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 Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta)

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Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) Empty
PostSubject: Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta)   Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) EmptyMon Jun 27, 2011 2:26 pm

Hi ladies. This is my first post and my first fic on this board so I hope you may enjoy it. Very Happy

And I want to appologize for the bad english. This was written in portuguese and the translation is not easy.

Hope you understand it. Very Happy

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Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta)   Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) EmptyMon Jun 27, 2011 2:30 pm


When the will of power of one man can change the life of a country, the lives of its people, anything can happen. History has shown us that nothing good comes from these situations and the future will show it again.

Some people's passion for freedom can change the world, but can also be like the sound of a drop of rain falling in the desert and produce no effect.

History is cyclical and, unfortunately, often overlooked, which leads to its repetition. Only when people are already on the event they recognize that, perhaps, that was not the best option. But then it is too late.

In these times of pressure and totalitarianism there are many stories of heroism that are never known. Who witnesses those stories eventually disappear and with them also disappear those memories.

One will be discovered and loved.

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Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta)   Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) EmptyTue Jun 28, 2011 9:58 am

-1 -

This was a day like every other. Marisa awoke; she prepared herself and had her breakfast, said goodbye to Edward and left home to go to work.
In passing the door she looked at the sun rising in the sky and gasped. The country changed again when she was only 18 years old, so she knew all too well the agony in the absence of this freedom and lack of free will and so, every day, she was grateful to see that landscape freely.

She got into her car and went to the real estate company where she worked. When she got there she greeted all her teammates and sat on her desk. Turned on the computer and was responding to some messages that had pending. Sometime later she was called to the office manager.

Marisa knocked on the door.

- Wanted to see me?, Marisa asked.
- Yes, you may enter., her boss answered.

Marisa came in and shut the door behind her then sitting at his desk.

– This is the situation., he continued. I called you because I think you’re the one with more capacity to deal with this situation.
- What situation?,Marisa asked nervously.
- There is no reason for jitters. But this situation is a little tricky for some people.
- What's the deal?
– It came to us a proposed sale of one of the buildings used by the former regime as a detention center for suspected conspiracy against the dictatorial government.
- Really?
- Yes, and many people lost family members that went on in that building and never came ou of there. So I'm afraid to send someone who does not feel comfortable in that space.
- I understand. I will go. No problems.
- Are you sure?

Marisa took a deep breath and answered.

- Yes, naturally., she finally said.
- Thank you. You then have to address here. Already know. For now just to see the conditions and possibilities of the building.
- Do not worry. It will all be done normally.
- Good job then.

Marisa got up and left the office.
She left the office building and got in the car driving to the place mentioned. Awaiting was a lady with the key. Greeted her and went inside.
Inspected the premises and all structures of the building. Arrived at the site of the cells and then entered in one, looked around, for that small room and for its four walls that encircled their "prisoners." She felt a shiver running through her body with the image of all the people who had passed through there, thinking about what they had suffered and about those that had died, simply because of their ideals, beliefs or race.

She began to rummage in a pile of old stuff that was in a corner. A book fell to the ground. Marisa grabbed it and opened it. Saw that it was a diary. It was handwritten, letter very shaky, as it was done in secret, in haste, fearful of being discovered. For some reason she was not able to separate herself from it and put it in her bag.
After the work was completed and the report was finished she went home.

- So., Edward said as he kissed her softly. How was your day?
- It was good.
- Just good?
- It was strange.
- Why?
- Today I was doing a report on the building on Lost Way.
- And it was complicated?
- A little. That was one of several buildings around the country that were created by the government with the aim of confining the resistants. They said they were penal institutions, which were solely designed to rid the streets of the evil influences of those people. But when the regime was ousted it was discovered that was not the case. In that building the prisoners were tortured to confess in order to report something or someone, and they were also victims of scientific experiments, used as guinea pigs in tests conducted by the pharmaceutical company of a member of the government.
- Really?
- Yes, and get in there made me feel as if I was witnessing the suffering of all those people and the pleasure of those who managed that place. I felt angry and helpless at the same time. It was a terrible feeling.

Edward did not know what to say. He preferred to keep quiet by opening a small smile of comfort with Marisa. They dined and went to bed.

Marisa could not sleep. Went round and round in bed and only one thing occupied her mind. The journal that she had found. She decided to lift up and went to the office, turning on the light of the desk and sitting in the chair that was there. From the window she could see the raindrops falling and flowing through the glass and could see the flashes of lightning that, from time to time, made the dark sky of night turning into day. She leaned and started reading.
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Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta)   Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) EmptyThu Jun 30, 2011 7:16 pm

-2 -

March 23, 2026

I do not know if anyone will ever find this, not even sure, if someone do find it, if he’ll believe a word of what I write, but I do not care. This is the truth. Nobody can take that away.
Three weeks ago I was arrested and brought here. I do not know how long I will endure this torture and I want someone to know my story. This will be my only autobiography written in the dark, in this cold room, always fearing that someone may come in and find my words.
This is the story of my life, a story that is intertwined with the history of an entire country, a whole population, of an entire civilization.

My name is Sam, I'm 28 years old and was born in Queens Town, in 1998. My entire childhood was happy, spent on the country side, which recreated an idyllic painting. My parents were incredible, they did everything for me. My father was a reserved man but rich in attitudes and beliefs. He was manager in a mediation company and was a person that loved to talk. My mother was a happy person. She was always smiling and always made me believe that everything would be fine. Not working, just reveled in her greenhouses full of flowers. Was lost in its colors and aromas. I loved watching her strolling through the beds of roses while singing softly. Those were unforgettable years.

When it came the time to decide my future at university, I chose, after many doubts, to follow my heart and I applied to film school. I always had the support of those who were important to me and that helped me decide. It was difficult to separate myself from my parents but soon I created strong friendships. Among them was Isabel, one of the best people I have ever knew. During those years I had some fleeting passions, but nothing very significant or remarkable. In my mind there was only room for my greatest passion. The movies. After a very complicated decision, at a time when the cinema was undergoing a crisis, I could not disappoint my parents and, much less myself. Luck smiled upon me, and graduated with distinction, I participated in several festivals. Never won any compensation but they were very important, the environment experienced by the people I met and the contacts I made. These same contacts helped me get to the major film productions. My dream was in its early realization. Isabel, of course, came with me. She became one of the most respected producers in the middle.
It was on a plateau of one of the movies she was producing that she met the great love of her life. I felt privileged to be one of the few to witness the beginning of that great love. Never seen her so happy as when her eyes rested on him. His name was Urs and was director of photography of this film. Their first meeting was so funny. I still laugh every time I remember this.
Isabel was on the phone trying to find a catering company to the next location. With the stress of work, she was distracted and tripped on the cables of one of the lights he was working on, causing him to fall all over. Isabel didn’t realize the mess she had caused and continued on her way. When Urs was able to recover he rose significantly altered and, going behind her, snatched the phone from her hand and threw it against the wall. Isabel turned to him very angry.

- What was that? Are you crazy?
- Me? Crazy? Do you know how much a light like that costs?
- A what? What are you talking about?
- Do you think I’m stupid? The light which you overthrew leaving me underneath it.
- What light? I have not dropped any light.

And saying this she looked to the confusion which had emerged after her, seeing the people trying to clean the broken glass.

- Did I cause that?, she asked.
- Yes you did.
- Sorry. I had not noticed.

Only then Isabel looked at his face, sailing in his eyes. From that time forward nothing was the same. Love began to grow and tiffs like that were solved overnight.

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Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta)   Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) EmptyMon Jul 04, 2011 7:45 am

-3 -

This movie was a turning point not just for Isabel but for me as well. On one day of preparation for the shooting scenes of the following week, I went to a garden to study the storyboards of those same scenes. The day started very well, like every other day. I left home and was walking to the garden concerned with the pad under my arm. When I arrived I sat on one of the several benches that were there at that time.
I still do not understand how it happened. I had reviewed the storyboards and was now looking at the landscape, with no end in sight. Was just looking at the people walking by, the dogs that raced there.
Suddenly everything became cloudy. I'd just taken a hit on the back of the head. I could not understand what had hit me. Only when I saw a husky racing to me is that I noticed. I'd just taken with a disc in the head. Very quickly the dog's owner came to my side apologizing very fearfully. I was not noticing anything. Everything was still unclear. After several minutes of confusion, with the dog barking, the owner talking and with the headache I was able to finally focus on the man who had come to me, very worried about my state.

- You okay?, he asked.
- I think so., I answered not very sure if it was true. I do not know very well.
- I am very sorry. It was not my intention to throw the disc so far.
- It's okay. No problem. But next time be more careful. It still hurts a bit.
- Sorry again and thanks for understanding.
- I only apologize because of those beautiful blue eyes.
- Really?, he asked greatly admired.
- Yes. I love these dogs and their eyes are beautiful.
- Oh., he said a bit ashamed. Yeah. The dog's eyes, of course. Many apologies again and keep up the good days.
- Thanks and likewise.

He walked away and I kept sitting scratching my head. Didn’t think about the case again. My week would be too hectic and tiring. I had no time for anything else and after the described incident it was for the work that my mind went.

Two weeks after the shooting ended, I really needed to relax and so I went again to the same garden, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the outdoors. Sometime after a familiar face appeared in front of me. The same husky I had seen two weekends before. He threw himself to my legs asking for pampering. He was so cute. I've been playing around with it. The owner came forward.

- Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Not any inconvenience. As I said I love these dogs.

Looking more closely at me.

- I hadn’t recognized you. Many apologies.
- That’s ok. You didn't know me but your dog did. He has a better memory.
- And apparently he likes you.
- You may treat me for my name. My name is Sam., I said reaching to his hand.
- Nice. My name is David.
- Do you come here often?
- Yes., he replied sitting next to me. I spend many hours here with Luke.
- That's his name?
- Yes. He gained its name from a movie that I adore. A film that already has some 46 years.
- Do not tell me that is Star Wars. Luke Skywalker?
- Exactly. I know it's very old but is one of my favorite movies. Do you like movies?
- At least I can say that.
- Why do you say that?
- I'm a movie director.
- Really?
- Yes. Just this week I finished shooting a film.
- That's amazing.
- Yeah. And you, where you work?
- I work at a record company. Trying to discover new talent.
- Seems to be very interesting.
- It is.

The lively conversation continued and we began to find each other often. After a few weeks we were together. I never felt anything for anyone as strong as I felt for him.
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Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta)   Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) EmptyTue Jul 05, 2011 6:55 pm

-4 -

David and I were together just for five weeks when the film which I had worked on debuted. By now he got along with Isabel and Urs. We were all together at the premiere of the film at the capital. This took place at the arts center of Mighty City. We were accompanied by Anne and Rita, also collaborating on most of the footage in which I participated, and Kevin, editor.
It was an event that required a dress code, so me and the girls went shopping. How I miss those times of happiness and relaxation when we did not have to answer to anyone. But there’s nothing I can do. Unless remember those days fondly.
After we were all satisfied with our costume we returned to our homes in order to prepare ourselves. We all met at my house to go in the same limousine. Anne went with a black dress, knee-length, v-neck belted just below the chest. Rita was with a pearl-colored dress, strapless, with a little black lace which outlined the waist. Isabel, who was accompanied by a very elegant Urs, in a black suit and white shirt with black lace appointment was with a teal blue dress with no back. Kevin was also in a black suit and white shirt with the top buttons open, showing his chest. The shirt was a perfect contrast with your skin tone, an indicator of his African origins. And then it was me and David. He had a black suit, black shirt and tie in the same color. He was perfect. I tried to follow him as best as I could with a slate blue gown, to the knees, and belted below the bust.
It may seem strange to remember so much detail but it was the best night of my life, and one of the last of its kind.
When we arrived at the local photographers have invaded the red carpet in search of the best photos and statements. After a few photos of the seven of us we entered the building and we headed to the projection room. At the end of the film, and with the applause still in the room, we went to the dining hall. Anne and Rita did not separated all the time and at times we were seeing them share a few fleeting kisses. Kevin put his best look and was going through all the tables, greeting unmarried women. Isabel and Urs were thick as thieves and in second me and David were following their example.
At the end of the party we went home, each with its respective pair.
I honestly do not know what happened to the others to follow. But you can imagine.


Upon reading this, Marisa took the Sílvia's advice.

When they go to their room Anne and Rita sat on the bed taking the shoes immediately, giving rest to their feet asking for freedom.

- What a tiring night., Anne said.
- You're right., Rita answered. But it was worth it. The audience loved the movie.
- And you were beautiful in that dress.
- Thank you. You were not bad either.

They came up and kissed passionately. They had been through a lot because of their homosexuality but it was finally accepted. The society had changed a lot over the past 10 years and homosexuality was no longer seen as a disease that should be cured and eliminated.

Lying in bed Anne put her hands on Rita's back and slowly opened the clasp of her dress taking it completely. Then she raised her arm, and undid hers that was there hidden. Their hands roamed each other's bodies, bodies that they knew so well. Their hair mingled in a dance of desire and passion.

Rising from bed placed themselves in front of one another and appreciate their vision, hands, feeling its softness. They kissed again as Rita walked her hands in the hair of Anne and then gently massaged the breasts of her lover.
Anne turned her back to her, Rita pulled her hair and kissed her gently on the neck, moving her hands over her belly and grabbing her breasts.

They layed back in bed and Anne, standing up, kissed her lips. She bit her nipples and continued kissing her way through until she reached her waist. Her hands were traversing the inner thighs of Rita ripping small moans. Arriving in the middle of the legs began to stroke it slowly. As her love would also increase the pleasure expressed in the groans that came from the mouth of Rita grew and so she reached the orgasm. After that it was Rita who pleasured Anne taking her into ectasy.

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Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta)   Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) EmptyFri Jul 08, 2011 7:34 am

-5 -

It was eight in the morning when Edward awoke to find the space beside him empty. He quickly rose worried looking for Marisa. He found her in the office, sleeping on the couch with a black book in her hands. Her head hung upon her breast, as having no power to anything but the book was pretty sure. It felt to be a treasure that could not be abandoned or lost. Edward woke her with a kiss on her forehead.

- So, beautiful. Is everything okay?, he asked.
- Edward? Yes it is. What am I doing here?
- I do not know. I would ask you the same thing. Didn’t realize you left the bed.

Marisa realized now the book and remembered what had happened.

- Ah. Yeah. Yesterday I was not able to sleep because of Lost Way.
- What's the book?
- It's a diary I found there, in the cells. I had to read it. But apparently fell asleep.
- Is it a diary of some of the prisoners?
- Yes. From a girl named Sam.

Marisa did a short summary of what was read.
Later she prepared herself and left for work. By leaving home, sunrise no longer seemed the same as every other day. Marisa came back to feel the weight of repression and constant fear. She entered the car and went to the real estate.
At the end of the day she returned home as the day before, went to the office and resumed her reading.


March 25, 2026

I just reminded of a situation that made me laugh, something that rarely happens here. Involves Isabel. Had to be. A few days after the debut I arranged to meet with her to spend the afternoon together and at the end of the day, going to the movies to see our film, to evaluate the reaction of the general public. I hate delays, and Isabel that day was delayed two hours. I was really angry. Ready to, when saw her ahead of me, give it a strip. I sat on the stairs in front of my house when her car stopped in front of me. I got up quickly to meet her. The door opens and the person I thought would be upset and sorry for being late, wore a huge smile on her face. Still got worse. I sat on the hood of the car with my arms crossed waiting for an explanation but Isabel kept on smiling.

- This gives you joy?, I started.
- Very much.
- Are you kidding me are you not? Never imagined you so irresponsible.
- Irresponsible? Why?
- Are you kidding. Just might. Have you seen the time?

Isabel looked at her watch.

- It's four o’clock?
- It is. And I remember we agreed to two. This causes you to be delayed two hours.
- How awful. I didn’t noticed the hour. Sorry. My head was elsewhere.

And at this moment the smile returned to her face.

- Elsewhere? Where?
- On the hood of the car.

It took me a while to realize what she had said to assimilated her word. When it happened I jumped away from the car as far as I could. What a sight.

- Do not tell me that I was sitting in the same place where ....
- You may say so.
- Did you wash it at least?, I asked laughing.
- Do you think I had the time?

We both laughed.

- Okay. As you have one of the best possible excuses for a delay I let it slide. But then where is Urs?
- I took him to his laboratory.
- Must have gone very happy.
- That's right. I gave him a lift too innocently. But that road in the Black Souls is very inviting for a short break.
- Okay I do not need to know anything else. I want my David., I said laughing.


At this point was Urs who was driving. He didn't like to go on the passenger seat. Passing Black Souls he stopped leaving Isabel admired. He got out of the car taking her with him and putting himself between the car and a tree that stood there.

- What are you doing?, Isabel asked.
- You know you're beautiful today?
- Am I not always?
- Sure. But today there is something different. Something that makes me want to stop the car here and give you everything I am. Take you to the limit and hear you scream my name.
I- Do not talk like that. I'm not able to control myself.
- I do not want you to control yourself.

And saying this he took power of her red and silky lips. The car radio was on leave to hear the notes of "Nobody's Fool" by Cinderella.

His hands were roaming the silhouette of Isabel showed by the fabric of the dress she wore. He took her in his arms and pressed her ardently against the tree. He slowly landed her on the floor and turned her back to him sticking to the curve of her back with his chiseled and sweaty chest, which vibrated with excitement and longing for the woman who was his. He kissed her neck and ran his hands traveling up to her belly and to her breasts, soft and hard, and playing with her nipples making her sigh and moan. While one hand remained on her chest, the other headed again for her belly, crossed her waist and ended its journey in the middle of her legs beginning to stroke it gently.

At this point Isabel turned to face him and kissed Urs jealously trying to muffle the moans who insisted on leaving her mouth. Urs's fingers played with Isabel taking her to madness as his movements became more accelerated and sustained. Isabel tilted her head back resting on Urs's shoulder, which allowed him to see the face of desire and pleasure of his beloved.
When Isabel was about to reach orgasm, Urs turned her back to him, and catching her again, put her over the hood of the car.

He took off his pants and boxers. Isabel lifted her dress and slowly took off her bottom of lingerie. His hands went through her legs and gently ruffled by the desire opened her legs putting his pelvic area between them.
He gently placed himself and began to penetrate her. When she felt it come again within herself she dropped her head in the car and bit her lips in a failed attempt to silence her screams. The expression Urs saw in Isabel's face took to the ecstasy of knowing he was pleasing the woman he loved. Energy massaging her breasts and brought a hand to the face of Elizabeth, through her lips with his fingers thathe kissed her.
At the moment of the orgasm they screamed together which was followed by several shorter screams and moans.
Urs lifted Isabel's body and got their bodies against each other and kissing her passionately. So were a bit, embraced and satisfied.


After this little conversation that in which I learned more than I wanted we got in the car and we went for a ride a bit until we got to the movies, where we stayed together for the public reaction.
It is good to remember these moments, especially when it is the only reason for joy in a place like this.
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Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta)   Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 3:02 pm

I want to say "sorry" to all of those who follow this fic for taking this long to post another chapter but I have been way to busy.

I want to apologize as well for the writing because this was a very difficult chapter to translate because of its content and the way I wrote it in portuguese.

Hope you may enjoy it. Smile

PS: The dark stuff is about to come. Razz

-6 -

Every day I remember someone very special to me. Someone who has made my life to make sense. Every day I give thanks for the blow on the head that made me meet him.
David. His blue eyes that made loose myself deeply and took me on trips in an ocean of passion and desire, his delicate and strong face that made feel safe and sound, his well-sculpted body in which I got lost, each time with more satisfaction and pleasure.
Every day brought something new. A new focus, a new caress, a renewed love. Unlike my mother I never liked flowers, but David made that change. All late afternoon he came home with a gift with which he indicated that he never forgot me. It was something simple, nothing extravagant, like big rings or wires, but it had much more value. Every day he gave me a single blue rose, which demonstrated the purity and truth of his feelings for me.
Life was sweet, the days were perfect and our house always smelled like roses.


Marisa noticed the pages with watermarks, most likely due to the tears that ran down her cheeks as she recalled these moments of happiness, moments that were so far away.


I still remember our days and nights of passion, I still feel his perfume on my skin, I still feel the warmth of his body on my own. The times he took possession of my body without permission or please, his lips kissing mine, our tongue involved in a dance just for us, every single day.
The way threw me against the wall, the kindness with which he lay me on the bed, the way that took me to the kitchen floor, the smoothness with which he put me on the sofa.
Those hands touching the ends of my body that shook with every touch, every sigh, every kiss.
Even now I see every moment. His hands massaging my breasts gently and forceful simultaneously. His fingers, leaving my chest and turning to the belly and legs, waist and hair. How good it was to feel his hands passing through my body, my skin always calling for more, asking for him and all he gave me. The tension between us was fantastic and took me to places that had never before visited, to worlds that had never reached before. Only he completed and fully satisfied me. Together we formed one body, one soul, one life.
He put his body on top of mine, and I slowly opened my legs, he went inside me again and again. That rhythmical swing was something like I had never experienced. It was the junction of desire and love. It was an explosion of pleasure and joy to meet each other and be happy for him.
The way he looked in my eyes as he mastered my body was almost indescribable, it was like falling into the deepest abyss and be redeemed at the same time, it was like to feel the air leave my lungs and be graced with a new breath of air on the same moment. Also at that moment I knew he could see the pleasure he gave me so that his own desire to would be more fully satisfied.
With him could not control my screams and groans of pleasure. It was useless to force myself to this task. Nor did I want it. Why hide something as pure and natural? As I write these words I see again his face of pleasure and a shiver runs through my body. That face became that was so strong became a mirror of fragility and complete surrender.
For all this I will never forget and always feel indebted to him because he gave me the best times of my life, which maybe short but it was intense due to his existence. At the same time I’ll never be able to forgive him for the same reason. It may seem strange but it’s true. With him I saw the best side of life. Right now, in this site, with all this pain, the memories of those times are as much of a help as it makes the situation worse, because I had the best and now I'm living the worst. How stupid. Of course I have nothing to forgive him.
Forgive him for making me the happiest person, fulfilled and complete that ever set foot on this earth that can be either a place of joy as a center for pain and suffering, but when you have someone on our side as David, is always the source of the purest glee, crystalline water which rises in the mountains and make its way towards the sea. So it was my life. Began in the small town of Queens Town and kept as single target the body and the look of David. It was my sea, my end, my address.

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Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta)   Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta) Empty

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Shadow of the Past - Short Story (Inspired on graphic novel V for Vendetta)
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