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 The Perfect Assistant

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Chapter 50

----- Steph & Séb -----

With only a few months left of the tour, Séb was checking out venues in Paris. They had agreed to wait with the planning until after the tour but Séb knew that they would have to decide on a venue right away. He had found four venues and he had already checked availability so all they had to do was to choose one. Séb wasn’t sure of how Steph would react since they had agreed on waiting but he was ready to deal with whatever she would throw at him.

Séb was making the final preparations when he heard the door to the suite open. He closed the bedroom door and walked into the living room to greet Steph. She let out a sigh as she took off her coat and Séb wondered if something had happened during her visit to the concert venue.

“Are you ok?” Séb asked as he took her coat from her.

“I’m just a little tired. Being a tour manager really is a tough job. Don’t get me wrong, I love the job but I can’t wait for the tour to be over. It will be nice to just be a normal couple for a while and do what normal couples do,” Steph replied.

“We still do what normal couples do,” Séb winked at her.

“You know what I mean,” Steph looked at him.

“I know what you mean and I promise you that after the tour, we will start living as normal people,” Séb pulled her into his arms.

“I can’t wait,” Steph said as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Why don’t you take a shower while I order some food for us?” Séb asked.

“That sounds good,” Steph kissed him and slipped out of his embrace.

As soon as she had disappeared into the bathroom, Séb picked up the phone and called roomservice to tell them that they could bring the food up to the room. Five minutes later the food arrived and after the waiter had left again, Séb walked to the bathroom door and knocked.

“Dinner is ready, Cherie,” Séb said through the door.

“Ok. Just give a few minutes,” Steph said as she dried herself off.

Once she had finished drying herself off, she wrapped a towel around her body and left the bathroom. She went into the bedroom to get dressed and returned a few minutes later. Séb was waiting for her at the table and he pulled out a chair to her. Once they were both seated, Séb poured a glass of wine for both of them.

“You didn’t have to do all of this,” Steph said as she sipped her wine.

“I know but I wanted to,” Séb smiled.

“What are you up to, Sébastien Izambard?” Steph asked.

“I’m not up to anything. Can’t I pamper my fiancé without having some ulterior motive?” Séb looked at her.

“Yes, of course you can. I won’t say another word,” Steph promised him.

“Good. Then let’s just eat our lunch as a normal couple,” Séb winked.

Steph smiled at him as she nodded her head in agreement.

---- Sam & Carlos ----

Sam was getting dressed for her night out with Carlos. He was taking her to a restaurant and then dancing. It wasn’t that often they had a chance to go out like that and they wanted to do something they both loved to do. Carlos walked into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around him and walked over to the closet. Sam watched as he grabbed a shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of pants and looked at them.

Carlos couldn’t decide if he should wear jeans or regular pants and he cursed in Spanish as he tried to make a decision. Sam didn’t understand what he was saying but she knew that he was cursing. He looked so funny and she tried really hard not to laugh. As Carlos walked back to the closet and grabbed some more pants, Sam just had to let it out. She laughed so much that tears started rolling down her cheeks.

“What are you laughing at?” Carlos asked her.

“I’m sorry Carlito but you just look so funny,” Sam managed to say.

“Instead of laughing you should help me choose what to wear,” Carlos looked at her.

“Ok. Let’s see what we have,” Sam walked over to him.

She looked at the clothes and to his surprise she put everything back in the closet and grabbed a pair of black jeans and a bordeaux shirt. Sam handed him the clothes and walked into the bathroom. Carlos looked at what she had picked out and put it on. Looking at himself in the mirror, he was pleased with her choice. He did look very handsome.

“Are you ready to leave?” Carlos asked Sam when she came out of the bathroom.

“Yes. I just need my purse and my jacket,” Sam replied as she left the bedroom.

Carlos followed her into the living room and they left the suite hand in hand. It was a nice evening and since the restaurant wasn’t far from the hotel, they decided to walk. Sam enjoyed walking down the street with Carlos and she couldn’t wait to spend a night out with him. They arrived at the restaurant and they were shown to a table in the back of the restaurant, just as Carlos had asked for. The waiter gave them the menus and told them that he would be back to take their orders. He returned five minutes later to take their orders and after they had placed their orders, the waiter left.

“I think we should start talking about our wedding. We need to find a location and a venue soon,” Carlos looked at Sam.

“Well, I already have the perfect location in New York. How do you feel about that?” Sam asked.

“That sounds good to me. We got engaged in my home town. I think it’s fair to have the wedding in your home town,” Carlos said as he held her hand.

“I’m glad you think so,” Sam smiled at him.

The waiter brought them their food and as they were eating, they talked about the wedding.

---- Alyssa & Urs ----

“Have you heard anything from David?” Alyssa asked Urs as she was resting on the couch.

“No, he hasn’t replied yet. I know he feels left out because he is the only single but that’s not a reason for not replying to my text message,” Urs replied, rather annoyed.

“I know but instead of getting angry you should go to his suite and talk to him,” Alyssa looked at him.

Letting out a groan, Urs rose from the chair and left the suite. Once he had closed the door, Alyssa bursted out in laughter. Urs couldn’t stand it when people didn’t reply right away because it was rude to ignore a message. Of course he was right but maybe David was in the shower or sleeping and hadn’t seen the message. Well, he would know about it when Urs was done with him.

Alyssa rose from the couch and went into the bathroom. The baby was growing and as a result of that, Alyssa had to go to the bathroom a lot. Only a few more months until baby Buhler would make an appearance and so far she was able to travel with Urs and attend concerts if she wasn’t too tired. As she was in the bathroom, she heard the door to the suite open and shortly after she could hear David and Urs talking.

“Hello David,” Alyssa said when she walked into the living room.

“Hi. Urs invited me over. I hope that is ok,” David kissed her cheek.

“Of course it is ok. You’re our friend and you shouldn’t be locked up in your suite,” Alyssa smiled at him as she took a seat on the couch.

“Thanks. I just don’t want to be a burden. I’m sure you and Urs would like to spend some time together,” David said as he sat down.

“If we wanted to spend the evening alone, we wouldn’t have invited you over here. Now let’s order something to eat,” Alyssa suggested.

The guys agreed and after deciding what to eat, Urs called roomservice and placed the orders. He was told that the food would be there within 15 minutes and Urs thanked the lady before he hung up. As promised, the food arrived 15 minutes later and David enjoyed spending time with Alyssa and Urs. It was better than eating alone.

----- Steph and Séb -----

“You have something on your mind,” Steph said as they were clearing the table.

“Yes I do but let’s wait until we’re done with this,” Séb suggested as he rolled the trolley out into the hallway.

He returned to the suite and locked the door before he disappeared into the bedroom, returning a few minutes later with his laptop. Séb took a seat next to Steph on the couch and turned on the laptop. He smiled at her and she knew that smile. It meant that he was up to something.

“I was right. You did have an ulterior motive,” Steph told him.

“Well, yes I did but it’s one of the reasons why you love me,” Séb kissed her softly.

“So…what are you up to?” Steph asked.

“Well, it has to do with our wedding. Don’t get mad at me but I’ve been looking at venues because we have to book one soon. I’ve found 4 venues and I’ve already checked availability,” Séb replied, hoping she wouldn’t be mad at him.

“I’m not mad at you, Séb. We do need to find a venue. Can I see what you have found?” Steph said with a big smile.

“These are the ones and you can see the dates at the bottom of the screen. My personal favorite is this one,” Séb pointed at the screen.

“They are all perfect but that one is my favorite too. I think we should choose that date,” Steph suggested as she pointed at the dates.

“Great minds think alike. I will send an e-mail to the venue right now,” Séb smiled as he opened up his mail.

A few minutes later Séb had sent the e-mail and he turned off the computer. He leaned back on the couch and Steph made herself comfortable in his arms. Everything was just as it should be.

---- Sam & Carlos ----

“Have you thought about colors for the wedding?” Carlos asked as he finished his food.

“Yes I have. I want red but not a bright red. I’m thinking burgundy or Bordeaux but only if it’s ok with you.” Sam answered.

“That sounds perfect to me. I want you to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of,” Carlos said.

“I will have that. I’m marrying you,” Sam smiled at him.

“Let’s pay the bill and get out of here,” Carlos gestured for the waiter to bring them the bill.

The waiter returned with the bill and Carlos paid him before he stood and walked over to Sam. He pulled out her chair and helped her get up. They left the restaurant and walked down the street until they came to the dance club Carlos had read about. Both of them were surprised to see a club with such intense dance vibes but it was perfect. Carlos took Sam’s hand and led her to the dance floor where he pulled her into his arms. Sam was a bit nervous because she had never danced salsa before, at least not in a place like this but Carlos knew how to make her feel comfortable.

An hour later they left the club and went back to the hotel to get some sleep. The Divos had a concert the next evening and they had a soundcheck at 11 am which was a bit unusual but there was nothing they could do to change it. Once they returned to the hotel, they went to their suite and got ready for bed.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening,” Sam said as she cuddled up to Carlos.

“It’s not over yet,” Carlos said and kissed her deeply.

---- Alyssa & Urs ----

“What happened to Steph’s cousin?” Urs asked David as they were relaxing on the couch.

“Marie? Well, I thought I was ready to start dating again after Carla but I was wrong. Marie was a sweet girl and beautiful too but I didn’t want to start something that I wasn’t 100% committed to. It wouldn’t have been fair to her,” David answered, sipping his coffee.

“Do you still in love Carla?” Alyssa wanted to know.

“I don’t know how I feel about Carla. We agreed to split up and we split up as friends but deep down I think that I miss her sometimes. We did have some good times together and she was a girl who knew what she wanted with her life,” David sighed.

“Well, you might see her again at the wedding. She is still Steph’s friend and I’m sure Steph will invite her to the wedding,” Alyssa said.

“You might be right about that. I wouldn’t mind seeing her again and then take it from there,” David looked at her.

“Well, only time will tell. I’m sorry but I think it’s time for me to say goodnight,” Alyssa rose from the couch.

“I think I will say goodnight too. Thank you for inviting me to dinner and thank you for listening,” David said with a smile as he rose from the couch.

“That’s what friends are for,” Alyssa hugged him.

“I’ll walk you to the door,” Urs said.

As the two friends walked to the door, Alyssa went into the bedroom to get ready for bed. Soon after Urs joined her and they climbed into bed. Urs pulled her close to him and she took his hand and placed it on her belly. The baby was moving but somehow Urs’ hand always seemed to calm the baby down. Alyssa needed that if she wanted to get a good night’s rest. The two of them talked about their baby until they drifted off to sleep.

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Chapter 51

After being on the road for six months, the Divos had returned to London to do a couple of performances before they could start on their break. Alyssa was happy that the tour was over. The last two months had been really hard because of the pregnancy but now she could relax until the baby was born. It could happen any moment and she was looking forward to holding her daughter in her arms. Urs was excited and he couldn’t wait to meet his daughter.

The house had been ready for them when they returned to London and Alyssa was enjoying living in a house. It was very different from living in an apartment and it would be even better when they could enjoy the garden too. She walked into the nursery and sat down in the chair. The family had done a great job with the nursery and the colors were perfect. It wasn’t until recently that they had found out that the baby would be a girl so the family, in agreement with Urs and Alyssa, had chosen a color that would fit both a boy and a girl.

She closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like to sit in the chair, rocking her daughter in her arms and a smile appeared on her face. Suddenly she heard a voice and she opened her eyes and saw Urs standing in the doorway with a smile on his face.

“You look happy,” he said as he walked over to her.

“I am happy. I’ve got a handsome husband, a beautiful house and soon I will have a beautiful daughter too,” she smiled at him.

“And I’ve got a beautiful wife who is about to give me the greatest gift of all. Tonight is our last performance and I hope she waits until after the show to make an appearance,” Urs sat down in front of Alyssa.

“Who says she will be born today? She might not be born until tomorrow or the day after that,” Alyssa told him.

“You’re right. We don’t know for sure if she will be born today. You’re still coming tonight, right?” Urs asked as he held her hand.

“Yes I will be there for the last performance.” Alyssa kissed him.

Urs returned the kiss before he stood. He helped Alyssa get up from the chair and they left the nursery together. Alyssa wanted to rest until they had to get ready and Urs decided to join her. He too could use some rest before he had to get ready to leave. Once Alyssa had fallen asleep, Urs looked at her and he couldn’t believe his luck. He felt like the luckiest man in the world as he closed his eyes.


Steph was looking at houses when she heard Séb’s voice coming from the hallway. She had found the perfect house for them and she hoped that Séb would love the house as much as she did. Steph rose from the couch and walked into the hallway to greet Séb and she couldn’t wait to tell him about the house. Séb softly kissed her lips as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

“How was the soundcheck?” Steph asked when they broke the kiss.

“It was great. I think it will be the perfect end to a great tour. Doesn’t it feel strange not to have anything to do with these last two performances?” Séb asked as they walked into the kitchen.

“Not really because it has given me time to do other things,” Steph replied.

“Like what?” Séb looked at her.

“Well, I’ve been checking e-mails to see if there has been any replies to the wedding invitations,” Steph said.

“How many responses did we get?” Séb wanted to know.

“We still need response from Carla and some of my family members but I don’t expect my family to let us know until a few days before deadline,” Steph answered.

“That’s good. I can’t wait for you to walk down that aisle and say yes to becoming Mrs. Izambard,” Séb walked over to her.

“Who says that I will say yes?” Steph teased him.

“You will say yes because you’re crazy about me,” Séb looked at her.

“You’re right. I am crazy about you and I can’t wait to become your wife,” Steph touched his face.

Séb cupped her face and gently brushed his lips against hers. When he broke the kiss, Steph took his hand and told him to follow her into the living room because she had something to show him. Séb did as she asked and they sat down on the couch in front of the laptop.

“I’ve been looking at houses today and I found one that I think you would love too,” Steph opened the website and showed him the picture.

“I could see myself living there with you and our children,” Séb smiled at her.

“So could I,” Steph smiled back.

“Let’s make an appointment to see the house tomorrow. How does that sound?” Séb asked.

“That sounds great. I can’t wait,” Steph said.

Séb picked up his phone and dialed the number for the real estate agent. After talking to someone for about 5 minutes he hung up and looked at Steph.

“We have an appointment tomorrow at 10 am,” Séb said and pulled Steph into a deep kiss.


It was 5 pm when David, Steph, Séb, Sam and Carlos were picked up by the limo that would take them to the venue. Urs and Alyssa had decided to drive to the venue themselves because if Alyssa would go into labor, it would be easier for them to leave quickly. When the limo arrived at the venue, Urs and Alyssa were already there but that didn’t come as a surprise.

The guys were shown to the dressing rooms while the girls were shown into a reception area where they could enjoy a light snack and something to drink. According to the plan for the evening, the guys would be performing at 6:30 and dinner would be served at 7 pm. At 6:15 a woman arrived and asked the girls to follow her and she would show them to their table. All they had to do now was to wait for the guys to go on stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are fortunate to have Il Divo here tonight and they will sing a few songs for you. Please put your hands to together for Il Divo,” a woman said.

The guys appeared and they performed some old and new songs. Once they had finished singing, they left the stage to freshen up a bit before joining the ladies for dinner. Urs and Alyssa went home after dinner because Alyssa was tired but the others stayed at the venue and they had a good time. It was close to midnight when the limo picked them up.


“Urs,” Alyssa whispered as she poked him.

“I’m sleeping,” Urs said.

“Your baby is not sleeping,” Alyssa told him.

“Just lie down and relax and she will relax too,” Urs said, letting out a yawn,

“No she won’t relax. She wants out and I’m not having my baby here so wake up and take me to the hospital,” Alyssa said as a contraction hit.

“I’m awake,” Urs jumped out of bed.

He quickly got dressed and picked up Alyssa’s bag before he helped her out to the car. It didn’t take him long to get to the hospital and Alyssa was instantly taken into a room where a doctor decided to take her down to the delivery room. Urs told her that he would be with here after he had called the others to tell them that they were in the hospital. He stepped outside and dialed Séb’s number.

“Yes,” Séb said, half asleep.

“It’s Urs. We’re in the hospital and Alyssa is about to give birth. Could you please call David and Carlos?” Urs asked.

“Of course I can. Do you want us to come to the hospital?” Séb asked.

“No, that’s not necessary. I don’t think Alyssa will be in the mood for visitors tonight,” Urs said to him.

“Ok. Go and be with our wife. I’m sure she needs you right now. We will be there in the morning,” Séb said and hung up.

“Who was that?” Steph was curious.

“That was Urs. Alyssa is in labor and Urs asked me to call the guys,” Séb explained and dialed David’s number.

Once David picked up the phone, Séb explained to him what was going on and David promised to tell Sam and Carlos as they were spending the night in Carlos’ apartment. Séb hung up the phone and turned out the lights. He pulled Steph into his arms and they drifted off to sleep again in each other’s arms.

After hanging up the phone, David put on a pair of jeans and walked to Carlos’ apartment and knocked on the door. Sam opened the door and she didn’t look like she was happy to see him. He couldn’t really blame her for that because it was almost 3 am. David told her about Alyssa being in the hospital and Sam’s mood instantly changed. She thanked him for telling them and walked back to the bedroom where she slipped into Carlos’ arms.

“Who was that?” Carlos asked.

“It was David. He wanted to tell us that Alyssa is having the baby now,” Sam answered with a smile.

“That’s great news. I can imagine Urs is feeling like the luckiest man on earth right now,” Carlos smiled.

“I agree,” Sam looked at him.

“Let’s get some sleep,” Carlos said as he turned out the lights.


“Just one more push,” the doctor said to Alyssa.

“I can’t push anymore,” Alyssa told him.

“Yes you can,” Urs said as he held her hand.

Alyssa pushed one more time and suddenly they could hear their baby crying. Urs wiped Alyssa’s forehead and kissed her softly. The nurse walked over to the bed, holding Samantha Buhler in her arms. She gently placed the baby in Alyssa’s arms and Alyssa looked at Urs.

“She is beautiful,” Alyssa said with tears in her eyes.

“Just like her mother,” Urs smiled before he kissed his daughter’s forehead.

“I can’t believe that she is finally here,” Alyssa looked at her baby.

“She is here and she is our baby girl,” Urs said.

“We have arranged for a private room and we’ve put in an extra bed for you,” the nurse said to Urs.

“Thank you,” Urs told her.

“I will show you to the room and Alyssa will be there within 5 minutes,” the nurse looked at him.

Urs kissed Alyssa before he left with the nurse. She showed him into the private room and told him that it would only be a few minutes before Alyssa and the baby would be with him. The nurse left the room and Urs couldn’t do much but wait. As he was waiting, he wondered if he should call their parents and tell them that Samantha had been born but he chose to wait until Alyssa was there with him. Just as he took a seat on the bed, the door opened and Alyssa was brought into the room with Samantha.

“If you need anything, just push the button next to the bed and we will be here,” the nurse said and left.

“Do you want to call your parents?” Urs asked.

“Yes I do,” Alyssa beamed as she picked up the phone and called her parents.

The Dawson’s were excited about the news and they promised to be there the next day. As Alyssa hung up the phone, she looked at Urs who was holding their daughter and singing to her. Urs felt Alyssa’s eyes on him and he looked up to see her smiling at him. Samantha was sleeping and Urs walked over to Alyssa and placed their daughter in her arms.

“I’ll call my parents now,” Urs whispered to avoid waking up Samantha.

Alyssa nodded her head and Urs dialed his parents’ number. He spent a few minutes on the phone with his mother before hanging up. Urs took a seat next to Alyssa on the bed and he told her that his parents would be there in the afternoon. Alyssa let out a yawn and Urs took Samantha from her and placed her in her crib. Urs kissed Alyssa softly before he undressed and climbed into his own bed. He whispered goodnight but Alyssa was already sleeping. Urs turned onto his side and closed his eyes. He wasn’t tired at all but he needed some sleep because it would be a busy day for them.

Steph and Séb arrived at the hospital early the next morning. They had a meeting with the real estate agent at 10 am but they wanted to see baby Buhler before the meeting. Urs was changing the diaper when Steph and Séb walked into the room. They greeted Alyssa with hugs and Urs introduced them to Samantha Buhler.

“She is beautiful,” Steph said.

“Yes she is. Samantha is the most perfect baby I’ve ever seen and the best part is that she is our baby girl,” Urs proudly said.

“Do you want to hold her?” Alyssa asked Steph.

“Yes I do,” Steph replied with a smile.

Urs placed Samantha in Steph’s arms and Samantha didn’t scream or anything. Steph took a seat on Urs’ bed and started singing a Danish song to Samantha. Séb watched Steph and he knew that someday Steph would be a good mom to their babies. As Steph was singing, Carlos, Sam and David walked into the room, followed by the Dawsons. Everyone was taken with Samantha and all of them wanted to hold her.

Steph and Séb left around 9:45 and it was almost noon when the Buhlers arrived to see their granddaughter. Carlos, Sam and David told Alyssa and Urs that they would be back later. Urs and Alyssa needed to spend time with their parents alone. Sam and Carlos asked David to join them for lunch and he couldn’t say no to that offer. They went to a small restaurant further down the street from the hospital and David was enjoying spending time with his friends

After lunch they returned to the hospital as promised. The Buhlers and the Dawsons had left the hospital to get something to eat but they would be back later. Steph and Séb had returned from their meeting and they were now one step closer to getting house. The house had been perfect and they had put down an offer but the real estate agent told them that another couple had shown interest in the house. They would make an offer later that day.

“What if they offer more than you did?” David asked.

“Then we will make another offer. We want that house and we’re not giving up that easy,” Séb answered as his phone started ringing.

“Is it him?” Steph looked at Séb.

He nodded his head and answered the phone. Steph was getting impatient and when Séb finally hung up, she looked at him. Séb didn’t say anything and Steph wasn’t sure what to think. He hadn’t made a new offer so did that mean that they had gotten the house or had Séb given up.

“Say something please,” Steph pleaded.

“I’m sorry to say this but it looks like you will be very busy. We got the house,” Séb looked at her.

“Congratulations. It looks like everything is falling into place for all of us,” Urs said with a smile.

“Not me. I’m single and still living in an apartment,” David reminded him.

“You will meet someone. Maybe you will meet her when you least expect it,” Sam told him.

David looked at Sam and she was right. There was someone for everyone and his soul mate was still out there. Hopefully he would find her soon..

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Chapter 52

Martin and Annette Biehl were at the aiport in Copenhagen, waiting to be called to the gate. They were on their way to London to spend a few days with Steph and Séb. The reason for the trip was that Martin and Steph had to look for a wedding dress and Martin was excited about the trip. He couldn’t wait to spend some time with his daughter alone, just the two of them looking at dresses together. Martin knew that Steph had finally found the man she would be with for the rest of her life and he wanted her to have the best dress, no matter how much he had to pay for it.

A voice on the loud speakers called the passengers to the gate as they would start boarding 20 minutes later. Martin and Annette grabbed their bags and walked towards the gate. At the gate they met some of their friends who were also going to London. They talked about their reasons for going to London and they agreed to meet up the next day to do some sightseeing and shopping. They boarded the plan and after a 10 minute delay, they were on their way to London.


Steph and Séb had taken over the house but even though the house was fully furnished, they still had a lot to do in the house. All of the rooms needed painting and with the wedding coming closer, Steph was stressed and she was ready to cancel the whole thing. Séb had asked the others to help them because he knew how much pressure Steph was under. Thanks to the Divos and the girls, they had managed to get every room ready in 3 days.

To thank their friends for helping out, Steph and Séb had invited all of them to dinner that night. Steph hadn’t said much all day and her friends had noticed that. It was like something was bothering her and she didn’t look as happy as she normally did. Séb seemed troubled too and it made them all wonder if everything was alright between the couple. When Séb went into the kitchen to get some drinks, Carlos looked at his friends before he joined Séb in the kitchen.

“You look a bit worried. Is everything ok with you and Steph?” Carlos asked Séb as they were in the kitchen.

“Everything is fine,” Séb replied.

“But?” Carlos looked at him.

“Steph has been under so much stress lately with the house and the wedding. It was so bad that she wanted to postpone the wedding,” Séb answered with a sigh.

“There is no need for that. The house is done now and you’re almost done with the wedding preparations. She will be able to relax now,” Carlos told him.

“I don’t think she will. She won’t relax until after the wedding and that is still 3 weeks away,” Séb sighed.

“How about taking her on a romantic weekend?” Carlos suggested.

“I could do that but it won’t work. There is no way that Steph will just forget about the wedding even if it’s just for the weekend,” Séb said.

”You might be right about that but there is a way to fix that,” Carlos smiled at him.

“How?” Séb asked his friend.

“Leave that to me. If you focus on planning your romantic weekend, I will deal with Steph. Trust me on this one,” Carlos replied with a smile.

Séb looked at Carlos and maybe he was right. Steph needed to get away but would she be able to relax with the wedding being 3 weeks away? There was only way to find out. Séb and Carlos walked back into the living room with the drinks and Séb wanted to say a few words.

“We would like to say thank you for helping us with the house. It makes it a lot easier for us to focus on getting the last things ready for the wedding,” he said.

“I thought that was taken care of,” Alyssa looked at him.

“We have the seating plan ready but we still have to make place cards and my parents will be here later today because my dad and I have to find a wedding dress. Next week Remy will be here for the suit fitting and then we have the dress fitting too in that week. Two days before the wedding we have to go to Paris to talk to the venue and then we just have a lot of smaller issues to deal with,” Steph let out a sigh.

“Well, we can help you with the smaller issues,” Alyssa suggested.

“That’s sweet of you but that won’t be necessary. I have to go to the airport to pick up my parents,” Steph stood and left the living room.

Séb excused himself and walked after Steph. The others watched them leave and they knew that they had to help out somehow but they also knew that Steph was too stubborn to accept any help. They would have to talk to Séb about it because they could see that he was worried about Steph and they were sure he would let them help out.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come?” Séb asked as he pulled Steph close.

“Yes I’m sure. You stay here and entertain our guests and I will be back soon with my parents,” Steph smiled at him.

“Why don’t you stay here with our friends and I will go to the airport,” Séb suggested.

“They are my parents and I really want to do this. I won’t get lost if that’s what you’re afraid of,” Steph said.

“I know you won’t get lost. You should leave now,” Séb kissed her softly.

Once Steph had left, Séb walked back to his friends and they told him that they really wanted to help with the final preparations if they could. Séb excused himself and walked into the office, returning a few minutes later with a list of things to do and his laptop. Five minutes later everyone knew what they had to do and Séb could start planning his romantic getaway with Steph. He looked at his watch and if he was lucky, he would be able to take care of it before Steph returned.  

Séb had just closed the laptop when Steph walked into the living room with her parents. After greeting everyone Martin and Annette were shown to the guest room and Steph told them they would order food as soon as they joined them downstairs. When Martin and Annette walked into the living room, Séb ordered the food. About half an hour later the food arrived and everone had a great evening.


“I wish I could go with you today,” Séb said as he watched Steph getting dressed.

“That would ruin everything. You can’t see the dress until the wedding and I want you to say wow when I walk down the aisle,” Steph smiled at him.

“I would do that even if I had seen the dress before the wedding but you’re right. So the plan is for me to show your mom around in London and then we meet up for lunch,” Séb rose from the bed.

“That is the plan,” Steph nodded her head.

“Good. I will just take a quick shower,” Séb disappeared into the bathroom.

Steph left the bedroom and went downstairs to make breakfast but the breakfast was almost ready when she walked into the kitchen. Annette had been busy and seeing her mom in the kitchen making breakfast brought back memories to when she was a child.

“Good morning. Breakfast is almost ready. Where is Séb?” Annette asked.

“Séb is in the shower. You really didn’t have to do this,” Steph replied as she sat down.

“I know but I wanted to do it. Today is a big day for you and for your dad. He has been waiting for this moment since you were a little girl,” Annette smiled.

“I know that,” Steph smiled.

Séb joined them in the kitchen and shortly after Martin walked through the door. The four of them had a great time at breakfast and after breakfast they all left the house. Ten minutes later Séb parked the car and they went their separate ways. Martin and Steph walked down the street to the store where Steph had seen the dress she wanted to wear at the wedding.

“How about this one?” Martin asked as he showed Steph a dress.

“I don’t like that one. I don’t want a strapless dress,” Steph said, hoping her dad would select the dress she wanted.

Martin looked at the dresses in the store and he turned to the sales lady and asked her for dresses with straps. She found 7 dresses and one of them was the one that Steph wanted. Steph watched her dad as he looked at the dresses and she really hoped that he would pick out the dress she wanted to wear.

“I love this one. You would look like a princess in this one. What do you think?” Martin held up a dress.

“I can’t believe it. You actually picked out the one dress that I really wanted. That is the dress,” Steph smiled at him.

“Good. Put it on and let’s see how you look in it,” Martin said.

The sales lady took the dress and followed Steph into the dressing room. A few minutes later Steph came out of the dressing room and Martin just stared at his daughter. She looked so beautiful in the dress and it fit perfectly.

“You look beautiful,” Martin said as he walked over to her.

“Thanks dad. The dress is just perfect,” Steph smiled.

“Yes it is. Now we need some shoes and a vail,” Martin said.

The sales lady found a vail and some shoes and Steph tried them on with the dress. As she looked at herself in the mirror she knew that this was what she wanted to wear. She took off the dress and gave it to the sales lady before she put on her own clothes. When Steph came out of the dressing room, Martin had already paid for all of it and Steph thanked him before they left the store to meet up with Annette and Séb.

After lunch and a few hours of sightseeing they decided to go back to the house. Once they arrived at the house Séb told Steph about his plan for the weekend and as expected, Steph wasn’t happy about it.

“We don’t have time for a romantic weekend,” Steph looked at him.

“Listen to me. You need a break and I’ve already talked to the others. They will take care of the small things and you can relax and enjoy a weekend with me. You’re stressed and it’s not good for you,” Séb said.

“Séb is right. Let the others help with the small things,” Annette told her.

Steph looked at her parents and Séb. She knew they were right about her being stressed and maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to get away for the weekend. Steph smiled at Séb and told him that she would join him on a romantic weekend. He walked over to her and pulled her close.

“I will make sure that you won’t think about the wedding while we’re there,” Séb whispered to her before placing his lips on hers.

Late Friday afternoon Steph and Séb checked into the hotel and after freshening up, they decided to take a look at the place. Steph was impressed with the place and she knew she had made the right decision about going to this hotel with Séb. They hadn’t really had much private time since the tour because of the wedding plans and the house.

Over the weekend Steph didn’t have time to think about the wedding. She was being pampered and she loved every moment of it. On their last evening, Séb wanted to do something special for Steph and he decided to take her to one of the best restaurants in town. He made sure that Steph was busy being pampered so he could put his plan into motion.

When Steph returned from her massage, Séb had prepared a bath for her and Steph couldn’t believe it when she walked into the bathroom. Séb had placed rose petals in the water and he had found a dress for her that he wanted her to wear. He told her that he would be waiting for her before he closed the door to the bathroom to let her be alone.

After a relaxing shower and drying herself, Steph put on the dress that Séb had chosen for her and put on some light make-up before she joined Séb. He looked at her and he couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Séb took her hand and kissed it before they left the hotel room. The hotel limousine was waiting for them when they left the hotel lobby and soon after they were on their way to dinner.

The limousine pulled up in front of the restaurant and Séb helped Steph get out of the car. They walked into the restaurant and Séb told the hostess that he had a reservation. The hostess smiled as she asked them to follow her. She showed them to a table in the back of the restaurant and asked if they wanted something to drink. Séb ordered a bottle of wine and the hostess gave them the menus before she left to get the wine.

She returned with the wine and took their orders. Once she had left, Séb took Steph’s hand and kissed it as he looked at her. For the first time since the tour started they felt like a normal couple. Séb informed her of the call he had received from Carlos earlier that day and Steph was relieved to hear that the last details for the wedding had been taken care of.

The waiter brought them their food and they enjoyed the food and each other. They talked about the wedding and Séb did what he could to find out more about the dress but Steph told him that he would have to wait until the wedding. Séb thought it was a bit unfair because Steph knew what he would be wearing at the wedding but he knew that he would have to wait.

After dinner Séb paid the bill and they returned to the hotel. Once they were back in their room, Steph kicked off her shoes and walked over to the window. Suddenly she felt Séb’s breath caress her ear as his hands removed the clip from her hair. Steph turned around and looked straight into his eyes. He kissed her deeply as his hands unzipped her dress. Steph stepped out of the dress and started to unbuttoned his shirt. Shortly after Séb picked Steph up and carried her into the bedroom.

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Chapter 53
After being postponed for a week, the day of the dress fitting and the suit fitting had finally arrived. Postponing the date hadn’t been a problem because everything was ready for the wedding. Remy and Claire had flown in the night before and they were staying with Steph and Séb at the house. The four of them were in the kitchen having breakfast and Séb had something he wanted to ask Remy but he wasn’t sure if Remy would agree to it.
“Steph and I have been talking. I still haven’t decided on a best man for the wedding and that’s why I want to ask you if you would be my best man,” Séb said to Remy.
“Me? Your best man? What about one of the Divos?” Remy asked.
“You’re my brother and I’ve already talked to the guys about this. Do you want the job?” Séb looked at him.
“Of course I want the job. I’m just surprised that you asked me after everything we have been through,” Remy replied.
“That is all in the past and you’ve changed a lot since then. I should tell you that Corinna will be at the wedding with her husband, Alain and her children,” Séb said.
“Children? I thought she only had André?” Remy looked at Séb.
“She has a baby girl too. Her name is Lucie,” Séb answered.
“That’s good. I admit it will be strange to see her again and it will be strange to see my son,” Remy said.
“You haven’t seen him yet?” Steph asked him.
“Only in pictures. Mom and dad showed me pictures of him. He looks like me,” Remy answered with a smile.
“Yes he does. We should finish here and get ready to meet the others at the store,” Séb finished his coffee.
They finished their breakfast and after clearing the table they left the house and drove to the store. Carlos and Sam were already at the store when they arrived and shortly after David showed up. As they were in the store, Séb received a text message from Urs. He wrote that they would be about five minutes late and when Séb told his friends about the message they all started laughing. It was the first time Urs had ever been late but now that he was a dad they knew it was something they might have to get used to.
“Do you want to wait until you’re all here?” the sales lady asked them.
“No, I think we should start,” Séb answered.
“I will be right back with the suits and the dresses,” she smiled and disappeared.
“I can’t wait to see how handsome you all look in your suits,” Steph looked at the guys.
“Well, we all want to see how you girls look in your dresses,” Carlos wiggled his eyebrows.
“You only get to see the bridesmaid dresses. My dress is a secret until I walk down the aisle,” Steph said with a smile.
“We haven’t even seen the dress yet,” Sam explained.
The sales lady and a colleague returned with the suits and the dresses and it was time to try them on. They all took their suit or dress and went into the dressing rooms to try it on. As Steph was waiting for them to come out, Urs and Alyssa walked through the door.
“Sorry we’re late but we had to drop off Samantha,” Urs apologized.
“That’s ok. Your suit and your dress are over there. The others are already trying on their clothes,” Steph smiled at him.
Urs grabbed his suit and Alyssa too her dress and stepped into the last two dressing rooms. Séb came out of the dressing room and he looked very handsome in his suit. Shortly after David and Remy came out, followed by Carlos. Sam stepped out in her dress and she looked beautiful.
“How do we look?” Séb asked.
“You all look very handsome,” Steph answered.
“Who will be my date at the wedding?” David wanted to know.
“My cousin Marie,” Steph laughed.
“It could have been worse,” David smiled at her.
Alyssa and Urs joined them and after twenty minutes the fitting was over. Séb and Steph invited everyone back to their house for lunch but David suggested they all had lunch somewhere in town. They all agreed to David’s suggestion and after getting back into their own clothes, they left the store and went to their favorite restaurant to have some lunch.
After spending a few hours with their friends, Steph, Séb, Remy and Claire went back to the house to pack for the trip to Paris. They had to leave later that day and Steph couldn’t wait. Everything had been arranged for the wedding but being back at the venue meant that the wedding was getting closer.
“What is on your mind?” Séb asked her as they were packing.
“After what happened with Mark I never thought that I would ever get married again but in two days I will walk down the aisle and marry the man of my dreams,” Steph replied.
“And I had given up on love until you walked into my life. Who would have thought that we would be where we are now?” Séb looked at her.
“Not me. You were really a jerk when we first met,” Steph reminded him.
“I know I was but you still fell in love with me,” Séb winked.
“You’re right. I did fall in love with you and my feelings just keep getting stronger all the time.” Steph looked at him.
“I feel the same way Cherie. I love you,” Séb kissed her.
It was almost 7 pm when the two couples arrived in Paris. A car was waiting for them outside of the airport and soon after they were on their way to the final destination. After a twenty minute drive the car pulled up in front of Chateau Hotel Mont Royal. 

The Perfect Assistant - Page 3 Image6_zps7648fa0a

“That doesn’t look like a big place,” Claire said as they got out of the car.
“Just wait and see. You haven’t seen what is on the other side,” Steph told her.
“Let’s go inside, find our rooms and get something to eat,” Séb suggested.
They all agreed and walked into the hotel where they were met by the owner. He checked them in and informed them that the food would be ready in ten minutes. They were shown to their rooms but they didn’t have time to unpack until after dinner. Steph and Séb walked down to the restaurant and shortly after Remy and Claire came down too.
“This place is amazing. Maybe we should get married here,” Claire said to Remy.
“I like that idea but we might find another venue and there is no rush. Our relationship is still new,” Remy sipped his water.
“We had that conversation once too,” Séb laughed as he looked at Steph.
“Yes we did,” Steph smiled back at him.
“When will the others be here?” Remy asked.
“They should all be here tomorrow. Some will arrive tomorrow morning, some tomorrow afternoon and Corinna and Alain won’t be here until Saturday. Séb and I have to meet with the hotel’s wedding planner tomorrow and then we’re all having dinner together tomorrow evening,” Steph answered.
“Sounds like it will be a couple of busy days for you,” Claire looked at Steph.
“It will be but it will be worth it in the end,” Steph smiled as she looked at Séb.
“It sure will be,” Séb agreed with a smile.
The waiter arrived to take their orders and when he left, the two couples continued to talk about the upcoming wedding. Séb was trying to find out more about Steph’s dress but no matter how charming he tried to be, Steph wouldn’t tell him anything. The dress would stay a secret until the wedding. The waiter returned with the food and the wine and it was delicious. It was around 11pm when the two couples returned to their rooms after a long day.
After breakfast Steph and Séb met with the wedding planner. She showed them into the dining area where she informed them of what would happen the next day. Steph and Séb had brought the seating plan and the place cards with them and within 10 minutes they had placed all the cards. The wedding planner showed them a few pictures of the centerpieces and they looked just perfect. She took them to the ceremony room and explained a little about the procedure. After half an hour with the wedding planner, Steph and Séb were ready to greet their guests.
The Divos were the first to arrive, followed by Séb’s family and Steph’s family. All through the day, guests were arriving and at dinner time, everyone had arrived except for Corinna and Alain. Everyone was looking forward to the wedding and of course the wedding was the main subject at dinner. Well, there was one other big subject but Steph still insisted on keeping that a secret.
It was close to midnight when people went to their rooms. It would be a busy and exciting day for everyone but mostly for Steph and Séb. Once they were in the suite, Steph went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. She just wanted to cuddle up to Séb and get a good night’s sleep before the big day.
“I can’t believe that by this time tomorrow, you and I will be on our way to Santorini for our honeymoon,” Séb said as he disappeared into the bathroom.
“I know and I can’t wait,” Steph smiled as she climbed into bed.
“I feel the same way Cherie,” Séb told her as he climbed into bed and turned out the lights.
He pulled her close to him and kissed her forehead, whispering softly goodnight before he closed his eyes.
Steph woke up the next morning to the sound of someone knocking on the door. Letting out a yawn, she looked at Séb and it was clear to her that he hadn’t heard anything. For a moment she thought it was her imagination but then she heard another knock. Steph let out a sigh as she slipped out of Séb’s embrace and rose from the bed. The knock on the door continued and she quickly put on a robe before walking to the door. She opened the door to see one of the roomservice people standing there with a cart.
“Good morning. I’m here with your breakfast,” he said with a smile.
“Breakfast? We didn’t order any breakfast yet,” Steph looked at him.
“I know that Miss Petersen. This is with compliments from the other members of Il Divo,” he explained to her.
“Come on in,” Steph stepped aside.
The young man rolled the cart into the suite and told her that he would pick it up later. He quickly arranged the breakfast before he left the room, leaving the couple alone to enjoy their breakfast. Once he was gone, Steph walked into the bedroom to wake up Séb. He was still sleeping and she felt bad about waking him up but the others had ordered breakfast for them and she wanted to enjoy the breakfast with her husband to be. Steph gently placed her lips on his and Séb began to stir.
“Breakfast is ready,” she whispered as he opened his eyes.
“Did you order breakfast?” he asked as he stretched his body.
“No but the guys did,” she replied with a smile.
“That was nice of them. Let’s eat then,” Séb smiled as he rose from the bed.
The couple walked sat down and enjoyed their breakfast as they talked about what would happen later that day. It was hard to believe that the day had finally arrived and they both knew it would be the best day of their lives.

The Perfect Assistant - Page 3 32ac510c-97db-44ed-ad56-11ed2e5f13af_zps9de91272

“You look absolutely breathtaking,” Sam said to Steph.
“Thanks sis. My dad has got great taste,” Steph smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror.
“Yes he does. The dress is fantastic and you look so beautiful. Séb will think so too,” Alyssa smiled.
“I can’t believe that I’m getting married again. After my divorce from Mark I made a promise to myself that I would never get married again and look at me now,” Steph looked at her friends.
“Well, I think it’s one of the few promises you’re allowed to break. You’re marrying a wonderful man who loves you and doesn’t take you for granted. You know I never really liked Mark,” Marie told her cousin.
“I know that. You girls look so beautiful and I’m happy that you’re my bridesmaids,” Steph said.
A knock on the door told them that it was almost time for Steph to leave. Martin and Annette walked into the room with the bouquets.

The Perfect Assistant - Page 3 Flowers_zps39163920

Annette just stared at her daughter without saying anything. For once she was speechless and she let a few tears fall as she looked at Steph. She had never seen Steph look more beautiful.
“You look beautiful,” Annette finally managed to say.
“Thanks mom,” Steph hugged her.
“Your fiancé is waiting for you,” Martin said as he offered his arm to Steph.
“I’m ready,” Steph said as she picked up her bouquet.
Martin and Steph left the room, followed by Annette and the bridesmaids. Carlos, David and Urs were waiting for them and the guys couldn’t take their eyes off Steph as she walked towards them. They all kissed her on the cheek and told her that Séb was a lucky man. Annette disappeared into the ceremony room and shortly after the music started playing.
The Divos and their dates walked into the ceremony room and as soon as they had taken their places, Martin and Steph appeared in the doorway. Séb swallowed hard as they walked towards him and he couldn’t believe that it was really happening. Martin kissed Steph’s cheek before he placed her hand into Séb’s. He took a seat next to Annette as Steph and Séb turned to face the minister.
“Dear family and friends - we are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of Stephanie and Sébastien.
Since time immemorial, people have performed ceremonies to mark a transition, a change of status.
Today we gather for the happiest of ceremonies – the change of status from single individuals to a married couple.
Today is the day that Stephanie and Sébastien will formally and publicly make their promises to one another.  Although this is indeed a high point, marriage is a journey not a destination. Marriage is more than any one single event or promise. It is a series of decisions that have been made, and will continue to be made over and over again, every day, that shows each of their care and concern for the one whom they each love most in the world.
Marriage is a promise that is renewed daily through a couples actions and a responsibility taken on in the spirit of faith, and hope, and love, that brings comfort in times of sadness and heightens our greatest joy.
Stephanie and Sébastien, may the promises you make this day live always in your hearts and in your home so that all which you share now deepen and grow through the years, leading you through a lifetime of happiness. A wedding is more than a celebration of the love which lives in our Bride and Groom's hearts today. It reaches into the future and proclaims their intentions for that which tomorrow shall hold. A couple who wed is joined, not only by the mutual affection and love they share, but also by their hopes, dreams and by their promises of what will be. The promises and vows they make this day shall guide them into their common future. I will ask you now if you are prepared to make these promises,” the minister said and looked at Séb.
"Sébastien, do you take Stephanie to be your wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in holy matrimony? Do you promise to love her, to honor and cherish her, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, and to be to her in all things a good and faithful husband as long as you both shall live?" the minister asked Séb.
“I do,” Séb replied.
"Stephanie, do you take Sébastien to be your wedded husband, to live together after God's ordinance in holy matrimony? Do you promise to love him, to honor and cherish him, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, and to be to him in all things a good and faithful wife as long as you both shall live?" the minister asked Steph.
“I do,” Steph replied.
"It is a Christian custom to exchange rings as a symbol of love. As the rings have no end so your love should have no end. As the rings are made of gold symbolizing purity, so should your marriage have purity. As often as either of you see them, you will be reminded of this moment and the endless love you promised,” the minister continued.

The Perfect Assistant - Page 3 RR117_zps8a02d88b

"Stephanie, this ring I give to you in token and pledge of my constant faith and abiding love," Séb said as he placed the ring on Steph’s finger.
"Sébastien, this ring I give to you in token and pledge of my constant faith and abiding love,” Steph said and placed the ring on Séb’s finger.
“You have declared before all of us that you will live together in marriage. You have made special promises to each other, which have been symbolized by the joining of hands, taking of vows and the giving and receiving of two rings. By the authority vested in me, I now pronounce you to be husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride,” the minister said and looked at Séb.
Séb pulled Steph close and kissed her deeply.

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Chapter 54

After the ceremony, the guests were shown outside for a small reception. Steph and Séb, along with Sam, Urs, Alyssa, Carlos, Remy, Marie and David, stayed behind for the photo session. The hotel had its own wedding photographer and she was one of the best photographers in Paris. As Steph and the bridesmaids were having their pictures taken, David looked at Marie and he wondered if he should ask her out on a date. Carla had made it clear to him that they were not getting back together and it gave him closure. He was now ready to move on.

The photo session lasted about 10 minutes and then they could join the guests on the terrace. Corinna walked over to Remy and soon after Alain joined them with the two children. Remy wasn’t sure of how to react around Corinna because he felt bad about his behavior when she had announced that she was pregnant. He knew that his actions had been wrong and he really wanted to do whatever he could to make Corinna forgive him. To his surprise, Corinna told him that she had forgiven him a long time ago and that he shouldn’t feel bad about it. She was happily married and a mother of two wonderful children.

A young woman walked up to Séb and Steph to inform them that dinner was ready. Séb asked her to show the guests into the dining room and she did as he requested. Steph was about to follow them but Séb took her hand and stopped her.

“I think it’s time for me to tell you that you look absolutely stunning in that dress,” Séb told her.

“Thanks. You look very handsome in that suit. I love it when you wear white,” Steph looked at him.

“I know you do. I love you,” Séb cupped her face and kissed her softly.

He broke the kiss as he heard someone behind him. Séb turned around and saw David standing there with a big smile on his face.

“Your guests are waiting for you,” David said.

“We’re on our way,” Séb told him as he took Steph’s hand.

They walked into the dining room where their friends and families were waiting for them. Séb pulled out a chair for Steph and made sure she was comfortable before he sat down. Steph looked at the guests and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. This was the wedding she had always wished for and it was the happiest day of her life.

After dinner, they all left the dining room while the tables were cleared. Some guests went outside to get some fresh air while others stayed inside with the newlyweds. Marie and David seemed to be getting along great and they were chatting and laughing like a couple of teenagers. Remy and Claire were having fun with André and it was the final proof Séb needed to know that Remy had changed. Annette and Martin were talking to Alyssa and Urs and Annette was holding baby Samantha. For a brief moment, Steph’s eyes made contact with Annette’s and Steph knew by the smile on her face what she was thinking. Steph couldn’t deny that she wanted children but it was way too soon to think about that. Right now she just wanted to spend some time with her husband.

As soon as the tables had been cleared and set again for coffee, people returned to the dining room. The music started playing and it was time for the happy couple to cut the cake. Séb took Steph’s hand and led her over to the table where the cake was. The guests gathered around them as they fed each other a piece of cake. They all returned to their seats and enjoyed the wedding cake.

One of the musicians announced it was time for the father/daughter dance and Martin walked over to Steph. He took her hand and kissed it before leading her to the dance floor. As he led Steph to the dance floor, he looked at the people around him and smiled because this was the kind of wedding he had always wanted for Steph. It was simply perfect.

When Martin and Steph had finished their dance, Séb walked over to them and took Steph’s hand. The sound of “Amazed” by Lonestar filled the room and the song fit perfectly for the two of them. Séb couldn’t stop himself from singing along and he never broke the gaze as he swirled Steph around the floor. Steph and Séb were in their own little world and they hadn’t noticed that people had joined them on the dance floor. Once the couple had finished their dance, they returned to their seats.

They watched their guests and they were happy to see all of their friends and family members getting along. It was almost 10pm when Séb took Steph’s hand and led her to the outdoor terrace. Once there, he took both of her hands and held them tight in his as he looked deep into her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Steph asked as she looked at him.

“Nothing is wrong. I just wanted some time alone with my wife,” Séb replied with a smile.

“We will be alone for the next two weeks,” Steph reminded him.

“I know that but it can’t hurt to start now,” Séb pulled her into his arms and kissed her softly.

“I’m sorry for interrupting but it’s almost time for you to leave,” Simon suddenly said.

“You’re right. We should get changed,” Séb looked at his watch.

Séb and Steph walked to their room to get changed. Once they had changed, they walked downstairs to say goodbye to their guests. Sam caught the bouquet and it occurred to her that she was getting married too soon. Only three more weeks and it was her turn to walk down the aisle in New York and marry the man she loved. After hugs and kisses were exchanged, Séb and Steph left the hotel and climbed into the limousine. Simon had arranged for champagne and some light snacks for them and once the car drove off, Séb poured two glasses.

“To us,” Séb raised his glass.

“And to a wonderful honeymoon in Santorini,” Steph added.

Séb smiled as he nodded his head in agreement before he sipped his champagne. He couldn’t wait to spend two weeks in Santorini with Steph, just the two of them alone. It would be a wonderful honeymoon for sure.

“Our little girl is married again,” Annette said as she looked at Martin.

“I know and this time it will last. Nothing will ever get between Stephanie and Sébastien. Their love is strong and together they can deal with any problem life throws at them,” Martin told his wife.

“We said the same thing when she got married to Mark,” Annette reminded him.

“You’re right about that but we have to remember that Sébastien is not like Mark at all and I can’t imagine that Sébastien would ever do what Mark did,” Martin said.

“I agree with you on that. Now let’s go back to the party,” Annette suggested.

Martin agreed and they walked back to the party and enjoyed the rest of the evening. It was almost 3 am when the last guests left the party and went to their rooms. Sam and Carlos had returned to their room and as they were getting ready for bed, they talked about the wedding.

“Steph looked so beautiful tonight,” Sam said as she climbed into bed.

“Yes she did but you will look even more beautiful at our wedding. I can’t wait to see your dress,” Carlos told her as he wiggled his eyebrows.

“You will love my dress,” Sam smiled at him.

“I know I will,” Carlos climbed into bed.

“It looks like David is ready to move on from Carla. He looked like he was having fun with Marie,” Sam cuddled up to Carlos.

“They both looked like they had fun. She is the perfect match for David because she has the same sense of humor as he does. As far as I could understand, Marie loves video games and Star Wars. It makes them the perfect match,” Carlos laughed.

“He deserves to be happy. Now let’s get some sleep,” Sam said followed by a yawn.

“As you wish,” Carlos kissed her.


“I had fun tonight David,” Marie said as they stood in front of her room.

“So did I. Are you going back to Copenhagen with the others?” David asked her.

“Yes I am. I have a presentation in three days but after that I’ve got three weeks off work. Why do you ask?” she questioned him.

“Well, I wanted to ask you out but with you going back to Copenhagen, it will be difficult to set it up,” David told her.

“It won’t be difficult. It only takes two hours by plane to get from Copenhagen to London and I will be in London for a few days during my vacation,” Marie said.

“That sounds good. Maybe we could go out Saturday?” David suggested.

“I’d like that. Goodnight David,” Marie kissed his cheek.

“Goodnight Marie,” David said with a smile.

Marie opened the door and disappeared into her room. David watched as she closed the door and he walked to his own room with a big smile on his face. He opened the door to his room and stepped inside, closing the door behind him. David grabbed a coke from the minibar and walked over to the window. He looked out into the night as he sipped his coke and he couldn’t stop thinking of Marie. Was she the woman he could see himself being with for the rest of his life? Only time would tell. He finished his coke and got ready for bed.


“It was sweet of Simon to let us use his jet. If he hadn’t done that it would have taken us almost 13 hours to get to Santorini,” Steph said and sipped her soda.

“He didn’t want us to waste a single minute of our honeymoon and neither do I,” Séb winked at her.

“Let’s wait until we get to the hotel,” Steph suggested.

“Ok. I will wait,” Séb let out a sigh.

Shortly after the jet landed and ten minutes later they were on their way to the hotel. Steph couldn’t wait to see the hotel and she hoped it lived up to the pictures she had seen on the website. Séb didn’t say much on the way to the hotel. All he could think about was getting to the hotel and make love to his wife. After a twenty minute drive the car pulled up in front of Astarte Suites and it looked exactly like the pictures. They got out of the car and walked into the hotel after getting their bags.

“Welcome to Astarte Suites Mr. Izambard. My name is Demetri and this is my hotel. The honeymoon suite is ready for you and Michalis will show you to your suite,” the man at the reception said.

“Thank you,” Séb smiled.

“Breakfast is served from 7am until 10am. If you prefer to have the breakfast delivered to your suite, just tell me now and I will make sure you get it delivered,” the man informed them.

“I think we would like that,” Séb looked at Steph who nodded her head.

“I’ve written it down. Here is your keycard and in your suite you will find a folder with all you need to know. If you don’t have any questions, Michalis will now take you to your suite,” Demetri said.

“I can’t think of anything right now,” Séb told him.

“Then I wish you a pleasant stay here with us,” Demitri smiled at them.

Michalis escorted Steph and Séb to their suite and he opened the door and brought their bags into the suite. He said goodnight and left, leaving the newlyweds alone. Steph decided to take a look around the suite and it had a bedroom, separate living room with spacious sitting area, bathroom with shower, heated Jacuzzi-pool, private panoramic large terrace with sitting area, dining area, large outdoor lounge with private pool with volcano view.

Steph was staring at the view when Séb walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her as he softly kissed her neck. She turned around, still wrapped in his embrace and she looked into his eyes. Her eyes were saying what he had been waiting to hear all night and he smiled at her before he led her over to the bed.

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Chapter 55

Two weeks had passed since the Izambard wedding and the newlyweds were on their way back to London after spending two weeks in Santorini. The honeymoon had been amazing but even though it was a honeymoon, the newlyweds had found the time to do some sightseeing. When they booked the honeymoon, they had agreed on what to see in Santorini and they had managed to do all of it.

“I can’t believe that we’re already on our way back to London. Those two weeks really went by fast,” Steph let out a sigh.

“Yes but we can always go back to Santorini,” Séb reminded her.

“You’re right. Hopefully soon,” Steph looked at him.

“I agree,” Séb smiled at her.

The plane arrived in London with a 15 minute delay and as soon as it was possible for Séb to use his phone he called Urs to tell him they would be a little late for dinner. Urs and Alyssa had invited all of them to dinner and it was an invitation they couldn’t say no to. Marie had extended her stay in London and David was bringing her to the dinner.

Steph and Séb left the airport and walked to Séb’s car. As he put the suitcases in the trunk, Steph climbed into the car. She was looking forward to enjoying a nice dinner with her friends and she was thrilled to hear that her cousin had extended her vacation. Steph knew the decision had something to do with David and she couldn’t be happier for Marie and David. Marie hadn’t really had that much luck with men and she needed someone like David to make her happy.

“What are you thinking of?” Séb asked.

“I’m thinking of my cousin Marie. She extended her stay in London and I know my cousin. Marie wouldn’t do that if she wasn’t interested in David,” Steph said with a smile.

“David is a great guy and he deserves to be happy, just like the rest of us. Now let’s go visit the Buhlers and get something to eat,” Séb started the car.

At the Buhler home, the girls were upstairs in the nursery with Samantha while the guys were in the kitchen. Urs and Carlos were finishing dinner while David was opening the wine. They were dying to know more about David and Marie but they didn’t want to ask too many questions. David would tell them when the time was right. They knew that for sure.

The girls joined the guys in the kitchen and all they could do now was to wait for Steph and Séb. A few minutes later the doorbell rang and Alyssa opened the door. She smiled at them as she stepped aside and let them in. Alyssa closed the door before she hugged both of them and welcomed them back. Steph and Séb removed the coats and followed Alyssa into the kitchen.

Hugs and kisses were exchanged and everyone wanted to hear about the honeymoon. Urs informed them that dinner was ready and they all went into the dining room. The food was served and the conversation at dinner was about the honeymoon. Steph and Séb told them about the places and the sights but they didn’t reveal all of it. They believed they were allowed to have a few memories of their own.

After a nice dinner, the girls went outside to get some air while the guys cleared the table. David knew the guys were curious to hear more about him and Marie and he felt the time was right to tell his friends about his relationship with Marie. He told them everything there was to say and the guys were happy for their friend. Outside the girls were talking about Sam’s upcoming wedding but deep down they wanted to talk about something else.

“Now dear cousin. What is going on with you and David?” Steph changed the subject.

“I knew you would ask me that. You’ve always been curious,” Marie laughed.

“Come on Marie. We’ve always been best friends,” Steph said.

“Not always. Remember the time you threw me out of your room?” Marie asked.

“I remember that but you deserved it. You ruined by poster of Jon Bon Jovi,” Steph replied.

“It was an accident,” Marie defended herself.

“Oh please don’t give me that. You did it on purpose,” Steph told her.

Sam and Alyssa looked at the two cousins and they tried really hard not to laugh. They knew that Steph had a temper but they never imagined that she had thrown her cousin out of her room. It really was hilarious and they couldn’t hold it back any longer. Both of them laughed so hard that the tears started rolling down their cheeks. Steph and Marie looked at them and wondered what was going on.

“Are you two alright?” Marie asked.

“We’re fine but you two are really funny to watch,” Alyssa managed to say.

“I guess we are kind of funny to watch. Well, the poster was a long time ago and you’re forgiven for that. Now what is going on with you and David,” Steph looked at Marie.

“Well, we’ve been out of a few dates and I really enjoy his company. He is a sweet guy and he is funny. I have never met a man who makes me laugh as much as David does and we’ve got the same interests,” Marie told her.

“I think someone is in love,” Sam smiled at Marie.

“Ok, I’m busted. I am in love with David and I have been since Steph’s birthday. When he told me that he still had feelings for his ex, I thought that was it so I was surprised when he asked me out,” Marie confessed.

“I’ve known David for a long time and he really likes you a lot. He might even be in love with you,” Alyssa said with a smile.

“Are you coming back inside?” Urs suddenly asked.

The girls nodded and walked inside to be with their men. They only had 4 days before they had to leave for New York for another wedding. Marie listened to what they were saying but she knew that she wouldn’t be there. She wasn’t a friend of the Divos, she was Steph’s cousin and she had no business at the wedding. Marie looked at her watch and she believed it was time for her to leave. She excused herself and walked outside to call for a cab but she never got that far.

“What’s wrong?” David asked her.

“I was going to call for a cab,” Marie replied.

“Why? I already told you that I would take you home,” David walked over to her.

“I know you did but I don’t belong here. They are all your friends and you have this special friendship with all of them,” Marie looked at him.

“They are my friends but they are your friends too. In fact, I want you to be my date at the wedding in New York. I’ve already spoken to Sam and Carlos about it and they want you to be there,” David explained.

“Are you sure that is what you want?” Marie questioned.

“I’m sure. Will you be my date at the wedding?” David asked.

“Yes I will,” Marie smiled at him.

David gently touched her face before he lowered his head. Marie closed her eyes as David’s lips made contact with hers and she was completely lost. The kiss was better than she could have imagined and she felt like she was floating on a cloud. David broke the kiss and looked at her. He flashed his big smile before he put his arm around her. They walked back to the dining room and David informed his friends that Marie would be his date at the wedding.

Steph and Séb left the Buhler home shortly before midnight. They were both exhausted from the trip and they really needed some sleep. The other couples left shortly after and David dropped off Marie at her hotel before he went back to his own place. He unlocked the door and stepped inside, closing the door behind him. Walking into the bedroom, David wondered if he should stay at the apartment or move out. Sam and Carlos had plans about moving out too and he didn’t want to be alone in the building.

As he climbed into bed, he thought about Steph’s old apartment and it would be the perfect place for him. The apartment wasn’t being used and it was Sony property so he couldn’t think of a reason why they would say no. He had to talk to Simon the next day about the apartment. David let out a yawn as he closed his eyes.


Four days later the Divo couples and Simon were on their way to New York. Simon had arranged for the jet to take them to New York and they were scheduled to arrive around dinner time. Sam informed them of the plans for the next few days and it was a rather busy schedule. They were all curious to hear more about the venue but it was the one thing Carlos and Sam wouldn’t tell them. Sam told them that a car would pick them up and take them to the venue and until then, the venue was a secret.

The jet arrived in New York shortly after 6pm and Simon had arranged for transport from the airport to the hotel. After retrieving their suitcases, they left the airport and climbed into the two cars Simon had booked. Once they arrived at the hotel, Simon informed them that he had arranged for dinner at the hotel at 7pm. It would give the couples some time to get freshen up. David and Marie had single rooms but the rooms were located right next to each other on the first floor and the other couples had rooms on the second floor.

After freshening up they all met Simon downstairs and they had a nice dinner. Just like Steph, Sam didn’t want anyone to know what the wedding dress looked like. She informed her friends that dress and suit fitting would take place the next day at 10am and after that Sam would give them a tour of New York. Sam couldn’t wait to show her friends around in New York and she had made arrangements to have dinner at her parents’ restaurant the next evening. Right after dinner the couples decided to say goodnight. They had a couple of busy days ahead of them and they needed some rest.


The next morning they all went to the dress store for the fittings. Only a few adjustments needed to be made on Steph’s dress and within 20 minutes, they could leave the store. Sam took them to some of her favorite places in New York and they had lunch at Sam’s favorite restaurant. After lunch they continued the tour and it was 4 pm when they returned to the hotel.

It was 6pm when the couples climbed into the car. As the car was driving through the streets of New York, Sam explained the history of “Hannigan’s” to her friends. It all started with a restaurant in Ireland a few years before Sam was born and it became one of the best restaurants in Dublin. A year after the launch, Evelyn and Craig Hannigan decided to expand their business to America and they left the restaurant in Ireland to Craig’s cousin. The restaurant in New York was the first “Hannigan’s” restaurant in America but it was just one of many restaurants in America.

The car stopped in front of the restaurant and they all got out. As they walked into the restaurant, Sam told them that the dinner was on the house. They were met by Evelyn and Craig and they greeted everyone. Carlos was getting along great with Sam’s parents and they couldn’t think of a better man for their daughter. Evelyn showed them to a table in the back of the restaurant so they could get some privacy. She informed them of the specials and stayed until they had decided. Once they had placed the orders, Evelyn left and returned a few minutes later with their drinks.

“I like your parents,” Steph looked at Sam.

“Thanks. They are great,” Sam smiled at her.

The food was served about 10 minutes later and it was delicious. They could all understand why “Hannigan’s” was the best restaurant in New York and it wasn’t the last time they had eaten there. After dinner they went back to the hotel to get some rest.


Sam had been spending the night at her parents’ house and she had told the girls to meet her there. Craig had arranged for transportation from their house to the venue and it was almost time for them to leave. Evelyn was helping her daughter get ready for the wedding and the girls were waiting impatiently to see their friend.

“Are you ready yet? We’re dying to see the dress,” Alyssa said to Sam.

“Allow me to introduce you to the future Mrs. Carlos Marin,” Evelyn smiled as Sam made an appearance.

The Perfect Assistant - Page 3 Wedding_zpsd20083cd

“You look stunning,” Alyssa said.

“Thanks. I hope Carlos will think so too,” Sam looked at her.

“He will. You all look beautiful and the guys are very lucky,” Evelyn smiled.

Craig entered the room after knocking and he was speechless when he looked at his daughter. He had never seen her look more beautiful and he really was lost for words. His little girl was getting married to the man of her dreams and he knew that Carlos would take good care of her.

“The cars are waiting for us,” Craig told them.

“We’re ready dad,” Sam smiled at him.

They left the room and walked downstairs to the cars. Craig helped his daughter get into the car as the others walked over to the other car and climbed in. Soon after, they were on their way to Brooklyn Botanical Garden where the wedding would be held.

The Perfect Assistant - Page 3 F9af4cb3-d632-4577-98bb-0b4a3d5d2f48_zpscdc76bf8

At the venue, Carlos and the guys were waiting for the girls to arrive. They looked so handsome in their tuxes. Urs had taken his place next to Carlos and he tried to calm Carlos down.

The Perfect Assistant - Page 3 0727cfea-d5e5-4833-b8fb-3bb4e490a2ab_zpse7d6a7cc

“Where is she?” Carlos looked at his watch.

“It’s normal for the bride to be a little late. Just relax,” Urs said as he patted Carlos on the shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” Carlos apologized.

“It’s ok. She will be here soon,” Urs assured him.

The cars arrived at the venue and everyone got out. Séb, David and Sam’s best male friend escorted the girls into the venue, followed by Evelyn and finally Sam and her dad. Evelyn kissed Sam before she walked into the ceremony room and found her seat. The music started playing and it was time for the groomsmen and the bridesmaids to enter. Once they had taken their places, Sam and Craig walked down the aisle. Sam smiled at Carlos as she walked towards him and Carlos couldn’t believe the beautiful sight before his eyes.

Craig kissed his daughter and placed her hand in Carlos’ hand. Carlos kissed her hand before they turned to face the minister.

“We are gathered here today in the face of this company, to join together Carlos and Samantha in matrimony; which is an honorable and solemn estate and therefore is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently and soberly. Matrimony was ordained for the mutual society, help, and comfort that the one ought to have of the other, in both prosperity and adversity.Into this estate these two persons present come now to be joined. If anyone can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace,” the minister said.

As expected nobody spoke up and the minister smiled at Sam and Carlos before he continued.

“Carlos, do you take Samantha for your lawful wedded wife, to live in the holy estate of matrimony? Do you promise to love, honor, comfort, and cherish her from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto her for as long as you both shall live?” the minister asked.

“I do,” Carlos replied with a smile.

“Samantha, do you take Carlos for your lawful wedded husband, to live in the holy estate of matrimony? Do you promise to love, honor, comfort, and cherish him from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto him for as long as you both shall live?” the minister looked at Sam.

“I do,” Sam answered.

“Do you have the rings?” the minister asked.

Urs stepped forward and gave the ringbox to the minister before he returned to his own place. Carlos took the ring from the box.

The Perfect Assistant - Page 3 54e1d13c-3005-4583-9716-93d80cc7bfca_zps617f6479

“This ring I give to you as a token of my love and devotion to you. I pledge to you all that I am and all that I will ever be as your husband. With this ring, I gladly marry you and join my life to yours,” Carlos placed the ring on Sam’s finger.

Sam took Carlos’ ring and repeated the vows as she placed the ring on his finger.

“May this couple be prepared to continue to give, be able to forgive and experience more and more joy with each passing day, with each passing year. Carlos and Samantha are now beginning their married life together and we hope that they may have loving assistance from their family, the constant support of friends, and a long life with good health and everlasting love. In so much as Carlos and Samantha have consented to live forever together in wedlock, and have witnessed the same before this company, having given and pledged their troth, each to the other, and having declared same by the giving and receiving of a ring, I pronounce that they are husband and wife. You may now seal the promises you have made with each other with a kiss,” the minister smiled.

Carlos didn’t need to hear those words twice and he pulled his wife into a deep kiss. The happy couple left the ceremony room followed by the Divos and the girls. Baby Samantha had been sleeping during the ceremony and she was still asleep when Evelyn carried her out after the ceremony. The wedding guests congratulated the happy couple and followed them into the dining room where dinner would be served right after the photo session. When Carlos and Samantha returned after the photo session, the food was served and the party could begin.

After dinner they all walked into another part of the venue where the coffee and cake would be served. While they were having coffee, the dining room was being prepared for the real party with music and dancing. The wedding cake was brought in and it was time for the newlyweds to cut the cake. After cutting the cake, Carlos and Sam took the first bites and the sound coming from Sam’s mouth told the guests that the cake was really delicious.

The Perfect Assistant - Page 3 D0130919-9404-45de-9e48-b21c7cec9be8_zps8384401a

“I think it’s time for me to dance with my daughter,” Craig said and held out his hand to Sam.

Sam placed her hand in his and they entered the dance floor. Carlos watched his wife and Craig on the dance floor and he could feel his heart overflowing with feelings for this beautiful creation. When it was his turn to dance with Sam, he kissed her softly before he pulled her close. They danced across the floor and soon after they were joined by more couples.

Unlike most married couples, Carlos and Sam had chosen to stay with their guests instead of leaving the party. They did have plans for the honeymoon but they didn’t have to leave until the next day so they could party all night if the wanted to.

It was 2am when the Divo couples returned to the hotel after a perfect wedding. After spending half an hour with Carlos and Sam in their suite, the other couples said goodnight and walked to their own rooms. When they were alone, Carlos walked up to Sam and pulled her into his arms without saying a word. He looked deep into her eyes as he unzipped her dress.

“Make love to me Mr. Marin,” Sam whispered to him.

“As you wish Mrs. Marin,” Carlos said as he picked her up and carried her over to the bed.

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Five years had passed since the Marin wedding and a lot had happened in Divo world since then. The guys had released two albums in those five years and the two albums had led to one promotion tour for the first album and a world tour for the second album. They are currently in the studio, recording a new album. They are trying something new for this new album and of course they are a little nervous about the release and the next tour. Knowing Il Divo everything will work it's self out and the tour and new album will be better and bigger than any of the previous albums and tours.  

David and Marie are living together in Steph’s old apartment but they are not alone. Two years after Marie had moved in with David, her brother and his wife were killed in a car accident and they left behind a 3 year old daughter, Sally. Marie’s parents never approved of the marriage and they hadn’t had any contact with their son at all since he got married. When Marie asked her parents to take Sally, they told her no and she couldn’t believe that her parents were that cold. David was shocked and he made a decision that changed his life. Sally is now living with them in London and David thinks of her as his own daughter.

Sam and Carlos are expecting their first baby. Both of them are excited about the baby and the baby is due before the new tour starts but Sam isn’t sure about bringing a newborn baby on tour. Simon had asked her to write a book about Il Divo and even though it had been a while since she had written anything, she accepted the challenge. The book became a huge success and writing a book about Il Divo had made her hungry for more. She is currently working on her new project, a children’s book with drawings made by children.

Alyssa went back to designing clothes and her business is blooming. She is currently working on her biggest challenge to date, a complete wardrobe for the new tour. It was a request from Simon because they wanted to try something new and it was a challenge she couldn’t say no to. One of the rooms in the house had been turned into a work room for Alyssa and it was the perfect solution for her to have a work room at home because she worked better when she was alone. It also meant that she could take care of Samantha when she was sick and had to stay home.

The last tour had been a life changing experience for Steph and Séb. A week before the tour started, Steph had found out that she was pregnant and it had come as a big surprise because they hadn’t been talking about kids. For Simon it had come as a surprise too because Steph was the tour manager and he needed her to be there during the tour. Steph had told him that she would do her job for a long as she could and Séb had been very supportive of her decision. A few weeks after the tour ended, Selina Izambard was born and of course she became everyone’s favorite baby.

Il Divo had a busy year ahead of them but the guys wouldn’t change it for the world. They loved being in Il Divo and they were more than just a group, they were a family.

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