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"We Came Here To Love".

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 Falling (END OF PART 1)

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PostSubject: Falling (END OF PART 1)   Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:29 pm


Lani ( Makaiau) JJ
Cyd ( Carlos wife)


Noel Renard

Thanks to Tina for the Beautiful Cover.

Chapter 1

Aulani Loses Noel... (Flashback 2004-2005)

On the Hawaiian Island of Hilo, Aulani is getting dinner ready for her fiancee Noel Renard, an Investment banker from Paris France.. They had been engaged now for 1 year and were planning their wedding for the upcoming new year 2005..

He was running late and decided to take a short cut to her place since he had moved from his hotel and had been staying with her when he was in town. They had plans to look for them a home in Hilo for when they would be there and use his home in Paris when they were to be in France..

There were bad parts of Hilo just like anyplace in a city and he stumbled onto a gang of drug dealers who thought he was rich so they attacked him stole his money and jewelry and left him for dead..

He had Aulani's address on him as his contact in Hilo, so the police contacted her after he died at the hospital from his injuries..

She had been alone on the island since the death of her family many years ago and she had no one to turn to when she received the call of Noel's death.. She had his family come to Hilo and they took his body back to France and had him buried there. After the Funeral she returned to Hilo and spoke to his family sometimes when the loss got to much for her to bear.

Aulani went to back to work as a reporter to help ease the pain and loss of Noel, giving her a purpose. That is how she met and became close friends with Sonia and Chloe..
They were roommates in New York where Chloe owned an art gallery and traveled around the world, finding young artists to expose their work to the world..

Sonia was a computer sales and service person for big corporations.. They had come to Hilo for a 2 week vacation in the beginning of 2005 and had met Aulani at a restaurant near the ocean as she was looking out to the sea missing Noel..

They became best friends as they had a lot in common so they had decided that when they went back to NY they would keep in touch through the internet, phone calls and visits as often as they could. Aulani was glad to share the life pain she was carrying around after the loss of Noel with her new friends.. They seem to understand that for her love had come, but now gone she had no interest in a new relationship, not now maybe not ever again..


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PostSubject: Re: Falling (END OF PART 1)   Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:33 pm

Chapter 2

Six months had passed since Chloe and Sonia had returned to work in the states. Lani had been kept busy with her travels and reporting. She had just returned home from a 3 week trip to find a message from her friends that they were coming back to the island for 2 weeks. They were also going to be attending an Il Divo concert while on the island.. Lani had not heard of this group before so she was interested as to why they would come so far to attend.

This would be the first concert the guys had performed on the Hawaiian islands, and they wanted some time off after. So this one was put at the end of the USA tour.

The guys would have 2 weeks on the island starting after the concert. Then they would head back to the UK for another week and then off to Sweden to start on their new CD.

Sebastien was quiet and the other guys worried he had not quite recovered from his last breakup with Lee Ann over 8 months before. They had been a couple for almost 2 years and when he caught her with another man in their home he had packed her bags and threw her and the luggage out the door.

He didn't think he wanted another relationship for a very long time. He felt that women only wanted the Divo and his money and fame and there was so much more to him than the Divo.

He wanted a woman to love him for the kind, caring and loving Frenchman he was in his everyday life.. Was that to much to ask?

The weeks went by fast and it was time for the guys to arrive on Hilo. Chloe and Sonia had arrived the day before and was overjoyed to find Lani waiting at the airport for them. They found her car and after getting the luggage into the trunk they settled down for the trip out to Lani's house where they would be staying for the next 2 weeks.

The guys would be staying at the : Castle Hilo Hawaiian Hotel

On the island of Hilo. It had many beautiful pools and a gym for Urs's taste. There were outdoor restaurants and the beautiful open rooms connected to the many beaches on the island.

The hotel was near the arena, so it was a perfect place to start out their mini vacation.
Carlos and Cyd had researched the hotel before leaving for the states. Knowing this was perfect for all of them to get some well deserved rest before anything had to be done with the new CD..

David and Urs were the confirmed single guys in the group, besides Sebastien. They both had put the last 2 years of hard work into making this a success and didn't think they would find ladies that could share and understand their passion for the music and the traveling it took to make the group a success.

After Chloe and Sonia had unpacked and settled in at Lani's they headed for the kitchen where she had made them all some lemonade and some refreshing fresh fruit to help cool them off.

“So are either of you going to tell me about this concert we are to attend in 2 days? Why is it you came all the way across country to see this group?” Lani looked from Sonia to Chloe and then waited for the answer.

“It is Il Divo that is performing and we would travel anywhere in the world to see them.” Sonia said all excited , as she looked at Chloe.

“Il Divo? I don't think I have ever heard that name or heard them perform.” Lani looked at Chloe and started to laugh when Chloe stuck out her tongue at Lani.

“Well you're going to hear them soon then and after you can see what the big deal is. I really don't think we should give her any more info on the group do you Sonia? Let her be surprised.” Chloe told Lani giggling throughout the comment.

Lani and the girls had no idea of the real surprise that was coming when they saw Il Divo, at least not for Lani.

“Alright you keep your secrets and see if I tell you what I think of your group after the concert.” Lani gave them a pout and then turned back to the window, looking at the beach and wondering if going to this concert would make her feel any better. She was still after all this time missing Noel, but it seemed to be getting easier for her to get through most of the days.

They spent the day relaxing on the beach and watching the cute guys in their skimpy suits trolling the beach.

Chloe was daydreaming as she sunbathed on the towel that she had brought with her and didn't see the group of guys sitting over to the far right of their little group. She would have been shocked to find that Il Divo was there on the beach too.

Sonia and Lani were in the water swimming and having fun. Sonia looked over at the man who swam by her and thought it looked like David. She thought maybe she should get out of the sun her eyes were playing tricks on her.

But no, David was right there swimming around and talking to Urs about the waves and the possibility of surfing after the concert was over.

It felt great to the guys to be out and no one seemed to notice them swimming and enjoying themselves. At last they had some peace from the hassle of the concerts and the screaming fans and all the major traveling they had been doing. This is what they needed some peace and contentment.

Sonia swam near to the two guys and kept looking at them till they noticed that they were being watched. They saw her and Lani swimming around and decided to talk to them. The ladies didn't seem to be the screaming kind that would rat them out being there in the water with them.

The girls turned and saw David coming toward them and Sonia's heart started beating faster. David was her favorite in the group.

Lani had not seen any pictures of them as a group so she had no idea these were some of the men she would see singing the next night at the concert. She did think that they were some awesome looking men and that Sonia was going to need help if she kept drooling the way she was since seeing the one dark tall man.

When they reached Lani and Sonia, the tall one began to speak to them.

“Hi, my name is David, and this guy over here is Urs.”

“Hello David, I am Sonia and this is Lani. How are you enjoying your time in Maui?” Sonia knew this was their first time to the island..

“This place is amazing. The water is so blue and clear and the air is great. The whole place is so peaceful here. I think I might want to move here.” David smiled at Sonia and she felt her heart leap into her throat.

“We just arrived from New York, my friend and I and it is great to be out of the big city and the fast paced life, into the peace and comfort of the water and the fresh air and the quiet here.” Sonia explained.

Urs looked at Lani, thinking she didn't look like she was from New York at all.

“You are from New York?” He asked her..

“Nope, I live here on the island but our other friend up on the beach is from New York.” Lani answered back. She thought this man would be perfect for Chloe. He was hot and sexy and she knew from the looks that he was not American but the other one seemed to be.

“So what are you two doing here at the beach. I thought you would be getting ready for the concert tomorrow night.” Lani asked them .

“We have the day off and will be back to the preparations for the concert tomorrow.” David told her smiling that 1000 watt smile that made Sonia's heart melt every time she saw him.

“So where are Carlos and Sebastien, today?”

“Sebastien is up on the beach, sunbathing.” David pointed to where he was all laid out.

“Oh, our friend Chloe is up there right near him sunbathing too.” Sonia told him showing him how close they all were.

“Carlos went off with his wife Cyd this morning to do some sightseeing and then they are going to join us for lunch later at the hotel.” Urs told them while looking at the beauty sunbathing near Sebastien. He could barely make her out but from what he could see she was a beautiful woman.

“OK so you are staying near here then?” Lani ask.

“Yes over at the 'Castle Hilo Hawaiian Hotel'. But please don't spread that around or we will never get any peace during this time off.” David spoke and hoped they would not give them away. But from the looks of them he felt their secret was safe with them.

He could feel a strange reaction in his body looking into Sonia's beautiful eyes and knew while he was there he wanted to get to know this beauty a lot better..

Urs decided to go up to the beach and stretch out and catch some sun. He also wanted to get close and see this beauty lying in the sun tanning while he was so close.

Sebastien had finally decided he was going to head to the suite since being in the sun made him sleepy. He didn't want fans finding him dozing on the beach..

So when Urs came out of the water he told him he would be resting in his room and to let him know when they got back up to their rooms. He would meet them for their lunch date.

He walked off as David, Lani and Sonia came out of the water and headed toward where Urs and Chloe were sitting.

Chloe had not seen Urs come out of the water or her eyes would have popped out of her head. Sonia knew Chloe had a thing for the Swiss and she was going to be stunned when they introduced them.

Sonia walked to their place on the beach as Chloe raised to look at who had sat down. Lani stood over her waiting to see what was going on with these two friends. She could tell Sonia was very attracted to the tall American called David.

“Chloe we are sitting right next to David and Urs.” Sonia says grinning and looking off to the right of them.

“Yeah, right. I think you two have had too much sun.” she commented giggling at her friends.

Lani looked at her then pointed to the two guys on the towels next to them. Her mouth dropped open and she could not utter a word.

She could see Urs in his trunks with water running down that amazing body. The body she had dreamed so many times to touch and love.

“Uh.. Where did they come from?” she kind of stuttered..

“They were in the water swimming with us till a few minutes ago.” Lani told her as she turned her head and stared at the two friends smiling back at her.

“You mean I have been laying here all this time and you have been swimming with the Swiss Bliss?” Lani looked at Sonia when she mentioned the Swiss ..

“Sorry, but that is what they call Urs in the Forum and the Ubers Den.” Chloe spoke up and tried to explain.

“What is a Forum and Ubers Den?” asked Lani confused by this information.

Urs came over, heard the comments and tried to explain that it was their website and that each guy had a place in the forum that was for their fans and they all had names for the guys.

“David's is the Dorm and their names are Divas, Sebastien's is the Chateau and his fans are the Sirens. Carlos's is the Casa and his fans are called Cuties.

"Urs is the Uber den and his fans are the Ubers.” David explained to Lani.

She tried to grasp this all but it seemed to be a bit more than she could get at first. The stunned and confused look on her face made the others all laugh at her..

“Sorry Lani, we will have to give you a lesson in Il Divo later and take you to the site and help you see the forum.” Chloe told her and felt bad they had not been in the site since arriving.

Chloe stood to the side watching Urs as he talked to Lani about the site dreaming about how she would love to just run her hands over his amazing chest and watching him move.

“CHLOE!” Sonia shouted at her after saying her name 3 times and getting nothing. But Sonia knew what she was looking at and daydreaming about and grinned at her when she answered with a “WHAT?”

“David and Urs asked if we would like to join them for lunch with the others in a couple of hours?”

“Oh sorry my mind wandered there for a few minutes. Sure I would love to have lunch with you guys, but one question. How do you plan on having any private time at lunch?”

“We have a private dining room waiting for us. So no one will know who is in there but us.” Urs explained as he picked up Chloe's hand and kiss the back of it making heat run through her body and his. He knew this would be a lady he wanted to know better.

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PostSubject: Re: Falling (END OF PART 1)   Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:40 pm

Chapter 3

Sebastien Meets Lani

Urs and David headed up to their suites to shower and change for lunch. The ladies on the other hand went off to Lani's house to do the same. Carlos and Cyd had been shopping for their new home in Madrid. They arrived back just in time to get changed into something more comfortable for the lunch date.

Urs, David and Sebastien were the first to arrive at the restaurant and were now having a cool refreshing drink. Carlos and Cyd arrived a few minutes later and were informed they would be having luncheon guests. They were due to arrive any minute. While they waited, Carlos ordered diet coke for himself plus a Sprite for Cyd. The drinks were brought to the table as the other guests arrived. Chloe, Sonia and Lani were introduced to the others and all were greeted with kisses to the cheeks.

Sebastien came over to greet Lani. When she looked into his face she went pale as a ghost. Chloe saw her friend going white and knew something was very wrong. Sonia looked over at Lani just about the time she began to fall. Sebastien too noticed her starting to fall and was there to catch her before she hit the floor. Everyone hurried to her, wondering what had just happened. Sebastien was holding her in his strong arms as the waitress came running to the room with some smelling salts, holding it under her nose, she began to come around.

“NOEL” Lani whispered. As she opens her eyes, she saw Sebastien holding her close, and was trying to speak to her.

“Who is Noel?” Sebastien asked, giving Chloe and Sonia confused looks.

“They were engaged to be married and he was killed.” Sonia explained to Sebastien.

Lani kept looking at Sebastien with the confusion that she felt inside. Was this her lost love returned to her? She wasn't sure but he was the same image as the man she had loved and lost. Carlos came to Sebastien's side and helped him get her off the floor were they had been sitting till she came around. They sat her between Chloe, Sonia and Cyd and asked a waitress for a glass of water for the lady. Meanwhile, Sebastien, who had stood back from the girls, just looked at Lani. He was trying to figure out just what was going on, and why she looked at him like she was lost.

“Ok, now that we have got Lani settled, how about someone explaining exactly what just happened and why?” David was the one speaking now. They were all confused by the fainting spell Lani had. Everyone found themselves a seat and Chloe began to tell them of how Lani and Noel had been planning their wedding when he was attacked and killed in a robbery gone wrong.

“Ok, I get that part and I am sorry for your loss, Lani. But I have to ask, why did you call Sebastien his name when you woke up?” Carlos could understand that this lovely lady had been through a lot in the past but it still didn't explain what their brother Sebastien had to do with it..

Sonia explained as best as she could. “Noel from all the pictures I have seen looks exactly like Sebastien. So much so they could have been twins.”

“Wow, did you ever know yourself to have a twin Sebastien?” David asked shocked..

“Non, I didn't grow up with anyone but my Maman. My father left just after I was born. I never saw him again. But heard later on through Maman that he died suddenly.” That was the story he had been told all his adult life.

“Ok, well seems something about you brings up Noel in Lani's mind. It may be just his looks but it was enough to give her a good fright.” Cyd was trying to figure out just how much Noel and Sebastien looked like twins to Lani.

“Lani, do you have a picture of Noel with you?” Urs asked the shaken young woman.

“Yes, I carry the one we had made for the engagement announcement with me.” She took the picture from her wallet and handed it to Urs first..

“Mein Gott, he does looked exactly like you Sebastien!” Urs said after looking at the picture and handing it to Sebastien to see.

Sebastien was stunned to see His face staring back at him from the picture. “This is not me but he really looks like me!”

After all the others had a look at the photo they gave it back to Lani. She in turn was still quite pale and they decided to order some food and see if that helped her feel better. Everyone had a look at the photo and it shocked them. No one knew what to say to Lani. Sebastien was watching Lani from his side view of her and could see when she glanced at him it still bothered her to look at him.

Sebastien took in all of her with his eyes. He couldn't believe this woman was his dream woman. She was the type of woman that he would be interested in, beautiful with long black hair down to her waist and the bluest eyes he had ever seen. She was tiny and compact in every way. She had the figure of a goddess. But, how could he even begin to be interested in someone that was still grieving over a lost love.

He didn't think she was anywhere near ready to move on. And the fact he looked like her lost love made him shiver. He would never know if it was him or Noel that she loved if he began a relationship with her.. But that didn't matter. For now she was beyond his reach. The one thing he didn't want was to be a replacement for any man. He wanted to be loved for himself.

After lunch was over the ladies left and went back to Lani's and she excused herself to go for a nap. She felt drained with so many emotions running through her mind and body. The emotions of why had this man been introduced into her life. Why was he here? It confused her. She felt emotionally charged with sadness. Noel had been the man she had chosen to spend the rest of her life with, but God had chosen a different path for her and Noel to take. Now, a man who was the absolute double of Noel, had entered her life. Why, oh why, now and was there some kind of reason for that, something that she did not understand?

Lani sighed as she remembered the song she had listened to over and over since the death of Noel. She knew she had tried to move on and most of the time she could . But there was always the pain in the back of her mind. She walked to the Cd Player in her room and put on the song HERE I AM
and laid down across her bed as the tears began to flow, staying that way and crying until she drifted off to sleep.

In the living room, Chloe and Sonia didn't know what to do to help their friend.. The pain had been too much once again. They remembered after they had met the first time and how hard it was for her to put Noel behind her. Seeing Sebastien had brought all the pain back. Would she ever be ready to let Noel go and move on? They didn't know the answer to that question, but they knew Sebastien would be good for her if she ever saw him instead of Noel.

Next: Sebastien Wonders?   Shocked


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PostSubject: Re: Falling (END OF PART 1)   Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:47 pm

I Want To Thank Yannic & Monette For The FRENCH Translations In This Chapter and Hopefully Many More.. I Want To do Justice To The Beautiful Langauge That Sebastien and These Special Ladies Use.

Chapter 4

Sebastien Wonders?

While Lani was dealing with her pain at her place, Sebastien was dealing with the picture in his mind of Noel Renard. He knew little of his father, but he did know his father's middle name was Renard. Could Noel Renard be his brother, a twin?

Only one person could answer his questions. He needed to know the answers for himself. Maman was the only one still alive to give them to him. He knew he had no way of going to Paris to see her. Maybe he could bring her to him. He picked up his cell, pressing the #1 and waited for his Maman to answer the phone. He had forgotten the difference in the time zones.

When she answered sounding like she was sleeping, he realized that he had woken her.

Maman, désolé de t'avoir reveillée. J'ai besoin de te parler de mon père. Est-ce que tu peux venir à Hawaii ? Je m'occupe du voyage ! S'il te plait !(“Maman, I am sorry that I woke you. I need to talk to you about my father. Is there a way you can come to Hawaii, if I arrange for the trip. Please!”)

Sebastien, est-ce que ca va ? Pourquoi as- tu besoin de me parler de ton père? Qu'est-ce qui se passe ?
(“Sebastien, are you alright? What do you mean you need to talk about your father? What has happened?”)

Je suis désole maman mais c'est trop long a t' expliquer au téléphone. Il y a quelque chose qu'il faut que tu voies ! Viens s'il te plait !
(“I am sorry Maman, but it is too long to go into detail over the phone. I have something you need to see. Please Maman, come to me!”)

D'accord Sebastien . Quand veux -tu que je vienne ?
(“Alright Sebastien, I will come. How soon do you want me there?”)

Je m'occupe de tout . Telephone moi demain matin. J'ai besoin de toi maman, viens aussi vite que possible. J'ai une chambre pour toi et je vais laisser une clé à la réception. et une voiture va t'attendre à l'aéroport pour t'amener a l'hotel
(“I will make the arrangements as soon as we hang up. Check with me when you get up in the morning. I need you Maman, please as soon as possible. I have a spare room in my suite so I will leave the key at the desk. Also a car will be waiting at the airport to bring you to me.”)

D'accord , je vais essayer de venir demain ! En attendant , repose toi Sebastien , Je t'aime.
(“That will be fine. I will try to be there tomorrow, Get some rest Sebastien and I will see you soon. I love you!”)

Bonne nuit maman, je t'aime.
(“Goodnight Maman. I Love You Too.”)

Bonne nuit mon fils.
(“Goodnight my son.”)

Sebastien hung up the phone and went to Urs's room. He knocked on the door. Urs answered and let him in then closed the door behind him.

“What is it Sebastien?”

“I have called Maman, and asked her to come here to help understand what is going on with Noel Renard.”

“Why would you do that Sebastien?”

“Because Urs, that picture has really shook me up. My father's middle name was Renard, Urs.”

Sebastien sat down with a heavy sigh. He wasn't able to tell Urs much yet, but he needed to talk to his friend. He wanted Urs to be with him when he spoke to Maman.

“I need to know if it is possible that Noel Renard is my twin, Urs.”

“Do you really think that is possible Sebastien?”

“Oui, I do Urs.

Urs sat down across from Sebastien, looking into the troubled eyes of his friend. How could he help? He wasn't sure what Sebastien needed from him, but he would do what he could to help.

“What do you need me to do Sebastien? How can I help you?”

“For now I need you to be with me when I speak to my Maman.”

“OK, but how will that help?”

“I am not sure yet Urs. I just know I need you there.”

“What do you think Maman will be able to tell you about your father? I thought she had no contact with him after he left you?”

“I thought so too, but I might be wrong, or..”

“Or what Sebastien? Do you think she lied to you about him?”

“Actually I am beginning to think she knows who Noel Renard is.”

“Do you think he is your twin Sebastien?”

“My feelings are that Yes, he is or was!”

“Oh boy, well this will be hard on her to explain if she is hiding something.”

“You need to go slow with her Sebastien. If she is hiding something, then being upset with her is not going to help.”

Urs wanted Sebastien to think before he accused Maman of anything. He knew that kind of questioning would not get the answers he would need.

“I do understand Urs, and I will try to be patient.”

“That is all I ask Sebastien. If Noel was your twin then it will be hard for her to relive that past.”

“Hmmmmmm, I agree it will bring up some very unhappy times.”

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PostSubject: Re: Falling (END OF PART 1)   Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:49 pm

Chapter 5

Chloe & Urs Talk And....!?

While Sebastien went for his shower, Urs called the number Chloe gave him before they left today after lunch. He was concerned with how Lani was doing after her fainting spell. He could tell this whole thing had really started to take a toll on Sebastien.

It was after a few rings, he heard a voice say, “Hello”.

“Is this Chloe?” Urs asked, as he wasn’t sure if it was. He thought it might be Sonia.

“No, but she is right here, who is calling please?”

“This is Urs Buhler, from lunch this afternoon.”

“Hello Urs, this is Sonia. Hold on and I will get Chloe for you.” Sonia replied. There was a couple of minutes of silence, before he heard her voice over the line.

“Hello Urs, it is great to hear from you.”

“Hi Chloe, I wanted to ask if you would come to the hotel this evening for Dinner and drinks with me?”

“Just the two of us Urs?”

“Yes, just us two. Is that a problem Chloe?”

“No, not a problem. Just Lani is resting and one of us needs to be here with her for now.”

“Well I am on my own for the evening and would like to discuss something personal with you, if you don't mind? Dinner will be casual and in my suite since it is private.”

“I would love to have dinner with you Urs. What time should I be there?”

“About 7 pm would be fine.”

“Ok, I will see you at 7 pm in your suite, what room number is it?”

“Suite 600. Thank you Chloe, see you in a while then Bye.”

“Your welcome Urs and see you soon, Bye.”

Chloe and Urs hung up at the same time and when Chloe turned to Sonia who had a huge grin on her face.

“Don't look at me like that.” Chloe giggled and stood to go for her shower and began to get ready for her Dinner date with Urs. It was 5:30pm already so she needed to hurry.

Sonia peaked into Lani's room and found her sleeping, reaching over she pulled the throw off the edge of the bed. Covering her up then left the room. She went back to the living room to find Chloe coming out of the bathroom, in her robe and hair in a towel. She thought that Chloe was going to go all out, just for a date with the Swiss Urs Buhler. But she couldn't blame her if David had called and asked her out, she would have jumped at the chance to spend time with the American.

Chloe headed into her room to pick out her outfit for the night, it was going to be a private thing so she went for black hi hugging jeans. Adding a Baby blue sparkled tank top with them. The colors brought out her chocolate eyes and dark chocolate hair.

A touch of lite makeup and her black ankle boots finished off her outfit for the evening. She didn't want to give the wrong impression, but wanted to be comfortable. After finishing in her room she picked up her shoulder bag, heading back to the living room to see Sonia before she left.

“You sure you don't mind I go out tonight? I can call Urs back if you would rather I don't go.”

“Are you crazy cancel on the Swiss Bliss?”

“I know, but I feel bad your sitting here alone.”

“Don't feel bad for me, if I wanted to go out I could. But I am going to see how Lani is after she wakes up, then make us something to eat.”

“If your sure?”

“Yes now go! Have a good time tonight.” Sonia blew her a kiss as she walked out the door to her rental car.

When she arrived at the hotel, she went straight to the elevators and inside she pushed the 6th floor button. Standing back against the wall she noticed that she was not alone in the elevator, looking over at the man inside the elevator was none other then David Miller.

“Hello David, it is good to see you again.”

"I am sorry, I didn't see you there. Chloe right?”

“Yes I am Chloe.”

“What brings you to the hotel this evening?”

“I have a dinner date with your band mate Urs.”

“Oh, that is very interesting, he never mention you and the others coming.”

“Oh sorry, but Sonia and Lani aren't here just me.”

“Oh so where have you left the others then?”

“They are both back at Lani's house.”

“How is Lani tonight?”

“She was resting still when I left them.”

“I hope she feels better then she did today at lunch.”

“I am sure after some rest she will be Ok.”

“I felt so bad for her after hearing about the death of her boyfriend, what a terrible thing to live thru.”

"Yes but she is getting better, it was just seeing Sebastien that brought it all back up. I think we should have warned her, that they looked alike.”

“I doubt you even thought about meeting us face to face, so I think your not to blame.”

The elevator bell rang at the 6th floor and when the doors open there in Blue jeans and a tight Harley blue t-shirt stood her date, Urs in all his loveliness. She almost couldn't speak. He smiled at her then noticed David standing in the door, and said good evening and goodbye.

They could talk later he wanted some alone time with her, starting now he didn't want to share this time with his brother. David excused himself, heading to his room since all their suites were on this floor. They would hear about his evening later if, Urs wanted to let them in on it.

“You look beautiful Chloe!” Urs's eyes wondered all up and down her body, he was spellbound by her looks and outfit.

This could be a very exciting night he thought, as he took her hand and lead her to his room. After opening the door he stood back and let her enter first. He of course was a gentleman, and he knew how to treat a lady of her standing.

“Thank You Urs for meeting me at the elevator, and inviting me for dinner.” she blushed a bit which made Urs smile.

“Your welcome, I was going to come down to the lobby and meet you there. But I was concerned a bit that some of the fans might see one of us, and know where we are.”

“It is ok, and don't worry your secret hiding place is safe with me.” she giggled when he turned a bit red in the face.

“Would you like a drink Chloe? Please have a seat while I get the drinks.” He motioned at the sofa in the lounging area of the room.

Chloe looked around at the room and could see where the waiters had set the dining room table for two. The lights were low and candles burn thru out the rooms. She could hear soft music coming from a place in the lounge area too. Was this going to be a seduction, or did he just want to make her feel special? She didn't know Urs well except what she read in parts of the Official Forum, so she wasn't ready to jump into anything this evening.

Urs came into the room carrying a soda for Chloe, and a beer for him. He wasn't leaving the building tonight and Chloe was driving, so he felt alcohol was not the best idea for the night. He could see the look come across her face as she took in the setting of the rooms.

“Don't look so frighten, nothing is going to happen tonight. At least nothing we don't want to have happen. I don't make a habit of inviting women to dinner and take advantage of them. To be honest I have to get to know someone before I start making any moves, toward a more intimate relationship.”

“I understand Urs and so you know I don't do one night stands. I have more respect for myself and the man then that.”

“Good then now that we are sure of where this evening is not going, how about let's eat first?”

“I am hungry so that sounds great.”

Urs stood and took her hand, leading her to the table and pulled out her chair for her. After seating her then he took the chair across from her and began to serve the food.

They ate and talked about their lives and their jobs, she knew some of what he did in the past due to the Forum. But it was nice to hear from him, all about his past history. After dinner and dessert was consumed, they moved the dishes to the cart. Urs placed it out side his door for the waiter to pick up. They headed back to the lounge, and seated again next to each other. Urs began the questions about Lani that had been floating around all day.

“Urs can I ask something before we talk about Sebastien and Lani?”

“Sure, ask anything you want.”

“What is the status with your so called girlfriend?”

“Wow, that is a loaded question. OK well, I have not been in a relationship for over 2 years. I have had some girlfriends that might have lasted a few weeks. Most of them want the Divo, not Urs the man. Can I ask why you want to know this?”

“Well I do go to the forum, as I have told you and read where you have been involved in a long relationship with a lady. Also that your talking marriage to her.”

“I don't want to get hurt, and as I said I don't do short term or one night stands either. I don't want to hurt you but I have to know what is going on, if only to make decisions in my life.”

“OK well I told you I am not in a relationship or discussing Marriage with anyone. Eden and I broke up for several reasons, and I am just getting comfortable being able to think about moving forward. You are the first lady, I have even met that I feel I could let myself get close too.”

“I know it is really early, but I have to say how I feel, I really want a chance to see if we can have a relationship. I am not asking about your personal life to get information for anyone else. This is for us or for me. I just need to know if your interested in working on a relationship now?”

“I believe you Chloe, and I don't think your lying to me so please, feel free to speak your mind.”

“I just want to know if your ready to be in a new relationship?”

“Are you wanting to know if I want a relationship with you? Cause the answer is already a Big YES!! I have felt a connection to you all day and that is a big step for me.”

“I have felt it to Urs and I do want to take a chance on us, if your willing?”

“I am so more then willing Chloe.”

They stop talking and stared at each others eyes, not doing anything but hold hands for now. They both could feel the spark thru their finger tips and it was mind blowing.

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Chapter 6

Urs and Chloe Talk Part 2.

Urs decided he better get control and soon cause the feelings he was having, made him want to kiss her, till her bones melted or his did.

“Chloe, can you explain to me the relationship between Noel and Lani please? I am confused, it seems from her reaction to Sebastien that what happen was more recent.”

“I really only know half of the story I guess, but Noel was a French banker. He and Lani were to be married but then he was attacked and killed. She had a very hard time getting over the pain.”

“From what I have seen, she is a long way from being over his death. I don't think this will be good for Sebastien, since I think he is already feeling something for her.”

“I am sorry Sonia and I didn't tell her to start, how much Sebastien and Noel looked alike. It really never crossed our minds. But I think when Lani gets to know Sebastien, she will figure out he is not Noel.”

“I hate to say this but Noel could be related to Sebastien!”

“How do you mean related Urs?”

“Sebastien thinks he might be his twin brother.”

“OH NO, that is impossible isn't it?”

“Well as we speak Sebastien's mum is coming from Paris to talk to him about this. Even though she doesn't know it yet.”

“What do you mean, she doesn't know yet?”

“Sebastien called her and ask her to come. He only told her that he needed to discuss his father with her.”

“Ok well now I am more confused, what could his father have to do with Noel?”

“Seems from all he has told me so far, is that his parents broke up right after his birth. He thinks he and Noel were Twins. His father took Noel with him, leaving Sebastien with his Mother. Seems Noel used his father's middle name as his last name.”

“Are you telling me that Renard was Sebastien's father's middle name?”

“Yes that is what Sebastien told me this evening. I don't know what this will mean to Lani or Sebastien.”

“I think Lani will have a even harder time dealing with this news, since now Sebastien and Noel have more of a history, then even she knew. Why didn't Noel tell her he had a brother, or more important a twin?”

“There is a good chance Noel didn't know the truth either.”

“How do we tell Lani about this?”

“I for one don't think we should say anything. Well not till Sebastien has a chance to speak to his Mother.”

“Ok, well maybe that is the best way to handle this for now.”

“So where are you all going after you leave the island?”

“I am not sure, I have not looked at the new schedule yet. But as soon as I know I will give you our itinerary so we can keep in touch. That is if you still want too?”

“Of course I do, Urs.”

She reached over and kissed him very softly on the lips, as he took the lead and put more passion into the kiss. Pulling back they were both breathless and couldn't think of what to do next. They just knew they needed to do that again. It was after a while Chloe backed off and stood, she needed some space from this wonderful man. It was to be the hardest thing she would do till now.

“I think I need to go and let you get some sleep and I need some fresh air.”

“Can we spend the day together tomorrow, please?”

“Of course I would love to spend the day with you. Call me when you get up at Lani's and we can make plans then.”

Urs stood at this point taking her into his arms, kissing her till her mouth open, and letting him run his tongue across her lips. When she backed away she knew this would be a long night. She really didn't want to leave him, but it was something they agreed on that they would go slow.

“Good night Urs, see you tomorrow.”

“Good night Chloe, I will call you in the morning. Do you want me to walk you to your car?”

“Thanks, but it might be better if your not seen with me. Well not coming out of your room,”

“I don't care what people think.”

"Yes well it will be harder to say good night in the front of your fans.”

“Alright I will do that here then.”

Urs kissed her once more time and then open his door. He gave her a hug before she walked out. and headed to the elevator. He stood watching till she got in, and the doors closed, then he shut his and leaned against it. He wondered if this agreement of taking it slow would really work out? He knew that he hadn't wanted her to leave just now, and sleep would be far off this night, when his mind was already on Chloe.

Next: Mrs. Izambard Arrives!

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Chapter 7

Mrs. Izambard Arrives!!

Maman arrived in Hilo tired and ready for some sleep. She had tried to figure out what it was that Sebastien, needed to see her so soon for? What couldn't wait till he returned to Paris? She just hoped she had the answers, for whatever he was concerned about. There was a car waiting for her when she came thru customs, with a porter ready to pick up her luggage. They then headed to a waiting ramp with her. He helped her into the Sedan and then, loaded her luggage into the trunk before they were off to the hotel.

Sebastien had planned on her picking up her key at the front desk, so he was waiting when the bell boy arrived with Maman and the luggage. He showed the bellboy the room to place her things, then after tipping and letting him out he went to hug his mother. She didn't notice at first but he was quite nervous, about getting into her private life. She could feel the tension in her son, and wondered what had happen here in the islands to cause this?

“Alright Sebastien, what is so important you had me fly here from Paris? What was so urgent that it couldn't wait till you got back to Paris?” Maman ask as she went to sit on the couch and rest her feet and legs.

“I am sorry Maman, but if I had waited then I might have changed my mind about asking.”

“Asking, I do not understand Sebastien? What are you talking about?”

“Well I wanted Urs here to help with this, I wonder if I should call him?”

“What does Urs have to do with this Sebastien?”

“I just needed him to help explain what has happen since we have arrived here in Hawaii.”

“Well please go on, I am waiting to hear what is so important?”

“Ok, well we met some ladies at a concert the other night, some very nice young ladies. Then we had lunch with them and turns out that a lady named Lani, who lives on this island was engaged to a man named Noel Renard.”

“Alright I am understanding that you may like this Lani, but she is involved?”

“No, Maman it turns out Lani's future husband was murdered, in a robbery back about 2 years ago I think they said. Also she showed us a picture of Noel Renard, he looks like a twin to me!”

“What do you mean a twin?”

“We could have been twins, we look so much alike. I know if I had a twin you would have told me. YES?”

“Sebastien, I only had you. You have NO twin brother.”

“Ok can you figure out how we look so much alike then Maman?”

Sebastien sat staring at his mother wondering how this could be? They were not twins then how could someone look almost identical to him? He could tell his mother was thinking about something and wondered what she would have to say about this.

“Sebastien, I am sure you I have no twins, that is all I can tell you!”

“Ok. But what is it that you were thinking Maman?”

“I am sorry, but I really don't want to get into anything with you when it comes to your father.”

“MY FATHER, what has he to do with this Maman? He has been out of our lives since I was born, you told me you threw him out.”

Sebastien stood up and ran his fingers thru his hair, this was getting more confusing. First he sees a pic that could have been his, and then he finds out no twins and now his father is involved. He wasn't sure if this could be bad news or good, but the way his mother was acting it was a painful memory and she didn't want to get into it with him. But he needed to know the truth and NOW!

“Maman, I need to know what this is all about. Please explain.”

“Alright but you won't like it Sebastien. Years ago I found out your father had a woman on the side. He was living with her when he traveled for what I thought was work. I found out after I was 7 months along with you that she was also pregnant and he was keeping the whole thing a secret from me.”

“Oh, I see now why you didn't want to remember, I am sorry for asking Maman. But this is important to me. Please go on.”

“Well I never told your father I knew about the other life till you were born. Then I threw him out and he moved in with the other woman. They had the baby, 2 months after you were born. I heard from some old friends that the child was a boy, and his name was Noel Renard. Your father didn't want me to know about the baby so he used his middle name, instead of Izambard.”

“So even though he was not my twin brother, he was my half brother?”

“I am sorry Sebastien, I never wanted you to know what a horrible man your father was.”

“Maman, I already knew how much he hurt you, and I am not sorry he wasn't around.”

“So do you know anything about his family at all now?”

“No, his mother and your father are all gone, and I know he died some time back. I have no idea of the past with him, even though your father raised him in France. Outside of Paris.”

“Oh, ok well now what to do Maman?”

“I don't know what to say, what will you do now? How will you tell this lady, that she was engaged to your half brother?”

“I don't know any other way then to tell her the truth Maman. I can't lie to her now that I know who Noel was and what connection he and I had.”

“But I get the feeling you might care or could care for this woman?”

“Yes Maman, but if it happens it would be a long way off. She fainted when she took one look at me and thought I was Noel returned to her.”

Maman could tell the last part hurt him so much. She knew he would never want to live in his brother's shadow, and that if he and Lani got together, it had to be him she would love not a replacement for Noel. She didn't know how to help her son, she gave him all the information she had. Now he had to deal with the rest, and she would be there for him.

“Maman would you please meet Lani with me, and help me explain this all to her so she is no longer in the dark, about the reason I look so much like Noel?”

“Of course my son and I will try to help her understand your Sebastien Izambard and not Noel Renard.”

"Thank you Maman.”

Sebastien stood and gave his mother a hug and kiss on the cheek then walked into his room, he need to make plans to see Lani right away.

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Chapter 8: - Urs & Chloe on Date.

Sebastien got in touch with Lani, but she was not going to be home till the next day. She has something’s needed done in the next town, so she would be very late getting back. He made arrangements for her to have dinner with him and his maman in his suite. He would send a car if needed but she was sure she could do fine getting there. Urs in the meantime wasted little time trying to arrange a date with Chloe, he wanted to take her to dinner then dancing. Since the group had started he had become a fair dancer and loved the idea of holding her in his arms and he couldn't wait for that chance.

While Urs was on the cell phone to Chloe, David made up his mind he wanted to get to know Sonia better. What better time then while Lani and Chloe were busy with their lives. David phoned Sonia and ask her out to lunch, maybe some sightseeing and she gladly excepted. They arranged to meet at the hotel and then walk to the down town area which Sonia was very familiar with. Sebastien took his maman too town and showed her the sights since they were free for the day also.

Cyd and Carlos spent the day shopping and then having Lunch on the beach and doing some sunbathing. Everyone but Urs and Chloe met for dinner in the hotel Restaurant and enjoyed a free night. Urs was getting ready for his date with Chloe and was picking her up in the lobby. She was being dropped off by Sonia.

It was to be a casual night just a nice dinner and dancing, with Urs wearing black jeans, a beautiful midnight color dress shirt, and of course, his black boots. Chloe would wear a short black dress made to show off her figure but in a classy way. She was looking forward to being in his arms again. She had thought long and hard about the talk they had, and was still concerned with the way they had been attracted to each other so soon. She didn't want to get hurt and felt that she, didn't know Urs well enough to trust that once they left and return to their busy life. Would he find someone else? How would that make her feel after letting him get so close to her heart? She was worried she would never be as important to him as he was to her.

If she looked in the mirror she saw nothing but a plain ordinary person, and of course he was a international singer with women throwing themselves at all of them. She wondered how Cyd handled Carlos being a flirt on stage and the women who wanted her husband? The one thing that was important was that Cyd was a wonderful person and a beautiful, elegant lady with tons of class. So she felt that she had nothing to worry about when it came to her relationship with her husband. She understood how they could be attracted to her husband. She knew Carlos adored her and that when all was said and done he was hers and his home was with her. If Chloe became involved with Urs, she would need to learn from Cyd or she would never feel comfortable in his life. But hopefully they would have a talk about this before they headed back to their busy lives.

Urs met Chloe in the lobby and she handed the car keys over to Sonia and then they headed to the Limo Urs had hired for the evening. Chloe took one look at him and knew she didn't want to let him out of her life. They headed to a club the manager at the hotel recommended and would have some slow dancing and pop music. Urs really had a chance to look Chloe over as they got into the limo. He thought the dress really showed off her petite figure and was perfect for the evening. As they arrived the Limo driver parked and got out giving Urs his card for when they were ready to leave to phone him. Urs escorted Chloe to the door, paid the cover charge and then they found a private table in the back of the club, in order to have some privacy. Urs was not ready to share his date with anyone.

They ordered drinks a German Beer for him and a Virgin Cocktail for her. As they waited for the waitress to bring their drinks they watched the dancing and listen to the music. The waitress returned with the drinks and the menu and they ordered hamburgers and fries. They wanted simple and easy tonight, Urs wanted no pressure on her. After they ordered, a song Chloe loved came on and she ask Urs if he would dance with her. They headed to the dance floor to the song 'One' by the Bee Gees and did a slow start but after a few minutes really got into the dance and the song.

As Urs listen to the words he felt like they were written for him and Chloe. He would have to find this Cd and play it in the future. It would become their song if it were up to him.

"ONE" Bee Gees

I feel my heartbeat,
when you run your fingers through my hair.
(Yeah) I can feel you,
I can feel you by my side when you're not there.
(Yeah) Just as my life fades to darkness
you you make me see the light.
Show me that my search is over
I pay the price, I pay the price.

Tell you someday Baby, you and I should be one, one.
Do it always, brighter than the eye can see, we hide the sun.

The taste of love is sweeter like honey on the vine,
like the wind that feeds the fire, two souls become entwined.
Someday baby you and I should be one, one.

So I'm standing 'round this corner
Tall enough to touch the New York sky, oh yes
My love is so blind
I just cannot hear or see the world go by, oh yes
Someone can love so completely
One kiss should break the sea.
Truth can be stranger than fiction
This love is real
This love is real.

Tell you someday Baby, you and I should be one, one.
Do it always, brighter than the eye can see, we hide the sun.

Ah we are one, we are one.

I will follow
Count on me, I'll never let you down, oh yes
My devotion
If love is an ocean I'll surely drown, oh yes
You'll be my only possession
I'll be a slave to you
We hold the power together
Just me and you
Just me and you.

Tell you someday Baby, you and I should be one, one.
Do it always, brighter than the eye can see, we hide the sun.
Tell you someday Baby, you and I should be one, one.

[You know my life is in your hands,
and every breath you take is planned
and all this love goes on forever.]

Tell you someday Baby, you and I should be one, one.
Do it someday Baby, you and I should be one, one.
Do it someday Baby, you and I should be one, one.... (Repeat to Fade)

Urs noticed while they were dancing that many eyes were on Chloe as her dress twirled around her while she danced with him. He was so happy to have her in his arms and hopefully some day they would be ONE !! He knew they had to get use to each other and when they got back to the hotel he wanted to talk to her about what comes after he goes back to work.

Would she come to him when or where ever they were? Would he have to ask her to be with him? He knew he would since she wouldn't just go to him without knowing how he was feeling about them as a couple. They finished the dance and headed back to the table as their food was brought to them. They enjoyed each other and their food and as they shared more information about their past and growing up they became much closer and he hope tonight they would be able to put to rest any questions about how serious he was about her.


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Chapter 9: - After The Date.

Urs and Chloe went back to the hotel after the date, as they had agreed to talk about their future, before she left for the night. Chloe couldn't very well take him to Lani's, so the best place was his room. Once they were in his room they sat on the couch and talked.

“Chloe, listen to me please. As much as I would want to make love to you, now is just not the time. We need to get to know each other more, and we both, I think need to be sure if this is what we want.”

“Urs, I am not ready for that step. Please don't get me wrong, I want us to come together as one, but till we know for sure that this is the next step, I want to move slowly.”

“I feel like if we made love now that you would feel cheated, since we will both be heading back to our busy lives and may not see each other for a while. I couldn't handle the idea of you feeling used by us spending one night together.”

Urs pulled her into his arms and held her tight kissing her lips and earlobe and down her neck. Her fingers were entwined in his hair and she couldn't help but moan. The things that mouth could do to her, how would she get through without him by her side, once they left the island?

“Chloe, please stay with me tonight?”

“But I thought we agreed not to go there yet?”

“I didn't say we would make love but I want so much to have you in my arms. To awake to your face in the morning, please Chloe!” he asked. She sat up and looked into his pleading eyes. She knew he would want to keep his word, but could she really trust him to do so?

“Alright Urs, I will stay but please let’s not go there yet. I want the time to be right and it must mean something besides lust for it to happen.”

“I have a t-shirt you can wear to bed. I will get it and let you change.”

Chloe sat there thinking, was she doing the right thing by refusing to make love? This might be the only chance, she may ever get with this wonderful man? She knew she couldn't cause her heart was already involved, and to make love now would break her heart if she went, and gave herself to him and then he never saw her again. She didn't think Urs would do that but really she wanted more from him then to be a one night stand.

Urs entered the room to see her looking out the bay window and she seem to be a million miles away. He wondered did she trust him to not push so hard for more? He wanted her there was no doubt about that, but he had to prove himself trustworthy in her eyes. He walked to her and handed the T-shirt as she turned and headed to the bathroom to change. Urs went to his room and undressed down to his Calvin's and then turn down the bed. It was a king size bed. Chloe came out of the bathroom as he was finishing up fixing the sheets.

“Wow, I have never seen you look so hot, Urs!” she said stunned. He smiled and took her into his arms again. He kissed her, as he picked her up and placed her on the huge bed. Then climbing in beside her and covering them up with the sheet they held each other and kissed good night.

“Sweet Dreams, liebling.”

“Sweet dreams to you, my Swiss!” she said, and they cuddled up together. They drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

As Chloe and Urs were ending their night, at Lani's place David was saying goodnight to Sonia and making plans for breakfast, and then a long trip by car around the island scenes. This would give them time to talk away from everyone and then also give Lani the time alone she needed to deal with her discussion with Sébastien and his Maman. David took Sonia into his arms, and gave her a bone melting kiss good night then left in the taxi. He would see her bright and early in the morning and couldn't wait.

Cyd and Carlos retired early as did Maman. Sébastien sat out on his balcony wondering if he would ever be able to trust Lani to love him if they began a relationship EVER!? He knew that right at this time, she was still in the grief period over Noel, but at some point that period would end. Would she turn to him or move on with someone totally new? He wanted her to turn to him, but was not sure how to make that happen if she could not separate the brothers from each other. As each couple lay in their beds or together, the fates had decided the journey each couple would take. Tomorrow would begin their journey towards the future.

In the mist of all of this a loved one would be lost, and the lives that she touched would be forever changed

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Chapter 10
The Truth For Lani.

The next evening found Lani at the door to Sebastien's suite. Not knowing for sure what he wanted to say to her, she was nervous. She knocked and Maman answered.

“Bonsoir Lani” Maman knew who Sebastien was expecting so she had no problem greeting her.

“Good Evening, Mrs. Izambard. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Maman showed her to the living room, offering her a drink which she refused. Then she proceeded to sit on the couch trying to calm her nerves. She was very aware of Sebastien's mother watching her, taking in her looks from head to toe. She didn't think it was that important since she and Sebastien were not involved with each other.

Sebastien walked in from the dining area and welcomed Lani with kisses to her cheeks as she stood to greet him. He showed her the way to the dining room, pulling her seat out and then helped seat his Maman.

“Sebastien you didn't have to go through all of this for me. We could have spoken on the phone since now I see your Maman is here. I don't want to intrude.”

“You are not intruding Lani. Maman is here to help me explain about my half brother, Noel Renard.”

“Excuse me? Did you just say your HALF BROTHER?”

Lani was stunned and didn't understand how this was possible. Looking to Maman for the answers to the questions running through her mind already, from just the one statement.

“Lani let me explain then I will answer any questions you have.” Sebastien told her holding her hand on the table.

“Ok, I am listening Sebastien.”

“I asked Maman to come here after I saw the picture you had of Noel. I couldn't understand how we could look so much like twins and not know each other. It seems my father had a relationship for some years behind Maman's back and the lady got pregnant about the same time Maman was expecting me.”

“Oh Maman, Sebastien I am so sorry. Are you sure you should be explaining this all to me?”

“Oui, it is part of the reason Sebastien was upset when he saw the picture.”

“Anyway, Maman divorced my father not long after I was born. He moved in with his new family. We heard he had started going by the last name of Renard. Turns out Noel and I have the same father.”

“Oh boy Sebastien, how long have you known this?”

“Maman told me the whole thing when she arrived from Paris yesterday.”

“You mean you never told him that he had a brother, half or otherwise?”

“Non, I didn't find out about the child till years later. I didn't want Sebastien to know what kind of man his father turned out to be.”

“Ok, so that means the man I fell in love with was really an Izambard?”

“Oui, you could say that YES!”

“Oh boy, well now what Sebastien?”

“Well I guess if you have any more questions then I or Maman can try to answer them for you.”

“Well, I have one. Maman do you still have contact with your ex husband?”

“Non, he died back a few years ago. We had not spoken since the divorce either before his death.”

“OK.” Lani looked from Sebastien to Maman and wondered what all of this meant, and what was she to do with this information? Noel was dead and nothing was going to bring him back. Even though when she saw Sebastien she thought that he had returned to her.

Sebastien called the waitress in from the kitchen. As she began to serve the food, Lani was lost in her thoughts. She knew that she needed to move on. Here Sebastien had brought his Maman over from Paris to help her understand the link between the two men.

They enjoyed the dinner speaking of Paris and the lovely island they were now staying on. Maman was thrilled that not only did Sebastien handle this news well, Lani seem to be processing the information and that was a start.

After dinner was over they had coffee in the living room area again. They said “Bonne Nuit” to Maman and then talked about the events a bit more.

By the time Lani was ready to leave they had become comfortable around each other. She was not seeing Noel when she spoke to or looked at Sebastien. She felt like that it was at least a start toward the healing, putting Noel and her past behind her.

Sebastien walked her to the car and kissed her on the cheeks, as she went to drive off.
He wanted to ask her out but felt they would need to take things slowly till she had come to grips with all the information tonight.
He found he was willing to wait till she came around, but he wasn't sure if or when that might be.

He headed back to his room, but not before he stopped off to talk to Urs. He hoped Chloe was not here tonight. He knocked on the door and waited as he heard Urs call out he was coming.

He heard the lock and then the door opened to see Urs standing in a robe and drying his hair.

“Are you alone?” Sebastien didn't want to intrude.

“Ja, I am alone, come in.”

Sebastien entered and went to the living area and took a seat on the chair nearest the door.

“What is wrong Seb?”

“Nothing is wrong Urs, it is just Lani had dinner earlier with Maman and I and she just left. We told her about Noel.”

“Wow, well I knew you were going to. How did she take it?”

“Better than I or Maman thought she would. But I still think it will take time to process all of the information. I am afraid that any kind of relationship with Lani might be out of the question.”

“Did she say that?”

“Non, she didn't. It is more a feeling that she will always see Noel in me even if it is only the physical appearance that is the same.”

“I think you need to give her time Seb and let her come to terms with everything and not push. You may be surprised if she can put all the past behind her and move forward.”

“You may be right Urs.”

“Well it won't hurt to try.”

“How are things with you and Chloe?”

“Wonderful, amazing, I am falling for her and I can't wait till we move this relationship forward.”

“You mean with her here last night nothing happened?”

“Nein, we did sleep in the same bed and snuggled in each others arms but that is as far as it went.”

“But why, aren't you two ready to move forward?”

“I think she is afraid to since we both will be leaving in a few days and she doesn't want to be a one night stand. I think she is ready for a more solid commitment.”

“What about you Urs? Are you ready for that commitment too?”

“If Chloe is the ONE, I have been looking for. Then the answer is Yes I am ready to commit to this relationship!”

“Well how long before you know if she is the ONE?”

“I don't know Seb? It depends on lots of things and with us both so busy we have to be able to commit to being apart and trusting each other. Time will tell I think.”

“Where is she tonight?”

“She will be here in an hour to spend the night.”

“Oh well I will go and let you finish getting ready. We can talk again soon. Goodnight Urs.”

“Goodnight Seb, and yes we will talk again soon.”

Urs let him out then headed back to the bathroom to finish getting ready for his guest. He couldn't wait to hold Chloe again. He had missed her all day and didn't want to waste any time being apart while they were still on the island.

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Chapter 11
David & Sonia

Over The past several days, Sonia and David were together as much as possible. They had shopped together, had breakfast, lunch and late night dinners together. They were growing closer every day and going back to New York for Sonia was going to be difficult, but she knew David had a home there. It would be great to be able to spend time there with him also.

They found many things they had in common, and loved to talk about their lives growing up. David and Sonia were both only children in their family. Schooled in some of the best schools the USA had to offer. Sonia had been in the USA through most of her teen years thanks to the uncle she had living in Virginia. She needed to make a place in this world for herself. She had surpassed all of the expectations of her family, becoming quite famous in the computer world.

David had spent years in the musical world as most already knew. His past was well known. Sonia was very proud when people looked at the man at her side, when they were out together.

David and Sonia had plans made to be together when he returned to New York. They had no worries about finding as much time together, they wanted to see where this relationship would take them so they would make the effort to stay in touch.

Sonia worried about Lani when they left to head back to New York. She was still reeling from the information she had learned from Sebastien and his Maman. She knew Lani would come around at some point, but rushing head long into another relationship was not her style. Nor did Chloe or Sonia, they all were very level headed ladies, having come far in their lives based on this attitude.

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Chapter 12
Loss and Grief

Sebastien had not been sleeping well since they spoke to Lani about his half brother Noel. He seem unsettled, how could he be falling for his brother's ex? This question kept running through his head. Did he have the right to be attracted to her?

He knew Noel had been dead for awhile and Lani should have been able to move forward, but for him this was a new feeling that made him feel uncertain of the right and wrong..

This would be something only his Maman could help him decide. He dressed for the day and then headed to her room. He had not heard from her since she left last night after a quiet dinner in his suite. She seemed fine when she left, a bit tired but that was to be expected since she hurried over from France at his request.

He arrived knocking on the door he heard nothing. He knocked several times more and still nothing. He wondered if she was down in the restaurant having breakfast with his friends. So he headed down to see if she was there.

When he got to the restaurant he could see the guys and that is all he saw, no Maman. He went inside and ordered a coffee and began to ask if anyone had seen his Mother this morning.

“Have any of you seen Maman this morning?”

“Nope, we have all been here together since we came down and she has not been in while we have been here.” Urs explained as he watched the concern return to Sebastien's face.

“I went to her room and there was no answer to my knocking. She usually is up and ready to start her day by now. I am concerned, maybe I need to go back up and try again?”

“I think that is a good idea Sebastien, we will go with you just in case.”

“In case of what?”

“You never know Seb, she may have just overslept.”

Sebastien stopped at the desk and after explaining to the clerk about his mother and their concern, he was able to get a key to the room. He wouldn't use it unless he had to. He respected her privacy too much to barge in.
They all got into the elevator and waited for his mother's floor and then exited and walked down the hall, waiting while he knocked again with no answer.

“Well Sebastien I think you need to use the key.” David said looking at the others as he spoke. They each had concern written all over their faces.

They had all known his mother since the beginning of Il Divo. They respected and loved her as their own mothers. Sebastien felt his hand shaking and couldn't get the key in the door. Urs stepped forward and unlocked the door as Sebastien started into the room.

It was not a big suite like theirs, just a large bedroom and what they found tore them all apart. There on the bed was his Maman still dressed in the clothes from the night before. She had never made it to bed.

They walked over and Sebastien spoke to her in French and still nothing. But when he touched her he knew why, she had not responded to him. She was cold and stiff, he knew the moment he touched her she was dead.

He looked up at the others with tears rolling down his face. They couldn't understand what was wrong. All he could get out was .

“She is gone!” Then he collapsed on to the bed in deep heartbreaking sobs.

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Chapter 13
Who is to blame?

After Urs got Sébastien to his room and calmed down the doctor checked him over and gave him something to help him sleep. Right now he needed that more than anything. Urs had David contact the girls and ask them to come to the hotel. He didn't want to tell then on the phone. He thought at the time that having Lani there would help Sébastien. Little did he know it would have the wrong effect on Sébastien.

The Coroner told them when they arrived to collect Mrs. Izambard, that she had suffered a massive stroke and had died in her sleep. She went quietly, which the others were grateful for. At least this woman that they had come to love as their own mother, had passed in peace with no suffering. Urs knew he needed to have Chloe close and David didn't want to spend the night without Sonia.

Carlos and Cyd went to their room, both were in shock. They had known Sébastien's Maman for a while and neither knew how or what to do in attempt to help Sébastien. They too thought Lani being there might bring him some comfort. The girls arrived and David took them to Urs's room and then sat down next to Sonia as Urs began to explain what had just happened. All the ladies were in shock, this was not what they thought was going on when David had called for them.

Lani had really been the only one to have met Mrs. Izambard. She considered her to be a wonderful lady, with lots of class. She was honest and had discussed things, opening up about her private life to Lani in a way which was strange for Lani to understand since they did not know each other at all. But she did what she did, to help her son whom she loved more than anything. After talking for a few minutes, Lani ask if she could go to Sébastien. Urs took her to his room which happened to be the adjoining suite to his. Sébastien was still sleeping when they entered the room. Urs left her to make herself comfortable on the couch near his bed.

Urs went to back to his room to join Chloe. He really needed her right now. He needed to hold her. He wasn't sure this was the time he should tell her that his feelings were more, that he had fallen in love with her and wanted her in his life forever. Could he do that? Would she laugh at him? He wouldn't know till he talked to her. Hopefully she will give him a clue where her feelings were about them.

Sébastien, was tossing and turning calling out for Maman. Lani walked to the bed and sat beside him and ran her hands through his hair and tried to settle him. She knew how he was feeling. She had been there with Noel and it was one of the most painful things a person would deal with. But in Seb's case it was his parent and that reached a deeper part of him. He felt her hand and reached up and pulled her close to him. He didn't know who was there until he opened his eyes. They were still red where he had cried so very hard. When he got his eyes focused, he looked around and was searching for something, she could tell.

“How are you, Sébastien?”

“Where is Urs?”

“In his room with Chloe. Do you need him?”

“What are you doing here?” His question came out very harsh.

“David called us and we came and Urs told us about your Maman. I am so very sorry, Sébastien. I know we haven't known each other long nor had I known your Mother long but she was an amazing lady.”

“Why do you care? I brought her here and tried to help you, and myself. Look what it cost her!” Sébastien sat up in the bed and turned his face away from Lani.

“I don't understand Sébastien. I know your mother came to help explain about Noel and your father and his past. But what is it you're telling me?” Lani was feeling very confused.

“I think it is your fault that she has died! She came here to help and she has died and that should have never happened. I am sorry for wanting to help you now that I see what it has cost me!'

“You can't mean that, Sébastien? I never asked for your help and I never would have asked your mother to come here if I had a say in it. HOW DARE YOU BLAME ME!”


Sébastien started yelling so loud that Urs and Chloe and the others could hear the commotion and came running in to find Lani in tears. Urs wanted to know what was wrong. He turned and looked at Chloe who took Lani to the other suite.

“Alright, Sébastien, what just happened and why is Lani crying?”

“I told her that it is her fault Maman is dead and I don't want her near me!”

“How could you blame her? It wasn't her fault? Sébastien you know your maman would be angry at you for this attitude.”

“I brought Maman here and it cost her everything, all to try and help a woman I didn't even know!”

“Then why did you do it?”

“I don't know now, but I am sorry I ever bothered with Lani!”

“I am sorry, Sébastien, but I don't believe you. But I do know after your outburst at Lani you will be lucky if she ever speaks to you again. I don't know if Sonia or Chloe will either? And to tell you the truth I don't blame them if they don't!!”

“Get out Urs. I want to be alone NOW!”

Urs turned and went back to his suite where he thought the others were, but all he found was Chloe.

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Chapter 14
Where is Lani?

“Sweetheart where is Lani? I thought she came back here with you?”

“She did for a few minutes, but when I asked her what happened she ran out and by the time I got to the lobby she was in a taxi and gone.”

“Well I can tell you what happened. Sebastien blew up at her and accused her of being the reason for his mother's death.”

“WHAT! Urs she had nothing to do with Mrs. Izambard's death! How can he be so mean to Lani?”

“Honey, I know that too, but to be honest I think he needed someone to lash out at.”

“I have to find her Urs. This is so unfair of Sebastien. I don't want to see him for a while.”

“I know sweetheart. We will go as soon as I tell the others what is going on.”

“Urs, she has feelings for Sebastien. She had put the feelings for Noel in the past lately and wanted to see if she and Sebastien could have a real relationship.”

“I kind of thought she might, and I think he is letting himself care for her. But this may have destroyed any chance they had if she is not found and Sebastien does not come around.”

Urs left Chloe to go and see Carlos and David to explain what Sebastien had said to Lani.
He didn't know what else to do but help Chloe and Sonia look for her.

They headed to the house and found a note saying she had left the island and not to look for her. She didn't want to be found, at least for now. If she worked out her feelings then she would come back on her own.

Chloe stood there in tears as Urs walked to her and pulled her into his arms and held her tight. He couldn't blame Lani for leaving. What Sebastien had done was unforgivable and they all were pretty sure he had ruined any chance of a future relationship with Lani.

“Can I ask a question here Urs?” David was holding Sonia in his arms while she too was crying over the loss of her best friend.

“I will try to answer if I can David.”

“Who is going to go to Paris and help Sebastien?”

“I am sorry David but I really don't feel that I can leave the girls and go back to France right now.”

“Ok, how about Sonia and I with Carlos and Cyd go? You stay here with Chloe and try to find Lani. We will bring him back here after the funeral is finished and maybe she will be back and they can discuss this and clear the air.”

“Sounds good to me. I won't leave Chloe here alone to look for Lani.”

“I wouldn't expect you would Urs. I hope you find her before we get back.” David held on to Sonia as they headed back to the car.

When they arrived Urs went to check in on Sebastien and found him staring out the window in his room. He seemed very lost to Urs which was understandable, but Urs was still pretty upset about how he had blamed Lani for his mother's death.

“Sebastien, have you made any arrangements while we were gone?”

Sebastien turned to look at Urs and he could see the tears running down his cheeks.

“Yes I spoke to them this afternoon and we leave early in the morning for Paris. Will you be ready to go that soon Urs?”

“I am not going. Sorry, but I am needed here. David and Carlos and the girls are going with you.”

“Not Lani!!”

“No, Sebastien Lani will not see you again. Chloe is staying here and I am staying to help her with something important.”

“Oh, I thought as my best friend you would be there for me now?”

“Give it a rest Sebastien. You know what you did was wrong and I won't stand by and watch you blame an innocent woman for the death of your mother. Honestly Seb I don't know how you live with yourself about now?”

“Why won't Lani be seeing me again?”

“First off why would she want to Seb? You accused her of causing your mother's death. Doesn't make for a great start to a new relationship by the man she wanted to become involved with.”

“I might have overreacted Urs but I brought Maman here to help Lani.”

“Back up Seb, you brought Maman here to help you as well or have you forgotten that part of it?”

“Non, I haven't and that is why when we come back from Paris, I can talk to Lani with a clearer head and then work things out.”

“I wouldn't count on Lani being here when you get back Seb. I am sorry Seb but I really don't think I should be telling you anything about Lani.” Unknown to Urs or Seb, Chloe had quietly came into the suite and heard what they were discussing.

“If you don't tell him I will URS!” Chloe spat out at Seb.

“What do you mean? Will you explain to me where Lani is?”

“Lani ran off after she went back to the suite. She left and went home and packed her bags and she is gone. She left a note saying she would come home when she sorted out her mind. She doesn't want to be found and Sebastien it is all thanks to you!”

Then Chloe turned into Urs's arms and began to cry again.

“Sebastien I know you are hurting over this but did you think of what you were doing to Lani or even Sonia and Chloe? They have now because of you lost their best friend. And you might have lost the woman of your dreams. If I were you I would do some long hard thinking while you're in Paris and if you can't figure out how to fix this mess YOU CAUSED then stay there.”

Urs turned and took Chloe's hand and walked out the door slamming it hard.

Sebastien just stood in the middle of the room reeling from all he had heard.

What was he going to do now??

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Oh no Shocked Seb blames Lani for his mother's death... is he serious? or it's just he has to suffer from his mother's loss and says so Shocked I hope it's just he's too upset and depressed. I know the feelings they have for each other Rolling Eyes

sorry I missed 2 chapters mom...

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Chapter 15
Urs's Loss
Dentro Un Altro Si.

Since Urs and Chloe had spent the last couple of days looking for Lani, Urs felt they needed to have some down time so they were going to the beach for sun and swimming. He could tell Chloe was stressed out badly and she needed some fun.

Urs had went to his room to change into his trunks and was going to meet her at the beach near his room. Chloe was walking along the beach waiting on Urs when she looked off into the distance and saw what looked like Lani. She called out for her but the person was too far away to hear her cries.

So she began to run toward the person and as she was running she tripped on a rock or something in the sand and fell, hitting her head hard on a large wooden log and was knocked out. There was some blood but not a major cut. This had been seen by the lifeguard on duty. As he saw her falling he began to run to her. But he couldn't get to her in time to stop her from hitting her head.

They called for an ambulance. As the lifeguard was checking her over Urs was walking toward them wondering what had happened. As he got closer he could see a woman laying on the sand with blood in her hair. He could see the lifeguard checking out the injury and wondered who she was till he saw her clothes and her face.

He ran to the lifeguard speaking in German till the lifeguard spoke to him in English asking who he was.

“I am Urs Buhler and that lady you're working on is my girlfriend Chloe. What has happened to her?”

“She seemed to be running up the beach toward something and tripped and hit her head on a large wooden log. She has a nasty bump and gash on her head and we are looking for signs of neck injuries. We have called the ambulance. It is on the way. Do you want to change and go with her?”

Urs looked down at his clothes. He had on trunks under his shorts and a T-shirt on too with his flip flops. He felt that should be fine for now.

“No I can go as I am.” Urs didn't want to leave her any longer than needed. He did check to see if he had his cell phone with him and found it in the pocket of his shorts.
The ambulance arrived and loaded her into the back and Urs climbed in beside the stretcher. He gave the attendant the information he knew and then sat back trying to figure out how much more they all could take. Lani was missing and Seb's mother had died.

He needed to call Sonia when he got to the hospital. After riding about 15 minutes from the beach they arrived at the emergency room. He stood back out of their way in her room and let them treat her. He knew if he got in the way they would make him leave and he was not about to leave her again.

After running several tests they found that the injuries were not life threatening and that the bump on her head was not serious. No brain damage was found. They stitched up her gash and kept the collar on her till she woke up and could let them know how she was feeling. They found no neck injury but to be on the safe side they left the collar.

The doctor was stunned she had not woken up since her arrival and felt that she would wake up soon. They needed to be patient and wait. Urs left to go outside to call Sonia and let her know about the accident. He dialed her number, pacing the grounds and waiting for Sonia to pick up.


“Sonia this is Urs.”

“Urs good to hear from you. Have you found Lani yet?”

“No, Sonia that is not why I am calling you. There has been an accident. It is Chloe.”


“I am sorry but she fell on the beach while running and hit her head on a large wooden log and she is in the hospital now. She still has not woken up yet.”

“How bad is it Urs?”

“The doctors say she will be fine but they have no idea why she is still out. They have fixed the gash in her head and all the tests are clear.”

“I hate to ask you to come back since you have only been in France for a couple of days, but she may need you when she does wake up.”

“No it is alright. I will get the next plane out and be there as soon as I can. Take care of her Urs.”

“Sonia will you please contact the others and let them know I really want to get back to Chloe in case she wakes up.”

“Yes I will call them. I know you want to get back to her so don't worry I will contact them for you. See you soon Urs.”

“Thanks Sonia see you soon.”

After they hung up Sonia went to call David. The guys had been with Seb for the past couple of days. She had felt out of place with being the only one that didn't know the family so she stayed at the hotel.

She dialed David's cell and waited for him to pick up. She hated to disturb them but she had promised Urs she would let them know.

David answered on the second ring knowing it was Sonia.

“Hey baby what are you up to? Do you miss me?'

“Yes David I miss you a lot, but that is not why I am calling. It's Urs.”

“What about Urs babe?”

“He just called saying that Chloe had been in an accident and is in the hospital. She is still out and he doesn't sound like he is doing very well David.”

“OK I will tell the others and could you call and get all of us on a plane back to the island, Please babe?”

“I promised Urs I would come back so yes I will, but do you think Seb will want to go?”

“Hold on let me ask him!”

David explained the situation to all the others and they all agreed to go back and help with Urs and Chloe.

“Ok babe Seb has agreed to go to so make it for the 5 of us please.”

“Alright hurry back soon David, Please!”

“I will be right there babe don't worry.”

“How can I not David? Lani is missing and now Chloe is hurt. What else will happen to us?”

David could hear her beginning to cry so he let her go so he could get back to the hotel.
After Sonia hung up from him she wiped her tears and got on the phone with the airlines and got 5 tickets back to the island for that night.

Urs meanwhile was back in Chloe's room and sitting in the chair next to her with his hand in hers and his head laying on her bed beside her hip.

This was the way she found him when she woke up. She didn't know who this man was that was holding her hand but he sure was a gorgeous man. The feeling of his hand in hers was warm and felt right. But she had no idea why. Urs must have felt her wake up and he raised his head and looked into her beautiful eyes. What he saw there was confusion and not really fear, but he could tell she was uncertain what was going on.

“Hey Sweetheart, how do you feel?”

“I have a headache. What happened to me and why am I in the hospital?”

“You had a accident on the beach and fell, hitting your head. You have a nasty bump and gash but the doctors say you will be fine soon. How is your neck feeling?”

“It is sore but I think it is alright. Can I ask you something Please?”

“Where is Lani and Sonia? And most important of all Who Are You and why did you call me Sweetheart?”

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PostSubject: Re: Falling (END OF PART 1)   Tue Oct 05, 2010 1:22 pm

Sé're such a fool. Your mom is dead but it's not Lani's fault. It could have happend anywhere.
I just hope she will be able to forgive you.

Shocked Shocked Oh no............Chloe doesn't remember Urs.........that's not good.

Can't wait to find out what happens next

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More drama Shocked

Chloe doesn't remember Urs... she has lost her memories Shocked but she still remembers Lani and Sonia... maybe all the memories after they have met the guys are disappeared Shocked

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Chapter 16
Chloe's Confusion

Chloe looked at Urs with pleading eyes. Urs was shocked at her comment. Did she really just ask who he was? This was another nightmare, one they didn't need not after all that had happened in the past week.

“Chloe love, don't you remember me? I am Urs Buhler, your boyfriend. We have been dating for the past couple of weeks.”

“No, I am sorry I don't remember. Where are Sonia or Lani?”

“Sonia is on her way back from France. Lani is away for a rest.”

“Why is Sonia in France? What has happened to Lani that she needs a rest?”

“A good friend's mother died recently so Sonia went with her boyfriend to the funeral in France.”

“Sonia doesn't have a boyfriend.”

“Yes she is seeing my bandmate David Miller from Il Divo.”

“You're from Il Divo, the pop opera group?”

“Yes, I am from Switzerland.”

“Why is Lani away?”

“She had a recent upset with my bandmate Sebastien who is from France.”

“Is she ok now ?”

“We don't know. You were looking for her when you fell and hit your head and now you can't remember me.” Chloe looked deep into his eyes and could see the hurt and pain that her not remembering had caused. She wanted so much to get it all back. Having a man like Urs was amazing, but what if it never came back? Would he still want her or even love her?

“I am sorry Urs, maybe it will come back soon.”

“Is there anything I can do to help you remember me and our love?”

“Yes please tell me how we met and about our relationship?”

Urs turned and smiled that dimpled smile. Sitting down on the bed he took her hands into his. He began to tell her all about the past few weeks. How they had begun a relationship built on trust and love. Chloe was stunned that he had honored all the things she had asked of him. She searched his eyes. She could feel in her heart everything he had told her was the truth and she hoped in her heart she would get it all back.

“So what do we do about Lani?”

“Well since you can remember her and Sonia, do you know of anything or any place that we might find her?”

“I am not sure Urs. I will have to think on it.”

“Maybe you should close your eyes and get some more rest. I will be here when you wake up. I am not leaving you.” Urs settled in the chair next to the bed and began by closing his eyes.

"Maybe you're right. I could use some more sleep I feel. You will be here when I wake up won't you?”

“I am not going anywhere, but maybe to get something to eat later.”

“OK, I will see you when I wake up.”

Urs rose from his seat and kissed her lightly on the forehead and then settled back into the chair as she drifted off to sleep.

He hoped in the back of his mind they would find their way back to each other.
When Sonia returned they needed to keep looking for Lani. Sebastien needed her and now Chloe needed her too.

Little did anyone know, Lani had returned home that afternoon and was resting in her room when Sonia arrived with David.

Lani heard them in the next room talking and made her way into the living room to be greeted with anger and hurt.

“Lani, where have you been? Why did you run away and leave without talking to us?”
Sonia was quite angry at her friend for putting them all through the nightmare of her disappearance.

“I just needed time to think without Sebastien around accusing me of killing his mother.”

“Well I hope you have enjoyed your time off, cause everyone else's lives are now a nightmare thanks to what you did.”

“I don't understand. What are you talking about? Where is Chloe, off with Urs?”

“She is with Urs alright, but they are at the hospital.”

“Hospital, now you're confusing me. Why the hospital?”

“While Urs and Chloe were searching for you, Chloe had an accident hitting her head and now she can't even remember URS! I just want to THANK YOU !”

“Oh boy, well maybe we should get over there and see what can be done about all this mess. I am sorry Sonia, but Sebastien's anger was more than I could take and for him to blame me, that was very unfair.”

“I agree with you, but you should have talked to him instead of running away. You need to grow up and be adult enough to handle this stuff Lani! You have been running from everyone since Noel and if you don't stop now, you will lose your friends!”

Sonia took David's hand and walked to the door and then they all headed for the hospital.

David never said a word. He knew Sonia was angry and he felt his place was to listen but not comment, at least not yet. He would wait to see Urs and find out how things were with Chloe first. But there may come a time where he would tell Lani how he too felt.

Sebastien and Carlos had headed over to the hospital from the airport and were in Chloe's room with Urs when Sonia and David arrived with Lani.

“Well the wandering one has reappeared! Thanks for coming back. Sorry but I would say the damage is done now though!” Urs held a lot of his anger in when speaking to Lani. But he couldn't help feel that his relationship was in danger because of her actions.

“I am sorry everyone I just needed some space. I never meant for you to come looking for me."

Sebastien walked toward her and noticed she took a step back from him. He couldn't blame her after all he had said and done but they too needed to talk and work things out.

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Chapter 17
Anger & Remembering

Lani couldn't stand to look at Sebastien. It took all she had to stand in the same room as he was. They looked at each other through half closed eyes, Sebastien feeling bad for all he had said to her before he left to take his mother back to Paris.

He knew in his heart it was not her fault. He had been so wrong for saying those horrible things to her. But how was he going to fix this now was playing in his head?

Chloe watched from her bed as they ignored each other, wondering what was going on? She began to get a headache as she stared off into space. Urs was busy talking to Carlos and David and Sonia was sitting in a chair in the room ignoring Lani.
Sebastien approached Lani to speak to her. He wanted to tell her how sorry he was for hurting her. But Lani stood and moved away again, trying to not lose her temper with him.

“Lani, we need to talk this out. I was so wrong when I said those things to you about Maman. I know you were not the cause of her death. I was just angry and lashed out at the first person I saw. Please forgive me and let's start over if we can?” Sebastien had tears in his eyes but didn't want to let them fall.

“I am sorry Sebastien, but you have really hurt me and I don't think this is the time or place to talk about this now!” She turned to walk away but Sebastien touched her arm.

“DON'T touch me, I am not ready to deal with this now Sebastien! How dare you think you can say I am sorry and it will be all forgotten. You can't go around saying things like you did and expect people or even me, to forgive you so easily.” She jerked her arm out of his reach and shocked the others in room when she spoke very loudly and with anger in her voice.

“I wish you all would stop yelling at each other and calm down! Urs can you please get them to be quiet, I have a splitting headache.” Chloe requested Urs to help her.

“Chloe, love do you need me to call the Dr. or the nurse?” Urs turned to look into her eyes and could see she was in a good deal of pain.

“No, I am ok. It is all this shouting in here that is making my head hurt. Maybe you all could come back later and I will have gotten rid of this blasted headache. I am sorry. Urs can you stay and hold me till I fall asleep?” Everyone looked at her and wondered what had happened. She was talking like she had not forgotten anything at all, most of all Urs.

After everyone left the room but Urs, Chloe looked into his eyes and ran her hand down his cheek.. She could see how tired he was from staying with her. But she was very grateful he had not left her side. If this blasted headache would go away they could snuggle up close.

“Chloe, do you remember me and what we mean to each other?” Urs held his breathe waiting for her answer.

“Of course, my love. You are the one man I love and will love forever. Why are you asking me this? Have you changed your mind about us?” Chloe bit her bottom lip waiting to hear what he was going to tell her. Had he changed how he felt about her?

“Nein, I wanted to know cause yesterday when you woke you didn't know who I was or that we had been dating for the past few days or weeks.” Urs picked up the call button and pressed it, waiting for the nurse to come in.

The door opened and the nurse stuck her head in and asked if she could help with anything. Urs explained what had happened and she rushed out to call the Dr.

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Chapter 18

The Dr. came in to check on Chloe and after all the tests were done, he was satisfied that Chloe was on the road to recovery and her memory was returning.

“I believe it was the trauma to the head that caused her short lapse of memory. It seems she is starting to remember so if she keeps doing well she may go home tomorrow.” The Dr. told Urs and Chloe then left to chart her progress.

Sonia and David headed back to Lani's house, Sebastien headed to his hotel room and Lani needed some fresh air and began to walk. She couldn't get past the horrible things Sebastien had said to her, how he blamed her for his mother's death. Was he really that cruel or was it the grief of losing his beloved mother?

Lani wasn't sure, so she kept walking. She was at a crossroad and didn't know where she ended up. She stood looking around trying to get her bearings.

As she walked it had grown dark and since she wasn't sure where she was she started looking for a passing car or taxi. As she walked along the road she turned as a speeding car came at her. She had no time to move. The car hit her and kept driving leaving her lying in the road.

She wasn't sure what had happened to her but she was sure that she couldn't move her legs and she had no way to flag down anyone. She laid back and passed out from the pain. She had no idea that a passing car found her in the middle of the road and called for help. She woke up in the hospital asking the nurse in the room what had happened to her and why she was there.

“Do you know your name dear?” The nurse asked her.

“Yes, my name is Lani Makaiau and I live here in town.” She answered in a whisper.

“That is good dear. Is there anyone we can call for you?”

“Yes my friends are staying with me from New York City.”

After getting the phone number the nurse went to the nurse's station and proceeded to call Lani's home and got Sonia. After giving her the information she told her it would help if she could come and see Lani. Sonia hung up and turned to David and told him what the nurse had said.

David and Sonia contacted Sebastien and let him know they were on the way back to the hospital and what had happened to Lani. Turns out that Lani had 2 broken legs and that she had lots of bruises. But all in all she had come out of this accident very lucky. She could have been killed.

Sebastien changed and headed to the hospital. He knew Lani was still hurt and upset but he felt maybe he could get through to her and they would be able to talk this through.

David and Sonia stopped off at Chloe's room and gave them all the information they had and the room number for Lani then headed off to see how Lani was doing for themselves.

Urs left Chloe's room for a few minutes and called Carlos and gave him the information about Chloe's memory coming back and she may get to leave the hospital the next day. Then he told them about the accident involving Lani.

After Urs returned to Chloe's room, they got the nurse to agree to let her go see her friend, in a wheelchair. They were taken to the room where Lani was recovering after her surgery. David and Sonia were there and Lani took one look at Chloe and burst into tears.

As Chloe was trying to get Lani to stop crying Sebastien walked into the room. Lani took one look at him standing in the doorway and burst into more tears. Everyone thought it might be best for the two of them to have some private time so after saying goodnight they all headed to Chloe's room.

Sebastien slowly walked to Lani's bed and touching her face lightly, he wiped the tears away from her cheeks. They looked into each others eyes. Lani turned her head towards the window and Sebastien sat on the edge of the bed, took his finger putting it under her chin and turned her head back to look at him. Tears were still flowing down her face. He was doing all he could to control his tears and not let them flow.

“I am so sorry for what I said to you in my hotel room that night. It was never your fault what happen to Maman. I found out in France she had been ill for a while and didn't tell me. Please forgive me. I never meant to hurt you my darling Lani.”

“Oh Sebastien I have been such a fool. I was so hurt by the comments you made that I couldn't understand why you would say those things to me and hurt me that way. I know we didn't know each other well but still for you to blame me for your mother's death, I couldn't stop hearing the words in my head.”

“I know Lani. I couldn't accept that I might have caused her death when I asked her to come here to help you and I to understand about Noel and all I could think was it was my fault and yours. But I was wrong and I don't want this to hurt you any more. I will do anything to make it up to you.”

“Sebastien, I understand now that you were grieving and you lashed out at me and I am willing to try again if you still want to. I do understand now. I have had plenty of time to come to terms with what happened and we both were hurt and now we need to get past all of that and try to move forward. I hope you're willing to try, as I am?”

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Chapter 19

Lani's Big Request.

“Yes, I am willing to work on our relationship. I hope we can get to know each other better and I promise no more bad judgments.” Seb told her as he held her hands in his.

“I have a request for you Seb and please feel free to refuse if you're not comfortable.”

“Why don't you ask me first, then I will answer as honest as I can.”

“Ok, I can go home in a couple of days and the Dr. has arranged for a nurse to help out during my recovery. She will be there for all my personal needs, and then I hope you would agree to come and stay with me. It would give us plenty of time to get to know each other better. Then we could work on that relationship.”

“You want me to come and stay at your place?” Seb asked, a bit confused.


“What about Chloe and Sonia?”

“Well Urs and David will be leaving when you do. So I figure they will be staying with their men till you all go back on tour.”

“Ok, well that makes sense. I would be honored to come and stay if you're really sure?”

“Seb, I think it is important that you be at the house instead of running back and forth from the hotel to the house, right?”

“Oui, it would be better. So thank you Lani for giving us this chance. I promise you won't be sorry.”

“I know Seb. That thought never crossed my mind. So you will move in as soon as I am released, and go home with me?”

“Yes, and I will let Urs and the others know where I will be. If that is ok with you?”

“Of course it is.” Seb leaned toward Lani and kissed her on the cheek.

They heard a knock at the door and Seb called out to come in. The nurse walked in and needed to check Lani and asked that Seb wait out in the hall till she finished.

“I will go check on Chloe and let them know what my plans are while you're being checked out. I won't be long promise.” He kissed her cheeks again and left the room.

Seb headed up to Chloe's room expecting to find Urs there, but instead he found Sonia and Chloe alone. He knocked on the door and was let in by Sonia.

“Hello ladies, where are my brothers? Why in the world would they leave two lovely ladies all alone?”

“Oh Seb, you are such a flatterer. But they went out shopping for some groceries for dinner tonight. They are cooking for us.” Sonia explained, winking at Chloe.

“Ok, well does that mean you are all having dinner at Lani's tonight?”

“Yes, we are having dinner at Lani's. How is she doing now?”

“Lani is doing fine. I left her being checked out by the nurse. So do you ladies have plans for after Chloe gets out of the hospital?”

“What do you mean Seb?” Chloe asked trying to figure out what was going on?

“I want to know if you will be staying at Lani's while we are still here?”

“Why, has Lani said something Seb?” Sonia asked.

“Yes she asked me to move in with her while she is recovering, at least till we leave for the rest of the tour. She thinks you both will be staying with David and Urs, taking advantage of the time you have left with them.”

“I for one would love to stay with David. What about you Chloe?”

“Nope sorry Sonia. I have no intention of staying with David.” Chloe winked at Seb at her joke on Sonia.

It took Sonia a few minutes to get the meaning of her reply and then proceeded to smack Chloe on the arm lightly.

“I would love to stay with Urs. We can talk to the guys when they return. Have you agreed to Lani's request?” Chloe was interested in knowing if they had settled their problems?

About that time the door flew open and in walked David and Urs. “Talk to us about what?” David asked as he walked to Sonia pulling her into his arms and kissing her lips softly.

“Lani has asked Seb to move in with her during the rest of your vacation. He wanted to know if we were going to be staying with you guys while you're still here?” Chloe told them as Urs sat down next to her and kissed her cheeks.

Urs looked at Seb then David and thought of the perfect answer at least in his eyes. He really wanted some private time with Chloe and he didn't plan on wasting any more time.

“I think it is the perfect idea and it would give us all time with our special ladies.” Urs said as he looked into Chloe's smiling eyes.

“I agree. Sonia will you stay with me till we leave for the tour again?” David turned and held Sonia's face in his hands and looked deep into her eyes hoping she would say yes.

“Ok, David but what kind of arrangements would we have for sleeping. You have a one bedroom hotel room?” Sonia looked at him hoping he would get her meaning.

David took her in his arms and whispered a solution to her which made her giggle, then she turned to the others and told them she would be staying with David.

“Urs, do you mind me staying with you till you leave for the tour?” Chloe turn to Urs and waited to hear his reply.

“I want you with me from the moment you leave this hospital tomorrow so the answer would be yes!” He reached over and hugged her tight to his strong body and she felt safe and happy.

“So it looks like I will be moving in with Lani for a while. The nurse Lani and Me.” Seb laughed at his own joke. He wished the guys a goodnight and the ladies luck and then headed back to Lani's room.

When he arrived she was asleep so he sat in the chair, took her hand in his and laid his head back and drifted off to sleep.

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Chapter 20

Sebastien called Carlos the next morning, informing him that he would be moving to Lani's. Seb asked if he would go to his room and pack up his stuff, then bring it to the hospital. He knew Carlos and Cyd were spending some quiet time before they all had to get back to work.

They had done some sightseeing and just having some down time with romantic nights. Cyd had not told him her surprise. She wanted to see the Dr. Then if the results were the same, then she would find a way to tell him. She knew he would be as thrilled as she was.

Over at the hospital Lani called Sonia to come over and see her. She had a favor to ask her. They needed to talk and work thru the anger that Sonia had toward Lani, for the disappearance. They would get thru all of this. Lani was sure.

Chloe was getting ready to be discharged from the hospital, so she asked the nurse if she could have a shower before the papers were done. When the nurse left Urs followed Chloe into the bathroom and locked the door.

Urs turned and slowly undressed Chloe, gazing over her beautiful body. Chloe reached up and pulled Urs' t-shirt over his head, dropping it on the sink and then unzipped the zipper on his jeans, pulling them and his shorts to the floor. They came together in a hot steamy shower that left them both holding each other as they reached the peak of ecstasy.

Being together with someone he loved did make all the difference in how he felt when they came together as one. Something he felt he had never experienced with any other woman in his life. His mind was full of the love for this beautiful woman in his arms.

They washed each other softly and then turned off the water when they heard a knock on the door. The nurse told Chloe her papers were on the bed table and she would see her when she finished her shower. Chloe thanked her as Urs stifled a giggle.

After Sonia arrived, she and Lani visited for awhile. They discussed all the things that had happened since Seb's mother died. Lani explained all her reason's for leaving, hoping Sonia understood she had to handle things her own way. That was why she had asked Seb to move in with her. This was her way of showing Seb and herself that she was ready to move on and get over the past.

While they were talking, Chloe and Urs were done checking her out of the hospital. They headed over to the hotel and Urs escorted her to his room helping her unpack her stuff, then settled down on the bed for a nap.

The nap was a long time coming. They explored all the places they had missed in their shower and started all over again.

Sonia left the hospital feeling better about her relationship with Lani. She headed over to Lani's to get things set up for when she came home, making up the guest room for Sebastien.

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This is the end of part 1 we will pick up here in the beginning of part 2 later on. LG

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Falling (END OF PART 1)
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