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"We Came Here To Love".

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 *MOON* By: Didi

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PostSubject: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 08, 2012 2:47 pm

I am Posting this story for Didi.. Swiss


He sighed. He was deeply lost in his thoughts, looking out through the window of his room. A wonderful view was in front of his eyes: New York City was really pretty in the night: Tall buildings lights illuminating the whole city that was incredibly quiet that night, as if it could notice that he needed that peace. He turned his eyes to the huge and brightly full moon and the shiny stars, that were the perfect complement for that scene.
- Where are you?- He nostalgically asked to himself in silence, trying to imagine he was talking to her.- Will we find us someday? I know you exist and are somewhere, but my question is: Where? I’m sure I’ll recognize you only looking into your eyes…. d

- Planet Earth calling Urs…- He turned around to see who took him out of his thoughts.

- Oh, it’s you

- Are you thinking again about her?- David asked, slapping Urs’ shoulder. He didn’t answer. He just stared down.

- Urs, you can’t continue like this, man. Just look at you, your eyes are anything they used to be. Since you started thinking about her everything changed. And the problem is that you didn’t know her…. You’re suffering for someone that just lives in your mind.

- No, David. She’s real. I just… I just have to find her…

- Come on, Urs!! How are you going to find someone that you don’t even know how she looks like?

- I don’t need to know how she looks, I don’t care about her appearance. And you know? I can swear she is also thinking about me. Maybe she doesn’t have idea of who I am, o maybe she does… But I’m sure she’ll recognize me as I will

David rolled his eyes a little bit frustrated because of his friend attitude:

- I willl just tell you this: Don’t keep false hopes. I would really wish you to meet her someday, but….

- Yeah, yeah. I know that you’ll say that it’s almost impossible to find her, but you’ll see that I will

- I hope so- David answered yawning. It was 1 am and he woke up when noticed Urs’ lamp was turned on and he was not lying in the bed next to his. Miller and Bühler were roommates.- I’m coming back to bed. You should do the same, tomorrow’s night is the concert and you must be in your 100%

- Just two more minutes- Urs answered, turning his eyes again to the moon. David walked back to bed leaving him there.

- I won’t give up… I promise I’ll be waiting for you until we can be together.- And he went back to bed, with a strange feeling of love in his heart


Gabriel stood up from bed. He was thirsty and decided to go for a cup of water to the kitchen. He was a bit sleepy, but also really happy, because he had a special guest at his apartment: Diana, his younger sister. It was the first time she visited him since he left Mexico to accept a job offer in NYC, one year ago. It was a hard decission, overall because he knew Diana would stay alone in Mexico. They had been always together after their parents tragical car accident, in which they lost their lifes, just 8 months before he received the offer. Gabriel felt a little bit lonely there, although he had made some good friends. Having Diana with him made him feel much more at home. He was walking by the dark hall when noticed Diana’s room light on. He wnet to see what was happening. Once in front of her door, carefully knocked it:

- Come in- She said, from the inside. Gabriel entered and saw her lying on bed, closing her cell phone and hiding it under the blanket. He didn’t say anything.

- Are you still awake?- He asked

- Yes, I can’t sleep

- You’re excite, aren’t you?

- Me?

- Yes, you. Tomorrow’s night is the concert and I know you’re dying for being there!- He giggled.

- I can’t lie to you, you know me so good. You’re right. I want tomorrow’s night to arrive quickly. I had waited that concert for too long time!!

- Yes, I know. And let me say that I’m a bit jealous!!- Gabriel crossed his arms with a joking upset face.

- Why?

- Because you only came to visit me just because of that concert. To see those 4 men!!
Diana laughed.

- Don’t be silly!! I wanted to visit you and I took advantage of the concert

- Oh, yes, yes. I forgive you just because I’m very happy of having you here- And he hugged her.

- Thanks!! I’m glad either to be with you.

- Now I’m going for my cup of water and back to bed.- He kissed her forehead- see you tomorrow!!

- See you!!- Diana answered, blowing him a kiss. When Gabriel closed the door, she immediately stood up from bed and ran to window, and staring to the moon, whispered:

- Moon, if you can see him at this moment, tell him that tomorrow I’ll do even the impossible to get close to him- She deeply sighed and went back to bed. She opened her cell phone and looking at a picture in there, said: “See you tomorrow Urs”. Then kissed it and suddenly fell asleep.


Dafne woke up early next morning. She went to the kitchen to prepare, as always, some coffee.

- Thanks God I got a free weekend- she thought, then she turned her sight to the calendar pasted in her wall. “Saturday, March 22nd” . She smiled.- Diana must be so excited right now. I would like to know if she slept last night- She chuckled. Dafne and Diana were best friends. They had been living together since Gabriel left the country. They were like sisters. Actually, Dafne got the tickets for her friend by her job in Sony Music Mexico. She knew IL DIVO was Diana’s favourite group, overall, she knew about her attraction for Urs.

- What can she find so interesting in listening and watching 4 guys singing opera?- she thought- That’s boring!
For Daf, to see an artist performing wasn’t something of another world, because of her job she was very used to treat many of them and she knew that they used to be famous people with little brain pretending to be kings or queens of universe.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She walked over to the living room where it was and answered:

- Hello?

- Good morning, princess, how did you sleep?
She immediately smiled when listened to Diego’s voice. They had had a romantic relation since 4 months later she entered to sony music company, 5 years ago, in 2003.

- Well, in fact, I missed you the whole night- She answered with her sweetest voice.

- Same here!! What about is we have breakfast and spend all day together?

- Sounds great!

- Ok, so I’ll pick you up in an hour, is that ok for you?

- Give an hour and a half

- Done. So, see you then. I love you

- I love you too- She answered, hanging up the phone, lost in her world beside the man of her life.


- Cyd? Cyd!!

- What?- Cyd was having breakfast with her mom, Roxanne, but just was thinking in that night’s concert.

- Where are you?- Roxanne asked, giggling.

- Oh, mom, I was lost in Carlos cloud- Cyd answered with sheepy eyes.

- I could imagine! You’re always there…But tonight you won’t be in that cloud, you’ll be backstage with him in a meet and greet party.

Cyd smiled with happiness. She won in the official forum of IL DIVO a ticket for the concert in the first row, including a meet and greet party after it.

- What will I do?

- What are you talking about?- Roxanne asked confused.

- Yes, I mean, how should I behave having Carlos in front of me?

- Just be yourself…

- But, what about if he doesn’t notice that I’m there… there would be lots of fans

- When things are due to happen, nothing can stop them….
Cyd deeply sighed, not too much convinced about her mother’s words. Roxanne noticed it and said:

- Cyd, you’re beautiful, not only from outside, you’re also a beautiful human. It’s easy to notice you wherever you
go. Look at you, you have bunches of guys trying to get your attention

- Yes, but I’m not interested. I just like Carlos, but he’s a Divo… too much for me.

- Never say that again! Maybe he’s a divo, but also is a man. Your lifes are different but he’s not more that you, hun. And if he’s smart, he must know that. Calm down. Everything will be fine tonight.
Cyd stood up from table and hugged her mom.

- I love you, mom. Thanks for your words!.

- I’m your mother and I want to see you happy. Now tell me, what ae you going to wear for this special night??

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:27 pm


After the soundcheck, the guys got time for lunch, and they decided to go together to a nice and peaceful place where seafood is speciality. They 4 sat on a table and the manager of the place immediat4ely recognized them. So he walked over to them and gave them the menu card.
- In a minute, a waiter will come to take your order- he said.
- Thank you- the 4 guys answered
- You’re welcome. It’s a pleassure to have you here- IL DIVO smiled. They were used to be recognized everywhere they go and receive special treat. After giving a look to the menu, each one decided what would ask for: they opted for shrimps, each one cooked in different ways. Then, until waiting the waiter, they started talking:
- You look tired, Dave- Carlos said, as he noticed him yawning once every 3 minutes.
- I am… Last night I couldn’t sleep as well as I would like to… Urs is the guilty!!
- Me?- Urs asked, chuckling.
- Yes, you man
- Why you say that?- Seb asked
- He spent many time with his lamp on, so the room wasw lightened and I woke up.
- What were you doing?- Carlos asked confused.
- Try to imagine- David answered, giving any chance to Urs to explain.
- David!!- Urs exclaimed
- I know!! You were thinking again about that unknown lady, weren’t you?- Seb stated. Urs looked at David, like shooting him with a glance, then, he nodded.
- Do you really think you’ll meet that lady someday?
- Yes Carlos. I’m sure. I can feel it.
- He says it would be love at first sight. As if it really exists!!- David said sarcastically
- Of course it does!!- Carlos repplied
- I don’t think so
- If you don’t think so, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. – Seb added. He was the typical romantic guy who was always defending love.
- You didn’t fall in love at first sight with Paulette, did you?- David asked Seb
- Well, actually, I didn’t. But with time, I noticed she is a nice person, with beautiful feelings and I fell in love.
- You see?- David giggled- That’s what happen with normal people.
- Are you saying that Urs and I are anormal?- Carlos complained, joking
- I’m just saying that to love a woman you need to know everything about her first.
- Sorry, had you already decided what are you going to eat?- A female voice interrupted, behind David.l All of them turned to see who waws it. She was a young lady, it seemed to be between 28 or 30 years old. Curly, long and dark brown hair. Brown and big eyes. White skin.
Urs was the first who answered, followed by Carlos and Seb.
- And you, sir?- The girl asked David. He didn’t answer. He was completely lost looking at her. He didn’t know what was happening to him, it was like if he couldn’t ressist to stand up and make love to her right there, in that exact moment. He felt so much attracted for that lady, that words couldn’t go out of his mouth. Urs, Seb and Carlos looked between them, smiling. They wondered what was going on with their tall american friend.
- Sir?- The girl asked again, a bit shy because of his glance.
- Oh… sorry… I…. I would like shrimps…. Spicy shrimps- He finally answered, hesitating. And a lemonade, please- The other 3 were chuckling
- Ok, I’ll bring your orderes as soon as possible- she said, smiling. David saw her leaving without taking his eyes from her until she entered to the kitchen.
- Uff!!- Miller exclaimed, shaking his head.
- What was that, buddy?- Urs giggled
- She is beautiful, isn’t she Dave?- Carlos asked.
- Yes, she is really beautiful. She captioned all my attention.
- If you hadn’t said it, we had never noticed- Seb joked.
- I need to know her
- What were you saying about love at first sight?- Carlos ironically asked, wiggling his eyebrows.
They continued talking and about 20 minutes later, she came back with their dishes
- Do you need something more?- She nicely asked
- No, thanks- Carlos, Seb and Urs answered
- Yes- David said- I need to know your name…
- I’m Myriam- She answered, a bit blushed, and then left giving any chance to David to introduce himself.
- Well, coming back to our topic: Urs, why you just don’t forget all that stuff about that unknown girl and try something with someone real who loves you? You know Lynnea is still in love with you.
Urs rolled his eyes when listened to Carlos’ comment and said:
- Lynnea is a fantastic woman, and I was very happy when we were a couple. But it’s finished!! I can’t foce my heart to love someone when it belongs to another person
- A person that you don’t even know!!- David added
- But I will. Why you just don’t better try to understand me?- Urs started seem a bit upset- Look, Lynnea and me are good friends, and we have a good relation also because she’s Peter’s assistant and we work together. I like her as a friend, but I can’t be with her…. If you can’t understand it, I’m sorry- Urs stood up, took out 40 dlls from his wallet and threw them to the table, leaving the place. Seb and Carlos stood up to follow him, giving Dave money to pay the bill. Finally, he paid.
-Thank you very much, Myriam…
- You’re welcome, sir
- Do I look so old?- He joked. She laughed.- Call me David….
- Ok… You’re welcome David- And they both stretched their hands.
- I…. I was wondering if you know who I am
- Yes… You’re David Miller, from IL DIVO
- Right!! So, would you like to attend tonight’s concert? After it, we will have a reception.
- Is that a date?
- Something like that…
- I would love to, David
- Ok… so, I’ll send somebody to pick you up. Could you give me your address?
She wrote it on a paper, then she gave it to him.
- 7:00 pm sharp, ok?- He stated
- Perfect- She answered. They both were looking at each other as if they were eager to try each other lips.
- So, see you tonight, beauty!- He said, winking and kissing her cheek.
- See you- She answered in a dreamy way.


- Lynnea, is everything ready?- Peter, IL DIVO manager, asked her.
- I think so…. The techinicians had fixed the lights and also everything is done for the meet and greet party…. And the crowd is arriving
- Perfect, you’re great!!- Peter congratulated his assistant.
- I know- she chuckled, winking.
- Another favor: Please, go and find out if the guys are already ready.
- Ok- So she walked over to the Divo’s dressing room- May I come in?- Lynnea asked leaning her head into the room.
- Come in- Seb answered.
- Peter sent me to check if you’re ready
- That Peter!! What kind of people he thinks we are?- Carlos chuckled.
- And… Where are David and Urs?
- David went out to receive his special guest for tonight, and Urs is…. I don’t know. Where is Urs, Seb?- Carlos asked
Seb shrugged and answered:
- I don’t know… He just said he would be back in a minute…
- Oh, my God! The concert will start in 15 minutes and we have 2 divos missing!!- Lynnea exclaimed, with a nervous tone of voice.
- Calm down! They’ll be here soon… you’ll see
- Hello, Lynn!!- David greeted entering into the room.
- Hey!! Where’s your guest?
- She’s now in the first row. I invited her to the meet and greet. I hope you don’t care.
- No problem- Lynnea winked
- You must see how she looks tonight! Gosh! I stopped breathing when saw her… she’s beautiful!!
Seb, Carlos and Lynnea were laughing. The first 2 remembered the words that Miller were telling them at lunch time: “Love at first sight doesn’t exist”. He seemed to be really convinced with such words, but now….
- Hey!! Why are you guys so happy?- Urs asked, entering to the room.
- Urs, where were you?!-Lynnea asked, trying to retain her desires of rest her lips on his.
- I just needed time before the concert.
Lynnea knew he didn’t want to talk about where he was. She perfectly knew him, after all, they were a couple for 2 years, until Urs decided to finish their relation, 6 months ago. Those 2 years had been the happiest time of Lynnea’s life. She never understood his words.
-“It’s not about you, Lynn. It’s all about me”- Those words resounded inside Lynea’s head everyday.
5 minutes later, they went out of the dressing room, directly to the stage, and the show began… What is waiting for them??

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:28 pm


After the long wait for that concert, finally Cyd was sitting in the first row in front of the stage. She felt really excited when the lights of the auditorium were turned off little by little, meanwhile a soft music was introduced by the fantastic orchestra. It was the introduction of all the songs that IL DIVO would sing, a short part of each one. Finally, Sebastien appeared on the statge singing the beginning of Regresa a mi. Shouts and screams didn’t wait to arrive. Many of crazy and excited women were shouting to that sexy french guy with all their strenghts.
Then, the moment that Cyd was impatiently waiting for during the last months: Carlos was entering to the stage. She was shocked, just looking to his latin lover man
- He is all what I want!- She thought, without taking her eyes out of him. She felt how her blood was boiling in her veins. That man had always awaken all her senses and any kind of body reactions on her.
- This must be the chemistry that some people say that exists when you’re in love!- Cyd thought.
Then was David and Urs’ turn, women were turning crazy when the american and swiss guys appeared….
Regresa a mi had always been one of Cyd’s favorite songs, maybe because it was her first contact with IL DIVO and of course, with Carlos.

By the other side, in the 16th row, Diana was sitting next to Gabriel. Her heart almost blew up when saw Urs. She had created lots of fantasies with him in her dreams that in that moment were taking place in her mind. It was always great for her to dream kissing and hugging (sometimes even more) Urs. She was close to the stage, but not enough close to his beloved swiss guy. But it wouldn’t be an obstacle: in any way, she would reach the stage. She knew her opportunity would be in the “Somewhere” moment.
- I would like to take a picture of you looking at Urs in that way- Gabriel joked
- I can’t see him in another way, he’s just a monument!! God should be too much happy when was creating him!!
Gabriel rolled his eyes, laughing of Diana’s comments.
During the concert, all the fans were enjoying the guy’s performance. They sang many of their usual songs: Everytime I look at you, Mama, La vida sin amor (In which Seb drove women crazy with his sexy dance), Heroe, Carusso, etc
Cyd noticed that David was paying too much attention to the lady who was sitting next to her. Actually, when they were singing Si tu me amas, she saw David discretly blowing a kiss to that lady. Also, Cyd saw Carlos looking at her sometimes.
- No, Cydalia. It must be your imagination. Why Carlos would be looking at you?- She said to herself.
Finally, after a 2 hour concert, the guys started saying good bye. David was the one who said:
- It has been a spectacular night, thank you very much. But it’s time to say good bye. We’re sure we’ll see you soon… Somehow, someday, somewhere…
The music of somewhere sounded. IL DIVO sat on the edge of the stage, letting fans get close to them. Suddenly, a huge group of ladies were surrounding them.
- There’s a place for us, somewhere a place for us…- Cyd stood quickly from her seat and went to try to reach Carlos.
- Peace and quiet and open air, wait for us, somewhere…
- I need to get there right now- Diana told her brother
- Are you crazy? You’ll never reach Urs. He has lots of women in front of him
- I don’t care! I’ll push them if it’s necessary- She giggled. Gabriel did the same.
The song continued. IL DIVO were happily signing each thing the fans were giving to them, and also were smiling when they asked for a picture.
- We’ll find a way of forgiving, somewhere…

Now just a bridge of music were played. Picss and signs were present. Security guys were moving the ladies to make that moment quicker.
Cyd decided to come back to her place, he couldn’t reach Carlos, but didn’t give it much importance, after all, she would see him in the meet and greet party. But Diana… she wouldn’t have that opportunity, she should try everything.
Diana didn’t noticed how she suddenly were in the middle of a huge group of fans, all of them with the same goal: to be close to Urs.
- Oh, God. He’s so handsome!- Her heart was beating faster than ever. She had a shirt with a picture of him in the front with a slogan: yoURS 4ever and in the back was written: Somehow, someday, somewhere… She had a permanent marker in her hand. She wanted Urs to sign her shirt. Diana was standing behind a lady who was taking a picture to Bühler and a lady. When she was done, she moved herself to walk over to David, leaving Diana just in front of Urs…. And there the story began: He saw her, and for a moment, time seemed to stay in stand by for him. He stared at her with a lovely glance and draw a timid smile on his lips. He couldn’t say anything at that moment but he knew he had found her. He would like in that exact moent to cover her with an embrace and whispered that he loved her with all his strenghts, from all his heart. Diana wasn’t feeling less than him, she was wishing to hug him and bring all her fantasies to reality. Security guys were hurrying her, taking both out of their world, so, Diana gave him the marker and he signed the shirt. He smiled when saw his pic on it. That was the signal that he needed: she liked him. He gave the marker back to her, brushing Diana’s hand with his. They both shivered. Just that soft contact of their skins produced that reaction. In that moment, a fan pushed Diana, making her get appart of her beautiful swiss. He wanted to stop her, but it was impossible at that moment. He didn’t pay attention to that fan, he just signed but without taking his eyes out from his girl. She was walking away from him but staring straight to his eyes.
Finally, he stood up, the same did Carlos, Seb and David. It was time to finish the song and walk backstage.
- Hold my hand then I’ll take you there…. Somehow….. Someday…. Somewhere….- The 4 powerful voices sang.
- Thank you!
- Gracias!
- Merci!
- Danke!
IL DIVO waved good bye and left the stage.
- I found her!- Urs told his friends, with excitement in his voice.
- Found who?- Carlos asked
- My girl… I need to go and talk to her- He was walking out to the crowd but Seb stopped him- Are you crazy? There are lot of people. You can’t go there by yourself.
- But I need to catch her before she leaves…. He desesperately said
- Great performance, guys!- Peter said, joining them. Lynnea was beside him.-Please, Lynn, now go for the ladies who won the tickets of the meet and greet…
- I’m coming with you- Urs said.
- No way!- Peter exclaimed- I don’t want an accident here
- I need to find someone
- Lynnea can find him for you
- Her… she’s a lady- David added
Lynnea felt really bad about noticing Urs was trying to find a lady- Was she the one who made Urs broke her up?
- Me?- She asked
- Please, Lynn, Find her!!- Urs begged- She has the most wonderful eyes I had never seen, long and dark brown wavy hair, and a mouth that shouts desire….
- Do you know how many girls fit on that description?- Lynnea rolled her eyes
- I know!! She is wearing a white T- shirt with a pic of me in the front. I signed it for her. And in the back you can read: somehow, someday, somewhere… Please, Lynn, bring her to me!!
Lynnea turned to see Peter for authorization. He nodded.
- Ok, I’ll try- Lynnea said, not too much glad or convinced of doing that.
- Thank you- Urs exclaimed, with a huge smile and kissing her forehead.
- I’ll be back
Lynnea was trying to hide her anger.
- Why do I have to find that woman? – She was feeling jealous about her. She finally arrived where the audience was.- Where do I have to look for?- she asked herself. There were lots of women in that place. She was looking around with her sight, without finding that girl with the shirt. Suddenly, she turned her sight to one of the exit doors and saw a lady with a guy. Lynnea could read what Urs had told her.
- There she is!- and ran over to her. She must catch and bring her to Urs. When Lynnea was just like 4 feet behind Diana, and was almost going to stop her, she thought:
- Wait a minute! What the h**l you’re doing, Lynnea? You love Urs and you’re almost going to bring him another lady?- Then she didn’t do anything. She just stayed there looking how Diana was dissapearing between the crowd, leaving the place.
Lynnea turned around and walked over to the first row, where a group of ladies were waiting for instructions to go to the meet and greet. The auditorium was almost empty. So, David also appeared to take Myriam backstage with him. Urs couldn’t wait and went with him. When he saw Lynnea, turned disappointed: his girl wasn’t with her.
- What happened?- He asked, whispering in Lynnea’s ear, smiling to the invited fans.
- Sorry! I tried, but I couldn’t find her- Lynnea lied.

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:28 pm


- Are you girls ready for the meet and greet?- Lynnea asked to a group of about 20 ladies.
- Yes- a group of about 20 enthusiastic ladies answered.
- Well, I’ll give you a badge to get in, but you should take care of it. You’ll give it back to me when you leave. Now, I’ll say your names and you’ll pick your badge- Lynnea opened a binder and took out a list.
Finally, Lynnea guided them backstage. The girls were extremely nervous and excited, almost biting their nails. They arrived to a huge room where many people were: photographers, journalists, and maybe some others special guests. At the end of the room were a platform with a table on it and 4 chairs, certainly for David, Urs, Seb and Carlos. Also there was a microphone. The music played, of course, was IL DIVO. The guys weren’t there yet.
Cyd noticed that the girl who David was paying attention to during the concert and who he picked up at the end of it was there.
-Well girls, feel like in home. The guys will arrive pretty soon and you’ll have your opportunity to spend some time with them- Lynnea said, winking. Then she left to see what else was needed.
Cyd decided to investigate if that lady was David’s date or something, so she walked over to her.
- Hello!
- Hey!- Myriam answered
- I’m Cydalia, but everybody calls me Cyd.
- Nice to meet you, Cyd. I’m Myriam- They both shook hands.
- Did you win a ticket for the meet and greet?
- No… did you?
- Yes, in the official forum. So, are you a journalist?
Myriam chuckled and answered:
- No, I’m not.
- So?
- So what?
- Come on, you know…
- You’re trying to ask me why I am here, aren’t you?- Myriam giggled. She was having fun seeing how Cyd was trying to get information.
- I promise I won’t say a word…
- David invited me, I’m his friend
- Just friends? I guess he likes you!!
- Why you say that?
- I saw him during the concert and it seemed he was singing just for you.
Myriam smiled. She also liked David…. And too much.
- You think so?
- I’m sure- Cyd winked.
In that moment, Peter appeared. All people around clapped to him. He walked over to the stage and stood in front of the microphone. Music turned lower and everyone there stayed in silence. Peter said:
- Good night, ladies and gentlemen!! Thank you for taking your time to come and share with us this fantastic night. This had been a challenging year for IL DIVO and for all the people who are around us, that people that helps IL DIVO to what it is: one of the most successful musical groups of the world- All people present clapped- Please, let’s receive to the 4 singers members of that phenomenon: Urs, David, Carlos and Sebastien!!
The guys entered to the room straight to the stage. Camera flashes were shooting them. Finally they sat on their chairs.
- Let’s start with the press conference and after it, we all can share a time together- Peter said. Many questions were asked to the guys, who were nicely answered. Half an hour later, it was done.
- Thank you very much!!- Peter stated- Now, party time!! Enjoy it!!
The guys stood up and joined all the audience. Of course, David ran to Myriam’s place.
- Are you having fun?- He asked her.
- Yes, thank you.. Cyd had helped me for it.- David turned his eyes to Cyd and said:
- Thank you very much!!- and stretched her hand.
- You’re welcome!!
- So… do you girls want something to drink?- Dave asked
- Yes, please- They both answered.
- I’ll be right back- David left them and walked over to a table where drinks were being served.l
- Look at David!!- Carlos told to Urs and Seb- He’s behaving weird with Myriam, I had never seen him behaving like that with another lady.
- Me neither- Seb repplied- It smells someone is falling in love!!- He giggled. Urs just smiled.
- What’s up, buddy?- Seb asked him
- Nothing- He answered in a cold way, trying to hide his pain, but his eyes were showing their sadness to his friends.
- Come on!! If you talk you can feel better – Carlos commented, resting his hand on Urs’ shoulder- It’s because of her, isn’t it?
- You don’t have idea of how I’m feeling. I waited for a long time to find her and now that I did, I couldn’t do anything, I just saw how she was leaving. I should run in the moment we finished the concert but I didn’t!! Now, I lost her again. Gosh, I love her!! Neither I had idea of how much I love her until I saw her tonight!! And she likes me too. She had a pic of mine in her shirt…
- Are you sure she was the one?
- Yes, Seb. Just looking into her eyes made me to realize she was my girl, the one for who I had been waiting for all this time.
Carlos and Sebastien stayed in silence. This time didn’t have words to help Urs feel better. Suddenly Lynnea joined them.
- Look at your faces! You seem you’re in a funeral- she joked.
- I guess I’m leaving. I don’t feel real good- Urs said.
- But you can’t do that. We promise to the winners that IL DIVO would have some pics with them- Lynnea added.
- Can we do it right now? Really, I need to go…
- Ok. Carlos, could you tell David to join us until I go with the girls to tell them that it’s time for the pics?
- Sure- Carlos walked where David was. After getting some drinks, David having a wonderful time with them. Cyd noticed that Carlos was walking over to them and felt all her body paralized.
- Sorry for interrupting, bro. Good night, Myriam. It’s nice to see you again- Carlos greeted as he kissed Myriam’s hand.
- Thank you!- She answered. Then, Carlos turned his sight to Cyd, who was practically shocked.
- Could someone introduce me this lovely lady?- He asked mischievously to David and Myriam.
- Of course… Carlos, this is Cyd. Cyd, this is Carlos.- David said.
Marin took Cydalia’s hand and softly lean his lips on it, staring straight to her beautiful green eyes.
- Nice to meet you- he said
- It… it’s a pleassure- she repplied. For a moment, they both stayed like that, just looking at each other. David cleared his throat. Carlos reacted and said:
- Dave, Urs is almost leaving, so we’re going to have those picws with the fans now
- Well, let’s go- Miller answered.
- Oh, I think I need to go too- Cye stated.
- Are you one of the winners?- Carlos asked.
- Yes
- So, let’s go, señorita- and he offered his arm to her who held it without doubting.
- Come with me, beauty- David told Myriam, holding his hand.
Many photos were taken. Some with the whole group, some fans wanted one just with thir favorite one, and some others wanted one with each one. It took almost an hour to finish the session. When it was done, Urs discretly left the room and went back to his hotel. He wasn’t in the mood to be in a party. He just wanted to find the way to see Diana again… his girl.
- Why are you so serious?- Carlos asked Cyd.
- Can I tell you the truth?
Carlos nodded.
- I’m nervous. I don’t know what to say- she confessed.
- Oh, is that! I thought it was something worst. We can fix it. What about if you start telling me if you’re single- He chuckled, wiggling his eyebrows.
- I am.
- Why? You’re a beautiful lady
- Thanks, but I guess I hadn’t found the man of my life yet.
- Maybe you have him now in front of you- he repplied. She blushed. In that moment, “Notte di luce” track was played on.
- Would you like to dance?- He asked Cyd.
-. Of course!!- She answered.
Also David and Myriam joined them in the dance floor.
Seb was spending some time with his fans. They were talking and laughing. Then, his cell phone rang:
- I’ll be back- he excused himself with the girls who were around him and he walked over to a corner of the room to answer.
- Hello, baby!- He answered.
- Hello!- Paulette, his girlfriend, said. She was calling from France, where at that moment was early in the morning- How you doing, hun?
- I’m fine. A little bit sad because you’re not here with me. I’m having a meet and greet party, but I would prefer to be with you.
- Oh, my love. You know my body is here in France but my soul and thoughts are always wherever you are- Paulette sweetly said.
- Yes, I know. I’m just counting the weeks to see you again: just 3 more weeks, baby.
- Time goes so slow when you’re far from people you love!!
- I know… and I hate that- Seb sighed. Paulette did, too.
- Well, I leave you, so you can continue enjoying the party. I love you!!
- I love you too. I’ll call you later!!
- Ok. Bye.
- Bye- and he walked back to his fans.

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:29 pm


Cyd couldn’t believe Carlos had spent the whole party with her. It was a dream that had come true. Everything was perfect. She realized he wasn’t wrong, he was in fact a gentleman. But just in the moment when Cyd thought nothing bad could happen, Carlos made a mistake an unacceptable comment after she asked him why a man like him was still single.
- I hate those fans who just want to know everything about our private lifes!!- He rolled his eyes- Who the h**l they think they are?- Myriam, David and Cyd looked at each other with confussion.
- We want to know because we like you. You’re our idol, but I guess you don’t understand that- Cyd repplied, showing anger in her voice. Carlos in that moment noticed how bad he had done saying that and tried to fix it:
- Come on!! It was a joke!!
- It didn’t sound as a joke- Cyd complained- I thought you were different but I was wrong. Good night- She felt insulted, and left them there. Carlos followed her.
- Cyd, please, I’m sorry. I am a st**id!! I should never say that. I didn’t want to sound rude and even less want to hurt your feelings- Cyd’s eyes were full of tears, but she was trying to hold them. Cyd didn’t stop, she went where Lynnea was and give her badge back to her.
- I won’t let you go!!- Carlos continued saying, but she didn’t answer. She arrived to the parking lot and jumped into her car. Then started the engine. Carlos saw her leaving and ran towards her car, obviously he couldn’t reach it. He didn’t know why he was feeling that dessire to stop and reach her, to clear her everything and make her understand he didn’t want to hurt her. Luckily, a cab passred over there and he could take it
- Follow that car!!- He commanded to the driver.

- Sis, it seemed you went to a funeral instead of a concert!!- Gabriel tried to joke with Diana, but she didn’t even smile. They both were sitting in the dinning room of his apartment, having dinner.
- I thought that being close to Urs would make you the happiest girl in the world, but just look at your eyes, they are sad…. Not with their usual shine
Diana sighed and a little bit disturbed, answered:
- I thought it too, but I don’t know… Everything was perfect. He looked directly at me and I could almost swear he also gave me a smile.
- I lost you!!- Gabriel chuckled- first you say he looked at you and now you’re saying he smiled at you!! What else are you going to tell me? That he fell completely in love with you?- Gabriel broke in laugh.
- You can laugh as much as you want, but I ‘m sure of what I saw….
- Diana, it was just your imagination. Seriously, if he would want to meet you, he would get out of there and tried to find you, or at least, he would send somenone to catch you, don’t you think so? Come back to Earth!!
Diana stood in silence. She didn’t want to believe her brother’s words, but maybe he had the reason. Gabriel stood up and kissed her forehead, saying:
- I’m tired. I’m going to bed. And I think you need to rest after all this night events.
- Yes, you’re right- she repplied, disappointed.
- See you tomorrow- he said, walking over to his room.
- See you!- Diana stayed for some more minutes in there. She couldn’t appart from her mind the image of Urs staring and smiling at her, also, when his hand brushed hers.
- Did he feel the same way that I did?- she asked herself in silence- Oh, Gosh! Gabriel is right, maybe it was just my imagination- she stood up and walked straight to her room. Once in there she did what she was used to do all nights during the last months: go to the window and watch the moon.
- I wonder to know what is he doing now- and she deeply sighed, completely lost in her thoughts- all of them in relation with Urs.
- I wonder to know what is she doing now- Urs thought, while he was watching the moon from his room window- I can’t believe that I found her and at the same time lost her… I should do something but I was hand-tied, I had to continue singing. Maybe the guys are right: I should forget her… But, how can I do that if I love her!! Today more than ever I’m completely sure about my feelings. No, I can’t give up, I need to do something to meet her, I’ll move sea and land if it’s necessarhy. I’ll search under the rocks until find her again. She’s the one for me… the only one.

At 2 am moreless, David took Myriam at her place. Peter told him to borrow one of the limo’s with a driver and that’s what he did, although he would prefer to have a walk to spend more time together, but it was too late for that. On their way, they both were just talking of everything and anything at the same time and were laughing. Finally, David had found a girl with his same sense of humor.. they were joking all time. Once outside of Myriam’s apartment, David held her hand and said:
- Thank you for this amazing night!
- Thank to you for inviting me- she answered- I had never been in a party like that, with all those important people and weird snacks- David chuckled with her comment.
- For me, it’s kind of boring, but today it was different, because I had an excellent accompany- Myriam’s face turned a bit red. She felt shy.
- Unfortunately, you’re leaving pretty soon…
- I can stay with you tonight if you want- he giggled. Myriam laughed and answered:
- I meant you’re leaving N.Y., not my home
- Oh!! Well, I was just using all my methods.- He chuckled- Talking seriously, yes, you’re right. We’re leaving on monday to South America. We’ll be there for two weeks and then, Peter need to confirm us if we’re coming to Mexico.
Myriam stayed in silence. In the deep of her heart she didn’t want David to leave. She wanted to tell him she was feeling something for him, but she didn’t.
- Your busy life!!- she giggled, rolling her eyes.
- Yes… What can I do? I love to sing
- I know, and you sing beautiful
- Thanks, well, I guess I need to go
- Ok, thanks for everything- Myriam answered. David looked deeply into her eyes, and she did the same.
- See you- He finally said, leaning his face to hers. He was almost going to rest his lips on Myriam’s, but she made a movement to avoid it. She wished from all her heart, but didn’t want to fall in love with David, she was on time to stop her feelings, after all, he would leave soon and that would make it easier. She didn’t want to suffer. David’s lips just kissed Myriam’s lips edge. Then, he tenderly smiled at her- see you!!- He said, meanwhile Myriam was opening the door of her apartment. When she was entering, he listened to David calling her:
- Myriam!
She turned around to see what he wanted.
- Would you like to have lunch with me tomorrow?

When Cyd arrived home, she noticed a cab parked just few meters behind her. Then, saw Carlos jumping out of it.
- Did he followed me?- she thought. She didn’t know how to feel: anger or happiness. Actually, she felt happy but decided to show anger to him. He must understand that he behaved not so good with her. She was opening the door of her house when Carlos appeared next to him:
- Cyd, please, we spent a fantastic night together. I don’t want it to finish like this.
- You should think it before answering me the way you did
- Yes, I know, I’m an idiot! But I don’t want to…- He stayed in silence
- To what?
- I don’t want to lose you- he whispered
- Lose me?- Cyd asked. Carlos softly held her hand and put it on his chest- Feel my heart. It’s beating faster than ever, and it’s because of you!!- Cyd couldn’t say a word. He seemed to be sincere.
- What do you mean?- she finally asked.
- I mean, I want you to be with me. I don’t know how it happened, but I don’t want you to be far from me. I can feel you’re special and I like you so much. Please, give me an opportunity to show you that I’m not how you think I am.
She leaned closer to him and whispered in his ear:
- I’ll think about it- and kissed his cheek.
-Can I see you tomorrow?- He asked, winking.
- Ok
- I’ll pick you up at 12 pm
- Done!! – And she blew him a kiss.


Dafne was in Diego’s apartment. She spent the night with him. They loved each other and always when they had any opportunity, they were trying to show how great was their love by spending passionate nights together. She loved to feel soft Diego’s hands caresing all her body and he liked to listen to her groaning with pleassure. When she woke up, he smiled at him who was still sleeping faced-down and kissed his cheek. Then, she stood up and looked for a shirt of his beloved guy and wore it on. Then, walked up to the kitchen to prepare, as always, some coffee. Ten minutes later, she felt a kiss on her cheek. She jumped because of the surprise, but then felt Diego’s hands wrapping around her waist.
- Good morning, my love- he exclaimed, kissing her neck.
- Good morning- she sweetly answered, serving 2 cups of coffee.
- Why you left me so lonely in bed?- Diego mischievously asked.
- You were sleeping as an angel and I didn’t want to wake you up
- What about if we come back there? Coffee can wait
- Sounds great- she answered, facing him and kissing his lips. Those kisses were turning more intense and caresses appeared little by little. Suddenly , Dafne’s cell phone rang in Diego’s room.
- What a way of interrupting!!- he giggled, and continued kissing her. It didn’t stop ringing.
- I should answer
- Should you?
- Yes
- Ok
So , she ran over to there, to answer. She noticed by the calls identifyier it was her boss and friend: Julio Madero.
- Good morning, Julio!
- Hey, honey. I hope I’m not interrupting something important- he giggled
- You’re not- she answered, laughing.
- Well, today I’m not calling for personal things. It’s about work
- No way!! Come on, Julio, it’s weekend!! My first free weekend in almost 4 months
- I know, and I’m sorry, but it’s important
- Ok, tell me.
- Alex called me today in the very early morning and told me that IL DIVO management accepted the invitation for the “United voices: how music helps culture” event. They will be in charge of the musical show. They will arrive the same day of the event and leave the next day in the morning.
- And?
- And you need to organize their stay here… the hotel and all that stuff. Also they asked to know Bellas Artes Palace. They want someone to be their assistant during the visit to Mexico City and you’re perfect for that.
- Me? But Julio, you know I hate to do that. That kind of groups usually act like children an feel like the last stars in universe.
- Please, Daf. I know you don’t like it. But you’re my best employee, I need your support… And also you have Indre, she’s an excellent assistant, she´s your right hand… You both form a good team and she can help you to prepare everything.
- Ok, ok… I’ll do it
- So, can I count with on you?
- Do I have another option?
- That’s my girl!- Julio exclaimed.- So, tomorrow you need to start preparing everything.
- Ok. Bye.
- Bye- and they both hung up their phones.

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That sunday, Peter told the guys that he had a accepted the invitation that Mexico City government made them, and explained it was a project to inrease culture to the people in different areas, one of them was music. After that conversation, David and Carlos left the hotel. They both had something to do: they planned the day before to spend some time with Myriam and Cyd each one.
Meanwhile, Urs and Sebastien, who hadn’t anything to do, decided to have a walk through the city. Then, they entered to a mall.
- What do you think about that event in Mexico?- Seb asked.
- I think it’s great that a country is interested about increasing culture between their people. And you?
- I think the same. But there’s something I don’t like about that trip.
- What is it?
- That I won’t see Paulette
- Come on , Seb!!- Urs chuckled- It will be just 1 more day.
- I know, but that time is too much for those who are in love…
Urs smiled nostalgically. Seb noticed and said:
- Sorry! I didn’t want to make you feel bad
- Don’t worry, it’s ok. And you’re right, time can make you feel alive or death depending the case. At least, you are sure that you’ll see Paulette after the trip…
- What about you?
- I don’t know. I think I’ve gotten a lost case. Tomorrow we’re leaving NYC and my girl will stay here, that in case that she is from here, maybe she’s from another country. Anyway, I don’t have idea of where I can find her.
- I can’t believe that you recognized her, that she really exists
- I told you! I always knew she was somewhere, I just had to wait. The problem is that I left her go. I couldn’t do anything to retain her.
- Miracles exist!! Maybe, you’ll find her again soon. I had always believed in destiny. Maybe she’s closer than you imagine. If it’s written that you’ll be together, don’t matter what happen or how much time it takes, your ways will cross.
- I hope so- Urs sighed, smiling and remembering Diana’s eyes.
- Come on! Let’s go to Starbucks. I’m dying for a hot french vanilla coffee- Seb said- I’ll invite.
- Ok- And they both entered to the cafeteria.

Gabriel and Diana decided not to have breakfast in his apartment, they prefered to go to a restaurant.
- I will take you to my favorite place- Gabriel said.
- Where is it?
- It’s in a mall that is really close from here.
- It’s ok. I need to distract my mind. Just let me get dressed.
At the restaurant, they had their breakfast and were talking about Gabriel’s job. He was the general coordinator of a really important entertainment magazine. He had met many important people and was talking about the good and bad experiences he has had during his charge.
- It must be amazing to meet that kind of important people, doesn’t it?
- Not for me- he answered not too much convinced- People from entertainment is kind of boring, cold… silly- he chuckled- They only think in themselves forgetting there’s a world around them.
- Hold on! You think just like Dafne, but not all of them are like that
Gabriel rolled his eyes and answered:
- Yes, Iknow what are you talking about… IL DIVO. Ash!! Could you stop talking just about them only for a second? I’m tired I can’t stand them anymore…
- Oh, sorry, but did I already tell you that I love them?- Diana giggled.
- I’ll better eat- he answered.
They continued talking about their common friends. They also remembered their parents and the tragic car accident in which them lost their lifes, Diana’s eyes were getting full of tears. So, Gabriel changed the topic, trying to make her feel better. He also felt sad, but he had to be Diana’s rock.
Finally, they asked the bill and left the place. When they went out, they walked around the mall when suddenly Gabriel told his sister he wanted to check in a music store if they had the last release of DJ Tiesto.
- Where’s that store?- Diana asked
- Over there- Gabriel answered pointing to it. Diana turned his sight and the only thing she saw was the store sign. Next to it was starbucks coffee.
- What about if meanwhile you search your CD I buy a coffee?? I love Starbucks
- Ok
They both were walking straight to there when listened to someone who was calling Gabriel. They turned around and saw a lady coming up to they were. It was one of Gabriel’s colleagues. They were just in front the store, behind a huge fountain. Gabriel introduced his friend to his sister and then were talking for a while.
At the time, Seb and Urs went out from the Starbucks. They walked close from the fountain. When Urs was next to it, he stopped his walk. He felt something strange, like if she should stay there. Seb continued walking and talking, because he didn’t realize his friend stayed back. Urs looked around, trying to find out what was going on: something or someone who could explain him why he was feeling like that. In that moment Diana started feeling anxious and shivered. Her heart was beating faster.
- Why am I feeling like that?- she thought. For a while, she couldn’t continue listening to Gabriel’s friend. She was lost in her world.
Suddenly, Sebastien noticed he was talking alone, and started looking for Urs. So, turned around and saw him standing next to the fountain.
- URS!!!- He shouted at him
Urs reacted and saw Seb waving his hand. So he walked to join him, giving a last glance around.
By the other side, Diana listened to someone pronouncing Urs’ name and got confused. She was going to turn around to see what was it, but she couldn’t because Gabriel’s friend said good bye to here, taking her hand and pulling her to kiss her cheek. Then she left. Immediately, Diana walked around the fountain to find out if what she heard was real, but nobody was there. She turned disappointed.
- What’s going on?- Gabriel asked her- Why are you behaving so weird? What are you looking for? –
- Nothing- she repplied, shaking her head- I thought I listened to something, but….- she sighed- Forget it. Let’s go- mand they both entered to the store.

Cyd and Carlos had a great day together. Carlos tried in many ways to fix the mistake he did the day before. At the beginning, Cyd was trying to show indifference in front of him. After having lunch in Cyd’s favourite restaurant, they decided to have a walk in Central Park.
- Did you already forgive me?
- Not at all- Cyd answered. In that moment, Carlos kneld down in the middle of the park and asked her forgiveness. Her heart was melted.
- Carlos, please, stand up. Everybody is looking at you.
- I don’t care!! I won’t stand up until you say you forgive me
- Carlos!!
- I don’t hear you
- Ok- she giggled- I forgive you. But don’t do it never again, ok?
- Ok…- he stood up. After that, thaty were just laughing and enjoying each other company. Carlos felt as if he had met Cyd from years ago.
Finally, they walked back to Cyd’s place. Carlos was holding her hand, walking slowly as if he wanted to be the most time possible with her.
- Why are you so quiet?- Cyd asked him. He smiled at her and answered:
- I’m just thinking.
- Do you want to tell me?
In that moment, Marin stopped his walk and stood in front of her. Cyd could notice he was nervous, staring down.
- Is everything ok?
-Yes, it’s just that…- He sighed and continued, holding this time her 2 hands and staring at her- Cyd, listen… I had a project of life that includes, of course, my career in IL DIVO. But I also want a woman with who I can share my success or my fails. I have met many women but in one way or another we hadn’t made “click”…until last night.- Cyd turned surprised, but Carlos continued talking.
- I’m not a kid, I know what I want and what I’m looking for. I met you last night but that is enough for me to notice you’re a special woman. And I don’t know why I feel something weird when I’m with you. I think you feel the same. I’m leaving tomorrow to South America and I would like to know if you would like to come with me.
- Are you kidding?- Cyd asked. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard.
- Never in my life I had talked so serious than now..
- But… Ok, I’ll ask you something. What are you exactly proposing to me?
- Well, you can come with me, we can try to have a couple relation and look how it works.
Cyd stayed in silence. She never expected that suggestion.
- And if it doesn’t work?
- We can be friends….. What do you say?
She stared directly at his eyes and answered:
- At what time you said we’re leaving tomorrow?
Carlos happily smiled and wrapped her waist, bringing her closer to him. Cyd surrounded his neck with both arms and finally, their lips were melted in a tenderly kiss… the first of many other who were waiting for them.

It was 3 pm. Myriam was waiting for David at her apartment. She was nervous because didn’t know what could happen between them. For one side, she liked David and knew he liked her too. But by the other side, she was conscious about that was too much difficult for them to have a couple relation because of his job. Suddenly, she listened to the doorbell ringing. She opened and found David standing just in front of her. He was wearing a brown sweater and blue jeans. He looked really handsome.
- Hello- he greeted, giving her a bucket of red roses.
- Hi… Thank you so much. Come in, I’ll put them in some water- David entered and closed the door behind him. Myriam went to the kitchen and filled a vase with water, puttint the roses in. Finally, she went out with them in her hands and put them on the table in the middle of the living room.
- Well, I’m ready- she said. David was sitting on a coach- Where do you want to go?
- I don’t know…. Wherever you want
- I would prefer a quiet place, something more relaxing. Sometimes I need a minute of peace to be by myself.
- I understand… I have an idea!!
- What is it?
- We could stay here and order something to eat
- Excellent!! What kind of food would you like to eat? Ita…
- Japanesse!!- Myriam exclaimed.
Then, they spent their afternoon eating, talking and watching T.V.
When they realized, it was too late, almost midnight. Myriam was tired and yawned. David took her close to him and covered her with an embrace. She leaned her head and rested it on his chest, closing her eyes. She fell asleep. David smiled with pleassure and tenderly kissed her forehead. He continued watching T.V., but not for a long time, because without noticing, he fell asleep too.

The next day in Mexico city, Dafne arrived early to her office. When she entered, found Indre there, making the bunches of papers up. They were a complete mess on the desk.
- Good morning, Indre
- Hey, Dafne. How are you?
- I was fine, until I saw all that stuff on my desk. What is it?
- Julio left them here. He said it is all what you need for what he asked you yesterday. He said you would explain me later.
- Oh!! We have a lot of work to do
- Why?
- IL DIVO is coming to Mexico in 2 weeks.
- Il DIVO?? To Mexico?? 2 weeks?? Oh, God!!! I can’t believe my good luck!!- Indre exclaimed. She was really excited.
- You like them?
- Of course I do…. They are so handsome…. David Miller will be here!! Please, tell me that we are in charge of that visit!!
- Yes
- Wow!! That’s great….
- Yes, but we don’t have too much time to prepare it. We have to start working right now. You know, organize their schedule, etc.
- Of course, don’t worry, I’ll do my best- Indre smiled.- Oh! I almost forgot, Julio said you must call him
- Ok, I’ll do it now. Please, Indre. Start checking those papers and organizing them in order of importance.
- Ok.- Indre took some folders and went out of Dafne’s office, to her desk. While she was walking, she was thinking in loud voice:
- IL DIVO… David…. What a wonderful day is today!!! – Dafne giggled about looking a dreamy Indre like walking on clouds.

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CHAPTER 5: Lynnea’s confession

When David woke up that morning, felt his body warm, but didn’t care: it was because was covered by Myriam’s embrace. He didn’t move himself because didn’t want to interrupt her dreams.
- What am I feeling? Why does this feel so good? Why am I so happy to be beside her?- He thought.- Am I falling in love?
In that moment, Myriam woke up.
- Good morning, sleepy bear!!- He said. She smiled, getting apart from him.
- What time is it?- she asked. David gave a look to his watch and answered:
- It’s 8:45 am
- OMG!! Did you stay the whole night long?
- It seems I did- He chuckled
- I’m sorry! I didn’t notice when I fell asleep.
- Don’t worry. I enjoyed to be with you. You know? When I opened my eyes today I thought I was in heaven and an angel was embracing me- Myriam blushed.
- I’ll prepare some breakfast- she said, trying to avoid his comment, but it was late, she was already completely and madly in love with him. She stood up and went to the kitchen. She prepared some sandwiches and chocolate milkshake. David joined her in the kitchen and was helping her. Then, they had breakfast together. When they were done, David said:
- Well, I think I need to go. I should prepare everything for tonight’s flight to Chile.
- Right. It’s time to say good bye. I hate goodbyes- Myriam answered, a bit melancholic.
- This is not a good bye, it’s a “see you later”. You know? I really enjoyed the time we spent together, although it was just for 2 days.
- I did too- Myriam added
- Maybe you can give me you phone number and your e-mail address and I can call you sometime… And maybe someday I can invite you to join me on tour
- And maybe I’ll accept- she chuckled- Ok, hold on- so she went to her room and 2 mins. later was back with her data written in a sheet of paper.
- So… see you later, beauty- David said, smiling nostalgicaly. In the deep of his heart, he didn’t want to leave her. He gave her a kiss on her cheek.
- See you later- Myriam answered trying to hide the knot in her throat. She knew maybe it was the last time she would see David. Finally, he left the apartment. She closed the door and stayed for some seconds standing behind it. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. She opened and found David, who immediately and impulsively hugged her really tight. She could feel how tears were running down her cheeks, wetting David’s sweater.
- I’ll miss you – He whispered
- I’ll miss you too- she answered.
David softly pushed her back and held her face with both hands, leaning to kiss her. Their lips were together in a warm and sweet kiss. When they were apart, David looked deeply into her eyes and said:
- I promise we’ll be together again!!

Dafne called Julio, as Indre told her he said.
- Yes?- He answered
- Good morning, Julio
- Daf!! You arrived early today, didn’t you?
- As always- she giggled
- That’s right…. Well, did Indre showed you the documents I left on your desk?
- Yes
- There you can find the schedule that IL DIVO management want to try, and also the places they want to visit, you know what you have to do
- Yes, I know.
- I trust you, Daf!! This need to be perfect
- Ok…. Cruel reality!! I had almost forgotten what does “vacation time” mean.
- After this, I promise I’ll give you all the time you need
- You said that last year…
- This time I promise it will be. Now, I let you work. See you later- Julio said, hanging up the telephone.
Dafne called Indre by the switchboard
- Indre, could you come please?
- Sure, I’m coming. As fast as a thunder
Indre entered to her boss office.
- Look, Indre. The plan is the next: IL DIVO will be here just for 1 day. They are coming to perform in the “United voices….” Event that will be in 2 weeks in the Auditorio Nacional. They will stay here just for one night. We need to prepare a schedule for them. You will do what you always do
- Yes!! After giving me the places they will visit I need to call there and ask for the security, also call to some hotels and negotiate rates, and the same for transportation, shalala shalala.
- Perfect!! Meanwhile, I will prepare the schedule, and when you get all the info I need to call the managers of the places, go there to check everything is fine, etc. As you see, it’s a lot stuff to do in a short time, so, we need to start working now
- Ok, Daf. I’ll start searching for everything!!!
- Great!! And if you need my help, just tell me
- Thanks- Indre said, walking out the office.
Dafne started checking some of the documents, when her cell phone rang. It was Diego.
- Hello baby!- she answered
- I just called to wish you a good day
- Thank you… but I guess I will not have a good one. I’m full of work. Many stuff to do.
- What about if I pick you up at 2 and have lunch together?- He purposed.
- I would really love too, but I don’t think I’ll have time
- Mmmm, well… dinner?
- I can’t. Remember tonight Diana is coming back to Mexico and I’ll pick her up at the airport.
- I see you don’t want to see me today…- Diego complained, a bit anoyed.
- It’s not that, babe… Really, I’ll be too busy today and you already know I need to pick Diana up tonight
- Ok, I don’t need explanations, I perfectly understand everything- and he hung up.
- Diego?- Dafne asked and listened to the dial tone- Arg!! The last thing that I needed!!- And closed her cell phone.

The South America tour started at Chile. It was a success. After Chile, they went to Brazil and Colombia, they had a great time there. The guys were amazed with the acceptation they had in those countries, how people were showing in all moment their support.
In their personal lifes, everything was a bit different for Seb, Urs and David, not as good as they would like. Not the same for Carlos, who was enjoying each single second with Cyd. They both were happy of being together.
Sebastien was eager to go back to France and be close to Paulette. He wanted to make love to her and in that way show her all his love.
David was still remembering that kiss with Myriam. Sometimes he found himself smiling just of remembering her. He knew he was feeling something new and different, but didn’t know if it was love or just attraction. He just knew he wanted to see her again.
Urs, by his side, was all time thinking on Diana. He couldn’t forget her face, her eyes, the way she looked at him when they were front to front. He was always regreting about why he didn’t run over to her and stopped her. Also, each night was doing the usual: staring to the moon, wondering Diana was watching at it at the same time.
One morning, one day before traveling to Mexico, David, Seb and Carlos decided to go and play tennis. Urs didn’t want to join them, he prefered to stay in the hotel reading a book: “God on a Harley”. Sometimes he liked to read that kind of easy-reading novels, but for some reason, he couldn’t be concentrated in the lecture.
- Maybe I need some fresh air- he thought. He closed his book and walked out of his room- I’ll see if Lynn wants to have a walk with me- He arrived to Lynnea’s room and knocked. She wasn’t there. So he thought that maybe she was in the gym and he went there. He didn’t see her, but then asked a lady who told she saw her in the spa section. He went there and listened from ouside she was talking with Cyd. Both girls weren’t good friends yet, but had a nice and cordial relation. They liked each other and probably they would be friends really soon. Urs was almost going to open the massage room when listened to Lynnea saying something that stopped him of knocking:
- Yes, Urs and me were a couple. But one day he just broke me up.
- Do you still loving him?- Cyd asked
- From all my heart
- Why you don’t tell him?
- He know that… but I guess he is interested in someone else… actually, his explanation was that he noticed there were someone more for him. I never understood. Overall because I never saw him with another girl.
Urs was listening to all that conversation. He thought that the moment to tell Lynnea his story had arrived. She deserved to know the truth.
- It was hard for you, isn’t it?- Cyd asked, feeling bad for Lynnea’s story- But, don’t you have idea of whom he was talking about?
- No. As I told you, I never saw him interested in someone else… Not until the concert in NY. There, when it finished, he said he wanted to meet a lady who was in the crowd, something really weird, because Urs is not that kind of person. Imagine, he wanted to go by himself to look for her, but Peter didn’t let him go. Instead of it, he sent me to find her.
- What? You?
Lynnea nodded.
- And what did you do?
- I went out and looked for her.
- And you didn’t find her…
- I did. It was difficult. Urs just gave me a few description of how she looked like.
Urs got shocked when listen to that confession. He couldn’t believe that Lynnea hide that to him, it was so important for him to find Diana and Lynnea didn’t do anything. He was furious.
- And what did you do?
- I was almost going to stop her, but then I thought I couldn’t bring Urs another lady… I love him. So, I told him I hadn’t found that woman.

- How she could do that to me?- Urs thought- I trusted her. She’s my friend!!- Urs felt betrayed. He knew that Lynnea could change everything in his life and maybe he could be with Diana in that moment instead of been listening to that silly conversation. He felt a hole in his stomack and his heart was shrugging. He couldn’t resist and entered to that room:
- We neet to talk. I’ll wait for you outside- He coldly said, and left the place. Lynnea and Cyd looked at each other with confusion.

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Some minutes later, Lynnea joined Urs:
- Sorry, I had to dress me up and….
- How could you do that to me?- Urs interrupted her.
- Do what?- She asked. She felt confused.
- You said you hadn’t found her and you did!!- Lynnea was shocked. What would she explain him? She had never seen Urs so furious- I listened to everything you said to Cyd… Why Lynnea? I thought you were my friend…
- Urs… I…. I’m sorry- She hesitated- I just thought that would be better for you not to meet that girl. She could take advantage of your interest and cause problems
- Who do you think you are to decide what’s the best for me? My life is mine and I can take my own decissions.
- I don’t understand why are you so mad. You see many grils in the concerts and everywhere you go, and you had never reacted like this…
- She isn’t any girl…. She is the woman I love!!- Urs said, almost yelling.
- Sorry? The woman you love? You don’t even know her
- Because you didn’t bring her to me!!
- And what did you expect??? You want me to run and tell her: Hello, I am Urs ex girlfriend. He brought me up because of you but I’m such a good person that I want him to be happy with you?? Urs, I love you!! I haven’t forget you. Can you understand it?
- Love doesn’t tie. When you love someone you wish his happiness and you ruined my life…
- It wasn’t my fault… and if you were really interested in meeting her, you should be the one who needed to run to find her, not me….. – Lynnea was almost crying- I love you Urs, and I know that if you try, you can love me as you used to do
- I’m sorry, Lynnea, but I don’t love you in the way you want and I offered you my friendship but you betrayed me. Please, leave me alone and forget me. As more far you get from me, would be bettr- Urs said, leaving her there. Lynnea couldn’t hold tears in her eyes, she felt really sad because of Urs words and for some reason, she felt guilty. Maybe Urs was right, he trusted her and she lied to him. She did what she thought was better for her, but what about the best for the man she loved? In that moment, Cyd, who was dressing her up during Urs and Lynnea conversation, appeared.
- Are you ok?- She asked, confused and worried.
- I need to talk to Peter. I have taken a decission.

When Seb, David and Carlos arrived to the hotel, walked straight to their suite. Nobody was in there. Carlos immediately called Cyd.
- Hey, sexy man- she answered, really enthusiastic.
- Hola, sweetie, where are you? I need to see you right now, I miss you….
- I guess it needs to wait
Carlos noticed something bad in Cyd’s tone of voice
- What’s going on? Are you ok?
- Yes, I’m fine. I’m waiting for Lynnea in her room.
- Is she ok?
- She argued with Urs
- Why?
- I’ll explain it later. The only thing that I can tell you is that she’s talking with Peter about something very important. But, tell me, hun, how was your tennis game?
- We had a lot of fun. Of course, I won… Now, I’m going to have a shower. Do you want to join me?- Carlos mischievously asked.
- Carlos!! You know which was the deal. I would join you to the tour, but we won’t be together until we know if this will really work
- Yeah, yeah…. It’s just that you’re so beautiful, so sexy, that it’s almost impossible for me not to think about those things. I’ll respect the deal, we’ll be together just when we feel ready… But that won’t include my imagination- Carlos chuckled
- You’re not the only one who has a huge imagination here!- Cyd answered
- Well, I’ll get my lonely bath and then I’ll pick you up in your room. We’ll have lunch together, just you and me. Do you like the idea, mi amor?
- I love it!!
- So, get ready
- I will
- Kisses for you!!
And they both hung up. Carlos took his clothes off and entered to the bath. When the warm water was running down his body he was wishing having Cyd there, caressing his skin with her soft hands. He mischievously smiled… and continued letting his imagination going on and on.

Myriam was in her job at the restaurant, just thinking about David. There had passed 5 days since the last time he called her…. 5 long days.
- Maybe he found someone else- she thought as was writing a custome menu request in her notebook- I must suppose that. Why would David Miller put his eyes in an ordinary girl like me? The worst is that… that I just think about him.
Her day was all like that, just bringing David to her mind. At 5 pm, she finally was coming back home. She had to walk just 2 blocks to arrive. When she was crossing the first street, she was so distracted that didn’t notice a guy was standing in the corner and accidentally crashed with him and her purse fell down.
- Sorry- she apologyzed, feeling ashamed. She almost felt how her cheeks were turning blushed meanwhile was leaning down to pick her purse up.
- No problem- a wonderful male voice answered, helping her to take all the things that got out of her purse back into it. When they were already stood up, he introduced himself:
- I’m Josh Doyle- and shook Myriam’s hand.
- Myriam Gonzalez- she answered
- What a beautiful name. Just like the owner- he winked. She smiled and answered_
- Thank you… Sorry again, but I need to go
- Can I see you again?- Josh asked
- I don’t think so, but thanks anyway- Myriam nicely repplied. She didn’t want to date anyone…. Just there were one man of whom she was interested about. She walked away from Josh leaving him standing there.
- You’re beautiful!! I need to see you again… and I will- he whispered, looking how she was walking away.

After his argument with Lynnea, Urs spent the entire afternoon at the gym. He wanted to keep his mind busy, he didn’t want to think about anything related with what was hurting him, but it was impossible: He couldn’t forget those eyes. That was driving him crazy.
- If I only could know her name. Gosh!! I need her… she is the air I want to breath… my girl, my love…. She’s the moon that illuminates my life…. Moon…. I’ll call her like that
After being exercising for a long time he came back to the suite. He was exhausted, but more than being a corporal weariness, it was more about his feelings.
When he entered, found that Seb, David, Carlos, Cyd, Peter and Lynnea were sitting in silence in the living room, just looking at each other.
- We were waiting for you- Peter seriously told him. He walked over to them, leavin his gym bag on the floor. Then he took a seat next to Sebastien.
- Is something wrong happening?- Urs asked.
- Now, that we are all together, I’ll give you a bad new- Peter stated. Everybody were listening with attention- Unfortunately, Lynnea will leave us
- What?! Why?!- the guys asked and exclaimed. They couldn’t believe it.
- Tell us, Lynn. Why did you take this abrupt decision?- Seb asked
Lynnea deeply breathed and then answered:
- Well, there are 2 reasons, but the principal is that I think it’s time for me to look for new horizons in my career. It’s great to work with you, guys, but I need something more
- Are you sure that’s the real reason?- Carlos asked. Cyd had already told him about the discussion between Lynnea and Urs.
- Actually, I have another one, but that’s personal- she turned her eyes to Urs, who avoid her glance, looking to another way.
- Is it your final decision?- Can we change your mind?- Seb asked.
Lynnea shook her head and repply
- My decision is taken
- Until when are you going to stay with us?- David questioned.
- Mexico City will be my last trip. After that, I’m going to come back to America and start searching for a new job.
- Well, guys, the only thing that we can do now is to respect her decisin and support her.- Peter said. Then, looking at Lynnea, added- You know you can count with us whenever you want- Peter gave her a hug. She correspond that gesture. One by one, the guys did the same, but Urs only looked at her wondering if he was the reason. When he hugged her, whispered at her ear:
- Why?
She just shook her head in a negative way, without answering. Then, she got apart from him and said, trying to hold tears in her eyes:
- Thank you, guys, for everything. You’re like my family. I’ll miss you
- We will miss you too, Carlos answered.
After that conversation, everyone went to their rooms to prepare everything for the trip to Mexico the next morning.

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Meanwhile Urs was preparing his baggage, many thouthts were filling his mind. He didn’t eat up what Lynnea said about she was going to look for new horizons, he knew the truth and felt guilty, so he decided to go and find her to talk with her. He knocked the door and Lynnea opened it. She was wiping her tears:
- Hi- He greeted
- Hi- She coldly answered
- May I come in?
She didn’t answer, just made a gesture with her hand agreeing.
- Lynnea, we need to talk
She continued packing her clothes.
- I know the reason of why you’re leaving us. It’s me- Lynnea stopped doing what she was for a while, staring down. He walked and stood next to her and put his hand on her shoulder, so she turned her sight over to his eyes, with a nostalgic gaze and said:
- It’s not for you
- Come on, Lynn. I’m not fool. I’m very sure about it….
- Ok, you want to know it? You’re right. I can’t be close to you loving you as I do!!
- I love you too! But not in the way you want, you’re my friend, and I don’t want to lose your friendship… When we talked this morning I was really mad, I thoutht you had betrayed me, but then, I analyzed the things and tried to understand your action… I’m not saying that what you did was right, also it was my mistake, but I’m trying to put myself in your shoes… Lynn, please, if you’re leaving your job because of me, think it thwice…
- Sorry, Urs, my decision is taken. I tried to forget you and to be blind against my feelings, but I couldn’t do it. What I feel for you is stronger than me, and is driving me crazy. I don’t want to continue tolerating your reproaches against me for that lady…
- You’ll never understand me!!
- And how it is supposed I would if you don’t explain me?- Lynnea complained. Urs stayed in silence- You see? It’s just impossible for us ever to have asincere conversation.
- I didn’t want to tell you because I don’t want to hurt you.. but you deserve to know- He sighed- Look Lynn, when we were together I was very happy… I even thouth that you were the one with who I wanted to spend the rest of my life. But, do you remember the day when we were in Sweden and had 3 days off and I flew to Switzerland to spend those days in Luzern?- Lynnea nodded, she was listening with attention- Well, one night I was in my room and my courtains were opened. The moonlight was entering though the window illuminating my bed. I don’t know what happened, I felt something strange in my heart, like if it had gotten warmer. I stood up and was amazed of the beautiful full moon… it was more brilliant than ever. When I stared at it I started feeling like if someone was talking to me: “Wait for me” were the words that resounded on my head. In that moment, I understood that my life was destinated to someone else…. like if the moon had been that night a sweet messenger of a secret love
- Are you trying to tell me that you broke me up just because of one st**id idea?
- It is not like that. When that happened, I was sure that my life wasn’t mine anymore, that it belonged since that moment to my girl… my Moon.
- Your moon? You’re crazy!! This is insulting. You changed me for a woman that doesn’t exist!!- Lynnea yelled
- She does!!
- How could you be so sure?
- Because I saw her in the concert in NYC.
Lynnea got surprised and asked:
- Is she the one who….?- She didn’t finish. Urs nodded and repplied:
- Now do you understand why I was so mad?
Lynnea didn’t answer. She felt how all her hopes to bring Urs back to her were extinguishing.
- I guess I took the right decision- finally she said- I can’t be close to you… not after this confession. And now please leave me alone… I need to pack my things- She tried to hide her pain. When Urs left, she started crying.
- I lost him!! I lost him forever!!- She didn’t have idea of what destiny was preparing for her.

The next day, in Mexico City, everything was ready to receive the guys. Dafne woke up early that morning. She must be at the airport at 7:30 am and before going there, she had to drive to her office and leave her car there. The vans would be waiting for her to take her to the airport. Julio would be waiting for her right there. She took a bath and dressed her up with a black skirt to the knees with a red satin blouse and a black medium heels shoes. She left her curly hair free. She was hurry and nervous. She also packed a small suitcase with her clothes for that night event, and next morning’s outfit, because she was going to sleep in the hotel where the reservations were made for the guys. She left her apartment located in one of the most luxurious area of the city, actually, her apartment had a new security sistem that consisted in supplant a tratidional key for a keycard. That’s very safe and practical, she took it quickly form the table where she used to leave it and put the security code. In that way nobody can get in or out if they don’t have the card. Diana was still sleeping, she also had a card, that’s why Dafne put the code.
Julio was already in the airport when she arrived at 7:20.
- Hi, darling, how are you?- Julio greeted
- Hi! I’m ok. Well, sincerely, a bit nervous
- Nervous? You? You are the most self-secure girl I have ever met.
- I know but everything was so fast that I don’t know if it will be ok.
- Don’t worry, everything you do is always ok. Come on!! Let’s go to buy some coffee
- Ok
- What about Indre?- Julio asked
- She will be waiting for us at Bellas Artes Palace. She is in charge to check everything goes ok there.
After having their drink, they went to the arrival room. Dafne was just looking at her watch every minute. Finally, the waiting ended: 4 men appeared accompanied by their manager, who immediately recognized Julio and walked over to him and the lady who was standing next to him. Behind them, were coming the rest of the team, including Lynnea and Cyd.
- What a gorgeous man!- Dafne thought when saw one of the singers.
- Hey!- Peter greeted.
- Welcome to Mexico!- Julio answered, shaking his hand- Let me introduce my assistant: Miss Dafne Sánchez.
- Nice to meet you- Dafne said to the manager
- The pleassure is mine- he answered- Let me introduce the guys: Carlos, David, Urs and Sebastien. And they are Cydalia, Carlos’ girlfriend and Lynnea, my assistant. – The girls had joined them. All of them nicely stretched Julio’s and Dafne’s hand and smiled.
- What a wonderful smile!- Dafne thought when she saw “him” closer.
- Dafne is the one who prepared everything for the visit and she will be in charge to attend all your needs- Peter explained.
- Great!! It’s going to be wonderful to have such beautiful boss- Peter said- Don’t you think so, guys?- The 4 answered with a smile
- Completely agree- Carlos said, winkling his eyebrows. Cyd chuckled, she loved when Carlos behaves mischievously.
- So, boss, tell us what we have to do- David said, giggling. Dafne felt much better now that she realized the guys were nice.
- Ok, first of all we should go to the hotel to drop ther your luggage and maybe you want to…
- RING! RING!- Seb’s cell phone started ringing, interrupting Dafne’s explanation. She stayed in silence staring at him, who checked who was it and said:
- I need to answer, it’´s important, excuse me- and walked 3 steps away to attend the call.
- Hello, baby…. Yes, I think of you every moment…. Yes, I know…. I just arrived to Mexico…. I miss you too, soon we’ll be together, be patient. I’m eager to see you too…- In that moment, Seb noticed that everyone were looking at him, like complaining. Peter cleared his throat, so Sebastien said good bye to Paulette and hung up. He joined the others and saw that Dafne’s face was showing annoyance.
- Now that you finished that important call, can I continue?- Dafne asked, ironically. He got serious and repplied:
- Yes- but he was upset because of Dafne’s ironical tone of voice.
She continued explaining and everybody was listening with attention. Finally, they went where the vans were waiting for them. One for Sebastien, Carlos and of course, Cyd. Another for Urs and David, and the last one for Peter, Julio, Dafne and Lynnea. Once in the vehicle, Dafne got disconnected of the world and looked out through the window.
- He has a girlfriend!- She thought, bringing his eyes to her mind- Why does it bother me? I love Diego!! I’m crazy, just feeling attracted for a beautiful smile and such fantastic eyes… That’s not me!! – Suddenly, the ring of her cell phone brought her out of her thoughts…
- Hello?- She answered.
- Where is my keycard? I don’t find it I can’t get out of here
- Diana?- Dafne asked. Her friend was almost yelling at her- What are you talking about? I don’t know where is your keycard
- It was on the table!!!- Diana desesperately yelled.
Dafne stayed in silence and then exclaimed:
- Oops!!
- Oops what?
- I took because I thought it was mine- then she started looking into her purse and she had the 2 keycards
- And how the h**l it is supposed that I’ll get out of here
- Mmmm… Jump through the window??- Dafne giggled.
- It’s not funny. We live in the 25th floor!!! And the worst of all is that you close with the security code. I need my keycard back now!!
- Sorry, I can’t go ther now, sis. I’m busy.
- You can’t leave me here!! I need to see my Urs!!
- I can’t help you at this moment and sorry but I need to go…
- But….- The dial tone was the only thing that Diana listened to …
- Ha!! She hung me up- Diana exclaimed, looking indignant at the telephone. She dialed again but Dafne didn’t answer. So, the voice mail entered:
- “Answer me if you don’t want me to kick your butt!!- Was the message she left, but Dafne didn’t responded. After many intents, Diana finally gave up and sat on the sofa.
- I can’t believe that Dafne, my best friend, my sister, made me this!!- When Diana woke up that morning, she was really excited. She had agreed with Dafne that she would join her at the downtown at noon, in “Bellas Artes Palace”. She wanted before going there to go and pick up a present she had bought for Urs and have some breakfast. She dressed her up with her favorite clothes: a pink blouse with gray cotton pants. High-heels. She also held her hair back in a pony tail. She was ready for her encounter with her lovely swiss. But her dream finished when she looked for her keycard and noticed it wasn’t where she left it last night. She didn’t worry too much at that moment, because she could go out and then at night enter with Dafne’s one, although Dafne was going to stay in the same hotel of the Divos. But the real problem started when she tried to open but couldn’t. That’s when she realized her friend had locked it with the security code. She looked for her key everywhere possible hoping maybe she changed it of place without remembering, but never found it. That’s when she call Dafne…. And the rest is history.

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When the guys arrived to the “4 seasons hotel”, one of the most luxurious of the city, there were a bunch of fanss waiting for them. Also there were many security men trying to stop euphoria. The guys behaved very charming with their fans. Some of them were lucky ‘cause could take some pictures and got a signature from the guys.
First of all, Dafne went to the reception to check the booking. Also, the manager of the place went out to receive them. It would be just one night spent there, but that implicated a lot of arrangements.
Dafne, Peter and the manager of the hotel wer talking about the security of the place. They were deeply involved in their conversation, fixing the last details. Sebastien was looking at Dafne, she seemed to be a strong lady, and that is one of the best qualities he could find in a woman, something that Paulette doesn’t have…. She is as fragile as a rose.
Finally, they got their rooms and went up to them to take a quick shower, because after ir they would have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
Moreless at 10:30 were all joined where they were going to enjoy a delicious buffet specially prepared for them. Lynnea was try8ing to avoid each single minute to be close to Urs or also stare directly at him. He felt bad about that. Peter, Lynnea, Dafne and Julio were talking about the planneation of that day, how it was scheduled.
- We are going to visit Bellas Artes Palace and after that we are going to eat in a famous restaurant located in Polanco area, then we’ll come back to the hotel, in that way, the guys an get ready for the event. We need to arrive to the Auditorio at 7 pm. Everything will start at 8:30 pm and finishes at 10:30. After that, the pople in charge of the event invited us to a toast and then we’ll come back here. I’ll stay in one of the hotel’s room, so, tomorrow’s morning I’ll be here to take you to the airport. We must be there at 6 am. – Dafne explained.
- Wow!! You’re very efficient!- Peter exclaimed.
- Thank you
After having breakfast, they all went to Bellas Artes.
- What a beautiful building!- Urs exclaimed when he saw it, from inside of the van. Finally, they jumped out from the vehicles and walked over to ther. Indre was waiting for them. Dafne guided them to the entrance and introduced her assistant, who couldn’t take her eyes out of the tall, american guy standing in front of her.
- This is Indre Telfer- Dafne introduced- My personal assistant and close friend.
- Nice to meet you, guys- Indre exclaimed. She had always been outgoing and kind of loud- I’m glad of working with you- Indre shook the guys hand and gave them a kiss. Also did the same with Peter, Cyd and Lynnea. Then, she said:
- Dafne, can I talk to you for a minute?
- Of course- They walked away from the guys- What’s up?
- We have a problem- Indre revealed
- A problem? What is it?
- The director of this place raised the costs up today
- What? Why?
- He said that IL DIVO management could pay more for this visit, and that we must think that they would close this place to the public just to give special attention to us
- That’s not fair!! We had a deal, we negotiated this since 2 weeks ago!- Dafne was almost yelling- How much more do they are asking for?
- 10 000 DLLS
- Ten thousand dollars? Are they crazy? Where is that man?- Dafne asked
- Right there- Indre pointed to the entrance
- I’ll talk to him… Please, go with them and don’t say a word. Tell Julio to join me, please.
- Ok- Indre walked were the Divo’s were and did what Dafne asked. Peter noticed something wrong was happening and decided to go with him. Indre couldn’t stop him.
- Is everything ok?- Lynnea asked.
- Yes- Indre answered, smiling, without giving explanations. 5 minutes later, Dafne, Julio and Peter were back.
- You’re amazing, Dafne!- Peter told the girl- You know what this lady did? She negotiated a really row price for this. They wanted to increase it today, but she fixed it. And, that’s not everything, she got a disccount!!
- Wow! – Carlos exclaimed- You’re a smart lady!- She blushed and modestly answered:
- Thank you!! Well, let’s go in- and all of them entered. They spent all day there: they saw an art gallery, listened to a symphonic orchestra, etc. After that they went to a restaurant and had lunch, then, came back to the hotel, where the guys had to get dressed for the event.
Indre was in the hall, just in front of the guy´s suite, when David got out of there:
- Hey!- he greeted.
- Hey!- she nervously answered- How you doing?
- Ok… well, not at all… I hate to wear neckties, and tonight, I’m the only Divo wearing one- he rolled his eyes.
- But you look gorgeous!- Indre exclaimed, spontaneously.
- Thanks! Do you think so?- He winked.
- Eh…. Of course…. I mean, you 4 always look great- she blushed. David smiled.
- You look pretty when you blush, also with that lila color dress.
- Don’t say those things, if not, instead of get blushed, I will get purple as my dress- she giggled
- I’m the one who is purple… This necktie is killing me- David was trying to untight it.
- May I help you?
- I would really appreciate it
Indre got closer to him and was helping to make that tie more comfortable for Miller.
- Thanks!!
- No problem. That’s my job, to help 4 of you to feel good- David looked carefuly at Indre and thought:
- This girl is enigmatic… I like that!!

Carlos were ready and went to Cyd’s room. When she opened the door, Carlos stayed without words.
- Mi amor! You are wonderful!- She was wearing a long red dress and had her hair tied in a ponytail with some free locks framing her face.
- You are very handsome, too- He entered and kissed her on her lips.- I’m glad of having you here, with me… I had always dresmed of finding my special girl and share everything with her… I think our relation is on a good way… I love you!!
- Carlos! This is the first time you say that to me!- Cyd exclaimed, with tears in her eyes.
- And it’s true… I love you very much, Cydalia
- I love you, too, my love- Cyd answered, tightly hugging him. He was enjoying that embrace, that was the beginning of a strong love.

- I’ll check if the guys are ready- Dafne said to Julio
- Ok
When she knocked at the suite, Sebastien opened the door. She stared at him and saw in his face the most brightly eyes she had never seen.
- Are you ready?- She asked. Sebastien looked at her from head to feet, she looked really attractive with that green dress she was wearing. And also she smelt delicious.
- Yes, we are. Urs is just fixing his hair. Do you want to come in?
- No, thanks… I better go with Peter to check the last details. Just try to hurry up, we don’t have too much time- and she turned around, leaving the room.
- Who was it?- Urs asked to Seb when he closed the door.
- Dafne
- Oh!! And why do you have that face?
- Just thinking about her, she’s weird, desn’t she?
- I hadn’t noticed- Urs answered- She’s nice for me
- Yes, but, there’s something about her that is making me feel anxious… but I don’t know what
- We better go- Urs said, leaving a thoughtful Sebastien behind him….

Myriam was at her home, watching TV in the living room, sitting on a coach when the doorbell rang.
- Who can be at this time? It’s almost 8 pm- she told “Sanson”, her Chihuahua dog.She stood up and opened the door. Nobody was in there. She looked down and found a bucket of yellow tulips, she happily smiled and took them up. They had a note.
- Could this be possible?- She asked to herself- Did David send this to me?- She felt her heart was beating faster.
She put the flowers on the table and took the note. She was almost going to read it when her phone rang. She ran to answer it:
- Hello?
- Hello, beauty, how are you?
- David!! I’m good, thanks, how are you? I thought you had forgotten me
- Never! I’m sorry I couldn’t call you during the last days, I was really busy, but trust me, I thought of you all the time- Myriam felt relieved with those words.
- Where are you now?
- I’m in Mexico City. Actually, we’ll perform in 15 minutes, but I wanted to take a time to call you
- Thanks!! I’ve missed you a lot
- I had too
- And also thank you for the flowers!!
- The flowers?
- Yes, the tulips. I loved them!!
- Sorry, beauty, but I don’t know what are you talking about- A deep silence appeared- Did somebody send you flowers?
- Yes, I just received them before your call, that’s why I thought it was you
- Maybe it was a secret admirer- David giggled, but in the deepest of his heart he felt jealous.- Are you dating someone?
- No!! Maybe it was my friend Rodrigo.
- Maybe…. Well, beauty, I need to go. I’m glad to listen that you’re ok. I send you kissed…
- So do I
- And Myriam….
- Yes?
- Don’t forget me, and don’t forget the promise I made to you
- I won’t- she answered
When they hung up, Myriam opened the note:

“For the most beautiful girl I had never seen: Josh Doyle”

- Josh Doyle? How the h**l he knows where I live? Did he followed me?- She felt a bit worried.

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Meanwhile the guys were performing at the event, Dafne checked her cell phone and found some missing calls, most of them from her best friend. She checked her voice mail and found at least 5 messages coming from her.
- Diana!! She will kill me!!- She whispered.
-What’s going on?- Indre asked her.
- I left Diana trapped in our apartment
- What? Why?
- I took accidentally her key car from the table where I always leave it, thinking it was mine and locked the door with the security code…
- OMG, she will be furious!! With our busy day, I couldn’t ask you wher she was
- Poor of her!! She was expecting this day with excitement… I need to fix this…. I need to do something to calm down her anger tomorrow when I get home.
- Why she didn’t call to a locksmith?
- Because nobody cand do anything with that kind of door security…. Just with the keycard or the company that provides the service, but it’s really difficult to contact them…
- Prepare for everything!! Diana will be really mad- Indre said.
- I know, but I also know of something that will make her feel better
After the show, they went to the toast they were invited.
Dafne walked wher Urs was talking with Seb and David. She cleared her throat:
- Sorry, guys, for interrumpting, but I need to ask you, Urs, a favor- Urs smiled and answered:
- Of course, how can I help you?
- Look, I have a friend that likes you so much…. But really, you don’t have idea of how much she likes you!!… and I made something unforgivable to her today…. I left her locked in our apartment and it was supposed she was going to join us at Bellas Artes…. She spent the last 2 weeks just preparing everything to se you
- Why did you leave her locked?- Seb asked
- I took her keycard thinking it was mine and closed with the security code..
- Poor girl!!- David giggled
- Yes, but obviously she will be mad at me, unless you, Urs, help me doing something for her.
- Sure! What do you want me to do?
- Something that is really common for you: to sign me something for her… A paper, a card, a napkin, whatever… She will be happy!
David, Seb and Urs laughed.
- Of course, but what about if instead of signing one of those things I signed on my kerchief: It has my initials: UB
- Really? That would be even better!!
- Done!- Urs exclaimed, taking his kerchief out from his tux.- Do you have a pen, or a marker, or something?
- Yes, I have a marker here in my purse- Dafne took it- Here it is
- What’s her name?- Urs asked, leaning on a table to write.
- Diana
Urs, instictively, felt his heart beating faster, a strange sensation traveling though his body. He looked at Sebastien, who asked:
- What happened?
- Nothing… I must be tired.- Then, he wrote:

To Diana, my best wishes. Many kisses and love from your friend, URS.

Then, he gave it to Dafne.
- Thanks!! You are saving my life with this!!- She giggled.
- No problem…
- Hey, Urs, why you don’t call her? – Sebastien purposed.
- It would be nice!!- David added.
- Can I?- Urs asked Dafne.
- Please…- She said, dialing the phone number of their apartment and giving her cell phone to him. He put it on his ear:
- The line is busy- he said
- Wait a minute. Let me call to her cell phone- Dafne dialed it and again gave her phone to Urs.
Meanwhile, Diana, who was talking with Gabriel by the apartment telephone, listened to her cell phone ringing. She checked it and saw it was Dafne’s cell.
- I DON’T WANT TO TALK WITH YOU!!- She exclaimed looking at her phone with anger and turned it off. It entered the voice mail. Urs decided to leave her a message:
- Hello, Diana….This is Urs. Dafne told us what happened and I’m sorry… I would really love to meet you…. I send you kisses and hugs- And he hung up.

-It was Dafne- Diana told to her brother.
- Why you didn’t answer?
- The last person in the world with who I want to talk at this moment is Dafne
- Sweetie, you must calm down. I’m sure she didn’t want the things to happen like that…
- Yes, but she didn’t do anything to help me. She could send somebody to open the door or to bring me the key, but instead of it, she left me here. You know how much I wanted to see him!!- Diana melancholicly said.
- I know, but there will be another chance, you’ll see.
- I don’t want to talk about this anymore. So, tell me, what will happen with Lucía, your assistant?
- She decided to quit her job. She will give birth in one month and she wants to be just a mom and a housewife
- What will you do?
- I don’t know. She’s really efficient and I like to work with her. Her job position is now opened and I’m checking some resumes, but anyone had convinced me at all…. But I have time… not too much, but I have some…
- I hope you find someone soon- she said, in the middle of a yawn- Well, bro, I leave you. I’m tired and I feel rocks in my eyelids…. I can hardly have my eyes opened. I want and need to sleep..
- Ok, sis, and calm down. Don’t get too much mad with Dafne… you are like sisters.
- Yes…. But I can’t assure you anything….
- Ok, do your best. See you later!!
- See you. I love you!!
- Me too- and they both hung up. Some minutes later, Diana fell asleep on the coach.

When the guys arrived to the hotel after the toast, Seb,Urs and David went straight to their suite. Meanwhile, Carlos went to Cyd’s room. They both wanted to be alone for a while. Once in, Carlos shot the door behind him and suddenly wrapped Cyd’s waist, and started kissing her neck.
- Don’t do that, bad boy- She giggled, but was enjoying it.
- Let me show you how much I love you, mi niña
- Remember our deal- she whispered, responding to his kisses.
-. Yes, I remember, and I won’t do anything to you, I just want to kiss you and feel your skin. You won’t be my woman until you want it, but please, let me be close to you- He kissed her lips passionately. He was tasting Cyd’s lips and enjoying their flavor, deliicious for him.
- Carlos… do you really love me? – Cyd asked, softly pushing him appart from her.
- Look into my eyes and tell me what you see there…
Cyd stared directly to his eyes and stayed in silence. Carlos gave her his sweet glance. She tenderly smiled and said:
- You do love me
- Of course I do… I can’t tell you how or when it happened, but one day I woke up feeling this strong feeling in my heart
Cyd hugged him with all her strenghts and stayed like that for some minutes. After that, Carlos said:
- Well, my love, I need to go. Tomorrow we need to wake up early.
- That’s true… but I don’t want you to leave me tonight
- Excuse me?- Carlos asked with surprise, getting appart from her
- I mean, you can stay with me. Nothing needs to happen… We can just sleep.
- Mmmm, I’ll think about it- He mischievously said. Cyd looked at him with shiny eyes- Ok, I accept
After that, they went to bed and fell asleep, hugging each other with love.

The next morning, the guys woke up early, and got ready to go to the airport. At 6 am they were there. In the deep of her heart, Dafne was feeling sad: she was looking how Sebastien was preparing to leave and she felt bad of thinking that maybe she’ll never see him again.
When they were in the departure room, Peter got close to Dafne and Indre.
- Thank you girls for your support…
- You’re welcome- They both answered- Suddenly, Urs, David, Seb and Carlos joined them.
- Well, girls, It was a pleassure to meet you- Urs nicely said, giving a hug to them.
- You’re welcome- Indre answered.
- Thanks to you for helping me with my friend- Dafne repplied.
- Unluckily, he couldn’t talk to her- David said, and then gave a hug to the girls. Indre felt her knees trembling when was in David’s arms, and much more when he said:
- I hope to see you again!- He also felt happy when he held her in his arms and winked.
Carlos hugged the girls, either and said thank you. At last, Sebastien hugged Indre. But when he was going to thank Dafne, they both stayed frozen, as if they were wanting to hug each other but were rejecting to accept it.
- Thanks for everything… You did a really good job- and stretched her hand. Dafne was waiting for a hug, but it never arrived. She cleared her throat and said:
- Indre, please, bring the bags
- Sure…
- We have a present for you- Dafne exclaimed. The guys cordially smiled. Indre arrived with 5 present bags and delivered them to IL DIVO and Peter. Meanwhile the guys were looking what was it, Peter said:
- Dafne, can you come with me 2 minutes
- Sure!- He held her arm and took her apart.
- Spending this time with you, I noticed you are a great worker… Look, Lynnea is leaving her job, if you’re interested, you can call me- He gave her his presentation card- I would love to have you in my team. We can negotiate something
- Thank you!!
After a while, the guys left and Dafne was looking how the plane was taking off.
- Good bye, Sebastien Izambard- She thought. Suddenly, her cell phone rang.
- Hello?- Dafne answered
- Hey sweetie, how are you?
- Oh, Diego. I’m fine, thanks.
- You are serious…
- I’m tired. Aren’t you mad at me anymore?
- Of course not, my love, and actually, I’m sorry, I acted like a silly man… I need to understand that your job is too much demandant, after all, I met you there….
- Yes, you know how this works
- What are you going to do today?
- Julio gave me a free day…
- Great!! So, do you think we can have lunch together?
- Of course…- Dafne sighed.
- What happened?
- Nothing. I need to rest, but I’ll be fine for lunch- She lied. She was thinking of Sebastien. She felt as if something of her had gone with him.
- Ok, honey, so, I’ll pick you up at 2
- Perfect!! See you later
- Bye- and they both hung up.
- Let’s go back to real life- She told Indre.
- They are handsome, aren’t they?- Indre asked, walking out of the airport.
- Yes, they are
- And also cute… overall my Davey, he’s such a sweet guy. Do you think we’ll see them again?
- I don’t know, Indre… I don’t know- Dafne answered, resounding Peter’s words in his mind...

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- What’s happening to me?- Seb was thinking, looking through the window of their private plane.
- Do you want a soda?- David offered, giving him a coke.
- Yes, thank you- He gave a sip.
- I enjoyed that short time in Mexico- David said, sitting next to him- Dafne and Indre are nice girls, don’t you think so?
- Aha- Seb repplied. He was trying not to talk a lot about that topic, because he didn’t know what to say about Dafne, he was confused…. And afraid. Why the h**l she was disturbing him? During the last years, the only woman in his mind was Paulette, but now, he couldn’t apart Dafne from his thoughts.
- It seems you don’t think the same….
- Don’t figure, Dave…. Better tell me, what about Myriam? I haven’t heard of her…
- I called her last night- David sighed- And she accidentally told me that someone sent her flowers
- Accidentally?
- Yes, it seems I called her just in the moment when she received them and she thought they came from me
- Oh-oh!! That mean someone is interested in her
- Yes, I know, and I can’t do anything… I’m too far from her
- Why you don’t invite her to come with you?- Seb suggested
- It’s not that easy. I like Myriam and I feel something special for her, something that I had never felt before, but I’m not sure if it’s love. How can I know that?
-You know you love a woman when you don’t have eyes for anyone else, when you close your eyes and see her face, when all your thoughts are related with her. Also, when all you want to do in your life is to make her happy…
- Wow!! Do you feel all that for Paulette?
- Sometimes- Seb unconsciously answered. David looked at him with confussion- But we’re talking about you – Seb Added.
- In my case, I think a lot in Myriam, I want to see her again, I promised that to her…. And also, I wish to kiss her lips. But, the problem is that I also like other women… For example, Indre, Dafne’s assistant. She’s kind of charming and mysterious. Yesterday I was just thinking about how beautiful she looked with that lila dress, and couldn’t take my eyes out of her. What about if I bring Myriam with me and then I notice I was wrong and she wasn’t the one for me. Look at Urs and Lynnea. He hurt her because of a wrong decision.
- Take your time. Urs’ case is different. He is in love of a ghost. But Myriam is real, and Indre too. Take your time, put everything on a balance.
- Well, actually, I maybe never see Indre again, but if it is not Indre, it could be someone else who can confuse my feelings for Myriam.

Dafne came back home at 10:30 am. When she opened the door the first thing she saw was her friend sitting on the coach in front of the T.V. Diana didn’t even turn around to see her. She was giving Dafne the cold shoulder. Dafne walked slowly straight to her and noticed Diana was eating cereal with milk.
- Hey- She greeted, but didn’t receive an answer. Diana was just changing the channels with the remote control.
- I know you are upset- Dafne continued- I made a mistake, but I couldn’t come back. I was really busy- Diana just continued eating and turned the volume up. – Aren’t you going to talk to me?
- Ok, as you don’t want to know anything about me, I won’t be able to give you this- Dafne took out from her purse the kerchief that Urs signed and passed it in front of her. Diana stopped eating and stared at it.- I guess I’ll throw it into the trash can- and she walked up to the kitchen. Suddenly, Diana jumped up, throwing the cereal on the floor and ran over to where her friend was.
- Don’t dare to throw that in the trash!!- she said.
- Sorry? Are you talking to me? I thought you weren’t at home because anybody answered when I was talking.
- And what did you expect? What you made me was horrible!!
- Please, try to understand. I was running from here to there and I didn’t have time to come back to open the door.
- You knew it was my opportunity to meet Urs. You could send someone but you didn’t. You just leave me here!! Do you have idea of how I felt yesterday? Of how I’m feeling today? I feel you betrayed me!!
- I’m a fool, I admit it. Do you think you can forgive me?
Diana stayed in silence for a while, and then answered:
- Depending of what you have in your hand- Diana smiled. Dafne gave the kerchief to her:
- OMG!! It’s his!!! It has his initials- she excited exclaimed.
To Diana, my best wishes. Many kisses and love from your friend, Urs.- she read.- At least, you didn’t forget to ask him something for me
- How could I?…. Right, don’t answer- Diana rolled her eyes.
- And now, do you forgive me?
- But if you do something like this again, I swear I’ll kill you- Diana chuckled and hugged her friend, then said:
- I called you many times but you never answered!!
- Of course I did. We called you in the night
- Yes, but you wait until then to…. Wait a minute!!! We? You and who else more?
- If I were you I would be running to check my voice mail right now
- No way!!- Diana ran to the coach where she left her cell phone and turned it on.
- You’ve gotten a new voice mail- Then she listened to it. She was amazed and frustrated at the same time.
- This can’t be true!! Why ? Why I didn’t answer!!

After landing, Peter told the guys they had 3 days off. Already in England, Carlos, David and Urs decided to go each one to the apartment that each one of them had there, but Sebastien prefered to buy a ticket to fly to France. He didn’t tell anything to her. He wanted to give her a surprise. He arrived to their apartment around midnight, she was sleeping, he entered to the room withoug making noise. He got close to the bed and caressed smoothly her hair. She felt it and opened her eyes:
- Seb….
- Shhh- he kissed her forehead.
- I was expecting you until tomorrow- she whispered, a bit sleepy
- I wanted to be with you. I missed you so much- and tenderly kissed on her lips. Suddenly, Dafne’s image appeared in his mind. He got apart from Paulette.
- Are you ok?
- Yes, just a bit tired
- I know of something that can help you to relax and feel better- Paulette mischievously said, pulling him and kissing his neck.
- Oh, really? And what is it?- He smiled.
- Let me show you
And they both showed each other how hard was to be separated… The waiting was too long….

One week went by, IL DIVO were now all joined at England again, they had to do some promotional job at different TV programs and magazines. Then, they will continue with the tour in the rest of Europe.
During that week, Dafne were thinking about what Peter told her about Lynnea’s position: it was something attractive for her but just the fact of working with Sebastien was making her feel nervous. She was doubting to call.
Diana was working in a school giving her typical philosophy classes. She was a young teacher of High-school students, but, for the same fact, they loved the way she gave her class. Also, she was trying to live with the idea that she’ll never be close to Urs.
David was trapped between two worlds: Myriam or his freedom. He didn’t know what to do. By her side, Myriam continued receiving presents from Josh, but he hadn’t appeared again…. Not yet.
Urs was trying to forget Diana and take his life back. He knew that maybe he would never see her again and he had to accept it. He was doing that at his apartment. The one he used to share with Lynnea when they were a couple. He wasn’t there for many months. He left it with Lynnea and came back to there without her.
Lynnea came back to New York, to her mom’s house, Natty. She wanted to be as far as possible from Urs. She didn’t want to know anything related with him. Urs was sad because of Lynnea’s departure, after all, they spent hundreds of fantastic moments together.
Cyd and Carlos were closer than ever. They were falling little by little in love with each other. It seemed nobody and nothing could separate them, but, life sometimes change in any unexpected momen

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Some weeks later, Diana was in her classroom giving classes, when time to leave arrived.
- Ok, guys, so please, remember to bring your homework tomorrow. See you!
- Bye, Diana- the yourg students answered to her. She went out of her classroom and was wallking on the hall when she saw that Luis Bernal, her colleague and best friend, a Math professor, was coming. She smiled.
- Hey di, what did you do to yourself today? You are great!- He greeted and kissed her cheek.
- Oh, Luis, you always saying those things!! You onlhy say that because you are my friend…
- Let me remind you that wer are just friends beause you want it like that …
- Don’t start, boy!! You know that I love yu from all my heart, but you’re like my brother.
- Yes, I know, and, in fact, I have learned to love you just as a sister. But, tell me, do you feel better after that missing call of Urs?
- Yes, and I am resigned now. I need to accept that Urs is an impossible for me. I will never meet him!!
- Yes, it’s better for you to accept that fact. You can continue liking him, but just in a fan-star way.
- Yes, you’re right. But better tell me, what are we going to do in your birthday? It’s just in 5 days
- I don’t know! I haven’t planned anything. I think I won’t do anything special
- Of course you will!! At least, we can do something together- Diana stated- Let me think about something about it and then I’ll tell you my plans, get ready for the best birthday of your life!!!

- Indre, could you come for a while, please?- Dafne asked to her assistant.
- Sure, I’m coming- 2 minutes later, Indre entered to Dafne’s office
- Please, sit down. I need to talke to you
- It wasn’t me, I swear- Indre giggled
- Don’t be silly!!- Dafne laughed- I need to ask you for an advice
- Oh!! I hope I can help you
- Listen, whnen we were in the airport for IL DIVO departure, Peter gave me a personal card aand ask me to call him. Ithink he wants me to be his assistant
- Great!! And of course you’ll accept, right?
- I don’t know!! I’m not sure about it
- It’s a big oortunity to grow up in the laboral field. And also, you will be working with those 4 gods!! You don’t have anything to think!!
- And if I decide to do that, would you come with me?
- Are you kidding?- Indre opened her eyes as most as she could- But Peter wants you not me
- But you and me are a team. If he wants to hire me, he must hire you too. Of course, if you’re agree
- Do yu think he will be agree to hire me?
- I’ll fix it, we can try
So Indre stood up with a hop and hugged Dafne with excitement:
- Of course I want! Imagine: Me, working with David!! Thanks for thinking in me, Daf!! But, What is going to happen with Julio?
- I told him this, and he said that he knew that something like that could happen someday, and that he will support me and you if we get the job.
After that conversation, Indre left the office. Dafne took the telephone and dialed a number:
- Peter?

Meanwhile in Mexico was midday, in England was 8 pm moreless. Carlos had invited to Cyd for a special dinner. They both felt that night would happen what they had been wishing all that time, so, they both tried to impress each other with their outfits. Carlos was wearing a dark blue suit and white shirt, opened of the 1st two buttons. Cyd, by her side, opted for a light pink dress. They both went to a recognized restaurant of London.
- I’m glad that we have a wonderful relation- Cyd said- At the beginning, I was afraid just to think this couldn’t work
- Why?- Carlos asked, kissing her hand. – Weren’t you sure to be with me?
- Yes, I was, but, I don’t know. Maybe I was afraid beause I dreamed of having a relation with you too many times, but I was just a cutie… one more of all your fans. And I was nervous to think that maybe reality wasn’t as good as my dreams were….
Carlos smiled and repplied:
- And now, what do you think?
- I think reality is best than my dreams. I never imagined I could be so happy. When I’m with you I feel myself stronger, protected, loved…
- I always knew that our relation would work, I don’t know how, but I felt it woul last forever. – Carlos leaned to kiss her lips. Suddenly, they were interrupted:
- Carlos!! My old spanish childhood friend!!- An attractive guy exclaimed. He was good- looking. Tall, black hair, white skin, blue eyes… The dream of any woman
- Marco!!- Carlos greeted when saw his friend standing there. He stood up and hugged him slapping his back- How much time have passed since we see each other for last time?
- 2 years, mereless
- But please, sit down, let me introduce my girlfriend… She’s Cydalia
- Nice to meet you, Cydalia- Marco said, kissing her hand
- Same for you- she cordially answered.
- Do you want to have dinner with us?
- No, thanks, I’m waiting for a friend
- A lady, huh?
- Yes
- You’re incorregible- Carlos laughed
- I wasn’t made for marriage, you know what happened some years ago, my dear Carlos. Since then I understood love and me would never be friends…. My only love is the photograpy
- Yes, I know. You know, sweetie? Marco is one of the most prestigious photographers in the UK.
- Really?- Cyd asked
- Yes, he has worked for many important people
- That sounds interesting- Cyd exclaimed- In that moment, Carlos phone rang.
- Exuse me- he said, standing up from his place
- So, tell me Cydalia, how much time do you have been with Carlos?
- A bit more than a month- she answered
- Carlos is a lucky man, he has always gotten the most beautiful girls without caring who they are… You are the perfect example- Marco said, brushing Cyd’s hand. She immediately moved it.
- I hope I will be the last woman he gets- Cyd said- We’re really in love with each other
- At least, that’s what you think!!- Marco responded.- But anyway, he’s a lucky man
Cyd was feeling uncomfortable with Marco’s attitude, he was flirting with her. Then, Carlos arrived and sat:
- Well, my friend, I need to go, but it would be nice if we have a coffee some day.
- Sure- Carlos answered- give me your number and I’ll call you.
Marco gave Carlos his cell phone number
- I’ll be waiting your call, Marín
- Ok, bro- So Marco stood up and kissed Cyd’s hand once more
- Good bye, Cydalia. It was a pleassure- She just smiled.
After that incident, Carlos and Cyd continued talking of many different things. They had dinner and went back to Carlos apartment, where they were staying. Once there, they looked happy of the fantastic night they were spending. Carlos opened the door and turned the lights on.
- Come in- he invited. Then, carried Cyd up, taking her for surprise, but she didn’t resist, on the contrary, she tenderly surround his neck and with the other hand was caressing his face.
- I love you- she whispered. Carlos smiled and walked up to his room.
- I need you, Carlito- Cyd exclaimed, kissing him. He laid her on the bed, overlaying her.
- And I wish you- Carlos said, caressing her body over her dress. Then Cyd started unbottoning his shirt, staring directly to Carlos’ hazeled eyes.
- Are you sure? – he whispered. Her answer was to kiss his chest.
They both showed each other all the love and passion that had been keeping inside them all that time. They spent a fantastic and pleassant night together.The special moment had finally arrived.

-Lynnea, what are you doing, darling?- Natty asked, when she waw her daughter putting some make up on her face and dressed in an elegant way. She was happy of having her daughter back home in NYC.
- I’m getting ready, mom. I have a job interview at 3 pm.
- Really? Why you hadn’t tell me anything?
- I just got it today… I was checking job offers by intrnet and found one that sounds interesting. I called and made an appointment. They said it’s urgent, that’s why they gave me the appointment for today.
- Oh, I’m glad that you finally found something that kept your attention. Where is it?
- It’s in an important entertainment magazine. It’s name is “Attitude”. And the position is for “Geral manager assistant”.
- Sounds great!! And it’s from the entertainment field, you had a lot of experience in that area.
- I hope I can get that job- Lynnea exclaimed. Then she said:
- Well mom, wish me luck!
- Good luck, hun!- Natti answered, hugging her daughter.
At 2:50 pm, Lynnea was sitting out of a huge office. She was nervously waiting her turn. At 3 pm sharp, the door of the principal office was opened and a lady, who seemed to be another candidate, shook her hand with the guy who was making the intrviews. When the lady left, the guy said, checking on a paper:
- Lynnea Wright
She stood up with her best smile and walked where he was. He invited her to enter to the office and once in, he stretched his hand shaking hers and said in a nice way:
- Nice to meet you, Miss Wright. I’m Gabriel Martinez, General manager of “Attitude”. Lynnea smiled.
The interview was a succes and Lynnea got the job.

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One week later of Dafne’s call to Peter, she flew to London to see him. She was excited but at the same time was nervous, overall because she had taken a decision. How would she tell Diego? She knew he would never be agree with it. And that wasn’t the only reason, she also was afraid because that job implicated to change all her life, that meant to leave Mexico and her funny and nice life beside Diana. She had her appointment one Friday, at 12 pm. At that time, she arrived to the building wher Peter’s office was. A lady was sitting on a desk, just out from his office, located in the 3rd floor.
- Good morning- Dafne greeted
- Good morning. How can I help you?- Laureen, the secretary, answered.
- I have an appointment with Peter Smith
- You must be Dafne Sánchez, aren’t you?
- Yes, I am
- Mr. Smith is ending an appointment, he will attend you soon. Please, sit down- Laureen nicely offered.
- Thanks- Dafne was almost going to sit when the door was opened, so she stayed standing.
- Dafne!!- Carlos exclaimed when he saw her.- What a wonderful surprise, what are you doing here?- He hugged her. Seb, Urs and David were also very surprised. Dafne stared at Sebastien, who was also looking at her. When he noticed she was looking at him, he smiled.
- I came to see Peter- Dafne answered
- Did you came alone?- David asked, stretching her hand and kissing her cheek
- Yes….
- Where did you leave Indre?
- She stayed in Mexico… Sorry!!
- No problem- David tried to hide his disappointment- It was just a question- everybody chuckled. In that moment, Peter appeared and said:
- Please guys, go and prepare what I told you. I need to talk to Dafne.
- Ok, but, Dafne, don’t leave without saying good-bye- Urs said, as he hugged her.
- I won’t- she smiled. Then Sebastien got closer to her and stretching her hand, said:
- It’s nice to see you again- and winked. Dafne could feel her knees trembling.
- Please, Dafne, cmoe in- Peter invited, and closed the door. He invited her to take a seat, and so she did.
- Well, Dafne, as I already told you by phone, I am really impacted for the efficient and excellent work you did in Mexico when we were there. I think you are a very capable woman. That’s what I want to know if you thought the proposal I made you to join the IL DIVO team as my assistant.
Dafne cleared here throat and answered:
- Yes, I did…. It was a bit difficult to take the decision but…. I accept- Petr smiled with happiness
- But there´s something I like to ask you
- Of course, anything you need, what is it?
- Look. You can be sure that you won’t have any complain about my job. But I have always needed somebody to help me…. An assistant.
- Oh, is that!! Don’t figure… we will find someone
- That’s what I want to tell you: I would like you to hire Indre- She and me make a great team together…
- Did you already talk with her about this?
Dafne nodded
- Is she agree?
- Yes.
- Ok.. done!! Tell her to call me. When do you think you both can start working?
- Whenever you want.
- 2 weeks. We had a lot of compromises with the guys.
- Ok- Dafne answered, surprised of how quickly she would start working-
- Great!! Hold on, I need to do something- Peter said as he called Laureen and asked her to call the guys. Some minutes later, they were in the office.
- Urs, Sebastien, Carlos, David: let me introduce my new assistant
The guys were surprised and gave a huge smile at her and Sebastien felt his heart jumping like never before in his whole life.

Myriam went out of her job late that day. She was walking to her place when felt somebody holding her shoulder. She turned around and saw him: Josh Doyle.
- Hey!!- He greeted
- Hey!! I see you finally faced me- she answered ironically and continued walking.
- Are you mad at me?- He asked. She didn’t answer.
- I just want to be your friend!- He exclaimed.
- Sorry, but I’m not interested
- Why? You didn’t even know me!! How do you know you don’t want to be my friend?- Josh asked. Myriam stopped her walk and turned around to face him:
- Look. Thank you for your interest, but I know you don’t want to be just my friend. You were sending me presents daily during the last weeks, but you never were so brave to come and tell me something…. And I didn’t like that. Also because you followed me to know my address. I am afraid of you!! So, please, stop doing that….
- Do you have a boyfriend?- He asked
- What?- she asked a bit upset of that question.
- I asked if you have a boyfriend
- That’s not your business
- You do, don’t you?
- No, but I’m interested in someone, satisfied?
- Is he interested either?- Myriam stared down. That was the question, was David interested in her? She really didn’t know that.
- Come on!! – Josh held her chin and raised her face up- I don’t want to hurt you. Trust me, I like you and I just want you to know more about me.
- She stayed in silence and then added:
- Just friends, ok?
- Ok….for now- He winked. She smiled. He accompanied her to her home.

Saturday arrived. Diana had prepared a special day for Luis’ birthday. It was good also for her, because Dafne was in London and she felt lonely. First of all, in the morning, she invited him to a funfair. They had a lot of fun there. They tried all the mechanichal games. Diana was nervous but as always, Luis was making her to feel calmer. After that, they went to a restaurant of Italian food: Luis’ favorite food. There, they were talking:
- Do you remember when we went that weekend to Cuernavaca and you jump into an empty pool without noticing it?- Luis asked, laughing.
- How could I forget it? Miraculously I didn’t break any of my bones- she answered, giggling- Also in that trip was when you found an insect in the end of your soda after drinking all it
- Don’t remind me that!! When I saw it, I threw up on your skirt
- Yeah! That was nasty!!- she chuckled
- We have lived many funny moments together. I can say that the best of my life I have live it because of you.. I love you, Diana… You’re my best friend!!
- I love you, too. The only bad thing in our friendship is that your mom doesn’t like me…
- Don’t figure! She needs to understand that you’re my friend and I won’t leave you never
- Don’t dare to leave me-Diana giggled, simulating she was boxing with both hands
- I promise I’ll be with you forever- In that moment, 2 waiters appeared with a piece of cake and a candle and sang the happy birthday in Italian to Luis.
- Ask a wish and then blow the candles off
- Ok…. I wish our friendship lasts forever and I also wish you can find the happiness in your life behind your blue prince- and he blew.
After that wonderful lunch, they decided to go to the movies. They went out of there moreless at 9 pm and took a cab. They told the driver where to take them. Suddenly, 2 blocks away, the driver pulled the cab over and 2 guys jumped into the car:
- This is an assault!!- Diana screamed but Luis embraced her.
- Calm down- he whispered
- Give us everything you bring and don’t dare to look at us!!- the robbers had pocketnifes in their hands. Diana gave them her purse and Luis his wallet.
- Please, take everything you want, but don’t hurt us- Luis calmly said.
- Shut up!!- One commanded.
- Look what I found!! Debit cards- the other one said, when opened Diana’s purse- Let’s go to a bank and see how much we have.
The driver drove to the nearest bank, checking that nobody were in the cash machine. One of the guys jumped out of the car and pulled Diana out, too. She was trying to calm herself down but it was almost impossible. Once in the machine, she didn’t remember which one her PIN (Personal Identification Number) was.
- You better remember it if you don’t want something bad happen!!
- No, please!! I swear I don’t remember- she said, desesperated.
- I’ll help you to remember- He made a signal with his hand to his partner to bring Luis there. The guy put his pocketknife in Luis neck and said:
- What about now? Do you remember?
- Please, stop it… I…. I’ll try again- ahe did all the process again, but didn’t work. In that moment, they could listen to a patrol siren. The robbers got nervous so Luis took advantage of that and hit he one who was holding him. The other one when saw that burried the knife in Luis stomach and ran out of there. Diana fell on her knees, beside Luis bleeding body.
- Don’t go, please!! – She begged to his friend, who was still alive, but too weak.
- Diana….
- Don’t say anything, calm down, you’ll be fine
- Please….. pro…promise me that…. you…. you’ll be ha… happy
- I’ll be happy, but you will be with me to see it
- N… no….. I won´t,,,. I…’ll take care…. Of… you- and he closed his eyes
- Don’t sleep, please!!! Somebody help me!!!!- she yelled- Please, Luis, don’t leave me!!!-She cried. Suddenly, the patrol arrived and the police officer call to an ambulance. Luis immediately were carried to the ER. Diana called to Luis’ mother, who arrived almost immediately to the hospital.
- I knew something bad would happen to him!! You only appeared to ruin his life!!- Mrs. Bernal was yelling at Diana.
- That’s not true- she answered, crying.
- Is anyone a relative of Luis Bernal?- a doctor interrupted.
- I’m his mother….
- I’m sorry, madamme.
- No!!!!- Luis’ mom cried- That can be true!!!- She was yelling, then, turned her glance to Diana and said:
- Get out of here!! My son is death because of you!! It is all you fault!!
Diana was heartbroken….and crying ran out of there.

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After Luis’ mother throw her out of the hospital, Diana was walking through the city. She couldn’t believe what happened. Some hours ago, she was having fun, a fantastic evening, with Luis, her best friend…. and now, he was dead. Moreless, at 3 am, she decided to go back home. She entered. Nothing was the same.
- You promised you would never leave me! You promised you would be with me forever!!- She was crying.- Why you do this to me, Luis? How it is supposed I go on with my life without you??- Diana started throwing many things against the wall… It was her way to take out all her anger and pain. After that, she sat on the floor. Tears were running down her cheek…. Many memories were filling her mind: She remembered when one night Luis took her to a karaoke bar and sang a song for her: “I’ll say a little pray for you”, imitating Rupert Everett in the scene of MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING” and many of the people there, made the chorus. He had the skill to shine everywhere he went.
Also, she remembered when he, in her last birthday, dressed him up with a Harley-Davidson shirt, blue jeans and sunglasses. And also put a long curly wig on his head. He rented a motorcycle and said it was her birthday present: to imagine she would have a date with Urs….
- Luis, please, come back!! I need you!! It was all my fault…. – Then, she wiped tears- This can’t be happening, I must be dreaming!! …. Luis….. I love you….. and she lied down on the floor, embracing a cushion.
SUNDAY (London 2 pm)

Urs and Sebastien were in the cafeteria of the building where Peter’s office was. Carlos and David hadn’t arrived yet. Sebastien was telling something about the photo session they would have on Tuesday.
- What do you think will happen with the pictures now that the photographer cancelled?
- I don’t know, Seb. Peter is trying to find another one, but it’s too difficult. The best ones have a lot of compromises and can’t help him.
- This is really a problem. Sony is asking for picture album next friday, it’s urgent!! They need it for the promotion. What a guy!! How could he cancel at the last minute?- Sebastien was complaining- Now, what are we going to do?- He didn’t get an answer, so, turned his gaze to Urs, who was thoughtful staring to his cup of coffee.
- Urs? Are you listening?
- Sorry, Seb. I didn’t listen to you. What were you saying?
- Where are you?
- I don’t know…. I guess I don’t feel really good since I woke up
- Are you getting sick?
- No, it’s not that. I feel like an opression in my heart telling me something bad is happening- Seb was confused- I can’t explain it to you… I think is about her
- About who?
- Moon
Seb rolled his eyes and said:
- Don’t start with that again, Buhler. You hadn’t take the topic sinc we were in Mexico
- I know, and trust me, I decided to forget her, but today I feel anxious and I am just thinking in her. What about if she is not fine? Maybe she needs me and I’m not there
- Come on Urs!! Don’t be ridiculous!! If she needs you, so you need a psychologist…. You have to take her out definively of your life.Look, you lost Lynnea because of that obsession, you can’t continue behaving like that, you’re closing all your oportunities to love and to be loved….
Urs sighed, not too much convinced.
- I’m trying my best to take her out of my life.
- Tell me something, Urs. Don’t you feel lonely
- Well, sometimes I do
- Wake up, Urs!! Don’t you miss Lynnea?
- I can’t dennay I feel bad because she’s not here, and somedays I remember everything what I lived with her
- That’s the answer. You’re just confused. Why you just don’t try to fix everything with her? She loves you and you know she can may you happy
- I don’t know. What about if I can’t respond to her love in the same way she loves me and I hurt her? She doesn’t deserve that.
- I’m sure you still feel something for her. If you try and do your best in your relation, I can swear you’ll finally find your happiness and once at all, you’ll forget the other lady, that just arrived to your life to make change it.
- But I love her…- Urs thought.

(London 3pm – Mexico 7 am)

Dafne called Diana. The phone rang and woke her up. She was still on the floor. First, she didn’t want to answer, and also felt really weak.
- That’s strange. Where could she be? It’s too early in Mexico and she’s always at home at this time, overall in sunday. – Dafne thought. She hung up but tried again.
- Hello?- Diana answered, with a sad tone that Dafne didn’t noticed at that moment, she thought it was because she was still sleepy.
- Hey, sis!! I have something to tell you… I got the job with IL DIVO!!!- A silence appeared….
- Diana? Are you still there?- Then, she notticed that her friend was sobbing and got alarmed- What happened, are you ok?.- So Diana broke in crying.
- Don’t scare me? What’s going on?
- Luis- Diana hardly answered
- What’s wrong with him? Did you fight?
- No….. He’s dead…
- What?- Dafne almost dropped the telephone from her hands, she was shocked- When? How did that happen?
- Last night….It was my fault….
- No, no, no, take it easy!! I’ll take the first flight to Mexico, please, don’t get out of the apartment, ok?
- Ok….
When they hung up, Dafne immediately put everything inside her suitcase and ran out of the hoter. She knew her friend was suffering too much and needed her. At this moment, Diana was the most important thing for her. She took a taxi and headed off to Peter’s office, she remembered he told her they would work that day, without minding that was sunday and invited her to join them to give a look the way they work.. They needed to prepare everything for a photo session on Tuesday and also had to solve a problem with that.
- Hi, Peter…
- Dafne! I was waiting for you- he nicely said
- Sorry, Peter, but I will not stay, I need to come back to Mexico- Dafne’s voice sounded worried and Peter noticed it:
- Weren’t you leaving tomorrow? Is everything ok?
- No, my best friend is going through a shocking moment and she needs me. Her best friend passed away and she is distressed. I need to be with her, she is like my sister and I can’t leave her alone in this moment.
- I’m sorry! And please, don’t worry, if you need more time to start working, don’t doubt in taking it.
- Thanks- and she hugged him- Well, I gotta go. I want to arrive to Mexico as soon as possible- Peter took Dafne to the elevator. When it opened, Urs and Sebastien appeared. Sebastien couldn’t avoit to see she was carrying her suitcase and asked:
- Are you leaving?
- Yes, her best friend had a problem in Mexico- Peter exclaimed. Dafne nodded, agreeing.
- Is she the one for who I signed the kerchief?
- Yes. Her best friend passed away last night.
- What happened?- Seb asked
- I really don’t know, but she needs me. She is suffering a lot. – Urs and Seb looked at each other, remembering the conversation they had just had. Seb thought it was a coincidence.Urs remembered it was the second time that he felt something about Dafne´s friend: the first one when she told her name and now.
- If you want, we can take you to the airport…- Seb offered
- Great idea- Peter went forward to answer- Ask to the driver to take you there in one of the cars
- Thanks again, Peter, see you soon.
- Your welcome, darling. Call me if you need something
- I will
- We’ll be back- Urs announced, meanwhile Seb helped Dafne with her suitcase.

Carlos arrived to Peter’s office. He knocked at the door and leaned his head in:
- May I come in?- Carlos asked, noticing his boss was worried.
- You may
- You are ugly, but with that face you look horrible- Carlos joked
- Please, Carlos, I’m not in a good mood to listen to your jokes
- Tell me, what happen?
- I’m worried because I can’t find a photographer for the session.
- Maybe I can help you…. I have a friend who is an excellent photographer. I don’t know if you have ever listened to his name…. Marco Cobacho
- What? Are you friend of him? Why you hadn’t say this before?
- Because you hadn’t ask.
- I called him yesterday many times to his office, but he never answered.
- I have his cell phone. If you want, I can call him.
- What are you waiting for? Call him right now!!- Peter gave his office telephone to Carlos. He checked the number in her cell phone and dialed:
- Hello?
- Hi, Marco, how are you, buddy?
- Carlito!! I’m fine, my friend. Actually, I’m in the best situation a man can live with a woman- he said.
- Oh! Sorry for interrumpting- Carlos giggled.- I’ll make this quick- and he explained everything.
- You say it’s for this tuesday?
- Yes, but maybe you can take a time on Monday to come and talk with Peter about this.
- My calendar is saturated but I’ll make an space in it for you…. Tell Peter I’ll see him on Monday at 1pm.
- Thank you very much, my friend!! I knew I could count on you- Peter smiled when listened to Carlos’ words.
- See you then-Marc said
- See you- and they both hung up.
- Of course I accept that job. There I’ll find something really interesting for me- Marc thought, bringing Cyd’s image to his mind- Finally life is making justice to me. Carlos won’t win me this time. I’ll pay him with the same coin he did me in the past…. His girl will be mine!!!- and mischievously smiled.

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Myriam was still in bed. She got a cold and had a fever.
- This is not good- she told Sansón, who was lying next to her, feeling it’s owner’s caresses on its tummy.
Then, her telephone rang:
- Hello? – She answered
- Beauty!! I have missed your voice too much
- Atchu!! Hello, Dave
- Are you sick?
- Atchu!! Yes, I got a cold…
- Oh, my poor little girl! I would love to be there and take good care of you
- Why do you tell me those things?
- I don’t understand your question- David answered with confusion.
- What I am trying to say is that I don’t have news from you in weeks, and suddenly, you call me to say you would want to be here with me. I don’t understand you!!
- I’m sorry this things happen like this, but you know my job is too much demandant, and I’m not always allowed for anything, even to call you.
- I’m confused: do you call me because you want to be my frriend or…?
- Or what? To be your boyfriend?
She hesitating, answered:
- Well… yes….
- Look, I won’t lie to you: I like you very much, and the first time that I saw you I felt something that I had never felt for anyone else… I have never believed in love at first sight, but you made me doubt. But also, I’m conscious that we are too far from each other, and, although I would like you to join me, I’m not really sure of my feelings and I don’t want to hurt you… Look, Myriam, I’m not anybody to tie you. I know you’re a beautiful woman and many men would be happy to be your boyfriend. If you find somebody that fills your expectations, go on…- In the deepest of his heart, David didn’t want to accept the idea that maybe he could fall in love with a girl.
- I didn’t expect that answer from you. I had another idea about you, also for the kiss and the promise you made me, but I can see that I was just a game for you
- Don’t take it like that… what I told you when we were together was real, but, try to understand me, I have been alone for too much time after my last relation… I’m afraid to fall in love and I really enjoy my freedom
- You don’t need to tell me more- Atchu!!- I perfectly understand, but, we have talked a lot about your feelings, but, have you thought about how do I feel? I do feel something strong for you, but I can see you don’t mind about that
- It’s not that!! I really mind, but…
- No more excuses, David. I think is better to leave things how they are. . It was great to meet you, but it would be better if you don’t call me anymore… Bye, Dave, and thanks for everything- She hung up and started crying.
- Myriam?…… Argg!! She hung me up…. Women!! Who understand them?? That’s why I enjoy my freedom…


Urs came back from the supermarket where he went to buy some food and stuff. When he was going upstairs he saw 2 of his neighbors: Robert and Laura, a young couple that used to join him and Lynnea for bowling and other activities when they were still a couple.
- Hey Urs!! It’s nice to see you again. How are you?
- I’m fine, thanks- He gave an affectmate hug to his friends- I haven’t seen you for a long time.
- We were here when you were on tour, but a month and a half ago we decided to take vacation and we went to Brazil. That’s why. When did you arrive?
- 5 weeks ago
- Oh!! And how is Lynn??
- Well, I think she’s fine- Robert and Laura showed confusion on their faces.
- Isn’s she here?
- No… we broke up. She decided to go back to America
- I’m sorry
- It’s ok, Laura
- It’s sad to see a wonderful couple separated… You and Lynnea seemed to be too much in love of each other
- Robert, please, you should better shut your mouth… Forgive him, Urs
- Don’t worry- Urs chuckled- This things happen. Well, I’ll see you later. I need to put all this stuff in- he said, refering to the bags he was carrying.
- Ok, Urs. We’ll see you aroundd and maybe someday you want to have lunch with us- Robert invited
- Sure, I would like it very much
Then, after saying good bye, Urs entered to his apartment and left the bags on a table.
- Robert and Laura seemes to be really happy- He thought- When did I lose that happiness with Lynnea? Sebastien is right, I broke her up for an ilussion, for someone that never will be with me… She appeared once in my life, but disappeared at the same time… I love Moon, but I need to dig a hole in my heart and lay her inside it, and just remember her as my sweetest memory, my impossible dream. I need to go on with my life, and I’ll start right now..- He took his telephone and dialed Lynnea’s number.
Lynnea saw by the call identifyier it was Urs’ apartment number. At first, she doubt about answering, but it was more her hunger of listening to his voice again:
- Hello, Urs- she answered, trying to hide her excitement.
- Hey, Lynn, how you doing?
- I’m fine, thanks, what about you?
- Well, I was thinking of you and now I don’t know how I am- There was a silence, that he broke.
- Did you already get a job?
- Yes, I am working for “Attitude”, a very famous magazine in NYC
- I know that magazine. How much time have you been working there?
- A week… I feel good there. I’m the general manager assistant, so, as you can imagine, I’m running all day. But he’s a nice person, and very kind. His name is Gabriel.
- I’m glad to hear that you like your new job. We all here missed you a lot here…
- I missed you, too- Did Peter already find an assistant?- Lynnea tried to change the topic.
- Yes, but she’s not working yet. She’ll start in 2 weeks. Actually, you know her. She’s Dafne, from Sony Mexico.
- Oh, really? That’s good, she’s an excellent worker and obviously she’s very capable.
- Yes, Peter is really happy of hiring her- Another silence time appeared and again Urs was in charge to break it.
- Lynn, I didn’t call to talk about Peter. I don’t know how to say this… mmmm…. Can I ask you something?
- Of course you can, but I don’t promise I’ll answer- She giggled. He did too.
- Do you still think of me?
Lynnea sighed and then answered:
- Yes, Urs. And I will never forget you. You’re always present in my life, everywhere I turn my glance I see you… I’m doing my best trying to forget you, but I just can’t do that…
- And what would you say if I tell you that I’m sorry for everything and that I want you to give me another oportunity to make you happy?
- Urs, if that’s a joke, I….
- It’s not a joke, Lynn- He interrupted- I have really missed you and I’m sure that with time we could forget all this and be happy together.
- Just tell me one thing, Urs… Don’t you love her anymore?
- It doesn’t have sense to talk about her. I decided to continue with my life, and I want to do it with you, that’s what really minds
- Are you sure?
- Yes… Look, you don’t have to answer right now. In 5 days I will have a week off. I’m disposed to travel to NY to see you and talk about this, then you can tell me if you accept to be with me again… What do you think?
- Ok- Then, after some more dialogue, they both hung up. Lynnea was really happy, but Urs…. well, he knew he was still loving Diana. But Lynnea was the only woman who could help him to forget her… And also, he felt something special for Lynnea, maybe another kind of love….
He put the things he bought in order and then went to the living room to watch TV, but wasn’t paying attention, he was just thinking of Lynnea and Diana.
- I will love Lynnea again, I will make her happy- Then, he closed his eyes and bringing Diana to his mind, thought- I’m sorry, my Moon. Since this moment, you’ll be only part of my past- He felt his heart breaking in 1000 pieces- Good bye, my love. Good bye forever- a tear ran down on his cheek.

Dafne arrived to Mexico and went straight to her apartment. She opened the door and saw there was a mess: any kind of objects on the floor. She walked in looking forward wher her friend was. She could listen she was sobbing at her room, so walked up to there, finding her on the bed, with her eyes closed.
- Hey, honey- Dafne greeted, getting closer. Diana opened her eyes. She looked really bad. She stood up quickly and hugged Dafne, leaning her head on her shoulder and crying with all her strenghts. Dafne embraced her and stroked her hair.
- Cry… you will feel better
- Luis is dead- Diana hardly said- I killed him…
- Don’t say that
- I forgot my PIN and they killed him. It was my fault!
- Who?
- Two guys… They jumped into our cab and said that was an assault. They found my debit card and took us to a bank… I was so nervous that my mind was blocked and forgot my PIN. Then, they killed him and escaped.
- It wasn’t your fault…
- Yes, it was. I planned his special day and everything ended like this. I’ll never see him again, I must be the one to be dead, not him…
- Don’t say that- Dafne cried- You aren’t guilty.
- He was my confident, my friend, my support. How will I live without him? Tell me, how? You know? His last words were that he wanted me to promise him I wold be happy… - Diana seemed to be really tired, she didn’t want to close her eyes, because immediately Luis’ appeared in her head.
- Close your eyes, bunny. You need to sleep… I’ll stay here with you.

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:38 pm


Dafne went to her office early the following day. She needed to fix some doccuments. She left Diana sleeping. Once in her job, Dafne decided to call Gabriel to tell him what was going on with his sister.
- How is she?
- Try to imagine… she’s totally distressed. She feels she is guilty. I see her really bad and I’m worried about her. I think she will need to take some time off after all this.
- Gosh!! I’m too far from her!! I need to go there and see her…
- It’s a good idea, Gabriel. She needs all our support. To have you here will make her feel better.
- You’re right. I’ll book a ticket for today’s afternoon. I hope to be there soon…
- Sounds great
- Dafne, thanks for calling me and for take care of my sister
- You’re welcome. You know she is my sister too.
- I know. Thank you very much. See you soon
- See you…
- Good morning!!!- Indre entered to Dafne’s office, with two coffee cups
- Hey
- Are you ok?
- Not at all.
- Why? Is it something about your trip?
- No. Do you remember Luis, Diana’s friend?
- Of course. How could I forget him? He’s really handsome
- Was…
- Sorry?
- He passed away
Indre was so impressed that she dropped the two cups on the floor.
- How did that happen?
- They suffered an assault and the thieves killed him.
- God!! I can’t believe this city is so insecure, he was too young!
- 27 years old
- I would love to kill those guys with my own hands- Indre said with anger in her voice- But, how is Diana?
- Devastated. I’m worried about her, overall now that I’m moving on to England
- Are you?
- Yes, I accepted the job…
- CONGRATULATIONS!!- Indre effusively exclaimed.
- Congratulations to you, either. You’re coming with me
- What did you say?
- What you heard…. Peter agreed on hiring you. Actually, he told me to ask you to call him.
- Wow!! I’ll work for IL DIVO? For David?- She hugged Dafne with happiness. Then, she remembered what Dafne just told her.
- I’m sorry. You’re going through a bad moment and I’m here behaving like a crazy woman…
- Don’t worry. I understand you’re happy. We need to start working in 2 weeks
- Great…. It’s a short time but I’ll be ready. But, what will happen with Diana?
- That’s why I’m worried. I don’t want her to stay alone. I’m afraid she can do something to hurt herself…
- Do you think she could do that?
- She’s depressed, and a depressed person can do many things… I need to think about something.

Dafne left her office at 3 pm and went back home. Diana was still on bed. Dafne prepared some food for her:
- I prepared you a club sandwich and some lemonade….
- I don’t want it
- You must eat something
- I don’t want to!!- she yelled, throwing the tray away. Then, she covered herself with the sheets.
- Diana, life needs to go on- Dafne firmly said. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. It was Gabriel.
- Thanks God you’re here- Dafne greeted, hugging him
- Where is she?
- In her room. Go ahead. I’ll stay here, you need to talk in private.
- Thanks, Daf- Gabriel walked over to Diana’s room and found her completely covered with the sheets.
- Hello, sis- and pulled the blankets down.
She stared directly at him and he could see all the pain she was feeling.
- Come here- Gabriel stretched his arms, inviting her for an embrace. She tightly hugged him. She felt better. After being talking for a couple of hours, they both went out of the room. Dafne was sitting in the living room, and when noticed they were coming, stood up quickly and went to they were.
- You look better- she said.
- I feel a bit better now- Diana sadly answered.
- Daf, we need to talk- Gabriel said.
- Ok, sit down- They 3 sat.
- I think Diana needs to take some time to recover after this, so, we decided she would come with me to New York for a while. Changing a little bit of enviroment will help her very much, and also, I can be close to her.
Dafne felt sad. It was the beginning of a new life, separated of her best friend. But she knew it would be the best for Diana.

After having a long conversation with Peter on Monday, Marc agreed to do the photo session. He said he would be waiting for them in his studio on Tuesday at 11 am, so, Peter, the guys and all the required staff arrived at that time. They would spend 3 days doing the session…. Moreless at 3pm, they finished.
- Why don’t we have lunch together?- Marco invited Carlos.
- I would really like it, but I promised Cyd I would pick her up for lunch, so...
- Maybe tomorrow? You can tell her to join us.
The next day, Carlos invited Cyd to Marco’s studio, telling her that they would have lunch with him. Cyd wasn’t too much convinced, because she remembered the way he behaved the time she met him and the comments he made. But, she also wanted to spend the most possible time with Carlos, because of his job, it was difficult to be together.
- Hello, Cyd!! Is nice to see you again- Marco greeted, this time with an unexpected hug.
- Sorry I cant say the same- she thought.
While IL DIVO were posing for the pics, Cyd was waiting for them, sitting on a chair. Sometimes, she could feel Marco’s gaze on her, but also, she was receiving winks and blown kisses from Carlos. It was a long day.They were done until 4:30. After it, Carlos, Cyd and Marco walked over to a cafeteria that was close from there.
- How could you love this man, Cyd?- Marco asked, joking.
- Love doesn’t have explanations, I love him just because I feel it. Because he’s all what I’ve always wanted- she answered.
- And because I’m cute, handsome, sweet, sexy…- Carlos giggled, counting each one of his qualities with his fingers. Cyd laughed and kissed his cheek.
- Why don’t you have a girlfriend?- Cyd asked, leaning her head on Carlos’ shoulder, she wanted to show Marco that her heart belonged just to her Carlito.
- It’s a long story that I’m sure you wouldn’t like to hear, right Carlos?- Carlos turned a bit nervous and answered:
- Marco lost a girlfriend, sweetie…
- I’m sorry
- It’s ok. It was 5 years ago. Why we don’t better talk about you? Are you both happy?
- More than ever- Carlos said- I found in Cyd all what I need. We have made a good connection and our relation is walking on firm land… I really love this woman!!
- You must take care of her. I know what does it feel to lose the woman you love…- He stared directly to Cyd, who felt her body shivered. For some reason she didn’t like that Marco.
- Excuse me- she said, standing up from her seat- I need to go to the bathroom
- She’s really pretty, Carlos, she looks too much like….
- Don’t say it! I know… But I thought you had forgotten what happened
- How could I? I have been living with that all this time. I loved her!! She is the only woman I have loved
- I’m sorry, Marco. We have talked many times about this and I have explained you I didn’t want to..
- I know. It wasn’t your fault- Marco said, slapping Carlos’ shoulder- “Of course it was your fault… and you’ll pay for it”- Marco thought, as he was smiling to Carlos.
- I’m back- Cyd said, taking her seat. And they continued talking. After a while, Marco went to his apartment and Carlos and Cyd to theirs.
- I’m still hungry. I want my dessert- Cyd mischievously said, biting her lip. He started biting her ear and some minutes later, they both were enjoying of their bodies, kisses and caresses.

On thursday, Diana and Gabriel flew back to New York. It was a sad Good- bye between Dafne and her friend in the airport.
- I’ll miss you so much!!- Dafne said, hugging the girl that had been her partner of good and bad moments- Try to rest and, although it’s difficult, try to forget…. Start a new life and remember: I’ll be there always you need me.
- Thank you. And good luck in your new job. You deserved it and you got it. And also, you know you can count on me- Diana answered. They both were crying.
- Don’t cry, girls. You’ll see each other soon
- Gabriel is right, sis. And the best of everything is that I’ll get free tickets for you for the IL DIVO concerts and somedays I will invite you to spend some time with me and the guys- Dafne added. Diana forced her to smile.
- Do you want me to tell something to Urs?
- No… It doesn’t have any sense.
Then, the flight was announced.
- Well, sis, we need to go…- And with those words, Diana walked to her new life….

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After the last photo session, the guys got a week off. David took vacation on Italy. He wanted to take a time to think what would he do with his life. Sebastien flew back to France. Carlos and Cyd went to Spain and Urs traveled to NY to join Lynnea. He arrived there on Saturday’s night. Lynnea picked him up at the airport. When whe saw him got really excited and couldn’t avoit to run, receiving him with a hug.
- How was your flight?- she asked, getting appart.
- It was good…. But I’m a bit tired
- Come on. Let’s go to my apartment, you can rest there, and also my mom prepared some dinner for you.
- Oh, I have booked in a hotel
- Please, Ursi…. Aren’t we friends?
- Yes, we are, but…
- Not excuses! You’ll stay in my apartment
- Ok
Urs put his suitcase in Lynnea’s car and she drove back home. Once there, Natty opened the door.
- Hey, Urs!! How is life treating you, son? It’s nice to see you again
- Thanks, Nat! I’m glad to see you too…
- Please, come in, you must be hungry
- I am- he smiled
And they three entered.
After having dinner, Natty left both Urs and Lynnea alone. Bühler was nervous. That night, his life would give a 180° spin. He held Lynnea’s hand over the table and that made him to feel he was reliving all the moments he had lived with Lynnea, as if after a long dream, he had awaken to his normal life beside her.
- I’m glad to see you. I really missed you- He kissed her hand
- And I missed you too. It was really difficult for me to leave IL DIVO, but overall, to leave you. And also, the way how things went on, your words in our last conversation… Urs, it was really hard
- I know I made too much mistakes, and I’m sorry. It was never my intention to hurt you.
- I know, Urs, and I never lost my faith that you would reconsider and come back to me. I’ll confess that all that explanation about the message from the moon sounded ridiculousto me. In the deepest of my heart, I knew one day you would notice your love belongs just to me.
- Lynn, I won’t lie you: I saw her once and that was enough to find out that I wasn’t wrong, that she really exists and that I….- He stopped. He was almost going to tell her that he loved Diana
- That you…- Invited Lynnea to continue
- That I felt something special for her.- He sighed- But I also know that is very difficult to find her again. Lynn, I want to forget her, I NEED to forget her…. Please, help me to take her out of my heart and of my life. I promise I’ll live to make you happy, but I need you to help me…
- I will, Urs. Leave everything in my hands. I swear you’ll forget her- and she leaned to kiss his lips. At the beginning, Urs was hardly responding to her, but then, passion appeared between them. She stood up and sat on his lap and was kissing his neck. Their breaths started to go faster, their hearts were beating with strenght….Then, after some minutes of passionate kisses and caresses, she got apart and stood up, holding his hand.
- Come with me- she whispered, guiding him to her bedroom
- Make me yours, Urs
He started undressing her. For a moment, he stopped kissing Lynnea, just feeling her kisses. Diana’s memory appeared on his mind…. “I need to forget her”- He thought. And in that way, he was trying to recover his life…. Lynnea and Urs were making love all night long.

The next morning, Sebastien and Paulette decided to give a walk over the city. They used to enjoy those short trips around Paris, calmly walking and holding hands.
- When I’m with you, everything around me disappears. The only world that exists is ours. Seb, I was thinking, why we don’t get married?
Sebastien stopped his walk and started caughing.
- What happened? Don’t you want it?
- Of course I want, babe, but I think is not time yet… I’m not prepared.
- Don’t you love me?
- I love you…
- So? A marriage just needs love to work and we love each other
- Well, yes, but…
- But what?- Paulette was showing anger in her voice. She was expecting Seb to answer he was madly in love with her and that he of course accepted to marry her.
- Calm down, baby. I’m not telling I don’t want to do it, I’m just saying is not time yet
- Are you sure that’s the reason?
- What do you mean?
- You’re too much time alone traveling the whole world, maybe you met another lady and that’s why yhou are not sure of givint the next step in our relation.
- How can you think that? You know I’m not that kind of person. You see? How do you wanna marry me if you don’t even trust me?
- Oh, sweetheart, I’m sorry. You’re right, you aren’t like that- Paulette apologyzed, caressing his face- It’s just that we have talked about this before and I thought you were agree
- Look Paulette, I’ll just get married when I feel I’m ready. Maybe in the past I thought it was the time, but now, I’m not sure
- But why? You seemed to be so sure
Sebastien stared to his left and remember that he would be close to Dafne pretty soon, then, he turned to see his girlfriend and answer:
- I don’t know… I guess life changes.
After arriving to Madrid, Carlos and Cyd decided to stopped 3 days in Ibiza. They had a great time day, enjoying the beautiful beaches, swimming in the beach and taking sunbaths. Also, they were showing each other how much love and passion they felt for each other. Their last day there, they were in a restaurant eating when 2 fans intercepted them: Maria José and Carmen.

- Sorry, are you Carlos Marin?- Maria Jose asked.
- Yes, it’s me- He mischievously answered winkling his eyebrow.
- OMG!! Carmen, you must hold me, cause I’ll die!!- All the presents laughed.
- Forgive her- Carmen requested
- We are your most loyal fans!! Just, give a look to this- Maria Jose, who was wearing a miniskirt, without caring, show him her butt, that has a tatoo of Carlos face on it. – Carlos blushed and Cyd chuckled.
- That’s nice- He exclaimed, hesitating.
- Can we give you a hug?- Carmen asked.
- Not problem for me, but you must ask to my girlfriend for permission- he joked. Maria Jose and Carmen turned their eyes to Cyd and asked:
- Can we?
- Of course!!- She nicely answered. Both girls immediately jumped into Carlos’ arms. Cyd took the picture.
- You make a beautiful couple!- Carmen exclaimed
- Thank you- Carlos and Cyd repplied with a huge smile, giving to each other a gaze full of love.
- Can we take a pic of you both together?
- Only if you promise you’re not paparazzis- The 3 girls laughed with the Spanish guy comment.
- We promise we are not
Carlos stood next to Cyd and hugged her. A beautiful pic was taken.

- Diego, I asked you to see you in this cafeteria because there is something important I have to tell you
- What is it, princess?
- I received a job offer… and I accepted it
- Really? That’s great!! I hope that with that new job we’ll have more time to spend together
- I… I don’t think so
- Why not?
Dafne breathed a deep sigh planning in her mind the word she needed to use to explain him.
- This job is for IL DIVO… Peter, their manager, hired me as his assistant. I’ll move on to England next weekend
- What the h**l are you saying?- Diego asked, almost yelling. People around them turned to see what was happening.
- Calm down, honey. Look, it’s an excellent opportunity for me
- You, you, always you!! What about me? What about us?
- We can continue our relation and joined together sometimes in our free time
- But you’ll be in the other side of the world!!
- Please, try to understand me!! It is the oportunity I have been waiting for all my life
- And what should I do?
- Support me?
- I can’t!! I’ll put it easy… You must decide: your job or me…- Dafne’s eyes turned teary. She could see anger in her boyfriend’s eyes. A glance that she had never seen before, as if he hated her.
- Ok, I know my answer and I hope I won’t regret…
- My love!! I knew…
- Good bye, Diego- she interrupted him, standing up and leaving him there.

After spending 5 days together, on Thursday, Urs and Lynnea were feeling everything had returned to normality, as if they had never broken up. During the mornings, Urs was giving tours through NYC while Lynnea was working. After job hours, Urs used to pick her up to come back home… almost always they finished having passionate nights making love. Sometimes, when he wasn’t with Lynnea, Urs was bringing Diana to his mind. It was harder than he thought to forget her… she was everywhere he went. That thursday was different, he picked Lynnea up as he had been doing during that week.
- Can we give a walk? – he asked- Tonight, the moon is brightest and biggest than ever.
- Of course. Let’s go to the Central Park…
Urs was thoughtful. He hardly pronnounced a word during their walk. That night, the moon looked like the night he spent in Luzern, when everything started.
- Are you ok?
- Yes, I am- He kissed her lips.
- Urs… below this moon, promise me you won’t leave me never again- Lynnea stared directly at him. He turned his eyes up to the moon, that moon that meant too much for him, and melancholicly answered:
- I promise- She tightly hugged him and he kissed her. He felt affection for Lynnea, but not love, at least, not yet. Suddenly, Lynnea’s cell phone rang. That made her to get appart from Urs.
- Hello?
- Lynnea, this is Gabriel
- Gabriel!! How can I help you?
- I forgot to tell you that tomorrow in the early morning I’ll have an appointment, and I need the documents that I gave you for the traslation. The thing is that for any reason, the docs weren’t in my office and now that I’m home, they aren’t here either. Do you know where they are?
Lynnea chuckled.
- I have them with me. I took them today to give them the last look. I was going to give you them tomorrow after the meeting…
- I wasn’t planning to go to the office in the morning
- Look, I’m near from your apartment, if you want, I can take them there
- Would you do that for me?
- Sure. I’m coming. I’ll see you in 10 mins.
- Thank you very much.. I’ll be waiting for you. Bye
- Bye
Lynnea explained Urs what happened and they both walked to Gabriel’s apartment. Once out, Lynnea rang the doorbell.
- Here we are- she told Urs, as they were waiting the door to be opened- I promise it will be a quick visit
- Really? Because I want to be alone with you - He mischievously commented, bringing her closer to him. She tenderly kissed her lips… In that moment, the door was opened. They both got apart.

- You?...

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- You must be Gabriel’s sister, aren’t you?- Lynnea asked.
Urs couldn’t believe what his eyes were looking: his Moon was standin there, just in front of him. He was petrified. Diana and Urs looked deeply at each other. After a long wait, they were finally face to face.
- Yes… I’m Diana. Gabriel’s sister- she hardly answered, hesitating. She had a mix of feelings that didn’t know how to react. Meanwhile, Urs was feeling happiness but at the same time anger, for finding her now that he was with Lynnea and had just promised her he would never leave her.
- Nice to meet you, Diana. I’m Lynnea Wright- she got closer to kiss her boss’ sister- And he’s my boyfriend: Urs Bühler- Urs stretched his trembling hand and Diana held it. In that moment, they both felt their blood boiling insede their veins….

- Hey, Lynn!!- Gabriel’s voice sounded behind his sister- I’m sorry to make you come here at this time, but please, come in. Did you already meet my sister?
- Oh, yes!! We have already introduced each other. But let me introduce you my boyfriend: Urs Bühler.
Gabriel got surprised and turned his eyes over to his sister and then answered shaking Urs’ hand:
- Nice to meet you… please, have a sit
- Well, it was a pleassure to meet you. You stay in your home….
-“What?! Aren’t you going to sit down with us? Don’t go!! Please!! I have been waiting for this moment and you want to leave!!”- Urs thought. He seemed to be really anxious
- Thanks, Diana, and it was great to meet you… Gabriel is always talking about you that I was eager to meet you- Lynnea said- Maybe some day we can do shopping together…
- Sure- Diana repplied, forcing a smile- Well, see you later- She walked back to the kitchen where she was preparing dinner before the visit. Once in, closed the door behind her.
- Sorry about her. Is just that she’s still sad and angry of everything what happened to her
- “What happened to her? Tell me, I want to know!”- Urs again thought. He needed to know each single detail of her life.
- Yes, poor of her… It must be really difficult to lose her best friend in the way she did
- That’s true! But, anyways, she needs to go on with her life. Do you want something to drink?- Gabriel offered.
- No, thanks- Lynnea answered
- Urs?
- Mmmm…. I accept you a cup of coffee, thanks!- Linnea found that answer a bit strange, it was supposed he wanted to leave quickly.
- Ok, let me go and prepare it..
- Oh! If you want, I can do it. In that way, you continue checking all those papers with Lynn..
- Are you sure?- Gabriel asked, confused.
- Yes, I can handle it
- Ok,… if you want- Gabriel answered, and Urs stood up, walking through the kitchen. Lynnea was really surprised for that attitude. She knew Urs was really polite and nice, but he didn’t use to behave in that way with somebody he had just known. But also, she didn’t give it too much importance.


Diana was completely shocked, she couldn’t believe that after all, Urs was now in her house, with his girlfriend… and that wasn’t everything: that girl was Gabriel’s assistant!! She felt it was more of what she could handle… What she had to do? That guy had been the most important man in her life since she saw him for first time…. It just started like a physical attaction, but one day, for a reason she never understood, she discovered she had completely and madly fallen in love with him. She made him part of her life, and had the illusion of being close from him someday. She was sure that Urs was the one for her, the love of her life, her soulmate, her other half. They just needed to coincide. She knew it was difficult, but never lost faith on it. Each night she used to stared to the moon, just thinking that maybe it was the only thing that could link her with him, and suddenly, she found herself talking to the moon, sending messages to Urs…. Of course, she was conscious it was a silly situation, but she didn’t mind about it, she was just enjoying that dream. Diana didn’t have idea of the effect it was causing in Urs’ life.
She was completely lost in her thoughts misxing some flour to bake pancakes. Then, she remembered Luis’ last words: “Promise you’ll be happy”.
- How, Luis? How could I be happy if I lost you and now I have Urs just in front of me and I can’t do anything?- She thought. Then, she remembered the image of Luis lying in her arms, weak, pale, just worried about her happiness… that memory made a tear slide down on her cheek
- Sorry, where can I get some water?
She turned around with surprise and with the laddle she was holding dirtied Urs’ shirt.
- Oh! I’m really sorry!- she apologyzed, trying not to stare at him. She didn’t want to show him her feelings. She immediately took a bunch of napkins and started wiping Urs’ shirt- Gosh! Look what I did- she was nervous, her hands were trembling. Urs tenderly held her hands and said:
- Don’t worry, I can wash it- Diana paralyzed. It felt really good for her the touch of Urs. That contact with his skin… but she, even in that moment, didn’t stared at him. He noticed it and with a soft brush of his hand on her chin, raised her face up, searching her gaze- In that moment, they both looked into each other’s eyes. Diana felt as a dry flower under the rain, as if he was her salvation. Urs wanted to hug her, she seemed to be really fragile, weak, sad….
- Are you ok?- he asked, finding out the tear on her cheek
- Yes- she answered, aparting her hands from his-You just took me for surprise. Anyway, water is there- she said, pointing at a jar that was on a shelf.
- Thanks! I’ll prepare some coffee
- You must say that, I am preparing some….
- Really? Wow!! You prevent everything, don’t you?
She forced a smile, she couldn’t be happy of having him in front of her: He has a girlfriend!!
- Something like that- she answered. – Does your girl want some?
- My girl? You’re my girl!!- He thought, he wanted to yell, he felt trapped. How could he handle that situation? He had restarted his relation with Lynnea, why does that things were happening to him? Was it a nightmare?
- No, she doesn’t want a coffee- he finally answered.
- Ok….- they both stayed in silence
Suddenly, the sound of the coffee-pot made the two lovers get out of their world.
- It´s…. ready- Diana stated., holding hot container..
- Auch!!
- What is it?
- I burnt my hand…
- Let me see- He took Diana’s hand, it was red because of the bruise. Every touch was an electric shock between them. Again, their eyes coincided.
- You are so pretty, my moon. I love you he thought, giving her a tender glance.
- Why do you have to arrive at this moment of my life? Why now that I need you more than ever and you have a girlfriend?- Diana thought. She hadn’t idea about Urs’ feelings.
- Diana, did you…?- Gabriel entered surprisely to the kitchen. Diana quickly aparted his hands from Urs, but Gabriel noticed everything. Urs tried to explain:
- She burnt her hands
- Mmmmm…. Are you ok?- Gabriel asked
- Yes
- Well, anyway, pour some cream on it… I wonder if you know where did I leave a blue folder….
- I haven’t seen it
- Ok… Well, what about if we give Lynnea a coffee, too?- Gabriel suggested, looking at Urs.
- Of course….
- I’ll serve them- Diana said- Here they are: 2 cups of coffee
- So… see you later, Diana
- See you
Gabriel and Urs walked out from the kitchen. While Gabriel and Lynnea were checking the last details, Urs was just remembering the moment when Diana opened the door and the exchange of glances between them. When Lynnea and Urs left the apartment, Gabriel went to the kitchen and found Diana sitting, leaning her head on the table, on her hands, covering her face.
- What was that?- he asked. She straighted.
- What?
- You know what I’m talking about. I know you’re going through a difficult situation but I don’t want you to create false hopes. Urs is Lynnea’s guy
- I know- she sighed.
When Lynnea and Urs arrived home, Lynnea was impatiently waiting for the moment of being alone together. When they were in her bedroom, she started getting close to him, trying to seduce him with kisses and caresses:
- Not tonight, Lynn. This night I just want to sleep- he said- “and dream”- he thought.

On their last friday in Mexico City, Indre was helping Dafne to finish cleaning up her office
- Aren’t you excited? We are leaving to England in 2 days!!!
- I am, but also, I’m afraid- Dafne accepted
- Afraid? You?
- Yes. I’m afraid to begin a new life, of starting form zero: Now, I won’t have Diego or Diana to support me.
- Thank you!- Indre exclaimed
- No!! I mean, you’re also my friend and I’m glad you’re coming, but they…
- Yes, I know. I’m just teassing. What about if we start creating our job enviroment?- Indre winked
- What do you mean?
- You’ll see- so, she took out from her purse the IL DIVO CD “Siempre” and put it on the recorder. When Dafne listened to Seb singing “Notte di luce” felt her knees trembling. He had awaken in her something that she couldn’t define. For a moment she stayed without movements, just enjoying the song, then, she picked the disk box and stared to the pic in it. Indre smiled devilishly, she intuited what was happening….
- I knew it! I knew it!!- she started repeating, jumping and tossing around Dafne.
- What?- Dafne nervously asked.
- You like one of them!
- Of course not!
- Say it
- Say what?
- Who is he? And don’t try to lie me. I know you, and I also know what do that sheepy eyes mean. Come on, tell me!! I promise to keep the secret…
Dafne stayed in silence for a moment, but then thought that after all she would be working with Indre and it would be better if she knows, in that case, she would be her accomplice.
- Sebastien- she whispered.
- SEBASTIEN!!!- Indre yelled
- Shhhh!- Dafne covered Indre’s mouth
- Sorry… - she giggled- You like Sebastien?
Dafne nodded
- But don’t say anything. He has a girlfriend and I just broke up with Diego and….
- Stop it! You’re always putting excuses to everything. If you like him, show it to him!! In war and love everything is valid…- Indre winked

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:40 pm


After spending those 3 fantastic days in Ibiza, Carlos and Cyd went to Madrid. Carlos wanted to introduce his girlfriend to his parents.
- Are you sure they will accept me?- Cyd asked, while a taxi was taking them from the airport to Carlos’ parents home.
- Of course they will, they are really nice people and you are just irresistible, don’t care about that , darling. Everything is going to be fine. And also, I have talked with them about you and they are eager to meet the lady that stole my heart…
- You’re so sweet- Cyd leaned to kiss his cheek.
- I’m sweet because I’m in love.
Some minutes later, they arrived. Carlos payed the taxi and gave to the driver a tip for helping them to carry their luggage out from the car.
- I’m so excited! – Cyd exclaimed
- Breath deeply- He rang the doorbell. His dad, Jaime Marín, opened the door:
- Hey son! – He greeted, hugging him and slapping his back- Is nice to see you again after all this time..
- Yes, it is.- Carlos answered with a huge smile on her face- Please, let me introduce you my girlfriend: Cydalia
- Wow, son, she’s prettier than you had described- Jaime said, wiggling his eyebrow to the girl, as his son used to do- It’s a pleassure, Cyd!!
- The pleassure is mine- she answered, stretching her hand. Jaime held it and pulled her for a hug.
- Carlos has told us many thing about you. Good things, of course- Mr. Marín said, taking her into the house- Close the door, son….
- Hijo!!!- Mrs. María exclaimed, getting out from the kitchen, hugging him efusively- Oh, God, you are so handsome!! That’s thanks to me- She giggled
- That’s not true!! He looks identical to me- Jaime repplied, joking.
- Of course not
- Mom, dad, please, stop this- Carlos chuckled- What will Cyd think?
- Oh, sorry!! So, you’re Cyd. I’m María, Carlos’ mother
- Nice to meet you- Cyd said
- Trust me, daughter, you’re lucky of getting Carlos, he’s adorable
- I’m the lucky one here, mom. Cyd is just great!
- Well, let’s go to the dining room. I prepared “paella” for you.
After having lunch with his parents, Carlos and Cyd spent the whole evening with them, talking and laughing. Cyd felt totally relaxed now. Carlos’ parents were such kind with her. Moreless at 8 pm, they departed to Carlos’ apartment.
The next day, when they were having breakfast, Carlos told Cyd he wanted to go shopping with her because he wanted her to choose a dress for the CHARITY EVENT IN FAVOR OF THE AFRICAN KIDS, that would be in Germany in a month. They went to a mall, looking for formal dressing stores. After being walking for a while, finally Cyd said:
- I love that one!!- pointing to an orange dress in a shop window.- Can we go there to see it?
- Of course!! Let’s go
- They were almost in, when in the entrance Carlos suddenly stopped his walk, staring directly to the front as if he had seen a ghost. He turned pale.
- What happen, hun?- Cyd asked with confussion.
- I…. I…. Let’s get out of here- he answered with trembling voice, pulling Cyd out of there, walking as fast as never before.

- What will you do today?- Lynnea asked Urs in their way to her job.
- I don’t know… Maybe, I’ll rent a motorcycle and be touring in the highways. I missed to much to ride…. You know that’s my passion
- What about me? Am I not your passion, too?- She devilishly asked.
- Yes… Of course
- Ok, just take care- she said, kissing his lips- I want to have you safe tonight at home, we have many things to do before you come back to England…. You know what I mean- she winked. He smiled. – I love you- and she again kiss him and then walked into the building, waving goodbye.
After that, he rented the motorcycle.The first thing that came to his mind was go and look for Diana, he wanted to see her again. He rode as quick as he could. When he arrived to the building, he parked in front of it in the other side of the street. He stayed thinking: what will he tell her when he would be in front of her? He hesitated about entering or not. What excuse would he give of why he was there? Suddenly, he couldn’t believe his good luck: she was there, getting out of the place. He saw her walking in direction to the park that was 2 blocks away. Urs followed her taking his distance, trying not to be discovered.
- What am I doing?? I’m following her, but I am Lynn’s guy!! Why I didn’t wait a bit more?- Urs thought.
Once in the park, Diana took her right side for a short walk around that place, so he had an idea: he would take the oposite side to catch her face to face. In that wait it would seem as a casual encounter. But, surprisely, Urs surrounded all the park and didn’t see her.
- Not again!!- He thought, looking around to see if she was somewhere…

- I would want to know what will happen now with my life- Diana was leaning on the handrail of a bridge that crossed a lake, thinking- I don’t have any friends here, I feel lonely, I’m far from my hometown and if it wasn’t enough, Urs appeared with a girlfriend. I had never before felt so tired…. So empty….
- This is relaxing, isn’t it?- Urs interrupted her, pointing at the swimming ducks that were in the huge stream. Diana looked at him with confussion: “What is he doing here?”
- Yes, it is- she answered- Since I arrived here a week ago, I come here every day to take some time off…
- It’s a beautiful place. I would do the same if I were you- Diana smiled and turned her eyes back to the water.
- But I don’t understand something- he said, standing beside her in the same position she was.
- What is it?
- Why if you are in such beautiful place, enjoying a wonderful sight, your eyes are so sad?
- That’s not true, they are like always…
- No, they aren’t
- How do you know that?
- Because the first time that I sam them they looked different for me, they were sparkling and brilliant
Diana was confused for his comment and again looked straight at him.
- What do you mean?
- In our last performance here, in NY, I remembered I had seen you
- That’s not true!!
- Trust me, I did!! In fact, I signed you the shirt you were wearing. In that moment I wanted to tell you that I…
- RING! RING!- He didn’t want to answer his cell phone. He only closed his eyes thinking that it was the worst moment to be interrupted, but he tried to continue
- That I…
- Your phone is ringing, you should answer. Maybe it’s something important
- Anything is more important that you……. Yes, you’re right. Hold on, please.- He took his cell phone out of his jeans and saw it was Lynnea. He turned around and answered in low voice:
- Hello?
- Hey, honey, how you doing?
- Fine, thanks. What about you?
- I’m fine, just thinking about you…. You are still with me but I already missed you.
- Lynn, I’m leaving until tomorrow
- Yes, but, I don’t want you to leave. I love you, Urs. I just called to say that…
- Me… too- he answered. Diana rolled her eyes, she supposed why he answered that. When Urs finished his conversation, turned again over to Diana:
- Sorry!!- But she wasn’t there. He saw her walking away from him. He ran trying to reach her.
- Hey, why are you leaving?
- I didn’t want to cut your inspiration in the conversation with your girlfriend
- Diana, please, I need to tell you something important.
- What could be so important between us? We just met each other yesterday!!
- I already told you that I saw you in the concert…
- Yes, but we didn’t cross a single word.
- Come on, I need to explain you lots of things. Let me invite you something to drink. I know of a cafeteria that is few blocks away from here.
- But…
- Please…
- Ok. Let’s go.
They both walked up to the cafeteria, the one in which Myriam worked. They got in and chose a table.Urs pulled the chair for Diana as a gentleman, then sat down. Some minutes later, Myriam appeared.
- Good morning!!- she greeted, then noticed who was the guy sitting there- URS!!
- Hey, Myriam!! How are you?- He stood up and gave her a friendly hug.
- I’m fine, thanks. What a surprise!! What are you doing here?
- We got some free time and I came to NY to visit my girlfriend…
- Oh, sorry, miss! With the surprise of seeing Urs I didn’t say hello- Myriam told Diana, thinking she was Urs’ girlfriend- You make a beautiful couple!! I’m Myriam.
Diana nicely smiled and answered:
- Nice to meet you, I’m Diana- they both shook hands- but I guess you are confused: I’m not Urs’ girl
- Oh, I’m sorry!! – Myriam blushed- I thought…. Gosh, my big and silly mouth!! Forget it. Anyway, is nice to meet you.
- Thanks! I think the same.
- And… how are…, the others?- Myriam asked
- They are fine. Carlos is still with Cyd, they are in Spain. Seb went to France and David is in Italy
- Mmmm… is he ok?
- Yes, he is, you know, enjoying his freedom- Myriam stared down- Oh, sorry, Myriam. I didn’t want to…
- Don’t worry, Urs, it’s ok
In that moment, Josh appeared in the cafeteria, looking for Myriam with a rose in his hand. When saw her, walked over where she was
- Hey- he greeted
- Hi, sweetie… Let me introduce a friend: he’s Urs Bühler and a friend of his, Diana…. Guys, this is my boyfriend, Josh Doyle- Myriam said, holding him from his abdomen.Josh was confused, but followed the game.
- Nice to meet you!!- All of them answered at the same time.
- My love, I just came to give you this- Josh said, giving her the red rose.
- Thank you, hun!! I love those details…
- And I love you- Josh answered and getting advantage of the situation gave a quick kiss to Myriam on her lips. She hardly smiled trying to show happiness and love.
- Well, sweetie, I need to go. I have an appointment… See you in the evening.
- See you- Myriam answered.
After a short conversation, Myriam took note of Urs’ and Diana’s order and left them alone.
- Well, we are alone now, what’s that so important that you want to tell me??
Urs sighed before answering:
- Diana…. Moon…. I know this will sound weird for you… I don’t know how to begin…. Have you ever feel that you had known someone for all your life the first time when you see him?
- Yes…
- Well, that happen to me, but without that first time…
- I don’t understand
- When I saw you in the concert, I was waiting for you…
- What?
- It is very difficult to explain, but I knew I was going to meet you someday….
- What game is this?
- This is not a game, Diana. I have been waiting for this moment since long time ago.
- Urs, I really don’t understand, please, explain it…
Urs started telling her everything about how it started. He told her about that night in Luzern, the strange feeling of loving someone that he didn’t know, his conversation with Seb, his reason of the decision to come back to Lynnea, etc. Diana was shocked and couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Could he be really in love with her? Dis she really changed his life in that way?
- That’s my truth, Diana.
- I don’t know what to say. I wouldn’t believe you if I wouldn’t be myself the one who everynight used to talk with the moon asking her to tell you that someday I would be close to you, that I wold find the way to reach your heart, that you just needet to wait for me…. I never thought you were receiving those messages
- I did!! That’s why that night in the concert my heart recognized you. I should run towards to you, but I couldn’t… I thought I would never see you again, and I was afraid about that: Diana, you’re my life. My soul belongs to you… I won’t be able to live without you now that I found you….
- Urs, you have a girlfriend and she loves you
- And I love you- he said, leaning to kiss her. Diana closed her eyes, she was wishing to feel his lips on hers, but when Urs was close enough that he could feel her breathing, she moved apart
- No, Urs!! We can’t do this, you can’t do this to Lynnea. You decided to be with her…. So, go with her. Please, forget me and try to make her happy.
- Don’t ask me to forget you, how could I? You’re my owner, I will never forget you.
- You must do it
- Diana, please, don’t take me away from you- Urs’ eyes were teary. So were Diana’s- look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t feel the same: just doing that I will leave you- he said, holding Diana’s face with both hands. She stayed in silence but then staring streight to his eyes answered:
- I love you! But we can’t be together- she stood up and ran out of the place, sobbing. She knew their love was impossible.

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:40 pm


Carlos and Cyd arrived to the apartment after the incident in the mall. They both were in silence. This because when Cyd asked for an explanation on their way back home, Carlos stayed in silence. That made Cyd feel bad.
- Cyd, hun, don’t be mad at me
- I’m not mad. I’m disappointed. Today I noticed that you don’t trust me….
- Don’t say that… What do you want me to do?- he asked, holding her hands
- I just want the truth. What happened in that mall? Why did you run out of that boutique like if you were avoiding somebody?
Carlos took his hands apart from hers and turned around a bit anxious. Cyd walked over to him and gave him a hug from his back.
- Tell me, honey, what’s going on? Why are you behaving so weird?
- Cyd, sweetie, there’s something that you have to know- he turned over and looked other. His eyes were not shinning as always- It’s about Marco-Cyd rolled her eyes, just to listen to his name made her to feel sick, but she was worried about Carlos’ face expression.
- Come, let’s sit down and you tell me- she grabbed his hand and pulled him to the couch.
- Do you remember the conversation we had with Marco when we had lunch together?
Cyd looked at him a bit confused and said no with her head.
- When you asked him about why he hasn’t a girlfriend?
- Oh, sure!! I remember now… you told me that he had lost a girlfriend
- Exactly! Well, she was there in the store today…
- I thought that you meant she was…. You know….
- Death?
Cyd nodded
- No, she isn’t. And she was today there in the store, and I didn’t want to see her….
- But why? It was Marco’s girl, not yours- Carlos stared down and were nerviously playing with his fingers. Just to remember what happened was making him feel unconfortable- Carlos?- He turned to see her.
- Marco and me were best friends. One night, in a bar, we met Vanessa. Marco began dating her. After some months, Vanessa turned into Marco’s fiancee. They were going to get married- he took a deep breath- The day before the wedding, she told Marco that she couldn’t marry him because she was in love with me. She said that she only was with him to be close to me and that he besides me was nothing. Marco was heartbroken and full of anger. He said that surely I seduced Vanessa. We fought and he didn’t talk to me anymore, then, I joined IL DIVO. After some months, I took vacation in Madrid. I saw him and we made everything up… I explained him that I never tried to seduce Vanessa. He was calmer then and he understood everything. The next time when I saw him was 2 years later, when you were with me in the restaurant. Now, do you understand me?
- It must be really hard for Marco what that girl made him. But you don’t have a reason to run away when you see her… after all, she was the one that made the mistake, not you. You were only a victim.- Cyd said. Carlos stood in silence: I can’t tell her the complete story, what would she think of me? - he thought. – But are you sure that Marco really believed what you said?
- Yes, why?
- I don’t know. I don’t like him. He hasn’t do anything bad to me, but there’s something about him that I don’t like. I don’t like his gaze when he looks at us…
- Don’t imagine things, my love. He’s a weird guy, but is nice. He’s my friend since too many years ago. Since that happened to him, he hasn’t had a formal girlfriend, he just jumps from bed to bed, trying to fill that empty hole that Vanessa left in his heart.
- Poor of him after all. I never wish those things happen even to my worst enemy- Cyd said, biting her lip.
- I love when you bite your lip! That is so sexy- Carlos said, wiggling his eyebrow. She smiled and repplied:
- And I love when you kiss my bitten lip- he slowly leaned and wrapped her waist tightly and took her close to him and gave her a soft but long kiss on her red and sweet lips.- words weren’t anymore needed…. Neither clothes…

- How is the most beautiful girlfriend I have never had?
- Don’t talk to me, Josh- Myriam said, as she was trying to catch a taxi. She was needed to go to the supermarket to buy some food.
- Why? If we are a couple!- He said, giggling.
- Of course we aren’t!!- She answered rolling her eyes- And you kissed me!!
- Because you were my girl in that moment…
- But it wasn’t real
- The kiss neither- Josh said in a mischievously way, winking.
- You’re such a silly guy!!- Myriam finally said, chuckling- The next time I’ll kick your butt!!
- The next time I will really kiss you. Come on! Why you don’t better tell me why you lied to that guy?
- Mmmmm…. I don’t have time to explain, I need to go to buy some stuff
- I take you, and you tell me in our way there.
- You never give up, do you?
- Not when something interests me- Myriam smiled and answered:
- Ok. I’ll tell you everything in our way there. – They both jumped into Josh’ car.
- So, I’m waiting for an explanation, after all, I’m your boyfriend.
- Just in emergencies cases- she giggled
- For now, anyway, what happened today?
- Do you know who is Urs Bühler?
- Yes. If I’m not wrong, he is the guy that you introduced me in the morning
- Right. But do you know him?
- No. His face looks familiar to me, but I don’t know who he is.
- He is one of the 4 singers of IL DIVO.
- Oh!! That’s true! How couldn’t I figure it out? IL DIVO is the favorite group of my cousin and I want to the concert. But, do you like him?
- No!!
- Does he like you?
- Neither!! Josh!! Will you let me explain?
- Sorry! Continue, please.
- Well, the day before that concert, I was in the cafeteria. I wanted to attend it, but I didn’t have enough money to buy a ticket. I was, as always, working. When suddenly, the manager sent me to a table telling me there were special guests. I did what he commanded… And they were IL DIVO. I asked their orders, but I was completely hooked of David.
- The spanish one?
- No, the tall American one. When I saw him, I stayed totally lost in his smile. I thought he got hook either, ‘cause he asked me my name andinvited me to the concert. I accepted. How could I say no to him? We spent a wonderful time… Then, the next day, we had a date, the most wonderful day in my life!! It seemed we were like a real couple. Then, he came back to his world: England. He promised we will see us again, but I guess he lied… He called me sometimes but then, the last time we talked, he said he loved his freedom and was confused about his feelings for me. So, I asked him not to call me again- She finally said, nostalgically. Her eyes turned teary.
- Do you know something? That David is an idiot. He doesn’t deserve a tear from you, honey. He is the one who should cry for not giving you your real value. He is the one losing something great here, not you. Myriam, you know what I feel about you, but putting that apart, I can say that you are such a fantastic lady, full of qualities and of love to give. Why did you tell Urs that you were my girl?
- Because I felt bad when he said David was enjoying his freedom in Italy I thought that while I’m here suffering for him, he is happy. I wanted to show Urs that I’m happy either. Maybe he will tell Dave that I’m good without him and…
- And what?
- He will feel jealous
- Myriam, don’t hurt yourself. You don’t need to prove anything to him. You should try to be happy without him, but without lies. Life has too many things to enjoy and that can make you happy. You don’t need David, nor me, nor anyone in the world to find happiness, you must find it inside you, in your heart. I will be there to support you if you need me. I want you to trust me as a friend. I love you, but I’ll respect your feelings for David. Time will say what will happen- Myriam smiled at him. She already felt affection for Josh, but now, she considered him as a friend: her best friend.
When Diana ran out of the cafeteria Urs payed and went to her apartment to look for her, but she wasn’t there. He waited outside for a couple hours, but she never appeared. So, he gave up and took the Harley he had rented, and gave a ride by the highways. After that, he delivered the motorcycle where he had rented it and then went to pick Lynnea up.
- How was your day, sweetie?- She asked when joined him out of her job.
- I can say it was…. Different.But how about yours?- He was trying to change the direction of the conversation.
- Good! Gabriel arrived at 12 noon and we were checking the points treated in the meeting. He’s a genious, really smart guy. Now I can understand how he, being as young as he is, got the management of the magazine. He knows really good how to negotiate, today he closed a very impotant business. He just have 2 important things in his life: his job and his sister, Diana. Specially after what happened to her…
- What happened?- he asked, trying to get information without looking too much interested.
- Her best friend passed away some days ago. Gabriel didn’t tell me too much, but it seems that she feels guilty, but I don’t know why. It was an assault, they were together but I don’t know the details.
- That’s why she looked so sad!!
- Yes, it was really hard for her. That’s why she decided to move on with her brother
- Didn’t they live together?
- No, she lived in Mexico when that happened.
- In Mexico?- Urs asked with surprise, something that Lynnea notice.
- Yes, in Mexico. Why you react like this?
- No, for nothing. – But Urs in silence remembered Dafne’s friend. “Could this be a coincidence? Her name is also Diana and she also lost her best friend”
- Well, what about if we stop talking about her and we better talk about us?- Lynnea interrupted his thoughts.- Urs, I’m really happy of living this relation with you. Thanks for giving our love another chance…
- Lynn?- Urs interrupted her
- Yes?- She asked, looking at him with a tender glance that made him feel misserable. He could see Lynnea’s eyes full of love. He couldn’t tell her that he had found Diana, the girl he has been loving all that time….
- Forget it- he said, hugging her tightly.- Gosh! What I am doing? I don’t want to hurt Lynnea, she doesn’t deserve that, but I love Diana”
They arrived home. That was their last together. They spent it like just a couple in love knows to do it…. IN LOVE??

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:41 pm


On sunday, the 4 divos were back in England.
Carlos and Cyd were really tired, it was a week full of activities, and also, they weren’t using nights exactly to sleep…
Urs was trapped in his own world. He had to do something, to take a decision, but any choice taken would hurt someone. He thought that maybe the best for everybody was him to forget Diana and continue his realation with Lynnea, after all, he loved her before his life was turned upside down.
David felt full of energy, he enjoyed each single place visited in Rome, but many times he found himself thinking on Myriam. He wanted to call her. More that a wish it was a necessity, but he didn’t do it… she was the one who said that didn’t want him to call her again. It was harder than he thought.
Sebastien was in his apartment, playing the guitar. He loved to do that when needed to think, he has his mind busy with Paulette’s wish: to get married. He didn’t understand why he had changed his mind abut doing it. He was so sure in the past but now, he didn’t know if she was the one with who he wanted to spend the rest of his days. And he also couldn’t understand why he was thinking about Dafne for too much time…. Did he like her?
- I’m not like Urs- he thought- I’m sure about my love for Paulette- but in the deepest of his heart he knew that Dafne was keeping his attention.

Sunday’s night: Dafne and Indre arrived to the airport. Peter went to pick them up:
- Hey!! Welcome!! I’m very glad to have you here.
- Thank you- Dafne said. Indre was looking for her suitcases.- We are ready to start working.
- I’ll appreciate that!! Our calendar is full and I was really begging this day arrives.
- Hello, Peter!!
- Hi Indre!!
- I was telling Dafne that I was anxious of having both of you here. I’m sure you’ll do a great job, girls!
- We’ll do our best- Indre exclaimed- And thank you very much for giving us this oportunity.
- You deserve it… I’m sure I took the right decision
- Thanks!!- Dafne repplied
- Well, let’s go. I’ll take you to the hotel. I already made the arrangements with a person who will rent you an apartment, but you will move on untill a week, moreless. And don’t worry about the rent: the company will pay for it. That’s one of your contract.
- Really?? I can’t believe it. I love this job!!- Indre exclaimed. Peter and Dafne laughed. Indre was really spontaneus. She was always behaving as a little kid, just like David.
- Let’s go- They 3 walked to the parking lot where Peter left his van. He drove up to the girls hotel and made sure everything was fine there.
- So, ladies, see you tomorrow. I know you are tired for the flight, so, you better rest tonight. Sleep as much as you need and I wait you tomorrow at 12 noon in my office, ok?
- Ok, Peter, thanks again for everything…
- Your welcome, Dafne
As soon as Peter left, Dafne and Indre fell asleep.
The next day, both girls arrived on time to Peter’s office. When they entered, the guys were already there. They stood up and greeted them.
- She’s here!- Seb thought, giving them a sweet smile. Dafne’s heart melted.
- Indre!!! Is nice to see you again, girl!! – David exclaimed, hugging her. Indre was impressed. She didn’t expect that welcome from Miller.
All of them hugged both girls, then.
- Please, guys, sit down- Peter said. There were already 2 chairs for the girls. Peter cleared his throat and began talking: First of all, we want to welcome you to our team. We are glad of having you both here- The guys were nodding about their manager coments. Dafne and Indre were listening with attention…. well, in fact, just Dafne, because Indre was hypnotized looking at David… and he was just smiling at her.
- Thank you very much, Peter. I s also a pleassure for us to work with you.
- Ok, now, talking about working- Peter clapped once- let’s start talking about your job plan…- Peter took out a black binder from his desk till and opened it- Here’s is the calendar, and as you see, we have presentations in TV, and also, some interviews for different magazines… But the most importand event in this month is the one that will take part on May 31st: the charity event to help african kids. It will be in Germany and it will be a magnum event transmitted at world level by TV. You guys- he said, looking at the 4 singers- are going to sing 3 songs. Dafne, you can keep this binder and get some copies taken for Indre. There you’ll find a list with the phone numbers of the organizational committee of the event members. You need to make sure to call them and prepare everything, all the details. Also, to give them the names of the songs- Indre was writing in a notebook all of Peter’s requests to discuss them later with Dafne.
- Which songs are we going to sing?
- That’s another thing we have to decide now, Carlos. We have to choose 3, but they must give a possitive message related with the topic of the event.
- I think HEROE is a good one
- I’m agree with Sebastien- David added.
- Are you 4 agree with that?- Peter asked. 4 of them nodded.
- More suggestions?
- I BELIEVE IN YOU- Carlos and David said at the same time.
- It seems you have similar ideas- Indre giggled.
- Carlos is always trying to copy me. I’m not just irresistible for women, I’m irresistible also for this spanish guy
- You would like that!!- Carlos answered, hitting Dave’s head- You are a pirate copy of me- Everyone laughed.
- I think I BELIEVE IN YOU is a good one, though- Seb said.
- Urs?
- No problem for me, Pete. You know I love that song.
- Well, we have now 2 songs. We are missing one- the manager said.
- Which one will be the 3rd?- Dafne asked. The guys stayed in silence, thinking.
- What about “NELLA FANTASIA”?- Carlos suggested- That’s a good one and the lyrics are wonderful
- Might be- David supported him.
- I have another option. It is one from the Christmas collection, but I have always thought that it sounds beautiful. Actually, it is one of my favorite tracks of all aur discography…
- Tell us, Urs, which one is it?- Peter asked.
- “Over the rainbow”. I think that song is full of hope, of faith. Always when I sing it, I feel like if I were a kid again waiting for a better world, that there’s always something good at the end of the way…
- That’s weird- Dafne whispered.
- What did you say?
- Oh, nothing, Carlos. I’m sorry, It´s just that my friende Diana loves that song and she always says that is because she feels there is something better at the end of the way…The same that Urs had just said. Anyway, I was just thinking in loud voice- she chuckled. Seb looked at her. She seemed to be so smart but so fun at the same time. Why he felt attracted to her? That was his doubt. Urs just smiled.
- We have 2 options for the last song. Both are good. But you must choose one, guys.
- I got an idea, Peter!! Today is Indre’s and Dafne’s first day with us, why don’t they decide?
- Great idea, David! Sometimes your brain works- Urs chuckled.
- What funny!- David answered, joking.
- So, ladies, which one do you prefer…
- I love both of them… for me is a hard decision… Mmmm, I guess I pick OVER THE RAINBOW- Indre said
- What about you, Daf?- Seb asked. Just to listen to him talking to her made her blush.
- OVER THE RAINBOW would sound great.
- Ok, so, it’s decided. Please, Dafne, make sure to tell to the organizers the names of the songs, please.
- I’ll do- Dafne winked.
- Great! Another thing I want to add: Indre, Dafne will be your direct boss.
- Fantastic!! She’s an excellent boss. – Indre giggled- We make a great team together. I feel like if we were a koala family: she is the mother and I am the baby, of course!!- Everybody laughed. Then, Peter said:
- I’m glad to hear that. I was also thinking that maybe you, girls, can divide the activities. What about if you, Indre, for example, work with Carlos and David. And you, Dafne, with Sebastien and Urs. In that way will be easier to attend their necessities after and before the concerts, interviews, photo sessions, etc. Of course, Indre, you should ask Dafne any doubt or idea. She needs to give authorization
- Ok!! – Indre exclaimed.
- That’s great!! I have always wanted to work with a baby koala!- David said, laughing. Everyone did, too.
- So, is everything clear now?
- Yes- everyone answered.
- So, let’s go to work. Dafne and Indre, come with me. I’ll show you your office… Guys, go and practice your songs for Wednesday TV program
- Peter, I think is important for us to have a time with the girls. We must know better each other, in that way, we will work better and make a better team.
- Right, Seb!! You can have lunch together- Peter said.
- Great idea!!- Carlos added.
- I hope baby koala don’t want to feed us with bamboo- David said, joking.
- I’m not sure if I’ll feed you with bamboo, but I can use it to hit your head if you dissobey me- Indre answered, giggling.
- If I were you, I should better close my mouth… koala’s are cute but know how to defend themselves
- I have to admit that you’re right, Seb: Koala’s are really cute!!- David answered, looking straight into Indre’s eyes, winking and giving his sweetest but sexiest smile at her…

- Aren’t you going to join us for lunch?- Indre asked Dafne.
- I need to do one call. It’s important. Is to Armani Co. I need to ask them to bring tuxedos to choose one for that charity event.. we don’t have too much time and the guys have to try them on to check if they fit. But, you can go
- Ok, I’ll take my 2 divos with me. Do you want me to say something to Urs and… Seb?
- Mmmm…. Ok. Please, tell them to wait me 20 minutes…
- Right. See you then.
- See you…
Indre went to a close restaurant with David and Carlos. She found out that they both were like children, always joking and laughing. She felt as if she knew them from years. They were making her to feel confortable. They were talking about many things: tours, job, Cyd, etc, etc. After asking the bill, Carlos said:
- Indre, it was a plassure to have lunch with you…
- Pleassure was mine…- she smiled, giving her last sip to her soda.
- I didn’t know that babies koalas could have a beautiful smile- David said. Indre blushed. Carlos cleared his throat:
- I wondered guys if you want to join Cyd and me tonight to the theater. She got 4 tickets for “Hamlet”, so…
- It would be great- David said.
- I don’t know if I can go…
- Of course you’ll go with me!! You can’t leave me alone!!- David exclaimed and held her hand.
- So, what do you say?- Carlos asked, wiggling his eyebrows.
- Do I have other choice??- she answered. , trying to hide her excitement and happiness.
- I knew you wouldn’t leave me…- David winked. She smiled.
- I would never leave you if you asked me not to do it….- Indre thought, lost is David’s eyes.

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After making some calls, Dafne joined Urs and Sebastien. They 3 decided to have lunch in an oriental food restaurant.

- How do you feel in your first day of work?
- Great. I feel like if I had worked here since many time ago. I have done more calls in this couple of hours than in a month in my last job- Dafne giggled answering to Urs’ question.
- Trust me…. The telephone will be your best friend. I remember that when Lynnea worked with us, at the end of the day used to have a read ear- Seb commented.
- Really?
- Yes, if you don’t believe me, you can ask Urs. He can tell you better than me. After all, she’s his girlfriend.
- Seb is right. Lynnea was always complaining about her red ear. It was so fun!!- Urs chuckled.
Suddenly, Dafne’s cell phone rang…
- Excuse me!- she said, standing up, walking a bit away
- Hey sis!- she answered. She saw by the call identifyier it was Diana.
- Hey, Daf, how you doing?
- I’m so glad to listen to your voice again. But tell me, what about you?
- Trying to fit in my new life… I just have one week here and many things have happened. How is your job going?
- It’s too soon to say… I guess I will be really busy, more than in the other one, but it will be a great experience.
- I’m sure of that….
- Did you already get a job?
- No. I’m taking some free time. Also, I need a permission from the government to work here… So, I guess I need to wait for a while to find a formal job. Meanwhile, I can try to take neighbor’s dogs out for a walk or something…
- Good idea!! And, how do you feel about… Luis?- Dafne was doubting to ask. She knew it was recent yet. But she needed to know if Diana was overcoming it.
- I missed him. I just try not to remember, but sometimes his mother’s words resounds in my head…
- Diana, it wasn’t your fault!!
- I know, but maybe if I hadn’t get nervous, he would be alive…
- Don’t hurt yourself thinking like you are doing, it happened because it had to happen. You’re not guilty. But, please, don’t feel bad. You know something? I’ll help you to feel better: guess who is having lunch with me?
- I don’t know, tell me.
- Try to guess
- Mmmm… George Bush?- Diana giggled. It was the first time during the last 10 days.
- Don’t be silly!- Dafne laughed- another chance
- Benedicto XVI!!- They both were laughing.
- Ok, I’ll tell you … Sebastien Izambard and…?
- Who?
- Urs Bühler!!- Dafne said with excitement. She didn’t have idea of what was happening between her friend and him. Diana stayed in silence for few seconds and then answered:
- Oh, really?
- Yes!! Isn’t it great?
- Yes, it is.
- Maybe I can tell him to talk with you, hold on…
- No, no, no, no…- Diana quickly answered- Don’t do that!!
- Di, this is your oportunity!
- No, really, thanks. There’s something that you don’t know.
- What is it?
- Now I don’t have time to explain it. I need to go. But I’ll write you an e-mail telling you what’s going on…
- Is it something bad?
- No, don’t worry. I can say is something unexpected…
- Why you leave me like this?- Dfne complained, rolling her eyes- I want to know!! Is it about Urs or what?
- Sorry sis. I promise I’ll send you that e-mail. I won’t tell you anything now. Diana didn’t want Dafne to tell Urs that she had told her something about them, that’s why she didn’t say a word. In the mail she could ask her not to tell a word to Urs.
- Ok. I’ll be waiting for it!!
- Ok, see you later sis!! Kisses
- Bye, Didid. Say hello to Gabriel.
- I will, thanks. – They both hung up.
Dafne returned to her seat where Seb and Urs were waiting for her.
- Sorry! It was Diana- Urs, who had drunk a sip of water, started coughing
- Are you ok, bro?
- Yes, Seb. I guess water didn’t take the correct way through my throat- Urs nervously answered, giggling- But, tell us, Dafne, how is your friend?- He wanted to confirm what he was suspecting: he wanted to know if Dafne’s friend and his Diana were the same person.
- She’s better now. Obviously, what happened is too recent yet, so, her voice sounds sad.
- But what happened? Why her friend passed away?- Sebastien asked.
- She prepared a birthday celebration to Luis. She invited him to a funfair, then to his favorite restaurant at finally to the movies. When they were coming back home, took a taxi. Suddenly, 2 guys jumped into the cab saying it was an assault. They asked Diana and Luis for everything they brought. One of the guys found Diana’s debit card and decided to take them to the bank to get some money. Obviously, she was nervous and forgot her PIN. The guys tried to press her saying they would kill Luis if she didn’t remember it. Suddenly, a patrol siren sounded. The thieves turned nervous and tried to submit them. But, instead of it, he got an injury in his stomach. Luis was there, in Diana’s arms, weak…. It was too much impacting for her….- Urs heart was shrugging just to think in Diana’s pain. He wanted to be with her to comfort her.
- Poor girl! That was horrible!
- Yes, Seb, it really was. When I arrived to Mexico and to my apartment, everything was messed up. I had never seen her so heartbroken, so depressed.
- And what happened with her? – Urs asked
- I had to call her brother and tell him what was going on. He flew that day to Mexico to see her.
- Wasn’t he in the city?
- No- Dafne shook her head- Gabriel lives in NY- in that moment, Urs felt a shiver all over his spine. It couldn’t be a coincidence. He turned anxious but Seb and Dafne didn’t notice it. She continued:
- Gabriel decided it would be better for Diana to get some time off with him. Diana was agree, and in less than 3 days, they were flying back to New York City.

No doubt. Urs was now sure they were talking about the same person. Everything turned clear in that moment: he understood why he felt something strange when signed his kerchief or when he had a presentiment about his Moon needed him and then Dafne said she would come back to Mexico because her friend was not ok… He didn’t know how to feel: he had been linked with Diana without noticing or even having an idea. And now, her best friend, was working for IL DIVO. There was no doubt: they were certainly due to be together… In that moment he felt something warm in his heart and knew what he HAVE to do. If he had found Diana, he would not give up… he would fight for her love, against everybody and everything. Just to think it made him feel free, without ties…. But Lynnea appeared in his mind. It would not be easy to tell her the truth, but he had to find the way, the correct words to explain her. Certainly, it would hurt, but would be better than “loving” her with a lie.
- So, what do you think,Urs? – Dafne asked, bringing him back to the conversation.
- That experience was something terrible for your friend….
Seb and Dafne looked at each other with confussion.
- What are you talking about, bro?
- Dafne’s friend, of course
- Urs, we changed the topic centuries ago- Seb giggled- Where are you?
- In New York- he thought. But just answered with a simple smile…

- Diana, I’m home!!- Gabriel announced calling her in loud voice- That’s weird, it seems she’s not at home. Where could she be?- He said, scratching his head.
- Don’t worry! Maybe she wanted to have a walk…
- I hope she arrives soon, Lynn. In that way, we 3 can have dinner together- Gabriel made a signal with his hand inviting her to take a sit on the coach.
- Thanks for inviting me! I just couldn’t ressist when you said you had prepared BBQ chicken wings… I love them!!
- And I don’t want to sound arrogant, but they taste delicious- Gabriel answered, stroking his tummy.
- You’re a good chef, though!!
- Moreless. I have my cooking tricks- he said, winking and drawing a little smile on his lips. Then, Lynnea helped him to carry the plates and table settings . They waited some time to see if Diana arrives, but didn’t.
- Well, I guess we must begin without her- Gabriel said. He went to the kitchen and brought the food. Meanwhile, Lynnea served the white wine. Once ready, Gabriel said:
- Bon apetit!
- Bon apetit- Lynnea answered.
- So, tell me, how was to work for IL DIVO?
- Great! What can I tell you? They 4 are charming guys. And Peter is such a nice person. I am sure his new assistant will be happy about working with him.
- And also he will be happy to work with Dafne
- Do you know her?- Lynnea asked, giving a sip of her wine.
- More than that. She’s Diana’s best friend. They are like sisters
- Really? Wow!!- she sounded surprised- world is too small
- It really is…
Suddenly, they both listened to the door that was being opened. Diana entered and saw Gabriel and Lynnea there, in the table. She got surprised, word-less. There was Urs’ girlfriend having dinner with her brother…
- Hey, sis, look who is here? I invited Lynn to have dinner with us…
Diana got closer and greeted Lynnea, who stood up and hugged her, as if Diana was an old friend.
- Hello, Diana!! How you doing?
- I’m…. fine, thanks. How are you?- she answered, hesitating.
- I’m good, thanks.
- Sis, please, join us.
- The chicken wings that your brother prepared are delicious!!- Lynnea exclaimed, sitting again.
- They looks yummy!! But I’m not hungry, thanks
- Come on!! I’ll think you don’t want to have dinner ‘cause I’m here
- Oh, no, please, don’t say that!! Ok, I’ll have a sit… - Diana sat down. She felt strange to be sharing dinner with Urs’ girl.
- We were talking about Dafne…
- Yes, Gabriel told me that she is your best friend.
- Yes, she’s like my sister
- You see? I told you….
- Urs’ told me that Peter is glad of having her in his team.
- She’s too much capable… - Diana said, serving herself a piece of chicken wings.
- I noticed that when we were in Mexico.
- Don’t remind that to Diana. She was going to meet IL DIVO because Daf invited her, but she couldn’t, she stayed trapped in her apartment. The worst day of her life
- Oh, really? That’s bad. So, are you fan of IL DIVO?
- Yes… I am.
- You should see her in the concert that they gave here in NY.
- Did you come to see them?
- Well, I came to visit Gabriel and took advantage of the concert
- That’s not true!! She came to the concert and took advantage to visit me…- Gabriel chuckled. – She was excited as never before… imagine, at the end she got closer to the stage… she was trying to reach…
- GABRIEL!!- Diana exclaimed, rolling her eyes. Lynnea laughed.
- For your reaction, I can imagine you was trying to reach Urs… didn’t you?
- Yes….- Diana answered. But she was afraid that Gabriel could say something about the shirt and maybe, if Urs had told Lynnea, she could find out who she was…
- Diana has been Urs’ fan since the beginning… actually, she got a signature from Urs in that concert. Lynnea remembered what happened in that concert: Urs had signed a shirt… Maybe Diana was close to that lady.
- What did he signed?- Lynn asked. Diana felt her heart beating faster. Suddenly, Gabriel’s cell phone rang.
- Oh, sorry, I need to answer- he said, standing up from the table.
- So, it must be nice to be Urs’ girlfriend… . .- Diana stated, changing the topic.
- Yes, it is…- she sighed
- Do you have been with him for too much time?
- Almost 3 years… Well, actually we broke up some months ago, but he decided to give our love another chance- Diana felt her heart shrugging. She wanted so much to be in Lynnea’s shoes.- It was a long and hard story that I’ll tell you later. I think we are going to be good friends, I feel as if I had met you since too much time ago…

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After the theater play, Carlos and Cyd went to their apartment. David would take Indre back to her place.
- I like Indre- Cyd told to her Spanish guy- she’s very nice and funny…. Don’t you think so?- but she didn’t receive an answer. She turned her eyes up to Carlos and he was with a lost gazee, staring at everything and anything at the same time.- Carlos??
He shook his head and said:
- Sorry, what were you saying?
- I was saying that Indre seems to be a great girl
- Oh, yes…. She and David were joking and playing all time. Even in the theater they were whispering and chuckling
- Do you think David likes her?
- David likes all women, but anyone is enough for him… He takes sereiosly that issue of his freedom. I had just seen him interested in one lady since I know him.
- Myriam?- Cyd asked
- Yes- Carlos nodded- But I think he had convinced himself that is better to be alone that didn’t want to accept he is interested in her. You must be his face when he met her: he opened his eyes as much as he could and hardly pronounced a word. It was the only time I had heard him hesitating. He seemed to be falling in love… I don’t know what happened then. Maybe he needs a heart transplant. Actually he could get it free… her father is a recognized cardiologist- Carlos gigled.
- Really?
- About his daddy, yes…
- I didn’t know that
- Yes. His name is Johnathan Percy Miller.
- It’s good to know, we never know when we will need a heart specialist. Anyway, do you think David likes Indre?
- Maybe… she’s pretty and I remember that when we were in Mexico, he was just looking at her after the event. Maybe he likes her, but I hope he won’t start a game with her if he likes Myriam. Time will say.
- You’re right, my love- Cyd said, getting closer to him, she liked very much to feel his warm breath brushing her face- And if Indre gets interested on David, he must tell her the truth about his feelings. Secrets are a bad recipe for a relation- Cyd continued. Carlos stayed in silence, wrapping her from her waist. Then, asked:
- What would you do if one day discover that I have a secret? If you find out someday that maybe I’m not the kind of man you think I am?
- Why do you ask me this?- Cyud asked, knitting her brow.
- It’s just a simple question..
- Well, it depends of the secret. If it affects me or our relation I guess I would get mad, but also depends of your reasons to hide it. I don’t know, Carlos. That’s a question difficult to answer.
- And if I ask you: “Do yo love me” is also difficult, huh?- He devilishly asked, wiggling his eyebrow.
- That’s easy.. let me show you- and she leaned to kiss him…
- I love you, Cyd- He whispered
- I love you, too, Carlos

Carlos hugged her with all his strenghts.
- I can’t tell her the truth. She won’t never trust me- he thought while Cyd was peacefully enjoying that time together…

Indre entered to the suite that Peter had rented for her and Dafne. She was very happy: David was as nice and cute as she had imagined.. even more. She was walking on clouds. She felt a strong chemistry between Miller and her. At least, they both were joking and laughing all the time.
- Hey, Koala, how was your night?- Dafne greeted, giggling. She was wering her blue pj’s and went for a cup of water, finding Indre sitting on the coach in the mini-living room
- It was great!! Carlos’ girl, Cyd, is charming. And what to tell about my 2 divos, they are just amazing!! David and Carlos are like 2 little kids, joking and playing all time. I had bunches of fun!! David is my dream!!- Indre exclaimed.
- I’m glad to listen to you had a fantastic night- Dafne served a cup of water from a jar that was on a bar- Do you want some?- she offered
- No, thanks- They both stayed in silence. Dafne could listen to Indre sighing:
- Wow!! That was a sigh- Dafne chuckled. Indre laughed- Was it for David or it’s just my imagination?- Dafne sat on the coach, next to her friend.
- I can’t lie to you… I like David so much- a huge smile was drawn on Indre’s lips, a dreamy smile.
- Does he feel the same way?
- I don’t know… I guess he had fun with me, and you heard the comments he said in the meeting…
- Indre, I don’t want to disappoint you, but I feel the obligation of advicing you. Look, today was just your first “going out” together. You can’t even call it a date, ‘cause a date is of 2 not of 4. You’re a very intelligent and beautiful girl. I don’t have any doubt that David could like you so much… he must be blind if not!!- Dafne and Indre laughed- But you should go little by little with him. Don’t give your heart since now, because then you can be hurt if it doesn’t go as you want
- Thanks for your advice, Daf. And I guess you’re right. First of all, I need to know more about him.
- That would be the best!! I’m sure David is a nice guy, but you have to take your time. Maybe there’s something about him that we don’t know… Take it easy. You deserve something good, Indre- Dafne winked.
- Thanks!!
- Well, I’m going to bed. I’m tired. Good night!!
- Good night, boss- Indre answered- Sweet dreams
- So for you…

A week went by… Dafne and Indre were now living in the apartment that Peter had told them. It was really luxurious, more than what they expected… or needed.
The guys had 2 TV presentations that week and they were perfect. Peter was completely glad with Dafne’s and Indre’s job… they were really competent. Also, he found out that the guys had a good relation with the ladies, and it was much better, because they were always happy, also because of David’s and Indre’s jokes… they made hard days easier to eat up.

- Ms. Sanchez, Cody Telfer is looking for you in reception. He is the representant of Armani and brings the suits that you are requesting…
- Oh, thanks!! – Dafne answered in the other side of the telephone- Could you please send him to the visitors room in the first floor?
- Of course
- Ok, I’ll see him there. I need to find the guys.
- Alright. I’ll tell him that
- Thank you, Annie.- Dafne immediately stood up from her desk and went out from the office, looking for Indre, who was looking for some doccuments in the file room.
- Indre?
- I’m here- Indre answered from the other side of the room, waving her hand. Dafne walked in and found her assistant behind a desk.
- Indre, the guy who have the suits is here in the 1st floor in the visitor’s room. Please, look for David and Carlos and take them there. I’ll find Urs and Sebastien.
- Ok, boss
Dafne walked out and was almost leaving the place, when she stopped and turned around:
- Do you know where Seb and Urs are?
Indre giggled and answered:
- You have your Divos lost, huh?? I saw them in their way to the gym.
- Thanks- Dafne took her way. She remembered the gym was in the last floor: the last of 10
- Gosh!! Ineed to take that elevator- she deeply breathed and got into it. When she arrived to the gym, she saw Sebastien at the end of the hall, working out his biceps.. He was wearing gray short pants, a black shirt without sleeves, tennis shoes and a towel around his neck. Dafne couldn’t avoid letting her imagination go on and on. She was wondering how much good would be to feel those arms around her body. Seb, who was listening to Cold Play in his I-pod felt Dafne’s sight and turned over to see her. He waved hello and Dafne answered with the same gesture, walking over to where he was. Seb slowly dried his face with the towel, taking the right headphone our of his ear. He mischievously smiled at her, with that child smile that had melted her since the beginning.
- I… need you to…. Come….to….. wrhere is Urs?- She hesitated, making signals with her hands, trying to make him understand what she wanted to say, staring everywhere but not at him. Seb chuckled.
- Urs? He’s not here… he received a call and asked Peter for permission to take a couple of hours because he needed to go to his apartment…
- Oh!! That is really a problem. I needed both of you to come and try the suits on…
- Well, Urs is not here, but I am….
- Ok, let’s go
- But first let me take a quick shower. 2 mins…. Please, wait for me
- Ok
He took his watch and his I-pod off and gave them to her.
- Could you take care of them, please?
- Sure- she nervously nodded.
- I’ll be right back- he said, blinking his eye. He turned around smiling. He noticed the effect that he had caused on Dafne. Some minutes later, they both were getting again into the elevator…
-1st floor, right?- Seb asked, pressing the number 1 button. Dafne nodded. They both were in silence looking the counting down in the lightened numbers at the top of the elevator. Suddenly, it stopped in number 3, but the doors didn’t open…
- What happened?- Dafne asked.
- I don’t know- Seb answered, pressing the button number 1 several times.
- Why doesn’t it open?- she was turning anxious.
In that moment, the lights turned off…
Seb tried to open the doors with his hands, but it was impossible.
After many intempts, he finally stated:
- It’s stuck!!

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:43 pm


- Sansón!! Come back, boy!!- Myriam was running towards his little chihuahua dog. She had taken him for a walk in the evening, after work.
- Hey you!! Why are you running so fast, buddy?- Myriam could see a lady talking and caressing to her pet, knelt down. It was really weird, Sansón was kind of nervous and used to bark every person who wanted to get close from him, but this was different, it even looked as if he liked that woman and was showing it with a tail movement.
- Sansón!! Leave the lady in peace- Myriam commanded, carrying up the friendly doggie. - I'm sorry, he doesn't behave like that everyday- she chuckled- Bad boy!!
- Oh, don't worry!!
Myria looked directly to the girl standing in front of her and asked:
- Excuse me.... do I know you?
- I guess so...
- Of course!! You're the one that was with Urs the other day in the cafeteria!! Sorry, I forgot your name
- Diana- she answered, smiling at her- Your pet is so fun. Sansón, right?
- Yes, Sansón. This is weird. He never felt affection for strangers. He likes you!
- And I like him- Diana said, stroking Sansón's little head- Why he was running in that way?
- I guess that it was because I usually take him for a walk holding him with a chain...Today, I decided to let him be free...
- It seems he is not too much used to the outdoors- Diana stated.
- You're right... I would love to take him more frequently out for a walk, but I don't have too much time or patience. Maybe I need to think in someone who want to do that job for me.
- Well, if you allow me to do it, I can take him out daily for an hour...
- You?
- Yes...
- Oh, I would really appreciate it. But why you?
- I don't have a job- Diana rolled her eyes- and I have a lot of free time
- You're hired- Myriam commented with happiness- Come with me to my apartment, so you can see where I live to pick this little one for his walk. It's too close from this park
- Ok, let's go
While they were walking, Myriam and Diana were talking...
- I want to apologyze for what I said the other day
- What do you mean?- Diana asked, looking at her with confussion and putting back her hair that the wind was waving.
- When I said Urs and you made a wonderful couple.
- Oh, don't worry. I had forgotten that!!
- Sometimes I just can't stop what I say!!- Myriam laughed.
- I noticed. But not because of that comment... - Diana mischievously smiled.
- So, how did you notice?
- When you lied about that guy was your boyfriend- Myriam looked at her with a nervous smile. She didn't expect that answer.
- Please, don't tell Urs- she blushed
- I won't say a word
- How did you catch me up?
- I'm a woman, Myriam... I know how do women behave when we want to turn someone jealous.. You did that for David. You expected Urs was going to tell him what he saw.
- Was it too obvious?
- Not for Urs. But I saw the way that you stared at your "boyfriend"- in this last word, Diana made quotation marks with her fingers- It wasn't the way you look someone when he's your guy!!
- You're right!! I admit it!!- she laughed- Now, can I tell you something?
- Of course...
Myriam smiled and said:
- I also noticed you like Urs...- Diana drew a little smile on her face and stared down- and he likes you, either. I saw his reaction when I told that stuff about your relation... Am I wrong?
- No, you're not.
- Now we share something!!- Myriam commented- we both love a Divo!!- 2 girls started nervously to laugh.
- It would be our secret!!- Diana exclaimed, winking.
- Secrets are just between friends- Myriam blinked her eye, smiling- Are we friends now?
- It would be fantastic!! I really need someone to talk and share my feelings and thoughts- Diana answered.
- So, since today, we will be good friends- Myriam repplied, holding Diana's hand. They both smiled at each other.

- I can't breath!!- Dafne exclaimed. She was sweating. She had never liked to be in closed places.
- Calm down!! I already pressed the emergency button. In few minutes we'll be out- Seb was trying to calm her down- We are not in danger. You feel that you can't breath because you're nervous... just try to relax and you'll feel better- But Dafne was almost crying.
- Take us out of here!!- She yelled, hitting desesperately the doors.
- Dafne, please, calm down... I'm here with you. Nothing bad will happen- Seb placed his hand on her shoulder.
- Why nobody comes to help us?- Her voice sounded really scared and anxious.
- It will take some minutes- Seb felt bad of looking her feeling that way. He couldn't resist and brought her tightly close to him, covering her with an embrace. She was sobbing and her tears were running down her cheeks, wetting Seb's shirt.
- I'm sorry! It's just that I'm scared...
- I know- he kissed her forehead- you don't have to apologyze. Don't be nervous, I'll take care of you
What was he feeling? Why that girl was awaking his necessity to protect her?

- I'm so silly!!- she tried to chuckle, getting apart from him.
- No, you're not. Come here, baby- He brought her again into his arms. He wanted to stay like that the most possible time. He took his kerchief out from his pocket and getting a bit apart from her began to wipe her tears... Dafne was avoiding to look into his eyes... but suddenly, their eyes found each other's.. he tenderly smiled. She did the same. Seb held Dafne's face in his two hands...
- I love your eyes- he whispered, caressing her cheek. Dafne closed her eyes and suddenly felt Seb's lips on hers, in a tender and short kiss. They got apart for a bit, looking at each other without words, but then, their lips joined again... Finally, the elevator stated going down again, with a deep silence inside it.

The rest of the day, Dafne was avoiding Sebastien all time. When she needed to tell something to him, she was sending Indre, who didn't understand why her boss was behaving so weird, giving all kind of excuses...
Dafne prefered to stay in her office, trying to keep busy her mind, but it was difficult, every minute she was remembering tht moment with Seb in the elevator... She was in front of the computer, checking some mails from the organizers of the event, but was hardly paying attention to them.

- How it is supposed I'm going to work with him after what happened today? How will I look into his eyes again?- She closed her eyes and brushed her lips, feeling the sensation of Seb's lips on hers.

Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.
- May I come in?
- Sure, Urs, come in. Sit down, please- Urs took a seat in front of her
- Sebastien told me that you were looking for me
- Yes. I want you to try this suit on and then tell me if it fits on you - Dafne stood up and took the gray suit from the coatrack. Meanwhile, Urs was looking around the office distractedly, until his eyes found a crystal frame on Dafne's desk, it was just a little bit inclined to his side. He gave a look to the pic and reacted with surprise... he held it and was amazingly staring at it. Dafne turned around with the suit in her hands and saw him:
- She's my friend Diana.
- She is beautiful- Urs whispered, without taking his eyes from the photo.
- Yes, she is. And not only from outside. She is also from inside. And she's better in person...
- Yes, I know...- Urs noticed what he had just told and looked at Dafne. He cleared his throat and left the frame on the desk again.
- How do you know?- Dafne asked, confused.
- Eeehh... I mean.....- the girl giggled. Urs was hesitating. That self-secure man was then without words to explain something...
- I met her- he finally said
- You met who?
- Diana
- Sorry, Urs, I don't understand. What are you talking about?
Urs explained her everything since the beginning. He told about the moon and his feelings when he signed the kerchief and his presentiment the day when Luis passed away.
He also explained the story about his relation with Lynnea, why he broke her up and why he decided to give their relation another chance. He also told Dafne about his feelings for her friend, that night in NY when he saw her in the concert, his faithless to find her again and that encounter in Lynnea's boss apartment after promising her he won't leave her again.
- But, Urs, you can't be beside a woman that you don't love. You love Diana!
- I know, but how it is suposed I will say to Lynn: "Oh, Lynn, I'm sorry, but I finally found the love of my life and that's not you"?
- If it's necessary to say it like that, do it. Urs, it will be hard for her, but it will be the best for all, also for Lynnea. Any woman would like to have a man that doesn't love her because he's in love of another person. You should take a decission, and I'm not telling this because Diana is my friend... I'm telling you this because from my point of view, you're making a mistake... Independently of your feelings for Diana, you don't love Lynnea as something more than friends. You will hurt her more in the future if you don't tell her the truth. That without counting that you are hurting you and also, Diana.
- I don't want to hurt anybody...
- Urs, someone will result hurt anyway, so, you must take the decission that could make you happy..
Urs stood in silence only thinking in what Dafne was telling him. He really knew what he needed to do, but he didn't want to make Lynnea feel bad. Dafne interrupted his thoughts.
- Urs, you need to analyze if you are sure about your feelings..
- I am... I love Diana. She's everything for me. I just want to live my life with her. I'm eager to feel her close to me, to hug and kiss her. And I know she wants the same...
- That's your answer to all your questions!! If you love her and she loves you, there's nothing that you can do, just to be together. Love arrives only once in life. You don't have to give him your back. Never. Talk with Lynnea and call Diana. Tell them both what you feel...
- You're right. That's the correct thing I must do.. But I need time to think the words I will use to explain Lynnea...
- You can count on me, Urs!!- Dafne winked.

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*MOON* By: Didi
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