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 *MOON* By: Didi

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   *MOON*   By: Didi - Page 3 EmptyTue Sep 04, 2012 9:37 pm


That week went by very quickly, without even noticing, Sebastien, Paulette, Carlos, Cyd, Urs, Diana, David, Indre Dafne and Peter were flying to Amsterdam to take those 3 free days. They arrived to a camp house in Amsterdam. It was a very lovely place, like taken out from a magic tale.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
It was located at the border or a garden full of colorful tulips.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
The house had 7 bedrooms upstairs,each of them with wonderful sights out through the window.
All the couples went to place their stuff in their rooms. Meanwhile, Peter was preparing a special dinner for them. When it was ready, he called them to join him at the dining room. Everybody went downstairs without knowing what Peter had made. When they saw the table set in a beautiful way, all got surprise.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
- What does this mean?- David asked. Indre shrugged and anwered:
- Not idea
- Please, have a seat. I’ll be there in a minute- Peter announced from the kitchen. So they did.
- I wondered to know what will Peter ask us now
- You are wrong, Seb. I won’t ask you to do anything. This dinner is for other reason- Peter stated, walking our of the kitchen, with a tray in his hands where the food was placed and set it on the table.
- Mmmm!! That looks yummy!!- Carlos said.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
- And smells good- Dafne added- Did you prepare it?
- Yes- Peter answered, as he took his place at the head of the table.
- Why is an extra place on the table?- Urs asked.
- We are waiting for somebody, but I won’t say who is it. Anyway, you must be wondering why I prepared this for you, guys. Well, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and effort during the last months. I know it has been weariful, because we have been traveling a lot, from here to there, but yu are always giving your best. Also, I know it has been helpful to have your girls beside, supporting you in every moment. Thank you, ladies, for bringing out the best of these guys!!- Cyd, Paulette and Diana smiled- Also, of course, Dafne and Indre, you have been a key part for all this success. You are great and I’m really happy to have found you.
-Thank you- Both girls answered.
- Now, I don’t know at what time our guest will arrive, so, I think the best would be to start eating- Peter invited.
They began serving the food on their plates. As the dinner was going on, they were talking of different things.
- You have been very quiet tonight, David!!- Diana said. He smiled and answered:
- I’m fine. It’s just that I would want Myriam could be here with me.
- I already told him that soon they will be able to be together.
- Indre is right, Dave- Cyd said.
- But as Pete said, you have been our support and a very important part of out lifes. I mean: everything changed since you, Paulette and Diana appeared in our ways… I can understand David- Carlos added, holding his girlfriend’s hand over the table. – It must be hard to be separated from his girl.
- But…When will she be able to travel?- Paulette asked.
- Cassually, my dad called me last night just to say that she is in good conditions to do this. Actually, now that I’m thinking, why he called me just to say this? That’s weird- David stood thoughtful for a while.
- You see? When you don’t even imagine, she will be here- Diana winked.
- What, are you going to tell me that now you can predict the future?- Sebastien ironically questioned. When Diana was about to anwer, was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.
- It must be our guest- Peter grinned.
- I’ll open- Diana offered, standing up and guiding herself to the door.
- Who is it, Peter?- Carlos impatiently wanted to kow.
- You’ll see…
- Look who is here!!- Diana said, getting all the sights over to where she was.
- Myriam!!- David exclaimed, standing up and running up to her, hugging tightly his girl. It felt really good to have her in his arms. Diana blinked Peter as he blinked her back.
- How? What….?- David was so excited that wasn’t able to finish any question. Myriam giggled.
- All is Peter’s and Diana’s fault- she said.
- What happened?- Dafne asked, looking at the manager.
- Yes, I need an explanation- David supported her, smiling.
- Come, join us at the table and then I’ll explain you everything- Peter said.
Myriam greeted each one in the dining room and sat next to David. Diana went back to her place.
- Now, tell us the story- Urs said.
- Diana told me that it would be nice that Myriam could join us here. She said everyone would be with their partneres unless David, and maybe he could feel bad about it.
- And she was right. Tonight we all noticed it- Carlos said. Urs tenderly smiled at his girlfriend and held her hand, placing it on his leg.
- I thought it was a great idea and agreed to help her- Peter continued.- Diana called Dr. Miller and asked his opinion. He said that it wouldn’t be risky for Myiram to flight, and that changing the environment could help her to recover faster, eventhough her heart was now in excellent conditions.
- Diana called me to give me the new and I turned really happy!! Then, she just gave me my flight reservation number and now, I’m here… - Myriam stated. David kissed her nose and then turned his eyes to Diana:
- Now I understand why my dad called me. Thank you, Di
- You don’t have anything to thank
- Of course I do. Thanks to you I have Myriam with me at this moment.
- Actually, it is thanks to Peter. He paid the tickets- Diana giggled.
- It was you idea-Peter answered.
- I can see you already knew Myriam was coming, so, you aren’t a witch that can predict coming events
- Maybe she can’t, Sebastien, but I can predict that if you don’t shut your mouth I’ll kick your butt!!- Urs defended his girl.
- Oh, really? You and who else?- Seb challenging asked.
- Sweetie, please, don’t ruin this night. We should celebrate that now we are all together. Tha’s better- Paulette tried to calm him down.
- Yes, Sebastien. It’s celebration time- Indre added. And the environment turned calmer. After been talking for a while, toasting and laughing, Cyd commented:
- Hey, I want to propose a toast for this time we are spending. In my case, I want to say that I never imagined that after just be one more fan, I would be able someday to be with Carlos and with all of you enjoying of these kind of wonderful moments.
- And carrying our baby in your belly- Carlos added, wiggling his eyebrows.
- What you are saying is true, Cyd. We were just fans and now we are with them- Diana said- And I don’t know you, but thinking about it made me remember my fan time, when I wanted to know everything about IL DIVO, much more about Urs.
- Yes, it happened to me either. Before knowing Sebastien and turn his girlfriend, I spent many hours searching information by internet.
- And what about the forum? Daily I was waiting for something new that could give me at least a clue of what they were doing- Cyd commented. Suddenly, it turned in to a just-girls conversation. The guys were just listening.
- I’m witness of how Diana was always wanting to know a bit more about them- Dafne took part- Also Indre, playing all days the CD’s at office.
- Yes, I was a fan too- Indre accepted.
- But sometimes we had to wait for too many months to hear a new!!- Myriam stated.
- Yes- all the girls complained.
- Hey… something came to my mind at this moment… I have an idea!!
- What is it, my love?- Urs asked.
- That will be interesting- Peter said, looking at Diana’s wide opened eyes and listening to the excitement in her voice.
- What about if we make a web page to give news about the guys? I mean, not very personal information, just simple news that every fan is eager to know… We can post pictures of a normal day, or news like: “Carlos fell down from the chair” or “David lost intonation while was singing in the bath”, stuff like that- everyone chuckled.
- Yes!! That’s a great idea!! I love it. Fans will really appreciate it. How much I would have given to have something like that when I was a fan- Cyd happily sighed.
- After all, fans are the ones who really support your work- Myriam said.
- I think it’s a good idea- Carlos opened his mouth to say.
- I need to admit that it sounds great, Diana. I’ll see what can I do to help you girls in your idea. We have to get some authorizations, but, we have one of the most important: the guy’s one. I guess I need to make some calls and see what can we do- Peter said. All the girls smiled with joyousness.
After that time together, they went back to their rooms.


- Remember that our baby needs to feel how much his mom and dad love each other- Carlos wiggled, carryhing her up to bed.
- Just because our baby?
- No, also because I wish you…


- Good night- Sebastien said, turning off the light of the lamp that was at his side.
- Honey, don’t you want to practice for our honeymoon?- Paulette flirty asked, gently biting Seb’s ear. And he couldn’t ressist to that invitation.


- I missed you very much!
- Me too, Davey…- Myriam tiptoed to kiss on his lips- I just wanted to be with you- she whispered.
- What did doctor said about physical efforts?- He mischievously asked. She smiled at him and pushed him back to bed, where they made love for their very first time together.


- There’s a beautiful night tonight- Diana said, looking out by the window.
- Very beautiful to waste it sleeping- Urs said, tightly hugging her from her back.
- What do you want to do, though?- Diana naughtily asked, turning around covering him with an embrace and caressing his back under his shirt. He kissed her forehead and answered:
- Love you as never before….
Soon, they were one again..

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Posts : 5269
Join date : 2008-12-13
Age : 64
Location : Urs Buhler, The man of my dreams!!
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*MOON*   By: Didi - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   *MOON*   By: Didi - Page 3 EmptyTue Sep 04, 2012 9:38 pm


The next day, Carlos needed to make more calls, but he didn’t want Cyd to notice it, so ge got an idea: he asked Diana, as a favor, to take Cyd away from home in the evening, and so she did. She told Carlos’ girlfriend that she wanted to buy something for Gabriel. Cyd agreed to go with her. They also invted Dafne, Indre and Paulette. These 2 last said yes, but Dafne said she felt really tired and wanted to stay, also because she wanted to send e-mails to her family and friends.
- Can we go?- David asked Myriam, talking for Urs and Sebastien, who were next to him. Carlos was also there, pretending he wanted to go too.
- No… sorry, it’s a girls’ evening- Myriam answered.
Then they left.
Peter was at his room making some calls to help the girls about what they proposed in dinner last night.
Urs was at one of the rooms upstairs, a kind of studio, playing his electric guitar. Dafne was with him in front of the computer. Each one was in his own world, they had been like that for a couple of hours. Suddenly, Urs listened to something that sounded like a car engine. He turned his eyes to the large window beside him and saw a red car parking in front of the house. He left his guitar on the couch and stood up, walking towards the window. Dafne turned to see why Urs had stopped playing his guitar.
- What’s up?- she asked, when saw him staring out. He turned to see her and answered:
- I guess you have a guest.
- Me?- she asked a bit stranged, walking up to join Urs- BEN!!!- she excalaimed, when saw the guy coming to the house entrance. Dafne didn’t know what to do, she was nervous and excited at the same time. She began hopping and running all around the room.
- What is he doing here? I look horrible today!! Gosh, I better hide under the bed!!
Urs was chuckling, that scene was very fun for him. It was the first time he saw Dafne behaving as a little girl. Dafne was still running from one side to another. Then, without giving any chance, she was going to slip up with Urs’ guitar cable cord. Luckily, Bühler was close enough to hold her.
- BRAVO!!- Sebastien said, clapping from the door- What a lovely scene!! The boyfriend and the best friend living their love while she is not at home. Don’t you think that’s sweet?
- What are you saying? You just can see bad things in everything you look- Urs answered.
- Urs just helped me because I was going to fall down.
- Oh, really? What about if I help your girlfriend when she is about to fall down, Urs?
Bühler got mad and was walking quickly over to Izambard, but Dafne held his arm.
- Don’t Urs… It doesn’t worth the trouble
- Yes, you are right… It doesn’t worth the trouble- Urs answered- Come on, let’s go and open the door…
- The door? Who is here?
- That’s not your business- Dafne repplied, leaving the room, followed by Urs. While they were going downstairs, the doorbell rang. David, who was in the living room reading a book, opened.
- Ben!! What a surprise!! Please, come in, man- Miller invited- What brings you here?
Dafne appeared.
- Hello, Ben!!
Ben’s eyes became brighter.
- Oh, I understand- David chuckled. Barnes walked up to where Dafne was.
- Hello, Dafne!!- He hugged her- We have a pendant dinner. I promised I would find you- he whispered. She blushed- Hi, Urs!!- he said, getting apart.
- Hi!! It’s nice to see you again.
- Wow!! That is all what we needed: the members of a love triangle together
Everybody turned to see Sebastien, who was coming downstairs
- Hello, Sebastien, how you doing?- Ben greeted and ironically grinned, hugging Dafne from her shoulders.
-What’s going to happent now, Dafne? Are you going to sleep with both of them?
Dafne slapped on his face.
- What the h**l…?
- That will teach you how to talk to me- Dafne said with angry voice.
- Truth hurts?
-That isn’t true… that is the st**id truth you have created in your mind- Dafne answered, this time almost yelling.
- Come on, Seb, what’s your problem?
- That’s not your business, David- he answered
-Guys, please, don’t fight… Seb must be joking, right Seb?- Ben said, trying to tease him.
- No, I’m not… Dafne is a….
- SHUT UP!!- Urs took part- Close your mouth if you don’t want me to tell everyone the truth!!
- Urs, please, don’t- Dafne said, more as a beg than a request.
-What is he talking about?- David was confused
-What are those yells?- Carlos said, joining them- Ben!! It’s good to see you!!
- Hello, Carlos
- Why wer you shouting, Urs?
Bühler turned over to see Sebastien and answered:
- For nothing…
- Tell them, Urs!!- Sebastien said- Come on!! Are you afraid about they can discover the truth?
- You are a…- Urs didn’t finish. He was trying to keep controlled.
- What truth?- Carlos asked. Suddenly, the girls entered to the house. Indre had one key. They noticed a heavy environment.
- Is it everything ok?- Indre asked
- Wow!! The real victim had arrived, this will turn good!!
- What victim? Why do you say that, honey?- Paulette asked, going next to him, holding his hand..
-I’m talking about Diana
Diana looked at him with uncertainty. Urs joined her and held her hand.
- I don’t understand- she said.
- What is all this?- Cyd asked Carlos. He shrugged and answered:
- I would want to know.
- I’ll explain…. It’s time to take some masks out. I found Dafne and Urs in a very compromising situation upstairs. And it’s not the first time.
-What?- Paulette asked.
- As you hear, honey, they are lovers!!- Diana saw Urs and Dafne. They had been cheating us all this time.
- That’s a very serious accusation- Myriam exclaimed.
- But it’s true
This time, Urs couldn’t resist anymore and jumped over Sebastien, shaking him from his shirt.
- Take back of what you said!!
Carlos tried to pull Urs back as David was doing the same with Sebastien.
- What’s happening here?!- Peter asked in a very serious way. He listened to the yells and decided to see what was going on.
- Urs, Sebastien… You 2 again?
- He started- Urs said- He is inventing things…
- Honey, don’t pay attention of what he is saying- Diana said with a sweet voice, that made him feel calmer- I know you and I know Dafne: you both are the people in whom I trust the most. I don’t believe any single word of what Sebastien said…
- My love, I just love you
- I know, baby
- Poor girl!! You prefer to live under a lie than leave him
- That’s what you want me to do, but I won’t. I will be with Urs forever, you like it or not
- That’s what you think, but we’ll see
- Stop this, Sebastien!! What the h**l happens to you?
- You don’t understand anything, Peter. Anyone of you do- Seb answered, leaving them, taking direction to his room. Paulette wanted to follow him…
-Let him ho, hun, he needs time to think.- Peter said- Sorry, Ben, with all this, I haven’t say hello to you.
- Don’t worry, Peter. It’s ok
Also the girls greeted Barnes.
- You are going to stay with us, right?- Urs asked him.
- Mmmm… I don’t want to bother you, guys.
- Of course you don’t. Please, stay with us- the manager said. Ben thought it for some seconds and answered:
- Ok.
- How did you know where we were?- David asked.
- I drove where my heart guided me- Ben answered, turning his eyes to Dafne.
- Cyd, Diana, Myriam and Paulette, I would like you to come with me. Dafne, Indre and me have something to tell you.
- Can we go, too?
- Sure, Carlos- Peter answered, and all of them followed him upstairs to the room where Urs and Dafne were before.

- To model wedding dresses at France in a Giorgio Armani designs presentation?!- Myriam excited asked.
- Yes… That’s what I said- Peter answered.
- Are you talking seriously?
- Yes, Cyd, more serious than ever. Please, Dafne, explain them.
- Well, Giorgio Armani Co. representative called us to ask if the Divo’s girlfriends could accept an invitation to model some wedding dresses for an important presentation of Armani designs. We said we would ask you if you want to do this. It’s in one week.
- Are you kidding, Daf? Of course we want!! Right girls?- Diana said.
- Yes, it will be great- Paulette commented.
- I have always wanted to do something like that- Myriam added.
- What about you, Cyd?
- Mmmm, I don’t know. My belly is growing and I don’t know if I will look good with one dress of those.
- My love, you look beautiful in any way you dress. And your tummy is not too much grown yet. It is almost flat.
- Come on, Cyd!! It will be fun!!- Indre was trying to convince her.
- Ok… I’ll do it- she answered, not too much convinced.
- Great!!- Peter exclaimed- Dafne, please, confirm our assistance…

At night, everybody went to their rooms.
- I’ll show you your room- Dafne told Ben, guiding him to the one next to Indre’s and hers.
- Well… good night- she said.
- Good night- he answered, kissing her cheek.
She smiled and started walking away, when suddenly, Ben held her arm and instantly reached her lips, brushing them with his. Dafne didn’t ressist. She wanted that kiss. She needed it. Sebastien, who was going out of his room to the kitchen for a cup of water, saw them and felt his blood boiling. He couldn’t continue his way and stepped back to his room.
- I will take revenge of this. Dafne will pay for this and also Urs. I’ll hit them where I know it hurts the most. I’ll kill 2 birds with just one shot.

- Ben, I… This can not be…- Dafne got apart.
- Why? I like you and I know you like me, too.
- Yes, I do… but, there’s something that impedes me to open my heart.
- Please, Dafne, let me try. I really like you, and I would want to begin something with you.
- Ben… I guess we need to talk… But not now. We’ll do it tomorrow… Good night!!- and she left him.

At midnight, Diana stood up from bed. She was thirsty and wanted a cup of water. She saw Urs peacefully sleeping next to her. She smiled and tenderly kissed his cheek. She waked slowly out of the room, trying not to make noise. She went downstairs. The house was very quiet, everything in silence. She turned the kitchen’s light on and looked for the jar. When she was looking for a cup, felt someone standing behind her. She turned around:
- Sebastien, what are you doing here?
He devilishly smiled…..

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Posts : 5269
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Age : 64
Location : Urs Buhler, The man of my dreams!!
Humor : I found it and as always the joke is on me!!

*MOON*   By: Didi - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   *MOON*   By: Didi - Page 3 EmptyTue Sep 04, 2012 9:39 pm


- Sebastien, what are you doing here?
He devilishly smiled…..
Diana felt instictively nervous. She found something in Sebastien’s eyes that made her shiver.
- I couldn’t sleep- he said, walking back, closing the door fo the kitchen- I was lying on bed, just thinking about many different things.- The noise of the door being shut made her feel even worst.
- Oh, really? It must be because of your upcoming wedding.
- Actually, no. I was thinking about Urs and you- He started walking towards her. Her knees began trembling- Would you want to know what?
- Sebastien, I don’t want to sound rude, but I’m not interested about what you can say.
- Come on, Diana!! I only want to have a… friendly conversation. Let me give you my point of view.
She stood in silence, staring at the door. It seemed to be too far, much more because he was blocking her way.
- I was thinking- Sebastien continued- If Urs had Lynnea, why did he changed her for you? He should have a huge reason to do this, because Lynnea is beautiful, sexy and with many qualities. Why he decided to leave all that for a girl like you?
- Don’t you think love is a good reason?- Diana managed to answer. Sebastien sarcastically laughed.
- No, dear Diana, this is about much more thann love. Look, I can almost swear that he is living a romance with Dafne… I can’t blame him: Dafne is deliciously irresistible… But, in spite of it, he is not leaving you for her, as he left Lynnea for you. There most be something else, something that just you can provide him. A special charm.- He got closer to her…. very close- Tell me your secret to drive him crazy…- he tried to caress her hair, but she moved away.
- I won’t continue listening to you- Diana hesitated, walking apart from him- Good night, Sebastien.
But he held her from her arm and tightly wrapped her from her waist, taking her by surprise.
- You are hurting me!! What do you want from me?
- I guess I have the answer to all my doubts. You must be really good in…. you know what I mean. Why don’t you show those charms to me? You must be used to do this- And suddenly, he kissed her lips. She was trying to push him back away from her, but it was useless, he was using all his strenghts to hold her and took her back against the wall.
- Don’t tell me that you don’t like this- he said, covering her mouth with his hand, and driving his free hand under her pj’s shirt- Your scent is delicious and your skin so silky. Now I can understand many things- and he kissed her neck. Diana was sobbing, trying to get apar from him. She was afraid about he could go further…
- LEAVE HER AWAY!!- David pulled him from his back, throwing him to the ground and covered Diana in an embrace- Are you ok?
She nodded. Dave turened his eyes to Sebastien, who was trying to stand up.
-What the h**l happens to you?
- She wanted this. I was here and she appeared offering herself to me… I’m a man, Dave. I was just corresponding…
- That’s not true!!
- I know this girl, and I know what kind of person she is. You are out of mind, I don’t know who you are, Sebastien. You are taking things very far and I just simply can’t understand why.
- I’ll tell you why, David- Diana took courage to comfront Sebastien- He thinks he can manage everyone’s life when the true is that he can’t even manage his own. He is hurting everyone around him just because he is unhappy and can’t see any person happy. He knows he is moving into a life he doesn’t want because his happiness is somewhere else. He has a rotten heart and wants to rot everything!!
- Shut up!! What do you know about my happiness?
- I know enough to give my opinion.
- I don’t understand- David stated- but I don’t care!! If you put again even one hand on Diana, I swear you will regret your whole life!! Now, go away!!- David commanded. Sebastien furiously looked at them, but did what Miller said. Once alone, Diana began sobbing in David’s embrace.
- Calm down, baby. You’re ok now
- Thank you, Dave. I don’t want to know what could happen if you hadn’t arrive in the right moment…
- Thanks God I was hungry!- He giggled. Diana drew a tenuous smile on her face. – Come on, I’ll take you back to your room.
- Oh, Dave, please, don’t tell a word of what happened, I don’t want to know what Urs can do if he finds this out
- But, Diana, I think…
- Please!!- She begged.
He looked at her and exhaled a deep breath.
- Ok- he rolled his eyes- I won’t say a word. But you should promise me that you will be careful and if something like this happens again, you’ll tell me.
- I promise
- Ok… Let’s go- They both went out from the kitchen and went upstairs. David waited until she entered to his room.
When Diana lay next to Urs, she joined his body to his. She needed to feel him, just that could make her feel safe. He felt her and, with sleepy voice, said:
- I love to feel you close to me- he turned to his side and hugged her, gently kissing her forehead. Soon, both were sleeping in each other’s warm embrace… Peacefully sleeping.

Next day, each couple took their own way. They wanted to enjoy the beautiful sights Amsterdam was offering them. It was their last day there. Tomorrow, they had to go back to normal activities.
- I would want to know why did you tell me yesterday that something impeeds you to open your heart to me- Ben asked Dafne, as they were giving a ride by boat through a lake.
- It is very difficult for me to talk about this… there are just two people who know my secret…. Urs and Diana…
- I won’t force you if you don’t want to talk
- I guess it’s better that you know- she sighed- I was completely in love of a guy who broke my heart. At the beginning he was charming, tender, nice and fun… But, unexpectedly, he changed his behavior… he turned into a very different person: rude and sarcastic, without reason.
- Why you didn’t talk to him and tried to fix things?
- He has a girlfriend. Acutally, he already did…
- A girlfriend?
- Yes… you must be thinking I’m the worst person on Earth, but he promised me he would leaver to marry me, and I believed it… I’m so silly!!
- You are not silly. You are just a woman in love.- Ben tenderly said, caressing her cheek.
- I was really in love with him… and I don’t know if I’m still…- she stared down. Barnes gently raised her face from her chin and looked straight into her brown eyes…
- That guy is Sebastien, isn’t he?
Her eyes widely opened. She was surprised.
- How do you know it?
- I noticed the way he looks at you, although he wants to hide that love sight with hate. He is interested on you. The premier night he turned jealous because he found out I had liked you very much. Actually, we had a little argument…. But, Dafne, I just want to tell you one thing: he doesn’t deserve your love. He is ruining his life marrying with someone he doesn’t love, but you can’t let him ruin your life, too. You deserve to be happy. Please, give me a chance to show you how wonderful love can be, I will do everything to help you trust again. This that I feel for you, I hadn’t felt it before.- He leaned to kiss her. They were kissing each other for some minutes, forgetting everything around them.
- Can I have an oportunity?- Ben asked, whispering.
- Let’s do something… Let me clear all this mess in my mind and recover my life. And so then, I will be able to open my heart to you…
- Deal?- He stretched his hand
- Deal- she answered, shaking hands with him. She finally was decided to take Sebastien out of her life, and Ben would be there to help her.


Time ran fast, and now the girls were ready for the runway in France. They were all very excited. The place where it would be was an event saloon, and there were many people. Also the press was present….
- An orchestra?- Cyd asked, a bit surprised when saw a group of musicians arriving- What does an orchestra have to do in this kind of event?- she asked, as she was dressing herself up with the dress she would model. Anyone answered. All the girls were too busy to talk.
The make-up ladies were doing their job with them.
- Where are Peter and the guys?- Cyd again asked.
- Trust me… you wouldn’t want them here as you are getting ready- Dafne answered. She was checking everything was going fine.
- They will be part of the audience- Indre added- They will be, of course, in first row.
- I want to see their faces when they see you. You all look gorgeous!!- Dafne stated. The girls smiled.
- I’m very nervous… I had never been good in public events.
- Calm down, Cyd, you’ll do it pretty good… Just relax and enjoy of this night. It will be unforgettable!!- Diana exclaimed, and for some reason Cyd knew Diana’s words were true…

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- Are there many people?- Myriam asked.
- Moreless. They are still arriving- Dafne answered.
- I want to see- Cyd said, trying to look through the courtain that was separating them from the audience.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
- No, no, no!!!- Diana and the girls exclaimed, holding her arm- Look, anyone can see you with that dress until the presentation... If not, it loses all sense- Indre commented.
- All this is too weird… I mean, we are in the entrance of this saloon, that is covered by a courtain, and the people is entering by the exit door. I don’t understand anything- Cyd rolled her eyes. Anyone said a word- Also, why Paulette and Diana are wearing the same dresses if it is supposed it is a presentation of many designs??
- Everything is ready- Dafne said, after receiving a text message from Peter.
- Ok, girls, it’s time. You have to walk straight to the front and stay there, ok?
All of them nodded after listening to Indre, who continued:
- Paulette and Diana, you’ll be the first
- Shhh… Let’s listen to the presentation- Dafne indicated
- Good night, ladies and gentleman- a male voice greeted- Tonight is a very special night for Georgio Armani Co. We are presenting the new collection of wedding dressed, that we expected will be a success. Let’s start!!
All the girls turned nervous as incidental music began to sound around the place. The girls could listen to it from behind the courtain.
- Our first 2 dresses are presented by Paulette Voltaire and Diana Martinez- Both walked through the carpet….
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
- It is the perfect example for bridemaids outfit…
The anchorman was giving the details of the dress while the other girls were waiting for their turn.
- Our next model is wearing a strapless dress in yellow, designed thinking in the honor maids….
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
When he finished presenting the details, said:
- Thank you, Myriam Trejo, for presenting this to us…
- Our last design is a wonderful bride dress, in a magnificient pearl color- In that moment, Cyd entered to the room
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

She found an image that she didn’t expect, but also didn’t gave it too much importance. She thought it was for the kind of event it was.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Cyd continued walking as the music was still playing.
- It silvered needlework makes of this dress an unique and elegant design, the dream of any bride…- The anchorman continued.
When Cyd arrived to the middle of the carpet, the music unexpectedly stopped. A deep silence appeared. Cyd didn’t know how to react. Everybody was looking at her. Suddenly, the sweet notes of a violin chord appeared, hiding the silence. It was “Air” melody, of Johann Sebastian Bach. After that, Carlos appeared at the end of the carpet
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
He began walking to where she was. When he was close enough, Cyd asked, in a whisper:
- What does this mean?- Camera flashes were shooting them.
- Cyd, you know how much I love you. There’s nothing in the world I wish more than be your husband, and make you my wife, forever… That’s why I want to ask you: would you marry me… here… right now?- He kissed her hand.
Cyd felt happiness tears runnig down her cheeks.
- Yes- she hardly answered.
Both smiled tenderly to each other. Carlos stood next to her and offered his arm. The orchestra began playing the nuptial march as Carlos and Cyd wer walking towards the altar, where a priest was already waiting for them.
The ceremony began. They both were smiling all the time. Everybody was waiting for the special moment: the vows.
- Please, stand up, we are going to listen to your vows. Did you prepare them or you want to repeat what I say?- The priest asked them.
- I didn’t have idea of this wedding- Cyd chuckled- but I guess I can improvise something- she gave a sweet glance to Carlos, who repplied:
- Me too.
Cyd and Carlos stood face to face, and joined their hands:

Carlos felt his heart beating faster, as if it wanted to get out of his chest and make a party because of his happiness. Then, it was his turn.

Cyd could feel how tears were trying to escape from her beautiful green eyes. Carlos was everything for her, and from now on, they would belong to each other forever.
After that, the priest called the honor maid and the bestman to bring the rings. Myriam and David walked up to the altar and gave them the 2 golden rings
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Cyd and Carlos placed them into each other’s finger, swearing eternal love.
- I, with the power that God gives me, I pronnounce you husband and wife… You can kiss your woman
Carlos leaned to his now wife and tenderly kissed on her lips, as all the guestes were clapping.
After the ceremony, everybody headed off to the saloon where the party was going to take place.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

- How could you plan all this?- Cyd asked Carlos, when they were sitting at the principal table.
- You know me… I wanted to surprise you
- And you did!!
- Of course, I needed some help
- Yes. I understand everything now, why all of you were always so suspicious…


- Cyd was really excited!!- Indre commented.
- Didn’t she really know anything?- Wolfgang asked. Indre had invited him to that special ocassion and he accepted to come. Indre was feeling something for him. She knew he was a very interesting and intelligent man and she admired him, but, she could feel there was something more than just admiration. She had even found herself sometimes imagining how would be a relation with him… and sometimes she was going further, thinking about getting married with him. Maybe she was prepared to begin a relation with other guy different to David… and that man was Wolfgang. He was now the only man she wanted.
- Yes, Wolfgang. Cyd didn’t have idea of what was waiting for her- David answered.
- That was so sweet from Carlos!!- Diana exclaimed.
- Yes. But it was difficult to keep the secret. Cyd was always around!!- Dafne stated. All of them chuckled, unless Sebastien, who couldn’t take his eyes apart from her and Ben. They seemed to be happy together and enjoying each moment, and, for Sebastien’s displeassure, Ben had decided to follow Dafne to every country she was, until he was on vacation, rading scripts to decide which would be his next project.
- Now, we are the next ones!! Just in 3 more weeks!!- Paulette said, staring at Seb, who weakly smiled back at her. Dafne looked at him with some sorrow in her eyes, and he answered her glance.
- Please, ladies and gentlemen, I request your attention- Everybody turned to see to the guy with the microphone, who was in charge of the animation of the party- I want to invite the newlyweds to come to the dance floor, for their first song as husband and wife.
Carlos and Cyd stood up and, hand by hand, walked to the dance floor, in the middle of applauses and ovations. Before the music started, Carlos brought Cyd closer to him and wrapped her from her waist, whispering in her ear.
- I chose the song… It reminds me of that night I first saw you in NY. The beginning of our story … And also because I know you love Sinatra.
The music began and Cyd immediately recognized the song: “Strangers in the night”.
Cyd looked at him.
- I love Sinatra and I love that song… But there’s nothing in the world I love more than you- She rested her head on his chest, enjoying each movement at the ballad rhythm.
After their dance, the newlyweds and the guests had dinner. Then, Carlos and Cyd were sharing time with everybody. Of course, Roxanne, Cyd’s mom was there and was very happy of her daughter’s happiness. Then the time to throw the bouquet arrived. Every single girl was there, expecting to get it. When Cyd hurled it, the girl who caught it was Indre.
- You are next- Diana chuckled.
- I’ll get married!!- Indre joked.
- Congratulations!!
- Thanks, Myriam- she winked.
- Who will be the lucky guy?- Dafne asked, and all the girls turned discretly their sights to Wolfgang.
- I think he is the right- Indre commented.
After some dancing and fun, it was cake time
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Cyd and Carlos joined to their closest friends at their table.
- Thank you guys for everything!
- You’re welcome, Carlito. We were happy to help you- Indre winked.
- Cyd, Carlos, I want to take advantage of this moment to give you my present- Peter took out an envelope and gave it to Cyd.
- What is it?- Carlos asked.
-You’ll see
Cyd opened it and took two plane tickets to Islas Canarias in Spain.
- OMG!! Thanks, Peter!!- Cyd exclaimed.
- You didn’t have to… Thanks, man- Carlos stood up and hugged the manager.
- When are you leaving?- Urs asked. Cyd checked the dates and answered:
- Tomorrow’s evening.
- What about the calendar?- Carlos asked.
- We won’t have presentations next week, so, you can do that trip without caring- Peter winked. Cyd and Carlos looked at each other with happiness.
The party was done until 2 am. Carlos had rented a private suite to spend that night with Cyd. When they entered, he carried her up in his arms and was tenderly kissing at her. He had decorated the room with flowers and candles to give it a romantic atmosphere. Carlos immediately took Cyd to the bedroom. That night they made love for their very first time as husband and wife….

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After Cyd and Carlos wedding, 3 weeks ran fast and almost without noticing how time went by so quick, Sebastien and Paulette’s wedding day arrived. All the gang was now in Athen for the event, even Ben and Wolfgang went. The team had rented an entire apartments complex and every couple was using one flat.
Natty and Lynnea would arrive that same day in the morning. Peter went to the airport to pick them up. Their flight would arrive at 8 am. When Peter saw Natty couldn’t avoid his happiness and waved his hand to show her where he was. He greeted them and then he turned just to Natty:
- I was eager to see you- He said, hugging her- Come on, let’s go to out place…


- Honey, Carlos is in the phone asking if we want to have lunch with Cyd and him- Urs said, covering the telephone speaker with his hand- Myriam and David are coming too
- Sure- Diana answered, who was sitting at the sofa doing her nails.
- Count with us, bro… Ok, we’ll call them, see you then… bye- Urs and Carlos finished their conversation and Urs dialed a number.
- What did he say?- Diana asked, muttering.
- We need to call Dafne and Ben to tell them about the lunch and he’ll call Indre and Wolfgang.
After his call, Urs left his cell phone on the table and joined Diana, sitting next to her.
- Do you like how they look?- She asked, showing her french style nails to him.
- Yes, I do- He was almost going to hold her hands when she exclaimed:
- Be careful, they are still fresh!!
- Oh, really?! So you can’t use your hands at this moment, can you?- He mischievously asked, getting closer to her.
- Get away from me, Bühler!!- she joked, but he began kissing her shoulder…
- That’s unfair!! I can’t defend myself- she complained, flirting with him, letting him to travel though her neck with his lips
- I want you here and now- he whispered, smling
- This can’t be true!!
- The bell saved me- she chuckled
- But nobody will be able to safe you tonight
- Naughty boy… Come on, let’s go open the door.
Urs stood up and walked towards the entrance. Diana stayed back to put her shoes on.
- Who is it?- Diana asked, joining him- Lynnea!!- she exclaimed in a whisper.
- Hi- Lynnea greeted in a very nice way.
- Hi- Urs and Diana answered, looking at each other with some confussion. Urs held his girlfriend’s hand.
- Do you want to come in?- Urs invited
- Oh, that would be nice, but, I’m not alone… someone is with me- Lynnea stretched her arm to her side, pulling his companion, who appeared to their eyes.
- GABRIEL!!- Diana happily exclaimed, throwing herself to her brother’s arms- What are you doing here?
- It’s a long story
- Come in, please… I need to know everything- Diana held Gabriel’s arm and entered to the apartment. Urs and Lynnea did too.
Gabriel sat on one couch with Lynnea as Diana and Urs shared another one. Gabriel wrapped Lynn’s hand. Diana and Urs looked at each other with doubt about that gesture.
- So, tell me, what is that story…
- Well, I have something to tell you, sis: Lynnea and I are living together- the couple looked at each other with a tender glance. Diana was shocked, she didn’t expect that
- Really?- Urs asked, grinning- That’s a wonderful new!! Congratulations!!
- Thank you- both answered
- Aren’t you going to say anything, little girl?- Gabriel asked to his sister.
- I’m speechless… what can I say? I’m glad to see you together!! This is so weird
- Why?- Gabriel wanted to know
- Because… well, after all…. Forget it!!- Diana smiled, rolling her eyes- Congratulations!!
- I know what you want to say, Diana. And also, I need to apologize for everything I did. I behaved like a silly woman wanting to retain something that didn’t belong to me.
- Oh, Lynn, forget it. It doesn’t have any sense to talk about this. Past is past. The most important thing here is that you finally found someone to love and loves you too- Diana said.
- And I’m very happy about it. I never thought I would be able to love again someday, and with all this intensity- Lynnea caressed Gabriel’s leg. He kissed her cheek.
- I told you that you deserved something good and I was sure you would find it. And now, look at you, you look radiant!!
- Thanks Urs!! Actually, looking the things from another perspective, all this happiness I’m living is because of you. If you hadn’t found Diana maybe we had gotten married and I’m sure now we would be very unhappy, you thinking on her and me losing thins new life… I’m really sorry about my past behavior!! Diana, Urs, I would like to be your friend
- You have always been my friend and you will always be- Urs winked.
- And for me now you’re much more than a friend, you are like my sister, the woman of whom my brother is in love with. Let’s leave everything in the past and begin again, but this time without lies.
Both couples continued talking for a while and then, Urs and Diana invited Lynnea and Gabriel for lunch.
- So, let’s go now, hun, to get ready for lunch time- Lynnea said
- Ok- Gabriel and his girlfriend stood up. Diana and Urs guided them outdoors.

Sebastien was looking out though the window. He was staring at anything… thoughtful. That was the day he was afraid to live: his wedding, joining his life with someone he didn’t love. He knew that after that night, he would lose Dafne forever. For a second, a big fear filled his heart: what about if he had been wrong all this time? But he was too stubborn to admit it. He felt empty, and surprising even himself, he felt sad. He wanted to run out of that place and go with Dafne. He wanted to ask her forgiveness and begin a new life with her.
-It’s too late- he thought.
Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted for an image appearing in front of him: in the frontal apartment, Lynnea was walking out hand by hand with a guy.
- Wait a minute. Is he Diana’s brother?
He was surprised!! Lynnea couldn’t be with another man. She loved Urs!! He had messed his life to rescue her love with Bühler, how could she dare to do that? He wanted to know if his suspects were true, so he went downstairs and moved himself out of his place. Once there, he joined them.
-SEB!!- Lynnea exclaimed when saw him. She hugged him receiving a hug back- How do you feel? Are you nervous?
- No, I’m not… I’m glad about you are here, you know how much I love you, darling.
- I love you too, Sebbie. Do you remember Gabriel?
- Of course I do. Hello Gabriel, how you doing? I had never expected you to come to my wedding
- Hi, Sebastien. Well, Lynnea invited me
- And you are very welcome
- I hope you don’t mind. I asked him to come because I just can’t live without this man. We are a couple now, actually, we are living together in NY.
- What?! You love Urs!! I now how much you suffered when he left you for that girl, you can’t do this to me. I changed my life to help you!!- he thought, but he answered another thing:
- Oh, really?! That’s great!! I mean, if you are happy
- Happier than ever- Lynnea grinned.
- I don’t know what to think. You are happier than ever meanwhile I’m about to ruin my life in some hours
- Great- Sebastien exclaimed- Well, I guess I need to go. I’ll see you at the church, right?
- Of course, Sebbie
Then, he left.
- Is it my imagination or Sebastien doesn’t talk to you? Do you have problems with him?- Lynnea asked, as Urs just shrugged.
During their lunch, all the couples, even Peter and Natty, were spending a wonderful time. They were talking about Cyd’s wedding, and Carlos told them some adventures during their honeymoon. Sebastien and Paulette didn’t join them, they were too busy, getting ready for that night.
- I never imagined that in less of 1 month 2 of us would be married- David chuckled.
- And even more, Calros turning into a daddy in 3 more months- Lynnea added.
- I’m so happy!!
- We know, Carlitos, you can’t stop repeating it!!- Indre giggled, rolling her eyes.
- I would want to know who is the next… maybe Urs?- Peter commented
- I would love to marry this girl- he kissed Diana’s hand.
- Someday- she answered, winking.
- Or maybe you, Peter
- Dafne is right. Maybe Peter will be the next one- Cyd said. Everybody was chuckling.
After continue like that for a while, each couple went back to their apartment to get ready.
- Please honey, come with me- Urs was begging.
- Urs, you know my reasons for not coming with you: first of all, Sebastien hates me, and the second one and most important: Dafne needs me. She had decided to go, but today she changed her mind, and I need to support her.
- So, I’ll stay with you- he said, crossing her arms, pouting…
- No, Mr. Bühler- she came close to him and began fixing his necktie knot. He wrapped her waist- You are Seb’s friend and colleague. You must be there
- But I’ll miss you
- It would be just for a short time.
- OK- Urs sadly said- but wait me awake.. we have things to do together- he naughtily winked- we left something unfinished in the morning.

At 6:55 pm, the ceremony was about to begin. Just 5 more minutes. The most part of the guests had already arrived. Paulette was really nervous at the church entrance, waiting for the priest to come for her to walk by the aisle.
Meanwhile, Sebastien was sitting in the first bench. In 5 more minutes his life would change forever.
Urs, who was close to a thoughtful Sebastien, sat next to him
- Are you sure about this decission?
- I can’t go back.. I’m already here
- That means you are not
- Why you don’t want me to be sure?
- Sebastien, think about it, this is a very important decission, you and me know to whom your heart belong
- She didn’t even come
- What didn you expect? She loves you!! Why don’t you just try to understand that?
Sebastien stood in silence
- Come on, Seb, you are on time
- I don’t even remember why I took her out of my life
- Sorry, Mr. Izambard…it’s time- the altar boy interrupted
- Too late- Sebastien whispered, standing up. Urs held his arm and said:
- Don’t do something that can ruin your life
- My life is already ruined
Some minutes later, the ceremony began. Paulette was giving love glances to Sebastien all the time but he seemed to be living the worst day in his life, just giving her simple smiles, only to be nice with her.
- Paulette Voltaire, do you accept Sebastien Gillies Marie Izambard as your husband and promise fidelity in health and ill, in prosperous and adverse times, and care and respect him all days in your life?
- Yes, I do- Paulette immediately answered. She felt in a dream, getting married with the man she loved.
- Sebastien Gillies Marie Izambard, do you accept Paulette Voltaire as your wife and promise fidelity in health and ill, in prosperous and adverse times, and care and respect him all days in your life?
Sebastien was about to answer, but then, stared down. He was thinking Urs’ words. He also brought to his memories all the moments he had lived with Dafne: the first day he saw her, the day when they got stucked in the elevator and they kissed, the day when it was storming and she entered to his apartment totally wet and they made love for first time. He brought her scent, remembering the gentle sensation of caressing her skin and then thought about he would never be able to do it again if he gets married, and that was a risk he didn’t want to take
- Mr. Izambard?- The priest interrupted his flashback.
He turned to see Paulette and whispered:
- I’m sorry, baby, I can’t do this
Then, looking at the priest answered:
- No, father, I don’t accept
And he ran out of the church, in front the sight of hundreds of shocked people looking at that unusual scene…

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- Tell me why did he take that decision, he told me that he loved me- Dafne was crying, very sad. She couldn’t understand Sebastien’s behavior.
- Because he is a fool!!
- Diana is right. He prefered to take a wrong decision instead of accepting his feelings- Ben added, caressing Dafne’s back.
- But what did I do to him? In what moment he changed his mind about me and our relation?
- I would love to have an answer that can make you feel better, but the only thing that I can say is that time is wise. Sometimes we don’t know why things happen, but life has to go on…
- Daf, he doesn’t deserve your tears. Think about everything he has made
Suddenly, Dafne dried her tears with anger, saying:
- You’re right! I won’t waste even one more tear for him, and less my life crying for him. I have the right to be happy. I swear that from now on I won’t think about him anymore. If he could do his life without me, I can do mine, either. I will start a new life and he won’t be included.
In that moment, the doorbell rang. Diana stood up to open it. When she did, she stayed speechless and turned to see her friend.
- I need to talk to Dafne
When Dafne listened to his voice, she turned to see Sebastien. She angrily stood up and asked:
- What are you doing here? Wasn’t it supposed you must be getting married?
- That’s about we need to talk. I couldn’t do it!
A deep silence appeared between them. Dafne was shocked.
- My love, please, listen to me- Sebastien stepped into the apartment and held her hands. She wanted to take them away but couldn’t do it, it would be the last contact with his skin and she wanted to keep it the most possible time.
- Don’t tell me my love!! I’m not your love!! Go back to the church and marry Paulette, that’s what you wanted to do, didn’t you?
- I don’t want to marry her. Gosh, I love you, Dafne!! I have been so silly. Please, forgive me!!- he tried to kiss her, but she moved her head, without letting him to do it.
- What happen?
- What did you think, huh? That you would make a mess of my life, leaving me without reason, kicking my butt and throwing me like if I were trash and then you would come in your wedding day with other woman saying that you couldn’t get married because you love me and I would say: “Of course, Sebastien, don’t worry. I understand”?
- I can explain everything
- You can? Oh, I would love to listen to your explanation, but there’s a little and insignificant detail: I don’t want to hear you!!!- She turned around, giving her back to him.
- But Dafne…
- Daf, I’m sorry of taking part in this situation, but, I guess if you want everything to be done, you should talk with him, in that way there won’t be missunderstandings.
- Ben is right, sis. Finish with this now- Diana supported Barnes. Dafne looked at them and after thinking it for some seconds, nodded. Ben and Dafne left them alone.
- Dafne, I know I have behaved really bad with you. I know I hurt you and throw you away of my life. When we broke up, I thought it would be just a simple argument between us and we would come back, but it began turning worst. When I found it out I was already engaged with Paulette and had proposed her in TV. I don’t have idea of why I did this. I guess I wanted to prove you that I could continue without you, but I was wrong, I couldn’t apart you from my thoughts any single second. Today, when I was in the altar and the priest asked me to swear Paulette eternal love, I thought that if I do it, I would never be able again to be with you and I got afraid. I can’t stand the idea to make my life with another woman different of you. Dafne, please, just tell me that you forgive me and we’ll start a new life, forgetting the past and just looking to the future- He got closer to her, fixing a curl that had escaped form her ponytail. She felt a shiver running down her spine, she used to love him so much, inconditionally. That simple brush of his hand on her hair in the past would made her to notice how much she needed him or wanted to hug him as tight as she could, start walking a new way with him, but now, in the present, everything was different, she wasn’t sure of her feelings anymore. Yes, she loved him, but also she was very hurt and didn’t want to result hurt again. Also, there was Ben, who had awaken a different feeling in her heart, that she wanted to know what was it.
- Sebastien, someday I truted you, someday I gave everything of me to you. I was yours, body and soul. I believed in your words in a blind way and dreamt to become your wife… but you disappointed me. You showed me the bad side of love, his sad face. Do you have idea of how many nights I spent crying? How many times I waited for you to come back to me? Millions, Sebastien… You destroyed everything, beginning with your life. You also were always bothering my best friend and inventing me a romance with Urs. And now, look at you: you also destroyed Paulette’s life leaving her in the altar. What kind of love you are able to do? Just the one that generates sorrow and unhappiness. And all this began because you said you had to defend Lynnea from Diana, and now, what ironic!! Lynnea is in love with Diana’s brother, and they fixed everything between them. You tried to break Urs and Diana’s relation, but you couldn’t, their love is strong. You were the only one who lost here, Sebastien. I would like to give you another chance, but I can’t. I can’t be next to a guy that just can be judging the others and causing problems
- But I love you!! I’ll change for you!!
- Sorry, Seb. It’s too late for us. I decided to live my life and I will do it without you, you don’t have space in my way, not anymore. And if you really love me as you say, stay apart from me and let me be happy with someone else. Maybe someday we can be friends… not more.
Sebastien felt a lump in his throat. Dafne was right, in this story the only loser was him and now, he had lost her forever. He knew he had already made her suffer very much and that he didn’t have the right to continue hurting her.
- Ok, if that’s your decision, I will respect it- a tear was trying to escape from his eyes- I hope you can find happiness again and that you will be able to forgive me someday. Bye, Dafne, I will always love you- he kissed her forehead and walked out. She wanted to cry and asked him to stay, but she knew that her decision was the correct one, she had to forget him… somehow she would do it….

After some days, IL DIVO team came back to England. It had already passed two weeks since Sebastien’s wedding. Lynnea and Gabriel had come back to NY, but Natty and Peter decided they would try to live together, so, Natty stayed with him. Lynnea felt happy for her mother’s decision. Everybody now knew the reason of why Sebastien said no in the church. Carlos and David were really surprised, and what to say about Peter, he was shocked!! But anyone was saying a word, they were respectful with Sebastien and Dafne. Sebastien was trying to change his behavior, and he was doing well, unless with Diana, but at least, he wasn’t paying attention to her, and that was an advance.
Paulette came back to France after had thrown her engagement ring to Sebastien’s face. She never knew the reasons of why Sebastien didn’t get married with her.
The girls got the authorization to open the web page and they were working in preparing it. They wanted to have it as soon as possible.
One day, Sebastien was in Dafne’s office, waiting for Urs and her because they had an appointment. He found on the desk 3 frames: one with a picture of she and Diana, another with IL DIVO, and the last one, a picture of Ben hugging her. He held this last one, and in the deepest of his heart, felt that Dafne and Ben would end together.
- Sorry, Daf, do you….?- Diana entered to the office and couldn’t finish her question when noticed Sebastien there, alone, looking the picture. He immediately placed the frame back to the desk
- Dafne is not here- he said.
- Oh, sorry, I…only needed to ask her something. I’ll come back later.
- You must be so happy, don’t you?-he asked
- What are you talking about?
- You finally got what you want: to separate me from her and see me suffering
- Wait a minute, Sebastien, I never wanted to see you suffering. In other way, I feel bad for you, it must be hard to lose the person you love. I can see the sorrow in your eyes when you look at her, and against what you think, I would love to help you
- Why would you help me?- He ironically asked.
- Because you are a person that is going through a difficult situation. I would help you as I would help you as I would help anyone else needed of support.
- Don’t make me laugh!! How could you help me?
- Sometimes just listening is a good option. I’m sorry that you don’t know that.- Diana turned around and was walking out…
- Diana
She stopped her walk when listened to Seb calling her and turned around
- I’m dying in life… I need someone to talk with.
She smiled and joined him in the other chair, next to his, in front of the desk.
- Talk, Sebastien. It will make you feel better…

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Izambard began playing nervously with his fingers. What ironic life could be!! He was there about to open his heart to one person he had damaged very much. And there she was, disposed to hear him… He deeply sighed:
- I feel empty. It was mistake, I know. My behavior was so silly!! I didn’t know hot to give her my love. I left her without an explanation and broke her dreams. I left her soul empty. She was everything for me!! Why I didn’t tell her that she was my life? That if I have to live without her I would die? I stayed silent about my feelings, I was too stubborn to admit them. Gosh!! I miss her so much! I can’t accept that I lose her. She is everything for me!! And what is making feel worst is that I did all this for Lynnea and now she is very happy with Gabriel- Sebastien covered his face with both hands. Diana was about to rest her hand on his shoulder as a support gesture but she didn’t.
- I think is time to stop blaming everybody about what you did. I’m sorry to say this, Sebastien, but everything is your fault. You took a problem that want’ yours as yours. You weren’t thinking about Lynnea, you were just thinking about you. You judged Urs very hard as if he had made something terrible, and the only thing he did was to tell Lynnea the truth about his real feelings. To love me was his only sin for your eyes, and that was enough to you to say that you didn’t want to be like him, so you took Dafne away from your life and also you dare to create a complete story of a romantic relation between her and Urs when everything she wanted was you, just you. She loved you, Sebastien, but you broke her heart.
- You’re right. I’m an idiot. How could I do so many silly things? Dafne always showed me that she loved me, how could I doubt about her? How could I blame her of such horrible things? Please, Diana, tell me what I have to do.
- Respect her decision… Let her be happy, continue her life.
- But what about me?
- You have already thought very much about you, it’s time to think about her.
- I love her
- Love is freedom.
- But what if she never comes back to me?- he sadly asked
- It’s a risk. But you can try to build a friendship relation. That’s better than nothing.
Sebastien looked deeply into Diana’s eyes. His sight was now very different, without hate as he used to see her.
- Why you help me if I behaved really bad with you?
- Because I think anyone deserves a second chance. When Myriam was sick, she was telling everyone something that is really true: not everybody is able to have a second chance. You now understand that you were wrong and you want to correct your behavior, so, I’m not anyone to denay you that chance…
Suddenly, Urs and Dafne entered to the office.
- Hey, sweetie, I love to find you everywhere I go- Urs said, kissing her lips- Are you ok?- he whispered, a bit worried. He knew that Sebastien had never been cordial with her.
- Yes, I’m fine- she answered- I just came to ask Dafne if she would join the girls and me for lunch.
- I will- Dafne let her know- There’s something I need to tell you- she dreamily confessed.
- Ok See you then- Diana kissed Urs again and walked out
- Diana!- Seb called her, she turned to him- Thanks!!- and for first time since they met, he draw a smile to her.


- We have everything already done. We have some articles about the guys’ daily life, some of their habits, and pictures of them- Diana stated
- And a chat forum where the fans can post their opinions, post their own pics and have some conversation between them- Cyd added.
- Tomorrow, the link to out webpage will appear in the official forum. I’m so excited!!- Myriam exclaimed, clapping her hands.
- It really was a great idea from you to do this, Diana
- Thanks, Indre. But I had never do it without all your support. This is a team project and all of us have contributed with ideas to make it better.
A silence took part in their conversation, but Myriam interrupted it.
- Why are you so silent, Dafne?
- I s it for what you said you wanted to tell us?
- Yes, Di…- Dafne grinned with sheepy eyes.
- Explain it- Cyd asked.
- Ben asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes!!- She happily announced.
- That’s great, sis!! Ben is a good guy!!
- And not only that, Cyd, he is also very handsome!!- Indre said.
- And cute!!- Diana added- Congrats, sis!!
- That’s an excellent new, Daf!- Myriam exclaimed. Dafne openly smiled, but then, a melancholic sight covered her eyes with a sad mist.
- What’s wrong? Aren’t you sure to be with him?
- It’s not that, Cyd. Actually, I’m very happy. But I still think sometimes about Sebastien. I think that everything could be so different if he hadn’t behaved as he did. We could be so happy together!!- Dafne sighed. Myriam, who was sitting next to her, hugged her.
- Do you still love him?- Indre added.
- What I felt for him was very strong. I need to admit that I discovered love in his arms. I can’t forget him so easily, and, although everything he made, he has a special place in my heart, he always will
- It’s normal that you feel like this. A true love is not easy to be forgotten, but now, you have Ben, and the important thing here is to know if you love him.
- Yes, Di, I love him, but in a different way. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s the beginning but I’m sure that with time my love for him will turn stronger.
- Enjoy your relation with Ben, Daf. With all the details he has with you, soon you’ll be more in love than ever- Indre gave her opinion- You’ll see!! Look at me, I’m the perfect example. Wolfgang won my heart when I didn’t even notice it.
- We are very lucky girls!! We all have a job, a wonderful friendship between us and 5 guys that love us from all their hearts. What else we can ask to life?- Diana asked- Just time to be happy with them… a long life to enjoy beside our guys.
- You are right!! We are very lucky!!- Myriam supported.
- Ouch!- Cyd complained, caressing her belly- I guess this little one is agree with what you have already said, Di. He or she is kicking me!!- everyone chuckled
- Why you don’t want to know the sex of your baby?- Myriam asked.
- Carlos wants it to be a surprise, and me too. We are just getting yellow and white tiny clothes- Cyd giggled.
- Urs says that he would like to have twins someday- Diana commented.
- Are you doing the homework?- Indre asked, giggling. The girls laughed and Diana blushed.
- Well… we try to do it frequently- she answered.
- So, maybe soon you’ll give us the new that you’re pregnant- Myriam said, grinning.
- Or maybe you and David- Dafne stated.
- I would love to. But Dr. Miller, his dad, says I need to wait until my heart becomes stronger. But that doesn’t’ mean I can’t practice- she naughtily exclaimed.
- We will be a huge family, full of kids, and our children will be like cousins as we are like sisters- Indre said.
- Always together- Cyd said
- Forever- Diana added.

Carlos had invited everyone to his and Cyd’s apartment to have a movie time. All of them were there, really bored, because Carlos had chosen a movie called “Tears and sorrow”. It was too dramatic for all of them, even for him.
- Next time I’ll pick the movie- Urs said, in the middle of a yawn.
- The guy in the store said it was nice- Carlos tried to defend himself.
- The guy? He was, at least, 70 years old!!- David exclaimed- He remembered me my grandpa- Everyone chuckled
- Well, not everything in the movie is so bad, look at that landscapes, they are amazing!! Where is that place?- Diana asked, looking at a garden full of fountains and trees. The sun was illuminating the way where the autumn leaves were falling down.
- It’s Aranjuez- Sebastien said. He was behaving nice with her, something strange to the others eyes, but anyone was saying anything.
- It’s beautiful! I would love to be there someday- Diana commented. Now I can understand the lyrics of the song. It’s a magic place.
- That song is one of my faves- Dafne stated.
- Mine too!!- Cyd let them know- But you, guys, never sing it in your concerts! That’s not fair.
- We can give you a private concert if you want- Carlos wiggled his eyebrows- Right, guys?
- It’s going to be a pleassure- David agreed.
- That would be great, hun- Myriam excited said.
- A capella?- Sebastien asked.
- Yes- the 3 other divos answered. They 4 stood up and began singing. Dafne could feel Sebastien’s eyes over her all the time, as if with that song he could express what he was feeling in his inside. He looked at Ben wrapping Dafne’s hand in a different way, and with that gesture he confirmed what listened to Myriam saying to David when she was back of lunch: Dafne and Ben were now a couple.
It was a very romantic moment. David, Urs, Carlos and even Seb were giving themselves to their girls in each chord.
When they finished singing, the girls clapped to them and ran to hug them. Sebastien stood alone, his girl was now kissing Ben’s lips. He couldn’t resist anymore and moved himself out to the balcony.
- I deserve this I’m living- he thought.
- Good night- Ben joined him and stood next to him, looking to the front, where they had the London Eye for sight.
- Hey- Sebastien answered whispering, without looking at him.
- It’s a wonderful sight, isn’t it?
- If you say so
- Look, Sebastien, I will go straight to the point. I know what you feel for Dafne, I always did.
- Did you come to ask me to stay away from her?- Seb finally faced him.
- No- Ben shook his head- Actually, I came to tell you that I won’t mind if you try to be her friend
-. What? Are you talking seriously?
- Yes… I think that you lived something nice together and it would be sad if you don’t keep at least a good memory of it. It was an unfinished story, a broken love, something that you and she will remember forever. You behaved as anid**t, I hate to say this, but we aren’t anyone to judge you. All people have mistakes, it is of humans. But there are mistakes that charge a very high cost to life, and we need to pay it. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t recover at least something of what you lost.
- She doesn’t want anything from me, even my friendship
- Anything is easy. It will take time, but Dafne is a very sweet girl, she will offer you her friendship soon.
- You don’t have idea of how repentant I am! But you are right, I prefer to have her friendship than anything.
- Time to time, Sebastien. I just wanted to tell you that I won’t interpose if you want to get close to her as a friend- Ben turned around and was about to leave when Sebastien said:
- Ben… please, take good care of her. If not, we will see our faces- Seb chuckled, in a weakly way.
- I will- Ben smiled- She is my treasure. I will live just to make her happy
- As I couldn’t do it- Sebastien nostalgically sighed….

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The months still continued walking and everything was good with the guys. They were in Brussels, where they would perform in a TV program and do some presentations. Cyd was now about to give birth. Carlos didn’t want her to come with him because of the flight, but she said she wanted him to be close when time of their baby arrival comes.
- Are you sure you’ll be fine?- Carlos asked his wife when he was getting ready to go to the TV program.
- Yes, honey, I’ll be ok
- You don’t have anything to be worried about, Carlos. I will call you if something happens.
- Thank you, Diana, for offer yourself to stay with my Cyd.
- It’s not a problem- Diana winked- Cyd is like my sister and I love her. The baby in her belly is already adopted as my nephew
- Thanks, sis- Cyd held her hand, grinning.
- I would love to stay too, but someone needs to take the pics for the webpage. It has had a great acceptation from the fans!!- Myriam exclaimed.
- Yes, they are very happy with the pictures we have already posted there. I have had received in my PM’s lots of thankful notes!!- Cyd commented.
- Well, guys, it’s time to go- Peter announced, entering to the suite. Urs and Carlos gave a tender kiss to their ladies.
- Take care- Marín told Cydalia.
- I will… go ahead- she slapped naughtily on his butt.
- Diana, please, if you need something, call me- Carlos asked.
- I’ll do it…
Urs came close to his girl and tightly hugged her:
- Ich liebe dich- he whispered in her ear. (I love you)
- Ich auch- she answered (Me too). She had learned a little bit Deutsch beside Urs. She had a good teacher!!
The guys left.

**After a couple hours**

- I think Ben and Dafne will get married soon. They have just 2 months being a couple but they seemed to be very happy together. Dafne looks at him in a very tender way and what to say about him: he loves her from all his heart.
- Yes, they look they are in love. I’m glad that finally Dafne forgot Sebastien and now they are trying to be friends- Diana stated, as she was making slices of melon because Cyd wanted to eat a fruit cocktail and both ladies were in the kitchen preparing it. Cyd, was on a chair, while Diana was standing in front of the sink.
- Sebastien has changed so much since he broke up with Paulette. Look, he is coming to a psychologist and also he is behaving completely different with you- Cyd commented.
- Yes, I’m glad that finally he found out I’m not so bad as he thought. Now, he is always playing with me and joking….
- Yes!! That picture that Urs took with Myriam’s camera of you and Sebastien tickling each other was great!! It got the number 1 in the nomination in the webpage. The fans loved it!!
- It was a great idea that Myriam had!! Fans can vote each 2 weeks for the best picture for them.
- But that pic was really good. Just to remember it makes me laugh again
- Yes, Sebastien and I now look like if we were good friends since long time ago. He also apologized with Urs. It made me feel really good, after all they used to be close friends!!
- Have you told Urs what Sebastien tried to do to you in Amsterdam?
- Of course not. It doesn’t have any sense. If they already fixed things, I don’t want to give them another reason to be disgusted.
- You are so cool, Di!! I certainly had told Carlos about it if it was my case…
- Sebastien is trying to recover his life. I won’t be an obstacle in his way- Diana stated
- Ouch!!
- What happened?- Diana turned to see her.
- Nothing. I felt a pain crossing my belly…. OUCH!! It’s time!! The waters have broken!!
- Calm down, Cyd!!- Diana left the knife and the melon in the sink- Breath!!- She ran out to the phone and called an ambulance, then, she came back to the kitchen- Continue breathing, I’ll pick your suitcase!! Don’t move!!
- Trust me, I won’t move!!- Cyd was trying to stay strong
After some minutes, the ambulance arrived and the paramedics helped Cyd to go through the elevator and get into the ambulance.
- Jesus, this hurts so much!!
Diana was holding her hand and was breathing with her.
- Find Carlos, please!!
- I already did, but nobody is answering. Neither Dafne. I’ll try again- Diana dialed Carlos number from her cell.
- Hello, Diana?
- Daf? Where is Carlos?
- On stage. That’s why I have his cell phone. Are you ok?
- Cyd is about to give birth, we are on an ambulance!!
- What? Don’t worry, sis. I’ll tell Carlos as soon he gets down of there.
- Please, hurry up!!
They hung up. Suddenly, the ambulance stopped. The siren wasn’t sounding anymore.
- What’s wrong? Did we already arrive?- Diana asked.
- I don’t know- one of the paramedics answered, shrugging. The driver turned around and said:
- We stayed without gas!!
- What?! How the h**l this could happen? This is an ambulance!!- Diana complained, almost yelling.
- I’m sorry, miss. I’m calling by radio to another ambulance to come.
- Ooouch!! I can’t handle this anymore…
- Be strong, Cyd!! You can do it…
- Are you sure is your first pregnancy?
- Yes- Cyd hardly answered.
- Your uterus is too much dilated. This child is about to born. We need to start the labor here, right now.
- What? – Diana was shocked.
- Do what you have to do, but do it NOOWW!! – Cyd screamed.
- Please, miss, I need your help
- My help?
- Yes…
- Alright- Diana nervously answered.
- Hold her hands and breath with her…
- Please, madamme, push….
Cyd was doing her best as Diana was wiping her sweat and holding her hands. Some minutes later, after being pushing, Cyd listened to her baby’s cry.
- It’s a boy. Congratulations!!- The paramedic said, giving him to Cyd.
- Hello, little one. I’m your mommy- Tears of happiness were running down Cyd’s cheek- You are so sweet, so lovely… Say hello to aunty Didi…
- Hey, buddy- Diana said, caressing little boy’s head- Your daddy will be really proud of you as mom is- Diana said, wrapping one of his fingers.
- We need something to cover him- The paramedic said.
- Here you have. Hopefully this will work- Diana said, taking off her sweater and giving it to him. She had just been witness of a miracle… miracle of life.

- Diana, how is Cyd?- Carlos asked when saw the girl in the waiting ward at hospital. Urs ran to hug her.
- She’s ok. Also your son is very good. Doctors are making some tests to see is he is totally healthy.
- My son? I have a son?
Diana nodded.
- I HAVE A SON!!- Carlos exclaimed with excitement- Did you listen? I’m dad of a boy!! I want to see him!!
- You have to wait until one doctor comes and tells you that you are able to see him. He is so cute!!- Diana grinned.
- Does he look like me?
Diana chuckled.
- Carlos, he is a baby!!
- Yes, you are right. Babies are all very similar, but mine must be prettier that any other.
- Congratulations, papa!!- David exclaimed, hugging him. Also Myriam and Urs did. The rest of the team had to come back to the hotel. They would wait for news there.
- You look very tired, Di- David commented.
- I am.. .This was a very stressing situation..
- Why do you say that, my love?
Before Diana could answer, Dr. Femms appeared:
- Mr. Marin?
- That’s me- Carlos proudly said.
- Congratulations! You are father of a strong and healthy boy.
- Thank you, doctor!! – Carlos grinned.
- You don’t have anything to thank. At least not to me. If you have to thank someone that’s this lady- Doctor Femms stated, looking at Diana.
- Why her?- Dave asked.
- Haven’t you told anything to them?
- I haven’t had opportunity yet.
- This girl was in the ambulance when your wife gave birth. She helped the paramedic to bring your child to this world.
- In the ambulance?? A paramedic? I don’t understand anything- Carlos commented.
Dr. Femms explained them everything what happened. After doing this, he left.
- Really you did all that, Di?- Carlos asked.
- Moreless- she answered.
- Now I understand why you are so tired, baby… Come on, let’s have a seat on the couch- Urs hugged her from her shoulders.
- Diana, thank you very much. I’ll never forget it!!- Carlos winked, hugging her tight. She weakly smiled.
- Are you ok? You look pale- Myriam asked her.
- I’m fine. I just need to sit down. It was too much for me this morning. What time is it?
- 3 PM. Maybe we should go back to the hotel. You need to rest- Urs said. He was worried because of her.
- That would be fantastic- Diana answered- I don’t feel good. I’m…- she held her head- I’m….
- What’s wrong?- Urs asked her. Suddenly, she fell down. Urs could hold her when was fainting.
- Diana, wake up, please!! We need a doctor- Urs began yelling. Dr. Femms, who was still close, asked a male nurse to take Diana to a ward. Some minutes later, Diana woke up. She was lying on a bed and Urs was holding her hand. Dr. Femms was there checking her pulse.
- What happened?- She asked.
- You suffered a faint- Dr. Femms said.
- It must be because of the stress… I was really nervous about Cyd giving birth at the ambulance.
- Mmmm…. Maybe it could be because of that. But I would prefer to make some blood tests to you.
- Why? I feel good. I’m ok. I don’t think it’s necessary.
- When was your last period?
- 2 months ago… but I’m not too much regular
- Wait a minute, do you think she can be pregnant?- Urs asked, with a sparkling shine in his eyes.
- There’s a possibility. I would want to be sure…
Urs turned his sight to Diana and smiled at her. For a moment the possibility to become a daddy made him feel full of joy.
- But I haven’t felt dizzy, or tired, or anything
- Each body is different. But you are young and have a partner… That’s everything you need to be pregnant.
Urs and Diana looked lovely at each other’s eyes.
- Make those tests to me- Diana said with excitement in her voice. Dr. Femms called a nurse and some minutes later he left with the blood samples in his hands.
Urs immediately hugged her tightly.
- Urs, a baby!! That would be wonderful!! A little boy or girl product of our love.
Urs leaned to kiss her forehead.
They were happily hopping that maybe soon they could become parents… a family… their dream coming true…

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Carlos entered to Cyd’s room. He found in front of him the most beautiful scene he had never seen: the woman of his life, the owner of his dreams, holding the fruit of the love they feel for each other in her arms.
- Isn’t he lovely?- she asked. Carlos leaned to kiss her forehead and then caressed the little baby’s warm cheek, saying:
- He is adorable…. Hi, Carlitos, I’m daddy- He felt his heart melting. There he was: Carlos Miguel, his perfect work of art in the embrace of the love of his life- Thanks Cyd, for giving me this present. I love you! You have brought to my life the light since you appeared in it.
- I’m just answering all the love you have given to me.
- Now you, Carlos Miguel and me will be a family. The happiest family in the whole world!!

After have entered to visit Cyd and meet baby Carlitos, Myriam and David decided to come back to the hotel and gave the other ones the details. After that, Peter and Natty went to see the new family at hospital. Dafne, Indre, Ben and Wolfgang did too. Sebastien said he needed to do something before and then he would go. David and Myriam stayed alone in the suite.
- I’m starving- David said.
- I’ll prepare something to eat.
- I’ll help you
Both entered to the kitchen.
- Lasagna or meatballs?- Myriam asked, showing David the 2 boxes of instant food.
- Lasagna- David said, sucking his lower lip.
When they were in the dining room eating, they were talking.
- Honey, you have never talked me about your family. I would like toknow more about them- David said, holding Myriam’s hand on the table. She gave a sip to her orange soda.
- I don’t use to talk about it. It’s a very sad situation- Myriam’s eyes were covered with a teary courtain.
- Oh, baby, don’t fell bad. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want- he hugged her- It’s ok.
- I’ll tell you- she whispered- My dad died when my mom was pregnant. They were a happy couple and their most precious wish was to have a baby. My grandparents, from mom and dad side, were against their relation. This because dad had a good economic position and mom was the gardener’s daughter. It was love at first sight. When I was born, my mother was alone, without any support of her parents. We lived in Mexico until I was 10 years old, when my mother decided to cross the border to the US without documents. We almost did it, but police caught the group with whom we were doing it. They returned my mother to Mexico, and one of the officers planned another destiny for me: he sold me with a family in California: the Thompson family. I worked with them as a maid. They registered me as a legal citizen, but never gave me my papers. They were really bad and cruel people, that usually were hitting and insulting me. One day, when I was about 18, Mr. Thompson hit me so much that sent me to hospital. Once there, doctors wanted me to report it to the authorities. At the beginning I was decided to do it, but Mr. Thompson told me that he would do everything I wanted if I stayed silent about what he did me. I told him I wanted my papers. He wasn’t agree but he prefered it instead of going to jail.
When I had my documents, I flew back to Mexico and I went where used to be my home. I found it was rented to other family. I asked the neighbors about my mom, but nobody could tell me what had happened with her. They just told me that she suffered very much for her lost daughter and someday, without saying anything, she left. I tried to find her, but it was useless. Some time later, I went back to America, but this time to NY. I got a job and everything changed. I was independent and free, but couldn’t forget my mother. I don’t even know if she is still alive- Myriam sobbed. David wiped a tear that was sliding down her cheek.
- What’s her name?
- Myriam, as me. Myriam Trejo Cervantes
- I promise I’ll find her .
- Thanks Dave, but I already lost all my hopes
- Never lose a hope, darling. Always keep having faith. I promise I’ll take you where your mother is.
Myriam tightly hugged him. She trusted in David’s words.

After 2 days, Dr. Femms allowed Cyd and Carlitos to leave the hospital. All the friends went to take them back to the hotel. When they were leaving, Dr. Femms intercepted Diana, who was close to Urs and Dafne.
- Miss Martinez, I’ll get the results of your test tomorrow’s morning, do you think you can come to pick them up?
- Sure!! At what time would be fine?
- 12 pm.
- Oh, I would want to come either but I have an interview at that time. Can it be later?- Urs asked.
- I’m sorry, but I’m flying to London for a congress at night, so, tomorrow I’m leaving early the hospital. Actually, your girlfriend will be my last patient.
- I see
- Don’t worry, baby. I can come by myself.
- I can come with you, sis- Dafne tood part- In that way Urs will feel calmer.
- You see? Dafne is coming with me.
- Ok- Urs said, rolling his eyes a bit disappointed.
- Don’t pout, sweetie. You’ll find out the results as soon as I see you…. Please, Doctor, consider me at 12 tomorrow.
- Ok.

When everyone arrived to the hotel suite, Myriam immediately took her camera out and began taking pictures for the webpage. She took some of the Marin family, some others of the couples. She also took one of Sebastien teaching Carlos how to change a diaper and Cyd close to them chuckling.
That evening ran quickly and was full of fun. At night, everyone was tired and all of them were resting in the living room, dropping themselves on the sofas. Myriam also took a picture of this…


- Dr. Femms? Miss Diana Martinez is already here- A young, blond lady receptionist announced by phone- Ok, I’ll tell her- She hung up- Please, have a seat. Dr. Femms will receive you in few minutes- she nicely informed- Do you want some coffee?
- Not me, thanks- Dafne answered.
- No, thank you- Diana answered too. Both took a seat.
- Diana, please, calm down!! You’ll finish with my nerves!- Dafne said when saw her friend stamping anxiously her right foot.
- I’m sorry! I’m just a bit nervous
- Just a bit?- Dafne giggled. Suddenly, her cell phone began ringing- It’s from Sony- she said, standing up to answer.
Diana was out of this world, just thinking about the results of the tests. What about if she was really pregnant? Was she ready to become a mommy? Would she be a good one?
- Miss Martinez, please, come in. Dr. Femms is waiting- the receptionist announced. Dafne was still talking so she couldn’t enter with her.
- Hello, miss, how are you?
- Tell me Diana, please. I’m fine, thanks, just a bit nervous, but I guess it’s normal- She answered as they shook hands.
- Please, Diana, have a seat- he offered, pointing to one chair in front of his desk- Here I have the results- he said, showing a white envelope to her- Let me check what did they say. Are you ready?
- Yes- she answered.

After getting the results, Diana got out of Doctor’s office. For any reason, she looked radiant that day, wearing a light blue casual dress and high heels of the same color. Her hair was untied, fixed in a waving way.
Dafne was already waiting for her and now she had a cup of lemon tea in her hands. When she saw her friend, left the cup on one table and stood up to reach her.
- So?? What did he say? Are you pregnant??

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- Are you pregnant?- Dafne was impatiently waiting for an answer.
- No, I’m not- Diana finally informed a bit disappointed.
- So, why did you suffer that faint the other day?
- Anemia- she answered, rolling her eyes- Dr. Femms says I need to include vitamins in my diet

When Dafne and Diana arrived to the suite they told Natty, Cyd and Myriam the results of the tests. They noticed some sadness in her eyes, but didn’t want to say a word. They knew how illusioned she was supposing maybe she was pregnant. Dafne received a text message from Indre informing that she and the guys were on their way back. After 5 minutes, Ben arrived to the room and half an hour later, IL DIVO guys, Peter and Indre were already in the suite.
- Honey, you are back!!- Urs happily greeted, covering Diana in a tight embrace- What were the results?
Diana explained him everything and Urs became a bit worried about her.
- I’ll take care of you, baby. You need to be completely healthy for when you get pregnant- Urs stated.
- Aren’t you upset about I’m not?
- Of course not!! I have you and you are my happiness. With you I feel full and complete. Of course I want to have babies someday but they will arrive when they have to. Now, I enjoy just to be with you, my love. We can continue trying anyway!!- Urs mischievously winked- The only important thing for me now is that you can recover of anemia.
- Hug me, Urs!! I need to feel you close to me- Diana begged, sobbing.
- What happen? Why are you crying?- he asked, caressing her hair.
- For nothing. I love you, Urs!! I love you and always want to be with you
- We will be always together, Diana. There’s no way to be separated- And he tenderly kissed her lips, feeling how her tears were wetting their joined lips.

A month went by and they were back in England. Roxanne, Cyd’s mother, joined them there. She was going to spend some time in London to help Cyd to take care of Carlitos while Carlos was working. She was crazy about her grandson, he was so tiny, so cute, so fragile. He reminded her when Cyd was just born. She was a little piece of love.
Carlos was so proud about Carlos Miguel. He was always helping Cyd to change diapers, bathing, and carrying him up if he was crying at night. He was a sweet and protective daddy.
- You got green eyes as mommy- Carlos told Carlitos one night, when was playing with him.
- And tanned skin as daddy- Cyd took part, entering into the babies room with a baby bottle in her hand. Carlos received her holding her hand. He wrapped her waist from her back and both were lovely looking at their son in the crib.
- He is perfect- Cyd said.
- Yes, he is… And he is ours
- This is more than I had ever imagined I would have. I should do something really good in the past to deserve all this happiness- Cyd stated.
- I’m the lucky one here, Cyd. I have much more that I deserved. All this thanks to you- And he kissed her lips in the sweetest way he had ever done…

On Friday’s night it was ladies time. Indre, Dafne, Cyd, Myriam and Diana went to have dinner.
- Take care of Carlitos- Cyd told her husband. Roxanne had made a good friendship with Natty and she and Peter had invited her out for dinner.
- But I…- he sighed- Ok…
The girls left and went to a simple restaurant to spend some time together.
- Wolfgang’s birthday is coming soon, in two months, October 19th. He is preparing a special party. He has many ideas, but the most I like is a party in a yacht.- Indre said, while they were waiting for their dishes.
- That would be cool- Myriam said with excitement.
- You’ll have lots of fun there- Diana commented.
- Why you are talking like that?- Cyd asked. Diana gave a sip to her lemonade and answered:
- How?
- Excluding yourself
- Of course I’m not. It was just a way to say the things. We all will have a wonderful time there!!
- Yes, that idea from Wolfgang is really good. Imagine: the night, the moon and the ocean in front of us. Our men beside us enjoying of that moments- Dafne sighed- I just love the idea!!
- I’ll help him to plan everything next weekend that we’ll have 4 days off. I’ll fly to Germany next thursday’s morning to spend some time with him and we’ll prepare everything.
- Ben needs to go to Germany, either. He will meet with a producer to talk about a movie project. He asked me to meet him there, because he is leaving before.
- That’s great!! In that way, we 4 can help Wolfgang to decide.
- Lucky you that are traveling those 4 days!!- Cyd exclaimed.
- Won’t you go anywhere?- Myriam asked.
- No, I’ll stay in London. Carlitos is very little to be traveling all time. I prefer to take care of him at home. Later we’ll have enough time to be traveling with his dad.
- That’s true- Myriam answered- In my case, David wants to go to France, so that’s our plan. 4 romantic days at Paris.
- Just be careful with your heart. Don’t force him so much- Dafne chuckled.
- Only the necessary- Myriam giggled.
- What about you, Diana?- Indre asked.
- I don’t know… Urs says he has a surprise for me, so, I don’t have idea of what is he planning.
- It must be something amazing!! Urs is always trying to be pleasing you with surprises- Cyd commented.
- Yes- Diana sighed, holding the white-gold heart half that was hanging from her neck, the one that Urs gave her in Germany when they became a formal couple.- He is very cute
- And he loves you, there’s not doubt. He is always just saying how important you are for him- Dafne stated.
- The picture of Urs and you holding both halfs of heart with your initials was a success in the webpage. All the fans said it was so romantic!!- Myriam stated.
- 2 halfs forming one heart. That’s the real sense of love and Urs wanted to have and evidence of it giving you that necklace- Indre said-Your love will be eternal, it will live forever.
- Yes, it will- Diana grinned, getting lost in her thoughts, as the rest of the girls continued talking.

On next thursday’s evening, they were already enjoying of their 4 free days. Indre and Dafne had already flown to Germany that morning and there they would meet Wolfgang and Ben. This last one had flown since Saturday’s night because his meeting would be on Monday.
David and Myriam flew on Wednesday’s evening to Paris. They had already rented an apartment just in front the Eiffel tower, in a 10th floor, where they could see the lights of the city.
Carlos and Cyd stayed in England with Carlitos. Roxanne was taking care of the baby to let the couple spend some time alone to feedback their relation. They were going out for long walks and to some theater plays. And at nights, when Carlos Miguel was already slept, they were making love, delivering their souls to each other.

- Where are we going?- Diana asked Urs when on Thursday’s evening he tood her to the airport and they took a private plane that Urs had gotten for them.
- I won’t tell you, it’s a surprise- he answered, winking.
- But I want to know!!- Diana pouted, joking.
- You’ll find it out soon. Be patient, baby, the only thing I can say is that you’ll love it!!
- I would love any place if you are with me to enjoy of it- She answered, caressing his cheek.
- And I will always be where you are- he answered, bringing her closer to him. She rested her head on his chest, getting lost in his scent… That scent she wanted to keep forever.

When the plane landed, a van was already waiting for them out of the airport.
- Where are we?- Diana asked.
- In paradise- Urs answered.
After some time driving, the van stopped.
- We have already arrived- Bühler announced
- Where?
- We are going to have dinner.
- Dinner? I don’t see any restaurant
- Do we need a restaurant for dinner?- Urs winked, grinning. Diana just smiled. Urs jumped out of the vehicle and went to Diana’s side to open her the door. He offered his hand to help her. He covered her eyes with both of his hands.
- What are you doing?- she excited grinned.
- I’ll guide you- he whispered in her ear.
Diana felt the air caressing her cheek in every step given. Everywhere it was, it was an autumn evening and she could feel a strange peace surrounding that place.
- Here we are- Urs said, stopping the walk- I’ll uncover your eyes but you must keep them close until I count to 3, ok?
She nodded.
- One…. Two…. Three!!
Diana little by little opened her eyes….

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Little a by little, Diana opened her eyes. She was impressed. She felt she was inside a tale.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

- Urs… this is…. Amazing- She turned to see him with a different sparkle in her eyes.
- Do you like it?
- I love it!! How is this place called?
- The Prince’s Garden… We are in Aranjuez
Diana effusively hugged him.
- Thank you!! This is a magic place…
- A place of illusion and love, as the song says.
- Oh, Urs! This is a dream- Diana said, as she was looking at the distance the sunset. The last sunbeams were tenuously illuminating the fallen leaves and the river that was crossing the garden..
- It is not a dream, it is real, and we are here together to enjoy of it. We are lost in this paradise, just you and me, nothing more. Anything in the world matters in this moment, we don’t need anymore, do we?- Urs asked, wrapping her waist.
- No, Urs. We don’t need anything else- Urs gently leaned to kiss her lips. He had always enjoyed to kiss her lips, each touch of her hands, but that night was different, special.
- I prepared something for you- he said.
- Another surprise?- she grinned. He nodded.
- Give me your hand. I’ll take you there.
Diana grasped his hand and Urs took her some steps deeper into the garden.
- Jesus!! Urs, you prepared this?- She asked, when found a table in the middle of a circle made of candles.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

A waiter was waiting for them. Urs offered his arm to her. Once in their places, the waiter served red wine in their cups.
- Are you happy?- Urs asked.
- Very… I’m living a fantasy. A wonderful place, with your company… It is so much for me.
- Everything I can give you is nothing beside what you have brought to my life- A nostalgic veil clouded her hazeled and expressive eyes.
- What’s up?- he asked.
- Nothing. It’s just that I don’t want to wake up. I don’t want time continues walking. I would like to stay like this forever.
The waiter brought them their dishes: Lobster.
They were talking and toasting during their dinner. Then, they had the dessert: chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream: Diana’s favorite dessert.
- Nothing can be better tonight- she said, fixing Urs’ wavy hair back to his ear.
- I don’t think so- he answered, snapping his fingers. 3 musicians appeared with violins, playing a known melody for them: LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDOUR THING. Urs stood up:
- Would you like to dance?- he offered his hand. Diana held it.
- It is our song- he said- It was your parents’ and now is ours.
The chords were really sweet. Urs was holding Diana’s waist tight. She wrapped his neck and rested her head on his shoulder as he was doing too. A tear was sliding down her face, but Urs couldn’t notice it. She desperately wanted to stop time. He gave a soft kiss to her neck that make her shiver.
When the melody finished, Urs said:
- I can’t resist anymore. Let’s get away of here. I need to have you. I really do.

The next morning, Diana opened her eyes and noticed it wasn’t a dream, she really was lying next to Urs in a room of a hotel in Aranjuez. He was still sleeping, just to see him like that make her heart feel warmer.
- I love you- she thought, looking at him. She stood up and put her underpants and Urs’ shirt on her. She opened the balcony and found the prince’s garden in front of her.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

She deeply breathed.
- Why you left me so lonely at bed?- Urs asked holding her from her back, resting his chin on her shoulder, kissing her neck.
- You woke up- she said, turning over to him.
- That shirt fits perfect on you. But I need to admit I prefer when you don’t have anything on- he mischievously said sliding it up on her body, feeling her silky skin. He was just wearing boxers.
- Naughty boy! Get away from me!- she giggled, gently pushing him back, just flirting.
- Oh, I see… you want to play… Come here!!- he carried her up, taking her to bed.
- Leave me alone!!- she said, but he was tickling her.
- Not until you say you love me- he chuckled.
- Never!!- she was laughing.
- So, abide to the consequences!!!- he began tickling her again.
- Ok, ok… I give up!!
- I want to listen
- I love you
- What? I can’t hear you- he kissed the edge of her lips.
- I SAID I LOVE YOU, URS TONI BÜHLER!!- she yelled. He caressed her face and kissed her nose.
- I love you too- he finally stated.
Soon, they were again gently and tenderly giving everything from themselves to each other. They made love. Pure love.

They spent that day giving walks around the city. Everything was beautiful, people were nice, but Diana wanted to come back to the garden, it had something marvelous. When she was there, she was feeling comfortable, free, without any fear… It was the place she had always imagined her world was alike. They returned at night over there. 7 pm, moreless. Urs guided her to a fountain…

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

They sat in the border of it.
- My love, I want to ask you something- Urs said.
- Shhh!! She covered his mouth with her finger and closed her eyes- Listen to the water in the fountain. It sounds like music. It’s like if it has life.
- It has… You make everything around you be alive- he said. She opened her eyes and gave him a sweet smile.
- I want a picture of you here- Urs said.
- You don’t have a camera- she giggled.
- But I have my cell phone. Come on!! Let me take a picture of you…
- Just if you give me a kiss- she flirty said.
Urs leaned to kiss her
- Now, let me take that pic.
Urs stood up and walked away. He wanted to capture the whole scene: Diana and the fountain.
- Smile!!
Diana drew a tender smile on her lips.
- Gosh!! The beauty of the fountain is anything when you are next to it- he said, looking the image in his phone. He showed it to her.
- Liar- she giggled.
- It’s true… you’re beautiful.
He leaned to kiss her. Suddenly, she took some water from the fountain and spilled it on him and began running around it.
- You’ll pay for that!!- Urs said, chasing her.
- You can’t catch me!! You can’t catch me!!
- Wait when I do it!!
So Diana ran into the garden as Urs was running, following her. He finally reached her and both fell down on the leaves. They were laughing.
- Mischievous girl- and he kissed her, then he lied next to her. She rested her head on his chest.
- Look how beautiful is the moon tonight- he stated, caressing her shoulder

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

- She is always like this when we are together- Diana added.
- Don’t forget that she is witness of our love. Everything began because of her. She has been always with us, like now. She will always be wherever we are.
Diana sighed, then began playing her fingers on Urs’ chest.
- Urs, I want to tell you something…
- What is it?
- If someday, for any reason, or any circumstance, we are not able to be together anymore, promise me that you’ll come here, to this place, and you will look for me. This will be our place forever.
- Why do you say that? We won’t be ever apart.
- I know, but , you know me… I’m kind of dramatic. I want to have a pact with you, a love pact. All the greatest lovers in history have one. I just want to have ours. Also, we don’t know how life can change or the way it can take.
- Honey, I don’t like to think in those things.
- Please, Urs, promise it… I need to be sure that you will always look for me, that you will always be thinking on me. That maybe if we are separated, I’ll have the hope to come here and know you will be waiting for me. Promise this below our moon that is watching us tonight.
- Do you promise that if something like that happens you will be here waiting for me?
- I promise…
- Ok… I promise I’ll always come here to find you. But I also promise I will never let you go- he said, kissing her forehead.
- And I promise I will never leave you….

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It was Sunday’s night when all the couples were back in London after spending those 4 days together.


- Home, sweet home- David stated, dropping himself to the sofa.
- This weekend was amazing!!- Myriam stated, sitting next to him- Paris is love city!!
- It is- he yawned- But I’m very tired!!
- Too much tired?- Myriam asked, unbuttoning his shirt. He pulled her to his lap.
- Mmmm… well, maybe not- he answered, kissing her passionately. They were making love the rest of the night, just giving and receiving pleasure to and from each other.


Ben took Dafne to her apartment from the airport.
- Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow- Ben said, wrapping her waist without entering to the apartment. They weren’t living together yet.
- Thank you for everything, honey. These 4 days were wonderful.
- They were more wonderful because we were together- he kissed her lips.
- Would you want to come in for a second?
- I won’t mind- he giggled, entering to the place, closing the door behind them.
Dafne took off her shoes and untied her hair.
- Did you like the yacht that Wolfgang chose?- Ben asked, having a seat on the couch.
- Yes. It is incredible!! I can’t wait to celebrate his birthday on there!!- Dafne said with excitement.
- Hey, I’ll turn jealous!!- Ben joked.
- You don’t have reason to be jealous. You are the only one for me- she hugged him from his back, behind the sofa, biting seductively his ear. He moaned.
- Come here!!- he said, pulling her from the sofa with him. Both laughed. She was resting her head on his lap as he was caressing her cheek.
- You are beautiful- he said, kissing her lips. Suddenly, that kiss was turning more passionate. Dafne began feeling Ben’s hands under her shirt… She stood up, sitting straight…
- I’m sorry, my love. I know I promise I wouldn’t touch you until you were ready to do this. It’s just that I love you and each day I wish you more and more.
- I haven’t been with anyone since Sebastien.
- I know, and I respect your decision. We will do it when you feel that you already took Sebastien completely out of your life and when you wish you have me as much I want to have you. So then, you’ll belong just to me. Good night, sweetie- he kissed her forehead, stood up, took his jacket and his suitcase and was walked out of the apartment. When he was about to open the door:
- Ben!! Sebastien is already out of my life- Dafne told him. He stopped his walk and turned around. Dafne walked to where he was- I love you, Ben, just you, and I want to belong only to you- She hugged him and gave him a long kiss- Make me yours- she whispered. Ben took her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom, where for first time they enjoyed of each other’s body.


There’s a message in the answering machine- Cyd said, when entered to their apartment back from a walk. She noticed the red light sparkling next to the telephone.- I’ll check- Cyd pressed the button to listen to the message:
“Honey, I suppose you would want to spend a lonely night with Carlos. I’m at Peter and Natty’s apartment. Carlitos is with me. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of him. I love you… Oh! I almost forget, Peter and Natty have something to tell all of you. He’s inviting you for breakfast tomorrow’s morning at 11 at their place… Kisses!!
- Did you listen?- Cyd asked- Mom is not at home. Why she didn’t let me know she would take Carlitos!!
- Oh, honey, don’t get mad. Your mother is very conscious- Carlos mischievously wiggled his eyebrows- She knows we need time to be together… alone.
- Oh! I already understand!! You planned all this, didn’t you?- She asked, wrapping his neck.
- Me? How can you think that?- Carlos naughtily complained.
- I can’t believe it!! My own mother helping you!!
- I’m her favourite stepson
- You are her only one- she chuckled, rolling her eyes.
- It must be because of that- he giggled- But if you want, we can call her and ask her to come back- he took the phone
- No!!! I mean, let’s enjoy this night just for you and me. We must take advantage of this opportunity- She said, sliding up his shirt, taking it off. He began unbuttoning her blouse.
- I thought you didn’t want to do this- he kissed her shoulder, dropping the phone on the table. He began kissing her shoulder and caressed her bare back.
- I could make love with you all life without stopping- she answered, breathless….

Next morning, all the couples were at Peter’s. All of them had received an invitation in their answering machine.
- Mmmmm!!! I love pancakes!- Sebastien exclaimed, trying a bite.
- I’m glad you liked them, Seb- Natty said.
- Tell me guys, how were your vacation?- Peter asked.
- Wonderful!!- Myriam answered- I love Paris!!
- I don’t know why, but me too- Seb chuckled. Everyone laughed.
- Actually, we saw Paulette there. We had a coffee together- David informed.
- Really? How is she?
- Good… She said that in the deepest of her heart she knew you didn’t love her anymore. She is ok… But anyway, doesn’t want to know anything about you- David explained.
- I can’t blame her. I hurt her very much.
- But it was better than getting married without love- Indre added.
- And what about you, Urs? Where did you guys go?
- I took Diana to Aranjuez. We had lots of fun there…
- Aranjuez is really a magic place. The song is anything in comparison with the landscapes you can find there…. the garden, the flowers, the moon… everything is different, magic- Diana said
- And romantic… so much romantic- Urs said, holding his girl’s hand.
- Talking about romantic things, we already selected the yacht for Wolfgang’s party!! Dafne and Ben helped us- Indre commented.
- It sounds will be nice- Natty stated.
- I’m glad that you all had fun, guys. Now, I need to tell you something: Natty and I got married…
- What??- Everybody asked at the same time…
- When?- Urs wanted to know
- Saturday’s night
Everyone was shocked.
- We didn’t want to say anything because we decided it that same day- Peter exclaimed.
- Wow!! That’s really a new!! Congratulations!!- Carlos stood up and hugged the newlyweds. The rest of the team did too…
- I’m glad that you decided to begin a new life, Pete- Dafne happily commented.
- What can I say? I found my perfect woman, my other half- He hugged Natty and then all of them toasted for Natty and Peter’s happiness.

Another month ran. The guys had now to prepare their next album. They were choosing the tracks.
The girls’ webpage had more members each day. Sometimes, Urs, David, Carlos and Sebastien were interacting with them in a life chat. That made the fans showed more interest in the page.
Carlos Miguel was now 2 months old. Cyd and Carlos were enjoying each step of his development. Roxanne was still in London helping Cyd to take care of the baby.
Sebastien and Dafne were now having a friendship. Even Ben was having a good relation with him. Some times, they 3 were going out for lunch or dinner. Seb was resigned about Dafne and was just looking her as a friend. Ben was more than ever completely sure of her love. She was showing him it almost each night.
Indre had a suspect about Wolfgang, but she didn’t know what. She knew he was hiding something but didn’t have idea of what was it. Myriam and David were telling her it was just her imagination.
Urs was pampering Diana all his free time. He wanted to be sure about she was getting her vitamins to recover completely. One night he invited her for dinner to a fancy restaurant. Diana got surprised when he asked champagne after dinner.
- Champagne? What are we celebrating?- she asked.
- That we are together- he answered. The waiter served them 2 cups of it.
- Diana, you know you are my everything, that my life took sense when I saw you for first time- He held her hand- I just can’t see my life without you walking by my side. I think we are prepared to give the next step- he took a little box out from his jacket- Honey, would you marry this man the only thing that wish to do is to love you forever?- He opened the box.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Diana stayed speechless… Her eyes were full of tears. She wanted to smile but she couldn’t. The moment she was afraid to arrive already had come.

- What do you say, my love?
- I…- a tear slided down her cheek- I…. I can’t- she answered with a lump in her throat- I can’t marry you- she stood up and ran out of that place….

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
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Urs took money from his wallet and throw it on the table, then he ran out, following Diana. He needed an explanation… Maybe she was joking? He didn’t know, he wanted to be sure.
Meanwhile, Diana was out, trying to catch a cab, but Urs arrived up to where she was.
- Honey, please, tell me you are kidding.
- Urs, I’m not kidding
- But why??- He desperately asked.
- I’m not prepared for marriage… That’s a very important step and I’m not sure to give it.
- You are not sure? How can you say that after all we have lived? Just one month ago you were perfectly sure about spending your life with me!!
- Listen Urs, those days in Aranjuez were wonderful, but I noticed that maybe we are driving things very fast and…
- Fast? Diana, what the h**l is happening? I know there’s something more… Tell me!!
Diana was crying. Urs was almost doing it too.
- I’m sorry, Urs. There’s nothing more- A taxi stopped in front of them. Diana jumped into it, leaving Urs completely heartbroken.
Once in the taxi, Diana took her cell phone out and dialed a number:
- Hello honey… Yes, time arrived, I already did it… Yes, I’ll be with you soon…. I know, but it needs to be like this… I’ll tell you when we are together…. I love you too…. Bye- She closed her cell phone nostalgically as tears were still scaping from her eyes. He stared out the window, lost in her thoughts.

- What? She said no?- Dafne was shocked. After Diana took the cab, Urs needed someone to talk with. He immediately thought in Dafne.
- Yes… She said she wasn’t sure about her feelings.
- That’s not true… I know her. I know she loves you!!
- Maybe she is confused- Ben took part.
- Why could she be confused? We have been living together for a long time… I just want to make her my wife.
- Maybe she is afraid- Ben was trying to find an explanation that could make Urs feel better.
- No, honey. Diana is not that kind of girls that is afraid of compromises- Dafne stated.

At midnight, Urs headed off to his apartment. He went directly to the bedroom and found Diana was already sleeping. He gave a look to her.
- I can’t understand you!! You said you love me… Tell me the truth, baby…- And he lied down next to her. Some minutes later, he fell asleep.



They all were appointed for a meeting at 11 am. They talked about different topics.
- The songs are already chosen and we’ll begin recording in November- Peter announced
- Sony music is very happy for the webpage. It has been a success!!- Cyd commented.
- We’ll go to Norway, Denmark and Sweden next month- Dafne informed.
Urs was just looking at Diana.
- Well guys, that’s everything for today. Keep doing as you have been doing- Peter said- Is there something else you want to say or to know?
A deep silence appeared.
- Ok… so…
Diana interrupted the manager, clearing her throat.
- I want to say something
- Of course, Di, we listen to you- Peter invited her to talk.
- I’m leaving… I’m coming back to NY- Urs was shocked. He knew Diana didn’t accept to marry him, but he never thought she would definitively break him up and end with their relation- I know you all would like to know the reasons but I prefer not to talk about them. I want to say thank you to all of you for everything you have provide to my life. Thank you
for all your love and support, for trusting me about the webpage. This is not an easy decision, but it’s the best. I would love to keep your friendship if you allow me to do this- Diana’s voice sounded broken.
- You can’t go, sis!! We all need you!!- Dafne exclaimed.
- Yes, Di, you can’t!! You are very important part of the team- Cyd stated.
- We’ll miss you!!- Myriam cried.
- I’ll miss you too, guys!!
- What about me, huh?! Have you stopped just for a second to think about me? What about my feelings?
- Urs, please, we already talked about it..
- You are a selfish, Diana… I’m glad I found this out before linking my life with you forever. You, liar woman!! You want to end with our love? OK!! Don’t worry, you killed it- He left that place, shutting the door behind him with a loud noise. Diana was trying to keep tears in her eyes…
- Diana, if you have already decided it, we can’t do anything but respect your decision. I want you to know something: you’ll always have a place in this team- Peter stated, hugging her.
- Thanks, Pete
- Are you sure about this?
- Yes Carlos.
Everyone got close to hug her.
- I know you must have an important and strong reason to do this, bunny. I know you are a great person, and I’m sure you’ll explain us everything someday, and we’ll be here waiting for you- David whispered when was hugging her.
Everyone began leaving. Diana wanted to stay some more time at the meeting room. She needed some lonely time. Sebastien took advantage of this and stayed with her.
- Diana, I need to tell you something
- What is it, Seb?
- I made many mistakes, and because of them I lost the woman I loved. Thanks to you I realized I was wrong and that I was the only guilty of what happened in my life. You took off the bandage from my eyes and since then, everything has been better for me. I have many things to thank you… That’s why now I need I have the responsibility to tell you this: don’ t give your back to love. You and Urs love each other- Sebastien held Diana’s hand- I know some time ago I was against you, always asking you to leave Urs, but now, I beg you: stay with him… don’t make him suffer.
- Sebastien… things are as they have to be- Diana was trying to stay firm- Please, don’t do this more difficult for me
He hugged her and said:
- You’ll always find a friend in me…
That same night, Diana was flying back to NY.


It was the day of the yacht party. Everybody was now in Germany. When they arrived to the wharf, Wolfgang was already waiting for them.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

- Welcome, guys!!- He greeted as they were going aboard. Indre immediately ran to hug him- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETHEART!!
- Thank you, baby
- I bought this for you- she gave him a package. He opened it
- A book!! I love reading!!
- I know!! That’s why I’m giving you this. It’s Loneliness labyrinth from Octavio Paz. A mexican writer- she explained.
- Great!! Thank you so much!!- He kissed her lips. Then, everyone hugged him wishing happy birthday.
- Wolfgang?- A young lady, of about 30 years old, appeared behind him.
- Liza, come here bunny, let me introduce you my friends… Guys, this is Liza, my sister.
- Hi- she grinned.
- Hello- all of them answered.
- These are Peter and his wife, Natty. Carlos, Cyd and little Carlos Miguel, carried by his grandmother, Roxanne. David, Myriam, Ben, Dafne, Urs and Sebastien… and she is my lovely girlfriend, Indre…The owner of my love.
- Nice to meet you- Liza exclaimed, stretching hands with all of them.
- Well, let’s begin the party!!- Wolfgang exclaimed. Music was sounding and many snacks were served on a table. Each couple was having lots of fun. At evening, more or less, when everyone was dancing, Wolfgang stopped the music.
- Hey!! Why are you doing that?- People were complaining, joking with Indre’s boyfriend.
- The most important moment of the party arrived- he answered- Then, he stared directly to Indre:
- Indre, I know you are mine and I am yours, would you marry me? - He walked up to her and knelt in front of her, taking out a gorgeous diamond ring, placing it in her finger…
- Yes, my love, I want to marry you!!- He stood up and kissed her, with a long and sweet kiss. Fireworks appeared in sky, as everyone clapped to the new engaged couple.

The party continued. Urs wasn’t in the mood to continue celebrating, so he went to the top of the yacht, where he could be lonely for a while. The sunset was in front of him, but he couldn’t appreciate it, everything was insignificant for him since one month ago, when he saw Diana for last time. He took his cell phone out from his pants and looked at the screen, where it was Diana’s picture in Aranjuez.
- I need to hate her- he thought.
- Hello, Urs…
He immediately closed his phone and turned to see who was greeting him.
- Hi- he answered, when found out it was Liza.
- Can I sit next to you?
- If you want- he shrugged, looking back to the moon, that was appearing.
- What are you doing here so lonely?
- Relaxing
- But the party is very fun!!
- Yes, but I am not really in the mood
- Maybe it’s because you haven’t dance
- I don’t dance- he answered
- Maybe you need a partner? Would you like to dance with me?
- No- he immediately answered. She stood in silence. Urs noticed she felt bad.
- Listen, Liza, I’m sorry… It’s just that… Oh, Jesus!! I just like to dance with one woman and, well, she is not here, so…
- Your girlfriend?
- Yes…. I mean, no…- he sighed and covered his face with his hands.
- I can see you have problems with her.
- I haven’t seen her since a month ago
- Urs, don’t feel bad. Time always cures love things… You are very handsome guy, you’ll find someone else to love.
- I don’t want someone else, I want her.
- You say that now because it’s very recent. But you will find someone able to fill her place.
- Liza, I won’t find anyone. You don’t understand: our love story is unique. I belong to her, she belongs to me. We are meant to be together. Every morning was perfect because she was awaking next to me, every night was the best because she was the last thing my eyes were looking. Our hearts were always beating at the same rythm, our lungs breathed the same air. I’m nothing without her… I feel I’m dying. I met her before knowing myself. The first time I looked into her eyes, I got lost in them. We were always linked… I planned my future with her… we built a life together!!- A tear appeared running slowly down cheek- I miss her!! I want to hate her but each day I need her more and more.
- What’s her name?
- Moon
- Moon?
- Well, Diana… but I always think of her as my moon.
- How does she look like?
Urs showed the picture in his phone to Liza
- She’s pretty
- Yes- He whispered- I just want to see her once more…


- Honey, look what I have here- Ben told Dafne.
- Tickets? For what?
- Andrea Bocelli in concert.
- No way!! Did you get them? I tried million times but I couldn’t get even 1. I moved all my influences, but nothing.
- There’s nothing I can’t do for you, my love.
- How did you do that?
- I flirted with the sale lady. I had to kiss her.
Dafne stood serious. Ben chuckled.
- It’s not funny!
- I’m just joking- he kissed her lips- Be ready, I’ll pick you up at 7.

Ben arrived punctual to their appointment.
- You look very handsome- Dafne said when opened the door- Come in
- Don’t lie… I hate this necktie- He repplied, entering.
- Why do you say that? It’s perfect
- No… It’s not. I just can’t fix the knot, it’s crooked. I can’t put it straight- He was trying to fix it.
- Men!!- she rolled her eyes- why they always need women support?- she giggled- Let me do it.
- But you are busy getting ready
- It will just take one minute to help you
- Ok…
Dafne got closer to him and began fixing his knot…
- What is this?- she asked, feeling something tough pending inside the knot.
- What?- he asked- the knot?
- No, I don’t know… something hard…- she slackened the knot and the thing in it fell on the floor. She stared down and found a ring with a big blue diamond on it. She was going to pick it up but Ben impeded her to do it.
- I’ll do it- He knelt and took it. She was paralyzed. Her heart was bumping almost getting out form her chest.
- Dafne, would you marry me?
- She covered her mouth for the surprise of that proposal..
- I… I do!!- she answered, with happiness. Ben placed the ring in her finger and sealed that promise with a long kiss…

- David, why did you bring me here?- Myriam asked when David parked in front of a hotel- You said we would have dinner.
- Yes, we will, but first, we need to pick someone up
- Who is it?
- Wait until you see- he jumped down of the car and then opened her door, offering his hand to help her- come with me. They entered to the hotel and were in the lobby.
- Is it a he or a she?
- Don’t be curious, baby
- Please, David!! I want to know
- Be patient
- Patience is not exactly one of my qualities- she chuckled
- If I tell you it won’t be a surprise
- A surprise? For me? Oh, baby, I love surprises!!
- I know..
- I can’t wait to see what is it
- She’s coming
- Who?- Myriam asked, turning around. She found a lady walking towards them, it was a blurry scene, but as the woman was getting closer, Myriam could recognize her. Tear’s appeared in her eyes, and she slowly began walking up to her.
- Mom?- she could hardly asked- MOM!!- she excited exclaimed, yelling. They hugged each other with all their strenghts. Happiness tears appeared in both ladies eyes. – Are you really you?- Myriam asked, touching affectively her mother’s face.
- Yes, Mymi, it’s me.
- Mymi? You used to call me like this when I was a little girl!! Oh,mom, I love you!! I’ve missed you so much!!- she tightly hugged her again.
- I did too
Suddenly, Myriam turned to see David.
- How did you do this?
- I told you I would take you with your mother.
- Thank you, my love- Myriam stretched her hand to bring him close to her.
- Well, now that your mother is here, I want to do something… Mrs. Trejo- He told Myriam’s mother- can you give the honor to let me get your daughter’s hand? I want to marry her…
Myriam was shocked, she didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or cry.
- Of course I do, David… I know she will be happy with you
David took a ring from his jacket and held Myriam’s hand.
- Honey, do you want to marry me?
- Of course I want- she answered, as he placed the ring in her finger.

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The last month of the year arrived, during November the guys were recording the new album, then, December arrived, and with it, Holidays. That Christmas was very hard for Urs. He even didn’t celebrate it. He prefered to stay alone in his apartment.
- Merry Christmas- Liza appeared in his place.
- Merry Christmas- he answered.
She took a champagne bottle with her. She wanted to make it easier for Urs.
- Thanks for this, but I don’t want to toast
- If you don’t want, I’ll do it by myself. I want to toast for the opportunity of being with you tonight- she said. Liza loved him in secret. She knew she was in love with Diana. Urs liked Liza, she was very pretty, but he couldn’t love her…although he needed to feel loved, and he knew about Liza’s feelings.

During that time, Dafne was trying to call Diana and talk with her. The most of the times she wasn’t attending her calls. Gabriel and Lynnea were just giving excuses to her. The few times she could talk with her, were just for few minutes and Diana was trying to avoid Urs’ topic.


- Do you already know?-Josh asked Diana, one evening they were spending together.
- Know what?
- Myriam is getting married
- Really? I didn’t know this
- Yes, she sent me an e-mail explaining it will be a triple wedding: she and David, Dafne and Ben and Indre and Wolfgang.
- Sounds great!- Diana grinned, but her eyes were sad.
- She said you’ll get an invitation. It will be in Mexico next month… March… This because they wanted it before the new release gets out to the market.
- They better don’t send me anything… I won’t go anyway
- Why not? Are you crazy? Your best friends are getting married.
- Yes, but, he’ll be there
- And?
- I don’t want to see him. You know my reasons
- It is for…
- Don’t mention it.
- Come on, Diana. Maybe it will sound hard, but Urs continued with his life. I didn’t want to tell you this but Myriam told me that he is dating with a girl.
- I’m glad to hear that
- You’re not
- I really want him to be happy
- You are his happiness
- No, I’m not.. and you know this.
- Diana, I’m sure he would understand everything if you explain to him.
- No. He doesn’t deserve that.
- And you? Do you deserve living like this?
- I can’t handle this anymore- she began crying with all her strenghts- I’m tired… I’m doing everything in my hands but I can’t continue
- You can!!- Josh hugged her- When you called me that night in London, when you broke him up, I knew this would happen. I knew you would suffer… Diana, you need him…
- Yes, I need him, but he needs to go on without me as he is doing now. Anyway, with what I did him, he would never forgive me
- Of course he would!! He would understand everything.
- No, Josh. It’s better like this
- Stubborn girl, I won’t change your mind, will I?
- No- she shook her head, getting lost in Josh’s friendly embrace.


- What did she say?- Lynnea asked Gabriel.
- I don’t know what I’ll do with her- he answered
Suddenly, the phone rang.
- Hello?
- Gabriel, this is Dafne.
- Hello Daf, how are you?
- Fine thanks. Listen, I need to talk to Diana. And don’t say she’s not there because it’s 11 pm in NYC and she is always at home at that time. I swear I won’t hang up until I talk to her
- Ok… I’ll tell her… hold on.
Gabriel walked to Diana’s room. She was lying on bed, embracing Urs picture and listening to their song, the only one they had always danced…
- Sis , it’s Dafne, and she says she won’t stop calling until you answer her.
- Ok. I’ll take it- Diana stated. Gabriel left her in her room.
- Hello?
- Hi, sis!! How are you?
- I’m fine, thanks. What about you?
- I’m perfect!! I don’t know if you read my e-mails but in one of them I told you that I’m getting married in 2 weeks!!
- Josh told me about this, congratulations
- You need to come. Everyone wants to see you. It will be in Mexico.
- I would love to, but…
- I won’t accept a no for answer. When we were living in Mexico, we promised to each other we would be there when the other gets married, don’t you remember?
- Yes, I do
- So, what? Don’t you accomplish promises?
Diana stood in silence.
- Also, the girls and I want to have you here this important day. Please, Di, we need you. You can come with Josh, Gabriel and Lynnea. It would be very nice, all the team together again.
- Ok… I’ll think about it.

Those 2 weeks flew fast. Dafne, Indre and Myriam were ready to link their life to Ben, Wolfgang and David. The celebration would be at Cancún, on the beach.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Everything was ready for the big day. Natty and Peter were very happy because Lynena was coming, but the manager knew Diana was coming with them. Dafne didn’t say a word to anyone, just to him and the girls, but any of the Divos knew she was going to be there.
Carlos and Cyd were very happy because Carlitos, now of 8 months old, was growing healthy. He was a very curious and mischievous little guy.
- Just like you- Cyd was always telling to her husband.
Sebastien was still single, he didn’t want to date with anyone, although he felt he was ready. He wanted to wait for the right person because he didn’t want to make more mistakes.
Urs was with Liza, everyone thought that they were more than friends, and they were, but not officially. He hadn’t ask her to be his girlfriend, but they were spending passionate moments together, when they were making love. Urs wanted to feel loved again. He needed this. He needed to erase Diana’s caresses from his skin.
Ben, Wolfgang and David were waiting for their girls, close to the altar.
Dafne, Indre and Myriam were at the back.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

The first dress was Dafne’s, she opted for something simple but nice. The second one was Indre’s. She said it was more her style. And the last one was Myriam’s. She prefered it with sleeves and collar made of lace. She decided it because she still has a few line of her scar between her breasts. She wanted to cover it.
- We need to begin- The priest said.
- Please, 5 more minutes, we are waiting for someone
- She won’t come- Myriam sadly said.
The ceremony was very emotive. Each couple was full of happiness. Love was present in the breeze. Their vows were full of romance.
After the ceremony, the party began. It was in a skygarden at the top of one luxury hotel.
Of course, the couples danced their song. Each one chose their own.
Dafne and Ben: Truly, madly, deeply- from Savage Garden.
Indre and Wolfgang: I don’t want to miss a thing, from Aerosmith.
- Myriam and David: You are, from Laura Pausini.
The newlyweds were nicely sharing time with all the guests. The music was very sticky and everybody was dancing.
- Are you having fun?- Liza asked, Urs.
- Yes, I….- he stopped talking, staring to the entrance, behind Liza.
- What?- she asked, turning around. They found Diana entering to the place.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
- She looks beautiful- he whispered.
Gabriel, Lynnea and Josh were there too. Urs was just looking at her. At the same time, Diana’s eyes found him. Time stopped. They were looking at each other now.
- Diana!!- Dafne exclaimed, running to where she was. All the girls and the guys noticed her presence and joined her, hugging her, unless Urs. He was petrified. She looked more beautiful than ever.
- Are you ok?- Liza asked.
- Yes…
- Don’t you want to greet her?
- Yes… come with me

- Hello, my…- he stopped- Hello, Diana…
- Hi, Urs- they both stretched hands. A shiver ran down their spines. She noticed the half of heart hanging from his neck. He noticed the other half hanging from hers.
- I didn’t know you were coming- he said
- It was a last minute decision
- You look great… It seems everything is going fine in your life.
- Thanks God, it is.
- Oh, let me introduce you Liza. Liza, she’s Diana, and old friend.
- Nice to meet you- both said, shaking hands.
- Peter will be very happy to see you- Cyd commented
- Well, Urs, it was great to see you. I’ll go to find Peter…
- It’s ok. I’m used to see how you leave- he ironically said, wrapping Liza tight from her waist.- Have fun!!
- So do you
When she passed next to him, the air brought her scent to his nose. He wanted to hug her and beg her to come back to him, but he couldn’t. They were so close and so far at the same time.
The night continued: dinner, cake, throwing the bouquets, more dancing, etc. Urs and Diana were just avoiding look at each other, but it was useless, their eyes seemed that the only thing they wanted was to find each other’s.
People start leaving. It was already 12 pm. Diana was tired. It was really difficult for her to be there looking Urs’ holding another woman in his arms. She decided to leave the party and go down to the beach. The fresh breeze was caressing her face and waving her free hair.
- Now, we want to invite all the couples to dance the next song. A long song of all times- A guy from the music said. Diana could listen the melody of their song… “Love is a many splendour thing” Diana felt her soul getting out of her body trying to find Urs and have a last dance with him. She closed her eyes and dropped herself to the sand. Her tears were melting with the sea water that was trying to catch her feet
- Dance with me
Diana turned over and found Urs in front of her, offering his hand. She hesitated, but finally held it and stood up. He gently wrapped her tight from her waist, as she surrounded with her arms his neck. Their bodies were floating with the sweet melody of their song. Liza could see from the top of the hotel that scene and found out that Urs would never love her because his heart belonged just to the woman who was holding in his arms.

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When the song finished, Urs and Diana continued embracing each other for a while. They could feel the ocean waves caressing their bare feet.
- I had almost forgotten how beautiful is to have you in my arms- he whispered. She didn’t answer, she just stayed tightly pressing her body against his - I’ve missed you so much, baby- he confessed.
She got apart against her wishes to make love with him at that exact moment.
- I’m glad about you’re going on with your life. Liza seems to be very nice girl
- Why you are breaking this moment talking about her? Why we don’t better talk about us?
- There’s nothing to talk about us, Urs. Our story is in the past
- Don’t you ever think about me?
- Urs, it doesn’t have any sense to talk about it- she managed to answer- our life took different ways now.
- Because you decided it! You took that decision for me. I don’t want to be away from you- He held her face- I love you, and I know you love me, too- He kissed her lips.
- No, Urs!!- she complained, getting apart.
- You see? That kiss showed me what you want to hide. I know you love me. Dare to tell me that you don’t
She looked deeply into his hazeled eyes, and then, stared down
- I don’t love you
- Look into my eyes and say it again- he raised gently her chin up. She looked at him and couldn’t answer anything. She walked back to the party, leaving him there.

At the party, all the guests were already gone. Just the bridal couples, the divos and the closest friends were still there. The girls took their way apart from the guys to have their own conversation. Diana and Urs had already joined each group.
- Tonight is your night, ladies… the honeymoon!!- Cyd exclaimed
- The best part of everything- Indre chuckled- I’m nervous- she confessed.
- Why?- Diana asked.
- Because…- Indre blushed- Well…. It will be…
- No way!!- Cyd took part- You’re virgin!!
Indre bits his lower lip and nodded, saying:
- Yes, it will be my first time and I’m afraid and nervous
- Don’t feel like that. First time should be magic. Ask Wolfgang to be gentle, tender… You just relax and feel each sensation. It is easy when you are in love- Diana told her.
- He is a gentleman. He for sure will know how to treat you- Dafne added- Everything will be ok.
- I hope so- Indre giggled.
- Where are you going for your honeymoon, girls? – Diana wanted to know.
- I’ll go to Bariloche, Argentina- Myriam informed- There’s many people who say that it’s the American Switzerland.
- Ben and I are going to Egypt. I have always wanted to be there, so does Ben. I have read a lot about it but I want to see all the culture with my own eyes.
- And I’ll go to Punta Cana in Dominican Republic. I t has wonderful landscapes and beaches are gorgeous. Wolfgang chose it.
- It sound you’ll spend great moments in wonderful places with the man you love- Diana grinned- Congratulations!!
- And what about you, Di? We don’t know anything about you since you left.
- Well, there’s nothing to say, Cyd. My life is so monotonous!!
- I’m sure there are many things to be told. Nobody understood why you decided to leave, braking up with Urs.
- I discovered I was bored and I wanted to prove new things.
- Are you kidding?- Myriam asked- If there was a couple totally in love in the world, it was yours.
- Sometimes things change
- Feelings? I don’t think so- Indre stated.
- You continue loving Urs- Dafne affirmed.
- No, I don’t
- Oh, really? So, why you have that pendant hanging from your neck?- Dafne asked.
- Because it’s nice- Diana managed to answer.
- Don’t try to lie yourself… you have it because that’s a symbol of your love, because it represents the half of Urs’ heart that belongs to you. You and he without each other are incomplete. You both form one heart and soul.
- Not anymore. He is dating with someone else
- Yes, because he is trying with all his strenghts to fight against his emotions. He wants to take you out of his life desperately, trying to find you in other person but he just can’t- Cyd expressed.
- Diana, please, come back to him. He will never be the same if you don’t give him another chance- Myriam stated, caressing Diana’s arm.
- Girls, please, I don’t want to continue talking about this- Diana said, trying to hide she was feeling sadder than ever.

That same night, the whole rooms of the hotel where the party was celebrated were rented for the wedding guests. Also the newlyweds stayed there, in 3 different nuptial suites.


- We are finally man and wife- David said, carrying Myriam into the bedroom
- I was eager to be your woman
- You have always been my woman and you will always be. The only difference now is that now we have God’s bless.
- David, thank you for everything- she said, caressing David’s face
- For what?
- For saving me when I thought there wasn’t more way for me. For bringing my mom back to my life and for fill my life of happiness and love. You saved me, my love…
- No, baby. You were the one who saved me…
David laid her on the bed, that was covered for a heart made of red roses petals.
He slowly began taking her dress off, sliding it out from her body. Myriam unbuttoned his shirt at the time he began kissing her shoulders.
- I love your scent- he said.
- And I love everything about you

And then, without any remorse, they gave soul and body to each other in a passionate night.


- Ben!! Did you prepare all this?- Dafne asked when he guided her to the bath and it was surrounded by candles. In the water were petals of red roses floating, and in the edge of it were lots of body essences. Also a champagne bottle with 2 cups.
- I did my best- he answered, sliding the zipper of her dress down, caressing her shoulder just as a man anxious to love his woman can do it.
- I love it- she exclaimed, feeling each sensation of his lips and hands over her skin.
- What about if we take a bath together?- he asked, finally leaving her body free of clothes.
- That’s a great idea- she turned to face him, leaving him free of shirt. They began kissing passionately. Dafne’s fingers were traveling over Ben’s body, trying to beging what was waiting for them.
- Come with me- he whispered, pulling her inside the bath.
- Let toast for the happiness that is waiting for us and the upcoming life together- he gave her a cup and both toasted.
Suddenly, Ben poured some vanilla essence on his hands and began caressing his wife’s siluet with it. Dafne was enjoying each single touch.
They spent some time in there, relaxing. After it, Ben stood up, took her in his arms, and headed off to bed.
It’s not necessary to say what these two lovers were making the rest of the night.


- Wait for me until I wear something more comfortable- Indre said, entering to the bathroom that was inside their bedroom.
- OK- Wolfgang answered. While Indre was changing her clothes, he took off his necktie and unbuttoned the first 2 buttons of his shirt.
- I’m ready- she said, standing in the frame of the door. Wolfgang turned around and stood petrified.
- Wow!! You look gorgeous!!- He exclaimed when saw his wife with a yellow mini dress without sleeves.
- Thank you- she blushed- Now, you can close your mouth- she giggled.
He walked up to her as she was giving some ashamed steps to reach him.
- I wanted this moment to arrive. When finally you would be my woman and you’ll belong just to me- he said, hugging her tight from her waist. She could feel her heart beating as never before. He gave a soft kiss on her lips.
- You’re trembling- he said.
- I’m just a bit nervous. I guess it’s normal- she rolled her eyes, giggling.
- Honey, I know this is out first night as husband and wife and you don’t have idea of how much I wish you, but I don’t want to force you. I can wait until you feel ready. For me is more than enough to be sleeping next to you.
- No!!- she exclaimed- I mean, Wolfgang, I love you and I want to give everything of myself to you. I want to feel you body against mine, I want to feel you inside me. I need this… just be gentle.
- Don’t worry, my love- he caressed her cheek- I’ll be very gentle. I want your first time be an unforgettable experience.

Diana was at her room, in the balcony. She couldn’t sleep, she was just thinking in Urs. She was watching the waves breaking in the border of the beach. She was remembering the kiss Urs gave her that night. She was thirsty of his lips.
- I love you, Urs- she said, remembering all the moments they had lived together. She turned her sight to the moon:
- Why are you so brilliant tonight, huh?- Diana asked to the moon, complaining- We are not together!!
- Diana!!- She listened to Urs’ voice calling her, knocking at her door- Open the door!!
- Urs? What is he doing here?- She thought. She stared back to the moon and said: You knew this, didn’t you?
- Diana, please, open
She noticed some desperation in him. She ran and opened the door. He immediately entered and stole her a kiss: a long and full of love kiss. She stepped back, getting apart. He closed the door behind him. .
- Why you don’t want my kisses?
- Urs, I….
- What did you pretend when you left? Did you want me to hate you? Ok…. You win, I hate you!!!
- Urs…
- Shut up!! Now it’s my turn to say what I feel. I hate you because I can’t forget you. I find you everywhere. When I go to sleep, you are my last thought and when I wake up each morning, you are my first wish. At nights, I embrace a pillow that just makes me notice you are not there. You took everything from me, there’s nothing left in my heart. I’m always remembering the moments we lived together.
- Please, Urs, don’t…
- Your lips, that were the sweetest thing I ever tried, turned into poison. Your soft caresses that always made my skin shiver are now knifes killing me softly. You were my life, Diana. There’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t have done for you. If you would have asked me the moon, I swear I would have given it to you. I always tried everything to make you happy. I gave everything of myself to you. I was prepared to loose all things, I didn’t need anything more in my life, just your love, but I wasn’t prepare to loose the thing I loved the most. Without you, the sun turned off and my heart stop beating.
- Urs, it was never my intention to hurt you.
- You did!! You left me when everything between you and me was perfect. And although you say it is the best, I can’t live without you- He got closer to her, wrapping her waist.
- I can’t offer anything to you.
- I don’t need anything from you. I just need you!!- He leaned to kiss her lips. Diana let herself to admit her love for him. They were hungrily kissing each other. Urs couldn’t resist and carried her up, taking her to bed. Little by little, they dropped their clothes out of them. He overlaid her and was gently touching, caressing and kissing each part of her body. She was moaning of pleasure. Then it was Urs’ turn to moan, when Diana was delivering her soul in every brush of her hands and lips over his skin. They were making love again… and again… and again.

Next morning, Urs, still a bit sleepy, tried to find Diana lying beside him, but she wasn’t there. When he noticed it, stood up quickly and just found a note on her pillow. He felt something cold traveling in his blood. He nervously took it and read it:
- Urs, take last night as a dream
He broke that paper and hugged Diana’s pillow, that was still smelling at her scent. He felt a tear running down his cheek.

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3 weeks later, when everyone was already back from their honeymoon, Peter called for a meeting with the guys.
- Our new release will be out in 2 weeks. Then, we will start the promotion around the world. As Dafne said, the first places we are going to visit is Denmark, Sweden and Norway. But after that, we will have a CD signature at Madrid. Do you have any questions or comment?
- No- Carlos, David and Sebastien answered.
- Urs?- Peter asked. He didn’t answer. He was lost in his thoughts.
- Urs?- Indre tried again. He reacted.
- Sorry, I… What were you saying?
Dafne explained him again.
- Ok… No problem.
- Dafne, I also want to tell you that you need to go to NYC. I already booked a ticket for you. You’re leaving tomorrow’s night.
- For what?
Peter explained her the reason. It was a business trip.
- Ok- she answered.
- Well, I guess that’s all- Peter finished the meeting. The guys stood up and were leaving. Dafne took advantage of it and asked Urs to stay. He did. When they were alone, they began a conversation.
- Urs, what’s up?
- Nothing
- Come on, I know you. I noticed you were very distracted during the meeting. Do you have problems with Liza?
- No really. Well, I told her I can’t be with her anymore and that I can only offer her my friendship.
- You did?
- Yes. I can’t deceive myself. I will never love her- he stared down
- It’s for Diana, isn’t it?
- You know the answer
- Urs, I know she loves you too
- No, she doesn’t. She just cheated on me. She used me and dropped me off as trash. She did that always and did it again in Cancún.
- Why you say that?
Urs told Dafne everything what happened that night at the beach and the note she left on the pillow.
- She did what? I can’t understand her!! She is taking this too far!!
- It’s easy to understand: she is just satisfying her wishes without caring of my feelings. I guess there’s someone more. That’s the only explanation I find!!
- I don’t think so. Tomorrow I’m coming to NY and I’ll visit her. If it’s true what you say, she’ll listen to me.

- Indre, could you come to my office for a minute?- Peter asked.
- Sure!!
Some minutes later, Indre entered to the office. Wolfgang was there. They had been separated because of job, he had to be in Germany meanwhile she had to be everywhere the Divos needed to visit. He came to spend a long weekend with his wife, a German holiday. But what Indre didn’t know was that he was going to visit Peter’s office.
- Honey!! What are you doing here?- she asked.
- I came to see Peter
- For what?
- I called him, Indre. As you know, Joseph, our official spokesman, quit his job. We need someone with experience in the entertainment industry to cover his place. I asked Wolfgang to do it and he agreed…
- What? Really? That means that…
- Yes, sweetie, finally we will be together the 365 days of the year…
- Yayyyyy!!! – Indre exclaimed, hugging her husband- That’s great!! Why you didn’t tell me a word?
- I want it to be a surprise
- Thank you, Peter!- Indre effusively hugged her boss.

- Carlos
- Yes, honey?
- There’s something very important I need to tell you- Cyd said, playing her fingers over his shoulder at night, as he was washing his face.
- What is it, bonita?- He asked, drying his cheeks with a towel…
- I don’t know if you will like what I’ll tell you…
- You’re worrying me, Cyd. Is it everything ok? Is Carlitos fine?
- Yes, sweetie, everything is in order with him. It’s something more, it’s about you and me.
- You and me? Do you want divorce?
- No- she giggled.
- So?
- Well, today I went to the doctor…
- Are you sick? Honey, tell me everything is ok
- I won’t be able to tell you anything if you continue interrupting me- she chuckled.
- Ok, sorry.
- During last 2 months I had been feeling a bit tired and dizzy; also, my period didn’t arrive….
- Bonita, are you pregnant?- Carlos asked, grinning.
- Yes- she nodded.
- Oh, Cyd!! I’ll become a daddy again!!!- He took her in his arms and began spinning- Gosh, Cyd, I love you, I love you, I love you…. – He was like a little boy, full of joy.
- Are you really happy about this?- She asked
- Of course. Another baby… What about if we celebrate this new?
- How?
He began kissing her with all his passion. Cyd understood and didn’t put any resistance.

Dafne flew to NY next day’s night and she headed off to the hotel to rest. The following morning, she stood up early and went to do what Peter asked her. It took her the whole morning and part of the afternoon. After it, at 8 pm moreless, she decided to go and visit Gabriel’s place. She knew she would find Diana there. She arrived and rang the bell. Lynnea opened:
- Hey, Lynnea!!
- Dafne- Lynnea said with surprise.
- It seems you look a ghost- Dafne chuckled.
- No, it’s just that we didn’t expect you. Come in, how are you?
- I’m fine, thanks- Suddenly, Dafne noticed Lynnea’s belly a little bulged- Are you pregnant?
- Yes- Lynnea nodded- 6 months. A boy.
- Congratulations!!- Dafne hugged her- Gabriel must be really happy.
- Yes, he is. Our baby is a light that appeared in our life.
- I can imagine!! How is Gabriel?
- He is great. I guess he’ll arrive soon from work. Can I offer you something to drink?
- No, thanks. Actually, I came to see Diana.
- Diana?
- Yes
- She’s not here. I’m alone…
- I can wait
- But she won’t come until tomorrow.
- Oh, really? Where is she?
- She went to see… a friend… Yes, a friend…
- A friend? Tell me the truth, Lynnea, is she dating with someone?
Lynnea stood in silence.
- Why you don’t answer?
- Well… Someday you will know anyway. Yes, she is dating with a guy. He is Gabriel’s colleague.
Suddenly, a noise sounded coming from Diana’s room.
- I thougth you were alone..
- I am, maybe it was…
- She is here, I know, and right now I’ll find out what’s happening here- Dafne quickly walked up to Diana’s room
- Dafne, please, she is with….- Lynnea couldn’t finish when Dafne opened the door.

Dafne stayed in NY for 4 more days and then she flew back to London. When she arrived she was still impressed because of what she found out about her friend. Ben was at the airport already waiting for her. In their way back home, she didn’t say a word. Once in their apartment, Ben wanted to know the reason of why his wife was behaving so weird:
- Baby, are you ok?
- No, I’m not…
- Why? What happened in that trip?
- I saw Diana…
- And?
Dafne explained Ben everything. Ben couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
- Why is she doing this?
- I don’t know- she sadly shrugged.
- Are you going to tell Urs?
- No… I don’t want to hurt him, although I would like him to know the truth. He deserves to know!!
- Oh, honey, this is really hard for you…
- Maybe with time I’ll be able to tell him, but not now. She also told me I had to respect her decision about what she is choosing to do with her life…And asked me to promise I won’t say a word to him.
- Now I can understand many things!!- Ben exclaimed.
- Me too, my love… me too- And she hugged Ben as tight as she could. She needed to feel him close enough to feel better.

- Did you see her?- Urs asked the next day when saw Dafne.
- Yes, Urs, I did
- How is she?
- She is fine, Urs. The only thing I can say is that she is going on with her life- Urs turned disappointed.
- Did she ask you about me?
- No…
Urs sighed…- Ok, I understand, I give up. I will try to forget her and I’ll do it, although this would be the last thing I will do in my life…

2 more months went by. One day, Liza visited Wolfgang and she took advantage to go and see Urs.
- Hey, Urs!
- Hey- he invited her to come in to his apartment.
- I came because I know your birthday is in 2 weeks and I wanted to give you a gift.
- Oh, Liza, thank you, but you shouldn’t have to do it
- I wanted to, after all, we are friends, aren’t we?- She winked.
- Yes, we are- he hugged her.
- Well, let me give it to you- She took out from her purse a wrapped gift and gave it to him.
- Open it!!- she grinned.
Urs smiled and little by little began unwrapping it. It was a frame with a picture in it.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Urs was amazed and stared to Liza:
- I took it the night of my brother’s wedding. I was in the balcony and saw you both dancing. The sight was beautiful: a wonderful dawn framing two lovers swinging their bodies at a love song melody chords.
Urs couldn’t do anything but turn sad.
- This picture brings me too many memories- He couldn’t hide his sorrow.
- I know. That’s why I want you to keep it.
- Thanks Liza. This means too much to me.
He hugged her again.
- Urs, you’ll be together again… You’ll see.


- Peter, I know it is supposed tomorrow we are flying to Madrid, but I need to be off some days… I don’t know how many. It’s very important- Dafne sounded alarmed.
- What happened?
- Someone needs me. I can’t tell you now. Please, give me authorization…
- Sure, but, calm down. Is Ben coming with you?
- Yes
- Great. I’ll stay calmer if Ben is with you. You are very nervous.
- Thanks Pete!!
Dafne ran out of the office. The Divos were near and noticed it. Indre went into Peter’s office and asked him what happened to Dafne.
- I don’t know, but it must be something serious. She’ll be off for some days. She will catch us in Madrid…

- Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Urs, happy birthday to you- David, Carlos, Peter, Wolfgang and their wife sang to Urs in his birthday day. It was in the night, after having a very busy day of photo session and interview for a magazine in Madrid. Dafne and Ben were gone since 3 days before.
- Thank you, guys.
- You don’t look happy…- Myriam commented- Didn’t you like the surprise?
- Of course I did, Myriam, I appreciate this very much…
- You are very old now, bro!!- Carlos chuckled.
- I’m not!! I’m just turning 38- he said.
- Ask Carlos Miguel if you are not old- Sebastien giggled.
- Very funny, Seb
They spent some time together, eating cake and drinking soda. Urs tried to enjoy that moment and his friends were making him laugh, but in the deepest of his heart, he wanted to be celebrating with his girl, his moon. After that small celebration, everyone went to their room.
Urs couldn’t sleep. He was feeling anxious. Something was disturbing him, but he didn’t know what. He stood up from bed and opened the blind of his window and stared up. That night, the moon was covered by a tenuous mist. That was impeding her to show all her shine.
- You are not looking at her- he nostalgically whispered...

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[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Dafne and Ben arrived to Madrid. They went straight to the hotel. When they entered to the suite, found Carlos, Cyd and Sebastien in the living room, watching TV. She looked pale and tired. It seemed she hadn’t slept during the last days. Ben was holding her hand, he was her support in that moment.
- What’s going on?- Marín asked- You don’t look good
- Where are the others?- she hardly asked.
- Urs and David are in their room. Myriam is with David. Peter went with Natty to drink a cup of tea and Indre is with Wolfgang in the garden, why?- Seb asked.
- I need to talk to all of you- she took her cell phone and sent text messages to all of them asking to join her in the suite. Then went to Urs’ and David’s room to ask them the same.
Once they were all together sitting in the living room, Dafne breathed deeply and said:
- I ask you all to come because there’s something important you need to know- she felt a lump in her throat, her voice was trembling- As you know, I had to make an unexpected trip some days ago. I left without explanations. It had to be like this.
- Is it everything ok?- Cyd asked- Where did you go?
- I went… I went to… I went to say good bye to an extraordinary person… She gave me one of the biggest evidence of courage and love. She sacrificed everything just to not cause us any sadness… She was a great human being, always fighting for her wishes and dreams, never giving up even in the worst circumstances- Dafne’s eyes began getting teary- She was always allowed to help everyone needed of help. She decided to quit to her happiness just to protect her beloved one of sorrow- Dafne couldn’t continue and burst into tears. Ben tightly hugged her. Everyone was uncertainty looking at her but nobody dared to ask her anything. Some minutes later, Dafne continued
- She was sick…leukemia. She found it out some time ago but didn’t say a word. She kept that secret just for her.
In that moment, a strange sensation filled Urs. His heart began beating faster and felt breathless.
- She was my partner of dreams, my support in the worst moments, the one who celebrated my successes as if they were hers. She was there when you, Myriam, got that surgery, always helping David to take care of you. She was there when Cyd gave birth Carlitos. She was the one who gave Sebastien a second chance against everything he had made it even
when anyone wanted to do it. She was the one who gave the idea of what nowadays is a success for us: the webpage.
Everyone there stood in silence. Myriam, Cyd and Indre began sobbing. Peter, David, Sebastien and Carlos were consternated. And Urs… he was… out of himself.
- She is an example of strenghts and I will never forget her. Urs, she left this for you- Dafne gave him and envelope. A tear ran down Urs’ cheek. Carlos placed his hand on Urs shoulder. All of them wanted to tell him a support word, but weren’t able to find it.
- When?- Urs asked.
- On Friday…
- My birthday…-he whispered. He held the envelope and placed it on his chest, closing his eyes and bringing all his memories to mind.
- I’m sorry. I need to be alone- and he walked to his room. Once there, he locked the door. He wanted to be far from the world, he wanted to shout, to pull out all that sorrow he was feeling. He took the picture Liza had giver to him and then sat on the floor, in front of his bed, and folded his legs, leaning his head on his knees. He cried.
- Why? Why you did this to me? You promised you would never leave me. I trusted you- He felt heartbroken. Nothing had sense for him anymore. Nothing. He stared directly to the envelope he had in his hand. He was hesitating about opening it. He didn’t know if he would be strong enough to read it. He finally opened it and took out a folded paper. He smelt it, it had her scent, that perfume that had driven him crazy always. He could almost imagine her writing that letter. He slowly unfolded it, and doing this, something fell on the floor, it was a white gold half heart with his name on it… He put in his palm and closed his hand, pressing again his chest with it.
- This is not happening. I’m dreaming. I will wake up and she will be with me- He opened his eyes, hoping he was waking up, but just found the letter on the floor. He took it and began reading:
“Hello, my love:
If you are reading this letter now is because I’m not here anymore and you already know the real reason of why I left you. I want to tell you that living apart from you all this time was more difficult than you can even imagine. Each second I was wishing to run back and tell you how much I love you, but I didn’t find courage to do this. I’m sorry for have hidden you the truth, but I did it for you. I didn’t want to make you suffer knowing that my days were counted and my end was near. I didn’t want to tie you to me, you didn’t deserve that. That’s why I prefered to lie saying that something had changed between us, and maybe I was right, my love for you was changing, it was turning stronger and stronger. Each day I was loving you than the day before. This time was very hard for me, just the memories of the beautiful time we spent together were making me feel stronger. You need to know that at the beginning I fought for my life. I wanted to recover my health and come back to you, but it was useless, I lost the battle.
When doctor in Belgium told me that I had just few more months of life, a year as much, I felt my world turning upside down. I was afraid of losing you, to know that I wouldn’t be able to bring our dreams and plans to reality. It was going to be hard to say good bye to my life, because my life was you. I spent many nights praying for you, begging you cold someday understand my reasons.
With you I lived the most wonderful moments that anyone can live. You made me feel so loved, so happy, so complete. To have you was a good reason to thank life for my good luck. Every moment lived with you worth as anything else in my life. Urs, you were everything for me. Your eyes were the light that illuminated my darkest nights, and your smile, it was the perfect recreation of God’s kindness.
Please Urs, don’t cry for me. I want to be a good memory for you. I want to draw a smile on your face everytime you think of me. I don’t know if wherever I’ll be, I’ll be able to see you, but if I can do this, I want to see you smiling, with that smile that always had the power to warm my heart.
I know I promised you that wonderful night in Aranjuez that I would never leave you alone, and I will keep that promise: in every whisper of the wind, in every soft movement of the flowers, in each drop of water of rain running down your body, I will be there. You will find me in any place you visit, in any song you’ll listen, in the ocean, in the sky, in the stars, in the moon… in our moon. Yes, my body won’t be with you anymore, but I will always be with you. This love will always follow you because it belongs just to you, my sweet swiss marshmallow.
Thank you, my love, for had given me the best of you, for showing me how sweet a song could sound and what a sublime act dancing could be when you are in your beloved arms. I won’t say good bye, because I’m sure someday we will be together, and then, nothing will separate us anymore, it will be for the eternity…
I leave you all my love and millions of kisses…”
YoURS forever,

Urs couldn’t avoid to burst into tears.

During the next 2 days, Urs didn’t go out of his room. Everyone was trying to talk to him but he wasn’t answering the knocks at his door. One afternoon, Dafne decided to do other intent.
- Urs, please, open the door- Dafne was asking from outside. Silence was her only answer- Urs, we need to talk. Urs, I’m suffering as well, she was my best friend…. Come on, Urs, I’m sure you would know how were her last moments….- Dafne was almost giving up when Urs opened the door. He went back to his place, sitting on the floor, holding Diana’s picture. His hair was hardly in its place and a beard shadow was framing his face. He was wearing sport pants, with Diana’s favorite his shirt.
- Urs, I know what you’re feeling. You would want to kill everyone, even yourself. You would want to get out of here and shout from the top of the highest mountain. You would do everything to take that sorrow out from your heart- Bühler wasn’t looking at her, just listening- She did all this for you. She wanted you to go on with your life. If you don’t do this, her sacrifice won’t have any sense though. She wanted you to be happy….
- That night, in my birthday, I saw the moon hiding behind a mist. I never imagined she was sad because my girl was….- he couldn’t continue…- Tell me how was it
- She was lying on bed. Doctor said we needed to say good bye to her because she was leaving. Gabriel was heartbroken, all of us were. He, Lynnea, Josh, Ben and I entered to her room. She, despite of her situation, looked beautiful, radiant. Her eyes were sad, but her lips never stopped smiling. She told Gabriel to take care of his baby and of Lynnea, that they deserved to be happy. She said thank you to him for all the love and support he had given to her, moreover after their parents passing. Then, she asked Josh to find someone to make a family, that life doesn’t have any sense if you don’t have someone to love- Dafne stood silent. She felt a lump in her throat. Urs tears were like rain going down through his face. She continued- She said she was very happy because life gave her the opportunity to be my friend. She asked Ben to make me happy and take care of me. Finally, she begged me to explain you why she had taken that decision. She asked me to tell you that she will always love you, that her life began when you appeared in it and it ended when she had to say good bye to you. That you were the only one for her and she met love in your arms. She wanted you to know that she would be waiting for you to recover lost time. She also told me that you know where to find her, that she would be there always when you need her.
- Oh, Diana, why you didn’t tell me anything?- He said to the picture- I love you!! Take me with you!!
Dafne dropped herself next to Urs and they both were crying together, hugging each other.
- She’s ok, Urs. When she was leaving, she said she could see her mom and dad, that they were coming for her. She asked me to play on “Love is a many splendour thing”. She began talking with her parents: “That was your song… now it’s Urs and mine”, she said. A tear slide down her cheek as she began humming the melody. She smiled and hugged your picture, closing her eyes, feeling the music. She deeply sighed and then, like an angel, said in a whisper: “Urs…. I’ll…. be…. there…..”. She breathed out and left. Urs, you were her last thought, don’t give up, please, go ahead and she’ll be happy wherever she is.
- I can’t!! I can’t be happy without her!!!- he was desperately saying- Please, Daf, I need to be alone.
Dafne understood and left him.
- “Look for me… I’ll be there”- those words were sounding in Urs head for some minutes. He finally knew what he had to do.
Couple hours later, he went out of his room.
- Urs!! Thanks God you got out of that room. How are you feeling?- David asked. Urs stared down, biting his lowest lip, trying to hold tears in his eyes.
- I’m sorry, I’m and idiot, how could you be feeling?
- It’s ok- he managed to answer. Myriam noticed that Bühler was carrying a small backpack.
- Are you leaving?- she asked.
Urs nodded
- Where are you going?- David wanted to know.
- To take my life back.

There he was again, in the place where he spent the most beautiful moments with Diana. He was again in the middle of the Prince’s garden, that magic place that was witness of their love in Aranjuez. He closed his eyes and felt how air was filling his lungs… and it hurt. Every breath taken was painful for him since the day he lost her. He opened his eyes, again full of tears, and stared to the fountain in front of him. For a moment, he could see Diana smiling at him for a picture he had asked her. He smiled her back, but she wasn’t there anymore… it was an illusion created by his mind. He turned to see all around him and everything guarded a memory. He could almost feel her in his arms dancing their song.
Every leaf of the trees, every warble of the birds, everything there, had a little part of their neverending love, a silent secret of a broken passion…. He weakly smiled… For a moment he remembered all their story as if he was living it again. He held his necklace, now with 2 heart halfs making just one.
- Where are you? Why did you leave me so lonely? Why you didn’t tell me anything and didn’t give me any chance to see the last bright in your eyes, to be the last thing you could see, to feel your last breath and give you your last kiss? Why did you prefer to stay in silence and break my heart? You were everything for me, you still are. I deserved to be with you and you deserved my support. I’ll never see you smiling again, and I will never smell your scent once more. I miss you, baby!! How will I go through this? When we were here together, you said that if someday we got separated, we would find each other here. Now I understand your words, you already knew what was going on. I’m here now, as I promised, but you are not coming- WIND BEGAN BLOWING, AS IF HE WANTED TO WHISPER HIM A SECRET, WAVING HIS HAIR AS A CARESS- How will I live without you? I don’t know how to do this-FLOWERS WERE SLOWLY WAVING, AS IF THEY WANTED TO COVER HIM IN AN EMBRACE- I want to feel you again. I need to know you are ok and that you will never leave me alone- He couldn’t handle it anymore and dropped himself on the road, leaning his head at the edge of the fountain, letting tears clean his soul.- A DROP OF WATER FELL ON HIS HEAD. There were appearing more and more, until rain got present. Each drop of water was running all down his body, and little by little, he was getting wet. He turned to see the sky. The beautiful moon, who was his companion that night, was brilliant, as always he and Diana were together. He smiled and remembered the words Diana wrote him in the letter:
He was still smiling.
- My Moon, you’re here tonight- He whispered.
He knew a promise would never be broken. He knew he would never feel lonely again, because she promised she would never leave him. He knew Diana would keep that promise until they could be together someday and so then… it would be for the eternity.
- I love you, Diana…. I love you, my Moon….

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- Hello, honey… I can’t believe it has been 2 years since you left. Many things have happened since then….
Carlos and Cyd had a girl, her name is . She is a wonderful and charming young lady. She looks so much as her mother, although she has curly hair as Carlos. And, you won’t believe it!!! She wiggles her eyebrows just like him!! It’s so funny!!
David and Myriam don’t have children yet. They say they want to wait a little bit more. They are really taking advantage of any single free second to travel as tourists through the world. They are more in love than ever.
Indre and Wolfgang are crazy about their twins: Roberto and Fernando. They are now 6 months old.
You have a beautiful niece!!! Gabriel and Lynnea decided to call her as you: Diana. And you know something? She got your eyes. Sometimes I come and visit her and I feel I’m looking at you when you were a baby. She calls me “Uncle”. She’s such a sweet and tender girl.
Peter and Natty are very happy. They look like a young couple sharing everything and enjoying their relation.
Sebastien finally has a girlfriend, Laureen. They are going to get married in 2 months.
Dafne and Ben are now expecting their first baby. They are really excited about this. She is just 3 months pregnant, but her belly is already a bit grown. She looks very tender!!!
The webpage is continuing doing excellent. When you left, I received lots of support letters from the wonderful fans around the world, and in the tour, all of them were giving me pics of you and me with wonderful frames, or hand-made drawings.
And me, well, what can I say about me? I’m still thinking of you each day. I promised I would come here each year to Aranjuez, to our garden, to find you. I know you are with me everywhere I am, but, I don’t know, this place makes me feel closer to you…- Urs sat in the edge of the fountain and looked around. A tear escaped from his eyes- You know something? I’m jealous… Yes, I’m very jealous. Jealous of the stars, of the sun, of the moon… I’m jealous of the clouds, of the angels and of God… because they can be near you- He closed his eyes as he brought his memories all their moments together…

- Urs? Urs?! Wake up!!- Bühler opened his eyes.
- What’s up, Dave? – Urs found himself lying on bed.
- Aren’t you going to wake up today, man?
Urs was confused. He gave a look around the room and uncertainty asked.
- Where are we?
- Where are we?! We are in New York City!!! Tonight is the concert!!!
- The… concert?
- Come on, Urs! What’s going on with you? You spent last night staring to the moon until too late!!!
- The moon?
- Don’t tell me you don’t remember all that stuff of the moon. You are all nights staring at it expecting for a girl that you don’t even know how she looks!! Meanwhile, you have Lynnea waiting for your love!
Urs stood in silence… then, he felt alive and smiled:
- Of course! The moon!! The concert!! David, I do know her….
- Oh, really?
- Yes, and I’ll find her tonight!!- Urs hugged his friend with happiness…
- Urs, do you feel ok?
- More than ever….
- You’re crazy, man!
- NO, I’m not. Tonight I won’t lose her….
That night in the concert, as they were singing “Somewhere” his eyes found hers:
- You are here, my moon…
She smiled at him. A new story was about to begin. A neverending love story….

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*MOON* By: Didi
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