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 *MOON* By: Didi

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:43 pm



- You look tired, hun- Natty told Lynnea when they both were having breakfast at home on Saturday’s morning.
- I am. This last week was full of work. I was really busy all time, but finally I fixed everything for the event…
- You must be happy… you’ll see Urs there…
Lynnea smiled. One week ago Gabriel told her that the director of the magazine informed that they got an invitation for the event in Germany in which IL DIVO and other stars would perform…. She turned crazy: that meant she could spend some days with Urs.
- Yes, mom. I’m eager to see him!!
- I know. You love him from all your heart
- More than myself…. And, do you know something? He told me that he has something important to tell me: I’m sure he will propose me!- Lynnea excited said.
- Oh, sweetie!! That would be fantastic!! Your dream of all your life: to get married with the man you love.
Lynnea happily sighed- Yes, I can’t even imagine my life without him. Hey mom, I was thinking, what about if you come with me? I’ll be there for a week. We can spend some time together while touring through Bonn. Also, I would love to have you close when Urs proposal arrives.
- But, a trip like that is too expensive.
- Don’t worry about that!! I’ll pay you everything. After all, the company will pay for my expenses. I just need to pay yours. Come on, mom!!
- But I don’t want you to spend your money in me
- Don’t say that. I love you and you deserve that and more, you have given me much more.. Please mom, come with me!!
- Mmmm…. Ok, I’ll go
- Yayyyyy!!!- Lynnea stood up and ran to hug tight to Natty.
- You’ll see we will have a great time there!!
During the breakfast, mother and daughter were talking about the upcoming trip. Then, when Lynnea was done, said.
- Thanks for the breakfast. It was delicious- and she stood up carrying her plate and the table settings to the kitchen, placing them in the dishes machine.
- Are you going somewhere?- Natty asked, when saw Lynnea taking her car keys.
- Yes, I need to do some shopping- and left the house blowing a kiss to her mother. When she jumped into her car, started the engine, turned the stereo on and got an idea: something to do before going to the mall.

Peter asked the guys and both assistants for a meeting in the conference room. They all were sitting around a table waiting what he had to tell them.
- Dafne, Indre, guys, I asked you to come because there’s something important to treat. The charity event organizers called and said that after the show there will be a ball. Of course, we are invited, but as you see, you need to have a partner. So, you must think who will you invite… of course, I guess it will be Cyd, Paulette and Lynnea, right?
- Of course Cyd will be my partner!! With or without ball, she was going to come with me. I’ll have the most beautifull dancing partner in the whole event- he wiggled his eyebrows.
- Sorry Peter, but I don’t understand at all. Does the ball have any purpose?- Indre asked.
- Good question, Indre!! Of course it has a purpose: to collect money for the same reason: African kids. Also, it would be open for any person and they will pay if they want to dance a song with their favorite artist.
-Oh! That would be great for the fans!!
- Yes, Dafne, it will really be… Now, David, I have a question for you… who are you going to invite? I need to know because I need to send the names of your accompanions.
- Mmmm- David scratched his head- I don’t know…. I don’t have anyone to invite
- What? Hello? I’m here, Mr. Miller- Indre thought.
- Maybe it would be a good reason to call Myriam again
- Seb is right, Dave. You should call and ivite her. Don’t tell me that you don’t want to see her again. – Carlos mischievously said.
- Myriam? Who the hell is Myriam?- Indre’s thoughts were turning jealous.
- I do want to see her- David said-. It’s a good suggestion. I’ll call her
Urs cleared his throat.
- I don’t think is a good idea, Dave.
- Why did you say that?- David asked with confussion.
- I have my reasons. You should find someone else..
- What are you hiding, Urs?- David asked again. He didn’t want to stay with the doubt. She knew that Urs wouldn’t be saying that if he hadn’t reasons to do it.
- Yes, Urs, tell us what’s going on- Carlso got into the conversation.
- When I went to NY to be with Lynnea, I saw Myriam at her job…
- Did you see her? How is she?- David’s eyes turned wide-opened waiting impatiently for an answer.
-She’s fine
- Did she ask for me?
- She asked for everyone- Dafne and Indre were just listening to the guy’s conversation- But, Dave, she wasn’t alone…
- What do you mean?
- She has a boyfriend- David could feel like if someone had thrown him a bucket full of freezing water. He couldn’t believe Myriam, HIS Myriam, was having a romance with another man…
- Are you sure?- Seb asked
- Of course I am. She introduced him to me…
A deep silence appeared. Anybody knew what to say. They noticed David was affected with the new.
- Well, so…. I guess I’ll need to find another partner- David hesitated trying to give a smile that result in a weak intent. He was trying to hide his sadness. For some reason, he was feeling really bad and disappointed.
- Maybe, Indre could go with you- Peter suggested- after all, you’re good friends.
- Me??- Indre surprisely asked.
- Not problem for me. If she wants, of course- David said, a bit dishearten.
- Indre?
- OK… Great – but she was feeling bad. She noticed David’s reaction and knew he would prefer to attend the event with Myriam than with her….

Diana was in the living room watching TV. Gabriel had to do a business trip that weekend to Miami and he would come back until sunday’s night. She was watching DR. HOUSE, her favorite TV program. Suddenly, she heard the doorbell ringing. She stood up and walked up to the door:
- Who is it?- she asked from the inside.
- Diana, it’s me, Lynnea- so she opened.
- Hey Diana!!- Lynn hugged her- how you doing?- and she went in.
- I’m fine, thanks. Gabriel is not in the city…
Lynnea chuckled: - I know. Remember I’m his assistant. Actually, I came for you.
- For…me?
- Yes, this time you have to come with me to do some shopping. You don’t have excuses, if not, I’ll start thinking that you have something against me!- Lynnea joked.
- Please, don’t say that.
- Well, I called you 3 times during the week to ask you to go out to drink a coffee together and you always said you couldn’t.
- I’m sorry, really. But now I got a job. I don’t know if Gabriel told you that I’m taking doggies for a walk. I started on Monday with one friend’s chihuahua dog, Sansón and for wednesday, I had already four- Diana giggled.
- That’s good, you’re progressing too fast!!- they both laughed- Anyway, today is Saturday and Gabriel said you are just working from Monday to Friday, so…
Diana was trapped. She didn’t want to be rude with Lynnea, but also she knew they couldn’t be friends. She liked Urs’ girlfriend, she was nice and gentle, but she was still being Urs’ girl. In fact, Diana wasn’t jealous, but she knew what Urs was feeling for her and moreover, what she felt for him… and Lynnea wasn’t part of that feelings. Diana was conscious it could be dangerous and difficult to have a friendship with her, although she wanted to. What would happen if someday Lynnea discovers that she’s the one for who Urs brought her up in the past? Diana was trying to avoid her to go out, but this time, Lynnea was at her home, ready to take her with her, smiling and waiting for an answer:
- Ok. Let’s go shopping- Diana said
- Great!
Diana took her keys and purse, turned the TV and lights off and both girls were out of the apartment. They arrived to the mall some minutes later.
- I need to buy a dress for the event in Germany, also some accessories. I want to impress Urs…
- Do you have idea moreless of what kind of dress you want? I mean: color and all that stuff.
- Yes, I would love it in red, the color of passion. Or, what do you think?
- Well, red color is too sparkling for me, but I think it goes ok on you.
After walking for a while, they entered to a boutique.
- This is perfect!!- Lynnea said, looking at a dress. I’ll try it on…. Wait here- and she entered to the dressing room.
- Ok- Diana sat in a bench in front of the tiny room. She felt uncomfortable with that situation, she was thinking about what the h**l she was doing there, trying dressed with Lynnea. Suddenly, her cell phone rang. She opened her purse and took it out:
- Hello?
- Hi Didi, how are you?
- DAF!! It’s nice to hear you. I’m ok. What about you? I expected your call untill tomorrow…
- I know, but this time, I’m not the one interested in talk to you- She giggled- There´s someone more interested in do it…
- Mmmm?! Who?…. Dafne?!
- Hi, Diana- Diana’s heart began beating faster and felt her knees trembling when listened to Urs’ voice in the other side of the phone. She thought about hanging up but there were more her wishes of listening to him.
- Hi…- she hardly answered
- I hope I’m not bothering you
- No, no…. It’s ok. I just didn’t expect your call. How are you?- Diana sounded nervous.
- I’m really happy now because I’m talking to you…
Diana felt happy to hear that.
- I was trying to call you during the last days, but you never answered.
- Oh!! It was you!- Diana giggled- I just answer when I identify the calling phone. I’m sorry.
- Don’t worry. Dafne told me that that’s why she offered to call from her cell phone.
- So, she’s your accomplice, huh?
- Something like that- He chuckled- Diana, you don’t have idea of how much I wanted to talk to you. I know what you think about this, but I just can’t forget you…
In that moment, Lynnea got out from the dressing room with the red dress on. She looked perfect in it, just gorgeous. She noticed Diana was talking by phone, so she started asking with signals how did that dress looked. Diana was nervous, she was talking with Lynnea’s guy!! She felt guilty, as if she were betraying her. She only made an OK gesture with her hand, blinking with approvement. Lynnea happily smiled and got into the room again.
- Why don’t you say something?- Urs asked.
- You know with who I am at this moment? With Lynnea!!
- What?!- Urs was surprised. He couldn’t believe what had heard.
- She got a friendship attack with me and she just wants me to go everywhere with her. Urs, this is ridiculous!! She’s so nice with me and look: I’m talking with her boyfriend about love, meanwhile she’s buying a dress to surprise and seduce you in that event in Germany!! Do you have idea of what am I feeling?
- Baby, I know it’s hard, and for that reason I’ll talk to her and tell her that we can’t be together. I just want to be with you, sweetie.
- You what? She loves you! She’ll suffer so much!- Lynnea was again out and this time walking over to her.
- But I love you!! And I know you love me too, don’t you?- Lynnea was now by her side.
- I won’t answer that
- Because you do!! And you are afraid to admit it. Diana, we belong to each other and you know that. I swear we’ll be together!! Just give me a chance to prove you how much do I love you…
- I need to hang up. We’ll talk about this later…
- Really? When? Can I call you tomorrow?
- Ok. Bye.
- Bye, my love.
Diana closed her cell phone quickly.
- You’re blushed and behaving weird, whispering at the phone. Who was it? A secret love?- Lynnea giggled.
- Moreless- Diana cleared her throat- you looked fantastic in that dress. I’m sure Urs will be speechless when looks at you…
- I hope this time he will definitively forget her- Diana looked at her with confussion. Lynnea laughed of looking at her face and added.- Let me pay the dress, and then I’ll tell you the story, my story. – When she paid, they both went out of there. They were walking around the mall and talking. Lynnea was telling her story, she related Diana everything about how she met Urs and how was that they became a couple…
-. But suddenly, one day he told me that he wasn’t sure about his feelings. That he was in love of someone else, he never said who she was… until the night in NYC, after the concert, when he saw her. And you know what is the worst? He said he loved her but he didn’t even know her, it was the first time he saw her!! He sent me at the end of the performance to look for her, but, although I found her, I didn’t stop her…
- Did you find her?
- Well, I just saw her back, but I recognized her for the shirt that Urs told me she was wearing- Diana felt anger. After all, Urs wanted to meet her that night and Lynnea was an obstacle for that encounter.
- What happened then?
- Urs finally told me one day in Southamerica an absurd story about messages from the moon, and he said he loved that other girl. That’s when I decided to quit my job. I did all that for love, Diana. I didn’t stop her for love. He’s the best thing that has happened in my life. When he came to NY to look for me, he asked me to help him to forget her…- Now, guilty feelings appeared again in Diana’s heart. After all, Lynnea did everything for love. Maybe she would do the same if she were in her place… or maybe not.
- Do you think he already forgot her?- Diana finally asked.
- I don’t know. All nights he spent with me here, I caught him staring melancholicly at the moon. If he hasn’t forgotten her yet, I’m sure he will. After all, he won’t see her again and she will never have idea about the feelings she awoke in him. Now, he’s my guy…- she winked.
Diana stood in silence, lost in her thoughts. Now she was more sure than ever that Urs really loved her as he said… and as she does.

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:46 pm


- What happen, Sleeping Beauty?- Carlos asked Cyd when saw she was still in bed. It was almost midday. She seemed to be extremely tired. He leaned to kiss her forehead as she weakly smiled.
- I don’t know, I feel strange, kind of tired, sleepy, weak… maybe I need some vitamins.
- Honey, we should go to the doctor. I don’t want you to feel bad. I’ll call my parent’s friend Dr. Richard Curtis to make an appointment. Hopefully, he could receive us today- Carlos sat in the edge of the bed, beside Cyd and dialed the number, as he was holding her hand with his free hand. He talked to the doctor, who agreed to make them a space in his calendar that same day.
Cyd stood up and Carlos helped her to get into the shower. When she got out, dressed herself up and one hour later they were heading off to Dr. Curtis office. They had to stay in the waiting room for some minutes.
-Everything is going to be fine. I just want to be sure that you’ll be perfect for the event. We are flying tomorrow to Bonn and I need you in the best conditions.- Carlos tenderly kissed her hand- I won’t let you in peace in the dancing floor. We’ll dance the whole night long… and then, we can have another kind of “dance” at the end of the event, I private one… alone…. Just you and me- He devilishly smiled, wiggling his eyebrows- You know what I mean.
- Oh, Carlos!! You are making me blush!! Stop saying those things, because when Dr. Curtis checks my temperature, the thermometer will go up to the top… and not for fever precisely- she giggled.
They both continued joking, when a nurse called her:
- Mrs. Cydalia Marin- Cyd looked at Carlos, who just said:
- It sounds great, doesn’t it? – They both stood up and entered into the office.
- Richard!!- Carlos effusively greeted, hugging the 58 year-old man, slapping his back.
- Carlos!! It has passed too much time. How are your parents?
- They are great, thanks. Let me introduce you my girlfriend, Cyd…
- Nice to meet you- they both said, shaking their hands.
- Please, sit down. Let’s see, tell me, Cyd, what happen with you?
Cyd explained all her symptoms and she told even the last detail, so, Dr. Curtis decided to take some blood samples and sent them to the lab.
- When can we know the result?- Carlos asked.
- Tomorrow’s midday
Carlos cleared his throat and said:
- Richard, tomorrow we’re flying to Germany. We need to be sure that Cyd is ok. Do you think we can know the results today? It is really important and will mean to much for us…
- Ok, Carlos. This just because it’s about you and you know how much I appreciate you and your family. They will be ready in 45 minutes. Do you want me to call or you’ll wait?
- We’ll wait… in the waiting room, of course
45 minutes later, the nurse called Cyd and Carlos back into Richard’s office. They sat down and were impatiently waiting the answer. They were holding each other hands.
- So… do you have the results?- Cyd nervously asked.
- Yes- Dr. Curtis seriously answered.
- Cyd and Carlos looked at each other a bit worried because of his face expression.
- Is it serious?
- Look, Carlos. Cyd has one of the most important diseases in the whole world. It lasts all life. Is it serious?… well, it depends of your point of view…
- What is it?- Cyd asked. She was afraid. What kind of illness was that?
- Carlos, Cyd… Do you have enough space at home?
They both looked at him with confusion.
- Yes, why?? Am I going to need a nurse to stay 24 hrs at home to take care of me?- Cyd’s eyes turned teary….
- No, Cyd…. You’ll need a new room because you have a 9 months disease. You’ll become parents…. You have 2 months pregnancy now!!
Carlos and Cyd smiled with happiness.
- I am going to be a daddy!!- Carlos reacted, yelling and standing up on the chair. Cyd was surprised covering her mouth with both hands….
- Thank you, Cyd!!- Carlos said, getting down and caressing her belly- For making me the happiest man on earth!!- He tightly hugged her and both of them felt tears running down her cheeks…. Tears of happiness.

- May I come in?- Sebastien leaned his head into Peter’s office.
- Of course, please, get it- Seb did it and walked over to Peter’s desk and took a seat in a chair in front of him.
- How can I help you?- Peter left the documents he was reading on the desk to pay attention of what Sebastien was going to say.
- Paulette called me last night, she said she is really sick, she got a cold and won’t be able to be in the event…
- Oh, I’m sorry… Is she going to be fine?
- Yes, I think so. Her mother is taking care of her.
- So, what are we going to do now? Do you have someone else to invite? We just have 3 days.
- I don’t have anybody
- Mmmm… let me think- Peter was stroking his ear. He usually did that when thoughts are filling his mind- Hold on- He took the phone…
- Hi! Could you come for a moment, please?… Thanks!- And Peter hung up- I have the solution- He said, smiling
- What is it?
A knock on the door didn’t let the manager to answer
- Come in- he said in loud voice. Seb turned around to see who was it and smiled when his eyes found Dafne entering. She looked at him, but again was avoiding his gaze.
- Dafne, please, take a seat- Peter said, pointing the chair next to Sebastien’s. She sat and Peter started- We have a problem: Seb’s girl wont attend the event, and obviously, the ball.
- Why?
- She got a cold. Anyway, Sebastien needs a partner and you will be her- She turned over to see Izambard, who was drawing a devilishly smile.
- But, Peter…
- Not “buts” admitted. We don’t have enough time to find someone else. Please, Daf. Make this for us, we need you!!
She stood in silence, but then answered:
- Ok- She sighed- Don’t worry, Peter… but, what are you going to do now? Supposely, I was going to be working at the event.
- Don’t worry, Dafne. You can forget job for a moment. It’s good to have some fun also!! You have done a lot, yet. I can do the rest by myself in there. Now, guys, continue working. I have said what I have to, you can go.
- OK- both of them answer. Dafne and Sebastien stood up and walked to the door. Seb opened it letting Dafne go first and then, she walked quickly straight to her office. Sebastien followed her:
- Dafne!- He called her when she was opening the door. The girl turned around:
- It will be great to be your partner- he winked. She smiled, but didn’t answer, just entered to her office and closed the door behind her.

- My brother is leaving tomorrow and he will be a week out.- Diana said.
- Can I tell you something? I had the hope that David would call to invite me to the ball- Myriam nostalgically said.
- He’s a silly man!!- Josh added. They 3 were in Myriam’s apartment, they had made a wonderful team of friends. Josh was happy about Myriam had made a new friend and also he liked Diana. He was learning to see Myriam just as a good friend, against his feelings. He loved her, but he would not force her to feel the same.
- I’m agree with Josh!! David had his oportunity with you and wasted it.
- I would love everything to be different… I really thought he was interested on me
- One day hell find out what he lost…- Josh added.
- I hope it won’t be too late- Myriam sighed- Thanks for your words, guys… Actually I prefer to be like this that in your situation, Diana. It must be hard to be in love and be loved for someone that has a girlfriend who, at the same time, wants to be your friend- Myriam rolled her eyes, chuckling- That’s really a mess!!
- What can I say? You’re right!! My life is totally a mess…
- Is Urs still calling you?
- Yes, Josh, everyday… I enjoy talking to him, to listen to his voice saying he loves and needs me….
- That’s so romantic!!
- Yes, it is, Myriam, but at the same time, I can’t avoid to feel bad for Lynnea…
- I can’t imagine, but, you know something? He told you he would say everything to her. You must give him and give you the oportunity of being happy together- Josh said.
- But what will happen when Lynnea finds out that’s for me that Urs can’t love her? She will feel betrayed… She has told me about all her feelings for Urs and how bad he felt when he broke her up….
- You didn’t ask her to do it. She’s the one who is always looking for you.
- Yes, but she’s nice, Myriam.
- I know, Diana. And I’m not saying she isn’t, she is a good person, but you know you can’t be friends and you have sent her too many signal about it, but she doesn’t understand them, she is just forcing a situation that can’t be. Urs loves you and you love him either.
- Myriam is right, and don’t start now with that thing that you both can’t be together, because you can…
- And what about Lynnea?
- What about her? She must need to understand she can’t force Urs to love her… Diana, you and Urs are made for each other and I’m sure you both will be happy when you be together.
- That sounds wonderful, Josh, but in real life, that’s a scrabbled way to follow… Anyway, is better to stop this conversation here. I need to go home. Gabriel said we would have lunch together at 2. I had spent the whole morning here and he must be waiting for me.
- I’m leaving too- Josh said- I’ll give you a ride, Di
- Ok, thanks- They 3 stood up from the sofa, but Myriam lost the balance and sat down again.
- Are you ok? – Diana asked a bit worried.
- I’m fine, just a bit dizzy- she was touching her chest with one hand and hardly breathing.
- You should go to the doctor. This is not the first time this happens. The other day just to run a block you felt breathless- Josh remembered
- And also, on wednesday you were complaining about you felt tired…
- I must be stressed, that’s all
- Myriam, please, don’t play with your health. You need to go with a doctor. I’ll make an appointment and go with you if it’s necessary
- Me too- Josh supported. After some minutes, when Myriam was feeling better, they both left the apartment. Myriam walked up to her room, the only thing she wanted to do at that moment was to sleep… and that’s what she did.


Diana entered to the apartment and noticed Gabriel wasn’t there yet.
- That’s weird- she thought- It’s late… - she shrugged, giving a look to the clock on the wall: 2:15. She walked to her room to change into more comfortable clothes. When she entered, found a shirt on her bed. She looked at it.
- Did I leave it right there?- she took it and put it back into it’s place, but when opened the crate, saw her shirts were messed up, and also, were missing some of them…
- What the hell is this?- she opened her closet to check it and found out that some jeans and coats were missing… also 2 pairs of boots.
- Where are all my clothes?- Suddenly, she listened to Gabriel entering to the apartment.
- Diana?!- he called.
- I’m here- she answered from her room, now she was looking for some accessories that were missing either.
- What happened?- Gabriel asked, standing in the door’s frame.
- I would want to know. I can’t find some of my shirts and jeans!!- she was taking everything out and throwing it on the bed. Gabriel giggled. Diana noticed it and stopped doing what she was.
- What? Do you know where my owns are?
- Yes- he nodded- they are in my office…
- In your office?- Diana asked with confussion- What are they doing there?
Gabriel took out from his jacket an envelope and showed it to his sister.
-What is that?
- Come on, give a look- and he gave it to her. She opened and took out a plane ticket. Her hazeled wide eyes were impressed.
- Does that mean…?
- Yes, you are coming with me to Germany… We are leaving tomorrow’s evening. That’s why I packed your stuff and took it to my office. In that way, everything will be ready. The driver of the office will take us to the airport.
- OH, thank you so much, bro!!!- She happily hugged him and said: - But, why did you do this?
- I thought you would love to see Dafne…
- Does she know?
- Yes, and she’s happy too…
- Thank you, thank you, thank you…- she effusively said kissing his cheek
- You don’t have anything to thank. You know I love you…
- Me too. Why you didn’t tell me a word?
- I wanted it to be a surprise.
- And I’m really surprised!! But, what did you pack in my suitcase?
- I chose your favorite shirts and jeans…
- All my favorite shirts?
- I know what do you want to know but don’t worry: I packed the shirt Urs’ signed you. I know you wouldn’t go anywhere without it…
- Thanks, Gabriel!! I can’t believe I’m coming to Germany with you…
- When I told Lynnea, she was glad either.
- “Lynnea!!”- Diana reacted in her thoughts- “Urs!!”- she didn’t want him to know she was coming. But what about if Dafne had already told him? She needed to call her friend and asked. And that’s what she did some minutes later, when Gabriel left the room to prepare everything for the lunch.

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:47 pm


-OK… Don’t worry. I hadn’t tell him a word….I can’t promise that…. Diana, you need to confront all that situation with him and Lynnea…. You’re so stubborn!! – Dafne was talking with her friend by phone. She was walking though the parking lot. She had stayed until too late at her office because she had yet too many things to fix before flying the next day. It was already 10 pm, London time, and she was tired. The only thing she wanted was to arrive home and sleep, hoping there weren’t too much traffic because of the huge storm that was hitting London city. – So, see you soon, Didi. Hugs!!- Dafne closed her cell phone. She was alone in the whole place… or at least that was what she thought. She took the car keys from her purse but accidentally they fell down.
- Damn it!!- She whispered, leaning down to pick them up, and when she stood up listened to a voice behind her.
- Are you still here?- She turned around and found Sebastien with a gym bag in his hand.
- Yes- she answered- today was a hard day, I had many things to do… But what are you doing here?
- I was exercising in the gym. That sometimes helps me to relax. I was leaving but the guard told me that he had just seen you walking up to here. So I thought that maybe I could reach you here- He smiled, stroking his black hair, that seems to be wet for a shower.
- Oh, I see- They both stayed in silence, but Dafne broke it:
- Do you want a ride?
- I don’t want to be an inconvenient for you. I can take a cab
- No way!! It’s raining. It looks like if sky were falling down- she chuckled.
- Are you sure you can take me home?
- Of course! Come on, let’s go- she pressed a button from her key control, unlocking the car doors. They both jumped into the car. During their way up to Seb’s place, they were talking about trivial things. Dafne was trying not to take the subject of the kiss in the elevator, maybe he had forgotten it and actually it would be the best.
She arrived and parked in front of the building of Seb’s apartment, when suddenly listened to a strange noise.
- What was it?- Dafne asked.
- It sounds like a blown out tire- Seb answered.
- Oh, no! This can’t be true- Dafne leaned her head on the steering wheel- That was the last thing I needed!!
- Let me check- Seb opened the door of his side and leaned a bit his head out and noticed the left frontal tire was the one. He leaned in again but half of his body was wet- I told you! It’s my side tire.
- Gosh!! What will I do now?
- I can change it
- But it is pouring down! You’ll finish totally wet.
- Good point. Well, maybe we need to wait until this storm finishes.
- I think so
- What about if we get down of here and go to my apartment?
- It will be the same.. we will finish totally wet..
- You can borrow one of my shirts and pants- Dafne looked at him smiling.
- Your pants?
- I know they won’t fit on you, but we can try. And at least will be better to be there than here. What about if rain lasts all night? Come on, I don’t bite!!
Dafne giggled.
- Ok, let’s go…
- Great decision!- Sebastien happily answered, taking his towel out from his gym bag.
- What are you doing?
- You can protect your head with this- he answered, giving the towel to her- I’ll get down and open the entrance and when I wave my hand you get down and run over to me…. I mean, to the entrance, ok?
- Ok- Dafne nodded. And they did that. Then, they took the stairs and finally arrived to the floor where Seb’s apartment was.
- We are made a soup!!- he laughed, letting her enter and closing the door behind them.
He turned the lights on.
Dafne was stroking her arms, she was freezing, her teeth were trembling…
- You look so funny!!- Seb giggled.
- Shut up and give me that pants and shirt you said- she chuckled.
-Ok, lady. Hold on- Seb walked up to his room. Meanwhile, Dafne was giving a look around the living room. Everything was too neat, unbelievable to be a single man. She found on a table a picture of him and a young lady hugging each other. She deduced it was Paulette. They seemed to be happy.
-Here you have- he said.
- Thank you… Where…. can I change my clothes?
- Oh!! You can use my room, if you want…
He guided her up to there. If you need something, you just have to ask for it.
- I would appreciate a dry towel.
- Ok, I’ll be back- and he got out. Dafne squeezed her curly hair, she couldn’t believe she was in Seb’s room. She took her shirt off and put Seb’s one. It was huge for her, but anyway, she felt comfortable with it. And also it smelt as Seb’s essence, that made it much better. Then, she took his pants off and put Seb’s on.
- May I come in?- He asked from outside, knocking at the door.
- You may- she answered.
-Wow! That clothing looks sexier on you- he winked as she blushed. He gave her the towel.
- Thanks- she started drying her hair with the towel in front of the mirror. Seb was looking at her through it.
- What?- she asked, noticing his glance.
- Oh, nothing. I’m just admiring you
- Admiring?
- Dafne, you’re beautiful- he walked over to her, getting closer- you smell delicious- he said, standing behind her.
- Sebastien, please…- but he turned gently her around and joined his lips with hers. At the beginning, she was trying to resist, but at the end, she gave up. They both were kissing each other passionately. Suddenly, she got apart…
- This can’t be…
- Why not? I like you so much and I’m sure you do too
- You have a girlfriend, and ….
But he closed her mouth with another kiss
- Please, Sebastien- she whispered- don’t do this to me… I don’t want to be a game for you
- You are not. I just think about you all day, at anytime, anywhere- He kissed her neck and whispered:
- I wish you…. Dafne, if you ask me to marry you I do it right now
- Are you crazy?
- I am. You are driving me crazy. Ask me the stars and I’ll give them to you- He kissed her lips again. She left passion fill herself. He started kissing her under her shirt, on her shoulder, she didn’t put any resistance. She wanted to stop, but her feelings for Seb were stronger. Their souls were thirst for each other’s embrace, kisses and caresses, but that thirst was satisfied that night…

The next day, Diana explained Myriam and Josh what Gabriel had done about the tickets but told her he had just made an appointment with the doctor for her and it would be on Monday. It was thursday. Josh said he would take her…
That evening, Diana was flying up to Germany with her brother, Lynnea and Natty. They arrived to the airport at 3 pm Germany time, on Friday…. The event would be on Saturday at 8 pm.
- Could you tell me why you didn’t tell me that Diana was coming?- Urs complained, asking Dafne at her hotel room.
- How do you know?- Dafne was surprised.
- That doesn’t matter…. – He entered to the room and was walking from one side to another, stroking his hair back.
- Urs, she made me promise I won’t say a single word to you
- Why?
Dafne shrugged. I don’t know
- I need to see her, to talk with her
- Urs, I think first you need to talk with Lynnea. Diana will leave until next Friday, you’ll have enough time to tell her everything you want, but , you should clear first everything with your girlfriend and then, you can think in being happy with Diana.
- You should tell me she was coming. Imagine what I felt when when I saw her in the airport. I wanted to go with her, but Lynnea hugged and kissed me in front of everyone. I didn’t have eyes later to face Diana’s glance.
- When are you going to tell Lynnea the truth?
- Soon… I can’t continue tied to her. I want Diana and she will be mine.

-Do you feel good? – Carlos asked Cyd, while they were in their room
- Better than ever!- Cyd answered.
- Do you need something?
- Carlos, I’m just 2 months pregnant, I’m ok- Cyd giggled- Better tell me, when are we going to give the new to the guys?
- I was thinking that tomorrow after the performance. We’ll find a time before or after the ball, or, what do you think?
- Terrific!! I love the idea… I want to see their faces when you tell them we will have a baby Marín
- Thanks for giving me this blessing!!- Carlos caressed Cyd’s belly as he gave her a kiss on his lips…
- My love, I was thinking that it would be great if our son…
- Or daughter- Cyd interrupted, winking
- Right! It would be great if our son or daughter arrives if his or her parents are married…
Cyd’s green wide eyes were surprised.
- Are you asking me to marry you?
- Yes, Cyd… I want to be your husband and make you my wife. What do you say?
Cyd tightly hugged him and answered:
- Of course I want!!- And they both kissed each other in a tender way. Was that happiness going to last forever?

- Didi!!- Dafne effusively greeted, hugging her friend when she opened the door of the room in the hotel where Diana was staying.
- Daf!!- They both were happily hopping.
- Please, let’s go in- Diana invited Dafne and they both entered into the room and sat on the bed
- How are you?
- I’m fine, thanks. A bit tired. The flight was really long.
- Urs told me he say you in the airport
- Yes- Diana rolled her eyes- I forgot that he is Lynnea’s boyfriend and obviously he would go to receive her.
- He is worried about what you thought
- I didn’t think anything. After all, they are a couple
- But he loves you
- It’s so easy for him to say he loves me but he is still with Lynnea. He’s not losing anything, in this story, the only ones losing are Lynnea and me. I don’t want to see him, Daf. Please, tell him not to come.
- I think you should listen to him
- He need to talk first with Lynnea. She doesn’t deserve this situation.
- He will…
- Now, tell me, what is that important thing about Sebastien you need to tell me?
- We slept together.
- Shhhhh- they both giggled.
- It was fantastic. Diana, I don’t know what to do. This situation got out of my hands. I just can’t control my feelings. I love him!
- You are leaving me speechless. You, Dafne Sanchez, the girl that always said artists were brainless is now in love of Sebastien Izambard. – she chuckled. Dafne nodded.
- It seems my destiny is to have friends in love with Divos
- Why you say that?
- Do you remember Myriam, the girl that I told you gave me my first job in NY with her dog, Sansón?
- Yes
- Well, she’s in love with David. It’s a long story.
- No way!! She must be the same Myriam that David wanted to invite to the event but Urs told him she already has a boyfriend
- David was going to invite her?
- Yes- Dafne nodded.
- Josh isn’t her boyfriend. He loves her but she is in love with David. She just acted a love scene in front of Urs because she wanted him to tell David what he saw and in that way, he would think that she is happy without him.
- It seems it really affected Dave… he was shocked that day. But, guess what? Indre will be his partner!! They are good friend now
- Really!! Wow!! That’s good for her. She has always liked David
- And also, I will be Seb’s partner.
- Oh! It seems tomorrow will be unforgettable night!! I would love to be there
- Aren’t you?
- No. Gabriel invited me but I prefer to stay here. Lynnea and Urs will be together and I don’t want to feel uncomfortable with that situation, or make Urs feel in that way.
Suddenly, a knock at the door interrupted their conversation:
- Are you waiting for someone?- Dafne asked.
- No… Gabriel and Lynnea are not at the hotel. They went to see the event organizers. Maybe it’s the room service- Diana stood up and opened the door.
- URS!!! – she exclaimed- What are you doing here? She pulled him in and closed the door- Don’t you see that someone can see you? Or worst, Lynnea!!
- I don’t care! We need to talk
Dafne cleared her throat, stood up and took her purse:
- I leave you, guys, alone. Think about tomorrow, sis- she kissed Diana’s cheek- Bye, Urs.
- Bye- he answered. Dafne left the room.
- Well, whatever you want to say, say it quickly- Diana stated. Urs got closer to her and without hesitations joined his lips with hers….

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Diana pulled Urs away
- What are you doing?
- Kissing you- and he kissed her again. Diana felt how her heart was melting with that fusion of feelings involved in that tender way of showing love. But Lynnea’s image appeared in her mind. She got apart of him and her first reaction was to slap his cheek.
- Who the hell you think you are to come and kiss me?
But he kissed her again. He just wanted to feel his lips against hers. Her lips were the sweetest thing he had never tried… this time, Diana put any resistance, she hugged him from neck and he carried her up, taking her to bed.
- I love you- he whispered, overlaying Diana, who was enjoying the sensation of Urs’ body on hers.
- I love you, too- she answered.
They were just caressing and kissing. They had spent too much time far from each other and now were hunger of their beloved one embrace. Suddenly, Diana stopped the action, sitting in the border of the bed, saying:
- Urs, we need to talk about us
- Can we do it later?- he mischievously said, embracing her from her back, kissing her shoulder, but Diana stayed serious staring at him. So he cleared his throat and repplied:
- Ok. I listen to you- he sat next to her and held her hand. Diana sighed and then added:
- What will happen with us? I mean, I love you and you say you love me, but there’s something that don’t let us be together.
- Lynnea
Diana nodded.
- She thinks you have forgotten the lady that made you break her up and now you are happy with her. She tries to be my friend, and she’s nice, actually, I would love to be her friend, but I can’t. She is always telling me that you both will be together forever. What will happen when she finds out that I’m the intruder between you?
- Oh, honey, I know Lynnea. It will hurt in the beginning but she’ll understand.
- It’s easy for you to say it, but I don’t think it will be easy for her to do it. She loves you!!
- But I love you!! I can’t live without you. I don’t know how to do it. You’re everything for me- Urs tenderly covered her in an embrace and kissed her forehead- I will tell her everything and we will confront this together, you and me… and from now, it will be like that forever. Soon, we will shout to everybody that we are in love and nothing will separate us… nothing- Diana smiled. That was all what she wanted: to be always with the man she loved.


-Are you ready, guys?- Peter asked to Seb, Urs, David and Carlos. They were waiting in the hotel lobby, elegantly dressed.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
- Yes, we are ready. We just need to wait for Cyd. She is coming- Carlos said.
- Women! Why they take so much time to be ready?- David commented, rolling his eyes.
-That’s true, but that always worth the wait. They finally looks beautiful-Sebastien added.
- We have enough time, yet- Peter stated- Indre and Dafne are already in the event, as always, working.
- They never stop, do they?- Urs giggled.
- No, they are always giving their best. But don’t worry, guys. They will be just your partners tonight. I commanded them to forget about job once we arrive there.
- I wonder how they look tonight
- Completely beautiful- Seb added, eager to see Dafne.
- And what about Lynnea, Urs?
- I’ll see her there. She had also to arrive earlier to fix some details. She needs to do some interviews before the concert…
- Alright…
In that moment, Cyd appeared. Carlos was speechless. She looked beautiful.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

- My love!!- He exclaimed- you are gorgeous!!- and give her a kiss on her hand.
- Thank you – she answered.
- Now, we understand why Carlos is crazy about you- David chuckled. The guys did too as Cyd blushed.
- Calm down, Dave. She’s my girl. Go out and find yours- Carlos joked.
- Well, let’s go- Peter said. Carlos offered his arm to Cyd and started walking. He was behaving as the most lucky and proud man in the world.

The guys arrived to the place in where the event would take part. They walked through the red carpet while some camera flashes were shooting them. They were nicely smiling. When they entered, Lynnea immediately noticed their presence and walked quickly up to Urs.
- Hello, sweetie!!- she greeted, giving a kiss on his lips.
- Hey… you look fantastic!!- he exclaimed.
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He was in love with Diana, but he recognized Lynnea was a very attractive woman.
- Thanks!! Same for you!! Hello guys
- Hello- everyone answered, kissing her cheek.
- Hi Urs!!
- Natty! It’s great to see you here…
- Mom, you already know the guys. Just let me introduce Peter. Peter, she’s my mom: Nathalie Wright.
- Nice to meet you- They both said, shaking hands. Peter, as a gentleman, kissed Natty’s hand.
- Now I understand why Lynnea is so beautiful, she inherited it from her mother- The manager stated. Natty blushed. It has been a long time since the last time a man told her she was beautiful…and Peter was not any man, he was really attractive.
-Ok, guys. Go backstage to your dressing room. I’ll show this ladies their place.
- But, where are Dafne and Lynnea- David asked.
- I don’t know- Peter shrugged- All of them were looking around trying to find the girls- I’ll look for them and we will join you at the dressing room. So, they walked straight to there. Peter offered his arm to Natty and then guided the girls to their designated table, just in front of the stage. Then, Peter left them there, and went to find Dafne and Indre.
- It has been too long since I saw you the last time- Cyd exclaimed.
- Yes, it was when the guys had their presentation in Southamerica. But, tell me, how is everything going with Carlos?
- Just fantastic!! Everything has been working in the best way. At the beginning it was a bit difficult, not too much, but now, we are totally in love- Cyd sighed with satisfaction.
- I’m glad to hear that.
- Thanks. And what about you and Urs?
- Well, I think is going fine. Imagine, for me was everything hard: I had to fight with a memory that he was determined to keep in his mind.
- That other girl
- Yes- Lynnea nodded- But those days he spent with me in NY confirmed he really wanted to give everything of him to make this relation work.
- And the guys said that he couldn’t take a better decission.
- Did they?
- Yes. All of them supported you. They like you so much.
- I do, too
Suddenly, Cyd’s sight found someone she didn’t like: Marco was entering through the principal door.
-Oh, no!!- She whispered, a bit annoyed.
- What happen?- Lynnea asked, turning over where Cyd was looking.
- He is here- she answered, rolling her eyes.
- Who is he?
- He’s one of Carlos’ friends- Then, she noticed he had just seen her and now was walking over where the girls were.

- Lynnea looks beautiful- Seb said to Urs, who turned over to see him and weakly smiled.
- Yes, she does- They all were sitting.
- I guess you are not too much sure about it- David commented as he was giving a sip of water.
- It’s not that. I know she looks great.
- Tell us, Urs. Are you happy with her?- Carlos asked. Bühler stood in silence, staring to anywhere.
-What the hell happens to you?- Seb asked, a bit upset, looking straight to the swiss guy.
- Sebastien, if he doesn’t want to answer, leave him alone- Carlos took part.
- You know why Urs didn’t answer your question? Because he’s not happy, because he still continue loving and remembering that…. lady
- Don’t name her- Urs stated, standing up from his seat with anger. David stood up behind him and held his arms.
Seb started laughing.
- What do you pretend, Sebastien?- Carlos asked.
- I’m just telling the truth. Urs is only playing with Lynnea. He’s pathetic.
- You know something? You don’t know anything about me and my life. How could you judge me if you are worst that me? Everybody here knows that you don’t love Paulette and that you started a relation with her just because you were afraid of being alone!! You’re trying to deceive yourself saying you love her… that’s the big difference between you and me. At least, I recognize I love another lady, but you…. Lynnea knows that I restarted my relation with her being in love of other woman, I never lied her. Something that you are not able to do, ‘cause you are a coward!!
This time, it was Seb’s turned to feel anger, but he knew in the deepest of his heart that Urs’ were telling the truth.
Suddenly, Peter entered to the room, followed by Indre and Dafne. Seb’s anger immediately went down, when saw Dafne.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
David also was impressed. Indre’s dress fit perfect on her.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Izambard and Miller couldn’t take their eyes out of the girls. David walked over to Indre and held her hands.
- Indre, you are beautiful. I don’t respond on what I would do you tonight- She blushed. She noticed the good effect she had caused in David.
- Thanks!!
- You will be the most wonderful woman in the whole event- Sebastien whispered, when he was close to Dafne, she smiled.
- Well, ladies, your job is done. Go to your table, because this night you won’t be assistants, you will only be the guy’s partners…
-Ok- Dafne and Indre answered.
- I can’t wait to dance with you- David told his partner, as he winked. Both girls got out of the place and took a seat in the same table where Lynnea, Cyd and Natty were. Marco had just greeted Cyd and them and went to find his place.

After a couple of hours, the stars performances were done, and the guys one was a success. Now, it was time of the ball, so, Urs, David, Sebastien and Carlos went to the table to find their partners and the ball started. Peter invited Natty to dance with him. She accepted.
All the couples were in the dancing floor, and of course, people who paid could go and ask their favorite artist for a dance. In one of those cases, a lady came to Carlos, so, he didn’t have another choice and started dancing with her.
Cyd was tired and, suddenly, started feeling a bit breathless. It was to hot in the ballroom, so, she decided to take some fresh air in the balcony.
She was looking at the stars and thinking how happy she was with Carlos. And how more happy they would be when their baby boy or girl arrives to this world. Only to think about it made her eyes turn teary… She was eager to tell everyone that she was carrying in her belly a product of the huge love between Carlos and her. Everything was going to be perfect, though.
- Good night, Cyd- a voice interrupted her thoughts.
- What are you doing here?- she asked, a bit upset. Marco devilishly smiled. It was the perfect moment to consummate his revenge. His time had arrived….

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Urs and Lynnea were dancing. He was thinking about Diana: he would prefer to be dancing tightly holding her.
- What are you thinking, hun?- She asked him.
- Lynnea… I need to tell you something really important. It is about us- Lynnea’s heart began beating faster. She thought maybe Urs decided to propose her that night.
- What is it?- she asked, trying to stay calm.
- I think tonight is not the right moment to talk about it. But, what about if we have dinner together tomorrow’s night?
- Great!- Lynnea answered, and continued dancing.

- I love the way you look tonight- David whispered in Indre’s ear. Indre was enjoying to feel David so close from her dancing one of her favorite songs: “Strangers in the night”.
- Come on, David. You don’t need to say such things, I know you came with me because you didn’t have another choice.
- Why do you say that?
- I remember that you wanted to invite another lady, what’s her name? Oh, Myriam…
- Myriam is part of my best- David stated with melancholy – Now I’m here with you, and you know something? I would love to be far from all this people and be just you and me- He leaned to kiss her, but she didn’t let him do it.
- Dave, don’t confuse yourself. I know you and I know you’re hurt because of what Urs’ told you about Myriam. You like her more than you can even imagine, and I can assure you that you feel something for her, although you don’t want to recognize it. I’ll tell you one thing, David: I like you, well, actually, you already noticed it- she rolled her eyes- but I’m not blind. Maybe you like me either, but you don’t love me. You love her.
David stood in silence. That was one of the qualities he liked about Indre: she always said what she thought without hesitations.
- Thank you- David finally said.
- For what?
- For being my friend- Indre smiled and happily continued dancing.

- Do you want to take a seat?- Peter asked Natty.
- Yes, sure- and they both walked towards the table. Once there, started a conversation.
- You must be very proud of Lynnea. She’s such a magnific girl.
- Imagine what can I say: she’s my daughter!!- Natty giggled- And you’re right, I’m very proud of her…
- How much time are you going to stay here?
- A week. We’re leaving next Friday.
- That’s fantastic! I was wondering if you want me to show you the city… I mean, I know it a bit, so, I can take you to some places while Urs and Lynnea do their own activities. After all they are a couple and I’m sure they prefer to spend time together… just them… lonely time. What do you say?
- I would love, Peter- The manager smiled with satisfaction.

After dancing a couple of songs, Carlos finally left the lady. He began looking around the place to find Cyd, but he couldn’t see her. He walked up to Peter, who was again standing to the dancing floor:
- Have you seen Cyd?
- No… the last time I saw her she was with you dancing.- Peter answered.
- Maybe she went to the bathroom- Natty took part of the conversation.
- You’re right! I’ll go and wait for her. Thanks!!


- That’s the greeting you give your friends?- Marco ironically asked.
- You are not my friend- she answered- And I’m sorry, but I have to go in. My fiancé is waiting for me.- And she was almost going to walk when he held her arm.
- Your fiancé? Wow!! I see your relation is going better than what I thought.
- It is, and, could you please leave my arm free?- she shook it, getting apart- Thanks…
- I wonder if you know the truth
- I know everything about Carlos. There’s any secret between us. Why you don’t go and spill your poison somewhere else?
He laughed- Oh, Cyd, you’re so innocent. You don’t have idea of who is Carlos.
- I won’t hear any word- and she walked, leaving Marco behind.
- Did he talk you about Vanessa?
Cyd stopped his walk and turned around:
- I knew you hadn’t forgive him, but, you know something? You’re a loser. Come on! It was too long time ago. Please Marco, grow up. It wasn’t Carlos’ fault that your girlfriend prefered him over you.
- That’s what he told you?
- I already told you that there’s any secret between us.
- So I imagine he also told you that I found him in bed with my fiancée just the night before the wedding!!
Cyd was confused. Carlos had told her a complete different story, nothing about spending a night with Vanessa.
- What?- she hardly could ask.
- Oh, I guess he missed that little detail
Cyd’s eyes turned teary.
- That’s not true! You’re a liar!! You are telling me this just because she prefered him over you!!- She yelled.
- If you don’t believe me, ask him. Let’s see if he’s a man and tells you the truth.
Cyd was sobbing.
- You know what is the most weird thing about all this?- Marco continued.
- Is there more?
- Look at this- he took a picture out from his wallet and gave it to Cyd, who was amazed.
- Is she… Vanessa?
He nodded.
- She looks so similar to…- she couldn’t continue. She felt a lump in her throat.
- You…- He finished her phrase- Why do you think he chose you? She has always been in his mind. When she was kissing you he was really kissing her, and when he was making love to you, he was thinking about her.
Cyd was in shock and could feel tears were running desperately down her cheeks.
- This can’t be true! This must be a nightmare!!
Marco took advantage of Cyd’s vulnerability and hugged her. She was crying on his shirt.
- Cyd!- Carlos called her, appearing in the scene. She turned around and ran where he was and started hitting his chest.
- Why did you lie to me? Why you never told me the truth?- she yelled. Carlos held her hands.
- Hey, calm down. What happen to you?
- Marco told me what you weren’t able to say!! The whole story between you and Vanessa- Carlos looked at Marco, who was devilishly smiling.
- Honey, I can explain it…
- Explain what?! That you were always thinking on her when we were together?
- No, my love, it’s not what it seems
- Go to hell, Carlos Marin. I don’t want to see you anymore.
- Cyd, please, calm down. It could affect our baby
- Do you know what?- she wiped her tears- you’re not the only liar in our story, I also can lie, and I did. Did you really think that this baby I’m carrying in my belly is yours? He isn’t. It’s…. it’s Marco’s
Carlos was shocked. He ran where Marco was and beat on his face. They both started fighting. Cyd went out of there and crying went to the table to pick her purse. Sebastien and Dafne, who were there, resting a bit, saw her.
- Cyd, what’s going on?- Dafne asked worried. – Where is Carlos?
- In the balcony. I’m going home- and she got out from the ballroom.
- Go with Carlos- Dafne told Sebastien.
- And you?
- I’ll go with Cyd…

Cyd, please, don’t do this- Dafne told the girl, who was furiously packing her baggage. – I’m sure there’s an explanation for all this mess- Cyd had told Dafne on their way back to the hotel what had happened in the balcony.
- I don’t want to see him again. He lied to me. When could I trust him again?
- Cyd, Carlos loves you…
- No, he doesn’t! Dafne, put yourself in my shoes, what would you feel?
Dafne stood in silence.
- You see? I don’t need a man like Carlos behind me and my… baby
Dafne looked at her with a mix of surprise and confussion.
- Are you pregnant?
Cyd nodded as she was sobbing. Dafne hugged her. She didn’t know what to say.
- I need to go back to NY…
- Cyd, please, think about it…
Cyd closed her suitcase and said:
- I will do this with or without your help.
Dafne deeply sighed and answered:
- I’ll drive you up to the airport…

After what happened in the event, the guys came back to the hotel. Lynnea and Natty decided to go back to theirs. Gabriel took them.
Once in the place, Carlos went to his room, but didn’t find his girl. He didn’t notice her things weren’t there.
- He got out and went to Dafne’s one, knocked at the door but didn’t receive an answer, so, he joined the guys again in the lobby, where they were waiting for news.
- What happened? Didn’t she want to listen to you? – Urs asked.
- She’s not here… either Dafne- he collapsed him on the coach.
- Calm down, bro… everything will be make up, you’ll see- Sebastien added.
- Why you don’t try to call Dafne or Cyd to see where they are?- Peter suggested.
- I already did when I was coming down here, and both are turned off- Carlos answered- Gosh!! Why I didn’t tell her the truth! I was afraid of losing her and now, I lost her and our baby…
He covered his face and broke in crying. They all looked at each other like telling with their eyes: Cyd is pregnant!!, but all stood in silence.
- Dafne!- Indre exclaimed, looking she was entering by the principal door.
- Hey!- Dafne weakly greeted. Carlos stood up and asked:
- Where is she?
Dafne stood in silence.
- Come on, Dafne, where is she?- Carlos asked again, this time shaking her from her arms.
Urs stood up and stopped Carlos, who apologized.
- Carlos…- she cleared her throat- I tried to stop her, but I couldn’t…. She’s flying back to NY….

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The next morning, everybody seems to be quiet, no one of the guys wanted even to talk to Carlos. It was difficult to find the words to repair his broken heart.
After breakfast, he came back to his room and had locked the door. He tried to call Cyd but her cell phone sent him straight to the voice mail.
Dafne and Indre went early to Diana’s place to pick her up. They wanted to visit as many different places they could. They told Diana what happened last night and she felt sorry for Cyd, eventhough she didn’t know her. Also, they were chatting about the Divos, the girls couldn’t avoid it.
At midday moreless, Peter knocked at Carlos’ room. He couldn’t leave him to handle that hard situation by himself. Peter knew he was the only one who Carlos would open the door. After 2 tries, Marin opened the door and walked back to sit on the floor, in the front part of the bed. Peter came in and closed the door behind him. Then he sat next to the devastated bariton.
- I know this question will sound stupid, but, how do you feel?
- I feel worst than ever in my entire life. I lost Cyd and with her I lost my wishes of living, my hopes of a better life.
- Carlos, give her time to think, then, you can talk with her calmly.
- But what will she think? She didn’t let me explain anything. She thinks I slept with Marco’s fiancée.
- And you didn’t?
- Yes, I did, but it was a tramp
- Do you want to talk about it?
Carlos deeply sighed.
- It was going to be Marco’s wedding. Everybody was happy because we had lived his relation with Vanessa. They seemed to be the happiest couple in the world, with the strongest relation. The day before the wedding, Vanessa called me. She said she had prepared a surprise for Marco and she needed help of the bestman and the honor maid. She asked me to go to her apartment at 8 pm. I agreed. I was excited also because I liked Carolina, her honor maid, and she was going to be there.
I arrived sharp 8. Vanessa opened and, I have to admit, she looked beautiful. We both entered and sat in the living room, on a sofa. There was a wine bottle and 4 cups, so, I deduced Marco and Carolina were just to arrive. She offered me some wine and I accepted. We started talking about the wedding and other stuff. Peter, I don’t know how it happened, but just with 2 drinks I was totally lost, drunk as I had never been before. I also lost time notion. Then, I don’t remember anything else, just that when I was conscious again, I was in bed, nude, and Vanessa was lying next to me. I felt really bad for Marco… I was almost going to stand up when he appeared in the room. Obviously, he got really mad and thought I had planned everything I tried to explain but he started hitting me.
Vanessa told him that she had always liked me because I was much more man than him. After that, the wedding was cancelled and I lost my best friend.
Also Carolina knew about all this mess and she never wanted to see me again. Since then, I had never been interested in someone else, until I found Cyd.
- Yes, I know. And also know that Cyd is a very intelligent girl and she loves you. I’m sure she will listen to you. Just give her time.
- You know what was the thinkg that hurt me more?
Peter said no with his head.
- That she said the baby that she is expecting is not mine. She said it’s Marco’s- One tear slide down his cheek.
- I’m sure she lied, just because she is hurt. When a person is hurt, invents lies to escape of the problem and more in a relationship. – Peter got closer to him and put his hand on Carlos’ shoulder to encourage him but it didn’t work.
- Thanks, Peter, for your support, but… - He couldn’t finish his sentence and walked to the door of his room, opening it.
- I need to be alone
Peter nodded and stood up.
- Ok, I understand, but you know where your friends are if you need us.
- Thank you- Carlos weakly answered.

- Myriam? How you doing, bunny?- Josh asked at the other side of the phone.
- Josh, are you crazy? Did you already notice what time is it?- A sleepy Myriam answered.
- Yes, it’s the perfect time to give a walk- he chuckled.
- I’m still in bed. I’m really tired. For God’s sake, Joshie, it’s sunday!!
- Please!! We can spend a fantastic day together. The weather is perfect outside.
- Why you always convince me with that voice?- Myriam giggled.
- Great! I’ll pick you up in an hour
- Ok, see you then.
After hanging the phone up, Myriam headed off to the bath, she needed to take a shower with cold water, she wasn’t really feeling good. When she was done, she dressed herself up. She felt a pain in her left shoulder, but didn’t gave it too much importance. She prepared a quick breakfast: milkshake and french toast.
She came back to her room and gave a look to herself through the mirror:
- I look fatal- she thought, when noticed the dark shadows under her eyes. And also she was pale although she had put some blush on her face.
Suddenly, the doorbell rang. She took her purse from her bed and walked over to open Josh, but before she could do something, her legs turned weak and fell down.
Josh listened the falling sound from outside and started calling her, without any answer. He desperately began hitting the door to open and get in, and after some intents, he did it. What he saw was horrible: Myriam was lying on the floor, unconscious…

Urs picked Lynnea up at 7 pm. She had dressed her up with a knee long black skirt and a pink shirt that were perfectly stylizing her siluet. Her hair was held in a ponytail. By his side, Urs was wearing blue jeans, black sleeved shirt and, of course, black boots. He left his curly hair free. She thought he was too informal for the occasion, but didn’t care. Urs wasn’t the kind of guy that was always wanting to impress a woman, he was so self-secure that he didn’t need that… his personality and behavior was always full of surprises.
Lynnea was very nervous. She already knew the answer to Urs question.
- Yes, Urs, I wanna marry you!- She had practiced it million times in front of the mirror to practice facial expressions, tones of voice, etc.
Urs took her to a restaurant: not formal one, but neither informal. For Lynnea, it was ok for the moment that was coming.
Urs didn’t know how to start, first, he decided to have a calm dinner talking about just trivial things. Everything was going fine: Urs really enjoyed Lynnea’s company and conversation. He was sure that any man in the world would love to have a girl like her by his side, to touch her smooth skin, to kiss her lips… any man in the world, but not him. He certainly would love to be that man, actually, he tried, but he couldn’t, he was in love of another woman, the girl who awoke his feelings also before knowing who she was… his moon… his everything… his other half. After a long conversation, Urs and Lynnea were done with his dishes. A waiter came and asked them for a dessert. Lynnea asked vanilla ice-cream and Urs just a cup of coffee, both of them were served and brought quickly.
- Lynnea, what do you think about our relation?
Lynnea’s heart began beating faster. Urs proposal was closer.
- Well, I think it is going good. But I need to admit something- she mischievously smiled, trying an ice-cream spoonful.
- What is it?- Urs asked.
- At the beginning, I thought I had lost this battle… I mean, that you would never forget her, that….
- Lynnea- Urs interrupted, holding tightly her hand on the table. She felt more nervous than any other time in her life. Blood was traveling faster up and down her veins, the moment had arrived. She excited smiled.
- She appeared- Urs continued. Lynnea turned serious.
- What are you talking about?
- I’m sorry, Lynn. I swear I wanted to give my best in our relation, but when I thought I would never find her again and I could be happy with you, she appeared. And I couldn’t do anything but fell surrender at her feet…- Lynnea’s eyes turned teary and took her hand apart from Urs’ hand.
- Lynnea, I…
- Don’t say anything, Urs- she said, trying to retain tears inside her eyes and to hide the lumb on her throat. A deep silence appeared between them. Then, she asked, whispering:
- When was it?
- Almost when we re-started our relation
- Why you didn’t tell me?
- Because I didn’t want to say it by phone, I wanted to be in front of you
- Does she already know what you feel?
- Yes…
- So, you told her you loved her while you were still my boyfriend
Urs stared down.
- What did she say? Does she love you, too?
- Yes- Urs nodded.
This time, tears were sliding down her face, she was wiping them with her hand.
- Lynnea, please, forgive me.
- I don’t have anything to forgive, Urs. You always told me you love her. And also, I impeded you to meet her in the concert… I deserve this!!
- No, Lynnea, you don’t deserve this, you deserve to find someone who can love you
- Why not you? – she desperately asked.
- Because… I love her.
- I can’t listen anymore… I need to go.
- Wait, I’ll take you back to your place.
- No, I want to be alone
- But…
- Please, Urs, I’ll see you later.
- Ok…
Lynnea stood up and left the restaurant. She was heartbroken, all her dreams were destroyed that night, but also, she knew she couldn’t force Urs to love her, although this was too painful for her.
She walked for a while, but then took a cab and came back to the hotel. She took the elevator and headed off to the floor where her room was. She was almost going to see her mother and tell her everything, but at that moment, she needed more a friend, she didn’t want to ruin Natty’s trip with her problems. So, Lynnea decided to look for someone else, she knocked at Diana’s door and when she opened, Lynnea broke in crying, hugging her. Diana imagined what had happened, but anyway, she invited her to get in. Lynnea explained everything. Diana felt really sorry about her, she would like things be different. She knew how much that poor girl was suffering.
-Calm down, Lynn. You see everything dark now, but light will appear.
- I lost him… That b***h stole him!!- Lynnea answered with anger.- Diana, I don’t want to be alone tonight. Can I stay here with you?
Diana hesitated to answer, but she felt so bad for her that agreed.
- Of course- Diana said- You don’t have to ask
- Can I borrow a PJ’s or something for sleep? I just need a long shirt
- Sure. Could you please get it from my suitcase? I need to go to the bathroom…
- Ok- Lynnea nodded- and thanks, Diana. I don’t know what would I do without you. Diana hardly smiled. She felt guilty.
- Don’t say that- Diana answered, walking straight to the bathroom.
Lynnea began looking for a PJ inside Diana’s suitcase. She removed some of the shirts when her eyes found something that made her shiver.
- Oh! This can’t be true! Diana is….- Lynn’s eyes were full of tears again.
- Did you find…?- Diana was asking, getting out from the bathroom, when saw Lynnea holding in her arms the shirt that Urs had signed for her in the concert of NY…. Lynnea looked at her, full of anger…. The girl she thought was her friend, had betrayed her….

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- COULD YOU TELL ME WHAT THE HELL THIS MEANS!!- Lynnea exclaimed, yelling and showing the shirt to Diana. She was really upset. Diana was speechless, just looking at her.- TALK!!!

- Lynnea, I…. I didn’t want you to find this out in this way- Lynnea walked over to Diana and slapped on her face with all the strenghts she could. Diana stayed petrified.
- And what did you pretend? To stay in silence until the last day of your life, to hide this secret forever? I trusted you and you betrayed me.
- No!! how was it supposed for me to tell you that I was the girl that destroyed your relation?
- Truth is always a good choice- Lynnea furiously throw the shirt on Diana’s face.- I told you everything. I opened my heart to you. You knew how much I love Urs. I offered to you my sincere friendship. All this while you and he were mocking at my back…
- That’s not true! Let me explain….
- SHUT UP!! I don’t want to continue listening that kind of sh*t. Go to hell, b**ch!!- and she started walking straight to the door to leave the room, but Diana ran and stood in front of her, hindering her way.
- I don’t mind if you want it or not, you will listen to me.
- I won’t!- Lynnea answered, trying to pull her from her shirt, but she couldn’t. Diana was firmly standing and pushing her back.
- Of course you will, and after it, you can go if you want
- Move away from me!!
- I won’t!
Lynnea just stood in silence, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms.
- First of all, you need to know that I didn’t plan it. One day you arrived to my home with him and I won’t lie: I liked him so much. I had always liked him, but just as a fan, but that time was different: Urs Bühler was there, standing in front of me. Never before I felt my life beating faster…. It was like a dream. I immediately felt how all my senses recognized him. Then, I fell in notion that he was your guy…. But one morning, he unexpectedly appeared. I was impressed when he told me that he remembered me from the concert and also told me about his feelings. It was weird: he said he was in love, and he recognized me at the concert in NY. Although I wanted to hug him and confess my love, I knew that the right thing I could do was to get apart from him, so, although it was hard, I asked him to forget me. I was leaving the man I loved. And you know why? Because of you!! Because I didn’t care I hadn’t treat you, I knew you were his girlfriend.
Lynnea and Diana were crying. It was too painful for both of them all this mess. And for Lynnea, it was hard to listen to Diana’s explanation.
- Everything is so clear now. How could I be so stupid! That was the reason of why you were always avoiding me to go out.
- Try to understand me: how could I be your friend if you were Urs’ girlfriend? I swear I tried to get far from you and also to put a barrier between Urs and me…
- You know something? I can forgive him because he’s the man I love, but I will never forget you. You could tell me the truth but you prefered to stay in silence. I HATE YOU!! - Lynnea, please…
- I don’t know how a person like you can have a brother like Gabriel. You are so different…
- I never wanted to hurt you…
- Don’t give too much importance to yourself, Diana. You’re not the one that will turn my life a mess. You’re anything for me. You won’t even be a bad memory. I won’t let you to ruin my life in that way… Now, please, move out from my way- Diana’s eyes were full of tears, but she was holding them there. She knew she was guilty and although Lynnea didn’t want to recognize it, she had hurt her. Diana moved away and Lynnea left. She was almost entering to her room, two doors away from Diana’s, when Urs’ got out from the elevator.
- Lynn- he called her. She turned around.
- What do you want, uh? Oh!, I know, you came to see her, not me…- she ironically said. Urs’ wide eyes were surprised.
- I know everything, Urs. I know who is she. I know that it is Diana who has your heart….
- Lynn, try to understand me.
- You, you, always you!! Tell me, who will understand me? – The girl said, hitting his chest. Then, she leaned her head on it. – I love you, Urs! And this pain is killing me.
Urs tightly hugged her. She was sobbing.
- Oh, Lynn. I’m the lowest person in the world. Look how much I’m hurting you… Gosh! You’re so good and you don’t deserve this! Please, tell me what can I do to make you feel better?
Lynnea got apart and, staring straight at him, answered:
- Marry me
- Lynn, I can’t
-WHY!! –she cried.
- You know why…
Lynnea’s eyes turned anger and said:
- So, never get close to me again, Urs Bühler. And I hope you can’t ever be happy with her!!- she turned around and entered to her room. Urs thought it wasn’t the best moment to talk to Diana, so, left the hotel and came back to his place.

Cyd rang the doorbell of her mother’s apartment in NYC. Roxanne opened the door and turned surprise and happy when saw her daughter standing in front of her.
- Cyd, sweetie, I didn’t expect you!- Her mother tightly hugged her. Cyd began crying in her mom’s embrace, she felt protected then, she really needed to be close to Rox.
- Honey, what happened? Come in- Both, mother and daughter, entered to the apartment and sat on the sofa. Cyd was lying down with her head on mother’s lap and was still sobbing.
- Tell me, baby, do you have problems with Carlos?
- Oh, mom, I’m so unhappy
- What happened?
Cyd explained her mother all what had happened in the event.
- But, Cyd, maybe Marco told you that because he is still hurt and is jealous about Carlos found happiness and wanted to hurt him.
- And what about the picture?
- That doesn’t mean anything. Many people in the world look like someone else.
Cyd stood in silence, just reflecting Roxanne’s words, then, she began to cry once more.
- What am I going to do now?
- First of all, you need to calm down. You’re not thinking in the best way and that’s not good. Honey, you love Carlos. You need to give him a chance to explain you everything.
- I don’t want to see him again. He lied to me. He should tell me everything since the beginning. He’s guilty, mom. If he weren’t, why would he keep a secret?
- Oh, Cyd, you see everything dark now. Try to rest, this won’t be good for your health…
- Neither my baby’s health. Mom, I’m pregnant
- Cyd, that’s a fantastic new!! You’ll become a mom!!- Rosanne’s cheeks were then full of happiness tears. Her only daughter would have a baby and that meant she’ll become a granny.
Cyd weakly smiled:
- This is the best taken from Carlos: my baby.
- Hun, now more than ever I tell you that you need to listen to Carlos. Give your baby’s dad the right to be listened, and give your little one the oportunity of growing up with a daddy. You know how hard it is to grow up without a father, and it would be worst if it is for a misunderstanding.
- I don’t know what I’ll do. Now, the only thing I want to do is rest- and she closed her eyes, falling asleep on her mother’s lap and warm embrace.

- Josh- Myriam weakly called him. He was leaning his head in the edge of the hospital bed in which she was lying down. When the guy listened to is name, sat straight:
- Hey, bunny, how do you feel?- he held her hand.
- Tired… what happened to me? The last thing I remember is that I was going to open the door.
- You fell down and I hit the door until open it and found you unconscious. Then, I brought you here.
- Really? And what do I have?
- Dr. Tony Nest made some tests to you. He doesn’t want to give a wrong diagnosis.
- Gosh! I feel worst than ever in my whole life..
- Doctor said maybe everything all this is because of stress, but he had to rule out…- he stood in silence.
- What?- Myriam asked when saw Josh worried eyes expression. He cleared his throat.
- Come on, Josh, tell me. I have the right to know!!
- Heart disease
Myriam felt a shiver running all over her spine and bite her lip, trying to be strong and not to cry.
- Calm down, baby. That’s only an option, is not a fact. First, we need to wait the results of the tests. You’ll stay here tonight in observation and tomorrow, we’ll have the diagnosis.
- I’m afraid!!- Myriam sobbed
- You don’t have too. You’ll see everything is going to be fine.- he kissed Myriam’s forehead.
**Josh cell phone rang**
-It’s Diana- he said, after giving a look to the call identifyier.
- Don’t tell her anything… If you do, she will want to come back and that’s not fair
- But she’ll kill me if I don’t say anything to her…
- Please, Josh, do this for me
- Ok- he rolled her eyes and answered the phone- Hello, Di
- Josh!- She was sobbing- Thanks God you answer. I was trying to call Myriam, but she didn’t answer at her home nor cell-phone.
-Oh, she’s with me and she forgot her cell at the apartment, but, what’s going on, are you ok?
Diana explained him what had happened with Lynnea.
- I’m sorry, Di.. I can imagine how you feel, but I will give you my opinion: Look the good side of all this: you’re able now to be with Urs.
- I don’t know if I could be with him after how things went with Lynnea.
- Diana, maybe you and Urs made a mistake, but you don’t have to pay for it your whole life: you love each other from your hearts. You need to be together. After all, and maybe this will sound cruel, but Lynnea is already hurt, but she knew she was with a man that doesn’t love her and she is guilty also for accepting that situation. You won’t solve anything if you get apart from Urs. He doesn’t love her, he loves you!! Please, Diana, is time for you to be happy, you deserve this.
Diana stood in silence. Would she give her a chance to live her love with the man she loved? Should she?

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Urs arrived to his place. He had a mix of different feelings: form one side, he fell bad for Lynnea, he knew she was suffering because of him, but from the other side he was happy because now he could express and show his feelings for Diana without hiding anything. He also knew that the other 3 Divos would not be too much agree with his decision, overall Sebastien, but he didn’t care about it, now the only important thing for him was his love for Diana and that he wanted to be with her against to everybody if it was necessary. He was decided to look for her early the next day to talk about them.
He was going to go to his room, but he was too awake to fall asleep, so he thought that the night was perfect for a walk through the hotel’s garden, he needed to think about the new life waiting for him next to the girl he loved. He was peacefully enjoying of the night emptiness, the fresh wind was caressing his face and waving his hair. Suddenly, he saw far away a familiar lady siluet sitting on a bench. He walked to get closer and noticed it was Dafne.
- Perfect- he said to himself- I’ll tell her what happened tonight. She’s the only one who can understand me – He walked quickly, but then, noticed Sebastien was coming, with his way up to her. Urs stopped his walk, just under the shadow of a huge tree. He thought his conversation with Dafne would need to wait. He decided to take another way, but something surprised him: Sebastien had gotten close to Dafne, covering her with a tight embrace and kissing her lips with passion. Urs couldn’t believe what his eyes had just seen. He brought to his mind the million of times Sebastien had judged him, always criticizing and saying he was unfaithful with Lynnea… and now, he, Sebastien Izambard, was doing the same with Paulette and Dafne. He shook his head, rolling his eyes and walked in to the hotel walking straight to his room.

David and Indre were in a nightclub. They decided to have a good time of dancing and chatting. They had danced for 2 unstoppable hours.
- I’m thirsty !!- Indre told David when were still dancing. The music was so loud that David couldn’t listen to her.
- What?- He asked, leaning a bit, putting his ear close to her lips.
- That I’m thirsty!!
- Oh!! Me too… I’ll go for 2 drinks. What do you want?
- I would love a beer
- Ok…I’ll be back
Indre walked 3 steps and sat down in one table. She was sweating, so took out some tissue paper from her purse to wipe her face. She could see at the distance David asking for the drinks. There were many people that sometimes obstaculized her sight, but then, they moved and she could continue looking at Dave.
- Hello, pretty girl- A guy greeted, sitting next to her. It looked he wasn’t from Germany. His face looked more like Italian. Also his accent. – Why are you so lonely?
Indre looked at him and noticed he was a little drunk, so, she tried to be nice and answered with a weak smile:
- I’m sorry. I’m not alone.
- So, why did your boyfriend leave you?
- He just went for some drinks
- I can invite you a drink if you want, then we can have so fun together- the guy got closer to her. Indre turned nervous, stood up and said:
- Excuse me. I need to go to the bathroom- but the guy stood up too and held tightly her hand.
- Come on, be nice with me…- he was trying to kiss her.
- Leave me alone!- she yelled, giving a kick with her knee in the most painful body part where a man can be hurt.
- Damn you!- he yelled, pushing her, almost making her fall down. That called the attention of many of the people there, that turned to look at them.
- That will show you not to bother a lady- Indre said, ironically laughing. David saw something was happening, and then, noticed it was around Indre, so he walked quickly up to there.
- Nobody dares to do this to Angelo Ferrini- the guy said, standing straight and furiously walking up to her. Indre felt how fear was filling her senses, but suddenly, he felt someone held his arm…
- Do you have any problem with my girl?- David asked, calm but firm.
- Is this… lady your girl?
- Yes
- I don’t have any problem with her, I just want to make love to her- and began laughing.
David laughed too. Indre was confused. Why was David laughing? She felt angry. But her thoughts were interrupted when saw him turning serious, hitting guy’s face, making him fall down.
- Go and make love to your mother!- Dave yelled. – Come on, sweetheart, let’s go- David held Indre’s hand, talking her away from that place. They were almost getting out when David was pulled from his shoulder and felt an unexpectedly hit in the corner of his lips. He was going to answer it when security men of the place took part in the situation.
- You must leave this place if you don’t want to spend a night at the police station- a guard threatened.
David and Angelo were furiously looking at each other, while Indre was hugging the american guy.
After that incident, David and Indre came back to their place. Miller took his friend to her room. She opened the door and said:
- Are you sure you don’t want to come in and let me put some ice in that lip?
- No, really, thanks. I’ll do it in my room.
- Ok- A deep silence appeared, but Indre broke it:
- Thank you
- For what?
- For rescuing me from that idiot
- Nobody can dare to touch what is mine- David giggled- Ouch!- He put his hand on his lips. It hurt when he smiled.
- I’m not yours- Indre chuckled, but flirting with her sight.
- He thought you were- he winked.
- It was a fantastic night, Davey, although everything. I enjoyed it
- Me too
They both looked deeply into each other’s eyes.
- After all, I can’t blame that guy. You are really beautiful and irresistable.
- Come on, Dave, don’t start- Indre rolled her eyes.
- It’s true.. You’re very beautiful- she just smiled and blushed a bit.
- I guess it’s time to sleep- Indre said. She was getting nervous.
- Ok. See you tomorrow, baby koala
- See you, and again, thanks for everything. You’re my hero- she got closer to him and kissed the corner of his lip, where the little bruise was.
- That is much more helpful than ice- David said, joking and laughing- Could you do it again?
She smiled and kissed the bruise again. When got apart, both looked at each other’s eyes again. David caressed her cheek:
- I feel better now- he whispered, putting Indre’s free hair back her ears, and then, he couldn’t resist and joined his lips with hers, in a tender and soft kiss. Indre answered in the same way, she also wished that kiss. God!! How much she wanted it!! Finally, they got apart and both stayed without words, they didn’t know what to say…
- See you tomorrow- Indre finally stated, getting into her room.
- See you- David answered.
She closed the door and stood leaning her back and head on it. David did the same from the other side of the door.
- What was it?- They both thought, touching their lips and remembering the sweet sensation of having each other’s lips against their owns.

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- Good morning- greeted Peter to all the ones who were sitting around a table near the pool of the hotel, having breakfast.
- Good morning- David, Sebastien, Indre and Dafne answered at the same time. Peter took a seat with them, leaving on the table a folded newspaper.
- Where are Urs and Carlos?- he asked
- Urs left early in the morning. He said he had something important to do- David stated- and Carlos wanted to have breakfast at his room. He just want to be there.
- I’m worried about him. He needs to do something soon. He can’t be just there waiting for a miracle, it’s important for him to start handling the situation. In his room he won’t fix anything.
- You’re right, Peter. But what can we do if he doesn’t want to talk to anyone?
- I don’t know, Seb.
- What about if we call Cyd?- David suggested
- No. That’s the worst thing we can do. A couple relation is between 2. And also Carlos needs to learn to solve his own problems. We just can support and advice him… that’s our duty as his friends.
Everybody agreed with him. Peter was watching the guys with serenity, thinking, as if he wanted to approach an issue. Dafne realized that something was wrong with Peter, but she didn’t dare to ask him anything.
They all continued talking and half an hour later, when they finished breakfast, Peter said:
- David, Indre, how was your night last night?
Miller and the girl nervously looked at each other.
- We had a little problem- Finally David managed to answer.
- Dave saved me from an idiot who was bothering me.
- But, how did you know, Peter?
- Well, first of all, that bruise beside your lip…. – Then, Peter opened the newspaper that was on the table and showed them the first page of the entertainment section. There was a picture of the nightclub and another of David and Indre. It was taken at the distance. “DIVO INVOLVED IN FIGHT” was the title of the article. David and Indre were amazed and stayed speechless.
- Can I see it?- Seb asked.
- Yes- so Peter gave it to him.
- Here it says that you both were having fun but that you, Dave, were drunk. That a guy recognized you and wanted an autograph, but you were rude at him. Also says that you were with your girlfriend and the guy tried to get close to ask her to convince you about the signature. You got mad and under the alcohol effects you hit him.
- WHAT?!!- David and Indre exclaimed at the same time.
- That’s not true, Peter, I swear it- Indre said- That guy was bothering me and tried to kiss me. David just told him I was there with him, so that boy said he just wanted make love to me. David, obviously, turned upset and hit him.
- I couldn’t let that guy to insult Indre- David stated.
- You did good!
- Dafne!!- Peter exclaimed
- Sorry, Pete, but I think David did the right about defending Indre!!
- Yes, but we have a problem here. We know the truth, but people don’t. They just have this information- Peter took the newspaper from Seb’s hand and threw it on the table- and that’s not good for IL DIVO.
- What are we going to do now?- Seb asked.
- Well, I called to the newspaper editorial this morning and asked them for an interview to clarify this situation and they agreed. It will be tomorrow at 11 am. Please, Indre and Dafne, inform Urs and Carlos about this.
-Ok- they nodded
Everybody stayed in silence.
- I guess we will fix it… - Peter smiled- Now, tell me, what are you going to do today, guys?
- Indre and I will go to see my best friend, who is here- everyone looked at Dafne with confusion.
- I thought your best friend was in NY
- She lives there, Dave. She just came along with Gabriel, her brother.
- Just for touring?- Seb asked
- No. Gabriel is the general manager of “Attitude” magazine
- Wait a minute, isn’t it the same magazine where Lynnea works?- Peter asked, looking at Seb and David.
- Yes- they both answered. Dafne chuckled while Indre added:
- Actually, Lynnea is Gabriel’s assistant.
- Really? Wow!! World is so small!
- It is, Seb- Indre winked
- So, you’ll be touring with her
- Yes, Pete
- What about you, David?
- I was thinking about touring too. Maybe Seb wants to come with me.
- You can join us if you want, guys- Dafne offered.
- Oh, really? We would love too- Seb answered, as David nodded.
- What about you, Peter?- Indre asked.
- I called Lynn’s mother, Natty. I’ll have lunch with her.
All who were there mischievously smiled and looked at him.
- What?
- Nothing- David answered, smiling

Urs bought a bucket of flowers on his way to see Diana. When he arrived to her door he fix his hair into a ponytail. He was wearing a white shirt with blue jeans. He knocked at the door and was holding the dozen of red roses in front of him. His face was drawing a huge smile. Diana opened the door. She seemed to be a bit sad. He noticed it.
- What’s up, sweetie?- He asked. Diana didn’t answer, she just jumped into his arms, embracing him.
- Nothing… I just need to feel you close to me- She answered. He softly took her apart and kissed her forehead.
- Is this for Lynnea?
She nodded.
- Come on, baby. You don’t have to feel bad. Let’s go in- Urs and Diana went into the room and she put the flowers in water. Then sat on the bed next to him.
- She said I betrayed her
- You didn’t my love
- In some way I did- she rolled her eyes- It was never my intention to hurt her.
- I know. Look, Lynn is a good and reasonable person. She’s upset now and I guess she’s in her right. But I’m sure she will think the things and will understand once anger comes down.
- You think that?
- Yes. Come on!! Smile!! Now we can be together and there’s nothing in the world I want more than kiss and hug you- he tenderly kissed her lips- I love you, Diana. I love you since the beginning of my life and I’ll do it ‘till my last day. I knew you before I knew myself. I’ll be always with you. I’ll protect you. I’ll live just to love you- he kissed her again.
- I love you too, Urs. Just your love makes me strong.- They kissed again. It was like if their lips have magnets attracting each other’s.
- What about if we give a walk?- Urs asked.
- I would love too, but I’m going to see Dafne and Indre. They’re just to arrive. I need to go to the lobby and wait for them right there.
- Mmmm… well, maybe dinner?- he wrapped his waist.
- Ok- Diana smiled, kissing his chin.- Now, let’s go downstairs.
- Did I already tell you that I love you?
- Yes, you did- he giggled- but it’s time to go- Diana answered, winking.
- Ok- he rolled his eyes- I’ll be impatiently waiting for tonight…
They went out taking their way straight to the lobby. Once there, they started talking:
- I don’t know what will Gabriel say when he finds out that we are together now
- Will he get mad?
- I don’t know- Diana shrugged- Maybe he will think about Lynnea. You know something? I think he likes her.
- Oh, really? That would be good. Maybe with him, maybe with him Lynnea can find her happiness.
Suddenly, Urs cell phone interrupted their conversation:
- It’s Carlos- he said- I’ll answer. – he walked a bit away. Diana felt happy: she finally was with the only guy she had loved. She was thinking about it when saw at the distance Dafne and Indre entering to the place. Also David and Sebastien were coming behind them. Diana walked over to them and greeted:
- Hello!
- Hey, sis!- Dafne hugged her.
- Hi Diana!!
- Hi Indre!!
- Please, let me introduce the huís. These are Sebastien and David. She’s Diana.
- Nice to meet you.- they 3 said, shaking hands and openly smiling.
- Dafne has talked us too much about you- Seb commented.
- I hope good things…
- Imagine how good they are that now I wanna marry you- David joked. Everyone laughed.- No, really, Diana. Dafne always says you are like sisters.
- Yes, we are- Diana answered.
- In that moment, Urs was walking back to them.
- Urs!!- David exclaimed.
- Hey, Dave
- What are you doing here?- Seb asked with confusion.
- I came to visit my girlfriend.
- Is Lynn in this hotel?
- I’m not talking about Lynnea- Urs wrapped Diana’s waist.
- I don’t understand- David stated.
- Lynnea and I are not a couple anymore
- What are you talking about?- Seb questioned.
- Diana is the girl I told you. And now we are together
- Congratulations, sis!!
- Thanks, Daf
- I don’t understand anything but I think you make a wonderful couple, don’t you think so, guys?- Indre said asking David and Sebastien. This last one erased his smile from his face and said.
- Do you changed Lynnea for this girl?- Izambard looked pejoratively at Diana from top to bottom.
- Seb, please…- David whispered- Don’t pay attention to him, Diana. He’s just joking.
- No, I’m not
- What’s your problem, Sebastien?- Urs angrily asked.
- I don’t have any problem. The only one who has a problem here is you. You are the one who changed a treasure for trash…
Urs turned furious and got closer to him. Diana held his arm and exclaimed:
- Urs, stop!!
- What’s wrong with you?- Dafne asked Sebastien.
- Nothing. I’m gonna go. This is repulsive – He turned around and left them there.
- I guess I need to talk with him. Excuse me. Diana, it was a pleasure- David said, leaving too. Urs tightly hugged his beloved girl.
- Don’t worry, babe.
-Why he said such horrible things?- Dafne asked.
- I don’t know. He likes Lynnea so much. Actually, they love each other as brother and sister- Urs exclaimed.
- It doesn’t give him the right to treat Diana as he did.
- I know, Indre, I know…- he sighed.
- “He will listen to me”- Dafne thought. Sebastien had hurt one of the most important people in her life: her best friend.

- I miss Sansón
- Don’t worry about him. He’s ok. I took him home and my little sister is happily taking care of him.
- Do you think I’ll come back home today?- Myriam asked Josh.
- Dr. Nest said that maybe you can. We just have to wait the tests results.
Myriam’s face turned worried.
- Calm down, beautiful. Everything will be ok.
- I have a bad presentiment.
- Don’t think bad things..
In that moment, Dr. Nest entered to the room.
- Good morning, Miss Trejo. How do you feel today?
- Not as good as I would like, but also I can’t complain- Myriam stated.
- Well, let’s check you.- He checked her vital signs.
- So, can I leave the hospital?
- First, I need to talk with you about the tests I made you.
- Is everything ok?- Josh asked.
Dr. Nest cleared his throat and seriously stared at them:
- The results of the tests show that…..

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- Peter, can I talk to you for a while?
- Of course, Carlos. Take a seat- the manager answered. He was sitting in a bench of one of the hotel gardens- I’m glad about you finally went out of that room.
Carlos cleared his throat.
- I need to ask you something… You know I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t important for me… but it is… too much important.
- What is it?
- I want to fly to NY tonight…. I need to see Cyd and explain everything to her. I’m turning crazy without her. I can’t resist one more second without her and our baby…
- Well, your request doesn’t surprise me and I think that’s the best you can do: to tell her the complete story. But tomorrow we have an interview…
- An interview?
- Yes. You don’t know but yesterday David had a problem in a nightclub.
- What kind of problem?- Carlos asked, stroking the shadow of beard that was appearing on his face. Peter explained him all what happened. Carlos was amazed.
- Oh, I see. Why always, bad intentioned people publish incorrect information in the news?
- I don’t know Carlos, but as you see it’s necessary to clarify everything as soon as possible.
- Yes, I understand. I guess my flight needs to wait- he said, a bit disappointed. Peter noticed it and felt totally bad for the spanish singer.
- I don’t think it’s necessary that you go to the interview. We can say you had to fix some personal things- Peter winked. Carlos smiled.
- Are you sure, Pete?
- Absolutely. Come on, go and fix everything with your lady.
- Thank you- they both stood up and Carlos gave a fraternal hug to the manager.

Myriam was still crying. She couldn’t believe what doctor said.
- Come on, honey, calm down- Josh was trying to comfort her, as he was driving her home.
- How do you ask me that?! Didn’t you listen to him? I need an open-heart surgery!! Do you have idea of how am I feeling?
Josh stood in silence. In the deep of his heart, he was afraid for her. Dr. Nest said it was a strange sickness that just 1 in 10,000 person gets, ant the only way to cure it was that surgery, that, in addition, was extremely risk and complicated and not any doctor was allow to practice.. The problem was also time… It had to be soon, if not, Myriam’s heart could stop working.
- Its going to be worst if you don’t take it easy. Dr. Nest also said he would let you come back home only if you promise you would rest and be calm. – Josh reminded her. She stood in silence, trying to stop crying, but it was difficult. Many thoughts were filling her minds… actually, bad thoughts.
- What about if I die?
- You won’t!!! And don’t even mention it. You have many things to do yet… You have many people who love you: you can’t give up!!!
- I am scared, Josh. Dr Nest said I must be operated before a month, if not, it could be too late. Where will we find the doctor to do it?
- I promise I’ll find the best cardiologist. It doesn’t matter if I have to move sea and land, I’ll bring you the best doctor…
- Thanks for your support, Josh
- You don’t have anything to thank. I’ll be here with you always, don’t matter what happen, I’ll be beside to support you always, never doubt it- he kissed her hand.
- Why me??- Myriam was desperately asking.- Why if I have never hurt anyone, if I always tried to help the other ones? I can’t understand!!
- Things always happen for some reason… I’m sure you’ll go through this like a winner…
They arrived to Myriam’s apartment and Josh helped her to go bed.
- Please, bring me Sansón. I want him to be with me.
- I will- Josh said, kissing her forehead. – If you need something, call me. I’ll be back in a couple of hours with your doggie.
- Thanks
After some minutes, Josh left. Myriam couldn’t stop crying. She was thinking about how her life changed with that new.
-“What about if I can’t do it? I want to live… I want to love… to have a family, my own family… I don’t want to die!! God, help me please!!! Don’t leave me. I need you more than ever!!
Meanwhile, Josh took out his cell phone and dialed a number:
- Diana? There’s something you need to know…

Gabriel was knocking at his sister’s room, but didn’t receive any answer.
-She’s not there- Natty told him- She went out an hour ago, moreless.
- She didn’t mention anything.
- I saw her when she was leaving. I was in my way to the spa. Lynn paid me a session
- Oh, great!!. And, where is Lynnea?
- She went out for a walk. After what happened yesterday with your sister my daughter wanted some distraction.
Gabriel looked at her with confusion.
- What happened?- he asked
- Oh, sorry!! I thought you knew
- What it is supposed I have to know?
- I think I’m not the correct person to explain you.
- Please, Mrs. Wright. Everything about my sister is my business.
- Sorry, son, I can’t tell you..
- Don’t worry mom- Lynnea appeared behind them.- I’ll tell him
- Oh! See you later, Gabriel- Natty said, entering into her room. Gabriel noticed the extremely sadness inside Lynnea’s beautiful eyes. It seemed she had been crying for hours. He wanted to hold her tight, but didn’t. He was afraid to be rejected.
- What’s going on, Lynn?
Lynnea explained everything to Gabriel with all the details. He was amazed about the story. He couldn’t believe Urs was in love of Diana and even that she hide it to him. He felt betrayed too. Also, because he was witness of the thousand times Lynnea tried to get close to his sister offering her friendship.
- How could Diana do this? I don’t recognize her!! She will listen to me
- It doesn’t have any sense, Gabriel. Urs loves her, and I can dare to say that more than his own life.
- But you…
- It’s not about me, it’s about feelings. He can’t force himself to love me when his heart belongs to her
- I won’t accept that relation!! Diana must leave him. He was your boyfriend and you were happy with him. As I told you , they both will listen to me…

- It’ll be better if you explain me what’s the matter with you- Urs told Sebastien when he arrived to his place, where Seb was in the suite watching T.V.
- I don’t have anything to say…
- You’re pathetic
- Guys, don’t…- David tried to calm them down, but neither Urs nor Seb payed attention to him.
- Pathetic? Me? I’m not the one playing with the feelings of the woman who loves me
Urs sarcastically smiled and stared at him:
-Are you sure? Maybe you have a hidden secret. At least, I was always sure about finding Diana and that she was the owner of my life. I never lied to Lynnea. What about you with Paulette?
- What are you trying to say?
- Nothing… just that it’s very easy to judge the others when we also have our own life. Think about it, Sebastien. Think about you and leave me alone. That’s all what I can say…- Urs turned around and was walking up to his room. Sebastien stood a bit in silence, but then said:
- There’s any doubt…. That…. girl changed you, Urs. You’re anything what you used to be. – Urs stopped his walk and turned over to Sebastien.
-You’re right, because without her I was anything. My life began when she appeared. That’s true love, Sebastien. And I’m disappointed that you, the eternal love defendant, can’t understand what am I talking about. We are friends, Seb, but I will not let you to get in my life the way you are doing, and, moreover, I woun’t let you insult Diana- Urs stated, getting into his room, closing the door behind him.
- I hate to say this, but Urs is right- David stated- Anyone has the right to tell him what to do with his life. We are witnesses of his love for that girl… Diana. And we should support him.
- Have you thought about Lynnea?- Seb asked
- Yes. And certainly she must be suffering, but she’s pretty, smart, fun… she’ll find someone else.
- You don’t understand anything!!- Sebastien exclaimed, getting out of the suite.

Cyd was checking her voice mail messages. She had 27. All coming from Carlos.
-“Please, honey, answer the phone”
- “ Cyd, let me talk to you. I can explain everything”
-“Sweetheart, I love you…”
- “Don’t do this to us and to our baby”
- “I miss you, Cyd. Give me another chance”
- “Are you there? Please, take this call”

Those were some of the messages. Cyd was lying on bed. She was tired: tired of tears, tired of pain, tired of love… She caressed her belly: “We’ll be fine, sweetheart”- she lovely told her baby, while a tear ran down her cheek. A knock at her door interrupted her:
-Come in
- Sweetie, guess who is here?
- Carlos? – she asked, showing a bit excitement in her voice.
- No- her mother answered-
- So?
- Alexander
- Oh!!- she said with disappointment.- What is he doing here?
- I thought it would be nice for you to talk with your best friend
- Mom, I don’t want to see anybody
- Please, Cyd. You can’t be crying the whole day long. It will be bad for your baby. You can talk with Alex… It will help you to feel better. Life continues, Cyd!!
- But mom…
- Please, honey.
- Ok- Cyd rolled her eyes, not too much convinced- Tell him I’m coming.
- Great!
Cyd stood up and wiped tears from her face. Alexander was her best friend, the guy with who she shared her youth adventures. She certainly wanted to see him, but not in that moment. She just wanted to be thinking about Carlos and how life could be wonderful beside him…Anyway, Alexander was there. She went out from her room and went downstairs:
- Hey, sexy bomb!!- He greeted, hugging her tight.
- Hey!
- You look wonderful!!
- Liar!!
- It’s true- he confirmed, getting apart from her- I’m glad to see you again. We have many things to talk… How you doing, bunny?
- Well, I’m pregnant
- Are you? !! Congratulations!!- he hugged her again. But Cyd began crying. He caressed her head…
- Oh, bunny… calm down…. Do you want to go out for a walk and talk about it?
She nodded. She felt safe with Alexander’s support.

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- What’s going on, Di?- asked Indre.
- Myriam….- Diana was trying to hold tears back into her eyes
- Who was at the phone?- Dafne asked
- Josh… He told me Myriam is very sick…
- David’s Myriam?- asked Dafne again, concerned. Diana nodded.
- What does she have?
- I didn’t understand very well, is about her heart. Josh said something about the left ventricle is where the right ventricle must be… she needs a surgery soon. Her doctor says it’s very complicated…. Gosh!! That’s why she was so tired during the last month!! I need to go back there and be with her. She’ll need all my support.
- I’m so sorry, sis- Dafne embraced her best friend.
- I don’t want to lose another friend- Diana cried- I already lost Luis, I don’t want to lose Myriam

- You won’t, Diana. You must be optimistic, medicine is too much advanced now-a-days. Your friend will be fine- said Indre, caressing Diana’s shoulder. Suddenly, she realized what Dafne had asked: “David’s Myriam?” Could that be possible? Was that Myriam, Diana’s friend, the girl of who David was in love? – Indre thought, but she didn’t ask anything, it wasn’t the correct moment.
- Indre is right. Surgeons are more capable now that 15 years ago
- I just want her to be fine! She’s such a sweet, nice and good person… the first one who offered me her friendship when I most needed to have a close friend! I need to go back as soon as possible!!

After spending the afternoon with her friends, Diana went back to her place, she had to get ready for dinner with Urs. Dafne and Indre went back to theirs, either.
Indre and Dafne arrived to the hotel and both of them looked at Sebastien entering at the same time.
- Hey girls, how was your day?- he sarcastically asked.
- Good… we spent a lovely time with Diana- Dafne answered, noticing his tone of voice.
- Yes, she’s so nice that it’s almost impossible not to feel good with her- Indre added.
- I prefer not to talk about her- Sebastien said.
- Excuse me… I would love to take part in this conversation but I need to go to the bathroom- Indre said.
- I’m coming with you- Dafne repplied.
- Wait, Dafne, we need to talk
When Indre left, Sebastien started the conversation:
- What happen to you? Are you upset?
- Should I?
- I don’t know. You can tell me…
- Why you said that bunch of horrible things against Diana?
- Oh, I must suppose it was that. Ok, I’ll answer: Hadn’t you noticed it? Your friend is a….- he stopped and breath deeply- I can’t say it because I respect you….
Dafne’s eyes turned angry:
- I can’t understand… you don’t even know her!!
- I don’t need to know her to realize what kind of lady she is. That just in case that we can say she’s a lady…
- Enough, Sebastien!! I won’t let you say those things about her!!
- I don’t need your permission to express my opinion!!
- I never thought you could be so nasty. You think you have the right to judge other people.
- I’m not judging anyone!! I’m just saying what I think. Urs is an hypocrite who was playing with Lynnea while was telling love words to your friend. I’m sure she did everything to drive him crazy without caring he had a relation… Lynnea didn’t deserve what they both did to her. She thought Urs was really interested in having a serious relation with her.
- It’s very easy to see what’s wrong with the others, but, haven’t you thought about you’re doing the same with Paulette?
- It’s different!!- Sebastien yelled.
- Why? Because it’s about you?- This time Dafne raised her voice.
- No!! It’s different because I… Because I love Paulette
Dafne felt how tears were quickly filling her eyes. She tried to smile to show indifference, biting her lip, but was difficult… Sebastien’s words hurt her so much. She turned around and was decided to leave him there.
- Dafne, I….- he held her arm.
- Don’t say anything else- she shook her arm to take it apart from him- I already listened what I had to…
- I’m not like Urs! I can’t be like him!!
- I know you’re anything beside Urs. He had the braveness to fight for his real love against everyone. He was able to accept his feelings without caring of what people would say… No, Sebastien, you’re not like him…
- Don’t try to make me feel bad!! After all, I never forced you to be with me and I never talked you about love. Everything what I feel for you is passion. You knew since the beginning that I had a relation and you accepted this affair. But what could I expect having a friend like that Diana??
Dafne slapped his face with anger.
- St**id!! What are you trying to say?? Go away and never again get close to me, ok?? Go to hell!!- she walked away. He wanted to stop her, but he didn’t. He was against to accept he needed her.
- You’ll come back to me, because you love me- he thought, looking how Dafne was entering into the elevator.
- I’ll never be with you again, Sebastien… ever!!- she thought, wiping a tear from her cheek.
She arrived to her floor. When the elevator door was opened, she found Urs in front of her.
- Hey!- he greeted.
- Hey- Dafne forced herself to smile. He noticed she was trying to hide she was crying.
- Are you ok, Daf?
- Yes. Are you going to see Diana?- she tried to change the topic.
- Yes- Urs answered, smiling with joyness.
- Good
- Dafne, are you sure you’re ok?- in that moment, tears appeared in her eyes. – You’ll lose the elevator…
- I can wait for the other one- he winked- Tell me, it’s about Sebastien, right?
Dafne looked at him with surprise, shown by her wide eyes.
- How do you know?
- I saw you both yesterday in the garden
- You must be thinking I am a …
- I don’t think anything- Urs interrupted- I accept that it surprised me, but I didn’t think anything bad.
So, Dafne openly began crying and Urs hugged her…
- What a beautiful scene!!- Sebastien said, appearing in the hall, clapping. Dafne jumped apart from Urs- What’s next? Now you noticed Diana isn’t enough for you and you discover you better prefer Dafne?- he sarcastically asked.
- I won’t answer to that silly question- Urs answered.
- Why? You don’t know how to explain it?
- First of all, I don’t have to explain anything to you. And you know something? I’m getting tired of you and your sarcasms. What do you pretend? If you’re unhappy with your life that’s not my fault, go and live your unhappiness with someone interested on it, not me.- Urs repplied with anger in his eyes.
- I can notice I wasn’t wrong about what I told you in the lobby just few minutes ago- Sebastien said, staring at Dafne.
- You know something? I don’t care about what you say or think about me. Any comment coming from an intent of man like you doesn’t interest me. And now, I’m sorry, but I have things to do. We can continue talking later, Urs.
- Of course- He answered, as Dafne left.
- I told you that Diana was really nothing for you, just a caprice. Now, your next objective is Dafne…
- I will pretend I hadn’t listen to your comment. What’s the matter with you, Sebastien? If you continue behaving in this way, you’ll lose everything, even the people around you. You’ll stay alone. And now, excuse me, I need to go- The door of the elevator was opened and Urs got in, leaving a thoughtful Sebastien behind him.

David went with Carlos to the airport. He knew Marin needed all the support to go through the difficult situation he was living. They were in silence. Carlos was just thinking about the words he would use to explain everything to Cyd. Also he was scared: what about if Cyd doesn’t trust him? Or even worst, what about if she doesn’t want to listen to him?

David understood Carlos silence, so, he wasn’t talking to him. He knew his friend must be nervous. David thought the best thing he could do to support him was to respect that silence. Suddenly, the flight were announced:

- That’s your flight- David announced.
- What?- Carlos got out of his world.
- That your flight was announced.
Carlos sighed.
- I didn’t notice… Thanks for everything, Dave!!
- No problem.
They both walked to the entrance of the boarding room.
- Ok, buddy, see you later. Go and bring Cyd back with you!!- David winked, hugging his friend, slapping his back.
- I will, Dave.
- Good luck!!

Diana was getting ready when someone knocked at the door. She smiled about the fact of knowing it was Urs. She was just missing to put her earrings on, but she opened:
- Hey baby!!- he greeted, hugging her tight and kissing her lips.
- Hey!!- She happily answered.
- You look gorgeous- he said.
- And you look very handsome. I love when you leave your hair like that- she stated, looking Urs’ curly hair free- Actually, I always love how you look.
- Not better than you, my love. You’re beautiful!!- she blushed. She was wearing brown jeans, beige shirt and high heels. He was wearing black jeans with a light blue shirt and a black jacket.
- Thanks- she answered as he kissed her softly on her lips.
- I have something for you- Urs took out from his jacket a tiny box and gave it to her.
- What is it?- she asked with excitement.
- Open it…
So she did.
- Oh, Urs!! It is a half of heart- Diana was impressed to see the white golden charm hanging from a necklace.
- But give it a look…
Diana took it out and stared at it:
- It has your name printed!! Where is the other half?
Urs showed his neck to her, where the other half of heart was hanging.
- That’s so sweet!!- she said, embracing him- Thank you!!
- You’re welcome…. Can I put it on you?
- Of course!!- Diana moved her hair to one side to let Urs place the charm.
- That means that you and I will always be just one heart…
- I love you, Urs!!
He answered kissing her. Suddenly, they were interrupted by a knock in the door.
- Are you waiting for someone?
- No… I’m not…
Diana opened the door and found Gabriel standing in front of her. He didn’t ask authorization and just got in. He was surprised when found Urs there.
- I’m glad to see you both together, because I want to talk to you- he said in a serious way. Diana closed the door and went to hold Urs hand.
- When were you thinking to tell me what was happening?
- Look, Gabriel, I can explain…
- I’m asking to my sister- he firmly said. Urs stood in silence. Diana cleared her throat.
- Bro, I was going to tell you.
- Oh, really? When?. He asked, sarcastically.
- Today
- Come on, Diana!! This is not from today. This is from long time ago. How could you do this to Lynnea? She’s suffering.
- Do what?- she asked, rolling her eyes- I hadn’t do anything to her
- Of course you did. You stole her boyfriend…
- Wait a minute- Urs took part- Diana couldn’t steal something that was already hers. And also, what do all you want? You’re always saying Diana and I can’t be together because it was supposed me to be with Lynn because she is suffering: Do you think she would be happier to be beside a man that doesn’t love her? Would that be the best for her?- Gabriel stood in silence. Urs continued- I think it’s not fair for a person like Lynnea to be living a love that doesn’t exist when she can find somebody who can really appreciate her. In other side, everybody is just thinking about Lynnea, does anybody care about Diana’s and my feelings?
- Ok. I understand that you love each other. But you should have thought that there were a third person feelings involved, in this case, Lynnea’s. I think that what was wrong was that you hid your relation all this time, and you, Urs, were still Lynnea’s boyfriend.
- You’re right on that, but, Gabriel, I swear I love your sister. Lynnea doesn’t deserve to have someone that doesn’t love her. She’s such a nice girl that she deserves the best… Please, don’t be against our relation. I love your sister more than anything in the world.
- Gabriel?- Diana asked, waiting for an answer.
Gabriel stared seriously at them. Urs hugged his beloved one from her shoulder, expecting an answer:
- You must swear you’ll make her happy- he finally said, smiling at them. Diana and Urs looked at each other with happiness as Bühler answered:
- I will. I swear it

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Natty and Peter had spent a wonderful evening together. First, they went to a restaurant for lunch, and after that, they went to the theatre. Luckily, the play was in English, so they could understand everything. And, finally, they were just walking around the city. They both were amazed about how many things in common they had: they both were 53 years old, had one daughter and were widows. Peter felt fantastic to have found someone who could understand his feelings: yes, he was happy, he loved his daughter, but he felt a hole in his heart, an empty space that was begging to be fill… he needed a lover, a partner with who share his successes and fails, and Natty needed the same, but both of them were afraid to begin something new after all those years of loneliness.
- What if she thinks I’m too old to play this romance games? – he was thinking.
- What if he thinks that I’m acting like a teenager trying to live an adventure? – Natty thought.
They arrived to Natty’s place and in the deepest of their hearts, were sad because the day had gone pretty fast.
- It was a pleassure to spend this evening with you, Natty. I hope it won’t be the last time and you’ll accept another invitation from me
- Of course I will. I enjoyed very much your company. Thanks for everything
- You’re welcome.- both of them stood in silence, then, Peter said:
- Ok, I gotta go. I’ll call you soon
- I’ll be waiting- she winked.
- Good night, Natty- he kissed her hand in a very soft way.
- Good night, Peter!!

- Tell me more about you, my love. I want to know everything about you.- Urs told Diana, as they were enjoying a delicious dinner.
- What do you want to know?
- Mmmm… maybe, how did you meet Dafne?
- Ok, it’s a fun story. We were in 2nd semester of high school in the same school, but in different classrooms. One day, Dafne arrived very late to her history class without permission, so the teacher didn’t let her get in to his class. But there was a rule that said any student could be walking around the halls during class time, and there were supervisors checking that the students respect that. If someone found you breaking the rule, you could receive a bad conduct report, and with the third, they could drop you out of the school. So, Dafne got the idea of asking another teacher who was her friend to leave her hide in the classroom in which he was giving class, that was also mine. The professor let her do it. So, Dafne sat on one aisle, next to my desk. Everything was going good, but suddenly, the principal entered: Mr. Lopez. In that moment, I let Dafne to move down my desk, covering her with my legs. Mr. Lopez went to talk us about accident prevention. He was walking through the aisles, and you know, he walked by the one where Dafne was. Luckily, she was already hidden down my desk, but I was really nervous. I don’t know how was my face, that Mr. Lopez walked towards me and stood just 1 meter in front of me, asking:
- Please, Diana, stand up and tell me 3 ways to act during an earthquake?
- Sorry, sir, I can’t stand up- I managed to answer, but I was really nervous and hesitating.
- Why?- he asked me, walking closer.
- I…. I… hurt my ankle.
- Come on, Diana! I saw you running before entering to the class
- I fell down in here. I stumbled with a backpack that was on the floor.
- Are you sure? I don’t see any bag on the floor- In that moment, the recess bell rang. I felt relieved. The director left and Dafne was very thankful with me. Since that day, we became friends.
- That is really a fun story!!- Urs chuckled.
- Yes, I know. Dafne is something of the best that have happened to me. We have shared many moments together, some goods, some bads, but always together. She was my support when my parents had that horrible accident where lost their life and when Gabriel found a job in NY and I wanted to stay in Mexico… She’s great!! That’s why we always say that more than friends, we are sisters….
- It’s beautiful to have a close friend like her!! I agree with you, she’s great
- Yes. For me was really difficult to go away from her when I moved to live with Gabriel and to know that she would be so far… Also because I had just lost Luis- Diana’s eyes turned teary. It still hurt her to think about the day when Luis was murdered- but then, when I thought everything was dark, you appeared in my life saying you loved me… You helped me to feel strong when I was weaker than ever. Also Myriam’s and Josh’s friendship helped me…
- Who are them?- Urs distractedly asked.
- 2 friends I made. Actually, you know them. Myrim is David’s friend.
- That Myriam??!!- Urs asked surprised. Diana nodded.
- And Josh is her boyfriend, right?
- No- Diana shook her head. Urs looked at her with confusion. – It is a long story!!
- She did it for David, didn’t she?
- Something like that- Diana stated.
- She’s a nice girl. How is she?
- Bad. Actually, I need to talk to Gabriel and tell him that I wanna fly back to NY as soon as possible.
- Why?
- Myriam needs me. She’s sick. A heart disease. I didn’t know really what she has, but she needs a surgery, and soon. Josh called me and said she is devastated.
- What did doctors said?
- Her doctor said that it will be a bit difficult and risk surgery and that not any cardiologist is allow to practice it.
Urs stood in silence, thinking.
- I guess we can do something- he finally said.
- What is it?
- You’ll see- he took out his cell phone and dial a number.
- Hey bro!! Where are you?…. Good. I’m at “Köstlichkeit” , do you think you can join me here?…. Yes, I’m with her….. Trust me, it’s important….Ok, I’ll see you here.
- Who was it?
- David
- What?!! No, Urs!! I don’t think Myriam would like that David knows what is happening to her.
- Look, honey. David is son of one of the most prestigious cardiologists, not only in Europe, but in the world: Dr. Percy Miller. Maybe he can help us.
- Really?- Diana smiled with hope.- Well, being like that, I don’t care if Myriam gets mad with me for telling David.
After an hour, moreless, David arrived to the restaurant and joined Urs and Diana at their table. He nicely greeted the girl and took a seat.
- Sorry for the delay, but there was a lot of traffic from the airport to here.
- Did Carlos already go?
- Yes- David nodded- he was very nervous. Anyway, I don’t think you asked me to come to talk about Carlos, did you?
- No- Urs stated- If I called you is because we need your help
- My help? For what?
- I’ll explain you- Diana took part- Look, David, one of my friends is really sick. She has a heart disease that just can be fix with a surgery. Doctors said it is very risk and complicated and they are trying to find a good specialist to practice it. She doesn’t have too much time… a month, maybe two.
- I’m sorry about it… Jesus! It is always hard to listen to this kind of cases, how old is she?
- 32
- She’s too young to be sick… But, I don’t understand, how can I help you?
- Urs told me that your father is a recognized cardiologist.
- Oh, I got it. Do you want me to call him and ask if he can do it?
- I would really appreciate that
- Listen, Diana, my dad is a very busy man. I can’t assure you he will help us.
- I know, and I’m very sorry about asking you this, I just met you today, but she’s my friend, and worths the intent to try…
- You’re right. As you say, I’ll try- David said, taking his cell phone out- he was dialing when Urs interrupted:
- Dave
- What?- he stopped pressing the buttons, staring at the swiss guy.
- Do your best. Do it for that girl
- I will. I don’t even know her, but I will be happy if I can do something for her.
- You DO know her- Urs stated
- Sorry?
- Dave, that lady is Myriam- Urs said.
Miller looked at them with amazement and some seconds later, began nervously chuckling, but then, noticed that neither Urs nor Diana were seconding him. They were seriously looking at him, so he stopped.
- It’s a joke, right?
- I’m sorry, David, but Urs is telling the truth.
- No!! This can’t be true!! You must be kidding me!! Myriam can’t be so sick!!- he exclaimed.
- Unluckily, she is- Diana answered.
- I don’t understand a word. How do you know her?
- I met her at the cafeteria where she works, one day with Urs. But we became friends when Sansón, her little doggie, ran towards me in a park.
- Tell me that’s not true. Tell me she’s fine- David begged and without even noticing had a lumb in his throat. He felt his world turning upside down. In that moment he wanted to be in Myriam’s place, to change his life for hers. He couldn’t accept the idea of his Myriam so sick.
- Please, Dave, help her- Diana begged.
David immediately returned to his cell phone trying to calm himself:
- Dad? Hey, it’s me…

Sebastien was in his room, walking from one side to another. He was thinking in the scene he had seen: Urs and Dafne covered by an embrace.
- I should suppose it! She’s like the b**ch she has of friend!! God made them and they joined. And Urs, what the h*ll happens with him? Isn’t it enough for him to have that girl? Now, he also wants Dafne- Sebastien was completely out of mind, he couldn’t resist to see Dafne with Urs but also didn’t want to accept he was jealous.
- She can do whatever she wants, I don’t care. She doesn’t worth even my thoughts. I love Paulette and that’s everything that really has sense for me… everything else is just garbage.
Suddenly, he brought to his mind the images of the time he made love to Dafne and of those kisses full of passion.
- It’s time to finish with that- he commanded to himself, shaking her head, getting out of his thoughts- And I know the perfect way to do it and recover my life- he took out his cell phone and dial Paulette’s number. After some rings, she answered:
- Hello, Seb!!
- Hi, darling. Sorry for calling you so late, but there’s something important I want to ask you…
- Don’t worry for the time, sweetie. What is it?
He cleared his throat, he was afraid of asking. He knew that her answer could change his life forever.■Would you marry me?

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The next morning, Wolfgang Schwartz was preparing everything for the interview with IL DIVO. He was going to be in charge to do it. He had prepared some simple questions. He was at his office, waiting them to arrive. Ten minutes later, his assistant informed the guys were there. He commanded her to guide them to the meeting room and so she did. He took his pocket-recorder out from his desk and did the same with a notebook where the questions were written and went up to where the guys were waiting.

- Good morning!!- He greeted. Wolfgang was a nice tall man, very easy-going. He was the typical german guy: punctual, a bit cold and very efficient. He was 35 years old.
- Good morning!- The guys answered, stretching their hands with his. Immediately, Schwartz eyes met her: one of the ladies who were also there… She was like a dream for him, he had never saw another woman like her…
Peter introduced himself and also introduced Dafne and Indre. Wolfgang stayed impressed with one of them.
- She’s beautiful- he thought, smiling at her. He was lost in her wonderful wide eyes. She noticed it, and also felt a bit attracted for that man, but she was in love of another guy. She also new that her love was impossible. He said he loves other woman.
- Someone is missing, right?- Schwartz asked to Peter.
- Yes… Carlos couldn’t come. He had something important to do. Personal stuff.
- Ok, so, can we start now?
- Of course!!
Everybody sat around a table. Wolfgang started with the questions:
- David, would you like to tell us what happened the other night in that nightclub?
- I was having some fun with a friend. I left her some minutes to bring some drinks. A guy began bothering her. I just defended her
- Is that true that you hit him?
- Yes, it is. He was offending her and I had to stop him- David accepted- Then, when we were leaving the place, he hit me back…
- So, isn’t it true that he asked you an autograph and you refused to give it to him?
- That’s totally false- David answered- I would never hit someone for asking an autograph. That’s a silly thing. I always agree to give autographs to our fans. He was forcing her to kiss him, so, I guess that any man in my place would do the same I did…
- That lady, your companion, is she your girlfriend?
David chuckled
- No, she is just a friend.- Indre felt bad when listened to David’s answer. She found out that David just wanted her as a friend. “But why? Why can’t he fall in love with me?”- she thought, biting her lip. David continued- Actually, she works for IL DIVO, and we are very close friends, just that.
- Thank you, David, for clarifying everything. Now, I have some questions also for the other guys. And obligatory question that your fans always request: are you in love?
- Yes- Urs was the first to answer- Totally and deeply in love. I found the girl with I want to spend the rest of my life. I’m happier than ever!!
- Does she also work for IL DIVO?
- No, she’s apart from all this…- Urs smiled.
- Thanks, Urs. What about you, Sebastien?
Izambard looked at Dafne, who avoid his glance. Then, he cleared his throat and said:
- Well, it’s not a secret that I have been with my actual girlfriend for a long time. But now, I have something to declare: I’m very glad to inform you that last night I proposed her and she accepted. We will get married in 2 months…
Everyone was surprised. Urs turned his eyes up to Dafne, who was pale. She felt an emptiness in her heart… Indre noticed Dafne’s reaction and held her hand as a support signal, she knew that Dafne, as she was for David, was suffering for Sebastien’s declaration.
- Well, guys, thank you very much for taking your time to answer this questions.
- You’re welcome- they answered. Sebastien felt Urs eyes on him. He knew Urs would kill him in that moment if he could….

Carlos finally arrived to NYC. After getting his baggage, he went straight to Cyd’s apartment. Once out, he breathed deeply and rang the bell. He was nervously biting his lips.
- Calm down. Everything will be ok- he said to himself. Suddenly, the door was opened.
- Cyd!- Carlos exclaimed, trying to hug her, but she moved a step back.
-What are you doing here?- she asked, trying to hide her excitement. Her voice was trembling.
-We need to talk
- We don’t have anything to talk
- Please, hun….
- I said no!!- She yelled.
- What’s going on, darling?- Alexander’s voice sounded, appearing behind the girl. Carlos looked at him surprised and confused at the same time.
- I didn’t know you had a brother…
- Alexander is not my brother- Cyd stated, hugging him.- He is a very close friend of mine.
- Did you spend the night with him?- Carlos asked, a bit angry
- Why should I have to answer that question?
- Because you are my woman!!
- Your what? I thought your woman was the lady with who you slept a night before Marco’s wedding. Actually, she was the bride!!
- Cyd, that’s about what we need to talk. You need to listen to me, my side of the story. Please, honey, don’t close your heart to our love.
The girl turned over to see Alexander, who said:
- I think you should talk with him.
Cyd stared down and then looked into Carlos’ eyes, that were begging an opportunity.
-Ok- she finally agreed- Come in- She moved herself to one side to let him enter.
- I leave you alone. You have many things to tell to each other.
- Thanks, Alex. I’ll call you later today.
- Ok- and he kissed Cyd’s lips with a quick brush of his lips on hers, before leaving. It had been always their way to say good-bye between them. Carlos felt his heart burning jealous, but he knew it wasn’t the correct moment to complain. Cyd guided Carlos to the living room and once there, they started talking.
- He’s a very close friend of you, huh?
- Yes- she coldly answered- but please, don’t tell me that you came to talk about my friends.
Carlos breathed deeply. He was sitting on a coach in front of the one where Cyd was.
- Why you left me without giving me the opportunity to explain everything?
- What did you expect?
- Your confidence. A chance to explain you what happened. Everything is not at it seems…
- Look, Carlos, this is very easy. I just need the truth. Did you sleep with that girl?
- Yes
- So, there’s nothing else we need to talk
- It was a tramp!!
- A tramp?
- Yes…- So he started telling her everything what really happened. Cyd was amazed about the story she was listening to.
-That’s the whole truth… She put something in my drink and when I woke up, I was there, nude, lying next to her…
- Did you love her?
- Of course not!!! I already told you. I was dating with Caroline, Vanessa’s best friend.
- Why should I trust you?
- Because I love you!!- Carlos stood up and walked towards Cyd, kneeling in front of her, holding her hands.- Cyd, you’re everything for me. We need to be together, moreover now that you’re carrying our baby in your belly.
- Marco showed me a picture of her. We are so similar!!
- That’s just a coincidence. Sweetie, I love you for who you are, for how I feel when I’m with you. If I had loved Vanessa, I had stayed with her, after all, she wouldn’t get married with Marco anymore, but not.. I didn’t want to be with her. Trust me, Cyd, I just love you!!
- What happened with Caroline?
- I never saw her again. Please, my love, come back to met. I can’t live without you.
- Are you sure you don’t love me just because I look like her?
- Of course not. I love you because you are you….
Cyd hugged him.
- Oh, Carlos!! I missed you so much!!
Carlos tightly hugged her and felt relief. He whispered:
- Now you, our baby and me will start a new life- Carlos pulled her softly apart form her and taking a little box out from his jeans and opening it, said:
- Cyd, do you want to marry me?
Cyd wide eyes turned teary when saw a diamond ring in front of her.
- Of course I do!!- she answered, with a lump in her throat, while Carlos placed the ring in her finger. After that, they kissed each other with all their love.
- Hey, now, I have a question for you. What was that friend of you doing so early at your home?
- He stayed last night with me. But nothing happened, don’t worry.
Carlos turned serious
- Does he have any intention with you?
Cyd chuckled:
- Who? Alexander? No way!!! Well, maybe his intention is that I can introduce Sebastien to him…
- What?
- He is gay, Carlos….
- Oh, I see!!- Carlos giggled. - I thought he… forget it…. – Marin kissed her again..- Are we alone?
- Yes, my mom is not at home….
They both smiled devilishly… and what happened next is easy to imagine. Two lovers showing how much they needed each other.

- How are you feeling, bunny?- Josh asked Myriam.
- How do you think?- She answered, caressing Sanson’s head, who was lying next to her on her bed. Her voice sounded sad.
- I have to tell you something- Josh sat on the edge of the bed- Diana is flying tonight back here. She called me and said she found a cardiologist that can practice the surgery
- Who is he?
- I don’t know. She said that he is in Los Angeles giving a conference and they will meet tomorrow here in NY.
Myriam deeply sighed.
- What’s up?- Josh asked.
- I appreciate what you guys are doing, but I don’t know why are you doing that: I’ll die anyway…
- Stop saying those things. Myriam, we do everything because we love you. You need to fight for your life!!
- Maybe it will be better if …- she stopped and began crying.
- Honey, I know this is a hard situation to handle, but you can’t give up. You will live and in some months, this will be just a bad memory. Why are you so pesimistic today?
- You know something? Last night I dreamt with David. And the worst is that I would like him to be with me… I need him. Gosh!! I miss him so much!! I don’t want to die without looking at his face at least once more… I need to tell him that I love him from all my heart. Please, Josh, if I die, tell him this- she was crying with all her strenghts.
- Calm down!! This won’t help you to be better- Josh was embracing her, but Myriam couldn’t stop crying…
- I can’t breath- She suddenly said.
- Bunny, what happen?
Myriam couldn’t answer, she was trying to take some air
- Baby, what’s going on?- Josh immediately carried her on and ran out of the apartment. He drove her to the hospital as fast as he could. Once there, she was taken to ER. He had waited for almost 2 hours, when Dr. Nest appeared:
- How is she?- Josh asked.
- I’m sorry…. She is in coma….

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- Honey, please, what about if you come with me for a walk? You have been here since…
- Please, mom, don’t even mention it- Lynnea answered, rolling her eyes
- Lynnea, you have to face it. You won’t win anything avoiding reality. Come on! Stand up and smile to life. You have many good things: you are young, pretty, smart
- Yes!! But I don’t have him! For what I want to have all those things if Urs is no more with me- Lynnea hugged her mother. She couldn’t avoid to feel hurt… she had many ilussions, many dreams that now she won’t never bring to reality.
- You don’t need Urs to be happy, sweetheart. Thin about this: would you be happy of having a man that is not in love with you? I don’t think so!! Urs is not for you. Even if he hadn’t found that girl he had never been happy with you, because that girl had lived always in his memory. Every touch, every caress, every kiss and every love word had always being thinking on her.
- Why mom? Why if the only thing I always did was to love him? I will never love anyone again
- You say that because your heart is hurt. But maybe your tears aren’t letting you see that there’s someone that would do everything to make you happy.
Lynnea looked at her mom, wiping her tears with her hand:
- Why you say that?
- Open your eyes, honey. That’s everything I can say. Now, please, stand up and come with me. A walk will help you to clear your mind.
- Ok- Lynnea forced herself to stand. She took a jacket and then, hand in hand with her mom, left the room.
- Where are you going, ladies?- Gabriel asked, seeing them about to take the elevator.
- I convinced Lynn to get out of that room and have a walk with me.
- Well done- the guy exclaimed. Lynnea weakly smiled. Suddenly, when the door of the elevator was opened, Peter appeared:
- Hello!! – He greeted to the two ladies and Gabriel- Natty, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me tonight? I don’t know, maybe we can have dinner or something?
- Oh, Peter, I would love to, but…- Natty cleared her throat and turned over to see Lynnea
- Go, mom. We can give that walk another day…
- But…
- Go, Natty… I can give that walk with Lynnea, if she wants, of course- Gabriel suggested, looking at the girl.
- I…. Ok.- Lynnea smiled. She wanted to say no, but it was impossible when saw Gabriel’s begging eyes.
-Well, being like that, I can go with you, Peter- Natty stated and the 2 couples got into the elevator, each one taking different ways.

- Dafne? Are you there?….. Please, if you’re there open the door…. We can talk about this….
The door of Dafne’s room was opened.
- Hey- Indre greeted, smiling
- Hey. Come in
- Look at you, Daf! You have been crying all evening, haven’t you?
- No… It’s just a headache that is killing me.
- You can say everything you want, but I know the truth… And I just want to tell you that I understand what are you feeling because I feel in the same way
- You?
Indre nodded. – Daf, you know my feelings for David. The other night we kissed. I thought that maybe it was the beginning of something between us. After that, we kiss some more times during the next days. But now, he changed with me. I don’t know why. And he said what he said in the interview today: we are just friends….- Indre stared down and gave a deep melancholic sigh.
- I know what’s going on with him- Dafne stated.
- Do you?
- Yes. Diana told me that last night she and Urs explained David what was happening to Myriam. This because, as you know, Dave’s dad is a well-known cardiologist, so they thought maybe Dr. Miller could do something for her.
- I should suppose it- Indre felt a lump in her throat.
- I’m sorry, Indre.
- Don’t worry!! You should better feel sorry for David. He is in love with her but is to silly to admit it. Why he just doesn’t accept it and tell her everything instead of being playing with my and her feelings?
Dafne shrugged.
- I don’t know. It seems men just like to play with women, that’s the best thing they know how to do.
- But Myriam loves him either!! David is being selfish, he’s just thinking on him. She must be needing him more than ever.
- Yes. Poor girl.
- I hope David won’t find this out when it is too late!!
- That’s the problem! They want to fix things when there’s anything to do.
- You are telling this for Seb, right?
Dafne stared down and nodded.
- Nobody expected the declaration he made about the wedding.
- I know…
- But what’s wrong with him?
- I don’t know, I can’t recognize him. It’s as if he was other person. He began criticizing Urs and then the way he treated Diana. When I asked him for an explanation he told me horrible things that I don’t even want to remember. Imagine he dared to insinuate there was something between Urs and me!!
- He did what?!- Indre was amazed.
- As you hear. He is completely out of himself.
- Dafne, what really happened between you and him? Did you sleep together?
Dafne broke in crying:
- Yes- he hardly answered- but he says that everything what happened between us was because I’m a…- she stopped to find the words to tell Indre- because I’m like Diana. He thinks she’s the worst woman in the world… you know what I mean.
- He’s an idiot! But I can’t understand why is he so mad about Urs broke Lynnea up?
- I can’t understand, either. I’m sure there’s something hidden, but I don’t know what.
- And now, he will marry with Paulette. I’m sure he is doing this just to prove he’s a honorable man… What a silly thing!!- Indre rolled her eyes in disagreement.
Suddenly, one of the girl’s cell phone rang.
- It’s mine. I’ll answer… Hello?
- Hey, this is Wolfgang Schwartz. I hope you remember me and don’t mind I’m calling you.
- Hey!! Of course I remember you, don’t worry. How can I help you?
- I know you must be confused, but I was wondering if we can have dinner tomorrow…
- E… EH… sure- she nervously answered, hesitating. It took her by surprise.
- Great!- he exclaimed with joyness- Is it good for you at 7 pm?
- Yes…
- Do you want me to pick you up?
- I would prefer to see you at the restaurant
- Sure?
- Yes.
- Ok. What about Geschmark?
- Perfect.
- Ok. So, see you there
They both hung up.
- Who was it?- Her friend asked
- You won’t believe me…- and she explained what just happened.

When Diana arrived to NYC, the first thing she did was to take a taxi and headed off to her apartment. She wanted to take a short nap and a shower before going to Myriam’s apartment, she didn’t know that she was at the hospital again.
Once in her apartment, she fell asleep immediately, it had been a very tiring flight. A couple of hours later, Diana’s cell phone began ringing and for the tune: “Esisti dentro me” melody, she knew it was Urs: She weakly smiled and answered the call:
- Hello, handsome man!!
He chuckled and answered:
- Hello, baby!! I’m glad to listen to you. How was your flight?
- Pretty good, thanks. But I’m a bit tired. Well, that’s normal.
- I would love to go with you. I miss you already
Diana giggled:- I miss you either.
- When are you going to see Myriam?
- I’ll sleep one more hour, then, I’ll take a shower to go with her. Also, I need to pick Dr. Miller at 11 am at the airport.
- Please Diana, keep me informed. And you know: everything you need don’t doubt to give me a call, ok?
- Ok. Thanks.
- Well, I leave you, my love. We have a meeting with Peter. And you need to rest. Think about me, please, as I will be thinking on you.
- I will. You are always in my mind, Urs.
- Remember I love you
- I love you, too!!
- I’ll call you later today.
- I’ll be waiting.
When both of them hung up, Diana fell asleep with the happiness of knowing everything was going really good between Urs and she.
At 9 am, NY time, she was ringing Myriam’s doorbell, without having an answer. She tried some more times, but anything. She opted to call Josh. When he answered, explained her that Myriam was back at hospital. Diana immediately ran out of the building and took her way where her friends were. He found Josh at the waiting room.
- Josh, what happened? Why did she relapse? – Diana hugged the guy, who was really worried about Myriam’s health.
- We were in her apartment. She hasn’t been optimistic neither for a second. I was trying to cheer her up but it was impossible. She began saying things about David, saying she didn’t want to die without seeing him once more. Suddenly, she started crying and said she couldn’t breath. I brought her here and Dr. Nest told me she was in coma.
Diana collapsed on the coach.
- This must not be happening!! He is a young lady, she has a long way to travel through. Why? Why is happening this to her?- Diana was crying. Josh sat next to her and embraced her.
- I don’t have the answers to those questions, Di. This is a hard proof that life is giving us. We, as her friends, have to stay strong to support Myriam.
- Yes, you are right. I hope Dr. Miller will be able to do something for her.
Suddenly, Dr. Nest appeared. The two friends stood up to see what doctor had to say.
- I practice some tests on Myriam- he said, after being introduced to Diana by Josh.
- And?- Diana asked.
- I’m sorry. We don’t have too many hopes. Her heart is getting weaker each second. We need to practice that surgery… time is running and is winning us the battle.

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:42 am


Lynnea woke up with a headache that was driving her crazy. Last night’s walk ended in a bar where she and Gabriel were talking. Gabriel was trying to avoid Urs’ topic even that Lynnea was trying to take it every moment.
She didn’t remember at what time she arrived to her room or the way she did it. It certainly was really late. She had a sick stomach because of alcohol, even she wasn’t used to drink, last night she did it. She could remember Gabriel was asking her not to drink one more cup but she was stubborn saying she needed it.
-Gosh! I need something to eat. That will be the best for my stomach!- She said and hardly stood up from bed and went to the bathroom to have a shower. She got out and dressed herself up with casual clothing: blue jeans, a shirt and flat shoes…
She left her room and walked up to the hotel’s restaurant. When she came back to her room, she was feeling much better. Then, she checked her cell phone. She had forgotten it on the bed.
- 3 missing calls from Sebastien- she whispered, looking at the screen and immediately called him back to see what he needed.
- Hello?
- Hey, Seb
- Lynn, sweetheart, how are you?
- Good, thanks, and you?
- I am. And that’s enough- he chuckled. – I was wondering if I can see you today. We can have lunch together. We have many things to talk.
- I know. I would love to have lunch with you, Sebby.
- Ok. I’ll pick you up at 2 pm. Is that ok for you?
- Yes, sure, sounds great
- So, see you soon
When they hung up, Lynnea began thinking in her relation with Sebastien. They had been friends since IL DIVO began. He was the one who treated her nicer, eventhough everyone was gentle and kind with her, but Sebastien was different. He was the first one who saw her as a friend instead of just “Peter’s assistant”.
She made her face up and changed her shirt for one a little more formal, and also fixed her hair in a ponytail. At 2:00 sharp, Seb was knocking at her door.
They went to a Mexican food restaurant, named: “El jarabe tapatío” that was few blocks away from Lynn’s place.
- What will you order?- Seb asked.
- I don’t know yet: I need to decide between pozole or chiles en nogada. Do you already know what you’ll have?
- Yes. Chilaquiles. I love them!
Some minutes later, a waitress came to ask their order and finally Lynnea decided for pozole. They both asked lemonade to drink.
- I need to tell you something, Lynn: I’ll get married in two months.
- Oh, really?! Congratulations! Paulette is a great girl and you make a wonderful couple.
Seb stared down, drawing a forced smile and playing with his straw.
- You don’t seem to be happy
- I’m not sure I had taken the best decision
- What? Are you kidding? Some months ago you were eager to get married with her.
Sebastien stood in silence.
- Is there someone else?- Lynn deduced.
- Why do you think that?
- The only reason for what a man who says that is in love would change his mind of getting married is because he found another girl… If you don’t believe me, just look at me. I’m the perfect example- she rolled her eyes
- That’s because Urs is not a man, he is an idiot. How do you feel about…. that?
- It’s hard…. I feel him in any part of my skin, I smell his essence everywhere I am…- She sighed- I feel I’m living a nightmare and when I wake up, everything will be normal and he will be with me
- Oh, Lynn, I had never made you that! I had always lived to love you forever. If only you had given me a chance!! – He held her hand over the table. She smiled and answered:
- Seb, that was a long time ago…
The waitress arrived with their dishes and they stood in silence until she put them on the table.
- Thanks- they both said when she finished.
- I know it was a long time ago, but that’s why I’m so mad at Urs. You didn’t accept me because you were in love with him since the beginning and I gave up because the only thing I wanted was your happiness, and I knew he was it. But I had to admit, I will never forget that brush of your lips with mine that evening in Italy.
- It was beautiful, but it shouldn’t have happened. We were just friends and I was concerned about Urs wasn’t paying attention to me. You were trying to comfort me when our lips got together.
- You know something? I wished many times to be in Urs’ place. He was so lucky!! He got what I couldn’t…
- Oh, Seb! You were always in love of love…. And I’m still thinking you’re the guilty of the beginning of my relation with him.
- Why?- Seb devilishly asked.
- You know what you did, Seb! You planned all my encounters with him. You did everything to leave us always alone.
- I did it because I wanted you to be happy with the man you loved. I felt sincerely glad when Urs confessed me he thought he was in love with you, and when you said you were a couple. And actually, you were one of the most beautiful and happy couples I have seen.. That’s why I can’t understand why he could leave you to be with that girl. She’s anything beside you.
- Thanks, Seb. But although it is hard for me to tell this, she’s not a bad girl.
- You say that because you’re an angel, but she’s nasty…
- And Urs prefered her
- I’m sure he will get tired of her soon, he’s just infatuated , but once he takes what he wants he will leave her and come back to you.
- Once he takes what he wants? What do you mean?
- What do you think a man is looking for with a girl like that?
- Do you really think Urs just want “that” with her?
- I can bet it…
- But what about all that story of the moon?
Seb rolled his eyes.
- That’s simply unbelievable. Trash. And if it was true, I don’t think that Diana would be the one he was looking for.
- I would love to think as you do, but against your opinion, I can swear he is in love with her. You should see him when he was talking about her, the bright in his eyes were expressing everything for him, in a way that just a man in love could see his beloved one… I never found that glance on me- Lynnea sighed and gave a try to her pozole.
- I promise I will try everything to show Urs he’s wrong.
- It doesn’t have any sense, Seb.
- Of course it does! I’ll do this for you.
Lynnea shrugged and repplied:
- What about if you better forget Diana and tell me why aren’t you sure anymore of getting married with Paulette? That was our topic at the beginning
Seb gave a sip to his drink.
- I don’t know- he lied
- Tell me the truth Sebastien!- Lynn chuckled
- I thought I had found in Paulette everything I wanted and needed, but then…
- Then what?
- Someone awoke feelings in me that I wasn’t expecting.
- Who is she? Do I know her?
Sebastien nodded
- It’s Dafne
- Peter’s assistant?
- Yes, but I can’t be with her. She’s as her friend and I don’t want a woman as she next to me. It would be like jump a level down as Urs did, and I don’t want to be like him.
- Sorry, Seb, but I think you’re mixing the things. I don’t believe Dafne is such kind of girl.
- I thought the same, but then, I saw her very happy in arms of Urs.
Lynnea looked at him with confusion.
- Are you trying to say that she and Urs…?
- If she did it with me, why she wouldn’t do it with him?
- Do what?
- Sleep together- Seb admitted.
- Seb, maybe you are taking the things from another way. What about if she is in love with you?
- Women like those don’t know how to love
- I’d never listened to you talking like this before. What happened to tender Sebastien?
- I just opened my eyes to real world.
- World is not so dramatic as you’re painting it… Seb, if you are not sure about getting married with Paulette, please, don’t do it.
- That’s a step I have already given and I’m not going to change my mind…

After picking Dr. Miller up at the airport, Diana and he headed off to the hospital. She introduced him to Dr. Nest. Dr. Miller asked for a meeting with him to discuss Myriam’s health status. He wanted to give a look to her tests results and after that, he would check her personally.
- Why you didn’t mention me he was David’s Miller dad?- Josh questioned Diana, a bit upset.
- What would have change? He’s an excellent cardiologist and that’s anything that matters now…
- Sorry. You’re right.
After a couple hours, David’s dad went back to the waiting room where Diana and Josh were waiting for news.
- Well, I already checked all the tests and I suggest to operate her as soon as possible. I already asked for some blood tests because it will be necessary to find a donor for the surgery.
- Ok. Do what you need to do, but save her- Josh answered.
- I will do all my best. But, are you her relative?
- No, I’m just a friend, why?
- Does her family know?
- She has never told us anything about her family. Just that they don’t have a good relationship- Diana answered.
- Mmmm…. In this case, I need someone to be responsible of this surgery and sign these papers.
- I will- Josh answered quickly.
Meanwhile the guy was reading the documents, Diana asked to David’s dad:
- Is she really in a difficult situation?
- I don’t want to lie: her condition is serious. We need to wait the answer of her body to the surgery. I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but in this case, God has the last word. Now, I will see if the results are ready.
Josh gave him back the document he had signed.
When doctor Miller left, Josh invited Diana to eat something in the cafeteria. She didn’t want anything but he insisted and she hardly accepted.
When they came back, Dr. Miller called them:
- I hate to say this but there’s another inconvenient.
- What is it?- Diana and Josh asked, too much worried.
- Her blood type. It is “O” negative. That’s very difficult to get. I just know 2 people who have it: a patient in Belgium and my son David…. Wait a minute…. Maybe he can help us. We can find other person, but it will take us time and that’s what precisely what we don’t have… David is our best option.

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:44 pm


- Please, Peter, I know we have many compromises but we are talking about someone’s life
- But, David, we have that interview in France in 3 days. You won’t be back for that time
- Gosh, Pete!! Is an interview more important than saving a life?… Look, Carlos arrives tomorrow and Urs and Seb will be here… I’m not necessary.
- I don’t want this to become a habit inside the group. The last interview Carlos wasn’t here, and now, you…
- That means no?
- That means it will be the last time I consider something like this- Peter seriously said. David smiled and hugged the manager
- Thanks, Pete!
- Go and help that girl.
When David was leaving the room, Peter called him. He turned around:
- David, it doesn’t have any sense that you come back to us. In a week we will be in New York City for some promotion. We are invited to the premiere of the movie “One reason to live” in which you guys sang the principal song, so, you better stay there.
- Ok, I will… And again, thanks- He got out of that room and immediately booked a flight. Urs took him to the airport and some hours later David was flying to NY.


- I was so afraid of losing you! I don’t even want to imagine how would be my life without you and our baby- Carlos stated, tenderly smiling at Cyd. She began laughing.
- What are you laughing of?
- I was remembering of when I told you that this baby wasn’t yours, that it was Marco’s.
- That was horrible!! But I always knew you were lying.
- Imagine!! It was the first thing that crossed in my mind to tell you.
- Never do that again, bad girl!!- both of them chuckled.
- I’ll tell you something… I was afraid either. Just to think we wouldn’t be together again were making me shiver. But, please, Carlos, seriously talking, no more lies or secrets, ok?
- I promise, my love, than from now then you will know everything about me- He kissed her forehead.
- You know something? I feel strange having this ring in my finger. It means too many things: compromise, respect, love, confidence… I’m afraid: what about if I’m not a good mother or wife?
- You will be, Cyd. You are an excellent woman and daughter. You will go easy as a wife and you will be the sweetest mom in the world… and the prettiest.
- How will us call our baby?- Cyd asked, caressing her belly.
- Mmmm… I don’t know. If it’s a boy I would like Joshua or Miguel.
- I like Miguel. Carlos Miguel.
Carlos gave a huge smile and repplied:
- I love it!! Carlos, as me. I would be really proud of it!! But, what about if it’s a girl?
- Kenna. As my grandmother- Cyd commented.
- I like it! Can I pick the second name?
- Sure!
- Belém.
- Wow! It sounds incredible: Kenna Belem Marín.
- So, we have the names chosen. We just need a little detail: to wait to know the sex of our little one.
- Oh, Carlos, I’m so glad to be living all this with you.
- I’m much more. We will be a happy family- Carlos hugged Cyd in a warm embrace and she never before felt more comfortable… and loved.

- Gabriel?- Lynnea knocked his room door, but didn’t receive any answer. She has something important to tell him.- That’s strange, where could he be? – she asked to herself. She decided to return to her room. She felt lonely: Natty wasn’t there because she accepted another invitation from Peter. And Gabriel wasn’t there either. She entered to her room and collapsed on the bed… she was feeling very sad.
- I can’t believe it. When I arrived to Germany, I was very happy and hopeful. I thought everything was going perfect with Urs and he was going to propose me. I was so silly!! Otherwise, I had a friend: Diana. I really liked her. And now, my boyfriend and my friend are together and I’m more alone than ever! Even my mother has Peter- She couldn’t avoid to start crying, she felt her life was upside down.
- Will I forget Urs someday? Could I?
Suddenly, she listened a knock on her door. She stood up and opened. A guy carrying a big bouquet of flowers was standing in front of her.
- Miss Lynnea Wright?
- Yes… That’s me
- This is for you….

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- Thanks. Who is sending them?- she asked, indicating the guy where to place it.
- There’s the card. I’m just in charge of delivering- he nicely answered. Lynnea gave him a tip and then he left.
She stared at the bouquet. It was beautiful! For a moment she thought it was Urs who sent them.
- No, that’s impossible.- she melancholically whispered. Then she thought maybe it was Sebastien idea. She took the card and opened it.
- I hope I’ll find soon the smile back on your face…. xxx Gabriel.
- Gabriel?- she asked to herself- Why would he send me flowers?- Then, her mother’s words resounded in her mind. “Open your eyes, Lynn… There’s someone who would do everything to make you happy.”
Lynnea stood thoughtful:
- Can this be true?

David arrived to the hospital and immediately went to the reception and asked for his father.
- David?- Diana asked from behind.
- Diana!! How is she?- he kissed her cheek.
- Bad. Thanks God you are here. Your dad says the surgery needs to be as soon as possible. We were just waiting for the donor… that’s you.
- Can I see her?
- Dave, you must know something first: she is in coma.
Miller stayed petrified.
- In…. coma….- he whispered.
- Diana, here is your…- Josh arrived with 2 cups of coffe in his hands. He looked at David.
- Josh, let me introduce David Miller.
The singer stretched his hand
- Sorry I can’t hold your hand, but I have both of them busy
- Don’t worry. Nice to meet you.- David answered, moving down his hand.
Suddenly, they listened to Dr. Miller’s voice.
-Dave!! You’re finally here… we don’t have any time to lose. I need to make you some blood tests just to be sure you’re compatible. You know, hospital’s requirement.
- Ok. Let’s do it- David answered. Father and son walked up to the lab.

- Guys, I asked you to come because we have to talk about next days’ calendar- Dafne told Urs and Sebastien. Indre was there, too, at the hotel’s restaurant.
- Ok. Let’s do this quickly- Sebastien answered.
- In 3 days, on Saturday, we have an interview in France for the T.V. program: “Vedette de moment”. It will be just that, an interview: no performances. As you know, that is a youth program and of course, I guess questions will be more focused to your private life than in your career- Dafne explained.
- We also know there will be a computer with an open chat to give the fans the opportunity of interacting directly with you- Indre added.
- Don’t feel forced of telling something you don’t want. I told the directives that you will just answer the questions you decide…
- Very good- Urs smiled.
- Do you have any questions about this?- Dafne asked.
- No- both guys answered.
- Ok. So, let’s go to the next event. Indre, please, tell them what is it about.
- Sure!!- the girl winked- We are invited to the premiere of “One reason to live” movie
-That is the one for which we sang “Tell that to my heart”, isn’t it?
- Exactly, Urs!- Indre nodded.
- Where will the premiere be?- Seb asked.
- Well, maybe this will be a good new for someone here- Indre stated- New York
Urs smiled with happiness.
- New York?! That’s great!!
- I knew you would be excited about it- Indre giggled.
Sebastien rolled his eyes.
- Gosh!! When will that girl disappear of our conversations?
Dafne, Indre and Urs looked at him without answering.
- How much time will we spend there?- Sebastien asked.
- We are trying to get some interviews and TV presentations. We don’t know how much time yet. First we need to confirm, but at least, prepare for 3 days- Indre repplied.
- For the moment, that’s everything- Dafne said. – We also need to confirm some appearances in Portugal, but there’s nothing sure. We will tell you later.
- Ok. Thanks for the info, girls. Now, excuse me. I want to go to the gym for a while. – Urs stood up and left them there.
- I’m leaving too.- Indre said
- I’m coming with you- Dafne quickly added, she didn’t want to stay alone with Sebastien.
- Dafne, can we talk?- he asked.
- Is it about job… the calendar?
He sighed and stood in silence, staring directly at her.
- No…- Seb finally answered…
- So, there’s nothing else we need to talk- she turned around and walked with Indre, leaving him standing there, just looking how she was getting each day more apart from him.

- I think you should tell David what Myriam asked you to tell him- Diana said to Josh. He looked at her with confusion.
- Why? He doesn’t deserve her!!
- Josh, I know what you feel for Myriam, but that doesn’t give you the right to judge David. Don’t do that mistake. Look at him, he’s worried about her. He deserves to know what Myriam feels… She trusted you- Josh sighed and walked towards David, who was leaning his head on the wall.
- Hey
- Hey- David weakly answered.
- There’s something you need to know.
- What is it?
- Myriam’s last words before this incident
David looked at him with confusion.
- What did she say?
- She said she didn’t want to die without seeing you at least once more…
David stared down, trying to hide tears appearing in his eyes…
- Maybe it is not the right moment to tell you this, but you made her suffer, and without caring, you broke her heart, but even so, she still loves you…
- I….
- Dr. Miller!!- Diana exclaimed. David couldn’t say anything else. He and Josh walked up to the doctor.
- Everything is ready. I already scheduled the surgery. It will be in 1 hour. Son, come with me. We need to prepare you…
- Dad, I want to see her first…
Dr. Miller hesitated, but then, looking the begging face expression of his son, said:
- Come on… I’ll take you with her…

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:12 pm


David entered to the room. He hesitated before getting closer to Myriam’s bed because he didn’t know if he deserved to be standing next to her after had hurt her feelings in the way he did. He deeply sighed and slowly started walking. His steps were nervous. When he saw her felt something warm in his heart. She seemed to be peacefully sleeping… but she wasn’t, she was fighting between life and death. David stayed some minutes just staring at her, she was beautiful at his eyes.
He was doubting between holding her hand or not. She seemed to be so fragile, but he opted for the second option and softly held her hand, it felt silky, smooth… as a rose.
- I don’t know if you can listen to my words, but anyway, I want to believe you do and I’ll tell you something. I need to do this. When I met you I felt like if I had been living in shadows, in the deepest darkness, but your eyes brought the light back to my life. I never believed in love at first sight until I saw you for first time. Your smile awoke the most beautiful feelings in my heart. I knew since that moment I would never forget you, that you would be always in any song, in any place, in any touch. When I felt your lips, I felt in heaven, they are the sweetest thing I have tried. Honey, I don’t know in which moment I decided to take the worst decision I have taken: to leave you.
Maybe this will sound ridiculous, but I was afraid: afraid of feeling so deeply in love, afraid of receiving so much love. I didn’t know how to react to all this, I didn’t know how to take care of your heart or feelings. And I failed. I took the easier way instead of facing myself- David stopped talking and breathed with melancholy and cleared his throat. He was trying to hide the lump in his throat. Then, he continued
- You know something? You were always in my dreams, my thoughts were always following you. I wasn’t with me anymore, I was with you. Myriam, my life doesn’t belong to me, it is yours. I would anything to change places with you, to be there lying down on that bed, I deserve it, not you. I will give the last drop of blood in my veins if it is necessary to safe your life.
My love, I hope it’s not too late to tell you that I love you from all my heart, with all my strenghts… I need you, baby. I hope you can forgive me and give me another opportunity. We have many things to do together!! But first you need to recover. Don’t give up, beauty, be strong. I’ll be with you… we will go through this together and we’ll win this battle. And when you wake up, we will start again. I will ask your forgiveness for all the time I wasted. And if you let me do this, I will never get apart from you again. I will live just to make you happy- He kissed her forehead and wet her cheek with a tear that escape from his eyes.
- David, it is time- Dr. Miller interrupted him since the door.
- Ok- he answered. He laid Myriam’s hand on bed and leaned to kiss her again, this time on her lips. – You can do this- he whispered in her ear- I love you.- Then walked up to where his dad was waiting for him.
- Are you ready?- Dr. Miller asked.
- More than ever- he answered.
They both walked out of the room. David couldn’t notice a tear sliding down Myriam’s cheek…

- Thank you to accept my invitation. For me it is a pleassure having such a beautiful woman having dinner with me- Wolfgang told the girl.
- Thanks to you for inviting me. I never expected it- She answered

Wolfgang picked her up at 7:30 pm at the entrance of her place. He was impressed when saw her wearing a long pearl color dress. She looked gorgeous, just great. He said he had made reservations for one of the most prestigious restaurants of the city. She agreed. She didn’t care of the place. She just wanted to get out of that compromise and that’s it. When they arrived to the place, she was just wishing to be with the other guy, eventhough he had hurt her.
- Stop thinking on him. He doesn’t deserve a thought of yours- she was telling to herself in her mind meanwhile Wolfgang was talking about something. About what? She didn’t know, she wasn’t paying attention. She had her body sitting there, but her mind was somewhere else, with someone else. The guy noticed her distraction.
- Sorry for telling you this, but I feel you’re not here. Do you want me to take you back to your place?
This question took her by surprise. It was totally unexpected. Maybe she was behaving in a rude way without noticing, and for sure, Wolfgang didn’t deserve that.
- I apologize. I was thinking in something. What were you saying?- She managed to answer.
- Really, I don’t want to force you to be here if you don’t want to. We are adults and I can understand. Don’t worry- he gently said, smiling at her. She felt embarrassed, after all, Wolfgang wasn’t guilty of her situation. His only sin was to invite her for dinner and she was there just thinking on…. “him”, the other guy.
- You are not forcing me. Let’s have our dinner and talk. I really want to stay.
- Are you sure?
- Yes- she nodded.
- Well, being like that, let’s ask our food- he made a signal to the waiter to come…
They spent 2 hours moreless eating and talking. She was surprise about him, he was very intelligent and had lots of conversation topics. He talked about politics, religion, entertainment, sports… It seemed he knew everything on Earth. She finally found herself not thinking anymore in the other guy, she was just focused on Wolfgang. She discovered he had beautiful eyes and warm smile. He was attractive… attractive and intelligent, 2 qualities she loved in men.
At 10:15 moreless, Wolfgang drove her back to her place and something strange happen to her, she didn’t want to leave, she wanted to continue listening to him, enjoying his company. She found herself anxiously wishing another date. She wanted something from him, but didn’t have idea of what was it.
He parked his car in front of the hotel where she was staying and jumped out to open her side’s door. He offered his hand to help her get down.
-Thank you so much for everything- she said
- You’re welcome. It was a great night- he winked.
- Moreover after my behavior at the beginning- she ironically said, rolling her eyes.
- Don’t even mention it. I already forgot. What behavior?
She chuckled. He was cute… very cute… another quality.
-Well, I guess I need to get in.
- Ok
- “Please, ask me out again”- she thought.
- See you then- she kissed his cheek
- See you….
She was walking to the entrance, when listened to him calling her. She turned around, with excitement:
- You forgot this- he said, holding her purse in his hand.
- Oh!!- she nervously chuckled- Thanks!- she took it and walked in. He looked at her walking in that sexy way she used to do.
She felt bad. For some reason she wanted to see him again but he didn’t ask her to do it. She sighed as she was waiting for the elevator.
Meanwhile, Wolfgang got back into his car and started the engine. While was driving back home, remembered that she told him she would fly to France in 2 days- I just have two days- he thought… and smiled. He was sure he had found the girl he was waiting for.

They have been in the operation room for hours!!- Josh exclaimed. He couldn’t be quiet. He wanted to know how was Myriam doing. He was walking in the waiting ward from one side to another.
- Josh, calm down. You are driving me crazy!! Could you please sit down?!- Diana exasperately asked. He looked at her and then took a seat on the same couch.
- Much better- she whispered.
- Try to understand me. I’m nervous…
- How do you think I am? Peacefully resting? Josh, I’m as nervous as you !! But Myriam is in good hands.
- Those hands made David Miller, so, I’m not sure they are so good.
-Well, they weren’t precisely the hands who made them- Diana chuckled. Josh couldn’t avoid to do it too.
- Come on, Josh. We have already waited 6 hours, we can wait a bit longer, don’t you think?
- You’re right…


Josh was leaning his head on Diana’s shoulder, trying to sleep, when he felt the girl standing up. He opened his eyes and looked Dr. Miller was there. He immediately stood up and reached him.
- How are them?- Diana asked. Dr. Miller looked at them at the beginning in a serious way that made Josh and Diana shivered, but then, he smiled.
- The surgery was a success. Myriam will be fine….- Josh hugged Diana with happiness…

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:42 pm


The next two days went calm. Cyd and Carlos joined the rest of the team in Germany and everyone was ready to fly to France for the TV program.
During those days still in Germany, Wolfgang didn’t invite her to go out again, he didn’t even call her. She thought it was obvious because of her behavior. First impression is always something you never forget, and she wasn’t precisely nice.
Sebastien was trying to turn Dafne jealous each moment. He was calling Paulette when Dafne was close and telling her how much he loved her. Dafne was suffering but at the same time wasn’t paying attention to him, she didn’t want to fall in his game. Sebastien was mad because of her indifference.
Urs was each day happier just thinking he would see Diana pretty soon. When he told her about the premiere in NY, she was very excited. They would be together before than she thought. Urs couldn’t avoid the opportunity to tell her in each phone call how much he loved her. She was everything for him: his beginning, his end, his air, his blood. His dreams and his reality… Everything in his life was spinning around Diana. He sometimes found himself afraid about thinking he could lose her, but he was going to do always everything to avoid that happen.
Indre was really sad about David’s behavior. He didn’t even say good-bye when he left. She understood that it was about an emergency, but, anyway, she was feeling bad. The only news he had from him were just because Peter was informing them. She knew Myriam was better, but still in coma, although the surgery was a success. She also knew David was a bit weak because he donated too much blood, but was recovering fine. At least, that was making Indre feel better.
Carlos and Cyd were a strong and happy couple. They just wanted to be kissing and hugging each other. The moments they weren’t on a plane or with the others around, they were making love. Carlos said it was for the baby’s benefit, and Cyd just laughed about that. She knew it was only an excuse from him to be loving her all time possible, but she wasn’t putting any resistance.
Gabriel, Lynnea and Natty went back to NY some hours before IL DIVO’s flight to France. Lynnea hadn’t told Gabriel about her suspects of his feelings, moreover now that she had something important to tell him and maybe he wouldn’t like.
Natty was sad of leaving Peter. They became good friends and she knew something was growing between them. He promised he would call her and they would be in touch, and that was making her feel hopeful.
While they were in the airport waiting for their flight, Peter, the guys, Indre and Dafne were in the fast food section having a cup of coffee. They were sitting around a table.
- Urs, when I went to the bathroom I saw Lynnea. She was there too. She was leaving to NY I could notice she was really sad. She asked me for you… - Cyd commented.
- I can’t believe how such girl like Lynn can suffer for a guy like you- Sebastien said.
- I feel really bad for her, but I can’t do anything. I did what was the best for her
- The best? To destroy her heart?
- Why you take this so personal?- Carlos questioned the french guy- I mean, it seems like if Urs had break you up instead of her
- It is just that Lynnea is my friend and I don’t like to see her suffering
- I think this is something Urs and Lynn need to solve, anyone else- Peter took part.
- You say that because you don’t know the girl for whom Urs changed her.
- How is she? I want to know who is the famous lady that has stolen your mind. I’m just know her name and that she’s Dafne’s friend, but I don’t know her. – Carlos stated, wiggling his eyebrows.
- She’s perfect. – Urs answered with a huge smile
- Come on, don’t start- Sebastien said, rolling his eyes.
- I insist, I want to know her. She must be special- Carlos said again.
- She is, Carlitos- Indre added
- You’ll meet her in the premiere- Urs stated- maybe before. But you have to promise you will be polite with her. She had enough already with Sebastien.
- I just said what I thought!
- Don’t worry, Urs. I don’t have reason for not being polite. I respect your decisions. I feel affection for Lynnea but in your life just you can decide and my duty is to support you in any decision taken. I don’t know your Diana, but I respect her.
- Anyone can give an opinion without giving the other person the opportunity to show how they really are- Cyd added.
- And against anyone can say, Urs and she make a beautiful couple- Dafne stated, looking at Sebastien, who cleared his throat and answered:
- Talking about beautiful couples, I want to tell you that I proposed Paulette and she accepted. I asked her to move out with me. So, please, Indre…. or Dafne, think on her to plan our trips, you know, plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc- he said with a pejorative tone of voice. Dafne put a surprised face and Indre ironically joked:
- Don’ t you want us to prepare in one go your wedding celebration?
Everyone laughed. In that moment Urs said:
- I think Indre and Dafne have enough word to do with us.
- Oh, really? And what about if instead of being Paulette it was Diana?
- I would prepare everything by myself
- Yes, Seb, do it by yourself. I do it with Cyd. Paulette is your fiancée after all.
- I don’t know why I am listening to all you. After all, the only opinion of what I care is the coming from the boss- Seb stared directly at Peter. He cleared his throat and gave a deep breath:
- Look, Seb, I hired Dafne and Indre to be in charge of everything related with IL DIVO components, not external people. As Urs said, they already have too much work to do and it’s not fare to give them more. So, my friend, if you want Paulette to join you, you have to fix everything by yourself.
Seb’s cheeks turned red because of anger and said:
- But, Peter….
Suddenly, a guy came close to their table and interrupted the conversation:
- Sorry, Miss Indre Telfer?
- Yes, that’s me- the girl answered with suspicious face.
- Someone sends you this- he gave her a little envelope with a card in it.
- Thanks- she answered and winked as the guy left.
- Open it!!- Cyd exclaimed with excitement. Indre was so nervous that hardly took the card out of the envelope and read it in low voice.


It was written on the back of his presentation card.
Indre immediately stood up and began looking around the ward. She had the hope of finding him but she didn’t. She sat again a bit disappointed.
- Are you ok?- Peter asked.
- Yes… It’s just that…- she sighed and weakly smiled.- Forget it- she shrugged. Suddenly, she felt something soft brushing her face. It was a red rose!! Everyone stood in silence as she turned around finding Wolfgang standing right there.
- Although this rose is beautiful, it’s nothing in comparison with you- he said, staring directly at her eyes. She blushed and smiled. She felt her heart beating faster.
Wolfgang and she were talking and suddenly her flight was announced.
- I hope this won’t be the last time we see each other- Indre stated in a flirty way.
- It depends of you. You didn’t tell me, what did you think about what I brought in that card?
- I’ll tell you what I thought next time I see you- she devilishly smiled. He smiled her back with a winner expression.

The interview day arrived. Peter, his assistants and the guys were backstage waiting for their call to the studio. Cyd was there either… and also Paulette. Since he arrived to France, Sebastien asked her to spend each single second with him. He also asked her to move in with him, and she accepted. Dafne of course was feeling really bad for all this, but was trying to keep her mind busy. Sometimes, when for any reason Paulette wasn’t around, Sebastien was trying to get closer to Dafne, but she wasn’t letting him do this.
After some minutes, the guys entered to the TV studio.
- Hello, guys- Monique Duval, a female young interviewer greeted- How are you?
- Fine, thank you- they answered.
- We don’t ask you because we can see you are really good- Carlos joked, wiggling flirty his eyebrows. Everyone laughed.
- He is always like that?- Monique asked.
- Usually- Seb answered, as Urs nodded.
After some laughs, the interviewer said:
- Ok, guys, I’m sure you know the dynamic of this program but I will explain it for those who are watching us for first time. We have a laptop in front of us and since this moment, the chat is opened. Your fans can ask you some questions that I’ll be reading. Ok?
- Ok- IL DIVO nodded.
- Let’s start. First question: Hello, guys, my name is Rebekka. I want to tell you that you all are very handsome and have lovely voices. My question is: Where is David?
- Hello Rebekka. David couldn’t be here with us today because he is in America. He asked us to say hello and send kisses to all you- Carlos answered.
- Can we know the reasons?- Monique asked.
- One very important person for him was in the hospital and was going to have a surgery. David wanted to be there, as a support- Sebastien added.
- Next question: Carlos, is that true that your girlfriend is pregnant?
- Wow!! News run very fast!!- Carlos giggled- Yes, that’s true. Cyd and I are going to have a baby in some months and we are very happy!!
- That’s a great new, Carlos. Congratulations!!
-Thanks, Monique!!
- Let’s continue: Claudie asks: Are there any wedding plans in the group? I mean, is that true that Sebastien will get married in 2 months?
Sebastien cleared his throat and repplied:
- Hi, Claudie!! Well, Carlos and Cyd are engaged. Urs just have a girlfriend without wedding plans and David is still single. About me, yes, you’re right. I’ll get married with my beautiful girlfriend Paulette in 2 months, and actually, I would like to ask you a favor, Monique.
- Of course!! What is it?
- Paulette is backstage. Could she join us for a second?
- Sure
Seb’s girlfriend appeared and sat next to him. Peter, Indre, Dafne, who were in front of the guys but behind cameras, were confused. They didn’t know what was all that request about. Neither Urs nor Carlos.
- I want to take advantage of being in a TV program and in front of all the audience to do this- Seb stood up, taking a tiny box and knelt down in front of Paulette:
- Would you marry me?- he asked, showing an engagement ring.

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Paulette was shocked, she couldn’t believe it and couldn’t say a word. She only shook her head affirmatively, as tears were running down her eyes. Sebastien took the ring out of the box and put it on her finger. All the audience was very excited and began asking for a kiss between the 2 lovers. Sebastien kissed his girl. Peter, Indre and Dafne looked at each other. They were very surprised. Carlos and Urs were too. Dafne wanted to run out of that place but she couldn’t. She had to stay. For some minutes her mind stood empty. How the h**l was she going to go through this? She had to be strong, more than ever.
- After this terrific scene, let’s continue- Monique said.- This question is for Urs- Are you still with Lynnea, the girl who worked for Il DIVO?
- No. I’m not with her anymore.
Suddenly, another question appeared after his answer:
- How did you meet your actual girlfriend? What’s her name?
- Her name is Diana and I met her at a concert. She was a fan.
- Really?- Monique asked surprised- And what made you to pay attention to her? I mean, you perform in many concerts and you see many fans, why she?
- I don’t know. She was different I guess. There was something about her that just made me fall in love.
- That’s not the version we know, Urs- Sebastien added, simulating he was joking. Urs looked suspiciously at him- Come on, tell the complete story, tell them about the moon…
- What is it, Urs?- Monique asked.
- Something helped me to recognize her, but that’s too much personal. I want to save it just for me- he winked.
- To propose Paulette is also a personal thing, but I did it. I think that if there’s not something to hide, you can talk about it in front of anyone, moreover our lovely fans- Seb stated.
- Actually, I’m saying the most important thing: I love my girlfriend. And I’m really sure she’s the one with whom I want to get married someday. I don’t have any doubt about it, she’s the one I will love forever. Maybe I don’t have her here with me at this moment, but I can say something that not everybody is able to say: she is the only one for me. Can you say the same, my friend?
Sebastien was almost going to answer, but was interrupted:
- Are these competitions. Because if they are, I’ll say one thing: no one loves his woman as I love my Cyd- Carlos joked to create some peace in the environment.
- What the h**l happen between Urs and Sebastien?- Peter asked. Indre shrugged and Dafne just stared at him, without knowing what to answer.

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When the interview was over, the IL DIVO team went back to their place. When they were at the lobby, Peter said:
- Urs, Sebastien, come with me. We need to talk in private- Peter asked for permission to the manager of the hotel to use the conference room. Once there, they 3 sat down.
- I will go straight to the point: From some time ago until now you both are always arguing. This has already exceeded the limits: you are taking your problems also to the public presentations as you did today. What’s wrong between you two?
Seb and Urs looked at each other with anger in their eyes.
- I would like to know it too, Peter- Urs finally said- Since Lynnea and I broke up, Sebastien is mad at me.
- Because I can’t work with an idiot and liar like you!!- Seb exclaimed.
- You see? He is always offending me and my relation. It is like if he was against it.
- I am
- If you are, I don’t care. Just leave my personal life in peace.
- Look, guys, you have been always good friends
- We were good friends. Not anymore- Seb stated- Now we are only job partners.
- So, as a job partner, focus only in job, not in my life. I also know things about your private life but I respect you and Paulette. You don’t have any right to be bothering me.
- Don’t compare! You don’t have reasons to not respect Paulette. She is a real lady, but your girl…
- Shut up!! Don’t even try to say anything against her- Urs said, standing up with anger. Seb stood up, too.
- Truth hurts, Urs?- he ironically asked.
Urs pushed him , saying:
- I won’t let you say another thing against Diana.
- What will you do to stop me?- Sebastien was provoking him. Urs made a movement that indicated wanted to hit him when Peter yelled:
- STOP IT!! – the manager stood between both singers- Sebastien, you don’t have any right to say such things of Urs girlfriend, and Urs: we are not in a battle camp to hit someone. I won’t let continue this situation. If you can not be friends, at least respect each other, if not, accept the consequences. It is easy to find a singer to take your places. Out there are many guys waiting for an opportunity. So, if you are going to be fighting all time, be preparing to get out of IL DIVO, do you understand?

After a couple days, Lynnea and Gabriel went back to their normal duties at job. She knew she needed to talk with him, but was finding the correct moment.
- Lynnea, could you come for a while, please?- Gabriel asked her from his office. She deeply sighed. She had to tell him what she was planning.
- May I come in?- she asked from the door.
- Of course. Take a seat.
She slowly walked and did what he said. She had a notebook in her hands to write Gabriel’s requests.
- My sister told me last night that IL DIVO is coming to the premiere of “One reason to live” next weekend. I was thinking about to have an interview with them and they can be in the cover of our magazine next month. What do you think?
- It would certainly attract many readers and would generate many sales. It’s a good idea.
- I guess we need to talk to Dafne
- Yes… that would be good.
- Could you get in charge of that?
- Sure… I’ll call her right now.
- Ok. Thanks.
Lynnea stood up and was walking out of Gabriel’s office when she thought she had to tell him what she was going to do. She stopped and turned around:
- Gabriel, there’s something I need to tell you.
-What is it?- he asked, leaving the documents he had in his hands on the desk.
She walked back to take a seat.
- I have been thinking a lot about this and, although it’s hard, I think it will be the best. I will quit my job..
-What?!- Gabriel exclaimed with surprise.
- I will quit my job. I’m telling you this to give you a chance to find someone else.
- But, why? I don’t understand.
- Look, Gabriel. I feel affection for you, you are a great person, but, you are brother of the woman who pushed Urs away from me. Everytime I see you, I can’t avoid to bring her image to my mind, and in addition, Urs’. And it hurts….
- Lynnea, you are mixing things. One thing is your private life and another very different, your job. I’ll talk to you as a friend, not as a boss: you can’t flee everytime Urs’ gets away from you. You already did it once, when you left IL DIVO. And now, you are doing the same. You won’t be able to work in any place if you continue focusing your job on Urs. Moreover if your laboral field is entertainment. From other side, I’m the one who works with you, not Diana. You don’t need to have any relation with her.
- But I feel you are supporting her in what she made me!!
- Listen, Lynn. I know she should talk with you about what was happening, but I can’t punish her for being in love with Urs. She is my sister and I only want to see her happy. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see you happy. Lynnea, forgive me to tell you this, but Urs wasn’t your happiness. He is in love with my sister. You would never be happy with a man that doesn’t love you.
- You’re saying this because you….- she stood in silence.
- Continue- Gabriel invited.
- Because you like me and you want me to be away from Urs.
- Ok. Do you want to know the truth? Yes, I like you… and I would feel very happy if I could have an opportunity with you. You are very pretty and intelligent girl, but it seems you haven’t found your real value yet. You think your value is in Urs, and you are wrong. I won’t stop you to quit your job if that’s what you want to do, but I’m sorry about that behind your clever woman face lives just a fearful girl.
Now, I will talk you as a boss: I will begin looking for a new assistant today. Don’t worry. You are free to go whenever you want. Forget about the call to Dafne, Ill do it by myself. You are free to go today. Now, please, let me work, I have many things to do. Just tell me when you leave.- he turned his sight back to the documents.
Lynnea felt a lump in her throat. She never expected that answer from Gabriel. He talked to her in a very cold way, as never before. She stood up and walked out of Gabriel’s office. He looked at her with disillusion. He lost the first woman for who first fell in love with.

When Gabriel arrived home at night found Diana at her room. She was lying down in the darkness, listening to “Ancora” album. She was very tired, because she had spent the last days at hospital with Myriam. David, Josh and she were rolling turns to take care of her and not leave her alone at any time.
- Hey, hun, I’m home- Gabriel said, kissing her forehead.
- Hey, bro- she smiled- how was your day today?
Gabriel turned on the lamp and sat in the edge of the bed, next to his sister.
- Horrible. Lynnea quitted her job…
- As you hear. She says she can’t be working with me after what happened between Urs and you.
-That’s so silly!! How can she do that?
- I don’t know- He stared down. Diana found melancholy in her brother’s eyes.
- You will miss her, won’t you?
- I’ll find another assistant. I already published a job request at internet.
- I’m not talking about that. You know what I mean.
Gabriel looked at her.
- Come here. I need a hug- he said.
Diana tightly hugged him. She knew Gabriel was suffering because of Lynnea.
-What are you going to do now?- she asked, getting apart from him.
- I can’t do anything. Just let her go…


- Are you sure about the decision you took?- Natty asked.
- Yes, mom- Lynnea answered- It will be the best for everyone.
- Honey, don’t you think is too much precipitated?
Lynnea stood in silence, without knowing what to answer. Just thinking. Suddenly, the doorbell rang:
- It’s late. Who can be at this time?- Natty asked, walking up to open. Two minutes later, she came back to her daughter’s room:
- It’s for you.
- Who is it?- the girl asked.
- You better go and find it out- Natty answered. Lynnea looked at her suspiciously and walked out. When she arrived to the living room saw a known face:
- You? How you dare to come to my home after everything you did?
- We need to talk
- I don’t have anything to talk with you.
- Stop acting like a baby girl and be a woman. If you have problems with me, that’s apart of my brother. I think it’s not fare what you are doing to him. He trusted you for that job and was the one who gave you an opportunity when you most needed to find a job.
- That’s not your business!!
- Of course it is!! You made it my business since you told him that you were quitting because of my relation with Urs. But you know something? That’s the most silly thing I have ever heard.
- And you know what is the most silly thing I have heard? A man promising me eternal love
- Come on, Lynnea! Don’t mix things. What do you want us to do? You want Urs back with you? Ok!! I’ll leave him, but the question is: Will he want to be with you? Will you be happy knowing that he’s with you feeling he wants to be with me? What class of love is that in which you are only thinking in your own interests forgetting Urs’ ones?
- I don’t have to give any explanations to you
- And I’m not asking for them. I’m only saying that you are being selfish and you’re hurting the people who love you.
- I don’t need anyone to love me. I just wanted Urs love, but you stole it to me.
- If you were a bit more intelligent, you would change your attitude and you would keep at least Urs’ friendship. But instead of doing this, you are pushing everyone away.
- I don’t care. I don’t want Urs’ friendship, I want his love. I want to be his wife.
- I feel sorry for you, Lynnea. You don’t understand anything. Anyway, I hope you can reflect and come back to work..
- Diana: Do you really love your brother?
- Of course I do.
- So, if you want me to continue working with him, there’s something you can do. Leave Urs, go away and never get close to him again.
- Poor of you, Lynnea. You don’t have idea of what love is all about- Diana rolled her eyes and left the apartment.
- Natty, who had listened to all the conversation, got close to Lynnea and hugged her. When she got apart, said:
- I hate to say this, sweetie, but she’s right. If you continue like this you will lose everything, also the man who really loves you. And when you look back, you’ll suffer much more that you are doing now. But everything will be lost…- Natty kissed Lynnea’s forehead- Good night!!- She was walking up to her room, leaving her daughter standing thoughtful at the living room.
- Mom?
- Yes?
- Do you think Gabriel will accept me tomorrow back in my place?
Natty tenderly smiled:
- I’m sure, honey… He will accept you back to your job and to his life.

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The next day, Il Divo guys arrived to NYC. David left the hospital to join the team at their hotel and follow instructions from Peter. He had being spending almost the 24 hours behind Myriam. He wanted to be the first to be there when she awakes. Urs hadn´t called Diana yet and she was impatiently to listen to him, and of course, to see him. She was just looking at her cell phone, waiting for that call.
- Are you waiting for a call?- Someone asked behind her. Diana got surprised and turned around. She recognized that voice.
- URS!!- She exclaimed, effusively hugging him. He did the same.
- Shhh!!- a nurse who was close to them requested silence.
- Sorry!- They both answered chuckling
- I was really sad because you hadn’t called me- she said
- I tried, but my cell phone had low battery. Then, the transportation from the airport to the hotel and once there, receiving instructions from Peter, you know- he rolled his eyes- And of course, when David arrived, everyone of us wanted to know everything about the surgery and Myriam’s health, all the details. Then, David said he would come and I decided to join him. I was so impatient to see you!!
- Imagine how I was. Each second seemed to be eternal- He kissed her forehead.
- But I’m here now. Six days just for you- He smiled. They both were looking at each other with their sweetest sight.
- How is Dafne? Is she still having problems with Sebastien?
- Unfortunately, yes. She doesn’t say anything, but she is sick of seeing him with Paulette. I don’t know what happen to him. He is so different as he used to be.
- The last time that Dafne called me, she told me about Sebastien’s comments against me and our relation.
- He is against also of himself, honey, so don’t pay attention to him. I don’t care what he says: I love you…
- I love you too
- Well, what about if we get out of this hospital and go for some dinner?
- It would be great, but I want to take a shower first. I’m very tired and only in that way I’ll recover.
- For me you look fabulous, but we will do what you want- he winked.
- Thank you…
They both walked out of there hand by hand and once out, they took a cab that drove them up to Diana’s apartment.
- I guess Gabriel must be at home at this time. It’s late- she said when both jumped out of the car.
- How is he?
- Not really good. Lynnea quitted her job yesterday and he was very upset and disappointed.
- Why did she?
- Try to imagine- she rolled her eyes
- Don’t tell me that it’s about you and me
- Yes- she nodded- but it doesn’t have any sense to talk about it.
- I hope Lynnea someday will understand my reasons.
- I’m sure she will
When Diana opened the door noticed that all the lights were turned off.
- It seems he is not here yet.
- Maybe he will arrive soon.
- I guess so- she shrugged, turning the lights on. Both entered to the apartment.
- Please, have a seat. Do you want something to drink?- she asked
- Just water would be fine- he answered.
- Ok- Diana went to the kitchen and served a cup of water. She was giving it to him when the telephone rang.
- Hello?- she answered- Hey, bro!!….. Who?….. Oh, really? Say hello to him from me, please….. Ok, have fun!!…. bye.
It was Gabriel. He said that today is Steve’s, one of his colleagues, birthday and they will have a party, that he won’t come tonight- Diana explained
- So, what about if instead of going out for dinner we stay here and ask for some food?- Urs suggested
- Nice suggestion!! I’m really tired to go out. What do you prefer to eat?
- I don’t know. Whaterver you want…
- Pizza?
- Mmmm!! I like pizza… Done!
Urs asked for the pizza while Diana took a shower. When it arrived, Urs received it and put it on the table.
- Honey, pizza is here!!- he announced in loud voice.
- I’m coming- she answered…. It smells delicious- she said, joining him in the dining room.
- You smell delicious- he repplied, smelling her wet hair- What about if before eating pizza you give me a long kiss?
- Ummm…. I don’t know… let me think about it- Diana chuckled, staying thoughtful.
- Think?
She mischievously smiled and brushed her lips against his. He was tightly holding her waist as she surrounded his neck.
- That was delicious- he whispered, kissing her again.
After that, they both sat down and had their dinner. Diana had put her favourite CDs in her 5 CD player. He took his jacket off, leaving his red shirt show his muscles. He was also wearing blue jeans as Diana was, but she with a white shirt.
When the first CD finished to play a U2 album, it started a new CD. Urs found some melancholy in Diana’s eyes with the intro of the first song. He raised her chin up, asking:
- What’s up, baby?
- That was my mom’s favourite song. Always, when she was listening to it she couldn’t avoid to dance it with my dad- Diana’s eyes turned teary- It was their song
Urs was paying attention to the melody. It was beautiful and also he knew the lyrics. He stood up and offered his hand to her:
- Would you dance with me?- He flirty asked. She smiled and couldn’t resist to accept. Urs held her gently but tight, taking her as close as he could from him, wrapping her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder. Diana also surrounded his body and leaned her head on his chest. Urs began singing with a whisper in her ear:

Love is a many splendored thing
It’s the april rose, that only grows in the early spring
Love is nature’s way of giving
A reason to be living
The golden crown that makes a man a king

Once, on a high and windy hill
In the morning mist, two lovers kissed
And the world stood still
Then your fingers touch
My silent heart, and taught it how to sing
Yes it’s true love, a many splendored thing.

The music was slow and soft and Urs voice was so sweet. When the song finished, Urs noticed Diana sobbing. He just hugged her. He knew that moment made her remember her parents. They stayed like that for some minutes, when they got apart, she weakly smiled. Urs gave her a tender gaze and wiped her tears with his hands, then kissed gently her lips. It was an innocent kiss that became longer each second. Diana and Urs found each other’s eyes and with them were expressing all their feelings. There were nothing else around, just two lovers wanting their beloved one embrace and company. But suddenly, Urs found again a tear running down Diana’s cheek. He took her to the sofa and sat there with her…

- I would do everything to make you feel better- he said- I don’t like to see you so sad.
- Don’t worry. It’s just that I remembered how happy my family was when mom and dad were alive. I miss them so much!!
- I know. But I’m sure that wherever they are they are taking care of you.
- Do you think so?
- I’m completely sure! Come on, let’s better talk about happier things… like you and me and the fact that we are together. Look at the moon tonight- he pointed at the window that was at one side- it is huge and brilliant. It seems she is happy to look us together. It was like that the first time I knew there were someone special for me: you…
- Did you really know about my existence before knowing me?
- Yes- Urs nodded- And I recognized you in the concert. When I saw you I knew you were the one.
- I had always loved you as well, but everybody was always telling me that I was crazy, because you were a singer and I would never meet you.
- But look at us now. We are together against everything and nothing will separate us.
Diana smiled at him as he gave her a tender gaze.
- I’m so happy of having you- she stated- But I’m afraid that all this is a dream and I will wake up someday without you.
- It is not a dream- he brushed her cheeks with both of his hands- I am here- he kissed her forehead- loving you. Just wishing to have you in my arms- now, he kissed her lips- eager to travel through your skin and your body- Urs hands caressed Diana’s nude arms. She looked deeply into his eyes and felt how love and passion were filling her senses. Urs was kissing her neck and shoulders as she was brushing his body under his shirt. Kisses were turning more passionate and Diana felt Urs warm hands finding their way to her body.
- Make love to me, Urs- she whispered
- Are you sure you want this? I mean, I wish it so much, but I don’t want to force you- he said a little breathless. Her answer was to hold his hand and guide him to her room, where they made love with an inconditional surrender to each other’s wishes….

The next morning, Diana awoke covered by Urs’ embrace. It was the best sensation she had experimented in her entire life. He was still sleeping and looked perfect: his breath was slow and peaceful. She couldn’t avoid to think about last night: his touch, his kiss, his caresses…
He woke up and smiled at her.
- Good morning, sleepy baby- she said, kissing his chest.
- Good morning, my love. Have you been awoken for a long time?
- No… just few minutes ago. How did you sleep?
- Fine, thanks. I was just dreaming on you… remembering last night encounter…thank you for everything, baby… It was wonderful..
Diana sighed
- Are you hungry?- she asked
- Very much
- I’ll prepare some breakfast.
- No… wait… there’s something I want to tell you.
- What is it?-
- Diana, after last night, I don’t want to be away from you anymore. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, to get old with you. I want us to have a family and a home together. We have an entire life in front of us and I want to live it with you. That’s why I was thinking if you would like to join me. I don’t have a specific place to live, I spend the most of the time traveling and touring, but I promise you won’t miss anything. I will give you everything you need. What do you say?
- Urs, I don’t need a place to live, your arms are my home. The only thing I need is you. Of course I will join you. Ask me to go at the end of the world and I will follow you, because I will always be wherever you are until you want this.
- I will want it forever- He tenderly kissed her and again feelings fused them in a wonderful act of love.

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:52 pm


Peter went to Dafne’s room and knocked her door. When she opened noticed he was too serious.
- Dafne: David and Urs haven’t arrived yet.
- It is still early, Pete.
- Yes, but they spent the whole night out and they need to rest well before the premier.
- I’ll call them…. Come in- They both entered to her room, where she called Urs first.
- He says he is coming in a couple hours- Dafne informed Peter after hanging up with Bühler.
- Ok
- Now, I’ll call David
- He is not answering. I’m entering straight to his voice mail.
- Find him!! I need him here right now- Peter exclaimed, getting out of Dafne’s room. Dafne immediately went to Indre’s room:
- Good morning, Indre
- Good morning, Daf. How are you?
- I was good until Peter went to my room this morning. He is very upset.
- Why?
- I don’t know. He was worried about Urs and David hadn’t arrived yet. He made me call them and just Urs answered. He got worst because David didn’t answer. Peter wants David here as soon as possible. He is very stressed.
- What can we do?
- Our only option is to go and find David at hospital
- Us?
- You- Dafne stated
- Me? To the hospital?
- Yes- Dafne nodded- I need to make some calls and I can’t go
- But he will be with her…
- Trust me, I know how difficult that situation can be, but it’s our job
- Ok- Indre deeply sighed rolling her eyes- I’ll go.
When she arrived to the hospital went to reception and asked for Myriam’s ward number. A nurse gave it to her. She walked over to the room and found the door a little bit opened. She leaned her head in and saw David talking to Myriam. Indre stood in silence to listen what was he saying:
- Honey, I need to go now. Josh must be about to arrive. I would love to spend more time here with you but we will have an entire life to do this. You know? Tonight I’ll have a presentation with the guys. I would do everything to have you there with me, but don’t worry, I’ll be singing just for you. Come on, baby, be strong. Open your eyes and come back to me. I need to see you smiling again. I love you, Myriam… I always had and I always will- He kissed on her lips. Indre felt heartbroken and wanted to run away from there, but instead of that, cleared her throat, entering to the room, making David to turn over to her.
- Peter wants you back- she seriously announced.
- Ok- David nodded, walking up to where she was. She went out of the room…
- How much time you were in the room?- David asked in their way out of the hospital.
- Enough to listen what I had to- Indre couldn’t hide she was disappointed and upset.
- What do you mean?
- Forget it
- I don’t want to forget it- David stopped her holding her arm. They were already out of the place- Indre, what’s going on?
- WHAT’S GOING ON?- Indre almost yelled- I’ll tell you what’s going on!! David Miller: you played with my feelings. You made me think you were interested on me. I thought we had something, but then, without even saying good bye, you left Germany and came to New York to be with her. What about me?
- Indre, I never imagined you could feel something for me more than a friendship.
- A friendship? You kissed me! Do you kiss all your friends?
- I know I kissed you, but it was just product of the moment. That kiss was wonderful, and I did want it, but it didn’t mean something else that a magic moment.
Indre felt tears filling her eyes.
- You really love her, don’t you?- she asked
- I don’t want to hurt you
- You already did
- Indre, I love you very much, really, but as a friend. We can be very good friends. Try to understand me: I already made too many mistakes, one of them was to leave Myriam just for not accepting I could fall in love… that mistake brought me to make more, like giving you false hopes, even without noticing it. Indre, I almost lose Myriam, I don’t want to lose you either. I want to have my girlfriend and the best friend I have ever had with me. Both of them. Please, forgive me if I hurt you, but don’t take your friendship away from me. I need you so much in this situation I’m living- Tears were running down Indre’s cheek. She felt sad, but in the deepest of her heart she knew David wasn’t lying, he never wanted to hurt her, and also never gave her love words. She couldn’t punish him at that moment, after all, he was telling her the truth.
- Do you think you can forgive me?- David asked. Indre bit her lip and staring at his eyes, answered:
- I will always be your friend, David.
He tightly covered her in a tender and friendly embrace. Indre understood she had to forget him. That would be the best.

When Urs arrived to the hotel, found the rest of the team at their suite. David was sleeping and Carlos was talking with Sebastien, drinking a coffee in the living room.
- What a smile!- Carlos exclaimed, wiggling his eyebrows- I can see you spent a fantastic night with your lady
- What can I say? I’m happy!!
- Words are not necessary when love is around.
- You are right, Carlos- Urs agreed- And, talking about love, where are the girls?
- My Cyd asked Paulette to join her for a shopping day
- We wanted to go with them but they said it was just women time- Sebastien added.
- For sure they want to buy accessories for tonight and they don’t want us to see them- Carlos gave his opinion.
- They will look beautiful- Urs said
- Calm down, bro!! You have your own girl- Carlos joked. Urs laughed.
- Don’t worry, Carlitos. I just have eyes for her.
- I want to meet her. I’m curious to know how she is
- You are not losing of anything good- Sebastien whispered
- What did you say?- Carlos asked.
- Nothing… That I am tired and want to rest a bit. Excuse me- Sebastien left Urs and Marin alone.
- Is it my imagination or Sebastien has changed a lot?
- Do you just notice it? He is completely different.
- Why? It seems he is against everything. Why he is so mad at Diana?
- I don’t know- Urs shrugged- I can understand he is supporting Lynnea because they are close friends, but he sees Diana as his worst enemy. But I don’t care. Nothing will destroy my relation.
Carlos sighed and held Urs’ shoulder
- I’m sure your love is strong, but I want to give you an advice: Be careful. Sebastien will not rest until you come back with Lynnea.
- He will lose his time trying to do this.
- Anyway, just watch out, ok?
- Ok, I will. Thanks.
- Oh, Urs, changing a bit the topic, I would want to ask you a favor.
- Of course, what is it?
- I want to give Cyd a surprise… an unforgettable surprise, but I need some help…
- What are you planning?
Carlos explained Urs what he had in mind. Urs was listening with attention.
- When do you want to do this?- Bühler asked when Carlos finished.
- After our presentation in Rome…. Maybe in 2 weeks. I know it is a short time, but enough to prepare everything.
- She will really be surprised. Count with me….
- Thank you!! I want it to be something that my Cyd can never forget…. – Carlos dreamily smiled and sighed.

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The guys were ready for the premier. Peter, Dafne and Indre had already gone to the “Madison Square Garden” where it would take part. Sebastien, Carlos and David were in the lobby of the hotel waiting for the girls. Urs had gone to pick Diana up. When Cyd and Paulett joined them, Seb and Carlos couldn’t hide their amazement of seeing how beautiful they looked.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

They were talking, waiting for the limousine, when Urs appeared wrapping Diana’s waist.
- Here they are- David exclaimed. Everyone turned to see them.
- Hey, Guys! Let me introduce my girlfriend
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
- Hi, Diana, nice to meet you- Carlos said, kissing her hand.
- Urs is always talking about you. I’m Cyd…
- Nice to meet you- Diana nicely answered.
- She is Paulette, Seb’s fiancée- Urs said.
- Hi!!- Paulette greeted, kissing Diana’s cheek. Then were just David and Seb missing.
- How are you, honey?- David said, hugging her.
- I’m fine, thanks- she smiled.
- And I guess you already know Sebastien, either- Urs stated.
- Yes. Hello Sebastien
- What’s up- He seriously answered, rolling his eyes.
- Well, let’s go. The limousine is out already- Carlos said. All the guys offered their arms to their girls and walked out, unless David, who stayed back with some nostalgic in his eyes. He didn’t have Myriam with him. Diana noticed it and turned around:
- Come on, Dave
He smiled and joined Urs and her:
- Can I?- David asked to Bühler, offering his arm to Diana.
- Sure- Urs answered. And now, she was holding both singers arms.
When they arrived to the place, people who were there began screaming and waving hello to them.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

The guys nicely were answering and also taking some pictures. Dafne and Indre were waiting for them at the entrance.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Dafne was trying to stay strong of seeing Sebastien with Paulette. She wanted to show him that he wasn’t important for her anymore, although it wasn’t true.
Some journalists didn’t lose opportunity to interview them as they were walking by the red carpet. The press was trying to find out everything about the girls and also of their participation in the movie. Sebastien commented few details of his upcoming wedding with Paulette, Urs proudly showing Diana was his girlfriend and Carlos, of course, about Cyd’s pregnancy.
When they arrived to the entrance, Dafne and Indre guided them to their places. Peter was talking with some old friends he found there. Diana and Dafne were so happy to see each other again.
When all were already in their seats, a loud noise of a crowd whispering called Dafne’s and Indre’s attention. They turned around and saw entering many people.
- Why are all that people there?
- I don’t know- Indre shrugged- maybe someone important arrived.
- Maybe…- Suddenly, Dafne stood up from her place, located in the second row.
- Where are you going?- Indre asked
- I need to go to the bathroom. I don’t want to go at the middle of the movie. You want to come?
- Sure- They went there, where also retouched their face with some lip gloss and blush. When they went out of there, they were walking back to their seats, talking a bit distracted, when suddenly Dafne crashed with somebody. She turned her face quickly saying at the same time:
- Sorry!!
- She lifted her eyes up and saw one of the most attractive guys she had ever seen before, who gave her a deep gaze.
- Sorry! I didn’t see you. Are you ok?- Dafne only moved her head affirmatively, she was captivated for him that couldn’t pronounce any word.
- I’m glad you’re fine. It would be bad if a beautiful lady like you hurt herself- he said with a tender and sweet voice. See you later- He said, smiling as he left.
- Wow, Dafne!! Did you see him? He is very charming and I think you caught his attention.
Dafne blushed
- Don’t start- she said
- Well, I’m just saying what I saw
When they arrived to their places, Indre and she sat down…. Unluckily their places were next to Seb and Paulette. Indre sat next to the singer, between him and Dafne, who didn’t gave it too much importance, she was lost in her thoughts with the guy she just met. Peter arrived some minutes later and sat beside Dafne, noticing her smile…
- Why are you so happy?- he asked.
- Me?
- Yes, you….
- Oh, for nothing. I just feel fine… that’s it- Dafne breathed deeply. Suddenly, Indre gave her a nudge and pointed with her head to the row in front of them, where the guy with whom she had crashed was taking a seat in front of Diana and Urs. The girls looked at each other with complicity.
- Who is he?- Dafne asked.
- I don’t know. His face is familiar to me, but I don’t know where did I see him.
Some seconds later, the lights were turned off, and the movie was going to begin. Everyone was paying attention to the details of the film, unless Dafne. She was looking at the guy…
- You see?- Indre asked her, taking her out of her world when saw the third scene.
- What?
- He is the protagonist!!
Dafne turned her sight to the movie and saw him, suddenly, she felt a gaze on her. She turned to see who was it and was him, who winked at her. She answered with a nervous smile. Peter noticed it and chuckled.
- Did you see him?! He looked at you- Indre exclaimed with excitement.
- Shhhh!!… Yes, I did- Dafne repplied giggling in a whisper, but Sebastien could hear what they were talking because he was very close and wanted to know about whom were talking both girls… although he had idea.
- Poor guy!! He feels very lonely- Paulette whispered in Seb’s ears. He didn’t say anything. He wasn’t paying attention to the screen.
Then, a scene where the actor showed his nude body, just wearing underwear, appeared. Dafne couldn’t hide her amazement and deeply sighed.
- What a sigh!- Indre chuckled.
- Sorry! I couldn’t avoid it… He looks… good and….
- And?
- And he has a beautiful…
- Body
- Yes… eh, no, no, no… a beautiful smile…
- Aha!!- Indre giggled.
Sebastien listened to the comment and got furious and immediately told them:
- Please, silence. You don’t let me listen to the dialogues.
- Ooops!! Sorry, Seb- Indre apologized.
All the audience was enjoying the plot. When just 15 minutes were missing to run the film out, a man got close to Peter and said everything was ready for the presentation, so he told Dafne that the guys had to get ready and follow the man who was waiting for them. Against her will, Dafne told Sebastien:
- Please, tell everyone that it’s time- He only moved his head affirmatively and made a signal to his partners. They all stood up and followed the man backstage. Seb, Carlos, Urs and David were ready for singing. The movie finished and the lights wer turned on. The audience began clapping. Then, the producer, Carl Louis went up to the stage:
- Good night, ladies and gentlemen, well… Thank you so much for coming. First of all, I would like to say thank you to my family to support me in this project… and obviously to all the people involved on it: actors, grooming and wardrobe in charge, lightning operator, audio engineer… it’s a long list, you all know who you are.. I appreciate your hard work, guys!!
Also, I want to send a special thank you to 4 amazing singers who interpreted the principal track of this movie. They are: IL DIVO

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

The lyrics of “Tell that to my heart” began playing. The song was beautiful and their voices sounded excellent. When they finished, received a loud applause, waved good bye and went backstage.
Again, Carl Louis took the microphone:
- Thank you for coming to this premier. Now, I invite you to join us to the celebration… Enjoy the night!!
The guys went back quickly with the others and some minutes later, the party began. The enviroment was great, there were lot of famous stars. Everyone was having a good time. Il DIVO, the girls and Peter were all together, talking. Sometimes, Sebastien was looking at Dafne but she was avoiding his gaze. Suddenly, they were interrupted:
- Good night!! How you doing?
- Good night! – All of them answered- It was Mr. Louis, who had arrived to talk to therm.
- Your performance was great, guys, congratulations
- It’s a pleassure to be here celebrating with you this success- said Peter.
- I have to confess I was a bit nervous, but now, I feel calmer- Carl stated. In that moment, the producer saw the protagonists and called them:
- Let me introduce my friends and colleagues… the male and female leads of this movie: Jessica Biel and Ben Barnes- This last one looked straight at Dafne.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

They all shook hands.
- Nice to meet you- were all saying. When Ben shook hands with Dafne, both fell something strange and special. Anybody realized it, just Diana. She could almost read Dafne’s mind. After all, they were like sisters.
The evening continued well. They were talking and talking, but almost at midnight, Cyd told Carlos:
- Honey, I’m tired. Can we go now?- she smiled and touched her belly.
- Of course, my love- Carlos cleared her throat and said:
- Sorry, guys, but we need to go. Cyd is tired and I need to take care of her and our baby… Ben, Jessica… it was a pleassure to meet you…
- So for us- Ben answered- And congratulations for your baby!!
- Thanks- Cyd and Carlos answered. They walked up to where Carl Louis and Peter were talking, just few steps away and said good bye to therm.
- I hope to see you soon again, but with your child on arms- the producer said. Then, Carlos and Cyd left.
The guys continued talking, for that time, Ben and Dafne were flirting. Sebastien couldn’t hide his annoyment. Everyone noticed that this time, unless Paulette, who was blindy in love with him.
Suddenly, Diana’s cell phone rang. She took it ouf from his purse and answered:
- Hello? Josh? Calm down…. I don’t understand you… What’s going on with her?- She walked apart some steps as everyone looked at her with worried face. David was anxious, he needed to know why Josh had called at that time. He was supposed to be with Myriam. Did something wrong happened to her?
- Really?! Oh, my God, that’s a miracle!!- Diana exclaimed- Ok, let me say good-bye and we will be with you in- she checked her watch- 30 minutes more or less. Thank you so much… bye…- Diana joined the group again.
- What happened?- David nervously asked.
- Myriam already woke up from the comma!!!
David hugged Diana with strenghts and excitement, he was happily laughing.
- We must go now!!- Diana said
- I’m coming with you- Urs stated
- What are we waiting for?- David impatiently asked- Let’s go….

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After Josh’s phone call, Diana, Urs and David left the party to go to the hospital. Peter and Carl were still talking apart form the group. Now were just left Dafne, Indre, Seb, Paulette, Ben and Jessica.
- So, tell me Ben, don’t you think that the scene where you appeared nude was completely unnecessary and out of context? I mean, for me it was out of place- Sebastien ironically asked, trying to bother the actor. Everyone got surprised for his comment.
- I think it fit pecfectly with the scene- Paulette said- It was a figurative way to express the emptiness of feelings of Ben’s character. I loved the way he expressed it.
- Yes, it was autherntically a scene full of drama and emotions- Dafne added.
- I’m glad that you really liked it and understoon what we were trying to transmit with it, girls- Ben took part- and answering your question Sebastien, I think it was a different way to show how feelings can make you feel empty or full depending of the way you take them.
- Yes, that’s why at the end of the movie Ben appears perfectly dressed holding my hand. That was to show that he finally took his life back and was happy- Jessica explained.
- Everyone understood that. I guess Seba was a bit distracted- Indre giggled. Everyone did too, unless Izambard.
- You’re right, Indre. I couldn’t be concentrated in the movie because Dafne and you weren’t letting me listen to it. Why don’t you better tell us girls, what were you talking about?
- Nothing important- Dafne immediately answered.
- Really? Because I guess you were talking about Ben-
Dafne coughed.
- I’m sorry- she apologized- I guess I need something to drink. Excuse me
- I’m coming with you- Indre said, following Dafne.
- I also leave you, guys. I need to go to the bathroom- Jessica said.
- I need to go, too. Can I go with you?
- Sure, Paulette!
- I’ll be right back, honey- Paulette told Sebastien, kissing him tenderly on his cheek. When Sebastien stayed alone with Barnes, noticed he was looking at Dafne at the distance.
-She is pretty, doesn’t she?
Ben looked at him soubtful and answered with another question.
- Dafne?
- Who else can be?
- Yes, she is
- Do you like her?
- Why should I have to answer that question? Is it that you are interested on her?
- That’s not your business. I’ll just tell you one thing: get away from her.
- Why? Just because you are asking it?
- Because I’m commanding it.
Ben sarcastically laughed.
- It hasn’t borned yet someone who can command me what or what not to do
- Don’t try me, Ben. You don’t know me and don’t have idea of what I am able to do.
- Go and threaten someone who can get scarried of you. I’m not the one- They now were opening challenging each other.
- But then don’t say I didn’t warn you
- You also don’t know me, Sebastien. Don’t be so self-confident. I don’t know what’s your problem but there’s something I will tell you: I’m not afraid of you.
Paulette and Jessica noticed when they were walking back that something strange was happening between both guys. Jessica saw an old friend and went to say hello, apologyzing with Seb’s girl. When Paulette arrived to them, asked:
- What’s going on, sweetie? Is it everything ok?
- Oh, yes… perfect. Ben and I were having a friendly conversation, right Ben?
- Of course, just great
- I’m glad. For a moment I thought you were arguing. I’m so silly!!
Ben and Sebastien grinned sarcastically at each other.
- Well, guys, I leave you. It was a total pleassure to meet you and let me say: you make a wonderful couple… I can see you are very happy of being together. Continue like that- Ben ironically said, blinking as Paulette answered:
- Thank you
Ben and Sebastien gave each other a forced hug:
- Don’t forget our conversation- Sebastien whispered.
- I won’t- Ben answered.

Indre and Dafne were asking for their drinks to a bartender
- Could you give me a whisky, please?- Indre asked.
- And for me a Martini, please- Dafne requested.
- I want the same as the lady- a known voice that made Dafne shivered asked from behind her. It was Ben. He smiled at her.
- It’s my favourite drink- he said, with a mischievous voice.
- Mine too- Daf repplied.
- It seems we share the same taste- They both looked deeply at each other. Indre cleared her throat:
- Well, my favourite drink is whisky, I mean, if you want to know- they 3 chuckled.
- Where are you from?- Ben asked. He couldn’t apart his eyes from Dafne, who anwered:
- From Mexico.
- Mexico!! That’s a nice place..
- Yes. And unique. Sometimes I miss to be there so much. But I can’t complain. Each place I have visited has it’s own wonders, so…
- Yes, you’re right I feel the same about my country.
Suddenly, the bartender interrupted them.
- Here you have
They both said thank you. Dafne turned to give Indre her drind, but she wasn’t there anymore. When she turned again over to Ben, accidentally dropped Indre’s drind on him.
- Oh!! I’m sorry!! I’m a fool- she tried to dry his suit with her hand, but Ben held her soft hand, looked deeply into her eyes and said:
- Don’t worry. It’s ok. It’s not so wet- Dafne blushed. In the distance, Sebastien could see them and got furious. Ben was holding Dafne’s hand and she was accepting his touch.
-“How the hell he dares to touch her? He doesn’t have any right. She’s mine. I love her…. No, I don’t love her… she doesn’t deserve my love… She is a….. But I need her!! Gosh!! I need her touch, I need her smell, I need her body…. What the hell are you doing Sebastien? Why are you doing this to you and to her? You could be very happy with her… What are you thinking in getting married with Paulett when you don’t love her? You love Dafne… but she… she is so far from me now… What am I thinking?… Of course I can’t be with her. She is liar, and easy. No, my place is with Paulette..
- Sebastien?!
He shook his head and reacted:
- What’s going on?
- Are you ok? You were like lost- Paulette asked.
- Yes… I just want to go and be with you…
Sebastien and Paulette went out of that place and went back to the hotel. Once in his room, they made love all night long. But Sebastien’s thoughts were with Dafne, against his own will….

Josh!!- Diana exclaimed when she saw him at the waiting ward. He couldn’t avoid to hug her with happiness.
- How is she?
- Fine. I couldn’t talk to her. It was very fast
- How it happened?- David was anxious to know.
- I don’t know… she was sleeping and just woke up.
- How did you notice it?- Diana asked.
- Because she whispered David’s name…
David dreamily smiled: his name was the first thing Myriam said after all that time.
- I want to see her- David begged.
- That’s not possible now. Doctors are checking her to see if everything is fine.
- Gosh!! More waiting!!- Miller complained- I need to tell her how much I love and missed her.
- Be patient, bro- Urs said, holding his friend’s shoulder- you will see her soon and will have the oportunity to talk about your feelings.
- Yes, you are right- David answered. Some minutes later, Myriam’s doctor joined them:
- Please, tell us everything is ok- Josh nervously said.
- Don’t worry. She is a strong girl. She is recovering satisfactorily.
Diana hugged Urs full of joy.
- Can we see her?- Josh asked.
- Yes, but pleasee, try not to disturb her. Although she is fine, she is still weak. It would be better if you enter one by one.
- Can I go first?- David asked, begging.
- I think she wants to see you- Diana repplied, winking.
- Josh?
- Diana is right.
- Thank you, guys. I really appreciate it.
- Come on, go ahead- Diana invited.
When David was opening Myriam’s ward, he deeply sighed. He was nervous. Would she forgive him? He wanted to think she would.
He slowly walked up to the bed and found her with closed eyes. He didn’t know what to do: was she sleeping? He didn’t want to disturb her interrupting her dreams. She looked most beautiful than ever. He couldn’t resist to caress her cheek like if it was a fragile petal of a rose. She opened her eyes:
- Hi- he greeted, tenderly smiling.
- You are here- she weakly answered, giving him back another smile.
- Of course I am here. I couldn’t be in any other place.
- I thought it was a dream, just a product of my imagination.
- It wasn’t a dream. I was here all this time with you- he caressed her hair.
- Why?
- Because I love you
- You do?
- From all my heart. Myriam, I know I behaved as a fool with you, but when I felt that I could lose you , I realized that I can’t see my life without you. You are very important for me. I was afraid just to think that maybe I would never be able to ask your forgiveness.
- David, I never stopped loving you. This love I feel for you is so strong that it doesn’t have end. I don’t have anything to forgive, this feeling is bigger than any hate or resentment. Don’t worry, my love….
- Thank you- he kissed gently her forehead.
- Sometimes life gives us second chances, and we are lucky of getting one. I won’t waste it with bad feelings.
David’s eyes were full of tears. Myriam’s words were too much emotive for him. She was right, people are not always allowed to received a new oportunity. He wasn’t disposed to waste this second chance.
- Honey, from now on, I will live just to love you. You’ll recover totally your health and then, we will get married… We will never be separated again. Do you want this?
- Yes, David. I want to start my new life with the man I love…
David got closer to her and kissed her lips: softly, calmly, gently…. A new chance, a new story, a new life….

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PostSubject: Re: *MOON* By: Didi   Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:36 pm


Peter had invited Natty for lunch, the next day after the premier. Natty, of course, accepted. She was excited, that man had awoken different kind of emotions she hadn’t felt again since Lynnea’s father passing, 10 years ago. While they were eating were also talking about different things.
- Wow!! That sounds it will e a wonderful surprise for Carlos’ girlfriend!!
- Yes, it will. Carlos is fixing everything and we are helping him.
- It must be very emotive for a woman that her boyfriend prepares such sweet evidence of love. How much had my Lynnea given for receiving something like that from Urs- Natty sighed.
- Is she still suffering for him?
- Sometimes I can listen to her sobbing in her room…
- She’s young and beautiful. It will be easy to find someone more who can love her.
- Actually, there’s a guy. He likes her so much, but she is not paying attention to him.
- Time to time- Peter smiled- She will recover. You’ll see. Now, what about if we start talking about us?

On monday, was the interview and the photo session for Gabriel’s magazine. Urs, David, Carlos, Seb and the rest of the staff involved arrived early to the appointment. No girlfriends with them.
- Hello- Lynnea greeted them. Everyone answered nicely back to her, giving fraternal hugs and kisses.
- How are you, guys?- she asked
- Good… Fine…- those were some of the answers.
- We thought we would see you on Saturday at the premier- David commented.
- I was supposed to go, but I got a sick stomach, so, I stayed home. I read that Cyd is pregnant- she told Carlos.
- Yes!! You don’t have idea of how happy we are about it- Marin openly smiled.
- I’m glad to listen to it!! How are your wedding preparatives going, Seb?
- Mmmm… fine…. Paulette is organizing everything- he disheartened answered- We will be married in 2 months, a bit less.
- Will you invite me?
- You don’t need an invitation, darling. I hope you will be there in the first row.
- I will… For nothing in the world I could lose that event- she giggled- What about you, Dave?
Miller dreamily sighed.
- I’m better than ever, I have a girlfriend now and I’m totally in love.
- You? The I-LOVE-MY-FREEDOM guy?- Everyone chuckled.
- Yes. Me… And I feel perfect.
- That’s great, Dave, congratulations!!
A deep silence appeared. Lynnea didn’t want to ask anything to Urs. She didn’t want to listen to an answer that could hurt her. Everyone noticed it and didn’t say anything. Also Urs understood, and respected her silence.
Meanwhile, Indre was checking that everything was getting ready while Dafne was coordinating some stuff with the interviewer, when suddenly someone greeeted her:
- Hello, lovely girl- she turned around.
- BEN!! What are you doing here?
They both felt a shiver running down their spine. Definitively there was attraction between them. Bunches of it. Their eyes were sparkling just to see each other.
- I’m invited to the interview, either. It will be a special edition of the movie. Jessica is coming too. But, it’s great to see you!!
- Yes, I think the same- she answered a bit blushed.
- Mr. Barnes, come with me please… I need to get you ready for the photo session- the make-up lady interrupted.
- Well, I need to go. Job is calling- he rolled his eyes. She giggled.
- Ok… see you later- They both smiled. She turned around and was walking away.
- DAFNE!!- She turned again- I was thinking: it would be nice if we have dinner someday, don’t you think?
- Sure… but I’m leaving NY soon…
- Don’t worry, I’ll find you…

After the interview, Gabriel appeared. He greeted everyone, but specially Dafne, Indre and Urs.
-Thank you for coming- he told Peter- This edition will be great…
- You are welcome!! Thanks to you for considerating us!!
- People love your musice and job… And that will be a benefit for next edition of the magazine.
- We all win: you sell and we get more promotion- Dafne commented.
- That’s true
After have been talking for a while, they were interrupted.
- Gabriel, someone is waiting for you at your office- Lynnea joined them to tell her boss.
- I’m coming- he coldly answered. He was polite with Lynnea but wanted to mark a distance between them. Lynnea wanted that to finish, but anytime she tried to get closer to him, he was rejecting- Sorry- he apologized- I need to go. But thanks for everything..- Diana’s brother was shaking hands with all the team.
- Gabriel, we are planning to have a game evening and some dinner. Actually, Diana is also coming. Would you like to join us?- Dafne quickly said.
- Ok, I’ll be there…
- Great!! See you then.
- See you!!
Gabriel went to his office and when opened the door, he smiled:
- Rocío, what a surprise!!
The girl walked over to him and went straight to his lips, taking him by surprise.
- Excuse me, Gabriel, do you….?- Lynnea entered without announcing and found that scene. What did she feel? Neither she knew.
Gabriel jumped away from Rocío
- Sorry!! I didn’t want to disturb- Lynnea apologized, hesitating- I just wanted to know if you want me to bring some coffee for you and your…. friend?- She hardly explained.
He cleared his throat.
- Do you want some coffee?
- No, thanks- Rocío nicely answered, holding his arm.
- Ok- Lynnea turned around to go.
- And please, Lynnea, next time knock first- Gabriel said. Lynnea went out and closed the door behind her.
- Please, Ro, have a seat- He opened the chair to her and then he sat in front of her.
- What brings you here?- Gabriel asked.
- Job… But I wanted to visit an old friend- she flirty answered.
Rocío was Gabriel’s best friend at university at Mexico City. They always liked each other, but they prefered to be just friends. That was functional for them.
- I’m glad to see you.
- Me too. It has been a long time… But, tell me, how is Diana?
- She’s fine. Well, not only fine, she is excellent.
- Why do you say that?
- She has made bunches of friends and finally found that Urs Bühler at last. That’s good, it was just a platonic love- she chuckled.
- Actually, she is with him
Rocío laughed.
- Good joke, Gabriel!! I can see you are still funny
- I’m not joking
- Is that true?
- Yes- he nodded.
- Wow!! Unbelievable!! Say congratulations from me…
- Why don’t you better tell her personally? I mean, she would feel glad to see you.
- I would love to
- What about if you come with me tonight? We will have a game evening and some dinner
- Ok…
- At 8:00?
- Sure
- Where are you staying? I’ll pick you up…

- How was your day, sweetie?- Natty asked her daughter when she went back from work. Lynnea walked straight to the living room, where her mother was watching TV and kissed her cheek, then, she dropped herself on the sofa, next to Natty.
- Fine. Lots of work. Today was the session about the movie, you know- Lynnea rolled her eyes.
- Did you see him?
- Yes. He looks so handsome!! Oh, mom, it was so difficult. He seems to be really happy. But, you know something? Who is worrying me is Sebastien. I think he is getting married without loving Paulette.
- Why do you say that?
- I don’t know, his eyes are not sparkling when he talks about the wedding. I hope I’m wrong.
- Love is something you can’t hide. It’s obvious. And if you don’t find that shine in his eyes, maybe you are right.
- That isn’t a rule. You said Gabriel looked at me like just a man in love can do it.
- And I still think so
- You are wrong. He has a girlfriend now.
- What? Are you sure? Maybe he told you that to turn you jealous.
- No. I saw him kissing her at his office.
- It’s unbelievable. How is she?
- She’s… kind of… normal… Tall, skinny, dark hair, gray eyes…
- It sounds she is pretty
- Not at all- Lynnea quickly answered- she is, as I already said, normal
Natty chuckled.
- What?- Lynnea asked.
- Nothing
- Tell me, mom
- Ok. I think you are jealous.
- Jealous? Me? Of that small lizard with 2 feet?
Natty was still giggling.
- So, why are you so mad?
- I’m not mad. I don’t even care that he invited her tonight for dinner. He can do whatever he wants with whoever he wants.
- Yes, you are right. After all, you are not interested on him. He is free to do his life with a woman who can love him as he deserves. Don’t you think?
- You know something, mom? When you say such things you are unbearable… I better go to my room- Lynnea stood up and left her mother. Once in her room, she splashed herself on bed and began saying in her mind:
- I don’t care what Gabriel does with his life. He can be with whoever he wants, but I know he stills like me. Or not?… Gosh!! What am I thinking?


Lynnea was very quiet, in silence, having breakfast before going to work. Natty had prepared her some fruit, milk and pancakes. As she was preparing them, she was singing in low voice. She seemed to be very happy. Lynnea was stranged for that attitude.
- Mom?
- Yes?
- Why are you so happy?
- Me?
- Yes, you
- For nothing…
- Come on, mom, I know you… Tell me, what’s going on?
Natty stared at her and joined her at the table, sitting next to her.
- Peter asked me to beging a relation.
Lynnea was so amazed that dropped the fork on her plate by accident.
- Really?
- Natty chuckled and blushed a bit.
- Yes
- Oh, mom, that’s so good!! Peter is a great person and I’m sure he will make you happy. Congratulations!!- Lynnea stood up and hugged her mother.
- I feel like a teenager with her first boyfriend.
- That’s normal… but you’ll see everything will go fine. I knew something good was expecting for you. Enjoy your relation, mom. Act like that teenager that is inside you.
- I’m so happy!! I didn’t expect this love. I loved your dad so much that I thought I would never feel something for any other man. But Peter changed everything.
- You deserve this, mom. Love arrives in any unexpected moment. It takes you by surprise and has the power to change your world.
- Yes, but you have to be with your eyes totally opened to see it. Sometimes love is hiding behind a person, waiting for you. And you have to find it.
- Not again the same conversation, mom, please. I already told you that Gabriel is not for me…
- I didn’t mention him. But I can see he is in your mind….

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A month went by. When Diana told Gabriel she was leaving with Urs, he turned sad. He wasn’t expecting it but he understood she wouldn’t be happy far from the singer, so, he hadn’t other choice than support her decission.
Dafne was happy because her friend now would be traveling around the world with IL DIVO and that meant they would be able to see each other all time. Dafne had missed Diana very much, even more when Sebastien was telling her such hurting things. Yes, she had Indre, but Diana had always been her confident and secrets’ keeper.
IL DIVO next performance was in Rome. After it, they had a month full of events and presentations.
David was sad because he had to continue with the calendar and he couldn’t bring Myriam with him. She spent 2 more weeks at hospital and then went back hom. Doctors were amazed of how fast she had recovered. Of coursse, she had to be coming back once a week for an examination. I f everything continued going well, she would be able to travel and joined David. Doctor should give authorization to it.
Dafne didn’t see Ben again. She was a bit disappointed about this. But, anyway, she was still in love with Sebastien, although everything. She was fighting against her feelings, telling herself she didn’t love him anymore, but it was useless: she loved him and was suffering about all that stuff of his wedding with Paulette. Yes, Dafne liked Ben, and he was an ilussion for her, but Sebastien was still in her heart.
Peter and Natty agreed to have a long distance relation for the moment, and then, they would see what would happen next.
Cyd didn’t have idea of what was waiting for her. Sometimes she noticed Carlos making calls in low voice, or talking suspiciously with the guys, but when she was asking, anyoune was saying a word. One day, she turned jealous because found Carlos at his cell phone and when she entered to the room, he hung up:
- You better don’t even try to cheat on me, Marin!!
Carlos just chuckled and tightly wrapped her from her waist:
- I just have eyes for you, beauty. You and our baby are my life.
Indre, surprising even herself, was feeling glad of David’s happiness. They were good friends and were spending much time talking about Myriam… and Wolfgang. Indre saw him in Rome, at the guys’ “Ave María” performance. He was there and invited her for dinner. Indre was confused, he liked that man very much, but was afraid of opening her heart again to love. She asked him time, and he agreed, according they would be in touch by phone or sporadic dates.
Sebastien’s and Paulette’s wedding was coming in just one more month. Paulette was really excited, preparing everything. It would be celebrated in Greece, for Paulette’s wish. She was sending invitations, chosing the church, the party place, the cake, the dinner menu… everything. Sebastien was just listening to her, just saying phrases like:
“I think that’s good”, “ As you wish”, “Sounds great”, etc.
Also, he wasn’t wasting any time to bother Diana with comments about Lynnea, or simply being rude with her, but Diana wasn’t paying attention. Other times, Izambard was trying to find the way to be close to Dafne, but she wasn’t giving any chance.
Paulette, Cyd and Diana were now good friends. Carlos was glad about it, because he found out Diana was a nice person. Sebastien’s case was different. He asked Paulette not to be close of the girl because he was a bad influence for her. But Paulette really liked Urs’ girlfriend and when Sebastien wasn’t around, the girls were having bunches of fun.
Diana’s and Urs’ relation was getting stronger each day. They looked like husband and wife, they were spending all their free time together, sometimes giving walks, other ones just watching TV or giving rides by Urs motorcycle through the highways. Each single and simple activity together was perfect for them, because they were enjoying each other’s company. They were totally in love, and they were showing this almost all nights when they were making love, surrendering to each other, sometimes in a passionate way, and sometimes tenderly, enjoying each touch, each caress, each kiss… giving all themselves to their beloved one.
Finally, they deserved a rest… One day, Peter gave them a surprise: he had rented a house in Amsterdam for 3 days like a compensation for all their hard work and effort. They would be there in a week. They all turned happy of that new. Anyone knew everything of what really was waiting for them….


Gabriel and Lynnea were working in his office, it was late, 10:30 pm, but they had to finish a project he would present to the directives the next morning, and it should be done that night.
Their relation was still distant, and it turned more with Rocío’s visit. Gabriel spent almost all his free time with her, also his lunch time. Some days she was visiting him at his office, staying there for long periods of time, but finally, after a month, she left.
Lynnea felt relieved with Rocío’s departure. She didn’t know why, but her presence was making her feel sick.
Gabriel and Lynnea’s relation was strictly laboral. Sometimes, Lynnea was trying to call his attention, failing the most of them.
- We are finally done- Gabriel said, exhaling a breath- I hope Mr. Curtis will be satisfied with this project and I will get the promotion. Of course, if I get it, you are working with me.
- You had been working very hard on it, and it’s great. I think you’ll be the winner.
- You have helped me very much
- That’s my job: to support you in everything.
- Thank you very much- he nicely said.
- You’re welcome. And don’t be nervous, what it has to be, will be…
Lynnea smiled at him. Gabriel looked deeply into her eyes. He had almost forgotten how beautiful her eyes were and how good it felt to be reflected in them. Her smile made him feel calmer: it was so sweet, so pure… Suddenly, he reacted, shaking his head and changing his gaze to one side:
- I think it’s time to go home- he stated.
- Yes, sure… I’ll asked for a cab…
- Ok
In the past, he would offer her to drive her home, but he didn’t want to create any link with her, without matter how insignificant it could be
- See you tomorrow- he took his jacket from the back of his chair, while Lynnea was walking out of the office. She was almost to open the door, when she turned around, blocking Gabriel’s way.
- Excuse me- he said, when was in front of her.
- Until when, Gabriel?
- Until when, what?
- Until when you’re going to continue behaving like this with me?
- I’m behaving as any boss with his assistant.
- But what happened with our friendship?
- I thought you didn’t want it. I can remember you telling I was taking advantage of Urs’ and my sister relation to have you for me, shouting it was very convenient for me.
- I’m so silly!! You shouldn’t pay attention to my words, I was upset…
- How had you felt if the person you loved had told you such things? I was really interested on you, and yes, I wanted to have you, but without taking advantage of anything, I wanted to make you feel loved, to show you how important you were for me. But you judged me in the worst way. And then, you left.
- But I came back!!
- Yes. You came back to work, not to me.
- Try to understand me!! Ure had hurt me!!
- I can perfectly understand that. You know why? Because you also hurt me. In which part you are better that him?
Lynnea felt her eyes getting teary. Gabriel’s words were hard but true.
- Gabriel, it took me time to understand that I can’t force a love. Urs loves Diana, he has always done it, and Diana is his other half. They were meant to be together. Maybe if I had been in your sister’s place, I had done the same: fight for my love
- Sometimes is better to fight, and other times to leave your love be happy without you.. that’s what I did.
- With Rocío?
- No… with you. Now, it’s better to finish this conversation. See you tomorrow, Lynnea.
- Don’t you understand, Gabriel? I can’t continue like this, I can’t continue denying what I feel: I love you!! I didn’t know this until the day I found you kissing Rocío, but I was against to admit it. I was obstinated, holding Urs’ memory in my mind, but I can’t continue anymore. I need to shout this: I LOVE YOU!! – She yelled- God, how good it feels to let my heart be free!!
Gabriel looked surprised at her, he was speechless.
- Stop looking at me and kiss me- she said, surrounding him from his neck. He didn’t think it twice and joined his lips to hers…

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