squeezed passed Sebastien.
"Emma, I'm........"
"Don't Seb! Don't you dare apologise to me right now." Emma yelled once she'd whipped around to face him. "There's someone more deserving of your apology right now. So I suggest you get your butt down there and do it before she leaves for the funeral home. Don't even bother asking me to go with you either, because right now all I want to do is slap you back to your senses." She finished, pointing in the general direction of the main house.
Sebastien nodded, opened his mouth to say something then promptly disappeared. Emma breathed deep, wiped her eyes while pouring coffee at the same time then joined Urs and Carlos at the coffee table.
"I'm sorry guys. I'm just too mad at him right now to give him any kind of support. Maybe I'm wrong for doing that but........"
"You handle it your way Emma. How is......are they all?" Urs asked gently.
"Nobody had even thought about breakfast by the time I got down there. They didn't eat much of what I made for them, Lauren least of all. She's been awake since four this morning, trying to decide what clothes.......David should be......"
"Is okay. You don't have to say it, Emma. Is not an easy decision to make when such things are happening."
"No it's not, Carlos. Thanks for that."
"De nada."
"Franky still down at the stables?"
"Yeah, Urs. Said she'd be up once she'd finished talking to Jefferson. Don't ask me what about though. I was more interested in sorting Seb out than hearing what they were talking about."
Silence reigned in the room for a few minutes and when the front door closed again, it did so much quieter than it had when Emma had entered. Franky came into the kitchen a few moments later and gave Emma a hug before accepting the coffee Urs had poured for her. She took a few deep breaths, ran both hands down her tired looking and tear-streaked face then asked where Sebastien was. Carlos told her that he'd finally accepted what had happened just before Emma came back and that she'd ordered him to go and make the first and most important of the many apologies he owed.
"Don't look at me like that, Franky. I still want to dump him on his keister for everything he said yesterday." Emma hissed quietly when she saw the quick smile and raised eyebrows Franky shot her.
"I know. I'm sorry, Emma. I just.......I don't know. For once in my life, I don't know what to do or say or.......I didn't even feel like this when my parents died. I feel like you did, honey..........after Merle......"
Realising what Franky was saying and what she needed, Urs moved his chair a little closer to the one she'd sat down on and quickly wrapped his arms around her. She buried her face his chest and cried for the next few minutes while Urs closed his eyes once he'd gently rested his chin on top of her head. He had no idea how long they stayed like that and didn't care that they were being watched this time. He'd grown used to showing everyone that he really loved Franky over the years and didn't feel the least bit embarrased about doing so in front of Carlos and Emma.
They seperated just as the front door opened and closed again. Sebastien reappeared a few seconds later, rubbing the left side of his face. It was all too clear that someone had slapped him, but he refused to say who had done so when asked. The only thing he did say in that regard was that it hadn't been Lauren and he'd deserved it anyway.
"I am sorry for what I implied last night, Carlos and for threatening to punch you, Urs. If I've learned anything over the past few years, it's that everyone deals with death differently. I had no right to tell you you were wrong for remembering something good and I shouldn't have called you a cold-hearted, unfeeling, insensitive bastard, Urs." Sebastien paused as Urs and Carlos stood and moved to accept his apology with a very tight brotherly hug. "Ever since Emma told me what happened, I have been trying to do the same as you, Urs. Some memories have come back crystal clear, others haven't and those that haven't were the ones I wanted recall most of all. The one that keeps repeating itself over and over and over again has nothing to do with us performing together. It's of the last time Emma and I were here and didn't involve the girls. David and I had just finished watching 'The Birds' on the HoloDect and decided a ride would be refreshing. We weren't out long when he pulls his horse up, turns him round and just sits there with that grin on his face. He laughed for ages then reminded me of how nervous he'd been about fulfilling his parents's dreams. Lauren had kicked his butt really hard for having those doubts and he laughed again. Then he turned to me and said 'You know something, Seb? If I were to die tomorrow, I would leave knowing that I was loved more than I ever thought I would be. Happy in the knowledge I gave my best in all regards and that my efforts were appreciated by all those that love me. There's nothing more I could want than to leave this world, knowing those three things.' We rode back and once we were back in the house, he picked Lauren up, twirled her round then went and scooped a huge portion of icing from the bowl Lauren had been working from. Even though she'd seen him do the same thing so many times, Lauren laughed and didn't stop until long after she'd finished decorating the cake."
Swallowing hard, everyone at the table nodded and wiped their faces, knowing that Sebastien and Emma had dropped by to see Lauren and David just ten days ago. They'd been in the area anyway, due to the fact Marie was in the middle of going round every branch of 'Ramone's', making sure that everything was being kept up to her standards and dealing with whatever problems arose. She'd had something huge to sort out in the Denver branch and had suggested her parents go pay a visit because she knew it would take her ages to figure out how much stock was missing and who may be responsible for stealing. It had taken her hours to figure that out and she'd turned up at the Miller home just after nine o'clock, looking tired and emotional. Once she'd had something to eat, she'd informed Noah, Sebastien and Emma that she'd been successful with her detective work and had already begun the search for a new Sommelier. Sebastien, Emma, Marie, Noah and their children had spent the night in the house, at David's insistance and had left early next morning in order arrive in Montreal on time.
"What was wrong with Jefferson, Franky?" Sebastien asked, the fingers of his left hand linked through those of Emma's right hand. "Other than what should be wrong with him of course?"
"Nothing much. He just wants to do something at the funeral. Wasn't quite sure he's got the cajo.......he's going to be able to do it." Franky replied with a secretive smile on her face.
"And he doesn't want anyone to know? Right?"
"Yes, honey. I promised him I wouldn't tell before he even told me."
Knowing that Franky would not break that confidence, the five of them settled down to eating lunch once Sebastien had apologised to Emma and the two of them had prepared it. They knew Lauren, her children and grandchildren had more than enough support already, since Summer and Katelyn and their families had turned up at the house just after they'd all left their beds. They recounted a few happy memories of David while they ate and giggled quite a bit. Lauren made her way into the lodge almost two hours later, told them of the arrangements she'd made and smiled a little when she revealed that she'd found something amongst David's things and had put it with the navy blue suit he would be buried in.
"You remember that 'Superman' belt, I bought him years ago?"
"Uh-huh! I thought you'd thrown it out because it broke and the buckle was tarnished."
"I did, Franky. David fished it out of the bin and had it fixed. The buckle's all banged up and dull, but that didn't matter to him. He loved that belt and had the leather replaced three times. It's only right I send him back to his parents to wait for me wearing it, don't you think?"
Everyone nodded in agreement with smiles on their faces and gave Lauren another tight hug before they would allow her to leave. Sebastien and Emma doing so the tightest of all. Once Lauren had returned to the main house they decided to head for the hotels where their families were staying. Urs and Franky saw many sad faces as they made their way into the one where their children and grandchildren were staying. All three families came together a little later in the evening and chatted until the early hours of the morning.
Though David's funeral would prove to be much bigger than Barbara-Jean's had been, it went off with out a hitch. The coffin barely visible under the mass of flowers that had been placed on top and around it. Halfway through the service, Jefferson stood and moved to stand beside the coffin once Puchy had given his hand a squeeze. Lauren looked at him in confusion until she heard a soundtrack begin to play and everyone else began to cry as they listened to Jefferson sing 'There You'll Be' perfectly, despite the fact tears streamed down his face. The song he'd selected to express how much he and the rest of the Miller family appreciated the man who'd encouraged them through their doubts, fears and tough times.
"Any idea what I'm going to miss most about David, honey?" Franky asked once they'd stood behind several other people to pay their final respects at the graveside, had been to the wake and were snuggled up together in one of the lodge's beds..
"Sorry, angel. I was just thinking. Lauren must have been really upset that he couldn't be buried near his parents."
"She was until Reegan reminded her that they're on the very end of a row and that there were no spaces nearby. At least they're not right on the other side."
"Hmmn. So, what are you going to miss most about him?"
"What he's done every Halloween since we had the 'VidCom' installed. Every year something different and your reaction........absolutely hysterical. Especially the first time he did it and you screamed like a girl."
"I did not scream like a girl." Urs fibbed, recalling that David had called on that night, had scared the living daylights out of Urs by appearing on the otherwise screen wearing a very lifelike full silver Werewolf mask and had almost fallen of his chair because he'd laughed so hard after hearing Urs's quick, high pitched scream.
"Did too."
"So did not."
"So did."
They settled down to sleep a few moments later and Urs began to drift off, thankful of two things. That Franky had persuaded him to have the 'VidCom' installed in the house in the first place and that David had ocassionally acted like a silly teenager rather than a man in his late seventies whenever they talked. The last words he heard before he closed his eyes and kept them that way, didn't come from Franky or himself. They found their way to his ears through the wall that seperated them from Emma and Sebastien.
"Ah Oui. He got me every time. Especially the first time he did it. That Werewolf mask was scary. I have never heard him laugh that hard. Bonne nuit, mon amour. Bonne nuit."
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Chapter 214 - Good Samaritans
Even though just over seven weeks had passed since they'd returned from Denver, it still felt strange to listen to Franky speaking to Lauren without being able to hear David teasing or laughing in the background. Almost every time the two women talked he would say or do something to make Lauren giggle or shout his name in the slightly higher pitch she used to let him know he'd embarrassed her. Urs smiled quickly, recalling how red Lauren's face had been on several occasions when he'd walked in to find Franky on the VidCom. Not once had Franky revealed exactly what David had said to make his wife blush so profusely, she'd always answered his query with a couple of quick coughs and raised eyebrows. The little things she did to let him know it had been a rather risque comment or suggestion.
Truth be told, Urs had expected Lauren to fall apart after losing David. Of all the Divo women, she always had been the one who was easily upset and the one who tended to withdraw into herself if she was attacked. However, her children and in-laws had picked up on that trait and were giving her fantastic support. Still, there were times when it was all too clear that she'd been crying and Urs heard her say that she still expected David to walk through the kitchen door around six thirty, dirty, hungry and grinning as he headed upstairs to his pre-dinner shower.
"Are you out of your mind? Have you seen how long this traffic jam is?" Urs replied in response to Franky's sudden request to pull the car over, craning his neck to see what had caused the backlog.
"Of course I have. But there's a young woman walking down the pavement who looks like she's in need of some help and everyone is ignoring her." Franky hissed back.
Urs whipped his head around to see what she was looking at and nodded when he saw a young woman walking down the pavement, bending forward slightly and holding her right side. Having an inkling what might be wrong with her and knowing what could happen if that was the problem, he flipped the indicator, moved over to the left and stopped just a few feet in front of her once he'd bumped the car over the kerbstone. He pressed a button on the dashboard to warn the drivers behind him then carefully slipped out of the car.
"Jackass!" He hissed after hearing a car horn blare as he made his way round the front of his vehicle and trotted to catch up with Franky.
"Please stop!" Franky asked, her hands resting gently on the young woman's shoulders, stopping her forward momentum.
"I said......Get off me you old bat!"
"Look! I can see your in pain and I'm only trying to help you."
"How........Urgh!.........How can you help me?" The woman asked, her eyes wide and blowing out a long breath as the wave of pain passed.
"Oh you'd be surprised how she can help." Urs interjected, his arm around Franky's waist and smiling.
"Honey, just go and call an ambulane please."
"Oh right." Urs grimaced, listening to the young woman shout that she didn't need an ambulance while calling the emergency services.
"It's probably just a stitch. I have run a little farther than I normally doooooooo!"
"And it could also be something else. Something serious." Franky replied, nodding her head slowly as the young woman rode another wave of pain.
"Don't even think of appendicitis. I had my appendix removed when I was seeeeeeeeeeee.........ven."
"No chance you're pregnant?"
"No. Haven't had a boyfriend in two months and I'm still.......well you know. Besides, do I look pregnant?" The woman asked, nodding down to her perfectly flat stomach.
"No, but......."
"Don't start with those stories about some women not knowing. My mum says it's just what some women say to get their fifteen minutes of fame."
"Oh! Okay! At least come and sit in the car until the ambulance arrives." Franky insisted, moving her arms around the young woman and guiding her towards the back door on the safe side. "What's your name?"
"Jamie. Jamie Robin........What the hell?"
Having watched was happening between the two women while talking to the emergency service operator, Urs looked down to the pavement and gulped when he saw a huge puddle of water on the otherwise dry pavement. Even though he was positive Franky was on the right track once he'd looked at her face, he kept his mouth shut. He could remember talking to Stephen and Carla about Harry's unexpected arrival and how the four of them had giggled when Carla remembered grabbing hold of the paramedic and yelling that she wasn't pregnant with his nose a couple of millimetres from her own. Ten minutes later Harry had been placed in her arms. Somehow local press had found out and the story had been the headline the next day. There was no doubt about it in Urs's mind or Franky's, Jamie hadn't wet herself as she thought she had, her waters had broken.
"God! How could that have happened? I'm so emb........arrassed." Jamie exclaimed with her hands covering her face once she'd gotten over the shock of seeing the puddle herself.
Knowing that they had to keep her calm and hearing sirens in the distance, but not sure if the ambulance was on its way to them, Urs and Franky helped Jamie make herself comfortable in the back seat between contractions. Franky slipped in beside her and placed a comforting arm around her shoulders while asking if Jamie wanted her to contact her mother.
"Can't......Oooooooh!..........She's in..........New Zealand..........visiting her sister. There's only me and her."
Franky nodded then looked at Urs. For a second or so he thought about getting back behind the wheel, but one look at the number of cars on the road told him that was a bad idea. Even though he didn't want the interior of the new Audi stained, he wasn't about to tell Jamie to get out. He wouldn't have got one word of that request out anyway, Franky would have been on him in a heartbeat. Instead he decided to remain where he was and keep an eye for the ambulance.
He began to pace and continually checked his watch between craning his neck down the road and listening to the moans coming from the back of his car. After a few minutes, he noticed that traffic had begun to move again and breathed out a sigh of relief, even though there was no sign of the ambulance. He could hear Jamie's moans coming quicker and quicker and sent a quick prayer heavenward. He glanced back to the car, smiled then shrugged when he caught the headshake Franky gave him. Four minutes later, he saw flashing lights and heard sirens again. This time they appeared to be heading their way, though on the opposite side of the road.
He looked back to the queue of slow moving traffic and hissed an extreme expletive when he saw a young driver move forward, blocking the ambulance from turning right. Luckily the cars in front continued to move, those behind stopped and allowed the ambulance to manouver so that it pulled up just in front of Urs's car.
The paramedics were soon talking to Franky and the still in denial Jamie, though one looked very sceptical as he headed back to the ambulance to retrieve a stretcher.
"Don't look so doubtful, Sam." Urs heard the older man instructing as he helped Jamie ease herself out of the car.
"I am not having a baby." Jamie yelled for the upteenth time, grabbing hold of the middle aged man and angrily yanking his face close to hers once she'd sat down on the stretcher.
"I guess we'll see about that in a moment." The calm looking man replied, gently removing her vice like grip from his t-shirt.
Jamie continued to protest through a very strong contraction while Sam and his partner covered her over with a blanket. Just as they began to push her towards the ambulance, her eyes flew wide and she looked very embarrassed once again. It took a her moment to compose herself enough to tell Channing what was wrong and he smirked a little once she'd replied that she felt like she wanted to go to the bathroom for a number two.
"I'm just going to have a feel down there, okay?"
"Out here?!"
"Don't worry. Nobody's going to see anything." Channing replied, slipping his hand under the blanket while Jamie closed her eyes and covered her face. "Jamie.....You are most definitely having a baby. You're ten centimetres dilated already, I can feel the head. We have to get you into the ambulance, but I don't think we'll be going anywhere straight away. Trust me sweetheart, I know what I'm doing and I've been in this very position before."
Jamie nodded that she understood what Channing was saying then glanced at Franky, who'd been holding her right hand throughout the whole ordeal. Franky looked at Urs, he checked his watch and nodded once he'd realised they were very late now anyway. A few more minutes wouldn't make any difference and a new life coming into the world was much more important than hopefully adding another property to what they already owned.
Urs watched Franky disappear into the back of the ambulance then settled himself back in their vehicle. Traffic continued to flow passed him, the various modes of transport slowly reducing in number. Bored with the radio station they had been listening to, Urs tuned the stereo to another station and grinned when he heard an 'Il Divo' song coming to an end. The smile didn't last for long due to what he heard coming over the airways next.
"Il Divo. Like there's anyone around who remembers them. Now it's time for the news."
"Asshole!" Urs grumbled, knowing that there were plenty of people who remembered who 'Il Divo' were. Sales of everything they'd ever released on DVD proved that and everyone loved the fact they could watch them move around the stage in four dimensions rather than two. "You'll get yours." He huffed at the radio, knowing that someone was bound to phone in and give the DJ hell.
He checked the time again, quickly calculated that Franky had been in the back of the ambulance for almost twenty minutes now then listened to the news. His eyes when he heard the final story and what had caused the tailback of traffic. A lorry driver had lost control of his vehicle, somehow the lorry had toppled over and spilled its load of fish all over the carriageway. Luckily no-one had been seriously hurt but due to some impatient drivers, several minor accidents had occurred.
He didn't really pay much attention to the radio after that, not until the DJ decided to answer a few phone calls anyway. He was certainly getting his all right. Several people had called in to berate him for what he'd said, some voices sounding old, others much, much younger. Urs chuckled as Franky's mobile began to ring. He ignored it and allowed it to go to voicemail then answered it when it went of again. Normally he wouldn't have done that, but he suddenly remembered that Kenny and Portia's divorce hearing was today and Gabriel had promised to call as soon as it was over.
Urs listened carefully to what Gabriel had to say and promised he would tell Franky just before the call was ended. He looked to the back of the ambulance again and smiled when he saw Franky being assisted out of the back door. She was soon sitting in the passenger seat with a huge smile on her face and looking a lot more relaxed than she had while dealing with Jamie.
"Everything all right honey?"
"Ja, Gabe called. All of Portia's demands were denied. She gets what was set out in the pre-nup and nothing more. Wasn't happy, especially because it means she can't afford to keep paying for that house she's been living in since Kenny kicked her out. Even asked the judge what she was supposed to do now. Apparently her face was a picture when the judge suggested she get a job if she was that worried about having to find somewhere cheaper. As for Jack..........Kenny's been given permanent custody of him and no, Portia didn't change her mind and ask for visitation rights."
"Selfish witch!" Franky huffed, her eyes narrowed and head shaking for several minutes.
"So, what did she have?" Urs asked, waiting patiently for the ambulance to drive away before easing back into traffic.
"Well she didn't have A baby." Franky replied.
"Channing got it wrong then? It wasn't a head he felt."
"Oh my God, Urs!"
Urs looked at her for a moment and couldn't understand why she'd suddenly broken down into hysterical laughter. Then the way she'd said 'A baby' registered and he felt his eyes fly wide.
"Yeah, twins. Two precious little girls."
"What's she calling them?"
"I don't know. I don't think she's even thinking about that right now. She's still in shock that they're even here. Even I was stunned when Channing said there was another one on the way five minutes after the first one had arrived. You saw her, there was definitely no sign of a bump."
"Nein, unlike Puchy. She looks big already and she's only four months gone." Urs nodded. "Guess we should turn round and head home since we're bound to have missed the auction lot we were after."
"Yeah, sorry honey."
"Franky! Shut up! There'll be other properties we like the look of."
"I know, but you really liked that one."
"Ja. I did. But I don't want to hear anymore about it. One more word on the subject and I will find somewhere secluded and shut you up my way." Urs threatened, giving Franky a quick, flirty smile, knowing that they'd only had the car for two days and hadn't 'christened' it yet.
"Are you threatening me Urs Buhler?"
"Damn right I am."
Franky broke down into another fit of the giggles after that, her head shaking all the time and her face flushing bright red. Urs knew why she shook her head and did the same with his own. His eyes flew wide again as he steered the car around a roundabout and recognised the car in front. It was the one he'd traded in a few weeks ago and the driver was obviously taking as good care of it as he had. Urs wasn't bothered about that, his brain was too busy remembering all the times he'd carried out the threat he'd just made to Franky in the four years he'd owned it.
With the Cheshire Cat grin on his face, Urs continued to drive until the car was in the garage and the door was closed. Even though he knew Franky thought they were too old to get up to such things, Urs carried out the threat and the two of them re-entered the house looking much more dishevelled than when they'd left and the car's windows were completely steamed up. Franky was still red faced as they crossed the threshold into the kitchen and she set about making coffee for the two of them. She'd barely filled the coffee maker when the 'VidCom' went off. She answered quickly, smiled when she saw a member of the auction staff and quickly brought Urs into the conversation.
Urs grinned when he heard that the house they'd been interested in hadn't reached its reserve price then looked a bit stunned once he'd remembered how many other people had shown an interest in it. Most of them following himself and Franky around the property and whispering in corners. It didn't take him long to figure out what might have happened and shook his head. It didn't take much to realise that some of those people hadn't been interested in the three bedroomed property after all. They'd recognised both him and Franky, thought she was thinking about spending his hard earned money again and had more than likely turned up at the auction in an attempt to stop her. It wouldn't be the first time such a thing had happened. This time though, he hadn't had to endure being pushed to the maximum limit he and Franky had set each time they decided to try and buy a property, but that wasn't the best thing. The best thing was that he hadn't had to walk out of an auction room and see some woman give Franky as self-satisfied smirk or look at him as if he should be thanking them for saving him money.
Once they'd confirmed that they were still interested, they made arrangements to purchase what would be their final restoration project and giggled once they'd ended the call. They giggled because they knew how far they'd been prepared to go above the reserve price and what they did with the rents they received them. Just like they had with their own children, they'd set up trust funds for each of their grandchildren and most of the money went directly into those accounts. They kept enough in the only joint account they had to pay for maintenance or repairs on those buildings and never touched it otherwise.
They were still giggling as they settled down in the lounge to eat lunch and watch television for a while. They fell asleep at some point in the afternoon, but awoke in plenty of time to get ready for Maria's birthday celebration. Never one to attempt to outshine a bride or the person who was actually celebrating, Franky came downstairs to him wearing the lilac one she'd planned to wear for dinner at Brandie's. Urs kissed her hard and a few moments later they were travelling passed the scene of the morning's drama. Hand-in-hand, they walked into 'Guido's' and both received several admiring looks as they were led to the table. However, Urs paused at one and told Franky he would be there in a minute. She shrugged then continued her journey without him while Urs leaned into the ear of the woman he'd heard beginning to brag to her friends.
"I'd stop your story now if I were you." He whispered quiet enough that only she could hear.
"Why should I? What do you know about it anyway?" She asked, turning her face to meet his.
"Everything. And I do mean everything. I was there at that location, for a long time." He replied, with a quick smile and slightly raised eyebrows.
"Oh!" The woman nodded, swallowing hard and nodding her head before turning her attention back to her stunned looking friends. "Erm.......I don't know what happened. Someone else got there before me?"
"Well that wasn't as exciting as you made it sound on the way here. I'm not bothered about that though, what did Urs say to you? Did he ask for your number?"
"He wouldn't have got it if he did. I've been happily married to Mick for almost twenty years and you know that I don't cheat, Cilla. Besides, if Urs had wanted you to hear what he said to me, he would have said it loud enough for you all to hear, wouldn't he? Now let's just finish my birthday celebration, I want to be home by the time Mick gets back."
Whatever was said between group of six women after that, Urs didn't know because he'd walked too far away to be able to pick up the loud conversation. He shook his head at the man who offered an apology after their shoulders had made a brief contact and noticed that his female companion was in distress. Although he couldn't be positive, Urs thought he recognised the woman as one of those who'd looked at his and Franky's most recent acquisition and who'd whispered to her friend. He turned his hea over his shoulder after a few more strides and felt his eyes widen when he saw that the man had scooped the woman into his arms.
Once he'd reached the group he was supposed to be with, he gave Franky a quick kiss on the cheek as he sat down then quietly explained to her why he'd stopped at that particular table. She smiled briefly, nodded her thanks then flicked her head and tutted.
"Mark my words, she'd have been made to look a fool in a few days. You know the story is bound to make headline news. Particularly since it's twins." Urs replied, knowing that she'd thanked him for his support and silently told him off at the same time. That little saying of hers continuing to run around his head until he shook it away. 'What we know to be the truth is all that matters.' "Something wrong, angel?" He asked, watching her quickly knock a tear from her left eye.
"You know I don't normally eavesdrop on other people's conversations, but that woman that was just carried out of here in her husband's arms did get pretty loud and it was hard to ignore their conversation. She has.......has been trying to ignore the fact she has.......was diagnosed with......breast cancer two weeks ago. She's only just agreed to start treatment, she's been putting it off because she doesn't want their children to see her like that. Even though they've seen it before, her mother died of the same thing." Franky replied once she'd turned to face him and speaking so that none of the other people around the table could hear.
Knowing that she always got a little upset about hearing or reading such things, Urs squeezed the hand he'd been holding underneath the table ever since he'd sat down and listened to her cough and sniff until she'd composed herself.
"Everything all right, Mami?" Kurt asked once he'd stopped talking to Maria long enough to notice that his parents were holding their own, seperate conversation.
"Fine." Franky smiled in reply, her head nodding rapidly before turning her attention to the menu that had been placed in her hands.
The rest of the night passed in haze of food, non-alcoholic drink and fun conversation. Maria blushed as the meal was brought to an end with a single tiered, red and black iced birthday cake. She walked out of her favourite restaurant smiling broadly, telling everyone that she'd had a wonderful day before she'd even arrived and that Kurt and Gino had spoiled her rotten as usual. She hugged and kissed everyone in the traditional Italian manner then finally settled herself beside a fidgetting Kurt. Gino sat in the back, eyes closed and listening to whatever was pounding away in his ears as Kurt started the car and slowly eased it out of the crowded car park.
Once they arrived home, Urs and Franky did what they'd almost always done before drifting off to sleep and relived the events of the day, wrapped in each others's arms.
Almost a week later, Urs would be proved wrong with regard to what happened at the beginning of that day, partially anyway. As expected Jamie Robinson's story did make the news and she still looked a little stunned in the pictures, as did her teary-eyed mother. She'd named her daughters Eloise and Simone and was thinking of taking their father back. However, when asked who her 'Good Samaritan' was, she replied that she didn't know, she hadn't paid any attention to what she looked like or even asked her name. The only thing she had done was 'listen to the cool, calm and collected voice telling her that she could give birth naturally'.
Urs looked at Franky as he finished reading the article and thought about trying to persuade her to visit Jamie. That thought quickly disappeared because he knew he would never be able to do that and that the gratitude Jamie and her mother, Niamh, had expressed in the article was more than enough to satisfy Franky.
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Chapter 215 – Somebody To Lean On
"And just where do you think you're going?" Urs heard Franky questioning just as he reached the door to the kitchen.
"To get you a coffee, you've had a long journey."
"Sit!" Franky ordered sternly, pointing towards the couch, her eyes widening when Urs failed to move. "Bad enough you were at the airport to welcome me home, I'm not about to have you wait on me hand and foot, especially since you're still not completely better."
Knowing that she was right, Urs moved to sit down and coughed a little as he did so. At least the chest infection that had prevented him from flying out to New Zealand with Franky had almost cleared up now. He still felt tired due to spending so much time coughing, but Ciara and Simeon had kept the promise they'd made to Franky by taking very good care of him. Urs and Simeon had even laughed at one point when discussing the fact that Ciara was so much like her mother when it came to someone being ill. The take charge, cope and don't take any nonsense attitude had certainly been passed on from mother to daughter.
Urs watched Franky make her way into the kitchen and raised his eyebrows slightly as he recalled her thinking about not attending Ria's funeral. As soon as she'd known Urs's cough was actually being caused by a mild chest infection, she began calling Frank and Carina to let them know she wouldn't be going with them and Carlos after all. Urs had stopped her and refused to listen to her protests. Somehow, Gott alone knew how, but somehow, he'd won that particular argument and had waved her off at the front door three days ago. Ja, he'd missed her terribly, but those days had passed quickly. Mostly due to the fact he slept through most of them.
She'd kept in touch via the VidCom and had looked very tired on the day of the funeral, having spent the previous evening recounting some of her favourite stories to Ria's sons and listening to them do the same. No-one had gone to bed until almost three in the morning that particular night. Once that call had ended, Carlos had rung him, just to say thank you for making Franky go, especially since Carina had found Ria's passing more unbearable than she thought she would, had almost collapsed in the church and had only remained upright due to the fact Frank and Franky had been holding her. Urs grunted a quick laugh, knowing that Carina always referred to Ria as her 'big sister' rather than her nanny as she grew up and hadn't stopped once Ria had left Carlos's employ.
As he watched Franky make her way back into the lounge, Urs let out a long sigh as he recalled what had happened at the airport just over an hour ago. Some woman he couldn't recall ever meeting had approached him in the arrivals waiting area and had insisted on showing a short home movie. She'd had a sparkle in her eyes while he briefly watched Franky stroll arm-in-arm with Richard before the two of them embraced each other tightly and Franky gave Richard a kiss on the cheek.
Of course, said woman thought she'd captured something that would make Urs furious. However, he'd known exactly what Franky had been doing. Ever since Ria had passed away, Richard had refused to leave the confines of the house and Franky had been the only one who'd managed to get him to set foot outside. Urs had heard all about it from Ria and Richard's son, Benjamin and he'd a picked up how relieved the young man had sounded while he spoke. Knowing what spin the woman was trying to put on the images, Urs had simply smiled, shook his head then turned his attention back to the doorway and smiled lovingly when he saw Franky heading towards him.
Of course, he'd told Franky all about the woman once they'd seperated from a long, tight hug, had given each other a brief kiss and she’d told him off for coming to pick her up. Franky had smirked and glanced at the woman who'd glared at her as they started to move towards the exit. However, she'd almost lost her temper when the woman had called Urs a 'dumbschmuk' as they passed her. Luckily, she hadn't. She simply done what she'd always done in similar circumstances. She'd taken a deep breath, let it out slowly with a smile on her face while looking at Urs and held her head up high while Urs squeezed her hand.
"Still can't believe she's gone, can you?" Urs asked as Franky took a seat next to him.
"No. I swear, if we have to attend one more funeral..........Urgh!"
"Well, we are at that age when all you seem to do is attend......."
"I know, I know." Franky huffed as she cut him off. "I'm sorry, honey. I'm just tired and.........a little depressed I guess."
"There's no need to apologise, dummyhead." Urs replied, giving Franky a quick nudge before wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her close. "It's only natural."
Urs heard Franky sniff and held her a little bit tighter. He knew she was finding the fact so many of their friends had passed away recently hard to deal with. Truth be told, even he couldn't believe they'd been there to see Lars, Brandie, Eva and Blair's wife, Lucy, laid to rest. Including David and Ria's funerals, that made six loved ones they'd lost in less than six months. Urs shook his head and let out a long sigh as he recalled that they just seemed to be getting over the loss of one friend, then the VidCom would go off and the sad news had been passed on by a relative or associate.
A brief smile crossed his face when he remembered the call they'd received from Eva's lawyers and Franky's stunned reaction to being told she'd been left 'Cleave House' as well as enough money to keep it running. Rarely did the 'Stunned Goldfish' look find its way onto Franky's face, but it had that day and it hadn't really disappeared as they settled down to sleep that night. Franky had vocalised her doubts about taking over 'Cleave House' the following morning, during breakfast. However, those doubts had soon disappeared when she'd seen the headshake and eyeroll he gave her. Now here he sat, proud of how quickly she'd stepped into Eva's shoes and that she was now in control of the idea she'd come up with in the first place. To his way of thinking, Franky should have accepted the offer Eva had made all those years ago but they hadn’t ever argued about the fact Franky had refused to take a major role in the running of the place that so many families had said they would be eternally thankful for.
Urs let out another long sigh while he tried to think of something that might cheer her up. It didn't take him long and he was soon talking again.
"Hey! Do you remember what Ria did after BJ threatened to send her on her date with Richard in MooMoo?"
"Oh my God!" Franky replied after a few minutes thought. "How could I have forgotten that, especially since the look you, Seb, David and Carlos had on your faces when you all saw the pictures was absolutely priceless. She really got her own back with that one."
Urs giggled as he nodded. Never in his life had expected to see Franky wearing such an unflattering piece of clothing as a MooMoo, but a few days after Ria and Richard's first official date, that's exactly what he'd seen. He, Sebastien, Carlos and David had walked into the green room to find the five women in a fit of hysterics while passing photographs around. They'd all known Ria had planned for them to do something together that afternoon, just hadn't asked her what. Urs knew his eyes had flown wide and his mouth had gaped as soon as he'd seen the over-sized, bright orange affair Franky had been pictured wearing. How long that look had been pasted on his features, Urs couldn't recall. The only thing he could remember about that little incident was the fact the women had laughed even harder once they'd looked at their respective other halves. Lauren worst of all. So much so, that she'd had to make a mad rush to bathroom and had only just made it. Never in all their time together, had Urs heard the girls laughing so hard. Gott alone knew how they'd managed to compose themselves enough to sit on the front row and listen to the concert without laughing about their adventure, but somehow they had.
As good as that memory was, Urs really wanted to know if Franky had really slept peacefully while she’d been away from him. He knew he had while she’d been gone, mostly due to the medication he’d been given and the fact Ciara had stood over him until she was absolutely sure he’d swallowed the pill. But he knew Franky didn’t sleep well if he wasn’t beside her. How many times he’d heard her say that she hadn’t drifted off until the early hours of the morning while he’d been touring, he couldn’t remember. The only thing he was sure of in that regard was that it was a lot. He was just about to ask her how she’d coped when they both heard the back door slam shut. Ciara and Simeon entered the lounge a few seconds later, Ciara looking absolutely furious despite the fact Simeon was trying to calm her down.
“For God’s sake, Cici. Will you let it go?”
“Let it go! Didn’t you hear what that jumped up little……..”
“Of course I did. Every God damned word of it. But she’s wrong. You don’t need her to be successful. You already are. There’s not a day goes by that there aren’t people asking for you to………….” Simeon replied, rolling his eyes backwards.
“I know that. I meant the other bit.”
Suddenly the sound of Franky’s demand for silence filled the room, the couple quickly stopped shouting at each other and turned to look at her. Franky gave them both her questioning look, in turn they looked from her to each other and back again several times before Ciara took a deep breath and began to speak. This time, in a much lower volume than the one she’d used when she came in.
“Sorry, Mami. Just had a bit of a problem at the studio.” Ciara shrugged.
“How so?”
“There I was, in the middle of photographing Orva and her family, having a wonderful time ‘cos little Ace wouldn’t stop sticking his tongue out. Just as he settles down, the door flies open and the next thing I know Caris Harrington is standing in front of me, demanding I stop what I’m doing and go with her. I told her I don’t work that way and once she’d stopped looking at me like I was crazy I told her I would have to check my schedule if she wanted my services. Then the old ‘Don’t you know WHO I am?’ tripped out of her mouth and I thought one of her flunkies was going to drag me out. Somehow things calmed down. Probably due to the fact Caris turns on the charm. Pfft! She tells me what she wants and I reply that I will have to see when I can fit her in. She’s not happy when I tell her I have one day free at the end of next month, but she sees that I have you and Papi booked in a couple of days before and tells me I should cancel your shoot.” Ciara informed, growling and shaking her head before continuing. “Said I should be photographing the world’s most beautiful people not wasting my time photographing an old has been and a never could have been and that I would be much more successful if I did that. I just lost it after hearing that, told her to forget the entire thing, asked her to leave and not bother coming back. I know you wouldn’t have minded me cancelling yet again, but I wasn’t about to do so for someone with that kind of attitude.”
“Okay, but that doesn’t explain why you’re so angry Cici.” Urs stated once he and Franky had exchanged a look, both of them knowing that their youngest daughter liked to photograph them every year around the same time and they’d had to cancel three times already this particular year.
“I know it doesn’t. None of that really bothered me that much. It was what she said as she was leaving that got my temper up.” Ciara huffed, blew out long breath then started laughing. “God I am an idiot. As if Caris would have stood a chance of getting you away from Mami, Papi. Even if she had been around at the same time she wouldn’t have had prayer of doing that. Good looks aren’t the be all and end all of what love is all about. After all, I’ve photographed enough couples where one or other of them wouldn’t have ever made it onto the cover of Vogue, but it was all too clear they were in love. I’m sorry for forgetting that Simeon.”
“Apology accepted. Now let’s go fetch our stuff and get out of here. I have plans for tonight.”
“Simeon!” Ciara grunted a laugh, her eyes flying wide and her face flushing bright red.
“What are you thinking?” Urs heard Franky asking as he watched a giggling Ciara and Simeon head upstairs.
“Oh nothing much. Just that as beautiful as you are on the outside, you’re a million times more beautiful on the inside and wishing there was some way to capture that.”
“Thank you, honey.” Franky replied, kissing him quickly on the lips. “But I think we’ve already captured that part of me pretty well.” She informed, nodding to where they kept all the DVDs they’d recorded over the years.
Urs nodded, knowing that he’d watched a vast majority of them and not once had he seen images of Franky in a really bad mood. Even when she had been upset about something, she’d managed to push her own feelings aside in order for their children and him to have a good time. He could remember some of those recordings being made and how Franky had been once some days had come to an end. Not once had she gone to sleep without telling him what had been bothering her and how she was going to deal with it. Occasions where he’d had to step up and defend her he could probably count on one hand. She was and always had been the complete antithesis of what people assumed her to be. Insecure and needy were two words Urs would never use in relation to the woman he’d once described as too good for him.
“What?” He asked when he heard Franky tutting off to his right.
“You! Standing there thinking I’m too good for you again.”
“How do you know that’s what I was thinking?”
“Well, considering you always have that little cock-eyed smile on your face whenever you’re thinking like that, it’s too hard to put together.”
Urs grunted a quick laugh, kissed her firmly and pulled back just a second or two before Ciara and Simeon came back down. Hugs and thank yous were exchanged, the younger couple were waved off from the back door and Urs was finally able to ask his question.
“Did you really sleep okay while you were away?”
“Of course, honey. I would tell you if I didn’t.” Franky replied, looking Urs directly in the eyes so that he could see she was telling the truth. “Besides, the moment you said I had to go I sorted something out to help me sleep.”
“Don’t tell me you bought sleeping pills, I won’t believe you.”
“No. Something much nicer than that.”
“Like what? One of my t-shirts? I haven’t noticed any of them missing.”
“Really?! I took the black Norton one.”
“Oh! And what else?” Urs asked, noticing that Franky’s features had changed from the confident smile to the smirky smile she wore when she’d done something childish.
Urs sat there for a moment, trying to imagine what else Franky had taken with her. He wracked his brains for what seemed like hours rather than a couple of minutes, watching Franky’s smile grow wider and wider until she began to giggle. Still he had no idea what it was and he shook his head to let her know he was stumped.
Franky chuckled then stood to retrieve her handbag. She returned quickly and placed an old memory stick in his hand. He thought for a little while longer, but still couldn’t think of what she had put on it. Shaking her head in her usual exasperated fashion, Franky retrieved the stick, made for their ancient music system and inserted the stick into the slot once she’d turned the system on.
Within a second, Urs was giggling along with Franky as he listened to his voice reciting a children’s nursery story, doing so with confidence and giving each character a distinctive voice.
“I thought you’d got rid of those years ago.” Urs informed once he and Franky had stopped giggling and she was back in his arms.
“And what did I tell you when you said you wouldn’t mind if I did get rid of them?” Franky asked, her eyes locked with his and her head slightly tilted to the left.
“Erm………Not in your lifetime.”
Franky smiled and nodded then yawned widely. Even though it was still pretty early, the two of them decided to head upstairs once they’d eaten a light meal. As they always had, they talked about the events of the day and drifted off to sleep in their usual position. However, this time they didn’t do so while listening to the sounds of England’s night creatures doing their rounds. No. They did so with smiles on their faces while listening to Urs recite ‘Sleeping Beauty’.
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Chapter 216 - Catching Breaks
'What we know to be the truth is more important that what anyone thinks or says' rattled around his head as Urs walked down the back garden and stepped into the kitchen.
"Dummkopf!" He hissed towards the fence that seperated them from their new neighbours before closing the door and making for the sink.
"Who's a Dummkopf?"
"Her!" Urs replied to Franky's question with a flick of his head towards the neighbouring property and speaking a little more sharply than he'd intended to. "Sorry, angel but half an hour of listening to her go on and on about you is...........Urgh! I swear it's going to take a sledgehammer upside the head to make her and her sister understand this place isn't for sale."
"Oh geeze! She didn't ask you again did she?"
"Not directly, nein." Urs shook his head and turned his attention to washing his hands. "She obviously knew I was out there though. Spoke a lot louder than she normally does, so did that sister of hers."
Franky sighed, shook her head then moved over to where he stood and waited for him to finish up. Once his hands were dry, Urs wrapped his arms around her waist and smiled when he felt her fingers carressing the back of his head to relieve the stress he was feeling. He let out a long sigh after a few moments, pulled her closer and kissed her gently before reluctantly letting her go.
Normally he would have cleaned up after himself, but Franky told him to leave it to her and gently pushed him out of the kitchen with an instruction not to take to long in the shower as they needed to be leaving in just under an hour. Urs thought for a moment, then remembered they were going out tonight.
While he showered, he thought about everything that had happened in the past ten weeks. Just two days after Trinity McCarthy had moved in she'd popped her head over the fence and had asked how much he would accept for his and Franky's home. He'd remained polite, told her it wasn't for sale at any price and returned to what he'd been doing at the time. As he'd begun to retrieve the tools he'd been using, he'd heard her say that she could afford it and that her sister, Khloe, wanted it. Franky had appeared in the garden a few moments after he'd repeated his previous statement and Trinity had promptly disappeared. He'd told her what had been said and they hadn't thought or said any more about it until a week later. Now every time Trinity saw him, he heard the same question and always gave the same reply.
He knew Trinity and Khloe were close. Their parents had said as much while chatting to him and Franky when the young women had looked around the house. Truth be told he'd expected Khloe to move in with Trinity, but that hadn't happened. Trinity had turned up on her own and a few days later she'd begun bugging him about selling up.
He wasn't so bothered about that, he was more bothered about what he'd heard today. Trinity had come out into the garden, with Khloe by her side and had told her sister she hadn't managed to persuade him to sell up yet. Then the older woman had begun belittling Franky by saying that she'd heard there was an entire room in the house dedicated to her and of her achievements, the walls plastered with huge photographs of her. That was far from the truth. The old playroom's walls were adorned with photographs of their children and grandchildren, there was only one big one of Franky. Ciara's picture of her mother in the style of Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.
That picture had been taken almost ten years ago now, but it wasn't his favourite from that particular shoot. He could still recall how he'd pouted and huffed when Franky had flat out refused to have the Marilyn Monroe/Seven Year Itch picture enlarged, never mind hung. He turned off the shower and began to dry himself off, knowing that the album he'd marked 'Legendary' contained more pictures of Franky as various female icons and how red her face always went whenever he pulled it out and looked through it.
With a towel wrapped around his hips, Urs began to shave and recalled another photoshoot Franky had done. That one had taken place shortly after she'd had Kurt and Serena and her face had reddened again once she'd seen the costumes. He chuckled when he recalled the look she'd had on her face when she'd been told there was no costume for 'Venus'. At first she'd shaken her head, but he'd managed to talk her round and. with her hair strategically arranged, his favourite photograph from the 'Goddess' collection had been taken.
"What are you thinking about?"
"Nothing much." Urs replied with a smile once he'd turned his head to see Franky standing in the en-suite doorway, dressed casually but still looking amazing as ever.
"Fibber." Franky replied, her eyes narrowed and head shaking. "I wonder if Gino is nervous?"
"More than likely. He's so much like Kurt. Even though both of them deny it?"
"Hmmn! I hope Maria's remembered that story and has an extra pair of shoes with her."
"Stop worrying about that. Maria knows how he is. I'm sure she remembers that story and is well prepared. Let's just enjoy tonight without worrying if Gino's going to puke or not."
"Okay. Do you think anything will come of tonight?"
"You mean like a recording contract?" Urs asked and watched Franky nod quickly in reply. "I don't see why not. They're pretty good. And I am not jealous."
"Oh you so are. Just a tad, 'cos Gino can really 'rock the house'."
"You forget Frau Buhler, he wouldn't even be in the group if I hadn't persuaded him to attend the audition."
"And made sure he went." Franky nodded and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Now hurry up or we'll be late."
Urs nodded, moved into the bedroom and began dressing. He smiled then giggled when he remembered seeing Gino hunched over his computer, staring at something. Curious he'd looked over his shoulder, read quickly and told his grandson to go for it. In Urs's opinion he was perfect to fill the spot. His singing voice was everything the group appeared to want and he could definitely move around the stage. Two days after Gino had applied, Urs had accompanied him to the audition and had sat at the very back of the auditorium while Gino sang. Three young men had looked at each other before looking at a slightly older man and Gino had been offered a position in 'Rebel Yell' on the spot. He hadn't said a word. He'd simply stood centre stage, nodded his head and smiled before bolting for the wings and throwing up in a firebucket. Now they were all ready for their first public performance and hoping for a good reaction.
A few moments later, Urs was driving towards the venue. Parked up, he took hold of Franky's hand and the two quickly found their way backstage. They found Gino in a dressing room with the other members of the group, their manager and three girls. Two were seated together, talking and laughing. The other sat well away from them, watching Gino like a hawk. Urs looked at Franky then at Gino as he pulled back from hugging his grandmother.
"Oh! Nonna, nonno. I'd like you to meet Nikita, my girlfriend." Gino informed with a huge smile once the girl who'd been seated alone came to stand beside him.
"Nice to meet you." Nikita nodded, once she'd gotten a good look at Franky's engagement ring and she'd stopped staring at it.
"You too." Franky replied, giving Urs a quick look that let him know she knew what Nikita was all about.
Urs greeted the young woman politely, wished the group good luck and gave Gino a quick hug. He and Franky soon found their seats, neither of them caring that they were the oldest people on their row. While they waited for the show to start, Urs looked around the auditorium and quickly spotted a couple of faces he knew. Talent scouts from major record companies. He smiled then turned his attention back to Franky who was busy talking to Maria.
"Maybe you don't like her, Maria, but I'm sure Gino won't let her take advantage of him."
"I hope so. What do you think of her?" Maria asked, shoving a carrier bag underneath her seat and telling Franky she would try and clean them up first.
"I'd rather not say." Franky replied, giving Maria a wry smile.
"Kurt calls her Jamie mark two when they're not at the house. I've told him to stop it 'cos he'll slip up one day. Then I'll have him and Gino arguing." Maria informed with a grimace and a quick shudder as Kurt reached the end of the row they were on.
Franky gave him a look as he sat down next to her and she was soon telling him off. Even though he was probably right so was Maria. She also reminded him that Gino hadn't had a serious girlfriend before and was, therefore, bound to make mistakes. Not everyone found their true love first time around and if Nikita was only with him for what she could get out of him, then Gino would learn a valuable lesson. Kurt looked towards Urs then rolled his eyes when he nodded in agreement with Franky.
The lights went down a few seconds later, the curtain went up to reveal Gino standing at the top of a flight of stairs, singing 'Mony, Mony' and moving his body in time to the music. That song was well received by the audience and the applause seemed to get louder with each successive song, there were a few feminine screams along the way, particular when Gino dropped to his knees near the edge of the stage a the end of one song.
All too soon it seemed that the night was drawing to an end, bassist, Chris announcing they had one more song to perform before they left the stage. Urs listened to the beginning and knew he recognised the title from somewhere. A look to a smile Kurt quickly brought that memory back. Adam Lambert's 'Sure Fire Winners' had been a particular favourite of Kurt's as a youngster and he still sang it now and again. However, he wasn't singing along now. He sat between his mother and his wife, beaming a huge smile while Gino sang and moved around the stage like he owned it.
As the song ended, Urs looked around again and noticed that a vast majority of the audience was on its feet, applauding, whistling, screaming, stomping their feet, demading more. He grinned, knowing that the group didn't have anything else in their repetoire and would not becoming back out. He was proved wrong a few seconds later though. The entire group appeared but only to apologise for the fact there would be no encore, to thank everyone for coming and to wish them a safe journey home.
As the crowd began to leave, Urs and Franky made their way backstage again, congratulated the whole group on a fantastic performance. Urs looked around for Nikita, quickly spotted her standing in the corner of the room with a sulky expression on her face. He sighed, knowing that nothing he could say to Gino would make him see what she was all about, not right now anyway. It was all too new, they'd only been dating for just over two weeks. He'd learned that lesson from trying to talk to Sebastien just after he'd begun dating Jamie. Urs had pegged her for a golddigger as soon as he'd been introduced to her. He and Sebastien had almost come to blows when he'd called her that and he wasn't about to fall out with his grandson for the same reason. No, allowing him to make a mistake and learn from it would lead the young man to the woman who was his soulmate.
"What?!" Gino's yell suddenly rattled around the room and Urs turned to see what was happening. "Are you serious?"
"Very." A man Urs knew as a Syco talent scout informed. "A two album deal, to begin with, if you've got more original songs like those two you performed tonight"
"I-I-I-I've got a few. They need some work though."
"Don't worry about that." Terry shook his head, quickly made an appointment for the group to attend Syco's offices the following day then left.
"Don't look at me. I didn't know he was going be here." Urs denied when he saw the entire group looking at him with astonished expressions.
Gino looked at him intently for a few seconds then turned to his bandmates and told them Urs was telling the truth. Once the excitement had died down and more congratulatory hugs had been given, Urs and Franky left. Both of them doing so with huge smiles on their faces and wondering how far the group was going to go. Whatever came of the recording deal, they were and would always be proud of the young man who'd always thought they're were much better singers out there, waiting for a chance to shine.
"He's certainly got you're energy levels." Urs stated as he paused the car to allow another vehicle to leave the car park. "Gino, I mean."
"I know who you meant, honey. Still think you're a little jealous though."
"Why? Because I didn't have the voice or arrogant attitude to sing that way? Pfft!" Urs replied to Franky's teasing. "Okay, I am. Just a little. Don't you tell him I said that though."
"As if I would."
With both of them giggling, Urs continued to drive home. They both arrived at the back door of their property just in time to hear Trinity shouting at someone though neither of them could make out much of what she said. Knowing that they had to be up early the next morning, they headed upstairs and were soon drifing off to sleep.
They spent the following day on the road, returning to the stables with a pure black mare and staying with 'Catch A Break' until she was settled in to her final home. It was as Urs stopped at the gates he noticed something different about Trinity's property. A 'For Sale' had been erected while they'd been out and a removal lorry was being filled with Trinity's possessions. Where she went and why, they never would find out. That irked Franky for a day or so before she let it go and what made her do so was a call from Gino. The excited young man jumping around on his bed before revealing that Syco producers had listened to some of his work and couldn't wait to hear more. If 'Rebel Yell' didn't turn out to be the success they were hoping for, then they were prepared to offer him a position as a much needed songwriter. Either way, the two of them would still be proud of his achievements.
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Chapter 217 - Care For All
Of all the things he'd done and of all the places he'd ever been with Franky, Urs knew little meant more to her than the yearly Christmas motorbike ride to the local hospice. Early in their relationship, she'd told him all about it and showed him photographs of her first run. Aged seven she'd accompanied her father, though anyone who'd seen the photograph would probably have assumed she didn't want to be there. He sure had when he'd seen her standing between her parents, sulking. Bottom lip protruding, arms folded across her chest and eyes narrowed. She'd giggled after hearing him say that it looked like she didn't want to go then she'd explained why she looked the way did.
Her mother had agreed to her going, but had drawn the line at her riding pillion behind her father. Despite protesting as loudly as she could, huffing, crying and stamping her feet, Serena Gibson had stood firm. Franky either went in Grandpa Hartford's car or she didn't go at all and big Frank had supported his wife completely. Just six motorcycles had made the journey that particular day, but year by year more riders turned up, willing to give up a couple of hours of their time in order to bring the spirit of the season to sick people.
Ever since that first ride, Franky had only been absent from couple. Though when she hadn't been able to make those rides herself, she'd always organised them, making sure that the event was well advertised and answering enquiries that came in promptly. A few celebrities had joined in over the years, with only one using the event to promote himself, insisting on leading the ride rather than riding beside Franky as the others had done. Ever since she'd taken over the event, all the riders had insisted she should be out front, guiding the long line of powerful machines and Urs had always been right there beside her with Gabriel following at a safe distance
Urs could scarcely believe that time of year had rolled around again, it didn't seem as though five minutes had passed since they'd flown out to Denver to attend Karl David Jefferson's baptism. That had taken place on beautiful, sunny day with Karl wearing the same robe his father and aunties had been baptised in. The only thing that had spoiled it slightly was the fact that the chubby little chap had thrown up over Franky's favourite silk blouse. She hadn't made any fuss about it, she'd simply asked Lauren if she had something she could borrow. Every top Lauren possessed had proved to be way too small for Franky and in the end she'd had to borrow a pink t-shirt from Puchy and a bright pink one at that. She'd rolled her eyes as she came back downstairs, then she'd shrugged and had given Urs a quick kiss before returning to what she'd been doing before the mishap.
August had quickly become December and now there they were, standing outside the hospice, holding hands while waiting for well over fifty other riders to park up, dismount and retrieve their gifts from saddlebags. Although she was smiling, Franky wasn't paying Urs the attention she normally did on this occasion. Instead she appeared to be focused on one of the younger riders.
Noticing that the almost thirty year old looked a little shaky as she dismounted, Urs walked with Franky over to where Sharon stood, taking deep breaths with her eyes closed.
"Are you sure you want to do this, Sharon? Everyone will understand if you can't, it's still only a few weeks since.........."
"I'm fine, Franky. Honest. I promised Chris I would do this. Car driver just almost hit my rear end as we turned into the driveway is all." Sharon replied to Franky's query with a quick nod.
Franky nodded, gave Sharon's free right hand a quick squeeze. The two women then embraced for a few seconds and Sharon smiled a little broader as they seperated. Urs gave Sharon a reassuring smile as Franky's fingers relinked with his own and together the threesome turned and began to walk back towards the hospice's main entrance. While they walked, Urs recalled what Franky had told him about Sharon after she'd registered to join the ride.
Although Sharon had been riding motorbikes for almost ten years, she'd never quite had the courage to move up to riding a Harley or something of a similar size. Not until she'd seen Franky on her 'Fire' Harley anyway. Rare though it was for Franky to let anyone ride her bike, she'd done so with Sharon. When he'd first seen her, Urs had thought Sharon was riding without Franky's consent, but a quick glance to the reception entrance to the main branch of 'Franky's' had told him different. Franky had been standing on the threshold with a huge smile on her face, encouraging Sharon to ride around the car park area again. Two more laps had followed before Frank stepped out to let Sharon know her bike was ready.
Once she'd paid for the work that had been done, Sharon had noticed the flyer advertising the previous year's ride. Tears had immediately welled in her eyes and she'd slowly informed Franky that her brother was in the hospice and only had a few months left to live. It had taken Sharon a few moments to compose herself, then she'd gone on to explain how she and Chris had ridden together around most of the world. They'd done all the major cities and had a wonderful time. Then, just as they'd been planning to ride around Thailand again, Chris had become ill. Treatment hadn't worked and he'd asked Sharon to make a couple of promises to him. One being that she had to get a bigger bike, preferably a Harley. The other that she had to do the hospice ride the Christmas after he'd gone. Just six short weeks ago, Chris had lost his fight and now Sharon was keeping those promises and thanking Franky for her support.
A few minutes later everyone was being greeted by the bubbly young woman who'd taken over managing the hospice three years ago. The blond embracing Franky tightly before thanking everyone for coming, telling them which patient they would visiting and a little bit about them.
"Just be aware, Ellen's mother can be a little abrasive, Franky. She' know."
"In denial?"
"No, overprotective. Won't allow her to socialise with the other patients. Anyway, Ellen's in room twenty-six. She's alone right now, her mother's gone for a much needed sleep."
Franky nodded, then she and Urs walked by Tia's side until they were standing outside the appropriate room. Franky pushed the door open and smiled at the twelve year old girl on the bed. Ellen returned the smile, removed her earphones and smiled as she said hello.
"What were you listening to?" Franky asked, taking a seat at Ellen's bedside.
"Mony Mony by 'Rebel Yell'. I love them. The lead singer is gorgeous." Ellen replied, her face reddening a little. "I want to meet him, well all of them really, but my mum says they're far too busy right now. I'd like to see them in concert too, but mum says we can't afford one ticket, never mind two."
Franky nodded then looked at Urs quickly. There was no doubt in his mind that she was already thinking of what she needed to do so that Ellen could meet Gino and the rest of his group. Even if it meant giving up her seat at a concert, he knew she would do all she could to get the twelve year old to the stadium and backstage. It wouldn't bother her in the slightest to watch from backstage. As long as Gino knew she was there and was proud of him, that's all that mattered to either of them. Urs nodded, letting Franky know he would be willing to give up his seat as well if needs be.
"Do you have a favourite song?" Franky asked once her attention was back on Ellen.
"You've heard of them?!"
"Uh-huh! And I think they're pretty good. I think they're going to go a long way."
"So do I." Ellen nodded in agreement, once she'd gotten over the shock of someone Franky's age knowing about 'Rebel Yell'. "'You Are The Wilderness' is my favourite and I like the way Gino growls when he's singing 'Teenage Kicks'. It's sexy."
Urs couldn't help but chuckle. Gino and his friends were currently taking the music world by storm. True, their first album hadn't been the runaway success Il Divo's first release had been, but they had reached number one a couple of weeks later. There didn't seem to be a teenager in the country who wasn't talking about them. For the past couple of months it seemed he and Franky weren't able to go anywhere without hearing the group's name being mentioned or seeing their faces somewhere or other. Urs checked his watch and couldn't help but wonder how rehearsals for the upcoming tour were going.
Putting that particular musing to the back of his mind, Urs turned his attention back to the bed and saw that Ellen was tearing through her gift's wrapping. She'd almost finished when the door opened again and a tall dark haired woman stepped in.
"Out!" She demanded, snatching the gift from Ellen's hands and glaring at Franky. "And take this with you. I won't allow my child to be used like that." She continued tossing the box as Franky headed towards the door, seemingly unable to hear her daughter's protests.
Urs followed after the two women and quickly noticed Ellen's mother was holding Franky's left wrist so tight her hand was a completely different colour to the rest of her arm. In the meantime, Franky was trying her best to wriggle out of the hold, but she wasn't strong enough against a much younger opponent. Urs stepped forward quickly, grabbed Shareen's fingers and pried them off as gently as he could.
"There was no need for that!" He growled loudly at Shareen while glaring at her.
"I don't care what you think. My daughter is sick and needs all the rest she can get. She doesn't need people like you turning up with some cheap trinket just so you can get your faces on the internet. Never mind making promises they can't keep."
"Maybe not, but what she does need is to enjoy whatever time she has left." Franky replied gently, rubbing at her wrist.
"How dare you tell me what my child needs?"
"I'm only repeating what Ellen told me. Is she lying when she tells me you've basically kept her confined in that room since she was brought here?"
"What business is it of y........Hold on a minute." Shareen gasped, staring Franky directly in the eyes and gulping hard. "You're.......Ciara's mum.........aren't you? I recognise you from the picture that hangs in the studio's reception area."
"Yes. I am."
"I'm so sorry. I just........She talks about you all the time, never mentioned you did this sort of thing though. She told me what she went through, but you can't understand what........Oh God! What am I doing to her?" Shareen sniffed, turning to look back into the room where Ellen sat crying. "She's such an outgoing little girl, has so many friends and I'm.........Oh God!" She continued, her body stiffening a little when Franky wrapped her arms around the young woman's shoulders and allowed her to cry.
"Been going through this pretty much on your own haven't you?" Franky asked, offering Shareen a tissue a few moments later.
"Pretty much. Don't have any friends left that's for sure, sort of alienated them when Ellen got sick. If one of their kids so much as sniffed around her, I whipped her away from them and kept her away. God I'm so........stupid."
"Your parents aren't helping?"
"No. They disowned because of the way Ellen was conceived. I wanted a child, just didn't want the man to go with it. Her father's a sperm donor and Ellen's fine with not knowing his name."
"Oh!" Franky nodded, then shook her head slightly and let out a heavy sigh. "So, are you going to let her go to the Christmas party now?"
Shareen closed her eyes, swallowed hard and nodded slowly. She then took the gift, re-entered the room and handed the box over to Ellen. Ellen dried her eyes, hugged her mother tight then returned to opening the gift. Her eyes flew wide when she saw that the box contained the limited edition porcelain doll she'd been wanting ever since she'd been brought to the hospice. It wasn't the most expensive gift Franky had ever given a dying child, but never before had he watched her wipe tears from her eyes while said child expressed his or her thanks.
A few moments later, it was time for everyone to head for the common room and Ellen was soon enjoying herself, joining in with games, singing songs and eating what she could. As per usual, Franky took a seat on the floor and waited until the youngest children were gathered around her before opening the book. Given the amount of times she'd read 'The Night Before Christmas', Urs thought she should know it by heart by now. It didn't bother him either way. Listening to her read with one child in her lap and others close by had always been one of his favourite images to recall. Parents loved it too and were especially thankful that complete strangers had taken a little time out of their lives to bring a few moments of joy to their child's life.
As always, hugs, kisses and thank yous were given to all the riders before each child was returned to its room and it didn't surprise Urs at all when Franky handed Shareen her mobile number with an instruction to call if she needed anything or someone to talk to. All the riders waited until the last child had left then as a group they returned to their machines and rode a mile or so down the road. Franky always pulled over at a certain spot just to make sure everyone wasn't overly distressed. As per usual, Gabriel cried, as did a couple of others. The vast majority had tears in their eyes and took the opportunity of stopping to compose themselves. Most of them doing so by walking away from the rest of the group and taking deep breaths with their eyes closed.
She didn't care how long they had to spend at that spot, never checked the time. She simply waited until everyone felt they could make the ride home safely, usually doing so while wrapped in Urs's embrace and sniffing back her own tears. Sometimes that lasted for mere minutes, others times it could come close to an hour, no-one moved until the last rider had regained their composure.
This year, it was Sharon who took the longest and she needed to wash her face before putting her helmet back on. Luckily, she'd come prepared and her face was still slightly damp as everyone pulled back onto the road. Riders peeled off at certain intervals, each heading for home. However, Sharon had the longest ride and Franky had insisted on escorting her to her driveway. With Urs riding behind the two women, that's exactly what she did.
Just before they started to make for home, Urs turned to Franky and asked her if she thought Sharon would ride with them again next year.
"Of course I do, honey. She is so much stronger than she gives herself credit for."
Urs nodded, dropped his visor and rode the rest of the journey back to house by Franky's side as he always had on this particular day. Shareen called Franky a few of times over the next eight weeks, once to wish her a Happy Christmas, another to let her know that she'd made up with some of her friends and they were being amazingly supportive. The third time she called, Shareen beamed a huge smile while questioning how on earth she'd managed to get 'Rebel Yell' to pay Ellen a visit and sing a few songs for her. The fourth call was the saddest of all but somehow Shareen managed to smile as she told Franky that Ellen's final wish was to be buried with her favourite doll. Of course Franky cried after receiving the last call, her tears shed about the fact little Ellen had passed away so quickly and complaining that Mother Nature could be a complete and utter bitch sometimes with Urs sniffing back tears and nodding his head in agreement.
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Chapter 218 - Tempers Tempered.
He could hear deep nasal breaths being taken and huffed out but didn't want to open his eyes just yet. Just from hearing what he could, he knew Franky was mad at him and it felt like he was lying in a hospital bed. His head was pounding and the left side of his face ached. If he opened his eyes now, Urs knew he would come face-to-face with an enraged Franky. She had told him to stay out of it and let Nicholas and Kurt deal with their boys. It was his own fault he'd ignored her and had become embroiled in the full on brawl Ursy and Gino had gotten into, though who had actually hit him hard enough to knock him out, Urs didn't know.
"Do I have to tell you again? Get out!!" Franky instructed angrily as the sound of squeaky door hinges filled the room. "And don't think for one minute you're fooling me, Urs Buhler. I am not that dumb."
"Sorry." Urs replied once he'd opened his eyes and hitched himself up in the bed a little. "How long was I out?"
"Half an hour, but if you'd let Nicholas and Kurt break the fight up we wouldn't even be here right now. Would we?"
"Nein. What were they fighting about anyway?"
"I don't know and I don't really care right now. I'm more worried about you than I am them."
"I'm okay." Urs replied with a quick shrug as the door opened again and young doctor crossed the threshold.
After sighing out a long breath, Urs reluctantly allowed himself to be examined. As per usual the doctor ummed and hah-hahed once in while. Notes were made quickly then the woman spoke and Urs rolled his eyes after being told that she would like him to stay in hospital overnight, just to be on the safe side. Considering he had a concussion and taking into account his age, he wasn't about to object. Not that it would have done him any good to protest, Franky would have shot him a look the moment he'd opened his mouth anyway.
How he'd hit his head, Urs wasn't exactly sure but assumed he must have hit the ground pretty hard after being punched. There was quite a large lump just above his right ear and that side of his head hurt a lot more than any other area. All he could remember about how he'd been hurt was that Ursy and Gino had been fighting out near the garage. He'd followed Nicholas and Kurt out of the kitchen to see what was the matter and had ignored Franky's shout to let two fathers deal with their own sons. The last thing he could remember seeing was blurred images of the back garden as he was sent crashing to the ground.
"Who actually hit me?"
"Gino." Franky replied quietly, her head shaking. "Though he was aiming for Ursy again." She continued, rising from her seat and quickly leaving the room.
Urs felt his eyes widen slightly as he watched Franky leave and it didn't take him long to figure out where she'd gone. There was no doubt in his mind that she'd gone in search of their two grandsons and their fathers now he was conscious. A fact that was confirmed a few moments later when four grown men trouped into the room, two of them with their heads hanging low and swallowing hard. The older two huffing out breaths and shaking their heads as they looked at their sons.
"Well?!" Franky asked, using her angry tone while looking from Ursy to Gino and back again.
Silence reigned in the room for several minutes and only when Nicholas coughed did Ursy raise his head and begin to speak.
"I'm sorry, Nonna. I was only defending myself. Gino struck me first."
"And you deserved it after what you said." Gino snapped back, his eyes glaring daggers at his cousin. "She wouldn't say such a thing."
"I told you, I heard her with my own ears and I wasn't the only one."
"That's enough, both of you. You both know those boxing lessons you took were meant to be used as a means of defence, not to settle an argument!" Kurt raised his voice while Nicholas nodded in agreement. "No matter what Ursy said to you Gino, you have been raised to deal with such things without resorting to violence."
"I know. I'm just sick of him and his jealousy."
"JEALOUSY!" Ursy yelled then laughed a little. "God forbid. I wouldn't want Nikita if she was the last woman on earth. I still don't get why you're with that golddigging sl........."
"Urs!" Nicholas yelled, his eyes angrily narrowed.
"Sorry. I still don't know why you're with her. I'd have dumped her ages ago."
"Really?! That's not what she's told me each time I've caught you whispering in her ear." Gino retorted, stepping towards Ursy until Kurt grabbed hold of his arm and gave him a warning look.
Urs and Franky looked at each other when Ursy mentioned Gino's girlfriend of just over eight months. Urs knowing that their eldest grandchild didn't like Nikita very much, though he hadn't ever said why. On the occasions they had been in the same company he'd remained civil towards her but hadn't paid her much attention beyond saying hello. Urs was absolutely positive that Ursy wasn't in the least bit attracted to her and he knew Franky felt the same. On those occasions she'd told Ursy how proud she was of the way he'd behaved like a gentleman. Franky wasn't keen on the young woman either, especially since Nikita didn't appear to trust Gino one iota. Urs had lost count of how many times they'd been told that the couple had gotten into an argument simply because Nikita thought Gino had paid too much attention to 'Rebel Yell's' female fans following an interview or the fact he would spend a few moments chatting with fans if he was spotted out in public.
"Well Gino, you are not the only one who's sick." Franky informed looking directly at Kurt and Maria's child. "I am too. Sick of seeing you scowl at Ursy every time you see him. And I'm not the only one, am I Kurt?"
"No, Mami. Maria's not happy either and neither am I." Kurt shook his head with his eyes closed. "Think yourself lucky she's in Milan right now. You know what she would be doing if she was here right now."
Urs and Franky shared another look, both of them knowing that Maria would be berating Gino in the rapid fire Italian she always used when telling him off. Physically striking out was not something she tolerated either and doing so against family member was the one thing that always made her temper flare. However, despite the fact they'd been raised in much the same way, Ursy and Gino had gotten into a few arguments that had become fist throwing contests but never to the extent of this most recent one. A shout from a parent or grandparent usually stopped them before any serious damage was caused. This time though, it appeared both young men were going to be leaving the hospital with bruises on their faces. Ursy looked like he had a bruise forming on the left side of his face, just below his eye. Gino face was also swollen, on the right side, near his lips. Urs raised his eyebrows, hoping that the swelling would go down before the tour kicked off in two weeks’ time.
"Look, I know all of you hate Nikita, but she's......."
"We don't hate her, Gino. You know we don't say that about anyone, no matter how mean they are. It's just that you flat out refuse to hear a bad word said about her. I'm sorry, but if Ursy says he heard her say something inappropriate then........I'm inclined to believe him son." Kurt informed with a quick shrug of his shoulders as he finished.
“Okay. Let’s sort this out.” Franky stated, flumping down onto the bed beside Urs and giving him a brief smile before turning her attention to Gino. “Why do you think Ursy is jealous of you, Gino? You know he’s preparing for the Olympics and doesn’t want to get serious with any girl until that competition is over with.”
“’Cos every time I see him near Nikita, he’s whispering in her ear and she says he keeps asking her for a date.”
“I would never do that!” Ursy protested loudly, his eyes widening for a second or two.
“Then why do you whisper in her ear?” Gino snapped back.
“All I’m………….I’m trying to make her see that you can be trusted around other women without embarrassing her, G. Hell, you can’t even talk to your old school friends without her accusing you of trying to get them into bed. Yet she can flirt with any man she likes. It ain’t right and you know it.”
“No………….No, it’s not. I’m sorry, Urs. I shouldn’t have hit you. Did she really say that?”
“What? That it was about time Nonna and Nonno were dead and buried.” Ursy asked, with a nod to where Franky and Urs sat. “Yes, she did. Ask Alberto, Dex or Lance if you don’t believe me. They all heard her and wanted to confront her.”
“No, I’m not going to do that. I know when you’re lying. You chew on your bottom lip.” Gino shook his head then smiled at his cousin before the two embraced.
"You know your Aunt Sylvie wouldn't lie either." Nicholas stated, arms folded across his chest and head shaking.
"I know. I caught her doing that myself a couple of days ago."
"Sylvie caught Nikita in Gino's room the other day, attempting to get into his safe and Nikita flat out denied it when Sylvie told Gino." Kurt informed when Urs and Franky looked at him questioningly.
“I don’t know why she was trying to open it. The only things I keep in there are my personal documents.” Gino sighed heavily then sat down and quickly drifted off into his own little world, the way he always did when he needed to think something over carefully.
He stayed in the seat for several minutes, lips moving but no sound coming out and eyes widening once in a while. Then it seemed as if he’d reached a decision. His eyes closed, he breathed out a long nasal breath then stood. Once he’d apologised to everyone in the room and the apologies had been accepted, Gino left. Silence reigned for a few minutes, then everyone began talking about what they would be doing in the next few weeks. Sylvie and Nicholas were heading to Hawaii for a much needed holiday, Kurt and Maria would be rehearsing new parts and checking Gino’s schedule to see when and where they could watch him perform. Ursy was entirely focused on the upcoming Olympics and nothing else.
“But don’t forget it’s important to have some downtime too.” Urs reminded his namesake and watched the young man roll his eyes.
“Like I didn’t learn anything from listening to your Touring Stories!” Ursy replied with a cheeky grin on his face.
Everyone bar Urs laughed immediately, but it didn’t take long for Urs to join in and he did so while shaking his head slowly. The laughter died down just before the door opened again and a stunned looking Gino walked back in. He resumed the seat he’d vacated almost an hour previously, this time plonking down hard and shaking his head.
“I can’t believe what she said when I arrived at her place.” Gino informed after several moments. “She repeated what Ursy heard, said I had to be in line for huge inheritance and that it would be enough to live on, I don't have any need to work. Then she had the nerve to give me an ultimatum. She told me I had to choose. 'Rebel Yell' or her. I can’t have both. She went crazy when I asked her not to demand such a thing and I tried to get her to talk to me instead. Threw me out and said if I wasn’t prepared to give her what she deserved, then she was done with me.”
“I know what she deserves and it isn’t you.” Ursy huffed, folding his arms across his chest, shaking his head and ignoring the warning growls of his name.
“Guess not.” Gino shrugged.
“You’re not going to sit and mope over her are you? She isn’t worth it.”
“No. But that doesn’t mean I’m interested in finding someone new right away either.”
Confused by the way Gino and Ursy were talking, Urs looked at Franky and quickly realised she didn’t look the least bit puzzled. In fact she looked as though she was reading Ursy’s mind. Her smile broadened each time he spoke and she nodded in agreement with whatever he was saying. Urs was still totally bemused as he watched the two young men leave, Ursy with his right arm around Gino’s shoulders, both of them agreeing to head for ‘Nobles’ around nine o’clock. Even though he didn’t have the first clue as to what had just happened, Urs smiled along with Franky, Kurt and Nicholas.
The penny dropped a few moments later when Urs remembered that Gino tended to withdraw very deep into himself when things went wrong. Ursy hated seeing him miserable and always came up with a way of getting his cousin through the tough times. Urs nodded, knowing that his eldest grandson wasn't willing to give Nikita the satisfaction of thinking that she'd rendered Gino so low and that the two young men wouldn't have a good time together. He also knew Nikita wouldn’t cross the threshold of the nightclub, she'd been banned from the place for insulting various members of staff on a couple of occasions and failing to heed the warnings she'd be given that such behaviour would not be tolerated.
Kurt and Nicholas hugged Franky and shook their heads at Urs before giving him a quick hug and leaving. Urs shifted over in the bed to make room for Franky once the door was closed but she didn't move to lay beside as she had in the past. Instead she folded her arms across her chest and gave him her stern questioningly look.
"What? I apologised." Urs shrugged.
"For pretending to be still unconscious, yes you did. But you haven't for trying to deal with two young men who are..........."
"You got involved when Cesca and Lottie were argu....."
"So did you and I only did so because Frank and Carina weren't there."
"All right! I get it." Urs huffed and shook his head slowly. "I'm not a young man any more and I should've let Kurt and Nick deal with Ursy and Gino. I'm sorry I forget how old I am sometimes and I'm sorry for trying to decieve you. Happy now?"
"Ha! I suppose so. I don't think you're ever going to remember that our boys are full-grown men who are perfectly capable of dealing with their own sons' foul ups."
"I might one day." Urs replied as Franky settled herself beside him and 'pffted' loudly. "When hell freezes over..........maybe."
Franky looked at him sternly for second or two while shaking her head. Then she began laughing once he gave her the smile he reserved only for her and shrugged his shoulders. She was still chuckling as she closed her eyes to sleep in his embrace. Both of them knowing that it would probably be a very cold day hell before Urs Buhler stopped attempting to break up physical fights between squabbling relatives.
He was proved right with regard to his assumptions late the following afternoon, when Ursy and Gino turned up at their Grandparent’s house to tidy up the mess they’d caused while fighting and replacing the two planters they'd broken. Both of them doing so just the way Franky liked to see them behaving. Working together amid some playful teasing and laughter while Urs himself reassured Sebastien and Carlos that he was okay and took their respective beratings in good humour once he'd explained why he had the black eye in the first place.
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Chapter 219 - Got The Hump!
Given all the sad events that had happened just lately, there was no doubt in Urs’s mind that both he and Franky needed to create some new good memories. That’s why he’d arranged for them to go on holiday and this trip had already provided them the opportunity of ticking off a few items on their respective bucket lists as well as fulfilling the deathbed promise Franky had made to Lauren a few weeks ago. From their hotel room, they had an amazing view over old Cairo and had eaten breakfast the previous morning, seated on the balcony while watching the sun come up.
Once they’d dressed, they’d headed for the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities and had waited patiently to get a good look at the solid gold funerary mask of King Tutankhamen. Hand-in-hand they’d walked around the ancient shopping area and had purchased a couple of momentos to add to their collection. They’d eaten well, both prepared to try local dishes, some they’d really enjoyed, others not quite so much. Franky had become particularly fond of Kushari but had received a funny look from their waiter when she’d asked what Konafah contained. In faultering English he’d explained, and had looked very confused when Franky’s facial features had dropped at the mention of nuts being used as a filling. Then the waiter had noticed Franky’s eyes and had stood staring into them for several minutes. No-one had been able to get his attention in all that time and even the maitre’d had had to grab him and whirl him around to face him. The waiter had looked very embarrassed as he explained to his boss why he’d been so mesmerised by Franky’s eyes. It turned out he thought they were the second most beautiful pair of eyes he’d ever seen, they were almost the same shade as those of his grandmother and carried as much kindness in them. Franky had thanked him for the compliment with a smile on her face but Urs had heard someone sitting close by say that it was amazing what could be achieved with coloured contact lenses.
Franky being Franky, had simply huffed out a breath, shot the woman a quick glare then she’d shaken her head at Urs. A few seconds later, she’d stifled a smirk when the same woman had cursed and had begun looking for her own contact lens. Urs had merely glanced at the woman, but had noticed her right eye had changed from bright blue to deep brown. As brief as the look had been, the woman had snapped a ‘What are you looking at?’ at him with a scowl set firmly on her face. Hearing that had stunned him briefly then he’d remembered what Franky had said to him once and he wasn’t that arrogant that he thought every woman found him attractive. He knew full well he wasn’t every woman’s cup of tea.
This was their fourth day and the day he'd been looking forward to the most. They were already seated on the air-conditioned bus that would take them out close to the pyramids. Urs had thought about hiring a car and driving the two of them out there, but once he'd seen how badly the locals still drove he'd thought better of that idea. No way was he going to spoil this holiday by becoming involved in even a minor bump. It wasn't that he was scared, he'd driven around the city a couple of times before. Even though he hadn't had an accident on either of those occasions, he had lost his temper slightly and had been grumpy for the rest of the day. All these years on and there was still no lane discipline and traffic lights might as well not have been there. No. He was not about subject Franky to that mania again. He was perfectly happy to leave the driving to someone who negotiated the madness every day.
"Still a lot worse than driving in Paris isn't it." Urs heard Franky questioning and turned to look at her.
Urs nodded in agreement then turned his head to the main road that ran outside the hotel once he'd checked the time. They weren't running late just yet and a quick look around the bus told him one couple who'd signed up for the excursion weren't yet aboard. He turned his attention back to Franky, linked the fingers of his left hand through those of her right and gave her a reassuring smile. He knew she was still grieving the loss of the woman she'd always called sister and was more than a little nervous about what she would be doing in just over an hour. Despite the fact he could feel her shaking already, there wasn't a doubt in his mind that she would complete the task Lauren had set her a couple of days before she died. He watched her wipe a few tears aways and knew why she'd done it, she'd been so sure, absolutely positive that Lauren would survive a Strep infection even though Lauren knew different. Knowing the pain Franky was still in, Urs gave her hand a squeeze and was rewarded with a teary-eyed smile and a few nods of her head.
"I'm sorry, honey."
"For what?" Urs asked, blinking at Franky rapidly.
"Being selfish. I'm not the only who's lost a sister or other relative lately am I?"
"Nein, angel. But you don't need to apologise. Lauren's death is the most recent." Urs replied, shaking his head and giving her a soft smile despite the pain he was feeling about losing his sister, Joelle, her husband, Jean and Lianna's husband, Peder over the past couple of years. "You were closer to Lauren than I ever was to Joelle. Don't get me wrong, I loved her very much. We just didn't have the same relationship me and Merle had."
"Oh like I don't know that. It showed every time you met up. It's the same with our brood. They all love each other, but the relationships are different. I'm just glad their children are coping and I loved the way Joelle surprised you with what she left you in her will."
"Oh that? She always was the joker of the pack." Urs chuckled, knowing how jealous he'd been when his sister had received a candy machine one Christmas.
Until she'd married Jean, he hadn't seen it since just after she'd turned thirteen. Then it had been placed in the kitchen of their home, filled with jellybeans and Urs had doubted it was the same one the first time he'd seen it. It had taken her showing him the dent in the base to confirm that she'd been telling him the truth. The dent he'd caused by trying to get the candy out without putting a coin in the slot and turning the little knob. Now she'd left it to him and it sat on a shelf in Urs and Franky's kitchen, despite the fact most of the base and the lid were a bright Fushia pink.
The couple they'd been waiting for arrived once that memory had faded and quickly settled themselves in the two seats behind Urs and Franky. Once their guide had done a quick head count, the bus moved away from the hotel and they were soon heading towards their destination. The sound of the woman's voice behind them grabbed their attention and they both giggled at her assumption they were also newlyweds.
"Really?!" Suzanne exclaimed once Franky had told her that they weren't and exactly how long they'd been married. "All those years and you still hold hands. That's so sweet. Most mature couples I know barely talk to each other"
"And we'll be just like that when we reach our sixties." Her husband, Nick, informed with a smile.
Franky giggled again which made Nick look a little puzzled. It was left to Urs to explain that he'd recently turned eighty-two and Franky was six years younger. Even he chuckled when the young man's eyes flew wide after hearing how old they both were.
"Sorry. Neither of you look that old, I just assumed you'd married young."
"I wish we had." Urs replied with a headshake and a smile. "And there's no need to apologise.
Both couples fell into amicable chatter after that with Suzanne looking particularly stunned after Franky had told her how many children she'd given birth to. Urs looked at Franky with a proudful smile. She'd put a little weight on over the past couple of years but still had an amazing figure. It wasn't surprising she was so trim really. She still led a very busy lifestyle. If she wasn't doing something around the house, there was the livery, Cleave House, the garages, their property portfolio, helping Serena with routines and teaching their grandchildren to dance to keep her occupied. He huffed a quick laugh and smiled, his mind wondering if there would ever come a day that she would slow down.
'Dummkopf!' His inner voice nudged as the bus began to turn off the road and into a parking space.
They disembarked a few moments later and Urs felt Franky stiffen slightly when she saw the animals that would be taking them to the pyramids.
"Oh frick!" She exclaimed quietly, staring directly at the herd of twelve camels that stood a few metres away, waiting patiently for their passengers.
"You'll be fine."
Franky took a very deep breath and continued to do so while she walked by his side towards the newest mode of transport. One of the handlers appeared to notice that she looked a little nervous, spoke to their guide in their native tongue and the pair quickly decided to leave getting her onto one of the beasts until last. Urs went just before her and the animal quickly got to his feet.
"Oh Geeze. I can't believe I promised I would do this!" He heard Franky say to no-one in particular a couple of seconds before she took a deep breath and mounted the animal.
It was clear to Urs that the handler had selected the calmest animal for Franky to ride, but she still looked a little scared as the white female rose to her feet. He giggled a little, knowing that she had all the confidence in the world when it came to handling difficult horses and thinking it quite funny that she was scared of this particular beast of burden. He laughed a little harder, knowing that Lauren would be having a good laugh if she could see Franky's face right that second. Her eyes were still wide, as they had been since she'd spotted the animals, she constantly swallowed hard and looked at him nervously once in a while.
The group began to move across the sand and Franky relaxed a little, though not much. Her mount seemed to like Urs's and walked by his side, the pair exchanging the odd grunt or rumble once in a while.
"No wonder they're called the ships of the desert. I feel sick already."
"We've barely gone half a mile and we're only walking." Urs replied to Franky's statement. "You want to stop?"
"Yes. But I'm not going to. A promise is a promise. I'm glad you find my discomfort so amusing. Mind you, Lauren would be in hysterics if she could see my face right now, so I guess a brief chuckle isn't so bad."
Urs nodded and continued to chuckle for a moment or two, then gave her a full smile. The smile that let her know he was proud of her. She'd seen it enough times to know that's what he was conveying without having to say the words. When they arrived at their destination, Franky was first to dismount and took more deep breaths once her feet were back on relatively solid ground.
For the next few hours they held hands while exploring the ancient tombs, both of them looking around in awe. Both amazed that such places were still standing. As per usual, Franky took most of the photographs but occasionally handed the camera over so that Urs could take a few or someone else in the party could photograph them together. They both returned the favour and their guide was more than happy to take a group shot on multiple cameras.
The sun was beginning to go down as they prepared to leave and though they both thought sunset at the pyramids was beautiful, it wasn't quite as good as all those they'd seen up at 'Devil's Drop'. Of course they had to ride the camels back to the bus and Franky was still very uncomfortable during the ride. Despite that, she said she'd had a wonderful time once they were back in their seats and holding hands.
Everyone thanked their guide for a wonderful time then several couples drifted off to sleep for a while. Urs and Franky were one of three couples who decided to stay awake. Urs noticed that Franky seemed to have something on her mind and asked her what it was.
"Oh nothing. Just remembering your second climb up 'Devil's Drop' and how much I teased you when you reached the top."
Urs nodded then shook his head when Franky apologised. He could remember that day well and as prepared as he'd been to make the climb, he'd become nervous as he reached the most difficult bit. He'd shaken badly and had almost stopped. A quick reminder that he was being held very securely in the harness and that Franky was right there with him had encouraged him to continue. Now here she was apologising for teasing him about his nervousness, despite the fact he'd told her it would be a piece of cake as they set off.
"You forget what I told you that day Frau Buhler. I told you there would come a day where you would be nervous about doing something and, therefore, I would have something to tease you with. It's taken a few years, but I have it now don't I?"
"Ja. And you're going to milk it for all it's worth."
"Damn right I am." Urs replied, giggling as he wrapped an arm around Franky's shoulders, pulled her close and placed a soft kiss on her temple.
Once they arrived back at the hotel, they decided to head up to their room, refresh themselves and have a nap before dinner and the evening's activities. They'd just stepped out of the lift when the woman from breakfast approached and began to speak to Franky.
"I've been racking my brains all day, trying to remember where I've seen you before. Took me a while, but you're that ice skater a lot of people made so much fuss about on YouTube a few years ago aren't you?"
Franky nodded and smiled, but the smile wasn't on her face long. As soon as the woman began to give her opinion of what she thought of Franky's skating, Franky huffed out a breath, turned away from her and continued towards their room with Urs walking beside her. It had taken him mere seconds to realise that Franky wasn't bothered with what the woman said, more the way she'd said it. Even he knew the sneer the woman had worn and the little growl she'd had in her voice was an attempt to get a bad reaction from Franky.
He closed the door, pulled Franky into his arms and sighed out a long breath after counting to ten. Neither of them gave crap that the woman thought Franky's skating hadn't been very good, they both knew better and knew she must be doing something right for Lauren's old videos to be still getting hits and comments every now and again.
Refreshed, they headed back downstairs for dinner, enjoyed a wonderful meal then settled down to listen to some traditional music and watch some dancing. Urs noticed that several women were gently pulled up onto the stage and laughed along with them as they attempted to belly dance. He gave Franky a nudge, smiled and flicked his head towards the stage once she'd turned her head to look at him.
"Don't you even think about it." Franky laughed and shook her head.
"Really, honey?! That's not what you said last time we came to Eygpt."
Urs nodded, made a mental note to watch that fourteen year old DVD when they got home then settled back enjoy the rest of the performance. He groaned feeling the familiar rush of blood to his lower half and muttered that he really shouldn't have gone there to himself. Franky heard him, glanced at him, looked at his lap then back to the stage.
Thankful that the show had come to an end and they were seated near the back of the room, Urs and Franky left and were soon back in their room making love for the second time that day.
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Chapter 220 - Thorn In The Side
Ever since it had been announced that the next Olympics would be held in his home country, Urs had been overjoyed. He'd been secretly hoping that Ursy would change his mind about which country he would compete for, but didn't blame him for sticking to diving for France. The competition had been fierce, especially since he'd been up against the arrogant German, Thorsten Bachmeier. Now Urs beamed with pride as he dressed for dinner, knowing that over the past four years Ursy had beaten him and won the gold medal three times. First at the European Championships, then at the World and now at the Olympics.
He could hear Franky in the lounge, talking excitedly to Kurt and Maria who were currently Canada to witness the final concert of 'Rebel Yell's' tour. Urs smiled a little broader, thankful that Nicholas had finally decided to take some time off from his research and his job. He'd barely stopped since being asked to help discover a cure for cancer and it showed in his features. He looked older than his years, had more grey hair than Urs had had at the same age. His skin tone had paled over the years and he had some deep wrinkles around his eyes. Heart and soul, Nicholas had become involved with the vital research, but not to the extent that it would destroy his family. He'd always been there for important things and they'd taken regular holidays. Close as Nicholas thought he and his friends were to making a breakthrough, Urs was glad he'd taken a few days off in order to witness Ursy achieve his dream.
With the games being held in Zurich, it had been easy for the rest of the Buhler clan to watch their cousin make it through each round. None of them had missed a single day of competition and all had cheered loudly after Ursy had been pronounced Olympic Champion, beating Thorsten into second place yet again. Urs knew words had passed between the two young men as they stepped off the podium following the medal ceremony, but as to what had been said he didn't know. Ursy was refusing to tell him or anyone else for that matter, even Franky couldn't get it out of him. He'd simply shaken his head and returned to beaming a huge smile once Thorsten had disappeared from sight.
In a few moments time they would all be together again, heading out to celebrate Ursy's victory with a family meal and Urs was hoping he would wear the medal. Even though it had been won for France, there wasn't a doubt in his mind that locals would want to see it. Since the hotel they were going to didn't have a strict dress policy, Urs tossed the tie he'd selected back into a drawer and undid the collar button. Ready to go, he walked into the lounge to find Franky wearing a basic black dress with three-quarter length sleeves. He knew that some fashion gurus thought the colour harsh or severe on an older woman, but Franky had jazzed it up a little with the brooch Ursy had given her when he'd been ten years old.
To this day, Urs didn't have a clue where their eldest grandson had found the round piece of inexpensive jewellery but Franky had loved it from the moment she'd received it. She'd worn it several times and it seemed right that she wore it now. Urs took a moment to admire the delicately worked vine that tracked around the inner edge of the brooch and the blood red heart that it lead to then kissed Franky on the lips and offered her his arm.
It took them almost twenty minutes to make their way out of the hotel due to the fact so many people stopped them and congratulated them. So many people stated that they must be very proud of Ursy's achievement that Urs quickly lost count of how many people actuallly made the statement. Even their taxi driver had a smile on his face and said pretty much the same thing before closing the door.
They arrived at the hotel and walked towards a huge table while accepting even more congratulations and returning several smiles. They sat once they'd hugged their family and settled down to await Ursy's arrival. He appeared in the doorway a few moments later, the medal around his neck and smiling broadly. It took him almost fifteen minutes to make a twenty five metre journey due to the fact so many diners want to shake his hand and congratulate him.
"Phew!" Ursy gasped as he sat down in the last free seat with his grinning coach, Carver Haywood, by his side. "Sorry I'm late, didn't plan ahead 'cos I didn't expect that kind of reaction here. Took me almost an hour just to get out of the village."
"Any more problems with Thorsten?" Nicholas asked as menus were being handed out.
"No. I don't care what that arrogant asshole thinks." Ursy shook his head. "I've had other things on my mind."
"Like what?" Sylvie questioned, the smile she wore dropping slightly when Ursy ummed and ahhed for a couple of seconds.
"Well the first thing is, I'd like you all to stop calling me Ursy. I am a little too old for such a cutesy name don't you think? I am almost thirty."
Everyone at the table giggled on hearing that then agreed to his request. Ursy smiled briefly, took a deep breath and looked at every face before he spoke again, spending more time looking at his parents than anyone else.
"The second thing is..........that I might retire from competition now. I have achieved all I want to do. All I promised I would." Ursy informed looking directly at a headshaking Franky.
Urs knew instantly why he'd looked at her with a gentle smile on his face and why Franky had shaken her head at him. Aged eight, she'd sat him down and told him all about her mother. Once she'd finished, he'd told her how much fun he was having learning to dive and had promised that he would win Olympic gold for her. She'd smiled then shaken her head and told him that she would be very proud if he achieved that, but he wasn't to do so for her sake, he was to do it for himself and no-one else.
"If that's what you want, it's fine by us." Nicholas replied, placing his right hand on Ursy's shoulder and giving it a gentle pat. "You didn't think we'd explode or something did you?"
"No, just thought you'd be a little disappointed. I am still young enough to compete again in four years's time."
"I know. But what did we tell you when decided that you wanted to try and win what you have?"
"That you would support me every step of the way and would be proud of me no matter how close I got. And that you would leave it to me to decide when I'd achieved enough, Maman."
Sylvie and Nicholas both nodded then shook their heads at their son. Jasmine was the only one to look a little disappointed by her brother's statement but she smiled after a few moments thought. Like her only sibling, she had a talent though in a completely different field. She hadn't been pushed either and understood her parents would be equally as proud of her whether or not she became a successful singer. Urs smiled, recalling that he and Franky had heard Sylvie and Nicholas promising each other that they wouldn't push their children in any direction long before Ursy had been conceived.
For a brief moment, Urs couldn't help but wonder what the children Sylvie had lost would be doing now if they were around. Franky seemed to realise where he'd gone, quickly found his hand under the table and gave it a gentle squeeze. He had been hoping for at least one of their grandchildren to follow in Franky's footsteps, but had never vocalised that hope to anyone but her. She'd replied that she would love that, but would be happy with whatever they decided to do.
"What do you plan on doing after the closing ceremony?" Franky asked, still holding Urs's hand under the table.
"I really want to tour the world on my bike. I've already discussed that with a couple of my friends and they can't wait to get going. Don't have clue how long we'd be gone or where we'll go first, but it's something we've always wanted to do."
"And after that?"
"Well I plan on retiring from coaching in a couple of years. I would be more than happy if Urs took over."
"What?" Ursy exclaimed, his head whipping around to face the man who'd taught him so much.
"You heard me. If I wasn't sure you could fill my shoes I wouldn't even be contemplating retirement. I don't expect an answer right now, it's just something else for you think about it while you're on your travels." Carver informed, shrugging nonchalantly.
Ursy nodded then settled down to enjoying what he'd ordered to eat. Everyone continued to chat amongst themselves, but stopped when they saw Thorsten entering the restaurant. Ursy didn't pay much attention to him, his attention was focused on the stunning blond he had his arm. She smiled at Ursy as she passed him. Ursy returned the smile and continued to watch her until she was out of sight.
"Who's that?" Jasmine asked.
"Danay Wilkinson. Ewart Wilkinson's sister and the girl.........."
Urs and Franky looked at each other, both of them knowing how Ursy felt about the Canadian. Ever since Ewart had introduced them, Ursy had been taken with her. He'd been disappointed to learn that Thorsten had been dating her for three months and was clinging to the hope they wouldn't be together for long. From his position at the table, Urs could see the couple and gave Franky a doubtful look once he'd seen how much attention Thorsten was paying towards her. It reminded him of how he'd been with Franky all those years ago and how he still was with her whenever it was just the two of them dining in public. Despite what his eyes told him, Urs also knew that Thorsten had had six girlfriends before Danay, that not one of those relationships had lasted beyond a year due to the fact he got bored with them, dumped them and moved on to a new relationship within days.
He turned his attention back to Ursy, gave him a smile. There was no doubt in Urs's mind that his namesake was prepared to wait for the woman he really wanted, no matter how long that took. He smiled once more, then returned to finishing his meal. Coffee had just been served when he heard a brief but high pitched squeal of delight coming from the direction of where Thorsten and Danay sat. He snapped his head in that direction and noticed Ursy had done the same.
For a brief second, Urs thought Thorsten had proposed but a slight stretch of his neck revealed that he hadn't. The squeal had been emitted by a much more mature woman than Danay. A look back to Ursy revealed that he looked relieved after jumping to the same conclusion.
"Oh you two!" Franky sighed and shook her head. "She might be with him right now, but I don't think the relationship is going to last very long. And I'm not saying that because of Thorsten's reputation."
"Why do you think that then Nonna?"
"You saw the way he tugged on her arm when they came in, Ursy. Ooops! Sorry."
"You don't need to apologise, I wasn't expecting you to make that adjustment instantly." Ursy laughed and shook his head. "Honestly, Nonna."
"Okay. Ahem! It was obvious he didn't want her talking to you. If Danay is the confident woman you say she is, I don't see her tolerating being treated like that for very long. Do you?"
"No." Ursy replied with a smile then stood to allow yet another diner to get a good look at what hung around his neck and accept another handshake.
Urs had lost count of how many times Ursy had stopped eating to show off a little but he was proud of the fact he treated everyone who approached with respect. Not once had he heard him complain about the fact his meal had gone cold due to the constant interuptions.
A few moments after Ursy had finally finished, everyone started to prepare to leave. However, they were interupted by Thorsten approaching, tapping Ursy on the shoulder and speaking to him.
"You should think yourself very lucky to have won that Jenson, if I hadn't been injured there's no way it would be around your neck right now. Still, I've got something you will never have." He finished with a sneer on his face and flicked of his head the direction of the bathrooms.
"Injured my ar......backside." Ursy scoffed, looking Thorsten directly in the eye. "Well it's your own fault if you are, you've been told time and again your shoulders need stregthening. Hardly my fault you'd rather spend hours playing computer games than doing the exercises your coach set you. As for Danay...........time will tell in that regard and I'm prepared to wait for her."
"Then you're an even bigger idiot than I thought you were."
Ursy straightened himself up a little more while taking a deep nasal breath. He stood at least six inches taller than Thorsten without doing that and looked ten inches bigger once he had. Ursy was more powerfully built too, especially in his torso and arms. Despite that, Thorsten stood his ground and for a second Urs thought Ursy was going to punch the arrogant little twerp who goaded him at every given opportunity. He wasn't sure how much Ursy was prepared to take before lashing out with a fist. Thorsten would have deserved at least one punch to the jaw in Urs's opinion. However, Ursy didn't send his nemisis crashing to the floor. Instead he simply smiled, told Thronsten he wasn't worth it then turned his head slightly and gave Danay another dazzling smile. She smiled back but it dropped quickly when Thorsten grabbed hold of her hand and began to drag her out of the restaurant.
It was only after Nicholas had patted Ursy on the shoulder and told him how proud he was of the way he'd dealt with the situation that it was revealed who was really injured. Reluctantly, Ursy admitted he'd strained his right shoulder during practice for the finals. It didn't hurt too much when he was relaxed, but any sort of pressure on the area made him wince.
Urs swallowed hard and heard several gasps from family members. Considering the speed at which Ursy's body hit the water, he must have been in agony after performing the three-and-a-half reverse summersault with tuck that had won him the gold medal by more than two points. Urs had noticed him wince a little as he climbed up to the ten metre platform, but hadn't suspected that he was in that much pain.
Feeling Franky squeeze his hand and knowing they'd had one of their back and forth bickering arguments while Ursy prepared to take his final dive, Urs turned to her. Tears glistened in her eyes and her smile had dropped a little, but otherwise she looked even prouder of Ursy.
"I'm sorry, honey." Franky sighed with a quick nod towards their eldest grandchild.
Urs nodded then let out a long breath knowing she'd been absolutely convinced that he was wrong about Ursy being injured. She'd been sure he was one hundred per cent, for once she'd been wrong and she'd had the courage to admit it in front of all those who'd heard their little debate rather than doing so in the privacy of their hotel room.
Even though he didn't think it was possible, hearing those words of apology had just made Urs fall in love with Franky a little bit more so he decided to show it by turning her into his arms, kissing her firmly and making her blush.
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Chapter 221 - Wrong Assumptions
Urs smiled at the woman behind the counter before he turned and left the shop. He knew what he'd left behind was in safe hands and that he would get them back in a few minutes. He turned left, made his way a few doors down and settled himself at a table once he'd ordered a plain coffee and a slice of blueberry swirl cheesecake. He grunted a laugh as he began to eat the cheescake because he'd really wanted the chocolate hazlenut loaf cake. He just didn't want to run the risk of setting Franky's allergy off by having that. Ever since the day she'd told him about that, he'd been careful about eating things that contained nuts or using things with nut oils in.
Only once in all the years they'd been together had he made a mistake. A mistake that hadn't been his fault to begin with. It was hardly his fault that there had been no warning on the bottle alerting him to the fact the oil he'd used had been produced in a factory that also made products that contained nuts, he'd cooked chicken in it and Franky had had a minor reaction. He could also remember the first shopping trip he and Franky had taken together and how long it had taken. Just over an hour they'd spent picking up items, checking the ingredients and looking for that warning instead of tossing what they'd wanted into the basket willy nilly.
He giggled as those two words came to mind, they had always amused him and he could still remember how he'd giggled when he'd first heard them. He'd been nine at the time, in English class and a classmate had been reprimanded for his haphazard approach to the assigned homework. Of course, Urs had thought something else had been implied, he'd teased his friend, Herr Schmidt had heard him and had explained what the words actually meant once he'd laughed his way through telling Herr Schmidt that he 'thought' the words meant his friend had nothing between his legs. Corrected and red faced, he'd returned to his seat and the lesson had continued without his laughter filling the air.
Even though he'd been able to speak very good English by the time Il Divo had been formed, some of the accents he'd heard during the first tour had totally confused him, never mind the fact that different counties had different names for the same thing. He laughed again when he tried to remember how many times he, David, Sebastien and Carlos had been left feeling totally confused by some of the greetings they received, especially when they'd heard something other than 'Good morning' or 'How are you?'. Sometimes they'd been left feeling that they should have hired a local to translate, particularly when it came to the Scottish. They'd all lost count of how many times they hadn't understood a bloody word of the compliment that had been paid, luckily one of their roadies had been nearby and Cameron had quickly been able to tell them what had been said, sometimes it had taken him a little longer to figure it out. Of course it had been the same wherever they'd gone, different counties or states in different countries all had different ways of speaking the native tongue.
"Mind if I sit down?" A female voice suddenly interupted his reminiscing and Urs raised his head to see a woman of about fifty smiling at him.
He shook his head, despite the fact there were plenty of spare seats nearby and pushed the final bite of cheesecake into his mouth as she sat down.
"I'm so sorry." The woman informed, seductively placing the tiniest piece of chocolate cake into her mouth.
"For what? I don't recall having met you before, never mind you doing something to upset me." Urs replied while listening to his inner voice nudge. 'Heeeeeeeeeeeere we go again.'
"No. We've never met."
"So, why are you apologising?" Urs asked, having a very good idea where this conversation was heading as he took a mouthful of coffee.
It wasn't hard to see the woman was interested in him, despite the fact he was almost eighty-three years old. He wasn't that stupid he didn't know when a woman was flirting with or trying to seduce him simply because he had money. Plenty had tried whenever Franky wasn't sitting by his side or opposite him, a few had even tried when she had been there. However, he'd known what they were after and he'd dealt with them. He huffed out a breath and chastised himself for agreeing to allow the woman to sit down in the first place. Then again, he hadn't recognised her immediately and she'd given no hint that she wanted to flirt with him until she'd actually sat down.
Now though, he did recognise the woman he'd seen in a couple of films he'd watched with Franky. He could remember Franky saying that she'd portrayed her character brilliantly in one particular movie. What had happened to her career after her biggest success, Urs didn't know. All he did know in that regard was that everything she'd done after that went straight to DVD rather than the cinema screen.
"For the fact you've had to pawn your wedding ring. It's obvious SHE's asked you for a divorce and is hoping to take you to the cleaners. Hopefully the pre-nup will take care of that problem. It was clear to me what she was all about the first time I saw a picture of the two of you together, in Italy, at some opera premier."
"Was it?" Urs queried with a quickly raised eyebrow.
"Yes. I can't think of any other reason why you would be sitting in here alone, laughing to yourself and sans your wedding ring."
Urs blew out an exasperated breath, shook his head, drained his cup then left the cafe once he'd hissed a quick 'excuse me' to the woman. Head shaking he began to make his way back to the shop he'd left just over an hour ago but stopped when he saw Franky heading towards him from the opposite direction. His smile grew bigger the closer she got and he quickly noticed she was giggling.
"How's the tooth?" He asked once they'd greeted each other with a hard kiss on the lips.
"Fine." She replied, speaking out of the left side of her mouth and wiping the right with a tissue. "I'm just going to be numb for the next couple of hours. What's up with you?"
"The usual." Urs replied, flicking his head down the road in the direction of Starbucks before telling her what had happened inside. "Why were you laughing?"
"Similar sort of thing to what happened to you." Franky informed, giggling and shaking her head. "There I was, minding my own business while waiting for my appointment with Corrine and the next thing I know there's a very rich looking man kneeling in front of me, offering me the biggest diamond ring I've ever seen, promising to give me a much better lifestyle than I'm used to if I'll marry him as soon as our divorce is granted. I smiled and told him no just before I was called down to Corrine's surgery. I walked down the corridor listening to him shout that I must be stark, staring bonkers to refuse to accept the twenty carat pear cut diamond ring he'd just bought for me. Corrine heard him too, cracked up laughing and before I knew it I was laughing along with her. God alone knows how she managed to get my tooth filled."
"The things people assume just because you've taken your rings off to have them cleaned, huh?" Urs asked, laughing along with Franky, his arms now around her waist. "How many times is that now?"
"Erm.........Four for you, twice for me."
Still giggling, the couple held hands then entered the shop where Urs had purchased Franky's engagement ring. It was also the same shop where they'd selected the wedding bands and where they came back to whenever they were in need of a professional clean. Noticing that the woman who'd been little more than a child when they'd first entered the shop was busy serving a customer, they stood back and waited patiently until she'd finished.
"Don't tell me it happened again?" Brooke asked once the happy couple had left, a huge smile on her face.
"Yes, it did. To both of us this time though." Urs informed, giggling again and watching a smirking, head shaking Brooke disappear to the back room to retrieve what he'd left with her.
She wasn't gone long and tipped the rings into her hand before handing them over. Urs returned the ruby ring to where it belonged then did the same with his wedding band once he'd seen that the inscription was fully readable again. Franky did the same with the three that had spent approaching fifty years gracing her hand, took a moment to admire them, smiled then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.
Knowing that it was his turn to pay, Urs did so then slipped his left arm around Franky's waist once they were outside again. As per usual, she rested her hand atop his, their fingers linked in a light hold and they began the walk back to the car. As they reached 'Starbucks' doorway, Imogen Fleming came out, looked at their hands, gave Urs a quick look up and down once she'd sneered at Franky then walked away, shaking her head and calling him a prize idiot as she went. Not caring what Imogen thought of him, Urs shrugged the comment off and continued to walk with Franky. As planned, they got most of their Christmas shopping done that day and had a wonderful time when the season eventually rolled around.
Two weeks into the New Year they heard that Imogen had finally become engaged and saw several pictures of her with her future billionaire husband. Franky's eyes widened when she saw the picture that revealed the man and the ring. Urs didn't have to hear a word from her mouth, he knew as soon as he saw the look on her face that Malcolm Savage was the man who'd offered her marriage and the ring was the same one he'd tried to give her.
Imogen and Malcolm did marry a little later in 2055, but it only lasted long enough for Imogen to get what she'd agreed to in the pre-nup. Three hundred and sixty five days's of marriage netted the once famous actress half of Malcolm's seventy billion dollar fortune as well as all the gaudy jewellery he'd purchased for her in that year.
Urs turned to watch the woman Imogen had had the nerve to refer to as a 'golddigger' descend the staircase once he remembered what he'd read a couple of days prior to the 9th August 2056 and smiled a little broader with each step she took. Much as he loved the dress she was wearing, it was the fact she'd decided to wear the necklace and earrings he and Sylvie had designed specifically for her while listening to their daughter play piano at the Royal Albert Hall that made him smile. She didn't give a damn that several women had told her they wouldn't have accepted anything made up of such small, virtually worthless stones or that they'd wrinkled their noses each of the times she'd worn those particular jewels.
She'd loved them from the day he'd given them to her, still did and that was all that mattered.
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Chapter 222 - Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!
Even though just over four months had passed since the event occurred, Urs was still fuming about what had happened to Franky. He was still blaming himself for being late meeting up with her as well, even though she'd told him not to several times since that day. If he hadn't stopped to admire something he thought Franky would like for her birthday then she wouldn't have been assaulted again just before she arrived at 'Guido's'. Ian Bennington's wife wouldn't have got anywhere near close to slapping her across the face, sending her crashing to the ground and leaving her with a bruised hip.
He sighed as he listened to Franky being sworn in and gave her a quick, reassuring smile. Then he turned his attention to Kirsten and shot her a narrow eyed look and looked back to Franky. Although he didn't know how he'd managed it, he was glad he'd persuaded her to press charges against the young woman, especially since so many people had witnessed the assault and it had been captured on CCTV.
Her lawyer spoke first and showed the three magistrates what the cameras had picked up. From the looks he saw on their faces it appeared to Urs that they'd already begun to believe Franky's story. In his opinion they couldn't believe anything different after watching Franky walk towards the door, seeing Kirsten grab her arm and slap her so hard her head snapped sharply to the left. Bad enough that Kirsten had done that, but for her to stand over Franky and scream obsenities at her as people came dashing out of the restaurant only served to make Urs fidget with anger.
"Mrs Buhler, would you please tell the court why you believe the defendant treated you in such a shameful manner." Her lawyer began.
"I can only assume that it has something to do with the fact that her husband is no longer responsible for making sure 'Cleave House' is kept in good order and things run smoothly."
"And Cleave House is?"
"A temporary residence for families who've had premature babies and don't live close to the hospital. It provides free respite and care away from the ward."
"And how did you come to be responsible for it?"
"The former owner, Mrs Eva Cowell, appointed me in her will."
"You're solely responsible for the charity?"
"No. The building was left to me and I was appointed as the head trustee. Mrs Cowell's sister-in-laws work with me to make sure all is well."
"And all was well up until the beginning of this year?"
"Yes." Franky nodded then took a deep breath. "Then we started getting complaints about the standard of the place, especially with regard to the food so the three of us paid a surprise visit in the hope of finding out what was going on."
"And you succeeded?"
"Yes and Mr Bennington quickly corrected things in that regard. It was what I discovered a few weeks later that led us to dismiss him from his post."
"And that was?"
"The fact that he'd used the charity's money to take his wife out to dinner at 'Ramone's'. I'd decided to take a look at the bank statements myself. Once I saw the entry, and knowing the restaurant was monitored by CCTV inside as well as out, I placed a call and asked if they still had what had been recorded that evening. They did and sent a copy over."
"And what did you see at the paydesk?"
"Mr Bennington paying for the meal with the card he was given to buy provisions and services at 'Cleave House', his wife was standing by his side."
"What did you do next?"
"Summoned Mr Bennington to a meeting, showed him the footage and told him his services were no longer required."
"Then had him arrested and charged with theft?"
"Yes." Franky nodded slowly with her eyes closed.
Urs shook his head, knowing that she'd been willing to give Ian a chance to pay the money back without getting the police involved but the Freia and Madeline Kendrick had overruled her. Kind and generous as those two women were, stealing from a charity was a big no-no and, somehow, they'd stood firm against Franky. Not that they'd argued loudly or called each other names. No, they'd spent hours talking it out before reluctantly calling the local station. Ian had pleaded guilty at his recent trial, had been sentenced to four months in prison and ordered to pay back the money he'd stolen on his release. He'd had no defence really, considering the card he'd used was a limited edition one bearing the 'CH' and the emblem Eva had had designed. An abstract couple holding a tiny baby, the couple wrapped in the arms of another abstract figure.
Unlike her husband, Kirsten had refused to plead guilty to her crime. Urs turned to look at her while listening to Franky explain how she'd identified the card in the first place. With the exclusive design and being limited to just five in existance it wouldn't have been hard. Urs coughed away a laugh while looking at Kirsten and remembered what he'd heard her say in the hallway before the case began. She really must think she was 'ten times smarter' than Franky if she thought she was going to walk out of the court unpunished. As for thinking that Franky didn't give a damn about the charity, used its money all the time to buy herself whatever she wanted or only really became interested when a celebrity wanted to make a donation, well that was steaming pile of bullcrap. Kirsten thinking Franky was too dumb to have picked up the theft in the first place was even worse. Every two to three months she checked, double and triple checked to make sure outgoings matched receipts and bank statements.
"Ja. She's really THAT dumb!" Urs's inner voice nudged sarcastically, making him smirk then cough again.
"Tell us Mrs Buhler......." He lawyer paused to look at opposing counsel with a smirk on his face. "Do you take any money from 'Cleave House's' account?"
"No." Franky replied confidently. "I've never taken a penny."
"Even though under the terms of the trust you're allowed to claim your expenses back?"
"Even though I'm allowed to claim my expenses back, I have not done so since taking over."
Cliff rested after Franky's confirmation, sat down and looked at his colleague with what looked like a satisfied smirk on his face. Defence cousel stood and immediately started attacking Franky's character, first by saying that she didn't like Kirsten very much and referred to her as a 'golddigger'. Franky replying that she had only met Kirsten on two occasions and had barely spoken to her because the young woman had been more interested in chatting with the two celebrities who'd come to make a donation to 'Cleave House'. So enraged did Urs become as questioning continued, that he forgot what most of the questions were. All he could recall was that Jenny was doing her best to make Franky look like a bad person. He knew it was her job to defend her client to the best of her abilities, but he glared at her nonetheless.
Once Franky had given her evidence, she was dismissed, came to sit beside him and immediately took hold of his hand. Witnesses who'd been inside 'Guido's' testified to what they'd seen and heard next, the youngest of them all a sixteen year old girl who told how shocked she'd been to hear the tirade of abuse that came from Kirsten's mouth without having been provoked. Her blue eyes blazing with fury when Jenny basically called her a liar.
Kirsten came next and sniffed her way through her testimony. Citing that she'd had enough of Franky making her husband work beyond his contracted hours without appropriate recompense. Urs grunted a quick laugh on hearing that because he knew Ian had worked on a voluntary basis and Franky had only ever asked him to deal with emergency problems straight away. Even then, he could count on one hand the number of times she'd called to ask him to stay beyond his three hours and make sure a repair was carried out properly or a delivery was dealt with appropriately. He certainly couldn't remember Ian complaining about having to stay behind a few extra minutes.
What came out of Kirsten's mouth next made his anger begin to boil again, but the squeeze Franky gave his hand soon quelled it. In mitigation, Kirsten said that Franky had called her 'a good for nothing, golddigging slut' as soon as she'd seen her. In turn Kirsten had lost her temper and slapped her. Knowing that the footage was high quality and had already proved Franky hadn't said a word to her, Urs almost laughed out loud. Instead he coughed a few times while shaking his head.
With no-one willing to tesitfy in Kirsten's defence, that was the end of the case and the three magistrates retired to a back room. They weren't gone long, no more than five minutes and declared Kirsten guilty of what she'd been charged with. They sentenced her to a six month community order, which meant she would have to work a hundred and fifty hours somewhere for no pay which made Kirsten open her mouth in protest.
"It's either that or you can spend the next six months in prison." The lead magistrate informed, looking at Kirsten sternly and smirking a little when he saw her eyes fly wide.
Kirsten gulped, sat back down in the chair she'd leapt from and quietly muttered that she did not want to go to prison. With her sentence confirmed everyone left the courtroom and spent a few minutes chatting in the corridor. It was as Franky thanked Cliff that Jenny approached and began to speak to Franky.
"I'm sorry about the way I questioned you, Franky. She just wouldn't take my advice."
"Don't be so silly. You were only doing your job. I think you did very well considering the evidence against your client. Your father will be proud of you."
"Thank you." Jenny smiled as Franky pulled her into a quick hug. "She got off pretty lightly, I was expecting them to order her to pay compensation for your injuries. Are you satisfied?"
"Me, yes. Urs no. I'm sure he would have preferred to have her locked up and the key thrown away." Franky replied then gave Urs a questioning look to which he nodded. "Have you any idea where she's going to serve her time?"
"No. Though I am hoping I can get her in at the city farm. They're crying out for volunteers, especially when it comes to mucking the animals out and, personally, I'd love to see her knee-deep in pig or cow shi.......crap."
Franky nodded, gave Jenny another hug then watched her walk away, holding hands with the man who'd won the case for her. Urs watched them too but he wasn't wearing the same smile as Franky. Instead the Stunned Goldfish look had found its way onto his face after seeing that Michael Willoughby's youngest daughter and Clifford Turner appeared to be in love with each other. So stunned was he that he hadn't heard Franky giggling, never mind quietly calling his name.
"Mike doesn't have a problem with that?" Urs asked once Franky had got his attention, pointing down the hallway.
"Why should he? Jenny doesn't work for him. They've been together for almost five years and have always remained professional in court."
"Okay. You could have told me before now, on the drive here perhaps."
"Sorry. I had more important things on my mind today. You know. What we've put off four times already due to bad weather."
Urs nodded, then shook his head as he took hold of Franky's hand and walked back to the car with her. They went home, but only stayed there long enough to change into some old clothes. A post-Winter clean up at the livery was long overdue, a dead tree had been fallen down and needed to be cut up into manageable pieces for a start. Urs grinned, knowing that he would be responsible for that task.
The yard needed a good hose down and scrub once all the stables had been given a thorough clean out. Urs drove whilst listening to Franky repeat what she'd already said three times since leaving the court. This time to Emma and Sebastien who'd recently moved to Paris. By the time she ended that conversation, Urs was turning the car through the livery gates and both of them received quite a shock when they saw how many people were working around the yard area. Once he'd parked up they went to see what was happening, quickly found Ruby and asked her while watching people continue to work.
"Ha! You tell me, Franky." Ruby laughed, leaning on the broom she'd been using as they approached. "I tell my friend, Rodger, that Bert and I might not be able to attend his birthday party tonight, explain why and when I get up this morning there's twenty or more people at the gates. All of them ready and willing to lend a hand. We've almost finished. Rodger's wife is in the kitchen right now, making refreshments for everyone."
Franky blinked rapidly for a few seconds then turned to look at Urs and laughed when she read the expression on his face.
"What's up with him?"
"Oh, he's just pouting 'cos he was looking forward to having some fun with the chainsaw."
"Ah! Well there's no need to sulk, Urs. I haven't let anyone near the tree. So it's all yours."
Urs grinned, then denied he'd been sulking in the first place. Of course Franky knew he was fibbing and they were soon having one of their were/wasn't, back and forth battles. That lasted until Andrea came out to tell everyone to take a break and come get something to eat. Franky noticed that two young men appeared not to have heard that the food was ready and trotted down to the far end of the yard. She spent a few minutes there, apparently arguing with the pair then basically frogmarched them towards the house. Both of them were soon tucking in to the sandwiches and coffee Andrea had prepared, blushing slightly as they did so while Franky shook her head at them. From what he'd seen, Urs assumed that they'd denied they were hungry and Franky had refused to believe them. If the way they'd shovelled the sandwiches down was anything to go by, she'd been right to do so.
After brief respite the entire crew returned to what they had been doing with the exception of Ruby and Bert. Despite her protestations, Franky insisted they go take a nap so that they would be able to attend Rodger's party. Urs laughed as he watched her push the younger couple inside and did so a little harder when she tried to insist that Rodger and Andrea go home too. After a five minute debate, she gave and Urs went to retrieve what he would need to deal with the tree. He'd just taken the chainsaw down from its hooks when he heard a male sounding cough close by and turned to see the two young men standing in the toolroom doorway. He rolled his eyes once the one who'd introduced himself as Jordan had explained that he and his brother, Max, had been sent to help him. Urs nodded reluctantly, stepped outside and turned to see Franky looking at him sternly.
"Do I have to remind you how big that tree is? Do you seriously think you're going to get an almost thirty foot tree cut up and moved before nightfall all by yourself, at your age?"
"Erm............Nein." Urs replied with a quick shoulder shrug and a smile, knowing that he would turn eighty-four in a few months.
Franky returned the smile, huffed out a breath then turned away while muttering something about him being a stubborn, independent something or other. She turned her head over her shoulder as she reached a stable door, laughed when Urs raised his shoulders and kept them up for a few seconds then batted her hand towards him. Urs laughed, understanding that was her way of telling him to get on with what he'd been looking forward to tackling since the tree had fallen just after Christmas.
Knowing that he'd just had his butt gently kicked for even contemplating trying to deal with the tree on his own, Urs rubbed the left cheek then led a giggling Jordan and Alex down to the back pasture and the three of them quickly set to work. Even with their help, a rather large part of the tree remained in the field as darkness began to descend.
Two days later, a giggling Clifford called to let them know Jenny had got Kirsten into the city farm and she'd tried to refuse to clean the pigsty out when she'd arrived. A quick reminder of what would happen if she didn't comply brought her to heel, but she'd complained through every second of every minute of every hour that she'd spent there.
Urs smiled as the call ended then fell into a long giggling fit as he tried to imagine the woman shovelling pig crap into a wheelbarrow and transporting it to a compost pile. He found it absolutely hysterical because Kirsten hadn't worked a single day since leaving school but expected the lifestyle Franky had and Ian had done his best to give to her. He turned his head to look out of the kitchen window once he'd stopped laughing, looked up the garden and wondered what Kirsten would think if she could see Franky now.
He began to laugh again, knowing that Kirsten wouldn't have dressed in old clothes in the first place or worn wellington boots for the second. She wouldn't have loaded a wheelbarrow with horse manure, wheeled it up to the top of the garden and spread it around the rose bushes for another. He rolled his eyes backwards when he tried to imagine Kirsten constantly complaining and quickly shook them out of his head. He much preferred what he could see and hear anyway.
Franky shovelling muck into the soil without a word of complaint and humming to herself as she tended to the plants she'd insisted would be her responsibility from the moment they'd been planted.
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Chapter 223 - Master Of The Choccywoccy!
In all the years they'd been together, only once had Urs and Franky exchanged eggs at Easter time. That had happened the year after they'd married and it had been quite funny. Other than the different coloured ribbons fastened around the middle, they'd been identical. His had been light blue, hers a soft lilac. Franky's had lasted much longer than his because she wasn't as keen on chocolate as he was. In two days nothing other than a few crumbs was all that had been left of Urs's. How he'd resisted the urge to pinch some of Franky's, Urs didn't know. It had taken every ounce of self-control he possessed not to swipe part of the half she had left and he'd been rewarded by the time Franky sat down to eat it a month after he'd given it to her. Of course she'd teased him before handing him a large piece that she'd broken off and of course that had led to a passionate love making session on the lounge room floor.
Urs coughed away the memory. Not because he was ashamed of it or didn't want to remember it. He did so because he was out in public and didn't want to become aroused. Not until later anyway. Instead he focused on another memory and looked at the man standing at the counter, waiting patiently beside another man and tried to remember how long Kurt and Sergio had been friends. He did so a little slower than he normally would and nodded his head when he recalled it was coming up to twenty years now. They still got along very well, despite coming from different backgrounds and working in different fields in the opera world. Kurt raised in comfortable household, kept warm, clean, well clothed and well fed. Sergio raised in a much poorer one, kept as clean as his mother had been able to keep him, his clothes handed down from his brother, barely knowing if he was going to eat the next morning never mind having three meals a day.
Sergio's life was totally different now, he had a good job, had no money worries and had even managed to find a better property for his mother to live in. His brother, Salvador, had also benefitted from Sergio starting out as a mere stage hand at La Scala. He'd worked hard and now managed the place.
From where he sat waiting Urs could hear them both men talking to each other and picked up the conversation as what Kurt had ordered was set down on the counter.
"You know I am going to be in so much trouble with Maria for buying this?" Kurt stated, raising the boxed egg he'd just paid for in front of Sergio's face.
"I doubt it. Not once you remind her that Gino is no longer a child. I still can't believe you've never bought her one."
"Pfft! Not like I didn't try. She always dragged me away, despite the fact she's a chocoholic. You've seen the cupboard."
"Hmmn! Though that's nothing compared to my Maria's. It's a good job they are both still so ener...........Ahem!......What was Gino in such hellfire hurry to show your mother?"
"Nothing." Kurt denied with wide eyes and a quick headshake.
Urs knew that habit and knew that Kurt had just lied. He grunted a quick a laugh because he'd also figured out he'd fibbed because he was embarrassed. Then Sergio's words hit him and a quick check of the time told him he had just enough time to make a purchase of his own. The shop would be closing at midnight and wouldn't be open again until Tuesday. He stood, approached the counter, had a look at what was on offer and quickly selected what the shop had labelled 'The Ultimate Egg'. Five chocolate eggs encasing each other, beginning with a milk chocolate one about the size of an Ostrich egg, followed by a white chocolate one, reducing in size to three dark blends made with fifty, seventy-two and one hundred per cent cocoa.
"Treating yourself, Pa?" Kurt asked once he'd paid for the luxurious confection.
"Nein. It's for your mother."
"It's going to be around for a while then. Not worried that she's going to tell you off for spending so much money?"
"Do I look it?"
"No. I was only teasing."
"Like I don't know that." Urs shook his head as the three men stepped out of the shop.
Kurt bid goodbye to Sergio with brotherly hug, watched him take a few steps away then turned to walk back to his car with Urs.
"What's this about Maria being a chocoholic. I've rarely seen her eat it."
"That's because she only really eats a lot of it know. She did when she was pregnant with Gino too. She could never get enough of it. She's always kept a good supply in so I'm not running out to the shops every five minutes. Kept it in a kitchen cupboard until Gino discovered her hiding place at the age of four. Now it's kept in our bedroom, under lock and key." Kurt informed, giggling as he paused briefly. "You know what Gino's like, he'd eat the whole lot in one sitting."
"So would you."
"Well, I know where I got my sweet tooth from then."
Urs nodded in response to Kurt's retort. They both had a very sweet tooth, though Kurt's was worse than his own. He could remember one particular video clip Franky had sent him when Kurt had been seven years old. It had been recorded at Easter time and showed the children all eager to get out into the back garden to hunt out the eggs Franky had secreted somewhere. Kurt was causing a delay by stubbornly refusing to put his shoes on right up until Franky told him that he would not be taking part if she had to tell him a third time. He'd grumbled a bit while doing as he'd been told but not for long. Franky had heard him complaining and a growl of his full name had quickly brought him to order.
With everyone ready, the children had been allowed to run outside to begin the hunt. Franky had recorded everything while Saskia helped the younger children in their quest. Kurt had looked very proud of himself by the end of the hunt because his basket had been the fullest and he'd found all ten eggs all by himself without any hints from his mother.
What hadn't been recorded was what had happened in the kitchen afterwards but Urs had heard all about it. Kurt had made himself comfortable at the kitchen table, intent on consuming the entire haul only for Franky to stop him. It was snack time but no way was Franky going to allow him to eat every egg in one sitting. She'd placed one in front of him and put the rest on top of a cupboard that he couldn't reach even if he climbed on the work surface.
He'd used his mouth again, using one of his naughty words as loud as he could. His punishment had been to remain at the table without his egg while watching his siblings eat theirs. Two and a half hours later he'd apologised for calling his mother a 'mean old bitch' and had finally been allowed to eat the egg Franky had taken away from him.
As soon as he'd seen Urs's face on the computer screen later that day, he'd known he was in trouble with Papi, for a moment or two anyway. That scared look had dropped instantly after Urs had told him was very disappointed to have heard that he'd used that kind of language but he was proud of him for apologising without having to be told to do it. Franky's next report had been much better and she'd smiled while telling Urs that Kurt had shared his booty with his siblings of his own accord.
"So what was Gino in such a hurry to show your mother?" Urs asked once the two of them were in the car, heading for home.
"Oh that. Erm........I might as well tell you, you're probably going to get to see it anyway." Kurt replied, shaking his head and his face flushing a little. "It was recorded about a five years after our wedding. Maria had had enough of one of her cousins's husband's snide little comments, he didn't think much of my voice or Maria's for that matter, had said many times that neither of us would have made it in musical theatre and had only made it in the opera world because I bear the surname I do and Maria had only done so 'cos her father had bribed the producer who'd hired us. The next thing I know, Maria is dragging me into the villa, muttering some extreme profanities in Italian while she searches through an old trunk. I tried to calm her down but she wasn't having any of it. To this day I don't know how she managed to persuade me to go back downstairs wearing scruffy clothing and made up to look dirty and poor, but somehow she did and the next thing I know the two of us are performing around the table on the veranda, singing 'Master Of The House'. Everyone bar said cousin loved it and joined in. Tino hasn't dared voice his opinion again, not in mine or Maria's presence anyway. Gino found the DVD the other day and couldn't believe I'd never shown it to you or Mami after he'd watched it."
Chuckling, Urs nodded while Kurt shook his head slighty. Urs didn't know why he or Franky had never seen the recording or why Kurt appeared to be so embarrassed about it. He knew his second son could have gone into musical theatre if he'd wanted to and had no doubt he would have been just as successful in it. He could well remember the first time he'd sung 'Bring Him Home' in it's entirerity and how it was sung during the actual show rather than in a recording booth. Aged twenty-four he'd made Franky shed a few tears before he'd been halfway through the song. Now he knew why Gino had been so excited when he'd arrived this morning, Urs could only imagine her with a huge smile on her face and maybe even giggling a little.
Kurt turned into the driveway a few minutes later and the two men walked into the lounge to find that Franky, Maria and Gino were all giggling while watching what was playing on the television. Urs listened, realised the song had only just begun playing and moved to sit beside Franky, secreting what he'd bought for her by the side of the couch as he did so.
"How many times have you watched it?" He queried, keeping his eyes on the screen.
"Oh I don't know, four or five."
What Urs hadn't realised as he'd entered the lounge was that Kurt and Maria were singing the song in Italian. Urs knew it was a pretty difficult song to sing in English, he'd done it himself a couple of times and had become tounge-tied at some points, stumbling over the words. That had made Carlos, Sebastien and David crack up laughing, until they'd had a go anyway. Perhaps they would all have done better if they hadn't been a little more than tipsy at the time, but they had been celebrating reaching number one with their first album release at the time.
The song was even harder in Italian and Kurt was doing a marvellous job besides pretending to pick pockets and secreting Maria's grandmother's best silverwear somewhere in his ragged costume with a greedy grin on his face. Maria was just as good, but giggled constantly between the parts she needed to sing and by the end of the impromptu performance she'd lost all control. The couple gave a quick bow of appreciation then turned and headed back inside the villa. The camera panned to an unimpressed looking Tino Di Pasqua who smiled quickly following a quick dig in the ribs from his wife, Gratiana. Recording stopped after that, Gino stopped the player then ejected the disc, returned it to its case and handed it to Franky.
"Ginooooooooooo!" Kurt growled playfully, understanding that his only child had copied the disc so that his grandparents could watch it any time they pleased.
Everyone giggled for a few moments then Kurt gave Maria what he'd spent over half an hour selecting once he'd checked that Saturday evening had become Sunday morning. She smiled and gave him an appreciative kiss then gave him the egg she'd bought for him. Gino was given his and thanked his parents despite looking a little embarrassed that they'd bought him one. Urs laughed as he watched the young man's face redden because he knew Gino had asked them to stop buying him an egg a couple of years ago, citing that he was too old to receive one.
Having noticed that Franky had turned her head to watch the small family exchange eggs, Urs took the distraction as an opportunity to whip the gift bag his egg had been placed in into Franky's lap. She startled slightly, her eyes widening when she saw the F and M emblazened on the front of the bag, instantly knowing that the bag had come from Fortnum & Mason and that it was still one of the most expensive places to shop in London.
"Urs, we agreed years ago not to exchange eggs. I haven't got you one."
"I know what we agreed, but the children aren't babies anymore. Heck the grandchildren aren't babies any more. I don't care if you haven't got me one. We can share that one can't we?"
"Of course we can, honey. I hope you didn't spend too much.........."
"Shush!" Urs instructed as he silenced her by pressing the fingers of his right hand against her lips.
Franky nodded, thanked him with a kiss on the cheek once he'd removed his fingers and began to open the box the egg had been packaged in. She handed him a large piece once she'd cracked the first shell then took a smaller piece for herself.
Urs grinned as he watched her enjoying the taste, knowing he would be in trouble if she ever found out that he'd spent over two hundred pounds on the egg he'd really wanted to buy her in 2013. Back then it had cost ninety pounds and she'd refused to let him pay that much for something she could take or leave. Despite the fact he would probably recieve a mild buttkicking if she did find out how much he'd splurged on her, Urs thought as he did back then.
She was worth every single, solitary penny and he really didn't care that he didn't have one of his own. 'Sharing' was a million times better anyway.
"You are still so bad." Franky smiled and shook her head, knowing exactly why Urs's smile had become the Cheshire Cat grin.
"And don't you forget it. What time are they leaving?" Urs replied quietly, attempting to raise his eyebrows a la Carlos which made Franky giggle while she replied 'not until Gino has told us a few of his own tour stories' and her face turned a very bright shade of red.
As for the egg, Urs didn't get his butt kicked for spending what he had on Franky, because him doing so created a couple of very good memories for them both. It didn't even last the month out due to some very nice 'sharing' between them both......... upstairs....... in the master bedroom. Wink
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Chapter 224 - Going Full Throttle
Somewhere in the deepest recesses of his mind, Urs knew Franky was up to something, there wasn't any doubt about that. Right now though he couldn't focus on that because he was too enthralled with what she was doing to him. He'd woken to find her stroking his thigh and himself already semi-aroused. It hadn't taken much to strengthen the erection, just a simple movement of her hand and few gentle strokes while kissing him. Things had progressed quickly from there but only once he'd been one hundred per cent sure that he'd prepared her to accept his length had he allowed her to straddle him.
Now he could feel that he was close to the edge. However, Franky wasn't there with him yet, so he took short, rapid breaths until she'd caught up with him. Her body twitched with each small contraction, slowly her breathing became more ragged and eventually they reached the same place. Both of them coming hard with load growls of each other's names.
Franky collapsed on top of him as her breathing began to normalise and Urs spent a few moments running his fingers up and down her spine. She stayed in that position, even when he'd softened and slipped out, kissing him lightly, her eyes shining just like they had every time since the first time they'd made love.
"What are you thinking?" She asked once she'd moved to her normal position.
"Just how lucky I am to still have you in my life and thanking Gott that I can still perform pretty well." Urs replied with a grin. "Now...........what do you have planned for the day?"
"So am I." Franky replied. "And don't start that again, you should know by now that I'm not going to tell you."
Urs huffed, sulked, smiled, gave her a 'Blinky Wink' in an attempt to find out what she had planned. He even refused to ease the firm hold he had on her and kissed her lightly in an attempt to discover her secret, but she stood firm as ever. Whatever it was, it had been planned as a surprise and Franky could resist all of his playful attempts to get her to crack.
"You........Ahem!" Franky coughed, kissing him firmly before leaving the bed and heading towards the en suite bathroom.
Urs followed her a few seconds later, still unable to fathom what she'd arranged. He thought they'd done everything there was to do at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. They'd certainly visited Simpson Springs Pony Express Station, the Cleveland Lloyd Gallery and the Ceda Mesa Ruins. Calf Creek Falls had been their favourite place of all and yesterday had been spent at the salt flats, watching motorcycles speed over the arid dry land.
Unable to imagine what they were going to do today, Urs stepped into the shower behind Franky and 'helped' her wash her body down. She giggled and shook her head at him several times due to the fact he spent a long time 'cleaning' certain parts of her anatomy. True, her body wasn't as toned as it had been when he'd first met her but neither was his own. For their ages they still looked pretty good and still desired each other. It was also true they didn't make love as often as they did back then, but whenever they did, neither of them drifted of to sleep with a look of disappointment on their faces.
"Right, that's enough" Franky informed firmly, taking hold of his lower arms and gently pushing him back a step or two. "Stop messing about, otherwise we'll be late and Dom.........."
"Never mind. Just get out of the shower and get dressed."
Reluctantly, Urs let her leave the shower and finished his own while trying to put a face to the name 'Dom'. He knew it could be a shortened version of Dominic, but the only Dominic they'd ever known was a long time dead. He sighed as he thought of Orva, knowing that her memory had begun to fail her a few months ago and that she didn't recognise Franky any more. Despite that, the once world famous model hadn't become frustrated or angry during their last visit with her. She'd welcomed them as 'new' friends and was being well taken care of by Francesca and her siblings. Still, he found it a shame she couldn't recall all the good times she and Franky had shared, not even when she'd sat and watched the recordings of those days.
"You all right, honey?" He heard Franky questioning as he stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his hips.
"Ja. Just thinking about Orva and hoping to Gott that never happens to either of us."
Franky sniffed, nodded then left him to get dressed. He walked back into the bedroom just in time to see her zipping up a medium sized bag. He didn't have a clue what it contained and she refused to let him carry it down to their hire car once they were ready to go. Urs huffed playfully as he settled himself into the passenger seat. They began to chat as Franky pulled out of the hotel car park but stopped when they heard the song that began to play on the radio. Urs turned the volume up and smiled broadly while listening to Gino sing the song he'd written. 'Not A Means To End' had been written shortly after his break up with Nikita and the lyrics let everyone know he wasn't a man to be used by any woman who wanted fame for herself. He sang it with an arrogant tinge to his voice, but that didn't seem to matter to his fans. Urs was sure it wouldn't be sitting at number two in the download chart if it did.
'Not........A Means........To An End' resounded around the interior of the car as the song came to an end.
"Can you remember when he first sang that?"
Urs nodded in reply to Franky's question and his mind immediately flew back in time. He'd been there to witness 'Rebel Yell' practice the song before recording it and had watched Gino's facial movements more than any other part of his body. Franky, however, had watched all of him. Then she'd turned to Urs and and told him that she'd watched Gino try to stand still while singing, but somehow he couldn't seem to do it outside the confines of a recording studio. He left foot had stomped in time to the hard beat, his upper half had swung side to side and he'd given his head a sharp nod as he sang the final six words. An attitude was what was required to sing the song and Gino had it, on stage at least. He was completely different off it and was learning how to tell when a girl might be interested in the off stage persona, rather than the famous, on stage one. Urs smiled and looked at Franky, both of them sure he would find his soulmate in time.
Neither of them were particularly keen on the next song they heard, so Urs turned the volume back down then looked out of the window to see where they were. His brow furrowed when he saw that they were on Interstate 80 again and heading in the direction of the salt flats. Still he couldn't fathom why they might be there, the BUM Motorcycle Speed Trials had ended the previous day and no other events had been advertised.
Franky glanced at him, smiled, drove a few more miles then turned off and eased to a stop beside a much larger vehicle. Urs looked at the trailer and immediately recognised it as one he'd seen the previous day. He knew the trailer was capable of carrying two motorcycles, he'd spent a few moments looking them over before the trials started. He turned his head to the left once he was out of the car and quickly noticed the yellow and black machine was parked up beside the trailer. He looked around for Franky and saw that she was talking to a tall man with dark brown hair nearby. Urs was quickly introduced to Martin then instructed to go and change.
"Huh?" He queried, looking from the bag Franky offered him to her face and back again several times.
"You heard me. Get." She replied, giggling and flicking her head in the direction of the trailer.
Things began to click once Urs had taken hold of the bag, it felt quite heavy and something hard knocked against his right leg as he headed inside the trailer. He opened the bag to reveal a full face crash helmet and the red and black motorbike leathers he always wore when Franky wore her 'Fire' design ones. He changed quickly, thinking he was going to get the opportunity to ride pillion behind Martin at Gott alone knew what speed.
He felt his smile broaden, knowing that he'd told Franky that he'd planned to ride at full throttle across these very plains several times before, that Simon had found out somehow, called him and told him in no uncertain terms not to even think about it. Reluctantly, Urs had cancelled the plans and had been more than a little grumpy at the next concert. He hadn't even thought about coming to Bonneville since meeting Franky and he'd only told her the story yesterday, shortly before the last rider went out for his three runs. He fastened his jacket, pondering how she could have arranged this so quickly.
"I don't have a clue." He muttered to himself as he retrieved the crash helmet.
Stepping out of the trailer, Urs noticed that Martin was still wearing the jeans and t-shirt he'd seen when he and Franky arrived. After a quick giggle, Martin reminded him that the bike only had one seat and, therefore, Urs would have to go out alone.
"You're not going to have a go?" Urs asked of Franky while Martin left to start the bike.
"Uh-uh! I've already fulfilled that dream, haven't I?"
"Oh, ja." Urs nodded after a few seconds thought and recalling how jealous he'd been to hear that she'd done the speed trial at the age of twenty-seven, achieving a speed of 186 mph.
With a kiss for luck, Urs mounted the bike, fastened the crash helmet and rode out where the instruments that would measure his speed were still standing. Three times he nodded that he was good to go and three times he pulled off quickly from standing start. He had no idea how fast he'd actually gone, he'd been enjoying himself too much to pay attention to the speedometer but he was pretty sure it was faster than he'd ever gone. He rode back to where Franky and Martin stood following the final run and asked how he'd done before he set the bike on its kickstand.
"Not bad. You should have entered." Martin informed, handing over the certificate he'd printed out while Urs was riding back towards him.
"Are you winding me up?" Urs asked once he'd read the speed three times.
"No. I was gonna, but your lady told me not to. Two hundred and nineteen miles per hour it is."
Urs gulped, then grinned, then lifted Franky off her feet and spun her around a couple of times. He kissed her hard, thanked her for what she'd done and went to change out of the leathers. He laughed to himself while in the trailer because he didn't think he'd gone that fast, in fact he didn't even think he'd pushed the machine beyond two hundred miles per hour. It really was no wonder he felt so elated.
Leathers repacked, he stepped out of the trailer again, thanked Martin for the opportunity then made his way back to the car.
"Got any other secrets like that one?" Franky asked as she started the engine.
"Nein. Are you going to tell me how you arranged things so quickly?"
Franky made no audible reply. She simply smiled her secretive little smile and shook her head then dropped the car into gear and waved goodbye to Martin before pulling away from the trailer.
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Chapter 225 - Horrified!
"Pfft! Left to you, there would be matching ornaments at each end and something else in the middle, nothing else." Franky teased in response to Urs's comment that the antique sideboard was becoming a very cluttered.
"Not funny Mrs Buhler." Urs replied, smiling and shaking his head as he swallowed a mouthful of wine and paused the DVD he'd' been watching when she'd placed an up to date portrait of Hadley and Saskia on the sideboard.
He scanned the old piece of wood and smiled when he saw all the pictures scattered over it. It was almost full now with frames of varying sizes holding pictures in black and white as well as colour. He picked up the one that held the newest portrait of their twin grandchildren, smiled a little broader when he saw Hadley's face beaming and shook his head when he remembered that the young man had been bullied at school. The ADD had been hard enough for him to cope with and Dyslexia had made it even harder on him. Still he hadn't let his problems bother him too much, he'd worked hard and had shown his bullies he wasn't thick, stupid or dumb. Just a few months ago he'd come third in a mock test, beating all those who'd tried to drive him down by miles.
Hadley had grown into a popular young man too. He had friends of both sexes and knew full when certain girls wanted something other than his friendship. Urs chuckled to himself recalling how Hadley had dealt with the last one who'd approached with a flirtatous smile on her face and greedy glint in her eye. He'd stood upright a mere second after Livvy had placed herself on his lap, gently held the tops of her arms and told her he wasn't interested in her before asking her to leave him alone so he could enjoy his meal. Livvy hadn't taken any notice though, she'd continued to flirt with him, by calling him Haddy when he preferred his name to be shortened to Hads. Livvy batting her eyelashes at him while asking why he would want to spend time with 'a couple of ugly old farts' when they could be off having fun.
Angry though Hadley had become to have heard his mother's parents referred to that way, he'd remained calm and signalled for the head waiter' to have Livvy escorted out of 'Tickers'. Livvy had been dragged out, screaming obscenties at a head-shaking Hadley, he'd then sat down and told Urs and Franky that it wasn't the first time he'd heard Livvy yell at him like that, it was actually the fifth. Then he'd laughed and told them that the leggy, fake redhead hadn't showed a modecum of interest in him until she'd seen the signet ring he wore on the pinky finger of his right hand. He'd continued to laugh his way through telling them that Livvy had assumed the black sapphires that outlined the striking meteorite centrepiece were actually still very rare and ultra-expensive black diamonds when she'd first seen what Saskia had given him the previous Christmas and that Livvy refused to believe otherwise, citing that she knew diamonds when she saw them.
Urs smiled a little broader as the VidCom went off. He set the frame back down, swallowed the last of his wine and turned back to the couch he'd been seated on a few moments before. Knowing that Franky was expecting a call, he picked the DVD remote up and was just about to sit down to watch himself serenade Franky to Michael Buble's 'Close Yours Eyes' at the end of her fiftieth birthday party when she came flying into the lounge, looking pale and demanding the keycard to the car.
"What's happened, angel?" Urs asked, once he'd stopped himself from saying that he would drive.
"Erm.......That was Elly. Hadley's been stabbed in the neck."
"WAS! Who by? What for?"
"I don't know, other than the fact it was most likely a male that attacked him. She was dealing with his wound and waiting for an ambulance when she called."
"Has she called Serena and Hadley?" Urs queried as they trotted towards the car as fast as they could.
"Yes, but it's going to take them some time to get to the hospital. They're at a party in Surrey." Franky replied, screeching out of the garage and flooring the accelerator once she'd got the car into the right position to drive round the side of the house.
Urs reached over, gave her left leg a gentle squeeze and felt the vehicle slow after a second or two. He decided not to remove his hand while Franky drove because it was helping to calm her down. Even though he didn't have much medical knowledge, he knew why she was panicking. There were a lot of vital blood vessels in the neck and a small injury to one of them could have a disasterous effect in seconds. Deeply concerned though he was, Urs knew Elly would have reacted instantly, she knew first aid and was hoping to become a trauma doctor.
Swallowing hard and fighting back tears, Franky continued to drive while Urs mentally kicked himself for having that glass of wine. He knew he shouldn't be doing that, he sure as hell wasn't psychic. He couldn't have predicted that something would happen to ruin Hadley's night out with his friends. He took a deep breath as Franky stopped at a red light, hoping that the blade hadn't nicked a vital artery or vein and that they wouldn't make their way into the Accident and Emergency department to receive devastating news.
It seemed to take ages for them to turn off road, park, make their way into the hospital and be shown into the room where Hadley's friends had been asked to wait.
"What happened?" Franky demanded before the door was even closed.
"Don't know Mrs Buhler." A young man they knew as Tim replied, his blue eyes wide and head shaking. "One minute we're all sitting there, having a laugh. The next Hadley's screaming in pain, holding the right side of his neck and there's blood seeping out between his fingers."
"Elly flew out of her seat, took a quick look then grabbed a wad of serviettes while I called for an ambulance." Tim's twin sister, Sunny informed, attempting to wipe her eyes.
"He was conscious the entire time we waited though, didn't want to come to hospital until he was told how long and deep the wound is." Brown eyed Shawna continued, chewing on her finger nails and shaking her head.
"You didn't see who did it?" Urs asked, guiding Franky to a seat and settling himself beside her.
"No. It happened so quick and the restaurant was very busy. Police were checking the CCTV when we left." Skinny, six foot three inch tall Dave shook his head slowly, while running his fingers through his light blond hair. "Elly hasn't left his side since it happened."
The door opened again a few seconds later, a nurse popped her head round, smiled at Urs and Franky and asked them to go with her. They moved quickly and soon found themselves in the cubicle where Hadley was being treated. Both of them breathed out a long sigh of relief when they saw that other than a roughly one inch hole in his neck and an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose, he was all right and able to speak normally.
"I'm okay." He informed with a quick smile before turning his attention back to the young woman sitting by his side. "Will you stop blaming yourself, Elly. If it is him then the police will get him and he'll be banged up. It's not your fault he can't get it through his thick skull that you and he are over or that you and me are just good friends."
"I know. I just.........I'm just worried about what your parents are going to do. I don't want to lose your friendship, Hads."
"Don't worry about that. I'll deal with them if they start on you and if they don't listen to me, then I'm sure they'll listen to Gran." Hadley instructed with a wince as the area that needed to be stitched up was injected with anasthetic. "Elly isn't sure, but thinks it was her ex-boyfriend that attacked me. He's been telling her to stay away from me and making some threats just lately. He's done much worse to Elly though, that bad she had to take a restraining order out against him."
"I remember you telling us the other week." Franky and Urs nodded as they settled themselves into the seats that had been bought in.
"How bad is it doctor?" Urs asked, watching the young man begin to place the first of seven stitches that would be required to close the wound.
"He's been very lucky. It's deep, missed the jugular vein by a couple of millimetres. He should be fine now we've flushed the wound and got the little piece of steak out." Dr Morgan replied without turning to look at Urs and continuing to concentrate on what he was doing as he spoke to Hadley.
"Sure thing, doc. I'd get my ass kicked if I didn't." Hadley informed after being told that he would be given a short course of antibiotics and that he was to come back if the wound did become infected.
What Urs hadn't realised as he sat down was that he'd grasped Franky's hand and had spent the entire duration of the conversation squeezing her fingers so tight that they'd gone white. He had a very good idea as to why he'd done that, just couldn't recall doing it and quickly released his hold with an accompanying apology. Franky smiled and shook her head as she flexed her fingers. Without saying a word, she'd indicated to him that she knew he'd gone back to the time when Sebastien had been in a similar predicament to Hadley, that he'd held her hand just as tight while they waited to hear if he was going to make it through the operation and that he'd only really eased off once they'd been told he had. The tears in her eyes had nothing to do with the fact he'd caused her the same discomfort he had back then. They were trying to make their escape because she knew Hadley had just survived a much closer encounter with death than Sebastien had all those years ago.
Silence reigned in the room for the next few minutes and was broken by Serena throwing the curtain open and glaring harshly at Elly as Hadley senior followed her in.
"Mum! Don't even think of blaming Elly for what's happened!" Hadley instructed before Serena could get going on one of her emotion fuelled ranting lectures. "Calm down or leave."
Serena's eyes flew wide as the last five words left her son's mouth and she turned to look at her husband as if to ask him what she should do.
"He's right. Calm down, babe. He told you weeks ago he's not going to let Karl ruin a friendship that's been going for over ten years. It's not Elly's fault that her ex can't accept the fact she's dumped him. You know full well that you would have done exactly the same if I hadn't accepted your friendship with Nigel and followed you around everywhere you went or called you every ten miutes wanting to know exactly what you were doing, who you with and talking to. I know what you would have told me exactly what to do if I'd tried to tell you what career path you were going to follow, what you were going to wear, what music you were allowed to listen to and who your friends should be as well. We're not even sure that Karl is responsible yet, but if he is he's then he's broken the terms of his restraining order hasn't he? If that is the case we all know where he'll end up don't we?" Hadley senior replied, shaking his head and breathing out a heavy sigh when he finished.
"Yes. I'm sorry, Hads." Serena nodded, wiping her eyes before pulling her son into a tight embrace and asking him what happened.
"Elly was great through all of it." Hadley informed once he'd finished telling the same story Urs and Franky had heard in the waiting room.
"What about Livvy? Could she have done such a thing or persuaded someone to do it?" Franky asked once Serena had apologised to Elly and it had been accepted.
"Pfft! No, Gran. All bark, no bite that one. Besides it seems like she finally got the message, hasn't been near me since I had her thrown out of 'Ticker's', too interested in trying to get her hooks into Clint Ladbrooke and if she carries on I can see him serving her with a restraining order. She's basically stalking Clint and Melanie. I swear if he gets one more message from her asking why he's dating a girl that's not good enough for him, he's gonna blow his stack and tell Livvy a few home truths about herself, especially about her looks. Yeah, she's pretty but that isn't all Clint looks for in a girl and neither do I."
Franky nodded and smiled as Dr Morgan came in to let Hadley know he could go home with a firm instruction to take easy for a few days. Hadley nodded his compliance and was soon standing upright. He walked just ahead of his parents with Elly by his side and went in search of his friends once they were out of the treatment area. All of them breathed out long sighs of relief when they saw him and gave him brotherly hugs or kisses on the cheeks.
"I blame you, Mami." Serena informed while watching the friends hug and listening to Hadley senior update Saskia on her brother's condition.
"For what?"
"That talk you had with him a few months ago. From the moment you kicked my ass about letting him get away with chores up until that talk, he did everything I told him to do. Now he's............well he's too bloody independent for my liking. I barely have to do anything for him now."
"Says her that said she wanted to get her own place at twelve years old, despite the fact she could barely cook or clean or work a washing.............Do you really want me to go on, Seri?"
"No, Mami." Serena laughed and shook her head, her face turning red as she pulled Franky into a tight embrace and thanked her. "A few scary moments there Papi?" She asked once she was standing in front of Urs.
"A few." He replied quietly, knowing that it wouldn't have been any good to lie, Serena had always been able to spot what he did when he lied much quicker than her siblings. "Nothing like what you've endured though."
Teary-eyed again, Serena nodded and attempted to smile then pulled both Urs and Franky into another tight hug. She kissed them on the cheek a few moments later, smiled as Hadley senior embraced them as well then watched Hadley junior do the same. The three of them and Elly headed to their car once they'd hugged Tim, Sunny, Shawna and Dave and thanked them.
Urs and Franky watched everyone leave while they walked to their very wonkily parked vehicle. Once again Franky drove, this time with a slight smile on her face and no wide eyes. Her brow furrowed once in while and they did discuss who might have hurt their grandson, but weren't able to come up with any other suspects than those they already had. They decided to leave that subject alone as Franky paused at a red traffic light, hoping that the police would be able to see the person on CCTV, catch and prosecute them.
"So, who were you expecting to hear from earlier?" Urs asked once they were moving again.
"Ruby. She's certain Bert's going to end their relationship 'cos he's been rather secretive just lately."
"And you know different, don't you?" Urs asked, seeing the mischievious glint in Franky's eyes and hearing her cough.
"I'm sure I don't know what you mean."
"Bloody liar. He's going to propose, isn't he?"
"Yes, he is and the only reason I know is because he wasn't sure about the ring and asked my opinion." Franky confirmed, smiling and nodding quickly as she turned the car into their driveway and pulled to a much gentler stop than she had at the hospital.
Hand-in-hand the couple made their way back into their home, grabbed a drink from the fridge and started to make their way to the lounge. They'd just reached the threshold when the VidCom went off again and a smiling Ruby appeared on the screen, flashing the solid platinum, three stone engagement ring Bert had slipped onto her finger once she'd gotten over the shock and had said yes to his proposal. They congratulated the couple who'd been dating for the past fifteen years and smiled as the normally quiet and extremely shy seventy-two year old Bert kissed seventy year old Ruby on the cheek. With instructions to enjoy the rest of their evening issued, Franky ended the call and finally settled on the couch with Urs.
Urs looked at the box that sat near the television, then at their huge private DVD collection then at Franky and swallowed hard, knowing that it was going to take them a long time to convert the images so that they could be viewed on Jordi and Joanne's newest 'HoloDect'. Hoping that they really had worked all the bugs out of it now and that it worked much faster than the last model the childhood friends had been pressurised into releasing due to public demand and recalling how grumpy Jordi had been when he told his parents, siblings and everyone who knew him not to bother buying 'HDMkII' because it didn't work properly.
Huffing out a breath because he knew Franky had wanted to get the machine set up this particular night so that she could make a start the next morning, Urs picked up the remote control he'd dropped on the couch a few hours ago and pressed 'play' followed 'ffwd'. Images of happy friends and family flicked across the screen until he reached the point he'd paused at. He moved his thumb to the 'play' button again and was just about to press it when he heard Franky call his name.
"Sing along with it." She requested, nodding to the screen.
"What for? I'm not that good any mo..........."
"Urs Buhler, you don't half talk rot sometimes." Franky shook her head, her fingers on his lips and smiling.
Urs nodded, pressed the button and began to do as Franky requested, holding her close around the waist whilst watching happy tears roll down her face on the screen. He turned to look at her as the final part began and faltered a little when he saw that the angel on the screen wasn't the only one crying. The one seated beside him was too and somehow he knew she hadn't paid any attention to how his younger self had sung. She'd focused entirely on a much more mature, slightly off key voice and she'd loved every second of what she'd heard.
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Chapter 226 - Halved
Urs turned quickly on his heels when he realised Sebastien wasn't walking beside him any more. He'd only taken about five strides so he quickly made his way back to him and sat by his side. His French brother sat staring at the thickly packed box he'd been given a few moments ago, shaking his head and sighing out a long breaths.
"You okay, Seb?" Urs asked, placing a hand on his forearm to get his attention.
"Huh! Oh oui, Urs. Just a little........what is the English.........Over........."
"Oui, that's it. You know......if he was here right now, I would be........I don't know, arguing with him I guess."
"You don't think you can complete the task he's set you? I don't believe that for one second." Urs informed, giving Sebastien's shoulder a quick nudge.
"Merci for that, but what do I know of singing baritone? You said yourself, I'd be a tenor if I'd entered the operatic world."
"Ja, I did. Don't tell me you didn't learn anything in all those years of listening to him, harmonising with him because I will call you a liar to your face. I'm sure you'll find someone capable of singing those songs he's left behind."
"Oui, I did learn a lot. You're going to help me though, right?"
"Nein, you made the bet with him, not me."
"What?! I-I-I............" Sebastien spluttered then swallowed hard, his eyes wide and head shaking.
"Oh all right. Seems you asked me so nicely, I'll help you. But finding someone to sing them is all I'm doing. Okay."
"Fine. Don't think we'll find anyone as good as him though. Mon Dieu, I never thought he'd written this much, there must be fifty songs here."
"We'll have a look later, back at the hotel. Right now I'm hungry and we did arrange to meet up with Emma and Franky for lunch."
Sebastien nodded, stood and began to walk by his side again. They were soon outside the lawyer's office, waiting to cross the road to the small cafe where they'd left Emma and Franky before entering the building. Urs still couldn't believe their Spanish brother was gone. He'd looked pretty good at his birthday party despite the fact he had a cold. It had come as a shock to wake up a couple of days later to find Frank pounding on his and Franky's hotel room door. He'd known something was seriously wrong as soon as he'd seen his face and thought his distress had had to do with Carina or one of their girls to begin with. Frank had stood there for a moment or two, trying to calm himself down before passing on the news that Marco had taken breakfast up to his father, tried to wake him and immediately called the emergency services when he hadn't been able to. They'd turned up, checked Carlos over and had shaken their heads when they'd realised there was nothing they could do, he'd been gone for too long.
It had come as a further shock to be told that he'd died of something as simple as Flu and not the effects of the mild Hypertension he'd taken pills for since before David had died. At first, Urs hadn't believed it, not until he remembered that there were three different types of Influenza virus, the worst spread slowly and was often fatal. Still Carlos had shown no sign that he was so ill, then again he never had. Urs could remember him insisting he was fine once when he'd actually been diagnosed with an ear infection and been told to rest until the antibiotics he'd been given had taken affect. Stubborn Spaniard that he was, he'd continued to rehearse for the second Il Divo world tour and only when he'd almost collapsed had he very reluctantly left the studio and done as he'd been told.
Urs looked at Sebastien as they reached the door to the cafe and somehow knew he'd dealt with this Divo loss much better than he had the previous one. At least he'd managed to get through the funeral service pretty well and hadn't he shaken his head at the graveside as much as he had when David had been laid to rest. Of course there had been all the usual symptoms of grief, but they hadn't lasted as long as they had a few years ago and he certainly hadn't upset Emma this time. Urs gave his French brother a quick pat on the shoulder before he raised a hand to push the door open and smiled when he received a quick nod and smile in return.
Together they crossed the threshold and scanned the area. It didn't take them long to locate where Emma and Franky were due to the fact that Franky was on her feet, talking to Marco's son, her hands flying in all different directions as they they tended to do when she spoke Spanish. Sebastien and Urs looked at each other briefly, then moved as fast as they could towards the table.
"What's happened?" Urs asked, watching Carlos lower his head in shame.
"Oh nothing much really." Franky replied nonchalantly once he'd kissed her quickly.
"Nothing much my ar........backside Francesca Buhler." Emma huffed then grumbled. "I might not speak fluent Spanish but I even I understood enough to know that woman was being mean to you. I don't blame little Carlos for losing his temper and telling her to go to hell."
"Okay. What happened..........exactly?" Urs repeated, taking the spare seat beside Franky and looking at her firmly.
"She was just some stupid............She recognised me and Emma, approached, offered her condolences to the children then turned to me. I thought she was going to say the same to me and Emma to begin with, but no. Her smile dropped, her eyes narrowed, then she asked me what I was doing here. Said she knew I'd always hated Carlos because he hadn't wanted me and I was going to be so disappointed to know Carlos hadn't left me anything in his will. She'd seen you, Seb and the other adults entering the lawyer's building, put two and two together and realised why you might be there. Little Carlos heard every word lost his temper and told her in no uncertain terms what to do with her opinion and where to go, using some very erm..........fruitful language while doing so."
"Just when I was beginning to think you were wrong and that kind of thing had stopped." Urs huffed with lightly closed eyes and his head shaking.
"Well his language couldn't have been any worse than what his grandfather used to use." Sebastien stated, shaking his head at Franky before turning to Carlos's namesake and giving him a wink with an accompanying smile.
"You want to bet?" Franky asked quickly which made Sebastien snap his head round to face her. "I won't repeat it, never mind translate it, so don't even ask."
With Franky and Emma in need of the bathroom, they headed in that direction and Urs took the opportunity to tell little Carlos well done and that his grandfather would be proud of him for defending Franky.
"I know, Gracias Tio Urs."
Urs smiled at the teary-eyed young man and made a zipping motion across his lips, hoping that he and the rest of Carlos's grandchildren understood that they weren't to let on that he approved of what Carlos had done. Each and every one of them nodded, including Francesca and Carlotta then giggled for a few moments. Urs raised his head to see why they stopped so suddenly and came face-to-face with a head shaking Franky. He didn't need to worry about the children dropping him in it, he'd done it himself. Somehow she knew what he'd done and shook her head as she retook her seat. She shot him one more diaspproving look, sat back down then turned her attention to what Sebastien was holding.
"May I?" Franky asked once Sebastien had explained the task he'd been left with.
Sebastien nodded, quickly leafed through the file and handed her some sheet music. Urs leaned over her shoulder to read the title then watched her relax back to read the words. She couldn't have been more than half way through when tears began to well in her eyes. Urs knew they'd been induced by what she was reading because she couldn't read music despite the several attempts he'd made at trying to teach her.
"That one sounds like it would be amazing." Franky stated, drying her eyes once she'd handed the sheet music back. "You're going to help him, right?"
"Of course. It's going to take a while, but I'm sure we'll find someone almost as good as Carlos was. If we can't find a Baritone in two years, only then will we consider a Tenor or whatever recording them."
"I'm not sure, I'm one hundred per cent positive you can both accomplish what he's asked of you."
Urs smiled at Franky's quiet statement then ordered something to eat and drink. The group fell into recounting memories of the man they'd lost just over a week ago after that. There were plenty of tears, mostly due to the fact that he wouldn't be there to see Francesca or Carlotta take to the professional stage for the first time, but most of the memories were funny ones. Urs laughed hard when Sebastien recounted a particularly funny episode from the Canadian leg of the third world tour.
"Only when he stood up did he realise what he'd actually landed in. Mon Dieu how he cursed."
"And you wouldn't go near him for a couple of days, not unless you had to anyway." Urs reminded, laughing as he did so.
"Moi?! I wasn't the only one. And David had a freshener in his pocket long after the smell had gone."
Urs continued to laugh as images flashed through his mind. The four of them had decided to go for a walk after a soundcheck. They'd made their way into a snow covered park and had become involved in a snowball fight. Carlos had dodged one thrown by David but had slipped and landed on his butt, right on top of a pile of dog mess. At least that's what they'd always assumed it was. All they were certain of was that it had reeked to high heaven and seemed to linger around the Spaniard for a couple days. No matter what he did, he couldn't get rid of the smell right away. They'd all ran back to the arena after the mishap, Carlos had removed the offending article of clothing and thrown them in the trash before heading back to the hotel. It hadn't bothered him in the slightest that he'd had to make his way up to his suite wearing nothing but a pair of boxers on his lower half due to the fact the suits they wore hadn't been there at the time. He'd done so with his head held high, not caring that he got a few disapproving looks on the way. David being the joker he was, had indeed carried an air freshener around with him for a few days after the incident and spritzed the air near Carlos's butt at every given opportunity until he thought his teasing had run its course.
He didn't know how long everyone at the table spent laughing, just that he and Sebastien were the last to stop, both wiping away laughter induced tears when they saw Carlos's children standing at the table with their respective partners. Marco's wife, Cherish spoke first and looked at Carlos rather than Franky as she asked if he'd behaved himself.
"Of course he has." Franky fibbed.
"No he didn't. He swore at a lady Mama."
"Really, Carlos?" Marco asked of his son once the boy had stopped glaring at his sister.
Urs looked at the little girl, knowing that Carlos had been given the privilege of naming her and how he'd received a clip upside the head from Franky when he'd heard that she was to be called Nevada Paloma. He'd laughed, thinking that her first name came from the state in the US, Franky had told him it meant 'Snowy' in Spanish and since Marco's second child had been born while a snowstorm raged outside, it was highly appropriate. Once she'd told him that her middle name meant 'Dove' in English, he'd immediately apologised to Carlos, Marco and Cherish over the telephone.
He turned his head to make eye contact with each of Carlos's other grandchildren. Francesca and Carlotta quickly returned the smile he gave them, Carlotta doing so while raking her fingers through her much shorter hair. Urs shook his head knowing he hadn't been happy that she'd had over two feet of hair chopped off and had had the remainder cropped into a feminine short style, not until she'd told him it was her hair and she would do what she liked with it anyway. He made contact with Reina and Hakan's children next, Carlito smiled briefly then sighed out a long breath, Barbara-May and Samanta looked at their big brother and gave him a teary-eyed smile before returning the one Urs gave them. Marius had moved to sit on Emma's lap and rubbed at his left eye with the heel of his hand. Urs smiled knowing the almost six year old was trying to be brave and to stop himself from crying. Four year old Marco was cuddled up in Franky's lap, his eyes heavy from fatigue, still he managed to give Urs a quick smile before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.
"Si, Papa. But she was no lady. She was being mean to Tia Franky."
Once again Franky explained what had happened. Marco, Cherish, Frank, Carina, Reina and Hakan all shook their heads then Marco reprimanded his son for using foul language. However, he didn't do so the strict way Cherish would have done. He narrowed his eyes slightly, lowered the tone of his voice but did little else to let his son know he wasn't happy. Franky caught the quick wink he gave his son as he finished and shook her head slightly.
"What? I am my father's son and he is mine. Mama was never able to stop Papa from swearing completely and Cherish has failed to stop me."
"So far." Cherish retorted, giving Marco her exasperated look. "Sometimes, I swear you encourage him."
"Como si fuera a!" Marco rankled, doing so playfully and raising his eyebrows just like his father used to do. "Have you looked Papa's songs over yet, Tio Seb?"
"Non. But I have been thinking, aren't you interested in recording them?"
"No! Si I can sing, but nothing like Papa. This he knew after hearing me sing a couple of them. Is going to take someone with more power than I have to do the justice to those songs. Carlos may have inherited what I didn't, he sounds just like Papa at the same age."
"No I don't." Little Carlos denied with wide eyes and a quick headshake, making all the adults laugh because they knew his father had told the truth.
He seemed to have forgotten they'd all heard him sing 'Happy Birthday' to his grandfather and how proudly Carlos senior had smiled after hearing his namesake's voice rising above the other children's. With training, there wasn't a doubt in Urs's mind that Carlos junior would be his grandfather's match in one regard at least and hoped he would be around to hear him IF the young man decided to pursue a career in music.
Once all the adults had stopped giggling and the bill had been paid, they decided to head back to where they'd been staying for the last few days. Franky walked into the hotel room just ahead of Urs and, once he'd closed the door, dealt with her frustration about what had been said to her at the cafe in a way that was highly unusual for her.
By letting fly with the worst string of Spanish expletives Urs had ever heard fall from her mouth, leaving him standing in the lounge area wide-eyed and mouth gaping while she took deep breaths and counted to ten.
Turn the page.
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Chapter 226 - Sulkfest!
"Menteur! Ne le prenez pas de moi parce que nous n'avons pas trouvé la bonne personne pour le moment. Vous avez dit vous-même qu'il faudrait du temps. Nous avons seulement été à la recherche de deux ans. Depuis que vous avez dit tout aille bien d'ailleurs, je ne peux que supposer que vous êtes frustré par la recherche. Eh bien, laissez-moi vous rappeler, Urs Buhler, vous avez dit qu'il serait l'homme nous avons tous deux convenu et depuis c'est vous qui avez cru celui qui vient de quitter n'avait pas ce qu'il fallait faire .......... Alors vous êtes frustration est complètement pour VOUS! Maintenant, je vais rentrer chez moi, dans l'espoir que vous montez dans une meilleure humeur demain. BONNE NUIT!"
"Jackass!" Urs yelled at his rapidly retreating French brother, watched him whirl round and flip one middle finger upwards before shouting something rude in reply.
Sebastien promptly disappeared after telling Urs to go and fuck himself, leaving Urs standing behind the table they'd been using a few moments ago, blinking rapidly. Like any friends or brothers, they'd had their arguments in the past but never had the French man used those words to him. Carlos several times, David on a couple of occasions when he'd overstepped the mark with his teasing, but never, ever with him. Not that Urs could recall anyway. He might be wrong, just couldn't remember him doing so.
Urs sighed out a long breath, dropped back down into the chair he'd spent most of the day in and began to gather the sheet music together. Sebastien was wrong in one regard. Urs was not in a bad mood because they hadn't found the man they were looking for yet. He wasn't frustrated, he had said that they wouldn't settle for second best and he'd meant it. The man they'd auditioned a few moments ago was remarkably talented, just way too cocky with it. That cockiness had been revealed as soon as he'd walked into the room. He'd recognised both Sebastien and Urs and had told them he was going to be bigger than they or their dead friends had ever been. Urs had wanted to throw him out there and then. Hell he'd even stood to do so. Only Sebastien grabbing his arm and a reminder about his age had made him stop, sit back down and listen to him sing.
"Age. Urgh!" Urs grumbled to himself as he shoved the sheet music into the file box.
He didn't want to think about age right now, even though he would be turning eighty-seven in a few months and still didn't look that old. Restrictions had been placed on him and he hated them. Not wanting to think about that right now, he decided to think of something else and immediately went back two years.
Just after New Year, Sylvie had called, looking and sounding distressed because she hadn't been able to get in contact with Dalton since New Year's Eve. With her, Nicholas and Jasmine having flown out to Australia to meet up with Ursy in order to see in 2055 there was no way she could go round to his London flat and check on him, so Urs and Franky had agreed to do it. They'd found him on the kitchen floor, an empty extra large bottle of whisky nearby and a piece of paper clutched tightly in his hand. Luckily he'd only passed out from the effects of the alcohol and luckily he'd landed on his stomach. He'd thrown up at some point and hadn't moved his face away from the puddle but that hadn't fazed Franky at all. She'd kept a finger on his neck pulse while Urs called the emergency services.
Only once Dalton had been placed on a stretcher had he released the hold he had on the paper. Urs had retrieved it, read what had been written and a stunned look had been on his face when he'd turned to look at Franky. She'd been just as shocked to read that Mercy had decided their marriage had run it's course and she'd left Dalton. They'd looked so happy together at Urs and Franky's home a few days before. Even Urs had been convinced the two of them would have a long and happy marriage, but it appeared Mercy had thrown just shy of fourteen years away as if they'd meant nothing to her.
Urs and Franky had followed the ambulance to the hospital and had sat by Dalton's side until he came round. He'd looked very embarrassed to see them sitting there, their faces full of concern for him. He'd thanked them for staying and promised he would never do such a thing again. Then he'd called Sylvie to confirm he was still alive and would call her when he heard from Mercy's lawyers.
That hadn't taken long. Just a week after she'd left, Dalton had received the divorce petition and he'd been shocked to read her demands. She got a quarter of his personal fortune rather than the half she'd demanded by the time it went to court. The judge deciding that since she was just as rich as Dalton, she saw no reason to give her more. His mother's wedding and engagement rings she didn't get either, she had no right to those since they'd been left to Dalton to do with as he wished. She got the house in Malibu and Dalton was glad to see the back of the place since he had always hated going there. The only other thing Mercy walked away from the marriage with was a car. A year old Mercedes sports model, the same car she crashed six months after the divorce was finalised and the same car she'd expected Dalton to have fixed when the insurance company had refused to pay out because she'd caused the damage by speeding. She hadn't liked it one bit when Dalton had told her to go to hell in that regard. She'd disliked seeing another female on the VidCom even more and had thrown a fit after Dalton had told her Jane was his new girlfriend.
Urs smiled briefly, knowing that Jane was going to make Dalton a first time father any day now and that they would both be wonderful parents to the little girl they planned to name after his adoptive mother and Sylvie. He'd watched the young man around Sylvie's two and had seen him several times with his natural father's grandchildren to be certain of that much.
His thoughts turned to his own grandchildren after that and he smiled a little broader when he remembered how happy he'd been to hear that Ursy had changed his mind about retiring. He had at least one more Olympics in him, Urs was sure of that and was hoping he could win gold again, but wasn't really that bothered about that. He simply wanted to feel the exhileration of watching him dive again and hearing a crowd roar in appreciation. He smiled, knowing that Ursy had been dating Danay for over a year now and their relationship was going well. Two more weeks she'd put up with the way Thorsten treated her before dumping him.
Jasmine's name popped into his head after that and he scowled a little. Some recording company had offered her a contract in the hope of turning her into the next sensation. They'd called constantly despite being told she didn't feel ready yet. They hadn't stopped until he'd answered the phone and threatened them with legal action if they kept calling. Not that he could blame them for wanting to sign her to a recording contract, she had sounded wonderful at Monsieur Pepperil's retirement party, the elderly man hadn't been the only one to walk out of the Hotel Bonaparte with tears in their eyes after hearing her perform 'La Vie En Rose' by herself. Franky, Sylvie and Lisette Pepperil had all wiped their eyes once they'd shown their appreciation of the performance. Now Jasmine was happy and able to fully focus on making a name for herself once and only once she'd completed her degree in Music and Voice.
'Rebel Yell' were gearing up for their second world tour on the back of recordbreaking sales of their third album 'Living In The Shadows'. All but three of the eleven songs written by Gino himself. Urs sighed then raised his eyebrows when he remembered that he and Franky had walked into Kurt and Maria's home to find them in the midst of a very loud argument. Kurt could understand why Gino wanted to get a place of his own whereas Maria couldn't. She was refusing to see their son as the independent young man she and Kurt had raised him to be and wanted him to stay at home for another five years at least. Kurt had scoffed at that and reminded her that Gino wasn't the only male in the house that liked her attention and was quite looking forward to getting more of it. Maria had laughed on hearing those words, then reluctantly agreed to what Gino wanted, subject to her checking his new home out. Two days later she'd approved of the modest two-bedroomed property her boy had picked out just over half a mile away from where his parents home stood. A month after that, Gino had moved in and was now perfectly happy to be living on his own and able to write without the constant interuptions of his parents's rehearsals.
Cesca and Carlotta were busy rehearsing for play in which they would appear together and both had men in their lives. Urs wasn't keen on Cesca's 'lightswitch boyfriend' as Franky had referred to him once in private. Urs had been completely thrown by that remark, not because he thought she might slip-up and use it in front of either ofthem. He knew she wouldn't, she had much better control of her mouth than Kurt did. He had asked for an explanation of why she would call him it, she'd simply walked over to the nearest lightswitch and flicked it up and down several times. He'd understood after a second or two, because one week Cesca and him were together, the next they weren't, then were again, then weren't, then they were. Urs didn't like him very much anyway, mostly due to the fact he thought was someone rather special simply because he had a number after his surname.
"Idiot!" Urs scoffed and shook his head when the thought of Cesca possibly marrying Robert Forsythe-Croft the Third tried to find its way into his musings. "Gott forbid!".
Carlotta's boyfriend was a completely different kettle of fish. Urs liked Conan Lynch, even though he was away from her for long periods of time due to the fact he was in the military. How on earth she'd met a Royal Marine, Urs didn't know yet and didn't respect him just because of his occupation. That the young man had earned due to the way he'd treated Lottie since their first date. He paused to think about their long-distance relationship for a moment and wondered what Frank and Serena Gibson would have said about him spending so much time away from Franky had they lived to see their relationship begin. Deciding that they would have as supportive of her as Frank and Carina were being of Carlotta, he pushed that musing out of his mind.
Saskia and Hadley were next to spring to mind, snapping him back to present day. Urs checked his calender to remind himself of when Saskia's dance competition was. He was looking forward to that and could hardly wait to see her perform some of the moves her grandmother had so patiently taught her. Hadley was probably busy bugging Emma, wanting to know exactly what it took and how hard a physio-therapist could end up working now his attacker, Glen Muirfield, was in Alford Prison and would be for the next five years with an order that he had to attend anger management classes to help with his jealousy. Urs still couldn't quite get his head around the fact that Glen had attacked Hadley simply because he'd smiled at Glen's girlfriend and thanked her as she set a hot plate down in front of him. However, he was thankful that Celice had told the police who was responsible once she'd gotten over the shock of seeing so much blood on the white tiled floor and that she'd tearfully testified against him at the trial six months later. He sighed then chuckled when he recalled how big Emma had smiled when Hadley had revealed what occupation he wanted to follow. That had happened a couple of months ago and she'd be overjoyed to hear it.
Melinda had made everyone smile by saying that she was hoping to go into the medical field as well, though her inspiration was her Uncle Nick and she was hoping to work in the same field as him.
Happy though he was about the career paths all his grandchild had chosen, he still couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that none of them skated, other than for pleasure anyway. Perhaps Franky was right, perhaps there would be someone in the next generation who would go down that path. Question was, would either of them be alive to see it? Disappointed though he was in that regard, he decided to push that musing to one side and cling to the hope that Franky would be proved right.
"Sir!" A young, male voice snapped Urs from his musings and he quickly raised his face to meet the voice's owner.
Seeing what the young man held in his hand and realising was there to clean the room, Urs nodded in understanding, stood and began to make for the exit. Music began to fill the room as he raised his hand to push the door open and just as he placed a foot over the threshold he heard a Baritone begin to sing. The voice needed work, training, control, breathing technique but it was basically there. Urs whipped round, saw that it was the young man singing then ran back to him and asked him to be there at ten o'clock the next morning. Though he looked stunned, the young man nodded then went back to his cleaning, picking up the song as he did so.
Urs grinned as he made his way out of the building but it dropped slightly when he saw what stood in the car park waiting to take him home. It was a beautiful day, the kind of day when he loved to ride his motorbike. He huffed, unlocked the car, tossed the file onto the passenger seat and started the engine.
"Oh will you please stop sulking? You should think yourself lucky that you're still allowed to drive. So many people your age have to rely on their other halves or kids or taxis to ferry them around. Perhaps you should take a look at what's under that tarp in the garage too."
Urs blinked rapidly for a few minutes after his inner voice had given him a nudge. He was sulking about the fact he wasn't allowed to ride a motorbike any more, due to the fact he'd failed his last yearly test. He could still drive a car though, he'd passed that test with flying colours. And yes he really should take a look at what Franky placed a tarp over before saying he wasn't in the mood for a surprise.
He dropped the car into gear, quickly reversed out of his spot and began the journey home, making sure he stuck to the new, strictly enforced speed limits despite the fact excitement was beginning to bubble up inside him. It took him almost an hour to get out of London due to long traffic jams. The road that would take him from London to their home was relatively clear and he was soon turning into the driveway. He gunned the engine, screeching to a halt in front of the garage.
"Are you all right, honey." Franky asked as he climbed out of the MG, her eyes full of concern, Urs knowing that she looked like that because he didn't usually drive up to the garage so fast and she'd heard his approach.
"I'm fine, angel. Honest." Urs nodded then kissed her gently. "I'm sorry I've been such an asshole since they took my bike licence off me. I know I'm still lucky enough to be able to drive a car, it's just.......You understand don't you?"
"Doesn't give you quite the same sense of freedom that riding a bike does, even with the top down."
"Well, maybe what's under the tarp will give you that feeling back. It's not brand new, but it's has had three careful owners and has been well maintained."
"I don't care." Urs replied, trotting towards the garage and quickly whipping the tarp off what he'd ignored for three weeks.
Urs gasped and felt his eyes widen when he saw what he'd revealed. Before him stood a superbly maintained, black and silver Can-Am Spyder three wheeled motorcyle. The two wheels at the front and one at the back meant he would be able to enjoy the freedom of riding again without having to worry about losing control of the vehicle whenever he had stop and put a foot down for balance since there was no need for him to put his feet anywhere near the ground on this machine. It had two seats as well, which meant Franky would be able to ride pillion with him again whenever she wanted to. A look at the licence plate and a quick calculation told him it had first hit the road around 2017. Whoever had owned it before him had taken remarkably good care of it, it looked like it had just come off the assembly line.
In The Arms Of My Angel  - Page 17 Bombardiercanamspyder1222785672

Urs looked from the bike to Franky and back again then went to thank her with a much deeper kiss. He heard her explain that he would have to pass a test to ride on the roads, since trikes and quads now required their own seperate licence and he frowned a little knowing he wouldn't be street legal until he'd done that.
"Can I ride it up and down the drive a couple of times?"
"Of course, but only once you've explained to Seb why you've been so grumpy over the past few weeks. How could you, Urs? Especially when you know Emma is still recovering from her treatment."
Urs nodded with his eyes closed and lowered his head in shame for forgetting that Emma had been so ill recently that she'd required a long stay in hospital. She was home now and still felt weak, but she was glad to be home and Sebastien and a temporary, part-time private nurse were taking good care of her. He ran inside, pressed the appropriate button on the VidCom and asked Emma if Sebastien had arrived home yet.
"He's just walked through the door."
Sebastien appeared on the screen following a brief chat with Emma and he still looked angry with him. Urs explained what happened a few weeks ago and how he'd felt about it and what Franky had bought him in the hope vanquishing that feeling.
"Urs Toni Buhler, vous êtes un imbécile de première classe parfois."
"I know I am." Urs nodded in reply then apologised for forgetting about Emma.
"I forgive you that too and I'm sorry for what I said when I left."
Urs shook his head at the final bit because he now thought he'd deserved to hear those words from his brother. They bickered back and forth about that for a moment or two before allowing the subject to be dropped. Franky called him to tell him dinner was ready and Sebastien said goodbye once he'd said that he must get Emma and himself something to eat.
As Urs sat down to eat, he couldn't help but wonder how many more years he would have Franky in his life. She would turn eighty in a few of weeks, though she still didn't look anywhere near that age. She was still lively, so full of energy that he couldn't even begin to think of her dying any time soon. Whatever the case may be, he knew he was the luckiest man on earth to have had the privilege of calling her his wife for almost fifty.....half a century.
"Honey, what's with the extra little sparkle in your eyes? Don't tell me the trike has caused that 'cos I know different."
"That, angel, is my little secret. And, unless I'm a mile wide of the mark, which I doubt I am, a secret it will stay until I am proved right."
"Okay." Franky replied with a quick shoulder shrug, understanding that he was keeping a good secret from her and she didn't mind that type being kept.
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Chapter 227 - Unfocused
When Francesca and Carlotta had first summarised the plot of 'Chance Of A Lifetime' to himself and Franky, Urs had thought someone had written a stageplay based on the relationship Franky and Jamie had had. It had certainly sounded like it, especially due to the fact the two main characters were polar opposites in character. 'Tansy' lazy, greedy, manipulative and willing to do anything she could to become the personal assistant of a highly successful movie director. 'Saray' hard working, confident, kind and patient and more in need of the job than Tansy due to the fact she had a child to support.
He'd been further stunned to hear that seventeen year old Carlotta would be taking to the stage portraying Tansy whilst currently twenty year old Francesca would be Saray, both depicting women in their mid-twenties. Given their personas it really should have been the other way around in his opinion. Despite what he thought, Urs was certain both young women could pull off the roles they'd been given. He'd been proved right after watching the play the first time and he'd told them what a wonderful job they'd done once backstage. If he hadn't known better, he would have sworn the two siblings absolutely hated each other in real life. However, as good as their performances had been he had had to scold them for not telling their grandmother that 'Saray' had to slap 'Tansy' across the face just after the proposal scene. They'd both apologised after hearing that Franky was convinced Cesca had really struck her sister and Franky had accepted it.
Two weeks had passed since the debut performance and Urs and Franky were back in the theatre, waiting to watch the play again. Urs checked the time as Frank and Carina took their seats next to him. It was almost time for the show to start and not all the seats were filled, but Urs knew that was nothing to worry about, most performances weren't always to a full house, he knew that much from experience and that case was especially so for a midweek show. He saw someone else approaching and tried to listen to what was being said to Frank and Carina but couldn't due to the fact the person sitting behind him was talking rather loudly.
"Frank!" He asked, grabbing his arm and noticing his expression had changed to one of fear.
"Carlotta's allergy has been triggered somehow." Frank replied, watching Carina fly back backstage as fast as her feet would carry her. "I've got to go."
Urs released his hold then turned to look at a teary-eyed Franky. He knew she still blamed herself for the fact Carlotta was also allergic to nuts, but he also knew she wasn't close to tears about that. He knew she wanted to go backstage as well, to make sure their granddaughter was being taken care of properly.
"Hey! Stop it, angel. You know Carina's back there and knows exactly what to do. You know Carlotta will insist Cesca go on with the show. She is so much like you and Cesca's going to need someone out here to give her some support because 'Ligh'..........Robbie isn't here again. I know you're worried, so am I. Just let Frank and Carina deal with it, okay?"
"Okay." Franky nodded quickly then took a few deep breaths to compose herself.
The stage curtain twitched a few seconds later, a young man stepped on stage to inform the audience that there was going to be a slight delay and that the role of 'Tansy' would be played by someone else tonight. He promptly disappeared, the curtain went up a few minutes later to reveal Cesca pacing up and down the stage until the call she'd been waiting for came through. She smiled, then turned to face the little girl who'd be cast as her daughter. She delivered all of her lines just like she had the very first time but Urs noticed the glare she shot the woman who'd stepped into Carlotta's shoes as she left the stage.
"Something's wrong there." Urs stated quietly to Franky, both of them knowing that the glare wasn't in the script and Cesca got along very well with Minerva Hawley.
Franky nodded then turned her attention back to the stage and Cesca continued to perform as she should up to the end of Act 2. The curtain dropping indicated that it was intermission time and Franky immediately called Frank to see how Carlotta was doing.
"She's fine, Mami. Sleeping now. How's Cesca going?"
"Fine. Has Carlotta said how it happened?"
"No. She couldn't speak by the time we reached her and could barely keep her eyes open before she went to sleep. Her tongue was too swollen to form the words properly and Carina told her she could wait to hear that."
"Okay. Your father and I will bring Cesca to the hospital as soon as the performance is over."
"Okay. See you in a couple of hours."
Franky nodded, blew out a breath of relief once she'd put her phone away then settled down again to watch the final act. Just like she had before, Cesca performed as she was supposed to, right up until the slap she had to deliver. Franky's eyes flew wide after she'd done it and she'd seen Minerva take a step back rather than her head whip to the right the way Carlotta's did at that particular moment.
"That was real." She whispered to Urs who nodded slowly in agreement.
Once the play had come to an end and they'd shown their appreciation, Urs and Franky quickly made their way backstage. Both were shocked when they found Cesca standing in front of a dressing room door, pounding on the wood and angrily demanding the occupant come out and deal with her.
"I told you I haven't done anything. You can think what you like Cess, I didn't do anything to Lottie."
"FRANCESCA KAREN BUHLER! THAT IS ENOUGH!" Urs yelled making her whip around to face him, her facial features bearing a familiar angry expression, though not that of either of her parents or either paternal grandparent.
Instead she looked more like her maternal grandfather in a full on rage. Her eyes were wide, her face bright red, her lips were pursed tightly, her fists were balled up and she even shook a little. Standing a few yards away from him was the female version of Carlos and he wasn't quite sure how to deal with her. Had it been Carlos standing there, he would have ignored him until he calmed down or probably punched him if he'd continued to rage. Knowing Cesca was extremely upset, he was hardly going to ignore her and hitting her was completely out of the question.
"Okay young lady. What the hell is going on?" Franky asked, speaking calmly and leading Cesca down to her own dressing room.
"That two faced little witch did something to Lottie. I'm sure of it. She can say what she likes, I know she wanted the role of Tansy for herself."
"Did Lottie say anything before things got too bad for her?"
"No, not really. Just kept say 'Mi' over and over again, until she couldn't speak any more."
Urs looked around the room to see if he could see anything that might have set Carlotta's allergy off. He didn't find anything until he noticed the two large paper cups sitting on her dressing table. One contained Camomile Tea, the other some brownish looking liquid. He sniffed it, then carried it over to where Franky and Cesca sat.
"Urgh! Peanuts and chocolate." Cesca grimaced after taking a quick sniff. "Oh my God! Liam was in here just before curtain call. He's the only one I know who drinks a peanut butter and chocolate milkshake. Lottie was late arriving, Liam must have left it behind and Lottie must have picked it up in error while applying her make-up."
"Sounds logical." Urs nodded, looking around for a bin and tossing the cup in it when he found one. "Sounds like you owe someone an apology to me."
"No, Grandpapi. Not until I'm sure that IS how it happened."
"You know what she's like. You're not going to persuade her to apologise to Minerva until she's spoken to Lottie and neither am I."
"Nein, I'm not." Urs shook his head after Franky's statement, knowing that Cesca was just as stubborn as her other grandfather had been and definitely would not apologise until she'd been proved wrong.
Knowing where she wanted to go, the threesome left the theatre and quickly made their way to the hospital. They were taken directly to Carlotta's room and smiled when they saw her open her eyes.
"I'm sorry." Carlotta informed once the three of them had given her a quick hug. "It own stupid fault. I was too busy sniffing the Freesias to notice that I'd picked up Liam's milkshake. Didn't realise until I'd taken a mouthful and swallowed it."
"Geeze, Lottie. You have got to be more careful. This is your second mistake in a month." Cesca scolded. "Mama, Papa and Grandmami are always telling you. I'm not going to be there to look out for you forever you know?"
"I know. I promise I will be much more careful in future. Especially now I've had such a bad attack."
"You'd better." Cesca nodded then gave her sister another tight hug. "I've got to go, you're not the only one who's made a huge mistake tonight."
"Like what?"
"Never mind. I'll tell you tomorrow, you go back to sleep."
Rather than doing what Cesca had told her to do, Carlotta looked around her sister to Urs. He shook his head and refused to tell her what happened so she tried to get it out of Franky. That too was a failure. Secure in the knowledge that Carlotta was safe and would recover, the three of them left the hospital and were soon heading back in the direction of the theatre. However, they didn't enter that building. Cesca seemed to know where Minerva would be and quickly made her way to another building just around the corner. Urs and Franky followed her into the late night cafe but stood back while she apologised to the woman she'd slapped so hard.
"Don't worry about it, Cess. If positions had been reversed I would have reacted much worse. There wouldn't have been a show tonight." Minerva informed, smiling and shaking her head before asking if Cesca was going to join the rest of the cast for a drink at least.
Cesca nodded then Urs and Franky turned to leave, intent on making their way home. They were stopped as they reached the door by Cesca who asked them to join her and her colleagues for a little while.
"No, you youngsters don't want us around." Urs shook his head.
"Wouldn't have asked if we didn't Grandpapi. Besides they've been wanting to hear some of your Touring Stories since me and Carlotta got the roles and told them how many you had. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!"
"Go on, honey. It would be nice to be reminded."
"You mean you've forgotten some of the things that happened? I don't believe you."
"What do you think this is?" Franky retorted, tapping at her head. "Do you think I'm a walking, talking repository for every good memory?"
"Ja." Urs grinned in reply. "You do tend to remember the smallest details better than I do."
Franky laughed while Urs reluctantly nodded his agreement to Cesca's request. They were soon settled in seats with drinks in their hands and he began to tell the small group some of his experiences of being relatively famous. They sat down just after eleven thirty and didn't leave the cafe until almost three the next morning.
The following morning they picked Cesca up, drove her to the hospital and remained quiet while she explained what she'd done to Minerva the previous evening, that she'd apologised for doing so and how she'd spent the rest of the night. Carlotta rolled her eyes after hearing the first bit and nodded with her eyes closed at the second. Then she berated her sister for going off half-cocked, using only one word to do so and making everyone in the room with her laugh.
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