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 What You Find By: Alexandria Siren (Alex)

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What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Chapter Forty Nine   What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 EmptyThu Jan 08, 2009 12:41 am

Alex raised her head after determining the dream she had just thought of. Was Brian truly trying to say something, or was it all going to her head? She looked around at everyone that was running with the equitment, glancing at Simon who was talking to a few people, wondering if they were ready yet. She didn't want to sit there all day, she just wanted to take the pictures now, while she was still in a good mood and awake. She continued to look towards Simon's direction and noticed he was heading towards them, she was wondering if he was going to give them the news that she had been waiting for.

" Hello ladies, well we are almost ready." Simon replied once he had reached to where the 3 girls were sitting.

" So what seems to be the problem?" Ingrid asked, sipping her coffee she had bought early in the morning.

" Well, it seems that the boys can't make up their minds of what they want to wear." Simon replied, looking at Ingrid.

" Wait, what do you mean?" Carla asked puzzled.

" The guys were wondering if they should wear suits, or their casual everyday clothes. They wanted me to ask you since you girls are the professionals." Simon replied as he glanced at all three of them.

" Oh well ..." Alex replied but then stopped herself. She then turned to look at Ingrid and Carla. " What do you girls think?"

" I think they should go with the everyday clothes." Carla nodded looking at Simon. " I've seen them with those on, and I have to admit, they don't look that bad."

" Well, I was just going to say they should wear the suits, suits are always nice and professional." Ingrid replied, looking up at Simon as well.

" What do you think Alex?" Simon asked crossing his arms as he looked at her, who truly had a look of shock on her face.

" Uh, I realy don't know? I have to decide?" Alex asked, she truly didn't want to make the decision for all of them.

" Well, Carla wants casual, Ingrid wants suits ... we need a tie breaker." Simon replied, his tone hinting that she wanted to make her decision quickly.

" Oh well uh ... " She took a glance at the girls one last time, truly not wanting to upset anyone by making her own decision.

" It's okay Alex, we won't be upset with your choice." Ingrid replied giving her a nice warm smile.

" Well, I was going to say honestly for them to be in their suits. They are a new musical group, we would want them to look professional." Alex replied, shifting her eyes towards the cement floor.

" Great! I will go tell the guys." Simon smiled as he clapped his hands together then soon left. Leaving the three girls again.

" I hope you don't mind." Alex replied as she turned to look at Carla. Alex knew what Carla wanted, she was only hoping that she wouldn't take it defensively, it was truly her honest opinion.

" No, it's okay." Carla smiled as she waved her hand in the air. " You have your opinion and I have mine."

Alex smiled as she felt relieved that Carla wasn't mad at her for making the decisions for both of them.
All three of the girls sat on the steps as they waited, they truly just wanted to get their job done and just get it over with. Ingrid and Carla would do most of the talking with eachother as Alex would sit there silently looking across the workers, wondering when she would spot the divos, and when she would get to see Sebastien. She couldn't wait to start taking pictures, and she couldn't wait to put her passion into reality.

Alex took a sip of her coffee and glanced over the crowd of workers once more, and she could see four men in black suits weeving their way through the workers, and everyone else. Butterflies had entered her stomach as her eyes traced over a familiar figure. She bit her lip as her eyes were drawn to him, studying every inch and detail. He looked so handsome in the suit, it was almost unbelievable. The black shoes, black slacks, white collard shirt, black tie, and of course the black coat to cover the white. Alex's eyes were fixiated on him, she truly couldn't believe what she was seeing, he was stunning.

She smiled as she could see that he was smiling, and laughing as he chatted with the other divos. He was being himself, happy and always smiling, just as Alex remembered him. She could sense his eyes burning into her as she continued to scan his body and she quickly took her glance from him to the ground below her, hoping she didn't get caught staring for too long.

Sebastien could feel someone's eyes watching him, studying his every move and he couldn't help but move his head to the side only to find Alex sitting on the steps of an old building across the way. He smiled as he saw her quickly tilt her head downward, toward the cement floor as he noticed the other two girls make conversation. He knew he had caught her, she had been staring.

" I think you have her in your net." Urs replied as he lightly hit Sebastien on the side of the arm.

" What do you mean?" Sebastien asked confused, taking his glance back to Urs.

" I was glancing every once and a while towards her when we walked outside." He pointed towards Alex's direction with the water bottle that was in his hand. " And she has been staring at you the whole time."

" Are you sure?" He asked as he took another glance at her, who was still looking underneith herself. " She could be looking at you."

" Have you forgotten that we are siblings?"

" Okay, I'm just playing." Sebastien chuckled as he patted Urs on the shoulder.

Alex continued to look down at the ground, pretending that she was looking at something interesting. She could feel his eyes burnig into her still, she still didn't want to be caught staring, she didn't want to weird him out. She slowly raised her head up as she quicky glanced at Sebastien who was now talking to Urs, she was safe, she could look up. Her eyebrows furrowed as she continued to look at the mens direction, what were they talking about? It was obvious they were talking about her by the motion of Urs' hand pointing towards her. She could only hope that it was only something good about her.

" So how has she been staying in the same hotel as you?" Urs asked as he took a sip of his water.

" It's been good I think, she hasen't said anything that could be offensive. That is she hasn't yet. " Sebastien replied running his hands through his hair. " I kind of slept in the same bed as her."

Urs nearly chocked on his water as droplets spilled into the ground, causing him to escape the bottle from his lips. Dabbing his fingertips to his mouth.

" Sebastien! I just put on this suit, she' s that easy?"

" No, it's not like that." Sebastien waved both of his hands infront of him. " I heard screaming the other night, and I went to go see what it was. Well, it turned out it was her, she was having a nightmare and she wanted me to stay there with her that night. I didn't want to leave her alone."

" That's understandable, Sebastien." Urs nodded, truly comprehending what was being said.

" I just don't know if I should talk about what happened between us." Sebastien replied. " I realy want her to trust me again, but, how can I do that when I can't even talk about what had happened to us and how to make it better?"

" Well, Sebastien according to her, there truly is no "us" Urs replied. " As much as I hate to say it, but, you just need to give her more time, I know my little sister, and I know how she can be."
Sebastien frowned slightly as he took his glance slightly to the ground benieth him.

" I was afraid of that." Sebastien replied quietly.

" Okay boys! Are we ready for the photo shoot now?" Simon replied as he made his way towards them, clapping his hands together once more.

" Uh, yeah." Sebastien smiled.

" Great! Let me go tell Ingrid, Carla, and Alex then we can get started." Simon smiled as he made past Urs and Sebastien.

Sebastien took a glance at Alex as he watched Simon head towards the ladies. He couldn't help but wanting to urge to take her back as he saw her smile and laugh as she talked to the other girls, he truly missed her and just wanted to be with her again.

Sebastien could see Simon talking to the ladies, and the girls were comprehending what he was saying with nods and replies. Sebastien could only pray that Alex would be able to take pictures of him, and that way he could maybe try to earn her trust again.

What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 SebastienSiggie3
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What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Chapter Fifty   What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 EmptyThu Jan 08, 2009 12:51 am

Alex realy didn't know what to expect when Simon told them that the boys were ready for some shots, she had no idea what was expected. So when she heard from photo director that she would be driving Sebastien around and taking pictures in different places,she was totaly baffeled. Alex was only praying that she would be taking pictures of Sebastien and only Sebastien so she could be alone with him, it was a complete shock to her when she realized she got what she wanted. Carla would be taking Urs, and Ingrid had offered to take shots of Carlos and David.

Alex and Sebastien took a cab to their location. Alex remembered seeing some beautiful old buildings not far from work when she had took a cab to her hotel room and thought they would be perfect for the pictures of their debut album. She would take a glance once awhile at him, smiling politly at him as they sat in the cab in silence. She knew she wanted to make some conversation, but she truly didn't know what to say or how to start one.

The cab had finaly reached a street that Alex wanted. Both of them stepped out of the cab as Sebastien payed for the fund. It was the least he could do since it was Alex's idea to bring him there. A light breeze filled the air as Alex stepped out of the cab, her long brown hair and her red skirt flowed slightly with the wind. She smiled as her eyes eased over the buildings that stood closely together as the sun sank into her skin, she had never felt more relaxed. The spot was perfect, it was just so calming and peaceful.

What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 02_fs

She turned around and smiled down at Sebastien as he stepped out of the cab after paying the driver.

" Thank you Sebastien, but, you didn't have to do that." She replied quietly as the cab drove away.

" It's okay Alex, I wanted to." He smiled down at her as he ran his hands through his suit coat, making sure to wipe off any dirt that could possibly be on his clothing.

Alex smiled as she looked at him, and looking up at his eyes again. Something about him was making her comfortable and warm, she truly couldn't say what it was.

" You look good." She replied as she continued to look up in his eyes.

Sebastien smiled down at her, soaking in her compliment inside of him. She smiled back at him, his smile was enough for her to know that he was truly saying ' thank you '.

She continued to look up at him, those words still echoing in her head, ever since that night. "Give him a chance baby, I promise you, if you do, you won't be dissapointed......"

" Well, how about we try over here." Alex replied as she pointed towards one of the buildings.

She lead him up the cemented walk way, and towards one of the buildings with her highly expensive, black camera tightly in her hand. She began telling him of how to stand and how to turn his body as she began taking pictures. She was enjoying herself, he was very handsome and he acted as if he wasn't. That was something she found very attractive in a man.

The whole time of taking pictures was very pleasant, and Alex was very shocked of how well things were going. Both of them were joking, smiling, laughing having a good time. As if they were old friends and been for years.

" Hmmm..." Alex exhaled as she placed her index finger and thumb against under her chin, rubbing it gently she thought outloud, looking straight at Sebastien with determination.

" Why are you looking at me like that?" Sebastien chuckled as he adjusted his tie in his colar.

" I'm just thinking of how we should do the next pictures." Alex replied as she continued to study him, tapping her index finger to her lips.

" What's your idea? But, quite frankly I'm kind of scared by the way you've been looking at me." Sebastien chuckled as he crossed his arms, leaning against the wall.

" That's perfect!" She noticed the way he was postured.

" Excuse me?" Sebastien asked confused, truly unsure of what she was talking about.

" Sebastien, I have an idea and I want you to go with it, no matter what? Do you understand?" Alex asked, looking at him for an answer.

She knew of what she had in mind would be good. It would be a good way to attract the fans that she knew they would have, she was just hoping he would go along with it and trust her on it.

" Um ... okay, I guess I have no choice." He chuckled running a hand through his hair.

" Why don't we take off the suit jacket." She replied. " Leave the collared shirt and tie on. I think this would look good."

" Do you think so?" Sebastien asked, slowly removing every button downward from it's hole.

" Yeah, Sebastien ... I think this could help a little bit." She replied as she adjusted her camera upon the stand.

Sebastien slowly took of his jacket and layed it on the white, old bench that was a couple of feet away. He truly didn't know what Alex had planned, but he was thinking that if she was going to do what he thought, maybe he could tease her a little and maybe win her back.

" Okay Sebastien, how about we do this." Alex replied as she walked over to him. " Why don't we roll up these sleeves and see how these look." She un buttoned the white sleeves of his collared shirt and rolled them up to the middle of his lower arm.

Sebastien couldn't help but go crazy at the feel of her touch. Besides the night he stayed the night with her to make her happy, her touch changed something in him. He wanted her back so badly, and he missed that very touch from her.

" Now to make sure these are even." She thought out loud as she gently tugged on the rolled up sleeves then stood back to examin how the arms looked. " Alright, how about we get started." She smiled up at him before returning to her camera.

" Okay now Sebastien, how about we get into the position you were before." She replied as she looked down into the camera.

Sebastien hesitated for a second before leaning against the old building once more, crossing his arms and waiting for other comments for Alex to tell him.

Alex could feel her heart be faster as she noticed his well tone arms as he crossed them over his chest. It was obvious that he worked out, he was very handsome and Sebastien was too self concious to see it himself, and that's what she like about him the most. She bit her lip as she continued to look down into the camera, trying every effort she had to remain cool and collected.

" Okay Sebastien, I need you to turn a little to your right." Alex replied as Sebastien did what he was told. " Okay, now I need you to tilt your chin a little bit downward and give me a nice smile."
Sebastien tilted his head downward as she asked, giving her a smile which he was hoping she would like well enough.

" That's great, Sebastien." Alex smiled, not taking her eyes off the camera as the camera clicked and flashed in capturing the moment. " Now let me take another in black and white." She replied as she pushed the button of the camera again, causing the flash to go off once more.

Alex couldn't believe how good looking of a man Sebastien was, not only was he handsome, but he was so nice and kind to her. Despite the fact that he cheated on her 6 months ago.

" Okay Sebastien, how about we do the same posture, but with your hands in your pockets." She replied as she took her eyes from the camera, placing her hands on her back.

Alex spent the next few minutes taking pictures with Sebastien in different poses. She never realized that she was having so much fun until Sebastien had commented on to why she was smiling so much. She quickly felt her face become red, and she realy didn't want to say anything other than "I like taking pictures." Sebastien chuckled at her comment and they continued to work.

" Beautiful job Sebastien." Alex smiled as she took a picture of the last pose.

" So are we done now?" Sebastien asked as he reached for his buttoned up suit jacket.

" Well, I actually have another suggestion if you're up for it." Alex could feel herself blush as those words were realeased from her mouth. She knew what she wanted, she just wasn't sure if Sebastien was wanting to do so.

" Of course, you're the photographer." Sebastien smiled as he looked at her, sitting on the same bench as his suit jacket. " What's your next idea?"

Alex smiled as she slowly made her way towards him, she wanted to get his shirt just the way she wanted and perfect for what she had in mind. She smiled down at him as she reached her fingers to the buttons of his shirt, pushing his tie to the side.

" I think this will look realy good." She replied as she glasped the first button from it's home in the hole.
Sebastien tried to remain calm as he could feel her fingertips grazing against the skin from undernieth his shirt. He knew that she was only doing work, but she was driving him crazy. He looked up into her eyes, only to see how beautiful they were, and found himself wanting her again. He was trying hard to remain calm, but his hands were saying different. Before he knew it, his hands had traced themselves up to her lower back, caressing her skin.

Alex's hands started to shake as she felt the hands of Sebastien caress her gently on her back. His touch was having a big impact on her and she was finding it very difficult to remove his tie after unbuttoning the right amount she wanted on his shirt. She looked down at him, seeing that he was looking up at her in what seemed in sadness, and wantness all at once.

She slowly removed his tie from the collar, still looking down into his eyes, she didn't know what to do, or what Sebastien was doing ... all she could do was try to be calm. She was starting to turn slowly away when she felt the pressure of two large hands onto her back, stopping her from going any further.

" Don't go." Sebastien pleaded quietly as he stood up, still looking at her eyes.

Alex just looked up at him in silence, she didn't know what to say or what was going to happen next. Sebastien trailed his hands from her lower back up to her face, caressing her cheeks into his hands gently.

" What is it Sebastien?" Alex asked quietly, looking into his green eyes again.

" Just let me look at you." He replied, studying every feature of her. " It's been so long."

" I know, Sebastien." Alex replied quietly again, taking her gaze away from his.

" Please don't be afraid of me, cherie." Sebastien replied, noticing that her gaze was taken away from him.

Alex could feel herself smile as she heard him call her "cherie" It's been so long since she's heard it, it's been something that she's been wanting for a while.

" I miss you Alex." He replied.

Alex stood there in silence, she took her gaze to his once more, she realy wasn't sure what to do at this point.

" What is it that you're wanting Sebastien?" Alex asked, she could feel tears starting to build inside of her.

" I think the question is what do you want? Cause I know what I want ... and what I want ... is you." He replied lowering his head into hers as he pressed his lips upon hers. Kissing her gently and passionatly.

What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 SebastienSiggie3
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What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Chapter Fifty One   What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 EmptyThu Jan 08, 2009 12:56 am

Sebastien deepened the kiss as he continued to cup her face into his hands gently, lightly running his thumbs over her cheeks, wiping away a single tear that she shed. He could feel her body and how it was reacting to his touch as he felt her hands cup around his tightly, as if not wanting to let go.

Alex haden't expected the kiss to be so passionate, it was something she was needing in a while. She felt a tear stream down her face as she kissed him back, closing her eyes tightly and bringing her hands up to his wanting to feel him. She moaned lightly into his mouth as she then brought her hands up to his hair, stroking every strand that her fingers could find. She trailed her hands to his lean arms as she felt his hands leave from her face to her lower back, bringing her closer to him. She ran her hands up and down his arms, wanting every inch of him again.

Everything around her was becoming a dream, a cloud. Everything that she had worried about before, everything she had concered for were all fading away by a single touch from him.
Sebastien broke away slowly, leaving a breathless Alex as he looked down at her.

" I missed you so much, cherie." He replied gently. " I missed you so much."

Alex didn't say anything once again. Instead, she continued to look up at him in silence, wondering if she should say something or let him go on.

" Alex, I realy don't know how to say this. So I'm just going to put it out there." He replied gently again, looking at her blue eyes. " The very first day we met, there was something in my heart for you, and there always will be. When I sang at the wedding, when I was singing up infront of the crowd, I was truly singing to you. I was hoping that one day you and I would do something together, and my prayer was answered. But that night when we had plans, and I was going to cook for you-"

" Sebastien, please don't." She took her gaze to the side, not wanting to go back to that night ever.

" Please, can I finish cherie?" He asked gently, placing his thumb and finger under her chin, tilting her head up towards his.

" Go ahead." She replied quietly.

" That night I wanted something magical happen, that night I was planning on expressing how I felt about us." He continued to explain. " But it was soon changed when my ex wife came to the house and she obvously had a few bottles. She was wanting me back and I kept refusing. She thought the only way she could win me back is if she performed ... erm .... well, what adults usually do."

Alex giggled as she heard Sebastien studdering, trying to find the words.

" And that's when you walked in, talk about bad timing. My heart soon ached that night." He continued. " And that morning when I came to tell you what truly happened. The way you reacted to my touch, they way you kissed me, the way your hands felt on me. Alex I miss that so much. You don't have believe my story if you don't want, but I want you to know that my heart is still here for you and there is always a place for you in it." He then cuped his hands around her face once more, pulling away longs strands of hair that had fallen behind her ear. " Now I have to ask you, is there a place in your heart for me? I love you Alexandria, I truly don't want to lose you again. I love you so much."

Alex could feel her eyes glisen with tears as she looked up into his. It all made sense, everything that Sebastien said all was very clear to her. And most importantly he had poured his heart out to her, revealing everything that he had done, felt, and what had happened.

Her dream popped in her head again, that's when she realized; Brian was trying to tell her something, he truly was trying to guide her. "Give him a chance baby, I promise you, if you do, you won't be dissapointed......" The words kept echoing in her head over and over. It was all clear now, and she indeed felt stupid for thinking that Sebastien would ever do such a horrible thing to her.

She looked down shamefully, not being able to look at him with tears begging to run down her cheeks. She couldn't look at him, she didn't believe him from the very beginning she must not deserve him now. She then felt his hand lift her chin up, having her look up into his eyes once more. He smiled at her gently as he brought his thumbs over to her cheeks, wiping her tears away.

" Please don't cry, cherie." He said softly. " It's obvious that you have been hurt too much, and for too long. And I hate that I was one of them to do that to you."

" I - I don't know what to say, Sebastien." She stammered, trying hard finding her voice. " I obviously don't deserve you. I didn't believe you, and their was something deep down inside of me that was telling me to keep believing you and I didn't listen to it. I feel so selfish." She lowered her head again.

" There is no need to feel that way, Alexandria. You were upset, your heart was broken." He caressed her face into his hands once more, lookin at her with endless love in his eyes.

" I just didn't know what to do." Alex cried, feeling more tears roll down her face. " I was so hurt, I thought you didn't love me."

" Cherie, I will always love you. No matter what. That is something that will never change." He replied feeling tears build inside his own eyes. " From the bottom of my heart, I will always love you."

Alex felt herself become warm. He was truly a dream, he was saying all the things she wanted to hear, as if he was reading her mind.

" But you still haven't answered my question." He smiled.

" And what question is that?" She smiled back at him.

Sebastien smiled as he simply brought his hands from her face, placing one finger onto the middle of her chest. Lightly outlining a shape of a small heart, looking into her eyes filled with hope.
Alex giggled as she smiled back at him and simply nodded her head in a simple 'yes'.

" I love you Sebastien." She looked into his eyes again, replying in almost a faint whisper.

" I know." He smiled holding her close to him.

" How?" Alex asked curious as she continued to look up at him.

" Your eyes don't lie." He replied softly, looking deeply into her blue eyes that were now filled with tears.
He then leaned into her ear, his hands into here, fingers intertwing as he softly started singing her a song that he knew ... a song that simply explained everything.

I know I hurt you,
I know you're hurtin' still.
But I'll make it up to you,
Yeah, baby, I will.
'Cause what we had was so special.
You know we can't give it up.
Now that I'm lookin' at you,
I can see...

I can see it in your eyes.
You feel the same about us as I.
There is no way the truth can be disguised.
You're still in love with me.
You were never really out of love with me.
Your eyes don't lie.

He soon brought his lips to his again, capturing her breath into his mouth. She closed her eyes tightly soaking in all the passion that he was realing into her mouth. He kissed her ever so gently and yet strongly guiding his hands all over the sides of her, she didn't want this moment to end. He was back to her now, she was never going to let go of him again, not now, and diffinetly not ever.

Partial lyrics: David Archuleta's "Your Eyes Don't Lie"

What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 SebastienSiggie3
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What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Chapter Fifty Two   What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 EmptyThu Jan 08, 2009 12:58 am

Alex found herself not wanting to go back to work, she felt so comfortable with Sebastien she didn't want to leave. But it was soon 5 o'clock and they haden't even gotten back yet to the studio. They both knew that they had to get back, otherwise they would be both unemployed.

They both shared smiles and giggles as they sat in the back of the cab, holding eachothers hands, waiting for the studio to arrive on the side of the street. They soon finaly arrived at the office where Alex waited for Sebastien to change into his normal clothes so they could go home. Cyd had greeted Alex outside while she waited for Sebastien. Cyd of course knew something was going on by the look on Alex's face. Cyd persisted in asking what was going on, but Alex told Cyd that she would tell her later. She was exausted and she couldn't bare to use her energy in her excitment any longer.

Sebastien walked outside and smiled as he saw Alex talking with Cyd, she truly looked like she was enjoying herself and she looked fully happy. Alex looked towards him smiling, everything was right at last, everything was working out, she was finally happy.

Sebastien extended his arm waiting for her to accept his hand, in which she did. Cyd smiled at Alex as she soon realized something happened between them and Alex smiled back as the both of them slipped inside the waiting cab, driving off down the road and to their Motel.

Both of them had finally reached the Motel and into the room. They were both exhausted from the excitement running through them and from the long day of work. Sebastien suggested that he would cook dinner for them while Alex would change into her comfortable clothing, he wanted to prove his love for her again. He decided to cook a meal that was extra special, with a candle light table and wine for the bevarage.

" I hope you're hungry." Sebastien smiled as he noticed Alex walk in the kitchen as the food that was cooking in the pan.

He then stopped himself, he noticed that she was wearing a beautiful v-neck red dress that showed of her cleavage and every inch of her curves. She looked so beautiful, he couldn't believe it.

" You look beautiful."

" I wanted to wear something nice for a dinner." She smiled as she noticed him staring. " And I'm starving."

" I hope you like it, it's one of the great things I can cook." He smiled, holding the spatula up proudly in his hand.

" It's the only thing you can cook." Alex giggled.

" Hey now, are you wanting to eat tonight?" Sebastien chuckled. " Because I can take this food away just as easily as giving it to you."

" Do you need any help with anything?" Alex replied after her giggling, walking over towards him.

" No, I think I have it covered. It's almost ready so it shouldn't be too much longer."

The dinner was absolutly delicious, both Alex and Sebastien had truly enjoyed themselves. They both found themselves talking again as if nothing happened and the best part was they were both comfortable with eachother again.

Before they both new it, the clock was a little past eleven and they both knew that they had to get their sleep for work tomorrow. Alex helped Sebastien put the dishes away and clean up the kitchen. She would smile up at him as he would wrap his arms around her, giving her sweet kisses on her forehead and lips. She loved his kisses, she never wanted them to end.

Alex headed towards the bedroom while Sebastien decided to take a shower. She couldn't believe how well the dinner went with both of them, and how well everything was turning out. She was so happy, and now they were together again, as if nothing happened, and happier than ever.

She reached behind her as she tried to unzip her dress, tugging it downward trying to to release the silk from it's attatchement, but she failed. She pulled on it again, but it wasn't going anywhere, it was stuck. She tried again, trying to pull the zipper down and yet failed again, that zipper wasn't going anywhere. She chuckled to herself and shook her head in disbalief as the night flashed in her mind, this has happened before and she couldn't believe it was happening again.

She opened the bedroom door, peaking her head out looking towards the bathroom door infront of her to see the light pearing in the crack at the bottom of the door. She didn't want to bother Sebastien while he was doing his business, but she realy wanted to take the dress off and into her nice comfortable pajamas. She sighed as she made her way towards the bathroom door, hoping Sebastien wouldn't be mad at her for bothering him.

She opened the door and she was automatically hit in the face with warm steam, all surrounding her and the room. She shut the door behind her quietly, hearing the water was running, it was obvious that he wasn't done yet.

" Sebastien?" She called out, making herself known through the thick steam and towards the foggy shower door.

" Yes, cherie?"

" I need a favor." She soon saw the shower door crack open a little and saw Sebastien's soaked face peak out.

" What is it cherie?" He asked kindly.

" Well, you're not going to believe this, but, I can't get my dress undone." She giggled pointing towards the back of her. " Could you possibly unzip it for me?"

Sebastien smiled at her as the memory of that night filled his head. How great of a night that was, and now it seemed like deja vu. He had to experience it all over again.

" Boy does this seem familiar!" He snickered.

" Please." She pleaded, her eyes begging for his help.

" Of course Alexandria." He smiled.

Alex smiled back at him as she slowly made her way over towards the crack of the shower door, her back facing towards him, waiting for him to undo her dress.

Familiar feelings swept over Sebastien again as he placed his damp fingers onto the zipper, tugging at it. His heart beat raced as he struggled with her dress trying to unzip it. He bit his bottom lip, wanting the damn thing to cooperate with him, but it just wouldn't budge.

Alex could feel her breath start to quicken as she could feel Sebastien's fingers at her dress, the water from his hands tickling her skin as it slowly krept down her back. Her back was becoming alive again as goosebumps began to appear at the touch of him. She all of a sudden felt her heart beat rappidly in her chest as she could feel his fingers graze against her bear back as he was finally able to release the zipper and lower it further down onto her.

" Thank you Sebastien." She replied as she felt his fingers release from her back. She started to take a step forward when she felt someone's hand on her arm.

" Don't go." Sebastien replied gently. " Not tonight."

She slowly turned around to face him, feeling both of his hands on her arms. Her lungs becoming tighter into her chest.

" You won't be needing this." He leaned and whispered into her ear as he placed this hands on the side of her, grasping the material into his fingers. Slowly pulling the dress down until it had reached the warm, tiled floor.

Alex looked up into his eyes as she felt the material escape from her skin, knowing that she was now exposed infront of him.

Sebastien grabbed her hand as he pulled her inside, where she carefully stepped inside the shower with him, feeling herself becoming more nervouse. This was the farthest they had ever been, and she didn't know what he would be thinking of her. She looked into his eyes as she felt his hands guide to her lower back, pulling her against him. She placed her hands on his bear, wet chest, feeling the droplets of water run down her fingers and onto her arms as she continued to look up at him.

" You are so beautiful." He said soothly as he pulled strands of damp bangs from her face, placing them behind her ear.

Alex could feel herself blush at his compliment as she contineud to look into his eyes, seeing nothing but love and care for her.

" I love you so much Sebastien." She replied softly.

" I love you too." He replied, before placing his lips onto hers again.

She trailed her hands behind his neck, locking her fingers together as she continued to accept his kiss. He kissed her more strongly this time, but yet passionatly. He loved her, and he wanted to show her. Not only by making her dinner, but by something that he'd been wanting since that very night. He leaned into her ear, whispering a question so he would make her feel comfortable and not rush her into anything. Alex giggled as she could feel the warm breath into her lobe, looking up into his beautiful green eyes as she simply replied:

" Yes."

She then opened up to him, letting them both release what they had felt and what they wanted for eachother. He released all of his passion into her, wanting her to feel how he felt about her and wanting to feel her with him and wanting to be with her. She closed her eyes as their moans and whimpers filled the bathroom.

She was finally not alone, she was finally loved. Alex had finally opened up to Sebastien with their desires and passions releasing into eachothers hearts, and souls.

What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 SebastienSiggie3
Thank You Ingrid for my Avatar and Siggie!! Much kisses to you!! MUAH!!!
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PostSubject: Epilouge - A Few Months Later   What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 EmptyThu Jan 08, 2009 1:01 am

She closed her eyes tightly as a smile crept across her lips, crossing her arms and leaning over the wooden rail. She breathed in deeply as the breeze flown through the long strands of her hair, flowing in the same motion as the ocean below. The sun barely waking the day as the lightest of it's rays danced on her cheeks, her skin soaking in all of it's warmth. She opened her eyes slowly, looking towards the beautiful colors just barely taking place in the sky before her, admiring all it's beauty and warmth.
She smiled and sighed as she felt someone's arms wrap around her, caressing her sides then guiding the hands to the front of her and caressing her stomach.

" Bonjour beau. (good morning beautiful)" His french accent warmed the inside of her ear.

" Good morning." She sighed happily as she tilted her head to give him a quick kiss on the lips. " I thought you were asleep."

" I could sense someone missing from my bed." He snickered as he placed his lips on her neck, lightly sucking her skin with every kiss. " Why are you up so early?"

" I wanted to see the sunrise." She smiled as she took her gaze from him back towards the rising sun. " It's been a long time since I've watched one."

" It truly is beautiful." He placed his chin upon her shoulder after breaking his lips from her skin. " But not as much as you."

" Yeah, you are so right." She rolled her eyes.

" You're damn right I'm right!" He smiled, placing his hands on her sides gently turning her around to face him. " How does it feel now that we are here?"

" I have to tell you, I'm the happiest woman alive, and the luckiest." She smiled, looking up into his warm green eyes.

" I'm so lucky to have someone like you, and it's great to know that I can wake up next to you everyday for the rest of my life." He smiled as he brought his hands into hers, intertwining their fingers together.

Alex smiled as she looked down into eachothers tangled together fingers. Looking down at a certain finger on her left hand. Looking at the beautiful jewelry that he had given her after their first recorded album made it to number one.

What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 Pear-Shaped-Round-Sapphire-Engageme

" I could say the same thing." She smiled up at him as she flipped her hair out of her face, letting the breeze take her strands away from her. " And I'm so happy that Katie was willing to let us be happy."

" Well, it will be easier concidering that she is in college now, and we're on our honeymoon." Sebastien chuckled as he continued to hold her hands into his. " Like I said though, I explained to her everything and she was very understanding."

" Which is a good thing, I don't think I would be able to stay away from you." She smiled.

" I could say the same thing." He smiled as he brought his hands from hers and onto her back side, pulling her body against his. He smiled down at her before leaning his head down and capturing her lips again, deepening and strengthening the kiss. " Why don't we get breakfast? I know a delicious diner down the street." He suggest after parting from her lips.

" Oh Sebastien, I'm kind of tired. I was thinking of going back to bed." She giggled.

" Lets do that!" He smiled as he brought his arms underneith her, picking her up off the floor.

" Ah!! Sebastien!! I didn't mean it like that!" She giggled as he carried her through the doorway and back into the bedroom. " I'm tired. What if I have a headache?"

" That's okay." He smiled as he pressed her against the sheets, kissing the side of her neck as they both laughed and giggled. " I know how to cure headaches."

The End

What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 SebastienSiggie3
Thank You Ingrid for my Avatar and Siggie!! Much kisses to you!! MUAH!!!
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PostSubject: Thank You!!   What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 EmptyThu Jan 08, 2009 1:04 am

**Thank You**

Well, my first ever fan fic that I have ever written and that I have ever posted has come to an end. And I have to say that it feels strange to know that I don't have to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And strange to know that I don't have to go to my computer at a certain time and type one or two chapters a night. But I have to say it has been an honor posting my first ever fan fic and reading everyones beautiful, wonderful, and enjoying comments! They are indeed something special, and I'm sure they all come straight from your hearts. This has been such a long and wonderful journey! And I hope some of you will understand why I have to thank a couple of people especialy, and that these are the people that have truly been by myside and helped me.

Carla ... I truly don't know how to put what I want to say into words. All I can say is thank you so much for your absolut honesty about my story, and letting me know when you cannot comments. Thank you so much Carla! You truly have been an amazing friend! Thank you so much!

Cyd ... You are truly awesome and great to me. I want to thank you for helping me with my chapters, and helping me come up with ideas for my story. It has truly helped me alot, and if it weren't for you, my story wouldn't have gone very far.

Dee - You are so friendly, and so helpfull, and so wonderful to me! Thank you so much for taking the time to pm me when there were mistakes and just being totally honest about my writing!! I hope to see more strories from you in the future! Love you!!

Ingrid ... You are truly amazing, a dear and close friend,and inspirational. Thank you so much for keeping me posting and being completely honest about my writing. I hope one day that I will write as well as you. And keep up with the writing girl! You are wonderful at it!! And thank you so much for your support through the good and the bad times. I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about! Wink I love you!

LG ... I would just like to say you are truly special and very unique in your own way. I want to thank you so much for being honest with my postings and keeping me up to date in when I should post (even when I forget LOL! ) Thank you so much LG! You are so supportive and generouse! Thank you so much again!
Sony ... Thank you so much for your support in my story and trying as much as you can to keep commenting! Your words are also very inspirational, and I just want to say thank you so much for always finding your way here to read.

Tina ... Siren Chicka! You have been a great friend to me through out this process. And I want to say thank you so much for you support and your kinds words on my story. It warms my heart to know that you are here and still reading, thank you so much!

And to the rest Angel_Wings, Didi, JJ, Patty, Rahaf, Rebekka, Reesie, Stephany,and Wilma thank you all so much for all of your beautiful, sweet, caring comments!! They were all truly inspirational and they are what has brought my story to here today. It has reached it's end, and it's all because of you guys. Your comments have inspired me, that it has been a first time that I have ever finished a story!!! Thank you all so much!! You truly are the best, and I hope to see all of you on my next one! Until then, keep reading, keep writing, and please be all sweet and caring as you all are now!!

What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 SebastienSiggie3
Thank You Ingrid for my Avatar and Siggie!! Much kisses to you!! MUAH!!!
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PostSubject: Re: What You Find By: Alexandria Siren (Alex)   What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 EmptySun Jun 06, 2010 5:39 pm

Just finished reading this fab story. Well done Alex and I was kinda hoping for a sequel!
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What You Find  By: Alexandria Siren (Alex) - Page 3 Empty
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What You Find By: Alexandria Siren (Alex)
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